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File 146027214301.png - (288.04KB , 735x731 , panel0.png )
715404 No. 715404 ID: 5ff1a4

The Bodie family has been cursed for generations so that all but one descendant will die before another generation may be born. The current generation has lived peacefully and (mostly) without incident so far. But will that really last?
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No. 715406 ID: 5ff1a4
File 146027223120.png - (721.49KB , 1583x1306 , panel1.png )

Tonight is a special night for the Bodie family. Every once in a blue moon, the entire household will be at peace and there will be no schedule conflicts or dramatic conflicts between siblings. On nights like this, the whole family will sit down to have a nice, normal family dinner. Mind you this sort of thing is exceedingly rare for a family like the Bodie’s, whose lives revolve around dark magical powers and ill gotten gains from a pact so many generations back into their bloodline that no one is certain of who the first Bodie to make such a deal was. However, lacking the harmony to have a normal family dinner isn’t especially high on the list of terrible consequences for delving into dark magic. The Bodie’s have just found a way to live with it in some semblance of normalcy.

As an aspiring chef, youngest brother Scottie, is especially excited for the night, because it means that his siblings will actually eat his cooking rather than passing him over for whatever their normal dinner plans are. He doesn’t mind eating alone at all, but he loves to watch others enjoy his meals. He enlists the help of his personal maid, Ester, to assist with the cooking and she begrudgingly agrees.

“They’ll have to love it, Ester. I’ve been planning this for a week now. Ever since Lori and Arty got over that tiff they were having.”

“They’d better say they love it even if they don’t. I already have to do their laundry and now you have me feeding them too.”
No. 715407 ID: 5ff1a4
File 146027230090.png - (524.79KB , 988x946 , panel2.png )

The doorbell rings. Scottie has a distasteful look at the sound. Knowing that he is the youngest and Ester is employed by his family, one of them is going to have to go and get the door. But that is only part of the reason he is so displeased.

“Who’s coming around at this hour? If one of them invited company over without telling me, I’ll throttle them.” He’s been working hard on this dinner and he won’t have any unexpected guests showing up out of the blue to ruin it for him. He just wants a nice, quiet night with his siblings. Ester gives him an expectant look, wondering if he’s going to go and tell off whoever is at the door himself or if he’ll have other plans in mind. He could be terribly fickle and vindictive after all.

[PLAYER SELECT: Choose Scottie or Ester to switch to their perspective and suggest the first course of action.]
No. 715411 ID: 1979a1

be ester! Be the grouchy maid. do your maidly duties and answer the door?
No. 715412 ID: 4834ab

Ester. See if we're maid enough to survive the night. I take it the curse isn't fussy about collateral damage.
No. 715413 ID: 359036

Choose Ester to begrudgingly answer the door and maybe make a sassy comment.
No. 715415 ID: e4873e

be ester! let's see who's at the door.
No. 715416 ID: 96aae7

its time for Maid Simulator Dark Magic Edition
No. 715424 ID: 5ff1a4
File 146028127057.png - (146.66KB , 456x466 , panel3.png )

You are now the surly maid.

Your name is Ester Sharp and you have been the Bodie’s maid for a few years now. Scottie is your direct boss, however you also answer to the eldest brother, who handles your paychecks.

Character Goals: Complete tasks for the family, cause problems for Scottie, scope out drama, start mischief, deal with intruders

Scottie orders you to go see who’s at the door.

“If they were invited, tell them one of us is sick,” he elaborates.

You give a little scoff at that.

“Would it really be that far off from the truth?” you mention aside to him as you leave the kitchen and move to the entryway.
No. 715425 ID: 5ff1a4
File 146028128990.png - (111.90KB , 414x503 , panel4.png )

As you happen to know how messed up this family is firsthand, something only spoken in rumors by the people in town, you make use of your experience with the job. You wouldn’t be worth your petticoat if you just opened the door willynilly whenever someone knocked. That was a good way to get egged, or questioned by police, or god forbid someone from the church wanting to speak with someone in the house. You wouldn’t wish that on them, even if getting visits from them is annoying.

So you peer through the peephole instead, shading it with your hands to see…
No. 715426 ID: 5ff1a4
File 146028131448.png - (291.03KB , 651x633 , panel5.png )

Oh. You’re not sure whether you’re hoping he has the wrong address yet or not. If someone really did order those, you imagine Scottie will make sure the entire neighborhood knows about his displeasure. If you did have a neighborhood. You consider for a moment that Eatcha Pizza should reconsider their policy of letting their delivery boys deliver pizza to the creepy old manor in the woods.

