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File 149168742211.jpg - (126.48KB , 850x756 , 1491523159612.jpg )
794432 No. 794432 ID: 0cb2c4

Previous threads

#1: https://boards.4chan.org/qst/thread/1292825#p1301543
#2: http://boards.4chan.org/qst/thread/1320965#p1335219

You are prince Taumas of Addengard, the bull of heaven and you're in a bit of a situation.
You turned up to have lunch with your fiance only to find her chatting with the woman who begged you to take her as your mistress earlier today; the half elf chancellor Alyssa.

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No. 794436 ID: 0cb2c4
File 149168772375.jpg - (175.26KB , 800x1169 , 1491522827975.jpg )

You sat between them only for both to begin discretely showing their affection for you under the table.
However when their hands met, your fiance, Ray, went to the door, ordered her bodyguards to bar all entry and is now looking at you rather intently with an unreadable expression.
No. 794437 ID: 70983e

Shouldn't you link to the archived threads on sup/tg/? I'm pretty sure 4chan's own archive disappears eventually.
No. 794439 ID: 0cb2c4


Is it archived on suptg?
No. 794451 ID: 3abd97

>mistress and fiancee getting you alone
Look, your fiancee is either about to murder you or initiate a threesome. Either you're going to enjoy this, or will be too dead to care in a minute. So don't worry.
No. 794452 ID: 4df59d

You guys sort out archival procedures, once that's taken care of, here's a prompt:
Stare back, trying to school our features into a similar intent yet unreadable expression.
No. 794457 ID: 0cb2c4

You stare back, trying to hone your expression into-
"Your room or here?"
You blink. "P-pardon?"
"Where do you want to fuck us?" Ray says simply. "Your room, or here?"

You say/do?
No. 794459 ID: b2ea47

"but beloved pre martial sex is prohibited"
with the most innocent smile possible
No. 794460 ID: 4df59d

Let's not be silly.

"Well, you've already instructed your guards. If you trust them to be discrete, this room will do just fine."
No. 794462 ID: 4df59d

Altough I suppose we could do that and then laugh and answer her question properly.
No. 794465 ID: b5619d

Mine. I trust you, and by extension your guards, but let's not stretch it.

I suppose the in-depth discussion of theological issues will have to wait until after the practical rites.
No. 794468 ID: 4df59d

Of course that means she has to join us there without her guards knowing. She's shown to be capable of it before, so I guess that can work.
No. 794470 ID: 9876c4

Do you want your personal chamber to smell overwhelmingly of elfsex for the next several nights?

Yes, that is exactly what you want.
No. 794481 ID: 4df59d

This is not wrong. And neither is it neutral.
The conclusion which can be drawn by process of elimination should be obvious.
No. 794482 ID: b5619d

If that were a problem, it would have come up by now.
I'm assuming elf sex smells of flowers and is not discernible by maids.
No. 794484 ID: b2ea47

they are tieflings, anything short of them walking in on us won't raise any flags for them.
No. 794486 ID: 4df59d

Oh wait, was this guy
being sarcastic (as in, we don't actually want that because it's a giveaway)?

Because I >>794481 hadn't realized that.

I agree with >>794482 if our future wifey could hang naked and dripping by the ceiling as the maid delivered breakfast, we should be fine.
No. 794496 ID: 0cb2c4

Final call: personal chamber or parlor?


Her guards know about you two. Their first loyalty is to her and their discretion so far has been flawless.
No. 794497 ID: 4df59d

Mh, well if they already know, then I see no reason to delay further.
No. 794501 ID: 6b0ab1

Fuck it, here is fine.
No. 794507 ID: 595d54

Literally who cares. Just fuck them here, why not.
No. 794508 ID: 9522b5

Personal chamber, duh.
No. 794518 ID: 3abd97

Get 3 climbing harness and fuck them mid-air, suspended from the parapets on the castle walls.
No. 794519 ID: 4df59d

We can do that after the marriage.
No. 794520 ID: 9876c4

You must battle Windowashers and wait for enough [Climbing Harness] to drop,
No. 794521 ID: 0cb2c4


The squeaky noises that erupted from my face defy description.
No. 794529 ID: 0cb2c4

"Here is fine."
Ray nods and unclasps the belt around her waist.
"Eh?!" Alyssa's ears have flushed almost as red as her cheeks. Her breasts rise beautifully as her breathing speeds up.
You look back at Ray in time to see her finish pulling her dress over her head, then folding it as she aproaches you and lays it on the table.
She mounts the table and slinks towards you on all fours, wearing gold jewelry, stiletto heels and a small smile.
"Are you going to undress that slut before or after she faints?" She grins.

You say/do?
No. 794533 ID: 6b0ab1

"Well, let's find out, shall we?"

Start slowly teasing and groping her while ever so slowly peeling off her clothing piece by piece. Nibble her ears, tweak her tits, the works.
No. 794536 ID: 4df59d

No. 794547 ID: 4df59d

I wonder if there's any people that have been waiting for this upcoming sex scene more or less literally with their dick in hand for about five hours.
No. 794552 ID: 0cb2c4
File 149170687521.jpg - (90.09KB , 616x1000 , 1490336990180.jpg )

"I don't know," you put you arm around Alyssa's waist. "Let's find out."
Alyssa squeals as you hoist her up and into her lap. You toss her shawl aside and put a lingering kiss on her exposed neck.
She rests her head on your shoulder, her panting becomes a moan which becomes a gasp as you undo the knot in her top. The silk covering falls like a curtain to her waist, leaving her naked from hips to head.
Her nipples visibly harden as you grip the base of her mounds and massage your way to the teats, which you pinch, eliciting a squeal from her, then twist cruelly.
She writhes, ass cheeks grinding on your bulge as her legs kick, crossing and uncrossing.
You nip at her pointed year and she gasps.
Ray giggles and lies down on her front, propped up on her elbows with her legs crossed at the ankles.

You say/do?
No. 794556 ID: 4df59d

Push her chest forward gently and ask Ray if she won't join in on the fun.
If she does, we move our attention to Alyssa's panties, sliding them off, then we can toy with her a bit.

I like the idea of taking her through the gap in her skirt, without taking it off. It's oddly arousing.
No. 794557 ID: 6b0ab1

You sir are an anon of impeccable taste. You think Ray would be keen on taking turns playing with us and Alyssa with her mouth?
No. 794558 ID: 72ed6b

Use one hand to continue playing with one of her teats. Use the other to reach under her skirt and pull her panties to the side (not off), and spread her knees with your own. Invite Ray to sample either above or below, whichever she prefers.
No. 794560 ID: 4df59d

Perhaps she could?

Wanna keep one hand on the goods uh? I can get behind that.
No. 794562 ID: 6b0ab1

Let's also leave our cock pointing prominently between Alyssa's spread legs, so Ray has a full suite of lewd options to chose from.
No. 794570 ID: 4df59d

Think we can rotate her skirt so that the gaps are front and back rather than sideways?
No. 794577 ID: 6b0ab1

Depends, does it have one slit, or two?
No. 794578 ID: 4df59d

We could always make another.
No. 794579 ID: 72ed6b

Or just pull it to the side as well. Something about leaving it all on and just moving it to make way seems far more fun than taking it off.
No. 794583 ID: 72ed6b

No. 794598 ID: 0cb2c4

You spread Alyssa's knees with your own. Her long, smooth legs are forced out of the slits on either side of her skirt.
You give her right tit a final pinch before sliding your hand under her- ooh. A thong! You didn't know she had it in her.
You pull Alyssa's chest closer to Ray. "Care to join in the fun?"
She rolls her eyes and sits up. "I'm not into girls dear."
She bites her lip, looking at where your laps meet. "Bend her over."
You raise an eyebrow.
"Come on princey! Bend her over the table!"
"Please!" Alyssa gasps.
You stand, picking Alyssa up at the waist and lay her face down on the table with her high heels spread invitingly.
Ray grins and steps off the table, her rack bounces beautifully as she lands and grabs Alyssa's skirt.
She turns it around her waist until the splits are facing forwards and backwards, then gives her wide round butt a firm slap.
"Now stay put slut!" You've never heard her talk to a woman like this before.
She turns to you, her face is flushed and her smile is wide.
She goes on tip toes to kiss you briefly on the lips before dropping to her knees and pressing her face against your crotch.
You feel a tugging sensation and realize she's undoing the buttons with her tongue.

