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File 151299124723.png - (17.40KB , 1000x1000 , 0000.png )
850911 No. 850911 ID: 5e2c69


"how did you sleep?"

"I didn't. you?"

"it came in waves..."
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No. 850912 ID: 5e2c69
File 151299127389.png - (30.87KB , 1000x1000 , 0001.png )

"big day today." the Inquisitor says.

the Jurista simply grunts in reply.

"so this is our last chance." the Inquisitor says.

"yeah." the Jurista replies solemnly.
No. 850913 ID: 5e2c69
File 151299129371.png - (22.38KB , 1000x1000 , 0002.png )

"well. no sense in prolonging it, eh?" the Jurista says, yawning, "come on, we have guests to greet."

"I can hardly wait..."

[do you wish to begin the first day as the INQUISITOR or the JURISTA]
No. 850919 ID: 4557ad

Bee the INQUISITOR but also stick the dick in the chick.
No. 850921 ID: 3abd97

No. 850924 ID: 6cc25a

Which one is the Inquisitor?

Also are those marks above the dong control buttons?
No. 850940 ID: b9b4da

Jurista, for great justice.
No. 850961 ID: e6994f

No. 851085 ID: c88e6d

No. 851156 ID: de6d84

Begin as JURISTA
No. 851205 ID: 33cbe7

Nobody expects the Inquisitor!
No. 855552 ID: 5e2c69
File 151492387376.png - (28.01KB , 1000x1000 , 0003.png )

the Jurista, Atlan, pulls on his skirt and mantle, watching Inquisitor Tlalli as she does the same. the two of them make long, exagerratedly slow movements.

"you think we can do this?" Tlalli asks.

"well, if we don't, we won't live long enough to regret it." Atlan replies, "Tyson will be up in flames by the end of next year."

"just like in the old days of the Great Phage, huh?"

"worse, maybe."
No. 855553 ID: 5e2c69
File 151492390689.png - (36.41KB , 1000x1000 , 0004.png )

the two of them stand by the steps outside the temple. the morning chill bites into Atlan's skin. he thinks that maybe he should have worn more layers.

"no one is here." Tlalli huffs.

"give them some time." Atlan replies, "we only sent the summons a few days ago."

she shifts uncomfortably, "this is a fool's errand..."

"wait. look" Atlan points toward the horizon, "theres a delegation now."
No. 855554 ID: 5e2c69
File 151492393549.png - (77.69KB , 1000x1000 , 0005.png )

"that's not a delegation." Tlalli replies, "it's just one person."

indeed, a single Raka approaches. one of the fairer sex, Atlan thinks, though he is never certain of Raka genders, other than that they have more than two.

"greetings Raka, we welcome you to Tezca, I am-"

"about 15 meters from the gate to the temple... the doors are... 2 meters wide, right?" she half mutters.

"I guess? a-as I was saying, are you the deleg-"

"sky is clear. that's good, though it is cooler than I expected. the air up north, it seems to stick to you, doesn't it?"

"ah yes, it is quite humid. are... are you the Delegation from Raka or...?"
No. 855556 ID: 5e2c69
File 151492395940.png - (65.40KB , 1000x1000 , 0006.png )

she shoves a soft clay tablet into Atlan's arms and swiftly carves into it with a small wooden stylus, "aesthetics look good so far... we can certainly work with this. by the way, if your kiln is ready, I have several tablets in need of firing."
No. 855559 ID: 6cc25a

She seems to be ignoring you a bit too much. You should say something to get her attention.

Tell her that you love her aesthetics and that you'd definitely like to work with her. In fact, you have a kiln in your pants ready to get hot with her.

In other words, fugg the bugg.
No. 855569 ID: ba506f

...ask who she is and what she's here for.
No. 855595 ID: 3abd97

What are the delegations supposed to be here for?

If access to a kiln is part of the expected hospitality to provide the delegates you're expecting, by all means, show her to the kiln.

