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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146810070040.png - (112.26KB , 1024x768 , start.png )
734623 No. 734623 ID: f34ceb

“Apollon, where are you?
It seeks entrance to our dwelling
Apollon, wherever you may be
Do not look at the moon
It is in the light
We are afraid
Apollon, hear our cries and feel our terror
Let us look together”
- a familiar poem
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No. 734624 ID: f34ceb
File 146810072245.png - (3.95KB , 1024x768 , 1.png )

It’s dark. Nothing at all is visible. The world feels oddly calm. There’s a bed here. It isn’t familiar, however. There doesn’t seem to be light source nearby you could activate. Well, not within arm’s length it would seem… It’s possible there might be nearby, if you got up. But at the same time, it’s hard to know if getting up is safe...
No. 734626 ID: 587000

No. 734627 ID: a075ba

Go back to bed. Sleep in, you deserve it.
No. 734628 ID: f34ceb
File 146810109070.png - (24.28KB , 1024x768 , 2.png )

Standing up now! Okay! The floor is... wet. Oh jeez. You feel your messenger bag at your side. You weren't aware you had it here!!! There could be something to help in it..
No. 734629 ID: 587000

lets hope thats a flashlight in your bag and not a fleshlight
No. 734630 ID: f34ceb
File 146810167231.png - (138.92KB , 1024x768 , 3.png )

...It's neither. It's a phone. It's possible it could come in handy. Oh, look!! It's- It's, uh.. Um.. Well, of course our protagonist has a name. It's.. They can't quite remember..
No. 734631 ID: 398fe1

Check in your phone to find out.
No. 734633 ID: 587000

got any social media? maybe it has your name!
No. 734634 ID: f34ceb
File 146810277596.png - (194.29KB , 1024x768 , 3.png )

That's... that's creepy. It feels kinda like a bad idea to check social media with THAT on the screen, for whatever reason. There isn't any service anywyay.. Well, the phone is here if it could become useful later on.
No. 734635 ID: f34ceb
File 146810291587.png - (159.33KB , 1024x768 , 4.png )

The whole phone investigation and pondering is interrupted as strange voices start calling. "Apollo...!! Apollo!!!"
Who are they calling? Is responding a good idea, or is just running better? There's no way to know what that calling is. What if it's a trap?
No. 734636 ID: 587000

No. 734637 ID: f4dd03

Don't trust this one, run!
No. 734652 ID: f34ceb
File 146810840836.png - (192.57KB , 1024x768 , 5.png )

Running seems to have been the smartest choice. Footsteps are audible following behind, as well as loud growling. The voices continue crying for this Apollo person.. Just who or what wants business with him?
Still no idea about our protagonist's name.. What about just responding to Apollo for now? Let them think that's who this is? It might calm whatever is following. Then again, there's likely just as good a chance it'll result in trouble.. Take a chance or keep going?
No. 734656 ID: 7d01b5

Can you tell where you are? Like an hallway? If you could manage to feel around, maybe you could find some place to hide. And try not to let the light of your phone shine behind you. If you do find some place to hide, turn off the screen of your phone.

Not sure if answering growls would be the right move. This does feel like some kind of nightmare.
No. 734657 ID: f4dd03

Keep running, you could answer but you could say something like "I'm not Apollo! I'm (insert name here)!"
If it is a dream though, Wake up.
No. 734658 ID: 398fe1

Ask who it is. You can talk while running.
No. 734667 ID: f34ceb
File 146811154583.png - (134.35KB , 1024x768 , 6.png )

Here’s the wall. That should be helpful. Shouting about your name would probably work, but it’s just.. slipped away. It’s hard to remember anything.. Maybe finding somewhere to rest would help. First priority right now is getting away from what’s following.. It’s best to keep following the wall, probably.
Not long after the phone screen has been turned off and the device has been put away, an inquiry is given to whatever is in pursuit. It only growls louder, chasing faster.
No. 734668 ID: f34ceb
File 146811159736.png - (29.46KB , 1024x768 , 7.png )

