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File 150795257977.jpg - (111.06KB , 640x720 , TitleCard.jpg )
836521 No. 836521 ID: 2474dd

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No. 836522 ID: 2474dd
File 150795261298.jpg - (97.42KB , 640x720 , BarryGetsPhone1.jpg )

It's late.
Or early.
At any rate, it's a terrible time for a phone call.
No. 836523 ID: 5767a6

Check the time?
No. 836524 ID: 2474dd
File 150795277394.jpg - (99.89KB , 640x720 , BarryGetsPhone2.jpg )


You're not at all awake yet. The voice on the other end says a bunch of things but the only thing you can really make out is...

"... 7 days..."
No. 836525 ID: 2474dd
File 150795282859.jpg - (168.09KB , 640x720 , BarryGetsPhone3.jpg )

The voice repeats itself but you're still nowhere near awake enough to understand much more than...

"7 days".

You feel a chill in the room.
No. 836526 ID: 2474dd
File 150795290218.jpg - (120.07KB , 640x720 , BarryGetsPhone4.jpg )

You ask the voice to repeat itself once again.

It's irritated. The room becomes chillier, darker. But you're still not very awake and all you really comprehend is...

"7 days".

Just... louder 7 days.
No. 836527 ID: 2474dd
File 150795308412.jpg - (123.65KB , 640x720 , BarryGetsPhone5.jpg )

"... wait... is this... Sadako?"

"Good gracious Barry, did you sleep with her too?"
No. 836531 ID: 2474dd
File 150795470022.jpg - (105.27KB , 640x720 , NemCalls.jpg )

It takes a few moments before you recognize the voice.


Nem is the cutest grim reaper goat-girl you've ever met. She's also the only grim reaper goat-girl you've ever met. That doesn't take away from how cute she is. She also host some kind of weird dating show.

Nem: Yes Barry, it's Nem. Nemain Morrigan?

"Oh don't worry baby, no way I'd forget a cutie like you,"

Nem: Barry.

"Yeah baby?"

Nem: Don't call me 'baby'.

"Yes M'am,"

Nem: OK, so how much of '7 days' did you get?

"The 7 days part," you reply, "Could you repeat the whole thing again?"

Nem sighs. The room chills again.

Nem: Barry, I just got word from a college of mine that you have 7 days to live.

Shiiiiiiit. Maybe you should have called Sadako back.

"OK, OK, no problem. I'll just call Sadako and..."

Nem: You DID sleep with her too?

"... maybe a little..."

Nem: ... I hope you're joking. I was joking before. Barry please tell me you're joking.

You try to think of a response.

Nem: You're not joking, I don't want to know. Look, you're my friend, Barry. And you're going to die. And it's not Sadako. Not yet at least.

You rub the sleep from your eyes.

"Is there anything I can do about it?"

Nem: I couldn't be calling you if there wasn't, Barry. Listen, do you remember how many ... otherworldly ladies you might have been with lately?

How many otherwordly ladies have you been with lately?
A: Three.
B: Five.
C: Seven.
No. 836532 ID: 2474dd

Author note: I meant 'colleague'
No. 836533 ID: 5767a6

>A: Three.
Because 4 is the number of death
No. 836541 ID: 5767a6

>do you remember how many ... otherworldly ladies you might have been with lately?
I misread that as "other ladies."
No. 836543 ID: 2474dd

Heh, no -- Nem's still a virgin.

That is exactly why I didn't make '4' an option.

Would you like to roll your ladies or choose your ladies?
No. 836544 ID: 5767a6

I have no faith in anons to pick ladies so I'd go with roll. Also classic Smik with the midnight quests
No. 836546 ID: c2051e

C. Seven.
No. 836548 ID: be0718

Three. The less child support due the better.
No. 836562 ID: 094652

"... Define 'women'. Because I dated five... um... well, I dated five period."
No. 836600 ID: aebfae

B. Five, enough to put on a corner of a pentagram each; large enough to know our hero's a playa; and small enough to be managible if what I think the direction of this quest is going.....
No. 836610 ID: 1e7aa8

Three, let's not bite off more than we can chew.
No. 836615 ID: 2474dd
File 150800147936.jpg - (104.76KB , 640x720 , NemCalls2.jpg )

Because we can, we shall use an average. You tell Nem you've recently been with 4 ladies.

Nem: Lovely. I hope you at least remember their names, because one of them is the reason why you will die in 7 days. Could be a curse, could be a unique std - supernaturally transmitted disease. Did you use protection?

We will be rolling your ladies.

DO you remember their names?

1. If you choose to remember their names, you will gain the SENSITIVE trait. This will prevent you from being accidentally insensitive to others and improve your romantic favour, but it will also prevent you from acting insensitive -- you can never be a "badman". You will also know more about each lady.

2. If you only remember a few names, you will gain the ROMANTIC trait. You will remember the name of at least one lady and know a lot about her, and you might remember more than one. You will have an improved relationship with these favourites, but you also won't be able to ignore their requests either and complications may arise as a result.

3. If you don't remember any names, you will gain the CALLOUS trait. You'll need to refer to your Black Book to remember who these spooky chicks are. This allows you full freedom of action but you won't remember anything about them beyond your notes.

Did you use protection?

A. "Always, b-- I mean, m'am,"
You always carry at least 2 condoms on you and insist you use them. This gives you the CAREFUL trait, and while you might not be careful about how many supernatural honeypots you dip your stick in, it means you at least have some idea about the potential consequences. While it will make you better prepared in situations it also means you won't be able to take clearly risky actions.

B. "Her body, so it's on her to make sure nothin' happens, right?"
You carry a condom on you, but you only use it if she asks. No trait.

C. "YOLO, right?"
You like to live life to the fullest. This gives you the BRAVE (some might say 'reckless') trait and will allow you to jump in and do things that other people might think twice about. It also means you don't get scared easily. Some might say you're not smart enough to get scared when you should.

No. 836619 ID: c2051e

>you also won't be able to ignore their requests either and complications may arise as a result.
Yeah that doesn't sound like a horribly bad idea when at least one of these chicks wants us dead.

CALLOUS and BRAVE for traits, thanks, information is nice but it's not worth limiting how we can act.
No. 836625 ID: be0718

B-Romantic. Double B.
No. 836626 ID: 5767a6

Fuck it, let's go callous and brave. This will definitely not end poorly
No. 836627 ID: 0d1514

Double A!
No. 836629 ID: 3abd97

If you're friends, is "m'am" really an appropriate title either? I mean, I guess if she's got you suitably intimidated, but not as a normal form of address.

Sounds good to me.
No. 836632 ID: 2474dd

rolled 5 = 5


1 - 3C
2 - 2B
3 - 3C
4 - 1A
5 - 2B
No. 836637 ID: 2474dd
File 150800627770.jpg - (160.66KB , 640x720 , LIlith.jpg )

"Well I definitely remember Lilly and Red," you tell Nem.

Hard to forget Lillian Marcelino Galilei Lilith the 4th. Or Lilly. She usually just goes by Lilly, but when you first meet her she makes you say her full name repeatedly until she thinks you've got it memorized.

Lilly. A bit of a mad scientist. Definitely a mad engineer, demon, and owner of great tits. She has, on multiple occasion, asked if she can amputate a non-vital part of your body for science. She once asked for your spleen, just to see if you knew it was vital.

Lives in a broken, floating tower that takes a special rite just to reach. Somehow has Internet.

You remember your first date well.

Do you reminiscence your first date now, or would you rather do that later?
No. 836642 ID: 5767a6

Sure, let's see it.
No. 836646 ID: 3abd97

Sure, let's think.
No. 836655 ID: 2474dd
File 150800900510.jpg - (162.40KB , 640x720 , FirstDateWithLilith1.jpg )

You think back to that magical first night.

Perhaps "Magical" is the wrong word. After Nem completed the rites to open the portal to Lilly's place, she told you to remember what she did or getting back could be difficult.

"I mean, there's a really fast way to get back but you won't like the sudden stop at the end," she added and gave you a serious look.

1. Did you remember the rites? If you did, you have the OBSERVANT trait. Being observant will grant extra information or allow you to recall things easily. If you didn't, you have the LUCKY trait, which will tilt the story in your favour occasionally.

She also advised against wearing a hat.

You found out why immediately upon entering -- there's a sudden but brief rush of wind upon arriving. Then you are alone in the darkness near the edge of... some sort of stone ledge? There's a thick mist that swirls lazily around you. Ahead of you appears to be a dilapidated apartment building that looks like it was built in the 20's.

You feel like someone is watching you, but other than the moon and the starlight there is nothing. As you are ROMANTIC, you brought a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates for Lilly.

Did you CALL OUT FOR LILLY or did you ENTER THE BUILDING to look for her on your own?
No. 836657 ID: 5767a6

We are lucky and we decided to go inside and look for her.
No. 836660 ID: 3abd97


And you called out, cause it's rude to just go barging into someone's home.
No. 836661 ID: be0718

Rites? Not on the first date, buddy!
Call out, it's more romantic that way.
No. 836686 ID: 094652

Lucky bastard has entered the Building.
No. 836689 ID: 2989dd

Yeah, fuck this thinking shit, let's just be lucky. Call her name.
No. 836729 ID: 2474dd
File 150803383183.jpg - (177.31KB , 640x720 , FDWL2.jpg )

You now have the LUCKY trait (your traits are LUCKY and ROMANTIC).

You call out for Lilly (at the time, you called out 'Lilith') but it's like your voice is swallowed up by the atmosphere around you. No echo. No response.

You are watched.

You hope Nem didn't screw up and send you to the wrong place, you have no idea how to return home.

No. 836732 ID: 5767a6

You threw a pebble at the window like a true romantic
No. 836765 ID: 2474dd
File 150805147876.jpg - (71.13KB , 640x720 , FDWL3.jpg )

Your pebble sails through the gap in one of the broken windows.
No. 836767 ID: 91ee5f

And then it hits Lilith in the eye! XD
No. 836769 ID: 2474dd

Even if she was sitting there she almost always wears those stupid goggles of hers. You don't know why she insists on hiding those pretty green eyes of hers... but you're getting ahead of yourself...
No. 836775 ID: 91ee5f

At least she learned her lesson from the previous boyfriend that threw rocks at her window! Must've hurt like hell when he hit her eye!
No. 836839 ID: 5767a6

Well.... shit.
No. 836947 ID: 2474dd
File 150811004332.jpg - (184.94KB , 640x720 , FDLW3.jpg )

No advancing suggestion received in time; defaulting to second place "Enter Building"

You hesitantly approach the door of the apartment. The inside is wrong. Your footing feels unsure and the perspective is broken.

You look to your right and see what appears to be an elevator near the end of the hall.

You look to your left and see some stairs.

It is dark and dingy here, but it should be darker.

Did you:
1. Try the elevator?
2. Try the stairs?
No. 836950 ID: 3abd97

Try the stairs, elevators are deathraps.
No. 836951 ID: be0718

Try the elevator. Do you LOOK like somebody who'd take the stairs first?
No. 836957 ID: 5767a6

Take the elevator no use in getting your suit dirty
No. 836967 ID: 2474dd
File 150811249841.jpg - (131.64KB , 640x720 , FDLW4.jpg )

With some difficulty, you make your way to the elevator doors. The ground is tilted oddly and you have to lean against the wall to keep your footing.

There's only two working buttons on the elevator panel -- the rest have fallen off leaving exposed wires that look sharp and uninviting to touch.

As the Lobby button still works, you push for floor "*". The doors slam shut and after an unpleasant, jarring shudder the elevator leaps upwards.

Almost as suddenly, it comes to a stop and shakes -- you almost lose your footing. The lighting dims and you hear a heavy, damp 'whud' against the ceiling. Black ichor begins to ooze around the maintenance hatch above before is stumbles loose -- it's fall interrupted by a long, thick strand of a mucus-like slime.

The hatch is blocked by some black mass, which suddenly opens up to reveal a mouth or sphincter, lined with gleaming white... things.

The smell that floods the constrictive area is hot and rotting, like a mixture of fetid dish water and halitosis.

After heaving for a few moments, a whispering, guttural, genderless voice from deep within asks "What will you give me?".

What do you reply?
No. 836968 ID: be0718

A heckin good time
No. 837017 ID: 5767a6

Some chocolate and flowers
No. 837021 ID: 094652

"The breath from my lungs, the spit from my heads, and five bucks. Pick one."
No. 837024 ID: 91ee5f

It's a good thing we know this doesn't kill us, since we're currently remembering this!

However, we don't have any plot armor to protect us from an injury of some kind. So let's be careful.
No. 837110 ID: 380990

"An answer to your question."
No. 837180 ID: 2474dd

rolled 2 = 2

Lack of any consensus means RNG

1. A heckin good time
2. Some chocolate and flowers
3. The breath from my lungs, the spit from my heads, and five bucks. Pick one.
4. An answer to your question.
No. 837183 ID: 2474dd
File 150817769086.jpg - (220.62KB , 640x720 , FDLW5.jpg )

Deep within the creature there's a gurgling that sounds like rapid indigestion.

"Whoah shit, are you actually that corny?" the guttural voice asks.

There is a pause.

"I LIKE CORNY!" the voice roars, and with a squelch a creature that looks like a cross between a prolapse and a lamprey eel bursts through the maintenance hatch and moves towards you.

"Why don't you whip you dick out," it gurgles, "And put it in me,"

What did you do?

1. You screamed like a normal person.
2. You put the flowers and chocolates in the maw instead.
3. You stalled: "We just met, Baby! Why don't we get to know each other first?"
4. You whipped it out and prayed it was a bluff.
5. You shrugged, whipped it out, and stuck it in. It wasn't the first time you've put your dick in a questionable orifice.
No. 837186 ID: b9b4da

3. You sure you got the right resident of this tower?
No. 837191 ID: 9c2d0c

3, with a side order of two. RNG did say we offered chocolate and flowers, after all.
No. 837197 ID: 3e753b


5 is always the correct response to any situation.
No. 837199 ID: be0718

2. You're a man of your word.
No. 837219 ID: 8d4593

No. 837221 ID: 3abd97

No. 837282 ID: 1530a8

5 Is the only answer.
No. 837284 ID: 2474dd

rolled 4 = 4

Resolving impassé

No. 837310 ID: 2474dd
File 150821620913.jpg - (141.50KB , 640x720 , FDWL6.jpg )

You shove the flowers and chocolates into its maw.
No. 837311 ID: 2474dd
File 150821628046.jpg - (74.55KB , 640x720 , FDLW7.jpg )

The creature pauses and then suddenly retracts back into the ceiling with a squelch and a blurp.
No. 837315 ID: 2474dd
File 150821723872.jpg - (134.76KB , 640x720 , FDLW8.jpg )

The demoness you know as Lilly pops down as the creature retracts. She's got talons for feet, harpy-like wings, and a large pair of black horns. She's holding a tablet in one hand.

She turns to you and speaks. Her voice reminds you of Betty Boop or Harley Quinn -- it's a high pitched, warbley, somewhat chirpy tone.

Lilly: Wellll OK then, that coulda gone bettah. So, couldja tell me exactly where you went from 'scared' to 'let's stick some junk in its mouth'? Oh geez, it's when I toldja to put your dick in me, ain't it? You saw tru my bluff, didnja? I knew I shoulda said somethin' else, but I couldn't resist y'know? Wanted to see whatchu'd do if some nasty monster toldja to whip it out.

She taps and traces on her tablet, clearly taking notes. She seems to be ignoring you, but halfway into a terribly complex and alien looking equation she says: "So, your tongue only works for talk'n to monstas or you just tak'n in by my scientific beauty?"

What did you do?

1. "Sorry Baby, calculating the divine curvature of your fine breasts really are taking up all my computational abilities right now,"
2. "Kinda hoping you'd be more monsterous looking, actually."
3. "Lady I came here for a date, not to play guinea pig to your crazy-ass experiments. If we keep going down this route, you gotta pay out with some booty"
4. "Wait, you got Internet up here?"
5. _______________
No. 837316 ID: 7399f4

No. 837317 ID: af6e04

No. 837318 ID: 91ee5f


And ask her if the flowers and candy at least tasted good.
No. 837320 ID: be0718

What is that accent? Where are we? New Jersey?
No. 837350 ID: 094652

You got any other monster forms? I figure you could gussy them up to meet someone's fetish.
No. 837389 ID: aebfae

No. 837390 ID: 2fe26a

I don't see anything but 1 and 4 resulting in a second date.
No. 837418 ID: 2474dd

rolled 1 = 1

Resolving impassé
Note: Once Barry's character is established this method will change.


You have to pick one. As to second dates, please note that this is a flashback and Barry has already slept with Lilith. Your answers will alter the strength of the relationships, Barry's character, and the character of the ladies to an extent. Once set, don't expect them to be so fluid.
No. 837430 ID: 2474dd
File 150827250150.jpg - (259.01KB , 640x720 , FDLW9.jpg )

Lilith is delighted to show you how she has Internet in a place where reason is twisted and the precious logic required by digital devices is normally corrupted beyond hope.

She jams her finger into one of the exposed wires and the elevator lurches upwards again until it reaches the top floor and then goes a bit farther.

She yanks you out of the elevator on to one of the roof-top landings of the old building. There in front of you, glowing with a deeply unpleasant light, is ... a tower device of some sort.

Lilly: All right, I present to you -- my WHY-FI! And dat's dubbuyah-aych-y fi, not the regulah way. 'Cause it's like, 'why does dis work'? OK, so yah know dat sin is totally combustible, right? Or maybe ya don't? Well, it is and dat's why hell's got this reputation for be'n hot. It ain't hot, but for da damned it sure is 'cause we trow their whole spiritual essences in da furnaces to use as fuel. I suppose you could say we burn souls, but we ain't really burn'n their souls, we're just burning their sins. We're really do'n them a favour. Nobody seems to understand that. Anyhow, typical hell-furnace burns off all da sin, right? Then spits out the spent spirit and we sends that back to where it came from 'cause who needs 'em, right? Well it turns out that there's a side effect wot wrecks digital devices 'cause they gotta be all precise and logical, ya follow me?

So for da longest time, we've been think'n that we gotta dampen our furnaces, but that really kills their powa output, y'know? Not healthy for us eitha. But I started to look at what's on da Internet. REALLY look at what's on it. Really, REALLY look at it. Make a long story short...

"Too late", you thought to yourself.

Lilly: We didn't need to dampen our furnaces, all we needed was a way to sink some o' the INSANITY. So's what I do is I host some of the weirdest porn, conspiracy theories and other dumb shit dat's on the Internet. The server acts as a sort of chaos-insanity sink n' I can use my devices just fine. Didja know the Internet thrives on the stuff? Freak'n thing's got amazing broadcast power.

She talked more nonsense for some time, but it's clear she loves it and you just listen quietly. Being a nerd, you are a little curious in how she masks some of the behind-the-scenes work and she explains at length until you wish you hadn't. You also discover that she's got an amazing collection of hentai games and pornography which she keeps for 'scientific reasons'.

As she gives you a tour of her labs, you notice how she's done a remarkable job at renovating the apartments into a decent replication of Frankenstein's lair.

She also has a disquieting amount of anatomy in preserving jars. You are pretty sure she could build 2-3 full humans with the parts she's collected. She also has several completely alien specimens. And several mutant-looking penises and what appear to be vaginas that she's holding 'for a friend'.

Despite her clothing remaining irritatingly in place, you're nerd enough to actually be enjoying yourself. Her computers are cool, she's already beaten Cup Head with an A-rank, and if you ever want to borrow some hentai you know who to call.

Still, an hour later you decided it was time to move the date forward.

What did you do?

A. Showed her your Cuphead skills.
B. Got her to shut up by putting your dick in her mouth. Careful of the fangs.
C. Asked her if she was interested in doing some 'science' with you.
No. 837432 ID: c2051e

No. 837438 ID: 094652

C. "But then that means you have a precarious situation in the spirit fuel economy. In the very likely event that the mortal world 'declares' hell won the apocalypse (for some stupid ass reasons that don't even make sense), you'll oversaturate the market for a few years and then out come the nukes. Instant infernal economic collapse. So you're constantly trying to find the correct corruption point between 'sin generating more sin' and 'total anarchy pollution'.

So, does heaven enslave virtuous souls until they get sick and tired of being virtuous for their fuel?"
No. 837442 ID: 3abd97

>crazy demon nerd just wants someone to explain her crazy science to
That's cute.

A. Seems a logical progression from talking about her tech to playing with some of it.
No. 837445 ID: 5767a6

A. Showed her your Cuphead skills.
Wait a minute... how long ago was this date if she already has cuphead?
No. 837446 ID: be0718

C. Completing the tutorial does not count as 'mad skillz'.
No. 837540 ID: 2474dd
File 150830215386.jpg - (67.02KB , 640x720 , FDLW10.jpg )

Actually not that long ago. Barry has gotten a lot of spooky booty in a short span of time, which is precisely the problem because it makes identifying which spooky booty will kill him much harder (also the whole point of the Quest).

You decided to show Lilly your Cuphead skills.

As you play, you realize that while Lilly is quite good at the game...

A. ... you are better! You beat her record and smiled smugly.

B. ... you are not. You bow to Lilly's elite gamer skills.

C. ... you are better, but you decide to almost-but-not-quite beat Lilly's record. It's a good way to make progress with the ladies.
No. 837541 ID: 3abd97

>B. ... you are not. You bow to Lilly's elite gamer skills.
She's better, but instead of bowing out respectfully, you try to cheat with real world distractions. Sexy ones.
No. 837545 ID: c2051e

C. Can't be a casual, but gotta be romantic about this. As romantic as some quick Cuphead can be, I guess.
No. 837547 ID: 094652

C) In a "sharper reflexes, lower intelligence" kind of way - why do you keep forgetting to use your limit break? Also, you're literally blue-green colorblind and you STILL can't tell how pink something has to be before you can parry it! And then - oh, did you beat the final boss already?
No. 837559 ID: 2474dd
File 150830618121.jpg - (106.26KB , 640x720 , FDLW11.jpg )

Lilith was shocked and even a little suspicious of how close you come to beating her best record.

She turned and looked you as dead in the eyes as she could while wearing those goggles.

Lilith: Huh... tell ya what, champ. You beat my record on King Dice, an' I'll letcha fuck me in the ass and then cum in my mouth.

You were shocked at the sudden shift in the date.

Lilith: Dead serious.

You cough once. Lilith doesn't break eye contact as she's sizing you up. Then she relaxes somewhat and grins sharply.

Lilith: Awww, ya don't have to actually fuck me in the ass if that's not whatchaw into. But I thought it was a pretty good porn-standard offer to getchoor attention. I think you're hold'n back n' I dun like that. So c'mon nerd, let's see whatcha made of.

What did you do?

A. Of COURSE you took her up on her offer. And you won, naturally.
B. Of COURSE you took her up on her offer. But she cheated and you failed to beat her record.
C. You refused to take her up on her offer, because you are a man of standards and you got laid on your own natural charm and not because she lost a foolish bet. Then you beat her record, just to prove a point.
No. 837562 ID: c2051e

No. 837566 ID: 3abd97

Wait wait wait. Stakes in bets go two ways. If her ass is on the line, we should stand to lost something too. (Probably an organ to science, the way this is going).

>what do
No. 837585 ID: 094652

Refuse the offer, but play the stage. Fight King Dice by moving to the backs of his hands, the cards won't walk there and you can cheap-shot him with attrition.
No. 837611 ID: b9b4da

K. I mean C.
No. 837679 ID: 2474dd

rolled 4 = 4

Resolving impassé.

Side note: If you lost a piece of anatomy, you would have been notified in the flashback option. Also if there was a penalty for losing, she would have stated it already. Clearly she has other reasons for the challenge.

No. 837690 ID: 2474dd
File 150835755913.jpg - (144.64KB , 640x720 , FDWL12.jpg )

You refuse the offer on gentleman's principle, but then beat her record anyway just to demonstrate you could and if you WERE a scallywag, she'd be getting it in the end.

You have obtained the GENTLEMAN trait - you gain an overall boost to your charisma and poise, but you may no longer use SCOUNDREL tactics to get into a lady's pants. Some spooky girls can see into your very soul and will pick up on this, for better or worse.

Lilly laughs in triumph.

Lilly: HAH, I KNEW IT, ya dawg! You were just play'n weak, just to get into my pants!

You began to point out the flaw in her approach, as she was offering a porno-level sexual encounter to prove you were trying to manipulate her into a sexual encounter, but Lilly interrupts you.

Lilly: Jokes on you chuckles, I was already plann'n on lett'n ya in my pants! But now I proved my thesis AND I know somethin' 'bout your character! So it's a win in my book!

You spent a few moments trying to follow her logic before it started to give you a headache and instead decided to focus on the 'getting into her pants' part.

Lilly: Yeah, you seem like a noice guy and it's been awhile. So ya wanna? I kin get some drinks on if you need some help relax'n. Don't worry 'bout a condom, it's not like we're biologically compatible or anytin.

She catches the look you give her.

Lilly: Wot I mean is, my body temperature is way too high for anything you leave in me to survive for long, an' your body temperature is way too low for anything in me to live in you. I'm not say'n ya can't physically put it in me and have a lotta fun, I'm just say'n plan on adopting if we evah get hitched.

She titters musically.

Lilly: An' I don't think we're psychologically compatible for marriage, y'know? So relax. You like anythin' in particular? You kin go in my backdoor if that's whatcha like, but I only mention'd it 'cause the anal stuff is in vogue right now. It's not like it's my fetish or anythin', but I'm OK with it.

What did you want from the encounter? You may pick multiple options, but the suggestions here will define Barry's own kinks as well as his own 'style'.

A. As much as the possibilities intrigued you, you really just wanted some vanilla sex.
B. She offered some backdoor action and there was no way you were going to say no to that.
C. Honestly you were more interested in seeing what demon tasted like.
D. She has handle-bars on her head. Clearly they are there for one reason, despite the fangs.
E. You spent considerable attention on her fine ta-tas.
F. Lilly has an operating table with straps. You played 'doctor' on her.
G. Lilly has an operating table with straps. You had her play 'doctor' on you... minus her passion for amputations of course.

Lilly was rolled to be one of your favourites; now that you've gotten an idea of what she's like, why is she one of your favourites? Pick one only as all suggestions will count.

1. She's a cute nerd.
2. She's stacked.
3. She's nuts/kinky.
4. You have a thing for mad scientists.
5. You always wanted to have sex with a demon.
6. Something else?
No. 837692 ID: c2051e

ADE, 1.
No. 837693 ID: 094652

A, E, 1, 5. Honestly, you'd have to be this bland to stay sane with a were-lamprey.
No. 837698 ID: be0718

A, E, 2, 4, 6: She's not only a demon but some kind of shapeshifter.
No. 837704 ID: c88e6d

C, D, G

6: She's just an all around blast to hang out with.
No. 837705 ID: 0d1514

B, 4 5. IF the lady offers it's rude to say no.
No. 837707 ID: 9c2d0c

ACD : 1
No. 837715 ID: 90f3c0

G 4
No. 837720 ID: 5767a6

Supported especially the her being fun part.
No. 837767 ID: 2474dd
File 150837423256.jpg - (95.94KB , 640x720 , FDLW13.jpg )

Lilly smiled.

Lilly: Awright then, sounds like fun. Hey... lemmie take these goggles off. Wanna enhance this series of experiments.

Lilly wasn't kidding when she said her body was hotter than normal; if she were human you'd have called an ambulance. Her skin was silky and the heat of her fingertips penetrated deeply across your neck, back and chest. Her kisses were even hotter, and while the temperature wasn't painful, it was shocking. Not as shocking as discovering that Lilly has two very agile tongues -- or one very long, extremely agile split one.

The temperature difference works both ways as sometimes when you press your lips against her body, she let out a surprised "Oh!" before breaking into a titter again. It made tending to her nipples extremely easy and exciting, judging by her reaction.

She tasted fine -- she was someone who took care of herself -- but there was something... smokey... in the way she smelled. You couldn't actually detect smoke, but inhaling her subtle scent made you cough and while it didn't quite burn, you could feel heat right in your lungs. She's understanding and says that 'it happens' with humans, letting you know it was OK to stop, but you powered through with rewarding results.

She's even warmer on the inside. The novelty plays hell on your stamina (perhaps literally), and even a brief trip 'round her back proved too much for you.

When you were spent, she lead you over to her lab as requested and latched you down to the table. You felt more than a little nervous when she reached for a scalpel, but she seemed to like to use it more as a prop than anything else. Just enough to keep you on edge. And those teeth! The hot little points of her fangs had surprising effects on you.

By the time she was finished, she was drenched in your sweat and juices. The smell of demon sex is pungent and you're sure the room was as hot as a sauna when it was all done.

LUCKILY, Lilly was more than happy to help you get home afterwards with her 'new and improved, safe for humans' portal.

BARRY is now mostly into VANILLA SEX but he does enjoy some bondage and while not overly generous is a giving lover. He also has a NERD GIRL fetish.
No. 837774 ID: 5767a6

Aww we never got to see her harpy feet, was a cute date tho
No. 837777 ID: 2474dd
File 150837623225.jpg - (105.98KB , 640x720 , NemCalls3.jpg )

Nem: Barry?

Nem's voice shakes you from your memory.

Nem: She... took off her goggles?

Whoah, were you unconsciously narrating your date to Nem? Oh well, better make the best of it.

Barry: You're ask'n about her goggles and not those thick, long black horns of hers?

There is a distinctive pause on the other end. If you were a betting man, you'd put 500 down on Nem being a nice shade of rose about now.

Nem: Wh... uh... NO! No, Barry... listen to me. She... showing you her eyes. It's... it's like taking the condom off.

You're not at all sure where Nem's going with this. You ask if your eyes could get pregnant. Or hers.

Nem: Barry. "Safe sex" with a supernatural does not mean 'bring a condom'. It usually involves special rites, drinking potions made with things no man would drink unless it meant unique sex with a freaky spooky girl, or not looking in their eyes.

You ask if you can get pregnant through your eyes.

Nem replies coldly: No, but you can get dead through them.


"So... so Lilly's trying to kill me?"

Nem: No, Lilly seems very fond of you. Probably why she took her goggles off in the first place. But certain interactions between unprotected mortal humans and supernatural creatures like Lilly can include STD's - Supernaturally Transmitted Diseases -- and Supernaturally Sexually Transmitted Doom. And sometimes SSTD's are more likely to happen from just kissing and hand holding than genital contact.

"Wh... well why didn't any of the girls TELL ME to be careful?"

Nem: Because it's usually only the man who dies from them. They figure it's your body, your life at stake, your responsibility.

Well shit. Again.

Nem's voice becomes pained.

Nem: Barry... you said you slept with four spooks. Tell me about the other three, maybe I can point you in the right direction. You're gonna have to call them, maybe they can help you out.

You ask Nem why her friend can't just tell you, but Nem replies that she legally can't divulge that information due to some mortal reaping employment violation or something, and also she doesn't know the details -- just the due date.

You sigh.

There were three other spooky girls you slept with recently, but you can only remember one of their names.

