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File 149862618608.png - (110.73KB , 800x700 , tank1.png )
810845 No. 810845 ID: 6c9de1

>SABEL: "Hey, how're we doing downstairs? We'll be in range soon."

>GOON: "Driver here, Belle's running as good as she's ever. Radio's fine, too."

>BILL: "Gunner, turret's functioning with a full range of motion. Christ, I can't wait!"

>SABEL: "This is First Lieutenant Sabel Rode, in Saber 1. All units, how we doing?"
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No. 810847 ID: 6c9de1
File 149862656043.png - (91.24KB , 800x700 , tank2.png )

>SABER2: "Saber 2 here, we're all good."

>SABER3: "Saber 3's at 100%. Is it true that we're in for a fight today?"

>SABER4: "What do you think, Jeanne? We're driving out this far for our health.... Saber 4's ready for action."

>SABER5: "Saber 5 here, stuck with tail again and honestly really happy about it!"

>SABEL: "This is gonna be our first real operation as a team, Sabers. I'm scanning the field now, orders coming your way in a second. We're going to wipe as much of the infantry from this hill as possible, and get home in one piece!"
No. 810849 ID: be0718

Saber 5, disengage your parking brake!
No. 810850 ID: 6c9de1
File 149862767622.png - (71.84KB , 800x700 , tank3.png )


Saber Team is tasked with performing a raid on the opposition-held hill, codenamed Muspelheim.

The hill has been in their possession for several weeks now, a situation that has to change before we can hope to push them back further. They've lightly fortified it and turned it into an artillery position, defended by smaller anti-tank and anti-personnel pieces.

Completely wiping out the enemy isn't required before retreating. Do be aware though that the more damage you can deal out now, the easier of a time we're all going to have when we come back later in the week with the infantry.

Including your own, there are five AT-015 "Globe" tanks at your disposal. Each holds 20 AP and 20 HE rounds. Use your units wisely--since the air battle last month ended in the destruction of our main Globe factories, we'll be hard-pressed finding replacement vehicles or crew.

Good luck. Cut them deep.

>SABER2: "Boss, I can see the hill on my scope. That's a lot of guns, and they've definitely seen us by now.... We'll enter their range soon, any ideas?"
No. 810851 ID: 930e23

This reminds me a bit of Advance Wars.
Try to engage the enemy as quickly as possible. Any advantage the hills may give them are nothing compared to first strike.
No. 810856 ID: 3ce125

Veer off to one side so that fewer guns can fire at you at once. Take 'em out in small groups or one at a time if you can manage it.
No. 810883 ID: be0718

Hmm... Try shooting all of your guns in sequence. That usually works.
No. 810898 ID: 6c9de1
File 149865918208.png - (65.32KB , 800x700 , tank4.png )

>SABEL: "Sabers, we're circling right! Keep up the pace and fire in sequence, starting with the tail tanks. Pick off those guns!"

>GOON: "We're in the thick of it now... Interception channel's going up!"

>MUSP. INF.: "H-hey!! They're trying to flank us, front line needs to turn their guns!"
No. 810899 ID: 6c9de1
File 149865945909.png - (65.67KB , 800x700 , tank5.png )

>SABER4: "My team's gonna get knighted today! Saber 4, fire!"


>MUSP. COMMAND: "Shit! All forces, get into position and smash those Globes! Don't let our Lances get hit!"
No. 810900 ID: 6c9de1
File 149866062321.png - (178.98KB , 800x700 , tank6.png )

>SABER5: "Saber 5, fire!"

>SABER5: "We got one!"

>SABER3: "Saber 3, fire--fuck, I forgot to fix the sights! Shot missed!"

>SABEL: "They're returning fire! Keep moving!"

>SABER4: "Saber 5, keep up, will you? You're falling behind!"

>SABER5: "Driver here, sorry, that's my fault! Squint can't hit marks if we go too fast."

>SABER4: "Hurry and get back on my tail, dumbass! Don't you see their big artillery turning? It's not a problem now but if you're not quick enough you're gonna get vaporized!"

[[>SABER5: "There's no way it could catch up in time, Feather! Saber 1, what if we hang around this flank a little longer? If we slow down we could clear it and get a shot at those Lances!"]]

[[>SABER4: "It's too risky Boss, let's stick with your plan! Have you ever seen a Lance hit something point blank? Nothing survives!"]]
No. 811096 ID: d79f26

jack knife and start going the opposite direction as fast as possible. drop accuracy is fine. but they are still turning and suddenly going the other way will ruin their tracking.
No. 811164 ID: be0718

Is this your first combat mission, 5? Do you want it to be your last? Keep moving!
No. 811231 ID: 6c9de1
File 149876804061.png - (151.94KB , 800x700 , tank7.png )

>SABEL: "Saber 5, is this you guys' first combat mission or something?!"

