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File 12586581719.jpg - (95.54KB , 500x268 , Gygax Stares Down Alien.jpg )
79129 No. 79129 ID: d1210a


A yellow and black beetle, every bit as wide as a Mandarinian warrior but twice it's length and weight, has been wandering around. Recently, it made it's way to ground level after shaking off the bumblebees attacking it.

Currently, KILLER QUEEN, Wings Of Destiny and Crimson Glory are the only hero units currently available.

Idle ants available:
11 They Might Be Giants
26 Death On Six Legs
25 The Merciless

Who should be dispatched?
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No. 79162 ID: d7df6a

Hm. Well, let's give it a go with a loadout of 5 They Might Be Giants, 5 Merciless to act as their coordinators/riders, and 15 Death on Six Legs, makes for a nice unit of 25 but still leaves a decent enough home guard in case something happens while they're out. And both Crimson and Wings can go with 'em, gives the two a chance to interact a bit, as well as an aerial observer in Wings and Crimson's thinky brain-meats.
No. 79164 ID: 648286

Let's dispatch the beetle.
No. 79211 ID: 954933

Remind me which hero unit Crimson Glory was?
No. 79299 ID: 632862

Crimson Glory is the pheromone-manipulator. The master of mind control.
No. 79364 ID: 716eb0

Though I support QUEEN being involved in adventures, I will second this deployment.
No. 79555 ID: d1210a

Party Dispatched to Beetle's current location:
Wings Of Destiny
Crimson Glory
5 They Might Be Giants
15 Death On Six Legs
5 The Merciless

Pick a hero unit to take direct control of:

Wings Of Destiny

Crimson Glory

Whichever unit you pick will be the commander of the task force, and the quest will be viewed from their perspective.
No. 79557 ID: 632862

Crimson Glory.
No. 79570 ID: d7df6a

Crimson Glory. Maybe once Wings of Destiny gets a bit more experience (and self-confidence) she'll be able to do the unit leader thing, but in more ways than one she's still a little shy for the time being.
No. 79590 ID: 898207

weren't crimson glory's pheromones only effective against ants, wasps and hornets?
No. 79593 ID: 632862

th... Hey that's right.

Why are we taking her? Leave her behind, so she can help mess with Crazy Burn Hellion.
No. 79596 ID: 5d5878

Huh. Riiiight. Time for Wings to earn her wings!
No. 79650 ID: d1210a

(Reminder: Crimson Glory's pheromones as mentioned previously only work on ants, wasps, and hornets. Bees are not affected. Burn Crazy The Hellion is a bee. Thusly, it would not be able to manipulate the pheromones of Burn Crazy The Hellion.)

[Crimson Glory]


So, it seems I am given a task immediately, then. I wonder, is this a test of loyalty, or simply evidence of a highly active colony? Regardless of the reasons, I must perform adequately, I must meet my new master's standards..... for if I do not, why would she ever slay her sister for me? I must be useful, I must be vital, I must be whatever she needs me to be, if I am to see death and misery visited upon she who took home and kin away from me.

Hm, a durable beetle, colored in a manner similar to the Mandarinian Empire's workers and warriors, was previously observed feeding on the yellow flowers, and being attacked (to no apparent effect) by the workers of the empire. It then dropped to the ground, at which point it was ignored by the workers. It now proceeds in the direction of the branch of Crescent known as Stealin'. This location is near enough to Crescent that our force will be able to intercept the beetle before it reaches Stealin'.

The.... straight forward, I suppose, Wings Of Destiny bounds up alongside me.

"So, um, I figure that because I'm a Knight of Cydonia, that means I'm in charge, right?"

How should I respond?
No. 79653 ID: 632862

"That is true. Might I be so bold as to suggest that I take the role of communication, however? I am quite experienced in such matters."
No. 79800 ID: d1210a

I have no valid reason to object: After all, I am now naught but a willing servant of KILLER QUEEN, I have no titles like Wings Of Destiny possesses (regardless of any questions about her mental acuity). But hopefully, I can prevent her.... exuberance from being disadvantageous.

"That is true. Might I be so bold as to suggest that I take the role of communication, however? I am quite experienced in such matters."
"U-um, sure, I guess! Ok, let's go!

I follow alongside Wings Of Destiny and the rest of her task force, and in short order we can see the beetle, slowly meandering to and fro as it inexorably approaches Stealin'.

Currently, the beetle does not seem to have noticed us, or if it has, it gives no indication of it's awareness. Wings Of Destiny is staring at the beetle indecisively, caution and uncertainty playing through her scent.

..Well, I have a few options. I could suggest a course of action to Wings Of Destiny, attempt to keep her acting like a leader should. ...Or I could use Masquerade to manipulate her pheromones, and give her the confidence she lacks on her first mission in a leadership position. Or perhaps some combination therein.

What should I do?
No. 80124 ID: 898207

flirt with her
No. 80237 ID: 45be60

...That's a thought I guess.

In any event, don't underestimate Wings just because she seems uncertain. She must have proven herself in the past to get where she is now. A gentle nudge to her confidence would not be amiss, but see what course of action she would propose.
No. 80712 ID: d1210a

(You could do this, if you wrote up a bit of sample dialogue,to show the general direction you want the flirting to progress along.)

...I decide to apply only a very minor bit of pheromone manipulation to Wings Of Destiny, in the hopes that with some more confidence, she will evidence the behavior one associates with a leader.

The effect of Masquerade is subtle, but I observe her lose some of her uncertainty, replacing that which is lost with.... something alien to me. Dedication, certainly, but.... it feels off.

No matter, her confidence is bolstered, her will strengthened. Now is the time to see what plans she can make.

"So, how do you think we should approach this, Wings Of Destiny?"
"....I think we should attack the intruder, give it no time to react. It's color patterning is the same as those we know to be workers for the... Mandarinians. Further, it appeared at nearly the same time as Burn Crazy The Hellion. It is unlikely they are not related."

...Well, her reasoning is sound, but there are several questions left unanswered by her theory. Why did the workers assault the beetle? Why has it not been observed to interact with Burn Crazy The Hellion?

Should I simply follow her plan, or advise her towards a different course of action? And if so, how should I phrase my advice to make her likely to listen?
No. 80715 ID: 9891a9

So far the only aggression shown has been towards the bees, there doesn't seem to be a reason for assaulting it yet. You did say that you were going to handle communications, Crimson Glory, so how about taking a small squad of oh, say, the 5 Merciless and seeing if you can divulge some information from it through conversation?

"Let us not be so hasty to assault this creature, it could be prove to have its uses. Let me take the Merciless as a guard and see if I can discern its intentions."
No. 80725 ID: d1210a

No, it would be too damaging to her future abilities to be a leader, if she were to be wrong. I must verify whether this beetle is a threat or not before Wings Of Destiny commits us to battle.

"Let us not be so hasty to assault this creature, it could be prove to have its uses. Let me take the Merciless as a guard and see if I can discern its intentions."

Wings Of Destiny smells oddly relieved upon receiving my message.
"Yes, that is a good plan. I think you should do that."

....So much for any hopes she had abruptly dropped the simplistic thought patterns. Well, it seems I have a job to do.

I lead The Merciless as we approach the beetle, careful to swing wide of our old location, so the beetle will not have an easy time deducing Wings Of Destiny's presence.

Shortly the beetle stops it's meandering wanderings, having finally detect our presence as we close the distance. Currently, the beetle profers forth no communication, but it also does not attack us, or even set itself in a ready stance. ....I don't think it even considers us a threat.

And considering it is several hundred times my mass, I doubt it is mistaken.

What should I say to the beetle while attempting to initiate dialogue? Or should I do something else?
No. 80731 ID: 632862

Just say "Hello! What're you doing?"
No. 80763 ID: 7c0770

ask it what it wants. Does it want food, if it does we can offer some. just you know be friendly.
No. 80972 ID: d1210a

A simple greeting, general investigation into it's purpose and a query if it simply desires food makes sense, considering it's behavior.

"Greetings, wanderer! May I ask why you wander about? Perhaps you seek food? If so, I feel confident that we could provide some food for you...." I trail off, letting my pheromones fade without a definitive end, to try and irk as much of a response from this beetle as possible.

....It seems to work, as a small torrent of dialogue is exuded by the spotted beetle.

"I hunger not, or at least, I am sated for the nonce. As to why I am here, O' diminutive one, it is simple: I seek one of your kind, an ant of some power. A colleague whose opinion I trust told me I might find the ant's home somewhere around here: Tell me, do you perchance know of an ant named Scars Of Tomorrow? .....Wait, was it Wounds Of Yesterday? Marks Of Today? ....In any case, a golden ant with a distinctive row of spikes along it's back, as well as five mandibles... or was it three?
....I apologize, I am wandering. I am Fair Warning, a member of The Beatles. May I know your name?"

