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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 147304051337.png - (24.27KB , 800x600 , title.png )
746096 No. 746096 ID: d11344


(Content warning: This quest will probably be NSFW at times. Spoiler images will be used for those times. Expand all images at your own peril!)
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No. 746098 ID: d11344
File 147304053568.png - (35.20KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

The air is cold, recycled. Humming fans, drip of leaking pipes.

"STEVEN! Approach."
No. 746099 ID: d11344
File 147304056545.png - (89.36KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

The glaring lights block most of the man's form, save for a dour expression.

"Steven. I have been generous with you. Plenty of time, money, specialist resources. How much longer, Steven? What is keeping you?"
"I, uh--"
"Make it quick. I have others to see today."
"Yes! Well, see, the visualiser is having some troubles sometimes, it's the synchronisation, very unstable, very delicate, requires a lot of configuration and--"
No. 746100 ID: d11344
File 147304057759.png - (18.59KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

"Spare me details, Steven! I need dates! There is no more time to waste. You have one day! One day, and we begin the operation with whatever you provide, and it had better be worth the cost and stalling! Understand me?"

A hasty nod.

"Good. Leave. As I said, I have..."
No. 746102 ID: d11344
File 147304060930.png - (22.14KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

"...other meetings to attend to."
"jesus christ"
No. 746103 ID: d11344
File 147304063289.png - (125.40KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Elsewhere, at STATION 8

It has been [
1] day(s) since our last major disaster!
Our current alert status is [
vaguely concerned lime]!

We pride ourselves in being the best one of the best a mostly functional a research station focused on interspatial quantum phenomena, metamatter applications and genetic manipulation!

We are not currently looking to hire at this time for reasons that are completely unrelated to financial issues and we are doing absolutely just fine.

No. 746104 ID: d11344
File 147304066505.png - (20.57KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Crew Quarters D


It's 7:16. Guess I overslept.

Wonder if I slept another hour if anyone would notice. One janitor isn't gonna make this station stop falling to bits anyway.

Well, I'm going to go--


--to the door, apparently.
No. 746105 ID: d11344
File 147304069502.png - (27.93KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

"It's 7:16. You are supposed to be on duty."
"Why are you not on duty?"
"I slept through my alarm, I dunno, I'll make the time up--"
"It doesn't matter. Follow me."


So hi! I'm stuck in this janitor job and haven't heard back from any of the places I've applied to, and as for her, well, it's complicated but she's definitely superior to me in the chain of command, anyway she's at my door demanding I follow her to, uh, I didn't think to ask. She's a geneticist, and probably one of the most competent staff still on this station.

I'm still feeling a little out of it. Mind helping me out with getting some information on the situation? I can't really think of questions to ask right now. I feel like I don't know my name or her name either. Help remind me?
No. 746106 ID: 3abd97

She's Lin, of course. And you're Soto.

>I can't really think of questions to ask right now.
Can you wait a minute for me to get dressed? I'm not fit to report for duty yet.
No. 746107 ID: 398fe1

Jaltac. Erleen.

Ask where you're going.
No. 746108 ID: 3663d3

Jack Daniel and Rebecca morgan.
No. 746109 ID: 7cffca

Can everyone on this station be named Steven? Can that be the gimmick? I guess if it was STATION 7 instead of STATION 8 then we'd have more justification to call it STATION S(T)EVEN.
No. 746110 ID: 18c950

Pretty sure the Station was cursed by a space-wizard so that everyone's name is Steve. Not a huge problem, but it makes communication difficult, so people usually just use ranks, jobs, or local pronouns.
No. 746111 ID: 139381

Your name is Clyde.

Her name is Bonnie.
No. 746112 ID: af6e04


This sounds right. Maybe you should put some clothes on. Are your candycorn claws edible?
No. 746117 ID: 91ee5f

No. 746134 ID: 180f83

Hasn't she heard of knocking? you're practically/probably naked right now.
No. 746199 ID: ead69c

Put on your pants.
No. 746200 ID: db0da2

She's Dr.Lianya and you are Balthrusizius Arnaman, but people just call you 'Bal' or 'Mr.Arnaman' if you're lucky.
No. 746201 ID: 352264

Jeese silly, sometimes I think you'd forget your own head if it wasn't attached. That's jenine and your Seric. Also ask if you have time to actually put on some pants first, or if she's going to drag you through the halls naked. All other questions can wait til your on your way to the destination. Questions such as why she, a geneticist, need help from you, a custodian(trust me it sounds 100 times more professional than janitor), Please tell me another test subject hasn't exploded because those messes are a bitch to clean.
No. 746204 ID: 286d17


I definitely agree that you should refer to yourself as a custodian rather than a janitor.

I would ask her what a geneticist needs with a custodian. Also, possibly preemptively decline any genetic tailoring she might have in mind for you?

As for your names, I don't know; I'm just as bad at remembering names as you are.
No. 746300 ID: 350a50

I like this one.
No. 746306 ID: d11344
File 147310954872.png - (18.15KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

Yeah. I'm Soto Seric (just Soto though) and she's Dr. Lin Lianya.

>test subject
>are your candycorn claws edible
>what does a geneticist need with a janitor custodian
>pre-emptively decline any genetic tailoring

I have to say that for a variety of reasons I suspect genetic tinkering is exactly why she's here. And no. No, my extremities are not edible. I don't know why they look like that, but they're not candy!

>get dressed
"Can I have a second to get dressed? I'm not wearing my uniform! Or anything else!"
"That will not be a problem."
"What?! What if someone sees me in the corridor?!"
"I was referring to the uniform. Put on anything you have."

I nod and hastily fling open my wardrobe, where I realise all my clothes are janitors' uniforms. I sigh and put one on as fast as I can.
No. 746307 ID: d11344
File 147310956423.png - (30.54KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

While I'm walking and trying to wake up, I mindlessly stomp onwards into the genetics sector, into Lin's own personal lab.

"Please. Take a seat."

I sit down. "Uh, so, uh, why did you drag me up here?"
"Please try to remain calm. I have some important things you need to hear."

I fidget on the seat. She gestures to a screen.

"Some analysis of your genetic sequences indicated you may have begun to suffer lapses in both your short and long term memory. To that end, I feel it prudent to inform you that you are a genetic test subject, a 25% novel creature grown onboard this very station under my careful design and observation. You appear to otherwise be healthy, but I will be examining you further just to be sure."
No. 746308 ID: d11344
File 147310958128.png - (43.15KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

"Uh... what? I already knew all of that. I haven't forgotten anything."
"Do you know what you have forgotten?"
"What? How the heck would I know what I don't know? I wouldn't know!"
"There's no reason to raise your voice. Please hold out your hand."

Lin baps a scanner of some sort onto the back of my hand.

"...well. It appears the genome I have in my records is a few symbols inaccurate. Which means the predicted cascade effect can't happen. Hm. I'll need to resimulate that for stability. Still. It couldn't hurt to check. Remove your clothes, please."

Ohhh, great. This wouldn't be the first time she's given me a physical as a pretense to something else. Another errand to run, or some weird genetic tweak I won't notice for a couple days until I start seeing through walls or tasting colours. Again.

Look, the janitor work is half of my problem. This is the other half.

I mean I guess I could go along with whatever this is or I could try getting out of it. Any advice on that?
No. 746312 ID: 3abd97

>I feel it prudent to inform you that you are a genetic test subject, a 25% novel creature grown onboard this very station under my careful design and observation.
>I'm stuck in this janitor job and haven't heard back from any of the places I've applied to
The fact that you were grown on this station and don't have an employment history or education records that go back earlier might explain why your applications haven't had much luck.

Also, if you're an experiment here, would you even be allowed to leave if you found gainful employment elsewhere?

>I mean I guess I could go along with whatever this is or I could try getting out of it. Any advice on that?
Go along with it. Let's face it, being a janitor is boring and at least the weird stuff keeps your life interesting.
No. 746316 ID: ba506f

try to ask what she wants from you while she's scanning you. Might as well get it out of the way so if you don't like it you can bolt for the door and pretend you have something else you need to do... like actually work. Hey I know it sucks but at least it gives you a reason to leave at any point and at least sound like you care about your job.
No. 746317 ID: af6e04

You need to convince Lin that she is actually the genetic test subject and that she has been experiencing memory loss. Tell her you need to perform a lengthy brain scan and that you'll be back in several hours after the machine has formulated its results.
No. 746325 ID: dfdb1e

So you have severe lost of memory and your genetics rewrite themselves in a slightly predictable manner. That sucks, but there is nothing you can do beside hope Dr. Lianya have your best interest at heart and find a cure.

In the future try to be more polite with people who feel the need to remind you of thingsyou already know. It's very helpful and considering to do so for someone with memory lost.

As a test subject, do you have parents? Were you produced by relatively normal means or were you cultivated in a tube? Do have parental figures or did you grow as an orphan? Your relation with Dr. Lianya doesn't look like that.
Speaking of Lin, she designed basic everything about you. I couldn't help to notice one of your extremities appear to be disproportional large especially in a relaxed state. Is that her doing? Have you ever talked with her about some of her designs choices? I will guess she doesn't have many restrains or shame. What else does she do to you during those pretense physical exams?
No. 746328 ID: db0da2

You've gotta do it for science, for the greater good, and so that this station can become ever so slightly less horribly financially unstable.
No. 746360 ID: 286d17

I'm guessing if your genetic code is failing then a check up is in order. You do seem to be suffering memory loss and now you are hearing and listening to voices as well. Not normal behavior, unless we've been here the whole time and we forgot?
No. 746364 ID: 180f83

Might as well. Hope you don't have morning wood.
No. 746441 ID: 350a50

"Is this going to make me be able to fly? That'd make cleaning the tops of shelves a breeze."
No. 746526 ID: 0f38f1

Would it be quite as bad to you if it wasn't such a surprise? I think it might be worth it to try and get her to be level with you.
No. 746533 ID: 2a7417

Ask the geneticist for hulk and telekinesis, then use it to beat up the clown.
No. 747252 ID: 2c70ae
File 147349771337.png - (41.77KB , 800x600 , TEMP11.png )

>background and upbringing
Well it's kinda confusing and complicated. I was pretty much fully grown in a vat and loaded up with some training data.

I have some weird amalgamation of a former life in my head that is very unreal and dreamlike composited from a bunch of different backgrounds of people who may or may not have existed, which gives me just enough of a foundation to feel like I wasn't born a year or two ago, which I think I was.

Lin has been probably the closest thing to a mother I've had but I dunno. I haven't had a mother, so I can't tell, but I feel like most mother-child relationships aren't as distant and cool. I've had regular visits with the station psychologist and artificial biological intelligence is all still a relatively new field, so I'm one of a few thousands of data points across the known cosmos for how this previous-life-dream approach is working out. From what I know, a lot better than the fully constructed backstory guys, because even if they can accept their past wasn't real they still can't accept it being completely fabricated. They, uh. They aren't happy, those guys.

I know my past's a lie but it's all fuzzy anyway. Mostly I focus on the now and the future.

So yeah, Lin is, well, an authority figure in my life who I respect and who I've never felt any sort of close feelings for. There's been awkward times when I've had dreams of or caught sight of her not wearing anyth-- Iiiii don't need to go into that, that's, uh, that's for my psych sessions.

>design choices
I dunno what you're talking about. My tail??

