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File 148606992001.png - (129.60KB , 600x600 , Title Card Ch 4.png )
776619 No. 776619 ID: e41ad8

Welcome to the SINister new installment of Tit's Quest! Cherrie Aghanashini's back and ready to do whatever, I guess...
I've got a lot planned out for this area, so buckle up and get ready to drive this crazy train!

Thread 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/720801.html
Thread 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/727561.html
Thread 3: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/735716.html
Angle Quest: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/754006.html

DisThread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/100061.html

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/artisanbubblegum

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No. 776624 ID: e41ad8
File 148607039571.png - (77.86KB , 600x600 , 001.png )

Location: Unknown

Time: Unknown

- [Empty]
- [Empty]
- [Empty]


Where am I?
What Happened?

No. 776627 ID: d79f26

you are ded. look around, greet spider.
No. 776635 ID: 8d4593



No. 776637 ID: 398fe1

but your soul was trapped by hell
No. 776644 ID: e41ad8
File 148607295278.png - (541.20KB , 600x600 , 002.png )

Uhhhh, okay, I'm dead, SURE.
And I'm not talking to a spider, especially not one as creepy at that one!
No. 776651 ID: 79a07e

Well, I suppose you have a general point in one respect in that 'dead' when you're clearly cognizant and aware of surroundings isn't exactly the general 'idea' of dead.

So maybe you aren't dead, but perhaps just...'spiritually adjusted' or something of the like.

...The spider's markings are pretty interesting, though.

Dare ya to touch it! I dare you.

No. 776653 ID: 398fe1

Fine how about you just look for an exit from the room then.
No. 776655 ID: 3abd97

Oh come on, it's cute, and it even has a cool tattoo. Give the spider some credit, here.
No. 776657 ID: 79a07e

Oh yeah! We almost forgot to answer your questions!

Where are you? We dunno. Probably in hell or something, honestly.

What happened? A series of poor life choices that ultimately ended with you trying to deep-throat an eldritch abomination.

Didn't end well.
No. 776660 ID: af6e04

Touch the spider! Touchit!
No. 776676 ID: a363ac

eat the spider for sustenence
No. 776709 ID: 9876c4

>Gibbetty Gib Gibbt D' UNNH
1) He is our hero
2) Must stop...
3) Step on Spider!
4) We love you, Spider
5) I promise... not to kill you.

I'm like a 4 or a 5, so far.
No. 776712 ID: 15a025

Pet the spooder.
No. 776714 ID: e41ad8
File 148608376629.png - (161.01KB , 600x600 , 003.png )

Ew, NO!

I'll meet you in the middle, I guess I'll talk to him...

"H-hello Mr. Spider?"

No. 776715 ID: e41ad8
File 148608381745.png - (185.35KB , 600x600 , 004.png )

That's Ridiculous!

Oh yeah...

I appear to be in some kind of jail... In Hell?

No. 776716 ID: 398fe1

Apologize to the poor priest you got killed by being too lewd.
No. 776718 ID: 3abd97

Is, that spider speak? It buzzes?

Hey! No fair! How come you got to keep your clothes when you died, priest guy? (You say, standing in front of your cell, giving him full frontal).
No. 776724 ID: 143250

Throw the spider at the priest.
No. 776788 ID: fe7355

Please, no. She already got him killed by being too lewd, he doesn't need her showing her bare form in front of him as well.

You have really long hair, so how 'bout you drape it over your front to cover yourself while speaking to the poor guy. And cover your crotch with a hand too.

Tell him that you know it doesn't even begin to apologize for what you did that got him killed, but you're really, really sorry. You don't know what got into your head to do something so unmitigatedly stupid and lewd. If he's so furious he'll never speak to you, you'll understand. But if he can muster enough forgiveness to work together then maybe the both of you can get out of here.

And to the spider, tell it that you don't understand what it is telling you. Perhaps it could spin some silk for letters to spell it out for you?