These are the other three you remember

1. There's RED, who is a DEEP ONE and possibly a secret agent?("Albino Deep One, technically").

2. Then there's that cold demon nerd who runs a brothel. You can't remember her name. You could find the brothel again though -- the problem is unless you ask for her by name, you'll never get to see the owner. She was fun, but she had a fetish you just couldn't get into as much as she did.

3. Finally, there's this one chick who you've never even SPOKEN TO, let alone know her name. She lives in the basement of this spooky house in the middle of nowhere. You basically just went down into the pitch black darkness and got sex. Probably one of the best deals ever. All you know is she's probably a short stack and makes kinda cute, spooky noises when she gets real excited. If she ever told you her name, or even gave you a hint, maybe you'd have remembered it.

Who do you tell Nem about next?

[i]Author Note: The main of Spooky Date Quest is going to be SFW but I shall include a Spooky Q
No. 837778 ID: 2474dd

Author Note: The main of Spooky Date Quest is going to be SFW but I shall include a Spooky Quest Dis for the naughty bits.
No. 837779 ID: be0718

No. 837787 ID: 575521

2 seems the mosf intriguing.
No. 837792 ID: 600f38

No. 837799 ID: c2051e

No. 837800 ID: c88e6d

I personally like Red the best, so 1.
No. 837806 ID: 5767a6

3. Spooky short full figured
No. 837812 ID: 3abd97

No. 838051 ID: 2474dd
File 150845142306.jpg - (91.22KB , 640x720 , FDLG1.jpg )

If you would like to see Lily's harpy feet as well as the rest of her, it can be found at https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/src/150838134219.jpg. Warning: Very NSFW.

The NSFW section for the quest is posted in its Quest Dis: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116808.html#116808

You begin to tell Nem your first date with the "girl in the basement". You check your Black Book and you don't even have a name there. She's just "The girl in the basement".

Really it was more of a booty call than a date, although not for your lack of trying.

Unlike your date with Lilly, this one wasn't sponsored by any dating show Nem was on. You got this one through the Internet a few days later. You're not sure how the girl found out about you.

It even started like a creepy pasta. You posted about your recent date with Lilly on your blog -- withholding her name and being deliberately vague about some of her more denomic details -- and you got a strange comment that asked if you were a brave lover.

Replying gave you another link to a site that could be best described as "the snap-chat version of The Ring video", with instructions to return at a specific time.

Doing so resulted in seeing a picture of a white house in the middle of a field and a Google Maps link, a date and time, and the words "Say nothing, I please you".

Intrigued, you followed the directions and several hours later found the white house in the middle of a field. The road had turned to rough gravel and your small car had difficulty reaching it, but there was a mailbox outside and apparently enough traffic to keep it from being overgrown.

Then what did you do? (Choose ONLY ONE or only your first item will count)

A. You looked in the mailbox on the road.
B. You checked for any nearby wi-fi signals.
C. You went straight for the front door and knocked.
D. You went straight for the front door and discovering it unlocked went right in.
No. 838055 ID: be0718

D. Spookhouses gonna spook.
No. 838056 ID: c2051e

No. 838074 ID: aebfae

No. 838086 ID: 2474dd
File 150845644620.jpg - (82.42KB , 640x720 , FDWG2.jpg )

The door swung open easily and soundlessly; despite how worn the wood was, clearly someone's was taking care of this house to some extent.

The living room was bare but clean -- except for the windows that seem to have been deliberately neglected. The fading sunlight that strained through dingy glass was still enough for you to see four magazines laid out on the wooden floor.

They all seemed to be from the "Cockswett Tails" series. Each magazine seemed to feature a single story -- "Susanna", "Marcie", "Layla" and "Lisa".

Susanna's story promised "sensual exxxplorations in the most dark and hidden of places with the sexy mayor of a sinful town". A brief glance through it let you know it was mostly text with a few smutty pictures and focused on a lot of butt stuff. The other magazines followed a similar layout of steamy prose punctuated with pornography.

Marcie's story seemed to be all about "an innocent exploration becomes a passionate sexploration as the pent of desires of a naive girl burst through her inhibitions like a dam-busting torrent". It's pretty vanilla but cute.

Layla's story was described as "The punishments of long arms of the law were nothing compared to the crushing cruelty between the lusty thighs of the law". The story seemed to be more geared towards dominatrix-lovers.

Finally, Lisa's story was about "Hopelessly enveloped by the lavish lips of an insatiable beast". It was a plus-size romance with a definite oral fixation.

The only door of note in the room was locked. Oddly enough there was a trace of fresher, sort of spiced air from the crack underneath the door -- as if the air was better under the house than over it.

What did you do next?

A. You read "Susanna's Story" closer.
B. You read "Marcie's Story" closer.
C. You read "Layla's Story" closer.
D. You read "Lisa's Story" closer.
E. You ignored the books and tried to look under the door.
No. 838087 ID: 575521

No. 838090 ID: be0718

No. 838105 ID: 2474dd
File 150845911971.jpg - (34.02KB , 640x720 , FDWG3.jpg )

Under the door was a blackness darker than pitch. It was like vantablack.

And then you saw that glimpse of what could have been an eye staring back at you.

At this point, Nem interrupts you.

Nem: Barry. Stop. Looking. Into monster's eyes. OK?

You argue that you didn't know it was dangerous at the time.

Nem: Yeah well what you don't know can sure kill you in seven days. A lot will depend on your symptoms, but by then you could be in real trouble since they won't start showing until you're that much closer to death. OK, I'm sorry for interrupting, what did you do next?

You explain that now that you knew you were being watched, you figured your choice of story would probably have some sort of impact on your "date". At the time you had no idea if it was a test, telling her your preferences, or if she was sharing her kinks with you. So you decided to choose...

A. Susanna's story. You're not really all about the butt stuff, but you were curious to see how your observer would react. It's a risky choice since if she's not into anal this could be the end of it.

B. Marcie's story. It's sweet and simple and really, you just like some good ol' fashioned loving. Plus it was probably the safest choice all around in terms of preferences, consequences or 'morality'.

C. Layla's story. Your experiences with Lilly on that operating table have awakened you to the fact that you kinda do like the lady to just take charge and have her way with you. This was a risky choice because you don't know her and it could have had dangerous repercussions.

D. Lisa's story. You do like your ladies to have some meat to them. It could have been a slightly risky choice if she was hinting she was into vore, but on the plus side if she was asking for your preferences you never turn down a blowjob. Maybe it was also a more 'moral' choice by choosing the unconventional beauty?
No. 838107 ID: c2051e

No. 838108 ID: 4ce151

E again. Ignore the books and move on.
No. 838109 ID: 2474dd

E is not available because you didn't do that.
No. 838113 ID: be0718

That is exactly what we did. E squared.
No. 838123 ID: 2474dd
File 150846094946.jpg - (53.19KB , 640x720 , FDWG4.jpg )

You chose Marcie's story.

You thumbed through it for...

This choice can possibly impact traits and additional art in the QuestDis, but doesn't stop the story from continuing.

A. Clues as to what could be going on.
B. Reading material.
C. Dirty pictures.

But when you looked up from it, you saw that the other magazines were gone and a key left on the floor.

With a shrug, you used the key to unlock the door to the basement. At the time, you noticed the blackness around the doorway that seemed to eat the light but hey -- last time spooky lead to booty, so you entered the basement anyway.
No. 838124 ID: be0718

No. 838128 ID: 2474dd
File 150846192984.jpg - (67.47KB , 640x720 , FDWG5.jpg )

You have obtained the OBSERVANT(1) trait.

As you read through the text, you can't help but notice that it seemed that most of the male lead's dialogue had been neatly crossed out in black ink.

Not just his spoken dialogue; his internal monologues had been 'censored' in similar ways.

There's only choice bits left -- he seemed to be allowed to moan, groan and make other appreciative sounds, and he was allowed to make statements of love, but everything else seems to have been censored.

Examining the context, you realize that the removed items he was referring to were probably specific things about Marcie.

It's a little creepy.
No. 838131 ID: 2474dd
File 150846249966.jpg - (5.55KB , 640x720 , FDWG6.jpg )

You entered the basement.

It was pitch black.

You were likely to be eaten by a Grue.

What did you do?

A. Turned on your Smart Phone to use as a flashlight.
B. Called out to see if anyone was there.
C. There was one piece of male dialogue not censored that you recall. “Ya look beautiful tonight. Wanna go sit on the couch?”
D. Say nothing. Wait.
No. 838132 ID: c2051e

No. 838133 ID: be0718

A. You like to look a lady in the eye before you lay them, which is apparently your fatal flaw.
No. 838146 ID: 5767a6

No. 838154 ID: c88e6d

No. 838174 ID: 9c2d0c

C. if not, then why even read the thing?
Say it like corny pick up line
No. 838183 ID: 3abd97

E: Take your pants off.
No. 838185 ID: 2474dd
File 150847499632.jpg - (141.91KB , 640x720 , FDWG7.jpg )

When you turned on your smart phone, there was a piercing shriek and you caught a glimpse of a small creature whose eyes sparked painfully in response. The next thing you knew you were paralyzed -- you couldn't move, couldn't blink, couldn't even breathe. The phone was knocked from your hand in just a second but the paralysis didn't stop.

You were terrified as breath refused to come back to you as you crumpled to the floor.

That's when you felt her lips against yours, blowing life back into you. For what seemed like ages, she continued to force your lungs to work until mercifully you relaxed and they began to work on their own.
No. 838189 ID: 2474dd
File 150847537805.jpg - (94.54KB , 640x720 , FDWG8.jpg )

When you are able to move again, you found yourself outside the basement.

The girl had... left her mark.

Nem: Wait... so you didn't sleep with her?

You cough.


A. "Not the same day. I knew I did somethin wrong, and even though she didn't tell me not to bring a light I know how the rules work. Even when you're not wrong, you're wrong, bring a gift,"

B. "I didn't give up that easily. She was really cute, and besides... I heard her crying behind the door. She didn't mean anything,"

C. "The evening was still young, and she left some clues on my phone,"
No. 838190 ID: 2474dd

D. "Clearly she likes me or she would have let me die. I took off my pants and knocked on the door,"
No. 838191 ID: 2474dd

Side note: I didn't see >>838174 or >>838183
until I posted, sorry.

No. 838202 ID: c88e6d

No. 838214 ID: be0718

No. 838217 ID: 2474dd
File 150848266891.jpg - (104.74KB , 640x720 , FDWG9.jpg )

These suggestions are not mutually exclusive so both are used.

"I didn't give up that easily. She was really cute, and besides... I heard her crying behind the door. She didn't mean anything. Clearly she likes me or she would have let me die. I took off my pants and knocked on the door,""

Clearly the whole ordeal was stressful to the point where the release had to come out in some way, and in her case it was tears and restrained sobbing.

So when you knocked on the door in your pantsless way, it wasn't a big surprised that her crying broke into laughter. The girl's laugh seemed to echo all over the house, accompanied by clicks and whispers. Clearly the poor girl had a lot of pent up emotion.

When she calmed down, the door unlocked itself and opened a crack. Darkness cracked across the wall and floor along the edge. In any other situation, this would surely be a terrible sign of a horrible creature or the world shifting into the Other Realm or some other kind of nastiness.

But for you, this was laying out the welcome mat.
No. 838219 ID: c88e6d

Try and slip in through the crack without letting too much light in. Also, since we have already established you're really obsessed with and unlucky on this matter, you should definitely look deep into her eyes to try and express your sorrow for making her freak out before.
No. 838223 ID: 5767a6

Clearly we are afflicted with rampant idiocy and kept going into the spooky room with the shadow creature.
No. 838230 ID: 2474dd
File 150848534473.jpg - (59.65KB , 640x720 , FDWG10.jpg )

This time around, you made no sudden moves, no attempts to bring in the light. You stayed still in the darkness.

You felt her breath on your chest. The girl was short -- at least two feet shorter than you. You felt her gingerly scale your body. Her skin was very soft, almost oily but not unpleasant. She had claws, but she was gentle with them. You felt heavy breasts rub up your skin as she climbed you, and the soft flesh of her tummy. You also felt something else... a tail perhaps?

Her long hair tickled you. While making out you feel your way around to get a better idea of the girl you're going to be with and discovered her silken hair was done up in pigtails, just like Marcie. Cute.

You could barely hear her whisper Marcie's dialogue, filling in the censored lines of male dialogue with an incomprehensible language.

Then she kissed you -- those full lips now passionate instead of on a desperate mission. Aside from her teeth -- slightly more jagged and definitely sharper than Lilly's, although there are less of them -- her kisses were fairly 'human', though certainly inexperienced.

The girl stuck to her script pretty well, with the exception that she had a tendency to guide your hands where Marcie let the male lead take over. From what you could tell, she had a plump figure and yes, she was definitely as well endowed as you thought she might be. Your exploration caused her to make these sort of restrained gasps that wound up sounding a bit like a chirp -- the loudest thing you heard from her since her laughter.

When you try to speak, but her tail -- it's definitely a tail -- slides across your mouth. She almost whispers a giggle, and you get the idea that she wants you to stay silent too.

The actual union a little more awkward than you might have liked; more fumbling than you prefer and also there might have been a bit of ... size issues? In the story, Marcie is bedded in a missionary position but it soon becomes apparent that your girth and larger size could lead to a rather uncomfortable situation for the petite lady.

You eventually settle for a kneeling position, using your hands to support her under her arms. Despite her small size it's not as easy as it sounds as there is a lot of heft to her body -- she's clearly got some steel under her silk. Thankfully that strength also applies to her legs and thighs and she's able to get a good grip on you too, even if it's a bit painful.

You then discover that her anatomy is a bit... unusual on the inside. You are almost certain that you slip into different passages -- it just feels different. It doesn't seem to hurt her though.

She climaxes first -- making eerie, soft cries that reverberate oddly but ending almost with a sort of almost comical barking sound followed by a long, raspy sigh.

Your eyes have adjusted to the lack of light and you can actually sort of see her eyes. They're smoldering in satisfaction.

When you finish, you lie back on the basement's floor. It's spongy and soft, which you're grateful for. The basement girl gives you another smooch, and then does something you didn't quite expect -- she begins to clean you up.

For the most part she uses a cool, refreshing soft towel but there are some rather delightful parts to the grooming process that involve her using her mouth and tongue.

When she's finished, she lays the towel over your eyes. When you saw the light from the doorway you realized she was gone -- having left behind a couple of slices of meat-lover's pizza and some "Mountain Dew".
No. 838232 ID: 2474dd
File 150848639028.jpg - (104.72KB , 640x720 , NemCalls4.jpg )

Nem: AGAIN with looking into their eyes! Barry, you're a romantic but you don't understand the risks when you do these sort of things!

"Nem, it's not like I KNEW any of this shit before I dated these chicks! I like to look into my lady's eyes, OK? I didn't know I was gonna get spooky eyeball AIDS from it,"

Nem: I know Barry but still... this isn't gonna make figuring out the potential cause of death any easier. You looked in Lilly's eyes, you looked in Basement Girl's eyes... by the way, she was probably a grue.

"You mean those things that eat you in Zork games?"

Nem: You dated a Deep One too, right? Nothing like a Lovecraft description, right? He was incredibly racist. I don't think the Zork people were as much racist as just ignorant. Speaking OF, how is Red anyway? Haven't seen her in ages.

"Did you want to hear about our date?"

There's a pause on the other end.

Nem: ... I kinda don't, because I know Red and it feels like an invasion of privacy and I don't think she'd ever put you at risk... but at the same time, nobody's perfect. So it might be important that you do.

"Do you want to know or not?"

Nem: Eh... look, it's up to you, all right? You can tell me about your date with Red, or you could tell me about the date with the 'cool demon nerd' who runs the brothel.

What do you do?

A. Tell Nem about your date with Red, the Deep One.
B. Tell Nem about your date with the demon nerd who runs the brothel.
C. Enough kissing and telling, what can Nem suggest about not dying?
No. 838233 ID: 094652

The Green... BEE.
No. 838238 ID: 8111b6

Vague hints of A's detail, but then do B instead.
No. 838240 ID: 3abd97

No. 838279 ID: be0718

No. 838310 ID: 2474dd
File 150852485378.jpg - (99.98KB , 640x720 , FDWS1.jpg )

You decided to spare Nem the details about an acquaintance and tell her about the brothel-owner instead.

You ask Nem to hold on while you dig out your Black Book. Ah, here's her name. Officially it's "Margaretha Mabwe", with a note of "M". You remember now, she asked you to call her "M". Which is kinda cool since she is a boss lady. [Additional notes due to OBSERVANT(1)].

The notes under M remind you that she knew someone who knew Lilly -- apparently all three are nerds though. You supposed hot nerd boys are hard to come by if you're being 'shared' along the network. Not that you mind. She dropped you an email first, and when she arranged the meeting she asked you to dress casually and to "bring anime".

M asked you to arrive at 4AM at her place. It was pretty dark; the brothel was closed with only one eerie, pale young woman at the desk whom you just knew was incredibly dangerous by the quiet, deliberate way she moved. She escorted you up to M's office.

M was waiting for you, lounging on a long, curving sofa. She had a mane of blonde hair and ebony skin, and even behind her tinted glasses she had shining sapphire eyes. The combination of colours was enough to say "Hey, I'm supernatural don't cross me" but her pupils were just slits as if to drive the point home.

She clearly had a long night though -- she gave you a tired smile when you arrived.

M had a charming proper British accent, making her even more like a James Bond character: Good-morning darling. Have a seat, it's been a long night for me so I'm sure you'll excuse my housecoat.

You slide up next to her confidently. Her smile doesn't change; she's hard to read.

M: Pardon my getting to the point, but what did you bring me? I need a stiff drink and something to unwind with.

You brought:
Author Note: You can't fail the date, but your choices here do impact your relationship with M even though she's not a starting favourite of Barry's. Remember that favourites are just better remembered by Barry and their feelings about him are not guaranteed.

A. A collection of freaky hentai. Lilly clued you into some new stuff.
B. Your favourite horror anime. You're a bit of a nightmare fetishist, as indicated by your taste in women.
C. Dragon Ball Z, full series.
D. Your favourite JoJo.
E. A "Mix-tape" of anime music videos from various sources, some of which you made yourself.
No. 838315 ID: be0718

B: Ghost Stories!
No. 838330 ID: 5767a6

Obviously the dub version, she'll either love or hate it
No. 838343 ID: aebfae

No. 838364 ID: c88e6d

B.) The Dub of Ghost Stories.
No. 838411 ID: 2474dd
File 150856995549.jpg - (93.30KB , 640x720 , FDWS2.jpg )

M was delighted with your choice.

M: Sweet, love! The dubbed version of Ghost Stories is the best!

M had a lot of media devices, several consoles and an extremely potent gaming PC. She loaded Ghost Stories up and you watched a few episodes.

M had a few drinks and really started to relax, being less careful about well her housecoat covered her. She doesn't offer them to you, but asks if you'd like something like a beer, spirits or wine.

Did you accept a drink?

A. You accepted a standard drink.
B. You inquired about what she was drinking.
C. You declined a drink.

Then after a few episodes of Ghost Stories, you:

D. Made a move.
E. Played video games.
F. Watched more anime (you may switch).
No. 838413 ID: c88e6d

Ask for Wine. Let's be honest, it gives her an opportunity to quote Dracula, and that is a gift better than your imminent magic-STD induced death.

Also, try playing videogames with her. She probably has a hard time finding players. You can make a move after, you're no Scallywag who goes straight for the pussy after a single date activity!
No. 838437 ID: be0718

No. 838450 ID: 2474dd
File 150861190742.jpg - (110.31KB , 640x720 , FDWS3.jpg )

M got up and poured you a class of chilled white wine from the nearby minibar. She had a pronounced way of swinging her hips and it was hard to tell if it was intentional or not.

You asked about her drinks.

M: Oh, well I hope you don't think I'm rude for not offering love, but I don't know what'd it would do to you.

Then you played some video games, which she was most enthusiastic about. After destroying you in Skull Girls, she suggested playing Cup Head. As a two-player team, you made the game look easy. She's better, but maybe you're just distracted by the fact that the more focused she is on the game, the less focused she is on her wardrobe and you get more than one chance to peek at her goods.

It was early in the morning when the fatigue got to you, while M seemed to have even more energy. She noticed your yawning and drooping eyelids.

M: You probably shouldn't drive home like this love. Why don't you stay over until you feel better?

You nodded, a little disappointed that your hot date turned out to be a play date but still you had a lot of fun.

M took your hand. Her touch was cold as a corpse, although her skin was soft and well taken care of. Your spirits brightened somewhat when she lead you to what clearly was her bedroom, not a guest room. It was decorated in rich earth tones and punctuated with various posters. She also had a trophy case full of extras from various video games but the majority of its contents looked like hand-crafted plushies.

M: Make yourself at home, love.

She noticed you looking at the case.

M: A lot of pre-order is just tat, but I kept the good stuff. Mostly I find the best stuff is commissioned though. I have the money, they have the skills and time.

She patted the bed. Since you were dressed casually you just climbed in, but when she dimmed the lights you got the feeling maybe you should expect a bit more.

When she turned away from you and began to lower her housecoat, you grinned.

M raised and eyebrow and smiled knowingly: Oh don't worry love, I'll give you a little something to help you sleep. I hear you're a little more ... adventurous... than my usual clients. Exactly... how much of me did you really want to experience?

The robe fell to the floor, but she left her glasses on and began to approach you, swinging her hips. You thought you could see everything she had to offer -- perky breasts, wild blonde hair, and neatly groomed nethers (heart pattern). What more could there be? She didn't seem to wait for an answer as she slid next to you and undressed you. The cool touch of her tongue as she licked down your body was shocking and intriguing, and it felt like she left an icy trail behind behind her. The embrace of her lips around you considerably more so.

What did you tell her?

A. All of her. Take it all off, glasses included. You wanted to know everything.
B. Whatever she's comfortable with. This is her evening.
C. You asked to see it all, but you told her she could keep her glasses on if that's what she wanted.
D. Anything she wants as long as she doesn't stop.
E. ?
No. 838452 ID: c88e6d

A. Because I like increasing Nem's workload.
No. 838453 ID: 5767a6

A. Have it all
No. 838457 ID: be0718

No. 838458 ID: 2474dd

Author note: I do not have Cuphead yet, I will eventually get it, I do not want it spoiled, please forgive discrepancies.
No. 838636 ID: 2474dd
File 150866062404.jpg - (144.39KB , 640x720 , FDWS4.jpg )

M allowed her form to shift somewhat. Her skin blackened and split, her face shifted in a more feral direction. Small horns were seen scattered across her body. A second pair of breasts had grown under her first.

M: This... is a little closer to my real self. I am not going to take my glasses off, love -- bad for the both of us. It's all right if you'd rather I shift back.

You paused for a moment.

"You kinda look like a furry,"

M winces.

M: I kinda look like a furry, yes. 16th century paintings weren't that far off, really. But isn't the full monty.

You asked about the "full monty".

M: It's a bit more 16th century, love. I get a second head with a mouth where my vulva's currently.

You cock your head to one side. She shrugs.

What did you do?

A. You asked her to revert to her more human form.
B. You told her that you're OK with how she is now.
C. You asked for the full monty.
No. 838637 ID: be0718

I can C forever.
No. 838639 ID: 91ee5f


Because we obviously enjoy upsetting Nem.
No. 838642 ID: 90f3c0

No. 838643 ID: 7cdf1e

I'm gonna go with B as she is attempting to not cause us harm and its rude to make a lady wonder if they harmed us or not.
No. 838653 ID: 094652

"What do you think, Rappy?"

No. 838666 ID: 8111b6

Whichever is more fun for her, I'd say. This, all the way... either is good for our little protagonist. I guess human form might be fine too, but it doesn't seem to line up with his tastes as much.
No. 838679 ID: c88e6d

C. Sure, the Full Monty. Nem is going to reach through that phone and punch you in the throat.
No. 838680 ID: 17c2ee

No. 838687 ID: 600f38

"It sounds like you're worried I'll pull a runner like other guys."
Slide up to her "But I want to see which tongue has the best game. You're underappreciated, and I want the full experience."
No. 838697 ID: 2474dd
File 150869765177.jpg - (279.96KB , 640x720 , FDWS5.jpg )

Actually it's more for player tastes as the flashbacks help define who Barry is.

M shudders and her skin split again. She had two sets of breasts, and a human-like face between her legs. She had two tails, one with bumps and ridges and other other with some strange appendage at the end. Her hands, feet and face became more feral and cat-like.

Like Lilly, she had a long tongue -- but hers is definitely more split and less 'possibly two long tongues'.

M: Was this what you wanted to see? Is this really want you want to be with?

You nodded. She's surprised, and secretly delighted.

M: Are you a nightmare fetishist, love? I'm hideous.

You smirked; actually you are.


Kissing her partial snout is a bit awkward but you manage it; she's still got full lips and that helps somewhat. She licks your lips and neck.

M: It's easier to lick than kiss with this head.

You ask if she'd prefer you kiss the other one. Her eyes flash behind her glasses -- which also really detracts from the 'monster' element -- and she turns away shyly.

M: ... Yes. You're the very first mortal man I've ever been with as myself, love. I... I'm sorry if I'm awkward, I know you'd expect a brothel owner to be ... experienced.

She shifts her body along yours and allowed you to see her 'second head'. It was mostly human, although it had no nose (or at least no nostrils) but it definitely had a full set of lips... and perhaps a little unnervingly, teeth like Lilly's. If it had eyes, they remained closed. While it only had one tongue, it maintained the demonic dexterity you've come to expect. The cold sensation is still confusing; things that are alive and sensual are never this cold.

And apparently it was most erotic for M. Her legs started to tremble and she begged you to stop -- but didn't move from her perch. The second head however began to kiss you with more fervor and passion -- and it could stretch slightly from its anchor, trying to prevent you from withdrawing. Her tongue could reach far down your throat, and you had to fight her so you didn't gag. It tasted of mint.

You separated when you hear the splintering snap of wood and a roar-like scream from M.

M: I c-can't take it anymore, s-s-stop. It's hungry, I need to feed it.

Before you could ask what that noise was, M is on top of you. The sensation is most unusual, and nothing like you've experienced -- it makes your body spasm and your toes curl as it tries to make sense of what's going on below.

It was not quite the feel of a woman, as no other woman you've been with has a tongue there. It was not quite the feel of a throat, because it feels too much like a woman. And it was cold. Not numbingly cold, but colder than what you imagine a corpse would be like.

Right as you unleash, you felt a nip at your base. It's startled you, but then the sensations became overwhelming and you forgot everything for a moment.

M's was less frantic now. Her breathing was still raspy and she was sweating profusely. As your vision cleared, you realized that you were still quite at attention.

M: Sorry love. I... I have a little trick that won't -- shall we say, "let you down easy"? It will go away on its own after an hour or so. I'm just not finished with you and some times a lady just can't wait for a gent's refractory period.

M: I want you in my bottom next. I know it's 'not natural' but it's... it's what I want. The other head can be so intense, and that way makes me feel more human.

You gave her a tired smile. It's not like you would have been out of action for a bit anyway, and you'd definitely sleep well afterwards.

You had to get between her tails to access her, with the lower one going between your legs. The ridges definitely felt purposeful as they added to the sensation. Her body was slick with sweat and the lubricant she provided was excellent, and your entry was relatively easy.

M: Grab my mane.

M had a large amount of fine blonde hair and it did make for fine leverage. Again, the sensation was unusual -- even for someone not a backdoor enthusiast. More muscular, and M's second head also moaned -- and you could feel the vibrations.

M whimpered: Oh God, you're so HOT.

She shuddered again and thrust a paw-like hand between her legs. You might have wondered on what she was doing if you weren't so close to the edge yourself.

You finished for the second time and while very satisfied you were exhausted. M stayed on top of the bed, outside the sheets, fanning herself. You snuggled under the sheets, trying to warm up. The air smelled of sex and mint. You felt a slight icy-burning sensation all over your body. Not painful, nowhere near the potency of medicinal rubs, but enough to remind you that you had sex with a very unusual lady.

M: I know you wanted me to take my glasses off love, but it wouldn't be good for either of us. Risk of ... for lack of a better word, 'infection' for both of us. So it's always better for a demon to have some sort of eye protection when she has sex with a mortal. It's rather taboo not to, but there's no way you'd know that.

She stretched out.

M: You don't mind if I have a little fun with your John Thomas while you sleep, do you? I'll be gentle.

You smiled and fell asleep almost immediately.

It's odd, M was a very memorable experience. Why did you have so much trouble remembering it? Why wasn't she a 'favourite'?

A. You're not very fond of backdoor action.
B. You're not very fond of mint.
C. Too bestial/unusual for your tastes.
D. Just didn't 'click'
E. Something else -- clearly she was a favourite. Something else must be going on, and it bothers you.
No. 838700 ID: 8b2654

The coldness is something you'd have to get used to, but not a real problem.
No. 838701 ID: be0718

A, C. Close, but no cigar.
No. 838704 ID: 600f38

No. 838706 ID: 2474dd

Sorry, I forgot to leave a space for inserts.

E = Something is messing with your brain. You pick this if she's actually your personal fav and you want Barry to share it.

F = Insert your own, like the coldness.

And yes, the sound of wood splintering was her snapping off bits of her bed.
No. 838709 ID: 91ee5f

No. 838712 ID: 2474dd
File 150870024341.jpg - (318.98KB , 640x720 , FDWS5QuestDisNote.jpg )

Quest Discussion Note

Additional NSFW art goes here, and the kind of art I do there depends on a combination of Quest events and reader response.

Basement Girl can't get a scene yet due to her nature, but there were events to get scenes from the books she left that were not triggered.

The date with M went well enough that a scene is unlocked, but I'm only going to go through the effort of people are really interested in knowing what it would look like.

Given that some people are developing Barry's character, please feel free to visit the Quest Dis a drop a suggestion for an M picture if you're interested without worry of impacting the main quest (although if I get enough 'E' responses I'll take it as go-ahead too). M's true form is weird and hard to draw but I'll do it if people care.
No. 838740 ID: 90f3c0

No. 838741 ID: dba948

Still E, then.
E and F aren't in conflict, though.
No. 838779 ID: 708229

F - You'll try anything once, but her caution was a constant back-of-your-head reminder that this was unlikely to lead to anything long term or regular, so it was sort of hard to get attached.
No. 838794 ID: 238661

No. 838819 ID: 9c2d0c

I guess my personal opinion is more like C, but this response does have the advantage of being sort of the romantic personality we have established.
No. 838853 ID: 2474dd
File 150873625060.jpg - (104.61KB , 640x720 , NemCalls5.jpg )

The NSFW picture of M can be found here:

Fun fact: demons with faces where their genitals should be is some old school 16-17th century art stuff.

Nem: She had a face where her wound should be, and you had to look up her name? Maybe you're just are better at remembering faces.

Yeah, maybe that.

No, probably not that.

"No.... no, I should have remembered her better," you tell Nem, a bit puzzled by your own memory.

Nem: You didn't look into her eyes. Maybe that's part of it. M seems like a responsible girl. I mean, I don't blame you for not knowing the name of someone who never gave you it or talked to you at all.

Nem sighs.

Nem: Are you going to tell me about Red? You can just stick to the highlights -- and by that, I mean critical details. Did you look into her eyes?