Then you remember what it was you were doing, and carefully consider what you should do next.
No. 715427 ID: f2461f

Send the man away, even if someone ordered pizza it would hurt Scottie's feelings and most likely stir up trouble. At least for tonight let's try to avoid any unnecessary trouble.
No. 715428 ID: 943724

Get this guy out of here before things get out of control.

Or someone ends up dead.
No. 715429 ID: 4834ab

Yeah get rid of him. He looks kind of shifty though. Give him a good ribbing.
No. 715442 ID: 38685c

Goals including causing problems for Scottie, therefor accept pizza!
No. 715448 ID: 1cebc8

Wait, did Scottie plan to give you table scraps?

Take the pizza, you can eat it.
No. 715457 ID: e4873e

take the pizza and eat it yourself!
No. 715477 ID: 02422f

Did Scottie order this, so he could cook the deliveryman for the family?
No. 715624 ID: 5334aa
File 146032932880.png - (199.99KB , 510x417 , panel6.png )

>Did Scottie order this, so he could cook the deliveryman for the family?

Normally, you would have considered this a strong possibility. Scottie does have a predilection for cannibalism after all, both for pleasure and to increase his magical abilities. You’re quite familiar with how far he’ll go to get whatever catches his eye, as you yourself used to be not nearly so “bony” as you are at the moment. However, Scottie’s appetite for the unspeakable landed him in trouble quite recently, and now he has a particular babysitter keeping an eye on him to ensure his eating habits don’t cause more unidentified bones in the backyard. You highly doubt he would risk his life to provide human flesh when the rest of his family doesn’t share the same tastes as him.

So chances are, someone else in the family ordered it despite (or because of) him making dinner.
No. 715627 ID: b17b81

Is Scottie a decent cook at least?

Send the pizza man away telling him he must have the wrong house. Act like it was a door-to-door salesman and never mention who it really was.
No. 715679 ID: 5334aa
File 146033755866.png - (235.21KB , 714x703 , panel7.png )

After a little while of indecision, you decide it’s not worth the trouble of dealing with Scottie’s fit throwing and try to send the pizza man away.

“No one ordered any pizza.”

“But, this is Bodie Manor isn’t it? I’ve got two large pizzas for a Mr. Bodie.” Well that only narrows it down to half the household. “Can’t you at least check with your boss and see if he ordered it?”

“Okay. He says he didn’t.”

“You didn’t even go anywhere. Come on, lady, this is really far out of the rest of my route.” You’re tempted to play the world’s tiniest violin for him, but you don’t want to tempt him to stick around out of ire for you.

“For the last time, we didn’t-”
No. 715680 ID: 5334aa
File 146033759786.png - (186.75KB , 565x628 , panel8.png )

You’re suddenly pulled aside from blocking the door. As soon as you see Jonesy Bodie, you see exactly what happened. Of course it was him trying to antagonize Scottie. Everyone generally enjoyed Scottie’s cooking, as he’s been practicing it since his younger teen years, so Jonesy is likely just acting out to upset him. You’d like to give him a good hard slap for pushing you but he anticipates this and keeps ahold of your wrist as he shoves his arm out the door with the money in hand.

“I’m Mr. Bodie! Sorry for the mixup. English isn’t her first language.” Scratch that, you’d like to pulverize him. But all things considered, it may benefit you to hold your temper and more indirectly get back at him.
No. 715682 ID: 5334aa

[I forgot to link it before but there’s a Discussion thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/99023.html. Also, keep in mind you can check or observe characters or things within scenes for more information or status things about them (from the current POV character’s view of course). ]
No. 715683 ID: 5ad4a7

Murder him.