You say/do?
No. 794608 ID: 6b0ab1

Maybe get Alyssa going with our fingers and a couple of playful slaps on the ass while Ray does her thing?
No. 794609 ID: 595d54

I wait for the plot to advance once the ERP is done.
No. 794611 ID: b5619d

Ray is truly the best wife a horny paladin of insemination could possibly hope for.
Taumas must cherish this treasure.
No. 794612 ID: 72ed6b

Turn Alyssa over, lift her up by the ass until her thighs are over your shoulders, and do for her what Ray is about to do to you.

(Or, if you can manage it, do that without turning her over.)
No. 794615 ID: 6b0ab1

What you should be doing is figuring out ways to combine plot and smut. Maybe by bringing up Alyssa's plans for the elven refugees with Ray, who would subsequently have to use something other than her mouth to please us. Constructive arguments and productive compromises could be rewarded with increasingly vigorous dickings, while failure to meet this can result in edging without release until they can come to solution on mutually agreeable terms.

If that ain't motivation for a successful diplomatic resolution, I don't know what is.
No. 794616 ID: 0cb2c4


This nigga gets it
No. 794624 ID: 6b0ab1

As much as I like that idea, maybe we should wait until this part of the foreplay is finished. It's rude to talk with your mouth full, don't you know.
No. 794643 ID: aae95f

I'll second this. Not much to do until Ray's finished with those buttons, and I very much want to keep that skirt on and take advantage of them gaps in it.

Sorry to hear because I believe I'm not wrong in saying this kind of IS the plot. Check the paladin oath we concocted in the previous thread. Shagging is rather unlikely to be a rare event in this quest.

I suppose that could work. But whose side would we be on? Our wife's and her people? Or our chancellor and our people? Or would we try to be neutral? Bear in mind Alyssa is the subbest. It's very unlikely that she would be able to be anything but a welcome mat in a negotiation held under these circumstances. So that would practically be the same as giving Ray carte blanche.
No. 794645 ID: 6b0ab1

The problem with taking sides is that both of them will side with the elven civilians at the expense of our own people. Ray hasn't stated any opinion but we can expect her to back her own people, and Alyssa actually advised to effectively secede part of our territory to the elves and order the residents out of it. Neither can be relied upon to represent the interests of our kingdom or it's people, so we must take up that role ourself in these sexy, sexy negotiations. No one else will represent the humans living in Eave, so as their future king it is our responsibility to speak on their behalf here.

First and foremost we must use every asset at our disposal to retain a position of control in this discussion. With our dick. Which means being aggressive enough in our efforts to sex these elves to keep them off balance while we leverage our side of the debate against theirs. We must be willing to accommodate the refugees but above all else stand up for the humans who have made their home in this settlement. What right do we have to rip them from the homes they built with their own hands? If we are to preside over a fruitful union of elves and men we must consider the needs of all. Much like we are currently addressing the needs of the two elves looking to ride our cock like a rodeo.
No. 794648 ID: 72ed6b

If the town has nearly become a ghost town, and isn't safe anymore due to raids, it may not make sense for us to commit extensive resources to defend a town of a handful of people. It may cost us less to compensate those people and incentivize them to move. With the position of the land, it'd be much easier for the elves to protect it than us.

Alternatively, if we're on friendly terms with the elves, we could make it clear to the people of that town that they're free to stay, under the protection of the elves, and tell the elves they're free to help build the town back up and protect it, but that they're charged with protecting the people there.
No. 794650 ID: b5619d

Didn't we already commission the adventurers to take care of the bandit problem?
No. 794651 ID: 72ed6b

We did, but that may not be a permanent solution; the raiders weren't the first problem they had.
No. 794665 ID: aae95f

You're both right: if we do this, it's us (and our dick) versus them, Alyssa is decidedly compromised.

At the same time, we do already have adventurers set on the task, so we don't really need to renegotiate at all.

In conclusion, I say we enjoy ourselves in present time and move on to other things once everyone's satisfied (in their carnal needs, not political ones).
No. 794726 ID: 0cb2c4

So.... Consensus?

Also I'm hitting the beach up today so posting will be even rarer than usual. Sorry.
No. 794727 ID: 72ed6b

Just debating back and forth about how to handle the political situation later. >>794665 seems like the consensus.
No. 794743 ID: 6b0ab1

I think our consensus is just stick to foreplay, once they're both sufficiently aroused and begging for it then we bring up politics. For now, we should be using our tongue for more immediate matters.
No. 794744 ID: aae95f

Mostly agreed. Though I'm not sure we should bring up the bandits situation at all, not until we see how our adventurers fare.
We can most certainly offer aid to our future wife's subjects, but not necessarily by giving up part of our territory.
No. 794746 ID: 6b0ab1

Quite, although I wonder how impartial Alyssa was being when she told us how underpopulated the town was at the time. But that assessment was accurate that just means there will be plenty of free lodging available, even if it means some families may have to take a few elves as guests while their homes are being rebuilt. I can't think of any reason why the refugees can't share space in the town temporarily, if it's that much of a problem we can erect some temporary lodging for them. But on a more positive note, we could use this as an opportunity to improve ties between elves and humans in the border region, and possibly even lay the groundwork for Eave being a trade center between the Old forest and our kingdom.

If we play this right, this could be the start of a very...fruitful union between our peoples and yes I will vote to use those exact words with Ray and Alyssa.

On second thought, if you're going to be busy today we might as well start getting down to brass tacks. Start by gently mentioning the situation to Alyssa while planting kisses along her inner thigh, getting closer to the sweet spot as she lays out plans conducive to our own. If we can get Ray to use her tits instead of her mouth we can ask for her thoughts and input on the situation.

This is delicate work, using our dick as a tool of statecraft, but the work of a king is never done.
No. 794749 ID: 72ed6b

Be very careful about forced lodging/quartering; that kind of thing was historically the source of great resentment. Hopefully there are enough empty places to not need that.

Don't force it, just send some refugees thataway and hope for some resourcefulness and shows of kindness. Suggest to the refugees that they should help out the town as they can, that you expect the town to help them out in return, and things may work themselves out.
No. 794765 ID: aae95f

Historically? You can look at present time and find excellent examples.
I agree. Forcing people to mix en masse against their will rarely ends well.
The elves though have a kingdom that isn't completely falling apart, so we can give them temporary shelter and relief, possibly apart from any communities of our own (it's a medieval setting, there should be unpopulated land to spare, albeit perhaps untamed).
No. 794767 ID: 6b0ab1

Yeah, that's why I suggested having extra shelters constructed there. But depending on the culture of our kingdom and the general state of race relations between men and elves, there's a reasonably good possibility that the people of the village will take pity on the elves and host them out of good will. Providing succor to travelers in need was apparently regarded as common courtesy in the days before hotels where a thing, so hopefully some of the residents of Eave will host the refugees on their own volition.

