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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 148380963738.jpg - (241.65KB , 1444x1016 , Labyrinth city 1.jpg )
771069 No. 771069 ID: 23060e

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No. 771070 ID: 23060e
File 148380966495.jpg - (351.27KB , 1707x1827 , Labyrinth city 2.jpg )

No. 771071 ID: 90f3c0

Follow the rope.
No. 771072 ID: 180f83

tug that rope
No. 771073 ID: 57f82a

Eat the rope.
No. 771075 ID: 23060e
File 148381260396.jpg - (165.33KB , 1608x992 , Labyrinth city 3.jpg )

No. 771077 ID: 23060e
File 148381297529.jpg - (59.55KB , 922x451 , Labyrinth city 4.jpg )

No. 771078 ID: 180f83

untie the rope from the tree
No. 771080 ID: 64e08b

Follow rope?
No. 771081 ID: 23060e
File 148381426980.jpg - (52.26KB , 555x488 , Labyrinth city 5.jpg )

No. 771086 ID: 23060e
File 148381628960.jpg - (378.42KB , 1748x2001 , Labyrinth city 6.jpg )

No. 771087 ID: 180f83

No. 771089 ID: 64e08b

He doesn't have fingers, how can he climb? How good are you at jumping?
No. 771100 ID: 180f83

try going around
No. 771101 ID: 213ff6

umm...wrap the rope around and arm, brace your feet against the wall and try to get more rope around your arm with each step or something...Probably won't work, but at least I'm trying!
No. 771102 ID: 361f68

No. 771116 ID: 23060e
File 148382225425.jpg - (254.97KB , 1548x1536 , Labyrinth city 7.jpg )

No. 771119 ID: 64e08b

Is... is the rope moving?
No. 771120 ID: 180f83

No. 771127 ID: 23060e
File 148382546792.jpg - (128.41KB , 1740x688 , Labyrinth city 8.jpg )

No. 771130 ID: 64e08b

Follow the moving rope? Be ready to flee at the first sign of danger though
No. 771132 ID: 23060e
File 148382783155.jpg - (98.39KB , 1524x670 , Labyrinth city 9.jpg )

No. 771136 ID: 90f3c0

Grab it before it escapes.
No. 771138 ID: 398fe1

Shit, this was a trap. Can you remember the way back?
No. 771144 ID: 64e08b

Yeah let's back track away from the creepy worm wall
No. 771148 ID: 23060e
File 148383440667.jpg - (72.52KB , 1396x408 , Labyrinth city 10.jpg )

No. 771149 ID: 180f83

Don't let go, just let it happen.
No. 771150 ID: 57f82a

Stick your dick arm in there.
No. 771174 ID: 64e08b

Or you know you could not, and let go and gtfo of here
No. 771179 ID: 23060e
File 148384028347.jpg - (372.79KB , 1832x1857 , Labyrinth city 11.jpg )

No. 771185 ID: 180f83

No. 771200 ID: 23060e
File 148384438502.jpg - (364.23KB , 1748x1288 , Labyrinth city 12.jpg )

No. 771202 ID: 180f83

Cool, you finally have a mouth.

Now that you can speak, ask who this person is, and thank them for the new mouth.
No. 771242 ID: 57f82a

Eat her tentacles. You have a mouth now, no excuses.
No. 771250 ID: 64e08b

Eat it to gain its power
No. 771279 ID: 23060e
File 148387557111.jpg - (229.95KB , 1604x1008 , Labyrinth city 13.jpg )

No. 771298 ID: 180f83

Are the walls still closing in?
No. 771301 ID: 64e08b

Load save state 2
No. 771339 ID: 3abd97

Let it happen.
No. 771356 ID: 23060e
File 148392315258.jpg - (719.86KB , 1757x3123 , Labyrinth city 14.jpg )

No. 771357 ID: 180f83

Flashback time. Lets see what he did to deserve this.
No. 771363 ID: 23060e
File 148392503650.jpg - (393.57KB , 2405x2022 , Labyrinth city 15.jpg )

No. 771364 ID: 3abd97

>you desrve this
Thank you, may I have another?

