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File 146837821724.png - (45.33KB , 2000x1810 , Planet.png )
735441 No. 735441 ID: ea2bfa

Far, far away from the planet we call Earth, there exists a different world. One that evolved more or less very similarly to ours, except for a handful of big differences.

Beyond the presence of magic and other sapient, non-human species, the world in question is more or less split in half.

No, there wasn't some Earth-destroying cataclysm. Instead, the world had two seperate halves from its very inception. One half, remarkably similar to ours, was known as The Normal World. It progressed more or less as ours had, though with some obvious differences that I won't bother to get into here.

However, the other half was known as The Wild Place. It was an ever-shifting land of chaos, only a few landmarks managing to stand amongst it. But its inhabitants, those who pulled themselves from the madness to gain physical form, were its most dangerous inhabitants. They're known as Monsters.

Now, the history of Monsters is long and elaborate, to much so to describe it here. But what matters are a specific type of Monster, known as Devils. While all Monsters are born from the thoughts and feelings of inhabitants of the Normal World, Devils have a unique but constant set of emotions they spawn from.

Devils are born from the fears of the gods themselves.

You are a newborn Devil, one that has never yet been seen before. But before you can be given life, we need to figure out the circumstances of your birth.

To begin with, what Fear spawned you?

>Fear of Violence
>Fear of Betrayal
>Fear of Self
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No. 735452 ID: a075ba

Fear of self.
No. 735455 ID: 7d01b5

Fear of Self.
No. 735457 ID: 358228

Fear of Violence.
No. 735465 ID: 3663d3

the fear of violence
No. 735466 ID: 15a025

Fear of betrayal.
No. 735467 ID: db0da2

Fear of Self
No. 735468 ID: b2d501

Fear of betrayal

We have the opportunity to show mercenary loyalty to a vessel of betrayal, because they (negligible probability) reach us from here. Let's not waste it.
No. 735470 ID: 2ec50f

Fear of Betrayal. I sense tragedy from this
No. 735481 ID: 67d5dc

They could betray us by like, finding a room somewhere to sit and do nothing in.

Fear of betrayal~
No. 735484 ID: 91ee5f

Fear of Betrayal
No. 735487 ID: 3e182c

No. 735495 ID: af6e04

Fear of Betrayal
No. 735496 ID: b7883c

Self. Let's be someone's shadow counterpart!
No. 735497 ID: bbbcc9

Fear of Betrayal
No. 735502 ID: ea2bfa


You were born from a Fear of Betrayal, by a deity who couldn't bring themselves to believe in the loyalty of their allies. The deity you were born from is no longer truly important. What matters is that you are born, and so you are free.

It's almost time to awaken. You are so very close, my darling child...

But, I suppose we could add a few more bells and whistles, if you'd like. The silken ribbon atop the wrapped present.

Every deity takes the form of an animal given human stance. If you'd like, tell me which animal your "parent" represented...

>Choose an animal!
No. 735504 ID: ea2bfa
File 146840194533.png - (846B , 100x100 , Betrayal Symbol.png )

Whoops, almost forgot! Behold, the (shitty) Symbol of Betrayal!
No. 735505 ID: 8111b6

Fear of huge wangs. ..oh wait, that's already been decided. Never mind.

Um. I think they used to be an elephant. Don't remember if african or indian or what, but they were totally an elephant.
No. 735506 ID: 358228

No. 735507 ID: af6e04


Gotta go with viper
No. 735508 ID: ea2bfa

Okay, normally I'd wait to allow for further voting, but I like this enough that I'm gonna just go with it right away. Sorry, guys.

Hm. Really now? Interesting. Well, I suppose that will manifest however it may...

Now, one last question. Though questions of gender and sex are but mere trifles for those such as us, do you have a preferred gender?

No. 735510 ID: db0da2

>Though questions of gender and sex are but mere trifles for those such as us, do you have a preferred gender?
What do we look like, mortals?
No. 735511 ID: ea2bfa

I appreciate the sentiment, my darling child. But the tasks ahead of you require something a bit more... well, comfortable for the mortals. It would be best to take a form they'd understand.

There's a reason we don't allow He Of Bone And Gristle outside of his Clinic, after all...
No. 735513 ID: ea2bfa
File 146840679841.png - (1.73KB , 200x400 , Creation Lady.png )

Also, on a lark, have the face of the mysterious lady that's been speaking to you! I'm just gonna pray that stuff about art improving over time is true...
No. 735515 ID: 7d01b5

No. 735521 ID: bbbcc9

No. 735525 ID: 908ead

I love the sexy slither of a lady snake. Oh baby.
No. 735526 ID: 398fe1

Lady snake.
No. 735527 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842033879.png - (13.67KB , 200x400 , Protag.png )

I see. I'm not as surprised as I should be, though the reason eludes me...

Yes, your form shall do nicely, my darling child. Now, there is one little thing I'd like you to do...

"Wake up! Hey, cmon, rise and shine, kid! Wake up!"

There's a new voice, now, this one speaking directly into your ear. It's a man, and he sounds a bit exasperated.

"Rise and shine, lady! We've got work to do!"

Your eyes open, and you see you're currently lying in a bed. White sheets cover your body, and a young man sits in a chair currently facing the bed.

"Good. You're awake." He says, crossing his arms. "Welcome to the world, baby."

You sit up, the sheets falling away. He looks you over, and smirks.

"Oh my god, you're kidding me. Little Miss Slither-Bitch went and made a Devil? Guess the Iron Wall of the Court isn't so indestructible after all..."

He raises an eyebrow at you. "So, new Devil, huh? Got any questions?"

No. 735529 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, who're you?
No. 735530 ID: 2a7417

Where isss my beautiful tail?

Are you going to betray, violence and/or self me?
No. 735531 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842079078.png - (2.73KB , 300x400 , Who's this jerk.png )

"Ah, right to the brass tacks, huh? Well, smart. Don't got a name, none of us Devils do. Call me Fool." He shrugs. "The Seer and I pulled your ass out of the Devil Pit. And as of right now, I'm the one in charge of your Devil Training."

"Ooooh, gosh, I see you've still got a pinch of ol' Tungsten Tits in you. Yeah, uh, that whole "Anthropomorphic Animal" thing isn't something we usually do. I'll teach you how to do it later though, if you want..."

"And if I'm going to do anything to harm you... Well, I suppose that's up to you, isn't it?"

The smile he gives you is more than a little predatory, and the lupine ears on top of his head twitch slightly.
No. 735532 ID: 398fe1

Hah. Okay, Fool. What's the training?
No. 735533 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842256788.png - (3.00KB , 300x400 , Confused Jerk.png )

"Whaddya think?" He asks. "The usual. Making sure you have all yer faculties, making sure you're capable of swinging a weapon, all that good stuff. We'll have to stop by Doc's first, of course. Make sure you weren't spawned with anemia or the gout or something like that."

You get out of bed and stretch, noting that you appear to have been spawned fully clothed. Your legs feel awkward, your mind still used to the idea of navigating via a serpentine tail.

"Alright, so, this isn't normally how things work, but to navigate, you're gonna have to pull up the MAP and choose a room, alright? And then we head there, barring any unexpected interruptions. Alright?"

>Pulling Up Map...
No. 735534 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842286257.png - (4.64KB , 600x400 , Devil Map.png )

You open the map, and see a map of wherever you are. A room marked "Clinic" is currently highlighted with a red exclamation point.

"Alright, so, just select the Clinic, and we'll make the trek there, okay?"

You select the Clinic, and you head down the hallway leading to the Clinic, until, suddenly...
No. 735535 ID: 2a7417

The gravity flips! And you're under a skylight!
No. 735536 ID: ea2bfa

As you prepare to turn the corner, another individual blocks your path! She has rabbit ears, and wears a purple dress. She taps her foot on the ground, and glares at Fool. He gulps loudly.

"My dear." She says, frowning. "My darling. All those nice terms you can have for a boyfriend. When were you planning on letting me know the new Devil was awake?"

He seems sheepish. "Oh, uh, after we got 'em to Doc! Just make sure they were alright and all that."

"Uh-huh. Sure." She replies, putting a hand on her face. "Whatever. Glad to see they're up. You didn't bother to ask them what spawned them, did you?"

Fool looks incredibly embarrassed. "Uh, no... no, I didn't. But I can fix that!" He says, turning to you with a grin plastered onto his face.

"So, what Fear spawned you? I'm sure you know, we all know from the day we're born."

>Tell the truth
No. 735537 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842376593.png - (3.81KB , 300x400 , Annoyed Bunny Girl.png )

Associated image for this post
No. 735538 ID: 2a7417

It was totally the fear of self.
No. 735539 ID: 398fe1

"Fear of Cheese."
No. 735540 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842517730.png - (4.33KB , 300x400 , Staredown.png )

She glances at you as you say this, then frowns. "Either you're very confused, or you're lying to us. Fear of Betrayal, Fool." She says.

Fool considers this, then begins laughing his head off. "Holy shit, really? Oh, that's great! She's gone paranoid!" He says, still laughing. "Oh, god, I wouldn't believe it if you hadn't said so!"

She sighs, and takes both your hands before beginning to drag you to the Clinic. "Cmon, let's just get this over with. We've got more training ahead of us, don't we?"

>Ask Questions
>Just go to the Clinic
No. 735542 ID: 398fe1

What importance is the Fear we are born with?
No. 735543 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842802859.png - (4.55KB , 600x600 , Fears.png )

Fool nods towards Seer, who smiles and begins to explain.

"Well, the thing is, Fears are varied and complex. When they spawn a Devil, that Fear tends to influence three major aspects of their creation..."

"To begin with, there's the Mind. While all Devils are free-thinking, it does give them a tendency to think a certain way. These tendencies will assist them in some situations, but harm them in others."

"Then, there's the Vice. The Vice is sort of a constant temptation for Devils. It's an act based on their Fear, that is almost always violent or otherwise negative in nature. Giving in tends to provide short-term boosts to power and morale, but have longer-term consequences."

"And finally, there's the Strength. Fears tend to encourage specific fighting styles and combat skills. We don't know what your Mind, Vice or Strength are going to be like, but that's what Doc's for."

She smiles encouragingly at you. "I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't worry."

>Ask more questions
>Enter the Clinic
No. 735544 ID: 2a7417

Well, maybe I am lying. As a Devil of self-fear, I wouldn't trust me either.

Enter Clinic.
No. 735545 ID: 398fe1

Ask what their Fears are.
No. 735546 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842946858.png - (8.89KB , 600x600 , Doc.png )

You open the door to the Clinic, and are immediately accosted by the scent of spilt blood and rotten meat. The room seems empty besides a single chair, until a large eye opens on the wall. It examines the three of you for a while, and then a voice speaks up, seemingly from the room itself.

"The patient will enter, please." It says. It sounds oddly tinny, like it's coming from some unseen speaker.

>Head Inside
>Get Confirmation that you're not gonna die
No. 735547 ID: ea2bfa
File 146842959525.png - (6.36KB , 600x600 , Captain Of The Guard.png )

Also, as a bonus, have a quick, lousy doodle of the deity that you were spawned from, the Celestial Guard Captain!
No. 735548 ID: 398fe1

No. 735549 ID: ea2bfa

The eye stares you down.

"The patient's anxiety is duly noted..." The voice begins, pausing to take a deep, rattling breath. "But I assure you, I am a master of my craft. No harm will come to you within these walls..."

Seer frowns and puts a hand on your shoulder. "Look, I promise... This is completely safe. Doc wouldn't hurt a fly."

>Go in
>Continue panicking
No. 735550 ID: 7d01b5

We're a devil, not a human! Get in this very normal room!
No. 735551 ID: 2a7417

I'm not a fly!
No. 735552 ID: ea2bfa
File 146843233814.png - (3.91KB , 600x600 , Reconisderation.png )

She frowns. "I meant he won't hurt anyone. He took an Oath. Sure, it was an Oath he came up with himself, but he doesn't hurt people. Promise."

You swallow down your fear and enter the room, sitting down in the bright pink chair. The room is warm and humid, and the smell of blood gets stronger. The door closes behind you.

"I must warn you, this examination will include phlebotomy. I will take a small sample of blood, in order to examine your magical potential."

You nod quietly. It's just a blood drawing, right?

Suddenly, a series of tentacles emerge from the walls. They seem to be tipped with various organic versions of surgical implements. As they move towards you, one tentacle squirts a clear fluid onto each tool.

"I am simply sterilizing my implements. This is standard procedure."

One tentacle, seemingly tipped with a dewy, jet-black eye, looks into your right eye. Another tentacle extrudes what seems to be an organic tape measure that wraps around your head.

"Would you like some music, to soothe you during the procedure?"

You notice a needle seemingly made of bone wriggling nearby, apparently waiting for the blood drawing.

>Just draw my fucking blood, get this over with
No. 735553 ID: 7d01b5

Might as well. Let's see what kind of music they have!
No. 735554 ID: 91ee5f

No. 735556 ID: ea2bfa
File 146843485890.png - (5.63KB , 600x600 , Concerned Seer.png )

You accept his offer to put on some music. There's a crackling noise like a speaker activating, and a song starts.

"Did I drink some poison?
That I don't remember now?
Is there blood on my hands..."

You are significantly not comfortable, and say so.

"Give the music time to work. Fool assures me this song is quite good. Preliminary examinations complete. Now beginning blood draw."

A tendril wraps around your arm and applies pressure similarly to a tourniquet. More clear fluid is spurted onto your arm, and another tendril marks your vein in black ink.

After a brief moment, the needle plunges into your arm...

You faint dead away.

You awaken to Seer standing over you, looking concerned.

"Hey, you alright? The Doc says you fainted. The examination's complete, though!"

>Inquire as to why Doc didn't stop when you fainted.
>Tell her you're alright.
>Leave the room and say nothing.
No. 735557 ID: 398fe1

>Tell her you're alright.
Needles, huh?
No. 735558 ID: 7d01b5

Tell her you're alright, at least you didn't have to sit through it. Then nervous laugh.
No. 735559 ID: ea2bfa
File 146843662741.png - (6.38KB , 600x600 , Document.png )

You tell her you're fine, then let out an exceedingly nervous titter. She frowns, but helps you up off the ground and brings you outside. Fool is sitting against the wall, apparently tuning a guitar and humming a melody. When he sees you both leave the Clinic, he stands and claps his hands together, the guitar vanishing into thin air.

"Right! Examination! How'd it go?" He asks.

Seer pulls a sheaf of papers from seemingly thin air and hands them to you. "She fainted, but otherwise she's alright. I'll let her decide if she wants to tell us anything..."

>MIND: Subject's mental state indicates bonuses to SUBTERFUGE, while likewise deteriorating in CONVINCING OTHERS.

>Vice: Subject gains increased strength and morale when DELIBERATELY BETRAYING ANOTHER.

>Strength: Subject focuses on POWERFUL ATTACKS, though their STAMINA is less potent.

>Show them your results.
>Only tell part of the truth
>Don't tell them anything
No. 735561 ID: 398fe1

We could be their spy... Gain clout with the enemy then betray them. Somehow do this without gaining a reputation as a spy. Disguises, perhaps?

But we should also try to ensure they're not just using us as fuel for their Vices. It kinda sounds like a Devil's Vice should be private in general.
>Only tell part of the truth
Don't tell them about your Vice.
No. 735562 ID: 97bacb

Fabricate results that are close but wrong. Stick with the fear of self lie from earlier.
No. 735563 ID: 398fe1

"convincing others" means persuasion, right?
No. 735564 ID: ea2bfa

Exactly. You're bad at persuading others to do things.
No. 735570 ID: ea2bfa
File 146844622188.png - (5.81KB , 600x600 , Awkward.png )

You explain to the other Devils that you're willing to share everything except for your Vice. They seem to understand, and seem pretty okay with everything else you tell them.

"Goodness, I would have never guessed." Fool says, deadpan, though he lets out a bit of a yelp when Seer swats him on the arm.

"Alright, well, the examination's over, I suppose... Time to move onto sparring, right?"

You head to the Sparring grounds, where there seems to just be a small arena. The ground is littered with burns, bullet holes, slashes in the dirt and... are those mine craters? I think those are mine craters...

"Okay, so, we're just gonna figure out how you do combat-wise, alright?" Fool says, clapping his hands together again. "I'll be your partner. But first, you gotta summon a weapon, okay?"

You raise an eyebrow, and he proceeds to explain that every Devil has a special weapon they can summon. It can theoretically be anything!

As if to show of an example, the Seer holds her hands apart, and what seems to be some sort of... crossbow minigun pops into being. The young woman holds the wooden monstrosity easily.

"So, go on ahead. Just focus on having a weapon in your hands, and you'll have it. But once you pick it, you're stuck with it."

>Note: Weapon must be one-handed. Weapon must be capable of being silenced.
No. 735571 ID: 595d54

In case you need to delete a post in the future, you can do it yourself if you didn't already know. Click the checkbox next to your name and tripcode, scroll to the bottom of the page, and press "Delete" in the bottom right corner.
No. 735572 ID: ea2bfa

Thank you! I'll keep that in mind!
No. 735574 ID: 97bacb

Pile bunker with padded stop plate for reduced impact clang.
No. 735576 ID: a075ba

>Subject's mental state indicates bonuses to SUBTERFUGE, while likewise deteriorating in CONVINCING OTHERS.
I'm confused. Doesn't subterfuge almost entirely of convincing other of things that aren't true? Or do we only get bonuses to lies of omission?

A fractal dagger. As if space and geometry shattered around a single dagger, copies and replicas growing off of itself. You can control the degree of the fractal expansion, allowing for variable length and shape in different circumstances.
No. 735577 ID: ea2bfa

Well, it's more in the sense you can't persuade people to do stuff. You could lie through your teeth about something and make it sound convincing, but you couldn't get someone to get you a glass of water unless they'd already be willing to get you a glass of water.
No. 735578 ID: 398fe1

Ranged combat makes sense for a glass cannon. How about... throwing knives big enough to be used as short swords.
No. 735581 ID: b7883c

A laser gun. The kind with actual lasers instead of weird sci-fi energy blasts, so the beam travels at the speed of light, can only be seen from the side if there's a lot of dust in the air, and is outside the normal visual spectrum even if there is dust.
No. 735583 ID: af6e04

Poison dagger. Deadly on backstabs but useless in a confrontation.
No. 735585 ID: ea2bfa
File 146845086104.png - (9.47KB , 1000x1000 , NEW WEAPON.png )

You focus, and suddenly, around your waist appears a large satchel! Inside are three throwing knives!


