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File 146753759217.png - (2.58MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ_Chapter_15_OP.png )
733360 No. 733360 ID: 55c4cf

Chapter 15.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chigui
Quest Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/84526.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chiguigushi
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Bubble_Bucket
IRC: #lilac & #tgchan on irc.rizon.net

[ The Volcano ]
This is a high lethality dungeon. Characters in this chapter can and almost certainly will die before the end. This is a warning if character death is not something you can handle.

If a character is likely to die, there will be a warning in the update prior to dying. One attempt to save the character or characters at risk of death will always be given to suggestors.
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No. 733361 ID: 55c4cf
File 146753761664.png - (1.23MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ825.png )

You are Sani Xidawupa.

Recently you met a man at the bar. He took you out and you had a surprisingly nice time with him. You came to the bar today in hopes of seeing him again.

Just your luck, he is also at the bar. Heck, you even wore the earrings that he bought and had made just for you.
No. 733362 ID: c17cdf

Buy him a drink? Or at least an eyebrow waggle.
No. 733363 ID: bebaf0

Don't die in the volcano!

I mean... What's the matter? Is he with someone else?
No. 733365 ID: 68a788

Why so shaky, Sani?
No. 733369 ID: cc08c7

Neato. Try to calm your shaking and give him a good lookover. Begin plotting.
No. 733767 ID: 55c4cf
File 146769385639.png - (1.21MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ826.png )

You are not sure you even want to approach him at all. Nu has been hitting it off some girl who just arrived on the island. That isn't particularly good for what you were hoping for tonight.

How do you intend to cope?
Anger, Apathy, Fear, Ignorance, Lust, Pain, Sorrow
No. 733769 ID: a1e329

Anger. Doing this after getting those earrings is scummy as hell. Get mad!
No. 733770 ID: c49cea

Lust, he's YOUR man!
No. 733771 ID: 266175

Anger. Fuck that loser.
No. 733774 ID: 8b5979

Apathy, he already did something quite nice for you, no reason to think he is just passing you up because he is chatting with someone. Just go talk with him.
No. 733775 ID: 225f37

Lust. You want to make sure he pays attention to you? Propose a threesome. She'll (probably) fuck off, and you fucking BET he'll remember you after that.
No. 733782 ID: bebaf0

Apathy, fuck everything, it's not worth it.
No. 733790 ID: 2f5847

Apathy. Can't give in to the first provocation to make itself known.

>that's for later
No. 733797 ID: 12b9b9

I choose Fear. If that guy is willing to do that to multiple people, perhaps he is dangerous.
No. 733809 ID: b2d501


You're in a bar. Alcohol content is considered a personality here.
No. 733819 ID: 0a25ae

Apathy. He's just another face in the crowd now. Get a drink.
No. 733892 ID: cc08c7

Apathy gurl. He's clearly not worth the time.
No. 733932 ID: d3a766

focus on The Pain perhaps get hornet nest body
No. 734300 ID: 204140

No. 734523 ID: 55c4cf
File 146800383907.png - (1.17MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ827.png )

Sani copes with the situation with Apathy.

The earrings are removed from your ears the immediate moment that you realize you came here for nothing.

Why even bother with this nonsense? The hills and dips of bar hopping and flirting were rather flaccid.

You decide you are going to focus on Sani's education again rather than social links with other people. You don't need others to matter. You will do your best by your lonesome.

As for Nu? He can go die for all you care.
No. 734524 ID: 398fe1

No. 734530 ID: bebaf0

>As for Nu? He can go die for all you care.

Wish granted. Well, time to start a new life.
No. 734541 ID: e853b8

I suppose we're better off without that two-timer. Now let's go get educated!
No. 734559 ID: 2f5847

Trade earrings for booze. Preferably in bottle form.

Return home and get educated in true Hemingway fashion.
No. 738109 ID: 55c4cf
File 146929934302.png - (1.37MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ828.png )

Sani leaves Wormwood Island for a good amount of the time between that event. In four years time she went back to school, studied hard, and finished her doctorate. Nothing and nobody else much mattered except the science she wished to absorb.