One down for the curse.
No. 715686 ID: 96aae7

throw jonesy at the pizza man for his heedlessness
No. 715697 ID: 35151f

you still have a knee and his groin is unguarded
No. 715799 ID: 4834ab

Let him pay the man but take the pizza for yourself?
No. 715824 ID: 9f0151

(mentally, think that youre kneeing him up to his stomach, that will make sure your knees dont lose momentum. #tipsntricks)
No. 715847 ID: 2c4dc5

this! you now are the pizzas rightful owner.
No. 715856 ID: 5334aa
File 146040803052.png - (219.61KB , 562x737 , panel9.png )

Your temper gets the better of you and you go for the triple threat. Unfortunately thanks to your height and how close he is, your knee hits lower than intended as you throw yourself back against the door, trapping Jonesy’s arm in it. He screams and lets go of your hand, which you use to quickly give him a slap to finish things up. He’s probably learned a thing or two about messing with you, but he’ll certainly remember this later.

The pizza dude flees at the sound of the screaming. You have the faint hope that perhaps he dropped the pizza boxes before he left, since you heard a bit of scuffling as he turned around to run from the door.

“Ester, what the hell is going on out there?” Scottie calls from the kitchen, which you faintly make out over Jonesy’s pained sounds as you still have his arm trapped in the door. He sounds more impatient than worried for his brother. Still, there’s quite a few people in this house, so this could very well catch someone else’s attention who might be more cross with you than careless Scottie.
No. 715869 ID: 1cebc8

Continue to kick Jonesy while you fetch the pizza.
No. 715870 ID: 9c90e3

Release the blue-haired dandy and say something tough and impressive. It's the only way to end this properly.
No. 715877 ID: 02422f

>“Ester, what the hell is going on out there?”

Open door to release his hand and stalk away.
No. 715898 ID: 36402c

Tell Scottie straight up that you just kicked Jonesy's ass. He probably won't care right?
No. 715924 ID: f2461f

You've taught the fool his lesson, it's time to go back to the kitchen and tell Scottie who was at the door.
No. 715962 ID: 359036

Free Jonesy from the door and scold him for being a trouble maker. Then go back to the kitchen and keep quiet about the pizza. You don't need to listen to Scottie complain right now.
No. 716115 ID: 699ca4
File 146051097044.png - (150.07KB , 589x561 , panel10.png )

You release Jonesy’s arm and give him a cold stare, a warning to keep his hands off of you in the future if he values them. Because of your condition, his powers are essentially useless against you, so you have the upper-hand and he knows it. He swallows and doesn’t face you as you pass by him.

“Will that be all, ‘Mr. Bodie’?”

‘Y-yeah, you can go, Ester.”

“Very good.”

You can’t help but look a little smug as you return to the kitchen, the pizza forgotten for now.
No. 716116 ID: 699ca4
File 146051100671.png - (138.85KB , 557x427 , panel11.png )

“It was just another bit of Jonesy’s hijinks. I set him straight,” you inform Scottie. He looks pleased, albeit a little nervous of you. Just the way you prefer it.

“Oh good. I hope you weren’t too tough on him? That scream was pretty high-pitched.”

“Maybe his range is improving.”

“Ah, yes. That must be it.” He is well aware you have probably damaged the family jewels, and though you can’t properly do the same to him he’s not about to provoke you by arguing about it. “Well, as long as he’s going to be out of our hair until dinner time…”

[b] [ Things have calmed back down, so you can now choose to stay Ester, switch to another character, or examine some things before making your choice. ] [b]
No. 716130 ID: 35151f

keep being skeletontits, she's clearly the only remotely decent person here
No. 716132 ID: 96aae7

to the character select screen!! which bodie's are home right now?
No. 716142 ID: 8013df

Let's leave behind Bonesy and be Jonesy.
No. 716145 ID: f2461f

Let's go see what Jonesy is up to.
No. 716147 ID: f6442a

Let's get a Bodie count.
No. 716148 ID: 02422f

>his powers are essentially useless against you
What are his powers? Some kind of creepo physical manipulation thing?

>stay or switch
No. 716151 ID: 1979a1

be jonesy!!
No. 716153 ID: f30d2e

I do love Ester but lets see who were allowed to pick from
No. 716168 ID: 05b11c
File 146052185020.png - (173.51KB , 1381x1731 , characterselect.png )


This menu cannot be accessed during times of high action, but now is the perfect time to check it. You unlock characters by encountering them, but in case we want to switch to another situation entirely (though still within the household of course), here is one freebie.

>What are his powers?

