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File 125698836933.gif - (51.38KB , 600x400 , 000.gif )
70778 No. 70778 ID: 4553b2

Your name is Benjamin Tell. Your friends call you Little Ben. You are a 7 year old boy. You are Athletic and Healthy. You are occasionally Unlucky.
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No. 70779 ID: 4553b2
File 125698844139.png - (95.38KB , 600x400 , 001.png )

Your favorite saturday morning cartoon is ANT QUEST. Your hero is SCARS OF YESTERDAY. Your favorite person is your DAD. You want to be a SUPER HERO when you grow up. You really like watching BASEBALL with your dad. Your most special thing is your AUTOGRAPHED BASEBALL BAT, signed by "Big" Benedict Shields.

You just moved into a NEW HOUSE. Its very big, and your dad says he got it at a NICE PRICE. Most of the stuff in the house is still in BOXES. Your dad really likes this NEW HOUSE. You think its kinda creepy. So Dad needs to check under the bed for monsters for you.
No. 70780 ID: 4553b2
File 12569884892.png - (87.64KB , 600x400 , 002.png )

Your dad is awesome. He always does nice things like this for you, even though MOM left a while ago. Its so good that you can depend on him for ANYTHING.
No. 70781 ID: 4553b2
File 125698852679.gif - (131.63KB , 600x400 , 003.gif )

"Looks all clear, Benny. You're safe toni- wait, what is-"
No. 70782 ID: 4553b2
File 125698856771.gif - (157.01KB , 600x400 , 004.gif )

No. 70783 ID: 4553b2
File 125698859313.gif - (40.89KB , 600x400 , 005.gif )

DAD is being eaten. Please suggest an action.
No. 70784 ID: c0f3bf

Get bat.
No. 70785 ID: 35cea2

Grab baseball bat. Escape via window.
No. 70786 ID: 476456

Get the fuck out of the house your dad could totally take you in a fight and that thing just ate his FACE
No. 70787 ID: 0d1fe9

Tell dad to come back to life, he does ANYTHING right?
No. 70788 ID: a4a5fb

Fuck escaping. Get ye baseball bat and get under that bed. BEN fuck up MONSTER.
No. 70789 ID: 276781

Grab bat. Open a dimensional portal and get a random quest character to help you deal with the monster.
No. 70790 ID: 4553b2
File 125698917470.png - (32.34KB , 600x400 , 005.png )

You waste no time. Grabbing Big Ben's bat, you dash to the window.

It is very dark out. You do know you are on the second floor, however, and there is an overhang you can stand on.
No. 70791 ID: c0f3bf

Go out the window. For god sake don't fall.
No. 70792 ID: 0d1fe9

Fuck this, go out the door.
No. 70793 ID: 4553b2
File 125698962114.png - (31.33KB , 600x400 , 007.png )

Out you go. The shingles are loose under your feet, but you don't weigh enough to slide them out of place. If you go nice and slow, you will be fine.
No. 70794 ID: 0d1fe9

No. 70795 ID: a4a5fb

Go nice, and slow.
No. 70796 ID: c0f3bf

Go nice and slow and you'll be fine!
No. 70797 ID: 0d1fe9

Oh to actually give you a direction, go to the other window and go in there, go downstairs and leave house.
No. 70798 ID: 4553b2
File 125699004489.png - (34.39KB , 600x400 , 007.png )

There is a window here. It goes to the SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY. There is also a GUTTER off to your left. You are light enough that you could probably climb down it.
No. 70799 ID: 476456

No. 70800 ID: a4a5fb

Break the window to misdirect any passing monsters and slide the fuck down that gutter.
No. 70801 ID: 0d1fe9

Swing bat at the monster, if you manage to stun it, keep hitting, if it isn't affected or you miss go down gutters.
No. 70802 ID: 4553b2
File 125699060485.png - (35.65KB , 600x400 , 008.png )

You swing, but nothing is there!
No. 70803 ID: 4553b2
File 125699062545.png - (35.97KB , 600x400 , 009.png )

You've been thrown off balance!
No. 70804 ID: 4553b2
File 125699063724.png - (36.71KB , 600x400 , 010.png )

You barely catch the gutter. Big Ben's Bat clatters below you.
No. 70805 ID: a4a5fb

No. 70806 ID: 4553b2
File 125699108961.png - (31.13KB , 600x400 , 011.png )

You slide down and retrieve your bat. You feel a lot safer now.

You hear something clatter above you.
No. 70807 ID: c0f3bf

Duck left, look up.
No. 70810 ID: 4553b2
File 125699209750.gif - (49.47KB , 600x400 , 012.gif )

You hide poorly.