It finally does speak, after several more minutes.
It isn’t going to answer questions, it seems. It has an odd demand. Look at it? No thank you.
The wall has suddenly ended. There are three ways to go. Way up ahead is a set of double doors. There are also open passages on both sides of the hall. The one on the right side is slightly closer, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.
No. 734677 ID: f34ceb
File 146811226478.png - (57.82KB , 1024x768 , 8.png )

In the time taken to observe the hallway, the creature has caught up. It has a long tentacle wrapped around one arm now, coming closer and closer. You’re probably strong enough to break free, but.. there’s no time to wait and think about which door to go to. A decision has to be made now!
No. 734678 ID: dfdb1e

What decision? Run or fight? Not much of a choice in this case. Run!
Normally I would prefer to go out fighting, especially if it's already proven your enemy can outrun you, but in this case your enemy is too unnatural and your environment can hide someone or something capable of helping you.
No. 734681 ID: 7d01b5

Shake the tentacle off and go to the right door! You'll be able to close the door behind you sooner.

But prepare for it to be locked. If it is, get to the left one to check it immediately, then the last one if the left one is also locked.
No. 734682 ID: 587000

No. 734687 ID: f34ceb
File 146811361868.png - (50.44KB , 1024x768 , 9.png )

You tear away from the monster’s grasp and book it to the right door. There’s no door there, so you can’t close it.. However, continuing down it may yield items helpful to defeating or getting around what’s chasing.
No. 734688 ID: f34ceb
File 146811365431.png - (16.48KB , 1024x768 , 10.png )

Things are oddly peaceful again once the end is reached. There’s what seems to be a flashlight, industrial strength, the kind you’d find at a construction site, and a piece of paper. It’s got something on it, but it’s a bit dark to see.. Just get the paper and go, or maybe take a moment to look at it?
No. 734689 ID: 7d01b5

Position yourself so that you're facing where you came from, then listen for about 5 seconds to see if you can hear that thing still. If everything is absolutely quiet, then use your phone again as a light to read the paper, but leave the paper on the floor and make sure the light points down onto it. As soon as you read what's on it, turn off the screen of your phone again.
No. 734691 ID: 587000

use the flashlight to see the paper
No. 734692 ID: f4dd03

Use the flashlight read the paper, what does the ominous note say (So far I'm reminded of a cross between nanquest and amnesia the dark decent, good job)
No. 734694 ID: dfdb1e

Peaceful? Why would that thing stop chasing you?
You should be very worried about your chances if your enemy is too massive to go trough doors. Or maybe that is a weakness to be explored.
No. 734698 ID: f34ceb
File 146811558575.png - (214.93KB , 1024x768 , 11.png )

After listening close, you use the phone to look at the paper. It appears to be a map, scribbled down by someone clearly in a hurry. It has markings indicating where you are, and what rooms are which. It's safe to say those double doors further down the hall are locked then.. There's blood all over it, too. The words 'GO AWAY!' are smeared with it over what is labeled a safe room..
No. 734700 ID: 7d01b5

Alright then, pocket the map and pick up the industrial flashlight and start moving slowly back. I'd say we have to see if we can go to the other room, maybe there's a key to open the double door there. Hopefully the other guy is right and that monster can't go through the smaller doors.
No. 734701 ID: 587000

Look for a key for the doors!
No. 734703 ID: dfdb1e

Unless this map is wrong you cannot explore most areas in this map yet. So it's either the next room or another go to the outside unknown.
Advance careful. You don't know where your pursuer go or why. You need to know how that thing react to the lantern.
No. 734705 ID: f34ceb
File 146811711892.png - (97.46KB , 1024x768 , 12.png )

Time to head to the other door, yes! Everything is fine until you're back in the hall. Oh.
This is.. this is a problem. Now that a close up view of the creature is available, it's clear it means big trouble. There are no weapons on hand, so what is there to do? There has to be something!
No. 734706 ID: bf22e8



No. 734707 ID: dfdb1e

Blind the creature with your industrial flashlight.
No. 734708 ID: 7d01b5

So is it stuck in the hall?