...Fair Warning seems benign, if a bit profuse in dialogue. But a second seeker for Scars? Strange.

How should I respond? Should I attempt to deceive this Fair Warning? Should I send an encrypted pheromone requesting Wings Of Destiny lead an ambush against the beetle? Or should I do something else?
No. 80974 ID: af3e6d

I think you should ask it why it seeks Scars of Yesterday. You can give likely give it your name. You're too new for your name to be connected to him, but don't mention Wings of Destiny as she was at the Fight Song as well. Basically don't give more information than you have to.
No. 80975 ID: a1ac99

"I... see. The name you are looking for is Scars of Yesterday and, yes, he does reside in this area. May I ask who it is that sent you to search him out is and why you search for him?"
No. 81063 ID: 5f16ca

tell him that scars is busy but in a polite manner.
No. 81064 ID: f21d88

Hm. I am a new addition to KILLER QUEEN's fold, and as such, there is no feasible reason to believe anyone outside of Cydonia is aware that I am associated with KILLER QUEEN, Crescent or Scars Of Yesterday. The potential risk of divulging my title is negligible.

Wings Of Destiny, on the other hand, fought at The Fight Song, and was seen with Scars within The Collective.

"I... see. Well, if introductions are to be made, then I greet you as Crimson Glory. I think the name of the one you are looking for is Scars of Yesterday and yes, that one does reside in this area. May I ask who it is that sent you to search him out is and why you search for him?"

Fair Warning cocks it's antenna in interest to my reply, before once more offering forth a gout of conversation.
"So I am in the right area at least, wonderful, most wonderful. That is most fortuitous, as I must admit I am not the most adept at navigation in new areas. As to who sent me, I feel I must clarify: No one sent me, I came of my own volition. But it was a colleague of mine who informed me, fellow member of The Beatles Metallica. As to why I seek Scars Of.. Yesterday, was it? Well.... I'm afraid I cannot answer that, as I scarcely know myself. Suffice to say, I seek two things: An answer to a question that has plagued me for a long time, and to judge the ant I seek. I'm afraid I cannot be more specific than that, since what will happen will largely be based on Scars himself."

....An answer? Judging? Despite this beetle's association with a known acquaintance of Cydonia, the manner it phrased it's goals is.... disconcerting, to say the least. Nonetheless, Fair Warning has behaved in a peaceful, amiable manner to us, and despite it's odd goals, shows no clear signs of being a current threat to Cydonia.

What should I do/say?
No. 81087 ID: a1ac99

"An interesting way to put your intentions. I could lead you to Scars of Yesterday himself, but I must admit, he is busy as of yet, currently serving as a sort of guard for some of our own while they speak with a member of the Mandarinian Empire that is, as you yourself are, looking for him, one Burn Crazy the Hellion. To my knowledge, he is only watching without making himself known while our troops attempt to lead the Mandarinian away from our colony and will attack only if he believes that these talks are souring.

"I do not doubt that your business is urgent, but you will understand if it is a while before you can talk to him, won't you?"
No. 81112 ID: af3e6d

I've no idea the question he wants answered, but if he's like Metallica he would wish to judge Scars of Yesterday by challenging him, something he would happily agree to. When Scars is finished whatever business he is currently involved in, he'll be free to see Fair Warning.
No. 81123 ID: 716eb0

This, only without the "I could lead you there myself" clause. For one, I am not sure it is true, and even if it is, no need to offer knowledge and then say you won't give it.
No. 81156 ID: d1210a

"An interesting way to put your intentions. Scars of Yesterday is in the area, yes, but he is busy as of yet, currently serving as a sort of guard for some of our own while they speak with a member of the Mandarinian Empire that is, as you yourself are, looking for him, one Burn Crazy the Hellion. To my knowledge, he is only watching without making himself known while our troops attempt to lead the Mandarinian away from our colony and will attack only if he believes that these talks are souring.
I do not doubt that your business is urgent, but you will understand if it is a while before you can talk to him, won't you?"

Fair Warning interprets my pheromones in stillness, wisps of understanding acceptance subtly trailing off of the beetle.
"Oh, so you are part of the colony Scars Of Yesterday belongs to, then? Most auspicious, my running into you. Of course I understand, one must carry out their duty, yes? As far as I have learned throughout life, it is the way of things, that one must finish what one starts. Otherwise, how can you claim to have done anything at all?
Excuse, I tend to ramble at times. ...I don't suppose you would mind answering some questions I have?"

How should I respond?
No. 81163 ID: af3e6d

Sure, up to that which you know (Assuming it's not too important to colony security).
No. 81176 ID: 716eb0

"You may ask your questions, but I may not be able to give you answers. I am new to the colony, and my knowledge is not complete."
No. 81195 ID: 6e5e3c

what a polite fellow. Offer him some food.
No. 81249 ID: d1210a

As I prepare to respond, I note that Wings Of Destiny's scent is starting to grow more tense.

"You may ask your questions, but I may not be able to give you answers. I am new to the colony, and my knowledge is not complete."
"Oh, how considerate of you. Hm, where to start, where to start.... Ah. I have heard from Metallica that Scars Of Yesterday's first Valiance was one he generated within himself, yes? Could you perhaps give me a summary of what events transpired to leave him with his own Valiance?
Oh, and is it true that you intend to oppose the Mandarinian Empire? I heard rumors of some sort of proclamation Scars Of Yesterday made in his fight with The Metal, something about a promise of death for the Mandarinian queen?
Ah yes, has Scars Of Yesterday been to Brocas Helm recently, by any chance?
...Ah, once more I must apologize, I got carried away again. I really do blather at times, I'm afraid. But I don't suppose you could answer any of the questions I just posed?"

Hm. I feel confident that my assessment of pheromone messages within Crescent prior to my oath of servitude has garnered me enough knowledge that I could answer any and all of the questions posed. Strange, though, that Fair Warning would ask of Brocas Helm.

How should I respond? Should I ask any questions of my own thereafter?
No. 81256 ID: a1ac99

"As to your first question I can say that, though my knowledge is somewhat incomplete, he gained it as a direct result of single-handedly slaying a creature that the colony only refers to as a giant. Some great winged beast that seemed to be guarding strange pits with large-jawed creatures in the bottom of them.

"To your second, if the rabble is to be believed, yes he did in fact deliver such a threat. And KILLER QUEEN wholly endorses the notion.

"And finally he has not, to my knowledge, visited Brocas Helm. Though, the fact that you mention it puzzles me. If I may ask, what do you know of it and why do you bring it up?"
No. 81259 ID: d1210a
File 12590497686.jpg - (32.77KB , 400x269 , Fair Warning.jpg )

I decide to answer all of Fair Warnings questions, partly in the hope that being cooperative might make it easier to glean information from it in turn, and partly because I find myself desirous of involved conversation, and Fair Warning is quite the profuse conservationist.

"As to your first question I can say that, though my knowledge is somewhat incomplete, Scars Of Yesterday gained his first Valiance as a direct result of single-handedly slaying a creature that the colony only refers to as a giant, a great winged beast with four iridescent and delicate wings that seemed to be guarding strange pits with large-jawed creatures in the bottom of them.
"My, an ant killing a dragonfly without the aid of Valiance or comrades? Quite the feat, if I may label it so."
"To your second, yes he did in fact deliver such a threat during his fight with The Metal. And KILLER QUEEN wholly endorses the notion, unsurprising, considering what poor neighbors the Mandarinians have been thus far."
"Hm, quite the bold stance to take, quite the bold stance indeed. I wonder if such a dynamic stance is a wise choice, though, considering the scale of their empire."

...I must admit, I have been wondering this myself. I continue with my response regardless.
"And finally he has not, to my knowledge, visited Brocas Helm. Though, the fact that you mention it puzzles me. If I may ask, what do you know of it and why do you bring it up?"

With my reply completed, Fair Warning ceases to restrain himself (Strange that I could not detect his gender until now, that is usually easy to pick up through ones pheromones, if you know what to search for), and once more exudes a deluge of pheromones, happy to chat. ....Strange, Wings Of Destiny smells like she has become even more tense, and is agitated in some form or other.

"Oh, so Scars Of Yesterday has not been to Brocas Helm? I suspected as much. As to why I brought it up, on my journey here, I heard rumors that Scars Of Yesterday was residing in Brocas Helm, apparently in service to some queen there, though whether this queen is supposed to be KILLER QUEEn or some other, I know not. I imagine that someone may be trying to capitalize on Scars Of Yesterday's rather sudden bit of fame."
"His fame?"
"Oh, you didn't know? Quite a few travelers, be they merchants, warriors or wanderers, had the chance to witness the fight with The Metal, and word of an ant that toppled a rather capable warrior of the Mandarinians while professing a goal of killing their queen, well..... it makes for a rather good story, don't you think? An ant, the first seen with Valiance, shows up at The Fight Song, is seen to be friends with Metallica, and trumps a representative of The Mandarinian Empire, all before flying off into the distance alongside Metallica? Quite a few are enthralled with this rather delectable bit of gossip. I suppose you could see this impostor as a sign that Scars Of Yesterday is now known of by quite a fair number of individuals, for why else would someone impersonate him?"

