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File 148932982820.png - (5.31KB , 512x512 , 1.png )
786835 No. 786835 ID: 144af2

It has been a long day. I kinda just want to pass out, but it's 4 in the afternoon, and I've gotta head to the Second Ring in an hour. I really don't want to, but I think the reward might be worth enduring this day a little longer.
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No. 786838 ID: 144af2
File 148933023824.gif - (17.20KB , 512x512 , 2.gif )

I've always wanted to be a Seeker. Suppose everyone has, once in their life. They always tell the children the tales of the great people who fought dangerous monsters, found countless treasures, and made great allies out on the rings. I mean, I know it's not as amazing or glorious as they all make it out to be, but I'm still interested in making myself useful for once, at least.
No. 786839 ID: 144af2
File 148933032705.png - (5.51KB , 512x512 , 3.png )

Still, I have about an hour of time to kill. What do?
No. 786841 ID: 0b99d7

obtain a snack!
No. 786842 ID: 9f3729

Jerk yon gherkin
No. 786843 ID: 143250

study stats on top right corner.
No. 786844 ID: 8d4593

Them colored bars is moving.
What they for?
No. 786845 ID: 70983e

Equip arm.
No. 786847 ID: 144af2
File 148933654269.png - (7.10KB , 512x512 , 4.png )

Not feeling hungry right now.
I'm a girl. Also, no.
Oh. That'd be this thing. My therapist gave me it, to deal with my emotional issues. I was told it displays my current emotional state. Seems the Sadness and Confusion ones are pretty high; I should probably relax.
My arms are already equipped.
No. 786848 ID: 563dc1

Why are you feeling sad?

Also, give us a full explanation of the bar colors.
No. 786849 ID: 0b99d7

hmm, a bath or shower would be good if you had more time.
how about making some tea/hot chocolate/coffee and enjoying it from the comfiest chair?
No. 786852 ID: bd9dcf

Think of what is around here to do, to kill some time. Or just randomly give introductory exposition, that's always a fun game to take some time.
No. 786857 ID: 143250

Why were you glowing earlier?
No. 786859 ID: 143250

also, can you tell us the meaning of each color?
No. 786863 ID: 144af2
File 148934075538.png - (8.04KB , 512x512 , 5.png )

My girlfriend broke up with me earlier. It wasn't really bad or anything; we both knew it wasn't really working out. She was just the first person to speak up about it.
As for the bars, here's the rundown.
Orange is Anger. I've only really ever seen this one very high once before.
Yellow is Confusion. Tends to fluctuate.
Green is Happiness. Dangerously low right now. I need to do something fun.
Cyan is Sadness. It is objectively the worst.
Blue is Fear. This one's usually not very high.
Violet is Empathy. Never really understood how this one is an EMOTION, but it's there nonetheless.
Red is Embarrasment. I can only hope that this one doesn't go any higher than it needs to.
Coffee sounds like a good idea. I'll need the energy at the Ring anyway.
No. 786864 ID: 144af2
File 148934088141.png - (6.19KB , 512x512 , 6.png )

Also, glowing? I don't think I have, nor will I ever glow within the span of my life. Lay off the drugs.
No. 786865 ID: 3abd97

It was the same color as your sadness bar. Maybe you manifest some kind of visible aura if a particular emotion grows powerful enough? The glow stopped when the bar dipped a little.

>Green is Happiness. Dangerously low right now. I need to do something fun.
Make yourself a hot drink, and go reread a favorite book? Fire up netflicks and binge watch a series you like? Hang out with friends (online or in person)?
No. 786867 ID: bd9dcf

Maybe the glowing is a side effect of the emotion bar? What technology is used in that, did anything mention any side effects?
No. 786869 ID: 143250

Well, time to get you a new lover.

what is you sexual preference you mentioned you had a girlfriend. Are you Gay, or bi?
No. 786873 ID: 144af2
File 148934584562.png - (8.54KB , 512x512 , 7.png )

Okay, that's really wierd.
Tell me if you see it again. Maybe it means something.
No. 786874 ID: bb78f2

Well your anger shot up but whatever happened made you less sad and more happy so hey it's working.

Stop getting mad at your stray thoughts to bone and get a new lover. They're your stray thoughts, girl, get it together! Maybe a fling is what you need the thought actually seemed to make you happier and less sad, unless you've been netflixing for a bit.
No. 786876 ID: 0b99d7

Turn on some quick feelgood or comedy show, nothing too long/immersive so as to lose track of time, and just unwind between that and the liquid heat of the coffee
No. 786877 ID: 3abd97

Yeah an immediate rebound is a terrible idea.

Ignore terrible ideas and continue with your attempt at vegging out.
No. 786879 ID: 8d4593

Are you seriously talking back to the voices in your head. You aren't that broken, right?
It's just you here let the train of thought flow.
No. 786883 ID: 144af2
File 148934970952.gif - (30.70KB , 512x512 , 8.gif )

I've been sitting here for about, uh, wow. 26 minutes. I need to keep better track of the time before I end up late.
And yeah, the coffee is definitely helping. Always hated the cold, anyway.

As for getting a new date? I'll think about it tomorrow. Now's not the time.
Avoiding terrible ideas is my lifelong challenge, honestly.
I've done stupider, crazier things. You act like you met me last night.
No. 786895 ID: 8d4593

>You act like you met me last night.

Just today actually. Every day is a new day after all. Every time you go to sleep you die. The next day someone else wakes up thinking they're you n' all that jazz.

You are still you, but you are a different you than you were yesterday, and there will be a different you tomorrow as well.

What's on the second Ring, and who will you be today?
No. 786897 ID: 3abd97

>You act like you met me last night.
Or 26 minutes ago.
No. 786899 ID: d79f26

we're mew here.
No. 786904 ID: 144af2
File 148935578368.gif - (31.18KB , 512x512 , 9.gif )

Woah. Philosophical.
The Second Ring is one of the more influential "Rings" that tend to exist around the world. Specifically, each ring has multiple strange properties; things don't work the way they should, things appear that shouldn't exist, etc. As a Seeker, my job would be to recover, eliminate or otherwise neutralize these strange occurrences. Nobody is really entirely sure where they come from, or what causes them. Me? I want to find out.

Lately, though, I've heard the need for Seekers has been at an all-time high, as more rings have been appearing throughout the globe.
I'm just gonna go ahead and blame my psyche for this weird pseudo-memory loss?
Hey! Don't look at me. You're the voices in my head that forgot that they were voices in my head.
I'd just like to go one day in my life without hearing a cat pun.

