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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 150794607866.png - (134.03KB , 600x600 , outis1.png )
836498 No. 836498 ID: ed67d9

"And zhen! And zhen!! Ammy travels to a totally different quest! Her panel is fading away— well, more like ze pixels are becoming transparent but ze details aren't important even if it did look really neat— and zhen she dies! Dramatically! And that is ze end of ze chapter and of Ammy! OR IS IT!? Dun dun dun!"

I wince. Beatrix can be quite loud when she ramps up to full steam. "What about Aubrey?" I sign at the ever-excitable yinglet.

My sign goes unnoticed as she continues, "Of course, she did not actually die! But I'm spoiling my own story so pretend you didn't hear zhat!"

I'm not sure she'd notice if I pretended or not.

"And ze chapter continues! Zhat's not a spoiler because it's happening right now!"

I wave my hands in a desperate attempt to get Beatrix's attention. It does not work.

"And zhen— guess who shows up!?"


"Khoooroooos~! He starts talking about how your mozher cannot be trusted! And stuff! And zhen— DARKNESS! By which I mean zhere's a black panel!"

My waving intensifies. I might fly before she notices me.

"And zhen, two more panels! His eye opens, and zhen he offers a VERY CLEVER PUZZLE! Can you solve ze puzzle, Outissa!? ...Why are you waving your hands like zhat?"

Finally. I start to sign—

"Anyway! Zhe puzzle tells people about how your mozher can do zhat name-controlly zhing!"
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No. 836499 ID: ed67d9
File 150794609723.png - (117.07KB , 800x600 , outis2.png )

I chirp loudly. Beatrix finally stops and looks at me, her ears perked up attentively. "Aubery. What happened to her?"

"Oh! He he he! Zhat is the best part! She distracts your mother... with sex!"


"Yes yes! Very passionate love-making! I shall describe in great detail how it goes! Aubery's hands slowly run down her sides, feeling out her supple curves before meeting wizh her underwear! With a grin, she sloooowly lowers zhem—"

I chirp louder than I have ever chirped in my life. "NO! Do not tell a story like that! I do not want those details!"

"Are you sure? Zhey are very juicy details!"

I glare. Then I draw back my inner eyelid so I can glare harder.

Beatrix folds her arms in a huff. "Fine! Be zhat way! I will skip to what happens right after!"

I make a mental note to sit on Beatrix's face later in thanks.

"And what happens next is...!"
No. 836500 ID: ed67d9
File 150794611024.png - (77.90KB , 600x600 , sas67.png )

...the moonlight turns the blankets covering you and the dame into sand dunes, but made out of fabric. Your mot— uh, Outissa's mother snores quietly, a comforting, regular rhythm.

The orange ember of your smoke glows in the darkness as you ponder your thoughts. As you consider your next move.

You didn't manage to get any real information from Eurydice. The only words coming out of her mouth were those of passion.

Turns out, she'd never fooled around with an aardvark before - most gals haven't - and you introduced her to an entire new world of sensation. You can still taste her on your tongue. You idly wonder if that's what her daughter tastes like.

So, aside from Eurydice (who you have done plenty tonight)... What do you do?
No. 836502 ID: ed67d9

(Big, big thanks to Slinko for the images and the assistance with the text! S-speep!)

(...also, disthread is HERE: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/112766.html)

No. 836503 ID: a363ac

Find missing collar. then search her clothes for clues.
No. 836506 ID: c88e6d

Acquire her collar, don't let her know your full name. Keep her from escaping you. Try and get her little black book!
No. 836509 ID: 3ce125

Nose around in her clothes for clues.
Also have second thoughts about her honesty. Come to some rather nasty conclusions if you assume the worst about her and how much she was lying.
No. 836585 ID: 094652

Drink until you're crazy. Strangle Eurydice. Get secrets from sobbing schemer.
No. 836589 ID: 3fb646

Get one last, deep taste of her before you go. Help yourself to her stuff for clues. Your clothes can stay off until you're ready to leave the house.
No. 836591 ID: 100607

Did she ask you to call her mom?