>SABER5: "W-well, it's the first for most of us, except for you and and Feather..."

>SABEL: "Well if you don't want it to be the last, you'll keep close!"

>SABER5: "Sorry, Boss.... Driver, step it up!"

>SABEL: "Watch it now, we're turning hard. Continue firing!"

>SABER2: "Saber 2, fire!"

>SABER2: "Nice, we hit the one 3 missed!"

>MUSP. INF.: "Lieutenant! The front line on our left is completely wiped! There's only one more row of guns in front of the Lances on that side."

>MUSP. LANCE: "Argh! Quit moving you bastards, I can't keep a lock like this!"

>MUSP. COMMAND: "How much longer until our tanks arrive?!"

>GOON: "Shit, the fire's getting heavier... Did they say tanks are coming?"

>SABEL: "They're not here yet, we're fine! It's our turn to shoot, I'm going up to mark a target."
No. 811232 ID: 6c9de1
File 149876838050.png - (346.67KB , 800x700 , tank8.png )

>SABEL: "Man, it's thick out here...! I see a good target coming up Bill, 4 o'clock--"

[[>BILL: "Fuck! Something's got a lock on us, sir!"]]

[[>MUSP. INF.: "Die, you S.O.B.!!"]]
No. 811366 ID: d79f26

use secondary weapon, just need to foul their aim.
No. 811525 ID: 6c9de1
File 149887016853.png - (411.91KB , 800x700 , tank9.png )

>SABEL: "Goon, shotgun!!"

>MUSP. INF.: "Urghk!"

>SABEL: "I got him but he got a shot off, watch it!"

>SABER3: "Huh--?!"
No. 811528 ID: 6c9de1
File 149887064641.png - (478.35KB , 800x700 , tank10.png )

>SABER4: "Jeanne!!"

>SABER3: "Fuck, tank buster! I-is my scope hit? I can't see..."

>SABER3: "Driver here, Jeanne's hurt bad and our flank's been swiss cheesed! I think our battery was punctured!"

>MUSP. INF.: "Hey, Dan hit a Globe! Their number three is bleeding!"

>MUSP. INF.: "Scrap him! We'll beat them back before the Ribbons even get here!"

>MUSP. COMMAND.: "Are there any more buster launchers around? Get them to the front, now!"

No. 811531 ID: 6c9de1
File 149887133329.png - (158.76KB , 800x700 , tank11.png )

>SABEL: "Fire at will, don't let them get a lock on 3! Saber 1, fire!"

>BILL: "On the way!"

>MUSP. COMMAND: "Everyone, concentrate your fire on those last few tanks! A whole case for whoever kills the number 3!"

>SABER5: "Saber 5, fire!"

>SABER5: "There's too much smoke getting kicked around...! We missed!"

[[>GOON: "It's getting really hot here man, do you think we've done enough damage for the old lady to be happy yet? I don't want Belle catching one of those rockets up her ass, none of us would survive it..."]]

[[>BILL: "Already?! I only got one shot off!"]]
No. 811599 ID: d79f26

leave, they have a severely weakened flank, a second squad will be able to mop up no problem. you are a squad not the whole army.
No. 811634 ID: 6c9de1
File 149890191349.png - (151.44KB , 800x700 , tank12.png )

>SABEL: "That's it, we're bouncing! Stay close!"

>BILL: "Aw, bullshit!"

>MUSP. COMMAND: "Hold your fire! They're retreating."

>MUSP. INF.: "We did it!"

>MUSP. INF.: "Sir, the Ribbons say they're about 10 minutes out. Should I ask them to pursue?"

>MUSP. COMMAND: "Do it. If we could take five of the Holy State's Globes today, perhaps we could get our momentum back..."
No. 811637 ID: 6c9de1
File 149890358827.png - (172.89KB , 800x700 , tank13.png )

>SABER2: "We're out of range, now. Geeze, what a rush...!"

>SABEL: That went better than expected, I didn't think we'd get out of that without casualties. Leading people's harder than I thought, I wonder how the old lieutenant managed it for so long...

>SABER4: "Saber 3, you're looking really bad from back here. Your battery's leaking, did anything sensitive get hit?"

>SABER3: "Driver here, readings from the battery are still good for now but I'd love to stop and check on it if I could."

