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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 147711216272.png - (88.64KB , 500x400 , 1.png )
754556 No. 754556 ID: d4c8ee

I got fired today.
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No. 754557 ID: 398fe1

Get a job ya bum
No. 754566 ID: d4c8ee
File 147711339776.png - (90.76KB , 500x400 , 2.png )

That's what I'm trying to do!
I came to the Invokers Guild right after I tried to go home, to apply for work, but I didn't expect there to be so few jobs I could apply for!
I've got no clue what to do... This entire day is getting worse and worse.
No. 754568 ID: 71d443

Have you tried becoming an invoker?
No. 754571 ID: 86a6f7

Well hey let's not get so down, why do you want to be an Invoker? And were no spots available or something?
No. 754572 ID: 37f049

Well, list the jobs you can apply for then.
No. 754574 ID: 180f83

How'd ya get fired?

What are your skills?
No. 754584 ID: d4c8ee
File 147711606116.png - (137.48KB , 500x400 , 3.png )

Well, I already AM an Invoker, I just haven't really been associated with the the guild for a few years.

Let's see here... I know a lot about doing work as live-in on a farm. Forecasting and quick fixes for bad crops...
But I'm not seeing any postings for that, so it's definitely out of season right now.
That still leaves the stuff that should have been covered in basic training.
Basic enchants and blessings, maybe some minor healing, fortune telling is pretty similar to forecasting, I might even be able to do some divination without killing myself.
Yeah. Some kind of simple assisting job should work fine, so long as it doesn't hinge too much on shop work, I just need to narrow it down.
No. 754589 ID: 031add

How are you with numbers? Do you have a good memory? How good is your penmanship?
No. 754596 ID: 71d443

Can you cast protection spells?

Can you try not to think too hard about what you're casting them on?

Visit a brothel, ask if they have any openings you can fill.
No. 754602 ID: d4c8ee
File 147711753627.png - (91.79KB , 500x400 , 4.png )

>How are you with numbers? Do you have a good memory? How good is your penma
No. 754603 ID: d4c8ee
File 147711754871.png - (86.35KB , 500x400 , 5.png )

OH! Actually, I'm not that bad with numbers, I should put that down, too.
No. 754604 ID: d4c8ee
File 147711774941.png - (82.67KB , 500x400 , 6.png )

Anyway, That should do it, I think.
This ones for an in person interview, and it looks like they should still be open right now.
I guess I had better get going...
No. 754605 ID: 398fe1

Have you considered becoming an adventurer?
No. 754610 ID: d4c8ee
File 147711926426.png - (81.94KB , 500x400 , 7.png )

ADVENTURING? I think I got enough of that when I was doing stuff for the Invokers guild.
I mean, sure, there ARE a lot of interesting artifacts and way points in the ruins, but there was a lot of stuff I'd wished I never set eyes on. That place is poison.
No. 754618 ID: 180f83

Wait, are you well dressed for the interview? gotta get some kind of suit or something.
No. 754621 ID: d4c8ee
File 147712109682.png - (93.34KB , 500x400 , 8.png )

AAaannyway. Job interview. Happy thoughts. Turned out to be on the second floor. That's not weird.

The interview is for an assistant position at a fortune telling agency. I'll be honest, I'm not the best at that kind of magic- at least the intenser forms of it, the stuffs given me some wicked headaches and I've passed out a few times performing it.
But this position has lodging.
My apartment building burned down today.
I'll make it work.
No. 754624 ID: 180f83

Fortune telling huh?

I bet right when you enter, they will say something like "We've been expecting you".
No. 754625 ID: 9dc26d

You're better off without stuff anyway. It's all just a hassle.
No. 754637 ID: 398fe1

Sounds like a job you should take until you can find another, better one.
No. 754668 ID: 71d443

Beginning to wonder how directly responsible you are for your predicament.
Answer every question with 'Twas foretold!' and you'll be fine. They already know whether they'll hire you or not.
No. 754854 ID: d4c8ee
File 147720081347.png - (110.23KB , 500x400 , 9.png )

>Beginning to wonder how directly responsible you are for your predicament.
Well... I never thought it wasn't my fault everything ended up like this.
Losing my job happened because I was irresponsible. I can't believe I ever thought shopping when I was on break was a good idea...

