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File 148331658514.png - (215.35KB , 1200x750 , 0001-awaken.png )
769644 No. 769644 ID: e6d65e

You awaken. Everything sounds like you're underwater. Something is attached to your head and covering your ears. You're tied to a chair. It hurts. Your eyes are blurry. You don't know where this is. You can't remember how you got here. You can't remember anything. Trying to remember makes your head hurt even more.
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No. 769645 ID: e6d65e
File 148331665815.png - (458.59KB , 1200x750 , 0002-groggy.png )

Slowly but surely your eyes adjust. You're tied down by belts. The fasteners for your wrists are visible but the ones over your chest must be tightened in the back.

Your head is pounding.
No. 769646 ID: cdddb5

oookay, this doesn't look good. Hey! You've got earmuffs, whatever that indicates.
No. 769647 ID: 180f83

lean back, rest your head.
No. 769649 ID: 094652





After shouting at the voices in your head to shut up, please look around for clues as to where you are, then focus on the bindings.
No. 769660 ID: e6d65e
File 148331999582.png - (382.56KB , 1200x750 , 0003-restYourHead.png )

They're pretty soft and comfortable. Adjustable and sized perfectly to your head. However, they're also bound by some spell of some kind and won't be coming off with a mere shake of your head.

No use panicking at a time like this. You relax the best you can and try to ease your headache.
No. 769661 ID: e6d65e
File 148332042178.png - (437.00KB , 1200x750 , 0004-whiteBoard.png )

A quick look around the room reveals you're in maybe a repurposed dentist's office or something. There's some plants on the counter, sinks, the obvious dentist chair you're tied to, and on the far wall there's a board with some dry erase marker scribbles. There's what you're pretty sure is a drawing of yourself, given the hair, and some notes. Whoever wrote this wrongfully believes your name is Shiné, and not Rudy.
No. 769663 ID: 3abd97

Well it's harder to believe something sinister is going on in light of the birthday list and the doodle, but you never know.

Does that stuff on the board make sense to you? Seems like they're talking about magic.

>Whoever wrote this wrongfully believes your name is Shiné, and not Rudy.
Might be a codename they assigned if you've been unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate. Might explain why you don't remember how you got here.

Although the restraints aren't consistent with a coma. That implies they considered you a danger to yourself or others, or that whatever is happening here was against your will.
No. 769668 ID: 180f83

might as well wait for the doctor.
No. 769675 ID: 094652

Looks like those muffles are jamming your powers. See if you can rub them off using the analysis pole to your left.
No. 769680 ID: 96c896

That stuff about soft touch familiar to you?
No. 769683 ID: e6d65e
File 148332561404.png - (538.55KB , 1200x750 , 0005-notEvenTied.png )

Yeah, you probably have nothing to worry about. Now that you actually test your restraints, they aren't even all that tight. The one on your right hand is too snug to pull free, but your left hand just slips right out, and once it's free, undoing the other one and maybe sliding your way out from under the ones on your chest should be easy enough.

You can't even get them off by yanking on them. They're stuck on good. There are these little stones on the left and right sides that give you a little zap when you touch them.

You feel like you should, but when you try to think about it, your headache gets worse.
No. 769687 ID: 180f83

undo the rest.
No. 769732 ID: 3abd97

Might as well undo your bonds. Gives you more options.
No. 769737 ID: db0da2

Maybe before you start doing stuff that could possibly damage your health you should just holler for a doctor. For all you know you'll collapse as soon as you try to stand up. Those restraints could very well be for your own benefit.
No. 769747 ID: d79f26

use hanging boom-arm to smash stones.
No. 769778 ID: 094652

Bondage Rule #1: If you have spare bindings, USE THE DAMN SPARE BINDINGS. Seriously, they nail a high-tech psionic nullifier to your skull, and then tie you up with leater belts? Let me guess, they put quality genetic-based encryption locks on pine wood doors.

If they're this lax on security for one of their higher-priority subjects, then it stands to reason that you probably work for them. Nevertheless, keep the muffles on in case they trigger an alarm, at least for now. Untie yourself and grab a glass of water.
No. 769799 ID: 9dc26d

You got time magic baby, and the Soft Touch is a bad touch keeping you from using it. The idiots wrote how to break it though. Just got to be wounded, somehow.
No. 769900 ID: 398fe1

I thought it was the other way around?
No. 769971 ID: e6d65e
File 148340405150.png - (498.51KB , 1200x750 , 0006-bruh.png )

Although you're unable to reach the fasteners on the back of the chair, you manage to find a way to escape.
No. 769973 ID: e6d65e
File 148340407589.png - (402.25KB , 1200x750 , 0007-asYouReachForThePrerenderedBackgroundItem.png )

Thankfully you have no trouble standing.

Raising a ruckus right now seems like a bad idea, so you won't do that. You head to the sink to get some water! But just as you reach for one of the little blue cups sitting on the counter, the door beeps and swings open!
No. 769974 ID: e6d65e
File 148340409768.png - (559.40KB , 1200x750 , 0008-tooTall.png )

In enter two people: A man too tall for the doorframe and a woman dressed just like the way the drawing of you on the white board was dressed.

"Oh, Shiné!" the woman greets you with surprise. "You're already awake!"

"Remember anything?" the man asks.
No. 769981 ID: 3abd97

Well... they're not alarmed or even concerned that you slipped your restraints. Supports the theory you're not being held against your will.

That or they're confident you're not a threat so long as your magic is bound.

>"Oh, Shiné!"
>"Remember anything?" the man asks.
I remember my name. It's Rudy, not Shiné.

Not much else that seems relevant. What am doing here?
No. 769999 ID: 398fe1

Tell them you remember nothing, what did they do?
No. 770001 ID: db0da2

Damn, that outfit's... something. I don't think people normally bend their necks that way either. These people make me uneasy, I wouldn't trust them immediately.