Unfortunately for Sani, fate is a cruel mistress. She becomes a researcher at the Marina of the island she had already lived at once before.

Today she had heard rumors of some strange activity way down a private hallway. Life returns as she examines some of the corrupting material spreading along the door and walls.

While the squirrel is very intrigued at the substance she has discovered, something is wrong. She can smell blood in the air, there is a lot of loud commotion, people are yelling. Now might not be the time for Sani to experiment with whatever it is that she has found.
No. 738110 ID: 211d83

Carefully scoop a sample into a vial and seal it up tight.

Then get your rear in gear and get to somewhere safer. Something bad is going down and you do not want to get caught up in it.
No. 738115 ID: 204140

It seems like a prudent time to FLEE
No. 738120 ID: 398fe1

Get to a panic room if there is one. Otherwise, just... find somewhere secure to hide.
No. 738128 ID: bebaf0

Examine your surroundings, figure out where the screams are coming from, and go in the opposite direction.
No. 738149 ID: 4cbc71

We should take a sample and get out of here.
No. 746984 ID: 55c4cf
File 147331630766.png - (1.24MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ829.png )

Everything gets heavier. Sani feels more afraid than usual. She puts a vial of the Mysterious Fluid away, and immediately starts booking it for the exit.

The sounds of screaming & wet thuds escalates. They are sounding closer.

[ Your choices for exits are The Main Entrance & The Smoker's Side Exit. ]
No. 746985 ID: 398fe1

Side exit!
No. 746986 ID: c49cea

Slip out the side!
No. 746989 ID: 8b5979

Go for the side, fast as you can!
No. 746990 ID: 5ded6c

Side exit!
No. 746991 ID: 6dc85f

Go for the side exit!
No. 746992 ID: 6a5ce7

Out the side, whatever is making those sounds is probably closer the main one.
No. 746995 ID: 204140

side exit
No. 747214 ID: 266175

I'll go with the other voices. Slip out the side. Discreeeeetly.
No. 750029 ID: 55c4cf
File 147498748860.png - (1.05MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ830.png )

You choose to ignore the main double-door entrance. You race past it at full speed and dive into the path toward the smoker's exit.

You step through death, you smell death, you hear death. You are afraid. Whatever is in here is dangerous.

You can see the door is propped open. There is at least one person outside taking their break.

[ Will Sani inform the people when you exit, or will she keep running non-stop? ]
No. 750030 ID: 6dc85f

Yeah, warning, be a good person and strength in numbers. But don't waste too much time in explanations, you gotta book it.
No. 750031 ID: 8b5979

Warn them, make it quick.
No. 750044 ID: afbbef

Warn them, but don't stop. You don't have time to convince them.
No. 750075 ID: 398fe1

Uh, wait, is there anywhere to go through the smoker's exit? I mean, does it lead to a balcony over water? Don't just blindly run over the railing.
No. 750167 ID: 266175

Hey Sani, think you can swim? Hell, take your chances, even if it goes over the water. Get out of there!
No. 750173 ID: 094652

Get them to LEAVE from the scary unknown bloodbath. You don't need to teach them what you don't know.
No. 751914 ID: 55c4cf
File 147595813645.png - (1.37MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ831.png )

Sani escapes the building, but the sounds of horror were not far behind. Whatever was killing everyone inside was sure to come after her.

"You two, run. Everyone inside is probably murdered or about to join them. I know a real good place to hide out. If you don't want to die, please run with me," the squirrel, "I am not good with talking, you'll have to believe me. I'm not slowing down."

Pudding is just kind of confused.
Lynn looks immediately horrified & filled with anxiety.

"W... what? I'm scared, why would anyone be killing?"
"This doesn't sound like a prank, Lynn. Let's follow her. We can figure out what's going on later. I'd rather be safe," her friend Pudding awkwardly reasons.
"Okay, let's go. I'm s-scared..."

"We don't have time for being afraid, hurry up." Sani says flat & dry. She does not stop running.

The cow & rabbit follow afterward.
No. 751916 ID: bf0c04

Hurry up and take them to the safe place (which I assume is the Volcano?). Time to keep running.
No. 751925 ID: 398fe1

...they can hear the sounds and see the blood too, right?