Huh? Someone's calling.
No. 786905 ID: 8d4593

Answer that shit.
No. 786906 ID: 143250

caller id. if it is your ex, don't answer. that ship has sailed.
No. 786908 ID: 144af2
File 148935735977.png - (8.58KB , 512x512 , 10.png )

"Hello. Am I speaking to Ash Altarf?
>"Um, yeah. Who is this?"
"I'm James Carlens, of the ISO. We request your immediate assistance at the Second Ring. Please come as fast as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience."
No. 786909 ID: 144af2
File 148935760606.png - (8.95KB , 512x512 , 11.png )

Great! It's super vague, makes very little sense, and requires immediate action! A fitting situation for a first time at the Rings. Anything I should grab before I head out?
No. 786912 ID: 8d4593

Datapad? Phone with a camara?, Flask of whisky?
[Useful obvious object you totally shouldn't forget]?
They should provide everything you need otherwise.

Go and do Altarf, adventure awaits!
No. 786913 ID: 9f3729

Baseball bat or a crowbar is never out of order. Never know when you need to get smashin'!
No. 786914 ID: 0b99d7

I dunno; backpack, swiss army knife and a thermos full of soup can take one far in their travels.
Other than that I've no idea what standard seeker gear would be. If it's likely to be dangerous get some kind of defensive item on hand.
No. 786918 ID: 8cb228

Spare set of clothes, backpack, money, small first aid kit, a bit of food, extra batteries, thermos, compass, some tool for lighting, something to make fires, some sort of self-defense weapon (pepper spray? utility knife?)

You have a bug out bag? GET IT. Shit's about to go down, yo.
No. 786922 ID: 3abd97

What's ISO mean (not International Organization for Standardization, I'm assuming), what are the Rings, what's a Seeker?
No. 786924 ID: 398fe1

Grab your Seeker gear, and your cellphone or whatever.
No. 786956 ID: 144af2
File 148937416752.png - (9.16KB , 512x512 , 12.png )

ISO stands for International Seeker's Organization. Fairly straightforward.
As for that other stuff, I already explained that!
Got my cell, and it's charger. I don't drink, though, and something tells be drinking at a Ring would be a terrible idea anyway.
Packed a crowbar. Good suggestion! Works as a tool and a weapon, which works for me.
Good ideas! Swiss army knife packed. As for food, they have some grub you can grab out by the gates surrounding the Rings. I've heard it's pretty good. I packed a thermos of coffee, though, because I can't guarantee they'll have THAT there.
Typically the shifts won't last more than a day. Though, I may want to get a temporary satellite phone down at the Ring in case of emergency. I've heard some pretty crazy stories. And, uh, yeah, obviously money.
Seekers don't typically have any mandated gear. Usually it's just suggested to have a weapon, something to hold things, and a way to contact the organization in case of emergency, which I plan to deal with when I get there.

It's weird! Less than an hour ago I was super far down in the dumps, but now I'm the happiest I've been in years!
No. 786957 ID: 144af2
File 148937421775.png - (8.70KB , 512x512 , 13.png )

...Hahaha!! I can't believe I'm finally doing this! It's not every day that you start the job of your dreams!
No. 786961 ID: 9f3729

His smile and optimism: Restored
No. 786965 ID: 398fe1

Hey look at your color thing. Is it glowing green?
No. 786968 ID: 15a025

You're glowing green now
No. 786974 ID: 79a07e

You are positively brimming. Dude, methinks you got this. No matter what, crazy as we might be, we got your back. Go get 'em!

Guys, stop mentioning the glowing. I wanna see what happens if we max a bar out. Happiness might as well be the best first try.
No. 786981 ID: 144af2
File 148937697027.png - (7.16KB , 512x512 , 14.png )

Huh? Oh yeah, the glowing thing. How bright is--.....
No. 786982 ID: 144af2
File 148937709377.png - (4.45KB , 512x512 , 15.png )

No. 786984 ID: 79a07e


...Whoa. See the beyond.
No. 786986 ID: 398fe1

So uh, everything's sorta dark except for the green glowing. Can you see anything? What does it feel like? Maybe you've got superpowers or something, try to control it!
No. 786987 ID: f86964

No. 786989 ID: 3abd97

So... green is happy. This is a good thing, right? Riiiiiiight?
No. 786990 ID: 70983e

Taste the Beyond.
No. 786996 ID: 144af2
File 148937940280.png - (6.81KB , 512x512 , 16 - It's a sight to behold, if I do say so m.png )

Well heeelllllooooo, everybody! Ladies, gentlemen, welcome, to a new hit series: Life with Joy!
*rounds of applause, audience cheering*

No. 786997 ID: f97b68

No. 787000 ID: 79a07e

Hmmmmm. Well, now. Split personalities? Interdasting. Alrighty, then. We're on ourselves a journey, so let's set the scene in media res, and see what this show's about.
No. 787001 ID: 8d4593

Oh. I get it. If any bar goes beyond the threshold that personality takes over.
Tis gonna be a long day.
No. 787002 ID: 144af2
File 148938010876.png - (7.06KB , 512x512 , 17 - It has a seven in it! That's my favorite.png )

Now! I know what you're thinking! "Who's this delightful lady telling me about a TV series that doesn't exist?"
Well it's simple! I'm Joy! And who doesn't like Joy. After all, when you're truly happy, nothing can keep you down. Not even gravity!

Now, now, I know it's not what you're used to. But Ash has to take a little break in order for me to exist! It's already unfair that she gets so much more screen time than me! I always thought gray was a boring color, anyway. And, Ash? What kind of name is that? Especially for a girl...
*Audience laughs*
Anyhow, let's not hold our breath much longer. It's a show you want, right? Well, how fast do you think I can travel 2 miles to the Second Ring? 10 minutes? 5? The closest guess gets a free Joy plushie! *crowd speaks among itself; surely each one of them wants it!* It even talks!

No. 787006 ID: 8cb228

Split personalities. Cool. Say, do the other personalities remember when you take over? Are they watching what you do like a movie, yelling stuff at the screen? If so, can you hear them? That'd be awesome if they were!
No. 787007 ID: 79a07e

...Alright, you got my interest. I like the number 8 in most things, so I'll stick with that for now.
No. 787010 ID: 8d4593

The microphone is bothering me.

No. 787013 ID: 398fe1

I'm gonna guess 2 minutes since you seem to be super confident about getting there really fast.
No. 787014 ID: 85ffe4

Why run when you can teleport instead?
No. 787018 ID: b7883c

This implies other emotion-based personas. Do you know them? Is Embarrassment adorably awkward?
(Also, the slight changes in your appearance and clothing aren't actually visible to other people, are they? That could lead to some weird questions.)
No. 787021 ID: 91ee5f

>And, Ash? What kind of name is that? Especially for a girl...
You don't need to be an asshole in order to be funny. She had no control over what her parents named her. And what of her parents are dead? You just insulted her dead parents! Shame on you!
No. 787022 ID: 144af2
File 148938456257.png - (714B , 64x64 , pause.png )

hey guys i'm gonna go to sleep now, will update the quest when i'm not dead

go ahead and keep guessing on Joy's question

No. 787037 ID: 143250

Ash is short for Ashley.
Sorry, we're a tough crowd.