"Yeah, I remember... some things. Can you fill me in just in case?" The key to getting info out of people is to make them think they're telling you things you already know and to be wary of lying to you for fear of being caught. Of course, they may suspect what we're doing and test by telling us a small lie and gauging our reaction.
No. 770030 ID: e85fea

tell them you remembered that you where thirsty but not much beyond that.
No. 770033 ID: 094652

Stay silent and honk the girl.
No. 770110 ID: d79f26

are we rudy? the only reason we have to think so is one of the voices in your head said so. we could be Shiné.
i mean the people here seem to know you.
No. 770246 ID: 878ff6

>Well... they're not alarmed or even concerned that you slipped your restraints. Supports the theory you're not being held against your will.
That, or they're here to break you out.
No. 770267 ID: 5b93d3

Whatever those earmuffs are blocking, it's not speech or door beeps.
No. 770450 ID: e6d65e
File 148355320463.png - (649.09KB , 1200x750 , 0009-flick.png )


You inform the two that you don't remember anything except for your name. The woman takes issue with this, but not with you. Instead, she strikes the tall man once in annoyance. She steps in and flicks the green rocks off of your ear muffs. Goosebumps cover your skin. The sensation is difficult to describe. As if something painful that you'd grown used to vanished in an instant leaving behind a gaping hole that is rapidly filling with fizzy liquid.
No. 770451 ID: ba506f

wait, what fake memories?
No. 770456 ID: 3d2d5f

>She steps in and flicks the green rocks off of your ear muffs
"Thank you very much for that. Why was I restrained?"

>giving you back your memories
"That would be appreciated, thank you. Though I don't understand why you would have redacted them in the first place."
No. 770457 ID: 398fe1

Alright, now try to remember what that soft touch stuff is about.
No. 770479 ID: 204140

while its still ok to ask rude questions because you don't know any better, ask her how she managed to rock the goth look while still wearing those robes.
No. 770484 ID: d2455c

Ask her why she put mana crystals on @#$%ing earmuffs.
No. 770501 ID: 180f83

Who is/was Rudy?
No. 770916 ID: e6d65e
File 148374257970.png - (645.99KB , 1200x750 , 0010-interrogations.png )

>>770451 >>770456 >>770479 >>770484 >>770501

You've had just about enough of being left in the dark like this. It's time you got yourself some answers! But just as you begin to speak the woman does something with her finger. Your mind is flooded with information! You remember everything!

Oh... ugh... you remember everything, including how silly you were acting just now.
No. 770917 ID: e6d65e
File 148374264542.png - (299.97KB , 1200x700 , 0011-statusMenu.png )

Your name is Shiné Mariah Orunitia. You are an international celebrity, famous being the most powerful healer on the planet. Probably the most powerful healer in all of history, assuming certain legends are just legends. You currently work for the Evangate White Mages, an international corporation operating from Moncrefe. You work in R&D. Your greatest accomplishment while working for Evangate is raising the [White Ceiling] from 140 to 210, extending the life expectancy of all Evangate Customers (which includes all citizens of the "Blunion" and most people outside of it) by half.

Most of what you do is desk work. Lots of spells reference lots of other spells and every time some library somewhere updates potentially thousands of field mages might find themselves with unexpected behavior and even though it isn't necessarily your job to fight fires, things need to work in order for you to do your job, so you're usually fixing things more often than not.

As for why you were tied to a chair with no memories, that brings you to your actual job. Your actual job is to research a way to undo [God's Curse] and you are a perfect test subject. Ever since you were a child you have had to deal with an impossibly high level curse passed down by your father's bloodline, forcing you to continuously recast the first spell you cast in your life, which in your case was a spell your mother unwittingly taught you. [Soft Touch] is a first level White Mage spell, simple enough to learn and cast without access to a library. [Soft Touch] makes you temporarily incapable of doing any harm to anyone. It's mostly used for quick surgery in the field such as when somebody is hit by an archer bolt and need to cut it out of the flesh before you can heal the victim.

Solving [God's Curse] is your job, but you don't see yourself succeeding at this any time soon. It's one of the Bounty Puzzles and doing so would allow you to disenchant Gods. You know Evangate likes to have Batman plots to kill Superman and all, but this one seems a little impossible. That being said your project is technically worded such that breaking [Soft Touch] also qualifies so Harmy will call you in from time to time to test out another experiment to neutralize [Soft Touch]. Today's test was to see if blocking your memory would prevent your curse from triggering. It didn't.
No. 770920 ID: 3abd97

You couldn't have invested a million or so skill points into upgrading your hp instead of your mp? You're something of a hilarious glass canon there. You could suffer an accidental death pretty easily. Unless you're running top tier magic shields at all time (although your maxed mp suggests you're not).

What's PUR stand for?

>continually recasting "temporarily incapable of doing any harm to anyone"
Well your currently full mp bar suggests you recharge the cost to cast it in less time than it takes the effect to time out, which is convenient.

How is harm defined? Purely physical injury? Are emotional and mental effects included? Financial or economic harm? Spiritual, karmic? Does inaction count as doing harm? How is "anyone" defined? (Anything human, anything sapient, anything sentient, anything alive?) In any way at all, or can you harm people by degrees of separation (order someone to harm someone for you, do something that doesn't harm someone, but that action's consequences harm someone).

>Your actual job is to research a way to undo [God's Curse]

No offense, but if you're literally the most powerful white mage on the planet (and possibly in history) it seems an egregious waste of your time and energy trying to break what sounds like a relatively minor inconvenience. The opportunity cost for this research is immense, considering the good you could do for people by, well, working as an epic tier white mage in a medical setting.

I mean, if we apply [God's Curse] to mages with different first spells it at worst means they're dead / unable to interact with people (constant fireballs, say) or they're not able to be mages (spending mp to recast something harmless at a greater rate than they naturally regenerate it). I mean, that's obviously not good for those people, but you have the same problem big charities do. You want the most return for your dollar- you spend your resources where it makes the biggest difference. This... sounds really unlikely to be that.

Why is God's curse the most pressing problem for you to spend your time on?
No. 770922 ID: cdddb5

It's more like it's the BIG one, the Grand Quest of her life, versus the smaller things she does on a day-to day, I thought?
as for unbeliable MP amounts...Well, I guess if a curse has you constantly casting you build up your ability to recover magic quickly, which could if the spell is cheap enough, cause a build-up of magic in your body once your innate regen beats the speed at which you deplete it, which then feeds into how much you can store...Cross that with doing lots of White Mage things later on, and I imagine the need for more magic being aggravated by day-to day casting to say nothing of needing to cast God's Miraculous Restoration or something like that once in a blue moon or so?
Also being unable to do any sort of damage whatsoever could probably be an issue in field-work, if I'm right...
But that's just me speculating on a magic system I know nothing about. Better question: What precisely is a gap-closer?
No. 770923 ID: 398fe1

Hmm. Now that I know what Soft Touch does, judging by the whiteboard it seems that magic is like a programming language.

