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File 149165588730.png - (121.80KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )
794345 No. 794345 ID: e4abe1

You are a tiny IMP girl, suddenly an IMPalpable sphere of blue light appear in front of your eyes, you feel IMPelled to touch it.
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No. 794347 ID: 804a8c

It is IMPerative that your IMPromptu IMPact on this IMPressive orb not be IMPeded. It may IMPower you.
No. 794348 ID: e4abe1
File 149165670017.png - (105.67KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

IMPervious to your own IMPulses you reach forward and touch the IMPossible orb.
Suddenly IMPossible voices start to pour inside your mind!
No. 794349 ID: 804a8c

IMPressive, are we not? While it may seem IMProbable, those whom are IMParted with our council tend to end up IMPressive, dealing with IMPossible seeming IMPeritives.

Not to say we'll be a major IMPosition or anything.
No. 794362 ID: 143250

Ow, rude. Why'd you poke us? That IMPact from your finger hurt.
No. 794372 ID: 3abd97

We are IMPelled to IMPart you with our wisdom. You will be the IMPliment of our will in this IMPerfect world.
No. 794377 ID: 72ed6b

Not to IMPugn your character, but usually our presence IMPlies that someone has reached some IMPasse. Feel free to IMPanel our IMPartial council, that you may be IMPaired no longer. We can offer IMPassioned solutions to your most IMPenetrable dilemmas, in more ways than one.
No. 794388 ID: d79f26

okay, i'm not gonna do imp puns(mostly because i'm bad at it)
hello how are you? where are we?
No. 794393 ID: 094652

And now, the IMP dance!

Whassamatter, gIMPy? Too scared to do a whINGering squeal dance?
No. 794504 ID: 0d1514

lick it
No. 794524 ID: 9876c4

Get a hammer.
No. 794804 ID: e4abe1
File 149182001666.png - (257.10KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

-Aaaah, why so many imp puns:<?-
The tiny IMP girl bawls at the mean orb.
-I just wanted to find shelter from te rain and i got stuk in this spooky tomb:<-
No. 794811 ID: d9d165

Then hug the walls and shimmy your way out!
No. 794812 ID: e4abe1
File 149182282514.png - (225.30KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

-Uh, h-hi? I'm a bit cold..I'm not sure actually...I think this is a mausoleum, but the pavement broke and i fell in this labyrinth kinda thing?
No. 794826 ID: 0555b9

There's a new friend standing in the doorway, but he's too shy to come over and introduce himself. Hello friend!
No. 794831 ID: 0d1514

Yes, turn and say hello.
No. 794833 ID: e12db1

Shouldn't imps know some magic? Is there any way we can make some light?
No. 794834 ID: 48237d

How about you ran like hell from your impending demise.
No. 794838 ID: 72ed6b

Yes, run. Or walk quickly but carefully; don't stumble in the dark.

This orb seems to be hovering under its own power. Perhaps we can steer it over towards the door to see what that is, and away from the girl in the hopes that whatever it is can't see perfectly in the dark? poke
No. 794872 ID: 392497

> -Aaaah, why so many imp puns:<?-

...sorry, we heard them and responded in kind. We'll stop, if you want us to.
No. 794873 ID: 392497

mental poke
No. 794874 ID: 094652

Behind you!

... Is some kind of throne with a dead king's skeleton. Loot the @#$%er.
No. 794892 ID: 3abd97

They were IMPortant! Really!

Well look around. How many ways are there out of this room, and what's in it?
No. 795461 ID: e4abe1
File 149208190344.png - (344.50KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

the throne is ruined and only the lower half remain
-You are already making light! I can only do shadow bullets...they are not very IMPressive, though...-she stop for a second-did I just made a IMP pun?!-
No. 795462 ID: 2a185d

Victory! We managed to get these IMPressive puns IMPrinted in your head.
No. 795464 ID: 214b69

Okay, that's just mean.

Rule #1 of adventuring: If it isn't diseased, grab it.

So grab the weapon, and some bones in case you need them for some unspecified reason later.
No. 795469 ID: e4abe1
File 149208470281.png - (171.36KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

-Aye! Loot is important...- she grabs a femur and make a makeshift club out of it, not a moment too soon,either!
The thing that you were warning here about slowly crawl out of the door.
-Eeeek! W-what the hell is that!-
The creature start to crawl a bit faster after hearing her scream, but start to slow down again after a few steps...
No. 795471 ID: e12db1

Play golf with femur as the club and light sphere as the ball.
No. 795475 ID: e4abe1
File 149208658942.png - (727.17KB , 1685x1542 , impgurl.png )

-You are the sphere!-
the thing start to crawl again towards you!
No. 795477 ID: e12db1

Why am I the.. oh shi..
I shall do what light spheres do best! The special skill which all secondary character get!
-gets down and plays dead (be inconspicious)-
No. 795489 ID: 0555b9

Do your worst, mindless creature! You can't eat a floating orb of light!
No. 795521 ID: 72ed6b

Do you see any other exits from this room?

attempts to move our light to distract the creature
No. 795524 ID: 48237d

Stop talking. The creature is reacting to the sound of your voice.
Move around silently, maybe even throw a pebble far from you to see if this thing is following sounds.
No. 795528 ID: 8d4593

Touch it! And whisper into it's head:
You are not hungry.
No. 795529 ID: 0bb568

This is a good idea.
No. 795547 ID: d79f26

we'll distract it you turn it's skull into paste.
No. 795581 ID: d0a9a0


Here's an idea. Throw something on your person behind it or far to the side. It has no eyes, and if it's following sound, that will distract it.
No. 795595 ID: 3abd97

>did I just made a IMP pun?!
It's okay, you're an IMP. It's not racist if you make the puns.

