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File 152022341573.png - (111.31KB , 900x640 , First Shift.png )
871667 No. 871667 ID: 413b9f

"That went well!"

"You kept getting distracted and dropping the equipment."

"Hey, it's late and I've never done this kind of operation before. You should have expected me to be a little... off today."

"I expect you to be more focused. But... it's your first day, and you didn't make any life-threatening mistakes, so I'm letting you off with a warning this time. This way. I need to show you something."
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No. 871669 ID: ae9b99

"Oh, what are you going to show me?"
No. 871672 ID: 5191f1

“Sure thing boss! What’s up?”
No. 871677 ID: 413b9f
File 152022562621.png - (100.37KB , 900x640 , Hallway.png )

"Now... you remember what I was asking on the form, yes? You're to help me with a little project of mine."

"Are these prison cells?"

"Don't call them that. Gets people suspicious. No... they're simply... rooms for the subjects. They need to stay in here in order for this to work, and I cannot trust them not to try and leave. Not that they'd be able to get far anyway."

So they're prison cells. We're surgeons, what could he possibly need a prison for?
No. 871678 ID: 5245b2

“I see... so what kind of subjects and what kinds of tests?”
No. 871679 ID: 91ee5f

>So they're prison cells. We're surgeons, what could he possibly need a prison for?
Obviously he keeps unwilling test subjects in the prison cells so that he can perform illegal experimentations on them!
No. 871681 ID: 5191f1

Okay so possibility one:
Some of the surgeons here have been performing... unnecessary surgery and what ever is behind those doors are the result.
Or alternatively and I find this one more likely the people behind the doors are under some kind of quarantine.
No. 871688 ID: 413b9f
File 152022751852.png - (100.37KB , 900x640 , Hallway.png )

"You will only be focusing on one test and one subject. He is all I have for this particular experiment."

He's not answering my questions.

"I'm sure you're aware of the virus that has killed so many of our patients in the last few months. Subject 3713 in cell 09 is immune to it, from my understanding."

"So you have this person here because-"

"I wasn't finished, Aviti. You have a terrible habit of interrupting, we'll need to work on that. Now, as I was saying... I'm unsure if 3713 is the only person unable to get this virus, or if the immunity is common among those of his species. That is why you are here, I'm sure you would know more about this sort of thing."

"Sir, I-"

"Your task is to perform any tests I don't have time for. I will assign you a test while I'm working with one of the patients, and you will carry it out. We do need to allow 3713 time to recover in between tests, however, so while he's in recovery, I want you to watch him. Make sure he doesn't try to escape. Do you understand?"

"... I understand."

"Good. One more thing: you are not to tell anyone about this."
No. 871691 ID: 5191f1

Ah my second guess was right.

“Do they have a name?”
No. 871692 ID: 69d4b9

Not that you care of course, but it's a useful technique to build rapport with a subject so they'll be more willing to do what is asked.
No. 871704 ID: 413b9f
File 152023164771.png - (68.46KB , 640x640 , Maybe.png )

Probably, everyone has a name, right? Boss is gone, wouldn't tell me anything else. I've already gathered that he's doing some pretty nasty tests and it's almost definitely illegal.
But he kinda scares me. If I call him out on this, who knows what he might do...

You'd think he would know that! He just... doesn't really care for the safety of his subjects. Weird because he's always so careful on the patients at work... though I assume that's just so he can keep his job.
No. 871708 ID: 5191f1

Hmm this is pretty shady... So which one are you supposed to take care of?
No. 871709 ID: 5191f1

Actually rephrasing that, are there any files on the subjects so we can get a better idea of what we are dealing with here?
No. 871712 ID: 094652

Get as much intel as you can from the target. Break him, one way or another, and get him to TALK. Whatever he's done, it might be the key to resisting the infection.
No. 871716 ID: 91ee5f

The best way to get cooperation from 3713 is to seduce him!
No. 871742 ID: 96292d

In order for us to figure out more about facility you must tell us everything that you know about it. For example who are the test subjects, what kind of experiments are done here, do you have a love relasenship with other coworkers and other and other similar questions
No. 871789 ID: 33cbe7

Do you actually know more about this subject than he does or did you lie about that on the resume?
No. 871872 ID: 413b9f
File 152031382671.png - (142.82KB , 800x640 , Subject.png )

This one. Subject number 3713. First thing I'm noticing is that he won't even look at me when I come in. No movement, no sound, nothing... had he not just blinked just now I would have sworn he was a statue or something. And to answer your other question, I do have some files, but only on this one. Boss left them in my office before he left.

Well, I came in thinking I'd just be another surgeon. The place looks like a medical facility, nothing out of the ordinary. That must be why no one here knows about this end of the ship. This hallway is completely hidden, I had no idea it'd be here...

Also, no, I am not in a romantic relationship with anyone here and don't have any interest in forming one.