I guess 1 second.
No. 787041 ID: 70983e

Good advice! Maybe you should listen to it yourself sometime.

If your exuberant energy endures through the entire egress, I'd say you could run there in 20 minutes! If you catch a bus though, 10 sounds right.
No. 787055 ID: 8cb228

9 minutes.
No. 787071 ID: cdddb5

By the sounds of what she said, I'm guessing Joy there can fly, soaring through the skies! Free as a bird!
No. 787073 ID: 0b99d7

I mean, 7 minutes? whatever makes ya happy you... personification of happiness you
No. 787088 ID: 144af2
File 148943595992.gif - (183.35KB , 512x512 , 18 - Ready, set, go!.gif )

Is that everyone? I'm about to start the timer:

No. 787089 ID: 144af2
File 148943627789.png - (8.78KB , 512x512 , 19 - Are we there yet; I'm bored_.png )

I deeply apologize for anyone who decided on a normal time; as in, anything above a minute! Darlings, do remember that I am not an ordinary gal! You've yet to see my best performance. After all, we only just met. And I only just started existing! Even I haven't seen it! *Audience laughs and cheers*
No. 787090 ID: 143250

Burst through the door like kool-aid man
No. 787092 ID: 0b99d7

so, how long can you keep this going for?
on that note, try to get to more reasonable speeds if you think you're gonna run out of juice.
No. 787095 ID: 398fe1

Well I mean a normal time is like 10 minutes, assuming you ran the whole way and were significantly above average in fitness. 2 minutes is 60 miles per hour. Less than 1 minute is over 120 mph so you're going REALLY fast.

Just how fast are you going?
No. 787098 ID: 144af2
File 148943923987.png - (8.21KB , 512x512 , 20 - Here We Are!.png )

There we go! Here in a flash. Perhaps literally, to some!
Stopping the timer at:
7.77 seconds! Right on time!
Doing the calculations, I was moving just over 900 miles per hour!

I can see the shock in your eyes. Did I getcha? Oh, what am I saying? Time passes differently for you people, anyway.

On that note,
Congratulations contestant ID: 143250! Your guess was the closest of anyone's! Expect a gift at your address within 2 to 4 business days!
Assuming I exist that long.
No. 787100 ID: 143250

So I'm assuming something that makes you, or Ashley not happy will make you not exist anymore, right?

What is non-existence like for you?
No. 787101 ID: f97b68

Uh... What does red mean again? Because you've got something coming out of your head like lightning.
No. 787106 ID: 213ff6

I think that's in the background.
No. 787108 ID: 79a07e

...Wow. Well, color me impressed. That's some speed you got there! Applause for the performance!

Anything else you got goin' on?
No. 787113 ID: 3abd97

>Doing the calculations, I was moving just over 900 miles per hour!
Have you done the calculations as to how much damage your mach 1 shockwave caused to your surroundings as you wizzed by at ground level? Or the permanent damage you might have done to the hearing of anyone near your path?

Oh wait I'm sorry did thinking about the consequences of your actions make you sad?
No. 787114 ID: 0b99d7

alrighty then, time to get down to doing that dream job!

quick, you got a crimsozap spircle, 5 o'clock
No. 787126 ID: 398fe1

Haha that's almost 3 times the speed of sound! Okay, time to go find out why they need you here. Is there anyone around, or should you call them?
No. 787137 ID: 144af2
File 148944732198.png - (6.65KB , 512x512 , 21 - Hmm!.png )

Thank you, thank you! Humbling, surely. But we'll have to hold our applause a little bit: We've hit the halfway mark! Life with Joy will return, right after these messages.
No. 787138 ID: 144af2
File 148944795796.png - (7.56KB , 512x512 , 22 - Hoohoohoo___.png )

Alright. I see what you're trying to do.
But it appears you are unaware: As long as I am here, I am happy. It is, literally, impossible for me to be unhappy in this form of mine. I'm here until this little green bar in the top-right, like you can see here, is empty.
However, if you feel like pulling someone's strings like this, you might want to make sure you don't do it to someone more influence-able, like, say, Ash. After all, you might wake up Angel. And we wouldn't want that, surely!
Besides, so what if we cause a little property damage? That's life; and more importantly, that's show business, darling.
So let's keep our little traps shut, and enjoy the show.
No. 787140 ID: 0b99d7

how vague but intriguing, but your time is short!
you've a show to get to!
No. 787141 ID: 3abd97

>So let's keep our little traps shut, and enjoy the show.
Can't take a little heckling? That's show business, darling. Step up or get off the stage.

>Besides, so what if we cause a little property damage?
>things appear that shouldn't exist, etc. As a Seeker, my job would be to recover, eliminate or otherwise neutralize these strange occurrences
Presumably, the people employing Ash as a seeker would object to her turning into something that doesn't ordinarily exist, and doing damage. That's you know, the exact opposite of her described job. Ash too, I'd bet.
No. 787142 ID: 4d9425

Oddly enough, that just makes me more curious about you. So sure. On with the show!
No. 787143 ID: 0c367f

Please, elaborate further for a while.

Who is this 'Angel'? And what exactly is happening here?

Spend some time informing us.
No. 787155 ID: b7883c

>Besides, so what if we cause a little property damage? That's life; and more importantly, that's show business, darling.
Part of showbiz is keeping the ratings up so your show gets renewed, right? In this case your ratings are Ash's future happiness, and collateral damage might impact that. If you leave her bosses impressed (or whatever it is she's looking for) though, that should be a big bump in the numbers.
No. 787164 ID: 91ee5f

>Besides, so what if we cause a little property damage?
You're supposed to be the good guy. This line of thinking is something an evil person would say. You being evil is going to make Ash lose her Seeker job, which'll never make her happy ever again. And if she's never happy again, then you'll never exist again.

Basically, what I'm saying is, you're threatening your own existence if you keep doing things that'll end up making Ash not happy.
No. 787168 ID: e934d1

I assume from the Orange text that 'Angel' is what happens when Ash gets very angry the way you are what happens when she gets overly happy. Ash mentioned only seeing it go up one time. Do you have any idea what happened back then?
No. 787170 ID: cdddb5

Sadly, one of the things we tend to do is poke people, and I imagine the others curious what Angel is like/what abilities are associated with her. I wouldn't have pegged happiness as speed/flight personally.
No. 787183 ID: 144af2
File 148945704098.png - (7.24KB , 512x512 , 23 - We know the truth now_.png )

Angel is simply the only thing on this planet that makes me feel strong emotions that aren't glee. For knowing that when her boiling rage reaches the sea, the water will turn to steam, not because of her flaming fury, but because the water itself fears her, and wishes to flee.
My goal isn't exactly to keep my ratings up, fellows. My goal is to keep them existing. Because I know, one day, Angel will wake again. And not one single thing in this god-forsaken planet can stop her if she does; that is, unless Ash comes to face all of her greatest regrets, her greatest fears, her greatest flaws. To know others, and to know nothing, all at once. To know the truth. Perhaps, when all of these powers come together, we could put her in her place. And if I have to not exist in order for that to happen, then I surely guess I will.