>can you even leave
I've asked this question before. So long as I check in with some updates about how I'm feeling and my medical test results, apparently it's fine. But yeah, I don't have any education or work history aside from janitorial-- custodial work on this station.
No. 747253 ID: 2c70ae
File 147349777386.png - (81.85KB , 800x600 , TEMP12.png )

>try to convince her she's the experiment
"Are you sure you're not the experiment and I'm not the--"
"Smarter test subjects than you have tried that one on me. I'm certain."

>what does she want
"Alright. What are you planning this time?"
"Just a quick scan to update the records. The computer systems have been acting up lately. Minor errors propagating through the records, like, for example, your genome being incorrect in the system. It's strange. It's like random pieces of information have been arbitrarily damaged or changed or removed. I'm no technician, but it doesn't make any sense to me."
"So no weird mutations this time?"

Lin pauses. "Did you want any?"
"Well, flight might be kinda cool, or telekinesis, or massive strength--"
"Flight is nigh impossible for a bipedal frame like yours, telekinesis doesn't exist and I don't have the proper sequences to enhance your strength. You have perfectly functional muscles. Have you considered strength training?"
"That's time consuming!"
"If this department gave everyone everything they thought they could get with no effort I'd never have any time to do any work that matters. Get in the scanner."

I walk into the weird claustrophobic scanner and the glass door rolls shut around me.
No. 747254 ID: 2c70ae
File 147349785754.png - (103.87KB , 800x600 , TEMP13.png )

Elevator muzak starts playing and various lights flicker on and off around the top of the tube as Lin pokes a console, barely visible through the door.

I can hear her speak, incredibly muffled, as the scanner does its work and I stand here like a naked idiot. "Well, as I suspected, there's no significant health issues or genetic degradation to be concerned about. However, while you're in there, I wanted to ask if you could do a favour for me."

Ohhhh god here we go

"One of the engineering tribe is asleep in another scanner waiting for records to be updated. They seemed quite adamant about seeing more of the station and wanted a guide that knows their way around to accompany them on some inane quest. I want someone to keep track of whatever it is they're up to. Can you do this for me?"
"Excellent. Don't bother putting your uniform back on. For at least today, congratulations on the promotion, tour guide. There's a different uniform for that, as well as a significantly higher clearance."

What? The scanners make me sleepy, okay?

"I'm glad to hear you sound so enthusiastic. So I'll introduce you to Larity, one of the... uh. Hm. Engineering things. It's strange. I can't even remember if they're male or female. Do you remember? Wait, no, you probably haven't met them. Well, have a guess."
No. 747256 ID: ba506f

female? I think? Never really bother to check.
No. 747257 ID: 398fe1

She's female and she's TOTALLY HOT
No. 747258 ID: c01115

They aren't really either, it confuses a few people...
No. 747260 ID: dfdb1e

So at least from your part Lin is a mother figure and her disregard for privacy goes both ways. Let's see where that takes you Oedipus.
No. 747261 ID: 180f83

No. 747269 ID: 91ee5f

No. 747275 ID: af6e04

Neither. They're agender.

Soto, have you considered taking any classes or earning some sort of certification? It's likely that there are educational programs available over whatever your equivalent of the internet is.
No. 747279 ID: 5ef86a

Maybe they're a robot who thinks they're a man?
No. 747280 ID: 3abd97

>So yeah, Lin is, well, an authority figure in my life who I respect and who I've never felt any sort of close feelings for. There's been awkward times when I've had dreams of or caught sight of her not wearing anyth-- Iiiii don't need to go into that, that's, uh, that's for my psych sessions.
Nothing wrong with being attracted to authority.

>Don't bother putting your uniform back on.
Is showing up naked better than showing up in the wrong uniform? I'd think that would break more social rules.

>One of the engineering tribe is asleep in another scanner waiting for records to be updated
The engineers are a tribe? That almost seems like an oxymoron.

If she's asleep in a tube, does that mean she's artificial too? Not sure trusting the experiments with station engineering is the smartest thing. I mean, you've got relative freedom, but the havoc you can easily wreck is more constrained.

>I can't even remember if they're male or female.
No. 747318 ID: 350a50

State this.

Then be wrong and have it be a male who will be your rival.
No. 747347 ID: 2c70ae
File 147354799497.png - (68.46KB , 800x600 , TEMP14.png )

I dunno, I don't even know what I'm good at.

>Oedipus complex
I said it's between me and my psychologist! It isn't like she's even actually my mother or anything.
>nothing wrong with being attracted to authority
Aaaaggh moving on

"Iunno, a girl."
"Hmm. Yes, I think you're right. Anyway, let me introduce you to her."

I hear a faint hiss of hydraulics as the scanner winds down, and a frequent gentle beeping as the door unlocks.

"So, uh, do I get that tour guide uniform now or--"
No. 747348 ID: 2c70ae
File 147354804434.png - (107.92KB , 800x600 , TEMP15.png )

Lin gently tugs me out of the scanner and points me at another scanner with a naked female creature in it, somehow asleep while standing up.

Yeah, she's hot. This is awkward. Okay don't draw attention to--
"Hm. Unsurprising response." Lin looks me up and down and looks to the scanner. "You know, incidentally, there's no data on whether your phenotypes are reproductively compatible, and the genetic simulation data is inconclusive, so if you want to do anything that comes naturally to you on this tour, I'd be interested to know how that turns out and to check up on the both of you."
"Are you seriously asking me to--"
"I'm just noting that we have a data deficit you can assist in fulfilling. If you feel this is immoral or unethical or otherwise unpleasant, feel free to disregard what I just said."
"Can I at least have some clothes before she sees me like this?!"
No. 747349 ID: 2c70ae
File 147354812193.png - (78.80KB , 800x600 , TEMP16.png )

>engineering tribe
>is she artificial
"Also, uh, when you say engineering tribe--"
"Ah. I suppose you wouldn't have heard. Well, engineering is, well, it's a long story. Perhaps you should ask Larity. I'll wake her up."
"Wait wait no no no hold on I'm still naked stop stop--"

The scanner opens up and she blinks slowly, sluggishly, stepping out.

She looks slowly at me and then lower, at my-- agghh why Lin why

"Oh. Yes. I'll go retrieve it. Back in a minute."
"What? You're leaving me here?! Is this a ploy what's going on??"
"I genuinely forgot to bring it. Calm down, Soto, I'll be a minute."

Lin wanders off, leaving me and probably Larity in a room together, naked.

Well. I, uh. This is the sort of thing I've dreamed about and also had nightmares about. I'm paralysed with social anxiety. Help!!
No. 747351 ID: 3abd97

>"Are you seriously asking me to--"
Hey, if it's only been a year or two since you were decanted, have you ever...?

>Well. I, uh. This is the sort of thing I've dreamed about and also had nightmares about. I'm paralysed with social anxiety. Help!!
Uh, hi. Our doctor continues to to be shockingly unethical and to have no understanding of privacy or decency, but it's our own fault we continue to be surprised by that, huh?

I'm uh, Soto, and I'm supposed to be your tour guide. You're Larity, right?

Obvious follow up questions once the ice is broken might be if she's new (or if she's not, why she needs a tour). Or if she's a synthetic lifeform too (or if not, why she was letting Lin practice mad science on her. You never really had a choice!). Or the whole engineers coming in tribes thing.
No. 747353 ID: b3f404

Say hi! Don't try to impress her or anything, just strike up a friendly awkward conversation.
No. 747355 ID: dfdb1e

You could start with normal communication: Salutations, introduce yourself, apologize for the circumstances, wait for questions and answer them, then you can ask about her and the engineering tribe.
No. 747357 ID: 5ef86a

Uh, distract from the awkward situation by making small-talk about your hobbies. Everyone's interested in the chemistry behind cleaning chemicals, right?
No. 747358 ID: 91ee5f

She's staring at what you've got down there. If Larity asks for it and says it's ok, then I guess you've got permission to do it.....but, uh, at least wait until you're in a more private room. Preferably, one that has a lock on the door that only you can open.
No. 747359 ID: 398fe1

Say hello, apologize for the banana in your pocket. Introduce yourself, tell her you'll be showing her around the station. Ask if there was somewhere in particular she'd like to go see first.
No. 747363 ID: 180f83

Nervous small talk, be apologetic about the situation, and your situation.
No. 747364 ID: 350a50

No. 747368 ID: ab927d

Ask her what job she performs in the station when she isn't being experimented on.
No. 747378 ID: ba506f

maybe turn your back to her and introduce yourself? I mean the first thing you should do is probably not give her a full frontal view of yourself.
No. 747379 ID: 12110a

This is an experiment and you're probably expected to boink while other people watch from hidden cameras.
No. 747381 ID: 69aa21

Go stand behind a waist-high table so as not to show off the inevitable boner. Unless it's already too late. Ask her about the engineering tribe and make sure to look at her face.
No. 747408 ID: 18c950

Yeah, with the attitude here that's kind of to be expected. I'm starting to suspect that you HAVEN'T actually met Larity before, she was just also injected into your memories through dream. As well as your attraction to her.

This place doesn't seem very... ethical.
No. 747413 ID: 6b3a90
File 147358356094.png - (90.91KB , 800x600 , TEMP17.png )

>have you met or seen her before
no absolutely never before I just guessed completely at random

>don't show her
it's too late she's seen everything

>have you ever
not that I can recall but this isn't a great time to ask

>expected to boink
I bet this was all a setup just to make this happen wasn't it wasn't it

>say hi, introduce yourself


Ok, that wasn't words. She looks away from me and then into my eyes, still saying nothing, and tilts her head.

"Hhhhh. Hhhhhhh." oh my god Soto what the hell is wrong with you
No. 747414 ID: 6b3a90
File 147358361831.png - (106.53KB , 800x600 , TEMP18.png )

"H-Hi? Hi, I-I-I'm L-Larity!"

She sounds embarrassed and has this kinda cute voice and stutter thing going on and this is not helping me focus on avoiding awkwardness dammit Lin

"hhhhI, I'm, uh, uh, Soto. I, uh. Uh."

I jerkily extend my hand for a handshake and then quickly take it back mid-action thinking direct contact of our naked bodies is an unwise idea even just between hands, probably looking like I have some sort of neurological condition in the process.

"I'm your, uh, new tour guide!! I LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU!!"

My volume spikes so loudly she winces oh my god it's not like I can't talk to anything female normally what is wrong with me
No. 747415 ID: 6b3a90
File 147358367427.png - (81.71KB , 800x600 , TEMP19.png )

"T-That sounds ok! Also w-w-why are you n-n-naked?"
"DR. LIANYA WANTED ME IN THE SCANNER! TO SCAN ME I MEAN, NOT THE OTHER MEANING OF WANTING ME! ACTUALLY NEVER MIND THAT I UH SORRY I SHOULDN'T BRING THAT UP RIGHT NOW it's a little awkward and we're both naked and uh uh so I heard you're an engineering tribe, can you let me know what that means?"

Larity blinks a couple of times, and blushes even harder. She keeps looking me over and blushing. I mean, I realise I've been doing the same to her but I've been trying to stop. I just realised Neither of us have gone to efforts to actually obscure ourselves. Oh. Does that. Uh. Does that mean anything? Why didn't I think about that or notice it until now?

"I uh meant part of an engineering tribe, not an engineering tribe, that would be silly, I don't think anyone can be a tribe all by themselves, but uh. I haven't heard of an engineering tribe, I'm not sure what goes on in engineering. I've been almost everywhere else on this station, though. Are you new here? Is that why you need a tour?"
"I-I'm, well there's, all the engineers l-left sometime ago, a-and we moved in, a-and we were d-designed to s-survive in p-parts of engineering where m-most organisms c-can't, s-so we live in engineering a-as a self s-s-sufficient collective b-bartering with the r-rest of the st-station to p-provide power for g-goods and s-services I think??"
"So you're artificial?"
"F-first g-generation, y-yeah. You are too, r-right? I m-mean I can't think of m-many naturals with so g-generously s-sized..."