Anyway, time to see how it react to bright lights. Point the industrial flashlight into it's eyes and turn it on! Be careful in case it starts trashing.

Hopefully, the battery is charged...
No. 734710 ID: 587000

No. 734711 ID: f0e552

No weapons, no way to go? It's an intelligent being that can talk... So, say "Hello! Please don't hurt me! I'm definitely not the Apollo you're looking for."
No. 734713 ID: 398fe1

Shine light in its eyes.
No. 734714 ID: db0da2

Apologize to the creature, request that it does not kill you, offer to help it find Apollo.
No. 734716 ID: f34ceb
File 146811968561.png - (150.17KB , 1024x768 , 13.png )

You pull out the flashlight and press the on button, directing the beam right into the monster's eyes!!!!
No. 734717 ID: f34ceb
File 146811979309.png - (185.89KB , 1024x768 , 14.png )

It roars in pain, definitely blinded!! Good! Looks like light in the eyes is definitely this thing's weakness..
No. 734718 ID: f34ceb
File 146811986208.png - (25.75KB , 1024x768 , 15.png )

While it can't see, you dash past and down to the other room.
Wonder what that means? Ah, whatever!
No. 734719 ID: f34ceb
File 146811992521.png - (33.15KB , 1024x768 , 16.png )

Hurrying into the other corridor, a table is visible at the end of the hall.. Something shiny is under it. It turns out to be a key as you slide underneath, safe for now.
No. 734721 ID: f34ceb
File 146812062889.png - (137.14KB , 1024x768 , 17.png )

With the key safely in the messenger bag, this is probably a good time to regroup and decide what course of action to take. How to take it, too. Anything you need to safe and quiet for..
No. 734722 ID: 7d01b5

Maybe it believes in a prophecy where they predict the future using light... somehow.

Anyway, get that key! Rest a bit and survey the room.

Next dash stop would be the double door. I'm wondering how much time you would have to unlock them though. Maybe we can get the monster to keep at bay by threatening to blind it again.
No. 734723 ID: dfdb1e

Considering the monstrosity you are facing you seem very calm.
You are way too happy about inflicting paint to the creature, earlier you evaluate it's grip as something you could overcome. That plus the background photo on your phone brings the question: Have you meet such a been before?
No. 734724 ID: 398fe1

Wait, it said "you will die", but... was it actually threatening you? Or was it warning you? When it grabbed you, was it trying to eat you, or was it trying to keep you from running into danger?

Try talking to it through the door. Ask what it means by "it is in the light".
No. 734725 ID: f34ceb
File 146812132064.png - (149.41KB , 1024x768 , 18.png )

The light prophecy idea is interesting.. It's not anything like you've ever heard, but who knows?
As far as memories lend themselves, it doesn't seem like the phone background or the creature roaming the halls is very familiar.
You don't think you've ever been anywhere like this before in your life.. And, now that danger has passed for now, just who are you? It's hard to remember.. Sure aren't Apollo. Maybe it's time to finally really examine the phone..
No. 734726 ID: 5adcc3

"Hey Siri, who am I?" lol not really but is there any info on your phone that might give some idea as to who you are.
No. 734728 ID: dfdb1e

Out of danger? You are cornered in a room without a door.
Start with the photos. If this is your phone there should be pictures of you or things you recognize.
No. 734729 ID: 398fe1

Yes, mess with your phone. You have a picture of the monster as a background, what is up with THAT?
No. 734730 ID: f34ceb
File 146812240613.png - (148.87KB , 1024x768 , 19.png )

...It's all glitched. Every image, every text message.. What the heck? You manage to make out the name Joel in one message. Suddenly, the darkness is just a little less dark.
No. 734732 ID: 5adcc3

Continue to search for the name "Joel" on the phone
No. 734734 ID: dfdb1e

I presume the name feels right.
So, what kind of person is Joel? What can you tell us about yourself?
No. 734736 ID: db0da2

Now hold on, we don't know if Joel is us, or someone we know, or even if he's just someone we mentioned in passing.

