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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146497182697.jpg - (37.69KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_1.jpg )
727581 No. 727581 ID: 0eaeaf

Oh dear Menoth my head is on fire.
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No. 727582 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146497209839.jpg - (23.53KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_2.jpg )

Wait a minute....
No. 727584 ID: cea69d

"I've got morning wood?? At THIS hour???"
No. 727585 ID: 2f5847

Your pocketwatch is so tiny and difficult to wind. I'm surprised it still works.
No. 727588 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146497426887.jpg - (45.15KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_3.jpg )


>Please Insert Name __________________
No. 727589 ID: 2f5847

Labuan Mordovia
No. 727590 ID: 595d54

No. 727596 ID: 247651

No. 727601 ID: 15a025

Justin Wong.
No. 727638 ID: cea69d

Amaretto Italy
No. 727644 ID: 935328

Mandingo Dele
No. 727688 ID: 8013df

rolled 2 = 2

>Randomizing....Please Wait...
No. 727694 ID: 8013df
File 146501688125.jpg - (37.46KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_4.jpg )

Who the hell said that? Client? What does that mean? Oh Menoth, I don't have time for this, Kommander Zokvatir is going to kill me this time. Maybe even for real!
No. 727695 ID: 15a025

Sounds like a good time to become the new ruler then.
No. 727700 ID: 8013df
File 146501869654.jpg - (81.34KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_5.jpg )

I arrive finally at the training ground. The other two trainees have already begun practicing with the warjacks. The Kommander is waiting for me.
Butcher:2 hours and 47 minutes Kapitan. I wouldn't want to be a soldier under your command if I was that late to a battle.
The other 2 cadets snicker, but a mean glare from the Kommander keeps them quiet.
Me:I'm sorry sir. Won't happen again.
Butcher:It better not. Or else you might end up in the labs.

That..that makes me shudder. If there is anything I ever want to never do again, it is go back to the labs. The things they do in there...

He kneels down to my level.
Butcher:Justin, look, I want you to understand something. You are a warcaster. Not only do your soldiers depend on you in battle, but the people look to you as a Knight of the Empress, their hero. I know you haven't been getting much sleep these days, but try to keep up. Do you need Grandmama to brew you something?
Me:No sir. Shall I join the others sir?

The Kommander grins.
Butcher:That's the spirit! Go get 'em Borshka*

*Author's Note: Borshka is the Khadoran word for "little bear". It is often used as a somewhat derogatory term to new recruits, similar to "maggot" in our world.
No. 727705 ID: 2f5847

Holy Shit.
Khadorians are so tough, they have derogatory terms for bears.
No. 728069 ID: 8013df
File 146517987165.jpg - (33.84KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_6.jpg )

Sorry for the delay. Power outages, soccer tourneys, and graduations, oh my! Also, this is my 6TH TIME POSTING THIS GODDAMN THING.
???: Oh my me! Look at such good workers! Already jumping into the experience! Oh what's this? You haven't even completed your earthly avatar! This just won't do! Let me help you out, since you're new.

>Choose second career
-Magic using spell-slinger. Starts with 2 spells of your choice and Rune Reader ability
>Battle Mechanik
-Jack supporter. Begins with Scrounge and Tune-up abilities, and either Hand Weapon 1 or Pistol 1
-A heavy tank clad in two-ton armor. Begins with Load bearing ability, Great Weapon 1, Artillery 1, Shield 1, Command 1, and Engineering 1.
No. 728070 ID: 2f5847

The idea of a Mechanik who oversleeps and doesn't remember his name is funny, so I'm good with that.

MOW's skill list is pretty nice, though.
No. 728131 ID: 430103

Mainly because the way I see it, a Warcaster isn't just a powerful unit, he needs to be a capable leader, and this is the only one that gives anything approaching leadership powers.
No. 728169 ID: 8013df

???: Yes, that's good. By the way, my name is Menoth, god of civilization, and your supervisor! Now all we need to do is get your avatar's specializations and you're ready to go!

>Choose 3 stats to increase, up to the second listed number:
>PHY - 5/7
Your resistance to bodily afflictions. Also helps calculate armor and willpower.

>SPD - 6(4 while wearing MoW armor)/7
Your speed on the battlefield. Also helps calculate defense and initiative.

>STR 4(7 while wearing MoW armour)/6(9 while wearing MoW armour)
Your physical carry limit, as well as the force behind your melee attacks.

>AGL - 3/5
Your reflexes and agility. Helps calculate defense.

>PRW - 4/5
Your skill with melee weapons. Can be reduced by some weapons. Helps calculate initiative and willpower.

>POI - 4/5
Your skill with ranged weapons. Can be reduced by some weapons.

>INT - 3/5
Used by tests of skill such as engineering or research. Also determines the amount of spells you can learn.