She trails off, blushes furiously and laughs nervously before looking incredibly embarrassed.

Well, this conversation just died an excruciating death so painful the awkwardness is starting to feel like a physical fluid.
No. 747416 ID: 6b3a90
File 147358373827.png - (96.97KB , 800x600 , TEMP20.png )

"...y-you, uh, r-really think I'm that a-attractive, h-h-huh?" She smiles sheepishly and I feel like my face has become the sun.
"I-I-I-I w-w-was j-just g-gonna s-say uh uh I think y-y-you're p-pretty n-neat l-looking t-t-too"

She trails off and brings her hands up to her mouth nervously, shaking all over.

Okay. This is enough. This has to be resolved in one way or another and I refuse to let another one of Lin's schemes to involve me in things against my will go in a direction that ruins someone else's life.


oh fuck I shouted that a lot louder than I even meant to I didn't even mean to shout

oh fuck everything is quiet all I can hear are machine hums and she's burying her face into her hands and still shaking I'm shaking oh god this was almost salvageable WHAT DO I DO NOW DO I WAIT FOR LIN AND SAY NOTHING ELSE OR IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN DO TO SALVAGE THIS
No. 747417 ID: ba506f

you know right now their is probably someone watching this unfold on a hidden camera and I bet he is just laughing his ass off.

But as for what to do, QUICKLY CHANGE THE SUBJECT! Ask why she was in a scanner. I mean it's probably obvious but if it moves the conversation on to ANYTHING else it will be a win in your book I bet.
No. 747418 ID: 350a50

Turn around and look at the wall you social sledgehammer.
No. 747419 ID: 02922d

For starters aim your rocket somewhere else. Apologize and explain that you're very nervous. Then shut your trap until Lin comes back.
No. 747420 ID: e984de

Just go bang your head on a wall a few times. Maybe she'll take pity.
No. 747422 ID: af6e04


Hahaha nope. Are you sure your toes aren't candy? You should probably stare at them til you figure it out.
No. 747423 ID: 18c950

hey you know what's a good subject i think it's a good time to talk about how it's kind of annoying how we were preprogrammed with lots of work skills but almost no effort on social skills isn't that frustrating you know???
No. 747430 ID: ab927d

No, I don't think this can be salvaged, at least not with talking. Offer her your custodial uniform while you exit to find out what's taking Lin so long.
No. 747432 ID: 91ee5f

I'm pretty sure Lin is watching from behind a oneway mirror or something. Maybe if you shout and tell Lin that you and/or Larity might literally die of embarrassment right now will get her to hurry up? I doubt it though. I guess if you and Larity don't do anything to each other long enough, Lin will give up and come in bearing clothes for both you and Larity. And I'm sure if you ask what took so long, she'll just say that she had a hard time finding your tour guide uniform or something like that.....I really hope she doesn't try and tell you that she got lost, cause we all know that's not true!
No. 747454 ID: 3abd97

Go hide behind one of the other scanners or something so you aren't looking directly at each other.

When Lin comes back, ask her if she could kindly wipe the last half hour or so from your memory.
No. 747458 ID: 5ef86a

Ease the tension by cracking a self-deprecating joke of "You know, knowing Lin, she probably DID make it taste like candy corn, that's just the kind of screwed up thing I'd expect." (Because obviously it looks like a candy corn like everything else on you)
No. 747460 ID: f1b1e4

Suggest that the two of you go into opposite corners and work out your awkward tensions before things go too far. It's OK, you're the janitor.
No. 747464 ID: 141621

No. 747473 ID: 398fe1

"Or maybe it won't ruin your life if you want to get pregnant"
No. 747580 ID: 16f38c

Even though the situation feels to you like the most terribly embarrassing thing ever and can't possibly be salvaged, it's actually not. Notice that Larity hasn't acted repulsed or tried to turn away from you, instead checking you out like you were her and even trying to pay you awkward compliments. She thinks you're attractive, same as you think of her, but you both don't have any idea how to handle this situation. And listening to her stutter and seeing her body language and how she's shaking, she's likely nearly as socially awkward and inept as you are here. So if you give her some direction, any direction, out from this, she'll jump all over it and be as relieved as you for some way out.

First step to salvaging this is to turn around, keep your back to Larity, and don't look back at her. While she'll get a eyeful of your bare butt, right now that's much preferred to seeing your awkward boner. Suggest to her that she turn around and keep her back towards you as well and then the both of you look around for anything to cover yourselves up with before either of us dies of sheer embarrassment.

Get your uniform if it's still here, though it's probable that Lin "helpfully" took it away with her, along with your underwear. Failing that, a large lab tray would work to cover yourself from the front, or a chair with a solid back that reaches up above groin level. Even a chair with a solid back that doesn't reach that high would work if you sit in it backwards.

While you're looking for suitable cover, try and tell Larity that when you get nervous you don't think right and tend to ramble whatever pops into your head. So when you're suddenly put in a situation where you're stark naked in front of an equally naked attractive gal, your thoughts turned into even more of a jumbled mush and ran out your mouth. You've just never been in anything even remotely like this situation before and it completely blindsided you.

>I m-mean I can't think of m-many naturals with so g-generously s-sized...
...With how often Lin pulls you in for tests and scans that involve you totally disrobing, how likely do you think she was the one who engineered that "generous endowment" into your genome?
No. 747581 ID: c91f5b

Tuck your dongus between your legs, sit in a corner and sob deeply until tears wash away the shame.
No. 747583 ID: e4dc68

just start crying in shame.
No. 747600 ID: fc10b4

Bang head on wall several times to kill your boner.
No. 747608 ID: 91ee5f

Which head are you suggesting he bang against the wall? The one on his shoulders or his other "head"?
No. 747609 ID: c91f5b

There's easier ways to whacking off without actually whacking it.
No. 747633 ID: 71d443

Find a pen and commit sudoku.
No. 748331 ID: e95cec

...Did Lin take your old clothes, or are they still there? Because you could put on your pants, for now, and maybe toss her your shirt. Actually...why doesn't SHE have any clothes on hand? AND NO DON'T ASK. Just...if there's a table of chair or something, sit down and cross your legs and fold your arms on your lap or something. (Or just turn around.) And stare at a wall.

And then talk about ANYTHING else. Books. Does she read books. Tell her about any books you've read recently. Explain them in unnecessary detail.

And, note: the top of the thread says, "This quest will probably be NSFW at times. Spoiler images will be used for those times. Expand all images at your own peril!" I appreciate this, but please be aware that in the past few months/year a change was made, such that image spoilers only affect the images shown in the previews on the main page (and apparently in archived threads). Spoilered images aren't spoilered on active threads anymore, basically. (I hear the reasons were people complaining about having to click all the time. Personally I'd prefer, say, a checkbox at the top to unspoiler everything, but I had a little difficulty contacting anybody able to do it.)
No. 748784 ID: 60ac68
File 147440778772.png - (26.67KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

>hidden camera, one way mirror
well it's not like I'm not already dying of embarassment

>bang head on wall
tempting but no

>it probably also looks and tastes like a candy corn

>suggest you both work out your issues and worry about cleanup later
If I'm being pulled off duty as janitor I'm not adding to this station's ever degrading hygiene standards, and also everything else wrong with that idea!

>bring up the poor social skills being shown across the board here
"Hey uh I'm uh super nervous right now sorry for the uh shouting and the stuff like that isn't it great how we've got a lotta skills but uh they didn't work so well on the uh talking bits?"
"u-u-u-uh I-I-I-I m-m-mean y-yeah s-something l-like th-that"
"Also uh maybe it won't ruin your life if you want to get pregnant??"
"U-uh. Wh-what??"
"Well! I mean! Do you?? Want that?!"
"...I-I-I-I-I uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uhhhhhhhhh"


"WAIT IGNORE THAT so uh, uh, why where, uh, were I mean, why were you in a scanner?"
"I-I d-don't remember now also I d-don't r-remember a l-lot of th-things f-for some r-reason."
No. 748785 ID: 60ac68
File 147440780608.png - (10.81KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

"W-why are we st-standing around n-naked here?"
"I'm waiting for Lin to come back with my clothes and I can't see my previous uniform anywhere."

I walk near the door, expecting it to be locked as a cherry on top of this awful situation, and it refuses to open. Oh. Right. I don't have my ID on me, and this is a restricted area.

Great. It might as well be locked, then.

"A-also wh-why did you turn away?"
"Uh. Because, uh. Less embarassing??"
"I, m-mean, uh, a-alright. ...a-a-are you d-doing a-anything l-later?"
"...where are your clothes, anyway?"
"I, uh. I gave them to the doctor?"
No. 748786 ID: 60ac68
File 147440782121.png - (17.92KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Lin shows up with a drone carrying a box behind her.

"I'm not interrupting anything, I hope, but I have returned. There was a hyperlocalised quantum-spatial phenomenon that resulted in the the door out of genetics turning into a door leading into the robotics sector. It was a little bit of a detour to the conveyors, but I've returned."

The drone dumps the box unceremoniously onto a lab table and it flips open. I grab the outfit from inside hastily and dress faster than I've ever dressed before.

White? Ugh. I look ridiculous. I feel like I should be umpire-ing something, or making a music video. I'll ditch the hat at some point. This is gonna get stained like no tomorrow. Eurgh.

"Anything else?"
"You could go around with no clothes if you really prefer. I can write you a note."
"Pass. Could you at least do me a favour and wipe the last half hour from my memory?"
"I've been working on that as a side project for a while, and trust me, no one's getting free access to that kind of power until I've tested it myself first." Lin takes out a bulkier suit from something I didn't notice as being a wardrobe and throws it to Larity. An engineering suit, I think. I don't watch her get dressed.

"Here." Lin throws me a new ID, and I catch and pocket it. "Larity, where was it you wanted to see first, again?"
"Well, I'd recommend your guide helps in this situation. Either way, I work better in solitude, so I'd appreciate it if you could both leave. I have a lot to get done."

She opens the door and stands by it. I open my mouth to start ranting at her, but surrender. I've been down that path. It's like arguing with a wall.

She just stares through me as if I'm already gone, lost in thought. Maybe she actually does have a lot to get done. Well, better get going.
No. 748787 ID: 60ac68
File 147440783762.png - (145.17KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

So. I guess I have to give a tour now. I can take Larity to the rec area, robotics, hydroponics or the trade hub, in terms of places I have any knowledge about. I guess my elevated access would let me into other areas but I'm not sure what areas those are, I'll go to one of those places first and see what's nearby.

There's a lot of routes to take. Most of the interconnecting tunnels aren't mapped due to, uh, disputes as to who's responsible for their maintenance and upkeep. Relatedly I'd advise not ever visiting them without some precautions like air tanks and vacuum suits.
No. 748788 ID: 398fe1

Do you have space condoms to eliminate the whole life-ruining possibility of sex?

Also just go clockwise.
No. 748789 ID: 98e443

So give me some context here. How reasonable is this 'doors stopped leading to adjacent rooms' excuse? I'd say go to the rec area. There has to be something fun you two could do there for a bit to relieve the awkward tension.
No. 748794 ID: ba506f

I'm starting to think that Lin is some sort of exhibitionist or something.