Unfortunately, you must realize that Ammy suddenly had to leave on a trip to a different 'verse and that she won't be helping you with this investigation anymore. She's a very busy god after all.

So better dress up because it looks like you're going to have to go visit the Station Archives yourself.
No. 836609 ID: be0718

Execute plan 'Goofy Time.'
No. 837454 ID: ed67d9
File 150828017014.png - (29.37KB , 600x600 , sas68.png )

You decide that it would be a good idea to go through the noxan's clothing, see what you can turn up. Her dress is back in the living room, on the table, laying splayed out like the flayed skin of a suffocated Smurf.

You decide to forego getting dressed yourself. If she wakes up and you're dressed, she'll get suspicious, think you're trying to abandon her. Also, you like walking around naked.

You reach the table and pick up her dress, inspecting it, and finding ZE MOST SHOCKING ZHING YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!
No. 837455 ID: ed67d9
File 150828017294.png - (159.68KB , 600x600 , sas69.png )

Her dress has actual pockets! Fancy ones, too, the kind that are bigger on the inside than on the outside.

You lock an ear onto Eurydice as you rummage through the pockets, quickly, quietly, carefully emptying their contents onto the table. She's sleeping as heavy as a lead log.

The contents are:

A. Money (two Δ$)
B. Ticket stub
C. Housekey
D. Key to storage unit
E. Vial of black ink
F. Claw file
G. Floss
H. Quill pen
I. Small pad of paper
J. A couple hard candies
K. Bits of loose black fur

You want to look at everything at once, but you gotta play it safe. So you decided to limit it to only a couple items at a time. You also douse your smoke so that you can sniff stuff, but it's going to take a few minutes before your snoot comes online. In the meantime, you can use your eyes, fingers, tongue, whatever!

Choose two items that you want to examine closely right now.

(I suggest expanding the image, too!)
No. 837458 ID: be0718

Combine ink with pad of paper.
No. 837459 ID: c88e6d

The ticket stubs and the small pad of paper. Acquire departure location to identify her point of origin, examine pad for evidence of anyone familiar touching it, then examine pad for textual evidence.
No. 837461 ID: 6e59e3

Inspect key - why does she have a key that reads 'BTRX' - Beatrix?

Also inspect the storage key. Do you have anything you can swap out with the black storage key to avoid suspicion?
No. 837468 ID: 3ce125

>ticket stub for sep 30th
What's the current date?
Examine: notepad, ticket stub. There's writing on the stub I can't quite read.
The storage key says Z52 on it, the key says BTRX...
If that is Beatrix's key then she has something she should not have.

Once your nose gets back online, sniff the fur. If it's Outissa's and relatively fresh, then that's another thing she should not have.
No. 837471 ID: 56e50f

Pad of paper and ticket for sure. Your snoot can check things out once it's cleared out.
No. 837475 ID: 100607

Eh, the pad and the ticket are gonna win anyway so, I'll just vote for something else.

E. Vial of black ink
H. Quill pen
They look surprisingly similar to the ones Outissa was using to write XQ1. If you could determine that they're one and the same then.. what would that mean?
No. 837551 ID: ed67d9
File 150830546333.png - (50.97KB , 600x600 , sas70.png )

>B. Ticket stub
A Ticket stub from the Transdimensional Train! The front indicates the arrival date and length of stay. Visitor ticket, lasting a week, starting today.

("That is not how the Tickets work!" you sign at Beatrix. She responds by rolling her eyes and continuing.)

As this is completely and totally how the tickets work, you know that if you look on the back you will find where she came from and where she's going back to. Should be the same place!
No. 837552 ID: ed67d9
File 150830546467.png - (45.61KB , 600x600 , sas71.png )

...Cherrygrove!? Really. That's where you're from! Then again, Cherrygrove is second only to the Forest in terms of traffic to and from Station, so it shouldn't be a surprise.

...still, though. You don't like coincidences. They stink. They stink like a three-day-old milk stain on deep pile carpet in August.
No. 837553 ID: ed67d9
File 150830547058.png - (147.90KB , 600x600 , sas72.png )

>I. Small pad of paper

You expect notes, maybe numbers, maybe doodles.