Just put a shadow-bolt through its head.
No. 795663 ID: 348ebb

Think to us, we may be able to hear you without speaking, just as we project our voices into your mind.

Is our orb making any sound?

Go with the idea to throw something to the other side of the room. A bone, if necessary.
No. 795666 ID: 59033c

Hit it with your stick till it stops moving
No. 795670 ID: 094652

Kid, stay quiet, and sneak behind the zombie. It's gunning for us, so the less noise you make the less likely it will turn to fight you.
No. 796476 ID: e4abe1
File 149244641911.png - (280.18KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

she grab a few bones from the body.
>Test test! C-can you her me now? I'll throw some of this bones right now!
she stat to throw bones each times the beast stop walking until it walk to the center of the room, far away from her, then slowly and as silently as she can she walks to the open door.
No. 796512 ID: d79f26

good job, we can hear you. move as fast as you can without making a noise.
No. 796546 ID: e12db1

Fly a bit lower to get a better shine of that ass.. ah right, we're supposed to be in the front. Then, we enter first and see what lies past the dark passage.
No. 796550 ID: 72ed6b

We can hear you. Very nicely done.

Now, sneak out of there, making as little noise as possible. We'll fly ahead a bit to light your path.
No. 797413 ID: e4abe1
File 149285154655.png - (365.93KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

The previous update was supposed two be two posts but i had all the commission to do....
>Yay! That's useful!
You float inside and light up the new room, a small semicircular room, humanoid figures seems to have been sculpted inside the columns, a broken coffin in the center...
As your new companion enter the room she emit a surprised squeck she smother as soon as she can.
>That's A half eaten corpse! A half rotten half eaten corpse!
No. 797414 ID: e12db1

Ditch the club and take the dagger. Then check out the coffin.
No. 797420 ID: d79f26

no, we should keep both, the dagger is short, and we may need reach.
No. 797425 ID: e4abe1
File 149285874391.png - (254.13KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

She fidgety get closer to the half rotten corpse.
>the dagger is actually a broken sword...
No. 797426 ID: e12db1

Hm. In that case, having its blade damaged like that, it's worse than the club we have.

Ask the imp girl what that glowy stuff on the bodies is. Let's go check out the coffin.
No. 797434 ID: 72ed6b

Keep an eye out for less broken weapons.

(Do you have any experience with weapons? Which kinds?)

Check out the coffin, and the glowing substance on the broken column.
No. 797445 ID: d79f26

pretty sure the glowing goo is monster drool.
No. 797477 ID: 3abd97

Poke corpse with club, make sure it's not a zombie.

Is there another way out of this room, or is it a dead end?
No. 798039 ID: e4abe1
File 149318592469.png - (256.25KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

>Yep it's just droll...
>I'm an imp, most of my skill are naturally IMPlanted into mind when i get summ- I fucking did it again!....But yeh, i can use a club and maybe a spear...that's it
No. 798041 ID: e4abe1
File 149318640008.png - (280.51KB , 850x850 , atinyquest.png )

She squat and start to examine the body
>I think I can feel some residual necromantic energy, but this body is dea-
Suddenly the head speaks eerily in a kinda girly voice
-What are you doing?! Stay away from my body!, Don't you know a girl's body is important?-
>...Oh god that's loud! That thing is going to get her! what do i do?!
No. 798045 ID: 2afc9c

"Ssssh! Shut up or you're going to get eaten! There's a monster that hunts by noise."

Then drag her further away from where she just made noise, and start asking her questions about who and what she is.
No. 798049 ID: 547d10

"I can get you out of this tomb. Do you really want me to leave you here?"

Put the head back on the body. See if you can activate her undead abilities using the stuff in the tomb.
No. 798054 ID: d79f26

the thing that took a bite out of you is attracted to noise, if you are loud it will come back and eat you more.
No. 798055 ID: 5322c5

"So you are saying if I poke you enough I can use you as a decoy? If you dont like being digested you had better shush."
No. 798082 ID: e12db1

Interesting. An object that keeps making sound. A perfect decoy.

First of all, if that monster hasn't heard us yet, let's talk with the head. Ask her who she is and why she's here.

In the mean time, search the coffin and the room for anything else that might be useful.

After the talk, tell the imp girl to take the head with us. We should take her with us one way or another, either for a decoy, for convo, or as balast in case we need to spring traps or something.
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