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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 146024619660.png - (346.53KB , 800x800 , intro.png )
715279 No. 715279 ID: 96aae7

You're going to save the city.
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No. 715280 ID: 96aae7
File 146024623957.png - (231.98KB , 800x800 , 0001.png )


You were on your way to meet a teammate when you got a little sidetracked. You have a feeling you're going to catch hell for it.
No. 715282 ID: f0e552

You didn't murder anyone did you? That'd be a shitty start to saving the city.
No. 715284 ID: e78c9b

Uh oh. Whose blood is that, exactly?
No. 715287 ID: 02422f

You look a little stab-happy for a hero.
No. 715288 ID: 359036

Dude, you got something on your face.
No. 715303 ID: f6442a

Tell that to the Punisher.
No. 715304 ID: 1cebc8

So are you one of those "save the world with oceans of blood and loot" kind of guys?
No. 715314 ID: 96aae7
File 146025362393.png - (183.84KB , 800x800 , new002.png )

>Uh oh. Whose blood is that, exactly?

Embarrassingly enough, this is your blood. You ran into a villain on the way to meet up with a teammate and got your ass kicked. You managed to pry the knife away, and you’re hoping you might be able to figure out who sent them with it, provided you don’t bleed out first.

You really hope your teammate brought a first aid kit.
No. 715316 ID: db3be0

You're a superhero, right?
Do you have any powers?
I'm assuming you don't have a healing factor.
No. 715320 ID: e78c9b

Jeez, how deep is that? Stop standing around and go find that teammate you keep talking about! Or, at least, put pressure on it or something.
No. 715322 ID: f0e552

tear off least important scrap of clothing and wrap it tightly around the wound and hold onto it, if you do this, maybe you won't bleed out until you next find a first aid kit. So where's the villain at?
No. 715328 ID: 99a64d

Have you tried getting good?
No. 715349 ID: 96aae7
File 146026008794.png - (40.04KB , 800x800 , 0004.png )

>You're a superhero, right?
>Do you have any powers?

My power revolves around giving people commands. As long as someone else can hear me and my powers are on, I can tell them what to do- and they listen. They know it’s happening, of course, and it’s pretty easy to leave loopholes in my orders if you aren’t careful.

As a hero, I try to be careful not to abuse my powers.
No. 715350 ID: 96aae7
File 146026013858.png - (236.39KB , 800x800 , 0003REAL.png )

I take a minute to cut off my bloodied jacket sleeve with the knife I took, wrapping it around my wrist to staunch the blood flow. It hurts, and I’ll need to get it looked at later, but this will do for now.

Hopefully whoever I meet up with can stitch me up. I’m supposed to try to track down a villain’s hideout with one of my teammates tonight, and I can’t do that if I pass out.
No. 715352 ID: 96aae7
File 146026016745.png - (139.14KB , 800x800 , 0005.png )

Someone waves in the distance, catching my attention. I assume it’s one of my teammates, but they’re too far away for me to tell which one.
Black Cat is our heavy-hitter. She’s very strong, and her power allows her to steal the powers of others by touching their skin. As you can imagine, that makes her invaluable in fights against powered villains. It’s important to remember that she startles easily and likes to have a plan.

Overload is in charge of our tech, which is a little ironic, as they’re literally a robot. They can hack into just about anything, have built in wifi, and they have a program that lets them figure out which courses of action are likely to succeed and which aren’t. They’re a little on the delicate side, and can’t take a lot of hits, so mostly they try to stay out of any fighting.

CHOICE TIME! Pick who is in the distance! It can be either:
[A] Black Cat
[B] Overload

No. 715353 ID: f6442a

No. 715355 ID: 1cebc8

Catty Punch
No. 715356 ID: db3be0

Trust the metal friend.
No. 715359 ID: 5ff1a4

Definitely the Cat. aeoiu
No. 715360 ID: f2461f

No. 715364 ID: 59a537

Overload sounds the most likely to have gadgets (or at least the ability to look up medical info) for help with stab wounds.

For the command power, can you take people out of a fight by just telling them "stop" or "stay still"? And in response does basically every enemy who knows about you bring headphones or earplugs, making you rely on surprise, tech shenanigans (if your power works through phones etc) or the help of a more agile teammate to remove said earplugs?
No. 715370 ID: 96aae7

This now has a disthread over here! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/99016.html
No. 715376 ID: c84264

Black Cat sounds good to me
No. 715380 ID: 4834ab

Go with Overload. Have you ever stopped a crime by telling someone to go home and think about their life?
No. 715382 ID: 02422f

No. 715398 ID: 99a64d

robot friend
No. 715408 ID: 0388c2

robots r weak give me cat
No. 715417 ID: e4873e

let's be black cat!
No. 715421 ID: bb78f2

Black Cat

So, like, you're a good version of Purple Man, right? How do you feel about that?
No. 715468 ID: c84264

The Cat sounds awesome
No. 715590 ID: e78c9b

Black Cat!
No. 716325 ID: 96aae7
File 146059385119.png - (120.25KB , 800x800 , 005.png )

>Catty Punch
>robots r weak give me cat

The shadow in the distance turns out to be Black Cat! She hurries closer, obviously worried about me.

