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File 148747728826.png - (255.76KB , 600x500 , curioquest0100.png )
781034 No. 781034 ID: bf3c2f

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No. 781039 ID: bf3c2f
File 148747760715.png - (382.96KB , 600x500 , 0101.png )

Your name is Pulvik Weir.

You were a physical therapist, but you do something else now. Or, you did something else; you think past tense makes more sense in light of the... circumstances.

It doesn't take a genius to figure the wounds you received from the defense system are mortal - to see exsanguination down and around the bend. You made peace with your mortality six projects ago. You're being melodramatic: sentimental, at the end. Duke would laugh at you; you shouldn't think about him. Not now. You only have so much time.

You're going to die. Duh. But first? You're going to clean up the mess you helped them make.
No. 781040 ID: bf3c2f
File 148747793950.png - (318.70KB , 600x500 , 0102.png )

You know all the consoles in the FELICI facility well enough, you could navigate them blind. So being half-blinded at your own station? That doesn't phase you.

Your hand trembles. It's shock, probably; the pain hasn't hit you yet. Maybe you'll be lucky enough so it never does.

You manage to key in the appropriate commands, despite your trembling. You navigate the proper directories. Annals of administrative-whoseits and tech-whatever that you never really had the head for.

You remember their username, when you're asked. Remember their password. You enter them correctly when prompted.

This is it. You tell it what to do, and it's done.

No. 781041 ID: 3abd97

No. 781044 ID: 398fe1

Okay but what do these prompts do exactly?

Maybe BREACH is what you want?
No. 781048 ID: 7d6558

depending on the nature of this "mess" you created some of these options can make our situation worse. ehat does SEED do? Why is "Libra" locked? How much time do you have before you succumb to your injuries?
No. 781057 ID: 9145ba

Seed. Sow those wild oats, doc!
No. 781058 ID: bf3c2f
File 148748098898.gif - (2.47MB , 600x500 , 0103.gif )

>What do these prompts do exactly?
SEED will release project Osiris. It's too early for the project to have any success on her own; release means flushing decades of research down the drain. Literally. You'll be saving her from FELICI - making them squirm in the process. There's an undeniable pleasure in that thought. Like keeping a toy away from a brat that doesn't deserve it.

UNLOCK unlocks the principal research chamber. The Subject will discover her freedom quickly, if data from the team below you is anything approaching accurate. Seeing her destroy everything that's wronged you, both of you, would be... vindicating. Absolutely.

But the Subject is dangerous. It won't just be the facility that's destroyed. It'll be people who don't deserve it, too. Maybe it's better that way.

<!> BREACH is an emergency protocol. It alerts the system to a Complete Loss scenario - it wipes this FELICI facility clear off the board. Nothing but nothing, left behind. It'd be a fresh start. That's what you wanted. What you thought you wanted, anyway.

>Why is "libra" locked?

>How much time do you have before you succumb to your injuries?
The edges of your vision are getting darker - blurrier. You think you have a few minutes. Maybe 95 seconds. You need to type something in.
No. 781060 ID: 3abd97

Seed. Saving the subject is better than setting it against the others, or seeing the ones who don't deserve it killed by the subject, or seeing everyone killed by the self destruct.
No. 781067 ID: efe913


No. 781073 ID: 91ee5f

No. 781081 ID: e95cec

Well...I'm thinking SEED or BREACH. Doesn't seem right to involve innocent people with UNLOCK. I don't know what the difference is. You say you wanted BREACH? Are you changing your mind? What's your goal, here?

If you're about to run out of time, pick...SEED, I guess. Unless you'd rather BREACH.
No. 781110 ID: ba506f

SEED it! Let them hear you give one last fuck you before you pass.
No. 781112 ID: 3373e2

No. 781134 ID: 8111b6

Seed -> Unlock.

The last would probably be a dick move, unless it gives more than ample warning to GTFO. After all, I would assume whatever gets released wouldn't have a map
No. 781145 ID: d79f26

No. 781163 ID: 7d6558

SEED will just kill subject osiris, so "Unlock", assuming you don't just want to leave the subject here to rot.
No. 781164 ID: ca6f74

Release the anime test subject onto the world. I know enough about Elfen Lied to figure out how this works.
No. 781190 ID: 7d6558

far as I understood:
SEED: project fails, subject dies, FELICI gets to be a-holes for another round.
UNLOCK: subject flees, FELICI and possibly a lot more gets destroyed.
LIBRA: heck if i know.
BREACH: subjekt dies, FELICI gets destroyed.
still gonna go with UNLOCK
No. 781199 ID: 15f58c

SEED is effective, but if this group is that bad then it won't ultimately achieve much except a delay.
BREACH and UNLOCK are identical except for the subject surviving in the latter.
If the subject is likely to kill the wrong people, and she escapes, it's possible more wrong people will die too.

Well, if the board doesn't look good, change the board. I say ♎.
No. 781378 ID: 9145ba

I changed my mind, BREACH BREACH BREACH

Execute Loss.exe
No. 781386 ID: bf3c2f
File 148758160270.gif - (119.09KB , 600x500 , 0104.gif )

You type it in. Hang on the submission, for a few seconds. It'd be nice to have some sort of cool one liner, here. Something to die thinking. But you don't. You submit the command.