>stand up to continue
Eeeeeeeh. Lay down.
No. 771365 ID: b9aa79

Salvation might be kinda neat, let's give it a shot, who knows, maybe there's cute dogs involved
No. 771366 ID: 23060e
File 148392603235.jpg - (151.21KB , 1488x1372 , Labyrinth city 16.jpg )

No. 771368 ID: 3abd97

>do you think you're above consequences
No. Just decided to accept them.
No. 771370 ID: b9aa79

I think the answer to that is clearly no, given the fact that we're in an eternal hell labyrinth, facing an eternity of gruesome and painful deaths. Consequences seem pretty level with us right now- still think finding a way to not be traped in limbo would be nice though
No. 771371 ID: 23060e
File 148392676401.jpg - (190.21KB , 1436x1569 , Labyrinth city 17.jpg )

No. 771375 ID: db0da2

What I believe has nothing to do with this. Actions are all that counts, or is there some rule against just lying here? Besides, how can I seek salvation for sins I'm unaware of? How can i know whether I even deserve it?
No. 771376 ID: 9cdcfd

i see no carrots, only sticks.
the only sticks right here are time and boredom. there are many more elsewhere

no feeling > endless, hopeless, unchangeable hell
No. 771377 ID: 3abd97

Nah. I can't really be punished for what I did wrong, or contemplate the consequences of my actions if I'm mindless. Seems like it defeats the point. Too easy an escape.
No. 771379 ID: db0da2

Maybe I want to think and feel and just don't want to leave this hole. Maybe I'd just like to sit here and meditate rather than go out there and get disemboweled pointlessly.
No. 771384 ID: 1383f1



No. 771385 ID: 9cdcfd

if you wanna wallow in eternal misery then be my guest, i'm voting for evacuating to numbness.
No. 771389 ID: 23060e
File 148392853754.jpg - (243.98KB , 1748x1162 , Labyrinth city 18.jpg )

No. 771391 ID: db0da2

So I'd have to commit more sins to atone for my previous sins? Have you thought this through? well, I suppose there'll be time for meditating later. I don't really feel like leaving the labyrinth now, but if i do feel like it later I'd rather not have to steal to do it.
No. 771392 ID: 3abd97

Well that's a moot point if I don't care to leave.

And if someone else leaves with my brain, for example, that means their brain remains somewhere in the maze for me to claim. If the parts are interchangeable, why should I be bothered by this?
No. 771398 ID: 23060e
File 148393091418.jpg - (319.34KB , 1651x1440 , Labyrinth city 19.jpg )

No. 771399 ID: 180f83

draw something sexual.
No. 771400 ID: b9aa79

I say avoid chain hell, and journey through metaphor hell. It's metaphor quest time
No. 771402 ID: 3abd97

Yell "hello down there!" down the hole.
No. 771406 ID: dce082

...What use is a tongue if you have no mouth? ...regardless You must find the repo girl who stole your heart and hope she loves you back, then you can escape this hell together with the power of love! but for the more pressing matter at hand shackles, whips, fire, and pain sounds pretty nice if you are into that kind of thing, will the people whipping you be cute succubus girls? if so I think you could definitely deal with that.
No. 771408 ID: db0da2

Draw a warning sign so that others will be wary of looking in our chests.
No. 771413 ID: 23060e
File 148393702839.jpg - (435.54KB , 1748x1821 , Labyrinth city 20.jpg )

No. 771416 ID: 180f83

give a friendly wave to them, see how they all react.
No. 771431 ID: dce082

Tell Pyramidhead to go back to silent hill and politely hit on the cute girl who stole your heart <3
No. 771434 ID: 23060e
File 148397851457.jpg - (403.69KB , 1748x1761 , Labyrinth city 21.jpg )