I didn't mention this on the resume at all. He only wrote that he needed some assistance with a project he was doing, I didn't think it'd be anything like this. Sure, I've done a lot of traveling and been able to provide medical care to a whole bunch of different aliens, but... nothing like 3713. His people don't travel much.

The cell's bigger than I would have expected. There's some sort of screen on the wall, maybe a camera? But then there'd be no need for me to keep watch by the door...
No. 871924 ID: 96292d

Nice to hear that you are a professional on your workplace and not developing any workplace romance. I must ask do you like working here or do you think that there is something wrong with this place. For example you are talking to yourself is this place driving you mad
No. 871944 ID: 2fe26a

Is there a control panel? Mash all of the buttons.
No. 872135 ID: 413b9f
File 152040246779.png - (142.82KB , 800x640 , Subject.png )

I'm talking to myself? Ugh, I need to stop that. Sorry.
And it's only my first day, I'm surprised Azimuth was willing to bring me here this early.
There isn't a control panel, at least not in this room. Maybe if I go into the main-

"Hey, if you're here for testing, just start already."

Still won't look at me. That's to be expected, considering the circumstances...

"I'm not doing any testing yet. I'm the new assistant, it's only my first day."

"That didn't stop the last one. If you're not testing, leave me alone. Not wise to leave the door open like that, you know."

"I'm just-"

"Not supposed to talk to me for anything other than testing. Shut the door."
No. 872161 ID: 555f33

Actually, I don't think you were ever told not to talk to him. I mean, maybe the boss just forgot, but your only order was to not let him escape. And he hardly seems in the mood for that.
No. 872217 ID: c5b5f1

"Question 1: What did you do the past six months before you were captured?"

And go on with other annoying questions related to the subject's physiology.
No. 872266 ID: 413b9f
File 152047395583.png - (142.82KB , 800x640 , Subject.png )

Let me try something...

"I'm here for questioning. Not testing. Boss left some stuff out in the files."

"... Fine, not like I have anything better to do. But I'll say this now: Whatever you think I might have done, I didn't do it."

"Okay, first off, how long have you been here?"
He makes some sort of vague hand gesture. "Could be a couple weeks, could have been months by now. I don't remember first getting here."
"Do you remember what you were doing before you were captured?"
"I don't know. Living a normal life, probably."
"Does anyone else live in here with you?"
It takes him a minute to reply this time, as if he's hesitating or waiting for me to move to another question. "There was one. Decided to try and fight back. His body's out in space somewhere."
"I'm sorry."
"Yeah, yeah... Are you done, or do I gotta spill my family history to you now?"
"No, none of that. One more thing, though. What exactly does Azimuth do during your testing?"
"Everything. Yet he never gets anywhere. It's pointless. If he's just trying to kill me, he might as well just shoot me out the airlock already. No point keeping me alive if I turn out to be useless for this whole cure project."
"So you think he kills every subject that hasn't helped him find a solution?"
"You're just now figuring it out? Oh, fantastic, you're annoying AND clueless."

This has not been helpful at all.
No. 872269 ID: c88e6d

Alright, quick question: Does Azimuth actually have any background in virology or pathology?

Why does he think a SURGEON is going to help end a VIRUS? That's like trying to dig a well using a communications satellite. The tool you are using is capable of a great many things, but it is not functional in regards to the task it is being applied to.

Consider the fact that Azimuth might just be a homicidal sadist with no medical ability and questionable training, acquire a scalpel to defend yourself with.

Oh, and ask the test subject what the last test was.
No. 872270 ID: 413b9f
File 152047595116.png - (68.46KB , 640x640 , Maybe.png )

He's a licensed surgeon. That's his real job, and he's using it as a coverup. I couldn't tell you how much he actually knows about virology, but my understanding is that he's trying out all those tests to see if he can find the reason for 3713's immunity. Doesn't make too much sense to me.

"Oh, and what was the last test?"
"Finding out how all these chemicals react with my blood. Whenever I get tested next, he'll inject the stuff straight into my bloodstream and see what happens then."

Yeah, that's definitely not going to work. Even I know that.