What context did Joel appear in?
No. 734737 ID: 398fe1

Are all the images glitched to look like the monster?
No. 734741 ID: dfdb1e

Learning this name made the protagonist perceive the world with more clarity. If that isn't a metaphor I don't know what is.
No. 734744 ID: f34ceb
File 146812388065.png - (136.11KB , 1024x768 , 20.png )

Indeed, Joel is the protagonist's name! It was used to address the recipient of the message, so it' s pretty sure bet.
He's only now come to the realization it's vaguely lighter. He can actually see decently after his eyes adjust a bit.. Good. Honestly, he feels safer.
As for the images, they seemed to be glitched in a way that at least resembled what's out there. People would have multiple eyes or seem to have tendrils.. It's creepy. He couldn't recognize anyone's face.
Joel can only remember things about himself for now. Minus how he got here. He has no clue about that.
No. 734746 ID: f34ceb
File 146812493217.png - (181.92KB , 1024x768 , 21.png )

He's a bass player. He considers himself a very talented musician, and know a many songs. Like a living MP3 player. His actual job is being a baker, but he doesn't think it's too exciting. Paranormal investigation and learning about creepy stuff in general is an interest of his.
Joel can't remember exactly where he lives, but it's kind of in a desert place. He has a really old house, which looks like it's starting to decay.. It's safe, though! He swears!
Funny.. four glowing lights would be visible out in the distance beyond his backyard, thinking about it..
No. 734747 ID: f0e552

by the way, what exactly are you? You look like this sort of canine thing.
No. 734748 ID: 398fe1

Ask the creature why it's chasing you.
No. 734749 ID: f34ceb
File 146812550663.png - (152.45KB , 1024x768 , 21.png )

A coyote/dog hybrid! Mother was a dog, father was a coyote.
Speaking to that creature didn't help earlier. It didn't answer.. Plus, that would be drawing attention to himself and it seems like a bad idea. Doesn't mean he won't try..
Calling out the question only gets a response in the form of a loud roar. It's likely still enraged.. Maybe it's time to finally leave..
No. 734750 ID: 398fe1

Alright I guess you should go out the locked door while it's still blinded.
No. 734751 ID: f34ceb
File 146812627425.png - (50.23KB , 1024x768 , 22.png )

Hurrying down the hall to avoid the creature, Joel hurries to open the door. Whoops. After fumbling and dropping it, he gets it back and unlocks the doors. He pushes one open and goes through.
No. 734752 ID: f34ceb
File 146812645415.png - (107.89KB , 1024x768 , 23.png )

And walks into his living room. Or.. what seems to be.
What? This makes no sense. It seems really wrong.. It looks like home, and should be comforting, but Joel doesn't feel safe here at all. He's very confused...
No. 734753 ID: 398fe1

Quickly shut the door and quietly make your way to the nearest safe room that was on the map.

"it is in the light" might mean that danger is in the light.
No. 734759 ID: db0da2

At a guess I'd say it has something to do with the key. Try going back to the room you were just in and reopening the door, if that doesn't work, just go back in and sit tight, I don't trust this room one bit.
No. 734813 ID: 7d01b5

There was suppose to be double doors, right? Can you peek in the hallway to see if it's the same or if it disappeared?
No. 734815 ID: 398fe1

Oh yeah you're right, double doors... what if we went through the other half of the double door?
No. 734962 ID: f34ceb
File 146819106729.png - (59.41KB , 1024x768 , 24.png )

Joel reenters the door he came through to find himself back in the dark. Everyone is suggesting going through only one side of the double doors. Maybe if they were both gone through, the way they were built..
No. 734963 ID: f34ceb
File 146819118213.png - (91.51KB , 1024x768 , 25.png )