"Little boy, little boy, please wait just a tick! I mean no harm, this is no trick!" You hear a sing song voice exclaim. "I bring a present, my dear, a real treat! Now won't you please slow your retreat?"
No. 70811 ID: a4a5fb

It's a trap. Keep running until you're behind a corner - from which you will ambush your pursuer.
No. 70812 ID: c0f3bf

Ask if YOU would find the present harmful.
No. 70814 ID: 4553b2
File 125699280965.gif - (60.13KB , 600x400 , 013.gif )

You're already behind a corner! Sort of.

The voice continues. "Little boy, little boy, my name is Yaramahoo. I would very much like to meet y-" It slips on the loose shingles. "-ooou."

You ask if the present is harmful to you. "Oh good gracious I should hope not! It is the last thing your dear father wrought!"
No. 70815 ID: 476456

"oh you'd best not be bringing up my dad"
No. 70826 ID: 4553b2
File 125699542333.gif - (87.72KB , 600x400 , 014.gif )


Upon hearing your voice, Yaramahoo scuttles on over. You raise your bat defensively.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it must be a sensitive issue. Allow me to compensate, I'll give this to you. The last of your dad, to remember him by. He was quite a good meal, I cannot lie!"
No. 70827 ID: 4553b2
File 125699546163.gif - (26.76KB , 600x400 , 015.gif )

He sets the gift in front of you. "As I am very full, I will return to my den. We will meet again tomorrow... Little Ben."
No. 70828 ID: bd2eec

oh no he didn't

break that multi-eyed freak's face
raise that bat and start swinging
he killed your dad
No. 70829 ID: a4a5fb

Three AM? That's way past your bed time, young man. Scurry up upstairs and go to sleep before I call your mother.
No. 70843 ID: a1be6b

Just... call the police, for fuck's sake.
No. 70850 ID: 6faa8c


No. 70853 ID: f4963f

>Call the police!
Haven't you seen movies like this before? Don't you know what's going to happen?

Lil' Ben's going to mention the word 'monster' or mention his father being eaten, and they're going to assume it's a crank call. That's how these movies always go. Fuck that.

Listen to me, Lil' Ben. What you need to do is take a page from Kevin McCallister and Home Alone the fuck out of your house. These sort of creepy night monsters tend to keep their word - you won't be interrupted until night falls again. Be sure to make your traps as lethal as possible, cause I'm pretty sure this monster's not going to take any shit.

Good luck, little hero. We're rooting for you.
No. 70858 ID: 6faa8c

>Home alonean quests

No. 70863 ID: b1789a

His father's arm might be good enough to convince them something happened.
No. 70864 ID: 5a9e00

Kill that fucker. Its what Scars of Yesterday would do.
No. 70872 ID: 8b7db1

Am I the only one here that is reminded of the song "Goodnight Demonslayer" by Voltaire? We need to make this your anthem, Little Ben.
No. 70885 ID: 924137

No. 70918 ID: eefa03
Audio Voltaire_-_Goodnight_Demonslayer.mp3 - (4.42MB , Voltaire - Goodnight Demonslayer.mp3 )

No. 70919 ID: 7eda8b

Call the police without using the word 'Monster'
No. 248480 ID: 93e8e3
File 128811759084.png - (115.34KB , 700x500 , 001.png )

I'm sorry I took so long, Dad... but I'm finally home.
No. 248481 ID: 93e8e3
File 128811763068.png - (140.35KB , 500x700 , 002.png )

It's been a long 13 years. 13 years since I ran away from home. 13 years since I ran away from the monster that killed my father. 13 years since I became an orphan.

It's only a few more hours until night time. Halloween, the time the spirits come out. It's been exactly 13 years... unlucky. But I didn't come unprepared. I brought Big Ben with me... and a few other things.

>Determine what else Little Ben brought to take on the monster with. Keep in mind his primary weapon is Big Ben, the baseball bat with his father's watch attached.
No. 248482 ID: 1854db

A crowbar, gasoline, and a lighter.
No. 248484 ID: 099247

Add to this a few rags and empty bottles. Oh and some rope. Always needs more rope.
No. 248486 ID: 1963d1

And Balls of Steel.

Definitely gonna need Balls of Steel.
No. 248487 ID: 701a19

A sawed-off snubnose belt-fed 6 gauge shotgun.
Wanting to get up close and personal does not mean you are stupid enough to go in without enough dakka to kill a small army.
No. 248488 ID: 5eea01

A lot of bugspray.
No. 248490 ID: 8bc1ac

A sidekick.
No. 248493 ID: 011b60

true love - that usually works
No. 248494 ID: 644ca1

His Ant Quest Poster, unless it's still in the house, it will be a great motivational booster.