Red never wore any kind of eye-wear.

Nem: During sex, I mean. That's an important factor, is if you look into them during sex. Sex opens up a small spiritual gateway, looking into the eyes during sex magnifies it.

What did you do?

A. You remembered the date with Red, but told her just the highlights. (this does Red's flashback but spares Nem the gory details)

B. You remembered the date with Red and ignored Nem's requests you not go into detail like before. Because. (this does Red's flashback and annoys and flusters Nem)

C. You remembered just the highlights and gave Nem the details she requested. (this skips Red's flashback)

NOTE: Once the Flashbacks are done, baby tutorial mode is done and you will be questing LIVE, where it will be completely possible to ruin your relationships, get killed, and otherwise start the SPOOKY TIMES.

The only difference between A & B is how much you want to irritate Nem, and it goes without saying she'll forgive you because of who Nem is.

No. 838854 ID: be0718

No. 838856 ID: 5767a6

B. For sure
No. 838857 ID: c2051e

No. 838865 ID: 2474dd
File 150874033943.jpg - (182.48KB , 640x720 , FDWR1.jpg )

You decide you will torment Nem with some gory details, but first things' first:

How did you meet Red? This answer modifies Barry's personality and his relationship with Red.

A. One of the other girls referred you to her. You met up at a quiet café and chatted about your mutual acquaintance before you asked Red on a date. She initially rejected the idea but before you parted ways she changed her mind and asked you to come down to her cottage for a coffee sometime.

B. Red found you, having been investigating why a human was entering so many supernatural haunts. She approached -- OK, more like she ambushed you -- did some freaky tests, asked you a mess of questions, and then called M to confirm your story. After it was all done, you asked her on a date and it caught her off guard and intrigued her, so she said yes and told you to come down to her cottage for coffee.

C. You stumbled on her by pure coincidence while taking a trip to see some beautiful fall colours in a quaint, quiet New England fishing town. You stumbled across some cultists who captured you and were going to sacrifice you to some ancient sea god. Red showed up instead, explained that their sea god had been arrested on charges of religious interference, and told them to go to a proper church. They didn't take it well, and the survivors were arrested by the FBI. Rather than cover it up, the situation is turned into a summer blockbuster or best selling horror series, which you get a modest cut of in lieu of therapy.

You asked Red on a date during all this. The fact your lust for the supernatural outweighed what should have been terror intrigued her and she said yes, and gave you her cottage address.
No. 838866 ID: be0718

No. 838869 ID: 90f3c0

No. 838871 ID: 5767a6

No. 838874 ID: c2051e

No. 838880 ID: 830fb7

No. 838884 ID: 8111b6

c gets my vote
No. 838886 ID: 094652

B with a side order of "double-dating"; Red was experimenting on OTHER denizens of the mortal realm. Which includes immortals who get themselves killed so frequently they're technically classified as mortals.

Asking your torturer on a date? Overused. Asking the monster in the next cell over to double-team their torturer as she activates your shock collars? Red was too stunned to think about how stupid this was, and too horny to resist.
No. 838900 ID: 600f38

No. 838902 ID: 91ee5f

No. 838911 ID: b15da4

No. 838947 ID: 2474dd
File 150879158106.jpg - (111.47KB , 640x720 , FDWR2.jpg )

You first met Red when she slipped behind you a short distance from M's place, poked something into your back, and calmly but firmly instructed you to walk a short distance into a waiting car. She had a smokey voice.

"Don't make trouble and I'll let you see my tits, Barry"

She escorted you into the back seat. At the time, she was wearing an open puffy jacket and baseball cap, with a black tank top underneath -- with no bra. She did appear to have some fine breasts.

The back seat was sealed off and locked. She got into the front and started to drive. She patched a speaker.

Red: OK, so all this is probably unnecessary. I wanted to bet my supervisor lunch that all I really had to do was say "Follow me and see my boobs" and you would have done it, but he was all regulation and so here we are. You'll be a good boy, right Barry? Tits are on the line.

Red would have won the bet, actually.

She took you to a small nondescript house, had you go inside, and then proceeded to explain that she was a special "Lulu" agent and that she was just investigating why you were spending so much time on supernatural turf. You wound up explaining everything you did to Nem but in greater detail.

Then she took a blood sample, hair sample, spit sample, and took pictures of you. Then she informed you there were two more tests she had to do, and one was a cavity search.

You winced. You asked what she was looking for.

Red: Cancerous growths, possible mutations... eggs...


Red: Eggs.

You shook your head.

Red nodded her head.

Your eyes grew wide and shook your head with additional vigor.

Red smirked and very slowly nodded.

Red: These aren't human or analog ladies you've been boning. I'm pretty sure you haven't done any deep self-examinations. And before you ask -- yes, sometimes they can lay eggs in you without your knowing. At least one of M's girls does that, although it's extra and she's licenced.

You stood aghast and intrigued.

Red: Look, I also need a sperm sample. If it makes it easier, I can take my top off now and we can kill two birds with one stone. Don't read too much into this either, it's strictly medical.

She slipped out of her tank top and into some gloves that were disturbingly long. Her nipples were a dark blue-grey.

She lubed up her hands. You began to back away but she caught you firmly by the wrist and held you fast -- she must have weighed at lot more than she appeared to.

She sighed.

Red: If you stop fighting me, I'll give you a medical blowjob.

You discovered that "medical blowjobs" are like regular blowjobs but you don't have to reciprocate or buy her dinner first and are used to distract you while she performs a body cavity search and the end result REALLY CONFUSES YOU. You're still not sure if you were more violated or aroused by it.

She collected her samples, discarded her gloves, washed her hand and wiped her mouth. You waited a bit to see if there was anything else before getting dressed.

Red: OK, so you're in the clear for now. In my experience our targets won't put up with all that crap even for the promise of boobs and blowjobs. Do me a favour, and call this number before you plan on ANY MORE DATES with otherwordly chicks, OK? You keep us informed, and I don't have to get the gloves out.

And that's when you informed her that you did have a date planned, and you wanted it to be with her. Red thought it was the cheesiest pick-up ever and she even laughed in your face about it. You inquired if it was a yes and she agreed -- she liked your moxie.

Red: Here's my cottage. Watch out for the 'natives', they're a little ornery. And I will expect some reciprocation, so bring some pickled ginger and wasabi -- I'll take care of the soy sauce.

So here you were, 4PM as requested.

What did you bring?

A. Bottle of wine; Oaked Chardonnay
B. Bottle of saki
C. Single malt scotch

How did you interpret Red's comment about ginger & wasabi?

D. You took her literally and brought ginger & wasabi.
E. You figured she wanted some sushi so you got some from the creepy fish store owner.
F. You thought it was code for kinky sex and Googled it to see what you should bring.
No. 838953 ID: 9c2d0c

I.. I feel like when someone says THAT, the conversation is not over unless somebody is being very stupid or intentionally cryptic.
No. 838954 ID: be0718

B (you weeb) and E. Hope it wasn't anyone she knew.
No. 838956 ID: d0bba6

B and F.
No. 838975 ID: 094652

No. 838980 ID: 90f3c0

No. 838984 ID: 238661

C, D and F
D Because its humorous and Hopefulle she really brings some soy sauce.
Also, all three things could be used in F.
No. 838987 ID: 2474dd

Granted but in case F Barry will specifically bring the stuff he is recommended via Google.
No. 838991 ID: aebfae

C & D
No. 839021 ID: 3abd97


And then F, but you did D for the joke anyways.
No. 839059 ID: 2474dd
File 150882100419.jpg - (117.54KB , 640x720 , FDWR3.jpg )

You brought some single malt scotch and some pickled ginger & wasabi. You did a little research but as far as you can tell Red really did mean it -- both the condiments and the oral sex.

You thought it was pretty weird.

As you were about to knock, you had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched.

What did you do?

A. Ignored it, knocked on the door.
B. Watched your back, and knocked on the door with more urgency.
C. Investigated it -- checked around the cottage and searched for the spy.
No. 839062 ID: be0718

C. Maybe you were hoping for yet more unexpected action which you could expound upon for Nem.
No. 839119 ID: 575521

No. 839142 ID: c2051e

No. 839144 ID: 2fe26a

No. 839199 ID: 2474dd
File 150887178002.jpg - (188.70KB , 640x720 , FDWR4.jpg )

As you explored around the cottage, the feeling of being watched go more intense.

You heard rustling in the bushes. As you approached, a small twisted man leaped out, swinging an axe and screamed "FUCKING NI--"
No. 839201 ID: 2474dd
File 150887192784.jpg - (205.27KB , 640x720 , FDWR5.jpg )


You've been called a lot of things, but never a niblurp.

Also, his eyes burst from his skull as a torrent of black ichor burst from his sockets, nostrils and mouth and ears as it popped through the other side of his temple.
No. 839204 ID: 2474dd
File 150887219013.jpg - (120.34KB , 640x720 , FDWR6.jpg )

Red: Fucking Lovecraft cultists.

She rolled her eyes.

Red: Not enough for them to just be crazy, they have to be bigots too. Sorry you had to see that Barry. If you got any ichor on you I've got some stuff to get it out. C'mon in, I'll take care of the mess outside later.

She had the casual irritation of an experienced killer or sociopath. But since she's not human, and because she already gave you a medical blowjob, you were pretty confident you were safe.
No. 839209 ID: 2474dd
File 150887267729.jpg - (164.08KB , 640x720 , FDWR7.jpg )

Red slithered over to a couch and flopped on it. She looked up at you coyly.

Red: So whatcha think, Barry? I know you're a freak into monster girls. Sorry to tell you but I don't need to wear goggles, I can't paralyze you with my gaze, and I only have one set of breasts. Also you can't see it, but my junk is totally humanish. It's a little slicker, it has no pubic hair, and it really does taste like fish -- but nice, fresh fish. Speaking of which, did you bring the pickled ginger and wasabi?

You nodded.

Red: Did you know what it was for?

Your research never elaborated on what it was for, just implied it. >>Failed Observation check<<

What did you say? Pick ONE -- extras won't be counted

A. "The pickled ginger and wasabi is to protect me, right?"
B. "... for the taste sensation?"
C. "I spread it on you because an aphrodisiac for your people?"
D. "We're having sushi?"
E. "It was an elaborate joke?"
No. 839210 ID: 2fe26a

No. 839212 ID: c88e6d

>I don't need to wear goggles


Also, E. Because that would be funny.
No. 839213 ID: 600f38

No. 839261 ID: 5767a6

C. It's totally sushi
No. 839266 ID: 9c2d0c

I assume it is for sushi. Like you just said, you taste like fish.
No. 839282 ID: be0718

E. The Deep Ones' humor is as inscrutable as their science.
No. 839326 ID: 3abd97

No. 839425 ID: 2474dd
File 150891239056.jpg - (83.70KB , 640x720 , FDWR8.jpg )

"It was just an elaborate joke, right baby? You weren't seriously gonna put this on your junk right?"

Red giggled.

You smirked.

Red: It's for the taste.

You raised an eyebrow. Red grinned.

Red: I'm serious. Mix the wasabi and soy sauce together, dribble it on me and lick it up.

"And the ginger?"

Red: Palette cleanser.

"You are shitting me,"

Red: Totally serious.

"You are totally shitting me! That's gonna burn or something,"

Red shook her head.

Red: I live in seawater and under a lot more pressure than up here. You don't stick it IN me, just on the top. Also, you can be a bit rougher with your teeth... my lady parts are a bit tougher than the other girls you've been with. Don't actually bite down hard or I'll hurt you, but a little nibbling is pretty hot.

She began to slip out of her tank-top.

Red: Well, did you wanna get started?

A. You agreed it was time to get started -- it's sushi time!
B. You thought Red was taking this a bit fast and you wanted to get to know her first. She didn't mind in the slightest.
C. You were a bit paranoid after the attempt on your life -- you asked Red if she was certain there were no more cultists about.
D. ?
No. 839426 ID: c88e6d

D.) Ask her to tell you about herself while you go down on her. She gave you a medical blowjob five minutes after meeting you, she knows you're running around boning supernatural ladies wantonly, she's not a prude and she's in the mood for some oral affection of her own.

Ask her about what she dreams of doing (do NOT use the word 'dream' around a Deep One) and what her aspirations are. And use those nibbles, boy!
No. 839427 ID: 9c2d0c

No. 839429 ID: 91ee5f

No. 839440 ID: 094652

"Rappy, where'd you put the corn syrup?"


"Ah, thanks."
No. 839473 ID: 7d8168

No. 839480 ID: be0718

C life.
No. 839492 ID: 600f38

No. 839631 ID: 2474dd

rolled 6 = 6

Resolving impassé.

No. 839913 ID: 2474dd
File 150905102409.jpg - (81.54KB , 640x720 , FDWR9.jpg )

Red sighed purposely loudly, fixed her top, and slid off the couch. You watched as her tail split and each half curled until it formed the same human legs she had when she originally took you in for questioning.

Notably she continued to lack pants.

She strode over to a window and frowned.

Red: Typical Lovecraft cultists. Axe-crazy, bigoted and blood inconsiderate.

She walked over to a nearby locked cupboard, unlocked it with some method you didn't see and pulled out a small obsidian skull.

She opened the window and after kissing the skull, testily threw it out.

There was a hideous scream followed by 'blurp', followed by another scream and another 'blurlp'.






Grunting and moaning.

Red: Oh shit.

You asked if one had survived.

Red winced: No, that's not the problem. C'mon, pop, pop -- don't burst.

It went quiet.

Red swore, but the curse was lost in the wet popping sound from outside.

She rubbed her temples, wandered over to the couch, and flopped on it while her legs returned to her serpentine/mermaid form from before.

Red: Sometimes they're strong enough to fight it, but they're never strong enough to hold out for long and then they make a HUGE mess. Which will probably eat away at the paint and a little of the wood.

Red pulled out a mirror from a nearby coffee table and fiddled with it for a minute, then returned it and slumped back over on the couch.

Red: I'm sorry Barry, can we take a raincheck? I'm going to have to deal with a bunch of paperwork and cleanup tonight, and then I'm probably gonna have to do a bug hunt. And it's totally killed my mood. Yours too, right? People generally aren't OK with seeing and hearing the results of alien death weapons. Or maybe you are, thanks to the Internet.

Red sulks, but if mood is all that's the problem surely you could fix that.

What did you do?

A. Called it a night and met up with her later; she's right, you are traumatized and cultists are a total mood ruiner.

B. Tried a back massage.

C. Tried an ear massage.

D. Suggested a few drinks and chat.

E. Suggested getting hammered.
No. 839914 ID: c2051e

C and D.
No. 839915 ID: c88e6d

Could always try an ear massage, or back massage. Request which she'd prefer.

...Also if they were crazy enough to attack him they were probably barely human anymore anyway so it's not like he's got any kind of empathetic attachment to those assholes.
No. 839918 ID: 91ee5f

B and C are not separate things! If we're massaging her, then it's gonna be her whole body!

So I'm voting for B and C!
No. 839926 ID: be0718

C. You're an expert in Ferengi style.
No. 839928 ID: 3abd97

Massages sound good.
No. 839950 ID: 600f38

B&C, with some D.
No. 839990 ID: 2474dd

>B and C are not separate things! If we're massaging her, then it's gonna be her whole body!

Where you start first matters.
No. 840031 ID: 5767a6

Then start with ears
No. 840055 ID: 094652

Quick finger her to orgasm.
No. 840303 ID: 2474dd
File 150916907394.jpg - (113.61KB , 640x720 , FDWR10.jpg )

You massaged Red's ears. It had an immediate effect on her as she moaned in response.

Red: Who the hell told you 'bout my weak spot?

You massaged them a bit more. While the spines that make up her ears were stiff and hard, they were also quite sensitive. You briefly wondered about their purpose but Red interrupted this thought.

Red: OK, that just got me back in the mood again. Don't know where you learned fin massage but shiiiiiiit...

Red undressed -- well, she took off her tank-top -- and motioned for you to come close to start things off with a make-out. Of all the supernatural ladies, Red's the only one whose foreplay was at all human-like in terms of aggression and pacing. She was cooler than a human, but nowhere near as cold as M was -- her body temperature was just a bit off but not alarmingly so. Her skin was extremely oily and surprisingly tough; it didn't give like the basement girl's did. She was an extremely proficient kisser however, probably the most skilled lipsmith of the ladies you had been with.

She actually did have soy sauce, and she mixed it with the wasabi while she shared a slice of pickled ginger with you.

Red: Go ahead. I want you to see the difference.

As your hands moved down her belly, you watched as the wispy fins around her waist uncurled like a flower opening, allowing you access below. She was covered in a slick, warm, flavourless and odourless viscus substance, but her flesh itself was silky and tasted almost creamy and slightly sweet in an odd way. She sighed happily and then lifted your head up and spread some of the mixture down where you had been working.

Oddly enough... it actually DID enhance the taste and it actually did remind you of sushi. You had to admit that it made the entire experience pleasant but surreal, and as Red asked you nibbled and found that her body appreciated much rougher play than most women would have found comfortable.

It wasn't until you felt her fingers grip your hair tightly that you realized exactly how much progress you had made. While Red made sounds like some sort of whalesong porno, a rush of fluid that smelled and tasted of the sea met your lips.

Nem: WHALESONG PORNO? Oh goodness, Barry.

"What, that's what it sounded like. Whale porno," you replied.

Red sighed and then motioned for you to get up and move higher. She undid your pants and then showed you the difference between a medical blowjob and a truly aroused mermaid blowjob. Her technique was inscrutable -- while Lilly had two tongues, Red simply knew exactly what she was doing and made good use of her hands. She also made good use of her gills, which apparently were just as good on land because she simply never needed to stop for breath, and she did some sort of muscular contraction in her throat that made your toes curl.

She paused and asked if you brought a condom. It took you a moment to remember that yes, yes you did bring one that you kept in your wallet.

Red: Good, because you could easily get me pregnant and I don't feel like dealing with that right now. Yes, we are *quite* compatible. Actually your swimmers have a better chance in my ocean than a human lady's, so no glove, no love. Not that I don't enjoy giving head -- I really do -- but it's been awhile since I've had a man in me.

She looked at you coyly.

Red: I *could* get my legs on, but you'd rather fuck a mermaid, wouldn't you Barry?

You had to agree. After these monster girls you had a hard time thinking about regular old human-on-human sex.

She helped you get the condom on, and then laid back.

Red: I'm afraid we can't get kinkier than missionary unless I shift form a bit.

You sheepishly asked if your weight would be an issue and she just laughed and reminded you that the pressure of the deep ocean would out-do you on your worst days. She also told you not to hold back and go as roughly as you could handle without hurting yourself.

You wondered what she meant about that until you penetrated her -- she was very tight and firm inside. The way her body gripped you was almost harsh, and that was despite her generous and slick natural lubrication. You had to work your way in deeper -- it reminded you a bit of the Basement Girl, except you were afraid of hurting her and with Red, you're a little worried you could hurt yourself.

Soon you got accustomed to the world under her sea however, and it was deeply satisfying despite the condom. As you got close, Red offered you to finish in her mouth.

Red's NSFW scene unlocked! You can make suggestions at:

Nem: You're not serious.

You laughed and explained to Nem that apparently Red has a serious oral fixation. She had even told you so during pillow talk afterwards.

Nem: I didn't ask to know that, Barry.

You chuckled evilly.

Nem: Well... it doesn't sound like Red's responsible for your situation. She might know what to do about it once we figure out what exactly your situation is. Have you had any unusual symptoms lately?

You were about to answer when you heard an alarmingly heavy pounding sound from somewhere in your apartment...

No suggestions yet - scene to be continued...
No. 840474 ID: 2474dd
File 150924435151.jpg - (161.45KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR1.jpg )

BABY MODE is now OFF; the Quest Proper has begun.

Dates can fail.

Barry can DIE. He has NO Plot Armour.

You have no wounds or afflictions beyond your DEADLINE. Don't count on being able to recover wounds.

Your DEADLINE is in 6 days, 22 hrs, 45 min.

Note that the deadline's time remaining may or may not have anything to do with its cause; this is just the time you have left before it kills you (so don't try to match its start with the girl you slept with chronologically).

Nem: Barry, I don't want you to panic.

Hearing a grim reaper telling you not to panic is every reason to panic.

Nem: I just got an update from my contact.

All the more reason to panic.

Nem: You have at most 6 days, 22 hrs and 45 min to live. There is a chance you could die sooner.

"How much sooner?"

There's a pause.

Nem: Here, download this app will you?

You click the link and your phone downloads an app oddly quick.

Nem: This app -- it's magic so don't bother asking details you don't have time -- shows you how close you are to death. You want that figure in the hallway to stay at the end of the hall. You don't want that figure in the hallway to LEAVE -- if you can't see it, then it means someone's actively blocking it and that only means you're in even more danger. You also don't want to see its face. If you see its face, you are moments from death and you shouldn't be staring at your phone. If you see its face and you don't immediately die, that's even worse. I'm going to try to get to your place as fast as I can, my presence should scare whatever is in your apartment building away. When I get there, the figure will sit down and you'll be safe for the time being. I can't stay with you forever Barry, so you're going to have to work very quickly to find out what's trying to kill you -- and you could have more than one thing trying to kill you.

"Please don't hang up,"

Nem: If I don't hang up I'll take longer to get there.

"Tell my mom I love her and I'm sorry if I don't make it,"

Nem: Stay positive, I'll be there as soon as I can.

You are currently NAKED IN BED, ALONE in the DARK.

There is someone in your apartment. You are sure of it, and also sure they mean to kill you, and you have no idea if 'they' are human. The shadowy figure on the app is standing, so it means you're in danger, but it's also at the end of the hall, so you're not immediately in danger. If you can hold out until Nem gets here, you'll be safe.

What do you do?

A. Hide. At this moment you wish you weren't such a huge dude, but you could still fit in your closet.

B. Went to get your gun. Of course it's a shotgun -- you have to be ready for the zombie apocalypse or a hell gate opening. It's a Remington 870 Home Defence, and holds 6 rounds in the magazine.

C. Went to find a melee weapon. You have a good meat cleaver in the kitchen. It's not an elegant weapon but you know it will go through flesh and won't break on bone.

D. Went to get dressed. You want to be able to run into the street without being totally exposed.

E. Something else?
No. 840479 ID: 600f38

D, C, B, E. In that order.
Clothing is important for carrying things and being able to move freely. You do NOT want to be stuck in a bad position.
The machete is steel and extremely useful as more than just a weapon. If you're up against a fae threat it will be super-effective, but it'll also discourage other things from getting too close.
The shotgun is the least useful. It's powerful, but has limited ammo and is unlikely to be effective against supernatural threats. Don't hesitate to abandon it if it ever becomes a liability; it's not going to help you much.
If you have steel shot then load it with that; you sure as fuck don't have silver shot or dragons breath rounds.

For E, CALL RED! Her job is to police supernatural threats. Bring her up to speed and can get her advice. She may be able to knock a few possibilities off the list - such as if cultists might want you as a sacrifice. Also, she needs to know there's a possibility she caught a supernatural STD. She'll probably be irritated by that, but will at least respect that you told her immediately.
No. 840480 ID: 5767a6

D. We need to bread to move
No. 840481 ID: be0718

D. Always be dressed for the occasion.
No. 840483 ID: c88e6d

Okay, D and then A. Sure, shotguns are generally ineffective against supernatural horrors, but you can at LEAST stun them.
No. 840499 ID: 3abd97

Get dressed. It's practical. You might need pockets or clothes to stay alive, and you don't want to be naked when Nem gets here.
No. 840502 ID: 8cb228

Don't Dress. Get your shotgun. Then hide.
No. 840507 ID: 2474dd

>For E, CALL RED! Her job is to police supernatural threats.

No it's not. Not at all.
No. 840629 ID: 2474dd
File 150926343095.jpg - (151.48KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR2.jpg )

One thing at a time.

You get dressed. You throw on some clothing and your lucky, puffy "Sans" hoodie. It has deep pockets even though it's not good as protection. It's not like you have armour. (Which is an oversight considering you're not gonna run very well in a zombie apocalypse, but also not really the point right now.)

You check your pockets for anything useful. LED flashlight! Excellent. Sans lucky figurine! Not so useful unless it really is lucky (a possibility). Minty gum! Could be useful for morning breath?

Keys! Very important. With a sudden relief you realize that on the keyring is the key to your weapon case. You'd have no way of getting to your shotgun without it, because you practice good firearm safety.

You also find a couple of condoms. Not useful right now, but if you live to see Red again they could be useful.

You check your phone -- death is no closer. So you've got that going for you.

What do you do next?

A. Unlock the weapon case under your bed and retrieve your shotgun.
B. Head to the kitchen, get your cleaver.
C. You found an old radio in your jacket pocket and investigated it.
D. Tried to whip up a dummy in your bed to serve as a decoy.
E. Something else?
No. 840632 ID: be0718

A. Never underestimate a load of buckshot. Hey, have you considered the monster might be under your bed?
No. 840651 ID: 094652

You got a shotgun? Sweeet.

If the iron pellets don't work, you can replace them with stuff that does!
No. 840680 ID: 600f38

Wait, wait, wait, an old radio? That you didn't put there? That sounds really, REALLY suspicious. Investigate that!
No. 840693 ID: c88e6d

A. Get the shotgun, THEN investigate the radio.
No. 840694 ID: 3abd97

A, B and D all assume it's a physical threat coming after you, and not a supernatural disease / curse / hex killing you. Which, I mean, it's possible what you caught is a fatal case of "attract monsters to kill you" or something similar, but that wouldn't be my first guess.

C. Suspicious objects you don't remember are suspicious.
No. 840719 ID: 5767a6

A then C. That radio sounds suspicious
No. 840861 ID: 2474dd
File 150932310948.jpg - (131.47KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR3.jpg )

As you crouch to pull the weapon chest out from under your bed, your phone blips.

The figure has moved closer. You feel a prickle of fear crawl up your back.

What do you do? Please note that only your first choice counts.

A. Check under the bed for your weapon case.

B. Turn on the lights first.

C. Turn on your flash light.

D. Get out into the hall.

E. Something else?
No. 840867 ID: 3abd97

If reaching for your weapon case was immediately followed by it getting closer, it may well be that the case is a danger to you.

No. 840872 ID: 5767a6

D. Get out into the hall
Let's see how the blip moves, when we move
No. 840873 ID: 600f38

No. 840885 ID: be0718

When in doubt, pick C.
No. 840932 ID: c88e6d

It might be more dangerous depending on how afraid you are. In which case this app is stupid and dangerous dammit. Regardless, go for C. Even if a shotgun blast doesn't do anything, light can blind it or scare it off.
No. 840966 ID: 2474dd
File 150934477363.jpg - (156.11KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR4.jpg )

You leave your bedroom and enter the hall. At the end is your bathroom, and it leads out into your main room/kitchen.

You check your app. The figure has moved back. Whatever the danger is, you're guessing it's in your room now. You eliminate the idea of trying to get your shotgun for now.

The apartment is dark but your eyes have adjusted enough to navigate without issue.

What do you do now?

Light Options
A. Try to turn the lights on?
B. Use your flashlight?
C. No lights?

Item Options

1. Get the meat cleaver in the kitchen.
2. Get your shoes.
3. Find something else? ______

Action Options

I. Use your phone to call for help.
II. Go into the bathroom.
III. Leave your apartment, go into the hallway.
IV. Something else? __________
No. 840967 ID: c88e6d

C, 2, III

Do not use any light unless cornered, acquire your shoes and head outside. Try to contact Red for advice on your phone later. Red saved your life, she's got an alien deathray, she's probably the most likely to be able to save you even if she's the one most likely to have fucked you over.
No. 840968 ID: be0718

C, 2, II. You can't run very far if you step on something sharp unprotected!
No. 840990 ID: 094652

A, 1, III
No. 841015 ID: 600f38

C, 2, IV.
Call Red.
No. 841110 ID: 2474dd
File 150941229527.jpg - (309.41KB , 640x720 , SpookDR5.jpg )

You leave the lights off.
You put on some shoes.
You step into the hall.

The hallway is wrong.

You can feel things move under your feet through your shoes. Little pulsing things. It would probably feel worse without shoes.

Your phone chirps in alarm; the figure is missing.

The walls stare at you. All the walls stare at you. The ceiling stares at you. You are sure the floor is staring at you, too.

What do you do?

A. Retreat into your apartment.

B. Continue down the hall. It seems to go on for quite some ways without any sort of door or window, but it must end at some point, right?

C. Close your eyes. This must be an illusion.

D. Pinch yourself; this must be a dream.

E. Use your phone to call for help.

F. Something else?
No. 841113 ID: 600f38

A! Back into your apartment! Back into your apartment!
Then call Red!
No. 841114 ID: c88e6d

According to the app, you're in less danger than ever. Try calling Red? Also, just pretend this is an illusion. It'll help you feel better.
No. 841117 ID: be0718

C. There's too many eyes in this hallway already.
No. 841118 ID: 094652

No, the figure being invisible means his scanner is jammed! The killer or curse can stealth kill him now!

Get out now!
No. 841162 ID: c88e6d

C. It's probably an illusion. If it's not, you're already screwed.
No. 841170 ID: 3d229a

Shine the light in one of the eyes to see if it reacts...Then uh...retreat?
No. 841197 ID: 2474dd

rolled 3 = 3

Resolving impassé

4=F - shine light on eyes

Kome's suggestion of "Get out" is not-specific enough to count ('get out' could mean retreat or escape down the hall).
No. 841201 ID: 2474dd
File 150942597513.jpg - (243.42KB , 640x720 , SpookDR6.jpg )

You closed your eyes.

You could feel the things under your shoes.

You can feel the eyes on you.

You can see the eyes on you, even with your eyes closed.

You can't escape those eyes.

You don't know if this is an illusion but it does't matter. The staring is really bothering you. You can feel the tiny stirrings of panic.

You need to do something quickly.

What do you do?

A. Try to move down the hall with your eyes closed. It's not as intense when you don't look.

B. Try to get back into your apartment with your eyes closed.

C. Open your eyes, move quickly down the hall.

D. Open your eyes, retreat to the apartment.

E. Use your phone, keep focused on it and blot out those eyes.

F. Something else?
No. 841203 ID: c88e6d

Withdraw to the Apartment. B.
No. 841204 ID: be0718

No. 841284 ID: 600f38

D! Back in the apartment!
No. 841316 ID: b9b4da

C. The thought of bumping into those walleyes is euuugh.
No. 841331 ID: 5767a6

C keeping our eyes closed is dumb especially considering we can't look at the app if they aren't open
No. 841346 ID: 8b53eb

If you can feel it, and see it with your eyes closed, then it's either real or an illusion that works by fucking with your brain. In either case closing your eyes is fucking pointless.
Retreat to safety, and stop being a dumbass. Help is coming, so stop increasing your exposure.
No. 841441 ID: 2474dd

rolled 3 = 3

Resolving impassé

No. 841455 ID: 2474dd
File 150950529973.jpg - (232.99KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR7.jpg )

You open your eyes, turn around, and opened your apartment door.

"Hi Barry. Long time, loooooong time. Miss me?"