>SABER4: "Keep Saber 1's pace but try not to push it. Battery damage can be lethal."

>SABER3: "We'll be fine! My scope's busted or something, but when I get it back online we'll still be good for a fight. Don't worry about us!"

>SABER4: "Jeanne...!"

>SABER2: "Saber 1, what's our next move? I don't know if our manuals had procedures for returning to base with an injured tank...]]

[[>SABEL: Shit, our next move. We'll need somewhere defensible if we want to patch 3 up. There's a town near here we could try, but it's been technically opposition-held for the past month or so.]]

[[>SABEL: Further on our path there's some ruined farmland, but it's pretty out in the open. Or if they're up for it, we could play it safe and not stop until we reach our territory...]]
No. 811673 ID: be0718

Let's stop in town! A machine shop may have some equipment we can appropriate for repairs.
No. 812352 ID: 6c9de1
File 149911358606.png - (116.99KB , 800x700 , tank14.png )

>SABEL: "There's a town nearby, let's see if we can get Saber 3 patched up before we drive all the way back. Follow me!"

>SABER4: "Hey, I can see the church spire over the hill! We're really close, now."

[[>SABER2: "It's coming up on the map, too. How're we going in, anyway? Those are our people down there, but the latest reports we have say it's still 'controlled by opposition...'"]]

[[>BILL: "We could just roll in and do a little liberating! We've spread 'em so thin lately, some place like this can't have a big garrison."]]

[[>SABER4: "And blow half of some innocent Statesmen's town to shit if we get caught up in a fight? Someone should go down on foot first. Maybe if we can explain to whoever's in charge down there that we've got wounded, they'll let us come in peacefully."]]

>SABER3: "Wounded? What?"

>SABER3: "James, keep him from moving around will you--! Driver here, whatever gets our battery fixed and our commander helped the fastest we're behind..."
No. 812370 ID: be0718

Rolling up in a tank sounds safest - for us. Roll in, get supplies, roll out - quick 'n easy.
No. 812901 ID: 6c9de1
File 149922398445.png - (172.87KB , 800x700 , tank15.png )

SABEL: "It's riskier for the town, but we have ourselves to worry about. We're rolling in and getting what we need."

>SABER4: "Tch!"

>SABEL: "We'll be careful, don't worry! We--huh?"

>SABER2: "Those banners... The town's flying the State's colors!"

>SABER5: "Hey, there's somebody armed by the gate! They're...waving?"
No. 812908 ID: 6c9de1
File 149922492917.png - (74.49KB , 800x700 , tank16.png )

>SABEL: "They look friendly. I'm going up to talk to them!"

>SABER2: "Careful, now..."

>???: "Oh my God, I was right! The Armored Corps!"

>???: "Captain, they really sent us Globes?!"

>???: "Sirs, I can't express how glad I am to see you. We've been laying in wait for weeks. We heard the gunfire and knew it was time to act! The old militiamen and some of us younger folk rose up and routed those blue bastards they tried to leave in charge of our town!

[[>???: "God, I can't believe this is finally happening! So they sent you all to save us? The State's come back to liberate this county?"]]
No. 812912 ID: be0718

The state commends you on your proactive patriotism. While the specifics of our troop movements are classified, rest assured that we are continuing the battle for your liberty.
No. 812938 ID: 7b95d9

We're doing what we can, but we have injured soldiers and damaged vehicles. If'n you don't mind, we could use repairs on both.
No. 812957 ID: d79f26

we're in the middle of an operation so we can use some repairs, quick and dirty is fine for now, but we also need to keep an eye out for when that pursuit force comes in. and follow some sun tzu tactics, "when strong appear weak", lay a trap that makes the pursuit force think we are more heavily damaged then we really are then spring the trap on them.
No. 813001 ID: 6c9de1
File 149926671934.png - (50.66KB , 800x700 , tank17.png )

>SABEL: "I'm First Lieutenant Sabel Rode, from tank team Saber. We're doing what we can. We've got an injured man and a damaged tank though, and could use some help."

>???: "Of course, sir! One of the old men used to work with Globes before the factories went down, he'll definitely know how to fix it. Please, come in!"

>SABEL: "Perfect, we're lucky to have patriots like your lot behind us. We owe you, miss...?"

>PHOEBE: "Acting captain Phoebe, of the Uovo militia. You don't owe us a thing!"

>UOVO MIL.: "Captain, we could lead them to the geezer's workshop if you want to take their boss to the church."