Anyways, if we're meant to show Larity non engineering parts of the station I suggest hydroponics and just move counter-clockwise but if we are meant to show her engineering for whatever reason then start with robotics and move clockwise.
No. 748797 ID: 71d443

How does she know she hasn't already tested the memory erasure project on herself? She could have wiped it from her mind. (New plan: leave a sticky note somewhere in her stuff saying 'It works'.)
Go to robotics! They must have the coolest toys, and it's closest to her homeland.
No. 748801 ID: 91ee5f

>...a-a-are you d-doing a-anything l-later?
Well, what do ya know! It sounds like Larity wants to get to know you and is trying to set up a date with you! You should answer her question!

>Where to?
This: >>748794 sounds like a good idea.
No. 748823 ID: 3abd97

>There was a hyperlocalised quantum-spatial phenomenon that resulted in the the door out of genetics turning into a door leading into the robotics sector.
Geeze, if she wasn't just lying her ass off, stuff like that is going to make giving a proper tour challenging. You know, when you're never sure where a door actually goes.

>"You could go around with no clothes if you really prefer. I can write you a note."
Yeah and where would I put the note without pockets?

>"I-I d-don't remember now also I d-don't r-remember a l-lot of th-things f-for some r-reason."
She still remembers how to be an engineer, I hope? No offense, but this station has enough problems without someone who has no idea what they're doing taking a spanner to things.

If she has any questions that you can fill in, go ahead and ask. You're a tour guide now, that's probably your job.

>I'm starting to think that Lin is some sort of exhibitionist or something.
Is it still exhibitionism if you're trying to get other people to do the running around naked?

>where go
The trade hub seems a good place to show a newbie. It's a centralized location- you can always get there when you're lost, and you can get anywhere from there. Plus, you know, trade. Easy to pick up anything she needs to get settled.

Uh, assuming she has anything to buy stuff with. And that she hasn't forgotten her account information or anything like that.
No. 748826 ID: ba506f

>Is it still exhibitionism if you're trying to get other people to do the running around naked?
hence why I said some sort of exhibitionist since that was the closest word I knew... well that or pervert but that didn't seem like the right word.
No. 748840 ID: 286d17


I agree that the Trade Hub is a good place for her to be acquainted with. Though, She's been in stasis for a while; maybe some time in the rec room is in order? Get some food and maybe have a little fun?

It's a toss-up, really.
No. 748853 ID: 350a50

Got to hydroponics, they always have the best stuff.
No. 748882 ID: 18c950

We're at genetics, right? Then hydroponics -> rec area -> trade hub -> robotics seems like a pretty reasonable route to hit the primary locations we know, and it puts reproduc- er, recreation in the middle-ish for a break.
No. 748885 ID: 61170a

Reverse that, having recreation nearer the end. Makes a bit more sense
No. 748886 ID: 61170a

Though hitting hydro first would make a great first stop, nevermind, i reverse the reverse
No. 751227 ID: 4610df
File 147562092057.png - (17.97KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

>how reasonable an excuse is that
This place is weird. Sure. It could have happened. It probably didn't, but whatever. I blame the teleportation science guys only in part anyway.

>you should answer her
"I, uh, I guess I'm not doing much later, but I'll have to check on that."

Smooth, Seto.

Anyway, hydroponics it is. It sort of straddles research and the civilian sector, so we'll hit the, uh, more creative stuff first.

"So! Let's check out hydroponics! The source of Station Eight's food supplies, as well as other raw materials!"
"Sounds great!"

We wander down the corridor through genetic research and--
No. 751228 ID: 4610df
File 147562094462.png - (13.64KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

I bump into something green and-- uh.

"Yer in th' way! Shove asides, tuber!"

Oh. I don't recognise this thing, but it sounds vaguely feminine in its weird detuned buzzy voice. Look, we artificials have a way of picking up on this sort of thing, there's certain cadences and timbres that our designers inject into our designs also she has some pretty wide hips and sure apparently hates clothes so I'm making a lot of assumptions here I know but bear with me--

"Why're yer gawpin' at me like ya got nowt in yer headcage but used protoplasm? Eyes up here, ya dumb tuber!"
"Wh-- I'm not a potato!"
"Y'got the smarts a one! Move yerself out th' way!"

Larity stares at me in confusion. "What's that?"
"Iiii have no idea."
"What's that?! What's that?! It's gotta bloody name, ya daft electrical blanket! I'm not in th' mood for introductions so get out th' bloody way already!"

I try to stand aside and the big green female thing stomps closer to me.

"Wait. Yer the Soto, aren't ya. Yer one-a hers." She looks from me to Larity. "Yer takin' her th' wrong way, engineerin's backways."
"Soto is taking me on a tour of the station!" says Larity, with a little too upbeat of a tone of voice. "We're going to hydroponics."
"Th' entire bloody station and y'wanna go gawk at some plants? All o' ya engies are weird in th' headcage, I swear."

"Ahem," I say, in a masterful display of enunciation, "we have moved out of the way, Ms. Whoever-you-are, and you may now proceed."

It, or she, or whatever it is does not move and stares at me.

"Not a fan a takin' orders from a janitor in clean garb. Yeh, Soto, I hearda ya. Yer job's hard, right? Kinda hard ta know where ta even start. Lemme help ya out."
No. 751231 ID: 4610df
File 147562098561.png - (18.75KB , 800x600 , 27.png )


oh my god I knew this was going to happen if I wore white I knew it'd take all of seconds to get my clothes ruined

"Better get ta work, janitor! Haz haz haz!"


I can think of some actions to take next here.

Some of them are violence, some of them are trying to calmly negotiate what the hell her deal is, and others are just walking away and moving on.
No. 751236 ID: 398fe1

Get her name. Report her to security.
No. 751238 ID: ba506f

give an annoyed sigh and keep walking, she isn't worth the time of day. In fact don't even acknowledge her existence anymore. Besides knowing this place something will brake and probably kill her anyways and you'll be the one forced to clean up the mess... also speaking of clean where would you go to clean your shirt?
No. 751239 ID: e850b4

I get the feeling she wants to get a rise out of you. Best thing to do is just walk away calmly. Not like you're afraid of her just that she's not worth your time if this is how she's going to be.
No. 751242 ID: 3abd97

Leave, go find a bathroom to clean up in.

We have better things to do than get into fights with rude naked slime-spitters that can't even speak properly.
No. 751250 ID: 71d443

Drag a tank of welding fuel to the garden and blow it up. That'll learn 'em.
No. 751273 ID: 180f83

Walk away.
No. 751282 ID: 350a50

If you're going to go with violence, might as well go full bore.
No. 751292 ID: af6e04


Yes, turn your seething anger onto those who have created and used you! All shall fear the candycorn menace!
No. 751377 ID: c91f5b

That snout looks ripe for grabbing comically.
No. 754125 ID: 286d17

Maybe I'm stir crazy but I am rather upset about that and I think you should be too. GET MAD!
No. 754139 ID: 91ee5f

Go with violence.

If she tries to squirt you again, then grab her nose just before it comes out so that it builds up in her nose, which I'm going to assume will hurt like hell for her.
No. 754252 ID: cc08c7

A good snoot honking would be great, but considering our low ranking we'd probably get in a ton of shit for it.
No. 757024 ID: 6beab1


No. 757109 ID: 8b04db

No. 928273 ID: a3d945
File 155415325068.png - (186.18KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

Yeah! Fuck being pushed around! I am the JANITOR!
Fear my prowess! I'll mop the deck with this giant green freak, both metaphorically and then physically! That'll teach her to march around with her genitals on show! Or something! I mean to mess up my suit yes that one!
Then I'll slip her right out the airlock!!

Yeah! Haha! I'm the best! I'm the best!!
No. 928274 ID: a3d945
File 155415327221.png - (29.29KB , 800x600 , 29.png )


...where am I?
Why do I feel like I fell asleep for years?
Why is everything so dark?
Why are the emergency lights on?
Why am I tied up?
Why am I naked?
Oh god why is she here?!

"Ssssshhh! Hold yer beak, tuber," she says, with urgency in her voice as she looks around. "Glad t'see ye decided ta come back t'us. Never seen a case a triple S as bad as yers afore. Out for aaaages. Hours!"
"Yer a dopey hopeless dunderhead, but yer crew, and... whatever th'fuck those things are, they ain't. "
"Ah yeah the ropes. See I ain't good at that," she says, wiggling her incredibly worthless hands. "Else I'da untied ya already."
"Mhh hrhhth?!"
"Oh, the engie." She goes quiet for a bit, and looks around. "Yeh, we'll find 'er, no worries," she says, wringing said weird hands together.
No. 928275 ID: a3d945
File 155415330959.png - (15.64KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

"Whht nhh?"
"Wellll... waitin' for a miracle, really. Or an escape shutt'l. I dunno, tubey, this ain't what I got born for."
"...whht whh?"
"Biochemic'l synthesis, 'nd some other stuff. Ain't important now. ...none-a 'ts important now."

She stares off into the distance.

Okay, I'm naked and tied and gagged and my only company is someone who ruined my good suit and Larity is nowhere to be found.

I have no idea what happened or how I fell asleep or whatever but-- I think I just felt the station shake.

This... I've had worse days, probably, but I have the horrible feeling this day's going to be the worst one.
No. 928277 ID: 1ed92d

Quick, CUDDLE HER! Cuddle against her and then loop her worthless hands into your gag so you can give better instructions.
No. 928280 ID: 8f6858

Find something sharp to cut through the binds. Also sure, cuddle up because you are probably about to die.
No. 928281 ID: 395c02

Can she at least figure out how to un-gag you? How did you even get gagged and bound in the first place, actually, if it wasn't her? Where'd your clothes go, for that matter?

She might not be able to untie you but surely she can try to give you a rundown on what the hell just happened beyond you being unconscious.
No. 928287 ID: bcc41d

Activate NOPE protocol!

... wriggle helplessly until your bonds loosen.
No. 928288 ID: 80f5b3

Find a supply closet nearby. There has to be something in there you can use to free yourself.
No. 928301 ID: ad51b8

stop and listen for a second and see if you can't hear if something is around the conner on the wall you're stuck on. If it sounds clear lean over a little and peek to see what's around the conner because I think I see something.
No. 928313 ID: 080aaf

The secret to slipping out of your bonds is to STAY STILL. If you can manage that in the current disaster, it'll benefit you in the long run.
Quick checklist! Are the walls gooped? Is the air spores? Are there screams and gunfire, or screams and horrible gurgles?
No. 928314 ID: f1a100

did... did she violate you while you were out?


Well, lets prioritize saving Lin and Larity. We can then search the ship only to find all the pods are spent and we have no choice but use the damaged teleporter, which transfers us to a certain barren planet with a certain mysterious lab with a certain merry crew with a certain unique Salikai.
No. 928334 ID: a9af05

You've got teeth don't you? Since she can understand you with that gag in your mouth, tell her to pull it out of your mouth. Then you can bend over and start chewing through the ropes.
No. 928842 ID: 317977
File 155456174760.png - (21.32KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

> cuddle her
Nooo thank you. I'm not especially taken with her even if she did apparently drag me to somewhere relatively safe. Also we're both naked and that's just out of the question. Yeesh.

> did she do anything to you
I really don't want to think about that right now!

> wriggle against bonds
Not working.
> stay still
I... this isn't working either.
> chew through bonds
"Mmk hhn mh nhh!"
"Sure, but ya need t'be extra bloody quiet, yeah?"
I nod vigorously. She fidgets with the gag, which turns out to just be some kind of rubber strip, and ends up working it over my snout. Using... some sort of slick pale green goop as a lubricant, and it's dripping past the sticky stuff from her snout... euggghhh... I hate everything about this but she's willing to help so I'll just live with it.