How did they know it didn't work? You didn't try to hurt anyone when you had amnesia.
Have you tried confusing your intentions? Soft Touch reads the caster's intentions, so if you do something with the intent not to harm, but it winds up hurting someone, the spell should in theory not block the resulting harm. Or am I misunderstanding the sense intent line?
No. 770928 ID: 3b3647

How does the curse work exactly? Is it some kind of "power incontinence" that causes it to be cast against your will, or is it something that causes you to need to have it active at all times lest bad things happen?
No. 770929 ID: 094652

Wow. Future fantasy people have REALLY obsessive dump stats. Specifically, everything but whatever their technological focus is.

Why is this curse such a big deal? I mean, you're not in danger, you've got technology to remind you when to cast and support you if you can't, there's no wars going on and you have high connections in the military to protect you from assassins... I mean, what gives? Why risk getting yourself killed by a backstabber with this amnesia experiment when you're basically the @#$%child equivalent of Bill Gates having an affair with Florence Nightengale?
No. 770944 ID: ba506f

>Gender: Women
>Sex: Female

what does PUR stand for?
Also, your curse makes it so you can never harm another person by constantly recasting soft touch... does that drain your MP at all or no? Also what is the God's curse exactly? Just what makes gods really really strong or is their more to it then that?
No. 770945 ID: 180f83


Believe it or not, there is a difference

Sex is biological.

Gender is characteristics people see as masculine or feminine.
No. 771045 ID: db0da2

Don't look now guys, but I think we might be ever so slightly min/maxed. Why is there a banber ad at the bottom of our stats page? Why are your colleagues so wierd looking? What is [God's Curse]? If magic is basically a programming language, then what does being powerful actually mean?
No. 771259 ID: e6d65e
File 148386286128.png - (839.93KB , 1200x750 , 0012-questMenu.png )

You take a moment to refresh yourself on some stuff to make sure you remember everything. You trust Lisa, and [Remind] is a pretty simple spell, but it's always a good idea to check.

Curses are a form of spell that function by forcing the user to continuously recast it until it's solved or otherwise removed. Curses aren't necessarily bad things, although they often are. They're recursive. Some of the earliest offensive mana-burn spells were simple curses that didn't do anything at all, but repeated themselves infinitely fast until the target ran dry and was unable to recast the spell. Modern monster slayers have defenses against simple infinite loops, but actually detecting an obfuscated infinite loop isn't exactly easy to do automagically.

[God's Curse] is easiest to understand when you look at its intended use. Gods are born formless, and [God's Curse] is an Oath intended to define what sort of deity they are. Gods like Joy and Linus cast their first spell in order to choose a physical form. It's just that you already had a form and were unaware of your bloodline as a child and spent it on something stupid. [God's Curse] is named because it suits the curse taxonomy, but it's older than humanity.

Breaking [God's Curse] isn't interesting just as a means to enable you to hurt things, but rather because many problems are equivalent to [God's Curse]. Solving it would make a lot of proofs trivial and open up a lot of doors. That being said, you've spent your whole life with it and you don't see it being solved any time in the near future. You put it in your abandoned quests a long time ago. Still, whenever Harmy needs to test something that he thinks might work, you're happy to help. Usually. At any rate, you trust him. And as he says, if he ever does manage to hurt you that would mean he's found a new super weapon.

[Soft Touch] is much simpler with the modern version writable in only 8 lines. The original version you cast as a child required 40 lines but doesn't require any external libraries. [Soft Touch] is cheap. It's not free so it doesn't qualify as a Cantrip, but it's still cheap enough that even civilians can cast it. The constant casting and recasting affected you quite a lot as a child, but today you don't even feel it.

PUR is short for purity. There's also a common backronym which is Patch-Up Restore. PUR is a proprietary stat used by Evangate White Mages that serves much of the same functions as INT, MAT, GHE, and PHE. The main difference between PUR and other standard stats is that Evangate spells are written to work only with PUR, not anything to do with the underlying stat itself. High PUR comes with the ability to heal stronger targets, as well as boost your passive HP and MP regen. Yours regenerates at a rate so absurdly high that you instantly come back from being reduced to ashes. Encyclonet users like to make a game out of trying to come up with convoluted plots to kill you, usually involving Lores and Jinxes. So far the best guess is throwing you into the sun, although you're not entirely sure if that'd be enough.

People from Moncrefe view gender a little strangely to you, having grown up in a traditional small town with not very many people, but it works for them and their large city. Basically "Gender" means "The combination of style, orientation, and aesthetic a person carries to help visually identify themselves to potential mates and help exclude themselves from the pool of potential mates of undesirables." As for "Woman" that is just the gender that seemed to suit you best after you looked at a long list of them. Most of the White Mages identity as Lass, which is basically shorthand for single and not looking. Some of them also go by Tomboy or Lipstick Lesbian. Lisa selected Cute Witch and while you don't think it's particularly fitting you've found that it's best to keep those thoughts to yourself concerning Lisa.

Gap Closer is White Mage slang for a person who makes stuff up to fill in the gaps in their memory when they're hit with amnesia. Lisa determined you were one when you insisted your name was Rudy. Gap Closers are pretty common, making up about 12% of people. White magic spells usually don't have side effects and whenever they do it usually makes the caster a little uncomfortable.

As for your talents being better spent elsewhere, there is no shortage of White Mages. Evangate has hospitals in every city and blue cities have an Evangate RestBed® in every home. You're much better utilized here in R&D, even if at this moment you might as well be unassigned for all the progress you've made in the last two seasons.

Finally, that banner ad is there because you didn't feel like paying for the full version of your stats screen on your PDA. Luckily it doesn't show up on your quest log, which is what you mostly use the app for now that you and your sister don't adventure much anymore.
No. 771260 ID: 180f83

Well it's a good thing we didn't try to escape. Would have been frustrating for everyone.