Plus, a lot of men will jump at the chance to have a scantily clad wood elf with free love attitude to sex crash on their couch.
No. 794770 ID: aae95f

Will they? If elves (both genders) are more loose about sex than humans, the more likely reaction would be for the conservative humans to go "They be stealin' our women!"
And they'd probably not be wrong if they are in fact more reserved and less likely to find mates as quickly as the male elves would.
The term "elfed" would likely be invented fairly rapidly (if it's not already a thing).
No. 794824 ID: 0cb2c4

Your belt is off in seconds, your buttons open swiftly after.
Ray looks up at you, smirks and tugs your pants down hard.
Your rigid cock swings out straight, bouncing once, milimeters from your fiance's face before she pouts and catches the head between her lips.
Alyssa turns her head, craning her neck to try and catch a peek. Ray's right hand flies back to slap her arse hard as her left comes up to catch your prick firmly but gently as the head comes free from her mouth with a soft 'pop!'.
"Wait your turn cowtits!"
Alyssa whimpers. Ray looks up at you and giggles. "This is fun!" She licks her lips slowly and wetly, then wraps her mouth against the top half of your cockhead and repeats the action with her eyes boring into your soul.
You reach and squeeze Alyssa's rump, enjoying the delightful view of her cheeks through the slit in her skirt.
You also keep thinking about politics.
You don't know why.

You say/do?
No. 794840 ID: 72ed6b

Step slowly out of our pants so we don't trip on them. And get a good two-fingers-and-thumb grip on Alyssa, to hold her still and give her a little bit of fun.
No. 794995 ID: 0cb2c4

You slowly and carefully step out of your trousers to avoid tripping on them.
Ray hums and dips her head forward, her lips spread wider and wider, she frowns for a moment then sighs as your head pops into her mouth. Her tongue immediately starts sliding around it, over and over.
You sigh at the blissful sensation and drag your fingers from Alyssa's ass cheek to her cameltoe, pressing against the drenched fabric of her thong with your thumb and rubbing the front with your index and middle finger.
Alyssa gasps, then shudders. You see her head lift as she curves her spine. "Prince..."
Your dick comes free from your fiance's tight little mouth with a popping sound.
Ray grins up at you and spits on your head before smearing the moisture up and down your shaft with her right hand.
"Is that slut nice and wet for this monster darling?" She says while pumping with her right hand.

You say/do?
No. 795029 ID: b5619d

Give the chancellor the spectre.
Then ensure that the princess is not left unsatisfied.
No. 795031 ID: b5619d

meant sceptre of course.
No. 795066 ID: 72ed6b

Encourage her to guide you in, folding Alyssa's legs back and going deep.
No. 795099 ID: 0cb2c4

You nod. "Want to guide me in darling?"
She licks your tip. "Eager aren't we? Just let me finish polishing your blade before you go thrusting it in anything."
She goes deeper this time, slipping three inches into her mouth, then bobbing on it while sliding her right hand up and down the other six inches. She hums and starts twisting her head as she speeds up. She closes her eyes, frowning in concentration as she slides down to four inches, then five, her tongue works the underside of your meat beautifuly as you slide in and out of her wide open mouth-
"Owch. Teeth."
"Don't talk with your mouth full"
She rolls her eyes at you, then crosses her arms behind her back and starts impaling her throat on your cock.
She looks up at you with tears in her eyes, humming as she passes six inches, then seven.
You feel her soft throat muscles clenching around you as she gags on every mouthful of you. You put your hands on the back of her head and start thrusting.
Half a dozen times her lips slide all the way to the eight inch mark but despite both of your best efforts she can go no further.
After five minutes she drops to the eight inch point, then draws back, sucking like only elves can, all the way to the tip.
She kisses your dick head and smiles up at you, breasts bouncing as she pants.
"Good kitty." You say and stroke her hair.
She licks your tip. "Meow."
She starts pumping your sceptre and gently draws you to Alyssa, drawing her panties to one side to reveal her dripping entrance.
She pulls you further forward, pressing your tip against Alyssa's folds.
Alyssa moans and shudders.
"Please prince! I need this. I need you!"
Ray grins up at you. "Well that's hot."

You say/do?
No. 795100 ID: 51649e

Would you mind using the spoiler tags for the hardcore lewd stuff, so it doesn't pop out at people just scrolling down the front page for other quests? The way you format your larger posts really draws the eye to it.
No. 795101 ID: 0cb2c4


Okay will do. How do spoilers work?
No. 795102 ID: 72ed6b

See the second answer on https://tgchan.org/kusaba/news.php?p=faq for all the formatting tags.
No. 795103 ID: 0cb2c4


Cheers mate. Will do.
No. 795104 ID: 0cb2c4


Like this?
No. 795105 ID: e97f18

> folding Alyssa's legs back and going deep.

This. Fold her back to maximize depth, press your chest against her legs, and bottom out in one stroke. Then tease her by going agonizingly slow, and tease her ass with your fingers.

See if Ray wants to stay down there and help, or if she wants to get within reach so we can keep her entertained with our other fingers.

No. 795107 ID: 72ed6b

You got it.

Slow and deep sounds good. Encourage her up to where you can get her off at the same time.
No. 795111 ID: d0ac2f

This. And work towards getting them face-to-face on top of each other, so you can easily double-dip, and so they start getting even closer to each other.
No. 795171 ID: 0cb2c4

You grab Alyssa under her knee and roll her on to her back. Her tits swing like pendulums, she holds them apart to look at you. Her shining eyes travel down until they reach your greatsword.
Her jaw drops, her eyes go from hooded with lust to wide with shock.
"Oh." She says simply.
She gives you a small, nervous smile before staring again. "I knew you were all grown up, but..."
Ray crawls across the table and lifts her shoulders, putting her dress between Alyssa's bare back and the wooden table.
"You didn't know he was such a big boy?"
Alyssa swallows and shakes her head.
Ray pats her shoulder. "Don't worry dearie, it only aches for the first hour!"
Alyssa laughs nervously then gasps as you duck, grab her knees and lift the almost to her shoulders. Your fiance, helpful as always grabs her ankles as you press down on her ass. Within seconds she's flat on her back with her heels past her heels, trying to hold her massive, naked tits out of her vision as she stares at where your rigid cock is inches from where her drenched thong has been pulled aside to reveal her dripping cunt.
You are going to enjoy this.
After sending a silent prayer of thanks to your God, you climb on to the table and press your dick against her folds.
Alyssa whimpers.
You squeeze her ass cheeks hard and thrust forward.
Your shaft plows through her opening, spreading every inch of her tight, soaked pussy open to the base. The look in her eyes as you stretch her wider and deeper than any man ever has or ever will is burned into your brain as one of your favorite memories.
Her muscles sieze up, you have to fight to hold her legs in place as her spine curves, wordless gasps of pleasure and pain come from her mouth followed by one of your new favorite sounds.
"TAUMAS!" She screams, until Ray claps her hands over her mouth.
"You learn to control that eventually."
You smirk. "You haven't." She pokes her tongue out at you.
Ypu sit there, feeling Alyssa tighten around you, coming down from that first rush of bliss.
After a minute she starts squirming and pouting. You slowly, slowly withdraw. Alyssa gasps the whole way.
"Oh God. Oh God. Prince. PLEASE..."
Finally you come free completely, barely brushing her entrance.
"Please!" Alyssa begs.
"You monster..." Ray mutters, grinning and staring at your member.
You push back into her with agonizing slowness, stopping every three inches and waiting for your new mistress to beg before you continue.
Finally ypu bottom out in her again. Alyssa looks at you like she might ask you to marry her.

You say/do?