Oh! Hey, it worked!! That was.. just so weird. Now he's in another place. Joel is immediately delighted with more light. There are signs here! To the left is the lobby, and the right hall leads to the lab. Which hall should Joel go down?
No. 734966 ID: 398fe1

Lab. Go through the first door on the left, which is the closest safe room. Or at least, what we assume to be safe rooms according to the map.
No. 734967 ID: dfdb1e

Go to the Lab.
Are you sure you aren't a white Chewbacca?
No. 734978 ID: f34ceb
File 146819379313.png - (67.69KB , 1024x768 , 26.png )

Joel follows the corridor on the right, which leads to the lab. Whatever makes him resemble a white Chewbacca, he isn't sure about. The strap over his shoulders is from his messenger bag, if that gives the impression. It seems like a bit of a walk, wow..
No. 734979 ID: 587000

No. 734982 ID: 398fe1

Interrogate shadow cat.
No. 734987 ID: f34ceb
File 146819504440.png - (75.22KB , 1024x768 , 27.png )

Joel just gets a glimpse of the shadowy being before it flickers out of sight. Approaching where it was, he finds nothing there at all.. What's going on here? Was it just in his head, or..?
No. 734988 ID: 587000

No!!! It wasn't in your head!!! Look behind you!!!
No. 734989 ID: 398fe1

...it is in the light... Run for it.
No. 734990 ID: db0da2

Turn around and say, "Ay yo, who dis?"
No. 735003 ID: f34ceb
File 146819727301.png - (89.21KB , 1024x768 , 28.png )

Joel turns to see the being reach out to him. Nope. He isn't gonna stand here and stare at this thing. It is in the light, that monster had said. This shadow is in the light. Our hero bolts, running for the nearby safe room.
No. 735004 ID: f34ceb
File 146819737627.png - (90.36KB , 1024x768 , 29.png )

Once inside, Joel slams the door closed, leaning against it and breathing heavily. This doesn't seem to be a lab. More of an exam room maybe.. As long as he's out of harm's way here, it probably doesn't matter..
No. 735005 ID: 587000

But what if the monster is just trying to scare you?
No. 735006 ID: 587000

Like, if its weakness is light... the light might be the only safe place.
No. 735017 ID: f34ceb
File 146819878521.png - (109.17KB , 1024x768 , 30.png )

He isn't sure how to interpret the creature's words.. Was what is said a warning, or was it just some attempt at scaring him? Should he take caution in bright areas, or..?
The way he's going to explore may depend on what decision is made here, and how he interacts with other characters. If he finds any...
No. 735018 ID: 398fe1

I wonder if the shadow cat has problems existing in pure darkness? Oh well, we kindof need some solid evidence as to who friend and foe is before we take any risks.

Look in the cabinet.
No. 735019 ID: 587000

Whats that on the wall?
No. 735020 ID: e18721

Search the cabinets for a makeshift weapon. A syringe, reflex hammer, some chemicals, anything.
No. 735030 ID: f34ceb
File 146820073954.png - (139.29KB , 1024x768 , 31.png )

Joel leaves his bag on the table and climbs up onto the counter, digging through the contents of the cabinet. A scalpel! This could come in handy. There are also some small bottles of what he assumes are medicine or something similar, which he also takes.
The things on the wall are a box of rubber gloves and a bio-hazard disposal container. Taking a pair of gloves, our protagonist searches the container, eventually taking out a syringe. He keeps several pairs of gloves, and realizes the syringe still contains some kind of substance.
Alright!! These things should do nicely! If nothing else, the scalpel surely will.
Should he leave yet, or do something else? He could possibly rest here.. What should Joel do?
No. 735031 ID: 587000

Look at the wall?
No. 735037 ID: f34ceb
File 146820145065.png - (99.65KB , 1024x768 , 32.png )

This is the door from which Joel entered. It's currently closed and locked at the moment.
No. 735039 ID: 587000