While you are still Ester, you mull over your thoughts on Jonesy's Blood Magic. Neither blood manipulation nor blood pacts can be used against you, as you have no blood. So you're free to pick on him at your leisure without much fear of sudden, unexpected consequence.
No. 716169 ID: 1cebc8

> No blood
... Ester is a what again? We'd better stick with her.
No. 716196 ID: 1979a1

I think we should go to the cat. Let's be the creepy fuckin cat thing.
No. 716203 ID: f2461f

Cat is under NPC, so I sadly suspect we can't be the cat.
We can be Jonesy though.
No. 716207 ID: f873b3

...CAN we be the cat? Otherwise...Jonesy.
No. 716213 ID: 4834ab

Let's catch up with Jonesy.
No. 716219 ID: 2a7417

Jump to Hattie.
No. 716224 ID: 96aae7

Lets be Hattie!
No. 716248 ID: e4873e

Hattie looks fun!
No. 716260 ID: c5b5f4


Although I would love to play the cat.
No. 716265 ID: 9f0151

hattie! 0u0
No. 716320 ID: 02422f

No. 716505 ID: 1a58e8
File 146066504263.png - (65.08KB , 684x546 , cat.png )

The Cat is flattered by all the attention, but is otherwise busy. It has a job to do.
No. 716506 ID: 1a58e8
File 146066508638.png - (139.29KB , 505x534 , panel12.png )

Despite your disappointment over not being the cat, you choose your new character.

You are Hattie Bodie, the youngest daughter of the family and gothic fashion enthusiast. You’re a user of Dream Magic which allows you to manipulate nightmares and even create hallucinations within the minds of the waking people.

Character Goals: Don’t ruin your outfit, interact with animals (most are afraid of you), give your brothers a hard time, try to keep the family together, avoid physical altercations

You’re currently in your room, taking care of your babies and thinking about how great it must be to be the cat. It’s not even a real cat, you know, but you can daydream.
No. 716507 ID: 1a58e8
File 146066510035.png - (65.26KB , 531x329 , panel13.png )

You… Hattie?
No. 716508 ID: 1a58e8
File 146066513586.png - (194.08KB , 538x650 , panel14.png )

Oh, there you are. As mentioned before, most animals are afraid of you. However, you’ve found you have good luck with arthropods and reptile. As such, your babies are an emperor scorpion named Petite, a deadly fattail scorpion named Fatso, and a coral snake you probably aren’t supposed to have named Bumble.

You’ve just fed Petite her last cricket for tonight and are having fun watching her finish up her dinner. It’s been a while since she molted and you were getting worried that she still wasn’t eating, so you’re happy to see her appetite is back.

While you were feeding your pets, you put on your headphones to listen to some tunes, not because you worried about others hearing your music though. It’s because you were tired of listening to the girls in Jonesy’s room across from yours, and hearing him screaming downstairs clued you into the idea that the house might be getting loud again soon. You’d think with such a huge home and so much space between you all, you wouldn’t have to hear each other’s racket so much when you want to relax. C’est la vie.

But now that your babies are fed, you have the option of leaving your room to try and find somewhere quieter. A glance out the window shows one of your brothers is in the garden, likely doing a last minute harvest of some vegetables for Scottie. It’s going to be dark very soon, but you might get a moment’s peace out there. Another option is going up to the attic to see if your big sister is hanging around in the usual place. If she’s there, you could even ask for a reading to see how the night might go. Those are just off the top of your head though, and you’re free to go wherever you please should you think of something else you want to do.
No. 716510 ID: e4873e

let's go to the attic and see if we can get a reading on the dinner party! one of our goals is keeping the family together, so having advance warning of any kind of big disaster might help.
No. 716513 ID: 9f0151

why are animals afraid of you? who are the girls in jonesy's room?
No. 716547 ID: 1979a1

Lets go see big sis!
No. 716566 ID: 359036

Let's go see older sister. See what she's up to and if she's in the mood for a reading.
No. 716727 ID: 7c540c


Also, weird; deja vu around the second to last sentence, like this quest has happened before.

...DUN DUN DUN!!! :P
No. 716776 ID: 6c626a
File 146076192366.png - (167.13KB , 518x444 , panel15.png )

> why are animals afraid of you?
It’s just a side effect of being so entangled with dark magic, though traditionally dark aligned animals will generally get along with you. This includes ravens, wolves, snakes, spiders, and the like.