No. 771435 ID: dce082

Aww, it even looks like she likes you back, how cute. ...anyways if you could try to get her to cut your mouth open like in your dream that would be great, maybe then you'd be able to talk... and if so the first thing I'd like to ask is how the hell did you breath without a mouth or nose?!
No. 771436 ID: 23060e

From the author
How does one breathe without a functioning heart?
The answer, he doesn't
No. 771437 ID: 23060e
File 148398036599.jpg - (42.83KB , 392x404 , Labyrinth city 22.jpg )

No. 771438 ID: dce082

Still stuck in that room? try punching a wall and seeing if you can break it, better to have a broken arm stump thing than a broken leg. if there is a clear exit go through there and start your quest to get back your organs and hook up with the girl who stole your heart!
No. 771458 ID: 23060e
File 148399097024.jpg - (107.41KB , 1224x692 , Labyrinth city 23.jpg )

No. 771460 ID: 3583d1

You clearly live up to your name...

Alright well since we're stuck her for a while might as well just chill here for a while until they get bored and let us out. Try and nurse your hand(?) while you're here.
No. 771462 ID: 23060e
File 148399349727.jpg - (542.56KB , 1581x2408 , Labyrinth city 24.jpg )

No. 771468 ID: 64e08b

No. 771486 ID: dce082

Okay, you can deal with a woman who feeds on the suffering of others. Make enough people suffer and she's bound to notice that you can provide for her and will be sure to love you back. You already smashed your arm stump against the wall that must have done at least fed her desire for suffering for a bit.

>you will see that here you won't be able to form any friendships.

Well what do you know? you're just a disembodied voice! We could make friends out there if we wanted to, We'll just choose not to, but not because you told us we couldn't!

...Anyway go out the door, not like you have better things to do.
No. 771487 ID: 3abd97

You say that like a relationship based on suffering wouldn't work!
No. 771488 ID: db0da2

>the only thing that feeds her is the suffering form others

>You won't be able to make friends
How sinful do you need to end up here? If online games have taught me anything, the only thing you need make friends is a series of emphatic head movements and crouches. Besides, as long as natural selection still functions down here, tit-for-tat is the optimal survival strategy.
No. 771494 ID: 23060e
File 148400645573.jpg - (100.80KB , 1105x756 , Labyrinth city 25.jpg )

No. 771496 ID: 23060e
File 148400708584.jpg - (81.85KB , 361x528 , Labyrinth city 26.jpg )

No. 771505 ID: db0da2

Somersault forwards.
No. 771511 ID: dce082

Run, those holes in the wall or whatever look like they are designed for killing people on the other side, best to get out of here as soon as possible.
No. 771648 ID: 23060e
File 148409652904.jpg - (488.84KB , 2231x4384 , Labyrinth city 27.jpg )

No. 771651 ID: dce082

Well it could have gone worse, continue onwards.
No. 771655 ID: 08a7af

Not bad, damage report?
No. 771693 ID: 143250

Well it's a good thing no one was around to see that spectacular fail at the end of that... right?
No. 771836 ID: 23060e
File 148418344374.jpg - (383.07KB , 1748x2240 , Labyrinth city 28.jpg )

No. 771856 ID: db0da2

Fuck 'em both, we follow our own path.

...Is what I would say if I could see what's ahead of us.
Could you put how many updates are in each batch in the subject field? It makes it easier to tell when we're supposed to suggest.
No. 771858 ID: 23060e

From the author
how do you do that I am not sure how to perform that function
No. 771926 ID: db0da2

No. 772046 ID: 23060e

Oh ok
No. 772049 ID: 383927

Interesting that a purgatory style labyrinth even has rules to follow- I wonder if this rule breaker is a ruse to trick us somehow
No. 772266 ID: 23060e
File 148438881065.jpg - (874.34KB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 29.jpg )

No. 772267 ID: 143250

Go back the way you came. The Labyrinth might have changed behind you.
No. 772268 ID: 23060e
File 148439105466.jpg - (616.32KB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 30.jpg )