This looks like a hospital room...
No. 735043 ID: f34ceb
File 146820234733.png - (107.05KB , 1024x768 , 33.png )

Something like that, maybe. It makes Joel think of going to the doctor's office as a pup. Though something like this seems very out of place.. He's fairly sure it's no hospital. At least, not one like he's ever seen...
No. 735046 ID: dfdb1e

Are you leaving a track?
See if your shadow is interacting with you or repeating what you did.
No. 735049 ID: 587000

im suspicious about your shadow
No. 735051 ID: 7d01b5

This one looks like you... Maybe try talking to it?
No. 735052 ID: f34ceb
File 146820357646.png - (121.46KB , 1024x768 , 34.png )

Joel is.. suspicious, too.. He hadn't observed his own shadow at all while in any sort of light. The darkness mirrors his actions when he stands to look at it. Creepy...
No. 735054 ID: f34ceb
File 146820386414.png - (123.81KB , 1024x768 , 35.png )

Trying to interact seems like a clever idea!! Joel waves and observes his shadow does the exact same. He offers a hello, and the other him echoes it perfectly.
No. 735058 ID: 7d01b5

Mmm, they seems to be getting darker as time goes on. Maybe try turning on the flashlight and moving it slowly to it's foot to see what happens (probably nothing). Since I'm not completely convinced that these shadows are dangerous yet. Wouldn't want to blind it or kill it by shining their face.
No. 735059 ID: 587000

No. 735066 ID: dfdb1e

Ask him what he is.
No. 735067 ID: 398fe1

Don't touch it. Just go back out, head further down the corridor.
No. 735075 ID: f34ceb
File 146820602866.png - (129.68KB , 1024x768 , 36.png )

Joel tries the flashlight, and the shadow tilts its head as he directs it. It slowly fades. Doesn't seem dead or angry.. If it's alive, maybe he just spooked it.
Getting his bag, Joel steps back out into the hall.
No. 735076 ID: f34ceb
File 146820604516.png - (118.33KB , 1024x768 , 37.png )

“So YOU’RE the one who’s been wandering around and getting into everything!!! Where did you come from?? What did you get out of that room? Who even ARE you?”
This seems to be a cat in a lab coat. Angry, too. Joel begins to apologize, explaining that he’s very sorry ma’am, and-
“I’m NOT a girl!! Eyelashes don’t mean girl! What decade are you living in?? I want an explanation for all trouble you’ve been up to!”
Oh jeez. Yeah, he’s in trouble.
No. 735077 ID: 587000

No. 735089 ID: f34ceb
File 146820676969.png - (102.55KB , 1024x768 , 38.png )

"You've caused me a LOT of problems!! You awakened that thing that stays in the locked part of the building, you've taken medicine and chemicals you have ZERO idea what are!! I should.. I.. I should call the police and have you arrested for trespassing and theft!!" There was a silence. "..Well, if I was able to, I certainly would!"
No. 735090 ID: 47160d

UMmmmm I think this chick is in the same place we are knowledge wise basically
No. 735092 ID: 587000

give a heartfelt apology, just speak from ur heart
No. 735094 ID: 398fe1

So that's whose shadow you saw. Tell him sorry you thought you were like, in a horror movie or something, because you can't remember anything, you woke up like right next to a monster, and spooky shit keeps happening. Ask what's with the shadows, and the monster. Why can the monster speak?

