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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146336683335.png - (1.26MB , 2500x2000 , 0000aaa title.png )
723558 No. 723558 ID: 829a14

It seems like your existence was manually rebooted.
You weren't supposed to die. Not yet.
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No. 723562 ID: 829a14
File 146336698599.png - (37.37KB , 2500x2000 , 0001.png )

You are small.

Your intelligence is AVERAGE.
Your physical ability is BELOW AVERAGE.
Your willpower is ABOVE AVERAGE.

Do you remember your name?
No. 723566 ID: 225f37

Obligatory "Frisk" or "Chara" suggestion.
No. 723568 ID: 094652

Lillypop Sugarrush

Your parents were bad people.
No. 723572 ID: a075ba

No. 723575 ID: 0c7bf6

Azalea, after the pink flower.
No. 723576 ID: 595d54


I don't see how that's obligatory.
No. 723579 ID: 031add

Another vote for Lillypop
No. 723586 ID: 829a14
File 146336897570.png - (38.05KB , 2500x2000 , 0002.png )

Your name was, apparently, Lillypop. You're so disappointed with that fact that you're momentarily roused from your own death.

Regardless, do you remember how you liked to dress? Were you girly, or more of a comfort dresser? Maybe sporty?
No. 723590 ID: 3663d3

you liked dressing like a princess. unfortunately princess dresses are in very short supply so you had to wear second hand crap.
No. 723593 ID: a075ba

Go girly, girly.
No. 723595 ID: 79a07e

Things like sundresses. Light and airy.
No. 723609 ID: 094652

You wore a mix of Indian Noble and Britannian Punk.

Mostly because your fashion sense is precise but MISDIRECTED.
No. 723636 ID: 35151f

You vary wildly in dress but err towards vaguely racy goth stuff as a point of rebellion against your parents naming you "lillypop," a habit that never died after you departed from childhood.
No. 723637 ID: 595d54

Seconding. Actually, I'm tempted to just automatically second whatever kome says and see where it leads us.
No. 723644 ID: 829a14
File 146337327233.png - (385.33KB , 2500x2000 , 0003.png )

>you liked dressing like a princess. unfortunately princess dresses are in very short supply so you had to wear second hand crap.
>Go girly, girly.
>Things like sundresses. Light and airy.

You remember what you were wearing now.
It's time to go back. The memory of how you died is just out of grasp, like a......
No. 723648 ID: 829a14
File 146337341374.png - (52.07KB , 2500x2000 , 0004.png )

...anyway, just do your best to see to it that it doesn't happen this time. Not everyone gets a second chance at life, you know.
No. 723652 ID: 094652


Through two feet of cement, bounced across the interior of a news station, and straight into your apartment.

Seriously, what was that thing running on? Uranium?
No. 723654 ID: 829a14
File 146337368185.png - (27.15KB , 2500x2000 , 0005.png )

No. 723663 ID: 5ad4a7

Looks like it was poison.
No. 723674 ID: f6442a

Like a rattlesnake in a twenty-car pileup.
No. 723704 ID: a22f87

well if we're still talking about what it's like

like a firm hand holding your head under water.
No. 723705 ID: 35151f

you died from twenty pounds of ass n' tiddy.

freak accident or tiny murderer, thats the true mystery
No. 723713 ID: 3641d4

Death by shit storm.
No. 723728 ID: f3b0ae

Whatever it is, resolve to avoid it or anything even vaguely like it.
No. 723730 ID: 2a7417

Fell into the machinery during a tour of the McRando's food manufactory. It was a grisly, yet delicious fate.
No. 723739 ID: b17b81

Wasting sickness.
No. 723748 ID: cd90cb

Village people killed you for marrying the hottest hunk.
No. 723818 ID: a075ba

Yeah, the text on the dress supports poisoning.
No. 723941 ID: 98ff64

No. 723942 ID: 79a07e

What >>723663
and >>723818
No. 724077 ID: 829a14
File 146353824561.png - (2.47MB , 2500x2000 , 0006.png )

You are now in REALITY.

You don't think that teacup qualifies as a cup anymore. Not even a mug. It's a bowl. You're staring down at a bowl of tea.

Now might be a good time to consider your surroundings. Or, you could down that bowl of tea. It looks like it's still pretty hot, though.
No. 724078 ID: 094652

Patiently wait for movement and observe other entities in the area for suspicious activity.

Shove your tea down someone's throat.
No. 724079 ID: 5ad4a7

Look around. Is the place busy? Anyone you know here?
No. 724117 ID: f6442a

Hey, nice painting.

Anyway, chug that drink.
No. 724121 ID: a075ba

...don't drink the tea. If you came back right when you died, maybe that's what was poisoned!

Look around. Where are you?

Bemoan the drabness of reality. You already miss your pink.
No. 724191 ID: e95cec

Look behind painting. I'm paranoid now; you apparently got poisoned somehow (unless that was a red herring), and unless it was accidental (caffeine poisoning? tea poisoning?), somebody done did you in.
No. 724197 ID: 98ff64

Dont drink the tea!
Look around, examine painting and behind painting
No. 724199 ID: 39c8c2

Chug that tea like one of those pants people. Pinky up of course.
No. 724201 ID: 2a7417

Swap teas with the fellow in the painting, then bottoms up!
No. 724216 ID: a107fd

Politely decline hemlock-flavored tea.
No. 724242 ID: 829a14
File 146360276688.png - (2.89MB , 2500x2000 , 0007.png )

>Look around. Where are you?
>Patiently wait for movement and observe other entities in the area for suspicious activity.