Freida "Freddy" Falcone. At least, that was the name she gave you.

She was your very first spooky girlfriend.

She's the one who took your virginity when you were 13.

She killed the bully that tormented you as a kid.

She killed the teacher who did nothing about it.

She killed the principle for not having stricter policies.

She killed the governor for not giving the education system enough funding to afford hire people who would enforce stricter policies.

And she killed your best friend because she thought he was getting in the way. It might pale in comparison to the other killings, but that one hurt you the most.

She's the reason why you have a nightmare fetish. Your first sexual experiences have always been an intense combination of arousal and fear.

You never broke up with her. You just tried to get her to stop killing, but she didn't. You were afraid to break up or try to get her to leave, you were afraid of what she might do to your family.

But shortly after she killed your best friend, she vanished. No explanation, no good-bye. Just gone. You thought maybe she knew she crossed the line and left on her own. And you were glad, but you were always afraid she was still out there, and that she might come back.

And here she is. It's been 10 years.

Freddy never wore a mask before. She didn't wear a pink punk wig before either. But that striped jumper of hers is the same. The voice is the same.

She's not wearing pants. You notice that the jumper just barely covers her.

What do you do?

A. "H-hey baby. Where have you been? It's ... ten years since I've seen you? H-how you been?"

B. "Fred, there's at least two things trying to kill me right now. I know it's been ten years but can it wait just a little longer?"

C. "I'm sorry, I think you've got the wrong apartment,"


E. "F-Freddy? F-Freddy! Freddy... Ten years ago. You never called. You never wrote. You didn't email. Geez girl, you never even said good-bye. You know what that does to a guy?"
No. 841456 ID: 600f38

E. Also, ask about the mask and wig - is she ok?

I'd like to follow that with a modified B - not asking her to put the reunion off, but pointing out that dying would put a damper on catching up.
No. 841457 ID: 2474dd

(Note: Alternative suggestions are also permitted; feel free to submit your own "F", "G", etc.)
No. 841458 ID: 600f38

To make it clear: This may not be Freddy. Your mind is being manipulated, and a killer could take on the appearance of a loved one to drop your guard.
No. 841459 ID: 2474dd

Author's Note: Freddy is not a loved one, and during an edit I failed to note that Freddy was an adult when she took Barry's virginity. She looks exactly the same as she did 10 years ago. Barry does not remember her fondly, especially when he realized she was behind all the murders including that of his best friend. He's had ten years to put it behind him. He's always been a bit scared of her.
No. 841460 ID: 600f38

"F-Freddy? F-Freddy! Freddy... Ten years ago. You never called. You never wrote. You didn't email. Geez girl, you never even said good-bye. Hellova way to break up.
You doing ok? The mask, the wig, your hand, did something happen?
You wanna catch up? I got things trying to kill me right now so it's not the best time, but if you're interested in helping me survive we can talk while we do that."
No. 841461 ID: be0718

D-mand answers! Also realize you fell asleep at some point. Probably in an awkward position at the foot of your bed. Least you put pants on.
No. 841481 ID: 2474dd
File 150951174183.jpg - (232.87KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR8.jpg )

>"F-Freddy? F-Freddy! Freddy... Ten years ago. You never called. You never wrote. You didn't email. Geez girl, you never even said good-bye. You know what that does to a guy?"

You've mustered up all the smooth you can to hide how terrified you really are right now. Your life was just coming back together and first the eyes and now the crazy bitch shows up again. You hope she buys it.

Freddy: Oh, you DID miss me! Aw, you always were a softie. I've been dead Barry. Not very dead, but dead enough. Jaja says hello, by the way. He didn't really ask me to say hello for him, but I'm pretty sure he would have wanted to say hi. He was a little busy killing me. My bad, shouldn't have underestimated him. Lesson learned; people you kill don't always stay dead and... pft, I should know right?

She runs the fingers of her left hand under her mask.

Freddy: He really hurt me, Barry.

What do you do?

A. Tell her you're sorry.

B. Hug her.

C. Ask about the mask, if she's OK now, anything to stall and keep her talking.

D. Check your phone.

E. Look for avenues of escape.

F. Pinch yourself.

G. Something else? ______________
No. 841484 ID: c88e6d

Huh. She might be attacking you in your dreams. Neat.

Looks like she was horribly, horribly burned, presumably by Jaja's vengeful hate-phantom. Good work, Jaja!

G.) Ask her if she wants to come into the apartment and watch movies. It's been ten years after all.
No. 841487 ID: be0718

A. But, well, that makes you even now, right?
No. 841491 ID: 5767a6

C. Ask about the mask, if she's OK now, anything to stall and keep her talking.
How did Jaja come back? Was he also secretly a monster? Is he mad at me for not doing anything to stop you?
No. 841493 ID: 2474dd

rolled 1 = 1

As it's Halloween I'm pushing the updates a little faster and resolving the impassé earlier than normal.

No. 841494 ID: 2474dd
File 150951357105.jpg - (236.02KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR9.jpg )

Freddy glances over into your apartment. It's covered with eyes. She looks back at you... rather piercingly.

Freddy: I know you're scared, Barry. Don't try to pretend you're not. But... are you actually asking me for "Netflix and chill?" SERIOUSLY? I know I've been dead but it's not like I've not had Internet.

Wait, really? She had Internet while dead?

What do you do?

A. "Well... you're here. It's what we used to do, right? Just didn't have Netflix then,"

B. "Wait... you had Internet while dead? How do you get Internet while dead?!"

C. "No, I mean... I just wanted to catch up. Movies... video games... Never stopped with it. You used to watch them and play them with me, remember?"

D. "Except now I'm old enough to rent hentai. I have to get my freak on somehow. You wrecked me for normal chicks forever,"

E. Something else?
No. 841495 ID: be0718

D. Speaking of, if you weren't infected from eye contact already, hooo boy. You're going to need a decontamination shower now.
No. 841496 ID: c88e6d

No. 841497 ID: 4324ce

"Wait... you had Internet while dead? How do you get Internet while dead?!"

Because wait, hold on, time out, pause button. How's that a thing? No, seriously?
No. 841500 ID: 2474dd

rolled 2 = 2

Speed resolving impassé

No. 841508 ID: 2474dd
File 150951553451.jpg - (231.62KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR10.jpg )

Freddy is shakes her head in disbelief.

Freddy: Shiiiiiit... Barry, when did YOU get smooth? Same time you get fat? I remember you used to just geek out on me with your stupid anime.

Her words are insulting but her tone is a mixture of friendly teasing and subtle admiration. You remember what she was like back in the day.

She first starting coming to you in dreams. You don't know why she picked you of all people. You just thought they were dreams -- very pleasant dreams that made a mess of your sheets.

Then the dreams got more vivid, and the aftermath... messier. When she first started showing up in the flesh, you began to have problems telling when you were awake or asleep. Things moved, things appeared and vanished. Then she became your 'secret girlfriend'. She started showing you porn. Your mom started to get worried, and your friend Jaja... he was religious, he started to think there was something seriously wrong. Freddy didn't like him.

She started to really like your video games and your anime, and actually watched some with you. Her tastes tend to drift towards the more violent hentai though, which she would find somewhere and show you. She started to change your way of thinking; she was grooming you.
You know that now, and it's one of the reasons why she frightens you. She knew what she was doing the whole time. You just didn't know why, and you still don't.

What she did made you a freak though, and that attracted the bullies. Then the murders. Then Jaja. Then ... nothing. Jaja's death shook you the hardest, made you realize you were on the wrong path. You went back to church, you did your best to save yourself... but shit. You needed the horror to go with the sex. Some kind of supernatural element. That's how you wound up meeting Nem, then you got your date with Lilly...

Freddy's husky chuckle brings you back to reality.

Freddy: You ... still NEED this, don't you.

She gestures between her legs with her left hand, running her fingers from her thighs down between her legs.

Freddy: Ten years. And you're still mine, aren't you?

What do you do?

A. "Yeah baby. Still yours,"

B. "I was yours. Now I've grown up. Now you're not just taking advantage of a dumb kid. Can you handle me now as a man? I'm not sure you can,"

C. "Baby, I ALWAYS need it,"

D. Something else?
No. 841509 ID: be0718

No. 841520 ID: c88e6d

No. 841527 ID: 5767a6

If she really is here and (we arent hallucinating) we gotta show her we aren't the boy we once were
No. 841594 ID: 600f38

"You left your mark, that's for damn sure.
But after ten years I just don't know where we stand with each other. We've both changed, and we need to figure out where to go from here.
Can you show me what happened to you? Your hair, your face, your hands? It's not exactly like you're going to scare me off. Or turn me off, for that matter. Being shy was never your style."
Then gesture to the eyes
"But this? The things trying to kill me? Not the best time to get properly reacquainted. Think you could help me not die? Maybe help find out what's out to kill me?"
No. 841686 ID: 2474dd
File 150956798642.jpg - (172.87KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR11.jpg )

Freddy chuckles. She strolls over to where you couch was. The eyes begin to fade and your apartment looks more familiar. When she sits down it's normal again.

Freddy: "Frankly my dear, I'm not sure you can handle ME anymore. Not the same Freddy you knew ten years ago. What Jaja did to me was't easy to come back from.

She removes her wig and lets it fall to the floor. She takes off her mask. You notice she keeps her right hand hidden the entire time.

Her face looks horribly burned and scarred. And she's got sharper teeth than you remember.

Freddy: So, you still want to get cozy with me Barry? Think you could kiss a face like this?

What do you do?

A. "Is the rest of you so badly burned? I uh... don't want to hurt you or anything,"

B. "Not a problem. As long as you don't mind all my fat."

C. "Don't worry about it Baby, I've got experience now,"

D. "What did Jaja do to you?"

E. ???
No. 841694 ID: c88e6d

B. "...Yes, and?" Also, I think she's some kind of vampire now? Not sure why. She has odd abilities for sure. Either way, though, she's really used to Young Immature Barry, aaaaand assumes you'll be as easily intimidated. You slept with a darkness monster that kicked your ass and has no defined appearance. Conventional attractiveness has nothing to do with your sense of appeal at this point.
No. 841704 ID: 8b2654

"I could do a lot more than kiss a face like that, but I got questions that need answers before I can make up for lost time. Some are more recent, like why you're here now after all this time, and why you're hiding your hand.
Others are about before now that I'm old enough to reflect, like what you were grooming me for, and where you wanted to take things then. Was I just for fun? Did you plan to get serious? Did you want to raise a partner in killing? So many things I've wondered.

I'm sure you've got questions too, and I'm pretty much an open book."
No. 841708 ID: be0718

B. Those layers will give you some protection when she tries to stab you.
No. 841750 ID: 2474dd
File 150957823667.jpg - (220.61KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR12.jpg )

You kissed her as best you could, considering she didn't have much in the way of lips left.

After a few moments, you felt an arm reach behind your head and begin to stroke your hair. Her breath is hot and sour, and she smells of singed meat. But the way she touches you is tender.

She pulls away.

Freddy: ... Not bad, Barry. You HAVE grown up quite a lot.

She thinks for a moment.

Freddy: All right, wasn't gonna tell you this but... SHIT. Sorry Barry, it'll have to wait. I have to go right now. Do me a solid -- don't tell anyone I'm back.

Freddy quickly replaces the mask and wig and gets up to leave.
No. 841755 ID: 5767a6

Ask her what she's been hiding this whole time before she goes. Or is she literally Freddy and that's a clawed hand?
No. 841757 ID: be0718

What's the matter?
No. 841759 ID: 2474dd
File 150957987853.jpg - (152.62KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR13.jpg )

Nem calls for you from the hall.

Nem: Barry? Are you all right?

"Nem, you're a sight for sore eyes! Yeah, I'm OK now Babe,"

Nem takes a breath and starts to say something but then closes her eyes and shakes her head.

"Sorry, Ma'm,"

Nem: Just call me Nem. That's respectful enough. So, is everything all right? You're not hurt, nothing ... OK I was going to ask if anything odd had happened but that's probably not a terribly useful question. Just tell me everything that happened, especially if the app indicated a change... even if nothing came of it.

What do you do?

A. Comment about how cute she looks.

B. Tell her everything -- the eyes, the app change near your bed, Freddy, your past with her, and the fact that she said she'd been dead for ten years.

C. Tell her everything except about Freddy.

D. Tell her everything except your past with Freddy; you don't like talking about how you regularly slept with the person who later killed your best friend.

E. B, but also ask for a hug and then tell her you need to go to the bathroom because that almost scared the poop out of you and you might as well finish the job.
No. 841761 ID: be0718

The figure is back! And oddly blob-shaped! Nem is the person here to kill you!
If it gets closer when you say A this only confirms things further.
No. 841762 ID: 094652

A, then cut her off when she gets agitated and visibly point to your phone. Let the app speak for your abhorrence.
No. 841764 ID: 3abd97

A and B.

Life and death here, no time for secrets.

Death gets all the secrets anyways. It's like talking to a lawyer, or a doctor, or a therapist.
No. 841765 ID: c2051e

A and C.
No. 841769 ID: 600f38

A & B, but ask her to keep it on the down-low and not report Freddy. Or at least not unless you die. Explain Freddy asked you to keep her a secret, and although it's against your nature to break confidence this is a rather extreme situation and you trust Nem.

Offer Nem a drink. She likes wine, but you might be better off with bourbon. Ask her if you can buy her dinner after all this.

No. This was explained already.
The figure is supposed to be STANDING at the end of the hallway.
The CLOSER the figure is, the CLOSER Barry is to death.
If you see its FACE, then you're seconds from death.
If it VANISHES, then something is BLOCKING your ability to sense impending doom.
If it is SITTING, then death is on break because a Reaper is No Sale-ing you dying.
No. 841770 ID: be0718

If Nem is the killer, obviously she would feed us misinformation on how her app works.
No. 841781 ID: 600f38

Nem is a reaper.
Her job, specifically, is to kill things that can't die.
If she wanted Barry dead there would be absolutely nothing anybody could do to stop her.

Also, she's a very direct person. Playing a chessmaster is against her nature, and would just annoy her.
No. 841807 ID: 2474dd
File 150959787487.jpg - (169.69KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR14.jpg )

Author Note:If Nem was the killer she would have just knocked on your door and killed you. If you don't know who she is, she had her own quest three years ago. Go read it. http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/589725.html

You tell Nem how cute she looks in her red puffy hoodie. Nem rolls her eyes but she smiles.

Nem: OK, so you're obviously FINE. So what happened?

You tell Nem everything. You tell her about how the app showed danger when you tried to get your shotgun. You tell her about the eyes in the hall, and how it suddenly stopped working shortly before Freddy showed up. You told her about Freddy, and you told her about how you first met her, and you told her how Freddy told you to keep it a secret.

Nem sighs.

You offer her some wine, which she accepts. You've got some Merlot; Nem is fond of red.

She sits down on the couch and motions for you to join her; you can see her deep in thought while she sips the wine.

Nem: Barry... that's a really troubling story. Freddy sounds like a predator, and that whole 'keep this a secret' aspects sounds like something a child molester says. Considering she seduced you when you were just 13, it's pretty accurate. She was grooming you. And you said she came back from the dead?

"That's what she told me. She said she'd been dead for ten years. It explains why she just stopped showing up, right?"

Nem: Coming back "from the dead" is complicated and messy. It's possible, but one needs help. The fact that she took your virginity and then repeatedly took advantage of you indicates to me that she had long game planned.

"I don't understand,"

Nem: It's complex -- there's a lot of variables, but the short of it is that the faerie and spiritual worlds have also criminalized the sexual exploitation of children and youths. Some of the reasons are the same as humanity's, but there are things supernatural creatures can do if they can get their hooks into you early enough, and sex is a very powerful hook.

Nem takes a long draw of her wine.

Nem: Barry, there is a chance that she used you to come back somehow. She could have planted something in you ten years ago and waited for it to grow. There is a chance she even knows you just revealed her secret to me.

Nem digs around in her pockets and presents you with a small vial, no bigger than a perfume sample.

Nem: Drink it. It's a small amount of spiritual salts. If she's set up something to watch for you revealing information this should ruin it.

You open the vial and down the contents. It tastes like salt water. At first you dislike the taste but then you feel better about it.

Nem: I think Freddy is a demon, and not a civilized one like Lilly or M, but a criminal demon. The fact that she came into your dreams makes me think she's an illegal succubus. Despite all this, I don't think she's the direct cause of your curse... maybe more a symptom. But if she offers to help you, my analysis is that she'd only do it because it helps her somehow. I'm not saying what she might offer won't help, but it could have a much bigger price down the road.

If you have to fight her Barry, use an unloaded gun. It's complicated, but an unloaded gun ensures you won't hurt anything you shouldn't, but if you are determined and strong, it should still hurt her. In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can get you some spiritual salt. It's a controlled substance but I should still be able to get you a little -- do NOT let it come in contact with your girlfriends, it will hurt them badly and then that comes back to me because I gave it to you.

It's a lucky thing you're a novelist and can afford to just drop everything to deal with your situation. My own profession is unpredictable and not something I can just call in sick for. I wish I could help you more but I'll be back and forth depending on my job.

Nem: I've got to go in half an hour. I'm sorry, but you'll be on your own again. Is there anything else you wanted to ask?

Each question will take about 5 minutes to answer, depending on how much Nem talks -- but she'll try to keep it brief. You can also have Nem watch over you while you prepare things to prevent outside interference. This basically means you can ask her 6 questions or have her help you with 6 tasks. The most commonly requested questions/actions will be done first, with the rest RNG'd if required.
No. 841815 ID: 5767a6

Have her help make your apartment spook proof. See if she can help get in contact with red and see if she can help us out. (Everyone is probably asleep right now so you should probably wait till tomorrow afternoon for more suggestions, You've done a bunch of suggestions late at night before and it sucked too miss them.)
No. 841817 ID: 2474dd

That was because Halloween and I wanted to move the story as far into spooky territory as I could.

I still want to move it forward relatively quickly, and we're basically working around my schedule.

I can tell you that Nem doesn't have the time or resources to spook-proof anything. That requires a significant amount of spiritual salts.
No. 841824 ID: c88e6d

Okeydokey, first thing's first, gather up ALL the shotgun shells and hand them to Nem.

Freddie is an extremely evil demon. From Hell. She's going to try and kill your friends because she's a giant bitch.

Either way, AFTER you give Nem all the shells to ensure there's no way Freddie can retcon them into your gun somehow, ask if any of your recent dates can help. Specifically, M is a succubus too. Maybe she could temporarily steal your soul and toss your body in a stasis chamber or something.

Maybe Red should know too, since her job is killing nasty things, and demonic pedophiles is kind of near the top of the list.
No. 841949 ID: 5767a6

Is there any reason why we cant go with Nem? Wouldnt the safest place to be, be by her side?
No. 841958 ID: 600f38

"Do you know of a safehouse where I could sleep safely?
Can you think of anybody who could help me figure out what death curse I have and how to remove it?"
No. 841959 ID: 2474dd
File 150965129840.jpg - (169.10KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR15.jpg )

28 min until Nem must leave.

Short answers take less time for her to explain.

>ask if any of your recent dates can help

Nem: YOU dated them Barry, you know them better than I do.

Nem is right: she might have helped arrange your date with Lilly but other than that she's been hands-off. She didn't even know who you were dating until tonight and she was only familiar with one of them who is already one of your favourites.

You can probably reach Lilly or Red easily, although Red will be sleeping at this time. M and Basement Girl will take time to get back to you; how long depends on their own schedules and how often they check their communications.

>Is there any reason why we cant go with Nem?

Nem: Yes. I hunt immortals who have had more than their fair share of life, corner them, and the forcibly rip them from this mortal coil. Few ever go quietly, and for every one I bring down a portion of their strengths are mine as compensation. Not only would you have problems keeping up with how I travel, you'd be placing yourself in considerable peril AND you'd be a liability to me.

The other girls have lives too, and it's not like you're in a serious commitment with any of them, even your favourites. They like you but don't expect live-in privileges with any of them unless you can charm your way into it.

Nem sighs.

Nem: No offence, but I have to babysit enough people already without adding you to the class.

You considered asking Nem about them but decided that what little time she had to spare could be spent on better questions.
No. 841961 ID: 2474dd
File 150965200716.jpg - (169.50KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR16.jpg )

27 min until Nem must leave.

>"Do you know of a safehouse where I could sleep safely?
>Can you think of anybody who could help me figure out what death curse I have and how to remove it?"

Nem: I'm sorry, Barry but I think your best bet for safety is more who's around you over where you are. Besides, I can't share my place with anyone, it's not really safe. As far as figuring out how to remove the death curse -- you need to talk to each of the girls you've slept with. Each possible risk is unique to the person, so they'll have a better idea about what you could have than I will.
No. 841965 ID: c2051e

Fair. Any convenient supernatural transportation we could take advantage of to visit them in a reasonable time? Other hazards to beware?
No. 841966 ID: c88e6d

Well, since Freddie isn't the cause of the death-curse but attracted by it, and the death-curse is likely a generalized curse that spams potentially fatal situations at you until you die, I think you should check with each girl in the order which you slept with them.

So ask Lilly for help, then check in with Basement Girl on the nature of the curse, then M, then Red.

Send M a message immediately so she'll have time to receive it.

More importantly, Ask if there's any way to block interference with the app. It's kinda the only thing you have to defend yourself besides an empty shotgun, balls of steel and your impeccable ability to schmooze.
No. 841970 ID: 9c2d0c

please to be explaining in more detail how to use an empty shotgun to shoot a murder demon thing? Is this a "pretend real hard" scenario, where imagination and visualization are the important part? Channeling your focus and will into some sort of ki blast? Is there some way to practice this skill?
No. 841971 ID: 2474dd
File 150965529594.jpg - (169.49KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR17.jpg )

26 min until Nem must leave.

>Any convenient supernatural transportation we could take advantage of to visit them in a reasonable time? Other hazards to beware?

Nem: You just asked to borrow Death's company car (which is not going to happen). And I'm afraid I barely know more than your deadline, as I've said before. I'm interfering a bit much as is.

>Ask if there's any way to block interference with the app.

Nem: If there was, I'd have told you.

You can tell that your line of questioning is starting to wear on Nem's patience. She's far too steadfast to just leave you, but you get the feeling you could be making better use of her time.

Perhaps you could have her watch over you while you retrieved your shotgun. Last time you tried it, you got a danger warning. Or find out if there's even much of a point of getting it; if you have to travel you probably can't just tote it around with you without drawing a lot of attention -- maybe she's got a book or something about self-defense against supernaturals for the mundane. If you could get reading material she wouldn't have to waste time talking to you about it.

Maybe even ask about the big deal about the sex is. She sort of skirted around the specifics with "supernatural creatures can do if they can get their hooks into you early enough, and sex is a very powerful hook". Then again, that might be a long answer and maybe that's why she didn't offer.

Author note: These types of questions will take 5 min or more for Nem to respond to, depending on what you ask. So choose carefully.
No. 841976 ID: 2474dd
File 150965662048.jpg - (169.73KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR18.jpg )

21 min until Nem must leave.

>please to be explaining in more detail how to use an empty shotgun to shoot a murder demon thing? Is this a "pretend real hard" scenario, where imagination and visualization are the important part? Channeling your focus and will into some sort of ki blast? Is there some way to practice this skill?

Nem: The imagination and visualization is important yet, and you could practice if you had time -- which you don't. I suspect that Freddy has seeded you -- put a part of herself in your domain. Eh... in laymen's terms, I think she put a bit of her soul in yours all those years ago. But it's *your* soul, and you're still in charge. The shotgun is a powerful symbolic tool -- you think highly of it as an instrument of death, destruction and power. You have to work *with* your mind when it comes to dealing with metaphysical threats.

I mean, do you feel confident in your abilities to fight hand-to-hand?

You shook your head. You think you can hold your own; you're strong. But ... not fight zombies bare-handed strong.

Nem: How confident do you feel while carrying your shotgun?

You had to admit you felt much more confident in its abilities to do damage than anything else.

Nem: Exactly. And I'm telling you to make sure the shotgun is empty because there's lots of illusionary tricks one can pull against someone with a loaded one. Now, don't think that just because you've got an empty shotgun you can run around threatening monsters. The only person the empty shotgun can harm is Freddy, and that's only if she's got a piece in you like I think.

If I'm wrong, the empty shotgun *might* still hurt her just because you've slept together. Until I know more about what's going on there's just too many variables.

I'd carry live rounds with you just in case. You might never know when you could need them -- just don't load them until you know you need them.
No. 841991 ID: 9c2d0c

Go get shotgun. Point out that last time you went to retrieve it, you got a significant spike on your danger meter. The app is tuned to all threats, and not just Freddy, right?
No. 841999 ID: 3abd97

>Perhaps you could have her watch over you while you retrieved your shotgun. Last time you tried it, you got a danger warning.
Seems prudent. And if there's some kind of supernatural trap waiting in your weapon case, perhaps its one she can disarm or identify.
No. 842004 ID: 2474dd
File 150966288966.jpg - (161.73KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR19.jpg )

16 min until Nem must leave.

Nem nods and you head to your room. While the app never chances, Nem lies down and looks under the bed. She sniffs and you hear her huff a couple of times.

She pulls out the weapon case and motions for you to unlock it. You noticed her eyes were now a deep red and she was flushed.

Nem: Something was here. Something...

You feel the room chill slightly and briefly.

You can hear the tension in Nem's voice; she is frustrated: I can't hunt yet.

Nem shakes her head.

Nem: The app wasn't lying. There was something here, but it's gone now. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. You're going to need to store this someplace light.

You unlock the box and retrieve your shotgun.
No. 842075 ID: 2474dd
File 150967134146.jpg - (168.96KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR19a.jpg )

16 min until Nem must leave.

Nem: So, is there anything else?
No. 842077 ID: 5767a6

So I'm a bit confused how a supernatural std translates into an actual being hunting us down. Also does Nem know anything about Jaja being alive? To our knowledge he was a normal person.
No. 842093 ID: 2474dd
File 150967536162.jpg - (170.98KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR20.jpg )

11 min until Nem must leave.

>So I'm a bit confused how a supernatural std translates into an actual being hunting us down. Also does Nem know anything about Jaja being alive? To our knowledge he was a normal person.

Nem: It doesn't. I told you before -- your curse will end you in a week, but that doesn't mean you can't die before then. The update I got from my co-worker was that you had multiple threats -- that you could die much sooner but even if you evade them the curse will get you for sure if you don't take care of it first. As to Jaja -- no, he's gone. It is entirely possible he was able to enact a justice upon Freddy from beyond the grave though -- our actions leave marks on each other. Jaja was probably 'normal' in terms of physicality but if he had a strong spirit he'd be able to use the blood on Freddy's hands to bring her down.

"That's not how it works in the horror movies,"

Nem: Horror movies have an incredibly poor grasp on... everything. They have a few vague ideas of the actual laws that govern human/supernatural interactions and the rest is just drivel at best. For example, ghosts never kill innocents and even then only rarely guilty parties.

"Wait, Sadako...,"

Nem: Bluffs.


Nem: I'd know if she didn't. She's the supernatural equivalent to a cam whore. That whole '7 days' thing is just a chain letter on steroids. She does some spooky things so people keep it going. If she really wanted to kill people or had the real power to do so she wouldn't take such a convoluted, easily traced way of doing it. That reminds me -- one of the ways the app detects danger is by sensing malevolent spiritual energy. Scare tactics will create false positives -- but you'd rather have it too sensitive than not sensitive enough and die, right?

You ponder this.

Nem: A major faerie rule is you never kill an innocent, and it's not just for moral purposes. The guilty have their own demons to keep them occupied upon death, but innocents have more freedom of movement and they have a legal right to come after you. Most don't do it because most people would rather just move on. Jaja must have cared a lot to go after Freddy and make sure she didn't hurt anyone else.

"You don't think it was for revenge?"

Nem: Revenge from beyond the grave locks the participants in a cycle -- A kills B, B kills A for revenge, then A and B are both dead and just hating each other in the Void until one or both just finally lets go. If A kills B, and then B comes back and kills A just to stop A from hurting anyone else, B moves on and if A doesn't let go they just sit their in a personal hell of unquenchable thirst for revenge that they can never have.

"How do you know all this?"

Nem: Kinda have to as part of the job.

"So in other words, I can't hope that Jaja will come help me from beyond the grave,"

Nem: I'm sorry Barry... he's moved on. He's at peace. I think he did enough stopping Freddy, don't you?

Anything else?
No. 842104 ID: 600f38

"In your line of work you have to have met some experts on death curses. Can you think of any who might be able to help me figure out what this is and cure it?"
"So, would you be up for dinner in 8 days? In times of trouble it's good to keep a positive mindset."
No. 842120 ID: 2474dd
File 150967842688.jpg - (170.49KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR21.jpg )

Ten minutes before Nem must leave.

>"In your line of work you have to have met some experts on death curses. Can you think of any who might be able to help me figure out what this is and cure it?"

Nem: Well honestly I'd expect the ones you've slept with to be the most knowledgeable about their own kind's risks. Still, I'd start with either Lilly or M. Lilly is the mad scientist type so she might have some theories, and M surely knows all the risks there are with succubae and more.

"So, would you be up for dinner in 8 days? In times of trouble it's good to keep a positive mindset."

She manages a weak smile that reveals a little worry.

Nem: If you're still alive in 8 days I can promise you dinner, we'll have something to celebrate. I'll even break my vegan diet for you.

"Even dairy?"

Nem: Even dairy.

"I'll hold you to that,"

Nem breaking her vegan diet is a big deal; apparently her people are normally vegan. And while you've seen her occasionally enjoy red meat, dairy has always been especially forbidden for her. Something about milk only being for babies; she treats it almost like a sexual taboo.

She's being deliberately vague about if it will be a celebratory dinner between friends or an actual date. The fact that she's even being careful about the terms gives you confidence -- she's planning on you being alive. Or perhaps is just trying to be as optimistic as possible.
No. 842127 ID: 5767a6

I don't know if there are any real heavy hitter questions left. Might be time to go see one of our previous dates, unless Nem has something tho add?
No. 842134 ID: 91ee5f

>dairy has always been especially forbidden for her. Something about milk only being for babies
Really? I thought it was lactose intolerance.
No. 842176 ID: 5b93d3

Oh crap! Is whatever curse we have re-transmissible?
No. 842212 ID: 2474dd
File 150972038868.jpg - (171.06KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR22.jpg )

Ten minutes until Nem must leave.

>Really? I thought it was lactose intolerance.

If she's lactose intolerant she's never mentioned it. From talking with her, apparently she's more revolted by the idea of drinking fluids that came out of a cow's teat.

>Oh crap! Is whatever curse we have re-transmissible?

Nem: Oh, I would have been told if that were the case -- I'm an analog, which means there'd be a small chance you could pass it to me if you had a re-transmissible curse. Additionally there'd be quarantines, it'd probably be illegal to have sex with supernaturals,
etc, etc. These kinds of things are pretty much well restricted to mundane-to-supernatural sexual or romantic encounters. And sometimes half-bloods, but they're really hard to predict.

>I don't know if there are any real heavy hitter questions left. Might be time to go see one of our previous dates, unless Nem has something tho add?