Maybe you should go put the stuff back, if he says it's safe to walk around in here.
No. 735097 ID: db0da2

I guess the shadow from earlier was hers. I mean, getting arrested would probably actually be an improvement, so long as it got us out of this spooky place. Ask why she can't call the police? And why she only has one eye, and who Apollo is, and what's up with the shadows and the tentacle monster thing. Tell her what's happened to you up until now, and explain that you don't think the monster was hostile until you panicked and blinded it.
No. 735098 ID: db0da2

Oh, and don't forget to introduce yourself, being polite is important.
No. 735100 ID: dfdb1e

He gave some clues, but most of his complains are so badly explained that is difficult to respond.
The most reasonable question is: "What?"
That can be followed by something like "Are you Apollo?" or "Who are you?"
But forget reasonable reactions. Seduce the the cat! That is obvious the answer.
No. 735180 ID: 6256a9

Ask why he can't call the cops on you. Did somebody cut the phone line in addition to somehow killing cell phone reception? Also ask he knows anything about the creepy thing in the dark or the weird shadows that only appear in the light only sometimes.
No. 735237 ID: f34ceb
File 146826957445.png - (119.49KB , 1024x768 , 39.png )

Joel doesn't think seducing him would work. He's mad right now.
The canine apologizes sincerely, explaining that he woke up in a strange place, so he started trying to find a way out. He ran into the mentioned monster, and it got very angry after he blinded it with a flashlight. It was calling for someone named Apollo, he says. Is there any chance that's the cat?
"No. I'm not Apollo. My name is Boon."
Joel starts asking questions of all kinds. Where is he, who is Apollo, what was the monster he saw, why- He stops talking suddenly, startled, and blushes when Boon grabs his hand.
"I can tell you some things, but not here. Follow me."
No. 735239 ID: f34ceb
File 146826959473.png - (152.93KB , 1024x768 , 40.png )

Boon starts leading Joel somewhere.
“Anything I tell you, you can’t repeat to other people. It’s classified. I’m only telling you because you seem to be stuck here too, and I could use help.. You should just forget everything once we’re out of here. IF we get out…”
No. 735240 ID: f34ceb
File 146826961328.png - (111.68KB , 1024x768 , 41.png )

After quite a bit of walking, Boon opens a door and pushes Joel inside. He closes it and locks it, glancing over his shoulder at the canine.
“Just sit down somewhere, don’t mess with things. I’ll explain things.. Do you need anything? Are you hurt, or do you need water or anything?”
Wonder if obliging him would help make him a little less hostile?
No. 735243 ID: dfdb1e

"All I need is youuuuu!"
He is the first ally you found. By the quest genre rules you need to romance him.

More reasonable reaction:
Water would be nice. Thanks.
So what is this place?
No. 735246 ID: 398fe1

Don't actually ask about his eye, but... is it just completely missing or is there an eyepatch? ...or an exposed eyesocket?
No. 735252 ID: 7d01b5

Based on your memory of the map and where Boon led you, Do you know where he took you?
No. 735255 ID: f34ceb
File 146827389318.png - (141.34KB , 1024x768 , 42.png )

Joel isn't adverse to romancing Boon. Not like he isn't cute. He just has no clue how, really.
He asks for water, hoping to get Boon a little less wary of him.
The cat is missing his left eye entirely. An empty socket is exposed.
According to the map, this would be the safe room with 'GO AWAY' scrawled in blood...

"..Now that you've got water and all, and you know my name and such, and I kinda know you.. This place is Ace Dream labs. I don't know how you ended up here, but considering you don't have anything marking you as belonging here, it wasn't by anyone working here.. You said your name's Joel, right? Well, Joel, I think your chances of getting out are slim. I've been trapped here for a three months.." Boon looks a bit distant. Maybe a little upset, really.. "It's lonely being all by yourself, I'll say that much. You get pretty paranoid after a while."
No. 735256 ID: dfdb1e

"You are not so lonely anymore." Hold his hand as the sly mongrel you are. Don't forget the intense puppy eyes stare.

Focus... Focus...
What was that creature? What is the deal with those shadows?
No. 735263 ID: 398fe1

These questions are the most important ones.

Also, what were they researching here?
No. 735264 ID: f34ceb
File 146827692997.png - (137.17KB , 1024x768 , 43.png )

Joel moves to comfort Boon. He isn't stuck alone now! He figures there's less reason to be paranoid with them both here. They can watch equally and look out for each other!!!