>ARC - 2/4
Your accuracy with magic. Also the amount of mana you can allocate to your 'jacks or use to cast spells.

>PER - 3/5
Your scope of the battlefield. Helps calculate defense and initiative.

>Calculated Stats
ARM: PHY + Armor Modifier(9) + Shield Skill Level (1) = Currently 15 with armor, 6 without.
Helps resist damage from getting hit.

DEF: SPD + PER + AGL - Armor Modifiers (2) = Currently 7 with armor, 9 without. Helps resist getting hit.

INIT: SPD + PRW + PER. Currently 11 with armour, 13 without. Helps calculate turn order.

WIL: PHY + INT. Currently 8. Helps resist panicking in the face of fearsome enemies.

MoW Armour. Type - Armor.
-SPD Modifier: -3(-2 thanks to Loadbearing)
-DEF Modifier: -3(-2 thanks to Loadbearing)
-Arm Modifier: +9
-Adds +3 STR while functioning.
-Adds an additional 10 damage boxes to life spiral.

Annihilator Blade. Type - Great Weapon.
-PRW Modifier: 0
-POW: 5
-P+S: 9 (12 with armor)
-Range: 12 feet
Requires at least STR 7 to wield (conditions met)

Shield Cannon. Type - Shield/Light Artillery
-POI Modifier: -1
-POW: 14
-Range: 36 feet
-Requires STR 7(conditions met)
-Can be used as a melee weapon at POW 1, with a -1 attack modifier, using the Shield skill.

>Life Spiral
The amount of damage you can take before being crippled or worse. As each branch (PHY, AGL, or INT) is filled in, you suffer a different effect.

>PHY - Effect: -2 STR
1: 3/3
2: 2/2

>AGL - Effect: -2 PRW/POI
3: 2/2
4: 1/1

>INT - Effect: -2 DEF and can't upkeep spells.
5: 2/2
6: 1/1
No. 728173 ID: 8013df
File 146524978065.jpg - (36.01KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_7.jpg )

Because I refuse to repost that wall of text, here's the accompanying pic.
No. 728174 ID: 2f5847

1 SPD, 2 PER. Those derived attributes seem to be the way to go.
No. 728263 ID: 2cd195

+2 INT and +1 ARC, I'm thinking.
Khador style is pretty beefy by default but a little lacking when it comes to magical output, so filling in that gap might add a bit of utility on top of the extra mechanical aptitude. And having more casting juice is never a bad thing.
No. 728290 ID: 2f5847

Okay, but hear me out. Running around at Armor 10, Initiative 14 would make things really funny, fairly survivable, and would always be on.

Given how quests update, our actions are limited per turn, and passives will probably be more useful.
No. 728458 ID: 8013df

Going to need a decision. Also, concerning actions, you get movement and either 2 quick actions or 1 full actiom per update.
No. 728477 ID: 0e4511

Let's go with the defense plan.
No. 728479 ID: 430103

I'm gonna go for the SPD&PER build. We're not just beefy, but we can move! Should let us get into the thick of things betters or get out of dodge.
No. 731991 ID: 84b1a7
File 146696732622.jpg - (318.36KB , 704x309 , Journeyman_8.jpg )

Menoth: Yes yes, very good. Well, I'm off. See you in the field!
>Returning to client...
Who keeps saying that!

Anyway, looks like we're on rotations again. I can choose a Juggernaut, a Destroyer, or a Devastator. Let's see...

A Devestator is a heavily armored siege-breaker, but when it attacks with its Grenade Launchers or Armoured Fists its protection drops. A Destroyer has a Bombard and an Axe, but isn't particularly good at melee or ranged. A Juggernaut is hard-hitting with its Ice Axe, but has no ranged weapons. I'm thinking a Juggernaut, but the Destroyer is so reliable...
No. 731992 ID: 2f5847

The best use of our initiative is not being stuck in melee all the time, although we shouldn't ignore it.

Destroyer looks the shootiest, so that's what I want.
No. 731994 ID: 2f5847

I am assuming that the bombard is more robust than the shield cannon previously listed.

And that you cannot use a cannon on a Juggernaut. If these are erroneous, do correct me.
No. 732007 ID: 84b1a7

That is correct. The bombard has a 14" and can fire over people, your's has a 6". And a juggernaut can only have a Ice Axe, due to Chassis constraints.
No. 732013 ID: f924d5

No. 732146 ID: a788b7


Just as a note guys, you screwed up real bad. 10 is not enough defense to matter, and 15 is not actually good armor. 10/15 is what is often referred to as 'victim stats', it is quite easy to get fucking murdered with that sort of stat distribution and even with +1 spd from the start you're still slower than EVERYTHING else. In a system like this it is actually way better to focus on your strengths early on in order to not just get murdered.