> who are the girls in jonesy's room?
As Jonesy’s hall neighbor, you’re well aware of how often he likes to sneak girls he met at clubs back home to fool around. In fact, you’ve made a sport of it to wait until he leaves his room, then go in and steal his date from him. It’s his own fault, really. He should stop choosing girls who are into alternative fashion. Tonight though, you aren’t in the mood for it, especially since he brought in two at once, cute though they may be. Maybe you’ll bother them later, or rat him out to someone so he doesn’t try to bring them to dinner.
No. 716777 ID: 6c626a
File 146076194314.png - (128.01KB , 485x804 , panel16.png )

You make your way up to the attic and open the door, scanning the room for a moment to see if Lori is among the dusty memorabilia left behind from your father’s days.
No. 716778 ID: 6c626a
File 146076196665.png - (310.61KB , 605x618 , panel17.png )

Ah, there she is. Her usual place. She has fashioned herself a reading table out of a chest with a plank of wood placed on top, and uses a beanbag for comfort when she decides to come up here to try and do some divining. She has told you before when you asked her why she would want to spend so much time up in a dusty place like this that she gets better “reception” for her predictions when around your father’s belongings. Perhaps some of his own magical energy is still infused within the items, or perhaps your family heirlooms channel the spirits of those descendants long gone. You’re not sure. Your powers have nothing to do with spirituality, and you avoid the attic when you can. It’s musty and the cobwebs get caught in your hair. Only Lori and your sibling who enjoys restoring your father’s paintings spend much time up here anyway.

You approach the makeshift desk and frown in concern as you finally realize that your older sister is face down on her reading table. She isn’t... ?
No. 716779 ID: 6c626a
File 146076198201.png - (74.62KB , 437x368 , panel18.png )

She snores.

Oh good. You give a sigh of relief, realizing it was a little bit silly to assume she just dropped dead in the attic for no reason with no visible sign of what killed her. But with your family, you can’t help but be a little paranoid.

Best to think of a gentle way to wake her up so she’ll be in a good enough mood to do a reading for you.
No. 716785 ID: e4873e

shake lori gently awake and ask politely if she feels up to a reading! also...is that painting crying blood?
No. 716787 ID: 96aae7

GENTLY awaken your sister. shake her gently and speak softly. also is that a painting your sibling fixed or one of your dads because it seems to be Crying Blood
No. 716793 ID: 9f0151

whisper 'lori! hey, lori!' quietly?
also, daaaaaaaaaamn hattie you got game, NICE
No. 716819 ID: f6442a

Scorpion kisses! Go grab Fatso from downstairs. It'll be fine, he just ate!
No. 716821 ID: 35151f

cropdust her awake
No. 716831 ID: e75e95

We can use dream magic right? See what she is dreaming about.
If we can't do that just wake her up.
No. 716870 ID: 434f02

Oh, that's actually a really good point. You could show up in her dream and say "Hey, mind waking up?" yeah?

Otherwise...can you sing or play acoustic guitar? That's an extravagant but probably effective way of gently awakening someome.

Failing that, speak softly, then gently shake shoulder.
No. 716994 ID: 02422f

>Stealing your brother's dates
Pfff. That'll show him.

Sit down in front of her, and then use dream magic. You can seamlessly bring her to a point where she would wake up.
No. 717056 ID: 6c626a
File 146084867863.png - (470.25KB , 876x950 , panel19flatversion.png )

>The painting

You hardly even acknowledge the bloody eyed painting of the late Talon Bodie. You weren’t old enough to know your father well before he died, but Lori and Arty inform you that he had many self portraits. Ever since his death, they’ve leaked blood like that. His blood, according to Lori. Your younger sibling Cyri has a talent for painting and has tried many times to restore his old paintings, but discovered that any image of him accurate to a certain degree begins to cry blood like that. Because they’ve done that as long as you can remember, this doesn’t seem strange to you.