Not... this.

A list of names. More names than you can imagine. No numbers, just the names. Written in a rusty-brown ink, a color like old blood. Pages and pages of names, all in neat, precise lettering. The little notebook is about three-quarters full. You glance at the last few names - none of them ring any bells.

Your snoot is back online!

And, unfortunately, Eurydice sounds like she's going to be up in a couple minutes. You have a few choices to make, before you have to put stuff back and return her dress to where it was.

Choose one item from her pockets to snuffle. It can be one you're looking at now or one you haven't yet.
Also, please Choose one item to examine close up.

Finally, you can also choose any number of items to take with you, if you're feeling brave enough.
No. 837563 ID: 3ce125

There was blood on that pen. She doesn't use ink, she uses her own blood to write names! That's how she activates her power over them.

Take the book. Burn it. Take the storage key too. Heck take everything and put her under arrest. The guards should be instructed to blunt her claws, put a mask on her, and keep her closely monitored so she doesn't try to write a name on the wall of her cell or something by rubbing her fingers raw or something. If possible her prison should be kept completely clear of names.
...I bet the storage key goes to a locker full of notepads with more names in them. Those should be burned too.

Snuffle the fur.
Examine the candies.
No. 837567 ID: c88e6d

Examine the bleedthrough on the page above!

Also, make a note to go examine all the people on these list. For reasons of detectiving. Especially those whose names begin with R or K.

Sniff notepad.
No. 837584 ID: 094652

Why is my name saved for last?

Throw the candies and hair on the floor. Take the storage key. Everything else is easily missed.

Put all the items back in her dress, and then break the black ink jar while it's in the same pocket as the notepad.
No. 837588 ID: 100607

What a strange list of names. It looks like some of the names are closely related, for instance, CHEI NO

You can't just go arresting someone for having a list of names and it would be ill-mannered to go stealing/ruining items of a lady you just slept with. Everything should be put back in place the way we found them

I vote to sniff the fur. If it's Khoros' fur, then we'd hit a jackpot.
No. 837590 ID: 3fb646

Man those alarms are blaring.
Examine storage key, sniff loose fur, pocket candy for later sniffen'.
No. 837592 ID: 3ce125

Personally I think if Aubrey isn't going to immediately arrest her, she shouldn't take anything. Eurydice is able to mess with the quest which means she has some way of monitoring the quest, which means she'll notice if Aubrey is carrying/pulls out something of hers.

What Aubrey *could* do instead is sabotage the pen. Bend the tip so you can't write with it, or something. That would keep Eurydice from writing Aubrey's name in the notebook and controlling her directly until she gets a new pen. It would also be subtle enough not to immediately alert Eurydice to Aubrey having gone through her stuff.
No. 837599 ID: be0718

Combine ink with notepad! Arrest the witch for crimes against continuity.
No. 837614 ID: b9b4da

Write her name in the notebook.
No. 838043 ID: a363ac

sniff vial of ink. oooo piece of candy take one. examine floss
No. 838046 ID: 66e254

Snuffle fur, examine ink. Don't take anything.
No. 838092 ID: ed67d9
File 150845762387.png - (160.98KB , 600x600 , sas73.png )

("Outissa! Come on and choose one! You can't vote for FOUR ZHINGS, you have to pick one!")

You are torn with indecision as to what to examine next! You are going to sniff the fur, but you hesitate as you consider which of the following four items to look at:

Ink, Floss, Storage key, Candies

Choose one of those to examine
No. 838139 ID: 9c2d0c

key. figure out where storage place is.
No. 838155 ID: c88e6d

The Key.
No. 838172 ID: a363ac

No. 838215 ID: 100607

Use dental floss to make skimpy string clothes, with candies to cover the nipples and key to cover your genitals.

Jokes aside, I vote Ink.
Check out what color it has.
No. 838221 ID: 91ee5f

>Come on and choose one!
Choose one "everything"!