Well, our break's almost over. We should get back to the show, right?
No. 787188 ID: b7883c

>wake again
One more question: what stopped her last time?
No. 787190 ID: 8cb228

Cool! So you all have lots of captain-planet like super powers? And one of you is an uber-type? AWESOME! What are everyone's powers??
No. 787205 ID: 144af2
File 148946491072.png - (10.73KB , 512x512 , 24 - And we're back!.png )

Aaaand we're back! Did you miss me? Of course you did. Now, it seems like there's a situation within the ring! A Ringwyrm, versus a group of seekers! *audience gasps!* Looks like I'm going to have to intervene, or this reality show is gonna turn into a reality check.
No. 787206 ID: 398fe1

Toss some rocks at 900 mph.
No. 787207 ID: 3abd97

Challenge it to a dance-off.
No. 787208 ID: 8d4593

Burst through that thing yourself at 900 miles per hour.

Or force it to sing along.
No. 787209 ID: f97b68

Hug it until it calms down!
No. 787210 ID: cdddb5

Given your speed, it's not a question of how, it's a question of what we do. I'm thinking...Noot sure how different your appearance is from Ash, but I'm thinking staying in place long enough for the seekers to ID you probably isn't a great idea in the long run? If only because people are gonna be wondering why no repeat of the joy high-speed show.
No. 787212 ID: c31aac

Cajole it into submission with your quips! Diplomatize that Dragon!

then fug it
No. 787218 ID: 91ee5f

You know, if any of them decides to look up, they're gonna be looking directly up your skirt like a bunch of pervs.

Actually, that could work as a distraction for the Ringwyrm! Just get above it and get its attention and it'll be distracted with looking up your skirt!
No. 787220 ID: 8cb228

Rocks. F=MA that sonovabich!
No. 787235 ID: b7883c

So 900 mph is roughly half the speed of an average bullet, so a rock at 900 mph would be roughly comparable to a bullet. Of course, your own mass is many times than that of a bullet, so the force you are actually exerting by flying yourself at 900 mph is much greater. Just stay out of line of fire of that big cannon while doing so.
No. 787243 ID: 094652

Mock the worm and the crushing irony of how it is so long and hard and yet incapable of finding someone to have sex with it!

No. 787338 ID: 0b99d7

Ah if only you had a huge amount of rope/cable, you could have it tied into knots in a jiffy
No. 787342 ID: 630f91

Okay first off there is no audience, you're not in a studio, you're not "on air", you don't have a show and you're not Mettaton, there's just us and we suck!
Secondly I don't think I like you very much JOY. You're a know-it-all, a show off attention whore, don't seem to care about the consequences of your actions and I find you generally annoying. Give me back Ash!
Also did I mention that we suck?
Why are those people attacking it with a giant fleshlight?
Offer Wyrm blowjob instead, put that big mouth to good use.
No. 787412 ID: 144af2
File 148955051190.png - (10.40KB , 512x512 , 25 - Check this out!.png )

Oh, don't tell me you think you've seen everything! I still have one last trick.
I think you people are looking for a different kind of show.

No. 787413 ID: 144af2
File 148955057195.png - (11.54KB , 512x512 , 26 - Boom!.png )

No. 787414 ID: 144af2
File 148955061891.png - (11.10KB , 512x512 , 27 - Thank you, thank you_.png )

No. 787415 ID: 398fe1

Oooh! Pretty flower!

Can you help out the Seekers with caring for the wounded, too?
No. 787417 ID: 3abd97

So how much are those seekers down there freaking out?
No. 787418 ID: 91ee5f

You might want to land so that when your happy meter runs out, you don't let Ash fall to her death.
No. 787422 ID: 0bd80e

No. 787427 ID: 4fe878

All those dudes down there are probably all like "HOLY SHIT!!!"
but whats with the pink heart beat line and the giant flashlight cannon and that red dot to the left there and WHY has someone of your power never been noticed before.
No. 787433 ID: 094652

Does this happen often? How were you capable of doing that? Where did Ash come from?
No. 787448 ID: f97b68

Astounding! What other tricks do you know?
No. 787457 ID: 8d4593

Huh. What ring do you hail from, Joy?
Also, it seems our time is short. Perhaps you should land soon.
No. 787462 ID: 79a07e

Mad skills.
No. 787475 ID: 70983e

Take a bow and land before your timeslot runs out.
No. 788005 ID: 144af2
File 148971727935.png - (10.26KB , 512x512 , 28 - Woosh.png )

No. 788006 ID: 144af2
File 148971733240.png - (8.61KB , 512x512 , 29 - Greetings!.png )

"Ta-da! Thank you, thank you. Truly, I am humbled."
No. 788010 ID: 144af2
File 148971786777.png - (8.63KB , 512x512 , 30 - Welcome to JNN!.png )

Joy: "Madame, what are your thoughts about the events that have recently transpired?"
Shield-Lady: "That microphone isn't even on."
Joy: "Don't worry about that!"
Bandanna-Man: "Alright, who and more importantly what are you?"
Joy: "I'm Joy! Name-wise, and literally!"
Shield-Lady: "Now I have even more questions..."
A man runs up behind the shield lady.
Medic: "Can someone please help Liz not die please?"
No. 788012 ID: 3abd97

Flower power is good for healing, right?
No. 788015 ID: 70983e

Sounds like that's your job, medic. Quit slacking off!
No. 788016 ID: 8d4593

Perhaps you should help Liz.
While it may cost you the remainder of your happiness, we will make sure that this is not the last time we meet.
No. 788017 ID: 398fe1

So like I was saying can you help with the medical attention thing?
No. 788041 ID: fd9d3b

Well go help Liz not die. Nobodies down while Joys around!
No. 788042 ID: 094652

Wait, are you SURE Joy has healing powers? Because from what I can tell, she's fixated on being a heroic version of the Joker. Empathy sounds like the right persona for a medic class.
No. 788070 ID: 70983e

Even if she doesn't, she can still find and bring medical supplies here faster than you can say "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly."
No. 788339 ID: 143250


It's been more than 2 to 4 days. My prize hasn't arrived yet. I'm sad :(.
No. 788544 ID: 144af2
File 148987925496.png - (10.15KB , 512x512 , 31 - Woops_ Time's up_.png )

Ooh. This scene is not for the faint of heart! Please refrain from watching further if you're upset by graphic imagery.
Shield-Lady: "Oh dear."
Medic: "Yeah. Hey, you, green chick, I saw that speed just a second ago. Could you take her to the nearest hospital?"
Joy: "Well, I would, but..."
And that's all the time we have for today, folks! Stay tuned for an all new episode of Exposition Dump!
Liz: "fuhhghck i can't--"
Medic: "oh my god stop trying to--
No. 788545 ID: 144af2
File 148987927216.png - (1.17KB , 512x512 , 32.png )

No. 788551 ID: 094652

And THAT is why standard-issue bandages are white; so people feel less sick looking at them while still realizing the severity. Aside from the indicator that the bleeding has gone too deep.