Did they travel here alone? You'd think delegates would come in pairs, or with support staff.
No. 855677 ID: 33cbe7

Show her to the kilns, it will be a relief to go somewhere warmer. You know what they say, many hands make light work.
No. 855679 ID: 3ce125

Okay first off refresh your own memory of what's supposed to be happening here.
No. 855998 ID: e24b91

fug the bug
No. 855999 ID: 0d1514

No you put things in a kiln. You fucked up the innuendo!
No. 856000 ID: 3ce125

Second off take a look at the tablet; did she just hand you her character sheet?

Third off attempt flirtation
No. 856010 ID: 493949

I hope you've already kindled those fires, otherwise tell her the kilns will have to be started but give her a tour instead.
No. 856067 ID: 5e2c69
File 151507595144.png - (166.13KB , 1000x1000 , 0007.png )

Atlan thinks back to his assignment. the Golden Orditas selected him personally to lead this project, as he is an adept negotiator, and familiar with the sister nations around Tezca. the Orditas told him his duty was to simply to represent Tezca in the decennial summit, and to protect the interests of state and church. as time has gone on, though, he has realized this summit is more momentous than that. the Inquisition has sent a dignitary to oversee the summit, and instead of a simple gathering of the three great nations, every race has been called to neutral ground. this is not a summit for bickering about who owns what lake or how many trees the Raksha are entitled to each year. this is a war summit. the fact that every race has replied to the summons worries him even more. if even the isolationist witches of the forest are interested in the outcome of this talk, then Atlan is certain that the stakes are far reaching.

glancing down at the tablet reveals that it is written in Raki glyphs, which Atlan is unable to read.

"listen, miss." Atlan says, calmly, but firmly, "it's very important that we meet a delegation from the Raka. are you a part of that delegation?"

she looks back at him and blinks in recognition, "I! yes! I am a servant of Vresh Amon. I was uh. sorry. very sorry. I was simply... oh."

she stutters awkwardly and then clears her thoat. "I am here to survey the entryway so that we can prepare for Amon's arrival. speaking of which, we need to bring some folks outside. there and there. there should be a small crowd, with a gap that we can ride through. preferably enthusiastic."

"well that's not going to happen." Tlalli replies, "there's no one here but the temple maidens, and they have more important work to be doing."

"hmm..." the Raka rubs her chin, "we'll just have to make due, then."

"hold on." Atlan speaks up, "Vresh Amon? you know we sent the summons for a diplomat, right? are you telling me that the Emperor of the Raka is going to be riding here?"

she nods, "we wanted to leave a good first impression. this is our first time sending anyone to a summit. you've never invited us before."

she gives a bit of a glare at that line. it's true, the Raka have never been summoned to the Decennial summit, they were always represented by the Raksha delegation. in truth the only reason the desert nations were represented at all was for fear of the Raksha starting an other war like The Great Phage. Atlan realizes that other than the Raksha and the Jotunn every race represented here will be doing so for the first time. likely more than a few of them will still be feeling the burn of being uninvited for nearly a half century.

for some reason, Atlan thinks now would be a poor time to try to flirt with the girl, but he is open to suggestions.
No. 856070 ID: 0d1514

Well, fire up that kiln. If you can't get a cheering crowd you can do that much at least maybe assuming you have a kiln.
No. 856073 ID: 23a020

If she?'s from a desert race, isn't she cold dressed so lightly in such a place?
Offer her some local hospitality and discuss their culture.
Taboos, Greetings, everything. Culture, food, designations.
Make notes, and spread it around.
Last thing you want to do is to make an international incident for using the wrong hand to eat.
No. 856079 ID: 33cbe7

Who are we going to war with?
Well, I trust you have people as worried about his security as the grandeur of his entrance. And let me be the first to express our nation's regret for losing out on such exotic beauty.
Maybe it would be a better time to flirt if the Inquisitor wasn't watching? Or perhaps after you've discussed the possibility of a threesome.
No. 856085 ID: 91ee5f

Ask her about the tablets she mentioned and why they need to be fired? It's obvious she accidentally thought you were one of the servants around here, but if she explains what is written on them or why they need to be fired, you could probably help her with that.
No. 856091 ID: 6cc25a

How much time do we have? When does the summit begin?

Tell her that the public decorations need to remain neutral and not favor any specific race. This is a gathering, not a worship ritual. So she may have to think about another way to provide a good first impression. But if she wishes, she may look at the lodgings that have been prepared for her diplomat. In fact, you could show her around the place yourself.