Are you sure it's not a hallucination?
No. 752163 ID: 0b17f0

Get to the chopper! And by chopper I mean hiding place.
No. 753086 ID: 204140

all y'all run
No. 757866 ID: 23ecee

Run for lifeeeeeeeee
No. 774953 ID: 55c4cf
File 148549041867.png - (1.35MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ832.png )

A loud sound crashes up against the door you were standing at moments ago.
Blood splashes out of the doorway with a loud splorch.
Lynn & Pudding yell and start running after Sani with additional vigor.
Lynn almost falls over shock.

What should you do once you resume? The group will be freshly trapped inside the volcano.
(Introduce yourself, Talk to a specific Character, Question Being Trapped, Do Nothing & Listen.)
No. 774957 ID: 398fe1

Introduce yourself.
No. 775027 ID: 1d47e7

Introduce yourself, better get acquainted with your new friends and allies.
No. 775215 ID: 266175

I guess introducing yourself is a good idea. Get a better idea about those around you, what skills they bring, what they can do to help survive.
No. 775217 ID: 094652

Honestly, I think you should assert yourself as the leader instead of acting politely in the middle of a warzone. What is this, the royal court? @#$% no!

Start out by explaining the basic escape plan. Then ask what their skills are and how much they know about the local area. Finally, reassure them that the enemy isn't fixated specifically on them, and if they reach the evac area (for instance, the local port with all the easily stolen yachts) quickly they can get through this without a single casualty.

You are now to be addressed as "Captain".
No. 781992 ID: 55c4cf
File 148774248798.png - (1.18MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ833.png )

[ Fast Forward ]
The events between the last post and where the story resumes took place in the last chapter, here:
- - - - - - - - -

Lynn was just pushed onto the floor.
The group is now trapped inside of wherever this is.

Sani finally manages to introduce herself. She can hear the other four people making noise. They are exclaiming their displeasure by the sealed entrance.

The area is rather large, there is an door of some sort deeper leading deeper into the place.

Sani can hear a strange noise. It sounds like something ripping mixed into somebody screaming underwater.
Nobody else seems to be able to hear it.
No. 781993 ID: 398fe1

Try to figure out what direction it's coming from, and ask someone to come with you to go closer and see if they can hear it. If not, then... it's probably a hallucination.
No. 781999 ID: 88ea55

Investigate the door, see if the noise gets louder when you approach it. Be cautious though.
No. 782033 ID: 20c2d8

Check if Lynn is ok, then take a look at the door leading deeper into the place, try to detect if the noise is coming from there.
No. 783250 ID: 55c4cf
File 148816654019.png - (1.14MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ834.png )

Sani darts her eyes toward the end of the room. The opposite end where no one occupied was being closed slowly. A horrible being was sealing the other exit. It is constructed from what can only be described as void-like.

When you notice it, many eyes open up from inside the mask. A voice sings to you. The group stops once it begins, as they all hear it. Its voice is feminine and watery.

"Hello, my name is Anxiety,
Long hidden from your society,
I've been alone over thirteen centuries,
But now you're all here with me,
Those who trapped me in this place,
Long since dead with such disgrace,
It's you alive that have to atone,
Welcome to my beautiful home,
My open arms are nice and warm,
But I am going to do you harm.

I'll meet you up high with thrill,
Each of you I'm pleased to kill.

The door slams shut with a disgusting wet thud.
There is a message on the door.

"W..wh-what was that?" Lynn softly speaks from the floor.
"What in the fuck is that?" Pudding observes.
Nisha & Ellana whisper thoughtfully to one another.
Fang allows this loud cry escape while he writes inside his notebook furiously.

[ Anyone can die, again. ]
The dungeon begins now.
No. 783255 ID: 398fe1

Read the message on the door. Fang can start making a detailed map, and someone else should copy it so we have more than one copy. Fang might die in a fire and the map could be lost, so we need a backup.

>The opposite end where no one occupied was being closed slowly
The walls are closing in? Or is there a door that's closing? If that's the only remaining exit we need to run for it so we don't get trapped in this room.
No. 783359 ID: 20c2d8

Check your surroundings and read that message on the door.
No. 783512 ID: 266175

Read the message. Agree with the other, Fang, make that map!