Nem: I know you're on a tight time frame, but don't forget to get some sleep. Any symptoms you have from the curse will only get worse without it.

"I'm wide awake right now,"

Nem: Fear does that, but once the adrenaline wears off you might want to grab a nap. As far as Freddy goes... most stalkers like her don't like dealing with groups, and they won't show up when there's another spirit around. She might mess with you indirectly but only if there's nobody around who could detect her. I think after Jaja she should be shy about hurting anyone else though.

Nem finishes off her glass of wine and gets ready to leave. She checks your phone to make sure everything is in order, and warns you that the reason why she can't make it more secure is because off the cross-technology setup, and she can't offer anything else while you're cursed.

Time will be advancing ten minutes; you may still retroactively have up to 2 questions answered.

You're alone again.

You attempted to call each of the girls, except Basement Girl. You left her a note by commenting on her comment on your blog. M and Red both went straight to voice mail, but Red's probably asleep right now. Lilly is the only one to respond. The connection, as always, is terrible but considering you're connected at all you can't complain.
No. 842214 ID: 2474dd
File 150972212624.jpg - (170.83KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR23.jpg )

Lilly: Aw hey Barry! I was just think'n aboutcha. Hey, I wuz wondering if I could have your appendix. And then put it back innya. And then observe you and see if I got it work'n again. I got sum theories 'bout it. I'll give ya sexual favoooooours...

This isn't the first time Lilly's offered sexual favours as compensation for doing experiments on you. As much as the idea of having her comply with any fantasy you've ever wanted to try is appealing, the possible risks of letting her do "science" on you has always outweighed the benefits.

"Sorry baby, not tonight. I have some heavy news,"

Lilly: 'Sup?

"I'm going to die in less than 7 days,"

Lilly: ... wot?

"In less than 7 days I will be dead or worse,"

There's a pause.

Lilly: ... why?

"I don't know. I was hoping you could help me with that? According to a friend of mine it's curable,"

Lilly: ... wot friend? I need to know if this information is reliable.

"... her name is Nem, and...,"

Lilly: NEM? NEM?! OH MY GAWD -- pardon my French -- but you're friends with NEMAIN -- a chick with horns and hooves -- who just happens to be the BLACK WOLF OF DEATH (and change)?!

"Lilly, she's the hostess of the show that set us up,"

Lilly: Yeah Barry, but you're actually FRIENDS with her?


Lilly: ... so is she still a virgin?

"Ummm... well yeah. She mentioned it once or twice, maybe. And she still is,"

Lilly: Huh, guess you're not the playa I thought.

"I'm not going to play anyone who works in the death biz,"

Lilly: Good point. Well if she says you're on someone's list we got every reason to believe her. Little goody-good does't lie 'bout stuff like dat. Y'know people like her are the reason why my line's gone the semi-mortal route. Real pain in da ass. Still. She's cute. I hoid dat uhhh... she's kinda pent up, sexually. So if ya DO ever get into her panties...

"Lilly, I'm dying in less than a week,"

Lilly: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll help. But still. If you get into her panties... snag me the pair she was wearing.

"... what?"

Lilly: For science.

"... for science...,"

Lilly: Virgin blood o' a DEATH Barry! IMAGINE the secrets!!

"OK, just so you know -- she's not necessarily going to...,"

Lilly: Yeah yeah, but even if you can't get a blood sample, da panties she last wore as a virgin! Aw man, the SCIENCE I could do with dose things! And witches, Barry. Dey'll pay BIG BUCKS for shit like that! I'll split it wit ya...

Lilly is usually like this. You drag her back on point.

"Lilly. In less than seven days I'll be dead. I can't do any of that unless I'm still alive,"

Lilly: Right, right! K, I'll just crank up da portal and I'll getcha up in a flash.
No. 842220 ID: 2474dd
File 150972509523.jpg - (206.00KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR24.jpg )

One disorienting portal trip later...

Lilly: OK Barry! I got it ALL SET UP. You just lie down right here and let me handle the rest. We just need a blood sample, urine sample, I gotta swap your cheeks, eyes, nose, ears and don't panic but I am gonna hafta put a little thing up your ass. It ain't pretty but sometimes poop holds secrets too. I saved the fun part for last though -- gonna need a sperm sample. Oh yeah -- have ya had any symptoms of late? 'Cause right now, I'm going in blind. If I get more info later we're gonna have to do this all over again. Which I don't mind buuuuut I'm not shoor you won't. Oh, and I'm gonna strap ya down, 'cause I don't want ya mov'n round none and mess'n up my samples.

"Do you always do science in your underwear?"

Lilly: Half the time I do it naked. Don't everybody like woik'n in their underwear? I mean, I only bother with da lab coat when I'm woik'n with toxic shit, but I'm mostly interested in physical science so usually dat's notta problem. I guess da biggest problem is that physical science sometimes goes a bit wonk here but I guess my sink's not poifect. Meh, better than woik'n in a human lab. Dey really lose deir shit to see someone like me show up. Oh yeah, while I gotcha up here ya mind if I borrow yer appendix?

Lilly is all too eager to strap you down and start taking samples and removing excess organs. Maybe there's something you could do to steer her on the right path first.

What do you do?

A. Slow her down. Tell her about the other girls in brief so she's got at least some idea of the possibilities. This will take 10 min.

B. Slow her down. Tell her about your last encounter with Freddy, and your danger-sensing app. This will take 10 min.

C. Slow her down. Tell her about the other girls in detail -- what they did, how they did it, in case any of it is relevant. You're pretty sure Lilly won't mind; she offered anal and joked about marriage on your first date. This will take 45 min.

D. Slow her down. Tell her in detail about Freddy -- your history with her and your danger-sensing app, and everything you saw. This will take 30 min.

E. Slow her down a LOT and tell her EVERYTHING in details -- the other girls in detail, Freddy in detail, and even mention Sadako even though Nem told you she had nothing to do with this. This will take two hours, because Lilly's gonna want to have a break in-between to get some coffee and break out some chairs.

F. Maybe there are some other details you'd rather focus on? ___________
No. 842223 ID: 8b2654

C, but gloss over Freddy. Just say there's a demon - literal demon, mind you - that got its hooks into you as a kid, and has come back from death. Also, that you're not giving specifics because it would not be gentlemanly.
No. 842266 ID: 5767a6

No. 842267 ID: 5767a6

No. 842281 ID: c88e6d

I agree, C but briefly mention a succubus infected you as a kid.
No. 842297 ID: 9b4b01

She might not be a succubus, so don't call her that like we are certain. That was one possible explanation for her ability to appear in dreams. Do mention it though, especially if any of these tests might require us to be asleep for them.
No. 842302 ID: be0718

F. Actually go for the appendix removal thing - but won't testing it involve eating raw meat?
No. 842306 ID: 5b93d3

>These kinds of things are pretty much well restricted to mundane-to-supernatural sexual or romantic encounters.

That's what I was worried about: if we could have passed it into one of the girls.
No. 842366 ID: 3abd97

>I gotta swap your cheeks, eyes, nose, ears
I would hope she means "swab", but she is a madgirl.
No. 842380 ID: 2474dd
File 150976755053.jpg - (191.26KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR25.jpg )

In that case no, it's not possible. What Nem meant was that your curse was do to your sleeping with a supernatural. This is how you have reacted to a specific set of variables, and not only do these variables not apply to the other girls but even it was transferable it'd only apply to the same species and each girl is a different supernatural type.

>I would hope she means "swab", but she is a madgirl.

Lilly: Yeah, yeah, swab -- same difference, right?

No. You explain the difference.

Lilly: You knew what I meant.

That would be assuming Lilly thinks it does what you think it does.

You sit Lilly down and explain the whole situation, including how you lost your virginity at 13 but you don't name names. Lilly listens intently and takes notes.

Lilly: Whoah SHIT Barry, you're quite the playah huh?! So, do ya think ya kin get me Nem's panties?

"Babe. Focus,"

Lilly: Right right, sorry. Well, I've never heard o' anybody gett'n a death curse from look'n my line in the eyes durin' da deed. And frick'n Red's a spoilsport analog so I don't think ya got anyting from her. Since M went and kept her glasses on, dat just leaves Basement Goil. She kept ya in the dark for a reason, sweetie. Probably shoulda respected it. As to los'n your cherry as a kid? Dat's some fucked up shit, totally illegal, fuck'n low to rape a kid, and probably's got nutt'n to do with your coise.

You asked about if you'd get a stalker as part of the death curse.

Lilly: Stalker? Death coises ain't the type to take dat kinda approach. I think if you gotta stalker dat's an entirely new problem.

Lilly plays with her mirror/PDA for a bit.

Lilly: So's I'm think'n that yeah, you lay down an' let me take some samples. I kin run it through some tests and see if we can't figure out wot you mightta got from ... you said Nem thought she was some kinda grue? So yeah. I can see if dere's some kinda grue-based shit you mighta caught from her. Now, dat'll just confoim whatcha got... figur'n out if dere's a cure... dat's another kettle o' fish. I'll do my best Barry, I don't wanta lose ya.

What do you do now?

A. Ask if you can sleep with her afterwards. Stress that it's for sleep and security since you don't think your stalker will show up if she's near by.

B. Ask if you can sleep with her afterwards, stress it's for security since you don't think your stalker will show up if she's near by. But yeah, you want sex too.

C. Tell her more about Freddy, try to find out why she's back now on top of everything else.

D. Tell her if you survive Nem's promised you a dinner date and you'll try to get her panties for her.

E. Tell her to go ahead with the tests and take your appendix while she's doing everything else.

F. Inquire more about dreams and succubae.

G. Something else?
No. 842385 ID: 5767a6

B. Ask if you can sleep with her afterwards, stress it's for security since you don't think your stalker will show up if she's near by. But yeah, you want sex too.

Ask if you can have a medical blow job... to help relax of course.
No. 842386 ID: be0718

Press E to pay respects.
No. 842388 ID: 600f38

C, F, E.
No. 842391 ID: 7fad5d

B, C, F.
No. 842408 ID: c88e6d


What, you really think you're gonna need your appendix? Get real, Barry. Hell, you might as well give her permission to Frankenstein your body if you don't make it.
No. 842484 ID: 3abd97

>So, do ya think ya kin get me Nem's panties?
If I don't die, I will certainly ask. If nothing else, her expression will be worth it.
No. 842507 ID: 2474dd
File 150981733055.jpg - (169.25KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR26.jpg )

The sample gathering isn't terribly sexy but not overly unpleasant (especially since there's never a cold shock); Lilly is surprisingly professional about the whole thing.

You offered your appendix, but Lilly sighed and said while she appreciated it, it's not something to do on a time budget. Depending on what the curse really is, she might not be able to do anything with your remains. For now, she's playing it safe.

When it comes time to the sperm sample, she looks at you and grins and you return her smile.

"Hey... how about... a medical blowjob?"

Lilly cocks her head to one side in an avian manner.

Lilly: MEDICAL blowjob? Ya mean like Red's blowie she gave ya the first time she took samples? Barry, ya inta just clincal, mechanical head-bobbing stuff?

You smile and admit that you just wanted a blowjob. Lilly laughs.

Lilly: Pft, Barry. Ya might not have much time left. Look, if I'm gonna blow ya, it's gonna be a quality Lillian Marcelino Galilei Lilith the 4th blowjob.

She tosses her top off.

Lilly: Wit a little bitta tittie fuck. 'Cause poisonally I think I got way betta titties than Red.

Afterwards, you ask if you could stay the night considering the stalker. Lilly sighs and smiles.

Lilly: An' I suppose ya want some booty too?

You nodded.

Lilly: Holy shit Barry. Ya think ya nevah got any ass at all, an' ya gett'n like... 4 kinds o' ass. An' dat's even wot gotcha into trouble and ya still want morah?

You nodded.

She tittered.

Lilly: OK FIIIIIINE... but ya gotta return the favah. Mmmm... and ya know wot? I wantcha to toss my salad too, on the count o' me giving you shelta and lov'n and all dat. I'm in da mood for some kinky stuff. Especially since... y'know...

She becomes more serious and less airy.

Lilly: I live a lot longer than regular human schmucks, Barry. I ain't immortal or nutt'n, but I see a lotta people come and go -- and I don't mean in da bedroom. I learned to appreciate people while I gott'em. And to be poifectly honest... not a lotta guys have as much bawls as you to come up all da way here and put up wit my mad science shit. Ya a nice guy, Barry. I don't want nutt'n undone or unsaid, y'know? Just in case?

She looks at you as coyly as she can with those goggles.

Lilly: Ya want me to keep dese goggles on or not? I'll understand eitha way, but it's not like it could make it worse, y'know?

What did you do?

The Bedroom

A. Tell her to keep the goggles on.
B. Tell her to take them off.

The Afterglow

Regardless of your decision, afterwards Lilly tucks you in. She explains she doesn't sleep much -- and besides, sleeping next to you freezes her butt off (and you have to admit, she's like an oven). But she notes that her presence alone should keep you safe -- this is HER turf, she's no minor demoness, and she does have defenses set up.

How long do you sleep?

I. 8 hrs - full sleep.
II. 6 hrs - light sleep.
III. 4 hrs - more like a long nap.
No. 842510 ID: 2474dd

I'm gathering some mid-quest feedback on our spooky girls.


This poll does something... but what?
No. 842554 ID: 5767a6

A. To be safe even tho I love her eyes
1. Full sleep
Huh, I honestly thought M would have more votes.
No. 842569 ID: be0718

B, II. Ze goggles! They do nothing!
No. 842580 ID: c88e6d

A II. We're relatively sure Basement Girl is the carrier but we don't wanna get anyone else caught in the death curse or risk something unrelated harming Lilly.
No. 842701 ID: 2474dd

Lilly has won the poll! This poll's effect: Change her colours!

No. 842712 ID: 2474dd
File 150990899104.jpg - (296.48KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR27.jpg )

Lilly wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to get kinky; she brings some devices into the bedroom this time. Some things are tied on to enhance your stamina, others are clipped on her for other reasons, and couple use batteries and you're pretty sure one is still alive.

When the two of you are finally done, some non-public parts of you have a clean shave, and your tongue and mouth still tingle slightly. Lilly even naps with you for a couple of hours before she's up and about, working on analyzing her results.

When you sleep, you dream of eyes. When you wake up 6 hrs later, Lilly's lab is piercingly bright but it mercifully ends the dreams.

Lilly: Hey Barry. So I was do'n some analysis of your situation.

You were fortunate.

Lilly: Most o' your results are pretty normal, except ya blood's a bit off, ya sperm's kinda elevated and there's somethin up wit ya eyes and none of it ain't anytin you coulda got from me. But ya blood n' sperm could be from that chick ten years ago -- like it's nutt'n that would show up real odd if ya got checked at a hospital, but I found out dat your body ADAPTED to sometin. Like I'm wonder'n if that's the reason why ya gotta horsecock. Not literally, although I know someone who could do dat. Now the ting wit your eyes... dat's recent.

She stretches, and walks over to a steaming mug by an end table and takes a swig.

Lilly: Didja want some coffee, Barry? Like dis ain't coffee, it'd scald ya insides. But I still need to warm up after last night. I mean, I got your icy injections from all angles, right? Maybe a cold drink for ya instead? Anyhow. Ya eyes. Every time ya sex one of our types -- except maybe Red, she's like mostly analog -- we change each other. The more the encounter means, the more we change. We're pretty flexible, but sometimes we don't want ya to change us so we use protection. But when we change YOU, ya body can't always adapt to it. When dat happens... it toins on ya. Kinda like a cancer, but ya doctor's can't detect it 'cause it doesn't mean things always regrow wrong. Sometimes parts of ya body really try to kill ya. Sometimes ya go mad. Sometimes both.

She looks at you as seriously as she can through her goggles. It's mostly her tone of voice that indicates the seriousness of the situation.

Lilly: Barry, ya eyes. Dey're trying to tunnel into your brain. I know, they're already connected to ya brain, but ya optic nerve's got some kinda mission now, and the humour in your eyes are chang'n. I don't know what dey wanna do... but... yeah, dat's the ting dat's gonna kill ya in about six days, and if it doesn't it's gonna drive ya mad. I did a little research, an' last time dis happened the poor bastard smashed out a mirror, tried ta gouge out the eyes of his wife with da pieces, and den killed himself trying to scoop out his own wit a buttah knife.

She takes a deep breath.

Lilly: Kay, so... the only cure I kin think of is if I surgically remove both ya eyes. I know a chick who might get ya replacements -- and could even install 'em, but I dunno what she'd charge for it. This is kinda a rare condition Barry, it should be possible to figure out alternatives but ya might not have time for it... and the longa we wait, da harder it could be ta fix it. Wait too long, we might not be able to save ya vision an' then ya never be able to stare at my tits again an' ya could still go mad anyway if da eye gets its tendrils deep enough inta ya brain.

Whatcha wanna try do do, Barry?

A. Surgery immediately. This will save Barry for sure, but end the quest with him blind as the replacement needs to be done at the same time. You will also have several unanswered questions about your condition.
B. Ask Lilly to arrange a meeting with her associate; if you can convince her to help they can work together to swap your eyes out.
C. You checked your phone and saw that M has replied. Ask Lilly for a lift to her place; maybe she's got some ideas. Also you got a reminder that it's Sadako's birthday in a couple of days.
D. Ask Lilly about those 'adaptions' -- is there any way to get more information on them?
E. You ask Lilly if she has any other spooky girl connections that she could put you in touch with that would be willing to speak to you about your condition, and the only one of interest is a girl named Jojo -- but you'll need something interesting to trade with her as she is a 'collector' of antiques. This route will have you negotiate with her for a meeting.
No. 842713 ID: 2474dd

As always, you can still suggest your own idea but you'll need to get other people to vote or for opinions to be scattered enough to get it via RNG
No. 842714 ID: c88e6d

I'm fairly tempted to go with (A) BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE LITERALLY TRYING TO EAT YOUR BRAIN. However, let's try for B. You have several days left, and Lilly's on the case.
No. 842719 ID: 7fad5d

B and C.
No. 842720 ID: 2474dd

Just a note, you can only do one action at a time. So I'll only be using the first options.
No. 842736 ID: 600f38

C later.
No. 842756 ID: be0718

A. Get the zydrate ready to remove your anatomy!
No. 842757 ID: 5767a6

Who the heck is Sadako again?
No. 842760 ID: 4324ce

We'll give it like, 2-3 days before we go for surgery.
No. 842761 ID: 4324ce

Oh, uh, B.
No. 842764 ID: 3d229a

B, A would be a ah, Last resort.
No. 842845 ID: 3abd97

Okay, first up, you thank her for actually figuring out a diagnosis. That's really helpful and you did not expect to solve the action problem so soon. She's got mad skills with this occult science.

Obvious follow up question: who did we likely catch this from? She already ruled out herself and Red, so grue girl? (Did the case of the last victim she looked up say where that person caught it?).

Does she have an estimate how long we can afford to wait? Obviously there's no way to be sure, but if she thinks we're killing ourselves by delaying hours or days, it's worth saying.

>blind while we wait for the donor
What, she doesn't have some Geordi la Forge science scanners kicking around we could borrow?
No. 842847 ID: 2474dd
File 150994290594.jpg - (127.50KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR28.jpg )

>Who the heck is Sadako again?

Sadako is the ghost girl of "The Ring" fame. She's an interesting lay. You met when someone gave you what they claimed was a cursed movie. You spliced porn into it for laughs. She kinda got into it, long story short she's basically a bit needy and a serious exhibitionist but so far nobody has identified you as the 'other figure' in those x-rated 'haunted photographs' yet.

But that's besides the point.

Right now, Lilly is calling a friend of hers, "Clay" through her web chat. You suspect it's not quite using the web as you know it. She seems to be talking through a mirror setup similar to a dressing room. The fact that it's in her lab, surrounded by bizarre instruments and bubbling specimens just makes it all the more surreal.

Lilly: Hoi Clay!


Lilly: Ya gonna do that everytime I call?

Clay: As long as you keep saying "HOI!" when you call me.

Lilly: Listen Clay, I gotta friend here wit a bit of a problem. A human friend, mind.

Clay: What's that?

Lilly: His eyes are gonna try to eat his brain.

There's a silence.

Clay: So I can have his eyes?

Lilly: Only if he can get replacements. He's a noice guy, Clay. Can't ya do me a solid?

Clay: I would, except you already owe me a few 'solids'. How's my samples coming along?

Lilly: Dey're grow'n. Gonna take TIME though, Clay. More time than my boy's got.

Clay: Viable human eyes for a transplant don't grow on trees, Lilly. For my purposes they've got a great shelf life but once you pickle them they don't connect back into a human being very well. I have my own work you know, I don't appreciate you calling me to work on a perfect stranger just because you've grown attached to him.

Lilly, sadly: But Clay...

Clay: You have any idea how often I get harassed by humanity? You don't know what it's like from that tower of yours.

Lilly, slower and slightly sadder: But Clay...

Clay: If they're not trying to steal what's mine, they're trying to abduct me.

Lilly, slowly and sadly: Buuuuut Claaaaay....

Clay: God, you're soft Lilly. Let me put it this way: I have a few pet rats. They're nice rats, and I like them. Most other rats however, are pests. I don't really care too much about the trials and tribulations of the rat species as a whole. And even though I like my rats, I'm only going to spend just so many resources on them. What's so special about this one?

You cough.

"Well, besides the death curse didn't you say I've got weird adaptions from when I lost my virginity as a kid to a demon,"

Lilly: Oh yeah! And he's got some kinda weird stalker but dat shouldn't be part of a death curse.

There is a pause.

Clay: All right. This sounds like a special rat. Maybe we can work out something. Maybe worth doing some wetwork, Lilly?

Lilly: Awww.... OK. I mean, it's for my boy.

Clay winks.

Clay: I'll throw in a bonus, OK?

Lilly: OK! So... when kin ya meet?

Clay: Given time is of the essence, and because I would like breakfast delivered... I suppose I could be convinced for an impromptu meeting right now. What is your boy's name?

Lilly: It's Barry! C'mon say hoi Barry!

"Hoi, Barry!" you say, leaning in with a cheesie grin. Clay is somewhat surprised, then amused.

Clay: Cute. Hello Barry. My name is Clay. I want you to find something for breakfast for me, and then Lilly can transport you to my lair and we'll see what we can arrange. I'll give you an hour.

With that, she signs off. Apparently those really are mirrors; the moment she does so it's just reflecting you and Lilly. Fucking mirrors. Fucking eyes. You note that you actually DO see Lilly's reflection, if that whole 'only people with souls reflect in mirrors' means anything. Lilly notices.

Lilly: It's not that people with no souls don't reflect in mirrors, but people who don't reflect in mirrors ain't really there in the foist place.

She gets up and flutters her wings. You always think she looks so angelic when she does that.

Lilly: So anyway, kin ya cook?

As a ROMANTIC, of course you can.

Lilly: An ya never invited me to dinnah?

She looks hurt and then grins.

Lilly: I'm kidd'n, my diet would give ya problems. But Clay eats kinda like a human. She's a big goil though -- kinda built like a brick shithouse dat's hurricane proof.

"She doesn't seem to like humanity very much,"

Lilly: Most of us don't. Individually ya'll right. As a species, ya'll right. As a dominant species y'all a buncha sheep follow'n a buncha assholes. Dat woiks out for my people 'cause we use ya assholes for fuel. The ones that gotta share the liv'n space ain't so fond o' ya 'cause they get less benefits. Don't mean that Clay won't like ya, but it does mean we wanna impress her. Kinda like a date. Be bold but respectful.

You have one hour to prepare for your 'breakfast date' with Clay. What do you do first?

A. Plan breakfast.

B. Plan your wardrobe.

C. Get intelligence about Clay from Lilly.
No. 842848 ID: 5767a6

A. Plan breakfast.
Can Lilly feed us info while we cook?
No. 842849 ID: 91ee5f

>She's a big goil though -- kinda built like a brick shithouse dat's hurricane proof.
So what, like 5x what Barry would normally eat? Eggs, bacon, pancakes, something else?
No. 842850 ID: 600f38

She's a necromantic golem? It wouldn't do to offend her with untoward statements. We can't plan without information.
No. 842851 ID: 830fb7

C then A then B. This way you find the best option to cook and don't get your cloths dirty once you start cooking.
No. 842855 ID: c88e6d

A.) Plan Breakfast

Also, I suspect Clay is one of the archetypal "Frankenstein's Monsters", a living superhuman cobbled together by a scientist and given the divine spark of life in imperfect form due to the human failings of its creator.

So as long as you don't refuse to give her a spouse, she shouldn't go berzerk and try and murder you. Plan something with a lot of protein and whole grain.
No. 842858 ID: 094652

C. ALSO, use your eyes as weapon components. Do NOT drop them down an eldritch hole. Seriously, last time that happened a king went mad, started talking to his eyes, and nearly turned an entire solar system into the optic nerves of Cthulhu.
No. 842895 ID: be0718

No. 843005 ID: 2474dd
File 151001665422.jpg - (198.49KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR29.jpg )

You asked Lilly if she could give you some more information about Clay. She thinks.

Lilly: Welll.... Clay and I have been woiking togetha in various scientific pursuits for a few years, but it's not like we evah ate togethah. She kin be a real stuck-up broad sometimes, all hoity-toity and speak'n like half a dozen languages even though I don't think she evah leaves that hole she lives in anymore. So ya might wanna go quality ovah quantity when it comes to breakfast. I do know she's da only poyson in the world who can reactivate noives, which is what we need if we're gonna swap your eyeballs. She's also kinda sorta mortal; she ages n' all, but she's ages slowa and not only kin she replace her parts, but she can revitalize herself too. So I don't know what Nem would think of her. She might be even more interested in gett'n stuff from Nem den I am, but I want 'em for their spiritual residue. She probably wants 'em for her 'adaptions'. Probably wot she wants from you, too. If ya can't get on her good side, ya probably gonna have to bribe her to help.

Look, I know ya want 'intelligence' but can ya be more specific? What do ya wanna know exactly?

55 min left before your date. Every question you ask will use up five minutes. Each question will require a consensus of 3 questors unless nobody needs more information.

You need at least 15 minutes to dress nicely, and the rest will either have to be cooking time or you'll need to get take-out, which will require 15 minutes for fast food or half an hour for mid-quality. Your appearance and breakfast offerings will factor into first impressions.

Manage your time wisely.

You ask about (note that these are things that Lilly will for sure have answers for; she *may* know others but failed questions still use up 1 min):

A. Things you shouldn't bring up with Clay.

B. Clay's tastes in men.

C. Clay's history with humanity.

D. Clay's interests.

E. Something else?

F. Done asking questions.
No. 843012 ID: c2051e

No. 843013 ID: 600f38

A, E: What exactly she IS, and her preferred breakfast foods.
No. 843014 ID: 5767a6

E. What does she like to eat? Would she be interested in a threeway?
No. 843052 ID: c88e6d

Just A.
No. 843059 ID: 91ee5f

E. What foods would Clay want to eat and the amount of food that I should make for her?
No. 843079 ID: be0718

No. 843086 ID: 2474dd
File 151003443469.jpg - (198.30KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR30.jpg )

>A. Things you shouldn't bring up with Clay.

Lilly: Hmmmm... Don't evah bring up Frankenstein to her, not as a joke, not as an observation. She's hoid it all beforah and she's sick of it. Don't imply she's a dyke. She dresses like a man 'cause she likes it, she keeps her hair short 'cause she likes it. Don't bring up zombies neitha, and she hates Walk'n Dead with a passion. Also she might be a scientist but she ain't no nerd. An' by that I mean she don't like anime an' she don't like video games. Oh, an' she likes kung-fu but she really fuck'n hates JoJo, Fist o' the North Star, all that stuff, and nevah, evah mention Dragon Ball Z or she'll go on a rant about how it ruined "Journey to the West". Like, she's super-serious almost all the time.

Now, me bee'n what I yam, I kin see a bit into people's souls. How far depends on how good their spiritual security is. Clay guards herself pretty well, but she's gotta major weakness for somethin' -- I kin tell because she's gotta MAJOR block on it. Now, sins are part o' our specialty and I know hers is PRIDE. She's got a side to her that's beneath the standards she set for herself, so it's probably common an' I wouldn't be surprised if she won't own up to it right away. But you appeal to dat, be gentle 'bout it... an she might be willing to give ya a hand. 'Course, it'd be easier if ya were more OBSERVANT but y'know... ya lucky. I figured out ya problem earlier. So it balances.

>E. What does she like to eat?

Lilly: Shit Barry, I just told ya we never ate togetha. Hell if I know what she likes. Since our food needs are incompatible we nevah bothered talk'n 'bout it. All I know is she likes talk'n fancy.

>Would she be interested in a threeway?

Lilly: Whoah, gett'n ahead a yaself champ. Before ya start try'n to get into her pants, maybe try to get her to give a shit about ya eyes. An ya gotta get into her pants before ya kin even talk 'bout a three-way. An if ya talk 'bout a three-way -- just so ya know, ya better invite me.

Lilly thinks for a moment, playing with her horns as she does.

Lilly: I think... I think maybe I caught a little somethin' from ya. Not a disease or a curse, don't panic. But... I... I think I caught... car'n... 'bout ya a little more than I should, all considering. That's on me, Barry. But... if things don't look good, I want t' have you again with my goggles off.... OK? If we can't save ya eyes... maybe one more time.

You have 49 min to prepare for the date.

What now?

A. Clay's tastes in men.

B. Clay's history with humanity.

C. Clay's interests.

D. Something else?

E. Done asking questions - Figure out breakfast.

F. Done asking questions - Figure out wardrobe.
No. 843087 ID: be0718

F. It's laundry day, and you're down to just an orange T shirt with a curious logo.
No. 843091 ID: 91ee5f

D. How about the amount of food I should make? You said she's a big girl, so I'd like to make sure i bring enough for her.
No. 843128 ID: c88e6d

F, followed by D.
No. 843152 ID: 600f38

E, F
No. 843157 ID: 2fe26a

A, B.
No. 843200 ID: 2474dd

Once again, a reminder that only your first choice counts and that a suggestion needs at least 2 other people to agree before it moves forward; this applies to restricted resource situations since you CAN screw this up.
No. 843201 ID: b9b4da

Give us the D.
No. 843217 ID: 2474dd

Side note:
The NSFW Lilly picture has begun colouring based on the results of the QuestDis suggestions.


No. 843237 ID: 5767a6

How she feel about humies

No. 843659 ID: 2474dd
File 151019982472.jpg - (119.81KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR31.jpg )

Author note: I just realized I forgot to subtract 6 hrs for sleep and have made the correction.

Resolving impassé...

Since 3 people need to agree on a course of action and only the first answers are to count but we have insufficient matches, we're going with 2nd answer to tip the balance.

44 min until your date.