.....ok, fine, just take the Storage key.
No. 838234 ID: 3740b1

Key because who knows what or who she has in storage.
No. 838289 ID: eecdf5

It can only be... THE KEY
No. 839349 ID: ed67d9
File 150889464770.png - (36.17KB , 600x600 , sas74.png )

You hold the bit of fluff up to your snoot and give it a very light snuffle. You immediately have to muffle a gunshot of a sneeze as a hair tickles your nose.

It smells like Eurydice.


It also smells like India ink, of all things. That'd make sense given the jar in her pocket, but that was black and all of the words in the notepad were definitely NOT black.

You pocket the fur. She's got plenty more, and this is fishy enough that you're gonna want to find someone to look at it later. Maybe under a microscope.
No. 839350 ID: ed67d9
File 150889464997.png - (92.42KB , 600x600 , sas75.png )

That storage key catches your eye and you look it over. You have pretty shitty eyesight, but even you can make out the "Z52" on the front. On the back is some text that is too small for you to read. You won't need a microscope, but you'll need someone with better eyes than what you're packing.
No. 839376 ID: ed67d9
File 150889897781.png - (38.05KB , 600x600 , sas76.png )

Alright, the MILF-noxan is stirring in her nest over there, so time to put stuff away.

Aside from the fluff, which of Eurydice's pocket treasures are you grabbing for yourself? Each of you gets ONE vote on what to take, and you'll pocket anything that ends up with two or more votes.
No. 839380 ID: 3ce125

...she dyes her fur with the ink, but uses blood for the notepad?

>what take
I'm thinking storage key. Someone else needs to look at it to get all the information from it, after all.
No. 839381 ID: 91ee5f

>Ink to dye fur, blood to write.
.....yeah, that sounds about right.

>Take storage key.
No. 839383 ID: 094652

Storage key. Next question.
No. 839399 ID: c88e6d

Get the Ink Bottle. It feels important. Besides that, the storage key will be more noticeable.

Taking anything will be noticeable at this point however, and I am reaching catastrophic levels of paranoia. In all likelihood anything you do is playing further into her hands and imperils Outissa and Beatrix, however taking no action is equally problematic. My instincts suggest violence to be the answer but I cannot define Eurydice as hostile beyond a shadow of a doubt, which is unfortunate.

I mean, she probably has Insurance and horribly dismembering her would be temporary, but I fear the mental trauma on you would be severe, and she might NOT be actively trying to hurt Outissa, as much as I suspect she is.
No. 839412 ID: 3fb646

The Candy.
You have the storage number remembered and the authority to have the lock cut. You don't need to raise suspicion by taking the key.
No. 839439 ID: 81e384

No. 839474 ID: 3740b1

Lift the covers and take a long look at that milf booty.
No. 839503 ID: b9b4da

Take booty.
No. 839540 ID: a363ac

take candy
No. 840069 ID: ed67d9
File 150908673488.png - (59.07KB , 800x600 , sas77.png )

That ink is suspicious, the key you'll have to check out, and sometime's a gal has a need to get something smooth and hard in her mouth. Something to suck on.

You return the other items where they belong and you have the dress back on the table.

You take the ink, storage key, and candies over to your coat, where you disappear them into the pockets. Safe and sound.

You go sit down on the couch. Just in time. You watch as the noxan gets up and out of the bed, quiet as the night and ten times darker. Hardly makes a sound as she walks around the bed. Spooky.

1x Phone
1x Pack of smokes
1x Lighter
1x Purple collar (Outissa's)
1x Loose black fur, smells of ink (Eurydice's)
1x Storage key, "Z52" (Eurydice's)
1x Vial of black ink (Eurydice's)
2x Hard candies (Eurydice's)
No. 840070 ID: ed67d9
File 150908673651.png - (85.93KB , 800x600 , sas78.png )

You remember to take one more thing: a good hard stare at that dark-furred booty, the tail attached to it flicking absently. She looks good, and not just "for her age" - naw, she looks good for any age. Damn.