>PHOEBE: "Right! This way, friends!"
No. 813002 ID: 6c9de1
File 149926808353.png - (91.60KB , 800x700 , tank18.png )

SABER4: "I'll make sure everyone's alright, and that 3 gets fixed. See you in a few, Sabel."

>SABEL: "Right. Keep an eye out for signs of pursuers."

>PHOEBE: "We'd started to wonder if we were ever going to see those blessed tanks again. Are more of you coming too?"

>SABEL: "Uh, troop movements are classified at the moment. We're actually in the middle of an operation right now--we only stopped by because our man got hit."

>PHOEBE: "Oh... I see. So we're still on our own?"

>SABEL: "No, no! Don't get me wrong, the State has not forgotten about you all! But liberating this area was not supposed to happen today..."

>UOVO MIL.: "Captain! There's a lot of chatter on the radio, you should hear this!"
No. 813005 ID: 6c9de1
File 149926945072.png - (64.50KB , 800x700 , tank19.png )

>PHOEBE: "What's up? Increase the volume!"

>MUSP.INF.: "Raise the broadcast range some more, those tanks will need a lot to hear us!"

>RIBBON1: "Muspelheim, we're hearing you. You should see us by now. Give us a vector and we'll start our hunt."

>MUSP. COMMAND: "Ribbon 1! It's good to hear your voice. They fled to the west, same way they came in. There's a small chance they tried to stop at Uovo, but we still have a garrison there--with their number 3 tank bleeding, they're probably heading for their home base."

>RIBBON1: "Got it. We'll catch up and scrap them before they even see friendly territory."

>RIBBON3: "LT, when we find them, leave that number 3 to us!"

>RIBBON1: "Want an easy kill to earn your ace badges with, eh? I'll allow it."

>RIBBON1: "Alright you two, we'll take a peek at that village, then book it down whatever path they took. Move!"

>SABEL: "Shit...!"

>PHOEBE: "That has to do with your operation, huh? They sound like a tank team, but they expect to catch up with you?"

>SABEL: "They have to be in the new Feathers. The fastest tanks the opposition fields... I hear they can run down Globes."

>PHOEBE: "Faster than a Globe?! There's no way we could get you all fixed and out of here before they show up!"

[[>SABEL: "We'll have to fight. Let me think, we still have the element of surprise so we'll need to use it..."]]

[[>PHOEBE: "How can we help? Our militia still numbers some thirty-odd strong. And this radio works both ways, do you think we could buy some time that way?]]
No. 813007 ID: be0718

Keep radio silence for now. In fact, if you could jam their radio, that'd be even better. We keep the damaged tank out of sight, and use our active tanks to stage an ambush outside of town. Attract their attention and bring them around to one side of the village (leading them all the way around is probably a stretch given their unknown, superior top speed) and have the militia actually ambush them from the town walls. You guys do have anti-tank weapons, right? Saber 3, you guys work on repairing that tank and attending any wounds.
No. 813044 ID: dfe40d

Alternately, we could try to misdirect them wholesale. Find some way to keep the other tanks out of sight and maybe claim that they captured a busted up one. Chances are they'll come to inspect, either on foot or otherwise. You can ambush them, and they would have nowhere to go.
No. 813113 ID: 6c9de1
File 149929021773.png - (109.52KB , 800x700 , tank20.png )

>SABEL: "Keep radio silence for now. There isn't a jammer around here, is it?"

>PHOEBE: "I don't think so. When they ran, the blues took a lot of their bigger stuff with them..."

>SABEL: "Damn, that's unfortunate. You have anti-tank gear, though?"

>PHOEBE: "Yes! We got our hands on a few of their rockets, and a box of grenades!"

>SABEL: "Perfect. Saber 3 is out for this fight, have your man focus on finishing repairs. Get the rest of my team moving outside of the town, and then take as many men as you can up on one of the walls. We'll ambush them!"

>PHOEBE: "Yes, sir!"

>SABER1: "Need a lift, Boss?"

>SABER2: "Hey Feather, you heard what they sent after us, right?"

>SABER4: "My specialty... They really want us dead if they're sending a team of those demons."

>PHOEBE: "Godspeed, sirs! We'll be in place soon!"
No. 813120 ID: 6c9de1
File 149929188617.png - (112.05KB , 800x700 , tank21.png )

>SABER5: "Holy shit! You can see the dust cloud from here!"

>SABER5: "Y-you know, I don't mind taking tail, this time...!"

>UOVO MIL.: "This is the radioman for the militia. Eighteen of us are in position on the wall with the captain. The rest are moving civilians to our bomb shelters, or guarding the old man and your tank."