“Oh my god, what happened Colin!?” The voice changer under the lower half of her mask disguises her accent, making the words seem robot and monotone.
No. 716326 ID: 02422f

Out of curiosity, why did you even have to pry the knife away? You couldn't mind control your attacker into stopping?

Tell her the truth. You got your butt handed to you.
No. 716327 ID: 99a64d

Say you got in a fight with a villain. Don't let on that it's your blood.
No. 716329 ID: 1cebc8

Just get the bandages and let's get this mission over with.
No. 716435 ID: 1a58e8

Patch up but help calm down Black Cat. There's no reason to keep her concerned when you're probably going to be fine.
No. 716780 ID: 0388c2

No. 717226 ID: 96aae7
File 146087153772.png - (109.84KB , 800x800 , 0007.png )

“Some asshole showed up and got violent. My powers didn’t work on them and they cut me up before I got the knife away.” I gesture to the handle of the knife I’ve stuffed into my coat pocket before showing her my injury. “They probably had ear plugs, or were deaf or something. Doesn’t really matter now.”

“Oh geeze, that looks bad. Let me take a look at it,” she insists, already pulling out a tiny bag of medical supplies. It’s not much, but it has a few adhesive bandages and some disinfectant inside. The bleeding seems to have slowed down since I wrapped my sleeve around the cut, so I doubt I’ll be in any danger of bleeding out.
No. 717228 ID: 96aae7
File 146087155149.png - (165.60KB , 800x800 , 0008.png )

“So,” I start as she sprays the wound. It stings, and I clench my teeth for a moment before continuing. “I didn’t see skull guy on the way here. I’m guessing you didn’t run into him either?”

I have to call him “that skull guy” because I have no idea what his name is. He’s an asshole who runs around in a goat-skull mask and attacks heroes. The real problem is that he’s gotten good at it, like, scary good. We think he might have some outside help, and if there’s some sort of villainous group out there, we need to find out fast. Last we heard he’d been sighted in this area.

“I didn’t run into anyone, it’s been kind of a quiet night.” she says, carefully plastering my cut with colorful adhesive bandages. Now that it’s clean, it doesn’t look quite so bad. I use what’s left of my torn sleeve to wipe the blood off my face. “We could still keep looking, or we could ask around. See if Gray’s home, or if any other heroes are out.”

Usually there are a few heroes out every night besides my team, so we might get lucky and run into one. We could also try to ask Gray. They’re a thief, and they know the darker side of the city pretty well. They owe us a favor, so they might give us a hand with this. Then again, we might be better off on our own, or thinking of something else entirely.
No. 717234 ID: 1cebc8

You have mind-control powers. Just talk to random people on the street and "ask" them for a favor or two, get them to pay more attention to the streets than they usually care for and send you an e-mail about what they did today, with header codes that specify if today was boring or something big happened.

If you do this to a whole street you could get more intel than a strip club.
No. 717239 ID: 59a537

> runs around in a goat-skull mask and attacks heroes. The real problem is that he’s gotten good at it, like, scary good.
What does he do if he beats them? Laugh? Monologue? Steal their wallet? Kill them?

About finding him, what do you know about his targets? Were there any similarities in the attacks aside from them being on heroes (such as the heroes being alone or just out of a fight or something)?
No. 717241 ID: e4873e

let's see what other heroes are out and about! maybe they've seen something going on tonight, or can help us work out a pattern in skull guy's attacks.
No. 717370 ID: 93244f

This wouldn't really work too well. Colin's mind control only works within an area around him.
No. 718993 ID: 9e3ded

I vote we see if there are any heroes around first, then track Gray down if we don't have any luck.
No. 719611 ID: 96aae7
File 146181999659.png - (281.31KB , 800x800 , 009.png )

I don’t know too much about skull-guy other than that he’s been killing heroes recently. I’d guess they were all on their own, seeing as it’s usually the police that discover the bodies the next day. I mean, if someone was there, they’d call 911 or something right? He’s been in this area for about a month now, and there’s usually something about him in the paper once a week. He’s killed at least three heroes in that time. I wish I had more to work with.
No. 719612 ID: 96aae7
File 146182002449.png - (83.20KB , 800x800 , 010.png )

“Let’s ask some of the others. I bet we’re not the only ones on the lookout for this guy,” I tell Black Cat. She agrees, and we set off in search of other heroes. It’s pretty quiet for a Friday night, and the streets are almost deserted. Sometimes we catch glimpses of figures flitting around on the rooftops from time to time, but they never stick around long enough for us to catch up.
No. 719613 ID: 96aae7
File 146182004693.png - (86.17KB , 800x800 , 011.png )