You are now figuring out your wardrobe; Lilly has transported you back to your apartment to get some clothes. You can get ready quickly, so you have multiple decisions to make now:


A. Dress to Impress - suit and jacket, plus subtle cologne. This will take you 15 minutes.

B. Business Casual - dress shirt, tie, nice pants. No cologne. This will take you 10 minutes.

C. Casual - Sweater, jeans. This will take 5 minutes.


I. Shower (15 minutes). This should get rid of the demon sex smell.

II. Wash your face. (5 minutes) You shouldn't smell like sex unless she gives you a close inspection.

III. Nothing. Let her know full well your relationship with Lilly. (0 minutes)

Note that Barry is intelligent enough to cook first if required, then shower & dress. So this is a matter of time resources. The more time you spend here, the less time you'll have for cooking or catering. You don't have time for anything extravagant as is. If you go for maximum looks (shower+dress to impress) you'll have to go for fast-food. If you go for mid-way you'll have time to get something a bit nicer from a café or even cook something simple like am omelette or French Toast. Skip looks and you'll be able to do waffles or order some really nice breakfast take-out.

Plan accordingly. You'll still have a breakfast choice but depending on how you want to present yourself you might have limited options.
No. 843661 ID: 600f38

No. 843668 ID: c88e6d

No. 843670 ID: be0718

A, I.
No. 843724 ID: 9c2d0c

B, 2

Who wears a suit to breakfast, honestly.
No. 843816 ID: 17707a

No. 843846 ID: 3d229a

B, but with cologne
2 The cologne should cover the worst of it hopefully,
No. 843865 ID: 2474dd
File 151025865277.jpg - (153.80KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR32.jpg )

You have 19 minutes to prepare for the date.

You don't think you smell of demon sex any longer and you are dressed nicely but not extravagantly.

You are definitely out of time to prepare food yourself.

A little voice in the back of your head warns you that this could very well be a test by Clay to see what kind of person you are. Supernatural chicks seem to be big on tests like this.

You have the following options for breakfast:

A. Ask for more time to get ready.

B. Go for quantity - the local fast food place can get you a mess of food in short order. You should be able to get enough eggs and greasy breakfast meats to assemble a significant amount of protein.

C. Go for trendy - the local Starbucks can provide you some breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal and wraps within your time limit.

D. Go for quality - there's a little mom & pop coffee shop you like that does home-made quiche. You could probably buy the whole tray of quiche. You probably eat too much there anyway, given your belly.
No. 843868 ID: 9c2d0c

If a tray of Mom and Pop quiche was on the table, what are the other choices even DOING here? A tray is quantity, locally owned private businesses are way hipper than Starbucks, and QUICHE.
No. 843870 ID: 2fe26a

C. I hear they have pumpkin spice flavored pumpkin pie this time of year!
No. 843872 ID: 600f38

No. 843898 ID: be0718

A. Oh man you're really nervous about this one. Maybe it's because she looks too normal. I mean, you've seen football players in school get stitches before.
No. 843915 ID: 094652

D - Remember, if anything goes wrong, you can kiss your eyesight goodbye.
No. 844021 ID: 2474dd
File 151029511972.jpg - (167.26KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR33.jpg )

The little coffee shop is more than happy to sell you the entire quiche and even wrap it up in a box for you. The owner -- a little old German lady -- asks if you have something special planned. You smile and tell her you do, but you're also pressed for time so it's a story for later.

You give Lilly and call and let her know you're ready. She opens a portal in the usual spot in your apartment, but now you wind up in Clay's lair.

The air is damp, old and moldy. You can hear the rumble of the subway through the walls a distance away. Cracked and peeling paint covers some of the walls, while in other places the tiling is holding up rather well. It is mercifully dark compared to the brightness of Lilly's lab.

You stand in front of a boarded up entrance, but you notice that the boards covering the doorway have been cut as to allow them to open without it being obvious that they open at all. You knock.

The doors swing way and Clay stands before you. Her eyes show heterochromia -- one is a very dark brown while the other is blue, and it hurts to look a them. Her hair is a golden blonde. The skin around her almond eyes is a different tone than the rest of her face -- pale to being almost a blue-grey, with the skin you can see being rather ashen. She stands at almost seven feet tall and her face is masculine but on an actual male it'd be considered rather pretty. As is, combined with her vest, dress shirt and tie she could easily pass for a man or at least androgynous if it weren't for her breasts.

Clay: Come on in. You look presentable.

Her voice is low but unmistakably female and somewhat smokey.

You follow behind her. Inside, Clay's lair is modestly lit. The walls are lined with shelves full of jars with various organs and pieces of humanoid anatomy. Some of it unusually large. Some pieces twitch from time to time as if alive. Then again, they could be alive. You know Lilly keeps living organs in her lab.

A large oak table that she turns and leans on has a table cloth laid out on it, with candles for mood lighting. Silverware has been set out, and an old peculator coffee maker with china cups waits for you. A china bowl with sugar cubes sits next to it along side a small pitcher in which you assume is cream.

Clay: So, what have you brought for breakfast?

You tell her about the quiche and she smiles approvingly.

Clay: Good, good! I was interested to see if you'd have time to cook or not, but I never get to visit cafés and I'm looking forward to quiche.

She sets it out on the table and pulls out a chair for you. You sit down and she joins you. From the sounds of things, you've made a good impression.

Clay: Honestly I was afraid you might just try to give me a load of eggs and meat like I was some sort of animal, which would be insensitive but common. Shall we? I hope you like strong coffee; I brought plenty of sugar and cream if you don't.

You begin breakfast. Clay eats in silence but the way she looks up at you lets you know she's expecting you to start the conversation.

What do you talk about?

A. Keep it simple; talk about the weather and recent light entertainment.
B. Ask if she's seen the dub of "Ghost Stories".
C. Skip to the chase; tell her everything about Freddy.
D. Skip to the chase; tell her about Freddy but be vague on details, don't use her name, and don't bring up her revival.
E. Skip to the chase; tell her about your current situation.
F. Butter her up; tell her she looks lovely and ask her to tell you about herself.
G. Be inquisitive; ask why she hates humanity.
H. Be smooth. Chicks love to talk about their pets. Ask her about her pets; didn't she say she had rats she liked?
I. Something else? _____________
No. 844040 ID: c88e6d

Do not pick B, she's super serious and despises anime that exaggerates tradition.

Try H. She did mention she was genuinely fond of her rats.
No. 844042 ID: be0718

G, nod and agree on all her points.
No. 844066 ID: 600f38

I. Ask her what she is, and where she came from if that's not too unpleasant. Flirt with her.
No. 844300 ID: 2474dd

rolled 3 = 3

Resolving Impassé

No. 844463 ID: 2474dd
File 151047605170.jpg - (132.30KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR34.jpg )

>Ask her what she is, and where she came from if that's not too unpleasant. Flirt with her.

Clay points at you with a forkfull of quiche: That's not what I would consider polite breakfast conversation.

You feel you have made a faux pas and refrain from attempting to flirt just yet.

Change the subject:

A. Keep it simple; talk about the weather and recent light entertainment.
B. Ask if she's seen the dub of "Ghost Stories".
C. Skip to the chase; tell her everything about Freddy.
D. Skip to the chase; tell her about Freddy but be vague on details, don't use her name, and don't bring up her revival.
E. Skip to the chase; tell her about your current situation.
F. Try to butter her up; tell her she looks lovely and ask where she gets her hair done.
G. Be smooth. Chicks love to talk about their pets. Ask her about her pets; didn't she say she had rats she liked?
H. Something else? _____________
No. 844464 ID: be0718

No. 844465 ID: 5767a6

H. Maybe we should've had microwaved spaghetti instead
If she is the undertale fan I think she is, she will appreciate this. Also it has been said she dislikes anime DONT BRING IT UP
No. 844467 ID: 5c52e2


Because if she finds out you risked letting a serial killer psychopandemic go free because you wanted a date, she'll just shoot you in the face. Explain the situation, emphasize how screwed you are, how near-impossible it might be to replace your current eldritch stalks with something sane. Appeal to the glory of a good surgical challenge and all the laureates she'll earn if she can stop Freddy before they even start the next BORING SEQUEL.
No. 844487 ID: 830fb7

Show her that you didn't mean it that way, you where just curious about her that's all.
No. 844509 ID: c88e6d

No. 844526 ID: 600f38

No. 844697 ID: 2474dd
File 151055753348.jpg - (132.64KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR35.jpg )

>Be smooth. Chicks love to talk about their pets. Ask her about her pets; didn't she say she had rats she liked?

"So Clay... you might of mentioned something about some pet rats? Do you still have them, or pictures?"

Clay's expression softens.

Clay: Had, yes. They were "Justin" and "Nicodemus". Very friendly, intelligent pet fancy rats. But they were domesticated rats -- the wild rats around here are a terrible nuisance, just like feral cats can be.

She takes out a smart phone shaped like a compact -- very clever, but the interface is somewhat alien to you -- and shows you some pictures. They look like ordinary pet rats to you. Nicodemus is grey, and Justin is brown. Clay seemed to go out of her way to give them a great place to grow and play.

Clay: Rats don't live very long, but I enjoyed the short time I had with them.

She looks you in the eyes. It makes you uncomfortable, but she picks up on this and drops her gaze.

Clay: And this brings us to you and Lilith. You're her pet rat, I assume -- an exception to the wild nuisances, willing to listen and to work with her rules, affectionate and playful. Even if you weren't cursed, you'd die long before she would. But you must be a special rat to her or she'd never trouble me about you. I know you're her lover -- I can smell it on you, although the shower was a nice try -- and I need to ask you a serious question: Did you ever look her in the eyes while you had sex?

What do you say?

A. Be honest and reveal Lilly's secret.
B. Refuse to say out of respect for her privacy.
C. Refuse to say and chide Clay for her inappropriate breakfast conversation.
No. 844698 ID: 33cbe7

No. 844705 ID: 91ee5f


Don't be a dick.
No. 844711 ID: c88e6d

No. 844727 ID: 094652

Explain that you looked in the eyes of a LOT of supernatural... women. And recently you found out how stupid that was. You're not telling her if Lilly dood' it, but she did find out you have eye cancer. And that's why you're here.
No. 844755 ID: b9b4da

This is a test for double standards. C.
No. 844764 ID: c2051e

No. 845056 ID: 2474dd
File 151069148830.jpg - (126.74KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR36.jpg )

>B. Refuse to say out of respect for her privacy.

"Sorry Babe, but that's something between Lilly and I -- what we do, if we do, in the bedroom is a private matter,"

Well, unless you're talking with a friend who's a type of Grim Reaper, and she's trying to save you, and the information is vital, and/or it can annoy her due to TMI.

Clay smiles but then looks serious again.

Clay: Well that's fine, but you should know that if you looked her in her naked eyes during coitus you risk infecting her. If you truly are a gentleman, if she requests such unprotected intimacy you should refuse unless you are quite serious in your relationship. Lilith is a brilliant young woman but also foolish. Do you know she exposes herself on the Internet for economic advantage? Yes, that can offer quick return but in the long-run it can be disastrous.

She sighs.

Clay: You -- and I mean no offence -- are like a pet rat to her. You are friendly, affectionate, and respectful, which separates you from the vermin rats. When you die, she will miss you. But as a pet, your role is temporary companionship. She lets you into her heart knowing in the back of her mind that you will die long before she will. Unless you infect her.

Clay briefly fixes you with a piercing stare that chills you before she remembers your condition and looks away.

Clay: You can infect her with ... I don't want to say 'humanity' because that usually refers to just the positive points of humanity. But if you gaze into her eyes during moments of intimacy you will alter each other. I've done many studies and I've seen it happen where a demon takes an intimate mortal lover, and when the mortal dies the demon follows shortly afterwards. I've seen mortals forever changed through intimate contact with creatures from outside their realm. And I keep the parts of those I can for study but I would not normally transplant them. If she forms a bond with you, it could kill her long before her time. And I tell you this because you are at the very least her friend and she is a foolish creature who would squander her potential on a flight of fancy.

Clay takes a long drink of coffee and leans back.

What do you say?

A. Admit you've looked her in the eyes during sex.

B. Admit you've looked her in the eyes during sex and it really seemed to make her get off on it so it's her business and her right.

C. Tell her that Freddy -- but don't name names -- looked you in the eyes when she seduced you when you were just a kid. (OBSERVANT: 1) Clay has an interest in the impact of supernatural/mortal long-term interactions and this should both change the subject and maybe help you. But you don't go into too much detail in case Freddy's observing you somehow... Nem's not here, after all.

D. Tell her about Freddy. Name her, go into details. (OBSERVANT: 1) Clay knows more, you're sure of it, and if she's studied mortal/supernatural interactions she might even know who Freddy really is and what her game could be. Nem's not here but you don't think Freddy will try anything with one of the other spooky girls around.
No. 845057 ID: 600f38

We should also admit that we did not know about looking her in the eyes, and so we didn't even understand what it meant when she took off her goggles.
No. 845059 ID: 2fe26a

Well if you're set on admitting something, go B.
No. 845084 ID: c88e6d

No. 845116 ID: 5767a6

No. 845118 ID: 33cbe7

No. 845363 ID: 094652

"Go and get them, before we're all bloody soup cans!"

*ring ring*
No. 845379 ID: 2474dd
File 151080396143.jpg - (144.12KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR37.jpg )

>C. Tell her that Freddy -- but don't name names -- looked you in the eyes when she seduced you when you were just a kid. (OBSERVANT: 1) Clay has an interest in the impact of supernatural/mortal long-term interactions and this should both change the subject and maybe help you. But you don't go into too much detail in case Freddy's observing you somehow... Nem's not here, after all.

"So... when I was a kid -- just 13 or so -- there was this spooky chick who used to visit me in my dreams. Then the dreams got real, and things started happening and people started dying. And the whole time, we'd get together and she'd look me in the eyes a LOT. She was my first, and ever since I've had a thing for spooky chicks,"

Clay: Did she have a name?

"I'm pleading the Gentleman for now,"

Clay: Very well. You say she started in your dreams?

"Yeah. I mean, I was just a kid and so I just thought it was a wet dream. But things started to happen that made it hard to tell,"

Clay: Until people started dying, I assume.

"I suspected a bit before. I mean, she started showing up during the day even once we got familiar,"

Clay: Will you tell me more about her?

"No. No offence babe, but we just met,"

Clay: Fine, fine. And it's not terribly polite breakfast conversation either. All the same, I might be able to better help you if I knew how long your relationship lasted.

"About a year. She vanished after awhile,"

Clay: You've not seen her since?

You're silent for a few minutes. Clay reads into this.

Clay: If I may be frank, such intimacy at such a young age can generate a variety of variables and possible conditions with no apparent consequences until their trigger at a much later date. In addition, your physical, psychological and spiritual make-up would be permanently altered. Finally, I'm afraid there is a limited number of possible reasons why someone would seduce an adolescent and almost all of them are a combination of repugnant and illegal.

"Besides the obvious, what are the possible reasons?"

Clay: Evasion of mortality is the usual motive.

"Wait, immortality? I've got a friend that..."

Clay: No, not immortality -- evasion of mortality is more like dodging a bullet, giving one a second chance, ah.... did you say you have a friend that deals with immortality?

"Yeah, Nem,"

Clay: The Black Wolf?

"Yeah, she's called herself that. She's got this long speech she has to given certain people before killing them and they're always immortal,"

Clay: Reaping is different from killing, but I am familiar with Morrigan. And you're her friend? That's interesting. Do you mind me asking how you met?

"Funny thing! Uhhhh....,"

What do you tell her? You have no reason to lie, so you tell her...

A. She's the hostess of this weird dating show and she set me up with Lilly. Well, actually I chose Lilly out of a trio of possible dates. Why?

B. She's the hostess of this weird dating show and she set me up with Lilly. Actually, Lilly chose ME out of three possible guys. Why?

C. Uhhh... OK, look -- you're clearly not really into polite breakfast conversation. I first got in touch with her because she draws cute spooky girl porn. We chatted a bit and then out of the blue she asks if I want to actually date a spooky chick, long story short I'm banging Lilly. I didn't know about the eye thing and it was her idea. Why?

D. It's kind of personal how I met Nem, but she's a friend. Why?
No. 845382 ID: 33cbe7

No. 845384 ID: 094652

Everybody walk the dinosaur...
No. 845531 ID: c88e6d

No. 845558 ID: 2474dd
File 151087463003.jpg - (143.19KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR38.jpg )

>"Uhhh... OK, look -- you're clearly not really into polite breakfast conversation. I first got in touch with her because she draws cute spooky girl porn. We chatted a bit and then out of the blue she asks if I want to actually date a spooky chick, long story short I'm banging Lilly. I didn't know about the eye thing and it was her idea. Why?"

Clay stifles her amusement.

You have a new story modifier - Nem's Dirty Secret. This doesn't affect Barry directly but it has an impact on how the events unfold all the same.

Clay: All right, I guess polite breakfast conversation time is over. Honestly I was curious if she might have been investigating you. If the lady in question was attempting to use you as a mortality dodge I thought perhaps the Department of Change might have taken an interest in you. I do find it hard to believe such a serious young woman like Nem would keep such private interests in such a public place.

You pull out your phone and show her Nem's porn Tumblr. Clay is surprised, curious and completely without offence.

Clay: Oh deary me, that is the most adorable pornography I've ever seen -- although to be honest, I don't have much to compare it to. Still, what little exposure I've had to it certainly didn't interest me as much as this.

You ask what she means.

Clay: Most pornography I've encountered seems to focus on degrading women. Nem's works tend... wait, are those tentacles?

Yes, those are tentacles.

Clay: Does she have an Fisherman's Wife fetish?

You explain about consentacles.

Clay: That explains the adorable bondage.

You never really considered it 'adorable' bondage but...

"So yeah, we chatted a bit and I asked her about... well, supernatural chicks who visit in the night. When she found out I had actually been with one she opened up a lot more and then not too long afterwards she arranged me to take part on 'The Show' as she called it. That's when I met Lilly,"

Clay: Interesting. Well, I suppose for this tidbit of information I can tell you a little about myself. I'm a "Flesh Golem", and I was created ninety years ago and have been an orphan for 83 of those years. My parents were human, and murdered in some sort of government operation. My childhood ended with them. With the assistance of... wait... do you know Red -- pale creature, black eyes, finned ears?

"Medical blowjobs?"

Clay: I thought you might be the 'interesting human' she was investigating. Red and the agency she works for helped set me up here. And yes, she does have an affinity for that sort of thing. Speaking of which, have you informed her of your situation?

"Right to voice mail. Same with M,"

Clay: I'm sorry, who?

"Oh. M is a succubus. It's her nickname,"

Clay cocks her head to one side.

Clay: You... get around.

"We hung out, played video games, watched anime,"

Clay stares at you.

"Spooky, geeky chicks are pretty fun to be around,"

Clay: Again with the anime and video games. Lilith, M, and apparently YOU as well. I'm glad you at least had the decency not to bore me with it, Lilith could certainly use a lesson or two from you. Oh dear, does Morrigan like anime and video games too?

"Nem's pretty cool with them. What's wrong with video games and anime?"

Clay: Nothing other than the tedium and insulting attempts at story-telling. I spend enough time in front of monitors, when I want to relax I need more physical diversions. At least you and Morrigan are young enough to have an excuse to be entertained by such trash. I cannot say the same for M and Lilith.

Breakfast is finished; Clay gets to her feet.

Clay: I've made my decision, and I will help you. You are definitely a notable rat worth saving. This will not be easy however, and not without cost. Re-connecting nerves has its risks when it comes to humanity, and if I'm not careful I could wind up giving you an aggressive cancer. The fact that you have been altered by what I suspect is a criminal succubus makes it all the more chancy; I could end up exchanging one doom for another.

"Are you going to need a mess of samples from me? This is like the third time I've had to do this,"

Clay nods.

Clay: I doubt any of us are testing for the same things.

"Including a sperm sample?"

Clay: Yes, and if possible I'd like a small tissue sample from your penis.

You cross your legs.

Clay: It will leave a very small, sore spot but I don't need much of a sample. You still shouldn't have intercourse afterwards for a few days while it heals. Unless you'd rather I remove one of your eyes for extended study now. I'd suggest getting a tissue sample from your prostate but that's considerably more invasive and relative to the information it'd provide it wouldn't be worth the recovery time.

What do you say?

A. "How about you holster the scalpel for now and we go with just the blood and sperm samples like the others? Because you're not bringing a blade near my dick and let's not talk about eye surgery until you're sure of what's going on,"

B. "Look, if you're going to take Little Big Barry out of action for a few days I want to give him one last party before hand. Preferably with you,"

C. "I'd rather lose an eye that have a blade near my dick, and besides... it's gotta come out anyway, right?"

D. "Eeerrrggshhhhhhhhiiiiit... fine. Take the sample. But be gentle, OK? A lot of ladies are counting on Little Big Barry,"

E. "What if I told you more about the chick from when I was 13 instead? Would that help and maybe require less cutting of my tender flesh?"

F. Something else? ______________
No. 845559 ID: 33cbe7

C, acquire cool eyepatch.
No. 845571 ID: 600f38

Remember, the eyes have to come out at the same time as new ones go in or they won't take.
No. 845644 ID: c88e6d

No. 845675 ID: c2051e

No. 845677 ID: 91ee5f

No. 845733 ID: 2474dd
File 151095418037.jpg - (211.10KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR39.jpg )

Sex will be unpleasant for three days.

It only takes about an hour for the entire procedures to be done, and nowhere near as enjoyable as when Lilly did it. Clay is quite professional and keeps things sterile; you have to change into a hospital gown and she changes into medical scrubs. After administering a local anesthetic (also very unpleasant) the only colourful comment she makes is "Little Barry is quite an ironic nickname, isn't it?"

She applies some salve to the small wound she leaves. It's quite tiny; only about the size of a pen nib.

Clay: It's the smallest sample I can take and still get reliable results. You're rather LUCKY this is my field -- reassembling nervous systems requires understanding how one can apply controlled metaphysical mutagens to repair what is otherwise not repairable. I'm almost positive that the generous proportions of your private regions is due to metaphysical mutation and I have to try to narrow down exactly what has been done in order to proceed safely. I'm also positive that the whole reason why you've been afflicted with a curse is because of criminal negligence on behalf of the supernatural visitor from when you were barely a teen. The unfortunate part is that by the time my analysis is complete we'll be on the last few days before your eyes burrow into your brain.

She sighs.

Clay: I'm very sorry Barry. I might not like humanity very much but it's because of its controlling elements' wanton disregard for others -- I am just as disgusted when such criminal negligence comes from non-human elements. I will work as quickly as I can without sacrificing the success of the operation, but I have a feeling that the earliest I can operate will be four days from now. Be very careful; by that time you may be experiencing delusions and paranoia. You might find yourself panicked; I would urge you to think twice before resorting to violence. It's entirely possible you'll be lashing out at people just trying to help.

As an afterthought, she adds:

Clay: No sex for three days at least. Well, no sex involving your penis. You may certainly pleasure your partner orally or manually but penetration will be painful, especially someone like Lilith. Prostate stimulation will be just fine, if you're compatible with it.

She gets dressed; you do too. Then Clay thanks you for breakfast but explains she needs to get to work and contacts Lilly for retrieval.

It seems that you won't be able to have the operation until two days before the end. You need to figure out how you will spend that time -- without sex.

What do you plan?

A. See if Lilly's got some stuff to heal you up faster.

B. Get your affairs in order. Just in case.

C. Contact M; maybe she can shed some light on things Clay and Lilly can't.

D. Go shopping for Sadako's birthday; it's in a couple of days.

E. Try to contact Red again.

F. Try to contact Nem.

G. Something else?
No. 845741 ID: fdfcba

C: Information is Crucial here.
No. 845766 ID: c88e6d

C, followed by D.

Sadako is a (former) living Death Curse, she knows everything there is to know about unleashing death and destruction on mortals. She might actually be able to help.
No. 845770 ID: 600f38

No. 845802 ID: 2474dd
File 151099123974.jpg - (212.61KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR40.jpg )

Returning to Lilly's place via portal is odd; apparently she has a closer return point or something as the moment you open the front door from Clay's place you see her there, sitting in front of her stage mirror/communications thing.

Lilly: Hi Barry. How'd it go?

You give Lilly a synopsis of what Clay's told you.

Lilly: Shit Barry, I don't like cuttin' it so close. A lotta stuff could happen in dat time. We don't gotta lotta choices though. Well, maybe I got somethin' to make ya heal up a little fasta? Y'know... 'cause ya wanna get friskie or sometin'.

You let Lilly know you plan to contact M and see if she can shed any light on the situation.

Lilly: Shoorah, I mean it couldn't hoit. M sounds like a classy broad. Can't port ya to her place though -- can't really port ya to anyone I haven't met myself.

You call M on your cell and you still can't get over how amazing the reception is here.

M: Hello Barry. Your message had a grim tone to it.

You give M the brief, with the addition of what Lilly and Clay could add. By necessity you have to mention your history with Freddy but you don't name her. M is silent for a few minutes.

M: I think she was absolutely using you to try to dodge a bullet, Barry. It's the reason why the succubus industry is highly regulated. We should meet. I'm not able to do any particular tests but I might be able to help in other ways. I can't meet with you until later in the evening though.

M can't meet with you for 8 hours.

Lilly: So Barry... what do ya wanna do until ya meet'n?

A. Let Lilly try applying some of that healing ointment and see if it works.

B. Try to contact Nem.

C. Try to contact Red again.

D. Just hang out and play video games.

E. Basement Girl has replied, but she just attached the picture of her house again. You could drive out to meet her; it will take a couple of hours there and back but it leaves plenty of time to do so before meeting with M.

F. Something else?
No. 845807 ID: c88e6d

Healing ointment can't hurt, try it.

However, I'm voting E. It's more responsible to go deal with Basement Girl if she thinks she can help.
No. 845808 ID: 33cbe7

A. For science.
No. 845821 ID: 5767a6

Seem's like our app hasnt changed in a long time... could it be malfunctioning and we should be more worried?
No. 845847 ID: 600f38

Ask if Lilly wants to come with.

The figure sitting down means something is keeping death at bay. It has sat down every time one of the girls has been here, suggesting whatever it is is unwilling or unable to act when the girls are here.
No. 846010 ID: 2474dd
File 151106376543.jpg - (211.22KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR41.jpg )

You think you need to visit Basement Girl next. Noticing your app hasn't changed in quite a while, you also ask Lilly if she thinks there could be something wrong with it or if the presence of other spooks is what's keeping you safe.

Lilly: Huh, kinda surprised someone could install sometin like that on primitive tech like ya phone. Might not be woik'n properly, but ya said it woiked before so...

"Well, Nem was the one who did it,"

Lilly: Awwww, dat lil' minx! OK, Nem kinda knows what she's do'n with that kinda stuff. Den I'm pretty sure it's us spooky chicks keep'n the danger away. Most supernatural stalkers are cheap punks. Dey don't come after ya when ya alone just 'cause it's scary, dey do it 'cause it's safer. Oh -- but don't think all the spooks are like that. Some don't like collateral damage. But if your threat was a REAL threat, ya'd be dead by now. Or more scared. Now... as to com'n wit ya to see Basement Goil. She's probably a grue -- n' dey're real shy types. She might not come out t'play if you ain't alone. But if ya feel'n anxious 'bout being alone Bear, I can come wit.

"I'm ... also a little curious about the healing salve,"

Lilly smirks.

Lilly: Gonna wanna do that here in da lab, Bear. You could have some side effects, could have sometin weird happen. So ya gonna have to choose if ya wanna go visit Basement Goil or test out the heal'n gel. We dun have time to do both before ya meet with M.

What do you want to do?

A. Visit Basement Girl with Lilly, have her wait in the car for you.

B. Visit Basement Girl with Lilly, have her come with you to the house.

C. Try to tell Basement Girl that it will be you +1 before you plan to visit.

D. Tell Basement Girl you'll visit tomorrow; try the healing gel now instead.

E. Something else?
No. 846011 ID: 33cbe7

D. It's not like she wanted to see you anyway, b-baka!
No. 846026 ID: 600f38

No. 846051 ID: 5767a6

No. 846161 ID: 2474dd
File 151111589323.jpg - (151.89KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR42.jpg )

You decided you'd rather try out Lilly's healing salve over visiting Basement Girl right now. She smirks and fetches it from her lab, and then helpfully helps you undress so she can apply it.

The salve is thick and oddly heavy, and smells a bit like old cheese and damp earth. It's very sticky and the sensation as she applies it makes you tingle. The feeling is similar to pins and needles initially but then warms and feels more electrical, then becomes stimulating.

You're not sure about healing but it sure feels soothing at the very least, and certainly stimulating. Before long Lilly is making longer and longer strokes.

Lilly: Whoah. I think... I think this ain't do'n what I originally designed. Bear, ya got any light-headedness? I ain't sure ya got enough blood to cover this.


Actually you are feeling a little light-headed. It's the same sensation you get when you stand up suddenly after sitting too long -- a low blood-pressure feeling that makes shadows play at the back of your eyes while your head becomes unsteady.

Lilly stops applying the salve and wipes the remainder on a rag she brought with her. She helps you sit down but she keeps staring between your legs and smiling like a naughty school girl.

Lilly: Aight, I think if that is the consistent result of this stuff on untouched mortals I got myself a goldmine. It'll nevah get open market sales though, ya government don't like supernatural elements being introduced to the general populace. Like I ain't shurah that ya bigger Bear -- ya was more than a handful to begin with -- but at the same time. Although ... the mark's gone at least. But if dat don't go down we gotta nutha problem.

She traces a finger up your shaft and pushes it to one side, then watches it sway.

Lilly: Didja wanna try it out?

You are barely aware of a chirp of alarm from your phone from in your discarded pants' pocket.

What do you say?

A. Sure, go for it.

B. Go for it but wear a condom just to be safe. More for your protection than Lilly's.

C. No, it's not a good idea. Give it a few hours to see if you go down naturally first.

D. Something else?
No. 846168 ID: 600f38

B. And goggles on.
No. 846189 ID: a5e143

Oh my, slender man got up!
No. 846193 ID: 33cbe7

C. You can hear the fun police knocking on your door already.
No. 846194 ID: 0d45a9

C. While it's a fun side effect, it's still a pretty fresh wound. We wouldn't want to break "Little" Barry after all.
No. 846222 ID: 600f38

Oh, and as an incidental action take your phone out of your pocket so you can keep tabs on the app.
No. 846295 ID: c88e6d

No. 846311 ID: 2474dd
File 151116396191.jpg - (153.91KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR43.jpg )

"Let's wait a moment Babe," you tell Lilly.

You dig into your pants pocket and retrieve your phone. The figure is still at the end of the hall, but there's a notification of one missed threat a minute ago.

"So... it says that a minute ago there was a threat. The figure stood," you tell her.

Lilly: Lemmee see.

You show her. Lilly asks for a closer look and then fiddles with your phone when you offer.

Lilly: Huh.


Lilly: Well... see, Nem set this thing up, right? So it looks like it does two things. One, it checks da Department of Death's updates on ya. Two, it checks for malicious spiritual radiation. The formah is specific to threats to you. The lattah... is any spirit look'n to do wrong. And one minute ago, we were talk'n about gett'n down & dirty.

She looks down between your legs with an expression other than lust.

Lilly: Barry... I think I made a mistake wit my healing gel.

How do you respond?