>I appear to be in some kind of jail... In Hell?
Perhaps not Hell but Purgatory? Or possibly Hell's intake cells, like a jail has.
No. 776813 ID: e41ad8
File 148609828280.png - (175.06KB , 600x600 , 005.png )

Ew, Gross! I already told you I'm not touching the spider.
Plus, he's still swinging around like crazy...

Awww, now I feel bad...
Never mind.

No. 776814 ID: e41ad8
File 148609831244.png - (373.14KB , 600x600 , 006.png )


No. 776815 ID: e41ad8
File 148609840121.png - (77.00KB , 600x600 , 007.png )

Looks like he ain't waking up.
And what's up with that symbol on his chest?
Isn't that the same thing you told me to draw on my bedroom wall?

No. 776821 ID: 3abd97

You're not bad looking, for no tits, you know.

>And what's up with that symbol on his chest?
It's a pentagram. It's an occult symbol? Kind of rubbing it in to inscribe that on a dead priest. Maybe it's to seal his holy powers so he can't just blast out of hell?

>what do
Might as well check if someone left the door unlocked.

Failing that, search your cell. See if you have anything to work with besides the spider that's apparently still spazzing out. (Come on, haven't you seen a naked gal before? You're embarrassing yourself).
No. 776900 ID: 9876c4

>Carpet doesn't match the drapes.

The metaphysics are very convoluted, but the end result is that you should try to be silly at all costs, because it will make Hell itself sillier and more survivable.

Try not to be lustful or wrathful, because it will be used against you.
No. 776902 ID: 8d4593

His is right side up. Yours was upside Down.
Also, you don't need cloths here. It's plenty warm.
Besides, it's about time people came to appreciate your beauty, isn't it?
No. 776909 ID: 7d8168

That's a pentacle, a symbol which the spirit draws upon to energize magical spells and rituals. And it's got a point up, so it's probably clean of the satanist significance normally assigned to point-down pentagrams.

And hey, the tentacle thing that killed you also killed him, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? While asleep he's no big deal, and you can probably get some help once he wakes up.

Until then though, that spider seems talkative! See if it can carry on a conversation or if it just keeps accusing you of being a witness to something.
No. 776916 ID: 143250

No. 776943 ID: e66267

Well geeze, you are gonna be king of the lust circle of hell, so you should get out of here and go there in order to begin your ascension to queen of lusttown. You've got not tits so it shouldn't be too hard to squeeze through those bars.
No. 776976 ID: d79f26

she has great hips though.
No. 777027 ID: e41ad8
File 148618782288.png - (179.63KB , 600x600 , 008.png )


It's not locked...

It's not my fault I have Heterochromia...

Aww, thanks!
No. 777030 ID: 143250

Why meditate? I don't know, but we were told to meditate in chapter 4 at the end of chapter 3. We don't have to do it now, but eventually before this chapter is over.

Walk up to the priest's cell, open it, and calmly slap that guy's face as hard as you can to wake him.
No. 777031 ID: 79a07e

Actually, before you do >>777030, maybe you could take a looksee as to what's leaking out of that one cell? It seems it's not just you two...

Be careful not to step in it, and move quietly. Your other neighbor, judging by the claws, may not exactly be of the polite sort.
No. 777035 ID: 8d4593

Go to the Toylett and see if you can use the mirror to knock out that cowlick
No. 777036 ID: ba506f

look in other cells to see who your neighbors were.
No. 777047 ID: e66267

Enslave the priest with your womanly charms.
No. 777052 ID: d79f26

talk to other prisoners, if they are cool then stage prison break.
No. 777054 ID: 9876c4

Makes the most sense.
No. 777214 ID: e41ad8
File 148626691804.png - (102.65KB , 600x600 , 009.png )

That looks Familiar.

No. 777215 ID: e41ad8
File 148626694722.png - (364.51KB , 600x600 , 010.png )

I don't think he'll do much talking anytime soon...

No. 777216 ID: e41ad8
File 148626699929.png - (80.26KB , 600x600 , 011.png )

His cell is locked.
As are the other two cells.