No. 772270 ID: 143250

At least now we know early that the Fence jumper is the liar and the rules are the ones telling the truth before we got in serious trouble. Go back and take the path on the farthest right.
No. 772275 ID: 23060e
File 148439913941.jpg - (370.71KB , 1748x2396 , Labyrinth city 31.jpg )

No. 772277 ID: db0da2

Hey look, it's our wife. Tentatively go over to the x, but be prepared to react when it collapses underneath you or she tries to pounce on top of you.
No. 772279 ID: db0da2

We don't know that, we haven't tried jumping the fences, nor have we checked if the paths are dead ends.
No. 772282 ID: 23060e
File 148441114755.jpg - (171.43KB , 1452x1016 , Labyrinth city 32.jpg )

No. 772285 ID: 143250

That particular graffiti is not written by the fence jumper. the face drawing looks different. take the path on the far right like the sign said.
No. 772288 ID: 23060e

From the author
It is clear that isn't written by the fence jumper. But it is more of a statement. Do you take the paths that are in front of you and follow the rules. Or do you take the secret passage that is none of the given paths. I am sorry if I didn't make that clear. I am trying to describe things without using words as much as possible
No. 772294 ID: 1f2597

So... it's either follow da rules or fuck da police...

I'll take the tasters choice.
No. 772296 ID: dce082

Rules are no fun! take the secret entrance!
No. 772311 ID: db0da2

I like secrets.
No. 772635 ID: 23060e
File 148458466988.jpg - (294.83KB , 1460x1965 , Labyrinth city 33.jpg )

No. 772653 ID: 143250

Yikes, looks like a long way down. Good thing you can't die. Jump in.
No. 772681 ID: 23060e
File 148459595227.jpg - (716.05KB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 34.jpg )

No. 772683 ID: 143250

Dead end? jump a bunch of times and cause more cracks until you break through the ground.
No. 772693 ID: 4e9c99

What is this floor made of? Styrofoam? Why is it cracking so easily?
No. 772694 ID: dce082

Okay, you're extremely durable good to know, and that means other humans are as well. Since fighting won't be an option you need to practice your empathetic crouching and head movements that voice said you wouldn't be able to make any friends here because you wouldn't be able to talk, but us voices in your head think differently! once you are done with that try to walk through the wall, I get the feeling its just an illusion.
No. 772857 ID: 23060e
File 148467361649.jpg - (612.67KB , 1868x1635 , Root and branches chapter 1 part 495.jpg )

No. 772858 ID: db0da2

See? Illusion.

Grab the hook/branch/whatever.
No. 772861 ID: 143250

No vine grabbing. You remember what happened last time. Instead, grab that piece of the wall that you knocked down, and go air surfing on it.
No. 772868 ID: 23060e
File 148467681753.jpg - (723.62KB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 35.jpg )

No. 772876 ID: 143250

use petal as a parachute.
No. 772883 ID: 23060e
File 148468731742.jpg - (827.11KB , 1796x1929 , Labyrinth city 36.jpg )

No. 772888 ID: 143250

let the wind bring you down.
No. 773067 ID: 3b3fcc

Float free with the wind oh beautiful dove!
No. 773068 ID: 23060e
File 148475366628.jpg - (1.00MB , 1832x2920 , Labyrinth city 37.jpg )

No. 773084 ID: dbf8a5

I'd say jump the wall just to fuck with them, but this seems a good way to test whether graphitti guy is trustworthy. Follow the path.
No. 773085 ID: d79f26

try a different door.
No. 773093 ID: 23060e
File 148476944548.jpg - (395.75KB , 2616x1186 , Labyrinth city 38.jpg )

No. 773095 ID: 143250

Nice try, Superman.
No. 773108 ID: 143250

Anyway, there is no turning back since we came here from the sky. Follow the graffiti.
No. 773112 ID: db0da2

If we really wanted to get over the wall we could use the plaque as a foothold, but we're not doing that, we're following the path.
No. 773183 ID: 23060e
File 148479525014.jpg - (343.81KB , 1748x1568 , Labyrinth city 39.jpg )

No. 773193 ID: db0da2

Oh, I can read them fine, I've just yet to be presented with a reason to heed them. Under whose authority were they written, and why should I respect that authority. Ostensibly they are "rules", but what purpose do they serve? This is a spooky purgatory style place, there is no citizenry or government here, so why are there rules? A sign without context is just a collection of words, for all I know that sign wasn't even intended for me.