(And author got: Better art style!)

Experimentally, you pull out a knife and toss it at a nearby target. Shortly after embedding itself in the wood, it disappears and you feel a sudden weight at your side as it reappears in the satchel.

Fool nods approvingly. "Neat! Alright, it's time to get sparring!" He pulls a microphone from his pocket, and Seer sits on a nearby bench to watch the spectacle.


With that, he drops the mic... or rather, lets it go long enough for it to transform into a wicked looking mace, at which point he snatches it out of the air and levels it at you.

"Your move, cupcake."


>Note: You currently have access to one Battle Tech, "Your Senses Betray You"

>Your HP: 10/10
>Fool's HP: 100/100

>Battle Tech
No. 735586 ID: 398fe1

Let's start out big and try the Battle Skill.
No. 735588 ID: ea2bfa
File 146845230735.png - (16.43KB , 1000x1000 , Fool Fight 1.png )

Battle Tech Menu:
>Your Senses Betray You (Negate Next Enemy Attack Or One Free Hit)

You activate the battle tech, and your heart pounds in your chest for a moment. Something tells you that nobody can see you...

Fool sees this and just grins. "Invisibility? Please. I'm part-wolf, dummy." He sniffs the air... and then looks startled. "Oh my god..." He says, looking around, seemingly genuinely bewildered that his senses are failing him.

You take this opportunity to fling a knife at him, the oversized blade whizzing past his head and cutting a thin line into his cheek.

He curses as you reappear in view, and Ikuko reappears in your satchel. "Clever. Real clever."

>Your HP: 10/10
>Fool's HP: 98/100

He growls softly, and then smirks. "Alright. We're just blowing our loads right out of the starting gate? Fine."

He waves his hand, and suddenly a song begins playing, some bass-heavy piece of techno that gets your blood pumping... And then, it stops pumping.

>Fool used Battle Tech "Skipping Beats"!

You will now take Damage every turn!

You take 2 damage!

>Your HP: 8/10
>Fool's HP: 98/100

He smirks again as you stumble to your feet. "Yeah, just so you know, I'm going easy on you. Devil Magic's a bitch, huh?"

No. 735589 ID: 3663d3

get in there and show em your stabs!
No. 735590 ID: 398fe1

Is there anything else we can do? Can we suggest maneuvers or what?
No. 735591 ID: a075ba

I feel like we should have asked how durable devils are before attacking. A little late, now. We have to trust he's going to spare us due to training.

>your heart stopped
...do we get a bonus for our treacherous heart turning against us? I'm not sure what's more betrayal than that.

>what do
Honestly, your best bet is subterfuge.

Start acting like you're freaking out, lose it a little, fall down. You're a rookie, and you already fainted for the doc once today. He'll believe it, and come check on you.

Only the fight isn't over, and you'll stab him when he does.
No. 735593 ID: ea2bfa
File 146845438448.png - (9.53KB , 1000x1000 , Wounded Gazelle.png )

You do exactly that. Letting out an exaggerated gasp of pain (though this does hurt quite a bit), you fall onto your backside and begin faking a freakout.

Seer looks concerned, and Fool claps his hands over his mouth. "Oh my god! Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I... I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry!"

In the throes of your acting, you subtly reach one hand towards your knife satchel...

He begins approaching you, one arm held out. "It's okay, you'll be fine! Just breathe, okay? You'll be fine if you just breathe!"

He steps right in front of you, looking down, the utmost concern for you in his eyes. You can tell he really cares about your wellbeing...
No. 735594 ID: ea2bfa
File 146845465641.png - (6.89KB , 1000x1000 , First Betrayal.png )

When you reach up, Marina in your hand, and drive the blade through his chest, you see the concern in his eyes turn to a look of confusion.

Blood splatters you, hot and red. You think you may have hit a lung. You can't bring yourself to truly care.

He falls backwards slowly, as if not quite sure if he's supposed to be doing it. When he hits the ground and you get to your feet, Seer's expression locked into one of horror, you realize something.

You've betrayed the first person you ever met. And you've never felt better...


Seer rushes over, picking Fool up like he's a small child. He attempts to say something, but just coughs up more blood. She looks at you, and in her eyes you see... pity?

"Follow me, we have to get him to Doc!"

You both rush down the hallway, and Seer all but kicks down the door to Doc's clinic, throwing her lover's limp body into the chair. Two tendrils push the both of you out, and judging from the sounds within Doc is going straight to work.

Seer doesn't seem to be meeting your gaze. She seems perturbed.

"Did you mean to do it?" She asks. "Did... did you mean for it to go exactly like that?"

>Tell her you did
>Tell her you didn't
>Lie that you didn't
>Defend self
No. 735597 ID: 398fe1

>Tell her you didn't
Well I mean you were gonna stab him but you expected him to be a bit more durable than that. Are Devils really that easy to kill?
No. 735598 ID: ea2bfa

For what it's worth, you caught him at what was basically an extremely vulnerable moment. He'd completely let his guard down, and you'd absolutely fooled him into thinking you were out of the fight.

Don't expect this to work... well, ever again. Either your enemies will take weakness as a sign to hit harder, or your future sparring partners might be more guarded.
No. 735599 ID: 1895b2

I just wanted to surprise him since I didn't think I was any match for him. I didn't think it'd do that.
No. 735600 ID: 398fe1

So hit points aren't a reflection of durability, but rather the ability to mitigate damage?
No. 735601 ID: a075ba

Truth: no, you didn't. You thought you were brand new, and he was a lot stronger than you. You thought you could trick him into getting a free hit in, but you didn't think it would be that effective. Pulling a cheap trick was the only move you really had, and you wanted to give it your all.

And you kind of assumed if we were swinging around lethal weapons that we had some kind of durability or protection.

I mean, seriously trying to kill your trainer is just stupid. You'd probably end up dead yourself missing out on something!

...of course, this probably doesn't sound convincing, and your impulse is going to not be to believe me. But you know what Doc's tests said about my mind, so you know I'm telling the truth.

...you're the only people who will ever know when I'm telling the truth.
No. 735602 ID: ea2bfa

Exactly. It's not just stamina, it's the ability to deflect, dodge, or otherwise just avoid getting hit.

She gazes at you, tears welling up in her eyes. She nods. "I believe you." She says. The both of you wait in silence outside of the clinic, until some time later, Fool steps out. He's shirtless, and his chest has a large scar on it, but he's otherwise alive.

Seer engulfs him in a hug, and he hugs her back. You stand there awkwardly for a bit, until they pull away from one another, and Fool gives you a good long look.

"I... I'm fine." He says, sighing. "I'm sure you didn't do it on purpose. I let my guard down, that was my mistake..." He chuckles, a bit sadly. "Doubt I'll be making it ever again..."

He heads down the hallway, and gestures for you to follow him. "Listen, I... I don't think you can stay here. At least, not now. Word's gonna spread like wildfire, and I don't think you're gonna be very popular..."

You open your mouth to say something, and he raises a finger. "I know. You didn't do it on purpose. But nobody but me and Seer are gonna know that. They're gonna think you flipped out and attacked me during a friendly sparring session."

You nod, and you notice your vision blur slightly as tears start forming.

He smiles at you. "Look... This isn't goodbye, alright? I never stay here too long if I can help it. We'll see one another again..." He extends a hand.

You take it, and rather than shaking it you pull Fool into a hug. He hugs back, and he seems genuinely upset. "Listen... talk to Traversus. He'll get you to The Normal World."

When you pull away from him, you notice he's pushed a wad of some strange paper into your hand. "It's Normal World currency." He explains. "Should keep you going for a while. We've got someone on the outside, he'll give you the low-down on The Normal World, okay?"

You nod. You realize you've all stopped outside of a door, labelled "Portal Network (Traversus' Realm)". This is probably where you're supposed to go...

If you have anything you'd like to say, say it now...

>Say Something
>Enter the Portal Network
No. 735604 ID: 398fe1

...see you later.
No. 735605 ID: a075ba

>If you have anything you'd like to say, say it now...
He cares about you, you fucked him over, and long term, he and Seerer (and Doc) are the only ones you'll ever be able to be honest with. No one else will believe you when you tell them the truth. So you might as well be honest with him.

"I did hit you as hard as I could, on purpose. I just didn't think it would work."

I think there's one thing we should ask before we leave:

"...why am I important to you?

"You cared enough to make yourself vulnerable, even though you'd just met me. Yuo still care, even after I betrayed you."
No. 735607 ID: ea2bfa

He smiles at your statement. "Devils gotta stick together, kid. Not a lot of people like us... not even other Monsters."

He pats you on the shoulder. "It's all okay, alright? Just stay safe, kid."

"Yeah. Seeya."

You turn around, take a deep breath, and step through the door...

When you open your eyes, you're floating in a black void. From somewhere far away, you hear a voice speak.

"Hello. I believe you're a friend of Fool's. I am Traversus. Is there somewhere you need to go?"

>Where are you going?
No. 735608 ID: 398fe1

>list locations
No. 735609 ID: a075ba

Uh, the normal world? Do I need to be more specific than that? Do I get a choice?

(Too bad we cut past the tutorial and don't know what we're supposed to be doing in the world!).
No. 735611 ID: 398fe1

Fool mentioned someone on the outside, we need to at least make sure we get to them before we go anywhere else.
No. 735612 ID: ea2bfa

The voice pauses. "Well... I'll freely admit, that was only a bit of a formality, friend. I've spoken with Fool, you have somewhere you need to be. To the safehouse, then..."

There's a loud whirring noise in your ears for a moment... and then you pass out.

>Hey, while your body and soul are being transported through the ether, why not spend that shiny new PERK you just got?

>Every Perk gives you a small bonus to some situation or another! You'll be provided three options every Perk! When you pick one, the other two are gone forever! So choose wisely!

>Perk 1: Triple Threat: Use all three knives during combat!
>Perk 2: Honey-Sweet Lies: People who trust you are even more susceptible to your lies.
>Perk 3: Lamb In Sheep's Clothing: People see you as less suspicious.
No. 735613 ID: 3663d3

No. 735617 ID: af6e04

Perk 3
No. 735618 ID: 398fe1

Uh, 1 is a 200% damage boost. That is way better than the other two.
No. 735619 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, wait a minute! Fool shoved us out the door so fast, he completely forgot to teach us how to do the "Anthropomorphic Animal" thing! Awww, now we're going to be stuck with our awkward legs and we're never going to get to have a serpentine tail!
No. 735620 ID: a075ba

Perk three is essential to not getting accidentally killed in the normal world, especially as we entered without information and are going to make stupid mistakes as a result.

...also we just made ourselves really suspicious to a lot of devils, probably, so that will help mitigate things when we eventually return.
No. 735621 ID: ea2bfa

You can already use two knives. You just haven't yet.
No. 735623 ID: 398fe1

Oh then it's a 50% damage boost. Then I guess option 3 could be more effective depending on what we're doing.

I don't like subjective abilities though... it's hard to tell if they're actually doing anything.
No. 735640 ID: 0b4dd7

less suspicious steadily becomes more valuable the more we betray people. all in on perk 3.
No. 735648 ID: 358228

Perk three, this is a SNEAKING MISSION, Snake.
No. 735664 ID: 67d5dc

we just killed someone with ~10x our arbitrary life points in one surprise hit. I figure getting more of those is probably more useful than a 50% combat boost.

Heck, a small cut on the other guy did the equivalent of 20% of our health. I dunno if we wanna be in combat ever.

No. 735697 ID: 398fe1

My understanding is that hit points only come into play when you're expecting an attack. They're a measure of how much you can avoid being killed, not a measure of toughness. Since his guard was down at the time, he effectively had like 0 hp.

I expect we can kill basically anyone via getting them to drop their guard. The problem is doing that more than once.
No. 735771 ID: ea2bfa
File 146852574370.png - (10.15KB , 1000x1000 , Meet Doug.png )

You have selected Perk Three! You are now less suspicious in the eyes of others! They will tend to treat you as more or less a "normal" person unless given reason to suspect otherwise!

Suddenly, you wake up! You're standing on your feet, in what seems to be the living room of a house. You can hear noise from behind you, apparently two people having a conversation...

In front of you, seated on a couch, is what looks like an anthropomorphic dog. He's holding a glass bottle in one hand, and is visibly startled by your presence.

"Oh. Uh, hi. I guess you're the one Fool sent?" He asks you, looking you up and down... and visibly lingering on your hips and chest.
No. 735777 ID: 3d2d5f

>visibly lingering on your hips and chest
I suppose the plus there is it gives you something easy to play to if you want to manipulate and/or betray him.

Although we should probably hold off on betraying instructors long enough to get the information we need to provide.

>what do
Yes, that's me. And who might you be?

You're supposed to explain some things to me, right?

Use your skill with lying on your posture, hold yourself a little more suggestively, but don't go overboard. A lie that you're interested or available (well, it's possible that might be true later, but you're lying in the moment).

If we need a "name", Viper might serve, unless someone has something better?

Don't tell him what you did to Fool, or why you showed up early.
No. 735778 ID: 91ee5f

Would it be possible for you to teach me how to do what Fool called the "Anthropomorphic Animal" thing? He completely forgot to teach me and I feel really weird with these legs.
No. 735780 ID: ea2bfa

You cross your arms in a way that deliberately accentuates your chest, and hold yourself in a way that suggests it's entirely for his benefit. Judging from the way his eyes keep flicking down from your face, it's definitely getting his attention. His tail wags slightly behind him.

You tell him you are the one Fool sent, and ask him who he is. He stands up, grinning.

"Name's Douglas. You can call me Doug, though." He says. "I suppose you could say I'm a Devil Sympathizer. I help any of them who want it get acclimated to the Normal World."

You nod, and tell him that he was apparently meant to explain things to you.

"Yeah, I was. Mostly about Normal World life. Fool gave you the cash, right? That's important..."

You nod.

"But yeah, I'm gonna explain things to you, don't worry."

He steps into another room, this one a kitchen, and throws his empty bottle into a bin. He turns to look at you, leaning against the counter. He smiles, and you have to admit, your heart flutters a little at the sight.

"So, any specific questions or do you just want the big spiel?"

>Any Questions?
>Just get the Exposition Dump.
No. 735781 ID: ea2bfa
File 146852766860.png - (9.91KB , 1000x1000 , Interrogation.png )

Whoops, forgot about the image.
No. 735783 ID: 398fe1

>heart flutters a little
Some sort of ability? Or is he especially attractive?

>Any Questions?
Well the most important one is how you can learn to change form. After that,
>Just get the Exposition Dump.
No. 735785 ID: ea2bfa

He's just really cute. Also, waiting for another suggestion or two, just wanted to explain the heart fluttering thing.
No. 735787 ID: 3663d3

let's get everything out of the way first. then we can dig into the gritty.
No. 735791 ID: 2e2d71

>Some sort of ability? Or is he especially attractive?
It could be both, to be fair. Someone with attraction / charisma / social / romantic powers would probably appear attractive as well.

Best to be cautious and not commit to anything, yet. If being subtly flirtatious makes him more amenable to sharing with us, that's good enough for the moment.

>"So, any specific questions or do you just want the big spiel?"
You're not a devil, but you're sympathetic to us? Fool made it sound like everyone hated us.

(If he reveals he's a god, "Okay, this might be a personal or sensitive question then, and you don't have to answer, but that mean you've got a devil?").

Also, yes, ask if he knows how devils do their animal transformation thing.

Then give us the spiel, we're sure we'll have follow up questions after.
No. 735800 ID: ea2bfa
File 146853099755.png - (11.35KB , 1000x1000 , Normal World.png )

He shrugs. "Some people are more sympathetic than anything. Or, uh, I guess in this case, Gods?" He winces as your eyes widen at this.

"Yeah, I'm a god. Love and Freedom. I swear, I'll leave you be, I just want to help Devils. I mean, I'm all about Love and Freedom, yknow? Not exactly the sort to crush a Monster species underfoot because they don't fit the dogma..."

You pause, and ask him if he has a Devil.

He shakes his head. "Nah. Back when I had a bit of a problem keeping it in my pants I worried that maybe I'd go too far. But I got some therapy and that managed to keep it in check, yknow?"

You nod, and then remember something. You ask him if he knows how Devils can transform.

He grins. "Really? They didn't teach you? Huh. Yeah, I'll help you with that, no problem." He considers you for a moment. "Hell, maybe you'd do better passing yourself off as a Naga or Chimera..."

You tell him that can wait until he explains things a bit, and he nods.

"Well, alright. Basically, The Normal World is sort of the "Good Twin" to The Wild Place. Everything runs off a set of laws, and The Celestial Court ensures that nothing gets too far out of hand."

"Of course, even with The Border, The Wild Place has a tendency to sneak in. It accomplishes that through Monsters, of which Devils are a variety. Most Monsters are formed of recurring thoughts and emotions amongst Morality, which gives them very simple drives. These drives are almost always violent or otherwise unwanted."

"Due to this, the Normal World has a thriving industry of Monster Hunters, mortals who go out and kill or otherwise take care of Monsters. It pays well enough, and usually gets you some renown."

"I've already set up some ID for you. As soon as you give me a name, you'll be a resident of The Normal World legally. You'll be living here until you can get on your feet enough to afford your own place. Or, if you're willing to help out and pay for your share, you could just stay here."

"We've got a bit of a support network set up already, so you're not just gonna be left out in the cold. But it's advised to help out however you can."

He pauses, apparently considering what else he needs to say. "I, uh, I think I've covered everything. Any more questions?"
No. 735801 ID: 398fe1

Monster Hunters... could you transform into a Naga or Chimera, pose as a Monster, then hunt them that way? (good way to get Betrayals, too. Get a monster's trust then stab them in the back. Because we'd be hunting in the Normal world, we wouldn't even get a reputation!)