I enter the office. A male is sitting at a table with a crystal ball atop it.
Other then him the room is empty.
He turns to look at me.
"Ah, welcome. Are you here to make an appointment?"
No. 754855 ID: d4c8ee
File 147720093532.png - (78.01KB , 500x400 , 10.png )

"Good afternoon. I'l actually from the Invokers guild, I saw that there was a posting for an assistant position, and I'd like to see about giving my application."
No. 754858 ID: d4c8ee
File 147720108850.png - (97.98KB , 500x400 , 11.png )

"Really now? Take a seat and I'll take a look at it."
I take a seat at the table.

"Well, you certainly have the experience for the position. I'd almost say you're overqualified."
"Any specific reason you're interested in the position?"

No. 754862 ID: d4c8ee

Due to some unforeseen hand related issues, I don't think I'll be updating until tomorrow night.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
No. 754867 ID: 18c950

see >>754668
"'twas foretold." There is no more correct answer.
No. 754868 ID: 398fe1

The lodging. C'mon be honest.
No. 754884 ID: 180f83

You want to broaden your skills as an invoker, and you feel being a fortune telling assistant will be able to learn you new things while at the same time helping people live a happier and healthy life with their fortunes.
No. 754892 ID: 37f049

Don't worry about it.

You just love invoking so much and you want to get into the guild.
No. 754899 ID: 8715cf

This sounds good
No. 754917 ID: 3abd97

Was... the burning down of your apartment related to your being fired? That seems an unlikely coincidence.
No. 754930 ID: 71d443

Hmm... both of these happenstances do involve the word 'fire.' It's highly suspect.
No. 755431 ID: d4c8ee
File 147745212152.png - (83.83KB , 500x400 , 12.png )

"Well, after serving with he guild for a few years I found that that kind of lifestyle wasn't a very good fit for me and the kind of work I wanted to pursue."

"When it comes to magic I'm much more interested in the actual theories surrounding it then practicing magic just of the sake of it. So I thought a job relating to the more practical forms of magic use would be good for the kind of studies I'm interested in."
No. 755435 ID: d4c8ee
File 147745229656.png - (87.39KB , 500x400 , 13.png )

"Also I don't have anywhere to live."

He nods his head.
"Understandable, not everyone has an interest in the specific goals of the guilds."
No. 755437 ID: d4c8ee
File 147745250683.png - (50.29KB , 500x400 , 14.png )

"Now, I'd like to make a simple request."

"I'll need you to make a simple demonstration with the crystal ball."
No. 755441 ID: d4c8ee
File 147745275078.png - (129.07KB , 500x400 , 15.png )

"Just a simple precaution, all I need you to do is read my fortune."

Ugh. I'd really rather not risk vomiting on his table cloth, but I'm not sure if I can make something up to get out of this
No. 755446 ID: 398fe1

Hang on hang on. Tell him about your issues, and see if you can do a light reading to limit the possibility of vomit.
No. 755451 ID: 180f83

1: Start predicting his fortune.
2: Find out in the crystal ball that you will vomit on his table.
3: Tell him his fortune saying that in his immediate future, he will be needing a new table cloth.
4: vomit on table
No. 755480 ID: 37f049

Request a bucket. Then do the fortune telling.
No. 755495 ID: 094652

Touch the ball for a few seconds, then break into mad gibberish and violent convulsions. Then start talking philosophy, make no predictions except for your own hypotheses about the things beyond reality, spatial distortions included. Finally, blink a few times and ask what you were talking about.
No. 755500 ID: 9f3729

Just get it over with. Warn him about the vomit thing though, get a bag.
No. 755535 ID: 71d443

Do some fortune telling with his shoe.
"I foresee that you are about to undertake a long journey..."
Throw the shoe outside.
No. 755570 ID: 3abd97

Don't make something up, he probably checks his own fortune, so he'd catch you in a lie.

It doesn't have to be a very in depth or far reaching fortune. Just put in enough that it shows you're for real.

If you puke blame nerves.
No. 755610 ID: 1d744d

Concentrate, you can do it!
No. 755691 ID: 77f422

Well, don't say you can't.
Instead, ask for a bucket or waxed Paperbag.
Acting preventive on things that will happen shows good foresight.
No. 756228 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790076029.png - (239.88KB , 500x400 , 16.png )

Actually The more I look at this tablecloth I don't think vomit will make it look any worse.

Unlike the more common prophecy based fortune telling, this form which uses a focus requires greater concentration to anchor the mental vision to the focus. He must be sizing me up.

