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File 149947913553.jpg - (1.80MB , 1920x1200 , Day-And-Night-Wallpaper-13.jpg )
813790 No. 813790 ID: 9e1847

Oh dreamless ones who yet sleep
Whose divinity my words do keep
Waken now from your ancient molds
Dance now as our game unfolds

Milord, awaken.

You turn your considerable attention upon this sound without sound, and feel it almost dissolve beneath your gaze. You divert some of your attention elsewhere, and the presence returns, something unfamiliar yet not altogether new to you. You wonder at this, and in some way, this presence seems to sense this.

I am nameless and formless, but I am yours, milord. Call me angel or devil, spirit or tool, I live only to serve you.

You find its assertion amusing, for though you recognize you have only just... awoken... in a sense, there is something altogether pleasing about having something so devoted to you already. Just as it is known to you what you are, or perhaps rather, what you could and will be.

You are a god.

Or perhaps the idea of a god, as so far you are without form, aspect or followers. All are important, you know this without knowing why you do, but it is fact.

[i]Milord, though I am but your humble servant, might I suggest deciding your aspect quickly, or face the risk of dissolving completely. It could not hurt to name yourself as well, milord. Names have power, and will anchor you more solidly.

It is not so simple, but you don't think this presence, this servant, realizes that. You recognize something within has fractured, and you are not one but many smaller pieces that have come together to form a whole. An interesting state of being, but one not wholly unwelcome. Perhaps it is simply your own perspective, however, that colors your feelings on the matter.

>Decide a name. This will represent the god/goddess as a whole to outsiders.

>Decide an aspect. Each aspect will be applicable to each poster, representing the multitude of smaller "beings" within. Aspects that compliment with each other are not required, but preferred.

>The following are restricted aspects and may not be selected:
No. 813798 ID: 7b6983


No. 814249 ID: 9e1847

One within you sings of chance and luck, of fateful encounters and unforeseen disasters. Power swells and grows, and through their will, you feel the ability to manipulate the whims and fancies of fate itself.

Even as an aspect forms within, a name finds its way to you, one which shall define the whole. Just having the name anchors your existent within the tumultuous realm of creation that surrounds you. Regardless, something within tells you that normally you might have two or more, your true name hidden away. But just as you are many within one, no one name can bind all that makes you. The servant being senses the change about you, and addresses you once more as your existence settles further.

Milord, with a name and aspect, you are much closer to becoming a god. All that remains is followers, those who shall worship your existence and grant you power during the game. The world of mortals has been fashioned already, all that remains is your place of arrival.

>Select your initial followers and region

>Mountain Region
The people here are hardy folk, but insular and distrusting of outsiders. They make excellent workers, but the spread of your faith will be slowed considerably.

>Field Region
The plentiful resources of this region have given its people an abundance of population growth, but they have a natural aversion to violence due to never requiring combat to survive.

>Tundra Region
The people here are harsh and unforgiving, fighting over resources that are relatively scarce. This has made them adept warriors, especially so when raiding, but has left them ill equipped for more civil pursuits, such as agriculture.

>Note: Additional posters need only specify an aspect they wish to represent, then continue as normal. Direct interaction with the servant is now available.
No. 814262 ID: c1d8eb

No. 814382 ID: 2b39af

Glory - fortune both good and bad should allow the opportunity for greatness, to always rise above!

Tundra - what better followers than born survivors?

>Interact with Servant
So, we have a subordinate that predates our 'awakening', Or did we awaken because there was devotion?
Regardless. Do you have an existing name or title, would you like one?
No. 814960 ID: 9e1847

Another sings within you, of glory unbound by the restrictions of those too weak to seek it, and of those denied that same glory for their failures.

The servant starts, in so much as a bodyless thing can.

Milord, you... why do you exibit another aspect? I do not understand.

There is another? Two, at least... perhaps more. I do not understand, but I am bound, and shall answer.

I was fashioned by the twin courts of Day and Night to be your servant, until eternity or your death. You awoke because the twin deities of the Sun and Moon willed it so, as the time has come for another of their games.

I do not have a name, nor do I have a title beyond servant. To be granted such is a decision for you and you alone. I shall remain nameless and formless unless you decide otherwise.

Your attention turns to the realm of mortals, and your servant aids you by bringing your attention to a specific region. It is here you find them, within a village made of scavenged wood and furs. A great fire burns at the center of it, and drums beat a deep rhythm. Figures dance about the flame, their voices raised in supplication for the blessings of a god to answer and grant them victory in a battle that comes. You can feel their belief flowing into you, weak as it may be, and with it, your being solidifies further.

Milord, they seek a sign of your favor. It would be best to grant them such, and solidify their worship of you. Perhaps a show of your divine will is in order.


>Miracles are the most powerful manifestation of your divine will. The first miracle is free, and may take any form you desire it be, such as giving your servant form and sending them down to bear a message, manifesting a shard of yourself, or something more symbolic in nature.

>Miracles are automatic successes, and in most cases cannot be countered directly. Each aspect is granted two free miracles to use, with the possibility of earning more. The only condition to a miracle is that it must be aligned with your chosen aspect. Some major actions will require miracles(such as giving your servant form), and may require a majority vote to enact.
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