No. 795174 ID: 0cb2c4


TYPOS. yay. My fingers are still foo big for these buttons.
No. 795190 ID: 72ed6b

Keep going slowly, edge her right up to the brink but not over, before accelerating to push her over without stopping when you do. Meanwhile, keep teasing her ass with a finger, and pop it in as she peaks.
No. 795195 ID: 159378

This. We have plenty of time, and there's no sense letting things end too early. And it's never too soon to start planning for round two.
No. 795197 ID: e97f18

This. Bring her over the edge but don't let up or let her cool back down at all when she does. Bring her right back up from there.
No. 795656 ID: 348ebb

No. 795799 ID: 0cb2c4

You start a steady rythym, dragging your cock out as she grips you like a vice, then slowly forcing it back in as she whimpers and writhes.
You accelerate slightly, five seconds to pull out and five to go back in.
This isn't enough for Allysa. She keeps trying to thrust her hips harder against yours, but your hands kneading her ass cheeks keep her pinned and Ray's grip on her wrists keep her from pulling you in.
Meanwhile you enjoy the indescribable satisfaction of steadily ploughing the object of half your teenage wet dreams. This cocktease has been playing with fire for years.
A good burn is long overdue.
Speaking of overdue, her gasps and moans are getting louder, gaining in urgency, she's no longer even using words, just letting a constant whine that changes in pitch depending on your depth in her. Tears are building at the corners of her eyes.
She's ready.
You go balls deep in one brutal thrust.
"OH FUCK THE HELL YE-E-E-ES"!" Alyssa cries out as you suddenly hit a breakneck pace, splitting her tight pussy like firewood.
Her tongue hangs out, her eyes roll back and her tits bounce wildly as you wrap your arms around her with her legs over your shoulders and pick her up, slamming your cock all the way to the base of her cunt on each stroke.
You feel her clench around you.
You speed up.
Her pussy overflows as she cums hard, mouth open wide in a silent scream as her arms pull your face into the valley of her breasts.
She smells like roses.
She comes down from her minute long orgasm slowly, shaking like a newborn foal.
Her face falls forward and her forehead rests against yours. You feel her breath on your mouth as she pants. Her tongue brushes your lips as she closes her mouth to swallow.
Her eyes open and gaze into yours.

You say/do?

No. 795873 ID: 72ed6b

Kiss her. Then kiss Ray for good measure. And then have Ray lay on top of Alyssa, face to face, and fuck Ray right there on top of her, dipping down to Alyssa on occasion.
No. 795886 ID: 9876c4

Attempt to create quarter-elf.
No. 795919 ID: 76aea4

No. 795966 ID: e97f18

Either this, or switch holes.
No. 795982 ID: 8edcbf

Or both.
No. 796056 ID: 8646b6

Either of those sounds good.
No. 796061 ID: 53d0c3


No. 797793 ID: ebd544

You press your lips against hers.
She moans contentedly and responds enthusiastically. She runs her hands through your hair and slowly humps herself against you.
You pull away, she smiles at you as you lay her back on the table.
A moment later Ray straddles her legs facing you. You pull her forward into a kiss, she grabs Alyssa's ass to steady herself and moans.
You pull her away and grin. "Lie on top of her."
Ray blushes even further. "Okay then." She says with a cheeky grin.
She stands, turns around (being careful not to step on your new mistress) and slowly lowers herself, going down on all fours, then slowly spreading her legs until her hips meet Alyssa's and you have a view worthy of a king before you.
"Oh my..." says Alyssa.
"Top of the morning, cowtits!" Ray says cheerfully, but a tad nervously.
She looks at you and slaps her ass before shaking it from side to side. "Come and get what's yours highness!" She winks and pokes her tongue out.
You grab her ass with your left hand and press your cock against her opening.
Ray bites her lip and whimpers as the first two inches slide in.
Your fiance has one of the tightest pussies you've ever fucked, no matter how hard you try to loosen her up, she's still tighter than some virgins.
You push another inch in, she yelps.
You draw back and slowly, accompanied by a series of pained gasps from the naked elf you're splitting, drive yourself four inches deep. Ray's arms give out and she clings to Alyssa.
"So. Fucking. Thick..." she mutters.
Her walls squeeze your member with an iron grip. Four and a half inches deep is as far as most men your size could go.
You are not most men.
Gripping her ass cheek with your left hand, you spank her hard with your right. She gasps your name, shudders and her muscles shift enough for you to gain another centimeter.
You work your way in over a minute of Ray begging and writhing and squealing as you steadily split her like firewood.
Finally you take her ass with both hands and bury your final inch, briefly bumping her cervix.
She cums.
She twitches and cries out and clenches you harder than should be possible, but finally she collapses on your mistress, gasping. You feel her walls relax ever so slightly, enough for her to start dripping like a table after a feast.
She looks at you with shining eyes and a smile beyond words.
"Watch and learn cowtits!" Is all she says before curving her spine to loosen her up further and looking ahead.
"Do it."
You pull out. She cries out. You slide halfway back in, then hilt yourself in four brutal thrusts.
Ray throws her head back, you see her tongue hanging out.
"YE-E-E-ES!" She cries.
You slide back only to fill her again, in three strokes this time.
"Fuck me highness! Fuck me!" Your fiance moans.
You pull out all the way, then suddenly change your angle and hilt yourself in Alyssa.
She screams with shock, pain and pleasure. Ray giggles, then mimics her as you go back to battering her open.

You say/do?

No. 797918 ID: 2afc9c

Has Ray ever let you fuck her in the ass?

If she has, then take advantage of your current position to prepare her for that.

If she hasn't, then do so to Alyssa instead.

Either way, you have the copious juices of two girls readily available to smooth the way.

No. 797921 ID: 2afc9c

Asking here because you don't have a questdis thread: Are you actually running the other thread, or trolling it?
No. 797923 ID: e97f18

Even if she has, give Ray a break for a moment to recover. Go with Alyssa's ass.
No. 798000 ID: ee2f87

This. Give her the full experience, and give Ray a show.
No. 798674 ID: 68b0a8

Hi guys. Sorry for constantly flaking. My life is insane right now.
I'm going to open a quest discussion thread so you at least have something to do.
I owe y'all more bitches than I was already gonna give you.
No. 798679 ID: 68b0a8

Discussion thread is up; https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/111249.html

I'll post the next segment as soon as I can.
No. 798767 ID: 2afc9c


No problem.
No. 798967 ID: 6b0ab1

S'all good homes.
No. 799483 ID: d3bdc8

Ray never has let you try anal. You don't blame her to be honest. She's only recently adapted to the point where she enjoys the pain you inflict on her vagina. You doubt she'll ever be able to take your girth down there.
Alyssa on the other hand...
You pull out of Ray slowly, the tightness of her scabbard won't allow anything faster. Ray curses like a sailor, then gasps and slumps forward as you disengage. She takes quick, shallow breaths and grabs Alyssa's wrists to brace herself.
You dip into your chancellor, then, satisfied with your current lubrication, you pull out and gently press your head against her postern gate.
"Woah" Alyssa says.
You start to push.
"WOAH!" Alyssa gasps.
Ray giggles. "He's not half large is he?"
Alyssa shakes her head and tries to pull her hands out of Ray's grip.
"I-It's not that! I mean-owch!-it sort of-OH GO-MMPH?!"
Ray pulls Alyssa's forearm over her mouth. She winks back at you. "Got her gagged for you princey! Plough that puss good and hard darlin!"

You say/do?

No. 799491 ID: 72ed6b

Lock eyes with Alyssa, and watch for non-verbal signals; don't let discomfort become pain. Go slowly and steadily at first, until you've hilted and completed a few strokes (adding more lubricant from the two nearby sources on each outstroke, and providing additional stimulation for Alyssa), then shift up to the full speed you reached earlier.