Speaking of which, whoever didn't restrain you tight enough to the chair needs a long talking to.
No. 771262 ID: d79f26

right, so healers are common enough that there isn't anything to spend your talents on other then these things.
your understanding the spell 100%, meaning the trigger is in you rather then the spell.

so, have you managed to contact any gods and ask them about it? what happens if you get silenced?
No. 771264 ID: 3abd97

Dang, he's tall. And that outfit is practically indecent from behind. Look at the way it frames his butt.

I assume since you didn't feel the need to elaborate on exactly what soft touch prevents, it's just a simple injunction against causing physical injury, and you don't have to worry about the significantly more complicated second half of the first law, and it can be bypassed by degrees of separation.

>breaking god's curse
Okay, so erasing all knowledge of the spell you recast didn't prevent recasting.

Have you tried approaching the problem from the other end? Instead of making yourself unable to case soft touch, have you tried making yourself unable to need to recast it? (Cast sot touch once, the spell duration lasts the rest of your life, gods curse never triggers to force you to recast it again).

I mean it would probably take a hell of a lot of juice to make something that expires have an indefinite duration, but you have that in spades.
No. 771265 ID: 398fe1

Ah, I see. The crystals on your headset were meant to detect the casting of Soft Touch, along with keeping you from taking it off.

Alright how about you go get your clothes. I mean that's not your usual outfit, right?
What quests are in your quest log? Anything interesting in your inventory?
No. 771272 ID: 204140

Stand next to Harmy for a size comparison.
No. 771546 ID: e6d65e
File 148403398460.png - (634.91KB , 1200x750 , 0013-aGift.png )

You inform Lisa that she did a really bad job at tying you up. Lisa informs you that she still doesn't understand why you were even supposed to be secured to the chair at all. Harmy says something you both already know. Lisa rolls her eyes at the very thought that you could hurt anybody, let alone yourself, but it sounds like Harmy was hoping that the procedure would work and you would be able to hurt yourself.

After a brief pause, Harmy fills the awkward silence by informing you that he hasn't got anymore testing for you and you're free to get dressed. This reminds Lisa that she's carrying around a gift for you! She gives you a fake White Mage uniform with a long zipper on the back! This is perfect! Finally a work uniform you can actually take off without destroying it!
No. 771547 ID: 180f83

Thank her for the awesome gift (hugging her is optional, but recommended)
No. 771548 ID: 204140

Holy shit, fuckin awesome. Thank the hell out of her
No. 771558 ID: 04c3d3

Wait, why would we destroy other clothes by taking them off?
No. 771561 ID: d79f26

i agree, is there something wrong with our method of clothing removal or is everyone else a freak that can ooze out of their clothes like toothpaste?
No. 771562 ID: cdddb5

So...You've basically become a Goddess of White Magics kinda by accident, right?
I'm guessing what happens is the whole 'constant casting curse' thing that makes her really hard to kill tends to get clothing to 'lock on' to her, if I'm understanding the facts in question.
No. 771574 ID: 094652

So what are your thoughts on Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

... Don't tell me. You cured those. And the basic baby-killers like smallpox and tuberculosis. And now your world is overpopulated and areas marked by demons have been classified as pollution dumping grounds, making tensions between mortals and demons even WORSE.
No. 771726 ID: e6d65e
File 148412528184.png - (468.93KB , 1200x750 , 0014.png )

You thank Lisa and give her a big hug! She doesn't like being touched but that's okay.
No. 771727 ID: 143250

Right, get to the locker room, and try it on.
No. 771802 ID: 3abd97

No, seriously, why is destroying your clothes a problem in the first place? Is this a problem you have, or that people have in general?

>what do
Shamelessly change your clothes right now. It's okay, you have unlimited white magic, you can just make yourself glow the way they do in magical girl transformations so no one sees anything.
No. 771845 ID: 9dc26d

She sure seems to be acting like a Cute Witch there. Re-evaluate your earlier impression.
No. 771859 ID: 094652

Wow, I think you hugged the woman out of her! For a second she looked like a tranny

aaand gonna cut that sentence short.

Ask her what is on the agenda next.
No. 772330 ID: e6d65e
File 148443996848.png - (608.06KB , 1200x750 , 0015-moonCrystalMakeup.png )

It's a problem you have with the White Mage uniform. The outfit is volitionally made as complicated and difficult to put on as possible with lots of ribbons, buttons, and zippers connecting things that you can't reach. This is because the White Mages have a proprietary version of [Dressup] called [W-Dress] that lets you put on your outfit like a magical girl transformation. Evangate Official White Mage uniforms have some pretty powerful stat enchantments on them, depending on the tier. Historically, this made White Mages the victim of a lot of thefts by Rogues with said White Mage mostly unable to defend themselves against their attackers. In an effort to deter this, the White Mage uniform became more complex. The sleeves are separate pieces that need to be buttoned underneath the blue crop top, which, itself, must be threaded in and out of the bow in several spots like belt loops on a pair of pants. There are other issues too, but you haven't bothered to learn them all, and all of the complexity is ultimately hidden from view. But the enchantments do not function unless absolutely everything is put exactly into place, just right. In theory this makes it so thieves are unable to use the uniforms they steal. In practice, this just spawned a cottage industry of "White Smiths" who disenchant the uniforms and reassigned the stats to stone accessories. It's more of a pain to the intended users than to the Rogues.

For you, in particular, putting on the suit isn't the problem, but taking it off is. Due to an oversight, [W-Dress-R] counts as a self targeted offensive disarm spell. [Soft Touch] fizzles all offensive magic. You've complained many times about this, and even written your own patch to [W-Dress-R] to fix this issue, but it's been a little over a year and there's still no word on how long it'll take to review the change and put it in the main library so you can cast it from your PDA, rather than having to waste good time and money writing out scrolls every time you want to undress.


You aren't able to cast anything that would actually blind Lisa or Harmy from seeing you, but you know how to get dressed without abandoning your modesty!
No. 772331 ID: 143250

So whats next on the quest log? Spring cleaning?
No. 772334 ID: 094652

That dress makes you look fat. Have you ever tried a cheongsam with the bows around your thighs?