Let's NOT betray the god that helps Devils. That's an incredibly unique and useful ally.

Ask him where "here" is. You're considering helping out.
No. 735802 ID: 3663d3

how do gods react to their devils? like, if we run into the celestial guard captain do we say hi or run away REALLY fast?
No. 735804 ID: 2e2d71

...why do monsters, or just devils, even come to the normal world if we run the risk of being hunted and chased out? Fool seemed like he had a home in the wild place, what's so bad about being over there?

>"Hell, maybe you'd do better passing yourself off as a Naga or Chimera..."
Are those monsters, or different species of mortals? Are some kind of monsters accepted enough it might be possible to pass as one of them rather than a faux-human?

>Let's NOT betray the god that helps Devils. That's an incredibly unique and useful ally.

Though, I wonder if smaller scale betrayals still count. Say, offering to share the bed, leading him on, then turning into a small snake and curling up for bedtime. Although even being a dick to an ally doesn't serve us that well, and...

>you have to admit, your heart flutters a little
>I'm all about Love and Freedom, yknow?
Try not to think too much about the opportunity of having your first time with a literal god of love. Oh wait, damn it, you're thinking about it.

(...also try not to think about how that would also be such a perfect time for betrayal stabbing).

>Or, if you're willing to help out and pay for your share, you could just stay here.
Maybe? Honestly, you don't know anyone, or have any plans yet, so it might be better to stick around and learn the ropes before you make any serious mistakes.

>We've got a bit of a support network set up already, so you're not just gonna be left out in the cold. But it's advised to help out however you can.
...if we're part of the support network, that leaves us in the position to "betray" anyone who becomes too problematic for the group. A fixed / enforcer role when monsters just won't play ball. Maybe.
No. 735807 ID: ea2bfa

"Well, I live in one of the Border Cities, as they're called. We're basically adjacent to the Borderlands. Pretty much ideal for Monster Hunters."

You nod. Sounds about right. You ask him about the potential of using a more animalian form for double-crossing Monsters.

"It's a good enough idea, but it depends on the intelligence level of the Monster in question. I mean there's a difference between becoming Babel's library assistant and trying to convince Death Slot to stop smashing up electronic stores long enough to listen to you. It could work out perfectly, or you could wind up in trouble. It depends."

Seems about right, you think to yourself.


You ask Douglas how deities usually react to their Devils.

"Well, if they know they have a Devil? Not well. I dunno who spawned you, but unless they're someone like me they're probably just gonna try killing you on-sight. Thankfully, Devils are actually immune to a lot of the "I Win" buttons gods usually have." He doesn't expand on that thought, though.

"Wellll..." He says, rubbing his arm. "Sometimes, it's the best option for them. Most Monsters have a constant drive to enter the Normal World and cause trouble, and for Devils... well, the Wild Place is dangerous for them. Monsters aren't too fond of you guys..."

You ask what Nagas and Chimeras are.

"Those are varieties of Mortals. Nagas are sorta snake ladies, not sure I need to go into much detail there, and Chimeras are, to quote the textbooks, "Animals given Human Stance". Really, just anthropomorphic animals."

"Some Monsters are usually accepted by the Normal World, but it has to be proven they aren't going to go crazy and start killing people on a lark. I mean, The Postman's been delivering mail for 10 years now, but that's because it's all he does. He can't contemplate doing anything other than delivering mail."

You consider your options, and inquire a bit more about staying here.

"Well, if you'd like. I've got a couple spare bedrooms. You'd have to pay for some of the utilities and such, but if you got a job I'm sure you could cover that."

You nod.

"Any more questions?" He asks you again. "Or I could just show you how to Transform."

>Any more Questions?
No. 735809 ID: 2e2d71

>"Any more questions?"
How do gods work? Are you like devils with a mind, strength, and some kind of virtue instead of a vice?

How common are gods? Devils? Just like, am I one of very few very powerful things, or am I really weak right now and there are there lots of us? (...you've already realized you're pretty bad at estimating your own power).

>nagas and animal people are types of mortals
While that makes posing as some kind of snake-type mortal a lot easier than.

>"Or I could just show you how to Transform."
Genuine smile. "No lie, this I have been looking forward to since I got my fangs."
No. 735811 ID: ea2bfa

"Gods were created by The Judge back at the creation of the world. The intial ones were all given tasks in the Celestial Court. Over time, those Gods bred, and created new ones. Obviously The Judge couldn't add new jobs into the Court, so she created Heaven and gave most of us jobs there. I was a relationship counselor until I defected." He says. "We basically work on Devil Rules, though our Vice is usually one that's beneficial in the long term. Still called a Vice for some reason, though."

He spreads his arms. "I'm gonna be honest with you, my Vice is Spreading Love. I'm a habitual matchmaker."

You ask how common Gods and Devils are.

"Well, Devils can only exist when Gods are afraid of something enough to create them. You guys are pretty damn rare."

You frown. That's... kinda disappointing, actually.

"Gods, on the other hand... we're about as rare. Not quite as much, though."

Those final questions out of the way, you grin and ask him about changing forms. You let him know how enthusiastic you are about the process.

"Yeah, it's pretty great in my opinion. Never understood why all the other Gods try taking human form when they're waltzing around here..."

He brings you back into the living room, and sits down on the couch. "Now, transforming's actually very easy, once you're in the right mindset. You just have to focus on the idea of being something else. Then focus on what that Something Else is. If you focus hard enough, you'll probably transform."

You nod. Seems simple enough. You close your eyes and focus on becoming more viper-like, carefully considering it...

You suddenly feel a chill run down your body, your entire form shivering... after a bit of this, something feels different... you open your eyes, and...
No. 735814 ID: ea2bfa
File 146853433993.png - (12.12KB , 1000x1000 , Naga-Self.png )

You're a Naga! You luxuriate in the sensation of having a tail again, the feeling of scales rather than the pale, smooth skin you had before, and the significant lack of hair.

Douglas whistles appreciatively. "Nice! You look good."

He stands up, checking the time on the wall. "Anyways, it's getting a bit late. I know Devils don't really do that whole "Sleep" thing unless they're forced into it, but I'm gonna hit the hay."

He smiles at you. "If you need anything, just wake me up. I'll be fine, I promise."

With that, he heads upstairs to what are presumably the bedrooms. You are alone, in Douglas' living room. The television is off, though the remote is lying on the couch.

There's also what seems to be a game console hooked up to the TV.

Of course, what Douglas doesn't know is that you're perfectly capable of sleep. You just don't HAVE to.

>What do you do?
No. 735815 ID: 398fe1

Explore the location. Look around, see what amenities there are.
No. 735816 ID: 2e2d71

Go find the bathroom and check yourself out in the mirror.

Then experiment with shapeshifting. Can you go all the way to tiny snake form? (For sneaking, and being cute). Can you turn into a big snake?

>question to ask tomorrow
...how does he feel about us indulging out vice? I mean, demon ones are, you know, rather less nice. If we're living with him, I assume we kinda stick by his rules.
No. 735817 ID: ea2bfa

You look pretty nice, you think! Your scales are sleek, shining slightly under the bathroom's single light.

You practice shapeshifting a bit, and discover that you can turn into both a rather small snake, and an averagely-sized viper.

You then investigate the house a little. There seems to be a living room and a kitchen, along with a small office and the bathroom you were just in. A computer's plugged in in the office, and it seems to have several sound-based files on it. Most of them are labelled along the lines of "Project One" or "Deadline Piece". You also notice at least one file that seems blatantly pornographic in nature. There's also a bookshelf in here, mostly filled with various fictional novels, though there are a handful of what seem to be history books and a pack of some strange item labelled "Tarot Cards".

The kitchen has everything you could expect from a Kitchen. Oven, fridge, stove, sink, etc. A coffee pot sits on the counter, apparently ready to start up tomorrow. A note sits on the fridge.

"Reminder: The Pale Horse bottles are mine, you guys. Seriously, I buy the Smithson for a reason. Namely, so you guys stop stealing my goddamn drinks -D"

Apparently Doug has a problem with houseguests taking his beverages.

The living room has a couch, a coffee table, and the TV from earlier. Photographs line the walls, most of them either people you don't recognize, Douglas, or Douglas with people you don't recognize.

Upstairs are three rooms you assume are bedrooms, along with another bathroom. Unlike the one downstairs, this one has a shower.

You can hear soft, steady breathing in one of the bedrooms. Presumably, this one is Douglas'.

>What do you do?
No. 735818 ID: ea2bfa
File 146853540105.png - (7.57KB , 1000x1000 , Snek.png )

Whoops, forgot the image!
No. 735819 ID: 2e2d71

>Apparently Doug has a problem with houseguests taking his beverages.
Pfff. Beneath us. If he already has a problem with it, us taking one wouldn't even be a betrayal.

>don't need to sleep
>can turn into a tiny snake
I think after we get a job we should invest in a heatlamp, the kind people get for pets. Then we'd actually have a reason to snooze. Besides dreaming, if we dream.

>>What do you do?
...well if we wanted to be a dreadful tease, we could sneak into his bed and fall asleep.
No. 735825 ID: 398fe1

>sneak into his bed
Yes. As a snake.

Let's at least sneak in there and snoop around as tiny-snake.
No. 735826 ID: ea2bfa


Well, you've got something to do now. You head into Douglas' bedroom, seeing him currently under the covers. He's fast asleep, and you turn into a small snake, plopping onto the covers and slithering around. The room seems normal enough, a bedside table where his cell-phone sits charging and a small alarm clock reads 12:00 AM.

A window reveals that it's currently dark out, and a closet sits closed.

You consider whether you should leave... or maybe slither underneath the covers?

>What do you do?
No. 735834 ID: 91ee5f

Get under the covers as a snake and if and/or when he wakes up and asks why you're a snake under his covers, just tell him, "I was looking for my first monster to hunt, the legendary Trouser Snake! I heard that they hide in the beds of men, so I'm trying to find one to kill it! Do you know what it looks like? That would really help me find it!"

And then when he explains what a Trouser Snake actually is, we get extremely embarrassed and start apologizing like crazy! XD
No. 735835 ID: 398fe1

I'm ok with that except for the general tone of it. We could make it more obviously a joke, since I don't think anyone would REALLY believe we don't know that much about sex.
No. 735836 ID: ea2bfa
File 146854068080.png - (4.19KB , 1000x1000 , Whoops.png )

You decide to be a bit cheeky and wriggle underneath the covers. It's dark under here, obviously, and you can only really navigate through wriggling around his body.

You figure you might as well have some fun your first night here, and prepare for an AWESOME joke whenever he wakes up...

Until you realize something. Something that makes your reptile face heat up with... well, you're not entirely sure what it is...

Douglas is completely naked.

>What do you do?
No. 735838 ID: 2e2d71

Just slither up onto the bed and take a snooze. You got bored, so you joined him. Messing with people isn't as fun as betraying them, but it has its perks.

The first part might work as a blatant tease, but considering how we were sort of flirting with him before, I'm not sure the level of naivete the nervous embarrassment would require would be believable. Maybe with our magic lying, but it contradicts the expectations we already gave him.

I mean, I'd think he'd read as outright flirting / an invitation, given the context.
No. 735839 ID: 2e2d71

He outpranked you, in his sleep. Dang he's good!

Retreat to sleeping on top of the sheets.
No. 735843 ID: 91ee5f

We're in too deep! No backing out now! Proceed with the cheekiness!
No. 735848 ID: ea2bfa


Yeah, you're aborting this particular mission. Getting back on top of the sheets, you coil up atop Douglas and fall asleep...

You dream that you're in a desert. But instead of sand, the ground is covered in scraps of confetti, all of it either pure white or covered in black ink. The air is warm around you, and it smells like a library.

Behind you is an oasis, but instead of water, it's filled with black ink. Ahead of you are paper dunes in the sand.

>What do you do?
No. 735849 ID: 398fe1

Climb on top of a dune and see if there's anything to be seen. If not I guess we can make some papercastles by the oasis. ...taste the ink, maybe?
No. 735853 ID: 2e2d71

Seems like a good approach.
No. 735855 ID: ea2bfa


You climb onto one of the dunes, paper crinkling and shifting under your tail. The dune only reveals more paper sand...

Until, off in the distance, you see something move. Something around your size, if you're guessing correctly...

>What do you do?
No. 735856 ID: ea2bfa


You climb onto one of the dunes, paper crinkling and shifting under your tail. The dune only reveals more paper sand...

Until, off in the distance, you see something move. Something around your size, if you're guessing correctly...

>What do you do?
No. 735857 ID: 398fe1

Go check it out.
No. 735862 ID: ea2bfa

You slither across the sand, keeping your eyes on the distant figure. It apparently notices you too, and begins moving towards you. It seems to be a serpent of some sort, either made of paper or colored exactly like it.

When you reach it, it's revealed to be made of paper, its body covered in rustling pages. One seems to describe a recipe for quiche. Another is a translation guide for Glossolalia.

It looks up at you, and breaks into a wide grin.

"Oh my gosh! There's another Monster in the Library! Soooo cool!" He says. Despite his size, he sounds around 10 years old. "Who are you? My name's Babel!"

You realize that you've never given yourself a name...
No. 735864 ID: 3663d3

give yourself 3 names. you use them interchangeably. susan, michelle, or rachel. which one is your real name? they all are, and none are.
No. 735866 ID: 91ee5f

You think to yourself, "Hopefully he doesn't Babylon all day!" XD

And then suddenly feel bad for making fun of his name, even though you didn't say it out loud, it was still rude.
No. 735867 ID: 2e2d71

That was one of the monsters Doug mentioned. This might be real.

>You realize that you've never given yourself a name...
I feel like we should follow the demon naming convention style. They're all kind of simple and descriptive.

Viper? (Too on the nose, maybe?) Sting? (Kinda cute, what we do, but people are apt to think of the sword).


It's the sound of drawing a blade from something, or stabbing it suddenly. It sounds vaguely snake-y. In the right context, it sounds like a kind of cookie, or it could sound like something lewd.
No. 735868 ID: 398fe1

No. 735870 ID: ea2bfa


"Snikt, I suppose." You tell him.

"Aw, neat! I don't think I've ever heard of you, you must be new!"

He suddenly reaches down and takes a large amount of paper into his maw, swallowing it down. You're not sure, but you think a few new pages pop up...

"It's good to see someone else! I've been here a while! The Queen sent me to clean up her Library! She says if I do a good job, she's gonna make me The Royal Librarian!"

He slithers towards another pile of paper, and begins slowly eating that.

"An' sh' s'd..." He swallows. "And she said when I eat all these old books, I'll be smart enough to just make them again! And then I can organize them!"

He suddenly darts forward and slithers around you in circles for a bit.

"Won't that be cool?"

You're not sure why... But you feel like you're only going to be asleep for a bit longer.

Do you have anything you'd like to say to Babel?
No. 735873 ID: ea2bfa


Fuck, this is what I get for rushing. This is the name I'm picking, sorry.
No. 735877 ID: 2e2d71

So... we're the Sinistral of Death?

Fitting namesake I guess. Especially since she did betray her entire pantheon. And then all her friends. And then her pantheon again.

>Do you have anything you'd like to say to Babel?
Whose library is this? What happened to it?
No. 735889 ID: 3663d3

ask for him to keep a... stomach? out for a book on devils, that would be useful to have.
No. 735893 ID: ea2bfa

"It's The Queen's library, silly! You know her, she's the one who created Monsters!" He says. "It's all messed up because she has so many books, but nobody to organize them! This is only one part, too! I think there's a beach an', like, a forest!"

He continues chomping on paper for a bit until you think of another question.


"Devils? Why do you wanna know about Devils?" He sticks his tongue out in disgust. "They're big jerks who think they're better'n us 'cause they're from gods! But The Queen says it's not about being strong, it's about being smart! I'm gonna be the smartest Monster ever! Then I'll show 'em! Yeah!"

His eyes sparkle slightly. Seems he's a bit too into this...

"But sure, friend! I'll find a book for you, since you're cool! You're a snake like me!" He grins up at you. "Just one more thing! You gotta tell me how to find you!"

His voice sounds odd, on that last bit. The "how to find you" sounds distant, and muffled...

"Are you okay?" He asks, looking concerned. "You seem kinda-"

You wake up.

"How to find you?
Maybe by your singing..."

Douglas' phone is playing a song, apparently set as an alarm. The time is apparently 7:00 AM.

You hear the shower running, and Douglas isn't in bed. Apparently he managed to sneak out without waking you...

You feel a little groggy, but otherwise refreshed.

>What do you do?
No. 735894 ID: 2e2d71

Hmm. So we have an opportunity to get close to someone who works for the queen of the monsters. Possibly a useful angle to manipulate, information to mine, or a betrayal to orchestrate.

>What do you do?
Look for breakfast? Realize you don't have a change a clothes, and you slept in them (sort of? Does shapeshifted count?).
No. 735897 ID: ea2bfa

You sigh, transforming back into your Naga form. You slither out of the room and head for the kitchen. Seems like coffee's ready, and deciding to be nice you make breakfast for both yourself and Douglas.

He comes downstairs a while later, in a mid-riff baring shirt and a pair of shorts that look just a bit too tight to be comfortable. On the other hand, they show off everything pretty nicely.

He grabs a cup of coffee while you cook, and sits down at the table. He seems to be considering something.

"So, uh... Sleep well?"
No. 735899 ID: 398fe1

Tell him you dreamt about the Queen's Library and Babel, before he became the librarian.
No. 735900 ID: 3663d3

being able to sneak out of bed to make breakfast without waking someone seems like a thing a god of love could do.

anyway, agenda. food, shower, clothes. ask around for jobs.
No. 735904 ID: ea2bfa

"Huh, really? That's something. I hear Babel used to be a pretty sweet kid..." He looks into his mug of coffee. "Makes you think..."

When breakfast is ready, you and him both eat in relative silence... Until he speaks up.