I'm not seeing any mirror here.
I don't think it's noticed me yet, what should I do?

No. 777217 ID: 3abd97

Hey, sweet, free sword! Is that cell unlocked?

Go check on the priest?
No. 777218 ID: 398fe1

Run up and push the demon through the window-wait he has wings he can fly. Smash his head with the bucket first.
No. 777223 ID: 143250

He is in the perfect position for a surprise blowjob.
No. 777273 ID: d79f26

wait, he has a note.
No. 777293 ID: 8d4593

Yes he is.
No. 777326 ID: 9876c4

Get ye sword
No. 777328 ID: 8111b6

Now now... surprise blow jobs are all well and good, but they're hardly a proper first impression. Perhaps read see if you can read the demon's (or is it an imp?) note over its shoulder. Give a smile and say hi if it notices. No need to be rude. ...those other options can be kept on the back burner.
No. 777337 ID: a9c21d


No. 777341 ID: af6e04

Maybe we should ask it before we give it a blowjob
No. 777374 ID: 79a07e

Actually, I'm of the mind of leaving it alone for now...I'm worried that Imp can still easily do something to us.

If we're going to talk to it, we can at least be polite.
No. 777562 ID: e41ad8
File 148636039905.png - (57.59KB , 600x600 , 012.png )

I already said told you the Cell with the Sword, the Cell with the Butt Plug, and the Cell with the Priest are locked.

As much as I would like to give him a blowjob, he's a she. And from the way she's sitting, I wouldn't be able to reach much anyway.

No. 777563 ID: e41ad8
File 148636042296.png - (71.08KB , 600x600 , 013.png )

She has a letter.

No. 777564 ID: e41ad8
File 148636044017.png - (89.96KB , 600x600 , 014.png )

What should I do now?

No. 777565 ID: 3abd97

Huh. So... she doesn't really seem to care that you're there, does she? Didn't react at all?

Is she even a person, or just some kind of statue?
No. 777568 ID: f65b48

There is a very good chance that you are in the bathroom.
No. 777570 ID: af6e04

She has a bit of a thousand yard stare, huh? Well the letter's probably not important. Make a paper airplane and see how far you can make it fly out the window.
No. 777571 ID: 15a025

Looks like she's also got a note.
No. 777578 ID: 398fe1

Ask for a lift so you can get the keys.
No. 777580 ID: 8d4593

Drawing stuff appears to make it... Real?
I'm Guessing W means water or liquid, and the note means sound or sensory, while the little line underneath means drain, while without the line it means create, like in the buttplug room.

Can you "Pull" That dick off the wall?
No. 777586 ID: 79a07e

Good question. This place really seems to run on abstract logic, it looks like...but yeah, those two W's have to be linked, at least.

I have to admit I'm a bit baffled at the moment, on the whole, though. I suppose try >>777580, then regardless of the result, maybe get out of there so whenever they DO wake up (if they ever do), they won't spot you so quickly.
No. 777591 ID: d79f26

climb her and get the keys above the window.
No. 777596 ID: ba506f

what's pass the window?
No. 777602 ID: 1510ea

Seconded, if it wakes up we can seduce it or shove it out the window
No. 777622 ID: 9876c4

We might need to take the bucket along too. Demon+Bucket+ Cherrie = keygrab?
No. 777656 ID: 188451

I think we still haven't gone to the "BAWZ" room yet.
No. 778386 ID: c45b7e

seem to be near a toilet. There are some keys above us. I wonder if we sing a little, if anything will happen.

Otherwise we might try climbing the demon to get the keys.
No. 778930 ID: e41ad8
File 148689154225.png - (90.70KB , 600x600 , 015.png )

>Inspect Demon
She doesn't seem to react to whatever I do...

>Paper Airplane
Her Grip is too strong, and I don't want to rip the only peace of paper around.
(Especially not, considering where we are!)

>Climb Demon
This is harder than it looks.

