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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 145586346649.png - (76.39KB , 750x500 , riotquest.png )
703346 No. 703346 ID: f56624

Chapter 1: AY LET'S GET META

Your name is RIOT. You're a weird nerd whose life revolves around videogames, tiny block pictures, and being a funnyman on the internet (for laughs)

You're sitting in your room, idly staring at nothing like some kind of dumb idiot

Today you feel like getting in trouble.

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No. 703347 ID: c30e4c

Draw gay porn.
No. 703348 ID: 0b4dd7

draw self insert gay porn
No. 703352 ID: f56624
File 145586409518.png - (67.18KB , 750x500 , gross.png )

You guys certainly never fail to disappoint.

Try again.

No. 703353 ID: 88e46e

Reenact /r9k/ greentexts.
No. 703355 ID: 38685c

Exit room. It's empty anyways what the fuc
No. 703357 ID: 0b4dd7

since you feel like getting into trouble, do this in the most dangeresque way you can think of. like an action dive through the window.
No. 703358 ID: 02e79d

go to #farts and shitpost
No. 703359 ID: 810263

Start a border incident at wherever you are. Bonus points for each level of escalation of force.
No. 703362 ID: a788b7


try to get seal to ban you
No. 703365 ID: f56624
File 145586580389.png - (255.42KB , 750x500 , r9k.png )

You combine all of these, exiting your room violently propelled by the power of fake stories and poor life choices.

Somehow, somewhere, you are already banned.
No. 703367 ID: f56624
File 145586609512.png - (81.54KB , 750x500 , bleugh.png )

Eugh, everything tastes like stale cheetos now, fucking lame

The nation's power grid has been down for weeks and my phone died last night after I spent all night playing geometry dash, irc is dead.
Fucking civil unrest, I just want to watch some gods damned pirated cartoons

This is a good plan, but how do we go about this?

No. 703369 ID: 02e79d

go to the mexican border and insult a passing mexican
No. 703373 ID: defceb

Mexican border? No way. Go to the Nevada border and insult their leader Humongous, demanding that he prove his manhood in a Mad Max style Deathrace.
No. 703431 ID: 99a64d

Help Donald Trump make a huge wall at the Mexican border.
No. 703438 ID: f6442a

Kidnap a Canadian and subject them to the RAP MUSICS
No. 703457 ID: f99ba6

Kick a puppy or the next thing/person to come your way.
No. 704432 ID: f56624
File 145614114770.png - (84.97KB , 500x500 , riotface.png )

Nah, I can't speak a lot of spanish and they'd probably just be confused.
Also, the riots saw trump's head on a stake like, a year ago now. It was kind of hilarious.

And how would rap music spark a border incident? Cmon guys, use your noodle.

Wow slow down there hitler

OH YEAH, that guy! Yeah let's go find him
No. 704433 ID: f56624
File 145614119126.png - (82.02KB , 750x500 , vroom.png )

I hop in my sick mad max roadster (read: shitty chevy sedan) and get shot at a bit. It's rad.
No. 704434 ID: f56624
File 145614130002.png - (84.11KB , 750x500 , encounter!.png )

FINALLY, I reach my asshole destination.

I extend my neck out to press my luscious babyboy face cheeks up against his awful mask thing.

I am thoroughly up in his grill, what do I say to get this race going?
No. 704435 ID: 5ea852

'Avin' a giggle, m8? 1v1 me, u cheeky cunt!
No. 704449 ID: f6442a

Beyond Thunderdome was beeeeetteeeeeer
No. 704496 ID: a3246c

Say you represent [subject hometown here] and heard some BABY FACED BASTARD was talkin all kinds a shit. It's racing time bitch.
No. 705663 ID: 0fff38

"I've searched all of this scorched land for a man who can love me like you. You'll be my everything and more, but first, you must prove your loyalty with a SICKASS DRAGRACE">>704434
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