But to not be a downer, you should act enthusiastic. Say that you're impressed by her liberal conduct and that you always wanted to meet her race.
No. 856579 ID: 3abd97

>likely more than a few of them will still be feeling the burn of being uninvited for nearly a half century
Well you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice your diplomacy.

>what do
Well, if she's part of an official diplomatic envoy, you should do what you can to be hospitable, within reason. You can't provide throngs of people for her emperor to ride through, but can you provide her access to that kiln she requested?
No. 856599 ID: 3ce125

Tell her you hope this will change all that, and you certainly wouldn't mind seeing her kind more regularly.
No. 860072 ID: 5e2c69
File 151652240988.png - (42.61KB , 1000x1000 , 0008.png )

"it's a shame that your nation has been pushed aside these last few years." Atlan replies cooly, "I hope to begin repairing that. I would like to start by getting to know your people more."

in truth I already know quite a bit about Raka culture. I understand that they have several distinctive genders, and that one's gender generally defines their role in the society. they are traditionally a warrior culture, with a long history of cavalry raiding and war making prior to the current Warlord, Amon Vresh, who has instated a more traditional monarchy.

"well... I suppose I should begin by mentioning physical contact." she mutters, "generally, it would be best to avoid it."

she leans forward a bit, "except in the exceptions. in those cases physical contact is very much recommended."

from someone else this would sound almost like an invitation, but the Raka's monotone transforms the meaning into something almost clinical.

"for what it's worth, I would like for our nations to grow closer as well." she nods, "I don't see it as a likely scenario, but I certainly wish for it."

"it's as likely as we let it be." Atlan replies, "men wage war and men sew peace."

she shakes her head. "men sew peace, but war is the domain of fickle gods. your people live amongst the green of the jungles and swamps. you perhaps have never dealt with the bite of drought, or the rot of famine. in those most horrible of times, one can not pry from the earth anything but salt and ash. in such miserable days one must earn their grain with the sword, not the plow."

"perhaps there is still something that can be done for you in those circumstances?" Atlan ponders, "I'll make it a priority of discussion once your Vresh has arrived. in the mean time, I will have these plates fired."

"thank you, Tezcata." she nods, "I will have the Vresh's caravan approach soon."
No. 860073 ID: 5e2c69
File 151652243589.png - (31.46KB , 1000x1000 , 0009.png )

she turns to walk away.

"before you go, can I get your name?"

"um... I suppose?" she says, looking back confusedly, "Akiiki Anuun is the title I am known by."

"Atlan." he replies, "Atlan Quixtiano."

"very well, then." she replies. greetings must not be a very big thing for Raka. that is certainly interesting, considering they border the Raksha, who certainly get very familiar with their salutes.
No. 860074 ID: 5e2c69
File 151652247345.png - (31.15KB , 1000x1000 , 0010.png )

as she walks away, Atlan turns to Tlalli, "can you leave these slabs with Amoxtli?"

"we don't have a kiln." she replies.

"we have an oven." Atlan replies. it's the same basic principle, right?"

she shrugs and carries them away.
No. 860075 ID: 5e2c69
File 151652251343.png - (41.56KB , 1000x1000 , 0011.png )

after a few minutes, she returns. looking to the gateway of the complex, Atlan spots several figures approaching.

"is that the Raka?" Tlalli asks.

"no it is not." Atlan replies as the banner comes into view. reed cloth stained red, in the shape of a skinned Tezcata. the Raksha delegation has arrived.
No. 860079 ID: 3ce125

Hardcore. What are these fellows like? Be businesslike.
No. 860083 ID: 6cc25a

Do the standard greetings and introduction.
No. 860085 ID: 33cbe7

I certainly hope it's reed cloth, anyway. Give them a salute and hope it was the right one.
No. 860088 ID: ad51b8

alright so what do we know about these guys?
No. 862997 ID: 5e2c69
File 151723103708.png - (56.25KB , 1000x1000 , 0012.png )

"have you dealt with Raksha before?" Atlan whispers.

"no." she gasps out, "they're enormous!"