"So, uh, not that I didn't like it, but is there a reason you snuck into my bed last night?" He says.
No. 735907 ID: 3663d3

simultaneous case of wanting to check him out, tease him, and not wanting to sleep alone.
No. 735908 ID: 2e2d71

>I hear Babel used to be a pretty sweet kid
He's not now?

>"So, uh, not that I didn't like it, but is there a reason you snuck into my bed last night?" He says.
Give him a nice, big, snakey grin, and then crack and giggle to yourself.

Then say that.

It's boring at night! Had to amuse yourself somehow.
No. 735914 ID: ea2bfa


You grin widely, as if trying to be sinister... And then just start giggling. You explain you were a bit lonely, and figured getting to both check him out and mess with him sounded like a good time.

He smirks. "Huh. Did you at least enjoy what you saw?"
No. 735915 ID: 398fe1

Ah... maybe.
No. 735916 ID: 3663d3

flush "maybe~"

shower and clean clothes would be good after food.
No. 735927 ID: ea2bfa


He grins. "Well, maybe next time you won't have to wait for me to be asleep, huh?"

You blush, and he laughs. "Nah, I'm just yanking your chain. Unless, you know, you think that sounds like a good time." He throws his dishes in the sink, and begins heading out of the room. "I left you a list of job openings on the coffee table. Lemme know if you need anything, I'm gonna be in the office."

When he leaves, you head upstairs and take a shower. The hot water feels good as it cascades over your scales, and thanks to Devil Magic your outfit is pristine when you put it on. You head downstairs, into the living room. True to Douglas' word, there's a list of job openings on the coffee table, clipped from various newspapers. All of them seem physically oriented.

>Security Guard: Night Time. Protect Monster Research Facility from Mortal infiltrators and thieves.
>Monster Hunting Apprentice: Day Time. Learn the ropes of Monster Hunting
>Bounty Hunter: Day Time. Hunt both Mortals and Monsters in the name of monetary gains.
No. 735931 ID: 3663d3

bounty hunter.
convince our target we are a friend, go back to their place, kill them and their friends.
No. 735935 ID: 2e2d71

Security guard isn't well suited to us. We can't betray our targets easily, and it puts us in a defensive, reactive role. We're better when we can choose our battles.

We could take the monster hunter apprenticeship to learn how to hunt, and so we have an idea monster hunters operate so we can counter them when we need to. It's useful intel and training.

You'll probably have to lie your butt off to make it through, but that's okay!

...then later we switch into bounty hunting, so we can pick our targets. Who we will catch with lying and betrayal whenever possible.

Would it be better to pretend to be a naga or human for monster hunting? Given the anti-monster bias looking as 'normal' as possible might be advised.

Uh, would the fake ID paper Douglas offered us cover more than one identity, or do we need to choose if we're presenting with a tail or not in public? Or is shapeshifting a thing for people who aren't gods or devils?
No. 735938 ID: ea2bfa


You note the ID paper lists you as a "Registered Magician". Likewise, it mentions a tendency to shapeshift. Assuming you show them the ID, they'll know it's "you", more or less.

You have no idea what a Magician is, though...
No. 735940 ID: 398fe1

We could take Security Guard and Betray the company occasionally to let thieves in, in exchange for bribes. Or even let them in then betray the thieves, but that'd only work once. Betraying the company might work more than once, and so long as we can blame it on sleeping on the job or the thieves being skilled, it won't bite us in the ass.

Or we could make an entire new identity for each job, so when we Betray we can just ditch the identity and not accrue a nasty reputation. We'll have to learn shapes other than Naga, though. People will start getting suspicious about nagas in general after we do it a few times.
No. 735944 ID: 2e2d71

I think for the moment betraying a company we're working for is a bad idea. It runs the risk of disrupting our revenue stream, and possibly making an organization hostile to us, which might be biting off more than we can chew so early.

>You have no idea what a Magician is, though...
Might be a good idea to ask before we head out, since we'll be pretending to be one after all. It's easier to lie if you know what you're talking about!
No. 735945 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, we should ask Douglas about Magicians. Also, get an idea of the differences between Bounty Hunter and Monster Hunter. Do Monster Hunters get advantages the more general hunters don't get?
No. 735946 ID: ea2bfa

You knock softly on Douglas' door. "Come on in!" He says. "Just touching up this track..."

You enter, and he looks up at you from the desk, removing one of a set of large headphones from his ear. "What's up?"

You ask him just what a Magician is, and the difference between Bounty Hunters and Monster Hunters.

"Well, Magicians are... Uh, to put it bluntly, they're what happens when Mortals and Monsters interbreed. They're more or less Mortal, but they've got The Wild Place's chaos in them. This translates through some really souped up magic ability." He frowns. "Fool compared 'em to something called a Sorcerer? I don't know, that dude's fucking with different realities all the time..."

You nod, confused.

"Anyways, uh, Monster Hunters don't get themselves involved with Mortal affairs. On one hand, their pay is based on the type of Monster they kill, and they obviously have less jobs available. On the other hand, unlike Bounty Hunters, they're always allowed to use lethal force."

He goes on. "Bounty Hunters make more money, and have more job variety, but sometimes a client will need a target brought in alive. So you can't just go in knives swinging."

He looks up at you, smiling. "Anything else I can help you with?"
No. 735947 ID: 398fe1

Ask if you have a room set up here.
No. 735950 ID: 2e2d71

Bounty hunter seems more our thing. Lying and betrayal can pull off more than brute violence.

Although if monster hunting comes with training and methodology, I still think we should grab that first.
No. 735953 ID: ea2bfa

He shrugs. "Well, I mean, I've got two bedrooms that're just taking up space. You're welcome to one of 'em. If you're gonna stay for a while, you can even buy something to pretty it up if you want."

You ask him if Monster Hunting provides any special training.

"Besides a field-guide to common Monsters? No, not really. Hell, I've got a copy right here in the office, if you want."

>What do you do?
No. 735955 ID: 398fe1

I'll take that guide.
No. 735956 ID: 3663d3

take the guide and go bounty hunting.
No. 736010 ID: ea2bfa

You accept the Guide, and leave the house to head towards the Bounty Hunting Headquarters. The building is pretty small, and when you slither a bored-looking man apparently reading something on his phone looks up at you.

"Haven't seen you 'round here before. Well, yknow, job listings are right here." He says, sliding forward a list.

"O' course, you've gotta get a license. But that's just a payment 'n' then you're all set."

You pay for the License (which, unfortunately, takes most of your money from Fool...

>You got: Bounty Hunting License!

"Anyways, just lookit the list. They'll tell you the target, the location, 'n' the condition they want 'em in. Simple enough, right?"

>Immuno Nest (Monster Colony), Abandoned Hospital, Dead
>Death Slot (Monster), TV Station, Dead Or Alive
>Seraph (Monster), Court Temple, Dead
No. 736011 ID: 3663d3

okay, that seems like it would help using the guide. what are immuno, seraph, and death slot?
No. 736013 ID: 398fe1

Yeah let's look up what these things are to get a better idea of how dangerous they are or what our approach would be.
No. 736014 ID: ea2bfa

Immuno: A monster resembling a bacteriophage of varying sizes, Immuno is spawned from concerns over disease and sickness. Smaller specimens tend to gather together and form "Nests". Relics Include: DNA Strand, Plasm, Spindly Leg

Death Slot: Ostensibly spawned from disappointment at the sudden cancellation of television series. Immuno derives great pain from television broadcasts, and will attempt to destroy both TVs and stations where they receive broadcasts from. Relics Include: Sledgehammer, Cracked TV, Robe Scrap

Seraph: A larval form of Beloved. Spawned from worship of higher powers. Minor shapeshifting abilities, which it uses to appear as authority figures or other trusted individuals. Relics Include: Shining Eye, Angel Skin, White Feather
No. 736016 ID: 398fe1

The Seraph seems most suited to our abilities. All we have to do is figure out who it is, and we can assassinate them. We can sneak around as a tiny snake and eavesdrop until we find them.
No. 736017 ID: 3663d3

or we can pretend to be someone that wants to worship it. act like someone that has fallen for it's trick.
No. 736018 ID: 2e2d71

Immuno sounds kind of animalistic, and Death slots sounds like a berseker. While Seraph sounds like it tries to interact with people.

That means we have the best angle to try and apply our skills on Seraph. Lies need a certain level of awareness / communication to be effective, and if we pretend to play along with it's game, we have a chance at betraying it.

Hmmm. Our first proper kill, if you pull this off.
No. 736019 ID: 97bacb

We should try for the betrayal bonus on these if we can. The seraph should be easy if we convince them we are a worshipper.
The death shot would probably feel pretty betrayed if we could convince them their show got renewed Futurama style.
Not sure about immuno thoguh.
No. 736020 ID: ea2bfa

You decide to go after Seraph!

You head down to the Temple outlined in the ad. It's currently got a few worshippers within, a hodge-podge of mortal races, worshipping various members of the Celestial Court.

A few people stand out in particular...

>Young Cat Chimera, Currently Praying
>Human Priest, Sweeping Altar
>Shadowman Nun, Lighting Candles
No. 736022 ID: 3663d3

carry yourself as someone down on their luck and in need of divine intervention to turn their luck around.
No. 736024 ID: 398fe1

I think we can eliminate any non-staff from the suspect list, and minor shapeshifting probably wouldn't let it appear to be something nonhuman. If it's any of these it'd be the priest. Or if I'm underestimating its shapeshifting powers it could be the nun. Did the book go into any detail?

We probably want to keep the Seraph from finding out Erim's a bounty hunter... This mission could take some doing. I bet it'd be easier if we came back at night when the staff is asleep.

It'd be safe to talk to the chimera, regardless.
No. 736025 ID: 2e2d71

Hmm. Didn't Douglass' group shield monsters as well as devils? Maybe we should have asked if there was some way to differentiate the ones we're supposed to be helping if we work with him versus the ones we can hunt down for profit.

Also I wonder what criteria makes some monsters okay to help, and others okay for the devil to kill. Violence obviously isn't the criteria, since he seems to have no problem with us hunting or hurting people for a living. So what's so bad about these monsters they don't have Doug's sympathy, I wonder?

>what do
You should play someone poor and down on their luck, desperate for something to believe in. Fall in with the flock.

...if you haven't been seen already, you might be better off not in naga form. You're less impressive looking, making it a slightly easier sell. (Although that's a marginal bonus, don't worry overmuch if you're already inside).

>who talk to
The cat chimera, I think. You can pretend to be a chimera too, gives you a common point of contact to 'befriend' him.

Hmmm. Possibility for multiple betrays here. Anyone in the flock who comes to trust us will be betrayed when we hit the seraph. Complication is if then a mob falls on us.
No. 736028 ID: ea2bfa
File 146861785337.png - (7.29KB , 1000x1000 , Praying Cat.png )

Unfortunately, you're already inside. Guess you're going inside as a Naga...

You slither towards the praying Chimera, taking up position beside her.

After a bit, she glances over at you. You pretend to be deep in prayer, but then glance over at her as well.

She's a young woman, probably 18 or 19. She's clad in bright colors, and from what little of her prayers you could hear she was apparently praying for somebody to come home safely. Also, perhaps as a side-effect of your general Devilish nature, you can't help but notice the, uh... relative size of her chest.

She frowns slightly as she looks you over, then smiles softly. "Hi! Do you need something?" She asks.

>What do you say?
No. 736029 ID: 3663d3

the seraph is taking advantage of the people here to worship the gods. it's a prayer parasite.
No. 736030 ID: 398fe1

Ask if she's part of the clergy here. I assume not, so ask if she can help you find the Seraph that's apparently impersonating someone here.
No. 736031 ID: 3663d3

we will get a huge negative for asking someone to help us, do not do that. we got a minus to "convincing others" remember?

say you are new here and wondering what goes on in these parts.
No. 736032 ID: 2e2d71

Well sure, that's not a good thing. I'm just wondering why that's apparently an order of magnitude worse than what we do, in the eyes of our new allies. Insight into our lifeline is useful.

I mean, Seraph and Erim both have a similar approach in that they lie and deceive and to some extent manipulate victims in order to make themselves stronger.

>Also, perhaps as a side-effect of your general Devilish nature, you can't help but notice the, uh... relative size of her chest.
That jealousy or interest talking?

>"Hi! Do you need something?"
Feign nervousness, restless body language, have trouble looking her in the eyes.

"I, ah, I heard, there's help here."

Play the victim, looking desperately, hoping there's something real here. Not sure what "problem" we should fess up to when pushed / if someone tries to 'help' us. (The best lies have a grain of truth in them- we could build off what we did to Fool. That you hurt someone (lie) you didn't mean to).
No. 736036 ID: 3663d3

that's the thing, we aren't actually any better. if the bounty hunter agency knew we were a devil, our name would be up on the board. for no reason.
No. 736038 ID: 91ee5f

In other words, "They're a bunch of racists."
No. 736043 ID: 0b4dd7

seconding this. play the victim, don't let anyone here know you're bounty hunting.
No. 736052 ID: ea2bfa

It's definitely interest talking, that's for sure... God damn, you can even see some cleavage... Okay, focus, no time for a cat-girl's rocking tits...

You feign nervousness, refusing to meet her gaze and chewing on your lip. You inform her you were told you could find help here.

She frowns, seeming to feel sympathy for your feigned distress. "Well... you could always speak to a Priestess of the Defense... They're always willing to listen to confessions..."

She suddenly pauses, gnawing on her lip a bit. "Though... maybe you should just keep it to yourself... Ugh, never mind, I'm not gonna spread rumors..."

She sighs. "You could just... pray? With me, if you want? I've found praying with others usually helps..." She smiles warmly at you.

>What do you do?
No. 736054 ID: 398fe1

Ask about the rumors.
No. 736055 ID: 2e2d71

>Okay, focus, no time for a cat-girl's rocking tits...
Well, there could be, but getting time with them would require a longer con, and you run the risk someone else might jump your bounty. Plus a lot more time and effort for the same pay.

(Or there's the small chance you'll have a shot after she's free worshiping false hope, and has reached the point where she's grateful she was saved and not upset you ruined everything / tricked her / dashed her hopes).

>what do
Worm your way a little further into her trust. Accept her offer to (pretend to) pray with her, then later you can raise ask if there's something wrong with the Priestess? (She doesn't want to spread rumors, but we could probably get her to do so pretty easy).
No. 736058 ID: ea2bfa
File 146863274096.png - (41.82KB , 1000x1000 , Meet Sarah.png )

Okay, as much as you'd totally love to screw this cat-girl senseless, you totally have a job to do. Maybe after you take out the Seraph...

You gladly accept her offer to "Pray" (though in reality, you just think about random things for a while), the both of you sitting in relative silence, the cat-girl whispering a prayer under her breath.

Eventually, she stands. "Well... I think I might get back home..." She turns to you, and leans forward, accidentally(?) giving you yet another great view of her chest.

"Listen... if you want to talk, I'm here every day, alright?" She smiles. "My name's Sarah, for reference. What's yours?"

You tell her your name, and she nods.

"Nice to meet you, Erim. I get the feeling we're gonna get along great..." She puts a hand on your shoulder for a moment, and then heads out the door of the temple.

You seem to be alone. The nun currently lighting candles is now reading from a holy book, and it seems the priest is still sweeping.

Another woman in priestess regalia enters the room, before heading into what you assume to be a confessional.

>What do you do?
No. 736061 ID: 2e2d71

>degree in monster biology
Hmm. Higher education on monsters, yet she doesn't recognize the Seraph-trap she's in.

Increases the odds she might remain friendly to you once it's gone and she realizes the danger she was in, maybe. (Unless she's a monster sympathizer).

>she left
Drat, didn't push her about the priestess. Still, that makes her our prime suspect, for now.

...shall we head to confession?
No. 736062 ID: 3663d3

sit around and see if anyone moves to the other side of confession booth
No. 736064 ID: 398fe1

Let's go confess to something, then stealthily follow the priestess as a tiny snake. We'll want to transform somewhere out of sight, of course.

...I wonder what we should confess to? There's no point in doing a serious confession, if we're assuming this is the Seraph. How about confessing to having uncontrollable sexual desires? Like, say you think about sex all the time, about people you just met, etc. Or maybe confess to shoplifting, if we're going for something mundane.
No. 736065 ID: 2e2d71

I feel like some kind of downtrodden sob story would be more believable / what it expects than nymphomania ruining a victim's life, but I suppose we can sell damn near anything.

If we do confirm to ourselves the priestess is the Seraph in the course of our conversation, the very last thing we should do is confess that we betrayed the first person you ever met, and the nothing ever felt better than that moment your knife collapsed his lung.

As we stab her right through the flimsy confession booth screen.
No. 736080 ID: ea2bfa
File 146863703624.png - (15.72KB , 1000x1000 , Confessional.png )

You enter the other side of the confession booth, sitting in relative silence until the woman's voice emanates through the screen.

"Welcome, my child. What weighs on your soul this day? The Defense shall protect all who feel true regret..."

You struggle for something to tell her, then decide to tell a lie sprinkled with the truth, hoping the extra bit of emotion will help it sound even more convincing.

"I... I hurt a friend..." you tell her. "And they forgave me... but I still regret it..." Tears begin welling up in your eyes.

"I... I just need to know that there's some way to atone..."

The priestess is silent, for a time, but then speaks. "My child... do you truly feel no way to salvation?" She asks.

You tell her you don't, and she remains quiet again...

"I may know someone who can help you, my child..." She says. "If you'd be willing to come back to this temple. Arrive at Midnight, come with nobody else. We will get you the help you need."

She goes quiet for the last time, and remains quiet. You leave the confessional. Seems you have yourself a lead to work with...

The Priest has left. The Nun remains, still reading her holy book.

>What do you do?
No. 736083 ID: 3663d3

wander around, get something to eat, come back later.
No. 736084 ID: 2e2d71

>What do you do?
Hmm. Leave, go snakeform, then double back and snoop around? Sneak around the walls, the rafters?
No. 736092 ID: ea2bfa

You leave the church yourself, then find somewhere quiet to transform into a snake. You wait for someone to open the door, then slither inside. You don't seem to be noticed, and from what little you can tell, you've got two rooms beyond the main room to investigate.