After you hilt, ask Ray to turn around with her head towards you, both because the little noises and exclamations from Alyssa will make it more fun, and because you think Ray might want to watch this more closely.
No. 799492 ID: e97f18

This. And after Ray turns around, perhaps she'll take advantage of the new position and her proximity to help Alyssa out a little, taking over for any manual stimulation we're providing.
No. 802628 ID: ddda3b

You go slowly, watching Alyssa's eyes carefully for signs of-
You've barely got the head in and she's shaking her head as hard as she's able.
You gently pry your fiance's hand off her mouth.
Alyssa smiles nervously. "Um! N-not that I-I wish to deny y- deny you anything, milord, but um, I think, perhaps that that might kill me."
Ray sniffs derisively. "You took it just fine before!"
"Um, not there." Alyssa mutters.
Ray sits up and turns around. Her eyebrow shoot up at the sight. "Gods above! I thought I said you were too big for that!"
You shrug.
"No seriously! Half the time you're too big to fit in the bit that's actually made to accomadate you-"
"Made to accomadate me specifically?" You ask with a smile.
She smirks. "Mine is. But listen hun, at least for this first try, how about you be satisfied with my mouth and two cunts. Deal?"

You say/do?

No. 802672 ID: 067ab8

Grudgingly agree, though encourage Alyssa to work her way up to it. Strongly imply a lavish (lewd) reward for doing so.

Or better yet, if you think you can get away with it, you could try to egg them on about which one can do it first, offering a lavish day of lewdness to the winner.
No. 802677 ID: cf56b1

This, but you also need something to do instead, to finish.

With Ray turned around as she is, plunge back into Alyssa's depths. Encourage Ray to help, with her mouth, but once she starts, don't actually pull out far enough for her to do that without getting her mouth on Alyssa.

Finish deep inside Alyssa.
No. 802708 ID: e97f18

No. 803576 ID: c6b139

You sigh. "Fiiine." You smirk as you get an idea. "But whichever of you takes me all the way down there first-"
"Not gonna happen." They say in unison.
"-gets my undivided attention for a day."
Their jaws drop and you see a shared expression of wonder and apprehension fill their wondering eyes.
You snap them out of it by burying your cock in Alyssa.
You plough her hard for the next half hour, the sensation of switching between the tight wet cunt of your teenage fantasies and the warm, talented mouth of your nubile fiance is heaven itself.
Although you didn't manage to get Ray's mouth on Alyssa.
Yet anyway...
Finally, you feel it.
The moment of truth.
You speed up, Alyssa cums for the fifth time as you finally hilt yourself with one final thrust and let your seed burst into her hole.
You almost pass out, gripping her ass like a life raft as you paint her insides with ten jets of royal essence.
It is a really, REALLY good thing you can control whether your lovers conceive.
And they say Paladins don't use cantrips!
"Wow." Ray says.
"I love you." Alyssa wheezes.

You say/do?

No. 803579 ID: 72ed6b

While they're recovering, fetch their clothes (perhaps slipping their underwear into a pocket, hidden away so they don't have it). Help them get up and dressed (getting handsy in the process), and get dressed yourself. Kiss them both, deeply, and see if either or both need to talk at all about where things go from here.

Tell Alyssa to drop by again when she's made the arrangements for the village and refugees, or if she finds herself frustrated with the problem and wants to...relieve her frustrations. Trust in her discretion.

And just before she leaves, remind her of your offer once more.

Then, go about the rest of your day, perhaps with Ray along if she would like to accompany you.
No. 803619 ID: c6b139


(Remind me, which offer do you mean?)
No. 803679 ID: 72ed6b

> "-gets my undivided attention for a day."

That one. It was half an hour ago; make sure it's running around in her mind when she leaves.
No. 806126 ID: 183f9b

You sigh with satisfaction. You've been holding that in for a while. You can't remember the time you've been able to just fuck without your partner stopping for a break every ten minutes.
You lean forward, kissing Ray deeply as you pull her dress out of under Alyssa, who is still slowly coming down to reality.
"Arms up"
Ray obediently raises her arms. You slide her dress on, kissing her bare breasts before they're covered and letting your hands slide down to grab her soft ass. You pick her up and set her down, her dress covering her as you let go.
You notice a tear in the seam, no more than an inch long over her left hip.
You give Alyssa one last spank and pull out, she lets out a high pitched "oh!" as you slowly disengage.
You let her legs fall back, stopping on your shoulders. You slide your hands down her soft thighs and grab her thong, pulling it up and off in one tug. Alyssa finally makes eye contact with you.
"I...I..." she swallows. "I...Thank you."
You lower her legs, lean forward and kiss her, wrapping your arms around her and pulling her up into a sitting position. "You are most welcome."
You kiss each breast goodbye and begin the laborious task of squeezing them back into her top. A tough job, but someone has to do it.
Finally you pull your own pants up and put your hands on your hips. "Any questions?"
Ray sits on the table next to Alyssa.
"So...What happens now?" Alyssa says. "I mean, where do we go from here?"

You say/do?

No. 806548 ID: 72ed6b

Make it very clear this isn't a one-time thing. Wherever this goes, we'll figure it out together, one day at a time.

In the meantime, she and we still have jobs to do. Let's do them; as much as we might wish to, we can't spend every day doing things like this. Every night, on the other hand...

Why don't we start dealing with the refugee situation again?
No. 807135 ID: d5a115

"Now? We go back back to work." You put your hands on her hips. "You and I both have jo s to do, so let's do them. After that? To bed, where we can do each other." You pull her into a quick kiss. "And of course, you're free to see me before then if you need instructions or if you need some...relief from your frustrations."
To say she looks delighted would be the understatement of the year.
Ray swings one leg and rolls her eyes. "Honestly, you're like a babe with a new toy highness."
You raise an eyebrow at her. "So does that make you my old toy?"
She pokes her tongue out at you.
You turn back to your chancellor. "So! Back to the refugee situation!"
Alyssa blinks. "What about it highness?"

You say/do?
No. 816335 ID: d8678c

Did this die?

No. 825450 ID: bcfb0f
File 150382519789.jpg - (131.46KB , 800x1000 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__c61ce16f8c647c2525.jpg )

Aaaand we're back! I've been meaning to reboot this for a while, and now that we're officially out of the graveyard now seems the best time.

Now, as things stalled, I figured there's two ways to proceed, vote for whichever you'd prefer.

1: Proceed from current point
2: Time skip to evening?
3: Time skip to bed?
4: Time skip to next morning?
5: Other [what?]

No. 825469 ID: 5b93d3

>2: Time skip to evening?
No. 825563 ID: ca865c


After a few minutes the three of you go to lunch together. It was rather amusing to be honest. Ray was merciless with her innuendo and you doubt Alyssa stopped blushing from start to finish. All the same you don't think anyone figured out what and who you were doing earlier.
After lunch you managed to give your new lover a passionate (though quick) kiss before sending her off with a slight limp back to work.
Counting Ray, that makes two women to share your bed with. Your God will be pleased, but not satisfied.
After that, you wander the castle with Ray for the rest of the afternoon, smiling briefly as you pass the corridor where a certain paladin wrung a certain promise out of you.
Finally as the sun is setting, you and Ray enjoy the view from the walls, doubly so because there's no one in earshot.
Ray leans on the battlement and smiles as she watches the harbor. "It was fun. Watching you with Alyssa I mean." She turns and looks at you. "I don't...Well, I don't think I'll mind you fulfilling your oath."

You say/do?
No. 825948 ID: 5b93d3

>You say/do?
Try again to convinve her to join in with the debauchery religious duty.

>All the same you don't think anyone figured out what and who you were doing earlier.
They all know exactly what you were doing earlier.
No. 825979 ID: 5f8ac1

No. 826285 ID: 8a920c


Hi sorry to flake again. To clarify; are you encouraging her to approve/help you build your harem or to lez out with your lovers?
No. 826342 ID: a5c367

...both, I guess?
No. 826437 ID: 3abd97

No. 826571 ID: 72ed6b

I would certainly encourage that, and in particular the idea of having her surprise and delight us with her selections and their inclinations.