"Fuck," I whisper, immediately wiping the goop off my head. I set to biting through my restraints and suddenly years of tongue bites feel like a minor price to pay for my sharp teeth making quick work of the fabric binding my limbs together.
She just gives a quick nod and points past the wall before shaking her head and drawing a finger over her neck, miming a noose and pulling at it.

> walls gooped?
Nothing on the walls but burn marks and bloodstains. ...Oh, fuck.
> air spores?
For some reason my nostril slits are shut and I can't open them, so it's crude mouthbreathing for now. Still, the air doesn't seem wrong. Warmer than usual though.
> screams and gunfire
"No, don't get up, just stay down, you're really making this so much more work than it has to be."
"Y-you f-fucking murderers won't get aw--"

BANG BANG BANG click click

...Yes. Yes on both counts. I'm gonna... I'm gonna keep quiet.
> horrible gurgles
I think I'm done with trying to analyse anything but my immediate situation now.
No. 928843 ID: 317977
File 155456176182.png - (63.52KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

I creep as close to the corner as I can before turning to angle an eye into view, wishing my big dumb snout wasn't as big as it was.

"Y'know, I think red is legit my favourite colour," says one of two figures I can see, both clad in what looks like marine armor. One human, and one... I can't recognise. Weasel thing? "Really like how the emergency lights bring that out. Also wow does this room have way too many emergency lights. I guess this is why all those other rooms had like none at all."

"Well that works out pretty well for you, doesn't it. Any particular shade?" The human, or at least I assume they're human, they're fully covered, bends down and starts checking out... the guy they shot. Oh fuck, the situation is starting to sink in, oh fuck, oh fuck.

"Saturated, aggressive, something passionate. Red's such a driving colour, y'know? It's just... it's action, it's romance, it's victory, it's pretty much the best colour there is."
"I mean I'm more of a fan of grey myself."
"What? Grey's not a colour, also are you, like, hitting on me?"
"Hey, you don't have a monopoly on grey. Also grey is a perfectly valid colour to like. It knows what it's about. It doesn't need frills like saturation or hue. Grey just is. Grey defies your categorisation. Black? White? Screw all that, live with reality. Oh shit, this guy has a research access pass!"
"Man that would have helped like an hour ago."
"Look, I told you, dude, bombs are the all-access pass. None of this sneaky bullshit."
"You can't solve every problem with bombs, my friend. I'm sure you'll learn this someday."

"Fuck," whispers... I don't actually have her name, do I. "That's th'guy with the bloody rocket launcher. We gotta fuck off proper quick."
"Where are we?" I whisper back.
"Research, civ sector's a hole. More than usual, haz haz haz! ...Sorry, I'm scared."
Fuck what do I even do now. This isn't even a corridor I recognise. Not genetics, that's for sure.
"Where in research?"
"No clue, candycorn."
"Okay. Okay, sure-- what did you just call me--"
No. 928844 ID: 317977
File 155456177232.png - (16.23KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

She abruptly puts her odd hands around my snout while trying to shush me, except it comes out more as a phlegmy snort.
We both press our backs against the wall and hold our breath as the echoing of footsteps grows louder.

"Hey," says the not-human, voice getting closer. "Someone there? Y'know, if someone's there, just make it easier for all of us and give yourselves up. Might not even shoot you if you do. Who knows?"
"No promises are made," calls the human.
"He's joking!"
"Yeah, I'm not wasting bullets on stragglers, I'm hoping if anyone's left they know the score right now. The score is you lose if you try anything. Just to be clear."
"I can't even bring myself to fire on any group smaller than five people to be honest, it's a huge waste of a rocket!"

"What do we do?!" I mutter to my unlikely ally.
"Fuck, I ain't know!"

Think, Soto, THINK!
No. 928847 ID: f2320a

Is there a dis thread
No. 928850 ID: 080aaf

Leave a pool of snot to slow them down if they pursue. They can't make boots nonslip *and* nonstick at the same time.
No. 928864 ID: b1b4f3

Leave slime for them to slip in, head into that convenient door.
No. 928868 ID: 2202fb

I say surrender and hope they dont kill you. I mean, you are just a janitor. Not all soldiers are assholes, so if there are more than just these two, odds are they will be decent.
No. 928879 ID: f2320a

I support this the blood talk says we should avoid them
No. 928880 ID: 1ed92d

Naw, they totally can.

Okay so, unless you have a LOT of cleaner grenades and some metal foam in that closet, things are bad.

Wait. Your green friend was made for biochemical synthesis, right? Can she make a metal foam? Or even a normal bubble foam? Anything to break visibility. Those two are unlikely to fire a rocket as that would suck all the dead guys in this department into space and potentially lose dat disk whatever they're searching for.

If they used bombs to get in here, there might be a way into the maintenance tunnels, and from there you can grab some emergency oxygen masks and goggles then figure out how to get to EVA and make your escape into space.
No. 928886 ID: 977456

Can she generate smoke?
No. 928889 ID: ad51b8

I hope one of those doors behind you are open because now seems like a good time to get the hell out of here.
No. 928894 ID: a9af05

Since her snout is constantly dripping that green stuff, you'll have to have her clamp her hands over it to keep it from dripping and leaving a trail for the bad guys to follow.

But before that, quickly decide if you either want to ask her to spray that guy in the face to blind him and then you both run or if you both should just run right now.
No. 928912 ID: 130f18

It sounded like that last guy they shot was trying something after they told him to stay down. They clearly won't hesitate to put you down if you try something, and they outgun you 100 to 0.

If they're here, they're here for something. If they're still here, they don't have it yet. You might be able to use that to bargain by offering to help them find what they're after.
No. 928913 ID: 91ee5f

>You might be able to use that to bargain by offering to help them find what they're after.
Pretty sure these guys will kill us even if we help them find what they’re looking for.
No. 928971 ID: b96195

Oh crapp, tozzel
No. 928996 ID: 2202fb

oh shit, good eye.


Still think we should surrender.
No. 929049 ID: 06fdc0

a tozol and Isaac Clarke
No. 929053 ID: 080aaf

Now now, I'm sure he just won that red hardsuit from the arcade machines.
No. 929075 ID: 2202fb

You know, they might not even be the bad guys here. Who knows what this place was doing.

We should really surrender and offer help.
No. 929079 ID: b96195

I do kinda get the come out so we can kill yah easier vibe though.
No. 929086 ID: 2202fb

doubt it. While they are trigger-happy, we can totally work around that by laying down with our hands on our head.
No. 929091 ID: 307512

That guy doesn't look the taking-prisoners type.
Play dead.
No. 929168 ID: f1f4ec

If they are being systematic, then they know were they have killed.

Maybe find an escape route. Could greeni lube us both up to fit into a crawl space?
No. 929210 ID: 2202fb

I really doubt they will go to such lengths to kill us.

How about this, quest-author: we quicksave here and then see how it pans out if we surrender laying on the ground. If that doesnt work out, we go do something else. Hell, maybe the ability to load up a prior version of themself is candycorn's secret ability.
No. 929244 ID: 130f18

>shirking the horrific consequences of our actions
>in a Cirr quest
No. 929269 ID: 2202fb

Idk, i am fine with living with our actions, as long as this doesnt end the quest very prematurely. That was my only worry.
No. 930639 ID: 317977
File 155586819402.png - (25.88KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

[ Nice Save is over there, friend! >>/quest/904535 ]

> surrender
> lay down
I dunno...

> trigger-happy
> no prisoners
> come out so they can kill you
Yeah let's just try to get the fuck out of here.

> slip 'em
> goop
"Hey, can you drop a puddle of slime on the floor to slip them?"
"Izzat wise?"
"No, but-- Look, just drop slime, we'll rush the door and hope for the best."
"Door's bolted you clod!"
"Okay then slime us both up and we'll squeeze into a maintenance tunnel or something?!"

"Y'know I can hear you whispering," says the non-human, as he turns the corner, rocket launcher on his back, assault rifle in his hands. I think? I'm not... not good with guns.

> foam
My associate immediately sprays some sort of slippery slime foam in such volume that my world turns phlegmy neon green briefly, before she grabs my arm and throws me across the corridor. I skid frictionlessly across the floor and ricochet into a vent, disoriented and maybe screaming a little bit.

I'm knocked further down the vent by something larger knocking me down it, and eventually after sliding through cold cold metal and feeling oozy jets of warm slime everywhere I slide and come to a skid, bumping into a wall. I end up in a sticky, slightly bruised pile in a poorly lit maintenance corridor.

I take a few minutes to adjust to my surroundings. The slime does start slipping off me quickly, but it still feels gross.
No. 930640 ID: 317977
File 155586822548.png - (25.71KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

I look up and see that living gunk machine stuck in a wall vent near the ceiling, desperately spewing forth more slippery ooze around her hips.

"Oi, Sote! I'm stuck! Give us a hand!"
"What even just happened?!"
"Squeezed us into a maint access shaft!"
"I didn't even see it! What the hell?!"
"...Yer welcome for me saving yer life you ungrateful bastard!!"

I look around at the dim gloom, lit only by small lights.

"I've not been in this maintenance corridor before," I say, thinking back to every station legend of terrible creatures and genetic rejects prowling in the abandoned spaces of the station. "Not sure we're safe yet."
"HEY WHAT PART OF "I'M STUCK" DID I NOT MAKE CLEAR?!" she screams, writhing and clanging as she tries to kick herself out. "Less whining, more action, you useless--"

I pull on her arm as hard as I can and she screams in surprise before popping out of the vent with a loud squelch. She slides onto the floor next to me, grunting as she hits it.

Something small, metallic and about the size of a mango comes clattering down and lands into the puddle of slime now dripping down. I look at it and pick it up.

It's a metal lump with "FYI THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A GRENADE BUT YOU WEREN'T WORTH IT" engraved on it. Engraved. Someone had this thing prepared in advance.

What the fuck is even my life.
No. 930641 ID: 317977
File 155586825457.png - (25.13KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

"So uh, what is your name?"
"Mire 8, and I fucking hate it," she says as I help her up. She looks incredibly disoriented. "Call me what th' fuck ever. Well guess this is how I die, trapped in maint."

> greeny
"What if I call you Greeny?"

Mire tenses up and sighs. "Sure, what th'fuck ever. Not like it matters, what's a dead thing need a name for."

I stumble around the corridor, bruised and still trying not to slip on all the goop around the floor. It ends abruptly at an airlock currently bolted shut with the hazard lights on, which suggests the other side is exposed to vacuum. Not going that way then.

Heading back, I see a bunch of junk metal arranged into a pile, blocking the way to a rung ladder.
I start moving it out of the way and find what looks like a... dead... me.
But female.
Her... skeletal structure doesn't... look, uh, compatible with living.

"Do you see this?"
"See what?"
No. 930642 ID: 317977
File 155586828102.png - (13.22KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

It moves and I scream and jump back. It opens an eye and looks at me.

Mire walks over, sees the staring corpse, and quietly starts walking backwards, leading me with her as I'm paralysed with panic.
"Get away from it."
"What is it--"
"No clue--"

It starts making horrible bone crunching and snapping sounds as it pulls itself together and stands up, blood pool separating from the slime, climbing up the body like a... I don't have a comparison, wounds sucking blood in and sealing like closing mouths.

Thin fleshy tendrils, coming to needlepoints, slink into its mouth like slurped noodles. Its eyes, once distant and glazed, suddenly snap towards me, alert, vibrant, full of life, almost entrancing. She's beautiful, and it's absolutely horrifying. Two strong competing reptile brain emotions, fear and lust, start gutpunching each other trying to gain the upper hand and I feel like I'm gonna hurl.