Why the hell didn't the medic give her a few bandages before showing the patient to the escort? Now the escort has passed out. Of existence.

Well, take your victories where you can, at least everyone else gets to watch Liz die instead of being slowly digested by a 100-foot worm. YAY!
No. 788557 ID: 144af2
File 148988206358.png - (11.21KB , 512x512 , 33.png )

you know that feeling in your stomach when you eat too much candy the day after halloween
i feel like that, but everywhere. and multiplied by two.
I feel like i'm hungover after the worst sugar high in existence.
I feel like two guys with jackhammers are pressing on the same point on my head, but in opposite directions, forming a V shape of pain and noise that makes me wish, rather, to listen to small animals die for four hours straight in place of it.
Small animals that aren't me, I mean.
I'm already listening to that.
No. 788559 ID: 3abd97

Well, from your physical condition, you can maybe infer your first Seeker mission was a little rough.

What do you remember?
No. 788564 ID: 24dd1a

Congratulations! You have multiple personality disorder or another sort of dissociative disorder! And you are 'losing time'. Also, your other selves have major superpowers! Hooray!
No. 788568 ID: ba506f

so to be blunt, you have super powers. Congrats. Also you're going to have to face your demons if you ever wish to control them. Oh and never get mad unless you want everything in a 10 mile radius to die a horrible horrible death.
No. 788569 ID: 70983e

Drink water, lots of it. You should probably stay off sugar for like, ever.
No. 788571 ID: 398fe1

You should find out if Liz made it.
No. 788575 ID: e01e87

Just out of curiosity, what emotion does the color orange represent to you? Because we were just curious and not at all trying to avoid the end of the entire world by preventing you from having that emotion.
No. 788577 ID: e01e87

Oh never mind, you already clearly explained it. Ignore what I said about the end of the world. SO HOW ABOUT THOSE RINGWYRMS PRETTY BIG HUH
No. 788579 ID: d26b02

alright... try to look around and see where you are, unless doing that hurts. Actually: maybe you shouldn't do it, if you doo, you may puke on your own shirt or something.

Try to make any sound to see if there is anyone around, and if there isn't, then I would recomend to wait sometime and get a grip of yourself before trying to move.

Also, Did you know about your... situation? Because I fear that... You amy have left quite an impression on your first job, for better or for worse... Not to feel sad about it though, I think... "you"? May have done well, all things considered.
No. 788710 ID: 144af2
File 148990770121.png - (8.94KB , 512x512 , 34.png )


gaah I already know all this shit.
...Atleast, now I do.
Meeting Joy has given me a lot of insight, as much as I hate to say it. Now I know that I have more than one, and that every emotion matters. But either way; I had already met Angel before. The problem was, that was 5 years ago, and I had pushed it into the back of my head.
I guess that's not an option now. The cat's out of the bag (hah. FUCK.) and honestly I would rather figure out how to solve the problem than just ignore it.
So now I know two:
To those of you wondering, Angel's powers are: Setting things on fire, breaking things, cutting things. The extent at which she can cut and break things appears to be completely limitless. She also seems to be indestructible (i know this because several people shot at me/her when I was her and literally nothing happened except those people died) and the only reason the apocalypse didn't happen was because her knowledge was limited to my knowledge, and since I had never had an...outburst? before, she had no idea what kind of limiting factors were in place. She lost to a time limit. But if she ends up coming out again, I don't think there'd be a way to stop her or fix what she does. Unless one of my "personalities" has time travel, but there's no way that would happen. Chances are they'd probably be more destructive than Angel anyway with that kind of power.
No. 788711 ID: 144af2
File 148990780946.png - (8.39KB , 512x512 , 35.png )

I get up a little to look around, and see a window. It's still daylight; that or I was out for a while.

I still have no idea where I am. It's not the medic's bay at the ring; those are typically covered in blue, and very busy. It's not the hospital, either; I might feel terrible, but if you get hurt at a ring, you're legally not allowed to go to a normal hospital unless your condition is life-threatening. It's to prevent hundreds of seekers from flooding hospitals every day and making care for normal people incredibly difficult. Now, that's not to say the Medics are bad at their jobs near the rings; most of the ring-related jobs that aren't seekers happen to have very high skill requirements. Basically, they treat seekers kinda like the military, but everyone else more like normal, if not intense and high-paying, jobs.
No. 788712 ID: 70983e

You need to meet all your other personalities. Let's start with Red. Take off all your clothes and stand in front of the doorway.
No. 788714 ID: 094652

Each of your personalities seems to have a weakness to another personality. Joy was throwing her powers around until she started seeing casualties. I think only one person died from the sniper, great job saving everyone else, but then they were asking for a medic and Joy instantly lost all her MP. She kept. ALSO, at the half-point, she started warning us about Angel and she started talking about how thoroughly she can boil the ocean, and she turned light blue for a moment. So my guess is, even if it's impossible for Joy to stop feeling happy, she can feel fear. She just finds a way to feel happy about her fears, but it still drains her.

So... what would drain Angel?
No. 788715 ID: 094652


You WANT Ash to get angry?! Sorry Ash.
No. 788717 ID: 70983e

No, I want them to get embarrassed, duh. You've got your emotions all mixed up.
No. 788720 ID: 398fe1

Red is embarrassment. Orange is anger.

So, when you triggered Joy you were unable to feel any other emotion. She also said you needed to feel all the emotions at maximum except for Happiness and Anger, so in order for that to be possible then all those emotions need to not have Joy's restriction. Do I have that right?

Anyway, let's get started immediately. What's your greatest fear? What makes you most embarrassed? Is there anything that's likely to confuse you? Not sure how to trigger empathy; that may simply require you to be around a lot of people at once.
No. 788721 ID: 144af2
File 148991133144.png - (546B , 64x64 , extraneous-info.png )

Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/109865.html
No. 788741 ID: f0e552

While thinking about all that other stuff, find out where you are! Check that door, is it unlocked?
No. 788751 ID: 5b4a18

So, you, as yourself, don't have any powers, right? Well, doesn't matter for now... inspect yourself and try to find if you have any other wounds.

If you are feeling confident, try to get on your feet and walk a bit, but I would say you should stay close to your bed for now.
No. 788762 ID: 3abd97

Uh, guys, she seems kind of beat up. Half dead, almost. Since Joy didn't take any injuries, that suggests the transformation itself is physically taxing for Ash. Maybe we should wait for her to recover some before we start trying to trigger the others?