Does anyone think it would be...wise to talk to the creature? Why does it want to kill? Could you...come to a mutually beneficial agreement?
No. 783513 ID: 266175

Oh yes, and that message on the door might be important. Read it.
No. 784734 ID: 55c4cf
File 148860855894.png - (1.16MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ835.png )

The singing shocked everyone. The entire group gathers around the door. In messy lettering, you can all read:


The group is unsure whether to share their fears. Will they all be trapped if they do not cooperate? Will they be attacked?

Do you share your fear?
What are you afraid of?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[Mechanics Refresher]
You control Sani.
The other five party members are independent.
You can communicate to others if you'd like to do something but they may not always do as instructed.

Life (Heart Icon): Each pip represents health. If you run out, you are likely to die.
Willpower (Star Icon): Using a skill depletes Willpower.
Resources (Gear Icon): Using some skills depletes Resources. Non-Key Items relevant to characters skill-sets can claimed through this stat.
Fate: Uncontested Actions by using a Fate gives an automatic success. Contested Actions depleting a Fate gives an Advantage. Either a flat bonus OR rolling twice ( and taking the heigher value).

Recovery: Life, Willpower, and Resources can be regained via resting. Resting takes up TIME, and can be interupted by enemies. You have a limited amount of time in the dungeon, so choose to recover at your own risk.

Sani's Skills
Applied Science: General skill. Sani is a scientist researcher. General Skills allow creativity.
Research: Specific Skill. Sani can look into something she encounters. This gives herself and/or the group an advantage or greater understanding.
Sedate: Specific skill. With her knowledge of chemistry, she can help others be less conscious.
Chemistry, Acute Senses, Repair, Gaming, Biology: All four are Mundane Skills. Not allowed in combat. They take time and can cost and/or produce resources.

The other five characters skills will shown more in depth as the story progresses.
The updated Character Sheets will be available to view here:
No. 784749 ID: 598a79

You're afraid of attachment. After all, getting shot down is what's shaped your life since that night in the bar.
No. 784762 ID: e17544


That makes sense. Suggest the others to also share their fears to the door. You can't make them do it, but it's probably better if they do.
No. 785683 ID: 266175

Is this wise? Should we look around the room for clues first before do this? Maybe Ellana should investigate the room first.
No. 785815 ID: 8b5979

Try saying yours first, if nothing bad happens for a few seconds then let the others go.
No. 867810 ID: 55c4cf
File 151873246926.png - (1.22MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ836.png )

Nisha investigates the door and the room. She does not discover anything she deems worth sharing.

Sani is still not sure what to say that she is afraid of, so she doesn't share yet.

The others share their fears with more ease.
Ellana: "Puzzles."
Pudding: "I'm a germophobe."
Lynn: "Hurting those around me.."
Nisha: "Decaying beyond recovery."
Fang Tian: "...F-fire. This place."

They were all compelled to speak, but Sani has trouble speaking to begin with. She is still struggling to express the hardest part.

Which aspect is the most difficult?
Fear of Abandonment, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety, Fear of Public Speaking.
No. 867811 ID: c88e6d

No. 867813 ID: 4324ce

Fear of Abandonment.
No. 867815 ID: ccc62d

Public Speaking, that's why you have trouble saying it.
No. 867816 ID: f807fb

You're afraid of abandonment. After what happened at that bar, you've avoided attachment for that reason.
No. 867823 ID: 9ee5b6

Fear of Abandonment
No. 869600 ID: 55c4cf
File 151935768199.png - (1.23MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ837.png )

Sani reveals that her great fear is Abandonment. The room darkens enough to be noticeable, while the locked door opens up into a passageway.

Ellana leads herself into the next room with Nisha in tow. Pudding & Lynn are going to be at least a few more seconds. Sani has completely lost track of where Fang Tian went. While Sani does not know him well, she feels concern.

Nisha fiddles with her gun with expert skill for a few seconds. Ellana has taken a defensive stance.