Fair Warning seems to have actually been asking a question, rather than engaging in rhetoric as he converses. How novel for him. Still.... Scars's name has spread to such an extent? I doubt he will be anything other than pleased to spread word of the strength of Cydonia's champion, but I wonder if this degree of recognition in the community at large is beneficial.

How should I respond to Fair Warning? Should I ask any further questions?
No. 81260 ID: 9891a9

Definitely send a message to Wings with your encrypted pheromones that Fair Warning is a friend, not a foe.
No. 81277 ID: af3e6d

See if you can break off politely for a moment to see what's up with Wings.
No. 81297 ID: 716eb0

She totally thinks he's hot.
No. 81303 ID: a1ac99

"True, true. Hmph, if I may excuse myself for but a moment, however, one of my guard seems to be getting somewhat tense, almost up in arms, in fact, over something and I fear that if I do not see to her she may act rashly. Scars of Yesterday is, from what I have gathered, a rather delicate subject for her."

Go and tend to Wings of Destiny. Ask what her problem is and, if necessary, give her another confidence boost. See if she would, rather than sitting back behind the lines, want to come closer and give her input in the conversation, then come back. When you do come back, ask:

"Ah, if I may be so bold as to pry, what question would you have of Scars of Yesterday that is of such importance that you would not allow anything less than asking him personally. And, if I may be so rude, would it be you that we have to thank for Burn Crazy the Hellion's arrival? You were seen being attacked by the Empire's workers, were you not? Did you, mayhap, ask them if they knew of his whereabouts?"
No. 81359 ID: f7e6a3

we should follow through on this. Build better relations with the Beatles and such :D
No. 81405 ID: d1210a

I take a brief moment to focus more intently on Wings Of Destiny, to see what could be happening.

Ah, I believe I understand. Hah, I suppose I need to head this sooner rather than later. I turn back to Fair Warning, releasing a quick burst of pheromones as I go to handle Wings Of Destiny.

"True, true. Hmph, my apologies, but if I may excuse myself for a moment, one of my comrades seems to be getting somewhat.. tense, almost up in arms, in fact, over something and I fear that if I do not see to her she may act rashly. Scars of Yesterday is, from what I have gathered, a rather delicate subject for her."

A scent of understanding and courteous patience pours off of Fair Warning as I turn and withdraw to Wings Of Destiny's position, my escort of 5 The Merciless momentarily returning to Wing's side.

"Wings, please tell me what's wrong."
"We should... should be attacking the beetle, right? Because it's suspicious?"
....Something feels off about Wings Of Destiny, although what it could be I do not know.
"No, Wings, this beetle is a comrade of Metallica. You remember how much Scars respects Metallica...." I lead with a mention of Scars, hoping to capitalize on her.... focus, her fixation on him, to get her to focus and regain composure.

"W-what? A..... friend of Metallica? ....I guess that's okay then, isn't it."
"Would you like to come converse with Fair Warning? He seems quite friendly, and seems to be fairly well traveled. Actually, he brought us news that I think Scars should here."
"News for Scars? ..Well, I guess a bit of dialogue wouldn't be so bad...."

Wings of Destiny lets me lead her back out, along with the rest of her force to meet Fair Warning, still residing beneath a rather large overhanging leaf.

"Thank you for the pause, and may I introduce Wings Of Destiny to you?"
"Oh, charmed to me you, I'm Fair Warning of The Beatles."
"U-um, greetings!"
I take a moment to try to control the flow of this bit of communication, and to get some answers.

"Ah, if I may be so bold as to pry, what question would you have of Scars of Yesterday that is of such importance that you would not allow anything less than asking him personally. And, forgive my suspicion, but would it be you that we have to thank for Burn Crazy the Hellion's arrival? You were seen being attacked by the Empire's workers, were you not? Did you, may-hap, ask them if they knew of his whereabouts?"

Fair Warning reels back, a smell bringing the image of a prideful, yet wounded sense of courtesy to mind. I may have offended him.

"Now excuse me, I do resent that accusation my good lady! I did inform you of the recent fame Scars Of Yesterday and your colony have gained, have I not? And besides, you know as well as I that the enslaved workers of the Mandarinian Empire aren't capable of speech, all they did was silently attack as I treated myself to a meal of nectar.
Now..... moving past your rather hurtful accusation, the question I have come here for is... somewhat involved. You are aware that The Beatles are frequently hired as a mercenary force, be it for active war service, bodyguard services or acting as a champion in a contest between groups, yes? Well, we happen to have a new batch of apprentices that are being readied for their first duty, and your colony was recommended as a potential placement. In particular, Metallica seemed confident Scars Of Yesterday would be a suitable example to learn from and potential friendly rival to compete against for any apprentice to receive placement with him at your colony. I am here to judge the validity of this claim of his, under orders of The Ace Of Spades."

.....Cydonia is being considered for The Beatles' Rite Of Apprenticeship!?

This.. this is most surprising. I did not fully grasp the extent of how much respect there is for Scars's strength and skill. But this is an opportunity, a great one at that. This could make my dream of seeing Running Wild slain that much closer, if Cydonia were to receive this honor. Apprentices frequently end up having very strong ties with those they underwent the Rite Of Apprenticeship with, and almost inevitably end up spending a great deal of their time with them. The extra military might this represents is.... staggering.

What should I say or do? Should I ask any more questions?
No. 81531 ID: 716eb0

oh wow. You honor us all, Fair Warning. A request of this magnitude must of course meet with the approval of KILLER QUEEN, but I see no reason she should object. You are of course welcome to stay till Scars returns for your appraisal.
No. 81538 ID: a1ac99

"I retract my previous accusation; I was unaware that they were fully incapable of speech, the small amount of contact we have had in the past has not lent itself to knowing much of them beyond their territorial nature. My humblest apologies, Fair Warning."
No. 81622 ID: 068add

this is good we could use a little protection
No. 81676 ID: 6164e0

"I retract my previous accusation; I was unaware that they were fully incapable of speech, the small amount of contact we have had in the past has not lent itself to knowing much of them beyond their territorial nature. My humblest apologies, Fair Warning."

The prodigious beetle regains his almost complete air of placidity, cloaking himself in it once more with practice and ease.
"Please, think nothing of it, as you said, you did not know they could be communicated to."

The beetle's pride now safely assauged, I revisit the subject of Cydonia's nomination.
"You honor us all with this nomination, Fair Warning. A request of this magnitude must of course meet with the approval of KILLER QUEEN, but I see no reason she should object. You are of course welcome to stay till Scars returns for your appraisal."
"I appreciate the hospitality, but I must be clear on this: Your colony was named as a potential placement, nothing more. Even if I deem you and yours suitable, the apprentices themselves can choose to reject any placement offered to them, and as such there is no guarantee that gaining my approval will actually mean anything of substance. And once more, I must stress that there is no guarantee I will deem this colony worthy: I will judge as objectively as I am able to, regardless of your association with my old friend Metallica. I hope you understand."

Well, that's to be expected, The Beatles didn't gain their reputation for competance by accident: They take their training of new members very seriously. Wings Of Destiny still feels out of sorts to me, but the reason still eludes definition.
Well, I suppose we could lead Fair Warning back to Crescent, but Burn Crazy The Hellion is, as far as I am aware, still meeting with Scars Of Yesterday's entourage near the capital, and Fair Warning is not the most easily concealed individual.

Where should I lead our guest? Or should I continue conversing, and if so, what questions/comments chould I pose?

(OPTION: Switch to quest 'The Mandarinian Buzz', upon any resolution will automatically revert to quest 'The Colors One Wears'. Requires three votes to choose)
No. 81685 ID: 9891a9

Yes, switch to The Mandarinian Buzz.
No. 81713 ID: a1ac99

Sure, switch.
No. 81720 ID: 45be60

sure why not. we have put it off long enough.
No. 81755 ID: 6164e0

(Switch Initiated)


(As of the last bit of interaction in this quest, the 5 Flash meeting with Burn Crazy The Hellion on top of one of the yellow flowers above Stealin' had just deflected the bee's questions about their relation to Scars Of Yesterday with ambiguous phrasing, and Scars Of Yesterday still waits beneath the flower on the ground, having given orders to build a concealed tunnel to the growth in Stealin' in case they can immobilize the bee and wish to feed it to the growth.)