A sidekick sounds nice, no actually it's a must have.
No. 248497 ID: 1854db

Oh shit I almost forgot- he should have a medkit.
No. 248498 ID: c71597

A sawn-off shotgun. A jar of blood for arcane rituals along with a book on said subject, mainly for enchanting the bat with runes and stuff. A big fucking knife for when things need some chopping. A few molotovs and a crowbar.

Then comes the most important, balls of steel and experiance in fighting dread monsters coupled with dedication to seeing this particular beastie dead. Fucker thinks he can get away simply because it has been 13 years? He's wrong, dead wrong. And you're about to show him just how dead.
No. 248557 ID: e0c719

A suicide bomb vest.
No. 248559 ID: 56dc25

Ooo, that one's important. Set it to go off if he dies; if the worst happens and the monster gets him, it's best to have insurance that at least the monster bit it as well.

Other important things: Light sources, light sources everywhere! At least two flashlights, plus one of those helmets with a light on it for hands-free illumination, plus a couple powerful portable lamps.

A getaway car, in case things go horribly wrong and you're forced to retreat.

Not sure how strong the monster is, but perhaps hammer/nails for sealing doors closed? Or other assorted tools.
No. 248573 ID: f4e4f9

Grease. A jar of grease. If theirs one thing we learned when running from this bastard, its that he's not the most sure footed (despite being multi-legged).

Oh, this has been a long time coming.

This is for Dad, Little Ben.
No. 248597 ID: 011b60

a blanket to hide under
No. 248607 ID: e3f578

A cigar, a chainsaw, a brewski, a whole lot of gasoline, a puppy and a sex doll

all part of my master plan
No. 248631 ID: 1963d1

>sealing doors closed

No. 248704 ID: a17cca

Minus one puppy and sex doll, add one attack dog and one bottle of vodka.

Perfect recipe.
No. 248761 ID: 93e8e3
File 128815750197.png - (125.95KB , 700x500 , 003.png )

In front of the building, I empty my backpack, taking stock of my possessions, and prepare for the confrontation.

I brought a Crowbar, for prying open doors and windows, because the house has been abandoned since I left it;

a Tank of Gasoline, for lighting up rooms if necessary;

a Zippo brand Lighter, because Zippos stay lit when you don't hold them, so I might be able to set up a trick with this;

2 bottles of water, for drinking. They'll only help against the most mild of fires;

a Bar of Chocolate, because its delicious and helps steady my nerves;

a 12" sawn off double barreled 12-gauge shotgun, currently unloaded, for shooting things. It has no accuracy to speak of beyond 10 feet;

12 shotgun shells;

2 cans of heavy duty bugspray, because even if it isn't actually a bug, it can work like poisonous pepper spray, and is nearly as flammable as hair spray;

Medkit, in the likely event I get hurt. I packed extra supplies specifically for treating burns, in case any of the fires get too out of hand;

2 high powered flashlights, because I don't think the house still has electricity running to it, and I want anywhere I go to be lit up like dawn;

Pocket flashlight, which will be tied around my forearm using

one roll of Duct Tape. Duct tape fixes everything, except what needs a

Jar of Grease, for coating surfaces and hopefully make Yaramahoo slip;

And, of course, Big Ben.

I was unable to acquire a suicide vest. If I can't stop him, I'll need to make sure everything burns.

I have about 2 hours of set up before nightfall. I don't think he'll be out until then, at least. I need to be thorough - if I fail tonight, I need to wait another year to try again.
No. 248822 ID: c71597

Well then, start off by making sure nobody lives there right now. If they call the cops because some bum with a shotgun is trying to break down the front door then there would be problems.

So scout out the place and see if anything has changed these last 13 years.
No. 248900 ID: 8bc1ac

Floorplan. That's what else we needed. We lived there, though, so we've got an idea of what it looks like, right? Let's see if we can find a good entry point and route.
No. 248905 ID: e3f578

You also need to set up a computer to play inspiring battle music. Definitely make sure Another Winter is in that collection in case you need to get down and dirty with fisticuffs
No. 248944 ID: 1963d1

Or just use an mp3 player?

He has a point though. The proper music can lend a substantial psychological boost, which is good considering your history with this thing. We don't want you freezing up in the field because of a repressed fear of the monster.

Also, to that end, I still hope you brought your Balls of Steel. Really man, you'll need 'em.
No. 249118 ID: 445c48

'course, if you're listening to music, then you might not hear it creeping up behind you. Probably not good to be listening to music.
No. 250295 ID: 93e8e3
File 12884688017.png - (69.29KB , 700x283 , 004.png )

No music. It'd be a distraction. In addition, I'd already checked out the place - it's been abandoned since I left, primarily because the police had been investigating it for months after, and one of them died on the scene. It's been called "Haunted," and the realtors can't sell it. Well, we're here for an exorcism.