I was also attempting to ascertain the trustworthiness of the graffiti artist who has taken to leaving messages about the place. Just because something's written on a plaque doesn't mean it's more valid than the other writing on the wall, so I wanted to see for myself which was to be trusted.
No. 773255 ID: 3583d1

Good point but one fatal flaw. How will he say any of that without a mouth? I doubt he could mime all of that. Hopefully the talking wall can read minds.
No. 773260 ID: 143250

You thought you were, there are graffiti signs all over the place you've been following. You have no idea what this wall is talking about.
No. 773286 ID: 23060e
File 148483740292.jpg - (325.63KB , 1748x1356 , Labyrinth city 40.jpg )

No. 773300 ID: dbf8a5

Write, "who wrote the signs?"
No. 773322 ID: 23060e
File 148485158168.jpg - (123.25KB , 1892x478 , Labyrinth city 41.jpg )

No. 773324 ID: 67ed9b

No. 773334 ID: 23060e
File 148485426628.jpg - (675.88KB , 2220x1668 , Labyrinth city 42.jpg )

No. 773336 ID: 143250

draw a sad face
No. 773359 ID: dce082

Tilt your head in an inquisitive manor, hopefully he will realize that you want to know WHAT you have done.
No. 773361 ID: 23060e
File 148485854051.jpg - (102.57KB , 1532x659 , Labyrinth city 43.jpg )

No. 773367 ID: 143250

Well, our brain is taken, so we have no memory. Draw a picture of the monster stealing your brain.
No. 773435 ID: 3583d1

He's right, we don't have any ears... or hands... or... genitals for that matter... Jesus what did we do to deserve losing all of those?
No. 773437 ID: db0da2

Draw us without a mouth and an arrow pointing to us with a mouth, and tilt our real head.
No. 773486 ID: dce082

draw a X'ed out brain with an arrow ppointed to you
Maybe we were a spy who specialized in sexpionage
No. 773552 ID: db0da2

Based on our thoughts and actions thus far, I'm going to guess that either we were emotionally manipulative in our personal life, possibly for the sake of sex, or we were a corrupt politician with good intentions that ultimately did more harm than good.
No. 773565 ID: 3583d1

Call me old fashioned but that kind of person might belong in hell rather than just a purgatory like place. But then again there are demons and weird shit here too, so who knows, maybe this is hells doorstep or something.
No. 773570 ID: 4105e8

The disembodied voice mentioned "a more old fashioned version of hell" implying this labyrinthine counts as hell. He also referred to it as "my labyrinthine" implying he's either the devil or a demon, which makes sense with how he seems to be pushing us towards violence and sin rather than atonement.
No. 773590 ID: 3583d1

Well I'm up for trying some atonement, nothing ventured nothing gained
No. 773596 ID: 23060e
File 148494560329.jpg - (383.88KB , 1748x1476 , Labyrinth city 44.jpg )

No. 773611 ID: 143250

Draw a picture of the Fence Jumper, with an arrow pointing at them and a question mark. Lets see his response regarding the Fence Jumper.
No. 773614 ID: db0da2

I want to talk again.
No. 773617 ID: 143250

Even if we could talk with a new mouth, we still wouldn't be able to communicate since that ability was taken from us.
No. 773620 ID: dce082

Okay so far I am getting the impression that we were either some sort of very manipulative criminal mastermind or a sex worker who may have knowingly passed on some kind of deadly STD, so far I'm thinking sex worker is the much more likely choice and in which case it would be understandable why we wanted our memory erased as well as losing pretty much everything but your arms and legs, I mean you don't even have feet so you must have been doing something that would be deemed sinful with them which also points to sex worker.