But that said, I'd also like to make some forward progress on non-smut goals, too.
No. 828887 ID: be83b8

(Posting in the morning)
No. 829477 ID: be83b8

You smile.
She smirks. "I can guess what you're thinking about."
"Fulfilling your oath with Alyssa and I." She says with a sly grin. "And maybe a maid or three eh?"
You shrug. "Actually I was thinking that you should join the fun."
She rolls her eyes. "I've had enough fun for a while, my throat still hurts."
"I meant with Alyssa, and maybe a maid or three."
She gives a dismissive laugh."What is with men and wanting to watch their ladies lock legs?"
She shakes her head, smiling playfully. "I've been in the same room as that sort of play before and I've no doubts I will again what with you drawin' all sorts as you do. But I prefer a good thick sausage when the dinner bell rings." She chews her lip for a moment, "But, I will grant you there's something to be said for watching. Seeing you with Alyssa...I'd rather like to see that again."
She walks her fingers up your chest and loops her arms around your neck. "But maybe someone different next time...?"
You put your hands on her hips. "Surprise me?"
She winks. "Always."
You're about to press your lips against hers when suddenly-
No. 829478 ID: be83b8
File 150503295781.jpg - (39.31KB , 300x450 , 1490909848725.jpg )


"Good evening your highness!"
Ray jumps slightly at the voice. You turn and see Charlotte standing with an obvious (to you, evidently not so to Ray) look of mock suspicion on her face, and a look of appraisal, bordering on approval in her eyes as she looks your fiance up and down.
"Good evening." Ray says quickly as she steps away from you, quickly sliding back into her polite maiden act, and sending you a look that screams "HOW MUCH DID SHE HEAR?"

You say/do?
No. 829861 ID: b5619d

Introduce your friend to the princess, tell her she's trustworthy;

Reassure Ray of your feelings for her.
No. 830004 ID: af2789

No. 830372 ID: 5b93d3


i.e. continue as normal let Ray get flustered for a bit about being 'exposed' before she gets the hint.
No. 830656 ID: e27b00
File 150545797839.jpg - (87.20KB , 640x483 , Princess-Lover-Anime-poster-32-x-24-Decor-01-XZ130.jpg )


You immediately reach across and pinch Ray's backside hard, then slide your hand to her lower back and dip her as you press her mouth hard against yours as she lets out an adorable series of flustered elf noises.
You take your tongue out of her mouth a few seconds later and turn to Charlotte, who is grinning like an idiot.
Ray starts a few sentences, giving up half way with sounds of frustration as she looks at Charlotte and back at you and back to Charlotte.
The blonde paladin raises an eyebrow. "Prince got your tongue?"
"Puh? Buh-I-We-" Ray is close to panic.
Charlotte bursts into laughter. "Relax princess, you can trust me. I know all about your playtime with the prince."
Ray looks at you, thunder in her eyes and a rather adorable glare on her face.
"And how does she know about that might I ask?"
"I'm his oldest friend," Charlotte explains, offering her hand, "call me Charlotte."
Ray takes her hand, "I'm Ray-wha?" Ray's ears twitch as Charlotte turns her hand and plants a kiss on the back before releasing her and shrugging.
"Paladin etiquette. Pleased to meet you Ray." She smirks. "So, I heard you're having trouble taking that last inch of royal cock down your gullet!"
Ray stomps on your foot.
"You wouldn't be so smug if you were aware of the...magnitude of the article in question." Ray says with a smile.
"Oh I am intimately aware." Charlotte says with a wink at you.
"Intimately you say?"
"Like a scabbard to a sword."
Ray glances at you with a slightly more amused expression.
Charlotte crosses her arms and grins again. "You know prince, I'm reminded of a promise. A recent promise you made to me..."

What do you say?
No. 830728 ID: b5619d

"As far as I'm concerned, my word still holds. But there's another here that will cast deciding vote."
Tell Ray what's being talked about.

Poor Ray. She must feel hurt and betrayed now. Prince owes it to her to make it up to her.
No. 831404 ID: a588cc

This, all things considered I'm suprised she's taking things so well
No. 832234 ID: 4f6c14


It's a combination of sex positive attitude and a newfound kink for sharing/watching.


"As far as I'm concerned my word still holds. But there's another here who must cast the final vote."
Ray raises an eyebrow. "Do I want to know what you're talking about?"
Charlotte smirks. "Go on highness, tell her."
You clear your throat.
"Well um. You know that Charlotte and I-"
"Apparently used to rut like rabbits yes go on."
"Well, for old times sake, AND to keep her from making a scene." You mock-glare at Charlotte, who winks at Ray, "-I sort of promised that she'd be one of the first three girls you and I would threesome with."
Ray blinks, smiling slightly. "Well, one down, two to go I suppose."
Charlotte's eyebrows shoot up. "Wait, what? You had a threeway since I last saw you?! With who?!"
"Chancellor Alyssa." Ray answers for you.
Charlotte grins and slaps you on the back. "Well it's about goddamn time!"
Ray holds up a hand. "Speaking of time, when were you two planning on us, you know."
"You mean you're okay with it?" You say, trying not to appear as relieved as you are.
She shrugs. "Why chicken out now? And besides, I dont9want to make a paladin break his word." She winks at you.

What do you say?
No. 832273 ID: b5619d


Kiss the elf princess's hand courteously.
No. 832358 ID: d93af9

by the way don't feel pressured to continue on my account, OP. You'll have hard time attracting new people into running train anyway, especially considering you'd have to exposition all the stuff all over again since the old threads are lost to entropy.
No. 832435 ID: a50ac8

Now hold on just a minute here, I'm enjoying this to! I just...never post...
No. 832461 ID: 5b93d3

We've teased Ray, now time to tease Charlotte too? Maybe tell her she needs to seduce Ray too before she can have us both.
Oi stop that, I'm also enjoying this.
Archives of previous threads are here:
No. 832494 ID: c867eb

i am also enjoying this quest.
Whatever you say i reccomend bedding the paladin as soon as possible, a lady paladin wil have lady abs and as we all know lady abs are best abs
No. 834210 ID: c825ec

Thanks for the links, bro
No. 836127 ID: 3ee45c

(You've warmed my smutty heart guys)

You bow and kiss the back of Ray's hand.
"How scandalous." She says sarcastically and fans herself.
"Why not now?" Charlotte says brightly.
"Now?" You say.
"Now?!" Ray says.
"Something wrong princess?"
"No, no I just...nothing."

What do you do?
No. 836141 ID: 104f02

>What do you do?
Both of them
No. 836212 ID: b5619d

if we want to do this, lets do it somewhere private
No. 836369 ID: 3ee45c
File 150787851502.jpg - (25.19KB , 443x332 , images-149.jpg )

It doesn't take more than a few minutes for the three of you to make it to your wing of the palace, then sneak one by one to your bedroom.
You arrive to find Ray back in her normal attire, sitting on the bed as Charlotte finishes removing her armor by the fireplace.
"You took your time highness!" She says.

What do you do?
No. 836435 ID: b5619d

Carry out the paladin's duty.