[Scars Of Yesterday]

I watch the envoy from below, his shadowy outline stark through the transluscent petals of the flower he resides on. I cannot shake this feeling that Burn Crazy The Hellion shares some sort of connection with The Metal, but for now, the more pressing concern is preventing the Mandarinian Empire as a whole from discovering our location.

For the nonce, it seems our facade is fooling the bee, but I do not know how long such a charade can be maintained. Further, I will not deny a preference for solving this..... physically.

...But as the newly christened commander of Cydonia's armies, as KILLER QUEEN's champion and First Knight Of Cydonia, I operate under higher standards than before, and I must reluctantly admit that there are very potent potential repercussions for slaying a representative of the Mandarinian Empire so close to one of our outposts.

Burn Crazy The Hellion once more addresses the Flash above with that contemptous, arrogant tone to his dialogue, making my desire to rend his innards out from beneath his carapace grow.

"So, you do not know know where I could find this ant I seek? Are you quite certain of this? Keep in mind that cooperation in this matter would be rewarded every bit as much as resistance will be lethally punished. So I ask you once more, ants, do you know where Scars Of Yesterday or the colony titled Crescent are?"

I can feel the hesitation, the recognition of Burn Crazy The Hellion's abruptly intensified focus making the Flash wary, cautious of responding without careful thought.

How should the Flash respond? Should I take any actions, or continue to bide my time?
No. 81951 ID: 6679d0

Let the conversation run a bit longer, I don't think this is the time yet. But if things get more uncomfortable, and it comes down to it, I can suggest a way to at least deflect attention away from Crescent's true location.
You could step in and play the heroic ant all the people are talking about, rescuing the poor strangers he is harassing. You will want to make a grander and more convincing entrance than popping out from behind a leaf, but the story will be that you came here from Crescent (far away) looking to test yourself and the borders of the Empire again, and happened upon this scene (unfamiliar, but obvious bullying) to save these ants (whom you have never met before). Say only what is required to get this impression across to both parties. Imply much, say little.
No. 81956 ID: 6164e0

(Prior to the plan should things get 'messy', how should the Flash respond to Burn Crazy The Hellion's question?)
No. 82116 ID: bebdd2

You know, we could probably just point this guy off in some random direction. Or our directions could be wrong because "It's just a rumour, you know, passed on through the ant grapevine."

Too bad we don't know where Running Wild is. We could send Burn Crazy off in that direction and solve two problems at once.
No. 82189 ID: 6164e0
File 125935259955.jpg - (15.36KB , 216x286 , Burn Crazy The Hellion.jpg )

The Flash finally respond, using a response that plays upon their hesitance to respond immediately.

"We.... believe that Scars Of Yesterday is to the North, somewhere. At least, that is what we have gleaned from other ants bringing news. We are sorry if we cannot be more help, but we are still learning the area around us."

...Hm. Technically, this is true. I am slightly north of the Flash above me, and they are aware of this via other ants: Namely, myself.

Now, I wonder how Burn Crazy The Hellion will take such misrepresented data....

"To the North of here? That shouldn't be possible, security is far tighter up there, the chance that a Valiance bearer would not be detected that close to one of our hives is negligible."
"Perhaps they are in the forest we heard about, to the north? Several visitors cautioned us not to go there, that no one can lay claim to it."
"....Possible, I suppose, but how could ants, strong for their kind or no, survive surrounded by those who live there? Running into even one of the more aggressive inhabitants would mean their doom, and with Valiance of it's own, Scars Of Yesterday would be detected and slain quickly."

Burn Crazy The Hellion leans in closer, it's massive jaws only scant millimeters away from the communicating Flash.

"Are you sure that is what you heard? I am reluctant to believe that this place where one of our warriors fell for a reason we do not yet know could have so little information on this ant I seek."

His mandibles open marginally, a glistening ring of fluid covering his jaws, gleaming in the light with a sickly blue/green color.

"I am not sure I believe you, little ants."

.....This exchange seems to be souring.

...Perhaps there is a way to dispatch this foe that would not require revealing Crescent's location.

I dash along the ground, moving further North as fast as I can, and the moment I have enough foliage to ablate sound between myself and the bee, I start to employ Aerosmith to accelerate my rate of travel.

Once I have moved some several dozen centimeters distant, I brace myself beneath a flower, and imploy Aerosmith more drastically.


I jet upwards, flung into the air above the flowers, my limbs akimbo as I reorient myself to face the distant flower that the bee accosts our scouts on. As it is, I cannot see the bee, it's form blocked by a particularly thick petal.

I open my spiracles wide once more, and as I trigger them to send me hurtling through the air towards Burn Crazy The Hellion's location, I exhude a ringing proclamation, hoping to build on the farce the Flash established.

"No matter where in your so-called empire I go, I find you and yours accosting or enslaving all you find. Well, I see no empire here to protect you, bee!"

I snap my mmandibles shut as I rush closer, watching Burn Crazy The Hellion turn slowly, oh so slowly towards the newly percieved threat I represent.


I accelerate further, turning my body into a spear, aiming to rip a gory hole through the bee's thorax, removing it's ability to fly if not killing it outright.

Instead of piercing a great path through the bee, I rebound with tremendous force, the impact too jarring, disorienting for me to compensate with Aerosmith. I vaguely percieve the bee flung off the flower by the force of the blow, it's body careening through the foliage.

.....And yet the bee rises up again as I regain my focus, it's baleful gaze directed upon me as it's wings beat out a resonant drone.

!? It is completely unwounded from the assault. The only creature that could claim to be so durable before was.....
The Metal.

"....I go seeking you out, and you come to me, you wretched little ant. Fine, this saves me the trouble. In the name of Acid Queen, I will kill you. .....But for what you did to The Metal, I will make you feel agony as you die!"

The bee begins to dive straight at... !? The Flash beside me are it's target!

I scoop up their forms in my legs, and wrench my spiracles open as the bee plummets ever closer.


I fling myself aside from the bee's destructive dive, my flight slowed by the extra weight I carry.

As I alight on another flower's petals, I release the flash, and continue with the facade.

"Flee, little ones, flee back to your colony and your queen. I will not bring my troubles down on you."

The Flash thankfully seem to grasp my plan, and dash off down the stalk on their path back to Crescent as the bee turns to face me once more, doing what they can to look like terrified and horrifically outclassed ants trying to escape death in someone else's fight.

But now it is just Burn Crazy The Hellion and me above the flower's canopy. The bee is hovering in the air some several centimeters distant from my location atop another flower's petals, it's gaze speculative and intent on my form.

What should I do?
No. 82271 ID: ab04d4

Awesome. Another bossfight. Hopefully we'll get just as much fun out of this one as The Metal.

I'm not too sure what to do here actually. Just... Fight? Try unstoppable impact a few times. (I'll let other people decide specifics)

Hopefully his shell isn't even harder than The Metal's. At least we now also have Shell of +10 Invulnerability.
No. 82333 ID: a1ac99

Well, if we attacked from the front, he'd likely either be waiting with his jaws open and we don't know what that weird liquid does yet(though the posters' genre-savviness, what with Burn's queen's name being Acid Queen and all, should tip us off), or move out of the way.

We could... what if we used Path of Glory to just get really close, use a two- or four-leg Unstoppable Impact to flip onto Burn's head or back and hit him with a six-leg unstoppable impact? That sound good?
No. 82334 ID: 632862

What worked best against The Metal was Cry of the Brave. It disoriented him and damaged his armor a bit. We should do that here too! Level 1 to start.
No. 82356 ID: babe2f

we need to lead him to stealin if anything.That is where wings of glory is right?
No. 82358 ID: ab04d4

does this guy's exoskeleton have any fangs and/or claws? Cough cough deathwarrior at stealin cough
No. 82435 ID: babe2f

you and i see eye to eye
No. 82446 ID: 6164e0

(Both combatants are still above the Stealin’ facility)
(Indeed, Burn Craze The Hellion possess fairly large and viciously edged mandibles, as well as prodigious claws on each limb)
Durability is not an issue to deal with, if approached correctly. If this one is as similar to The Metal, that defense of his has flaws.

I swing a single mandible wide as I flare my spiracles open, aiming myself at the oversized bee hovering before me.


Unsurprisingly, Burn Crazy The Hellion is ready for such an easily read and straightforward assault.

It is a good thing such is not my intent.

As I hurtle into range of his slick fangs, glistening with potent malice, I swing the mandible shut.


Before Burn Crazy The Hellion can recover from the disorienting waves that were able to pass through his carapace, I trigger my rear pair of legs, already held canted and ready.


Without anything solid to impact, the force is largely ablated, but it more than suffices to sharply change my direction and orientation of flight, sending me in a spinning path up and over the bee. Just as I crest the bee’s form, my body contortions stabilizing my position, I once more widen my spiracles, and brace myself for a rather jarring impact.