"yeah the taller on looks about 7 foot and some change..." Atlan replies, "just follow my lead, and try not to look intimidated."

the two Raksha are followed by a shorter one, unarmored. the taller of the two approaches ahead of the other two. he moves up to stand directly in front of Atlan. after a few seconds he plants his Machete into the soft earth and motions for the shorter Raksha to plant the flag into the ground. she pushes it by hand several inches into the ground.
No. 862998 ID: 5e2c69
File 151723106253.png - (31.19KB , 1000x1000 , 0013.png )

he looks back to Atlan, staring down at him from behind his armored visor.

"you done this before?" a voice echoes from within the helmet.

"have I done...?"

he sighs, "been a part of the summit."

Atlan shakes his head.

"yeah, I didn't think so." the Raksha replies, "I'd remember you."

"you've been to a previous summit?"
No. 862999 ID: 5e2c69
File 151723109551.png - (30.93KB , 1000x1000 , 0014.png )

"this is number three for me." he replies, then starts unhooking his helmet, "I'm getting ahead of myself. I gotta read the message."

"the message?"

"yeah, from the Queen."

archangel Ignis. the current ruler of the Raksha nation. legend has it that she was the second in command to the Great Phage during the war. the Raksha claim that she is a full 15 feet tall and bleeds hellfire out of her eyes. they claim that her glare can reduce a man into a bleached skeleton. they also claim that her tax reforms are quite reasonable, so Atlan's understanding is that she is a mixed bag. one thing Atlan knows for certain is that Ignis does not care much for the Tezcata. the Raksha pulls off his helmet and pulls from his tabbard a sheepskin.

"let's see here." he clears his throat and reads the scroll, "the sands will swallow your cities whole, the dead god will rise and shackle you and scour your skin and scar your souls. your lives will end in chains or on the battlements, and to that end the Raksha, the inheritors of the mantle of the Great Phage, the followers of the Dead God Irkham, will pass judgement upon..."
No. 863000 ID: 5e2c69
File 151723112392.png - (46.13KB , 1000x1000 , 0015.png )

the other Raksha leans over and reads the scroll, "holy hell it keeps going."

"yeah check it out." the taller Raksha says and lets the scroll unravel down to the ground.

"do you really have to read all of this?" Atlan asks.

he shrugs, "I have to say I did."

"well in that case consider me read to."

he laughs shortly, more of a bark than a laugh, "in that case, the name is Joker Abner. Seraph of the Kingdom in the Desert. this is my apprentice, Abigael. our servant, Zaya. you lot get acquainted while I go get the wine."

he saunters off back where he came from while the other two stay behind. the armored one must be Abigael. the shorter one, Zaya, is obviously a slave. she is at least dressed like one.
No. 863001 ID: 33cbe7

So, their society is run by whoever is the Almighty Tallest?
No. 863007 ID: ad51b8

...So is the wine part of a raksha tradition during negotiations or is it to make the negotiations more bearable?
No. 863224 ID: 3ce125

These guys seem okay. Seems like Ignis can't force everyone to hate the Tezcata, which is a good thing. Must not be bothering much with propaganda. Also don't assume the servant is a slave, that might just be traditional servant garb or something. Wait, her eyes look different?

Anyways, introduce yourself. Check out the craftmanship on that armor.
No. 863834 ID: 6cc25a

Well, he seems to be a cool guy. He even brought the drinks.

So, let's get acquainted then. Introduce yourself to Abigael and ask him if this is his third time to a summit as well. And then you can make small talk, such as asking him what's it like being an apprentice to a Seraph. Ever get bored? What do they do when bored? How do they get wine in the desert, etc.
Ask about Zaya. Is she a slave or a servant? What's the difference? What sort of duties must servants perform? How are the servants treated there? Perhaps the two of them are fond of Zaya considering they referred to her by her name. What do they think of her?
No. 864014 ID: 5e2c69
File 151757024969.png - (38.71KB , 1000x1000 , 0016.png )

>So, their society is run by whoever is the Almighty Tallest?
the Raksha Kingdom is helmed by the Archangel, the highest ranking of the Knights of the dead god. as a side effect of the connection with Irkham, the Dead god, the Archangel is usually quite physically imposing. it was said that the great Phage at the height of his power was a full twenty feet tall, and sported feathered wings spanning fifty feet from end to end.

