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File 145457597035.png - (106.30KB , 1000x1000 , 001.png )
698885 No. 698885 ID: 0fff38

this is a NSFW quest

you are Skaadikl'ekl'lokomak.

you are a lesser Daemon from the dark depths of hell, and a warlock has summoned you.

your mortal form sprawls painfully on the floor. your flesh slowly forms over your bloody muscle.

"you have called me forth, dark one." you stand slowly, "I am yours to command! what is it that you desire?"

"I have sacrificed much to bring you to this realm, Daemon." the wizard says, "I am consumed with only one desire, Daemon, power!"
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No. 698886 ID: 0fff38
File 145457600386.png - (55.15KB , 1000x1000 , 002.png )

"I am the rightful Ruler of this land. my father, a bitter old man, has stolen my claim and handed it to my incompetent younger siblings."

"I command you, Skedif'ek'lekomek, to bring this injustice to an end!"

"err..." you scratch your head, "you were looking for Skedif'ek'lekomek? the Greater Carnage Daemon?"

you are Skaadikl'ekl'lokomak, a Bondage Daemon.
No. 698887 ID: b5be75

ask if he has a plan or anything, maybe you can make this work
No. 698889 ID: 5d0b3a

It's not like we had anything better to do, is it? Nobody wants bondage demons anymore. And we are contractually bound to this plain for... how long did he summon us for?
No. 698891 ID: 534caf

this warlock probably shouldn't summon any more demons if he's going to make simple mispronunciation mistakes when casting spells.
No. 698892 ID: f56624

"I mean I can give it a shot, you kind of goofed up here dude but this might be workable. What's the plan?"

List off assets and abilities internally.
No. 698893 ID: 5d0b3a

Also now might not be the best time to say you're a brother-sister duo, either.
No. 698894 ID: 3663d3

well, trapping his enemies should be at least almost as useful, maybe.
No. 698905 ID: a22f87

you may have messed up somewhere during the spell... or just mispronounced the name. That last one gets a lot of people truth be told.
No. 698906 ID: 0fff38
File 145458825699.png - (49.68KB , 1000x1000 , 003.png )

>maybe you can make this work
you're going to have to. the warlock has you under control until you complete your task or until your mortal form is slain.

>List off assets and abilities internally.
you're a Daemon, so you are unnaturally strong and agile. you also can not be killed. if your mortal form is slain, you are sent back to hell. you are however unable to tell a direct lie, instead, Daemons must bend their language to mislead.
Like all Daemons, you can change your form, but this is only an illusion, and you can only reasonably change form to that of a humanoid. you can also send your essence back to hell to consult other Daemons.
as a Bondage Daemon, you can read people's thoughts, conjure abyssal bindings to immobilize people, and control people's bodies, but not their minds. all of these actions require you to concentrate on a single person.

"y-you're not Skedif'ek'lekomek?"

"buddy, do I look like a carnage Daemon?" you sass, "how do you mispronounce a truename that badly?"

the Warlock collapses to the floor, letting out an overly dramatic sigh.

"I can't do anything right!" he bawls.

"well... hold on." you comfort the distraught Fury, "you summoned a Daemon! that's pretty impressive for a mortal, even if you fudged the name a bit."

"yeah?" he pouts.

"yeah! we can make this work!" you beam, "do you have some kind of plan to get to the throne?"

"err... I was hoping to get a Carnage Daemon to just... cull the list of candidates until I was the only choice. I'd need to get rid of my two sisters, my brother, and my uncle before they'd be out of reasonable applicants."

you think about the request. the warlock said you must end the injustice of his father giving the political power in his country to his younger siblings. obviously, a Carnage Daemon would simply slaughter the whole royal family and be back in hell in time for lunch, but you're not going to be able to do that.
No. 698910 ID: 9a900b

Well, if you can control people's bodies, can you just make them walk off the top of a tower?
No. 698913 ID: e4abe1

Then just make them stab their neck with knife?
No. 698917 ID: 3d2d5f

Look. We can still do this. You just need to go the infiltrate seduce assassinate (or bondage mind break) route instead of the direct attack carnage route. Different skill set, but you can still do terribly things to his family. You are a demon, after all!

With mind reading and body control, this is gonna be more political and social sabotage. Which is actually good, that gives you more plausible deniability then if a demon stormed in and cut them all to pieces.
No. 698924 ID: 3663d3

kidnap and replace. take out one and shapeshift into them. go for a sister. then you can frame the sister for taking out the others.
No. 698925 ID: cc08c7

Direct approach would've made it too obvious, with this we can take them out much more stealthily and possibly without anyone knowing it was us. Possibly.
No. 698928 ID: 2a7417

Well, the injustice would be ended if this warlock was dead and unable to take the throne.