Maybe ask princess for suggestions what to do with the eager knight.
No. 845022 ID: 3a5cdf


You smile. "And what do you suggest I do with this eager young knight dear?"
Ray shrugs and grins. "Whatever you like dear."
You turn back to Charlotte in time to enjoy the view of her rather massive breasts springing free as she finishes stripping her top off.
She walks towards you with a smile, takes on of your hands by the wrist and holds it to her breast as she moves the other to her ass. "I have a few ideas~"

What do you do?
No. 845233 ID: c1efe4

Do the Voodoo that you Do so well
No. 845329 ID: b5619d

well go ahead and revisit the old times. And better ensure Ray doesn't get bored!
No. 850881 ID: b1421d


Your lips collide with Charlotte's in a frenzy of panting and moaning that lasts for a minute. Neither of you have ever pretended to not find each other attractive and as you grope her tits and ass you reflect on how satisfying it is to finally act on those feelings.
It's been months since you last did it after all!
You slip one hand free of groping one pillowy tit and slide it down her smooth back to join the other in squeezing her tight round ass.
She moans into your mouth. Wrapping her arms around your neck as her tongue fights for dominance, losing as she shudders and melts into your embrace.
You work your hands back up to her glorious globes of flesh only for Charlotte to grab her trousers and bend over at the waist, dragging them down to her ankles as you give her bare ass a firm, hard slap and an affectionate grope as she takes one step after another, kicking off her pants and leaving her only in her high heeled combat boots.
She looks at you with a fierce grin, tits bouncing as she pants."So, are you going to shove that royal cock up my cunt or down my throat first?" She says with a savage wink and smile.
"Language!" Ray says chidingly. "If your mother could hear-"
"My mother would say the exact same thing elftits, she's been drooling for that cock since she walked in on him changing last year."

What do you do?
No. 851964 ID: b5619d

ask Ray if and how she wishes the backtalking paladin to be disciplined.

Putting Charlotte's mouth to more productive use might be in order in either case.
No. 869742 ID: 7fcd9e

"My you've got a rude mouth on you my little paladin," you turn to your fiance, "how would you like this backtalking paladin to be punished Ray?"
Ray leans forward and smirks. "Well...hmmmmm...maybe you should put that mouth of hers to good use darlin."
You turn back to Charlotte but don't see her, until you feel a tug on your belt and look down to see her on her knees and grinning as she works to unsheathe your greatsword.

What do you do?
No. 869964 ID: a9be1d

Re-sheathe Greatsword into the new scabbard just offered.

good to see you back
No. 873046 ID: a036d6


You let your greatsword jump free, swinging proud and erect into the cold night air. Charlotte's eyes widen as she grins up at you. She winks and smirks. "I've been looking forward to this, your highness."
She closes her eyes, swallows, licks her lips, then looks you in the eye and moves forward with her mouth open, eyes hooded lustfully and her warm, wet tongue out. You lean your head back and sigh in relaxation as her hot breath tickles your-
There's a knock on the door. Charlotte stops and looks at the door with her mouth open. Ray looks at you with panic in her eyes.
Now who could that be? And more importantly how much trouble will you be in if they catch you like this?

What do you do?

Good to BE back my friend. Going to start a new thread of this soon as this one's getting a little long in the tooth.
No. 874691 ID: 35e4e4

Just continue on doing what your doing.

What are they going to do, arrest you?
No. 874775 ID: a036d6

You weave your fingers together on the back of Charlotte's head and pull her towards you. Her eyes widen and she lets out a surprised squeak as the first few inches of your cock slide into her warm wet mouth. You sigh with delight as she closes her eyes and moans lustfully. "It's been too long." You say with a smile.
She giggles around your cock and starts sliding her lips back and forward, mouth stretching wide open over your meat.
However, whoever so rudely interrupted before knocks again, and you hear Alyssa's voice quietly calling your name.

What do you do?
No. 875084 ID: 7b22a2

Oh if its just Alyssa invite her on in. Dont want her missing out on all the fun now, do we?
No. 876486 ID: 8c4a3b
File 152262076266.jpg - (90.09KB , 616x1000 , 149170687521.jpg )

You look up at the sound of Alyssa's voice and pat Charlotte on the head. "One moment dear." She frowns and grabs your pants as you try to pull your cock out lf her mouth. You raise an eyebrow and look down at her sternly. She sighs and slowly draws her head back, sucking so hard that you go weak at the knees until your dick slides out of her hot, wet mouth with a pop.
You walk to the door and open it, finding Alyssa looking around nervously. She smilesand blushes at the sight of you.

No. 876496 ID: 8c4a3b
File 152262342354.jpg - (131.46KB , 800x1000 , 150382519789.jpg )

She bows and speaks softly. "Good evening my lord, I wanted to take you up on your offer-" Her eyes widen and her mouth opens slightly at the sight of your erect penis, wet with saliva, protruding from your trousers.
"Oh my." she says. "I do hope I'm not interrupting anything..."

No. 876804 ID: 8c4a3b

[I don't know about you guys but it's a pain in the ass for me to have to trawl through a thread to find links for the previous ones that actually work, so here's part 1 and 2 of this quest;]
[And the discussion thread]
No. 876805 ID: 8c4a3b

[Continuing with the write up after I get a drink, thanks for your patience.]
No. 876807 ID: 8c4a3b

You put an arm around her, drawing her into your room and out of sight. She stumbles slightly, eyes flicking between yours and your member.
"Not at all!" You insist. "Come right in, I wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun." You give her backside a gentle squeeze, eliciting a squeak from the busty chancellor that quickly turns into a gasp at the sight of Charlotte lying on the bear skin rug by your fireplace wearing a smile and little else, while Ray is examining a black lace thong with delight.
"So that's where I left it!" She says, obviously pleased.
"My my," Alyssa says with a hand on your arm. "You certainly don't want for company highness..."
Charlotte winks at Alyssa, "Especially not since he took for a ride today huh, Lady Alyssa." She says cheekily.
Alyssa raises an eyebrow at the naked paladin. "And does your mother know where you are and what you're-"
"Who. Who I'm doing." Charlotte licks her lips, eyeing your meat like it's made of candy.
You shut the door, leaving you in a warm bedroom with your friend with benefits, your fiance and your mistress.

What do you do?

No. 876884 ID: fca57a

You have unfinished business with Charlotte that needs attending to.
No. 877005 ID: 8c4a3b

You kiss Alyssa quickly on the cheek and walk over to your busty blonde paladin, who is currently on her knees and smiling up at you. You grip her hair with one hand and pull her towards you, sliding 4-5 inches of dick down her waiting mouth.
You thrust, again and again, holding her half-impaled on your dick as you drive it three quarters in over and over, relishing the contractions of her tight little throat around your bulging member.
Her eyes roll back in her head as you slowly but forcefully fuck her throat. She looks at you and moans, sending delightful vibrations through her wide open lips and into your hard meat.
You change tactics, pulling back until you're only half penetrating her, then take a two handed grip on her head, pulling her deep five times in quick succession before letting go as she takes over, swallowing your cock over and over again, slipping your greatsword deeper and deeper into her stretched-open mouth every time.
"There's no way she can take the whole thing!" Says Alyssa.
"Is there?" Says Ray.

No. 877419 ID: 82be17

There is a way, you know, she's found it before.
And she's visiting it again.
Head tilted at just the right angle for your cock to slide perfectly into her well-trained throat with minimal resistance, lips stretched around your girth, mouth as open as it gets and with eyes hooded in pure lust she impales herself on your dick over and over. Occasionally she brings one or two of her hands up to jack off your base and midshaft while sucking as hard as possible with a frantic bobbing motion on the rest. Her spit coats your entire shaft within minutes, lubricating it and letting her go faster and faster.
Until finally, ten minutes in, she stops, as deep as she can go, puts her hands behind her back and slowly, ever so slowly she pulls herself off until she's gently kissing your tip while looking you in the eyes.
"See?" Ray says, sounding relieved, "there's no way she could so it! Not even I...can?"
Charlotte is leaning forward. Slowly, ever so slowly her lips slide over your lubricated cock, her mouth opening further and further as you hit her throat and keep going and going until finally, eyes rolling back in her head, she hilts your dick in her mouth completely.
"...holy fuck." Ray mutters.
Charlotte's eyes are closed as she swallows several times before looking you happily in the eye and sighing softly.