"You have a name, I'm sure. What's your real name?"
"Do you really care about that kind of thing?"
"It's Vexl. Don't call me that around your boss, though. You're not supposed to know it."
No. 872275 ID: c88e6d

Yeaaaaaah your boss is a violent maniac. Get something to protect yourself with and get the rest of your 'official' questions out of the way.
No. 872276 ID: 91ee5f

Go ahead and do the test you’re supposed to do.
No. 872277 ID: 216755

I agree with this statement
No. 872280 ID: 69d4b9

You're in a space ship right? Would the body with jurisdiction over crimes be the flag the ship is registered with or is it some other arrangement?
No. 872303 ID: 555f33

You seem to be in a bit of a predicament seeing as you are both a professional and not a sociopath. At least while you're alone with Vexl that means he doesn't have to deal with that. Maybe there's something small you can do to make him more comfortable?
No. 872736 ID: 413b9f
File 152067185501.png - (142.77KB , 800x640 , Subject2.png )

I'll have to hold off on the test. Azimuth has to order me to perform a test at a given time, I can't just start it whenever I want.
To my knowledge, this ship isn't registered with any one planet. It's a bit complicated, this stuff goes way over my head. But I've never seen a flag associated with this ship... Which only makes this more disturbing. Like he did that to ensure no court could truly punish him for this.
Perhaps. He hasn't been scared of me, it's obvious. I'm not intimidating in the least. Maybe I should try a more casual question...

"What do you do in between tests? Other than trying to heal, of course. Azimuth already told me that part."

He finally looks at me. "Try to sleep, mostly. Not much else to do in a place like this."
"Does that screen ever show anything other than static?"
"Nope. But you get used to the noise."
No. 872738 ID: 555f33

That's something. Giving him the option to stop the static. A bit long term but if you eventually find someone who could fix it, that'd be nice.

For now, it seems talking casually is helping.
No. 872859 ID: 413b9f
File 152072680905.png - (142.77KB , 800x640 , Subject2.png )

Stop the static? There's an idea.
"Do you want me to turn off the-"
"No. Even if I did, I don't think you could do it."
"Any idea what the screen is?"
"It's probably connected to some sort of monitoring system. I'd try and break it, but that'd be a stupid move."

Okay. So we know there's probably some sort of camera watching this room. If that's the case, what's the point in having me as a guard? Boss is going a bit crazy with security here...
No. 872955 ID: 094652

Wait. What if this is just a test? To see if you'd sympathize with the patients and be convinced to let them out?
No. 872978 ID: 555f33

Too late to worry. Though her boss is way too detached for tests like that anyway. If he was going to be observant about her sense of morality, he would've done that before bringing her into this.
No. 875797 ID: 413b9f
File 152231334667.png - (66.71KB , 640x640 , Prepared.png )

For all I know, it might be that kind of test. But... yeah, it's too late to worry about that. I suppose I'll just need to see what happens there.

I'm still going to take a scalpel just in case.

Now, I could do one of two things - at least that I can think of. I could either try to help this guy escape now, or I could perform my tests as I'm supposed to. I'd feel better letting him out, but I'm safer just going along with Azimuth's plans.
No. 875813 ID: 33cbe7

Do your job. Escaped test subjects don't sign your paychecks.
No. 875828 ID: b93a7b

yeah, do your job. it's not worth the risk
No. 875853 ID: 413b9f
File 152235735085.png - (142.82KB , 800x640 , Subject.png )

Very well. That's probably the better decision right now anyway. Today was only my first day.

"Azimuth told me that you'll need to be tested again as soon as possible. So if he doesn't come in sometime tomorrow, expect to see me at some point."

No response. He's got to be used to this by now.

I need to get him out of here.
No. 875873 ID: 758bb0

You need an opening. Or rather, you need to create an opening without giving yourself away. That's going to take time, resources, and Vexl's trust. It's not easy to rescue someone who doesn't believe you want to rescue them. So play along for now, but only for appearances. When your boss isn't paying attention, continue being nice.
No. 875938 ID: b93a7b

if you bust him out now you'll only be caught quickly, and maybe imprisoned yourself or fired. you're in a great position to help him but you need an opportunity.

maybe give him a word of encouragement to let him know help will come, or that freedom is on the horizon.

it will give him the strength to hold on to hope
No. 875963 ID: d887c0

Well, not much else to do. Just bid him good day and get on with your job.
No. 878742 ID: 413b9f
File 152374786792.png - (78.29KB , 800x640 , Directions.png )

"Aviti, tomorrow we'll be making a stop. We're running low on equipment. Shouldn't take very long."

Well, there's my opening.
No. 878786 ID: dbf422

What kind of place and what kind of equipment? It's important you know as much as you can about your new job (or that they think you're trying to, rather).
No. 878794 ID: 413b9f
File 152376970818.png - (78.29KB , 800x640 , Directions.png )

An ally planet, for medical supplies. Can't reuse most of this equipment. It's a biohazard, especially when you work with multiple alien species and don't know how vulnerable they are to infections.

"I've decided you'll stay behind while I get the supplies. 3713 seems to have no desire to escape, but I still want you to ensure that he stays in the cell."

"Who will help you bring in the supplies?"

"I'll do it on my own. You're to stay in the ship, with 3713. Remember that. I don't want to have to repeat myself."

(You just did, Azimuth...) "Understood."
No. 878796 ID: 91ee5f

Sure, leave someone that can easily be overpowered in charge of preventing Vexl 3713 from escaping. That’s such a good idea.

