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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146931417847.png - (164.43KB , 1024x768 , 1.png )
738167 No. 738167 ID: 265534

Planetary scan complete. Sentient population: 2.4 billion Average sentient power level: 5.6 Peak sentient power level: 212 Average non-sentient power level: 3 Peak non-sentient power level: 278
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No. 738169 ID: 265534
File 146931422222.png - (111.07KB , 861x554 , 2.png )

Current power level of deployment asset: 16 Estimated peak power level potential of deployment asset: 160 POTENTIAL MISSION FAILURE PROBABILITY. Develop deployment asset. Recalculating landing coordinates based on current threat levels and combat potentials. Scheduled long term goals are still achievable. Deployment of reinforcements currently unnecessary.
No. 738170 ID: 265534
File 146931468385.png - (228.53KB , 1024x768 , 3.png )

6 years later.

Current asset power level: 43 Peak estimation: 430 Commence planetary reclamation operation. Activating Saiyan warrior "Karavi"

"Finally. I wanna fight something for real!"
No. 738171 ID: 533408

No. 738173 ID: 49f18e

Find a lady with a whole bunch of things stored in tiny pills to team up with
No. 738179 ID: 2e2d71

Well, get looking for something to fight!

What is your mission, anyways?
No. 738180 ID: 0a94cb

Find a village or something and take all their food.
No. 738182 ID: a8d153

Punt a giant rabbit to this planet's moon.
No. 738217 ID: 987bda

Seek out the strongest fighter and challenge them.
If you lose, demand they train you.
No. 738246 ID: 5dbe68

Find a lion and tame it by sticking your head in its mouth repeatedly.
No. 738295 ID: a22f87

sweet, time to have some fun. I guess we can finish eating then go looking for the strongest thing around to warm up on by beating the shit out of it.

Speaking of fighting what can you do? Know any anything besides punching and kicking?
No. 738364 ID: 265534
File 146934573342.png - (176.07KB , 1024x768 , 4.png )

Karavi consults the scanner on her battle pod for appropriate targets

>what is your mission?
Eliminate local sentient population and aggressive wildlife that would make the planet undesirable for sale.

>Seek out the strongest fighter and challenge them. If you lose, demand they train you.

Highest power level in detection range: 120 Loss of combat asset predicted. DO NOT ENGAGE. Activate lunar synthesis emitter?

"Wimpy computer. I don't need your help! Gimme something I can fight."

Local settlement with peak power level 12 Non-sentient life form with power level 41 Local settlement with peak power level 34 detected.

"I can do these without monkeying around. Oozaru form only multiplies strength, so if I'm crappy, it won't work very well.

That and I don't know how to do multiplication. I just know I need to get strong!"

Karavi has been surviving in the woods up until this point.
Now after a slight delay, it is time to conquer this planet for the glory of the Saiyans.
No. 738366 ID: 398fe1

Fight the non-sentient life. You'll keep a lower profile that way.
No. 738368 ID: a22f87

go after the 41, it should be a challenge so it should be fun. Plus the fastest way to get stronger is to go after the bigger challenges.
No. 738371 ID: 6e773d

Take out the bond-sentient. No one will notice if a non-sentient dies, but wiping out a settlement will probably attract the attention of someone stronger than you.
No. 738372 ID: 6e773d

I meant non-sentient, not bond sentient.
No. 738386 ID: 908ead

Go punch a dinosaur. Take down the big non-sentient.
No. 738387 ID: 265534
File 146936051744.png - (133.19KB , 768x712 , 5.png )

Karavi heads toward the non-sentient power signal and finds it in its lair.

"How is this thing almost as strong as me? It's so small and scrawny.
Whatever. Time to beat it down."

No. 738388 ID: a22f87

grab that rock next to you and bash it over the head with it. That should wake it up.
No. 738391 ID: 49f18e

collapse cave on it and wait for dust to clear
No. 738400 ID: da1652

Touch its foot. animals HATE that.
No. 738401 ID: 24100f

>It's so small and scrawny.
Projecting much?