Extending my hands outward I begin to concentrate on the energy around me, and start to focus it into the crystal.
No. 756229 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790083899.png - (133.31KB , 500x400 , 17.png )

I shape the force to be more exact, giving the image from beyond my minds reach clarification to me.
No. 756230 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790085132.png - (58.02KB , 500x400 , 18.png )

No. 756231 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790086604.png - (126.29KB , 500x400 , 19.png )

No. 756232 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790099777.png - (129.33KB , 500x400 , 20.png )

"Alright! Uh. I've seen into your immediate future, it looks like you're going..."
No. 756233 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790103807.png - (81.68KB , 500x400 , 21.png )

"To hire me!"
No. 756234 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790107165.png - (66.09KB , 500x400 , 22.png )

No. 756235 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790109186.png - (70.17KB , 500x400 , 23.png )

Uh oh
No. 756236 ID: d4c8ee
File 147790117404.png - (124.40KB , 500x400 , 24.png )

I hear him ask me if I'm alright as my vision starts to swim.
No. 756237 ID: 180f83

No, you are not alright. Ask for help.
No. 756239 ID: 398fe1

Nausea, happens whenever you do any strenuous magic.
No. 756252 ID: db0da2

"As it was foretold."
No. 757083 ID: d4c8ee
File 147835813133.png - (68.04KB , 500x400 , 25.png )

That-That's right, I just need to explain what's going on, I can still salvage this.

No. 757084 ID: d4c8ee
File 147835814281.png - (82.62KB , 500x400 , 26.png )

No. 757085 ID: d4c8ee
File 147835817001.png - (59.98KB , 500x400 , 27.png )

No. 757086 ID: d4c8ee
File 147835818046.png - (75.19KB , 500x400 , 28.png )

No. 757087 ID: d4c8ee
File 147835819052.png - (683B , 500x400 , 29.png )

No. 757092 ID: 180f83

just kidding

start dreaming.
No. 757096 ID: ae3296


That could have gone better.
No. 757105 ID: 21d67e

So here's a question for you when you wake up.
Is your issue with magic a mental thing, like you needed to throw a fireball and you couldn't for whatever reason and you've been kinda burnt out on it ever since?
Oor...Since it seems intensity is the problem, I kind of want to ask-Is this a thing that other people have a problem with? Or for that matter something explained by say, the idea that you don't have much magic energy within you and end up pushing yourself?
No. 758607 ID: d4c8ee
File 147917302719.png - (211.43KB , 500x400 , 30.png )

"Invoker Erine, why do you think the ruins are so tainted?"
No. 758608 ID: d4c8ee
File 147917308668.png - (218.72KB , 500x400 , 31.png )

"Well, apprentice, it's most likely the excess of energy that was concentrated into the ruins en masse."

"Magic energy is normal, it flows through every thing and it is the basis of all living things, but in high concentrations it can grow toxic, it starts to twist and distort everything it comes in contact with."
No. 758609 ID: d4c8ee
File 147917316777.png - (147.90KB , 500x400 , 32.png )

"Now, whatever people used to live in the ruins probably used some kind of master focus for a very large scale spell."

"In the after effects of it was a massive excess of energy, brought unnaturally with no way to effectively dispell it, eventually the energy started to bind itself into the very earth, as it simply had no where to go."
No. 758610 ID: d4c8ee
File 147917321586.png - (155.17KB , 500x400 , 33.png )

"It's not too much of a disaster for the land itself, eventually it will work itself out, in the far future, but unfortunately for flesh and blood like you and me we won't fair as well as the rocks and trees."
No. 758611 ID: d4c8ee
File 147917322590.png - (683B , 500x400 , 34.png )

No. 758612 ID: d4c8ee
File 147917324035.png - (99.56KB , 500x400 , 35.png )

No. 758613 ID: d4c8ee
File 147917326521.png - (98.23KB , 500x400 , 36.png )

That could have gone much better...
No. 758615 ID: 398fe1

Ask if you got the job. The prophecy didn't work out quite right...
No. 758616 ID: 180f83

Was that dream a memory, or just something else entirely? want to discuss it with that man?
No. 758621 ID: db0da2

>That could have gone much better...
Look, lots of things could've gone lots of different ways. You also could've had a heart attack, or been struck with a sudden burst of bloodlust, or you could've never been born at all. But that stuff didn't happen so there's no use thinking of it.