I plummet downwards, straight towards Burn Crazy The Hellion’s back, and draw my legs together as I descend. An instant later, I make contact, and trigger every one of my legs.


I don’t even try to counteract the recoil, it would be pointless. Instead I hurtle skyward, higher and higher, a plume of dust and debris below showing where Burn Crazy The Hellion was thrown down so forcefully he resides within his own personal crater.

I am now some sizeable distance above, and cannot see through the wisps and clouds of dust swirling about below me.

What should I do?
No. 82464 ID: 632862

He can fly. Being in the air is probably a bad thing. Aerosmith down at an angle, and try to keep an eye out so you don't get ambushed. Prepare a Cry of the Brave level 1 to defend yourself with, and Aerosmith to dodge if necessary.
No. 82485 ID: a1ac99

For now, since we can't see him, we'll assume he's still alive.

Use Aerosmith to go down at an angle, only slowing your descent when you get near the ground or a low-hanging leaf just within sight of the dust and the crater it's covering. Make sure you can't be easily seen from the air. Burn's primary instinct will be to get back into the air, if he's able. He's probably in pain from a hit like that, so he'll take a bit to recover from it.

Just lay low and watch the cloud of dust and debris for a bit.
No. 82502 ID: 6164e0

Considering the ridiculous durability The Metal evidenced, it would be foolish to assume the fight over.

Still, the bee has wings, and assuming they still work, it's instinct should be to get airborne before anthing else.

As I start to plummet back to the ground, I assess my surroundings, looking for a suitable place to land and wait for my opponent to act first.

I spy a relatively thick leaf, to sturdy for light to pierce through, and alight upon it, flaring my spiracles only marginally to slow my descent.

Now, from my new vantage point, I wait, watching the clouds of smoke swirl about, waiting for sight of my foe.


Several long moments have passed, yet I have not even heard wings beating, nor seen disturbances in the dust clouds that would indicate a flier flapping it's wings. Strange.

What should I do? Should I continue waiting, or should I take some sort of action?
No. 82506 ID: 632862

If it is not flying, it must be simply moving along the ground, looking for you. Listen carefully for sounds of movement, and flatten yourself against the leaf.
No. 82511 ID: a1ac99

Would a burst from Cry of the Brave disperse the cloud? If we can give off a Lv[2] burst safely and put a hole in the cloud, potentially further injuring Burn Craze the Hellion and letting us know where he isn't, it might shed some light on where he is.

Stay tense while you're going over there, spiracles open just in case you feel you need to take evasive maneuvers.
No. 82534 ID: 25302b

>Would a burst from Cry of the Brave disperse the cloud?

I don't think that is how that ability works. Aerosmithing through the cloud would probably disperse it, but that seems kinda dangerous. Standing still is just asking for trouble though. Keep alert for surprises, and move around.

It occurs to me that if Burn Crazy does not survive this fight, our clever ruse to hide Crescent will be less helpful. Is there any way to ensure that message gets around?
No. 82539 ID: babe2f

i agree let's not go in just yet .just keep moving and listen in on it
No. 82540 ID: e7666f

I vote leaving it as is and legging it to a few random places and then home.
If he survives, then we 'obviously weren't strong enough to kill him'.
If he doesn't, then it's happenstance; he found someone stronger and bit the dust.
Either way, Stealin' is probably compromised.
No. 82578 ID: af3e6d

I'm sorry but The Hero Scars of Yesterday does not run from a fight, especially with an opponent who threatens his Queen's colony.
No. 82640 ID: bebdd2

Start moving from point to point just in case he's looking for you. Try getting a closer to the cloud and see if you can blow it away with Aerosmith; you could blow air both towards and directly away from the cloud to handle the recoil.
No. 82681 ID: 6164e0

(Aerosmith and Unstoppable Impact can both create air currents that would move dust clouds and other light particulants even at moderate range, but Cry Of The Brave does not.)

(Short of ensuring the survival of Burn CrazY The Hellion or finding witnesses that would bring word back to the Mandarinian Empire, there is no way to ensure the ruse employed has any effect.)

My foe must be waiting for me to make the first move, to reveal my location while he is still enveloped by the plumes of dust. I crouch low on the leaf, listening intently, but can detect nothing.

...This waiting game is inconsequential, pointless. I will hunt down my foe, one way or another.

I crawl across the leaf, careful to disturb it as little as possible, as I assess alternative locations. Climbing to the tip of the leaf, I brace myself, and bound across the open air, my spiracles open and ready should I need them, as I land on a nearby flower stalk, closer to the ground.


I have been changing my location constantly during my search for Burn Crazy The Hellion, but still I have found.... hm? I smell something, the acrid scent of vital fluids spilled upon the ground, coming from somewhere within the now slowly dissipating cloud of dust.

Hm. If I want my plan to decieve the Mandarinians into thinking I am from somewhere to the North to succeed, to get attention off of Cydonia and it's inhabitants, I need someone to carry word to the Mandarinians. As much as I am loathe to admit it, it might be for the good of Cydonia to try to ensure Burn Crazy The Hellion survives, and chases me some distance before I make my escape, elsewise there is no real point to my deception.

Should I investigate the smell within the smoke, should I continue waiting for Burn Crazy The Hellion to make the first move, or should I do something else?
No. 82742 ID: ab04d4

Escape. Lead it north enough so that it thinks you are trying to flee home, then execute him quickly somewhere north. Take his carcass for any Valiances he may have and any claws and fangs he has, but leave some pieces of him behind, enough for a passing Mandarinian scout to determine that Burn Crazy The Hellion perished there. Hope that the ruse works.

(in other words, this anon really wants big boss battle :P)
No. 82853 ID: bebdd2

We're going to have to get Burn Crazy to realize we're here to do that. Go check out the smell; waiting around isn't getting us anywhere.
No. 82868 ID: 1d375b

At this point finishing him off and not trying for anything fancy might be our best bet.
No. 82875 ID: a1ac99

I'm going to have to agree with these; hunting him down and finishing him off is probably the best and safest bet at this point. We are a warrior, yes, but we are the best warrior our colony has to offer; should we fall due to some foolishness or haphazard action, it would not bode well.
No. 83097 ID: c59cb8

>"Acid Queen"
>"Burn crazy"
>"acrid scent"
>"smell within the smoke"

Burn Crazy The Hellion has a Valiance of acid or fire, or something similar.
Don't go into the smoke.
No. 83104 ID: 898207

i am guessing that we can't call for backup right? I think that we should still wait. it is obvious that this thing has acid.
No. 83108 ID: 632862

Launch yourself over the source of the smell using Aerosmith and use Unstoppable Impact to clear the cloud.
No. 83117 ID: 6164e0

(As a Valiance bearer, Scars Of Yesterday in theory should be able to tell if anyone in his immediate vicinity also possesses Valiance. Thus far Scars has not detected anything of the sort from Burn Crazy The Hellion. This does not preclude an innate, non-Valiance based ability.)
Before I can determine if my plan will work, before I can even be sure of the resolution of this clash, I must find Burn Crazy The Hellion, to assess his predicament, his condition.

…This obscuring shroud of dust is a nuisance, I shall be rid of it.

I flare my spiracles open as I leap from my perch.


I soar through the air, to a position roughly above the enshrouding dust, and trigger each of my legs while once more flaring my spiracles.


With my legs splayed to counteract the recoil, I am able to witness the complete banishment of the smoke below me, the ground scoured clean.

….Strange, I cannot see Burn Crazy The Hellion anywhere, where could-

I abruptly become aware that several of the flower stalks around me are slowly collapsing in my direction, their leaves and petals entrapping me within a rapidly diminishing cage. My descent starts, but if I plummet to the ground, I may well be crushed by the toppling flowers.

What should I do?
No. 83119 ID: 632862

What a tricky bee.

Path of Glory out of the cage, but not straight ahead or up; head off to the side.

Is Scars not having much negative effects from Aerosmith now? I haven't heard any complaints about breathing.
No. 83437 ID: 3c540b

i concurr
No. 84203 ID: 45be60

would cry of the brave be effective against plants at all? Might be able to just break the incoming stems
No. 84384 ID: bebdd2

I'm fairly sure Cry of the Brave is more of a heat and pressure weapon than something that cuts. A hammer instead of a sword.
No. 84593 ID: 45be60

you can still mow a lawn with a blunt lawnmower blade. Pummeling something so it breaks is just as valid as cutting. My concern is more with the idea that the shockwaves seem to work better on tougher, denser carapace.
No. 85328 ID: db505c

path of glory outta there
No. 85381 ID: bebdd2

Sorry, my analogy was off; Cry of the Brave is more of a small grenade than a hammer. Blasting the stems won't work; presumably they're big and heavy enough to pin us otherwise Burn Crazy wouldn't have tried this, and live plant matter has got lots of water in it which will cushion any shockwaves.