Also, we only have Joy's word that we need to trigger all of them, and to be honest, she's a biased source.

So... I assume the Seekers / the police / the government hasn't connected you to Angel's rampage?
No. 788784 ID: bd9dcf

So here's a thing some people with multiple personalities can do. They can communicate with the others, either when meditating, just thinking about it, or with techniques like automatic writing. You... probably aren't going anywhere, might be something to try? If you've ever heard of the concept of a 'memory palace', creating a mental home as an internal world for everyone (or at least the most sociable ones) to live in can improve communication and cooperation. It's something to try, yea? Even if it doesn't work.
No. 789173 ID: 144af2
File 149006613192.png - (6.96KB , 512x512 , 36.png )

I get up. My legs aren't co-operating as much as I would like them to, but I can stand nonetheless. My eyes hurt; they're not adjusting to the light well. Too used to living in a dark house...
It seems I'm in someone's bedroom. Maybe one of the guys in that group earlier picked me up after I passed out.

...The poster behind me upsets me.

NO. I am not doing that again anytime soon, and I am too tired to list all the reasons why that might be a fucking terrible idea. I'll take them as they come, thank you very much.

>...Since Joy didn't take any injuries, that suggests the transformation itself is physically taxing for Ash.
Well, considering I was out cold for 2 weeks the first time it happened, I'd say it's probably not the most healthy of things to repeatedly do.
>So... I assume the Seekers / the police / the government hasn't connected you to Angel's rampage?
Yeah, I doubt someone would be able to make any connections linking me to a psychotic demon chick with holes for eyes who stands 2 feet taller than me.

I'm fully able to remember what happens when I'm not me, it seems, which means I remember how Joy felt. I'm fairly certain her time was already up by the time she got there. Besides, I honestly doubt she would care much about death or casualties considering the fact that she broke the sound barrier at ground level in an urban environment. Fuck, I hope the windows on my house are okay.
Anyway, there are emotions that are connected to others, I've found; for instance, fear and confusion tend to raise with each-other, happiness and sadness are inversely proportional, and empathy works just like you'd expect.

I've... "talked" to Angel before in my dreams, so I wouldn't rule it out. She's still a massive bitch, even when she's not destroying shit. Guess that's a side effect of being perpetually angry at literally everything.
No. 789176 ID: 3abd97

Is that a note left out for you on the bedside table?
No. 789178 ID: 143250

Why would someone put up a poster of a naked cat hanging on a tree branch? Whoever did that is a perv. Get rid of it.
No. 789182 ID: 398fe1

Read yon note, Seeker.
No. 789188 ID: 8cb228

>I've... "talked" to Angel before in my dreams, so I wouldn't rule it out. She's still a massive bitch, even when she's not destroying shit. Guess that's a side effect of being perpetually angry at literally everything.

Still, a thing to try. Get some actual diplomacy going, a dialogue, work towards making sure the actual body is following goals that are important to others? Compromise and all that. Figure out some goddamned language and jargon to describe your situation, amongst your, uh, how about 'headmates', cause that is totally going to bite you in the ass if you don't get a handle on that. When can you set aside sometime to close your eyes and try things, think about it, see what happens?
No. 789225 ID: 8d4593

Oh man, that poster's a classic!
A real relic of the atomic age. Maybe whoever lives here collects old stuff?

There appears to be a note on the end table behind you.
No. 789232 ID: 70983e

> I'll take them as they come
If you do that, you'll just keep getting Joy, or maybe Empathy. You've got to run the whole gauntlet, not just the fun/green/best ones!
No. 789239 ID: 094652

The real question is, WHAT is Angel so damn angry about? Note that Joy gained a massive foothold when you had a motive to be happy, finally getting the job you've been studying for all your life. I suspect that the power level of your alter egos is directly proportional to the relevance of your motives for reaching a specific emotional threshold. Also, it may be possible that alter egos will get fixated on their motives; Joy may have spent some time trying to please the audience (us) but she was fixated on speeding to work, killing the giant monster as quickly as possible, and showing off to all her new co-workers. Come to think of it, we also contributed a minute amount to your happy levels by encouraging you, so that could be why she wasn't 100% fixated on Seeker work.

>What do
Tear motivational poster in half. Look at the back of it. Then go back to bed.

... We'll look away for five minutes if you want to do something in private.
No. 789322 ID: 8aa605

If you can communicate with the others, ask them what their superpowers and goals are. That'd be SUPER important to know!

Don't damage the property of others, but do search thoroughly.
No. 789483 ID: fa7caa

If you want to speak about it... What made Angel appear the first time?
No. 789486 ID: b15da4

All right, let's start on another emotion then. Please direct your attention to the kitten and begin extreme empathy production. Empathize with that kitten as if your life was hanging in the balance! And remember to Hang In There.
No. 789626 ID: 93fb12

I would guess that Angel is probably angry about being an entity of sheer and absolute unbridled rage, personally.

Examine note(?) next to bed.
No. 789913 ID: 144af2
File 149033056923.png - (8.75KB , 512x512 , 37.png )

Hey, green gal. You kinda passed out in the middle of a ring, which is a really bad idea, so I decided to pick you up. Sorry if you're lost or whatever, but I wasn't about to leave you there to get eaten by a crawler or somethin. -->
No. 789914 ID: 144af2
File 149033060380.png - (8.65KB , 512x512 , 38.png )

Anyway, there's a charge rcd in the drawer if you need a weapon; i've got like 20 of them and then like 30 more normal guns, so I'm willing to part with one. You're gonna need it, anyway. See you in the game. -Cliff
No. 789916 ID: 094652

Smart guy. Everyone saw what you were capable of, so saving your ass and giving you the tools you need to survive would be my first choice too. You now owe him like five favors.

Take the charge RCD, we're not playing on iron difficulty. Is the RCD a weapon or a currency card?
No. 789918 ID: 8d4593

Neato. Free gun. be sure to thank this cliff person when you see him.

Also fun fact on the poster. The kitten is actually attempting to climb that branch, not cling on for dear life as the caption suggests. The camera guy had to play with kittens for an hour to get that shot.

Not a bad job, really.
No. 789919 ID: 15a025

Whats the game?
No. 789920 ID: 144af2
File 149033498995.png - (6.64KB , 512x512 , 39.png )

It's a Quick Fix RCD 01a. Basically the standard in terms of Seeker sidearms. Like all RCDs, it can't hurt people, but it disrupts the biological makeup of Ring creatures. Or in layman's terms, you shoot their head and it goes boom.

Definitely want to thank whoever Cliff is, but I literally have no clue. A picture might have been nice.

