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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 152321772487.png - (85.24KB , 800x800 , xq464.png )
877908 No. 877908 ID: 4ccc6a

Previous parts
1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/852936.html
2: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/865754.html

Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/119482.html
Comic: https://outissa.com/
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No. 877909 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152321773540.png - (67.23KB , 800x800 , xq465.png )

No. 877910 ID: 56e50f

It sure is windy out.
No. 877912 ID: a363ac

cry about the beauty of life
No. 877913 ID: 2251c3

so what'cha looking at?
No. 877914 ID: b1b4f3

So what's your power?
No. 877915 ID: 0d45a9

No. 877916 ID: eeb7d9

What is up with your horns? If you don't mind us asking, of course, we don't want to be rude either and impose ourselves.
No. 877918 ID: b1b4f3

...those markings look familiar.
No. 877924 ID: c88e6d

Take a photo!
No. 877945 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152323057247.png - (68.61KB , 800x800 , xq466.png )

You are The Brokehorn.

You have no name - you believe it was taken by the same bastards who took your horns and everything else from you. They were weak and jealous of you, worried that you were acquiring too much power, status, influence. It wasn't enough for them to just banish you from the City - no, they had to go and humiliate you as well!

You had earned your position! You'd worked hard and the ingrates just couldn't handle it. They felt entitled to what you had! It was natural that they were envious, but to actually dare act on that envy was absolutely inexcusable.

You will make them pay for what they did.

The world is a shitty place. You learned this when you were much younger. You can't show weakeness - as soon as you do, someone wants to push you down.

While you can't trust anyone other than yourself, you have found that other people still have their uses.
No. 877946 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152323057414.png - (53.21KB , 800x516 , xq467.png )

You can't remember what your magic is. That was the worst part! There's just a blank hole where any knowledge of it should be. You can't remember your magic, your name, bits and pieces of your life... just totally gone.

In fact.. you can't recall anyone's name! At all!

Well. That isn't quite true. The cowards who scrubbed your memory were, of course, incompetent. And you will use that incompetence to enact your revenge.

See... they missed a name. And the name they missed stands out in your mind like a beacon:


And this Zelus lives somewhere in the City. Which is where you are headed.
No. 877947 ID: a363ac

look around for a stray yinglet to bully. failing htat go find a elevator or some stairs
No. 877948 ID: 855334

Turn around, observe all-important transit elevator.
No. 877951 ID: c88e6d

Suspect they erased your memory completely.

Consider them bastards for doing this.

If they so thoroughly purged your memory and took your monstrous shape from you, and dumped you naked on a roof, why not just kill you? Surely they knew you'd return.

Someone's screwing with you!

No. 877953 ID: 3abd97

Are you sure that's incompetence and not manipulation?

Leaving you nothing but a name virtually ensures you'll seek that person. Perhaps whoever stole your memories want that. You may have been made into a weapon or a tool to serve their ends, and pointed at a target.
No. 877954 ID: b1b4f3

Do you know who it was that erased your memories? You said people were jealous of you. Who? You don't have their names, but do you remember their faces? Their actions? Their voices?

You say they broke your horns and banished you, so you at least remember enough to assign blame to them without a doubt, right? You aren't just assuming they did it?
No. 877955 ID: b1b4f3

Uh no? He lost bits and pieces, not all of it.
No. 877956 ID: 56e50f

Do you mind if we have names?
Let's not get overzealous in this hunt. I bet you have the Strength to Force a Victory when the time comes.
No. 877960 ID: 05ff2f

>Leaving you nothing but a name virtually ensures you'll seek that person. Perhaps whoever stole your memories want that. You may have been made into a weapon or a tool to serve their ends, and pointed at a target.
Bingo! Why else would they wipe your memory in such a specifically incomplete way and not just put two bullets in the back of your head and leave you dead in a ditch? They left you with the memory of having everything stripped and stolen away from you and but a single name to point your rage at. Whether you succeed or fail and die or are captured or arrested, it's win-win for them.
No. 877961 ID: eeb7d9

Well, what is the process to learn to one's powers?
If you can repeat that, you can regain your powers, right?
How does one discover their power?
I think that is your priority, you can't go and fight people with out powers, you would be in a huge disadvantage. Who knows, maybe you canr remeber more things if you start with that.
No. 877967 ID: 4854ef

Discover who did it, and break theirs in return.
No. 877968 ID: 91ee5f

Did you know that you’re at least the 3rd noxan to stand up here and stare down at the city?