The new cavern does not immediately have a visible exit. There are three panels of different sizes on the floor. Each decorated with a symbol. There is a flowing wall of lava cascading over the southeast wall, sinking into a crevice in the floor. This hazard likely blocks a path.

Ellana seems very angry at what is almost guaranteed to be a puzzle. The robot expresses this out loud, "I am very angry at what is almost guaranteed to be a puzzle!"

She hopes others can handle it without her needing to figure it out.
Any ideas for this new room, Sani?

An eagle-eyed reader may notice the other party members are acting on their own. Each one is capable of independent actions with or without your direction. Some of them have used skills & resources this turn.
No. 869605 ID: f807fb

I feel investigating the panels is a good course of action. Although we should probably find out where Fang Tian went.
No. 869617 ID: 3466bb

Normally I'd say put something matching the panels onto them but I don't think we have anything close...

Also for someone with "Master of Unlocking" and "Investigation" You'd think Ellana would be more into a good ol Resident Evil Puzzle

[Check out the star panel. Because you're the Star of this show.]
No. 869621 ID: b1b4f3

Is that even real magma? The tile in front of it should be hard to get near if it was real. Go walk up and see how close you can get before it gets too hot.
No. 869634 ID: ccc62d

Holler at Fang, ask if he's ok.

And check out the panels, see if there's anything written on them other than the obvious.
No. 869700 ID: f807fb

Those symbols belong to three of the Elder gods, don't they? Do we have anyone with us who would know the creation story?
No. 869704 ID: a2ad6a

you right..

saw those symbols in the labyrinth
those are the first three elder gods iirc?
No. 869732 ID: f807fb

It would appear so. The Editor, the Dreamer and the Balancer. Editor by the lava falls, Dreamer to your right and Balancer to your left.

If these are pressure plates, then whoever has to stand on the Editor should probably be fireproof.
No. 870797 ID: 55c4cf
File 151986844980.png - (1.23MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ838.png )

Sani first asks if anyone has seen Fang Tian. Nobody has seen him for a few minutes by now.

Sani asks Pudding & Lynn with a gentle voice to try to find Fang Tian. Sani then requests Ellana & Nisha stay close-by while checking out the panels.

Using knowledge of the Elder gods, Sani has a plan for at least trying these panels. The Editor's panel presses down with a loud noise when Sani puts all her weight on it. When Sani backs away from the lava wall, she also tries to press The Dreamer panel, but it does not budge. Nothing happens.

Pudding finds Fang Tian hiding in a dark corner in the first room. The Journalist has been writing down notes, "In case I get to report on these events when it's over." Fang Tian seems very frightened.
No. 870804 ID: f807fb

The panels are arranged in order of size as well. Have Ellana and Nisha stand on the Dreamer panel while you depress the Editor panel. Then have the rest of the group stand on the Balancer.
No. 870873 ID: ccc62d

Do that. Also be nice to Fang and ask them to come over and stay close to the group. You know that this is a very frightening situation, but it'd be better to stay close in case of traps, or if we need to take immediate actions.
No. 879317 ID: 55c4cf
File 152402572924.png - (1.45MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ839.png )

Sani has determined meaning to the symbolism & size of the pressure stones. One person needs to stand on the Editor's stone near the magma (which is the most dangerous.) Two people need to stand on the Dreamer's stone. Three people must stand on the Balancer's stone. Those three will be unable to see what transpires if this works.

Please choose where to set the party with care.
Where will you place Sani, Pudding, Ellana, Fang Tian, Nisha, & Lynn?
No. 879320 ID: 45909b

Putting Ellana or Fang Tian near such a strong heat source might not be the best idea.

I'd recommend having Lynn, Pudding and Fang Tian on the Balancer stone. Ellana and Nisha on the Dreamer stone. We already know Sani can safely depress the Editor stone, so she should go there.
No. 879325 ID: b1b4f3

No. 879335 ID: 59a52b

Yeah, I'd say Pudding, Fang and Lynn on the Balancer stone.

Nisha and Lynn on the Dreamer Stone.