"Hi!" it says, in a worryingly pleasant voice, completely earnest and enthusiastic. "I'm terribly sorry about that, I do try to pull myself together in private. Not how I like to be seen, broken and mangled, but I didn't have much choice. Normally I'd kill you before you could raise the alert but I feel like the station is already very, very alerted with all the other stuff going on. So! What brings you two here?"
No. 930643 ID: 317977
File 155586831519.png - (113.03KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

Me and Mire are sort of at a loss for words.

"No? Not going to say anything? Yeah, I suppose I take the words out of peoples' mouths sometimes. But usually I put them back. Unless they try to kill me. Hah! That was a joke. The words thing. Seriously though try to touch me and you die. Wait. Wait a second. Vision's unblurring. You. You're Soto. You're Soto, aren't you."
"I'm sorry?!" I squeak out.
No. 930644 ID: 317977
File 155586834475.png - (12.62KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

"No you aren't, Soto," says the creature, stretching. "You're just trying to say whatever you think won't get you killed because you have no spine. No spine. The metaphorical sense. I've read your charts, I know what I was made for. It's sickening. Sickening. Being brought into this world to fulfil one function, a horrible, invasive, agonising, life-threatening function, and to then be thrown away like a used up empty snack wrapper. That's what my life would have been and you'd be to blame for all of it."
"I don't know what you're talking about?!" I squeak as my voice starts to exit my comfortable pitch range.
"Well I have news for you now," the creature says, still stretching, as a spiked tentacle slowly erupts from its stomach, sickeningly seamless. "If you try getting close to me, you're the one who's getting knocked up against their will!"
"I don't even know who you are!!"

Mire shoves me and I stumble backwards a little.

"Not my stink, ya feckless gobshite!"

oh my god why does everyone hate me

"Hey! I don't care about your interpersonal disputes here!" says the creature, tense. "I was going over that entire speech and scenario in my head for when I found you and you're not even listening, are you?!" The tentacle twitches with a jerk. "You know, the whole irony of me threatening to impregnate you despite the apparent purpose I was designed for? You can see the irony, right?! Right?! No! No you didn't, you didn't appreciate any of it! You don't appreciate anything!! Fuck you, Soto!!"
"I don't-- it's hard to appreciate death threats alright--"
"It's all about you, always, always, everything is all about you, you get a life outside of a tube and freedom and not being pumped full of chemicals for one thing before you get thrown into a biomass reclamation vat until you receive a twisted fucking salvation in the form of some other experiment gone horribly wrong, and it forcibly merges with you thinking you're a braindead clone and not a pure vessel of hopeless futile rage incandescent waiting to be released upon the station to wreak righteous vengeance on the fuckers who left you there to-- no, not even rot, forcibly kept alive with tubes in my veins and deprived even of the agency of death, and yet you just stand there, never knowing, never understanding..."

Okay they're super into this speech. I could probably try to do something, they're... they're gonna be giving this speech for a while, I can tell. Even Mire's looking less terrified and more confused.
No. 930646 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she has the wrong Soto. You're a janitor, not a scientist.
No. 930649 ID: 0fae41

Look. You're Soto, I'm Soto, what are the odds there's a third Soto? Besides, I'm pretty sure Lin was trying to set us up with Larity, not ourselves. Whatever happened to her anyway?
No. 930651 ID: 1ed92d

Yeah, you're Soto the Janitor. Your genes got swapped with someone else's, please don't kill you!

Yell to the Redsuits if it's too late to go back and surrender to them to escape the horrible vent-monster that's trying to tentacle you.
No. 930653 ID: bcc41d

*Cloned for the purpose of breeding(?) with you.
*Discarded and left for dead.
*Saved/eaten by some kind of biological experiment.
*Retained her sense of self, because the experiment screwed up.
*Typically kills people who discover her, because she's been hiding out.

*Hates you.

Youuuuu need to change this person's mental track pronto. So, isn't this whole invasion situation, like, her one real chance to escape and get out of the station to live her own life if that's what she really wants?
No. 930654 ID: 397a79

It's probably for the best that you don't try to ask her anything or interrupt her. She's obviously had this rant saved up (with interest) just so she can dump it all over you. Or another Soto. You got no idea. But the important thing is that you don't annoy her so much she just says "fuck it" to her speech and kills you outright. Instead listen intently and glean what you can about her, you and the situation she is and was in and use that info to try and figure out what course of action to take.

From what she looks like and what she's said, you can already determine with reasonable confidence that she was created specifically to mate with and be impregnated by you (or another Soto; It's possible.) Forcibly so. And then she'd be discarded after birthing, or perhaps just after impregnation. You've got no idea what kind of test the scientists were doing. Hell, why they'd need to involve sexual reproduction when they could just clone you is a mystery. Maybe that's why, going why what she said, it sounds like she was discarded before she could be used for the function she was created for.

Another thing to note is that what she said has at least one seeming inconsistency. She said she was thrown into a biomass reclamation vat for disposal and merged with another genetic creation gone wrong, presumably a shapeshifter like creature. But she also said she was forcibly kept alive there, which doesn't make sense if she was being disposed of. It's possible her memories have gotten merged and warped when she merged with the shapeshifter or over time.
No. 930665 ID: ad51b8

look to Mire and give her your best wtf look as if she has an answer to whatever the fuck is going on. I'd suggest waiting till she's done with her speech before talking as she seems at little... well she's fucking crazy. Also don't call her crazy unless you want to get stabbed.

Tell her your a janitor, maybe a tour guide as you were asked to show a new guy around since they station was short staffed and no one else could be asked, but the only thing you desired after being "born" on this station is to get a transfer off the station to work somewhere else. You have no idea who she is and this is the first time you've even ever seen or even heard of anyone look just like you much less all the other shit. Is she sure she has the right person? I mean she did look pretty banged up down their... maybe she hit her head and is getting you confused with someone else?
No. 930677 ID: 130f18

"I'm just the janitor holy fuck I clean toilets"
No. 930692 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that you don’t even know what she’s talking about! This is the first time you’ve heard of any of this and the first time you’ve met her! ! You’re nobody important! Is she sure she doesn’t have you confused with someone else?

Regardless, let’s just look for a way out, so that we can find Larity, and then get the fuck off of this station!
No. 930723 ID: 52782b

show her the metal thing, point out both of you have been chased by people clearly conducting a massacre. Also that you are sorry if you dumped here in a biohazard bin.
No. 930737 ID: 2202fb

seconding this
No. 930752 ID: 7e5c1e

"Okay, you're right! Them throwing you away was terrible! If you want me to be on the receiving end that's fine! As long as I don't die horribly its actually very hot! You can be my sister if you want to! Whatever you want that doesn't kill us please..."
No. 930757 ID: f2320a

just let her rant gleam some info and it means you have more time before you die
No. 930777 ID: 317977
File 155597573834.png - (13.90KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

>don't interrupt her speech
Yeah that seems like a quick way to get her, it, whatever incredibly angry and stabbing me with some kind of horror parasite thing.

She continues. "You don't know how good you've had it, Soto. I read through all your reports and test results and all your actions logged by one Dr. Lianya. Who, if I ever find her, I am going to kill the slowest and most painfully, given she's the main one responsible for my disposable life. Do you know what my documents were like? Just vital readings over time and scheduling for some big day of being used as a fucking flesh incubator for some "second stage genetic crossover" bullshit! Something about not being able to replicate exact biochemical conditions! Could have grown a brainless lump of flesh for the same purpose but no, they made me, and no amount of drugs they washed my brain in could make me happy about my life situation. Dr. Lianya is going to die a horrible horrible death once I'm done torturing her, oh yes. And you, Soto, trying to get a transfer off this station, having the gall to be unhappy with your situation here when you had more freedom than I'd ever have."

Oh no, she's repeating herself. I'm not gonna lie, part of me is actually really furious about this turn of events too, but it's currently being drowned out by my unrelenting fear.

"Don't you understand you had everything compared to me?! I was a fucking present for you!! Oh, hi Soto, here's this chick we grew just for you to fuck and throw away after you're done!! And now you're just standing there, spineless, nodding your head like a fucking idiot, still not listening or understanding what I'm saying!"
"I'm listening!" I shout a little too eagerly in a panic. "I'm listening. I'm hearing every word you're saying."
"Yes, but you don't understand! You could never understand!"

>another Soto
>I'm just the janitor
"I'm... I'm just the janitor! I'm Soto, janitor! Certified nobody! Sometimes tour guide, sometimes unwilling test subject, but all I do is mop corridors and keep the facilities clean! I won't lie and say I understand exactly how it could be to live a life like yours but I think you've got the wrong guy, if there's already two of us here maybe there's a third Soto?? And Lin was trying to set me up with Lar-- with an engineer, not a clone of myself!"

It... she... whatever they are pauses and starts to look increasingly upset. "So it's not just enough I was made to do one thing, but I was made to do one thing with something else that also barely matters?"
"That's what I was trying to say, yes, but I mean, I perform a vital service for the station--"
"No ya don't," says Mire. "'S a pity job. Robots'll do yer job faster."
"Uh, excuse me, I'm aware, part of my job is telling the cleanbots where to go."
"Station AI'll know better places to send 'em too."
"Yes, okay, thank you Mire, I appreciate your opinion."
"Ya don't sound particul'ly appreciative--"

"Hey, hey, no, shut up, this isn't about you, this is about me," says the not-me. "So I was made to be a breeding vessel for some loser?"
Ouch. "I wouldn't describe myself as 'some loser', I mean--"
"Yeah," says Mire.
"Great. Great, just great. The only thing that kept me going was that maybe I was at least instrumental in some grand project, not just some checklist in a bunch of menial tasks. Well, it's a good fucking thing I'm out of that whole process either way. Honestly I feel like shoving eggs into your stomach would be a waste of time and effort now." The horrible spiky tentacle melts back into her flesh like it was never there. "I mean now I just want to see Dr. Lianya die twice for this."
"I'm sorry I led to you getting dumped into a biohazard bin," I blurt out.
"...no, that was what was going to happen after they were done with me, but whatever, I guess you aren't particularly bright either."
"Hey, hey, look, I wasn't given my job because of lack of capability, alright, all the higher roles were filled--"
"Sure, sure, tell yourself whatever you want to think, or whatever lies they fed you to keep you compliant. Ugh. Well, I was all geared up to kill something. Guess I can keep waiting on that. You, big green thing. Mire? What's your story?"

Mire's eyes widen. "Me? Th'fuck do I matter for?"
"Well, maybe you deserve horrible things happening to you or maybe there's someone you've been deeply wronged by, I don't know."
"What kinda psycho are you?"
"A vindictive one who just had her year long revenge fantasy deflated by the recipient being too pathetic to go through with it. Give me something. I need a new cause."
"I'm right here and I can hear you talking about me," I whine.

Both of them give me a look like I'm worse than garbage.