You watch that ass glide on past like an oil slick on cool water as Eurydice heads for the bathroom. Doesn't look like she knows you're up - she's probably on auto-pilot, driven by her bladder yelling at her. Few seconds later, and sound from the bathroom confirms it. Given the late hour, she's going to be heading back to bed when she's done.
No. 840071 ID: ed67d9
File 150908673730.png - (225.01KB , 800x600 , sas79.png )

Well. You got a choice to make: Do you want to question her while she's still sleepy OR do you want to investigate the rest of the house? First option'll likely get you info that you wouldn't get while she's more awake; second option'll let you search a bit more without her nosing in.
No. 840075 ID: 66a4ca

First option would likely get you a fist in your face.. and maybe somewhere else too. Actually, fisting sounds pretty good, so I'd go with this.

But you'll have to be veeery careful with your words, to not alarm and wake her up too fast.
No. 840076 ID: 094652

Investigate the house. Anything she says could be designed to be misleading.
No. 840084 ID: 3fb646

Investigate quickly, key areas. Return to warm Noxan for proper Pillow talk. See if she lets anything slip.
No. 840092 ID: 3740b1

Explore the house, and see if you can't find your canine companion. I'm curious what he'll think of your new lady friend. What does his nose know? Two schnozzes like yours should work together.
No. 840116 ID: c88e6d

Investigate the house, Aubrey.
No. 840131 ID: a363ac

No. 841437 ID: ed67d9
File 150950074398.png - (101.88KB , 600x800 , sas80.png )

You give a quick thought to grilling the gal a bit more, but figure that snooping your snoot around is a better idea.

Plus, you love walking on the carpet here - it's much softer than in your own. Must be a custom job. It's like walking on the belly of a gigantic kitten.

Alright - these apartments are all pretty much the same, so you have an idea of what room is what. Although, apparently the crazy noxan decided to put stuff where it doesn't belong, like a BED IN ZE DINING ROOM OUTISSA SERIOUSLY ZHAT IS STILL SUPER WEI—er, anyway. The point is, stuff isn't necessarily where you might expect it, but you'll be marking down items as you come across them.

So far, you have only been to Dining Room, Living Room, and Kitchen. However, you have NOT really examined or investigated them yet. You were... distracted. You know that there's a bed and a computer and computer desk in the Dining Room, and the Living Room has some chairs, a couch, and the coffee table.

Right now, you're standing in the downstairs hallway with your ears askew as you think, and Eurydice is still in the downstairs bathroom, doing whatever noxans do in there.

Which room would you like to go to first? You can vote for any room on this map, even ones you haven't been to. As you investigate rooms, you'll mark them on your mental map.
No. 841445 ID: c88e6d

Presumably the computer is Beatrix's. That will be helpful. Let's sniff it out for traces of any signs of contact with anyone who isn't Outissa or Beatrix.
No. 841480 ID: 3fb646

The the kitchen!
No. 841538 ID: 66a4ca

Living room. You're gonna be investigating the whole apartment anyway, so I don't see the point of being picky. Just visit one room at a time, starting with the closest one first. Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, then go upstairs etc. If you're in a hurry, then you could just skim all the rooms first to see which ones might be interesting / have been in use, helping yourself with the nose and all that.
No. 841611 ID: a363ac

sniff the dining-room table bed.
No. 851131 ID: ed67d9
File 151304657951.png - (83.64KB , 800x600 , sas81.png )

You approach the computer, since it's when Eurydice comes back to bed it'll be a bit more difficult to inspect it.

You snuffle the keyboard and pick up lots of Outissa and most recently [/b]Beatrix[/b]. Also, lots of fish smells - looks like the yinglet didn't always wash her hands after eating. Which is a totally normal thing to do.

Do you want to examine the desk more thoroughly, turn the computer on, ordo something else?
No. 851140 ID: c88e6d

Snuffle the desk, wonder why Outissa would do lewd things while on a computer.
No. 851142 ID: 094652

Computer. Take the whole damn thing if you have to (AKA steal the hard drive, put the rest of the computer back together, and skedaddle.
No. 851208 ID: 6cc25a

Turn the computer on. Look at google search history.
No. 851372 ID: a363ac

turn on computer and look through the desktop. then Internet browser history
No. 851507 ID: 56e50f

Turn it on, hope there's no passwords set.
No. 851527 ID: 6cc25a

Wait. Do you even know how to turn on a computer?
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