Are you sure your boss is smart? Because no offense, but you’re not exactly very threatening and if Vexl 3713 really wanted to, he could just shove you out of the way or lock you in a closet or something in order to make his escape.
No. 878808 ID: d887c0

Obey him. It lets you stay close to Vexl, so it works in your favor.
No. 878854 ID: dbf422

Yes, that's a great idea, Azimuth. Good thinking.

Flattery aside, that works out well for you. Just leaves how the escape would work, especially post-leaving the ship, and convincing Vexl.
No. 880186 ID: 33cbe7

Well that's boring. What is there to do on this ship? How big is it anyway?
No. 884575 ID: 413b9f

It's not going to be as simple as it sounds. Azimuth and I aren't the only workers here, and nobody else on this ship knows about Vexl. They might think Vexl is a normal patient and I'm trying to force him out before he's healthy enough to leave. If he'd just try to act a little more energetic, that might not be a problem... although I can't blame him given the situation.

I think it's about time I offered an explanation of what we actually do on this ship. Aside from Azimuth's whole "find a cure by shoving needles into another alien" experiment.

(Author: This explanation is coming in the next post, it's pretty long.)
No. 884577 ID: dbf422

No. 893312 ID: 413b9f

So, basically, our ship is sort of like a traveling hospital. Azimuth and I are surgeons, usually for emergency services if someone is too far away from the nearest planet to make it in time. Now, of course that means it doesn't make sense for either of us to try and find a cure for a virus. Neither of us are experienced with virology. I believe we already discussed that...

Anyway, the rooms on here are just like any other hospital... The one difference this place has is that it's smaller. Vexl's room is hidden by a secret door. Only Azimuth and I know about it. It's blocked by his office, so that's why nobody else has managed to find out. Not yet.

And the virus is a pretty nasty one. By the time you start feeling the symptoms, you're already in the later stages of the disease and won't last more than a few months if you don't treat it. So since we only have a few effective treatments and no real cure, not many of our patients have been surviving this. A lot of them got stuck here because they were heading off on a trip to some other planet and hadn't realized they were sick because the symptoms hadn't set in yet. Really stresses the importance of regular check-ups.

So right now our main focus is on finding a cure for the disease. The hard part is that so far it's been proven deadly to almost any species that catches it. Azimuth is the only one who's managed to find a species we haven't already met... and he's keeping Vexl a secret.

It doesn't make sense, ugh... If he wanted to prove this wasn't deadly to the whole species, he really should have brought in more than just one person.
No. 893329 ID: dbf422

So either Azimuth's not just a mad scientist, he's one without any real goals; he's got a goal but it's not evident, involving finding the cure; he's got a goal that involves Vexl, under the guise of finding a cure; or it's either of the last two options, only it's not his plan, it's someone he secretly works for's.

This is bullshit and I say as soon as you escape with Vexl you avoid it like the actual plague that is potentially involved.
No. 893386 ID: 0c3c2c

Query: What if the disease is artificial in nature? Vexl might be an outlier. Viruses are not something you generally 'cure', they are something you use antibodies to vaccinate against or develop an effective treatment so that species can have time to naturally recover.

The fact that Azimuth is laser-focused on a 'cure' suggests that he is indeed pursuing ulterior motives. He might even be trying to disrupt Vexl's immunity for some reason.

I'd suggest hijacking the ship after Azimuth leaves. He's a horrible person, and he's not actually curing this plague, so there's no reason not to. Better to get this shipload of patients some place they can be safe.
No. 895604 ID: 413b9f
File 153316150389.png - (66.38KB , 640x640 , Thinking.png )

There's got to be some other reason. I mean, he does seem like he really wants to get rid of this disease, but... at the same time it's like it's for some sort of other reward. He is rather proud, maybe he wants the credit for finding an effective treatment.

I don't have any experience piloting a ship, but... sure, I could try. But then that leaves me in charge of all these people, including the other doctors on this ship. They'll notice if Azimuth suddenly disappears.

But this... this is messed up. I don't have much of a choice here.
No. 895686 ID: dbf422

Maybe that's his goal. You'd think it'd be easier to tell though, because why be so secretive about wanting fame? Though I wouldn't be surprised if that was a big part of it, or even if it really was that straightforward. But I could guess all day, until he says it out loud I'll never be sure.

Anyway, about the plan going forward. There are a few things you need to prepare in advance. First is deciding what to do with the other doctors. If they knew how Vexl was being treated, would they support your mutiny? At least as far as allowing it to happen. A narc could ruin you. Maybe it would be better to pretend to be acting in Azimuth's interest.

Second is making sure Azimuth can't just follow you. Depending on how the other people on the ship are handled that could include sabotaging communications so they can't just call him.

Then you can worry about flying. Dunno about that one.
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