>Dream Magic

Oh, of course! Most people don’t appreciate you peeking into their dreams, but you have a feeling that more has to do with the fact you had to come into their room and watch them sleep to do it. A girl’s gotta practice some time though! As for this situation, you doubt your sister will mind very much if you let yourself in and help end her dream naturally so you sit on your knees across from her at the table. With a little fanfare, you open up the channel between your mind and Lori’s, projecting your consciousness into her unconscious mind.
No. 717057 ID: 6c626a
File 146084871180.png - (265.75KB , 599x524 , panel20.png )

You appear within a dreary landscape of grey sand and equally grey storm clouds. You’re grateful that it is only a dream, as there is rain pouring down and you feel it glint off your skin but never quite soak in or wet your clothes and hair. Sometimes when you enter the minds of others, you have to seek them out and figure out who within the dream is the actual dreamer. However, in this particular instance it is very simple. For there is only you, this desolate place, and Lori. Lori happens to be standing right in the middle of this large clearing, staring up into the stormy sky. You try to steady your foot on the soft, wet sand so that you can look up with her and see what has her so enraptured that she didn’t even notice you let yourself in.
No. 717058 ID: 6c626a
File 146084875246.png - (175.78KB , 465x510 , panel21.png )

Oh… You don’t have to be a seer to know that’s not a good omen. Were it in any other dream, it would make you a little uneasy. But Lori’s mind is a conduit for messages from the future, from spirits, from things who know more of what is to come than any one person could ever understand. So this isn’t simply a nightmare of hers. It’s a prediction. You wonder what it could mean and if even she will be able to interpret her own dream for you.
No. 717059 ID: 6c626a
File 146084877430.png - (146.63KB , 693x516 , panel22.png )

No. 717060 ID: 6c626a
File 146084880182.png - (272.14KB , 857x543 , panel23.png )

The lightning strike abruptly awakens Lori from her dream, thrusting you back into the waking world as well. She gasps as she wakes up with a start and you flinch at the motion, hoping your interference in her dream isn’t what caused that last part to happen. What even happens if you try to interfere with a vision dream? You’re both a little shaken up from the experience and for the moment feel at a loss for what to say.
No. 717063 ID: 02422f

>You’re both a little shaken up from the experience and for the moment feel at a loss for what to say.
Um, hi sis! Spooky moon.
No. 717086 ID: e9e2fb

Apologize first! It's very rude to intrude on another person's dream, especially when the dream is important!
No. 717094 ID: f6442a

Collect her spilled bird bones.
No. 717305 ID: 9f0151

ask her if shes doing okay :(
No. 717428 ID: cdec48

Apologize for intruding on the dream and ask for details about its potential meaning. Also gather bones.
No. 717677 ID: 3e9df4
File 146102414919.png - (122.69KB , 439x571 , panel24.png )

You carefully scoop the collection of bird bones back into their cup while Lori recovers from the initial shock of the dream.

“Uh. Hi, Lori… I’m sorry about peeking into your dream. I was just going to wake you up but then the thing with the moon and… Sorry.” She doesn’t look especially mad at you. In fact, she seems to be looking right through you. You try to speak to her again but she beats you to it.

“I’m sorry you had to see that. You should know better though. Stay out of my head.” The sharp edge to her words worries you and you set her bones back down.

“Okay… So what was that dream anyway?”

“A warning. I don’t know exactly what event it alludes to. But it’s a sign of bad things to come.” She spends a moment dwelling on this before speaking again. “I think it was directed at us, Hattie. You were there. There are no coincidences in premonitions.”
No. 717679 ID: f02a77

Toooo be fair, when you've got a family curse that kills next to everybody in their current generation, bad things are possible at any point in time.
No. 717724 ID: 3e9df4
File 146103433273.png - (166.10KB , 522x534 , panel25.png )

“Don’t you get visions like that all the time? I mean, with the curse and all…” You give a vaguely hopeful smile despite Lori glaring daggers at you for questioning her interpretation. “I just mean it might not be a big deal!”

“Hattie. That vision was about you and me. Something bad is going to happen dealing with us specifically. Why do I have to spell this out for you?” Her tone worries you.

“Well, maybe you should consult the bones? I mean, if you got this big of a warning maybe the ah. Spirits will want to be more specific with you.”
No. 717728 ID: 3e9df4
File 146103437759.png - (134.48KB , 520x507 , panel26.png )

Lori’s premonitions generally come from two places. The spirits, whom she contacts using her bird bones, or visions about a particular person obtained through tasting their blood. This is the logical explanation for why she has suddenly grabbed your hand off the table, dragged it over to her, and sunk her teeth into one of your fingers. Had you offered perhaps you could have just given the blood voluntarily but it seems Lori is feeling particularly impatient with you and wants to know this instant what your future holds.