A. "... great. Now my dick's trying to kill me too?"

B. "Are you say'n that my dick was think'n about attacking you?"

C. "Please tell me we're not talking castration now,"

D. "I think we should call Clay,"

E. "I think we should call Nem,"

F. "Maybe we should meet with Basement Girl after all,"

G. "Do you think Red might have some answers?"

H. "Should we run some more tests?"

I. Something else? ______________
No. 846312 ID: c2051e

A and C.
No. 846315 ID: 0d45a9

I. How bad is it? The just got to wait for things to heal normally kind, or the something worse kind?
No. 846321 ID: c88e6d

No. 846330 ID: 3abd97

No. 846335 ID: 600f38

No. 846611 ID: 2474dd
File 151123873709.jpg - (140.35KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR44.jpg )

"Wait, you're saying now my dick's trying to kill me? Or you? Or the both of us? For God's sake please don't tell me the solution is castration,"

Lilly: I'm sorry Bear-bear, but... I think whatevah ya afflicted with mixed real bad with my healing gel. Whatevah the danger signal's about, it woulda gone down during the dirty... it's my fault, I shouldn't have thought I could fuck 'round with shit while ya under the influence of whatevah curse has done this to ya.

"That wasn't an answer,"

Lilly: It's 'cause I dunno Barry. I'm not shurah how ya dick could hurt ya. I'm sorry Barry, I didn't mean t' make things worse.

You know Lilly's sorry, and you remind her that it was your idea in the first place... but now your situation is just a bit more complicated.

What do you do now?

A. Have Lilly examine you to see if she can figure out what's going on.

B. Call Nem.

C. Call Clay.

D. Call Red.

E. Go see Basement Girl with Lilly (with the option to have her wait for you in the car)

F. Go see Basement Girl without Lilly.

G. Something else?
No. 846613 ID: 600f38

B. Call Nem.
She needs to examine your dick and the substance Lilly used to try to figure out what changed.
(She has permission to laugh. It's not funny, but it's still funny.)
No. 846616 ID: c88e6d

B Call Nem.

If that fails, D Call Red.
No. 846820 ID: 2474dd
File 151129851249.jpg - (177.56KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR45.jpg )

You decide to try to call Nem.

When you reach her, you can hear screams in the background and the clip-clop of Nem's hooves as she walks away from the commotion.

Nem: I need to move pretty quickly Barry. What's wrong?

"Ma'm, long story short Lilly's healing gel made my dick go evil,"

There's a pause. You are pretty sure Nem is wincing.

Nem: OK, I don't have time for this now. I'll be at Lilly's place in about an hour or so. See you then.

In good news, long before Nem arrives your erection dies down. Lilly wraps a blanket around your lower half and the two of you wait in tense silence for Nem to arrive. You tried to lighten things up a little with small talk but Lilly's too guilt-ridden to keep up much of a facade.

One of Lilly's mirrors suddenly blips and shows Nem performing the ritual. Lilly makes some gestures at it and Nem arrives through the lab door.

(Observant 1) You notice that Nem's wearing a brilliant red cape and hood, and she sort of reminds you of Red Riding Hood. Usually Nem wears a red hoodie or when you have seen her in a cape it's a washed out dusty rose.

Nem: All right, so how did we go from 'death curse' to 'evil stem' in less than 24 hrs?

You sigh and give Nem the long version -- your eyes are gonna eat your brain, Clay's examination and tissue sample from your member, and how Lilly suggested the healing gel to speed up recovery, and then your phone blipping danger and Lilly figuring your dick's gone evil.

You show Nem your phone -- and notice the figure is missing.

Nem: Whatever's causing it is trying to hide.

Lilly pulls off your blanket. Nem's face goes crimson and she looks away.

Nem: B-barry... Oh goodness, I'm sorry... but...

Lilly: Yeah, he's got a horse cock. Kin we git to the 'why is it evil now' part?

Nem stamps her foot and glares at Lilly.


Lilly shrinks away briefly as Nem turns her back on her, but then a thought strikes her.

Lilly: Ya never saw one up close, have ya? ANY kinda cock. At all.

Nem peeks over her shoulder with a wounded expression. Her face is still lit up a rosey pink.

Nem: Is it really important right now?

Lilly: Is it gonna interfere with ya examination?

Nem sighs deeply and tries to compose herself; she fixes her hair, fans her face with her hands, and fiddles with her clothing.

Nem: No, I can do this.

She turns back to you, straining to fight a silly school girl's shy grin while her cheeks continue to burn. She gingerly examines the head of your penis. You are somewhat disturbed to see her eyes shift in colour from orange to a red; they shine like rubies and you feel like you're watched by a predator. At the same time, when she sniffs the tip you inadvertently become rock hard in her hands.

She looks up at you with concern.

Nem: I... can not... hunt her.

Lilly: Her?

Nem closes her eyes and lets go of you. She clenches her fists and shakes her head.

Nem: The rogue succubus. She is USING you Barry, she is COWERING behind your flesh and I CANNOT hunt her as long as she takes shelter in you.

She looks down at your phone and notices the figure is still missing.

She growls, and then without warning grips your member between her hands and begins to rub furiously. She's too rough, but despite the fact that she's giving you the worst and angriest hand job you've ever had the fact that you somehow feel threatened by her makes it good enough to be stimulating. Lilly is so shocked she just watches wordlessly with her mouth open.


Nem is screaming at your penis. This is not something you expected.

As it starts to feel good, she sees something and grips your head with one hand and pulls it down sharply and painfully. Little teeth are visible inside.

Lilly: Whoah shit.

Nem stands up and grips the side of your face -- a bit too tightly at first but she remembers you can feel this as well and relaxes until her clutch is firm but not painful. She stares into your eyes and you feel them burn.


Nem begins to pace furiously.

You and Lilly watch for a few minutes before she speaks up.

Lilly: Sooooooo... what was all that?

Nem looks over at the two of you, and her expression melts.

Nem: You can't save him by taking his eyes any more.

She looks defeated.

Nem: The healing gel -- whatever it is -- let her speed up the process. She ...


Nem: Yes, "Freddy". That's how she came back. I've been looking into this when I get a moment, and talking with my associates and Sami is sure that's how she escaped her punishment. The records show Jaja burned her face to ruin her ability to hide her succubi 'tell', so even if she could come back she could never come back the same.


Nem: Friend of mine, different department. Freddy groomed you so she could leave enough of herself in you that if things went bad she could use that piece to come back.

"She left herself in me?"

Lilly interrupts: SHIT, that's why ya eyes are 'trying to eat ya brain'. They're gonna connect up!

Nem nods.

Nem: Her influence has been sitting in you for years, Barry. She hadn't finished setting things up, and Jaja made sure of it. I'm not sure why she's back now, but she is, and she's the reason for your death curse.

"Why didn't she kill me when she first came back?"

Nem: I don't know. She could have needed to do something else to finish the job? Maybe she was going to finish you, but you said something she liked and she changed her mind.

You shudder. You have a feeling you did change her mind.

Nem: I'm still missing details, but I KNOW she's the reason. My contact in the department of mortality has confirmed it now.

Lilly: Barry, I know ya don't wanna hear this but... could castration help?

Nem furrows her brow.

Nem: Maybe? At this point I don't know if we're just buying time. I don't know how much of Barry you'd have to cut out, I don't know how much of his body Freddy's altered. It could just be his eyes and stem, but it's more likely she's altered bits of his brain. Or it could be that his brain's the last thing she needs to corrupt.

"Let's assume cutting my dick off is bad. Meantime, is an alien gonna burst out of it?"

Nem: I don't know.

"Can't you do something to help me?"

Nem: No. Not unless she takes you. I can't HUNT HER until she takes you.

Nem begins to pace furiously again, clenching and unclenching her fists.

"Can't anyone help me? Aren't there like... spook cops?"

Nem looks over at you sadly.

Nem: Spook cops would probably just kill you because you'd just be a rabid dog to them.

Lilly nods.

Lilly: If it's any consolation Bear-bear, your cops think the same 'bout us.

"So... don't call Red?"

Nem: I don't think Red would kill you until you turned completely, but there's no way she can call on her people for help now.


Nem: Did you have any ideas?

"I thought about calling Clay, Red, and meeting up with Basement Girl. I'm meeting with M tonight,"

Nem: I can't add anything to that. I've spoken to my supervisor and (LUCKILY) your situation is becoming a special item that I can take time off to help you with.

"I'm important now?"

Nem: You are to me, you're my friend. Sometimes that's enough. My supervisor is odd but that way, and occasionally kind.

Lilly: So, what do we do? Your balls on the line Barry, you need to take charge.

What do you do now? You have 6.5 hrs before you meeting with M.

A. Update Clay and Red. Even if Red's not available you can drop her an email. (15 min)

B. Meet with Basement Girl. She's very shy, so you'll have to think carefully if you want to bring someone with you. Despite being a reaper Nem is mortal, and since grues are also mortal she might be OK with her. (2 hrs to get there, 2 hrs to return). If Nem or Lilly stay behind then you can set up a portal to get back faster, but as neither of them can drive it means leaving your car at Basement Girl's place.

C. Kill time and then go to the meeting with M. (Advance time 6.5 hrs) Lilly and Nem will do research and check their contacts, while you can ask them questions or direct their research.

D. Something else? ___________
No. 846850 ID: 1e7aa8

A and C.
No. 846893 ID: c88e6d

No. 847033 ID: c2051e

A and B.
No. 847136 ID: 2474dd
File 151138796920.jpg - (146.13KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR46.jpg )

>A. Update Clay and Red. Even if Red's not available you can drop her an email.

You ask Lilly to get in contact with Clay first, since you know she's available. Lilly looks a little reluctant to do so, and when Clay finds out the situation you soon understand why.


Lilly: I... just suggested that...

Clay: You know damn well -- DAMN WELL -- I have tested rapid recovery substances and if I thought it was safe to do so I WOULD HAVE USED THEM.

Lilly: I...

Clay: JUST BECAUSE I am YOUNGER than you doesn't mean I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. You acted completely without regard to patient safety out of ... what? Pride? Arrogance? Lust?

Lilly: I...

Clay: Do you know what you almost did? Can you take a guess at what those teeth would have been used for?

Lilly: But...

Clay: THIS is why we practice SCIENTIFIC METHOD. This is why we are METHODICAL. THIS is why we are CAREFUL. You might get results faster but look at what can happen!

Nem steps between the vision of Clay and Lilly.

Nem: ENOUGH. She already feels terrible, there's no need to kick her while she's down.

Clay pauses.

Clay: The Morrigan.

Nem: Nem.

Clay: Nemain.

Nem: Nem.

There is a pause.

Clay: You're much younger looking than I expected.

Nem: Clay.

Clay: Yes?

Nem: Do you have anything that could HELP the situation instead of just berating Lilly?

"Yeah, besides I'm the one who said OK to it,"

Clay: Barry, you are excused because you have absolutely no background in situations like this. Lilith on the other hand...

Nem: Clay, enough.

Clay: Point. I'm afraid that surgically resolving this situation is likely no longer feasible. I would have to collect new samples and even then we have no idea how advanced his corruption is. We simply don't have enough time to test all the possible points of infection. I think at this point we're just scrambling trying to address the symptoms. I suggest you look at ways of attacking the cause. I might be able to develop a serum to slow things down but the side effects will be nasty.

"What about an exorcism?"

Clay: Ten years ago that might have worked but she's had too much time. I'm sorry I can't be of much help. All I can do is run tests on the samples and let you know if I discover anything useful.

Lilly disconnects from Clay and buries her head in her hands. Nem sighs.

Time to see what Red has to say, if you can get a hold of her...
No. 847140 ID: c31aac

...say, anyone know of any time travel shenanigans?
We can't rule it out as a possibility if we have a lead on that.
No. 847144 ID: 0d45a9

If Freddy is trying to kill you to get a second chance, that pretty darn evil of her, and she's killed before that's doubly evil. So, can we just, you know, murder her before she murders you?
No. 847181 ID: c88e6d

She's hiding inside you. We'd need to figure out some way to get another being into you and it would be akin to para-dropping directly into a fortified enemy position.

Let's see if M knows a whole bunch of demons who would be willing to counter-possess Barry.

I know this seems like a horrible idea but Barry's doom is completely certain at this point unless we can destroy Freddy completely.
No. 847199 ID: 2474dd
File 151139681081.jpg - (127.26KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR47.jpg )

You're actually able to get a hold of Red. Lilly asks to see your phone so she can set it up for a conference call within her mirrors. She checks something on your phone, taps a few icons that pop up on her mirrors, and away it goes.

Red: OK, so what's been going on, Barry? Your messages have a lot of crap and a lot of panic.

You fill Red in, with Lilly and Nem closing the gaps of information.

Red: Quite the mess. Well, now that the Department of Change is involved -- even unofficially -- it's outside my jurisdiction. If I had known sooner I might have been able to help -- Lilly is right when she says normally we'd just put you down like a sick dog, but your story is interesting enough that you might have gotten a reprieve from Lulu. Now that Nem's involved they'll probably just let your story play out and see what happens. On the plus side, nobody from my agency will try to kill you. On the negative side, I'm not gonna get a lot of resources either.

Red thinks for a moment.

Red: I will say this: I'm pretty sure someone's tried this bullshit before. It's highly illegal. M probably will have more knowledge about it than I will, but I should be able to dig up case histories on this. And I'm also pretty sure it's still curable.

Nem: If it wasn't I wouldn't have been given the time to help. They won't give me time for lost causes.

Red: Hey Nem! You dating yet?

Nem: No.

Red: Still a virgin, huh?

The room chills.

Nem: We have more pressing things to discuss.

Red laughs.

Red: LIGHTEN UP, Oh Reaper of the Immortal, Oh Black Wolf of Death and Change, Oh Sexually Frustrated Freckle-Face of Fate...

Nem folds her arms.

Red: Oh Most Horny of the Horned Ones. Oh Repressed of Red-Hooded Reapers. Oh...

Nem waits patiently.

Lilly: OH QUIT WAST'N TIME, ya red-headed BITCH -- Barry is in DEEP SHIT.

Red turns to you and smiles impishly.

Red: Sorry. OK, before I got side-tracked, I DO know something about corruptive elements. Cults are always screwing around with them, they get rabid, I put them down -- like those nuts that went after you. Long story short, I know of a chick that kinda specializes in madness who might be able to help you. She lives out in the middle of these creepy woods and makes creepy sculptures that she then sells on Etsy. They occasionally have magic powers. I'll query her on your behalf, and see if she's willing to meet up with you. Alternatively there's this other bitch -- and she is a bitch -- that knows a lot about curses. Her name is Amunet...

Lilly: Amu... wait. Like Amu.net?

Red stares at Lilly in silence for a moment.

Red: You know her?

Lilly: She plays DOTA, TF2, Ovawatch and she's a royal cunt.

Red: She is a literal royal cunt.

Lilly: She is a literal royal cunt. N' I bet she hacks.

Red: She still might be able to help. I'll look into some others, but those two are the ones I know of that might be able to lend a hand. Creepy woods insanity chick or Amu.net. I'll get their contact info and send it your way in about an hour.

You now have options:

A. Visit Basement Girl. You may optionally pick LILLY or NEM to accompany you; the two of them can work together to set up fast-travel. You have more than enough time to get there and back before you have to meet with M.

B. Wait an hour for Red to get back to you and then see if you can contact CREEPY WOODS INSANITY CHICK.

C. Wait an hour for Red to get back to you and then see if you can contact Amunet, or Amu.net as Lilly knows her.

D. Skip all this, just hang with Lilly n' Nem and then go visit M. You can pick LILLY or NEM to accompany you if you wish, but they may have to wait outside as M doesn't want them to have easy access to her place (she does't know them well enough).

E. Something else?
No. 847213 ID: c2051e

No. 847219 ID: c88e6d

Amunet might be a good idea.
No. 847258 ID: 600f38

No. 847336 ID: 2474dd
File 151142537481.jpg - (144.93KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR48.jpg )

45 minutes later, Red sends Amunet's contact information.

Red: Good luck getting her to cooperate. I don't know her personally but the file on her isn't flattering.

Lilly: Like I said, she's a royal cunt.

Red: She is also, as I stated, literally royalty. Good luck.

Red "hangs up" and the mirror's image returns to simple reflection. Nem appears to be deep in thought. Finally, she speaks.

Nem: She's on my list.

Lilly: Beg ya pardon?

Nem: She's on my list of people I have to take.

Lilly shudders.

"You mean... right now?"

Nem: No, not right now. Right now, she has time. Right now, she's mostly harmless -- relatively speaking. But she is not mortal, and that places her precariously as my prey.

"So... some day...,"

Nem: Some day, if I am still serving at this post, I will take her. It will be as peaceful as she is willing to make it.

"She get more time for good behaviour?"

Nem sighs.

Nem: Death comes for us all and it doesn't care how we spent our lives. Mortals are blessed by having the choice of death mostly taken out of their hands. Immortals on the other hand have to make that decision for themselves, and those that tarry too long must be hurried on their way by the Department of Change.

"Shit. So we don't have any leverage,"

Nem: We do have a little. All Reapers are allowed a little leeway to do things their own way. A little personal touch, but also the flexibility to make our work a bit easier if we can get our targets to cooperate. I can offer some favours in return for her cooperation. They're not really great favours -- any extra time I give her I have to personally make up so I am loathe to do so -- but when faced with Death, people are usually willing to take what little advantage they can.

Lilly: But she's a cunt, she'll take everything she can.

Nem: I'm used to it. Royalty makes up the bulk of my work, they're the ones most often able to afford immortality.

Lilly cocks her head to one side.

Lilly: Geez Nem, ya like one of those 'steel magnolias' huh? Sure don't look like a hardass but ya shure sound like one.

Nem: Trade you jobs?

Lilly: Fuck no.

Nem sighs and contacts Amunet.

Nem: Let me do the initial talking.

The mirror's reflection flickers and you're staring at a mummy. Well... honestly she looks more like a young lady wrapped in bandages like an Egyptian-themed costume.

Amunet: What do YOU want? I'm AMNUNET bitch, and I have PLENTY OF TIME. Go sniff some ass elsewhere!

Nem takes a deep breath and slowly, quietly, counts to ten. She stares into the mummy's eyes and never falters. Amunet's bravado begins to crack somewhat.

Nem: Would you like to know a secret about your father?

Amunet: NO, NO, FUCK NO. What do you want? I know you're not hear for me YET.

She talks a big game but won't look Nem in the eyes anymore.

Nem: A favour for a favour.

Amunet: NO. I KNOW how the Department of Death works, the favours are always LOADED. Nobody from the Department of Death ever calls unless they already got your ass in a vice, or they don't have SHIT on you.

Nem smirks.

Nem: Actually that's how they work with mortals. You are on my list, Amunet. We will meet on final terms one day. What I'm doing is giving you an opportunity to adjust my mood when your time comes.

Amunet: Don't bother offering me more time, I know it's...

Nem interrupts her: I wasn't going to. Would you like to know a secret about...

Amunet: NO! Shit... shit this isn't fair. Shit. Shit, shit... I'm ROYALTY! I... I... look. Look, what do you want? Let us dispense with the wrangling, please. What do you want from me now to keep you from doing something spiteful later?

Nem smiles in a genuine but a tired, sad way.

Nem: Just information for the time being. I can offer some friendly advice for free -- make the most of your time now so you are prepared when your time comes and it doesn't have to be such an ordeal.

Amunet: Don't bullshit me, nobody goes quietly.

Nem: My grandmother did.

A look of horror and disgust manages to creep across the mummy's face despite its lack of features.

Amunet: What do you want to know?

Nem: This is my friend, Barry. He has a problem.

And you explain your problem to Amunet. She is initially dismissive of you but raises one of her brows when you mention Freddy. However, it's when Lilly chimes in for some details that things get interesting.

Amunet: Oh ho-ho, is this Lilly-MGL4?

Lilly turns away suddenly, scowling.

Amunet: What's your bit in this, noob?

Lilly: Barry's my FRIEND, you two-bit script kiddie bitch!

Amunet: SALTY aren't we? Maybe you should just GET GUD.

She looks back and forth between you and Lilly. The eyes of the cobra mounted on her head piece sparkle.

Amunet: Huh. Well. How could I refuse a cry for help from DEATH herself, to resolve a curse that the 'genius' here couldn't? Just like in the games Lilly, fuck'n bow to my skills. Pisses you off, doesn't it?

Lilly turns away.

Amunet: Yeah it does. OK Black Wolf of Death and Change, you have yourself a deal. Whatever favour you wanna give is just icing on the salty cake of Lilly-can't-save-her-friend-gotta-get-gud-get-Amu.net. Here, use these coordinates and it'll pop him into my lobby. I have to examine you in person to analyze your curse.

"Can I bring someone?"

Amunet: Tsk. If you have to. Would rather not have either of those two tag-along. They'll have to wait in the lobby though.

"How long is this going to take? I have another meeting,"

Amunet: Oh fuck you, like you'll NEED any more help.

Nem: Manners, please.

Amunet winces.

Amunet: I don't know how long it could take. Depends on how tightly the curse is woven into your body, and how complex the code is. It could take several hours. Then I'll need time to figure out how to unwind it. I don't care if you want to put off meeting until tomorrow. I have noobs to put in their place. But at least I got Lilly done today. Whatever. Your call.

What do you do?

A. Meet with Amunet, go alone.

B. Meet with Amunet, take Nem.

C. Meet with Amunet, take Lilly. Nem can work her lab without issue.

D. Postpone meeting with Amunet until after you meet with M.

E. Postpone meeting with Amunet until after you meet with M. Meet with Basement Girl in the meantime; indicate if you want to take Nem or Lilly with you.
No. 847338 ID: 33cbe7

E, come alone.
No. 847343 ID: c88e6d

E, come alone.
No. 847503 ID: e95db7

E, alone.
No. 847552 ID: 2474dd
File 151148700932.jpg - (195.14KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR49.jpg )

You decide that you want to meet with Basement Girl first, then M, and then Amunet.

Amunet: Saving the best for last?

"Something like that, baby,"

Amunet: Don't "Baby" me, peasant. Address me with respect.

"Your highness,"

Amunet: That's better. Contact me whenever, I have noobs to crush.

You disconnect.

"I'm going to meet with Basement Girl first, and I'm going to do it solo,"

Nem and Lilly exchange worried looks.

Nem: The WHOLE TRIP solo? You said it was two hours by car. A lot could happen in two hours.

Lilly: One of us could wait in the car, Bear-bear. Y'know, for protection. Plus if ya need to go back, once I gotta breadcrumb setup there it'll be easy.

What do you do?

A. Make the whole trip solo.

B. Take Nem with you. She will wait in the car.

C. Take Lilly with you. She will wait in the car.

D. Something else?
No. 847557 ID: c88e6d

Take Nem with you, she'll wait in the car.
No. 847567 ID: 600f38

No. 847574 ID: 33cbe7

C, secretly plan threesome. Grue girl is spookier than whatever's haunting your 'nads.
No. 847621 ID: 2474dd
File 151150424212.jpg - (223.51KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR50.jpg )

Both Nem and Lilly relax when you said you want Nem along for the ride.

Lilly: Awww, OK Nem. You take good care o' my boy, OK?

Nem smirks.

Nem: He was my friend first, Lilly. Don't worry.

Nem relaxes quite a bit, becoming more talkative -- like she is after a few glasses of wine. She's got a bit more spring in her step and remarks that she doesn't think she's ever been on a proper road trip.

Nem: Can we get fries and soda?! From "5 Guys"? We can get a big bag and share!

"Aren't you going to attract attention?"

Nem: I use a glamour to hide my identity from strangers.

"A what now?"

Nem: An illusion. Most people would rather not know a type of reaper is walking among them, so they're all too willing to play into it.

"Wait, you're saying nobody sees a cute goat girl because they don't want to see one? What do they see instead?"

Nem: A cute Irish girl.

"With blue hair?"

Nem: I think they see red. Or black. I can't remember, and it doesn't really matter. I'm glad you wanted me along "Bear-bear". How long has Lilly been calling you that?

"Huh... I'm not sure. She likes to give people nick-names,"

As you climb into your car (more like an SUV since you're a big guy) you wonder about that. How long HAS Lilly been calling you 'Bear-bear'? (Observant: 1) You also notice that this seems to be the first time Nem's relaxed in a long time, and wonder how much time she really gets to have away from work. You could get to know her a little better on the trip if you wanted -- you have lots of time and will probably want to make at least a couple of rest stops if she's not used to travelling by car.

A few minutes after Nem has her soda and fries and she's settled down, she looks at you.

Nem: So. Are you starting to get a little serious about Lilly? She seems pretty fond of you. You're already 'friends with benefits', I believe is the term?

Nem looks at you with curiosity and sips her soda coyly.

What do you say? Only your first answer will count.

A. (Truthly) Tell her you are.

B. (Lie to see her reaction) Tell her you are, but in reality you think there's too many barriers keeping you from being more than "very close friends".

C. (Truthly) Tell her you don't know.

D. (Lie to see her reaction) Tell her you don't know. In reality you want to give it an honest shot.

E. (Lie to see her reaction) Tell her you don't know to see her reaction, but honestly you think there's too many barriers in the way from going beyond "very close friends".

F. (Truthfully) Tell her you think there's too many barriers to being anything more than "very close friends".

G. (Lie to see her reaction) Tell her you think there's too many barriers to being more than "very close friends". You fully intend to try anyway.

H. Evade! Ask Nem what she thinks, then skillfully change the focus to her own dating life. Surely to goodness people are interested in her!
No. 847623 ID: 33cbe7

F. Those experiments usually do more harm than good.
No. 847627 ID: 830fb7

C and F.
"I truly don't know, I just think she's set too many barriers to being anything more than "very close friends". "
No. 847637 ID: c88e6d

No. 847676 ID: 600f38

"She just gave my dick teeth while trying to help.
I like her, but I think it's best that she and I don't get any more serious than friends with benefits."
No. 847678 ID: bf51df

Lol, yeaaaaah this one
No. 847728 ID: 2474dd
File 151154084467.jpg - (218.70KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR51.jpg )

Note: The timer won't move unless the road trip takes longer than anticipated.

You tell Nem that while you really do like Lilly, you can't see your relationship going beyond very close friends with benefits.

Nem: Oh! Well... I suppose that would be for the best, I guess. Just... maybe let her know before things go too far. Heartbreak can be fatal for faeries and their kin.

Nem takes another sip of her soda and smiles to herself. She seems to be mulling something over.

What do you do?

A. Wait for Nem to break the silence.

B. Ask Nem if she's got her eye on anyone.

C. Ask Nem what she thinks of Lilly and her big black horns.

D. Change the subject; Ask Nem more about herself (you will need to supply what you wish to ask)

E. Something else?
No. 847729 ID: 17c2ee

No. 847738 ID: 5767a6

No. 847742 ID: c88e6d

No. 847773 ID: 2474dd
File 151155385446.jpg - (213.69KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR52.jpg )

You asked Nem if she had her eye on anyone.

Nem: Oh... well... no, not really. There's a saying that "Nobody decent wants to work at the Department of Change". Most of the people there are conscripts like me. We all have the stigma of death about us, but people like change even less so of the people brave enough not to be bothered by death association they tend not to like how disruptive we are in general.

"You've never dated,"

Nem: A few times. Never turned out all that well. A couple got creepy quickly -- more fascinated with me because of my association with death. plus, I was raised differently. I never got to date in my youth...

You cough.

Nem: When I grew up "youth" is 13-16, OK? I'm not as...

You chuckle.

Nem: I don't feel like a youth, all right?

"Well, to be perfectly honest you don't act your age most of the time either. You kind act 40.

Nem pouts.

Nem: I have responsibility, Barry. I had to take responsibility for my family's debt because nobody else was willing to. I had to do the right thing. It's not easy. And it gets lonely.

She looks out the window and watches the scenery pass for a few minutes in silence.

Nem: I've never even been really kissed.

"You're shitting me,"

Nem: I'm not. Nobody comes close enough.

"Yeah, but I get the feeling you don't let them come close enough, either,"

Nem looks wounded.

Nem: I was told never to be alone with a boy. Or anyone. I found out later that my family line had a death curse of its own, that we'd only ever have a single child and that child would be doomed to die by her 17th birthday unless she marked others to take her place in death. Anyone left alone with her too long would be taken, and their years to be added to hers, and this curse would continue until one of her bloodline was taken. This would continue forever until the debt with death was paid, and I was the one who chose to pay it by coming into service with the Department of Change.

"Shit, Nem. So that's what you mean by conscripted,"

Nem: Yes and no. I mean, it was my choice. Nobody asked, nobody made me take the path I did. But I knew the truth, and knowing what I did I couldn't have lived with any other decision. So it was my choice, but I really never had a choice.

She's quiet again.

"So that's why your dating scene is kinda ass, huh?"

Nem: Yes.

What do you say?

A. "Well, you know I was never afraid of you,"

B. "Are you sure you're not just projecting this fear? Maybe you're just afraid of being vulnerable so you just look for the fear in others n' then reject them because of it,"

C. "You're a hottie. You're gonna attract creeps because they want a piece of your tender virgin hottie ass. What you need to do is meet people on-line, then once you get to know them you reveal you're a hottie. Bang, you'll be kissed in no time,"

D. "Lots of people like you. Lilly likes you. Red likes you. I like you. I don't think any of us are afraid of you. You just need to lighten up and stop being The Black Wolf 24/7. There's gotta to be more to you than Death and Tunmblr porn, right?"

E. Something else?
No. 847820 ID: 5767a6

Can we do A. and D.?
No. 847874 ID: 600f38

Yes, since we have plenty of time I also support A then D.

Barry doesn't fear the reaper; but he has a healthy respect.
Nem's a bit like the reaper of Russian folklore; beautiful and merciful, but harsh with those who are undeserving of mercy. She does important work, and she takes pride in it. The system's a bit ass, but that's not on her.
Still, she has a lot of people who like her. Barry, Red, and Lilly. Probably more, but she tries to keep her circle of friends loose so there's no way to really know for sure.
No. 847875 ID: 17c2ee

A. If possible, D too.
No. 847891 ID: 2474dd
File 151159676172.jpg - (218.52KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR53.jpg )

>Can we do A. and D.?
Yes; if there's only one option it will be noted at the time.

Nem gives you a sad half-smile.

Nem: Thanks, Barry. I appreciate it. Feels like a long time ago, but I used to really have an interest in chemistry science. Due to my duties I've been doing more studying in metaphysical sciences, and a fair bit of hacking. None of it's really my passion though. I like exploring and trying new things, but in the past few years most of it's just secondary to hunting down targets. I never get to stay and learn the really interesting bits of a new place -- the art, learning, or theories -- mostly I learn just enough to locate and strike, and then I have to leave before their authorities find me. I'm always having to watch out for assassins and bounty-hunters. I've only got a few safe spaces -- this is one of them. The Show's another. My apartment safe house at the Department of Change is a third.

"I've never heard you talk about your apartment,"

Nem: Nice place, but it's alien to what I'm used to. I'd invite you but I'm not allowed, which is why it's not really one of my favourite places.

Nem is becoming melancholy. You punch her in the shoulder gently and tell her to cheer up, she's on a road trip. Nem tries another half smile.