You can examine The Basement and The Office.

>What Do You Do?
No. 736094 ID: 2e2d71

Basement, I think. More likely to be something hidden away there.
No. 736104 ID: ea2bfa

You slither into the basement. It seems this room is usually used for big gatherings, judging from the folding tables against the wall. Down here, there are two doors.

One door leads to what seems to be a bathroom. The other is locked.

>What do you do?
No. 736105 ID: 2e2d71

Sneak your snaky head over to the locked door and take a listen.
No. 736110 ID: 398fe1

Can we slither under the locked door? Or is it flush to the ground?
No. 736112 ID: ea2bfa

You discover that your serpentine form is barely small enough to slither beneath the door. The closet is dark inside, and the carpeted floor is oddly sticky. It feels like there's someone else inside of here, but they're not moving...

There should be enough room for you to turn back into your naga form, if you wanted...

>What do you do?
No. 736114 ID: 398fe1

I think we found the corpse of the person the Seraph is copying. Shapeshift back into Naga so you can open the door and let some light in. Or find the light switch without opening the door.

...do you not have a sense of smell? You should be able to smell blood or the corpse.
No. 736115 ID: ea2bfa

Good point. It does smell remarkably like blood in here. You remember VERY well from Doc...
No. 736116 ID: 2e2d71

If we turn back into Naga we'll probably be be too big to avoid getting the blood on us. Which, depending on if that carries with us when we shapeshift, may cause us problems moving around outside.

We could just slither over to check out the face, although if they've been dead a few days touching them might not be too pleasant. Maybe we should go for the light.

On and off quick, though. And keep one eye closed to preserve your night-vision.
No. 736117 ID: ea2bfa
File 146864479964.png - (7.96KB , 1000x1000 , Ded.png )

You go to check the individual's face, and discover what seems to be a burlap sack over it. You briefly transform into a Naga and turn on the light, quickly. Whoever it is, they're elderly and female.

They haven't been here too long. The body's relatively fresh. You wonder how someone figured out a Seraph was here, but you imagine there are ways to detect that...

You can only recall one elderly female individual...

And it's the nun from earlier...

>What do you do?
No. 736118 ID: 2e2d71

Light out before anyone notices it, back to snake form, sneak back out the way you came.

Pay attention to if the nun is still in the room. We want to avoid her noticing you, if possible.
No. 736119 ID: 398fe1

Take the sack off its face to verify it's the Nun. Then go stab the shit out of the nun. No time to get buddy-buddy with her and try for a Betrayal bonus.
No. 736121 ID: 3663d3

why no time? we have plenty of time. turn off light, sneak away. watch around you carefully so no one senses you.
No. 736124 ID: 398fe1

The Seraph could shapeshift into someone else if we don't get them now.
No. 736126 ID: 3663d3

then this person will be missing for real and the new person would be suspicious. the seraph has no reason to change forms.
No. 736127 ID: 398fe1

I guess so? I was just talking about trying to ingratiate ourselves with the target. Sneaking back up there to make sure we have the advantage of surprise is still a good idea, yeah.
No. 736130 ID: ea2bfa

You remove the sack from the figure, and it's most certainly the nun. You see what seem to be two small holes in the back of her neck, which you can only assume are what killed her. Or she may have bled out from the other, identical pairs of holes currently dotting her body.

You slither out again after turning out the light, and carefully head back upstairs. It's around noon at this point, and nobody seems to be here right now.

Seems like you might have to come back later...

>What do you do?
No. 736131 ID: 398fe1

Can't we just track them down in the temple? Slither around sneakily, she can't have gotten far. If we find another official of the temple, we can ask them if they've seen where the nun went.
No. 736158 ID: 2e2d71

We have two options.

1) is we leave, walk right into whatever we were invited to tonight, play along, then use the opportunity to betray them and kill the Seraph.

2) We get up in the rafters (or find some other hiding spot) or something for an ambush and wait for people to start showing up tonight. Then while they're waiting for you to show, you ambush the Seraph from behind.

Advantage of the first is it's more strait up betrayal. Advantage of the second is you get a tactical advantage and get to choose your battlefield more than if you let them lead you around.

In both cases, we have a slight disadvantage in that the priestess and whoever else comes along will survive your initial attack and may be hostile after you claim your bounty, and you aren't legally cleared to harm them. So you'd have to escape if you want to be a good little bounty hunter.

...what proof to do we need to take back to the bounty office? Do we need to take the body back with us? The head? The scalp? Ears?
No. 736160 ID: 3663d3

we can show anyone that is surprised and/or hostile the bounty hunter's license, which is probably the point of having it. we flash it and say "they were a monster listed for death in the bounty office". anyone arguing would have to argue with the entire bounty office, of which we have been following the rules so they would back us.
No. 736163 ID: 2e2d71

That's assuming they're still rational. People who think they've just witnessed a brutal murder and/or we are still coming out of whatever mental whammy the Seraph may have them under aren't necessarily going to rational immediately.

It would be great if they back down when they see the license, but you know, plan for the worst, just in case.
No. 736186 ID: 0b4dd7

you're forgetting a much better option. cutting a deal with the seraph, acquire fake proof, and betray the bounty hunting agency.
then coming back later and reneging on the deal with the seraph. doubling up on all that tasty tasty betrayal.
No. 736196 ID: 2e2d71

No, that's not a better deal. It's way more effort, way more failure prone, and at the end we still get the same money and only one extra betrayal, and there's a non-trivial possibility we don't get paid at all or we lose the bounty hunting through legal channels as an employment option.

(Plus if we've already proven to be a traitor, the Seraph might expect us to try something else, so it might not even count as a betrayal the second time if it doesn't trust us).

A steady income and socially acceptable excuse to have the autonomy to pick targets and kill them is worth more than us than any single perk. It's a safe way to survive and operate.
No. 736205 ID: ea2bfa

You consider your options in the empty temple. From what you're thinking, you could either COME BACK LATER and attempt a Betrayal, though it would be more dangerous, or STAY AND WAIT for an opportunity to ambush the Seraph.

While the latter option won't get you a Perk, it is by far the safer option.

You consult your monster-hunting manual, and discover that slain Monsters don't leave behind corpses. Instead, they dissipate and leave behind something called a Relic, a fragment of the Monster that usually has some form of magical energy imbued within. People usually pay well for certain Relics, and you can actually remember the Bounty Hunting List mentioning that you're allowed to keep Relics after turning them in for confirmation.

So, what're you going to do?

>Come back at Midnight
>Wait for an ambush opportunity
No. 736209 ID: 2e2d71

We're a professional lying backstabber. Coming back at midnight suits us better.

If we wanted to rig things in our favor, we could do some prep work before leaving. Scout escape routes, set up traps (stuff that will collapse or fall, especially anything you can trigger by throwing a knife at it). Maybe steal some keys so we can make sure doors are locked that you can dive under with snakeform and others can't without opening (assuming shapeshifting is fast).
No. 736218 ID: ea2bfa

You assume that you're going to be meeting the Seraph in the basement. It's large enough to hold multiple people, it's relatively secluded, and you're sure you're not the only one that's been given this particular offer.

With a bit of time to spare, you sneak down and fiddle with a table towards the head of the room, setting it as precariously as possible without it actually falling over. All it should take is a little nudge for it to go down.

Then, you leave the Temple. You've got free time until Midnight. A lot of free time. Do you want to head home, or maybe look around the city a bit?
No. 736219 ID: 0b4dd7

wander the city extensively.
learn the lay of the land. knowing the ins, outs, backways and byways, alleys and rooftops is super useful in case a hasty exit or a hidden grave is needed.
No. 736225 ID: 4f46b9

It would probably be polite to stop home at some point, so Douglas knows you'll be out late and not worry you're in trouble.
No. 736230 ID: ea2bfa
File 146870226128.png - (10.97KB , 1000x1000 , Speaker.png )

You decide to stop by the house, just long enough to let Douglas know you plan on staying out late tonight.

The slither home is relatively relaxing... until you stop outside of the house and hear muffled music from within.

You wonder if Douglas is having a party or some shit. Though, you don't imagine that metal is usually played at most parties...

You open up the door, and are immediately assaulted by the blaring music. You can hear Douglas totally hamming it up singing along to the song... And another voice.

A voice that's very familiar.

You slither into the living room, and see Douglas and Fool generally goofing off, Fool playing guitar and Douglas singing to some song you don't know.




They both notice you, and go stock still. They look rather embarrassed that you caught them at this.

Though, you have to admit, Douglas is an amazing singer, and Fool certainly knows how to play that guitar...

"Uh... hi." Fool says, as Douglas goes to turn off the music.

>What do you do?
No. 736231 ID: 3663d3

No. 736243 ID: 4f46b9

Don't stop on my account!

Hug Fool or something, let him know you're glad he's okay and his lungs are working fine, apparently.

You didn't expect to see him again so soon!
No. 736246 ID: ea2bfa

You immediately give Fool a big hug, glad he's apparently feeling better.

"Well, not too much..." he explains, standing up from the chair he's sitting in. "Doc says I can't really do much hard work until I'm fully healed. Thankfully, with Doc, that isn't as long a wait as it could be."

You nod, and Douglas unplugs the speaker. "Yeah, honestly, we should probably stop, though. I'm kinda surprised the neighbors weren't breaking down our door or anything..."

Fool lets go of the guitar, and rather than fall it just dissipates into thin air. "Yeah, Seer's probably gonna get pissed if I don't get back home soon, too..." He pats you on the shoulder. "Glad you're at least acclimating yourself a little bit. I'll check by some other time, okay?"

He winks, and then disappears himself.

Douglas places the speaker in a closet, then turns to you, grinning. "So, back home? I don't know if you're going back out soon, but I had a proposition for you, if you're willing?"

You nod, non-verbally telling him to go on.

"Well, see, you've gotten yourself a job, right? And I don't know how it's going, but I figured we could celebrate a bit!" He says.

You ask him what he has planned.

"Well, it's around..." He checks his watch. "4:00 right now. How about you and me go out and get some early dinner or something? And afterwards we could hang out, have a few drinks, maybe make out a little..." He says the last part like he's joking, but you have to admit, it sounds a bit tempting...

>What do you say?
No. 736248 ID: 0b4dd7

accept but delay. no drinky before worky.
No. 736252 ID: 398fe1

Accept. We can sober up before midnight.
No. 736259 ID: 4f46b9

Accept, but you can't do much drinking. Gotta work late tonight.
No. 736264 ID: ea2bfa

You decide to take him up on his offer, but inform him you can't really drink. You've gotta get some work done later tonight. He nods, then jokes he'll just have to do enough drinking for the both of you.

He laughs... then specifies that, no, he won't actually do that. He's... he's not an alcoholic or anything.

You inform him you thought it was funny.

The both of you head out, Douglas informing you that he knows this really great place. When you arrive, you look up at the sign.

"The Black Kraken

Surf and Turf"

He scratches one of his ears. "I, uh... don't know what you like, honestly... but this place is pretty nice!"

He frowns. "Not sure why they'd name it after a several centuries old Monster, though..."

You both head in, and are quickly seated. You order drinks, and while you wait for them Douglas smiles and tries to strike up a conversation.

"So, uh, how's your first day on the job been?" He asks you.

>What do you say?
No. 736266 ID: 398fe1

Well you're going after a Seraph in the Temple and you figured out who they're impersonating since you found the corpse of the original person. You were planning to kill it at a meeting there at midnight.

Ask him about the Priesthood of the Defense. What are their midnight meetings like? Would you get in huuuuuge trouble by killing the Seraph then?
No. 736267 ID: ea2bfa

"Well..." He says, taking a sip from his recently-arrived drink. "The Defense only accepts Priestesses for her clergy. Something to do with her being a "virginal" goddess." He sighs and rolls his eyes. "Which, might I add, she's only called that because we never updated the definition to include women or shapechanged women. If you knew what she got up to with the Head Juror, you'd know she's about as Virginal as I am."

"And midnight meetings... well, no such thing. Probably something set up by the Seraph you're hunting down, if I had to guess. Be careful going in, alright? Seraphs feed off of Hope, and after long enough their presence gets addictive. You may have to deal with some angry individuals."

He leans his head against one of his hands, tapping the other's fingers on the table. "Yknow, maybe I should talk to Long-ears... bet she'd be pretty interested in why one of her priestesses is slumming it with a Seraph..."

He looks up at you, apparently remembering you're out on a date. "Oh! Uh, anyways, are you sure you're all set when it comes to fighting the Seraph? I'm sure you can handle them, but... what about its followers?"

>What do you say?
No. 736269 ID: 398fe1

If the church is on the side of the Seraph that will definitely complicate things... Tell him you're gonna have to run away. You have something set up at the scene to make it easier. Ask if you can buy a smoke bomb or something from a shop, to increase your odds of not having to kill one of the followers.

Enough about work, though. ...you're able to speak in private here right? Ask him about Vices. Gods have beneficial Vices, so that must make it really easy for them to gain power, right?
No. 736270 ID: 2e2d71

>Uh, anyways, are you sure you're all set when it comes to fighting the Seraph? I'm sure you can handle them, but... what about its followers?
I was planning on cutting and running. (literally, since we cut the seraph first). Dodge and turn snake in the panic, disappear under a door or through a gap they can't follow.

Unless you had a better idea?

Gotta ask... you're okay with me doing my thing on monsters, but you're not with the Seraph doing its? Why do I get a pass for being less savory?
No. 736271 ID: ea2bfa

"Well, yknow, you haven't killed a nun yet." He says. "And, generally speaking, Devils are different. They can think, and choose. I suppose I might be making a mistake, and you're planning to just indulge your Vice left and right with no regard for others, but..."

He frowns. "I... I get the feeling you're not like that, yknow?"

He sighs. "But yeah, I guess your idea works. I doubt you'll need to make a break for it, just wait for the Seraph's aura to fully dissipate and you should be fine. They revert to their true forms and all that jazz before they die."

You nod.

You decide to ask him about the Vices of deities.

"Well, yeah, Deity Vices are definitely both easier to do, and generally better when they're done. I'm pretty sure I told you about my "Spreading Love" thing, right? It kinda applies to all of us. The Head Juror's Vice is "See Justice Done". The Captain's is "Protect The Innocent". They're all things that, generally speaking, improve lives."

He smiles. "So, yeah, we've definitely got a leg up over you guys." He chuckles.

A waiter comes by, and you both order food. You just decide to get what Douglas gets, seeing as how you're not entirely used to this sort of thing.

He pauses. "So... Maybe this is a bit forward, but... what do you think of me?" He asks, looking you in the eyes.

>What do you say?
No. 736272 ID: 398fe1

No. 736274 ID: 398fe1

Okay as a serious suggestion, tell him he's very attractive and has a good heart. Which is attractive too.
No. 736275 ID: 2e2d71

>And, generally speaking, Devils are different. They can think, and choose.
So we're redeemed in his eyes by having a choice in not going off the deep end. Most monsters are ruled by their natures.

>"So... Maybe this is a bit forward, but... what do you think of me?"
Let's just say you probably wouldn't have any complaints indulging in his vice.

Also, >>736272

(...he's a god of love, he's not looking for any lasting commitment, right? Cause you're nowhere near old enough to settle down with anyone).
No. 736278 ID: ea2bfa

You smile, and tell him that you think he's both physically attractive, and with his good heart, attractive in other ways, too.

You imply you'd be more than willing to indulge in his vice, if he'd be so inclined.

To "seal the deal", so to speak, you gently brush his thigh with your tail. His face goes bright red.

"Uh, th-thanks... I, uh, I'm glad you think so..." You're sure he's regretting wearing such tight shorts to this date, but you're having just a bit too much fun teasing the god.

"Uh, look... I hope you realize that if we do anything, it'll probably... well, just be for fun, at least at first..." He says, looking a bit embarrassed. "I mean, maybe when we get to know each other more... Yknow?"

>What do you say?
No. 736279 ID: 398fe1

No. 736280 ID: 2e2d71

Yeah, sure.

(Pfff. You're easier than a love god is).
No. 736283 ID: ea2bfa

He smiles. "Alright, cool. So, uh, when we get home, you and I could probably have a bit of fun..." He leans forward. "Though that depends... maybe you'd like to be a bit more... devious?"

You probably have a bit until food arrives... and you have to admit, his words intrigue you...

>What do you do?
No. 736288 ID: 398fe1

TOO LEWD. I think we can wait until we get home, loverboy.
No. 736295 ID: 2e2d71

...you know I kind of want to see if we can get away with lie to everyone in the restaurant at once.

And you know, betray the public trust or however that would be justified.

Go for it. We're a naughty snake.
No. 736298 ID: 3663d3

ehhh, to betray someone you need them to know you, at least a little. it's impossible to betray a stranger since they have no expectations. so i don't think we should try.
we can wait. let's talk nitty gritty about seraphs. says it's a larval form of a beloved. and isn't taking care of worshipers a god's job?
No. 736299 ID: ea2bfa

You decline his offer.

"Eh, alright, your loss." He leans back in his chair.

You decide to grill him a bit about Seraphs. You tell him about Seraphs being a larval form of something called a "Beloved".

"Oh, yeah, that's a thing. Seraphs only appear when it's worship of a genuinely higher power, like us. Beloveds are spawned from general adoration."

You inquire if that's the case, how are Seraphs larval Beloved?

"Well, basically, if a Seraph can absorb enough hope from people it's fooling, then it can sorta evolve into a Beloved. And then you have a whole can of worms there, since Beloved can just FORCE people to worship them. You either need an extremely strong will or to be a Magician to throw off a Beloved's mental control."

You nod, then inquire why the gods aren't getting involved here.

"Well, to put it bluntly, the only one of us who's genuinely omnipotent is The Judge, and she's too busy with bigger things than Monster attacks. Maybe if The Queen herself was involved..." He frowns. "But yeah, none of us really know about this sort of thing supernaturally. We'd only know if we found out for ourselves..."