Despite knowing all this, it hardly crosses your mind since you’re currently screaming. There are teeth in your finger after all, and Lori is in the throes of a vision and doesn’t appear ready to let go just yet. You would very much like your hand back.
No. 717744 ID: a075ba

Grit your teeth, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Think of it like a trip to the doctors, or a visit to the dentists. It hurts but so long as you distract yourself and stay calm, it'll stop. You trust her enough to know she'll let go, right?

If your powers work on yourself, I suggest shaping a hallucination to distract yourself with.

Panicking and trying to rip your finger out will probably only do more harm, especially since she has the mechanical advantage.

Afterwards cradle your hand. "I would have pricked myself, if you asked."

Anyone in the family good at treating injuries? (Is Jonsey's Blood magic good for that?). Might be where you go next.
No. 717786 ID: 359036

Try to calm down and let your sister have her vision. Taking your hand back might just cost you a finger, so it's better to try and sit still.
No. 717821 ID: 9f0151

Has she done this before?
No. 718649 ID: 40a091
File 146144280058.png - (121.35KB , 509x570 , panel27.png )

"Ahh- I would have given blood if you asked," you hiss through your teeth, uncertain if she can hear you while she's like this. "I'll leave you to it."

You slip off into your own mind where you can disregard the pain. It’s very difficult to manipulate your own subconscious since it confuses your brain to use your powers while being affected by those same powers. So, your subconscious reverts to a very common dream of freefalling, albeit in a dark void. It reminds you of the scene from Alice in Wonderland, so it’s actually a peaceful reprieve for you. You wait for what to you feels like a couple of minutes before waking again.

You’re face down on the table when you wake up and when you lift your head Lori is not there. However, your finger is bandaged and you see a note sitting on the table waiting for you. You must have been out for a little longer than you thought you were. You feel dizzy and decide to forgo standing up for now, just taking the note to read it.

Please stay away from me tonight. If I see you trying to get close to me, I will take measures to keep you away. Don’t test me on this. However, as a benefit to you, I will advise you to avoid leaving the house tonight and recommend you not let Ester or Scottie find out about Jonesy’s visitors. If possible, make them leave before dinner. This is all I can give you.

This is discouraging but you are a little grateful she at least gave you advice too. Once in a while when she has her visions, she just keeps the information for herself and won’t share what she has seen. Something about fear of changing the future in unpredictable ways, according to her. Your sister is strange like that sometimes. Your finger feels a little more chewed on than expected under the bandages, but you don’t dare lift them to check.

You’re still not certain of how long you’ve been up here, and you can smell porkchops, so you may want to decide to get whatever business you have to go before dinner done soon.
No. 718656 ID: f6442a

This is reverse psychology, no doubt! We're going to scare those visitors out of the house, screaming for their lives.
No. 718657 ID: a075ba

Well at least she was nice enough to bandage your finger for you.

>Please stay away from me tonight. If I see you trying to get close to me, I will take measures to keep you away. Don’t test me on this.
Her vision must have shown something bad happens if the two of you are close, tonight. One or both of you gets hurt, or worse. But if you don't stand near her, the metaphorical lightning won't strike?

Too bad. I got the impression she was one of the ones you liked, bloodletting aside.

Hopefully that doesn't mean one or both of you has to skip dinner? That would just cause strife with Scottie. Hopefully opposite ends of the dining table is good enough.

>so you may want to decide to get whatever business you have to go before dinner done soon
>recommend you not let Ester or Scottie find out about Jonesy’s visitors. If possible, make them leave before dinner.
I think you've got a quest. You'll have to steal Jonesy's girls and sneak them out of the house before dinner. If dinner's getting close, you probably won't have time for anything else.
No. 718662 ID: ec31f7

steal jonesys girls, escort them out of the house, make plans for later ladykiller
tho hey maybe theyre napping or something, check to see if you can dreamscare them
No. 718683 ID: 359036

It might be best to stay away from Lori for now. Try to get the girls out as quietly as possible, maybe even mention to Jonesy that Lori had a vision? It might encourage him to take it seriously and ask the girls to leave themselves without Scottie or Ester discovering them.

As for dinner, maybe Lori might keep away from everyone else and might not attend dinner? Still best to peek in before going when dinner is ready to see if she's there. Scottie being upset is better than something worse happening.
No. 718715 ID: 4912fa

Can you tell if your finger is still bleeding? Or if the blood has dried? That miiight help you guess elapsed time.