Boon listens to him, nodding. He shifts after a moment, leaning away from Joel's paw. "..." The cat listens as Joel asks about the creature and shadows.
"That big thing in the other part of the building is one of the experiments. It's weird. It acts really hostile and attacks anyone, yet its words are kind of helpful. You'd never realize. As for the shadows, I think those are an experiment mimicking us to gain a physical form. Something like that.. I wasn't a high up employee, so I know less than I could.."
No. 735267 ID: dfdb1e

So there are more monstrosities? Why were you making them?

Do you think it's working Romeo? We can't see his expression from this angle, but he doesn't seem to blush like you.
No. 735270 ID: 398fe1

Ask if you can help.
No. 735272 ID: f34ceb
File 146828040768.png - (136.17KB , 1024x768 , 44.png )

Boon seems to be warming up to Joel a bit.

Apparently there are more of creatures roaming around. The cat starts tearing up when he asks about they were being made.
"....I don't know," he eventually answers, tapping his paws together, "I just know they made me help. I don't even know what was being researched. They came and took me from my home, saying I had abilities useful for their work, and brought me here. They didn't explain any purposes. Just essentially kidnapped me and made me work.."

Now it seems Ace Dream labs is not at all innocent, if it had possibly been..
No. 735274 ID: dfdb1e

It's working. Go dog!
He is probable lying, but don't mention that. Instead put your hand in his shoulder and console him for his maybe fake tragic backstory. Vague stuff like: "You poor thing." or "It's alright now." With some luck he will give you a hug.

After the silliness ask what kind of danger he has been dealing with and how he has been dealing with it.
No. 735280 ID: e18721

Or something more sincere like, "I'm sorry, dude. That's behind you though, don't worry about it. We can get through this mess"
No. 735281 ID: 6256a9

Can Boon explain what he knows about each of the creatures he is aware about?

Also Joel: dismiss any paranoid delusions you may be having about yourself being an experiment yourself. Even if that could potentially explain how you got in here three months after the place got abandoned.
No. 735287 ID: dfdb1e

I not sure if it's better to appear gullible or understanding. He seem to be trying to avoid his guild by presenting himself as a victim, and that may even be true.
It's probable best if he think we believe him. Joel should want this guy around even if he wasn't interested.
No. 735297 ID: f34ceb
File 146828905740.png - (139.81KB , 1024x768 , 45.png )

Joel pats Boon's shoulder. He says things are okay now. Boon isn't alone, and he's also not stuck with the people that brought him here. Boon doesn't have to worry about them coming back. They'll both get out and get home..

"...You want me to trust you.. How do I know you won't go and leave me stuck here, like when everyone else abandoned this place??"

Joel promises Boon he won't leave. Besides, he needs his help the whole way out of here. They're safer together.

The cat regards him with confusion for a moment, tearing up more.
"...Thank you. I don't know why in the world you would decide to feel safe around me, since I worked here, but.. your decision is yours. I think if you can trust me, I can trust you..
I think there are some sort of.. slime creatures.. around.. I've observed them grow in size at random. The building has these strange anomalous properties.. The doors will open to places they shouldn't. I haven't ever investigated, but I suppose it's worth keeping in mind. I can't think of anything off the top of my head, other than the lights going out randomly sometime-"

Oh. There they go now. The two are in the dark...
No. 735298 ID: 7d01b5

Alright, well, your bag is behind you, you can get to your flashlight and turn it on. See what happens!
No. 735300 ID: 398fe1

Turn on the flashlight. Ask if the shadow creatures are dangerous.
No. 735302 ID: dfdb1e

You gained his trust and he believe you trust him. Good job! Just don't actually trust him.
I know you find him cute and all, but be prepared to back-stab him. For now he is useful, but he may betray you and you should be prepared to do the same. It may even be a good idea to let him behind as soon as you stop needing him.
Be prepared for when the moment come.
No. 735337 ID: 80bfa2

That's really not a healthy way to think. While we should be
wary of danger here, I don't think we should have an active plan to hurt our new ally.
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