He seems a bit upset by this, so you decide to drop it. Your food arrives shortly after, so then you're distracted by eating. You could probably ask one or two more questions before the meal's over and you have to go, if you wanted...

>What do you do?
No. 736300 ID: 398fe1

What's there to do for fun around here? Any good movies showing?
No. 736302 ID: 2e2d71

>You either need an extremely strong will or to be a Magician to throw off a Beloved's mental control.
...or be a crazy snake who's already pretty tempted to betray people left and right.

(Not that you're hopefully going to face that, unless it evolves right in front of you).

Shouldn't you have literal worshipers yourself throwing themselves at you?
No. 736420 ID: ea2bfa

He shrugs. "Maybe, if I were in a form they'd recognize. I kinda... took pains to make sure nobody'd recognize me unless I explicitly informed them I was divine." He explains.

He grins. "Well, there's this new thing I've been meaning to see for the longest time. It's this new action movie. Probably just gonna be a stupid explosions and tits thing, but if you're interested..."

>What do you say?
No. 736438 ID: 3663d3

a stupid waste of time is exactly what we are looking for.
No. 736445 ID: 2e2d71

You are perfectly fine with gratuitous violence and/or tits.
No. 736478 ID: ea2bfa


You gladly accept his offer, and after the meal (which, might you add, was delicious), you both head to the movie theater and see the film. It was basically 99% explosions and tits, and you loved every second of the stupidity.

Douglas snuggles up against you during the film, which you gladly accept... though when he blatantly gropes you you accept it a bit less gladly.

On the way home, Douglas looks over at you. "So... any idea what you wanna do now?" He asks, grinning.

>What do you do?
No. 736486 ID: 0b4dd7

most evening films end around 11. you should probably go confirm your escape route if the seraph job goes south. it's also always better to be early than on time for work.
No. 736489 ID: 398fe1

If we've got time let's take him up on the offer of making out, and maybe more.
No. 736498 ID: 2e2d71

Depends on the hour. If it's getting late, we probably want to go. It would be nice if we showed up early, so we could hide somewhere outside and watch who shows up to this thing for a while, before we actually head in ourselves closer to the actual time.

If it's not that late yet you could fool around I suppose.
No. 736505 ID: ea2bfa

It's only about 10 PM at this point, considering you both had an early dinner. That might be enough time to fool around, but you might wanna get to the temple really early...

>What do you do?
No. 736508 ID: 398fe1

We shouldn't need to show up THAT early. We can leave at like 11 after fooling around for an hour.
No. 736510 ID: 2e2d71

I wouldn't show up more than an hour early for spying.
No. 736695 ID: ea2bfa

You decide to head back to the house with Douglas. For totally innocent reasons, you assure yourself. You're totally lying, of course, but hey.

You chat with one another on the walk home, mostly about inane things. And also about how absolutely stupidly amazing the movie you just saw was. It's genuinely enjoyable, and you begin to feel the slightest of bonds form between you...

When you arrive at home, Douglas holds the door for you, then heads in himself... And then wraps his arms around your "waist" and leans in to whisper in your ear.

"So... you thinking what I'm thinking?"

>What do you do?
No. 736699 ID: 3d2d5f

>You're totally lying, of course, but hey.
It's what you do, after all.

>"So... you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Lean your head back and give him a sultry grin.

Then hiss softly.
No. 736700 ID: 91ee5f

>You're totally lying, of course, but hey.
Does this count as betraying yourself? Would our Vice activate?

>"So... you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Yeah, you're right, we did forget to order dessert at the restaurant! Oh well, I'm not too upset about it, their dessert is expensive. But, I think I prefer whatever 'dessert' you have here in the house, if you know what I mean." *wink* ;3
No. 736703 ID: ea2bfa

You do exactly that, and he grins even wider before kissing you deeply, his tongue moving to join yours. In an unexpected move, he manages to pick you up, and begins carrying you upstairs.

You're pretty sure you know exactly what he has in mind. Last chance to back out, are you sure you wanna do this?

No. 736706 ID: 3d2d5f

The only reasons I could think of not to would be if we're going to make us miss our meeting (rather unlikely) or if this would end up ultimately souring relations if he starts making / expecting more of a commitment than we're willing to (also unlikely considering what he is).

Go for it.
No. 736707 ID: 3663d3

No. 736720 ID: ea2bfa

You gladly let him take you into his bedroom. He lays you down gently on the bed, then climbs on top of you and begins kissing you again. His hands reach for your shirt, and begin pulling it up, which you gladly help him do. When your chest is exposed he begins fondling it, stimulating you with the sort of expertise you'd expect from a god of Love.

After a bit of this, he pulls off his shirt and pulls down his shorts to expose his member, which is already fully erect. You're both aroused enough that you could probably just get straight to the good part... but some more foreplay does sound tempting...

>What do you do?
No. 736724 ID: ed56d5

Put your tail to use before he gets any tail.
No. 736749 ID: ea2bfa

You grin, and maneuver your tail to suddenly grip Douglas' member with the very tip, the thinner portion of your tail wrapping around it. He gasps softly, and you begin moving it back and forth on the rigid flesh. You smirk up at him, and he begins panting softly as you pleasure him. You're not sure how long you do this for, but you can feel it begin throbbing in your grasp and Douglas moans.

"O-okay, stop, stop! I... I don't wanna go off just yet, yknow?" He smiles down at you, still panting, his face bright red.

You let go of the pole of flesh, and he moves to line himself up with your opening... though he admittedly has a bit of trouble finding it at first. When he does, though, he slowly pushes into you. Thankfully, you're aroused enough that the only pain you feel is minimal, and when he's sure you're comfortable he begins thrusting in and out of your body.

Your tail wraps around his waist as he moves in and out, expertly moving himself to hit pretty much every sensitive spot you have. He alternates between kissing you and using his mouth to play with your chest, and you're barely even surprised when he manages to make you orgasm.

You're not sure how much longer it goes on, though you definitely hit your release again and again. After a long while, though, Douglas hilts himself inside of you and makes what might be the least manly noise you've ever heard, and warmth blossoms inside of you as he releases in your depths.

When he's done, he pulls out of you and flops down beside you, panting like he just ran a marathon.

"Oh... oh, wow..." He says, eyes wide and a dopey grin plastered on his face. "That was... wow..."

You glance over at the clock, and see that the time is currently 10:45.

>What do you do?
No. 736756 ID: 398fe1

Cuddles. Also remark that you're surprised you're that good in bed for your first time. Has he not done it with a Naga before?
No. 736758 ID: 2e2d71

Cuddle for a little bit, give him a kiss on the cheek.

Then you're gonna need to wash up and head out to murder a monster.

...I wonder if it's rude to ask if you netted him a perk? It's sassy enough that I'm tempted to do so anyways.
No. 736766 ID: ea2bfa

You cuddle up against Douglas, draping your tail over his legs and nuzzling his neck. You ask him if he's ever done it with a Naga, or if you're just that good. He smiles over at you.

"You were pretty good, yeah... Though mostly just really tight..." He admits. "And I've... Actually been going through a bit of a dry spell too..."

He blushes.

>What do you say?
No. 736769 ID: 398fe1

Aww, why on earth would that be? He's a god of love isn't he?
No. 736773 ID: 2e2d71

Quirk eyebrow. (Eyeridge?)

You can't imagine any reason why.

(Hmm. If he's isolated himself, that's not great. This could be a lot less casual for him than we were expecting, and we are far too new to be making any commitmants).
No. 736783 ID: ea2bfa

He shrugs. "Just... nobody's really caught my eye, that's all. Nothing too huge."

He seems to notice your concern. "Look, I promise, this doesn't have to be anything serious if you don't want it to be. Hell, it doesn't even have to happen ever again if you don't want." He looks and sounds 100% serious. "Alright? I promise."

You sigh, and cuddle him a bit more. The time is now 10:50. You should probably get a move on...

You slip out of his embrace and get into the shower, cleaning the sweat and... other fluids from your scales. You redress, and slither out of the house. You see Douglas in the living room, reading some novel from the Office and looking a bit concerned.

You head for the Temple, and find a quiet, secluded place to snoop from. As time passes, you see a multitude of people quietly enter the temple, none of them you recognize. They seem to be mostly middle-aged or older...

And then, Sarah walks right up to the temple doors. Rather than enter, though, she sits down on the front step. She looks like she's considering whether or not to enter...

>What do you do?
No. 736786 ID: 0b4dd7

avoid her entirely. she'd recognize you and blow the whole thing wide open. you also don't know her well enough to betray her either, and her finding out how you work is not helpful on that front.
No. 736787 ID: 3663d3

we have no way to convince her ether direction without revealing ourselves. keep waiting. time your stroke so that you minimize loss of life.
No. 736788 ID: ea2bfa

You wait for a while, and Sarah enters the Temple too, after a long period of deliberation. Eventually, it's almost Midnight. You head in, and see everyone who entered earlier milling around the room.

Sarah doesn't seem to notice you in the small group, and eventually the nun... no, the Seraph... enters the room and takes up a position at the podium. It clears its throat, and smiles beatifically.

"My children. Thank you for your presence, on this most holy of nights." It begins, sweeping its gaze across all of you. "As I understand it, you are here because you are desperate for some light in the darkness, a spark of hope to ignite the fires of faith. For after all..."

It closes its eyes and smiles wider. "Hope is such a beautiful thing..."

She steps off of the podium, and begins going to each person in the room. Each time, she asks them a question. "What do you hope for?"

A young man with five o'clock shadow and disheveled clothes says he hopes he can stop drinking.

An elderly woman says she hopes her family will visit her one last time before she passes.

A middle-aged man with a beer gut says he hopes that he'll have a reason to live.

It goes on like this, before it approaches Sarah. It smiles down at her, looking for all the world like a friendly soul, a single spot of kindness in a dark world. "My child, what do you hope for?"

Sarah takes a deep breath. "I hope my parents will come back."

The Seraph's expression changes, as if its heard something unspeakably amusing. You think you're the only one who notices, as she turns and approaches you.

"And you, my child..." She says, looking into your eyes. "What do you hope for?"

>What do you do?
No. 736789 ID: 398fe1

I hope (STAB) for the end of false hopes.
No. 736790 ID: 2e2d71

If it wasn't too late to respond to Douglas (though maybe we can later), I would say we're too new to settle into anything serious with anyone, and we really weren't looking to hurt or betray him if he went into this with different expectations.

>Sarah walks right up to the temple doors. Rather than enter, though, she sits down on the front step. She looks like she's considering whether or not to enter...
Your odds of boning her, or even simply remaining friendly with her, are probably higher if she doesn't witness you assassinate a nun. Plus, the smaller the number of bystanders, the easier your getaway will be.

Selfish self interest says to steer her away. The only reason to bring her in is if we're going to commit to betraying her tonight, but I think that's juggling too many things at once.

Talk to her, find out what's got her nervous. We're not good at persuading people to do things, but if we get her talking, it shouldn't be too hard to tell the right lie to get her not to go in. She's already considering that.
No. 736791 ID: 0b4dd7

introduce your knife to the seraph's eye. "i hope you didn't see that coming"
No. 736794 ID: 2e2d71

Oh, whups, I guess I took too long with that. >>736790

I hope you trusted me. *Stab*

Lash out at the table leg with your tail (or throw one of your other knifes with your off hand) to make it collapse. Grab the relic, shift to snakeform, and vanish in the chaos before people can grasp what happened.
No. 736795 ID: 3663d3

lay on the sob a little and try to be hard to hear so that she/it has to lean in to year you. then you rip it's heart out.
No. 736797 ID: ea2bfa

You suddenly jolt up from your seat, pulling Marina from the holster and jabbing it directly into the Seraph's eye. "I hope you didn't see that one coming." You tell her, pulling the knife away. The Seraph buckles, and falls back onto the floor. Blood sprays from the wound... and then converts to a thick blue smoke. The other people in the Temple gasp in shock and horror.

"But... the worship..." It mutters to itself... before beginning to writhe in a boneless fashion. The stolen form melts away, revealing what seems to be a man-sized white worm, with bony arms and stick-thin wings. In time, even that fades, and you are left with a single puny down feather.

You holster the knife, and lean down to pick up the feather. Target Eliminated, you suppose. Rather than wait for questions to be asked, you slither out the door as quickly as you can, leaving everyone else behind... except Sarah.

She dashes after you. "Wait, wait! Hold on!"

>What do you do?
No. 736801 ID: 398fe1

Oh, hey. What's up? You're not angry? I expected to get chased out of the temple, but not like this.
No. 736803 ID: 2e2d71

>Sarah following
Well, she's still hot, and someone who knows monster biology might be useful. She didn't look like much of a fighter, we can probably handle her if the Seraph had her whammied, although I think that was her first session.

>what do
Hesitate then

"Walk and talk. The plan was not to stick around a mob of angry Seraph victims."
No. 736804 ID: 2e2d71

How did you first kill feel, anyways?
No. 736805 ID: 3663d3

if she gets confused or angry flash your bounty hunter's license. you knew it was a monster the whole time but you needed to get in close and have it drop it's guard to be sure to kill it in one hit.
No. 736808 ID: ea2bfa

You tell her to keep moving after you hesitate for a moment. She follows you, frowning.

"Look, it's okay, I'm not angry, alright? I don't know how the others are going to feel, but... well, it's probably a good thing you got the Seraph when you did, okay? I actually owe you one. Like, a really big one. It... it would've been bad for me to get tangled with a Seraph. That's all."

She sighs. "So... thank you. Here..." She pulls a scrap of paper from a pocket and scribbles down her phone number. "Take this. If you figure out how I can repay you, call me or text or something, okay?"

She smiles at you. "Thank you. From the bottom of my heart."

She leans up and kisses you on the cheek, then turns on her heel and heads off.

>What do you do?
No. 736810 ID: 398fe1

Put the phone number into your ph- wait we don't have a phone. We need to get a phone!

Go to the bounty office and claim the caaaassssshhhh then we can buy a phone and maybe something else cool. Also tell Douglas it went fine.
No. 736811 ID: 2e2d71

>It... it would've been bad for me to get tangled with a Seraph. That's all.
Hmm. I wonder if she's more than she seems. Or her parents were. Something that would have given the Seraph more power or leverage than it would have feeding off someone else.

>Thank you. From the bottom of my heart."
>She leans up and kisses you on the cheek, then turns on her heel and heads off.
Huh. Murder rescue for a first date? You might still have a chance.

>Put the phone number into your ph- wait we don't have a phone. We need to get a phone!
Our outfit is also lacking in pockets. I suppose we have some in our pants, but it will be annoying if we have to swap to biped anytime we want access.

I second buying a phone. I also want to add a heat lamp to the shopping list. We can totally go tiny snake and sleep under one for ultimate comfort.

>what do
Go cache in bounty, if the bounty office is open this late.
No. 736815 ID: 3663d3

we just need to get better at shapeshifting. then we can store the phone inside out body.
No. 736818 ID: 398fe1

We could just get a purse.
No. 736819 ID: ea2bfa

You head in the direction of the Bounty Hunting office, and discover it's still open! You head inside, and hand over the feather, informing them it's for the Seraph bounty.

The man at the desk pulls out some odd device and holds it up to his eye, examining the feather. He nods. "Well, it's the real deal. Gimme a second." He says, standing and heading into the back room.

He comes back out with your payment, in cash. "Thanks." He tells you, as you just sorta... put the wad of bills down your shirt, temporarily.

When you're outside and nobody's looking, you turn bipedal and pocket the cash. Then you head home.

It's too late to be buying anything, so you decide to wait until tomorrow. When you get home, you see that the lights are still on. When you head in, you see Douglas sitting at the kitchen table. Apparently he's been waiting for you, judging from the mug of coffee and the book.

He looks up as you enter, and is visibly relieved. "Oh, great, you're okay. How'd it go? You're not hurt, are you?"

>What do you do?
No. 736821 ID: 2e2d71

Grin. I got a magic feather in one hand, a wad of cash in the other, and a kiss from a grateful, very well endowed catgirl.

All in all, a success I'd say!


How much is this anyways? (in reference to the money).
No. 736845 ID: ea2bfa

He grins. "Huh, really? Good for you." He looks at the money you've received. "Well, assuming you save about half of that, it's enough that you could still buy yourself something nice. Two somethings nice, even. It's a good amount, it's what I'm getting at."

He sighs. "So, you want me to help you pick out a room or something? I mean, if you want?" He shrugs. "I don't know if you wanna stay up or something..."

>What do you say?
No. 736847 ID: 3663d3

we can probably stay here for a bit longer, but i think getting our own place is important for our independence. so stay here for tonight, look for a place tomorrow.
No. 736850 ID: 398fe1

We don't have enough money to get our own place I don't think. Yes, accept the offer of one of the spare rooms.

Also ask for info on shops around town. You need a phone and some other personal items. Like a toothbrush and stuff.
No. 736851 ID: 2e2d71

>I don't know if you wanna stay up or something...
You're the one who has to sleep.

What did you have in mind?

>pick a room
We should probably have a room for storing our stuff, and just for our own space, even if we do spend (some) nights in his bed.

I don't think we've got the kind of money to buy our own place yet, and there's a lot we're still ignorant on. I think it's worth staying with a local contact for a while.

We should go shopping tomorrow, though.
No. 736852 ID: ea2bfa

"O-oh, uh... well, I was gonna get to sleep, honestly... I mean, unless there was something you wanted to do with me, that required staying up..."

He pauses, apparently considering his words, then just face-palms. "Wow, it really sounds like I want to fuck you again, doesn't it? No, nothing like that. I'm just running on caffeine and fumes and I was worried for your life. I'm a bit disoriented."

He sighs. "Follow me, you can pick a room, okay?"

You head upstairs, and he shows you the two other bedrooms. They're functionally identical, but one has A WINDOW and the other DOESN'T.

He shrugs. "So, make your choice."

>What do you do?
No. 736853 ID: 398fe1

Window! It's a possible escape route and we can put a curtain over it for privacy.
No. 736855 ID: 2e2d71

>He pauses, apparently considering his words, then just face-palms.
This deserves giggles and light reassurances.