Besides, Path of Glory is faster, more efficient and might just be able to blast through any unexpected obstacles.
No. 85428 ID: 716eb0

Water actually makes shockwaves worse...
I agree that in the absense of any other problems, zipping out of the way would be a good idea, but this wouldn't be the first time the obvious choice doesn't work and we need a fallback position.

OH, thought. Could the flowers be launched back the other way before they tip too far with an Unstoppable Impact?
No. 92803 ID: 6164e0
File 126095053216.jpg - (156.92KB , 677x502 , Burn Crazy The Hellion.jpg )

Thinking swiftly with what little time I have before the flowers crash down upon me, I splay my legs out towards what stems I can reach, and begin triggering my legs as I contact impending plant matter.


In the space of a moment, I have avoided being crushed some four times while bracing myself properly against other stems as I blast back most of the tower flower stalks, their path now slowly bringing them back out and away from me.

As a small opening appears to stream down light upon me as the canopy of leaves and petals part while the stalks fall outward, and yet I ignore this easy path, and instead, clamp down my mandibles tightly while bracing myself. Burn Crazy The Hellion has already proven himself cunning, I would do well to try to think creatively.

I aim myself off to the side, to pierce a path through some leaves and break out low, still hidden under the protective field of yellow flowers to obscure my mostly golden coloring. I open my spiracles wide.


I shred a tunnel through the leaves and petals before me, plunging through the foliage to escape the center of the trap that had been prepared for me.

….It seems my hunch was correct, I can see Burn Crazy The Hellion’s shadow atop one of the yellow flowers, positioned so that he could come at anyone exiting his trap through the top. I do not believe he has noticed me.

What should I do?
No. 92806 ID: 6faa8c

No. 92807 ID: 632862

Aerosmith to approach him from beneath without coming into his line of sight, then tackle him from below. Cry of the Brave lvl 1 him at point blank. Attempt to chew off one of his legs if you have the chance.
No. 92824 ID: 45be60

>Thinking swiftly

Try to stay on his back where he can't get at you. If you can take his wings from him, it will improve our odds greatly.
No. 92881 ID: 6164e0

I set my mandibles together once more, and pull my mandibles open as I aim to attack from beneath and behind Burn Crazy The Hellion. My spiracles widen as I aim myself.


I jet upwards, dispelling the still-settling dust about as I smash through the flower petal the bee stands on, the spear my fangs form colliding with one of my foe's legs. I feel carapace crunch and innards ooze as I tear a rent with my passing. So, it seems that the bee's legs, at least, are not as durable as it's head or thorax have proven to be

As Burn Crazy The Hellion turns to face me, I retain my widened spiracles, and throw myself out of his point of view, and over to his back.


I snag my jaws on a wing as I pass, thankful that the creature is not yet airborne as I rend a great wound into the delicate wings in an effort to ablate my momentum. As I spin about, I click one mandible open wide, whilst still clinging to the battered wing.

The mandible swings shut.


A brilliant flash of light threatens to masquerade as a tiny sun for a brief instant, as rippling vibrations course throughout the wind I hold firm, within seconds shredding it's composition into tatters.

Burn Crazy The Hellion, I fear, shall not be flying with such a wing. Excellent.

Burn Crazy The Hellion is momentarily stunned by my assault, but I can still see determination to fight in it's compound eye, and I smell no fear in the warrior.

What action should I take?
No. 92913 ID: 6faa8c

Try to get on his back! From there you can snip away at his other wing, his neck, his legs...

Delisious appendages, you must sever them.
No. 92932 ID: 716eb0

severing his head will kill him. none of the interesting things we have considered doing with him work well with a dead bee.
No. 92949 ID: 6faa8c

Ah, so then we cut off EVERYTHING ELSE.
No. 93127 ID: 6164e0

I leap towards the bee's back, hoping to continue wounding the bee enough it flees to bring word of my charade to the Mandarinian Empire, in the hopes such misdirection shall keep Cydonia and my beloved queen safe.

As I approach, the bee moves far faster than I thought it could in such a dazed state, it's legs whipping up as it throws it's body in a mad spin, knocking me back into te air.

As I reorient myself once more on the bee, I find myself struck by a glob of some noxious substance. It does not eat away at my carapace, yet it causes a strange tingling sensation. What is this?

I am airborne, some few inches above the petal Burn Crazy The Hellion had resided on. The bee in question is nowhere to be seen.

What should I do?
No. 93132 ID: 6faa8c

>noxious substance

No. 93133 ID: 5d5878

Seconding this. Crazy maneuvers should be undertaken to rid self of this stuff.
No. 93135 ID: 632862

Try to Aerosmith in an unbalanced way that causes rapid spinning. Shake off the goop.
No. 93136 ID: 6faa8c

>cause spinning

Wait! Idea!

PATH OF GLORY while spinning tightly. It might make it even stronger!
No. 93179 ID: 45be60

is the substance sticky? where did it hit?
No. 93582 ID: 6164e0

The substance has splattered across my left flank and part of my face, where it causes a strange tingling sensation to slowly build.

Nothing good can come of letting this material stay upon my form. I leap into the air while wrenching my spiracles open, and position my body to be violently spun once I imploy my Valiance of mobility. I will remove this substance from my form forthwith.


The world become a hectic snarl of shapes and blurred images as I rotate at vicious speeds, my body wobbling in the air. If it were not for the prodigious amount of practice I have with hurtling through the air, I imagine this would daze me. As it is, I successfully hurl nearly all of the ooze off of myself.

...And the tingling sensation persists, although it no longer grows in strength.

I drop back down to the leaf below me as I regain a static position. I scan the area around me, but do not see the bee anywhere.

What should I do?
No. 93586 ID: 6faa8c

Let's take to the air again. We need to pan 360 degrees from a proper height, and see if we can't find him.
No. 93597 ID: 632862

He must have fled to the ground. Time to go check out the undergrowth.
No. 93599 ID: 6faa8c

Switching to this.
No. 93965 ID: 6164e0

I descend into the canopy of flowers, the obscuring smoke somewhat dissipated but still limiting vision, and I carefully pay attention to what I can smell.

...Well, I can't smell him, though that likely means the same for him.

Currently, I am perhaps one third of the way from the canopy of flowers down to the ground beneath the dusty cloud.

What should I do? Should I continue down into the smoke? Or perhaps I should try to use Aerosmith to clear off more of the smoke?
No. 93969 ID: 6faa8c

Clear it out. That smoke might do more than just hide him.
No. 94881 ID: 6164e0

Enough. Clearly Burn Crazy The Hellion knows how to fight with stealth in mind, I should not leave him such a boon as this cloud to hide behind. Ever since I knocked him to the ground in the process of making this dusty shroud, I have not been able to hit him as decisively as I would like.

I leap out into the open air, pulling my spiracles wide open. I shall create some breeze to disperse this cloud more expeditiously.

I jet forward, plunging through the smoke, swirling and dispelling it in my wake. But so much more is left.


....I am.. beginning to become..winded, if only minorly, but a good deal of smoke is dissipating.

Odd, I do not see my foe still, where-

An immense weight slams into my back, skittering on my spike crest, as legs sweep about me to secure it's form! Burn Crazy The Hellion has somehow leapt onto my back!

What should I do?
No. 94888 ID: 6faa8c

>onto my back


Aerosmith with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, while UNSTOPPABLE IMPACTING the earth with all six legs.
No. 94889 ID: 632862

I am liking this idea. It's time we used the spikes for more than just decoration!
No. 94895 ID: 632862

Wait, scratch that. We're still in midair. Instead, use Fury of the Storm on him.
No. 94901 ID: 6faa8c

We can't.

But we can use his weight and inability to steer in midair against him!

Turn upside down using Aerosmith, then use whatever you have left to slam him into the ground!
No. 95356 ID: 6164e0

New Valiance Combination discovered!
New ability title: Body Breakdown

He may be well-positioned to avoid any attack I can muster right now, but what if I bring him to the ground? Perhaps I could wound him enough he chooses to flee, bringing word of the ruse I have presented to him. I wrench my spiracles open and attempt to jet backwards as harshly as I can.


In a blur of motion, our positions are reversed, the bee clinging to me from below, my belly to the sky. My breathing is becoming labored, but I can do more. I keep my spiracles open, and once more command the wind.


I lend what force I can to our downward descent, abruptly accelerating our fall up into potentially dangerous speeds. I feel my foe starting to release me, attempting to get free in time, but it is futile: We crash into the ground below with a weighty impact, my spike crest slamming into Burn Crazy The Hellion's underbelly as he rebounds off of the compacted dirt below.

He has released me, and for the moment it upside down, back against the ground, with my form atop him. He immediately struggles to rise, to once more take action.