And Ellana on the Editor stone, hopefully being made of metal helps a bit if hot lava happens as a result.
No. 880005 ID: 55c4cf

(Vote who to put on the Editor's Stone)

[ The contract is sealed ]
No. 880589 ID: 55c4cf
File 152463835657.png - (1.40MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ840.png )

It is decided that Ellana is the best suited on the Editor panel. Nisha & Sani both stand on the Dreamer panel. The remaining three stand upon the Balancer panel, unable to see what is happening.

Everyone stands on the panels, and they lower down. Once ready, Ellana stands upon the panel. The flow of lava stops immediately. On the bright side, the group immediately notices the monster. The aforementioned monster loses the element of surprise.

Initiative Order: Sani, Rast, Ellana, Nisha.

Sani uses [Research] because she lacks ranged options. The monster is a Rast. Rast have 10 life, are Fire Elementals, & have powerful attacks. Rast are known for a paralyzing gaze, fire spit, and a vampiric bite.

The Rast blasts Ellana with a blast of heat. Thanks to her defensive preparations, Ellana takes less harm. Anyone else would have suffered far more damage. The attack was so well placed it knocks Ellana onto the ground.

Ellana gets back to her feet..

How will they handle their new problem?
No. 880592 ID: 59a52b

Everyone should keep their distance, Nisha should start shoot it. Ellana could keep using her riot shield to defend from more attacks while Lynn gets close and attacks it in close range. But she has to get back on the button so the magnma curtain stops.

Hopefully we can lure the Rast closer so we don't have to stand on the plates the whole fight.
No. 880598 ID: 45909b

Seconding this, Ellana's mechanical nature should hopefully render her immune to the Rast's other abilities. Keep Fang, Lynn and Pudding where they are, until we lure it out they have to stay put. Have Ellana attack as well as Nisha, if she can.
No. 880599 ID: 45909b

Also, if we manage to defeat it quickly, see if Sani can use her repair skills to patch up Ellana.
No. 881655 ID: 42b9a2

knock out leg joints
No. 881658 ID: b1b4f3

Since it only attacked after the lava flow was interrupted, try shooting at it through the lava.

...I really hope the lava goes away once it's dead.
No. 922462 ID: 55c4cf
File 155064438866.png - (1.31MB , 1280x1280 , BBQ841.png )

Sani calls out to Ellana to communicate weakpoints on the Rast to give Ellana an advantage.

Nisha uses a willpower to make a [Careful Shot] toward the Rast, and succeeds.
Ellana waits for the Rast to open their mouth before blasting it with her sidearm.

The Rast lay motionless in pieces on the ground.

The door clicks, and swings loose a couple centimeters.
Every floor plate rumbles, receding into the floor. A loud locking sound finishes the noise.
While the rumbling was occuring, plates slid closed, ending the lava flow. Completely sealing the hazard with a loud THUNK.

This area is now safe for the party to move freely. What will they do next?
No. 922465 ID: b1b4f3

First check the body. Any loot? Then... well, I guess that's it, this room is pretty featureless now isn't it?

Oh, someone should take a peek through the door while someone else braces it so it can't be opened fully. We should just assume there's some monster immediately behind it.
No. 922467 ID: 7a49ca

Check the Rast's remains to see if anything useful can be taken or made from them, then carefully inspect the next room through the doorway. If entering is necessary to do so, then move as a group.
No. 922485 ID: 5b3b6f

Nisha should investigate the door to make sure that there's no more traps. If it's safe, then proceed to the next room, cautiously.
No. 922671 ID: d004d5

Why even bother trying? I mean, nobody is going to get out alive and unscathed so you might as well just kill yourselves in the quickest, most painless way possible. There are no happy endings.
No. 922706 ID: 5a6bcd

make the hawyee emoticon and check for traps
No. 923611 ID: 3466bb

Well no time like the present, get through that door!
No. 923615 ID: 75c493

Treat Ellana's injuries first, if possible. Or a t least diagnose them.
And -thank her-
No. 923648 ID: aa0e66

seconding take some time to recover, be careful with moving forward
No. 923649 ID: 609e01

Gather everyone together for the next room.
No. 924718 ID: 8555ac

Check the door as a group
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