>UOVO MIL.: "I-I've never seen armor move this fast before, sir. Will we be able to hit them when you lead them around?"

>SABEL: "Shoot well and they'll die like anything else."

>UOVO MIL.: "Right...! We have your backs!!"

>SABER5: "Saber 4, you got your callsign 'cause you killed these things a lot, right? So you know how we can win?"

>SABER4: "To be honest kid, those are going a lot faster than any I took down earlier in the war..."

>SABER5: "What?!!"

>SABER4: "Now don't freak out, they'll still go down easy enough!"

[[>SABER4: "Sabel! I know you're a vet too, have you tangled with Feathers before? They're a bitch and a half, but if your plan pulls through we can still take them."]]

[[>SABER4: "Main thing to think about is how much of a fight you want to give them before we pull back to the wall. We snap out now, and we'll have a shootout before they get into prime combat range. If we wait longer we're not out in the open as long, but for that short tussle we'll be seeing what Feathers can really do..."]]
No. 813212 ID: d79f26

what's important is OUR prime targeting range. we need to pop out right when we can get all our shots on target, two shots on two of them. then when the third turns towards us the militia pops out and hits in the ass to distract it, and then all four of us hit it in the front.
No. 813601 ID: 6c9de1
File 149943846304.png - (141.06KB , 800x700 , tank22.png )

>SABEL: "Wait for them to be in our prime targeting range. Sabers 4 and 5 will aim for the lead, 2 will fire on their second guy with me. The militia can handle the third."

>SABER4: "Sounds like you have handled Feathers before, Boss. Will do."

>SABEL: "Saber Team, take the field.... Now!!"

>SABER2: "Engaging!"

>SABER4: "We meet again, you bastards!"

>SABER5: "Goddammit...! Book it, Pierre!"

>BILL: "Fuck! What was that Goon, did we hit a rock?"

[[>GOON: "What in the--!! We're hit man, Bell's left tread got blown apart!"]]

>SABEL: "What?!"
No. 813605 ID: 6c9de1
File 149943890776.png - (114.76KB , 800x700 , tank23.png )

>RIBBON1: "Hearne, another AP round please."

>RIBBON1: "Loaded!"

>RIBBON3: "Awesome shot, their number 1 is stuck already! That experimental turret's no joke--"

>RIBBON2: "Mind your tongue kid, we're in their radio range now. Use the combat channel unless you're talking shit!"

>RIBBON1: "It's alright, Ribbon 2. They won't be getting home, anyway."
No. 813607 ID: 6c9de1
File 149943940263.png - (225.00KB , 800x700 , tank24.png )

[[>RIBBON1: "Opposition tank squad, this is the leader of the Allied tank squad 'Ribbon.' We have been ordered to capture you and your armor alive...if possible."]]

[[>RIBBON1: "Exit your tanks and surrender peacefully, or be completely destroyed. I assure you, the next shot will not just knock off some track plates."]]
No. 813623 ID: d79f26

they just revealed who is the top dog, focus fire and blow up the idiot with the bigger gun.
No. 814076 ID: 6c9de1
File 149957155129.png - (196.10KB , 800x700 , tank25.png )

>SABEL: "You hear that? Focus fire on the one with the larger gun, that's their leader!"

>SABER2: "Right! Saber 2, fire!"

>RIBBON2: "Shit--! I thought Statesmen always surrendered when outmatched!"

>RIBBON3: "Those are some heavy rounds they're throwing, LT! So this is how they tore up the hill so bad...!"

>RIBBON1: "It doesn't matter if they can't hit you. We've faced their heavier toys before. Use formation 2, and close to CQC distance."

>RIBBON3: "Got it! Business as usual, huh?"

>RIBBON1: "You know it. Let's earn you that badge, today."

>SABER5: "These are classified as tanks?! They're too mobile, the guns can't move fast enough to get a good shot!"

>SABER2: "Fuck, another shot trashed! They're coming in fast!"

>SABER4: "Dammit! Leon, move over! I'm manning the gun!"

>SABER4: "Boss, that's the safety lock! If you take that out the turret will go crazy, there's no way you could--"

>SABER4: "Just trust me and keep clear! Saber 4, fire!"
No. 814079 ID: 6c9de1
File 149957201853.png - (232.40KB , 800x700 , tank26.png )

>RIBBON3: "LT! Watch it!"

>RIBBON1: "What?!"

>RIBBON3: "Shit! We deflected it but that rattled us...!"