It outmasses you by a factor of 10, and it appears to have natural armor plating. Before things get to the point where they can tap into massive internal energy reserves to fight with, gross physical properties matter!
No. 738407 ID: 265534
File 146938312805.png - (74.46KB , 724x653 , 6.png )

>smash it in the head
>touch its foot

Karavi brazenly prods the animal and smashes it in the head with a boulder.

"Face the wrath of a Saiyan Warrio-ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!"
No. 738421 ID: ad6ef3

cool, it's given you the high ground, flatten the area with energy blasts
No. 738437 ID: 265534
File 146939154221.png - (229.37KB , 1024x768 , 7.png )

I'm gonna smash this tree branch with my body for getting in the way of my fight, then I'm going to go back and eat that stupid monster.

This thing is almost as strong as I am, so I need a strajidy.
No. 738438 ID: 0b4dd7

the strategy is as follows; when it hits you, break whatever limb it hits you with. repeat until satisfied.
No. 738439 ID: 38685c

Punch it in the dick.
No. 738440 ID: 38685c

Slightly more detailed- the back is armored, so fighting there is useless. it's also much larger and longer ranged than you. You want to stay as close as possible without getting bear hugged and squished.

Therefor, punch it in the dick.
No. 738441 ID: e94191

Aim for the neck. If you can get a good hit there and tear it's skin it might bleed out.
No. 738443 ID: ad6ef3

headbutt it in the stomach!
No. 738444 ID: 24100f

It's tongue is out. Jump up, grab it, and then yank as hand as you can while kicking off the soft underbelly.
No. 738448 ID: a22f87

put these two together. Punch it in the dick to stun it and then when it doubles over push that damn thing square in the throat.

Also as more of a general strategy, watch out for it's claws and DON'T try and get behind it. With an armored back your hits won't do much so instead aim for the softer bits. Like it's gut, throat, and the head if you can get at it.
No. 738496 ID: 265534
File 146940379661.png - (185.45KB , 1024x768 , 8.png )

>Jump up, grab it, and then yank as hand as you can while kicking off the soft underbelly.

No. 738504 ID: a22f87

quick, while it's stunned and you still got it's tongue, use your free arm to uppercut the thing square in the jaw!
No. 738505 ID: ad6ef3

take that thing for a spin, and by that I mean twirl it around by it's toungue, fling it into the air and use it as moving target practice
No. 738507 ID: 256936

Dominate it into being your slave.
No. 738513 ID: 38685c

Gnaw the tongue off!
No. 738602 ID: 265534
File 146947362070.png - (113.28KB , 542x510 , 9.png )

>swing it around and gnaw it apart

"This is the opposite of what I wanted!"
No. 738607 ID: a22f87

you're legs are still free, kick it's jaw shut so it bites it's tongue.
No. 738619 ID: 586014

Let it eat you, then beat it up from the inside!
No. 738622 ID: 24100f

Leap forward, and punch right through the roof of it's mouth, into the brain. Skulls are more vulnerable on the inside.
No. 738631 ID: 071b76

kick it's bottom jaw, sever the thing's tongue
No. 738655 ID: 38685c

No. 738686 ID: 265534
File 146950564283.png - (263.73KB , 1024x768 , 10.png )

>Let it eat you, then beat it up from the inside
>Skulls are more vulnerable on the inside

"This is a good plan. I'll slip past its defenses and hit the weak sp- OW!"

Karavi is slurped up by the monster and chewed up in its huge jaws, then proceeds to thrash wildly on the inside of its mouth.

"Stupid animal! Rargh!"

After smashing the creature in the roof of the mouth enough, it succumbs to the ice cream headache, except with fists and collapses.