No idea and it's really bugging me what he means by that. Does he think that Seeker work is a game? Or is he talking about something else? And if he's talking about something else, how does he know I'd be....
Gaah.:aqconfusion: I'll think about this later. Or ask him, if I find out who him is. Or if it even is a him.
No. 789921 ID: 8d4593

First things first though.
Coffee, breakfast, and asprine.
No. 789923 ID: 79a07e

No. 789926 ID: 8159df

Whos house is this?
No. 789968 ID: 70983e

Yes, that's a start. What if Cliff is an actual precipice? What if he's an undercover Ring monster? Yes! Now take the alarm clock to the broom closets of Mordor! I need scissors! 64!
No. 790094 ID: e01e87

>>789968 I know you like new shiny buttons, but could we please give Ash a break before she has to face whatever utter confusion is? At least scope out the situation, see what being a Seeker is all about, take a few pills, recover from whatever it is that Joy is.

Besides it's 61 not 64.
No. 790385 ID: 9603f8

Go get something to drink or eat.
No. 790437 ID: 3abd97

Relax, and stop wondering about things you can't answer right not.

Explore surroundings. Let's figure out where you are. Presumably not a ring, but they shouldn't have known where your house was either.
No. 791834 ID: e30c60

So, Do you have some training in how to use that gun? how good is your aim?
No. 791835 ID: 70983e

Relax? There's no Relax persona.

If this is Cliff's place, where is he keeping the other 19 RCDs? What's RCD stand for? Why is it called a Quick Fix if it breaks monsters? Why are there no sheets on this bed? Why? Why? WHY?
No. 794875 ID: c78427
File 149185167573.png - (6.58KB , 512x512 , 40.png )

If you two were physical, I would hit you.
As much as I would fucking LOVE to destroy this thing, it belongs to someone else, who probably saved my life by bringing me here. I'm not going to destroy their belongings.
I plan on it, as soon as I...
...figure out where I am. Obviously, not at my house.
Unfortunately, because of Joy's decision to not bring any of the things I own with her, I'd suspect that I'm about two miles away from my house, without a car.
Good news is, I still have my cell with me. Bad news is that it's battery is dead, somehow.
I would have my charger, but that's in my backpack, which Joy didn't bring with her. I think.
No. 794876 ID: b412df

I guess just head out the door and have a look at the rest of the house? Cliff was kind enough to give you a gun so taking a small amount of food/drink is probably ok?
No. 794877 ID: 0555b9

That's an hour's walk at most. Not too bad. Why are you dreading it? It leaves me... confused.
No. 794879 ID: b412df

We don't know where we are and Ash appeared to wake up in a pretty drained state, so the journey might take longer than that since we need to find where we are, and might be more taxing that normal. Also could just not be used to walking that far.
No. 794880 ID: 144af2
File 149185427438.png - (7.47KB , 512x512 , 41.png )




...I kinda have to reach for the doorknob in most places. Don't laugh at me.

I'm not a bad shot, but I never really practiced a whole lot, since RCDs are actually kinda pricey and I can't afford one. Speaking of which, whoever Cliff is must be pretty wealthy if what they say is true. Even this sidearm probably cost like #200.

I am short. I have short legs. What would normally take an hour for a normal person would take a little more than that for me. Also I have a really fucking painful headache and am very tired. Take a wild fucking guess why I wouldn't want to walk for two miles.
No. 794881 ID: 094652

Take your time, you've got lots of presents to receive from your brand new fanbase!
No. 794882 ID: 8d4593

I still don't understand your aversion toward a photo of a cat climbing a branch overlayed with a good-willed if somewhat misleading slogan.
No. 794883 ID: 143250

Because the cat hanging is naked, and Ash is a cat. Thus, it is all sorts of awkward.
No. 794893 ID: 8cb228

Still, explore, leave the room, investigate, go to other parts of this building, find people, etc. etc.
No. 794894 ID: 3abd97

>no cell phone charger
Is it a weird proprietary one? If you're lucky whoever lives here will have a compatible one and you could charge up a little.

There might also be a lan line you could use.

>what do
I would be rude to leave without saying thank you, or a note or anything, anyways.

There might be someone in the house to help you / talk to, or maybe a medicine cabinet so you could take something for your headache.
No. 794904 ID: c31aac

Note for later: Obtain a pair of pumps
No. 794935 ID: 49c836

You don't hear anything coming from the other side, right?

I recommend to knock on the door first, just so if they there, they know you are coming.
No. 795035 ID: 144af2
File 149192896462.png - (5.10KB , 512x512 , 42.png )


For some reason I'm kind of underwhelmed.
No. 795038 ID: 8d4593

Examine creepy portrait
No. 795040 ID: 398fe1

Call out. We ain't got time to explore the whole place looking for someone.
No. 795041 ID: 70983e

It must be because your emotional status display is gone. You've temporarily lost the ability to feel anything! Quick! Panic at your inability to panic!
No. 795042 ID: 094652

Open all the doors.
No. 795091 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, weird how they have stairs going down to a big indoor tarmac that takes up most of the room.
No. 795125 ID: 8cb228

Continue exploring, calling out, trying to find someone/something, opening doors, investigating things, examining things. We shouldn't need to handhold you through this. You're a clever girl that woke up in a strange but not threatening situation, do what comes naturally; explore.
No. 796115 ID: bc1bc4

That sofa looks comfortable... but does it live up to its expectations?

Also, what do you think of those paintings?
No. 798276 ID: 315280

Check the couch cushions for pocket change/anything else
No. 809900 ID: 144af2
File 149824691589.png - (7.44KB , 512x512 , 43.png )

Yeesh. Creepy is right. That expression he's wearing... He looks like he's seen some shit.
No. 809904 ID: 8d4593

that or "UUughhh... Cameras"
No. 809908 ID: 91ee5f

Or maybe he just met Excalibur from Soul Eater and is making that face? XD
No. 809912 ID: 3abd97

So it's a bad picture. Be nice, you're still a guest here.
No. 809923 ID: a4e776

well, it is either what you said, or he was blinking while he was being photographed. (or maybe yawning)
No. 809932 ID: be0718

Which makes it more interesting that they got it framed. Try tweaking it to reveal a secret doorway.
No. 810141 ID: 144af2
File 149834660283.png - (5.64KB , 512x512 , 44.png )

Liz: "...I thought I heard someone moving."
Ash: "..."
Liz: "..."
Ash: "..."
Liz: "..."
Ash: "...How long was I out?"
Liz: "3 months."
Ash: "Oh."
No. 810142 ID: 3abd97

>"3 months."
Really? Um, geeze. Why am I in your house and not a hospital or something? Long term care of a coma patient can't be easy!