One thing comes to mind about your soft touch curse: have you ever considered the possibility that humans gain an understanding of restraint by breaking things and/or pushing them into instigating harm, and that by breaking this curse your every action for the first two turns would be sheer destructive power from the subconscious unguided force you can put into your daily life knowing that you are literally incapable of harming anything?
No. 772338 ID: 3abd97

Well, your stats are absurd enough you could probably wear joke equips considering serious equips probably only return marginal gains. (Unless the stat bonuses are multiplicative rather than additive, but still, there's a point where added power stops yielding practical increases in utility, and you seem well past that).

So... next priority. Acquire footwear?
No. 772361 ID: ba506f

so other then the lack of shoes it looks good on you.
No. 772618 ID: 143250

Get to the locker room for now. Watch your step.
No. 772621 ID: e6d65e
File 0016-questLog.webm - (760.39KB )

Oh that's just one of those work quests. They're practically advertisements. Spring Cleaning just means they're going to inspect your work station to make sure you're not hiding any pets on the premises or anything like that, and there's a prize they'll be giving out to whomever buys the most name brand sponsored sanitary napkins.
No. 772622 ID: e6d65e
File 148455788175.png - (399.95KB , 1200x750 , 0017-letsGetSomeShoes.png )

Great point! There are two articles of clothing missing to make this forgery into a facsimile. You need a pair of boots, and you need a hat. There are a few ways to go about getting boots and hats. You could head to the locker room and collect your clothes from your locker, or you could head to the armory and ask for a new set.

You should also find your hair tie and earrings. You look kinda goofy without your hair tie to make your massive cowlick look intentional. You're not sure where you left those items though.
No. 772625 ID: 398fe1

Good god why is the building designed like that?

Check the cabinets in here to see if your head stuff is in here. This is where you put on the earmuffs, and you probably took that stuff off right before then. Wait, shouldn't you remember that part?

Then go to the lockers.
No. 772713 ID: 3abd97

>Good god why is the building designed like that?
I would guess form follows function? They do magical research here, the unique layout could be to mage harvesting magical energy from the environment easier, it could act as the basic spell circle layout for certain spells, it could be a containment system or seal for the experiments, or some combination therein.

Or maybe it's another set of propitiatory gobbledygook that defies common sense.

>You could head to the locker room and collect your clothes from your locker, or you could head to the armory and ask for a new set.
It seems rude and a little wasteful to ask for new stuff if you've got perfectly good stuff in your locker. Unless they need a wash or something. But you'd think general cleanliness utility spells would be withing your means, unless those erroneously count as an offensive spell as well.

>You should also find your hair tie and earrings. You look kinda goofy without your hair tie to make your massive cowlick look intentional. You're not sure where you left those items though.
There's no white magic equivalent of a gps dot enchantment you can tag your personal possessions with so you can always locate them later?

What about Divinations?
No. 772764 ID: d79f26

how you you wear earrings anyway? you kinda regenerate too fast for piercings to stick and you can just jam them through because you can't hurt yourself.
No. 772775 ID: dce082

Just wondering, how have you tried to harm others? Does your curse affect traps?
No. 772820 ID: 9bceb1

Sorry, for the late reply, but why is there a frowny face in blue paint?
No. 772832 ID: 398fe1

What about the blue swan with the letter?
No. 772833 ID: 398fe1

Oh! Those are her earrings and hairband, thanks for pointing that out. It took a close look to make out what that was. I thought it was a drain...
No. 772938 ID: 71866c

We must hug Lisa again... for science! And, you know, comfort
No. 773196 ID: e6d65e
File 148479665195.png - (485.90KB , 1200x750 , 0018-accessibility.png )

That's just the AllChat app and your mail app. You don't have any new messages you're willing to open yet.

>Why is the building designed like that.
Because High Priestess Theresa is an awful woman with awful ideas.

You find your hair tie and earrings! You remember now. You took them off and put them in the little tray before you sat down. You dress yourself up and turn to Lisa and Harmy only to find they've already left.
No. 773197 ID: e6d65e
File 148479668459.png - (873.53KB , 1200x750 , 0019-yogaMat.png )

It's time we finally left this room! You head to the locker room via the Masseusery! Along the way, you find Vita doing yoga or something just in front of the domain border.
No. 773198 ID: f1fe20

... Why is there a giant map of the building in the room next door?

Your friend seems... off. Actually, make sure she's breathing. Why does she have demon accessories? They look cosmetic and not demonic.
No. 773199 ID: 749c30

Ask Vita how her putting game was going before she realized she didn't limber up first. That's how you end up sore in the morning, yaknow. Good call!
No. 773207 ID: 398fe1

'sup Vita.
No. 773211 ID: 3abd97

>You dress yourself up and turn to Lisa and Harmy only to find they've already left.
Geeze. No goodbye, even. Rude.

>you find Vita doing yoga or something just in front of the domain border.
Who puts a yoga mat right in front of a door or portal or whatever that is. It's opaque, too! She's gonna get stepped on.

>domain border
Addition information, please?
No. 773223 ID: dce082

Agreed, make sure she is alive, also if she has a cat tail and ears make sure to pet them
No. 773259 ID: 143250

Join in yoga.
No. 773297 ID: d79f26

accost catgirl
No. 773423 ID: 9f3729

idly think about something TANTRIC as you observe the YOGA
No. 773537 ID: e6d65e
File 148490331367.png - (1.28MB , 1200x750 , 0020-catsSleepFor18HoursADay.png )

>Domain border information

Domain borders are, as the name implies, borders of domains. Domains are a form of magic that applies an effect to an area. In the case of the Masseusery, the domain gives off a soothing and calming sensation, as well as a sweet scent. The border is opaque because the Masseusery doesn't want Harmy looking at them while he putts. Harmy doesn't want to look at them while he putts either so it works out well for both sides.

You greet Vita!

She doesn't respond.

She doesn't look like she's breathing.
No. 773538 ID: 749c30

Of course she isn't breathing! Breath Control is an important part of Yoga and she's not making any movements. This is totally normal.
No. 773539 ID: 094652

Check her pulse, put that basic paramedical training to use!
No. 773541 ID: 398fe1

Give her a nudge. Maybe she fell asleep and is breathing shallowly?

Oh wait.
>Dead Yoga
She's breaking the rules! Snap her out of it and point disapprovingly at the sign.
No. 773542 ID: 143250

Is she doing dead yoga again? nudge her just in case she is asleep. If dead, revive her, and remind her of the rules.
No. 773546 ID: dce082

...is your magic strong enough to bring back the dead?
No. 773556 ID: 3d2d5f

>She doesn't look like she's breathing.
White magic must come with basic diagnostic spells, right? So you can assess if anything is wrong or if she needs further aid. Evaluate her condition.