If you wanted to increase defense, you should have increased agility over perception as increasing agility also increases health, since you are STILL going to get hit a majority of the time with defense 10 and 15 armor isn't enough to reliably take no damage from even non-charging attacks.

Also low Arcane means that the character is nearly useless as both a spellcaster and for 'jack support so that's another thing to keep in mind.

That said, taking the juggernaut here is just plain the wrong choice. Taking the destroyer lets you keep your squishy ass far away from the frontlines for as long as possible, which is nice, but the bombard is going to get a lot less work done than you think and it doesn't have much in the way of versatility when something closes on it (it is purely a worse juggernaut as soon as any enemy reaches melee).

Devestator is probably the way to go, being able to trundle around the battle field ACTUALLY being difficult to damage and giving something to hide important persons behind and having an incredible amount of damage potential with its rain of death ability and a lot of versatility from actually having two usable hands.
No. 732230 ID: 8013df

You've forgotten your INIT 15, one of the highest Ive ever seen. Personally, whwn I make MoW characters I upgrade PHY and STR, but they wanted to be stealthy. Also, considering most of your opponents will be MAT/RAT 4-5, I think you're good.
No. 732252 ID: ca0c21


Ok cool. Destroyer for me too.
No. 732312 ID: a788b7


Init 15 is all well and good but it doesn't do much when you're SPD 4, DEF 10, and have a control range of a whopping 4". Building for initiative is pretty foolish in a turn-based game. Taking perception over agility is a pretty terrible idea in general.

Speaking of which, you seem to have forgotten that humans in the setting get an extra +1 to one of Physique, Agility, or Intelligence as a racial bonus so Justin is sort of a cripple right now

A MAT or RAT 4 opponent is a completely untrained civilian, btw. Weapon Skills add to accuracy.

No. 732363 ID: 8013df

I'm sorry, I didnt realize you had tge character sheet for all of my dnemies in this quest. Please give it back.
No. 732519 ID: 8013df

Reposting because I need more sleep.

Menoth: Oh silly me! I've just noticed youve forgotten your human's own hidden potential! Now then, what will it be!
>Choose one
1) +1 PHY
2) +1 AGL
3) +1 INT
No. 732572 ID: a788b7


It's not about the character sheets for enemies. It's about the base PRW for almost every race in the setting being 4 or higher


PHY. DEF doesn't really matter until you get it to about 13 anyway, and until then it's better to have more ARM. Especially since we're unlikely to have warcaster-modified Man-o-War armor so no power field, so we'll need to rely on taking chip damage and heroic dodges.

Keep in mind that even with DEF 11, Justin will still be hit more than 70% of the time by enemy enemy who knows how to use the weapon that they are using at the most rudimentary level. Taking less damage per hit is far more relevant, the investment to not get hit when you have the amount of penalties Man-o-War armor gives is extremely significant. Also keep in mind that as Man-o-War armor is larger it is much more difficult to hide from incoming fire.
No. 732636 ID: 2f5847

+1 AGL, because I simply have to push this to the limit.
No. 732702 ID: 398fe1

No. 733411 ID: 84b1a7
File 146757128017.jpg - (31.82KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_9.jpg )


Menoth Alright then! There shouldn't be anything else, just send me a thought! No seriously, just send a thought to me and I'll try to respond!

Oh Menoth. I have voices in my head that are telling me to what 'jack to choose. What is up with this amulet!

Menoth: Uh oh! You startled your avatar! Better think of something quick!
No. 736451 ID: 1aa430

(In case I wasn't clear...)
>Open Input
No. 736455 ID: cb4760

Look, you need to pick a jack right? We're offering our advice on the matter. Or do you mean why are you hearing voices? Like you said, the amulet. Don't throw the amulet away we have knowledge of most things going on in your world, and thus can be useful.
No. 741779 ID: 0eaeaf
File 147101627831.jpg - (54.41KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_10.jpg )

...Well I look either crazy or an idiot for yelling at a necklace. Just going to put on my armor and go...

Ah, it's the other Journeymen: Marscha and Kharun.

Marscha: Well if it isn't Kommandant Lazy. Took you long enough.
Kharun: Come now Marscha, be nice. Though you are late as always Justin.
Me: Oh shut up. I call the Destroyer by the way.
Marscha: Fine by me. The Devestator is mine.
Kharun: Menoth damn it, why do I always get last choice.
Marscha: Because you have even less intelligence that Justin. And that should be impossible.
Me/Kharun: Hey!
No. 745721 ID: 0eaeaf
File 147284565509.jpg - (73.27KB , 800x600 , Journeyman_11.jpg )

Alright then let's see...just got to feel for the cortex and activate the boiler....By Menoth, I really prefer starting it by hand, but Commander Zokvatir insists on making us learn to do it by magic.

Got it!

>Please name Warjack ______________
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