Realize this person has been feeding and cleaning your unconscious body for months.
No. 810145 ID: 3ce125

Tell Liz it's good to see she survived, and apologize for not having the energy to rush her to the hospital. Though I guess you saved her life anyway by killing the monster much earlier than it would otherwise have been defeated.
No. 810151 ID: be0718

Zap her with the RCD to prove she's real.
No. 810165 ID: b36907

She's joking, right? Because if she is not... We are so fired right now.

Thank her for helping you, and ask her what has been going on since you fell unconscious.
No. 810167 ID: 8d4593

How does that even work?
How did you like... eat and.. pee and stuff.
This doesn't look like a hospital. You weren't connected to any IV's.
No. 810201 ID: 144af2
File 149836559325.png - (5.65KB , 512x512 , 45.png )


Ash: "Wait. If I was out for 3 months, how the fuck did I not, I dunno, die?"

Liz: "You're going to have to ask Cliffy about that. He told me it was 'something I wouldn't understand' before marching off into another one of his hidden doorways."

Liz: "Honestly, I thought you were gonna die!"

Liz: "Which would suck, because I never got to thank you! For saving my life and/or my friends' lives, and all that."

Liz: "Thanks, by the way. I'm...grateful. Really."

Liz: "Though, on that same note, one would suspect that someone who can instantly create an object about a million times larger than themselves wouldn't have to worry about dying of natural causes, so I suppose that would be a contributing factor."

Liz: "Speaking of which, weren't you green before?"

Uh, help, I don't know how to respond to this. I had hoped that I wouldn't run into a situation like this.
No. 810209 ID: 143250

I was overly happy.

That's all that needs to be said.
No. 810211 ID: 81cfad

Go for the dramatic; say that you'd like to keep your AWESOME origins secret for the fangirls to drool over. Also, did anyone change your clothes or were you in some kind of spring-clean stasis?
No. 810215 ID: 3ce125

You should probably explain your emotion powers. It would help to have other people researching this kind of thing.
No. 810216 ID: be0718

Phenomenal cosmic powers on one hand, multiple personalities on the other. At least Joy made a good first impression for you, right?
No. 810262 ID: 8cb228

Does a superhero give her entire powerset, weaknesses, and origin story to every one of her benefactors, no matter how grateful she is? Allow me to keep some trade secrets, please.
No. 810265 ID: 8d4593

Even I don't know what I can do sometimes.
No. 810267 ID: 15a025

It was just a side effect from our magic.
No. 810303 ID: 3abd97

>Liz: "Speaking of which, weren't you green before?"
Side effect from crazy magic that let me instantly create an object about a million times larger than myself.

Dang. Three months. Everyone I know probably thinks I'm dead. My house and my bills and my job are probably all messed up!
No. 810384 ID: e6c3f9

After all you saw me doing, not being green is what seems weird to you? Just joking.

I don't think we should tell her everything, just tell her that it was because of magic or something like that.
No. 810437 ID: 144af2
File 149846009001.png - (9.08KB , 512x512 , 46.png )


Woah. Okay. You guys have a lot to say. Thanks. But I think it's probably for the best that I leave out the parts where I can transform into magical girls. I'd rather her believe it was an Anomaly, like that one dude who found an axe in the Third Ring that could change sizes depending on air temperature. Shit gets weird, but not as weird as me.

Ash: "Uh, so, after producing an object 'about a million times my size,' the fact that I'm not green is what bothers you?"

Liz: "I mean, I uh-I guess? It's weird, is all. Was it just a dye or something?"

Ash: "Something like that. Also, I have gotten multiple mentions of someone named Cliff and I still have no idea who that is. Where is he?"

Liz: "I...can't tell you. Probably somewhere I've never been and never will be. He's like a ghost, I swear..."

Liz has started mumbling to herself intelligibly. I'm just gonna leave her to whatever.

I think right now I have two options: I could try and find Cliff immediately, or I could try to find my way back home and do whatever there. What do you guys think?
No. 810439 ID: 143250

eh, just go home. No need to cause unnecessary attention towards yourself.
No. 810440 ID: 094652

Oh @#$% you haven't paid rent for three months!
No. 810450 ID: be0718

Thank Liz (with a hug) and start looking for Cliff. So far, our leads are this mention of hidden doors, and a Cliff note. If we keep poking around this house, we might find one of these secret doors!
No. 810454 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, if you get to poke fun at the face that person made in that picture on the wall, I'm going to make fun of you and the face you're making right now!
No. 810460 ID: 3ce125

Oh hey your Happiness meter is... different now. Maybe that means it's on cooldown?

You should probably go home and check your mail or whatever.
No. 810842 ID: 3abd97

Maybe we burned out on happiness. ...which means Ash might be currently incapable of feeling happy?

>I think right now I have two options: I could try and find Cliff immediately, or I could try to find my way back home and do whatever there. What do you guys think?
What about calling someone? As far as your friends, family, job, and bills are concerned you dropped off the face of the earth. They're probably worried / think you're dead / fired you / are busy repossessing your stuff.

You might want to clear that up?
No. 811020 ID: 7b6983

How much money do you have? Do you use autopay for your bills? You should probably go home and figure out your financial situation.

If you pass out for 3 months every time an emotion takes over, your future is going to look pretty bad. You need to look into figuring out how to both better control yourself and reduce your recovery time, and/or look into a way of suppressing your emotional personalities before they take over. Perhaps get some sedatives or anxiety medicine to keep on you at all times.
No. 812485 ID: ed048e

We don't need no stinkin home! Find Cliff. We don't even have a plan or when we get home, whereas finding Cliff is a real course of action.
No. 812540 ID: b566c1

Perhaps you should ask her for directions: where you are, where is the exit, where is the bathroom, that sort of things.
No. 828166 ID: b21e66

So you've been in care for 3 months by unconventional means by this cliff guy. It seems that cliff will only be found if he wants to be found so going home is the next best option. Ask for directions to your address or better yet ask for a ride home. They've cared for you for 3 months, whats one short ride home?
No. 838678 ID: c0641d

Hm, well the good news is that if Joy is any indicator, then Angel can't literally destroy the world; anything beyond one emotion's "normal" craziness majorly eats up their remaining time.
No. 838684 ID: c0641d

To be clear; I don't think the bars indicate time - rather, they show how much that personality is still capable of accomplishing. Joy hardly expended anything just talking to us, but going at Mach 3 speed for 7.77 seconds and creating a plant spire roughly 7777 times her own size both knocked out nearly half her "time."

Question for Ash; do you know how you became this way? Are there others like you? (I mean, not exactly like you with your emotion personalities and such; I just mean people who have also been "touched" by the weirdness of the rings.)
No. 838696 ID: 0c84a3

charging your phone is a must. informing your employer and landlord of your whereabouts for the last three months is the first step toards staving off eviction/termination that could result from your MIA status. as long as your rent was up to date and the next payment still a ways out, you should still have a few days to make arrangements for the two missed payments before it can become three, and your employer finding out you've been missing due to a workplace injury should entitle you to compensation.
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