>Are you changing your mind? What's your goal, here?
Of course you're not changing your mind. It's not really like you have time to decide on anything else. Just... changing tactics. Goal's too strong a word for it; it's too late for you to do anything good. It has been for a while. All you're trying to do is mitigate damage, already done.

You haven't been very successful. Haven't done much, up to now. But this'll be different. This'll be... much. You don't know if it'll be any of what you want. But it'll have to do.

No. 781387 ID: bf3c2f
File 148758168265.gif - (117.57KB , 600x500 , 0105.gif )

God forgive you.
No. 781399 ID: bf3c2f
File 148758459683.gif - (409.21KB , 600x500 , 0106.gif )

No. 781400 ID: bf3c2f
File 148758488302.gif - (0.99MB , 600x500 , 0107oops.gif )

Your heart is pounding, the thump-thumps of it racking the back of your lungs, making your breath stutter. Making it hard to breathe.

It's that dream again - you know as soon as you feel the tears in your eyes. You hate this. Maybe you should see a doctor?

The worst part is always the first few seconds, once it's done. How long it takes you to remember your own body, outside of it. You sigh through your nose, as soft and deep as you can.

Your name isn't Pulvik Weir... what is it?
>suggest a gender & name.
No. 781401 ID: dd5b4d

Milo Lanning. A dude man.
No. 781402 ID: 094652

Podunk Xavier Calibur

And ever since you had your cancer testicles removed you've been an Eunich
No. 781406 ID: ba506f

Teddy Griffin
No. 781411 ID: 34576f

James "No-last-name". Male.
No. 781423 ID: 91ee5f

I probably won't win, but I'm voting against the popular gender vote!


Mia Davis
No. 781502 ID: e047fe

Voting for Milo Lanning and Eunich.
No. 781504 ID: 9145ba

Female, Felicity-04.
No. 781655 ID: 2a3d0f

Your name is FLAME-EYES COTTONTAIL and you are FEMALE.

Wait. That doesn't sound right. The name, not the gender.

Let's try the moniker Merit Blackbourn and go from there.
No. 781693 ID: f6ba27

This One Whoa
No. 781696 ID: 9876c4

Let's see where this takes us.
No. 781706 ID: bf3c2f
File 148766624761.png - (156.19KB , 600x500 , 0108.png )

Yeah. Yeah, your name is Felicity Zedfour, and you're a marine toxicology major at Azarith University. Azarith's main campus is just a few miles from your apartment; the marine studies building is an hour and a half by rail, into the far east side of the city. But you can see out and over the wall from the toxicology lab. So, it's worth it!

It's... sort of why you picked the course. The view of the ocean, over the wall. A view is sort of a stupid thing to forsake & stake your entire future on, but you make funny decisions, sometimes. They don't usually hurt others. Some people even think it's charming! Most people don't!

That's who you are. You've never met anyone with the name Pulvik Weir.

You've never had a recurring dream before this. Rarely ever dreamed. Dreamology or whatever? That's not your bit. First few times you had the dream, you thought about figuring it out. Now you just wish you would stop dreaming about whatever Pulvik Weir is supposed to represent. You wish you'd stop seeing it die.

This whole not getting a full night's sleep thing is getting annoying. If it was just you not sleeping, you think you could probably deal with it. But it isn't just you. You keep waking Echo up.
No. 781711 ID: bf3c2f
File 148766648518.png - (144.11KB , 600x500 , 0109.png )

Echo Skcin. You've been dating since high school. You moved in together earlier this semester, when she got back from the Salt Flats off the shelf to the west. You were long distance before that - spent two years apart.

She is beyond out of your league, something you know that both of you know, even if Echo never acknowledges it.

She's blinking over at you when you pull your hands away from your face. You wish she looked annoyed. You're good at annoyed. You have experience with annoyed. But Echo looks tired. She looks worried.

You're out of your depth.

"What were you dreaming about?" she asks.
No. 781715 ID: 91ee5f

Have you told her about the dream? If you have, you can just say, "It was that same dream again."

If you haven't told her, it might be time to tell her. You might actually feel a little better actually talking about it with her.
No. 781718 ID: 094652

>She is beyond out of your league
Are you @#$%ing serious? Look at her! She's the poster child of stereotypical stage-three druggies everywhere! If anything, you're doing her a favor by being there for her. Which is apparently all you can muster yourself to do. So kudos.

>What do
Write the memory in a journal. You might be obsessed about the dream because of a perceived obligation to remember the signal in case someone knocks on your door one day and demands the intel at gunpoint. You write it down, and you can just forget the rest.
No. 781728 ID: fbeeaf

Jesus Christ go make Echo a fucking sandwich or something before she dies holy shit!
No. 781752 ID: ba506f

come on guys, I'm sure it's just the lighting. She probably looks fine

tell her you had that dream again then go make something for the both of you to eat.
No. 781773 ID: b15da4

Think about the word SEED. What does it mean to you?