>dead yoga
Is that just a misleading name, or is this a process where you spend some time dead before reversing it with a white spell.
No. 774121 ID: e6d65e
File 148515286208.png - (888.39KB , 1200x750 , 0021-smileBomb.png )

Reviving the dead is child's play for you, assuming they haven't been dead for very long. People who've been dead longer than three zun are much harder to revive for most people but still pretty easy for you. After a day or so, you shouldn't really revive people because they come back as Shamblers, and if you don't have a Kaiba stored of them, there's nothing you can do for them. Vita here couldn't have been dead for longer than the time it took you to get dressed and read through your quests though. Not unless Lisa's cold as ice, anyway.

You use the lowest tier rez spell you know, which brings people back to life feeling weak and sick. You really want Vita to learn her lesson here. She screams, as most inexperienced people do when they come back from the cold white. You give her a good talking to.
No. 774123 ID: 398fe1

Bluh. Tell her she'll get the same shitty resurrection if she does it again. Then move on.
No. 774129 ID: 094652

You know, even if this is some RPG parody world where people can respawn at any given time, intentionally leaving yourself DEAD ON THE FLOOR is more than one thousand times as stupid as sleeping with no defense or security measures whatsoever. That just screams "Please kidnap me and drill cyberslave hardware into my brain and/or zombify me."

Or you know, getting raped in your deathbed. Admonish kitty further!
No. 774133 ID: b7883c

What does she even get out of being dead that she couldn't get out of being asleep?
No. 774135 ID: 3abd97

Who kills themselves just because a sign tells them not to. How did she even kill herself.

Who even thought dead yoga was a good idea in the first place, this sounds like a terrible prank trend someone started.
No. 774150 ID: 094652

>How did she even kill herself
How much do the street vendors charge for a 0-damage kamikaze spell? Five silver? Two?
No. 774155 ID: 143250

Show her how REAL yoga is done to keep herself busy.
No. 774161 ID: a107fd

Look up "dead yoga" on wikipedia-equivalent if possible. On top of the whole concept being incredibly stupid, she's probably doing it wrong.
No. 774267 ID: dce082

Just pat her on the head and tell her not to kill herself just because a sign gives her the idea to in the future.
No. 774280 ID: d79f26

you know what, invent an even shittier rez spell that makes someone wish they were still dead when it's used.
No. 774537 ID: e6d65e
File 148531692156.png - (900.49KB , 1200x750 , 0022-magicalThinking.png )

[Raise] is plenty bad. It leaves you so close to death that if someone were to walk over and slap her, she'd die all over again. It's only intended to be used outside of combat and in conjunction with other spells. Any worse and it'd probably count as offense, somehow.

You interrogate Vita some more. You can't help but get a little angry at the explanation. Vita puts up some resistance to your scolding, but for the most part she's pretty passive in her weakened state.

She technically hasn't admitted any guilt, but you get the feeling she's learned her lesson. Perhaps not in a personality changing way, but at least she probably has enough sense not to kill herself while alone again.
No. 774539 ID: 3abd97

"*Sigh* Please don't break the rules directly in front of signs asking you not to, and the next time you do something as dangerous as killing yourself, get someone to help in case something goes wrong first. It's not safe relying on auto-rez."

Hit her with a basic heal spell. Just enough that she's not going to die again if someone smacks her, or if she trips while she's unsteady.
No. 774550 ID: 398fe1

Alright, let's get moving then.
No. 774556 ID: d79f26

well heal her and then have hot passionate-
no wait, wrong setting.
tell her to at least keep a spotter on hand, like any exercise. hen say bye and keep moving.
No. 774560 ID: dce082

Heal her up, tell her nicely to take better care of herself and not take stupid risks even if the place is filled with white mages and that if we carried on with what we were doing when we thought we were just doing yoga like we thought you did she could have been permanently dead if nobody noticed she was dead. it was just pure curiosity and paranoia that we decide to check if you were alive.

then just give her a hug and pat her on the head, no need to be overly cruel for someone just making a stupid decision. And remind her that "curiosity killed the cat" and touch one of her ears when you say that just to make sure the pun gets across. In this case that is actually true in a literal sense.
No. 774588 ID: 9bceb1

As you said, ALTERNATIVE MAGIC IS NOT REAL MAGIC! Leave the silly cat unhealed and continue on the mission to get hat and shoes from locker!
No. 774591 ID: 5b93d3

"You know what we call 'alternative magic' that actually works? MAGIC!"
No. 774593 ID: 094652

Question: What is magic?

Better Question: What is wrong with you?
No. 775049 ID: e6d65e
File 148552368766.png - (0.97MB , 1200x750 , 0023-pebecoalucriLefnaPebefamegami.png )

You decide you can't just leave her there on death's door like that, but you won't leave her without a lesson. You cast an old healing spell. The sort of spell one could cast but once, maybe twice a day. A Gloria Evangate original; short, unrefined, and vague.
No. 775050 ID: e6d65e
File 148552373853.png - (1.37MB , 1200x750 , 0024-theMasseusery.png )

This does the trick. Vita's strength is restored and the excess qualia dazzles her to no end. White Mages who use only the recommended, most up to date library spells often don't appreciate their own school and long for greener grasses. Figures Vita would be a script kitty.

You leave Vita with some parting advice and step through the domain border, into the Masseusery.

The triangular room with the accordion dividers is full of the smell of sweet incense. You just came from the left. On your right is the border to the locker room. Straight ahead is the administrative chambers. You don't see anyone else in the room just yet, but there are a lot of blind corners and places to hide.
No. 775051 ID: 3d2d5f

On to the locker room. If you're concerned about bumping into people, don't barge into any of the semi private partitioned off massage areas.

Or use a white healing or diagnostic spell as a radar by pinging for life signs in range.
No. 775066 ID: 54ff7b

Onward then.
No. 775664 ID: e6d65e
File 148576995823.png - (614.62KB , 1200x750 , 0025-theLockers.png )

Onward! You push through the border to the bathroom, which is a little thicker and harder to step through for some reason, and then make your way down the hall to the lockers.