>RIBBON2: "Ribbon 3, what the hell! Don't be a hero, LT could've dodged that himself."

>RIBBON3: "You didn't see? Their number 4's gun just turned a lot faster than--"

>RIBBON1: "Trust your team and get back in formation, Ribbon 3!"

>RIBBON3: "But LT, that would've hit you! You're our top ace, I couldn't let--!"

>SABER4: "Load for me, Leon! Quickly, now!"

>SABER4: "Again! Firing!"
No. 814084 ID: 6c9de1
File 149957274297.png - (180.85KB , 800x700 , tank27.png )


>RIBBON2: "Kid!! Greben, Falsa, anyone still there?!"

>RIBBON2: "Dammit...! They're dead, sir!"

>RIBBON1: "..."

>RIBBON2: "Sir?!"

>RIBBON1: "We're pulling back."

>RIBBON2: "But--"

>RIBBON1: "Now!"

>RIBBON2: "Damn it all...!"

>SABER5: "He did it! Thank God!"

[[>SABER4: "They're turning tail! Should we chase em?"]]

[[>GOON: "Chasing them sounds well and good but we're still down a track sir, and if I'm reading this right we took a round right through our battery in that last exchange..."]]

[[>SABER5: "Let us go after them, then! The Feather killer here could take them with just our and Saber 2's help, right?"]]
No. 814096 ID: be0718

No. This is a tactical retreat, remember? We now have two tanks disabled. Our new objective is to get out of here before the enemy comes back.
No. 814142 ID: d79f26

let this be a lesson to us as well, being overconfident never helps. as well as past info is never 100% accurate. anyway, move around and put two tanks inside the town behind the wall by the gate. hide the others, anyone comes into town would get a split screen surprise.
No. 814143 ID: 7b95d9

No way. We need to get patched up as fast as possible, then get the hell out of dodge. They're pissed now.

...this is gonna SUCK for the locals- but there ain't a whole lot we can do here.
No. 814166 ID: 6c9de1
File 149959522894.png - (47.34KB , 800x700 , tank28.png )

>SABEL: "Hold off! Let them go."

>SABER5: "C'mon Boss, we could wipe out a whole Feather team and--"

>SABEL: "Overextend ourselves and we'll end up like their number 3. Don't forget we're still retreating, here."

>SABEL: "Sabers 4 and 5, take up positions in the town by the gate. Saber 2, find somewhere concealed near Saber 3. We need to patch up and leave, fast!"

>GOON: "Shit shit shit, the battery just went red! Get clear, I'll handle it!"
No. 814167 ID: 6c9de1
File 149959650056.png - (118.75KB , 800x700 , tank29.png )

>BILL: "Fresh air! I'd love it if I wasn't about to go nuclear."

>GOON: "No worries, I've got it! I'm dealing with way too much stress man, we almost got vaporized there. The battery's more or less in the green again."

>SABEL: "How does everything look?"

>GOON: "If they've got all the stuff I need I can have Belle fixed in twenty-five, tops."

>PHOEBE: "Sirs! That was amazing, well done!"

>SABEL: "Any news on Saber 3?"

>PHOEBE: "The old man met us on the way down from the wall. That tank commander was lucky--he can still see, and he should recover. He probably shouldn't be riding in tanks anytime soon, but I know you all have to hurry out of here."

>SABEL: "We should have a straight shot back home if we move fast enough--he'll be okay if we don't get in another fight."

>PHOEBE: "Right."

>SABEL: "We were lucky to run into your lot, miss. Trust me, the State plans to be back before the week is through."

>PHOEBE: "Yeah..."

>PHOEBE: "..."

[[>PHOEBE: "Sir... This isn't going to turn out well for me and my men, is it?"]]
No. 814193 ID: be0718

You've only got thirty troops, right? If you evacuate now, you'd have an escort of four and a half tanks. It's the best I can offer your village right now, ma'am.
No. 814228 ID: 7b95d9

Believe me, after the bravery you just showed, I'm more pissed than anything that we don't have as many men to hold this place as we should. The truth is, though, we're just a recon force that managed to get lucky. I'm not sure how smart trying to evacuate with only four healthy tanks and one half working one would be. The more people that comes with us, the more we just get slowed down.

I'll beg 'em to send a force here asap if I need to. You certainly deserve that much after what you've done for us. But... I'm just not sure what else can be done. If you have any ideas during the repair time, believe me I'm all ears.
No. 814648 ID: 6c9de1
File 149973285973.png - (93.23KB , 800x700 , tank30.png )

>SABEL: "I wish there was more we could do. Your militia's only thirty men, right? We could take you with us--"

>PHOEBE: "And leave the townspeople? We couldn't. And there's no way you could take all of the town along..."