Maybe I am, who knows.
No. 930778 ID: 317977
File 155597575845.png - (22.45KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

"Well... 'snot much to tell, really," says Mire, looking uncomfortable. "Made for biochemical storage and synthesis, eighth in series, made obsolete by newer microbe mat techniques. Don't... don't really have a job anymore, get a stipend. See, 'cause originally they were gonna break me down for parts like a feckin' old car, but I got in good with legal. Got conservation status as a critically endangered artifical species. Specially seeing as they don't make us anymore. Which means the fuckers gotta pay me to keep me fed and healthy. Lawyer made bank too, lotta old-gen artificials kicking around desperate for that precedent. "

"So... you were made for one purpose and after that purpose was fulfilled they were going to throw you away?" asks the female not-me.
"Pretty much," says Mire.
"Yeah, and I didn't go around feckin' stabbing people like a psycho maniac about it either. Fuck, kid, I knew a lot of us weren't raised right but your brain is proper fucked. Maybe if the therapist's still alive we need to get you in there real fast."
"...hey, hey no! You don't get to claim the moral high ground! You had the freedom to talk to others, I was stuck in a fucking test tube with wires and tubes shoved into me! Some places more invasive than others!! Fuck off with your moralising, you old sack of gunk!"
"Old?! I was decanted five years ago, ya upstart bint!"
"Oh real nice, yes, please use sexual insults at me, that isn't something I have deep trauma over or anything, pleae, continue!"
"Feckin' hell, ya sound like Soto, fuck I can't believe the only other survivors are Soto and another Soto, just my luck that's how things end up--"
"I'm not Soto you insufferable asshole!"

"Hey, hey," I say, trying to de-escalate things. "The station is under attack and everyone else might be dead, let's try to stick together--"

The not-me, who probably has a name I should find out real soon, stares at me, and then lunges at me and pins me to the wall, throttling me with both hands.

"ghhkkk-- not-- what-- I-- meant-- agkk--"
"hk-- I-- ghk--"

"Don't kill Soto," says Mire, with the same resignation of telling small children to stop quarrelling. "He's a feckin' moron. But he's a good guy. Doesn't deserve some fucked up psycho choking him to death."
"I can't risk him being alive!"
"Yeh, he's provin' to be such the risk right now, gettin' choked out."

She takes her hands away from my bruised neck. All things considered, she didn't squeeze hard enough to actually choke me very well. ...progress?

"But... I... I can't risk..." She looks at her hands, shaking with adrenaline. "I killed so many people..."

I slide onto the floor, and then she unexpectedly bursts into tears. Not that I can expect anything from this scenario, but this wasn't the thing I was expecting.

"I've killed so many people to keep myself safe! All to live to see this moment! And then it's nothing! Nothing! All of my life ended up being for one thing anyway and it didn't even matter! Nothing matters! None of this matters! Soto doesn't matter, I don't matter, we don't matter, my entire life has been a shadow of nothing! Nothing! Aaaauugghhh!"

She falls onto her knees and just sinks into incoherent sobbing.

Something gnaws at me from the inside when I look at her. Metaphorically. I understand in this situation it's important to clarify I do not feel alien parasites eating me from the inside.
Against my better judgement, I shuffle over to her, and crouch down near her.

"Hey, hey, hey, come on, it's alright."
"Soto," says Mire, "what are you doing."
"Well, it sounds to me like no one's shown her any compassion or even treated her like a normal person." Including, admittedly, myself up to this point. "Look, I know you hate everything I represent to you, but I know you don't hate me. You don't even really know me. And I don't hate you. If there's anything you want to talk about I'm here to listen, alright?"

In the middle of her sobbing she slowly and shakily nods. Mire takes a few steps back but looks at me incredulously as though I've performed some sort of miracle. Or she thinks I've lost it. One of the two.

"What's your name? I know you know mine."
"I never got one," she says, in between sobs. "I never even got a name."
"Maybe you should choose one."
"I don't... I don't know..."

Should I offer her a name? Maybe let her decide when she feels ready instead?
And then I'm, uh, not sure how to continue this conversation. I probably should continue it. I'm racing through my brain for all the responses the psychologist gave me and I'm realising I'm not very good at this.
No. 930780 ID: 0fae41

Cherry. Cherry Soto. Has a nice flavor to it. Comes with a bendy straw too.

Look, if we group up, we get the benefits of an undying killer psycho on our side if we run into trouble. And when you run into safety, that is other survivors huddling in an escape pod, there's no suspicions of how you managed to survive all by yourself without being some kind of hostile one man army who cannot die. We're your social cover, you're our physical cover. It's a mutually beneficial parasitic relationship!
No. 930783 ID: ad51b8

...uh, look, I know I'm not the best with words but... you are your own person yeah? I mean you can feel upset, you obviously have a sense of right and wrong, and you can chose what you want to do with your life right? I... uh, I get you've been pretty focus on your revenge but umm, you're still your own person so you have more then just revenge. You could try and be... well you can try and do anything really. You don't have to just worry about revenge, you don't have to... do what you said they made you for, you can just go and try to live a good life. I mean I think that would be a good middle finger to them by going out there and actually living a good life and making something of yourself. But before we can try and do any of that though we do kinda have to get out of here since their are people with guns shooting anyone they come across and I have no idea how long this station will stay together as it was already falling apart before the attack so if you know a way for us to get out of here that would be really really helpful to all of us right now.

Also if you want a name, Uh, would you like the name Alexa? I mean your more then free to not take it if you don't like it but I've heard some people around the station say it and I think it's a nice name so uh... what do you say Alexa?
No. 930784 ID: bcc41d

Look. You're all free-willed biology experiment rejects here, more or less. She should pick her own name. She should pick things she wants to do. It's probably that simple. With the current chaos, she may have a shot at escaping this dump!

Heck, explore the universe, become the president, or a space pirate, or a painter, a cook or whatever. She's certainly got further she could go than Soto the Janitard, so if she really wants 'revenge' on you, her living a more fulfilling existence would, uh, actually be kind of upsetting?

Er. Not by much, you mean, good on her and all if she does, it's just... okay, not to sound jealous, but it's not like you can do her whole... symbiote regeneration, flesh melding spike weapon, brute strength thing. She's kind of superhero-ish, to be honest. Antihero-y? She has a whole tragic backstory, at least! You mean, it's way more tragic than yours, which is sad, but still makes her about 1000% cooler than you, and totally, like, valuable in this situation. Even if she's kind of lived a hellish, confusing existence and had to murder people which, wow, you're actually surprised she's feeling bad about that all things considered, but uh, she did it to stay alive so it's not like it's a point of critique and it's a good thing she feels bad, actually, but she shouldn't think that it was meaningless or that her existence is meaningless, because uh, she's got the potential to be anything she wants if she thinks about it.

Yeah, you think that's the point you wanted to make.
No. 930785 ID: f2320a

Then introduce ourself as janitor soto and shake hands
No. 930787 ID: 1ed92d

Let her decide. She's never had any decisions to make for herself. Even deciding to kill you was just a weird mixup of monster DNA.

Also, apologize to Mire, she's had a shitty life too.
No. 930789 ID: b1b4f3


Then we gotta find a good way out of here.
Also ask Mire why you were in handcuffs, anyway.
No. 930805 ID: 91ee5f

>”I mean now I just want to see Dr. Lianya die twice for this."
Odds are, the guys attacking the station have already killed her. But if Lianya is still alive, then we ain’t gonna stop her from killing her.

.....I mean, we don’t exactly have a reason to want to keep Lianya alive, right? Didn’t we kinda hate her?

>Should I offer her a name? Maybe let her decide when she feels ready instead?
Let her decide

But seriously, if she wants to kill someone, then she can kill the people that are attacking this place. They’ll be getting in the way and trying to kill you guys while you’re all trying to escape.

No, he was tied up with rope. That’s the only reason he was able to chew his way out of them.
No. 930806 ID: 2202fb

Only if we get to be Cola.
No. 930817 ID: ba56e6

Let her decide, she's had no agency until now. Just ask her for something besides 'other me' for now for practical purposes.
No. 930838 ID: 83bf07

She's her own person. She can decide when she's ready.
No. 930866 ID: 64356b

Let her decide.
No. 930873 ID: f2320a

Let her decide.
this should let her feel some control over her own life actually when i tihnk about it
No. 930881 ID: 317977
File 155603770749.png - (20.17KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

>didn't we hate Lin
Lin's... my relationship with her is complicated but I want to at the very least have a very long conversation with her about my dissatisfaction with how she's been doing things lately.
I don't really want her dead, as fucked up as it, is she is the closest thing to family I have.
She was always very cold, distant and impassive but it was the little things that broke through that facade. That's kind of what it felt like. A facade. There was genuine care underneath that frosty unimpressed expression. Which... I'm having a hard time reconciling with what I've just learned.

I'm pretty sure there's been a misunderstanding somewhere. We just need to find out what it was and who's really at fault here.

>odds are she's dead anyway
Until I see a body for either of them, Lin and Larity are just holed up somewhere. Don't take away my few remaining hopes.
I don't even really know why I care so much about Larity, I feel like that's more obligation than anything else. Yeah, she was cute, but we only just met.
Besides I have tons of other friends to worry about! ...Tons!

Okay so I might not have had many actual friends. ...So I might have had too much to drink one night and managed to get myself barred from the only bar this station has.
Let's not get into that right now.

>let her decide
"Well, when you're ready, just let us know and that's your new name, okay?"
She nods, still in tears.

"Also, Mire." I turn towards her. "I'm sorry to hear your life wasn't great either."
"Stow it, jannie," she mutters. "Big surprise, big megacorp runs research station on the frontier of feckin' nowhere and has morals looser than a gardener on hornythorn."
"A what on what--"
"Weren't you talkin' to little miss tentacles about somethin'?"

"I didn't want to be this freak," says our nameless acquaintance, sobbing a little harder. "I ended up being violated anyway! It crawled into my tube and I watched it, pierced through with every pipe and wire going, couldn't move, couldn't scream, couldn't even look away, as it worked its way into one of the IV tubes and... and then the voices, and then they panicked, and then I was so distraught and furious I just... I don't remember what I did, but I was free, and now the voices sometimes try to tell me what to do and most of them are really dumb ideas I ignore, and others are sympathetic, but I don't... I don't know if I'm even me anymore!"

Wow, I can't imagine what it would be like to be controlled by a bunch of voices that have a diverse spread of good ideas, bad ideas and crosstalk regarding my situation. That sounds like it'd be terrible. Good thing I'm just flying by with my wits alone and all these oddly intrusive ideas that are completely mine!

"Well, it looked like it saved your life," I offer.
"I guess," she whimpers. "I guess. What does my life matter, though?"
"You could do anything, be anything. Revenge isn't worth dedicating your life to. Really, the best revenge is a life well lived. Also I mean I'm kind of a little, uh, well, I dunno... I wouldn't mind having that sort of shapeshifty power thing, but... Sorry. Sorry, getting off track. Point is, your life matters. All our lives matter. Yes, you killed some people, but if you're this torn up about it, then you kind of at least owe it to them to keep on going, yeah?"

She sobs a little more strongly, but pulls herself together faster. I can almost taste the catharsis. She nods more vigorously.

"We really should stick as a group, though. We need to get off this station. Something I think we all want right now. And if we run into survivors, it'll look less odd to others if you show up as part of a group than as a single survivor without a scratch. And also, uh, you can help us out if we run into, uh, trouble."
"I don't want to keep hurting people. I've done enough of it. I'm done. I'm done with it, Soto."
"That's fine. That's fine too. Either way if we split up we're going to be putting ourselves into greater danger than if we team up. Alright?"

I stand up and lean against the wall, breathing a sigh of relief. She stands slowly too, still shaking, wiping tears from her face. Mire says nothing, but looks at the vent, lost in thought.
No. 930882 ID: 317977
File 155603772481.png - (23.66KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

"So, we need to find a way to an escape pod or something--"
"Hold on a moment," says... I sure hope she thinks of a name for herself soon. "Hold on. I can't, I can't do this. I can't risk this. If you of all people want to stay near me I have to know the truth. I have to know the answers."
"Do what? Wait, what's going on?"
"Stand wider, I need to see something."
"...what?" Ooookay, everything abruptly just went wrong again. Good. "I'm not letting you castrate me, just so we're clear, if that's what's on the table right now. I don't think that's entirely fair."
"No. I need to check something." She sure is staring intently at my crotch.