You reach your locker! There's nobody around, and nothing to stop you from opening your locker! Somehow this feels too easy.
No. 775665 ID: 143250

Wait... what was your locker combination again?
No. 775687 ID: b7883c

Why would something stop you? It's your locker.
No. 775699 ID: 3d2d5f

Can you tell which locker is yours? They're not labeled.

Also is yours one of the ones with a combination lock or a key. Because I don't remember having a key in inventory. (Unless knock is a valid white spell, in which case no mechanical lock is a barrier to you).
No. 775859 ID: dce082

Quick! Use your your detect mild inconvenience spell!
No. 775939 ID: e6d65e
File 148586025770.png - (878.83KB , 1200x750 , 0026-bootsGet.png )

They're not labeled for privacy reasons, but it's not hard to remember 14 from the left.

While there are spells to unlock locks, they're subject to a lot of debate over the legal and ethical ramifications of their use, let alone their efficacy since every lock maker in the last decade is in a cat and mouse game with Puzzle Boxers and it's a real crap shoot as to which versions of which spells work with which locks and whether or not the locks are synced and up to date, and if they are, whether or not your combination is sniffable or not and it's just all terrible.

While it is the opinion of King Moncrefe that [Pick Lock] is perfectly okay to have on your PDA, the standard official version of that spell phones home to the blue mages on every use, so you don't want that anywhere near you. Too risky.


With nothing left to do but progress your main quest, you open your locker and acquire your boots!
No. 775949 ID: d79f26

hmmm... so what do you want to do with your old official uniform?
maybe take it home and give it to a family member?
No. 776005 ID: 3d2d5f

>not labeled for privacy
Yeah but they usually number them so you don't have to count out 14 from the left every time.

Boots get! No longer must you walk the locker room barefoot, gross. Hmm. Although maybe you need to find some socks.

Give your old uniform a dismissive flick. Your hat isn't tucked away in there, is it?
No. 776523 ID: e6d65e
File 148604402131.png - (524.31KB , 1200x750 , 0027-peggyWhoCanTeleport.png )

Your hat is tucked away in there! Good thinking!

You stylishly don your cap and flick the locker shut in one motion. You turn around to take a seat on a bench so you can put on your boots when suddenly you see Peggy! She startles the hell out of you.
No. 776528 ID: 3d2d5f

Yes, it is! It was a present from Lisa after she mind wiped me.

Geeze, who teles right to the lockers, you're gonna startle someone mostly naked doing that someday.
No. 776598 ID: 8d4593

You're goddamn right it is, Creeper!
No. 776629 ID: d79f26

"you know i can't cast the disrobe spell"
No. 776678 ID: 3abd97

"What have I told you about popping in while people are getting dressed, Peggy."

"You're dressed!"

"Putting on my hat counts."
No. 777061 ID: e6d65e
File 148620471236.png - (706.06KB , 1200x750 , 0028-peggyWhoCanBeABitOfAStickler.png )

Peggy has some issues with your outfit. You explain yourself the best you can, but it doesn't satisfy her. Peggy is well known for precision and details. Normally you appreciate this about her but right now it's proving awkward.
No. 777062 ID: 9bceb1

If Peggy ain't got anything helpful to say, she can just shut her friggin' mouth. We should say something a little more diplomatic to that fact to her. Maybe she has some ideas in regards to how to remove our outfit without having to literally hulk out of it...

If she doesn't have anything to say, we should just walk away and go exploring. Locker rooms aren't fun to hang around in for long.
No. 777063 ID: d79f26

how about we recruit her into also annoying the higher ups into adding your modified non-hostile clothing removal spell to the codex so you can cast it.
explain that "look peggy, i already sent in a modified spell to be officiated, but red tape and all that, if you want to help me then figure out how to make it get through the system faster. because once it's added then all issues i have with the official uniform will be gone and i can wear it again. but until then i am wearing this one"
No. 777083 ID: 3abd97

What seals is she talking about and are they in any way relevant to your massively overpowered and overleveled ass.

...could we just cast mini on your "official" uniform, pin it to your shirt, and then be technically "wearing" it?

That or just recruit her. Well, if she'd like this issue corrected she can help push your patch for the undressing spell through the bureaucracy (she looks like she'd be good at that kind of thing) or she can help amend the dress code so you have an exception for this.

If she's not receptive just say "well, sorry, I'm not changing". She's probably not used to people just politely refusing to not follow the rules, so this may leave her flummoxed. Especially since there's not a thing anyone can do to force you to comply.
No. 777101 ID: 143250

Tell her you appreciate the concern, but unless she has any idea on how to remove your official uniform without damaging it and costing the company money to make a new one each time, the zipper outfit stays on.

If she laughs, or make fun of you for not knowing how to remove the outfit without damaging it, consider reporting her for harassment.
No. 777103 ID: cdddb5

Seals? Well, I WOULD say she has a point but...I'm gonna go ahead and guess you've got special permission/some way around those that doesn't involve the hassle of the official uniforms, especially given the absurd mana pool you have. Otherwise the fake uniform wouldn't be nearly as useful as it is.
I'd figure point out your workaround that exists BECAUSE of your issues with the uniform. If she's not happy at that point just walk away and don't bother, because unless she can disenchant a GOD, she's basically asking us to constantly make scrolls of [W-Dress R] to use whenever it happens that we want to remove the thing.
Stupid Rouges...
No. 777136 ID: b7883c

Ask if that is an offer to provide you with an at least daily supply of patched [W-Dress-R] scrolls.

>What seals is she talking about and are they in any way relevant to your massively overpowered and overleveled ass.
Also this
No. 777611 ID: e6d65e
File 148639717212.png - (699.40KB , 1200x750 , 0029-peggyWhoIsAClericalCleric.png )

You attempt to reason with Peggy on why she should make an exception and turn the other way for you. Although she isn't interested in your problems, she goes silent when you mention how long it has been since you submitted the change to [W-Dress-R] with no upstream response.

If there's one thing Peggy dislikes more than people not observing the dress code, it's people not observing the code code.
No. 777621 ID: 3d2d5f

Man, destroying an enchanted outfit a day must get expensive.

Well, this is awkward now.