Pick the window one, and then kiss him goodnight.
No. 736857 ID: ea2bfa

You pick the room with the window, placing your cash in the bedside table and giving Douglas a goodnight hug and kiss. A goodnight kiss that involves tongue.

When you pull away, you assure him that even though he's a complete doofus, he's a dead sexy complete doofus. Then you tell him goodnight and close the door.

That night, lying in bed, you realize that the wall between your room and his is incredibly thin, judging from the barely-muffled panting and moaning coming from his room. Yup, you've got that pup completely wrapped around your finger.

Do you go to sleep tonight?

No. 736858 ID: 3663d3

stay up and practice your shape shifting, you need disguise forms so you can go somewhere as someone else.
No. 736859 ID: 2e2d71

Geeze. We just did it a little over an hour ago. Does being a love god give him a shorter refractory period? Make him hornier?

Poor guy.

...we could go show mercy on him, but I think boning him all the time is a bad idea. Head to bed.

(You'll have to try how it feels with legs at some point).

Tomorrow's itinerary: shopping! Cell phone, heat lamp, maybe some different clothes. Could use pockets as a naga, or just the ability to dress up or down for jobs and such).
No. 736861 ID: 398fe1

Sneak out the window as a snake. Restlessly roam the nighttime streets. Eat someone's baby.
No. 736863 ID: ea2bfa

You stay up for the rest of the night practicing shapeshifting. You can't really change species yet, though you discover that with some effort you can switch sex. However, all this really does is make you look like a more masculine version of yourself.

You're sure you can figure out SOMETHING you can do with this, though...

In the morning, you head downstairs and discover that Douglas has made breakfast this time. He's waiting for you at the table, smiling widely. "Hey!" He says. "How're things?"

You shrug, and sit down to eat. He eats too.

"So, think you're gonna find another bounty-hunting target today?" He asks you.

>What do you say?
No. 736864 ID: 2e2d71

>You're sure you can figure out SOMETHING you can do with this, though...
Infiltration and/or sex at some point, I'm sure.

...you might try for round two of pranking Douglas, but, love god. Reasonable odds that wouldn't even bother him.

>>What do you say?
I was thinking about doing some shopping, actually. Since I have money now.

What about you? What do you normally do all day when you're not mentoring slash corrupting innocent little devils?
No. 736865 ID: 398fe1

We should at least look at the job listings. Maybe we can get at something that's more of a long con.

...hey how do we train to have more HP etc?
No. 736866 ID: 398fe1

Oh also how much is the rent here?
No. 736876 ID: ea2bfa

He shrugs when you ask him what he does all day. "Eh, I just finished up my latest album. So I'm relatively free? Usually I browse the internet a lot. Sometimes it's to look for new jobs and sometimes it's recreational."

He thinks. "And reading. And video games. At night I go to clubs sometimes... I dunno, I'm actually relatively boring, to be honest with you." He shrugs and smiles.

You nod. Well, at least you're gonna get some shopping done today, right?

Breakfast finishes, and Douglas puts the plates in the sink. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you later, then?"

>What do you do?
No. 736888 ID: 398fe1

Yeah. Tell him you'll be back after you do some shopping, then you want to try out some video games. And more sex.
No. 736893 ID: 2e2d71

Yeah, we'll hang out later. I don't think I emasculated you nearly enough to drag you along as a shopping slave.

>shopping! Cell phone, heat lamp, maybe some different clothes. Could use pockets as a naga, or just the ability to dress up or down for jobs and such.
No. 737026 ID: ea2bfa

He smiles when you tell him this. "Looking forward to it."

You head out and do some shopping, grabbing yourself a cell phone and a heat lamp for personal use. You also purchase some clothing, both so you can dress in different ways depending on the job, and judging from the leather jacket you picked up, so you can have a few pockets on hand while you're in Naga form.

Anything else you think you'd like to buy, while you're out? You have enough money for something relatively inexpensive...
No. 737151 ID: f65280

Get some tunes
No. 737156 ID: 398fe1

Mini-flashlight. Multitool.
No. 737248 ID: 0b4dd7

set aside some money specifically for things you may need for your next bounty. it would suck to take a job when you can't afford to cover fee or taxi fare etc.
No. 737263 ID: ea2bfa

You purchase a single mini-flashlight, which, with how cheap it is, barely puts a dent in your funds at all.

You decide to set the rest aside for funds you may need for any other missions you go on. With that, you're pretty much done shopping for the day. Do you want to head home? Or do you have something else in mind?

>What do you do?
No. 737264 ID: 3d2d5f

What time is it?

Doesn't feel worth starting a new bounty before dropping our stuff off. Not sure I want to follow up with Sarah just yet either.

That leaves. Hmmm. Maybe could grab a bite to eat. Or explore a little, it's not like you know much about your new hometown.
No. 737269 ID: 398fe1

Go look at the bounties but don't accept any yet.
No. 737318 ID: 2e2d71

Maybe check a paper or something? Interesting to see if your antics at the church show up.
No. 737322 ID: 398fe1

Oh, good idea!
No. 737489 ID: ea2bfa

You decide to grab a newspaper and see if anything interesting's popped up. Interestingly, it seems your assassination of The Seraph did make the front page, though you're credited as a "Licensed Bounty Hunter" only. Well, that's something.

You decide that while you're out, you might as well explore a bit. I mean, you don't know an awful lot about this place.

From what you can tell, the economy of this place revolves quite a bit around Monster Hunters. Several supply stores and weapon shops are visible as you go. Several buildings seem fortified for Monster Attacks, and as you get to the edge of the city you notice what seem to be soldiers on patrol.

You don't see an awful lot more of interest, besides what seems to be a rather large arcade. And that draws your eye more due to the sheer amount of light and sound going on there than anything.

Any other ideas you had? Or do you just wanna get home?

>What do you do?
No. 737500 ID: 3d2d5f

>weapon shops
Well, that's one kind you really don't need, at least. Unless you need something purpose-specific at some point, like for a trap, or if you need to be seen with non- magic, appears from nowhere, and returns to your hands weapons by someone who's devil-savy.

>the economy of this place revolves quite a bit around Monster Hunters
Maybe you should see what the secondhand market for relics looks like. They gave us the feather back after authenticating it, right? Maybe you could sell it, or it's a crafting material or such?
No. 737531 ID: 4e9864

Did our front-page mention include any kind of description? Hard to do our job if word gets around.
No. 737550 ID: ea2bfa

The paper mentioned a "Naga Licensed Bounty Hunter". You haven't seen an awful lot of Naga around, so you're holding out hope.

There does seem to be a relic shop nearby. You head in and show them the feather.

The woman at the counter examines the feather, and nods. "Yup. Genuine Seraph feather. Kinda useless on its own, but if you make them into an outfit, it's purported to make you look more attractive..."

She offers you some money for the feather. Not a ton, but from what you understand, the feather isn't that valuable. At the very least, though, it'll be a good addition to the "rainy day" fund you're currently setting up...

>What do you do?
No. 737551 ID: 398fe1

More attractive could help but it'd also be really obvious that it's a seraph feather outfit. Sell that thing.

Are there any relics in here that aid in stealth?
No. 737552 ID: 4e9864

We're a bit new to this, and we didn't think to ask before we left home this morning. Step outside for a minute, give Douglas a call, confirm that this seems reasonable and there isn't some amazing use for a Seraph feather or reason to keep it. If there isn't, take the deal.
No. 737553 ID: 398fe1

I think it'd be fairly obvious if seraph feathers are valuable by looking at the listed price to buy one at this shop. It's not like we're dealing with unique/rare items here.

Plus, I don't think we'd expect to find any bounties available that have super rare relics. Those would get snapped up by experienced hunters.
No. 737556 ID: 2e2d71

It's a bounty Douglas felt fine offering to a newbie (even if we are a devil), and apparently you have to farm a bunch of them to craft clothes that give a cha bonus. I doubt it's worth a ton.

Pawn away.
No. 737711 ID: c6f80e

You sell the fabric, and discover only one item that you figure could aid in Stealth, though the woman at the counter assures you they craft or import new items all the time.

DEATH SLOT CLOAK FABRIC ROSE- This fabric rose, lovingly crafted from the black remnants of a Death Slot's robe, can temporarily make one who wears it on their lapel invisible to cameras. Useful for those targeting "artifical" Monsters!

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem you can afford it just yet. You figure you could after about ONE MORE mission. Do you ask for them to set aside the CLOAK FABRIC ROSE?

>What do you do?
No. 737737 ID: 398fe1

That sounds really useful, and we can hide it when we're not using it. Not that we would use it to sneak past security cameras. That would be something a criminal does and not a legitimate bounty hunter. Yep. Totally doing that. I mean not doing that.

Ask them to set it aside, then go home. We can pick up a bounty tomorrow.
No. 737876 ID: 2e2d71

>Do you ask for them to set aside the CLOAK FABRIC ROSE?
We could, but unless setting aside / layaway is a service they offered for customers already, we may be out of luck. Our weakness is persuading people to do things.
No. 738073 ID: ea2bfa

Thankfully, the store totally lets you reserve Relics! Unfortunately, they only do it for a day. So if you're going to get a bounty tomorrow, you'd have to get it done that day AND purchase the Rose.

You still ask for them to set aside the Rose anyways. They gladly do so, though they seem to have to think it over, first.

You then head home, whistling a tune to yourself, which is surprisingly difficult due to your fangs.

When you get home, Douglas is sitting on the couch, playing what looks to be a puzzle game. It's basically just lining up colored squares with other colored squares.

He glances over at you when you slither in. "Hey! I see you're back. Find everything you needed?"

A chiptune version of some classical song you've never heard before beeps and boops softly.

>What do you do?
No. 738102 ID: 0b4dd7

"yep. but now it is time for fooding up."

head directly to the kitchen, and make yourself a batch of dark chocolate and macadamia nut cookies.
also make a plain cookie for douglas, so as not to poison him with methylxanthines nor give him hypothermia from the nuts.
No. 738112 ID: 398fe1

Get a food, the commence with the stated plan of video games then sex.
No. 738114 ID: 1e1842

Since you are a snake, find something big and act like you are going to swallow it whole. The say just kidding and eat something normal sized and eat it normally.
No. 738123 ID: d16536

You inform him everything went perfectly, and now you're grabbing some lunch.

You check the fridge, and notice what seems to be half of a leftover pizza. You pull it out. Douglas enters the kitchen and raises an eyebrow. "You, uh, planning on sharing?" He asks.

You tell him no, and raise it to your mouth, opening as wide as you can... And then promptly inform Douglas that you're fucking with him, and he can totally have some if he wants.

He looks a bit relieved that you weren't going to do something quite so Monstrous in front of him.

After you heat up the pizza and eat, the two of you decide to waste some time on video games, like you said you were going to.

Douglas decides to just kinda cycle through games to figure out what you like, considering it's the early afternoon and neither of you really planned on doing that much. So the two of you just enjoy a lazy afternoon of playing video games together.

You're not entirely sure how long this goes on for, but at some point you notice that Douglas seems to be getting closer to you. This is probably intentional.

>What do you do?
No. 738126 ID: 398fe1

Wrap him up in your tail.
No. 738136 ID: 2e2d71

Pretend to be oblivious to what he's doing in order to tease him a bit.
No. 738172 ID: d16536

You glance over and give him an innocent smile. You inquire if he's trying to watch your button inputs or something, and inform him there's no shame in getting his ass kicked at Monster Duel 4 by someone who's never played it before.

He grins. "Oh, what, so you're gonna play all innocent?"

His grin turns to a smirk, and a hand suddenly moves to begin going up your shirt. "I like it..."

>What do you do?
No. 738191 ID: 2e2d71

>what do
Hmmm. Well if he likes that... maybe continue trying to play innocent until there's no room left to hold onto the illusion?
No. 738198 ID: 398fe1

Mess with him with your tail while keeping up the act.
No. 738228 ID: ea2bfa

You continue your innocent smile, and shift your tail so that the very tip begins circling around his crotch. You blush (which doesn't take much effort) and ask Douglas what he's doing as he cups one of your breasts in his hand.

"I think you know damn well..." He murmurs into your ear, before beginning to roughly grope you. You moan out, and try to take advantage of your relative inexperience with sex to come off like a clueless virgin.

"That's right... doesn't that feel good?" He whispers into your ear, still groping and kneading at the soft, yielding flesh. "Yknow, last night was just the tip of the iceberg... I could show you so much more..."

You're rapidly losing track of your faculties as Douglas feels you up, his other arm holding you close. He kisses your neck, occasionally nipping at it or licking it.

"Tell me what you want..."

>What do you say?
No. 738406 ID: 24100f

Whissper: "Make me scream."
No. 738447 ID: 0b4dd7

Whisper "the game"
and then flee at top speed.
No. 739099 ID: ea2bfa

He grins and gives your chest one last rough squeeze. "Oh, that can definitely be arranged..." He suddenly moves you so you're on your back, the god looming over you. He has a predatory grin on his face, and somehow that just makes the whole thing even more arousing.

He pulls off your shirt and continues groping you with one hand, while the other reaches down and begins teasing your slit. He must be using magic or god powers or something, because his touch is electrifying and you feel your body warming up under him.

When he pushes a finger into you, you go off right then and there. Yup, he's definitely using god shit, but you don't care because you feel so good and you literally shout in pleasure from his touch.

He smirks down at you, and just keeps going. At some point he adds another finger and that just drives you even more wild. It goes on like this for roughly an hour, and you wind up orgasming again and again from it.

When he finally stops, pulling his fingers from your depths and licking your arousal from them when he's sure you're watching, you're pretty much just a puddle of hormones and contentment. He sits back down and just smirks at you. "So, how was that?"

You can't help but notice that even though he's visibly hard, he's made no moves to do anything about it...

>What do you do?
No. 739149 ID: 398fe1


Now how about we mess with him a bit. Ride him and use Your Senses Betray You whenever he gets close to orgasm.
No. 739169 ID: 24100f

>"So, how was that?"
Reply with happy sounding incoherent mumbling.

Man, it's not fair, love gods get the best powers.

>You can't help but notice that even though he's visibly hard, he's made no moves to do anything about it...
Reach out and start idly stroking it? Maybe you can work up to oral, but you're kind of melting at the moment.
No. 739172 ID: 398fe1

Oh yeah maybe a naga blowjob would be a better plan considering how exhausted Erim must be.
No. 739177 ID: ea2bfa

You let out a vaguely affirmative bit of babble when he asks you how it was, and he smirks down at you. "Well, I'm glad you liked it." He says, smirking.

Figuring Douglas deserves a bit of fun too, you reach over and begin stroking his member through his pants. He gasps softly, but quickly regains his composure. "Heh. Just couldn't stay away, huh?"

He pulls down the front of his pants to expose himself, and you begin softly stroking him. You're way too out of it to focus too hard, but judging from the way he begins panting and the way it twitches in your grip, he's definitely enjoying it.

You spend a while doing this, until your senses return enough that you can lean over and position your head over his crotch.

"Oh, you're gonna try that?" He asks, actually looking a bit excited. "Well, if you really want to... Just do your best, alright?"

You nod, and gently run your tongue over the pole of flesh. It tastes a bit salty, and significantly more than a bit musky. You just lick him for a while, eliciting some groans and increasing the pace of Douglas' panting.

When you finally take him into your mouth, carefully guiding his length between your fangs, he lets out a long, deep moan. "Ah, fuck... That's nice..." He says, putting a hand on the back of your head. He makes no moves to guide you, though.

You begin slowly bobbing your head up and down on top of him. It's a little difficult, and you wind up grazing it with the side of your fangs more than once, but eventually you manage to figure out a way to do it that seems to work for both of you.

After a while of this, Douglas grips your hair gently and lets out a grunt. "Ngh... I-I'm close, babe..."

This encourages you to pick up the pace, and with a surprisingly canine whine Douglas goes off in your mouth. The thick fluid fills your mouth, and you're once again sure that Love Gods get the best powers because it literally tastes sweet. You gladly swallow it all down, and only pull away when he's done.

Douglas is currently leaning back against the couch, eyes shut and tongue dangling from his mouth. "Oh, shit... That was amazing..."

>What do you do?
No. 739550 ID: 24100f

>Oh, shit... That was amazing...
I think he managed to be more so, for his part.

Right, how late is it? At some point we'll need (well, want) to sleep (and try out the heat lamp in snake form). Tomorrow we probably want to pick up another bounty.
No. 740294 ID: ea2bfa

You inform Douglas that all things considered, he was probably way better than you.

"Heh, well, I have an unfair advantage." He admits, grinning.

At this point, it's late enough that you could probably go to bed if you wanted. Douglas doesn't seem to be heading to bed, but according to him he usually stays up later when he's not working.

You could go to sleep, or you could spend more time with Douglas (presumably in a non-sexy fashion), or maybe work on your shape-shifting. Or something else, if you can think of it.

>What do you do?
No. 740301 ID: f65280

Movie/game night?
No. 740316 ID: 24100f

How badly did the puzzle game fare while the two of your were fooling around?

I have no objection to hanging out with him a little longer, and/or experimenting with shape shifting, but at some point we have to see if sleeping under the heat lamp in snake form is good.
No. 740318 ID: 398fe1

I believe the plan was to sleep under the heat lamp.
No. 743063 ID: ea2bfa
File 147152737201.png - (5.06KB , 1000x1000 , Babel.png )

You decide now's as good a time as any to hit the hay. You bid Douglas good night, and then head to your room, plugging in the heat lamp and shifting into snake form to lie underneath it.

You quickly discover that this is super comfortable. Like, ridiculously so. Wow, you had no idea something could be this comfortable. You quickly fall asleep like this, and as you sleep, you dream...

It's dark. Extremely so. You can't see anything at all, and that is... more than a little worrying. The air smells like old paper, and you can hear something rustling in the darkness.

Suddenly, two large eyes open in the darkness, one green, one red. They eye you suspiciously, and then a voice speaks up. It is deep and surprisingly soothing, and there's some bit of it that sounds oddly familiar.

"Oh. I sssuppossse you weren't a hallucination after all. Sssilly me, I guesss..."