- Key Ring
- Note Key
- Generic Key x 4

No. 778932 ID: e41ad8
File 148689157105.png - (278.52KB , 600x600 , 016.png )

>Look Outside
Sand and Birds.
Oh, That cloud looks like a Turtle! <3

No. 778934 ID: e41ad8
File 148689174893.png - (198.69KB , 600x600 , 017.png )

>Grab Chalk Dick
We have smudged a Beautiful Peace of Art...
(-1 Morality)

No. 778935 ID: e41ad8
File 148689186482.png - (95.88KB , 600x600 , 018.png )

the bottom was dented up, making it easy to wear as a hat.

- Helm: Bucket (+1 Armor; Poor Condition; Still functions as a bucket)
- Clothes: Naked (+1 Lewd)

No. 778938 ID: 8d4593

Ooh, we have a morality index now. Neat!
Also, there is a gold key under the bucket. Grab that shit.
No. 778978 ID: 398fe1

First thing's first. Collect lube in the bucket from the fountain room.
No. 778985 ID: d79f26

use keys on cells. obtain sword, lube, plug, and priest.
No. 778988 ID: 8d4593

Priest can stay in there.
No. 778999 ID: 9876c4

What's the point of keys unless you get free stuff?

That's not how you get OUT of hell.
No. 779001 ID: 8d4593

Who want's out?
No. 779003 ID: 3abd97

Wouldn't removing graffiti be plus morality? (Well I guess it would be silly to assume you've got anything like a lawful alignment, so maybe not).

There's another key in the corner there. Geddit.

Go try keys on locked cells, see if any work.
No. 779176 ID: c45b7e

grab that last key in the corner. And then grab your tits.
No. 780281 ID: 0a5061

time to get swords and butt plugs
No. 783205 ID: e41ad8
File 148815725294.png - (77.94KB , 600x600 , 019.png )

>Grab that gold Key from where the bucket was!
There isn't any key there...

>Grab Tits!
That didn't helped, although it did feel good.
(+1 Lewd)

No. 783206 ID: e41ad8
File 148815732474.png - (92.52KB , 600x600 , 020.png )

>Butt Plug Cell Open!
>Butt Plug Grab!
... SIMBA!

>Fill Bucket with Butt Plug Juice.
(Skill Activate: Armor Crafting)
(Combining: Bucket Helm and +1 Self Lubricating Butt Plug)
(Crafted: Bucket Helm with a +1 Self Lubricating Butt Plug inside)

- Helm: Bucket Helm with a +1 Self Lubricating Butt Plug inside (+1 Armor; Poor Condition; Full of Magic Lube; Free Automatic Refills)
- Clothes: Naked (+1 Lewd)

No. 783208 ID: e41ad8
File 148815743148.png - (96.09KB , 600x600 , 021.png )

>Priest Grab!
Priest: "You! I recognize you!"
Cherrie: "I uhhh..."
Priest: "You're that Temptress that got me killed!"
Cherrie: "Sorry, I just wanted to get a blessing from a Non-Denominational Deity for an Offthahoooq Party..."
Priest: "First of all that's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard, second GET ME OUT OF HERE!"
>Priest Cell Open!

I let him out and he seems to calm down.

(The Priest Joins the Party!)

Priest Equipment:
- Clothes: Priest Robe (+1 Holy; Okay Condition; Pentagram Mark from unknown Source on the front.)

Priest Inventory:
- Unknown

No. 783209 ID: e41ad8
File 148815747480.png - (315.46KB , 600x600 , 022.png )

>Sword Cell Open!
The Priest walks in and picks up the sword.
I don't know the first thing about swords, So I'll let him keep it.
(Awkward Silence)
(+1 Team Bonding)

No. 783211 ID: 3abd97

It moved! It jumped up to the hook above the immobile paper reader.

Everyone knows the first thing you do when you get a new party member is unequip all their stuff and try it on yourself.
No. 783214 ID: 143250

Ask the priest why he was meditating when there was a monster about to kill him. Kind of left him defenseless there.
No. 783217 ID: e41ad8
File 148815944231.png - (316.59KB , 600x600 , 023.png )

>Unequip Priest!
Cherrie: "Would you mind stripping so I can wear your things?"
Priest: "What? No, then I would be naked. That's a dumb Idea, You're dumb for having that Idea."