The only "suspicious entity" around is the young woman seated across the table from you. She seems friendly enough.

She asks if your tea is to your liking.
No. 724261 ID: 5ad4a7

Uhhhh ask where you are and who she is.
No. 724279 ID: a075ba

>She asks if your tea is to your liking.
It's uh, not poisoned, is it? Sorry, once bitten, twice shy, all that.

Sorry if this is rude, but who are you? And where am I?
No. 724288 ID: 99d7d8

Ask about that door behind her.
No. 724289 ID: 7de580

Don't be rude! Apologize, tell her that you died today and don't have the stomach for tea.
No. 724294 ID: 15a025

Tell her the tea is amazing.
No. 724300 ID: 829a14
File 146362045502.png - (44.55KB , 2500x2000 , 0008.png )

>Sorry if this is rude, but who are you? And where am I?

It takes you a moment- turns out, death and resurrection makes your memory a little foggy- but you remember her name. She's an old friend of yours, Sophia. You recall that this is actually her middle name, but you can't remember her actual first name. It's been a while.

She senses your confusion and asks if everything is alright.
No. 724306 ID: e95cec

"Sorry, turns out I'm not in the mood for tea." Or something.

Do you remember where you are? Can you TELL where you are? If you can take your tea back to the kitchen and store a sample of it for later analysis, that'd be great. Also, I don't know whether to trust Sophia yet. If she made you the tea, and if the tea's poisoned, that makes her suspect #1.
No. 724313 ID: a075ba

>She senses your confusion and asks if everything is alright.
I don't rightly know.
No. 724382 ID: f6442a

Well don't be rude, drink your tea. Pretend everything is fine.
No. 724396 ID: 79a07e

Do't drink the tea, say you're feeling iffy, head to the bathroom.
Pretty sure it's poison.
No. 724398 ID: 433720

"I'm confused."
"And that makes me angry..."
Begin Combat! Roll Initiative! Called Shot to the FACE PARTS!
No. 724422 ID: 2a7417

Sip your tea while you collect your thoughts.
No. 724461 ID: 15a025

Try to remember things as you chug that tea down. Don't forget to hold your pinkie finger up when you drink it as well.
No. 724489 ID: 98ff64

No. 725923 ID: 829a14
File 146422344460.png - (2.14MB , 2500x2000 , 0009.png )

>Chug that tea like one of those pants people.
>Well don't be rude, drink your tea. Pretend everything is fine.
>Sip your tea while you collect your thoughts.
>Try to remember things as you chug that tea down.

You almost don't want to for some reason, but you knock that tea back like a champ anyway. You tense in anticipation of the bitter flavor of tampering.
No. 725926 ID: 829a14
File 146422368483.png - (2.14MB , 2500x2000 , 0010.png )

...but it's actually delicious. It smells a little bit like chrysanthemums, and it goes down easily.
No. 725991 ID: 15a025

Ask your friend there how her days been going.
No. 728572 ID: 829a14
File 146545309163.png - (39.75KB , 2500x2000 , 11.png )

You set your cup on the table and sigh contentedly. Sophia speaks before you get the chance to.

"I, ah... I must admit, I haven't been entirely transparent with you, Lillypop."

You ask her what she meant. She makes a face at you, and you're suddenly concerned. Maybe you shouldn't have drank all that tea after all.

"It's been a long time since we've seen each other. Years."

"Years," you echo.

"I didn't call you here just to catch up over tea. Something... something really bad is going to happen. Soon. And I needed to make sure you're prepared for that-"
No. 728573 ID: 829a14
File 146545315816.png - (47.36KB , 2500x2000 , 12.png )

"-because it's going to directly involve you."

The way she's talking is making you suuuuuper uncomfortable. "Are you kidding me, Soph? How do you know something's going to happen?"

Hey, sorry about the long wait. I only have desktop computer access once a week, then this past week I got really, really sick. But! I'm better now, so more updates on the way!
No. 728574 ID: f6442a

It's because she's going to make it happen. Flee, flee before you can hear any more of what she's saying to you.
No. 728575 ID: 094652

Flip table.
No. 728576 ID: c6e626

It's always best to assume good intentions, but seeing as you've just recently died...

It's probably a good idea to be a little wary of Sophia.

"This isn't, like, a threat or anything, right?"
No. 728578 ID: 9f3729

"Well, I just came back from the dead, so whatever we tried last time didn't work."
No. 728586 ID: 398fe1

Ask her to spill the beans.
No. 728592 ID: be9352

Oh man she's gonna get you run!
No. 728594 ID: 2a7417

Get the hell out of there and find a McRando's for a real(-ish) lunch.
No. 728613 ID: a075ba

>I didn't call you here just to
The only place you were called from is back from the dead. And you're all greyscale, while your friend is in color. And she admits she hasn't sen you in years.

Girl, I think your friend went and summoned your shade from the beyond.

And if something really bad is going to happen involving you, best case, that your summoner is going to sic you on someone. (Worst case, you're about to be used a component in some kind of ritual or spell).

Ask her if she's the reason you're not dead right now. See what explanation she gives, you're going to need to hear it.
No. 728723 ID: a107fd

Ask, in your best spooky ghost voice, why she summoned you from beyond the veil of death. Maybe call her "foolish mortal" at some point.
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