Please examine your girlfriend in a mirror, she looks like a zombie to us.
No. 781901 ID: 398fe1

Sheesh you guys she's just a reptile. They can look like that sometimes. Loose skin.

May as well tell her. Also, get some cuddles.
No. 783555 ID: bf3c2f
File 148827000081.png - (77.85KB , 600x500 , 0110.png )

"Baby," is the question Echo asks. She always does this. Calls you some stupid pet name, rather than repeat herself. You hate it. You've told her you hate it. Told her you hate baby most of all.

You unwind her tail from your arm. Pat it as you slide off the bed - too stiff to be anything but awkward. "I'm gonna get something to eat."
No. 783557 ID: bf3c2f
File 148827044121.png - (179.23KB , 600x500 , 0111.png )

Your fridge is pretty barren, but you find something to eat. It's something Echo made, last weekend. It's... probably edible. You think. You didn't die the first time you ate it - that's a good sign. You put it in the microwave.

>Think about the word SEED. What does it mean to you?
Seeding is just a fancy word for the release of a genetically modified organism. Mostly it's done for controlled observation in labs, before commercial release. It doesn't have to be.

You actually have a few specimens seeded in the east gutter that you need to check on. You should do that later today, before the sun rises.

You know SEED is what you (Pulvik, you, whatever) always type in the dream, before you die. You don't have any idea what it means in the dream. You know it has something to do with project Osiris; you're not sure what project Osiris is meant to be. Osiris hasn't been in the dream, before tonight. Not that you can remember.

>Tell her you had that dream again.
You... haven't told Echo. It... hasn't come up.

...yeah. Alright. That's not true. At all. It's come up every time you've woken Echo up because of the dream - 8 times in the last two weeks. More in the last month.

You don't know what you're supposed to say, first of all. Hey, Echo, I know you've got your midterm topography-thing due in like, three days, but I had a weawwy wad weam. Baby needs her binky. Boo hoo, wah, etc. No thanks. You're not fifteen anymore. You should be able to handle something as basic as dreaming, without bugging Echo. You bug her with enough as it is.

>She's the poster child of stereotypical stage-three druggies everywhere! If anything, you're doing her a favor by being there for her.
That's not true! It's not... Well, it isn't fair. Echo has... fun. That's how it's been forever.

You'd prefer she didn't, yeah. But... she doesn't bring it home. That's the agreement you came up with, before you graduated. It's not any different now. You're both young; just because you're boring doesn't mean Echo has to be. You wouldn't ask her to do that. You wouldn't ask anybody to do that.

>Write the memory in a journal.
You already have the dream written down. You'll check your memos after Echo goes back to sleep.
No. 783558 ID: bf3c2f
File 148827049851.png - (163.46KB , 600x500 , 0112.png )

>Examine your girlfriend in a mirror.
...you don't hate baby that much, usually. You're tired. She's worried. You shouldn't take your sleep deprivation out on her.
No. 783559 ID: bf3c2f
File 148827055696.png - (169.25KB , 600x500 , 0113.png )

>It might be time to tell her. You might actually feel a little better talking about it with her.
You guess that's true. Talking to Echo doesn't mean you have to bother her. Nobody said you needed to tell her with specifics. This could work. At the very least, it shouldn't be able to hurt.

"...it was just a nightmare." Huh. Yeah. That sort of feels better. You weren't expecting that? You-

"A bad one?"

No. 783561 ID: b7883c

>"A bad one?"
If you want to downplay your feelings about dream itself that's your business, but the sleep deprivation is clearly a major issue. Say something like "It's not that bad but it just keeps waking me up." After that you can give more details if she asks further, but framing it that way should make it clear being scared isn't the problem.
No. 783565 ID: ba506f

>A bad one?
not... really. More disorienting that anything really.
No. 783597 ID: 398fe1

Well you keep dying at the end of it so it's pretty bad.
No. 783609 ID: b4735e

Tell her that it was (A) horrifying, and (B) unrelated to you in any way. Maybe you just fear your projects stabbing themselves in the ass.
No. 783622 ID: 2a3d0f

> You need to get out of your own head a bit; get a different perspective. Anxiety and self-deprecation can only get you so far after all.

> Also. Approach the microwavable mush carefully. Just because it didn't kill you the first time doesn't mean it won't come back to get its due upon entry #2.
No. 783636 ID: 91ee5f

>You didn't die the first time you ate it - that's a good sign.
It may not have killed you, but I'm sure it hurt when it came out the other end! DX
No. 783665 ID: 3abd97

Be honest. She's concerned for you, and honestly counts for more than being too proud to ask for help, or trying to protect her from your issues.
No. 783800 ID: 05da18

isn't by definition a nightmare always bad?
No. 784390 ID: d04079

go to dennys
No. 784492 ID: 2897bf

a weird one. clearly she'll worry more if you tell her nothing and keep being as distant as you are. you dont have to concern her, just tell her about it. or bits of it. enough to keep her off your back but satisfied with your answer
No. 784610 ID: 27a3f5

You pretend you have a powerful and sudden urge to doodie. You yell you have diarrhea as you run to the bathroom to give you more time to think of what to say next.
No. 784735 ID: 9f3729

"I don't know. I type a word into a console and die."
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