"make them leave before dinner" - them Ester and Scottie, or them visitors? Getting Scottie to leave is...unfeasible, so I guess let's assume the visitors.

Do people here take Lori's visions pretty seriously? If so,
perhaps Jonesy could be convinced. Though, if he isn't, you'll have shown your hand; perhaps we should try something else, first.
No. 718777 ID: cdec48

Jonesy won't give a flying fuck. He breaks rules and conventions just because he can (see: inviting over grills and ordering pizza).

>just acting out to upset [Scottie].

Being Mr Steal Yo Girl and grabbing the guests out of his room without explaining the vision to Jonesy would be the simplest route. Trying to talk to him is asking for trouble.
No. 718994 ID: 9e3ded

Yeah, I wouldn't go directly to Jonesy. There's no way to predict what he'll do, and we might just end up making matters worse. Stealing his dates in stealth mode is probably the best way to get them out without kicking up a fuss.
No. 719010 ID: 2c4dc5

Nah, leave Jonesy out of it. Just go smooch on those ladies and promptly get them out of the house.

We've got a mission! Let's be stealthy too, no letting Ester or Scottie know they were ever here.
No. 719667 ID: 40a091
File 146187476730.png - (269.81KB , 609x627 , panel28.png )

> Check finger

There’s a thick splotch of red on the side of your finger bandage that lets you know it was bleeding for a while. The smell of the meat leads you to guess it’s been possibly a half hour. What a refreshing nap it would have been if you hadn’t been slumped on a table.

> Don’t tell Jonesy.

You decide your big brother probably doesn’t need to be let in on this at the moment. He’s a mischief maker and, while you feel like Lori is a no-nonsense person that should not be trifled with, you’re not sure whether he would be equally serious with her when there are two girls around he wants to look cool in front of. You’ll fill him in later, when you’re sure the girls are out of there.

>Be stealthy

You head downstairs and out of the attic before taking your heels off to carry them in hand and walk through the halls barefoot. When you do this and walk on the runners rather than the hardwood on the upper floors, you’re practically entirely silent. Socks would make the hardwood fine as well, but Jonesy’s room is right near yours so it would be pointless to go back to your room, put some on, and then go back to what you were doing.

You glance into an open bedroom as you make your way down the hall. Cyril is busy with another one of their angel paintings. This one looks like a doozy. You hope they clean up a little before coming to dinner since Ester hates it when they get paint on everything. You hate it too at times and get a brief flashback to a time when you were a preteen, rubbing a paint splattered dress on your little siblings face. They’d gotten a glob of it on the wall and you had leaned right on it. You feel a little bad about it now, but they know not to ruin your outfits now!
No. 719668 ID: 40a091
File 146187478807.png - (80.49KB , 492x562 , panel29.png )

You get back on track and reach Jonesy’s room without alerting anyone. But you notice the door is already slightly ajar. You get in close to peek inside and see Jonesy has returned to his room, explaining something about an accident with a pizza to two disappointed looking girls. You’re not sure what you missed, but you’ll have to think of what to do since it would be harder to just walk in and talk to the girls with Jonesy there as well.
No. 719671 ID: b46e4c

Why not ask the painter sibling for opinion?
OR, swagger in like "oh jonesy, always a terrible host, well dont worry ladies ive got you covered" and then smuggle them out of the door? All pretending to go somewhere then just closing it?
Thats mean as shit tho....Maybe say that and then make plans to meet for brunch?
No. 719676 ID: e4873e

Why don't we ask Cyril to distract Jonesy while we get the girls out of the house? If they're up for being dragged away from their painting for a moment, of course.
No. 719682 ID: 96aae7

i agree! grab your painter sibling and enlist their help
No. 719686 ID: a075ba

Could you apply a hallucination to distract him? Say... make him hear a doorbell when there isn't one? Make him think the pizza dude came back?

(Not sure if that would buy you enough time to apply your charm and sneak them out, though. We might need a better distraction, or one that takes longer to disprove, at least).
No. 719723 ID: 359036

I think a distraction is a good idea. Use your power to make him leave the room and then approach the girls. If your powers can't be used on him, then maybe use them on the girls to scare them out of the house?
No. 719740 ID: 5ad4a7

How long do hallucinations last? Have them smell something really terrible, which lasts until they leave the house.

Heck, have the smell originate from Jonesy.
No. 719750 ID: b46e4c

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