Ground Floor

Porch: The front entryway of the building. The doors and windows here are boarded, and the right said has begun to topple from disrepair. An escape off of the roof of this is not something you'll be able to do, this time around.

Main Hall: This area is pretty wide open, and a good place to confront the beast. The middle of it is dominated by a dining table, and under the stairs is a closet. This room connects to every other room on the ground floor. The stairs are guarded by a railing. The north end of this room is home to a coat rack and a place to put shoes. It also tended to be used as a storage area for random stuff, but there's nothing there now.

Living Room: Another wide open area, but this one is full of furniture. The south wall has a cabinet for displaying dad's miniatures, and the north wall has an entertainment center: TV, VCR, SNES system. I played a lot of Mario here with Dad. It all seems really outdated now. The middle of the room has a couch and an armchair. There is a short passageway to the kitchen here, but it is almost large enough to be another room. We never really did anything with it, so it's empty.

Kitchen: Oven, fridge, microwave, countertop, bowls, knives. Nothing unusual here. Any food in here should not be touched.

Bathroom: Toilet, sink, expired cleaning supplies (I didn't know they could expire, but the smell of mold says otherwise), and a shower are here. The window out is high and tiny; going into this room would probably be a death trap.

Second Floor

2F Hall: Connects to every other room on the second floor. There is a railing here, and you can overlook the Main Hall from here. This might be useful. The landing above the staircase is mostly predominated by a large glass case displaying all of dad's miniatures here. He loved painting them, it was his hobby.

My Room: Where it all went down. There is a window overlooking the porch roof, which I used to escape.

Bedroom: Dad's room. Mom passed away when I was even littler, so it was always just him and I. There is also a window here overlooking the porch roof. His bed is here, and some wardrobes. Some posters about something called WH40k are here, as well as a bookshelf containing fantasy and sci fi novels.

Work Room: Where Dad did his work. I never knew what he was. It doesn't matter much now. It has a bunch of junk in the back, likely nothing useful.

Play Room: You might think this is where I played, but this is actually where Dad played. I usually played in my room or in the Living Room, with Legos or video games. Dad would bring his friends here and take his minis out of the glass case in the hall, and they'd play on this really fancy table covered in green stuff. As a kid, I'd sometimes watch them. It looked fun. There is also a bookshelf here, full of really fat, hardcover rules books.

Laundry Room: Where we did our laundry. Washing machine, Drier, and a place to hang up clothing. We stored toiletries here, too - toilet paper, cleaning supplies (also expired), towels. Also probably a death trap, if I got caught in here, as this is the only room in the building without a window going outside.
No. 250313 ID: e3f578

Did you have an aunt or Grandparent or something? Where did you stay all these years? Search Dad's room for other flammable things or anything that could be made as a useful trap. Damn, I wish that kid from Home Alone was here
No. 250358 ID: 1854db

Find out what your dad's job was. Check his work room's junk.
No. 250406 ID: 8bc1ac

It doesn't look like there's much to take advantage of. Head straight in the front, check every room, don't get backed into anywhere. All pretty simple. I think that's about it. Should be ready to go, then.
No. 250528 ID: 93e8e3
File 128851315885.png - (150.75KB , 700x500 , 005.png )

He checked every room when making the map.

I was unable to determine my Dad's job based on what was left. Just some filing cabinets - editor? Accountant? Novelist? It's impossible to tell from what's left. It's not too important.

With few ideas of what to do, I decide to wait for him.
No. 250531 ID: 93e8e3
File 128851320473.gif - (141.88KB , 700x500 , 006.gif )

...It doesn't take long. "Oh my, the boy has returned! Little Ben, I see nothing was learned."
No. 250533 ID: e31d52

Get him to finish one of his sentances with 'orange'.

Maybe he'll explode.
No. 250534 ID: a17cca

Stack up them chairs!
No. 250535 ID: 1ef7bb


Now it's time to teach you a lesson.
No. 250543 ID: 93e8e3
File 128851442685.gif - (158.75KB , 700x500 , 007.gif )

"I've learned plenty!" I shout, bat at hand. "And I'm going to teach you a lesson on all of it."

"Oh goodness gracious, the boy thinks he's so strong! But I will not let you harm me, so long!" Yaramahoo runs off, somewhere into the second floor!
No. 250565 ID: a17cca

Set up explosives on the side of the stairs, then rush upstairs!
No. 250576 ID: 701a19

"You've gone soft, old roach! You broke your meter!"
No. 250615 ID: c71597

Get out ye shotgun, load it up and go after the bastard. Make sure to avoid walking into giant webbings and things like that. That bastard has some sharp teeth that we don't want to get on us.
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