I must also note that if I do not have some time to regain my wind, I shall shortly start to asphyxiate from excessive use of Aerosmith, though I can likely use it at least a few more times right now before it comes to that.

I will not let my foe recover, not when he has proven adept at ambush tactics, so well suited to this environment. I begin swinging mandibles open wide in staggered steps, each one clicking shut alone.


Light crazily throbs as I pepper my foe with shock-waves, his form twitching violently... though I must note that he is able to still move, at least to some degree.

What should I do? Should I continue to maintain my assault with Fury Of The Storm, or should I do something else in my endeavors to force Burn Crazy The Hellion to retreat and bring my falsified origin to the Mandarinian Empire?
No. 95397 ID: 632862

Grab one of his legs, then use Unstoppable Impact against his body, removing the appendage.
No. 96066 ID: 6164e0

Yes, crippling my foe further whilst still leaving him his life should help encourage the bee to flee.

I grab hold of a foreleg, and place several of my legs against Burn Crazy The Hellion's form. I hold tight, and trigger them, just as I end Fury Of The Storm.


I hurtle away from the bee, thrown by the recoil, my foe's leg ripped away in the process, ichor spraying about. I release the limb as I reorient myself, flaring small burst of air to land upon the ground safely from my calamitous flight.

But the bee shows no sign of pain or distress at it's lost limb, heaving itself upright, the flow of ichor from it's new wound already ending.


The wing I shredded.... it's whole again! ..If my foe can regenerate, this will be more difficult than I surmised.

Burn Crazy The Hellion Takes to the air, flying over me while spitting a hail of sticky globs at me. I could likely make a heavy attack on it's form, but in the process I would likely get struck by multiple instances of that strange ooze of his: I still feel a strange tingling sensation from where it was before, but otherwise suffer no ill effects.

What should I do, should I focus on avoiding Burn Crazy The Hellion's attacks, or should I focus on attacking my foe (And if so, how should I go about it?)?
No. 96068 ID: 6faa8c

Your opponent can regenerate limbs and other wounds. We have to hurt him enough to the point where he just passes out from the advanced metabolism required, then flee and leave him to fly home.


Also, if you go fast enough, it'll likely come off anyway.
No. 96077 ID: 632862

"Oh, you can regenerate? This is going to be even more fun than expected. I'll be able to take you apart piece by piece... and beyond."

Focus on dodging his attacks for a bit while you recover your breath, so you can use Aerosmith safely again.
No. 96257 ID: 17e7a3

No. 96441 ID: 45be60

If your foe is that certain he wants this stuff on you, you should be just as certain you do NOT, especially if it's effects are unknown and persist. Dodge
No. 96446 ID: 828758

Dodge like a motherfucker!
No. 96452 ID: bebdd2

The tingling sensation may be mild paralysis. Keep that sticky stuff off you at all costs.
No. 96489 ID: 903f16

Focus on dodging that goo. I'd rather not find out what the effects of it are.
No. 96746 ID: 6164e0

Yes, the goo could well be a paralytic, or some similarly disadvantageous concoction. I would do well to avoid it.

I dance about the ground, leaping about in my pursuit to avoid getting hit by Burn Crazy The Hellion's gooey projectiles as he follows after me in the sky.

While a hectic event, I am finding my breathing returning to normal as my spiracles once more regulate my intake of air at peak levels.

Once more I am rested.

....Now that I spy a glance back at Burn Crazy The Hellion during his pursuit, I see that the leaves of the flower stalks are partly obscuring his range and vision. Perhaps if I were to try to hide, I could lose his pursuit, either to re-engage, or withdraw. I have, after all, delivered out proposed story, and if I kill the bee, that puts the plan to waste and likely reveals our location through his disappearance.

What should I do?
No. 96748 ID: 6faa8c


Hide as best you can.
No. 96789 ID: 5d5878

Hide and retreat when able. It would be a small blow to your pride for leaving a fight, but that pales in comparison to the good it does the colony and the Queen.
No. 96919 ID: 45be60

withdrawing now also gives us the chance to determine what the long term effects of this goop are. It would seem that the Mandarinian Empire is learning to grant lesser versions of known valiances to its champions. It is possible this strange toxin is based on what the Mandarinian Queen herself can do.
No. 97328 ID: 6164e0

I start doing all I can to place as much material between myself and Burn Crazy The Hellion as I can. As he falls behind me, I hear his flight become more hesitant. As I check from behind a small rock, I see him wandering about, seeking me: I have lost him, at least for the moment.

As I continue to watch, I see the bee start to fly shakily,his flight now erratic, rambling. I see the bee set himself down on a leaf, as it inspects it's missing leg. Even from this distance, I can see that new segments are starting to grow, the leg reforming.... just as well as I can see the toll the regeneration and fighting are taking on the bee.

I continue to watch Burn Crazy The Hellion in silence, waiting for him to act first, to keep my location hidden. As I wait, I note that the tingling sensation in my body still has not lessened, nor has it spread. It could well be a paralytic, as I feel somewhat... numb, restrained where the ooze has struck: If that is so, a dangerous ability, coupled with his durable carapace segments and regeneration abilities.

Finally, action resumes: Burn Crazy The Hellion takes to the air once more.... and promptly starts to fly upwards, exiting the forest of flowers. I listen as the buzz of his wings recedes.

I am now in a predicament. Burn Crazy The Hellion has proven himself deceptive, ambush-oriented attacker. He could have retreated as I hoped, or he could simply be readying yet another trap for me.

What should I do?
No. 97330 ID: 6faa8c

rolled 3 = 3

Well, don't go home.
If only we had a false nest or something...

Anyway, wander in a random direction, evading him, of course.

((1=North, and then go clockwise around the compass))
No. 97618 ID: 903f16

Go north until you are positive he's not returning. If he does return and finds us then we've added more credence to the other ant's claims that we hail from the north. Though, if we find he hasn't come back to spy on us then covertly return to Stealin' and then to Crescent to inform the queen.
No. 97913 ID: 6164e0

I begin to travel north along the ground, careful to make as little noise as possible. I listen for the buzz of wings, or for the sound of anyone else nearby, but I hear nothing, see nothing as I go. So I begin to move more swiftly, more aggressively. After all, the tingling sensation is finally wearing off, and I wish to stretch. So I begin to take small jumps with Aerosmith, to move more swiftly, still traveling north. Finally, I can hear the sound of Mandarinian Warriors buzzing around intermingling with those of the bumblebees above.

Hm. Well, none of them come below the canopy so far as I can see, and I have not seen Burn Crazy The Hellion in some time. feel confident I have lost him, and that if he gleaned anything from my escape, it was that I lived to the north, just as I said.

What should I do? Should I head back to Crescent now?


Proceed? And if so, what eggs should be made with the 80 points of energy KILLER QUEEN has left (she regenerated her wings, recall)

Flash: 5 eggs worth, take 2 hours to mature
They Might Be Giants: 10 eggs worth, take 1 hour to mature, need five units of food per feeding
Sister Hazel or Sister Machine Gun: 50 eggs worth, take 1 hour to mature, need 15 units of food per feeding, must be fertilized to start spawning.
All other strains cost 1 egg, take 1 feeding and 30 minutes to mature, and are the following:
Fat Bottomed Girls
The Merciless
Lurkers at the Threshold
No. 97992 ID: 903f16

Return the Crescent, KILLER QUEEN must be informed of what has occurred. KILLER QUEEN should lay 2x Flash, 20x Fat Bottomed Girls, and 50x The Merciless.
No. 98051 ID: bc57ed

This is good. This is a good plan.
No. 98373 ID: 45be60

needs more flash. Seriously, like everything we do is like "man, sure would be nice if there were some more flash with us to do X or for Y reason" and they take a long time to produce.

10 Flash
10 Fat Bottoms
20 Merciless
No. 98481 ID: 903f16

This is also acceptable.
No. 98484 ID: 632862

I'm for this loadout.
No. 103057 ID: 6164e0



-All ants set to feed themselves whenever they have 30 minutes left before becoming Lethargic.


1 The Hero Scars of Yesterday
1 Toxic
1 Wings of Destiny
1 Blue Mind Riot
1 Crimson Glory
1 Battery
20 They Might Be Giants
51 Death on Six Legs
211 The Merciless
277 Fat Bottomed Girls
44 Flash (10 more at hour 9.5)
30 Lurkers at the Threshold (30 'planted')

KILLER QUEEN: Sated (does not need food until hour 8), can produce more eggs in Chamber 11

The Hero Scars of Yesterday: Sated (will need feeding in 1 hour or will become Lethargic), Idle outside Crescent

Toxic: Sated (self-feeding), At Spider/Wasp Field

Wings of Destiny: Sated (will need feeding in 1 hour or will become Lethargic), Idle outside Crescent w/ Metallica

Blue Mind Riot: Sated (self-feeding), Idle outside Crescent with Aphids and fungus

They Might Be Giants:
-9 Sated (will need feeding in 1.5 hours or will become Lethargic), Stationed at Def Leppard’s field
-11 Sated (will need feeding in 1.5 hours or will become Lethargic), Idle in Chamber 4

Death on Six Legs:
-19 Sated (self-feeding), At Spider/Wasp Field
-22 Sated (will need feeding in 1 hour or will become Lethargic), Idle outside Crescent
-10 Sated (will need feeding in 1 hour or will become Lethargic), with Scars.