Was there something you wanted to talk about? I'm assuming you weren't aware of my dressing deficiencies before you decided to pop in.
No. 777623 ID: 398fe1

Why doesn't Lisa's outfit have a seal on the dangly bit?
No. 777653 ID: d79f26

our official outfit has one too.

glasses going opaque is serious mode.
No. 777678 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, but Lisa's doesn't. Is she lower rank, or something?
No. 777854 ID: d36af7

Can you add the standard enchantments (or at least some of them) to the zipper onesie without making it un-take-offable? You could discuss experimenting with that kind of modification, maybe.

If you succeeded, that would have the side effect of making it valuable enough to steal, and it'd be easier to steal than most, but I think you said the more complex standard uniforms still have that problem anyway.

Also, Peggy seems upset that someone else in the organization isn't following the Code Code, so politely following up with her about that might be a good idea.
No. 778338 ID: e6d65e
File 148666620602.png - (766.30KB , 1200x750 , 0030-peggyWhoIsTheProtagonistOfHerOwnLifeStory.png )

You ask Peggy what she came to speak to you about. Peggy informs you that she needs your help to cast a new spell to make a pockmark to persuade some witch time to optimize said spell. However, as Peggy says all this, she realizes she has other things she needs to do before you can come with her, and she leaves.

With nothing left to do, you put on your boots and finish getting dressed!

Now, the question is, what do we do next? Should we head back to our office and make sure everything's tidy for the inspection, follow Peggy who seems to have an idea how to fulfill one of your long term goals, or perhaps we should do something else?
No. 778339 ID: 094652

Classic example of Order fanatics being the bureaucrat's 8!+(#. Want raw control on paragon prefects? Just make a convoluted system on anything you don't want them to do and basic protocol for stuff you want!

Well, time to visit Miss Victoria. But limit your meeting to ten minutes.
No. 778343 ID: 143250

Might as well change to your original outfit. You can discuss the higher ups on outfit management.
No. 778350 ID: 3abd97

Isn't it a nice change when you're a participant in someone else's deal chain quest instead of running one yourself?

So... what now. We've got our clothes. Do we have work that needs to be done? Any appointments? Do we need to grab some food? (Well, starvation probably can't kill you anymore than anything else can, but it's not fun).
No. 778412 ID: d79f26

any family that need picking up or dropping off?
No. 778480 ID: 537c6a

And its full of fetch quests!

I guess its time to see what's in our own quest log.
No. 779233 ID: e6d65e
File 0031-questLogAgain.webm - (266.80KB )

Not much has changed since you last opened your quest log. You need to pick up a tin of tennis balls and a gift for Harmy on the way home, but other than that, you mostly just need to do things for work. Perhaps you should add a quest to the log to follow up with Peggy and Victoria?

Mika doesn't need your help to get around. You used to pick Heather up from school, but she's pretty independent these days and prefers to take the train to the temple by her school and get home that way.

You have no food issues as you've long stopped getting hungry. You just eat minty things to keep your breath fresh from time to time, and flata root on your Earth Day.

As for work appointments, today's the first day of the year so it's generally pretty slow. Today's considered a good day to take on a bunch of projects to make excuses for future upper management requests you don't want to have time to do.

Nothing doing. It's much easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
No. 779234 ID: 398fe1

Who's that back there?
You skipped over the "Meeting Maker" quest, what is that? Is that your "break God's Curse" quest?
Hmm, I guess today is JA 03. That means there's like two or three weeks left to do the job-related quests. No rush there.
No. 779313 ID: 3abd97

>Perhaps you should add a quest to the log to follow up with Peggy and Victoria?
Sure might as well.

>You have no food issues as you've long stopped getting hungry. You just eat minty things to keep your breath fresh from time to time, and flata root on your Earth Day.
Um. Do you miss food?

>figure out what Harmy likes before buying a present
Yes, that's probably a good idea.

>Today's considered a good day to take on a bunch of projects to make excuses for future upper management requests you don't want to have time to do.
Cool. What options do we have for projects? Do we need to sign onto existing ones, or can we make up a bunch of stuff and see what they let us get away with?
No. 779729 ID: e6d65e
File 148714520640.png - (635.12KB , 1200x750 , 0032-finalFusion.png )

>Who's that back there?
That's Alice. She's ranked pretty high on the rental ladder. She's just getting dressed after a shower. Probably going to do a little paperwork before going home.

>You skipped over the "Meeting Maker" quest, what is that? Is that your "break God's Curse" quest?
It's just a stupid quest HPT put on your log to try to get you to stop avoiding time wasting meetings with time wasting doofuses.

>Hmm, I guess today is JA 03. That means there's like two or three weeks left to do the job-related quests. No rush there.
Today's JA01, which is the first day of the year. Either way, no rush.

You add a quest to follow up with Peggy and Victoria, just as a reminder.

>Um. Do you miss food?
Not really. Food is sort of awful. White Mages aren't really supposed to eat anyway, although many still do.

>Cool. What options do we have for projects? Do we need to sign onto existing ones, or can we make up a bunch of stuff and see what they let us get away with?
Generally you make things up and find people to sign up with you. Peggy, just a moment ago, was trying to recruit you for one. Generally speaking, your options are to come up with something on your own, ask Harmy for work, accept work from random people who come to you, or wait a couple days until the QMs assign all unassigned people all the stuff nobody really wants to do.
No. 779739 ID: d79f26

well, let's combine figuring out what harmy likes with asking about a thing to do. then while doing the thing you can get that present.
No. 779762 ID: 398fe1

Honestly, for lack of a better thing to do, maybe we should catch up with Penny and give her some help.

Hey have you ever tried dying and getting resurrected to break God's Curse? I mean magic doesn't usually persist past death does it? Vita mentioned [auto reincarnate], what was that exactly?
No. 779767 ID: d79f26

she's said she has been turned into ash before and she self resurrected simply from how much power she has. god's curse is clearly attached to her soul not her body.
No. 780141 ID: 3abd97

>your options are to come up with something on your own, ask Harmy for work, accept work from random people who come to you
Well we could go someplace where you'll bump into a bunch of random people, and see what work they're offering. Shop around.

Coming up with stuff on your own is tricky (since we're still asking and discovering basics about the setting, so it's hard to come up with an application you don't have yet, or a clever angle off something you do).

Did you have any of your own ideas you were already considering?
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