"I do... the eating... around here..."
No. 738688 ID: 398fe1

Good job. Time to go heal and get a power boost.
No. 738695 ID: c43722

Damn right you're the one who does the eating around here! So rip into this obstinate beast with your teeth and get to eatin' your fill. All but bathe in its blood! Then drag back home as much of it's carcass as you can for later.
No. 738696 ID: 733ded

Finish it off and then feast!
No. 738723 ID: b7972c

I'm not sure it's dead yet, maybe blast/throw a pointy stick into one of its eyes to make sure.
No. 738724 ID: b7972c

And I'm suggesting ranged attacks there, because as beat up as we are, I don't wanna go in close in case it recovers. Scary tongue. :(
No. 738767 ID: 265534
File 146953969545.png - (158.53KB , 1157x544 , 11.png )

>Finish it off and then feast

"Nomf... I'm the top of- Hrrk... the food chain. Everything on this planet is here for me to eat!"

>Time to go heal and get a power boost.

"I did just barely survive and it almost ate me. I must be way stronger now."

Karavi consult her attack ball computer.

"Power level 46? That's not enough. I gotta be the strongest thing on this planet, like now."

If 6.976% increases are undesirable, dedicated training programs will be required.

"Computer something up then. That whole 'being a baby' thing really set me back for way too long."

Input desired time frame and result for program calculation.

"Is that like how strong how fast? Let's see..."
No. 738769 ID: 3663d3

obv you set it for strongest, fastest.
No. 738770 ID: 908ead

No time to lose, what's the highest you can get in one day?
No. 738772 ID: 15f7a9


Time frame... I want to say until adolescence or something but you're probably too impatient to be talking in terms of years. Let's say 10 WEEKS.

After that, go spy on the sentients. Find out if they have any decent medical care. If they do, you can go get beat up, con them into healing you while you're still small and cute, and start rocketing up the power levels really fast!
No. 738782 ID: a22f87

let's set it for max gain in the shortest time.

Also side note, could we make armor out of whatever that thing we just ate back plate bones? They looked tough and might be able to absorb some blows.
No. 738798 ID: 38685c

Investigate the other settlement, mr or mrs 34 for T R A I N I N G
No. 738805 ID: a10e50

You could train for 3 months and improve slowly....

Or you could talk to the local civilization and ask about a local MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT so you can fight the strongest guys without fear of death! This is the PATH TO POWER. You'll become the WORLD'S STRONGEST in no time.
No. 738855 ID: 49f18e

push a giant wheel until you're an adult
No. 738865 ID: b7972c

Being the strongest is great and all... But we kinda suck at fighting. Even if we're stronger and faster, if we just aren't very good, we'll get beaten by someone weaker.

And that's not acceptable. So, computer, any training regimes that will also get us a little less sucky in the skill department?

I say a little less sucky because everyone else is going full raaaugh power, and so that's probably our main focus. :/

We're gonna break ourself, aren't we?
No. 738867 ID: b7972c

Also, good idea with the armor plates.
No. 738914 ID: 265534
File 146963440702.png - (149.56KB , 1024x768 , 12.png )

>10 weeks
>3 months

After thinking about it awhile, Karavi realizes these are almost the same thing and engages on the most extreme level of physical training the computer can manage for the duration.

"Strongest on the planet! Strongest on the planet!"

Karavi power level at conclusion of training period: 105

"This isn't strongest on the planet at all, but now there's only a few things around that can even scratch me."

>you could talk to the local civilization and ask about a local MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT

"There are some big power levels that stand out. Some of them must like to fight. I'll go smash them. Besides, living out here with monsters and this dumb computer is boring."

[A] Find minor population center
[B] Find major population center
[C] Find roughly equal power levels
[D] Find largest power level
[E] ____________
No. 738918 ID: f65280

No. 738919 ID: 15f7a9

D. Find largest sentient power level and con them ask humbly for them to train you.
No. 738920 ID: 3663d3

yes, find out how the strongest thing got so strong, then after mastering all their moves and becoming even more powerful you kill them and become the strongest.
No. 738935 ID: a10e50

A, Start off small where you're less likely to be noticed! Gotta be sneaky strategic, like a ninja. BELIEVE IT.