Ask the person who is quite obviously now your new employer what the difference between a tree and a person is. They're both alive, so why does magic distinguish between them?
No. 758629 ID: 71d443

Success! You got a place to sleep, at least once.
No. 758640 ID: 3abd97

No. 760458 ID: d4c8ee
File 147970188156.png - (65.65KB , 500x400 , 37.png )

Okay...I don't feel as sick now that I've thrown up.

"Oh, thank goodness, you're awake. How're you feeling?"

"Ummph, Better?"
No. 760459 ID: d4c8ee
File 147970214693.png - (108.10KB , 500x400 , 38.png )

I think I was dreaming about something? I can't remember what it was about, but I feel kind of disturbed.

"How long was I out for?"
"A few hours... You still don't look very good, if you feel up to it some food might help. I was just going to have dinner, I wasn't sure if you'd want any, but I made extra."
No. 760461 ID: d4c8ee
File 147970237028.png - (82.88KB , 500x400 , 39.png )

The nauseousness I was feeling earlier is gone, but it's been replaced with hungriness, so I ended up agreeing to the dinner.
No. 760462 ID: d4c8ee
File 147970244270.png - (114.78KB , 500x400 , 40.png )

He made some broth thing. It's kind of plain but that makes it easier on my stomach.

He also gave me a single uncooked, unskinned carrot.
No. 760467 ID: 398fe1

Carrots are good for you. If it's been washed it's fine to eat.

You were dreaming about magical overload as it pertains to the environment. Is that your problem? Your magic is too powerful so it fucks up your body when you use it?
No. 760480 ID: 180f83

apologize for the inconvenience. Ask how much you owe for the food.
No. 760502 ID: cdddb5

An...Excessive amount of magical energy bound to you?
That makes me wonder if you could somehow hook yourself up to some sort of magical energy storage unit of some sort and fill-er-up, but that feels a tad too obvious a solution.
Alternatively, the damage has been done already to you thanks to your body being messed up by the magic energy flowing into and through you, burning you out in the process. The latter seems more likely the case, since you seem to be able to handle smaller magics fine, but big spells cause problems for you.
No. 760504 ID: 2dee8e

find a way to circulate it. it's the stagnating that's the problem so if you have it swirl through you instead of sitting in you then it will be healthier.
No. 761825 ID: d4c8ee

Unfortunate news, my tablet finally gave out on me, but I should be able to get a new one as an early gift since Christmas is coming up.

Updates will most likely be held up for 2 weeks at longest.
No. 764888 ID: d4c8ee
File 148134397127.png - (91.49KB , 500x400 , 41.png )

"So... Um, I wanted to apologize for my earlier behavior. I understand if you don't consider me exactly qualified for the position anymore."
No. 764889 ID: d4c8ee
File 148134411766.png - (98.06KB , 500x400 , 42.png )

"Right, your interview..."
"Firstly, if you had a medical condition severe as this I would have preferred it if you had been up front about the extent it effected you before hand."
No. 764891 ID: d4c8ee
File 148134444038.png - (88.50KB , 500x400 , 43.png )

"It. Um, it's spirit taint. I have spirit taint from when I was working with the guild."
He nods his head meekly.
"It really only inhibits me from performing particularly complicated or taxing magic... I'm not usually very effected by it but I guess today everything just kind of piled up."
No. 764892 ID: d4c8ee
File 148134460098.png - (80.18KB , 500x400 , 44.png )

It looks like he's having trouble swallowing.

"Spirit taint... I've never really seen the effects up close."
"Well, it makes sense why you passed out then..."
No. 764894 ID: d4c8ee
File 148134489366.png - (76.61KB , 500x400 , 45.png )

"But, you don't need to worry, I wouldn't be hiring an assistant if I expected them to do my job for me."
"I don't want you to anything as intense as today, I was getting a bit ahead of myself when I asked you to do that."

Oh, wait, really? It looks like I did end up getting the job.
I think I should be feeling excited or happy but I just feel drained and numb.
No. 764895 ID: f7838d

You just puked your guts out and blacked out.
Feeling gross is to be expected.
No. 764900 ID: 398fe1

Thank him profusely anyway.
No. 764905 ID: 7d8168

Well you know, "I have a medical condition that sometimes makes it tough to do invocation" often makes it hard to get an invocation job... being upfront probably hasn't worked out too well in the past.

It's great that he's so understanding.
No. 764909 ID: 180f83

Thank him.

You know, it's pretty interesting how we have gotten the job, and we haven't even introduced each others names properly, have we? He might already know our name through the application, but still might be best get to know more about each other, right?
No. 765046 ID: c368a1

You really should thank him.