The Merciless:
-25 Sated (will need feeding in 1.5 hours or will become Lethargic), Patrolling Crescent (2 mutated)
-24 Sated (will need feeding in 1.5 hours or will become Lethargic), Guarding Fat Bottomed Girls gathering Concentrated Nutrients
-40 Sated (will need feeding in 1 hour or will become Lethargic), Idle outside Crescent with aphids and fungus
-10 Sated (will need feeding in 1 hour or will become Lethargic), Traveling to Spider/Wasp Field
-34 Sated (will need feeding in 1.5 hours or will become Lethargic), Stationed at Def Leppard’s field.
-50 Sated (will need feeding in 2 hours or will become Lethargic), Idle in chamber 11
-20 Sated (self-feeding), travelling northeast

Fat Bottomed Girls:
-100 Sated (self-feeding), gathering Concentrated Nutrients
-32 Sated (will need feeding in 1.5 hours or will become Lethargic), Returning with fungus/aphids/soil at hour 7.5
-20 Sated (will need feeding in 1 hour or become Lethargic), harvesting Flowers at Def Leppard’s field
-25 Sated (self-feeding), gathering Concentrated Nutrients at Def Leppard’s field
-52 Sated (will need feeding in 2 hours or will become Lethargic), Idle in chamber 11
-8 Sated (self feeding), aging Pearl Jam


-2 Sated (self-feeding), Scouting for fauna to feed to the growth
-4 Sated (self-feeding), Scouting East
-5 Sated (will need feeding in 2 hours or will become Lethargic), with Scars.
-1 Sated (will need feeding in 2 hours or will become Lethargic), Stationed at Def Leppard’s field.
-8 Sated (will need feeding in 2 hours or will become Lethargic), Idle outside Crescent
-3 Sated (self-feeding), travelling northeast

Lurkers at the Threshold:
-20 'planted' about Crescent's surface
-5 stationed at Def Leppard’s field
-5 ‘planted’ around base at Def Leppard’s field

Pulsating Sac:
-1 ?????? in Stealin’ test chamber.

0 units of Yellow Flower Leaf (Quality: 1/10)
0 units of Dead Ant (Quality: 2/10)
0 units of Nest Robber Centipede (Quality: 3/10)
0 units of Black Dragonfly (Quality: 3/10)
10 units of Sand Pit Ant Lion (Quality: 3/10) Special: causes The Merciless to transform into Death On Six Legs
1,217 units of Pearl Jam (Quality: 4/10)
280 units of aged Pearl Jam (Quality determined when the aging process stops)
0 units of Yellow Flower Nectar/Blossoms (Quality: 2/10 Warriors, 4/10 Non-Warriors) Special: Masks Non-Warrior Scent
0 units of Flying Beast Bumblebee (Quality: 5/10) Special: Tastes Like Poison
30 units of Abomination Hornet (Quality: 7/10)
21 units of Bohemian Rhapsody (Quality: 9/10) Special: Instantly removes Lethargy, Strengthens Consumers
169 Units of Roots of Chaos (Quality: XOM/10)

Chamber 1 current maximum capacity: 300 points (300/300 used)
Chamber 2 current maximum capacity: 500 points (0/550 used)
Chamber 3 current maximum capacity: 375 points (8/375 used)
Chamber 4 current maximum capacity: 600 points (0/650 used)
Chamber 5 current maximum capacity: 175 points (542/650 used)
Chamber 6 current maximum capacity: 600 points (0/325 used)
Chamber 7 current maximum capacity: 500 points (0/500 used)
Chamber 8 current maximum capacity: 300 points (0/300 used)
Chamber 9 current maximum capacity: 275 points (0/275 used)
Chamber 10 current maximum capacity: 1600 points (700/1600 used)
Chamber 11 current maximum capacity: 900 points (0/900 used)
Stealin' current maximum capacity: 200 points (105/200 used)
Stealin’s Test Chamber maximum capacity: 40 units (10/40 used)
(KILLER QUEEN, Wings of Destiny and They Might Be Giants are worth 10 points, The Hero Scars of Yesterday is worth 5 points, Death on Six Legs and Toxic are worth 2 points, Blue Mind Riot, Flash, The Merciless and Fat Bottomed Girls are worth 1 point. Food is 1 point per unit of food)

!!REMINDER!! KILLER QUEEN can now attempt to make up to two new strains at a checkpoint.
!!REMINDER!! KILLER QUEEN can now save upgrades for later checkpoints!
!!REMINDER!! KILLER QUEEN has gotten better at making new ant strains!
!!NOTICE!! Blue Mind Riot and escort have returned with fungus and aphids!
!!NOTICE!! Scars of Yesterday, his honor guard, the food brought back and Metallica have returned and are outside Crescent!
!!REMINDER!! Red Water Flower and Bright Day Flower are being stockpiled at Carpathian Ridge. Requests can be sent for tithes of supplies from them, but remember that demanding too much from them might cause resentment, and potentially rebellious tendencies.


Toxic bested a spider: 1 upgrade
Scars Of Yesterday fended off Burn Crazy The Hellion: 1 upgrade
New Hero unit: Battery: 1 upgrade
Battery bested the corrupted Twisted Sisters: 1 upgrade
Survived meeting David Bowie: 1 upgrade

You have earned: 5 total upgrades.

Please spend upgrade(s) on the following:

Improve Fat Bottomed Girls Strain Lv4. (REQUIRES 2 UPGRADES)
Improve The Merciless Strain Lv3. (REQUIRES 2 UPGRADES)
Improve Flash Strain Lv2
Improve They Might Be Giants Strain
Improve Lurkers at the Threshold Strain
Create New Ant Strain
Make Death on Six Legs a normal Strain (makes it upgradeable, lets KILLER QUEEN lay eggs) (REQUIRES 2 UPGRADES, d20 rolled, must beat 14)
Create Specialty Strain: Cry of the Brave Ant (REQUIRES 2 UPGRADES, d30 rolled, must beat 23)
Create New Ant Strain described by Blue Mind Riot to KILLER QUEEN(quality of new breed and restrictions imposed determined by rolling a d30, the higher the roll the better the results, if choosing this option a voting period will be opened to determine what description Blue Mind Riot will give to KILLER QUEEN)
Upgrade Exoskeletons Lv3. (REQUIRES 2 UPGRADES)
Upgrade Mandible Quality Lv3. (REQUIRES 2 UPGRADES)
Upgrade Intelligence Lv5. (REQUIRES 4 UPGRADES)
Specialize KILLER QUEEN (choose either attack, defense, harvesting, digging or mobility) (can specialize multiple times, and stack upgrades)
Gift KILLER QUEEN Poison Trait to a hero unit (specify the one desired).
Retain upgrade point for later use.

First upgrade(s) to reach 3 votes will be chosen.
No. 103059 ID: 697b23

Improve TMBG
Upgrade Intelligence
No. 103062 ID: 9891a9

I would think upgrading intelligence is a good idea, the smarter the ants get, the better off we'll be in the future. And for the other point, let's give They Might Be Giants a boost, they've certainly been deserving of it for a while.
No. 103078 ID: ab04d4

Agreement with previous posters. This makes three votes, amirite?
No. 103082 ID: 55a915

i agree
No. 103090 ID: 45be60

damn guys, our basic worker ants can use simple tools and understand drama. When will our intelligence be enough?

You know who is deserving of some upgrades? the Death on Six Legs. Also, it would be nice to be able to create male ants. Can we please make them a normal strain and start giving them some upgrades? Our elite warriors are growing less elite with each encounter.
No. 103113 ID: 903f16

I disagree with the point into intelligence, but I suppose I'm late to that party. Since the intellect points are already spent I'd like to upgrade the They Might Be Giants. If we're to fight the other queen and her minions we'll need some serious firepower if we want to go toe to toe with her and her gargantuan children.
No. 103114 ID: 697b23

Um, guys, "TMBG" stands for 'They Might Be Giants'

That's already 3 votes for TMBGs + Intelligence.
No. 103126 ID: 903f16

That's understood, I was voicing disagreement at one choice, while agreeing that the other is appropriate for an upcoming mission.
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