>SABEL: "It'd slow us down too much. Damn it, this is tough..."

>SABEL: "Look, I promise you that when we leave here and get back to our base, I'll try to get them to make the attack on that hill to as soon as possible. You all deserve that much. We will be back for you."

>PHOEBE: "And I promise we'll still be here when you return. This land is the State's, and we're gonna keep it that way!"

>SABEL: "We're lucky to have people like you fighting with us, captain. Thanks for everything."

>PHOEBE: "Don't mention it. I'll see you around, sir."
No. 814661 ID: 6c9de1
File 149973439860.png - (121.74KB , 800x700 , tank31.png )

SABER2: "We're all set, sir. Saber 3, how's Jeanne?"

SABER3: "Driver here, we've got him as comfy as he can be in one of these things. We'll try to keep out of any shooting though, if we can."

>SABEL: "We'll keep in a cross formation, 3's in the center. Saber 5, you're in back again."

>SABER5: "Dammit!"

>SABEL: "We're rolling as fast as we can back home, and bringing in the cavalry!"

>???: "Hey!! Wait up, you guys!"

>SABER4: "Are those...? Where the hell did they get Wasps from?"

>ROVER1: "We're the Uovo Rovers! The captain had us as scouts, before the town got occupied. We wanna help you get home!"

>SABER4: "The hell can you guys help with on those glorified motor bikes, you're trying to be our escorts or something? When people shoot at us they use rockets, kid."

>ROVER2: "Stuff it old man, we're fast!"

>ROVER1: "Real fast! We're a lot harder to touch than you are in those big things, I promise you!"

[[>ROVER1: "Where's your boss at, the number 1 tank? Listen, mister. We're a lot more useful on our bikes than we are sitting on a wall. Let us ride with you! Please!!"]]
No. 814717 ID: be0718

Speed freaks. Alright, take 'em. They can get the message about this town back to HQ faster than us.
No. 814718 ID: d79f26

"you tell someone you were coming? hate for phoebe to call for you but you up and vanished."

anyway, fine, they can tag, but if one of them gets exploded the other two have to listen to us tell them like it s and they can't complain.
No. 815304 ID: 6c9de1
File 149990763363.png - (43.93KB , 800x700 , tank32.png )

>SABEL: "You tell someone you were coming? I'd hate for Phoebe to call you to find you'd just up and left..."

>ROVER3: "Well, duh! The captain wanted--"

>ROVER3: "Ow!! Jeeze, dude...!"

>ROVER1: "Yeah, we've got permission! So let us help you!"

>SABEL: "Well, alright. But if you're tagging along, it's under my command. One of you goes down and the other two still need to follow orders."

>ROVER1: "Mister, we've lost ten of our guys on rides since this war reached our county. Still finished the job, every time. We're not gonna flake!"

>SABEL: "It's settled, then. Come on!"

>ROVER1: "Hell yeah!! You won't be disappointed!"
No. 815314 ID: 6c9de1
File 149990875780.png - (320.10KB , 800x700 , tank33.png )

>SABER4: "Everybody still awake? We're almost home."

>ROVER2: "Look at the size of that compound, Salle!"

>ROVER1: "Is there a whole battalion in there?"

>SABER5: "Damned right!"

>SABER2: "Maybe the last full battalion the State's got to its name...."

>STATE INF.: "Hey, hey! Our raiders are back! Shit, you guys look like you took a beating."

>SABEL: "The hell happened while we were away? Are those craters I see?"

>STATE INF.: "Oh, this little mess? It's nothing we can't fix, don't worry about it, sir!"

>STATE INF.: "I know you just got back and all, but the old lady wants to see the commanders in her office. She said 'right fucking now,' so I'd bounce if I were you guys."

>SABER5: "A-all of us...? Couldn't Sabel do it himself...?

>SABER4: "Great...."

>SABEL: "Crewmen, get everyone's vehicles parked and Jeanne into the infirmary. Commanders, let's get this over with..."
No. 815318 ID: 6c9de1
File 149991009407.png - (105.67KB , 800x700 , tank34.png )

>LTC. CRESPO: "I requested all five tank commanders, and I see four."

>SABEL: "Marm, our number 3's commander was injured during the operation. He's in the infirmary."

>LTC. CRESPO: "Oh, a tank commander's injured? And his tank?"

>SABEL: "It... It's combat capable, marm."