>how do they get wine in the desert?
Atlan believes the wine Abner is talking about is a fermented fruit drink called M'Sumak, made from berries that grow like weeds in the Savannah south of Raksha lands. he believes the Raksha call them Adomberries, and they have a strong taste and deep red color. Atlan reflects that Adomberries taste like wheatgrass boiled in sugar and vinegar, but it is something of a luxury to the Raksha.

>...So is the wine part of a raksha tradition during negotiations or is it to make the negotiations more bearable?
the Raksha never take the summit seriously, because they know that the other nations are afraid of them. Atlan figures that the wine is so that the knights can maintain a drunken stupor and wile away their time here without contributing anything.

Atlan takes a look at the two Raksha women that are left behind. the knight, Abigael smiles respectfully as she notices him looking her way. her armor is heavy, obscuring her frame, but Atlan thinks she is quite lanky underneath. her fur is a bloody red, common for Raksha from the border towns. her armor is dark red, like most Raksha armors. Atlan understands it is some kind of alloy called Hematanium, with what he assumes is brass trim. she stands about a head and a half above him, which is pretty normal for Raksha women.
No. 864015 ID: 5e2c69
File 151757029682.png - (24.82KB , 1000x1000 , 0017.png )

the other Raksha, Zaya, barely seems to notice him or Tlalli. she just stares forward. she is incredibly short for a Raksha, only a scant few inches taller than he is, but even through her fur, Atlan can tell she is cut like marble. her eyes are certainly uncommon. all Raksha Atlan has met have black eyes. he notices her tail is missing. perhaps an old injury?
No. 864016 ID: 5e2c69
File 151757034165.png - (38.06KB , 1000x1000 , 0018.png )

as Atlan stares Abigael gives him the traditional Raksha greeting, squeezing the breath out of him as she does.

"I'd love to know you!" she says, "the name is Abigael Shieldbreaker. Page of Joker Abner."

"Atlan Quixtiano." he chokes out, "Jurista."

Atlan sucks in cold air as the Raksha's grip loosens.
No. 864017 ID: 5e2c69
File 151757038338.png - (36.78KB , 1000x1000 , 0019.png )

Tallli gasps as Abigael hoists her up. "I'd love to know you too, cutie pie!"

"GAHTLALLI! TLALLI OF THE INQUISITION LET GO OF ME!" Tlalli writhes until the Raksha lets her down.
No. 864019 ID: 5e2c69
File 151757052505.png - (38.16KB , 1000x1000 , 0020.png )

"sorry, sorry. I've never met a Tezcata before!" she beams, "you're both so cute! are you full grown? Abner never said you'd be so small!"

"I'm NOT cute" Tlalli mutters angrily.

through the whole scene, Zaya remains silent, staring a hole into the earth in front of her.

"is this your third time as well?" Atlan asks.

"how old do you think I am?" Abigael teases, "I went to the last one, but I was only nine and a half. Abner had just taken me from Mama and I was supposed to carry his shield, but I don't remember much from it. I remember Abner took one of the Tezcata to his room and after that I only saw him like three times before we left for Chorus again."

Atlan raises a brow at the claim. this Abner character sounds like a bit of a layabout, though Atlan will hold his tongue. Raksha are known to be quite sensitive about challenges to their honor.

"how is it learning under the Seraph?" Atlan asks, trying to disguise the insinuation.

"well..." she looks away, smiling, "he's tough, but he looks out for me. makes sure I don't get in trouble..."

"does it ever get boring?"

"most of the day Abner is having me spar or exercise or whatever. I don't usually get a chance to get bored. when he lets me rest, I'm usually sleeping or spending time with Zaya."

"I meant to ask about her." Atlan says, glancing over at the servant. she nods when Abigael mentions her.

"well..." she rubs the back of her neck, "she's sort of... it's complicated. her dad was... not a very pious man. Abner put him down in a duel at some point and, well, what belonged to him um... went to Abner."

"so she's Abner's property." Atlan replies.