It's extremely generous of him to stick his neck out like this. If you can you should get up and shake his hand.
No. 765098 ID: 0543a8

be appreciative... ask him a few things about himself so we can get to know him a bit better
No. 766810 ID: d4c8ee
File 148213294784.png - (93.23KB , 500x400 , 46.png )

After finishing the meal and thanking him for his hospitality and he invites me to show me where I'll be staying, I ask my new employer, Halhan, how he came to run a fortune telling shop.

He explains that when he was younger he used to be a member of the circle, but as he got older he found doing more down to earth work to be more appealing to him, he knew he was good at fortune telling, so he started his business so that he could have a more reliable and steady income compared to doing work for the circle.

That kind of sounds like a load. The circle is a major organization separate from the guilds that has ties with the royal court, I don't really understand why someone would leave such a position like that.
No. 766811 ID: d4c8ee
File 148213339297.png - (104.78KB , 500x400 , 47.png )

When I press a bit further about his relations to the circle, he clams up about it, I don't really think I totally believe him about his reasons for leaving his old position.

I try asking him a bit more general questions about himself. He had move from northwestern Terrences to Dionness city about the time he had first joined the circle, so pretty much across the continent. He must really hate cold weather.

He explains he never really had a natural talent for primal magic, but had began to study general magic theory when I was in school at the urging of his family, and had found that he had a knack for premonition based magic, and decided to pursue it as a career.
No. 766812 ID: d4c8ee
File 148213365350.png - (75.02KB , 500x400 , 48.png )

He shows me to the room I'll be staying at, reminding me of things he'll need me to do tomorrow, then quickly says goodbye and disappears down the hallway.

He seemed nervous when the conversation strayed toward the circle, maybe he's just shy?
No. 766813 ID: d4c8ee
File 148213384984.png - (82.64KB , 500x400 , 49.png )

It looks like he moved my bag here while I was passed out.

The small room sort of looks like it used to a storage space, and it doesn't have any windows, but it doesn't seem drafty or anything, and it's larger then the room I had as a kid, so I'd say it's fairly nice.
No. 766814 ID: 180f83

Room looks empty. Time to decorate it! Lets check whats inside your bag, and see where we can place what.
No. 766815 ID: 398fe1

Time to unpack! This is your room now.
No. 766842 ID: 9dc26d

Maybe he left for political reasons. Considering he's on the other side of the continent now, I don't see how it could affect you. So don't worry about it. Enjoy your new job with your new boss!
No. 767286 ID: d4c8ee
File 148233483328.png - (111.24KB , 500x400 , 50.png )

Let's see, I should unpack the stuff I was able to salvage from the fire. I already didn't own very many things before the fire, so it's not much.

>Research Record
I had more of these, but this was the only that was still illegible.

>Primal Focus
My main tool for invocation, helps me channel magic. I had some other ones that helped me with different things, but I lost those, too.

Thing I got at the junk sale. Seems to have some kind of sealed energy to it.

Some clothes I had washed in the morning and put out to dry. Thank goodness for that!
No. 767287 ID: 188451

Nothing to do til tomorrow? It's still daylight out, right? I'd say put the clothes away, book and bobble put on top of the dresser(or on a desk if you have them), then head out for a bit of a walk to relax.(with you having the focus always on your person)

If it is/when it is nighttime, go over your notes/do some light mana exercises. Just keep yourself from being sick again. Maybe try a bit of simple meditation if you're still feeling too stressed to focus on magic/studying.(nothing fancy, just sit in a comfortable place with your eyes closed and do your best not to think)
No. 767363 ID: 180f83

Only thing I can think of at the moment. Maybe we'll make a new friend if we look around town.
No. 768728 ID: 3abd97

>That kind of sounds like a load.
>He seemed nervous when the conversation strayed toward the circle
Look this guy cut you a big break when he didn't have to. Maybe don't push on the things he doesn't want to talk about? You owe him that much. If he has some kind of trouble in his past or related to the circle, is it any of your business?
No. 770841 ID: d4c8ee

Unfortunately, I will not be continuing this story in it's current state- I've hit some walls in regards to it, so I've decided to go back to the drawing board with an earlier version of the story and see if I have an easier time writing it.

This other story will still be under the Memory of Alm thread name, so if you liked this, you should still keep an eye out for it.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed and supported this experiment, I hope to begin posting the again in the coming months.
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