How does it feel to know that you were most likely a whore in your past life?
that could be really useful information, so yes do that
No. 773621 ID: db0da2

We never had a mouth to begin with, the mouth is just meant to represent the ability to speak. If he doesn't get that then we can try drawing the thing depicted here: >>773334
No. 773650 ID: 23060e
File 148495766683.jpg - (752.69KB , 1748x2866 , Labyrinth city 45.jpg )

No. 773667 ID: 143250

Meditate after hearing that. Consider that getting back the parts that made you who you were stolen from you might make you become the terrible person that caused a lot of suffering in the past.

But Maybe it is a good idea to have our memory lost in the first place, intentional or not. if we get all of our required parts back in order to leave, but not our memory, we can probably live a new life as a new person.

Bow to the wall as a sign of showing thanks for the info, and turn back.
No. 773677 ID: 23060e
File 148496269429.jpg - (201.65KB , 1456x688 , Labyrinth city 46.jpg )

No. 773716 ID: db0da2

Still wanting to do this.

It might be better to leave our past in the past, but it looks like our past isn't going to be leaving us alone anytime soon, so for practicality's sake we might as well try to get our memories back. As for becoming the person we were before, we need to make sure this personality solidifies enough so that we have enough willpower to stay ourselves once we get our parts back. Maybe more meditating will help?
No. 773731 ID: 143250

Alright, ask wall for a mouth then. But really, I think the only things will be saying is this: >>771279
No. 773770 ID: fe1fe4

I would think fingers might be a little more useful to us in are current situation. A mouth might be good for talking our way out of situation, but it won't work very well against demons and the labrynth itself
No. 773774 ID: 23060e
File 148500412565.jpg - (455.88KB , 1675x1698 , Labyrinth city 47.jpg )

No. 773778 ID: 4105e8

Alright, now draw the metal mistress giving your speech back with a question mark.
No. 773781 ID: 23060e
File 148501310551.jpg - (603.54KB , 1676x2480 , Labyrinth city 48.jpg )

No. 773782 ID: 4854ef

Well looks like we aren't getting any extremities.. would be nice to use teeth for something, but it makes me wonder, we've lost our memories, our touch, our sight is.. kinda fine, but our main thing was speech.

Does this mean we've lost a bit of everything?

Hmm, draw him with a question mark next to it, might as well see what his tale is
No. 773786 ID: db0da2

The next thing I'd want to ask is what happens if we manage to leave without getting our speech back, but that might be too complicated for a pictograph.

Current plan: Get weapons/tools/power ups, team up with someone (maybe Jumper?), nab someone sufficiently reprehensible, take him to the Hollow King, get our communication back. Hopefully we'll find some of the parts that were stolen from us along the way, but if not then we can get them back after. Any objections?

Try asking where the Hollow King is.
No. 773848 ID: 23060e
File 148504414250.jpg - (542.79KB , 1556x1128 , Labyrinth city 49.jpg )

No. 773859 ID: db0da2

Ask the wall about himself. Ask what's behind him. Ask why he wrote the sign out front.
No. 773860 ID: 143250

I think we've learned everything we need for now. Don't want to overstay our welcome. Thank the guy, and turn back.
No. 773901 ID: 23060e
File 148505418993.jpg - (846.80KB , 1688x2037 , Labyrinth city 50.jpg )

No. 773904 ID: 143250

If you could talk, I would suggest you say "fuzzy pickles". Ah well.

Throw the rock back towards where the Fence jumper was.
No. 773907 ID: 23060e

No. 773909 ID: db0da2

Climb the wall's face to get over to the Fence Jumper.
No. 773966 ID: 23060e
File 148510684717.jpg - (1.19MB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 51.jpg )

No. 773972 ID: 143250

Oh, a telescope. Use it and look into the distance of what is in front of you. you might find one of your chests.
No. 773989 ID: 23060e
File 148511779086.jpg - (0.99MB , 2480x1397 , Labyrinth city 52.jpg )

No. 773994 ID: db0da2

two hits
one hit
one hit
Not all that accurate, but we weren't given a lot to work with, even a maybe would've been helpful.