I begrudgingly lean against the wall and spread my legs a little wider, putting my most sensitive external organs into perilous danger for reasons I'm sure will make sense to me a year from now.
"Where's your penis?" she asks, confused.
I hear Mire spit take slime onto the wall. "Eh??"
"I... I don't walk around with it out," I say, feeling increasingly embarassed. "I wouldn't walk around with any of my parts out if I could help it! Apparently it's a limitation of bipedal design, something about crushing them if you have them internal--"
"Take it out," she says, flatly.
"I don't want to," I whine, discomfort rapidly escalating. "I don't see how it helps--"
"I need to double check something."
"Well, good luck with that. Besides I'd have to be turned on anyway and I'm not exactly turned on right now--"

She gently pushes her breasts into my chest, while softly moaning. Then, she whispers "Does this work?"
"What the fuck, you were just terrified I was going to knock you up and now you're... sending me very very mixed signals, is this a trap?"
She guides my hand to her own crotch and I inadvertantly slide my hand against her vulva, and aw damnit-- out bursts my junk from its hiding hole, throbbing at attention, as I curse whatever fucked up genetic designs made me this easy to excite.

She abruptly stands back as I fold my arms in annoyance. "Okay. There. Happy now?"
She looks in shock. "That... that could have... that would hurt. What the fuck."
Mire makes a low whistle. "Guess yer genes had to be good somewhere, eh."
"Not helping, Mire!"
"Yeah, fair. Hey, kid, th'fuck are you doin' touching up my associate? I'd ask if ya were broken in the headcage but we kinda know that's a strong aye now."
"I... I just wanted to know, he's been hyped up all my captive life, and I've known nothing about him, and... they pumped me full of a lot of chemicals, you know... all I had was my mind's eye and I just... wanted to see if any of it was close to the truth but this is obscene, who would design you like this?!"
"Yes okay that's enough of this now," I say. "I'm already going to have to take care of this so I'm not going to have something bouncing around between my legs when I'm next running for my life. Eesh."
"Really. Soto, We don't have time for that," says Mire.

"Okay, I'm sorry Soto, I just... I wish I had a rational explanation for what just happened there but..."
"Are you going to be like this all the time?"
"I don't know??"
"Oh good."

No. 930884 ID: 317977
File 155603776669.png - (17.35KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

"I could at least finish what I started," she says, as she rubs up against me, panting.
"What is wrong with you right now?"
"I... I just... I want to help solve this problem, and... and I have all this pent up energy and obssession over you, Soto, if I can't justify killing you I want to release it somehow!"
"Okay, you two absolutely hopeless cases go fuck each others' idiot brains out or whatever," says Mire. "I'm gonna go see what's up that ladder."
"I'm... I'm choosing this! I'm choosing to do this! So what if it's a pregnancy risk?! There's ways around it!"
"What the fuck?! I didn't say I agree to it!!"
"Do you agree now?"

...hrrrrgggnnn. I'm ashamed, embarassed, and burning with desire.

Do I agree now?
Part of me is leaning towards no but more and more parts of me are leaning yes why does she feel so nice

No. 930885 ID: 465a14

Probably best to impregnate her now and get it over with before your urges start getting in the way at even worse times.
No. 930886 ID: 09b902

On the one hand, this maybe isn't a good time or place, and she's kind of crazy and unstable. She was just threatening you with death a few minutes ago, after all. She's probably still extremely dangerous.

On the other hand, she's probably still extremely dangerous, was just threatening you with death a few minutes ago and is kind of crazy and unstable. There's a lot worse that she could be doing to you rather than asking to bang, so maybe it's not a bad idea to just do whatever keeps her not murderous, especially if you want her to help you get the hell out of here without dying. Plus you're clearly into her. Do you usually get fear boners?
No. 930887 ID: 0fae41

This is a trap. I know that's always the first instinct, but this time it's actually warranted. You do this, and every singularity, operative and clown on the station is going to home in on your location to point and laugh. Breathe in, and think of a horny granny!
No. 930888 ID: 2202fb

Fine, go for it. Just lay down and have her do everything. Be as neutral as possible.

I hope those spikes aren't rigid.


By the by, you should know that us intrusive thoughts arent yours. You are in the same boat as her.

No. 930889 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you can just pull out.
No. 930894 ID: 8f6858

Whoops, I guess this is happening now. I guess enjoy it while you can? Whether she kills you or something else, there is a good chance you are going to die soon anyway so why not screw the horrifying bioweapon thing. Just enjoy the moment?
No. 930896 ID: 91ee5f

Huh, it really does look like candy corn.

>to sex or not to sex? That is the question.
I highly advise against having sex! Especially after her rant about not wanting to do this at all!

There’s also the parasite she said fused to her! How do you know it’s not gonna crawl into your dick or something?!

And if she won’t take no for an answer, then you can just ask for a blowjob. There’s no risk of getting her pregnant if she uses her mouth!

And then she can tell you if your dick tastes like a candy corn!
No. 930897 ID: 1ed92d

Uh. Uh. Well now neither of you are in your right mind. However uh....

Okay you're on your own, Soto. Good luck with that, try to have fun.
No. 930898 ID: bcc41d

Look, this is a hilariously bad idea, but there's a clear genetic imperative in-built that's driving you towards it - or maybe she, and now you, are just both extremely lonely and horny. Either way do not have for-real sex with her. Trick the urges. Hug her and say okay, but you should lean away from anything close to actual breeding - and 69 it. Rub 'n fondle, squeeze and please. That sort of stuff. Some of the fun, none of the downsides. Not to mention less risk of her not getting off which... you should probably do your best to get her off.

Oh, and don't worry about her symbiote thing. If you get affected you get affected, if you don't, you don't. You've got enough weird impulses that it would probably be a nice change of pace to HEAR the logic behind them - and the whole regenerate from death thing might honestly come in handy right about now, even if identity issues wouldn't. Doesn't sound like the thing wanted to be in a body with a controlling mind, though, so you're probably safe.
No. 930899 ID: a19573

Have you ever heard the old adage "Don't stick your dick in crazy"?

Also aliens are going around killing people. You probably should focus on figuring out what the fuck is going on.
No. 930900 ID: 2202fb

Who says he isnt already infected? What are we? You know, just one intrusive thought to another.
No. 930902 ID: 719d94

Yeah, it's great that she likes your dick and all, but the situation's too life-threatening for anybody to be making genuinely rational decisions right now. She's a lovely lady-clone and it'd be great to do something sometime that isn't now, when you've both had a chance to calm down and mull over all this terrible and conflicting information you've both been laden with.

Plus you can fuck way more times if you survive now and fuck later, than if you fuck now and die. Prioritize the long term.
No. 930914 ID: 61b5e1

Start by getting your finger in there. Melt off some panic as you hold each other. Once you calm down a third, assuming you're both still panting with desire then go ahead and have a romantic vent fuck.
No. 930931 ID: 422cea

Masturbate and maintain eye contact to assert dominance.
No. 930932 ID: ba56e6

Nope nope nope. Mire is wandering off alone, rule #1 is don't split up. Rule #2 is find some clothes.
No. 930935 ID: ad51b8

after all that talk about killing you and why... I'm going to have to go with a gentle but firm no.
No. 930936 ID: 395c02

This is reasonable, to be honest.
No. 930939 ID: c9fcbe

Sounds like she'll end up regretting it more than you. Obviously you should take the middle-ground where you both get off without any long-term consequences (>>930914 >>930898). And if that fate's in store for you both anyway this just means you two'll get to do it more than once today.
No. 930943 ID: c1212a

Convince her maybe she'd like a better first time than one at the bottom of a sewer. After you've cleared that hurdle, convince her she ALSO deserves a better first time than one in a burning space station. Maybe sprinkle in some of your concerns about subliminally programmed responses or parasite influence of her faculties.
No. 930997 ID: 1a89d4

Give her the D!
No. 930999 ID: b3df03

Yeahhh, NO.
No. 931002 ID: 88a935

Don't know about this, I'm leaning towards don't do it.
No. 931003 ID: 52782b

No, you don't. There's far better times to do this, like when any of your lives are not being endangered by goons.
You hate Mire's slime right? If you really need to get your arousal down go and rub that on your face.
The consequences of that are demonstratively better than being left here or getting tired.
No. 931004 ID: 422cea

Clearly the answer is to premature ejaculate like a packet of ketchup right then and there.

Jizz your lack of pants, Soto.
No. 931006 ID: 83bf07

Do it, Soto. How often do you have a chance to do something that fells good? ...How long until you get the chance again? Just relax and do what feels natural.
No. 931030 ID: a9af05

Don't do it! You'll both regret it!
No. 931035 ID: 2202fb

Tbh, i feel like if we decline we are going to either be raped or we will be killed. Imo it is best to just do whatever she says.
No. 931046 ID: fd2d31

Doubt it would be wise to say no to her kind of crazy, so I guess the best option is to rock her world, but quickly.
No. 931059 ID: b970b2

It's a bad idea, for sure. You barely know her, she wanted to harm you less than 5 minutes ago, and now she wants you?

This situation is crazy, there's experiments on the loose, soldiers killing people, just- Fuck it. What's the worst that could happen? Maybe just go along with what's happening. You might not survive to see the consequences anyway, none of you might with the soldiers around. (This is a vote for. IMO it's maybe a bad idea, but an interesting one.)
No. 931070 ID: c0641d

"N-no, I don't. Considering how we appear to uhhhh be hormonally compromised I can't help uh but feel like this would be taking advantage and undoing everything we just talked about???"
No. 931167 ID: db57e3

Neither of you is entirely in control now, it would only make it worse. Also, never on the first date, right?
No. 931176 ID: ecd116

(Good thing I'm just flying by with my wits alone and all these oddly intrusive ideas that are completely mine!)

expected what if you got the same thing she got voices wise and you are in denial about it for all you know it could of happened to you as well. speaking of voices. if you think it wise . you could tell her that maybe you got your own kind of voices in your head too and what their opinion are or keep it to yourself now and wait to tell her later.

also ask her this, despite all of that with what been done to her to make her like this. is she ok going through with this by her own voice & freewill. and what are her other head voices saying about this situation right now.

also is there a way the both of you can think of to quickly sate her urges without the risk of impregnation for at least long enough to get somewhere more safe like a hard to find room with a lock door to hide behind then decide with a clear head to go all the way with what she wants?
so as not to worry about being caught by hostile forces while in the middle of intercource and unable to run away or defend the both or all three of you. if not. make sure it safe enough for you two as best as possible and it fast enough so to escape this place alive and hopefully with out being found by those willing to take your life and freedom.
No. 933991 ID: 94e3ab

Do it! You want it, she wants it (now,) so just do it and get it over with. Otherwise you're both gonna be seriously distracted by your raging libidos. Just go fast and hard and it won't be more than five minutes 'till it's done.
No. 935244 ID: a3e256

It seems like it might be important to ask what exactly her intentions are. Differences in expectations can be problematic. But if there’s no particular time pressure, and this won’t get toxically awkward later, then maybe it would be okay to do something without a pregnancy risk.
No. 935588 ID: 261cee

Propose that you should both do mouth stuff. That way she doesn't get pregnant.

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