Once there ask about fightan n stuff because yer the bestist and strongerist ever!
No. 738945 ID: a22f87

go to whatever one of those is closest cause fuck waiting.
No. 738974 ID: 24100f

A. Go wow some bumpkins.
No. 739036 ID: b7972c

I like this suggestion.
No. 739051 ID: 5df8fa

No. 739141 ID: 265534
File 146972917613.png - (174.57KB , 1024x768 , 13.png )

Being out in the sticks, the closest settlement is also fairly small with no defenses or anyone of excessive fighting power.

"They live in little stone nests? Weird. That won't keep me out, though."

Karavi catches sight of a native walking down the path through town.

"Hehe... Purple aliens? At least they have tails like real people."
No. 739142 ID: fdcafa

Sneak in all sneaky like true skilled sneakster. Look around for shiny things to take!
No. 739163 ID: 7324a4


Excuse me, we are a PROUD SAIYAN WARRIOR. If we want shiny things, we don't sneak to take them sneakily. We beat people up to take them! Beatings-ly!

Confront that native and tell him to tell you where the strong people are.
No. 739167 ID: a22f87

looks like he's leaving town. Follow him and once he's out of town confront him and demand that he tells you of the strongest fighter he knows of and where you can find him.
No. 739171 ID: f65280

Invite yourself into someone's house and take up residence there
No. 739189 ID: 38685c

The big building might be a granary or might be where the important people live. Either way, invade and eat everything.
No. 739190 ID: 25c66e

Demand foodstuffs. Terrify them with your imposingly superior saiyan physique.
No. 739198 ID: 265534
File 146975007216.png - (188.78KB , 1024x768 , 14.png )

Karavi avoids detection and enters the village. This isn't sneaking. This is a mighty hunter stalking her prey, so that makes it okay.
The native is unaware and has no idea what lurks nearby.
No. 739200 ID: a22f87

keep stalking it until it either get's to were it's going, notices you, or you just get bored.
No. 739201 ID: 38685c

Bite their tail.
No. 739202 ID: fdcafa

Jump out and be all HYAAAAAHH!
No. 739216 ID: f65280

Kick it in the gut to assert dominance
No. 739238 ID: 265534
File 146976629531.png - (137.88KB , 593x665 , 15.png )

Karavi lunges out from her hiding place and obliterates the native with a kick to the torso.

Planetary conquest is at hand.
No. 739241 ID: 398fe1

Rip out his skull and beat him to death with it.
No. 739254 ID: db0da2

that doesn't seem physically possible

Quickly! Rip and Tear his guts before he can recover. Don't get grabbed!
No. 739261 ID: ffd5f6

well he does seem pretty huge.
No. 739292 ID: 908ead

Tell him you're his boss now. He's to bring stronger people for you to fight.
No. 739294 ID: a22f87

now demand that he tell you who the strongest person around is so you can kick there ass as well.
No. 739315 ID: 265534
File 146980447454.png - (114.16KB , 1024x768 , 16.png )

The native reels back and becomes enraged.

"That's funny. There shouldn't be anything around here with a fighting power high enough to take that. The scouter only read a fifteen over here."
No. 739316 ID: fdcafa

Kindly ask him for his money, else an altercation may take place.
No. 739318 ID: ef22a0

brace for counterattack, then counter yourself. repeat till one of you doesn't recover.
No. 739319 ID: b2d501


(BTW, nice reference)
No. 739328 ID: 1f0577

Ah, their power levels are hidden somehow. Nice trick, you have to learn it.