Eventually we do manage to catch someone’s attention. The silhouette is familiar, but I don’t have time to place it before the figure suddenly steps off the side of the rooftop.
No. 719614 ID: 96aae7
File 146182007156.png - (87.70KB , 800x800 , 012.png )

I don’t even have time to panic before they reappear in front of me. It’s as if they’d been on the ground the entire time.
No. 719618 ID: 96aae7
File 146182036251.png - (126.78KB , 800x800 , 013.png )

“Heya Valiant. Lose your mask or something? Pretty dangerous to run around without one these days, ya know.” It’s Sidestep!

i couldnt find a place to mention it this update, but sidestep uses he/she/they pronouns so feel free to use w/e of those you please when referring to sidestep! ill try to stick to one pronoun per interaction to keep from causing undue confusion.
No. 719619 ID: c6e626

>"Pretty dangerous to run around without one these days, ya know."

I second this. Why are you running around without a mask, anyway? Do you not have a secret identity?
No. 719621 ID: 59a537

That could be handy. Can they take anyone with them, or just themself?

>seeing as it’s usually the police that discover the bodies the next day.
Has anyone seen him fight, or is he just seen in the area where a hero is later found dead? (If nobody has seen him fight, do you even know for sure he is the killer?) Do you know what sorts of injuries the dead have had? Did any of the dead have passive defensive powers like super-toughness that would rule out a very sneaky non-super with a mundane weapon?
No. 719915 ID: 96aae7
File 146200304819.png - (122.02KB , 800x800 , 0014.png )

Sidestep pulls a spare mask out of their jacket before I can answer and shoves it into my hands. “You should put this on before anyone else sees you,” they say, and I do. This’ll have to work until I get a replacement mask of my own. “Be more careful, Valiant, you’re gonna give Black Cat a heart attack,” they joke. “Seriously though, why didn’t you run home and get another one?”

“We’re looking for that skull guy, and we didn’t want to waste any time,” I say, and Sidestep stiffens.
No. 719916 ID: 96aae7
File 146200307423.png - (150.38KB , 800x800 , 015.png )

“Oh.” Sidestep’s one of the few who’ve encountered him and gotten away. Maybe the only person.

“Can you tell us what you know about him? I think it could really help us track him down.” Sidestep seems conflicted on the matter, and obviously doesn’t want to talk about the anxiety-inducing encounter.

“We don’t want him to hurt anyone else,” Black Cat pipes in. “Anything you tell us could help. Please,” she says, and that seems to decide the matter.
No. 719917 ID: 96aae7
File 146200311339.png - (166.64KB , 800x800 , 016sai.png )

“Alright,” they agree, taking a deep breath to calm themselves before continuing. “I’m guessing you already heard a bit about my encounter with him since you’re asking, but I’ll give you a quick recap: I was patrolling one night, and I saw him standing over some rookie hero in an alley with an axe- the hero was really battered, and skull guy is pretty fast. I hardly had time to teleport in and grab them before that axe came down. If I’d been even a second later...” Sidestep trails off with a worried look.
No. 719918 ID: 96aae7
File 146200314540.png - (120.01KB , 800x800 , 017.png )

After a moment I ask, “Did he use any powers on you?”

Sidestep shrugs helplessly. “I don’t even know if he has any. Maybe he’s just really handy with a hatchet.” That lines up with what I know about Skull Guy, that hatchet might as well be his trademark weapon- he hasn’t killed anyone with anything else.

The information is helpful, but I wonder if Sidestep knows anything else, or can help us in some other way? We need to get back to searching for Skull Guy as soon as we can, but I think I can make time for two questions.

>a. "Did he say anything to you?”
>b. "Did you notice anything else during your encounter?”
>c. "You mentioned another hero, how did you two get away?”
>d. "Are you holding up okay?”
No. 719920 ID: 359036

>d. "Are you holding up okay?”

Ask them, it's only right to check in on them!
No. 719921 ID: 1cebc8

A and B, any intel he has could mean the difference between life and death.
No. 719976 ID: 59a537

e: Is the other hero ok? Would I be able to talk to them?
No. 719981 ID: c6e626

A and D.
(Also, just a thought. If skull guy targets heroes exclusively and it turns out he doesn't have any powers, maybe he has some kind of gripe against people who do. Jealousy? Prejudice? Just spitballing here.)
No. 719996 ID: 5ad4a7

C. The other hero is our lead- they fought the skull man directly.
No. 720000 ID: e78c9b

C and D
No. 720640 ID: b46e4c

c and d, side looks rly upset :(
though why do you need to return to searching for them as soon as possible when sidestep here is the only lead u have? i think u can spare a bit talking to them
why dont all the heros unite against skull guy, it seems way more effective than being alone and rogue
No. 720649 ID: 2a7417

Command him to answer A and C.
No. 721833 ID: 5ce416

Voting B simply because we are in desperate need of information on this axe wielding, hero butchering lad. No matter how insignificant this information is it's worth asking just in case, because frankly we're going in pretty much blind against Axe McSkullFace.
No. 721836 ID: b1ab1f

D check up on the child
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