What do you do?

No. 877554 ID: 0771c0

Move on to Ray, she needs atention too you know
No. 877620 ID: 82be17

You smile at the beautiful young paladin, and brush a single loose strand of hair behind her ear, before glancing over at your lovely little fiance. Her eyes are wide and locked on Charlotte. She looks slightly... worried? Intimidated? You're not sure.
"Ray." You say simply. She flinches,blushing as she looks you in the eye, her gaze flicking down to your crotch occasionally.
You use your grip on Charlotte to gently disengage, your cock coming free with a vulgar slurping sound.
Charlotte lies back on the bearskin, looking up at you with the most blatant "fuck me" eyes you can remember seeing for a long time, as she props herself up on her elbows and opens her legs, panting and licking the drool off her lips. A tempting sight really, but you'll have time to enjoy it fully later, and thus turn from the naked paladin and stride up to your blushing bride-to-be.
Her gaze is wider than normal, her normal smug cockiness mostly gone.
"Wh-how would-*ahem*how can I serve you?...my prince..."

What do you do?

No. 877806 ID: 0771c0

Take her. Roughly.
No. 877811 ID: ead73b

You walk up to her and push her back onto the bed, she collapses with a soft "oof!" and crawls back as you climb onto the bed, grab her ankles and lift them. Her dress falls all the way down to expose her gorgeous ass. You lift further, putting her ankles over your shoulders and thrust forward. Ray cries out as your first three inches ram into her.
"AH! Prince!"
Your grip on her legs is unyielding as you bend them back further and slide into your tight little fiance, not over a minute or so of careful invasion, simply one massive thrust over a few seconds that fills her from lips to cervix.
Her eyes open wider and wider, she cries out, softly at first, then turning into a scream as you draw closer to her base.
You brace yourself only for a few moments to appreciate the writhing elf below you as she enters her first orgasm of the evening, before pulling out and pulling her away from you by the hips, then pulling her back and thrusting to her deepest point, accompanied by fresh screams and cries from Ray.
You carry on for two minutes, Ray comes again, gasping, face red and clutching at the sheets.
It's about now that you'd give her a break on a normal night.

What do you do?

No. 877903 ID: 0771c0

Not sure weather to move on to Alyssa or to finish off Charlotte...

Coin flip?
No. 877950 ID: 82be17

I flipped, Alyssa won. How would you like to proceed?
No. 878024 ID: f34e1c

Tit job! Get her to put those Massive Mamories to use.
No. 879875 ID: d3fe31


You smirk down at the gasping elf impaled on your cock. Her chest heaves as she tries to get her breath back. She arches her spine and whimpers as you gently pull out of her and lower her legs to the bed.
You turn your attention to Alyssa, or rather to her chest. She blushes and crosses her arms over her immense funbags. "It's rude to stare your highness...mph!"
You kiss her gently, sliding your tongue over hers before lying back against the headboard.
You gesture to your rigid cock and smile. "Time to put your 'gifts' to work my dear chancellor." You hook your finger in her cleavage and pull her top down to her waist in one quick tug.
"Oh my!" She gasps. "Such an eager young man..."
She lowers herself to your lap, the way her big, round butt rises in the air is dangerously inviting, but there'll be a time to enjoy...such...pleas-pleasures? Wow. As Alyssa holds her huge breasts together and gently lowers them onto your shaft you feel an almost indescribable sensation overtaking you.
The soft, silky smoothness, the warmth of her yielding, supple flesh as it engulfs your member is almost too much to bear.
As her titanic tits reach your lap you shudder for a moment, rolling her eyes back and sighing.
This is the LIFE!
You look down at the slyly smiling half elf embracing you so tenderly just as she presses her breasts together ever so slightly more and raises her left while pressing her right down. And then, moments later, she lowers her left and raises her right, rolling them up and down your painfully erect shaft.
She picks up speed and hums softly, letting the vibrations bring you to a whole new plateau of bliss.
This is the greatest titjon you've ever received.
Better than Ray.
Better than Charlotte.
This woman is GIFTED.

What do you do?

No. 879877 ID: d3fe31

*titJOB you've ever received.
No. 880010 ID: 0eda7a

While her mouth is occupied, tease her about her blushing and your staring. See just how red she can turn. Suggest the idea that you might just order her to disrobe whenever she's in your presence, and keep her hands to her sides or behind her back to leave your view unhindered. Or perhaps a set of metal clips over her nipples would provide a nice accent to their appearance, and to her sensation; perhaps we should arrange for her to wear them all the time. We could arrange a change to her standard wardrobe.

The whole time, tease those nipples, bring them to the peak of sensation. And when you get close, make it clear to her that she'd better take a deep breath, because she's not getting another one until she gets you off.
No. 880011 ID: 0eda7a

(At least, it sounded like she was using her mouth as well; if she's not, encourage her. Her breasts seem flexible enough to let you do so at the same time.)
No. 880885 ID: e73371

Well if this is the best tit job we have ever gotten then we may as well come to it.
These things are seldom better than the first go-round after all.
No. 887678 ID: 866379
File 152817678833.jpg - (80.19KB , 584x850 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__954656a315d1bd58ad.jpg )

You find yourself getting a little dizzy from the pleasure. Still, you're not so far gone as to forget what you want.
"Your mouth." you say. "Use your mouth."
She smiles up at you and lowers her mouth, engulfing your phallic object in a blissfully warm, soft and wet embrace.
She pulls up and smiles. "Like that-mmmh" you gently force her back down.
You smile as you admire the red in her cheeks as the beautiful half elf goes to town on your dick, sucking, licking, kissing and titfucking you better than anyone ever has.
"Look at you blush," you say. She giggles. "You like me watching you don't you?" you say.
She nods, her eyes never leaving yours as her tongue swirls around the head of your cock over and over again.
"Well, perhaps I'll have to watch you more often." you tuck her hair behind her ear. "Maybe I'll have you disrobe in my presence. Whenever, and wherever I choose?"
Her eyes widen and she bobs her head more fiercely. She moans softly.
You smile and start groping her tits, your fingers touch hers but there's more than enough room for two sets of hands on her monsters.
You squeeze firmly, her moans rise in pitch as your hands work their way to her nipples, twisting and teasing as she pleasures you.
"I'll have you keep your arms behind your back, so nothing gets in the way of my perfect view." You pinch her nipples, her eyes tear up and she moans in complaint around your cock. "Nothing except, maybe a little something to pinch these nipples of yours." You suddenly bite your lip. This is too much, she's too good and you're about to cum any second. You shift, place your hands on the back of her head and get a good grip in her hair. "Take a deep breath. Cause you're not getting another until I cum in you." You grin and start fucking.
The sensation is incredible, she's wanted this for so long and it's so gloriously obvious from the way she throws herself into sucking your dick. She gags, chokes and moans as you fuck her gorgeous mouth with everything you've got until finally, finally you throw your head back in ecstasy after the half minute of pure bliss that was your first orgasm in Alyssa's mouth.
You sigh and look down at the busty half elf trying to swallow while holding her breath.

What do you do?
No. 887996 ID: 3c291e

How is your refractory period? If its not to long start up again with Charlotte and Ray, otherwise just cuddle for a bit with all three
No. 888047 ID: 866379

It's pretty quick. Specifically what would you like to do next?
No. 888301 ID: 3c291e

Well, as previously stated Charlotte was giving us the ol "fuck me till I cant walk strait, then fuck me some more" eyes (you know the ones) so we better finish her off before we move on to Ray. How about some light forplay leading straight into a mating press?
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