"that makes it sound really bad." she says, "she's my... erm... she's just a friend, really."
No. 864023 ID: ad51b8

so would it be rude to ask if she's just short or is she still growing?

Also looking forward to when they meet the bug people, that should be good for a laugh. Hope they at least wait until the meetings over though.
No. 864025 ID: 1472df

Aww, hugs as a greeting, how cute. One thing I wonder tho, that flag of a skinned Tezcata looked nothing like us. Are we being called Tezcata because we're of Tezcata race, or simply because we're their representatives?

It sounds like Zaya's dad was a political figure or something. And Zaya is of some sort of noble lineage. In that case, we should treat her with respect.
Say that Lady Zaya has your condolences. Also mention that you'd love to know both Abigael and Zaya as well, whatever that means, altho you'd rather not spar with them.

Maybe you could offer them something as well? Do we have our own wine/food or something? It seems these people will need a lot of attention or distraction so they don't cause any problems.
No. 864042 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Tlalli, “I have to agree with Abigael, you are cute.”
No. 864046 ID: 6780f5

Given Abigael's slip of the tongue, I'm almost expecting Zaya's dad to not be particualrly accepting of the shieldbearer courting his daughter and Joker challenging him to a duel over it.
No. 864078 ID: b1b4f3

Well if she's a friend, is it okay to talk to her? She seems distant, almost professionally so.
No. 869723 ID: 555f33

She doesn't seem friendly to me. I imagine that being enslaved does that, though.
No. 873276 ID: 5e2c69
File 152097197859.png - (190.11KB , 1000x1000 , 0021.png )

"her father was a nobleman, wasn't he?" Atlan asks.

"yes and no." Abigael replies, "he was a knight."

"I understand." Atlan nods, "certainly working for Abner is a better life than most children of knights get."

"I don't get it." Tlalli says.

"Knights of Irkham aren't supposed to take interest in the flesh." Abigael says, "we are married to the dead god, and so any mortal we court is considered infidelity. of course, Knights are flesh themselves, and sometimes we- they will uhm... partake, but to have a child is a mortal sin for us. it is concrete proof of our unfaithfullness."

Atlan leans in and says to Tlalli, "in such cases, the parent is stripped of their name and the child is sold."

"Abner was a friend of Joruga the Wretch, so he agreed to pass judgement himself, and take Zaya as his slave... like I said, it's complicated."
No. 873278 ID: 5e2c69
File 152097201020.png - (21.39KB , 1000x1000 , 0022.png )

"well, in the Kingdom of sand, she may be casteless, but here, she is still of noble blood." Atlan says, approaching the girl and greeting her as a Raksha noblewoman, "I look forward to knowing you, Zaya."

she reciprocates mildly, wrapping her arms around him loosely. her fur is incredibly soft for a Raksha, which normally have very scratchy, wiry fur, though he can still feel a few bristles punch into his skin at points and the toxins in her fur lightly numb his chest. even as she holds him gently, Atlan feels her muscles are as solid as steel cable.

"eh would lek teh knew yeh." she mutters. her accent is almost incoherent.
No. 873279 ID: 5e2c69
File 152097205046.png - (30.23KB , 1000x1000 , 0024.png )

"hey Zaya see if you can find our room, ok?" Abigael whispers to Zaya as she steps away from the embrace. Zaya nods and starts ascending the stairs.

"Amoxtli will show you. look for the tall lady, dark skin." Atlan calls out to her.

"thanks for that." Abigael smiles, "she's been pretty down lately, since Abner got the call from the Archangel to attend the summit. I think she's nervous about meeting so many Profligates."

"you said you and Zaya are just friends?"

"well... we're... friendly." she says, avoiding the question, "she's my groomer, as well. a bit of grooming after a workout keeps you sane, I think."

"right." Atlan says, "you do seem to have an affinity for cute girls."

"you sound like Abner." she laughs, "he says if I weren't a knight, I'd be squatting two doors down from the brothel."

she flashes a devilish grin, "though I can definitely appreciate the odd cute boy, as well, mr Quixtiano."

Atlan clears his throat and quickly shifts the subject, "UHM! so, about Zaya! she's very small for a Raksha, isn't she?"

"yeah. Joruga was pretty small, too. I never met her mother, but from what Abner told me she was a little woman, as well."

