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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 149391101394.png - (62.20KB , 500x500 , title screen cycle 2.png )
799667 No. 799667 ID: 96e80d

The Bird of Time has but a little way
To flutter — and Lo! the Bird is on the Wing
~Omar Khayyam
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No. 799668 ID: 96e80d
File 149391166935.png - (160.59KB , 500x500 , shiftyhotelroom001.png )

"Soon, brothers. The Drowned City we'll find." A sheep sits on the bed of a shifty hotel room, looking at the swing of the pendulum over a map.
"Whether it be Ys, Cantref Gwaelod, or Kitezh doesn't matter. My sources say we'll find another component there. When the time comes, are the preparations ready?" A rooster sits, waiting.
"Sure. I've acquired the necessary equipment, and the required fee. I'll just need to transport it near the final locatio-"
A monkey is interrupted by knocking on the hotel room's door.
"There is supposed to be no more company." The sheep said.
"I don't expect anybody to be able to even find this place! Who is that?" The rooster said.
"Be on guard. Something's not right." The monkey said.
No. 799669 ID: 96e80d
File 149391186032.png - (67.20KB , 500x500 , anuninvitedguest.png )

The door opens.
"Künstliche männer, your zeit is up."
No. 799670 ID: 96e80d
File 149391208542.png - (55.34KB , 500x500 , morgue001.png )

In New Bataven, you open your eyes. You remember this part. This is the New Bataven Morgue.

>Wat do?
[] Look around. Dr. Wu should be somewhere nearby.
[] Speak, alert Dr. Wu of your living status.
[] Yell at the top of your lungs anyway.
[] Other (fill in).
No. 799675 ID: 2a7417

Roll over and go back to sleep.
No. 799678 ID: 3ce125

[x] Speak, alert Dr. Wu of your living status.
No. 799706 ID: b412df

Look around, I got a feeling this isn't going to go the same way as before.
No. 799716 ID: 3abd97

Lean back and rest your arm over your eyes.

"I have never been more confused."
No. 799724 ID: e136ae

Moan and drool and pretend to be a brain-eating zombie, just to see what he does.
No. 799789 ID: e01e87

No. 799938 ID: 4187da

I live AGAIN!
No. 800405 ID: c45b7e

you live, you die, you live again.
[X] Other (fill in). Better to sneak away and loot a little as you go.
No. 800408 ID: 094652

[X] Other
Burst into "Poets of the Fall - The Happy Song"
No. 800432 ID: c31aac

PLEASE do this
try to muster up as nosferatu a voice as you can
No. 832605 ID: ab82c2
File 150631158133.png - (103.39KB , 500x500 , morgue002.png )

With a groan, you rise, and you knew that Dr. Wu is right there. He doesn't seem that surprised, not like the first time you woke up here.
"Hmm. Apparently, this horse isn't quite dead yet." said Dr. Wu.
You observe as he brings the box labeled #3748 with your belongings in it.
No. 832608 ID: ab82c2
File 150631208106.png - (142.08KB , 500x500 , morgue003.png )

A moment later, and you get dressed up. You check your belongings, and it seems that there's more than usual. Aside from your clothing, there's also the wallet with James Baxter's ID, the Rubaiyyat book; but there's also the three tarot cards, the brainjack, and the rabbit's glasses. Although you can't help but feel that something else is missing.
"Thanks, uh, doc." You said to Dr. Wu.
"Well, as you're not dead, you are free to leave this morgue. But, I happen to need your help on something."
No. 832609 ID: ab82c2
File 150631262743.png - (111.24KB , 500x500 , morgue004.png )

He then pulls out a scalpel, the one you stole the first time you're here - and then another, very similar one. Eerily similar one. "One of these is my personal scalpel, a one-of-a-kind item which was gifted to me in Teutonia. The other was found in your belongings, your pants' back pocket, to be precise. Now, as you can see, they are perfectly identical. I need you to explain this to me, please."

[] "I have no idea why that's in my pocket. I have no idea why I'm here." (Deny/fake amnesia)
[] "Would you believe me that this is not the first time I'm here?" (Explain)
[] "Sorry, I can't answer that. There are things above our paygrades, doc." (Intimidate)
[] "What's yours has been returned. As it is, as it will be." (Cryptic)
[] Other (Fill in)
No. 832611 ID: 9dc26d

No. 832612 ID: 3abd97

>One of these is my personal scalpel, a one-of-a-kind item which was gifted to me in Teutonia.
Don't you feel bad about stealing it now?

>[X] "Would you believe me that this is not the first time I'm here?" (Explain)
No. 832632 ID: 094652

Have you tried poking them together?
No. 832664 ID: b9b4da

>[] "Would you believe me that this is not the first time I'm here?"
Good thing we brought proof right off the bat.
No. 835734 ID: c31aac

>highlight text while reading

Hey maybe we should listen to the mysterious text ghost, we should figure out who her is first though
No. 835748 ID: 3ce125

Read the previous thread, numbnuts.
No. 836033 ID: e45686


[x] "Would you believe me that this is not the first time I'm here?" (Explain)
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