>Ask why he was meditating.
Cherrie: "Why where you meditating rather than running for you life back at the church? It kinda seems like your death was more your fault than mine."
Priest: "Because I needed to strengthen my link with God so that I could send that demon back to hell. But thanks to your temptress ways, My link was broken and my Divine Protection was dropped giving the Demon all the opportunity it needed to kill me. All of this could have been avoided if you hadn't walked into that Ominous Church. Who even does that? 'Oh Look!, an Ominous Church, I sure would like to explore that obviously dangerous place!'"
No. 783218 ID: 9876c4

We were raised to not discriminate against religious folks just because they were a little bit ominous.

That gold key isn't nailed down, and can teleport, so that's like 3 reasons we want it.
No. 783220 ID: 3abd97

If everything could have been ruined by one person walking in at the wrong time why didn't you put out a "closed for fumigation" sign or something to scare people off?

I mean, normally churches are kind of supposed to be places anyone can walk into, ominous or no. Aren't gothic churches supposed to be ominous to scare off evil? I thought that was how they worked.
No. 783228 ID: d79f26

invite priest to examine immobile note looker.
No. 783266 ID: 8d4593

Insert buttplug.
No. 783298 ID: 15a025

Wash pentagram symbol off the priest with buttplug juice.
No. 783305 ID: 7b65b9

See if there is a way you can use the lube to increase "team bonding". You two need to be close if you plan to work as a team and get out of there.
No. 783307 ID: 79a07e

No, it's a nice piece of art.
No. 783358 ID: 398fe1

Alright show the Priest that demon that's in the way of the only apparent exit.
No. 783659 ID: 213ff6

ask if he could tear off the sleeves of his robe so he'd look like a cool battle-priest, and we could try to fashion it into an improvised skirt or something.
No. 784778 ID: c45b7e

yes. With sleeves we can obtain a much classier micro mini skirt and tube top, in lavish purple. Very in this season in hell.
No. 784779 ID: 9f3729

Combo these super good
No. 788209 ID: 7cbd5e
File 148978651390.png - (316.02KB , 600x600 , 024.png )

>I was raised better + What about Gothic Churches
Priest: "Ah, I know that look. You're about to go off on some kind of tangent about how 'you where raised better' or 'aren't churches supposed to be open to the public?'."
Cherrie: "Uh..."
Priest: "Shut up." "As much as I would like to tell you how you're wrong, we're in hell, and we don't got the time to argue over who's fault is what."
Cherrie: "O-okay."
Priest: "Great, follow me."

No. 788210 ID: 7cbd5e
File 148978674591.png - (330.44KB , 600x600 , 025.png )

>Go to Demon
Priest: "DEMON! HIDE!"
Cherrie: "She doesn't move at all, she's practically a statue."
Priest: "It's probably a trap."
Cherrie: "I used her as a ladder, if it where a trap she would have done something by now."
Priest: "Hmmmm... I still don't trust it."

No. 788212 ID: 7cbd5e
File 148978690403.png - (338.16KB , 600x600 , 026.png )

>Use Butt Plug Juice to do "Team Bonding" (Seduce Priest)
Cherrie: "Whatever it is, I"m sure a Big, Strong Priest like you could handle it."
Priest: "Well, I am pretty Great... But I've never actually fought a demon before."
Cherrie: "You're in luck, because I've read tons of stories about fighting demons."