>What do you do?
No. 743103 ID: 398fe1

Hello again Babel. Did you find that book?
No. 743109 ID: 3abd97

Hello, Babel. How are you?
No. 743650 ID: ea2bfa

"Oh, yesss." Babel says. "Jussst asssk me about the book. Disssappear for centuriesss and not even a "Sssorry, I wasss getting Ssstarbucksss", which, might I add, isss not even a thing that exissstsss on thisss planet, but I know of through all eating tomesss."

He sighs. "I apologize, friend. It hasss been a long time. My dutiesss are lengthy and endlesss."

"...thank you. I'm fine, I sssuppossse. Ssstill eating booksss, ssstill working. I got a year off lassst decade, which wasss nice. I learned how to play golf and dissscovered the joysss of mixed drinksss. Namely, mixed with binding glue and ink." He chuckles softly at his little joke. "Currently, you and I are within the Vault. Where the Queen'sss mossst valuable tomesss lie. Technically, you aren't sssupposssed to be here without permission. But I feel like letting thisss one ssslide." He smiles in the darkness. "But I do have your book, if you'd like."
No. 743684 ID: 91ee5f

Centuries?!?! But...h-how?! It's only been a few days for me! I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen! I guess this means time passes faster for you then it does for me.
No. 743700 ID: 3abd97

>Disssappear for centuriesss and not even a "Sssorry, I wasss getting Ssstarbucksss"
Sorry, it wasn't centuries for me. I'm not even centuries old! I don't really know what controls when or how I get here.

>But I do have your book, if you'd like.
Seems a shame to spend what little time we have to hang out ignoring you for reading, when I don't know how long it'll take me to get back again. Is this the kind of library people can borrow books from? ...although if I disappear for centuries again, I'd have one hell of a late fee waiting for me.
No. 743708 ID: 398fe1

Ask him the current date. That'll give us an idea of how long he can expect to wait for us to pick up the book. Also confirm that you've only met once before. Ask if he can read in this darkness. Maybe he can read some of the book to you, if we can't find anything to talk about?

...I wonder if you can control your next dream to talk to Babel earlier? Instead of centuries later, see if you can project to like, a year after your first visit. Then we'll confirm we can change the past and your dreams aren't tied to fate or whatever.
Unless these dreams have nothing to do with reality, I guess.
No. 749048 ID: ea2bfa

You ask him the current date, and he considers it for a moment.

"The Year Of The Queen 1958. In The Normal World, thisss roughly transsslatesss to the Year 1506."

...you come from the year 2010. This is more than a little disconcerting.

He frowns, and seems to be considering something. "Well, the Wild Place isss ssstrange. Who knowsss, perhapsss you sssimply wandered into a portal formed by sssome long-dead visssitor to the library? You never know. It'sss alright, I figured you didn't do it intentionally. I wasss... jussst a bit bitter, admittedly."

You admit that you're not entirely sure what brings you to or from the Library, and he nods. Then, you ask him if you could potentially check out the book for later perusal, rather than just ignoring him.

"Of courssse. Knowledge isss power, but thisss would be a pretty terrible library if I jussst hoarded everything for myssself. Take asss long asss you need, no late feesss here."

You got: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COMMON DEVIL (Volumes 1-5, Rare Combined Edition).

He considers you for a moment. "Ssso. Firssst off, would you like me to turn the lightsss on? And sssecond, isss there anything you'd like to dissscusss while you're here? I've been itching for sssome conversssation."
No. 749068 ID: 91ee5f

Well, first of all, I want to correct you. I'm from the year 2010 and I have no idea how I could've wandered through a portal when all I did was lie down in my bed and go to sleep!

>Turn lights on?
Yes, please. I want to give you a hug, but I can't see where you are.

>Topic of conversation.
Well, after I left last time, I woke up in bed and I wanted to find out more about you, and maybe find a way to meet you without having to go to sleep, so I asked someone if there knew you and they said they knew you, but they never told me how to meet you. But, they said something that really bugged me. They said, "I hear Babel used to be a pretty sweet kid..." and that made me worried that something happened to you. I wanted to come back to check on you, but as you can tell I had no idea how to do that and I came here on complete accident! Guess if I want to see you, I'll just have to go to sleep, hopefully that's how it works. I'm just glad I finally found a way to get here, so that I can finally check on you! I was really worried after what that guy said about you.
No. 749072 ID: 3d2d5f

>...you come from the year 2010. This is more than a little disconcerting.
This either shows time is not consistent between planes, or that time means very little to dream vision quests. It's not like you asked Fool the date before you left.

>would you like me to turn the lightsss on?
I don't mind. Hmm. If you turn on the lights in a dream, do you wake up?

I'm pretty sure I got here through a dream. Which means I'm somehow projecting (or being projected) here. Unless we're both dreaming and it's a shared dream. Are you sure you're awake?

How are you doing? I mean, all I've done since we last met was find myself a place to stay and a job. You must have gotten a lot more done.
No. 749076 ID: ea2bfa

You inform Babel that you may or may not be dreaming right now. You ask if he's sure he's awake right now.

Babel pauses, and there's a loud thud, and then several smaller thuds. "Nope. Jussst bashed myssself headlong into a shelf. I'm in incredible pain, but ssstill awake."

You decide to inquire as to how he's been!

"Fine enough, I sssuppossse. I've only got a little bit more to eat my way through, and then it'll be time to hunker down and ssstart replicating the booksss. At leassst you can actually sssee the shelvesss now, and you don't have to fight ssstrange paper and leather golemsss in order to navigate the library."

He pauses. "Though perhapsss I'll bring one or two of them back. They had their own unique charm to them."

You inform him that you'd greatly appreciate it if he turned on the lights. "Of courssse. One sssecond."

There's a clicking noise, and large lights in the ceiling activate. You blink as your vision goes white, though eventually you can see normally.

As opposed to the chaotic jumble of paper and ink you've seen previously, The Vault is almost unnaturally orderly and clean. Books sit behind glass display cases, with titles like "Malleus Maleficarum: Unabridged Edition" and "A Dissertation On The Nature Of Emotion, With Foreword By Tarot Entity #15."

Babel is sitting, coiled around a case in the center of a room. He's grown huge since you last saw him, to the point that he's wider than you are tall. He gazes down at you, his two mismatched eyes blinking lazily.

You give him a hug, and he seems surprised. "Oh. I guesss you misssed me too? Interesssting." He coils around you in turn, giving you a light squeeze before letting you go.

You inform him that apparently, a friend said he "used to be" nice. He frowns.

"I think, perhapsss, your friend isssn't very well informed. I am no lesss sssweet than I wasss before. Perhapsss jaded by my ssstudiesss... but I'd like to imagine I'm nice enough."

He frowns. "Though perhapsss... that won't lassst forever..."

>What do you do?
No. 749077 ID: 3d2d5f

Wow, you're big.

>won't be nice forever
Well, we're shaped by our experiences, and by what we know, but at the end of the day, we're who we decide to be. We're more than our natures, or the sum of our parts. At least, I hope so. Don't let maybes from a dream-future get you down.
No. 749078 ID: 91ee5f

>He's grown huge since you last saw him, to the point that he's wider than you are tall.
Don't make any fat jokes! That would be incredibly rude!

>He frowns. "Though perhapsss... that won't lassst forever..."
Well, since I'm from 2010, which would be the future for you, I guess it didn't last forever. But, my friend didn't say you were evil or mean or anything like that! Maybe you're just grumpy or bored? Or maybe lonely?

.....if I can find a way to visit you more often, without me missing for a few centuries for you when it's only been a few days for me, then I'll come back and hopefully it'll only have been a few days for you as well! But if that doesn't work, then I'll try to find a way to visit you in my time! And.....even though I didn't do it on purpose, I still feel really bad for doing that to you.
*give Babel another hug*
No. 749079 ID: ea2bfa

You inform Babel that he is much bigger than you recall him being, and he smiles. "You tend to gain sssome sssize when you've been gorging yourssself on booksss. I've come to accept it. Though sssoon I may have a new form altogether..."

You inform him you're sure he'll be fine, and remain more or less the same. He frowns at you.

"No, lisssten... you sssee thessse booksss? The onesss in glasss casssesss desssigned to, among other thingsss, sssummon guardsss, explode violently, and then reform on the other ssside of the Wild Place when anyone other than The Queen or I tampers with them? Thessse are sssome of the mossst dangerousss, mossst dark magic filled booksss in the universsse... and I have to devour them, and gain their knowledge."

He takes a deep breath. "I don't know what that knowledge will do to me... but I won't be the sssame when it'sss over."

You inform him that, apparently, you come from the future, and you haven't neccessarily heard he's evil or anything, so maybe there's a chance! You then let him know you'll try to figure out a way that you can arrive without huge time gaps or something!

And then you give him another hug. He closes his eyes and coils around you in the snake equivalent of a hug and nods. "Thank you. I'll try to keep my head, if only ssso I don't ssscare you off. You're probably one of my main sssourcesss of sssocial interaction at thisss point. I'd hate to lossse you."

He lets you go, and looks a bit curious. "Ssso apparently I'm ssstill around after 500 or ssso yearsss... ssso I guesss Devilsss are too, if you want to know about them... are they ssstill causssing trouble? I've heard rumblingsss about sssome new "leader" among them, called "The Fool'sss Kingdom". Doesss that ever pan out?"

>What do you do?
No. 749084 ID: 3d2d5f

Devils are still around, but if they have a whole kingdom, you've never heard of it. Although you are pretty new. Which makes you a pretty lame time traveller, you don't know enough secrets to do anything with it. (Maybe we should try going to sleep holding a book published in the future next time).

I mean, devils will still be around as long as gods with issues are, right?

>only social interaction
What, no one else vists this library? All this information and there aren't any monsters who need your expertise? It can't all be royal secrets, can it?
No. 749090 ID: 91ee5f

>You're probably one of my main sssourcesss of sssocial interaction at thisss point. I'd hate to lossse you.
Ssstop breaking my heart, you poor lonely thing! You're going to make me flood the Vault with how much I'm going to end up crying! Why doesssn't anyone elssse visssit you?! No one dessservesss to be thisss lonely! *sniff* Darn it, I'm ssso upssset that I've lossst control of my sssnake tongue. *sniff*
No. 749103 ID: 398fe1

Tell him you don't really know that much, but you did run into a powerful devil who called himself Fool. That's one of the reasons why you wanted to read that book on devils. But Fool didn't seem like such a bad person. Maybe he mellowed out?
No. 749119 ID: ea2bfa

"The library isss temporarily closssed until I finish "renovationsss". Which, asss you can plainly sssee, hasss taken sssome time. And any vacationsss I receive are few and far between."

You inform him about how Devils are still around, but don't have a kingdom to speak of? Babel shakes his head. "No, child, The Fool'sss Kingdom. That'sss hisss name. Big, elaborate title that doesssn't really explain anything."


You inform him you know of Fool, but not anyone named "Fool's Kingdom". He nods. "Well, perhapsss he sssimply changed hisss name. Or it could be a new entity altogether? Regardlesss, not my problem."

He sighs. "If he really hasss mellowed out... well, that could be good. The way I hear it, Fool'sss Kingdom isss sssugesssting an attack on The Queen's Castle. Which will only end in tearsss and blood for the Devilsss. Even if the guardsss weren't competent, The Handmaiden of thisss particular point in time isss the bessst yet. You couldn't pay me to fight her."

>What do you do?
No. 749224 ID: 3abd97

Hmmmm. Okay, let's lay of the brooding over future/past maybe conflicts. That's no fun and not getting us anywhere!

We should do something fun. You haven't had a break for ages, and brooding isn't good for anyone.
No. 749231 ID: 398fe1

Ask what the Handmaiden is like.
No. 749233 ID: 398fe1

Actually, wait. It looks like the next time you and Babel will meet, he'll be in less of a good mood. So... in the interests of full disclosure it might be best to tell him you're a (very young) devil. He'll be less angry if that comes out now, instead of when he's a grump.
No. 749536 ID: ea2bfa

"In a word? Crazy. In two words? Very crazy. She'sss the newessst one, after the old Handmaid upgraded to Wetnurssse ssstatusss. Of courssse, perhapsss asss a sssign sssomething'sss very wrong in the world, she apparently hasss accesss to LUMBERJACK EQUIPMENT asss her weapon of choice. I'm not even kidding, she hasss an outright woodchopping axe asss her weapon."

He pauses. "If you're going to be here a while, I sssuppossse I could introduce you. I believe now isss one of her breaksss. She'll be in the armory, mossst likely. Chopping away at that training dummy she lovesss ssso much..."

>What do you do?
No. 749587 ID: 3abd97

>If you're going to be here a while
No idea how dream time works. I think this is already longer than last time, and so far I feel fine.

>I sssuppossse I could introduce you
Um. Do you think introducing me to crazy people is a good idea? Aren't I technically an intruder? Although I suppose she is on break...

Well if you think it'll be okay, I don't have a problem being shown off to your coworkers. You can surprise them with your social life.

(This is probably a dumb idea, but high ranking monsters operating under the false assumption we're centuries old in the present day, and we have connections to Babel has to be something we can exploit to our advantage).
No. 750000 ID: ea2bfa

"Yesss, I sssuppossse you are technically an intruder. But I alssso sssuppossse I can lie through my fangsss and tell them you're my guessst. There are roughly millionsss of sssecret entrancesss into the cassstle, nobody will look at me sssidewaysss for having an unexpected guessst."

You nod. Sounds simple enough. You inquire about that whole "Crazy" thing, though.

"...perhapsss I have sssome judgementsss about the child I need to get over. She isss not crazy. Sssimply... ssspirited about her job. Part of which involvesss being the Queen'sss main guardian. Come with me, I'll bring you to her."

You follow him through the library, which actually looks like a library now! You notice that the shelves are empty though. Or at least, the parts you can see, considering the shelves tower so high you can't see the tops.

Eventually, he leads you out of a set of double doors. You navigate through a few luxuriously appointed hallways and chambers before arriving in front of a massive door seemingly made of iron. Babel reaches forward and bumps his head into the door, once, and it opens slowly.

Inside, you can hear the noises of a young woman grunting and screaming in rage accompanied by the sounds of metal clashing and wood being hacked away at. The two of you reach a seeming training area, where the same young woman is currently hacking away at an armor clad training dummy with a lumber axe as tall as she is. She turns to look at you as you both enter.

She is clad in a long skirt and a white blouse, though the blouse is currently soaked through with sweat, to the point you can see through it to what look like ribbons binding down her chest. Her hair is black and long, and despite the sweat covering her her makeup is absolutely impeccable.

She looks you both over and nods once. "Babel. Babel's apparent friend. Hope you don't mind if I talk while I chop this thing to bits."

She screams and chops off the dummy's head, sending it sailing over to your feet. The head is crudely painted to look like a skull, and a wooden crown is sewn onto its head. It glares up at you with two eyes that don't point in the same direction.

"Yesss, Handmaiden. I jussst took a break from my work to sssee how you were doing, and introduce you to a friend of mine."

She nods, cleaving the dummy in half with one mighty swing, to the point of even splitting its breastplate into two halves. "Ah. Nice to meet you, then, newbie. Mind if I ask your name, or are you the sort who prefers going anonymous?"

>What do you do?
No. 750018 ID: 91ee5f

>She screams and chops off the dummy's head, sending it sailing over to your feet.
>over to your feet.
>your feet.
Wait, what feet? I thought we were in our naga form?

>Mind if I ask your name, or are you the sort who prefers going anonymous?
"H-hey! I am neither a ninny nor am I mouse! I am quite obviously a snake! Anyways, my name is Snikt."

(A reminder, Snikt is what we said our name was when we first met Babel. So that is the name we should introduce ourselves with.)
No. 750104 ID: 3abd97

>Hope you don't mind if I talk while I chop this thing to bits.
*Poke the head with tail and/or toe* At this pace it doesn't look like that will keep you busy much longer.

>(A reminder, Snikt is what we said our name was when we first met Babel. So that is the name we should introduce ourselves with.)
I thought that immediately got retconned? Although I suppose it's ambiguous if the answer Erim gave was changed.

>Mind if I ask your name, or are you the sort who prefers going anonymous?
A time-travel reputation gambit doesn't really play as well if we don't give her your name. We should introduce ourselves, unless we did give Babel a false name, in which case we sort of have to follow suit since we're right in front of him.

>I am neither a ninny nor am I mouse! I am quite obviously a snake!
Pfff. Took me a minute to recognize the pun, but that's good.
No. 750300 ID: f865ac

You prod the dummy's head with the tip of your tail and inform Handmaiden that you don't think she'll be busy for long.

She smirks, and gives another hard swing, cleaving the already cut-in-half dummy into quarters. "Nah, probably not. Now, you gonna give me a name?"

You inform her of your name, Erim.

"Huh, neat. Wait, hold up." She focuses, and suddenly she's holding an absolutely huge, revving chainsaw. She brings it down onto the entirely metal base of the dummy, and slashes it to the point it can't even stay up.

She finally turns to you. "Yeah, nice to meet you, Erim." The chainsaw transforms back into an axe, which transforms into a set of ribbons, which coil themselves tightly around her torso, leaving her midriff exposed as the blouse disappears.

"I'm The Handmaiden. Servant, Guardian, and Confidante of The Queen." She extends a hand. "Any particular reason you wanted to show up, or did Babel just feel like showing off?"
No. 750329 ID: 3abd97

Interesting that you've now met two high ranking monsters, and neither has recognized you for what you are. (Or if they do, haven't called you on it). Nor have you set off any kine of ward or alarm traveling the palace. Earlier conversation would support Babel not being able to tell, but the head guardian of the place would be a lot more likely to have some kind of sensory ability. Either they don't have an easy way to detect devils, or she's choosing to ignore it (due to Babel's escort, curiosity, or judging you too weak to be a threat).

>"Any particular reason you wanted to show up, or did Babel just feel like showing off?"
The latter, I think. I was just visiting a friend, although my comings and goings are a little mysterious even to myself. I haven't really got the control I would over that trick yet.
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