"will you and your companions be needing anything from us? we don't have any alcohol, but our larders are open to anyone."

"thanks, we packed pretty light." she grins, "Abner has had us on nothing but jerky rations and booze since we left Chorus."
No. 873280 ID: 5e2c69
File 152097207242.png - (279.85KB , 1000x1000 , 0025.png )

"ahem." Akiiki clears her throat, making Abigael jump. "Amon has arrived."
No. 873281 ID: 5e2c69
File 152097209491.png - (267.32KB , 1000x1000 , 0026.png )

on cue, a small line of three creatures approach. at the head of the line is the Emperor of the Raka, Amon Vresh.
No. 873282 ID: b53bd0

sounds like a big deal
No. 873284 ID: b1b4f3

Show respect!
No. 873291 ID: 006e5c

> >>873279 >grooming
We'll need to put that on our to-do list.

This emperor sure travels lightly. Do the standard greetings and introduction I suppose. It's an honor bla bla emperor themself bla bla
No. 873441 ID: 33cbe7

That full body armor's not just for their protection, huh?
Waste no time in greeting the Emperor. Well, maybe wipe off some of that toxin first.
No. 873504 ID: 555f33

Doesn't look like familiarity is a good idea this time. Definitely full respect.
No. 873649 ID: 906c5f

Wait if all the knights are married to the Dead God then they're all his/her harem right? So can't the knights just bonk each other?
No. 873734 ID: 2fe26a

Stand at attention!
Woah, down in front, private.
No. 873982 ID: 5e2c69
File 152119908482.png - (42.65KB , 1000x1000 , 0027.png )

>We'll need to put "grooming" on our to-do list.
as much as Atlan would not mind using his tongue on Abigael, he is not so sure it would be a smart idea to get her fur in his mouth.

>can't knights just bang other knights?
the Knights of Irkham aren't like a harem, their vows are pretty clear that they are married to the Dead God in a very traditional sense, and any pleasures of the flesh that they partake in is adultery, even with other brides of Irkham. even masturbation is heavily frowned upon in Raksha culture.

Amon Vresh descends from his horse as his attendants dismount as well. it seems Amon is accompanied by three feminine Raka, including Akiiki. Atlan thought they might have been his guard, but now he realizes that they must be harem girls.

"selah." he mutters to the two behind him, "parah ah ehk ishini."

Atlan bows down to one knee as the emperor turns his gaze upon him.

"it is an honor, Amon Vresh."

he blinks twice, gazing down upon Atlan, then mutters to the larger of his attendants, "Utan unak. vek ukon inheb."

the woman is taller than the others, and strangely she is dressed like a soldier, despite her gender not being allowed into military positions. more interestingly, her head is uncovered, which is generally a taboo in Raka culture.
No. 873983 ID: 5e2c69
File 152119911429.png - (34.41KB , 1000x1000 , 0028.png )

she nods to the emperor and speaks up, "Vresh say he don't want any bowing or fawning or any of that pitiful shit on his behalf. gets enough of that from the fuckin congress. fuckin dickless congress."

"Bastet ud in ehkat altan eh geb." he says in a stern tone, directed obviously at the girl.

"he basically say that." she amends.
No. 873984 ID: 33cbe7

Ask the horse's name. Hello, hot stuff.
No. 873985 ID: 555f33

Oh. That's great! Tell them you were just playing it safe but you're glad you can be less formal. And ask her name too.
No. 873987 ID: b53bd0

well, you've run into some high level people that get right pissy if you don't show them "proper respect".
No. 874054 ID: 006e5c

>fur in mouth
I meant the other type of grooming. Also, us getting groomed heh

>no bowing
Thank her for the guiding words and tell her that you prefer to skip the formalities yourself. Ask her if there's any particular way that Amon's three escorts would like to be treated, or if they have any special needs.

>military positions
Also tell her that you've never seen an uncovered female Raka and ask her how come this is the case. What is their relationship with Amon?
No. 875316 ID: 3abd97

This is looking more like a dating sim all the time. The Raksha delegation are fun.

>"he basically say that." she amends.
We will show respect in the manner he prefers, then. Welcome.
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