No. 788216 ID: 7cbd5e
File 148978732542.png - (469.26KB , 600x600 , 027.png )

Cherrie: "First you have to look the part, tear those sleeves off."
Priest: "Do I have to? It's kinda a HUGE hassle to repla--"
Cherrie: "Of course you have to! Do you want my SAGE advice or not???"
Priest: "... Fine, I'll try it."
Cherrie: "Great, I'll hold onto those."
Cherrie: "Next you have to state your name and purpose before you fight the demon."
Cherrie: "This is the part where the tentacles usually come in, but I didn't see any on this demon so you should be fine."
Priest: "I don't have a good feeling about this..."
Cherrie: "You'll be fine. And when you get back, I'll have a treat for you" (Rolling to Wink: Fail) *Seductive Blink*
Priest & Cherrie: *Awkward Silence*

No. 788219 ID: 7cbd5e
File 148978738789.png - (526.76KB , 600x600 , 028.png )


No. 788220 ID: 7cbd5e
File 148978742768.png - (570.17KB , 600x600 , 029.png )

No. 788222 ID: 7cbd5e
File 148978772466.png - (111.12KB , 600x600 , 030.png )

>Make Micro-Mini Skirt and Tube Top
(Skill Activate: Armor Crafting)
(Tailoring: Priest Robe Sleeves)
(Crafted: Micro-Mini Skirt and Tube Top)

- Helm: Bucket Helm with a +1 Self Lubricating Butt Plug inside (+1 Armor; Poor Condition; Full of Magic Lube; Free Automatic Refills)
- Clothes: Micro-Mini Skirt and Tube Top (+2 Lewd) (+1 Divine Armor)

No. 788226 ID: 398fe1

Well that seemed to work fine. Can we actually escape through the window though? Looks like a sheer drop.
No. 788227 ID: 3abd97

Cool, clothes get.

Did she react to the attack, or even take damage?
No. 788263 ID: 8d4593

Wander over to the baws.
No. 789454 ID: 7b65b9

Check out the window to see if that demon is okay.
No. 789456 ID: d79f26

did he get a level for demon slaying?
No. 790446 ID: d8df1e

He shouldve. Also yes we are hawt.
No. 790608 ID: 006e54


Equip buttplug who knows what's gonna try to get up in there
No. 790624 ID: 987bda

Yes. This is a good plan and in no way going to cause problems.

Now you need to get the gold key.
No. 792108 ID: 7cbd5e
File 149101246289.png - (128.94KB , 600x600 , 031.png )

> Gold Key Get!
Priest: "Oh, another one."
> How's the Demon?
Cherrie: "Did you kill the demon??"
Priest: "It felt like I stabbed through her but there isn't any blood. Even if she did survive, it'll take her a long time to climb back up."

No. 792111 ID: 7cbd5e
File 149101267833.png - (176.20KB , 600x600 , 032.png )

> Demon Slayer Level Up!
Cherrie: Level? You mean like in a game?
> Dis-assemble Bucket Helm with a +1 Self Lubricating Butt Plug inside to equip Bucket Helm and +1 Self lubricating Butt Plug
Cherrie: But he's watching me now, I'd die of embarrassment!

No. 792115 ID: 7cbd5e
File 149101288566.png - (175.01KB , 600x600 , 033.png )

> Wander on over to Baws
Cherrie: I don't know about any Baws area, but here's what the Bawz Sign is pointing to.

Cherrie and Priest: "Weird..."
Cherrie and Priest: "123NOTIT!"

No. 792116 ID: 398fe1

Touch it.
No. 792130 ID: 143250

double jinx
triple jinx
owe me a soda jinx"

touch it.
No. 792140 ID: d8f4d2

Okay, if this is a demon that's on fire or made of fire we should be ready to use the bucket 'o lube as a weapon against it. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure we're not ready to face a bawz without defined teamwork and maybe a bit more combat grinding to level up first.
No. 792157 ID: d79f26

just go in and fight it.
No. 792210 ID: 987bda

Tell the priest to start his divine spell thing and be ready.
Then open the door so he can blast everything in there with it.
No. 793780 ID: 7b65b9

If this place is like a game, you should go check the toilets for supplies before fighting the bawz.
No. 794911 ID: 15a025

Kick your way into the Bawz room like an action movie hero would.
No. 800495 ID: 4600be
File 149427182436.png - (144.97KB , 600x600 , 034.png )

>Check Toilets for Supplies, like in a game
>Combat Grinding, Level Ups
I don't think Hell operates under Video Game Logic...