Do you at least know if you’re a male or female?
No. 877969 ID: b1b4f3

(are we Penelope right now? Can we use Ethereal Sight to see what color this guy's pattern is?)
No. 877982 ID: 80e8d5

Maybe that is your power
To be a blank slate, to know none
You're a hollow white flower
Waiting for petals be painted

Perhaps its time for you to move
I feel that it's chilly there
I believe you have something to prove
You've no more to have here
No. 877990 ID: 4ccc6a

(You are not Penelope - you are The Brokehorn. Much like at the beginning of the second thread with Outissa, you are this individual at this moment.)
No. 877999 ID: 2251c3

Hey, you sure are talkative. Unlike the other protagonists who were standing here. But what is your plan? How do you expect to make them pay if they could just do the same thing they did all over again?

Our horns will grow back. But we need to find a way to recover our memories. Our power. Our influence. And we will need to do so stealthily. We need a.. mask. Going to the city right now doesn't seem to be a good idea.
No. 879868 ID: 86564f

So... wanna bet who messed with your memory because I don't believe being a brokehorn deletes so much of your memory like this. In fact, the fact that your memory was deleted and not replaced means something.
No. 880583 ID: 8d3803

To exact your revenge you need money and connections. Both of which are found in the city. Get to the elevator, my friend.
No. 881827 ID: 86564f

Lets look at this.

Your memories is like a grid of strings. Each can be cut or modified with skill.

How would they overlook something this obvious? Its just another string in the grid. They either couldn't cut it or they left it there on purpose.
No. 881832 ID: dc91a0

Welp, Time to jump off this wall, it'll get you there way faster.
No. 888806 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152894009127.png - (95.97KB , 1067x800 , xq468.png )

>Someone's screwing with you
There's always someone screwing with you. It is the way of the world.

>Incompetence and not maniplation. You are a weapon or a tool.
You cannot be controlled. You are no one's tool.

>Who erased?
You do not remember.

>How discover powers
At a certain age (that can differ from individual to individual), the knowledge of how to use one's powers just... comes. There is no specific process to discover them.

>Male or female
Most definitely male.

There is absolutely no way you could survive that kind of fall.

However, you are not worried about finding a way. The world itself knows that you are superior and bends to suit your needs. You are confident of this.
No. 888807 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152894009987.png - (129.87KB , 1067x800 , xq469.png )

No. 888808 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152894010753.png - (169.19KB , 1067x800 , xq470.png )

No. 888809 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152894011207.png - (229.42KB , 1067x800 , xq471.png )

No. 888810 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152894012270.png - (104.84KB , 1067x800 , xq472.png )

No. 888813 ID: 12b116

Flag them down. Do they know who Zelus is?
No. 888814 ID: eaee93

Perfect. The world does provide, doesn't it? Hopefully they're headed to the city.

What if they aren't? Do you feel strong enough to force them to change their course?
No. 888816 ID: a363ac

oh look a nice helicopter got right into your hands.
No. 888819 ID: 12b116

Are we stuck up here? do we need a ride to the city?
No. 888822 ID: b1b4f3

Did you notice they tried to tell you their name but you couldn't comprehend it? You haven't just forgotten names, you've been blocked from gaining any new ones.

Anyway go see where the chopper landed and find a path over there.
No. 888825 ID: 0c3c2c

Daaaaayum. Now you can explain everything to that random guy. Guess we found out what your power is, huh?
No. 888843 ID: b38f01

'Assistance' may be a stretch. All you need is a lift into The City. Roll for charisma, big guy.
No. 888849 ID: 91ee5f

>You cannot be controlled. You are no one's tool.
That’s exactly what someone with amnesia would think when they don’t know that someone is using them to do something!
No. 888892 ID: a06734

What's with that name? It came through as a black nothingness.
Anyway, if we need to get down, well, is there an elevator nearby? If not, go to the hovercraft guys, but be on your guard.

Also this.
No. 888917 ID: eeb7d9

All right, color me impressed, big fella. It actually worked. Could this be your ability or it is just you being awesome?
No. 889852 ID: 8df643

I know what you're thinking. Don't do it. You cannot trust these people to bring you to the city, nor can you show them your weakness. You can't go back to the City. Not yet.
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