Now, a saiyan warrior never backs down! Fight!!
No. 739329 ID: f65280

Uppercut to the jaw!
No. 739330 ID: 398fe1

They're hiding their power levels! This is gonna be a real fight. Sweep the leg and toss him around by his tail.
No. 739331 ID: 265534
File 146982223663.png - (264.66KB , 1024x768 , 17.png )

If they can hide their power, that just means this won't be as boring as she figured it would be.
Karavi follows with an uppercut and connects with his jaw, but finds herself caught by the ankle and thrown with incredible force into the side of a nearby mountain.
No. 739333 ID: 25c66e

Wow, throw a big chunk of mountain at it. You can do that with, like, two broken limbs, right?
No. 739334 ID: 3663d3

release an energy burst to free yourself from the wall, crack joints, then get back in the fight.
No. 739342 ID: 3e182c

Damn. Not one broken tooth.
This guy is the real deal.
No. 739347 ID: fdcafa

Pretend to give up and ask him how he got so strong!
No. 739348 ID: a22f87

you know what his means right? This means we actually get to have some fun! Grab some dirt get in close and throw it into his eyes. Then while he's blinded get behind him and throw HIM into the mountain. Bet you could make a bigger creator then he did.
No. 739355 ID: 38685c

Tactical retreat! Find out if his power level increased or if he was hiding it!
No. 739356 ID: 80bfa2

Test the waters a bit before going all out. Find out what he can and can't do better than you then abuse his weaknesses.
No. 739378 ID: b7972c


He barely flinched from that. Let's play dead, tunnel quietly out the back of the mountain. Come around the side, wait and see if his powerlevel rise was temporary and it lowers back down and exhausts him maybe.
No. 739553 ID: 265534
File 146991823659.png - (180.84KB , 1024x575 , 18.png )

Giving up after one hit is no good at all, not when it's just starting to get interesting.

Karavi has no time to consider a retreat anyway, because there is a huge guy over here.
No. 739554 ID: 3663d3

flash step behind them so they punch the rock then kick them in the back of the skull so they headbutt the mountain.
No. 739556 ID: 973861

duck under his punch and hit him in the gut again and jump back before he can grab you again.
No. 739557 ID: 24100f

Use his momentum against him. Flip him into the cliff face.
No. 739559 ID: 1f0577

Twist around to avoid the punch and push off the rock to kick him in the gut!
No. 739561 ID: 1ce6a6

No. 739641 ID: 7996e5

Damn it, I'm getting conflicted, OP draws this opponent too adorable. O_o
No. 739737 ID: 265534
File 146997577037.png - (181.72KB , 1024x768 , 19.png )

Karavi evades being smashed and flips over the giant, shoving him into the mountain side and exposing his back.
No. 739738 ID: 38685c

No. 739757 ID: 97cc87

Bite tail! Omnomnom!
No. 739780 ID: 3663d3

knife hand strike to the base of the spine.
No. 739825 ID: f65280

No. 739830 ID: a22f87

quick bring your leg down and knee him in the back of the neck with all your strength.
No. 739847 ID: 265534
File 147000477540.png - (237.82KB , 1024x768 , 20.png )

Karavi is in a position to bite his tail, so she does so.
Having more tail than a saiyan is having too much tail, since saiyans have just the right amount of tail.

Obviously, this is overcompensation.
No. 739848 ID: a22f87

now hit him in the back of the head.
No. 739864 ID: 24100f

Now grab him by the tail and use it to hammer throw him over the horizon.
No. 739868 ID: db0da2

Eat it to gain his power.
No. 739882 ID: 5cfda5

Chomp down even harder! Take a good bite out of him.
No. 739884 ID: 0e780d

He's probably going to try either crush you under his back, or use his tail to slam you into something.
No. 739885 ID: 38685c

You got this, girl. Nobody can resist after a tail bite!
No. 740023 ID: 265534
File 147006864498.png - (204.61KB , 1024x768 , 21.png )

Taking advantage of the stunning effect of being bitten, Karavi hurls the giant down the mountain.

No. 740026 ID: 38685c

No. 740027 ID: 6e773d

Is he dead or does he look like he can take some more punishment?
No. 740039 ID: 3663d3

be sure to leap after it and land on it as hard as you can. once it dies then eat it.
No. 740043 ID: a22f87

throw him as hard as you can, see how big of a crater he makes when he smacks the ground.
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