>Might not be strong enough for a Bawz yet
The only other place to explore looks like a locked door.

Priest: "This must be what those keys are for. If we include the Two I already have, that leaves only 1 left for us to find."
Cherrie: "Let's hold onto them for now, just in case."

No. 800496 ID: 4600be
File 149427267896.png - (175.01KB , 600x600 , 035.png )

>Charge up Divine Magics
Cherrie: "Hey, charge up your Divine Magics before we go in there."
Priest: "My connection with God has been weakened since we're in Hell. I'd need some other source of Divine Energy or some way of strengthening my connection before I can access any of my Divine Magics."
Priest: "On a side note, don't assume I have Divine Magics just cause I'm a Priest, that's classist."

>Ready Action to Throw Bucket Helm with a +1 Self Lubricating Butt Plug Inside at Fire Demons.

No. 800497 ID: 4600be
File 149427277082.png - (146.40KB , 600x600 , 036.png )

AW man! That was soooo cool the way I kicked that Door down, I was like Blam and the door went flying across the room, and we sauntered in like a couple of bad asses on a mission and we aint messing around. That was probably the coolest thing that I've ever done, it sure would be awful if there was some kind of log of our exploits and this one moment got left out. That would just be the pits!

No. 800515 ID: 4600be
File 149427440050.png - (95.48KB , 600x600 , 037.png )

Cherrie: "How the HELL did he sleep through that?!?!"
Priest: "Careful, it's probably a trap. Back at the academy we where taught that demons are some of the wiliest and most cunning creatures anywhere--"
Bawz: *SNORE*


Hey, sorry I've been gone so long!
I'm not the most reliable guy around, I tend to go off on tangents and forget about every else.
And then when I come back to old projects, The hardest part, at least for me, is how to I excuse my long absence. I feel like I owe an explanation, and when there isn't a good one to give. It's easier to just give up on it, and walk away.
But I really like Tit's Quest and I don't want to give up on it just cause I was gone for a while.
So, I'm not gonna give any excuses, I was gone and now I'm back. If that ain't good enough for ya, then Tough.
And I'm not gonna Lie, I'll probably have long unexplained absences again in the future.
I'm not getting paid to do this, I'm doing this cause it's fun and I've got time to work on this.
Sorry If any of that sounded preachy, I just felt like I needed to lay that out there.
Everybody that's still with me, Thank You! A Quest without it's players, is just a Story.

No. 800519 ID: 3ce125

Well, you just need a key. Look around. Maybe look under the covers?
No. 800521 ID: af6e04

Cute! You should look under Bawz's pillow for the key and also leave a present
No. 800550 ID: 9876c4

This is too cute to not attempt.
No. 800571 ID: 3abd97

That wasn't an assumption! I saw you doing a magic thing in that church before we got tentacle killed!

Yes, do this.

Pfff, don't worry. Unexplained long hiatuses are practically a genre requirement.
No. 800613 ID: c45b7e

The priest is holy. Holy bukkake in his face. While he is at that, you lube up the floor so he slips and falls, then its on to the stabbing to steal his devil dick. for science.
No. 800660 ID: cfe4f0

How do we know that this thing sleeping isn't its form of attacking you or defending itself? Demons are really weird.

Look for the key everywhere but near the bawz. with luck it won't be under it, but I suspect it's under the bawz. Also, the bawz will either wake up when you get near, or put you to sleep when you get near.
No. 800664 ID: 143250

Prank time! Take that liquid filled bucket on your head, and put the demon's hand in it while he sleeps. The results will be hilarious.
No. 800819 ID: 7b95d9

I like this idea.
No. 803179 ID: 7b65b9

It may be a bit late to mention, but you should check out the pentagram on the priest's shirt, and see if you can wipe it off with some lube or something.
Also lube yourself up first before approaching the bawz. That way if he tries to grab you, you'll slip free.
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