>LTC. CRESPO: "I hear their targeting systems are almost unusable. And that their battery was punctured in three places. I've also been told that your battery has a fucking hole clean through it!"

>SABEL: "It's combat capable--"

>LTC. CRESPO: "To make things even better, our MPs are in an armed standoff with three literal children that somehow got their hands on experimental Wasp combat bikes. They're saying they're part of Saber Team."

>SABEL: "We--"

[[>LTC. CRESPO: "I woke up from my nap trapped under a pile of bricks, Sabel. After completely fucking ruining my uniform dragging myself from the rubble, I had the opportunity to watch 25 more fucking shells from Muspelheim tear up my base."]]

[[>LTC. CRESPO: "I'm almost certain I'd asked for those guns to be weakened or destroyed. I would love a report of exactly what in God's name your lot have been doing for the past 48 fucking hours."]]
No. 815326 ID: d79f26

we engaged the gun position and took out a number of defenders, but they started getting a bead on us and we took that hit, we planned to do a tactical retreat to a nearby city and come back again but they followed us with a trio of feathers, took that second hit there, but we blew one of them sky high and they ran off.

i will concede we may have been able to destroy part of their artillery, but i doubt any of us would have been able to make it back to tell you about it.
No. 815373 ID: 7b95d9

This, plus emphasize that from what we overheard they were using bleeding-edge tech on those Feathers that dealt the second hit, and that was enough of a force multiplier to make things heavily unfavorable to us.
No. 815702 ID: 6c9de1
File 150004129025.png - (108.13KB , 800x700 , tank35.png )

>SABEL: "Marm, at the designated operation time we engaged the gun position. We took out a number of defenders, but things got too hot and they landed a hit on Saber 3. We retreated to a nearby city, pursued by three Feathers--"

>LTC CRESPO: "They've got Feathers, now? God!"

>SABEL: "We ambushed them and managed to kill one, forcing them to retreat. That exchange is when my tank got damaged."

>SABEL: "Their lead tank possessed some technology we'd never seen before, marm. A turret with a range and power unseen from a Feather. That's what punched through our battery so badly. We considered pursuing and doing more damage to the hill, and maybe we could've killed one of the Lances. But with two tanks hurt, that would certainly have ended in casualties."

>LTC CRESPO: "Ugh..."

>LTC CRESPO: "Which one of you killed that Feather?"

>COLTELLO: "Me and my team did marm, in Saber 4."

>LTC CRESPO: "Any damage to your vehicle?"

>COLTELLO: "No, marm."

>LTC CRESPO: "Of course it's the one not even from the battalion.... Have you or your men been knighted before, sergeant?"

>COLTELLO: "No, marm. My old tank and crew earned their ace badges, but the title doesn't transfer over."

>LTC CRESPO: "God, I'll never hear the end of this, but you're our ace now. Have the engineers put the Knights' Cross and the Ace Shield on your battery. If you live through the week we'll do the official ceremony."

>COLTELLO: "...Yes, marm."

>LTC CRESPO: "And what the hell am I supposed to do with the rest of you?!"

>LTC CRESPO: "Do you realize how shit of a spot I'm in right now? We might be the last full brigade in the Armored Corps, and we barely live up to the damn name! We've got 3 fully operational Globes, 3 stolen Wasps that apparently aren't even ours, and two cannons on a good day!"

>SABEL: "Marm, the other two Globes can still--"

>LTC CRESPO: "The last orders I've gotten from the capital were to take that hill on Friday! We've still got five fucking days until we strike. And because you couldn't do anything to the actual artillery, we'll be taking shells that whole time! Now I have to organize people to fix the buildings that got their shit kicked in, I have to get people building trenches, I have to get on the radio and try to get through to the capital and tell them just how little fucking help our only team of Globes has turned out to be!

>SABEL: "Marm, we--"

>LTC CRESPO: "And then, in less than a week I have to throw 600-something men at a goddamned hill and pray half of them come out alive, because they'll be against three fully operational Lances, point blank."

[[>LTC CRESPO: "Christ, I should be on stress meds... Is there any other bad news I should be aware of, or can you leave me to deal with this shitshow?"]]
No. 815710 ID: 02d011

(So apparently thisnis one of those quests where we have to throw people into the grinder? I'd have imagined that leaving a flank open wouls do us some good, not to mention the potential reinforcements from the city might help out. Or does she just not know? No disthread, so asking here.)
No. 815741 ID: 6c9de1

Woops, I guess I never made a discussion thread. One's up now!

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