Do we still have the chalkboard?
No. 774019 ID: 23060e
File 148512797068.jpg - (838.68KB , 1887x1913 , Labyrinth city 53.jpg )

No. 774021 ID: 143250

Not a problem. We're invincible, and whatever wounds we gain will just heal back.

Cut a piece of flesh off of your cheek. Scars on the face can look pretty cool.
No. 774030 ID: dce082

I mean not like we have much to lose by trying, not like you have to go chopping off your whole arm or anything, just give him a little sliver off your cheek or something
No. 774044 ID: 23060e
File 148513394626.jpg - (1.18MB , 1748x2085 , Labyrinth city 54.jpg )

No. 774048 ID: 143250

bang wall once.
No. 774068 ID: 23060e
File 148514022037.jpg - (431.83KB , 1679x1140 , Labyrinth city 55.jpg )

No. 774072 ID: 143250

I'm assuming the basement is wear the monsters are. Grab equip you knife and sneak on over to the monsters.
No. 774171 ID: 23060e
File 148517792167.jpg - (701.30KB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 56.jpg )

No. 774249 ID: 143250

Continue ignoring those claws like the badass you are, and continue forward
No. 774253 ID: db0da2

You've got it backwards, we're supposed to be the ones sneaking up on them. Rectify this situation using the knife.
No. 774260 ID: 3583d1

No. 774262 ID: 23060e
File 148521887162.jpg - (758.60KB , 1748x1737 , Labyrinth city 57.jpg )

No. 774268 ID: 143250

What are you afraid of? You're invincible, remember? Grab your knife, and show them what real pain is like.
No. 774281 ID: 23060e
File 148522213325.jpg - (500.76KB , 1748x1054 , Labyrinth city 58.jpg )

No. 774283 ID: 143250

Run away. Hope you're not too scared to do that and trip or something.
No. 774286 ID: 23060e
File 148522340649.jpg - (693.00KB , 1492x1729 , Labyrinth city 59.jpg )

No. 774287 ID: 143250

roll under its body past it.
No. 774304 ID: e478fa

Shit still hurts, yo.

Dive under it! Be quick, I don't imagine you would like being impaled on its spike legs!
No. 774375 ID: 23060e
File 148527204521.jpg - (1.10MB , 2011x2780 , Labyrinth city 60.jpg )

No. 774412 ID: 143250

Poke the watchful eye.
No. 774604 ID: 23060e
File 148534887894.jpg - (394.52KB , 1293x1198 , Labyrinth city 61.jpg )

No. 775247 ID: 23060e
File 148561951597.jpg - (1.85MB , 1748x4290 , Labyrinth city 62.jpg )

No. 775277 ID: dce082

Looks like that one monster just saved you... flail around in a grateful way
No. 775284 ID: d79f26

say thanks and offer head pat
No. 775348 ID: 23060e
File 148565576142.jpg - (917.05KB , 1748x2160 , Labyrinth city 63.jpg )

No. 775357 ID: 143250

Oh, it's another lost soul, just like you. He might be an enemy though. Fortunately, he probably can't see you, as he only has a sideways mouth, and no eyes. sneak out out of there without making a sound.
No. 775358 ID: dce082

Looks like another person, try waving.
No. 775360 ID: 23060e
File 148565797460.jpg - (0.98MB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 64.jpg )

No. 775362 ID: 23060e
File 148565809453.jpg - (935.30KB , 1748x2480 , Labyrinth city 65.jpg )

No. 775532 ID: 143250

Still got the chalkboard? draw a picture stairs with an arrow pointing downwards, and a question mark, to ask where the basement is.
No. 775581 ID: 4854ef

Hmmm, living seat, and a familiar deviless it seems?

Kingdom of suffering? Might as well get the chalkboard out, draw an image of a crown with a question mark on it.
No. 776115 ID: 23060e

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I will continue this story in a different thread
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