Nem: I'm sorry Barry, you just... reminded me a little of who I used to be. Did I ever tell you I met myself growing up?

You tell Nem she didn't, and she tells you that shortly before her 17th birthday she encountered a giant, powerful woman named Macha who also took the form of a terrifying, misty black wolf. This black wolf was both the embodiment of her family's death curse and a potential future of each of the girls the curse revolved around. With the help of some friendly guardian spirits, Nem realized that Macha and the Black Wolf were both elements of herself. She was always a little afraid of Macha, but also pitied her because she seemed as unhappy and lonely as she was powerful.

You nod.

"So what happened to her?"

Nem: When I realized the truth of the matter, I took control of my own life. I took ownership of the 'death curse' of my family line. That's when I met the little man from the Department of Change, who explained my choices: I could go back to being little Nem, settle down, have a family, and let my daughter deal with the burden of the family curse when it was her time. Or I could take responsibility for my family debt and work for the Department of Change. It would end the curse and any future child I had would be free. Nobody would die in my or my children's place again. It wasn't a real choice. There is no way I would put my daughter through what I had gone through, no way I would sacrifice others just so she could live, and I would not force her to exchange my mother's life for hers. During this decision, my spirits were separated from me. They were confused why I did what I did, they didn't understand. They didn't want me to sacrifice my old life. They didn't understand I already had, and they didn't understand it was one thing they had no say in. Macha initially disappeared.

Nem takes a long drink of her soda.

Nem: Until I took ownership of my family's curse, Macha was just possibility. A potential future me. She was different for every girl, but she was always just a reflection of someone else. By ending the curse, it meant my potential children would be free also. My POTENTIAL children.

"You're saying Macha's going to be your unborn child?"

Nem: And she's going to be a handful.

"Wait, are you saying you're pregnant right now?"

Nem: No. We're already drifting into metaphysical theory here. Ummm... Barry, do you believe in souls?

"I think Lilly showed me she has a portable hell that burns the sins from the damned for fuel, I slept with two kinds of demons, a deep one, a grue and what might be a ghost, my dick has teeth and my eyes are going to eat my brain, and I lost my virginity to some demon criminal who's now upgraded to undead demon criminal? Oh yeah, a Grim Reaper is sitting next to me eating fries and drinking soda. Yeah, souls aren't very far fetched at this point,"

Nem smiles. It's a genuine, full smile.

Nem: OK that was a silly question. In a nutshell, my future daughter's soul is named Macha and she's helping me on the job until she has a real permanent body to call her own, whenever that might be.

"That is one freaky 'I take my daughter to work with me' story,"

Nem smiles again. It seems talking about her past seems to have helped her deal with it a bit and her mood has lifted considerably. You ask if she'd like some music and Nem asks you to put on "I'm Just a Girl" by No Doubt.

She sings along loudly and surprisingly well, letting herself flow with the music. You comment on her singing and she blushes.

As you watch her, you start to think... (only the first one will count)

A. You feel sorry for Nem. Maybe you could fix her up with someone or help make sure she never "becomes Macha".

B. Feel attracted to Nem. You could be dead in a few days, this is no time for regrets. It's time to make a move. She can at least cross 'get kissed' off her list.

C. Feel *very* attracted to Nem. If you had the luxury of knowing if you even a future you'd think about something more serious. Since you don't have time for regrets, you let her know.

D. You like Nem as a friend, but she seriously needs to loosen up. After you're done with this crap you're gonna take her bar hopping; she needs to get drunk n' stupid or she's going to go nuts. Tell her this.

E. Something else? __________
No. 847895 ID: c88e6d

Definitely B.

Course there's no way for you to CONSUMMATE at this point, succubus deathcurse and all, but hey, maybe Nem and you can shack up and start a more intimate relationship some day.

Failing that, you can haunt her and hang out with Macha's Potential Ghost.
No. 847951 ID: 17c2ee

No. 847997 ID: 3d229a

No. 848015 ID: 600f38

No. 848142 ID: 3abd97

All this talk of potential children and potential futures makes me wonder if this is kind of evil genie kind of deal. Like, earn the freedom of her potential heirs, but never get to actually actualize them.

>what do
I sorta like D, but I almost feel like Barry should be pushing for her to have some fun even before we fix his curse(s). I mean, yes, that's a risk and possible waste of time, but when else will he have Nem as a captive audience. She can't run off and do work stuff if we are her current project.

I guess B is the closest to that? Even if nothing long term happens, or they don't go beyond friends, pushing her to live a little seems a good idea.
No. 848146 ID: 33cbe7

No. 848157 ID: 2474dd


The key here is how Barry feels about Nem. Does he view her as just a friend, a possible friend with benefits like Lilly, or are his feelings deeper?

This is a character-setting option; Barry won't be able to change his feelings again unless a significant event occurs (something that could alter his perception of a character).

Friendzone (A/D) locks out most flirtation options. It means that Barry views Nem only as a friend and thus his interest in her well-being is as a friend. These feelings can't change until a serious event. Also if you survive, your date will become an 'outing' instead.

B signifies Barry is attracted to Nem but she's not someone with whom he'd plan a future with. It allows flirting, kissing, and seduction but as a Gentleman/Romantic it means if Nem indicates she's only interested in a more serious relationship he has to back off until she says otherwise. It also doesn't rule out helping Nem with her general well-being such as helping her loosen up or even helping her find her soul-mate with someone else. Neither does it rule out shifting these feelings to being more serious in the future.

C indicates Barry is both attracted and serious about Nem. It means he has strong feelings about her, and opens all romantic options even if things don't work out because at the time he was honestly serious about her. It does rule out helping Nem find love with anyone else.
No. 848159 ID: 3abd97

Affirming B, then.
No. 848166 ID: 4d899b

No. 848196 ID: 2474dd
File 151174724911.jpg - (325.52KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR54.jpg )

"C" has been chosen; Barry is deeply attracted to Nem on a serious level.

As you watch her, you start to think of how badly you want to move things out of the friend zone into something serious. It's not just because she's trying to save you, it's not just because she's a spooky girl, and it's not just because she's cute. You've been with ladies who all have those qualities.

"It's not just physical," you tell yourself, "The other girls have just as much cute and some are red hot on top of that. It's not just because she's a bit nerdy because several of the others are too,"

You might just be in love because...

You now need to define Barry's reasons for wanting Nem, and since it's seriously it's more than purely physical.

A. Nem is strong. You've never met someone determined to do 'the right thing'. Nem is smart enough to see the possible consequences and brave enough to face them. You admire her for it, but she's so serious all the time you think she could really use a partner who could help her relax.

B. Nem is serious but in a cute way. She's the most practical, down-to-earth spooky chick you know and she contrasts you nicely. Plus, Nem's reliable. She's someone who you know will always have your back, and you've not really had that other than your mom since you lost Jaja. You know she's lonely, and it'd be good for both of you to know they had someone they could depend on.

C. Nem's kind of adorkable. She's terribly 'uncool' in that she's the straight-edged type but at the same time she still likes fun things like wine, her 'dreamtime' herbs and porn. You find her conflictions cute and her complexities intriguing. Considering you are full of contradictions yourself (being a nerd/player) you could make a good couple.

D. You feel like maybe you and Nem could complete each other. She's extremely mature in some ways but sexually she's frustrated and socially you can tell she's a little lost, while you've had an early exposure to sexuality and while you lack direction in life in general you're pretty confident socially.

E. Something else?
No. 848198 ID: c88e6d

No. 848199 ID: 33cbe7

E as in E-asy.
No. 848200 ID: 2474dd

Not applicable for the situation; maybe if "B" was the majority but even then it doesn't fit Barry's profile of 'romantic'.
No. 848201 ID: 3abd97

E: your demon dick wants to sink its teeth into her.

No. 848203 ID: 600f38

Lets go with a mix.
In descending order of magnitude: D, C, B, A
No. 848204 ID: 20c889

C & A
No. 848207 ID: 1e7aa8

No. 848208 ID: 830fb7

lets go with all of the above
No. 848211 ID: c2051e

No. 848225 ID: 2474dd
File 151176616781.jpg - (218.17KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR55.jpg )

You turn down the music. Nem stops singing and looks at you expectantly.

"Nem, I know I'm on borrowed time. I wanna tell you something before I lose my chance,"

Nem: Yes?

You want to tell her you've fallen for her, but the words get stuck. You cough.

"I uhh... this is kinda awkward,"

Nem: I'm your friend. I've recently seen you naked. I yelled into your stem. Whatever you need to say, it's OK to just say it.

For some reason, you feel fear well up inside you. You decide to scale it back and lead into things.

"You're really cute, you know that? I don't know any other girls like you, and I know a lot of unusual girls,"

Nem is quiet for a moment.

Nem: Thanks, Barry.

You feel you're losing the moment. You grip the steering wheel tightly and focus your determination.

"You're not ordinary cute. Like, you're the most complex girl I've ever met. We met 'cause you had a porno Tumblr with the cutest monster girl porn I'd ever seen. But when we chatted, you turned out to be incredibly smart. You were really different. Then I found out HOW different,"

Nem is entirely too calm, like this isn't the first time she's heard this. It makes the bottom drop out of your stomach, but you keep going.

"I gotta thing for scary chicks, OK? Ever since Freddy, regular human girls just don't get my attention any more. But you never scared me until today,"

This catches Nem's attention. You see one of her ears twitch out of the corner of your eye.

"You're scare'n me because I'm trying to say I'm really serious about you, but you just keep looking at me like you've heard this all before and I don't have the TIME for a do-over. But I wanna tell you NOW before it's too late. OK Nem? I don't want to be 'just friends'. I want you to be my girl, aight? I wanna wake up next to ya, bring you breakfast, and watch anime together. I just... don't have time right now to do anything more than just TELL you. So you know how important you are to me. More than just friend important,"
No. 848226 ID: 2474dd
File 151176756888.jpg - (220.08KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR56.jpg )

You feel your stomach knot in the moments in-between your speech and Nem's reaction.

It's not until you see her cheeks flush and she shyly turns away do you feel a slight relief. That is precisely the kind of way you'd except Nem to react if the feelings were potentially mutual.

"So. What's the verdict?"

Nem: Oh Barry... I knew you were attracted to me. I didn't mean to seem so cold, it's just... I already knew. I was wondering if this news might make you admit it, and I knew it'd be difficult because of all the stress.

"Soooooo... here's the thing. I don't want to make you feel like you have to say you feel the same way. I just wanted to make sure I didn't die without ever having told you,"

You feel a bit sheepish.

"I mean... yeah, shit timing. It's OK if you just want to be friends. I wouldn't want you to feel trapped. But the last thing I'd want is pity sex. Or even a pity kiss. I've had more ass then I ever deserved to have. So I don't want anything that won't mean as much to you as it does to me, y'know what I'm say'n?"

Nem smiles, but she's still blushing. You glance over, and you recognize the kind of smile one smiles when they can't stop.

Finally, she speaks.

Nem: Barry... I'd...

She sighs.

Nem: It is shit timing.

She waits for you to look over at her and she gazes into your eyes.

Nem: I'd ... be OK with trying to be more than friends. I just wish we didn't have this cloud over our heads.

Inexplicably, you feel a sudden rush of terror. It passes but it shakes you up. Nem notices this.

Nem: That's HER fear you're feeling.

She breaks eye contact and goes back to staring out the window.

Nem: Until we get rid of her, it's not safe to ... experiment.
No. 848228 ID: 600f38

"Well, I'd be more sympathetic if she wasn't trying to KILL ME. Of course, if she wasn't trying to kill me she wouldn't be in this situation in the first place."
No. 848229 ID: 2474dd
File 151176841893.jpg - (215.95KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR57.jpg )

Nem: I wish I knew how strong her influence was over you, Barry. But you might panic. You're strong enough to hurt me if you catch me off-guard... and I need to feel safe enough to allow myself to be vulnerable. And until Freddy's gone, I'm not safe. Lilly isn't either. I don't think any of your girlfriends are.

Nem's ear twitches.

Nem: Speaking of which... if we date, and we get serious... no more fooling around with other girls.

"All right. That's a promise. But I want a promise of at least one date,"

Nem smiles sadly.

Nem: I didn't forget that promise. But you have to survive this first.

She looks glum again.

"C'mon baby, cheer up. Have a little faith, I'll get through this,"

Another weak smile. You think for a moment.

"So no more girlfriends. So I can hit a brotha on the down-low then?"
No. 848232 ID: 2474dd
File 151177042612.jpg - (219.28KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR58.jpg )

Nem turns and smirks.

Nem: You get ONE. You don't get to whore around with guys either, but you can pick ONE.

You blink.


Nem: I'm serious.

"I was kidding,"

Nem: Every marriage or serious relationship may be formed of one heterosexual couple plus one same-sex partner each, but only one. We understand that there are certain needs that can only be fulfilled by someone of the same gender.

"Is... it required?"

Nem chuckles.

Nem: No, that doesn't make sense either. Although I should have said 'yes' to see how you'd react. Darn it.

Well, at least she's smiling again.

"Wait, whose rules are these?"

Nem: North Gaelend's. That's where I'm from. It's acceptable for a family to have up to 4 parents. It's unusual but sometimes there's even very large families with many parents... but normally even with the extra partner there can still be issues with jealousy. It's just socially acceptable, and it means that in the case of someone's passing, one's intimate friend can also be cared for in one's will.

"Is everyone bi in North Gaelend?"

Nem: No, but we don't have the same stigma for homosexuality so there's more experimentation.

"Interesting. Also a little hot,"

Nem blushes a little.

Nem: It is. So if you find yourself a cute spooky boy, as long as you just have ONE you can have him on the side. I would prefer to meet him though since he'll be extended family.

You wonder if she's pulling your leg. Although Nem sometimes teases you she's not much of a liar.

What do you do?

A. Find out more about this element of Gaelish culture. As in, if Nem picks a bi chick are threesomes allowed?

B. Sex might be out of the question, but maybe you can work on that first kiss -- start by taking her hand.

C. Be fanciful. Talk about what happens when your family and Nem's family have to meet.

D. Enough serious relationship talk! Just make idle chit-chat and sing along with your music until you get to Basement Girl's place.

E. Get to know Nem a little more, but now more like a potential serious girlfriend. Ask her some questions (Nem will ask you some in return): _____________
No. 848233 ID: c88e6d

E.) Ask her some questions, like about fun places she's traveled to. She can ask you about the weird NON-Sexual adventures you have (like ending up spending a night gaming with a friendly succubus).
No. 848249 ID: 600f38

No. 848300 ID: 2474dd
File 151181966576.jpg - (218.70KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR59.jpg )

55 min until you reach your destination...

Nem: Honestly, this is probably the most fun place I've traveled to. I love my home, but we're nowhere near connected compared to this world. The prevalence of dairy products is a little disconcerting, but the variety of fresh product is impressive. Also I do have to admit I enjoy the Internet here.

"Well, tell me about your home then,"

Nem: The air is far fresher there than any place here. We don't have cars. I'm pretty sure we speak a different language too, but that's when my memory goes sideways. Actually my memory goes sideways quite a lot when I think of home, which means things are changing.

"Do you miss it?"

Nem: Yes, but I'm allowed to visit and work takes me there pretty frequently anyway. I try to keep my family from worrying too much. Speaking of which, tell me a bit about you mother. How has she handled everything you've gone through? Does she know about the number of supernatural girls you've been bedding -- considering it's borderline illegal?

"Mom's always been there for me. She was really upset when she found out, press was all over it, government showed up and took a mess of samples, grilled everyone. There was talk about taking me away, but I was still a minor so it caused a bit controversy and then suddenly they just left me alone. Mom told me it was because she prayed to God to see us through. I think she has to be religious, she needs to believe in something that won't walk out on her. Then people wanted to buy my story, and I learned to tell it really well, then started to write."

Nem: First there was a movie. Then you sold your first book.

"It took care of us. Mom figured God just moved in really mysterious ways. But she always wanted to make sure I got a good education and she would home-school me on Sundays to make sure of it. So personally, I don't know how much God did and how much we worked for ourselves. I don't see a real God letting that many people die just so my mom and I could get out of debt,"

Nem nods.

Nem: Working at the Department has made me throw out all I thought I knew about religion. I still have faith though. I think things would be much worse if something didn't love us. Things make too much sense to be pure chance, and if a great power didn't love us we'd be dead already.
No. 848301 ID: 2474dd
File 151182032323.jpg - (221.76KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR60.jpg )

50 minutes until your destination

>Find out more about this element of Gaelish culture. As in, if Nem picks a bi chick are threesomes allowed?

"So... about this 'intimate friend' thing. If you decided on an intimate friend who was bi, does that mean we could have a threesome?

Nem: You're making a big assumption that I want an 'intimate friend'.

"Nem. I know your Tumblr blog. Cut the shit,"

Nem blushes.

Nem: You shut up.

"No no, this is important,"

Nem: How greedy can you get?! We haven't even started dating and you're already trying to bring a third party in?

"Like what if I ran into Hin?"

Nem looks down flustered but her embarrassed grin gives her away. Knowing she's got no way to bluff she comes clean.

Nem: If you found a Hin, and she was OK with it, yeah we can have a threesome.

"I'm gonna hold you to that,"

Nem sighs.

Nem: Good luck finding a Hin that'll cooperate. I can't see her being interested in either one of us from what I know.

"What about Lilly?"

Nem raises an eyebrow.

"Don't tell me her big, black horns don't turn you on,"

Nem falls into a flustered silence and won't look at you. You make a mental note.

What do you do?

A. Sex might be out of the question, but maybe you can work on that first kiss -- start by taking her hand.

B. Be fanciful. Talk about what happens when your family and Nem's family have to meet.

C. Enough serious relationship talk! Just make idle chit-chat and sing along with your music until you get to Basement Girl's place.

D. Get to know Nem a little more, but now more like a potential serious girlfriend. Ask her some questions (Nem will ask you some in return): _____________
No. 848305 ID: 33cbe7

It was B, Barry! B!
No. 848306 ID: c88e6d

No. 848320 ID: 2474dd
File 151182974802.jpg - (218.52KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR61.jpg )

45 minutes until you reach your destination...
>B. Be fanciful. Talk about what happens when your family and Nem's family have to meet.

"So. Let's say we get serious, like... married serious. How well do you think our folks will take it?"

Nem laughs.

Nem: Terribly, I'd imagine. Have I mentioned that humanity is extinct where I call home? How would your mother react to you bringing home a girl who not only wasn't human but who worked for the Department of Change?

"Oh, the fact that you're not human might not sit well with her. Especially your ... ummm,"

Nem sighs in exasperation.

Nem: I HATE how people associate the goat with Satan here. How could anyone associate a cute farm animal with the Lord of Darkness?

You shrug.

"That reminds me. How DO you feel about seeing goats now?"

Nem: It's interesting. I don't think we're truly related though.

Nem's mood seems to have improved.

What do you do?

A. Sex might be out of the question, but maybe you can work on that first kiss -- start by taking her hand.

B. Enough serious relationship talk! Just make idle chit-chat and sing along with your music until you get to Basement Girl's place.

C. Get to know Nem a little more, but now more like a potential serious girlfriend. Ask her some questions (Nem will ask you some in return): _____________
No. 848330 ID: c2051e

No. 848341 ID: 600f38

No. 848344 ID: de34c9


"So does that mean there's there like no situation whatsoever I could get you to bleat? Because I think that would be really really cute."
No. 848347 ID: 2474dd
File 151183678137.jpg - (122.92KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR62.jpg )

40 minutes until your destination...

>Sex might be out of the question, but maybe you can work on that first kiss -- start by taking her hand.

As you drive, you cup Nem's slender hand in yours. You see her face flush and she turns away but she doesn't try to leave your touch. She's warm and soft and feels quite human, but that shouldn't be a surprise since she's told you she's an 'analog', which are very close to human apparently.

Nem doesn't say anything. She just waits.

What do you do?

A. Massage her hand a little.

B. Move your hand up her arm. You can't really take your eyes off the road for a kiss, but you can put your arm around her for a half hug.

C. Pull over. Prepare for make-out.

D. Something else?
No. 848356 ID: 600f38

This is getting into distracted driving.
No. 848357 ID: 4324ce

Yeeah, not interested in a car crash.

We can have sloppy makeouts all we want after we park. I hope.
No. 848384 ID: c88e6d

No. 848402 ID: 2fe26a

A. It's literally impossible to crash with the grim reaper as your co-pilot.
No. 848492 ID: 2474dd
File 151193669978.jpg - (162.29KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR63.jpg )

35 min until you reach your destination...

You give Nem's hand a squeeze, play with her fingers, and trace lines in her palm. She squeezes back, and shyly shrinks a little in her seat.

You're pretty confident you're going in the right direction. Nem is brave and strong but it's clear she's entirely out of her element and feeling vulnerable. Taking it slow is probably best. At least until you take care of this curse.

What do you do now?

A. That's good enough for now; focus on going to your meeting with Basement Girl.

B. Pull Nem in a little closer.

C. Pull over.

D. Ask Nem if she'd like you to pull over.

E. Something else?
No. 848493 ID: 33cbe7

No. 848494 ID: c2051e

No. 848495 ID: 20c889

E: Tease a little (e.g.: I'm looking forward to when we stop" kind of thing), then back to more casual conversation. No need to press hard.
No. 848510 ID: c88e6d

No. 848531 ID: 600f38

No. 848644 ID: 2474dd
File 151199456046.jpg - (179.89KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR64.jpg )

30 mins until your destination.

You pull Nem closer, and she leans over and snuggles up next to you. Right now she seems far more girlish than Reaper, and you've not seen her this relaxed in awhile.

Your arm lays draped across her back, your hand tantalizingly close to one of her breasts. You could quietly slide the hand over for a little feel, although it might be too much a distraction while driving. Also as relaxed as Nem is, that might be moving too quickly for her.

What do you do now?

A. That's far enough for now; focus on going to your meeting with Basement Girl.

B. Slide your hand along to her breast; you'll move slowly and purposely enough that she'll have plenty of time to tell you "no" if that's not what she wants.

C. Pull over.

D. Ask Nem if she'd like you to pull over.

E. Something else?
No. 848646 ID: 4ba031

Grab her by the honkers and swing her around like a bludgeon at your earliest convenience
No. 848647 ID: d0bba6

E. Swing Nem around by her boobs.
No. 848650 ID: b5fb67


Let's do the SANE thing and C. Pull over.
No. 848655 ID: a363ac

N3m is very much an adult who can say No if she feels uncomfortable with something (not to mention can murder anything that makes her feel that way consistently) she seems happy at the moment so the mood isn't wrong and she isn't a blushing virgin (just a regular virgin) so go B.
No. 848674 ID: de34c9

Yknow what?

C. Lets do this thing.
No. 848716 ID: 600f38

You're on a deadline (Hurf durf), but you have time to take this like the gentleman you are.
No. 848730 ID: 33cbe7

No. 848731 ID: 2474dd

rolled 3 = 3

Resolving impassé...

No. 848735 ID: 2474dd
File 151201504806.jpg - (183.07KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR65.jpg )

You begin to pull the car over. Nem opens one eye.

Nem: What's going on?

"I thought maybe it's time we pull over,"

Nem: No it's not.

"I just thought..."

Nem: You're on a deadline, you've got two appointments after this one, and your stem is full of teeth. No.

Nem irritably sits back up, adjusts her cape and seat belt, and tries in vain to get her hair to not curl in front of her eyes so much.

Her face is still flushed but you can tell any romantic attempts on this road trip are over.

"Sorry, Nem,"

Nem is flustered and irritated: You just... had to do that, didn't you? I am not like Lilly, M, Red or Basement Girl. They have experience. They had a different time growing up. I don't want my first time with someone I care about to be some awkward tumble on the side of the road.

"I just wanted to make out,"

Nem sulks: Same deal.

You sigh and focus on driving. Nem looks out the window in silence. Her frustration only betrays how close you were, and it rubs salt in the wound for both of you. You make a mental note that when it comes time to seduce Nem, you're going to have to make it special for her. For now, you give her as much space as you can within the confines of the car.

No. 848738 ID: 600f38

Hate to say I told you so, alright.
Do believe I told you so.
No. 848740 ID: c2051e

Wait, why'd she automatically assume pulling over meant sex? We could've just made out like we both wanted.
No. 848743 ID: 2474dd
File 151201707972.jpg - (161.40KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR66.jpg )

When you arrive at your destination, Nem gets out of the car when you do.

"Nem, I gotta do this solo or I'll scare Basement Girl,"

Nem: I can see where her domain begins, and I'm going to keep watch over you until you cross it. Freddy knows I know she's there. She isn't an especially clever criminal, which makes her dangerous -- clever criminals can be counted on not making rash moves with repercussions that would end them. I can entirely see Freddy doing something rash that could doom you both, even after she's heard me tell you just now. So I'm keeping an eye on you until you enter Basement Girl's domain. If she tries anything, I can end her swiftly.

"Is she immortal?"

Nem: Not yet.

"Aren't you not allowed to interfere then?"

Odd how that question came so quickly to your lips.

Nem: I'm fully prepared to kill to protect you.

"But you're not going to have your usual bag of tricks then, right?"

Again, that was an odd question.

Nem: I have a lot more tricks. I get 'commissions' from my targets for such occasions.

"What kind of tricks?"

Nem: Just keep fucking with me, Freddy. When I get you, I'm going to make it hurt. A lot.

You shudder involuntarily.

Nem: She's on the move, Barry. Don't waste time.

You head towards the house. You're a little unnerved by the way Nem was talking, but at the same time it feels good to know that despite your faux pas, Nem is as determined as ever to keep you safe.

No. 848744 ID: 2474dd
File 151201794592.jpg - (85.91KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR67.jpg )

Again, you enter a familiar, barren living room.

Again, you find a number of pornographic magazines on the floor. But there's a new one.

The familiar four are from the "Cockswett Tails" series: "Susanna", "Marcie", "Layla" and "Lisa".

There is a new, fifth magazine from the "DungeonatriXXX" series. It features an attractive amazon of a woman with thick black horns, blue skin, and Asian features. It takes you a moment to realize it's "Hin", a horned woman Nem has a girlish crush on. Apparently she's a real person Nem met once at a Halloween party, and she's one of Nem's favourite subjects on her porn Tumblr.

It's clear Basement Girl thinks this is a booty call. You need to figure out how you're going to communicate otherwise. She tends to move pretty quick when you're not looking at her.

What do you do?

A. That new magazine must be there for a reason. Take a closer look at it.

B. Pick up one of the magazines -- specify which one.

C. Pick up all the magazines.

D. Don't pick up any magazines yet - get your pen out instead.

E. Something else?
No. 848745 ID: 3abd97

Sorta unnerving we didn't say anything in Basement Girl's defense. I mean, it's not like you want Nem to kill her.
No. 848746 ID: 2474dd

Barry tried to explain that; Nem said "Same deal" which means she didn't want to just make out on the side of the road either.
No. 848747 ID: 3abd97

B, DungeonatriXXX.
No. 848748 ID: 2474dd

>"Nem: Just keep fucking with me, Freddy. When I get you, I'm going to make it hurt. A lot."

Nem wasn't talking about Basement Girl, she was talking about Freddy.
No. 848749 ID: 600f38

No. 848752 ID: c88e6d

Pick up the Hin Mag to examine it.
No. 848753 ID: 3abd97

It was actually this line that makes it sound like she was waiting around to kill BG.

>So I'm keeping an eye on you until you enter Basement Girl's domain. If she tries anything, I can end her swiftly
No. 848763 ID: 2474dd

Ah, I see. For background, Nem can see where domains begin and end, and she knows that as long as Barry is within her line of sight or within another spooky girl's domain he is relatively safe. She meant if Freddy tried to do anything at all between leaving Nem's presence and entering BG's domain she'd kill her. She was really talking more to Freddy the entire time, whom she knows can hear her.

If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the Quest Dis: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/116808.html

It's for more than just porn.
No. 848843 ID: 2fe26a

C. This girl needs a maid.
No. 848952 ID: 2474dd
File 151209272547.jpg - (165.22KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR68.jpg )

You pick up the magazine.

After flipping through a few pages, you realize that this is work lifted right from Nem's porn Tumblr. The inner artwork, the stories, even the style. The only thing that's changed is the layout.

As far as you remember, this wasn't the case for the "Marcie" Cockswett story. Basement Girl must have done this for a reason.

You glance back -- the other magazines are still there, and no key has been left yet.

What do you do now?

A. Check the story for changes. You're familiar with it already, so alternations to the source might hold meaning.

B. Get out your pen and mark up the magazine to communicate your situation somehow.

C. Analyze the story for clues. Is there a specific reason why this story was chosen?

D. Put this down, get another magazine.

E. Get all the magazines.

F. Something else? ____________
No. 848953 ID: c88e6d

No. 848961 ID: 5767a6

No. 848990 ID: 600f38

No. 848996 ID: 2474dd

rolled 1 = 1

Resolving Impassé...

Note: Impassé resolution will now occur when even the leading suggestion has less than 3 votes. The amount of time to acquire the votes varies based on how critical the outcome will be, and when my work shifts are.

No. 849008 ID: 2474dd
File 151210731347.jpg - (165.03KB , 640x720 , SpookDQR69.jpg )

You spend 10 minutes scouring the magazine for clues, and comparing it to the other magazines to see if you can find something useful.

One thing you note is that this is the ONLY erotic story where there is no male lead. All the Cockswett stories have a roguish male lead, but the one written by Nem features a naive Gaelish girl with black hair called "Corelina" and Hin. In the story, Hin invites Corelina into a dungeon for tea and offers her knowledge of some deep, dark secrets but warns here there is a considerable price to pay. Corelina agrees and then the story proceeds down a path of sexual bondage until Corelina at last has paid the price required.

The ending is missing. Originally, the big secret was that Corelina liked everything Hin did to her, then Hin then puts a collar on her marking her 'belonging' to Hin. Nem admitted to you she had to borrow a LOT from existing stories.

Now that you think about it, it would be difficult to impossible for Basement Girl to re-enact this story. You don't think she'd allow herself to be bound and you don't think she'd wear a strap-on like Hin does at one point in the magazine.

You conclude:

A. Basement Girl knows Nem is here. She's left the ending blank because she's asking a question, probably why she's here. You probably have to fill in the ending in a way that explains Nem.

B. You must represent Hin, because Corelina is still the partner who gets penetrated. Basement Girl must be wondering what's going on, and as the "Hin" role you have to reveal it.

C. You must represent Corelina, because Basement Girl holds the secret. Maybe you have to fill in what your price is.

D. Basement Girl wants to do Nem. You should go get her. Or at least show her the great job Basement Girl did turning her Tumblr Porn into an erotic magazine.

E. This is a pain. Just write on the magazine that your eyeballs are going to eat your brain. Illustrate it, even. Then put it on the floor, turn around, and wait for her to make her move.
No. 849012 ID: c2051e

E. Our eyeballs are gonna eat our brains, let's not fuck around.
No. 849016 ID: 5767a6

No. 849020 ID: c88e6d

E. Also mention that your penis is going to eat your torso.

We can get Nem laid LATER.
No. 849023 ID: 600f38

E, but by way of A.
This is how she prefers to communicate, so do it that way.