Say that you're able to possess his body and through him you'll use your beguiling charms to settle the matter with much less bloodshed. Then, once he's surrendered control, gag him, bind him and kill him.
Then you're free to unleash chaos! Or have a wild night of partying, whichever.
No. 698930 ID: 2ccbb3

High-profile lethal plan seems shortsighted. Enough fingers will be pointed at [Green Flaming Skull] if they immediately grab the kingdom right after a Carnage Demon butchers half the local villages and tears apart the castle while devouring the royal guard while in search of the remaining royal family. Then, one raid from a mercenary tribe would be enough to usurp your kingdom. Between the weaknesses in defense and the lack of morale / public support, [Green Flaming Skull] would be screwed.

I figure that through a combination of politics, stealth, and non-lethal takedowns, you two can make the Royal Family suffer in ways that their ignorant minds are incapable of imagining while simultaneously analyzing the weaknesses and social problems of your kingdom's defenses so that you can patch those up them moment [Green Flaming Skull] grabs the throne. The people won't care so much about you murdering your brother and sister if you proceed to fix that mass starvation problem your family was constantly ignoring.

Plus, a Carnage Demon would probably devour [Green Flaming Skull] the exact second they took the throne, then deal as much damage as possible before the digestion dismisses the demon. You'll probably want a position of power, take some assets, stuff like that.

Can we call him Mochrie? I figure that since Murray is taken...

Whose throne is it anyway? lol pun
No. 698938 ID: f05334

What's with the zippers? You wearing a gimp suit or something?
No. 698943 ID: 9a900b

>you're a Daemon, so you are unnaturally strong and agile

Uh... are you able to adjust your attire, then? Because that strength and agility doesn't seem like it'll be much use if your nature requires you to be restrained.
No. 698947 ID: 5ad4a7

I see a way to do this without even going against your nature.

Embarrass his siblings in public so that they lose the support of their father!
No. 698949 ID: 1def69

easy! train the warlock's siblings until they are no longer incompetent! then it will be an injustice no longer.
No. 698952 ID: a22f87

well we can read minds and seem to be really sneaky. We could always use our powers to dig up dirt on these people and blackmail them or depending on what we find actually off them. Plus since we're a little less direct then the guy the warlock was trying to summon people might actually think his rise up the succession ladder might actually be natural and not because some jackass summoned a kill demon that seemed to "mysteriously" only target all the royal blood line excepts one guy. This little FUBAR might actually work out for him better in the long run.

Speaking of time, are we on a time limit here?
No. 698959 ID: 2a7417

Question: Can you still control a body after it dies?
No. 699269 ID: 0fff38
File 145470770753.png - (52.12KB , 1000x1000 , 004.png )

>can't you just command someone to kill him/herself?
nope! you can't force someone to harm themselves directly. if you try to command somebody to slit their own throat or jump off a roof, the link is broken immediately.

>can you kill the Warlock?
nope! you can't harm the Warlock, at least not directly. besides, if you return to hell without completing his task, you will be demoted! you don't want to go back to being a whelp, those guys are total nerds!

though technically, if you caused one of the siblings to be more worthy of the throne than the Warlock, you would technically be ending the injustice.

>What's with the zippers? You wearing a gimp suit or something?

that's your skin. your body is a physical manifestation of your essence, and your essence is very kinky~

>Can you still control a body after it dies?
you can, but it will be pretty obvious that it's a corpse to anybody with half a brain.

"I need to know about these people if I am supposed to finish my task." you reason.

"err... right." the Warlock regains his composure, "as I said, there are four people between me and the throne."
No. 699270 ID: 0fff38
File 145470776760.png - (45.38KB , 1500x1000 , 005.png )

COLE is the first in line. he is my younger brother. he cares more about drunken revelry and pleasures of the flesh than politics.

CINDER is my twin sister. she gave up her claim to the throne and instead took the mantle of a knight. she was injured in war and now she spends most of her time playing general with her little thanes. if Cole is unable to take the throne, she will be the next in line.

PYRITE is my adopted sister, and third in line to the throne. imagine the scandal! she's not even related to my damned father!

SULPHUR is my uncle. the old bastard taught me all I know about sorcery. if there was anybody who could uncover my treason, it would be him. with him out of the way, I would be the only member of the family left. my father will be forced to name me his successor.
No. 699279 ID: 5bbf95

I believe we have to start with sulphur, And also, is pyrite underage? we need to find a alternate way to take her out...
No. 699280 ID: f05334

Well fudge and sicle, things do not look easy for you. Welp, clench thine sphincters and prepare for everything.
No. 699296 ID: 3663d3

tie up the uncle and hide him and repalce him. read his ind for info on how to act normal. then murder everyone else when they let their guards down. if will be seen as he went insane.
No. 699313 ID: 1ed8bf

Cole and Cinder might actually be easy. I mean cole seems to like things we like to do so we might be able to convince him to that he doesn't want to be king... That or we could drag down his image so much that he'd be the last person anyone would ever put on the throne.

Cinder doesn't want the throne so if we can just find something to distract her, like a war or we could send her off on a quest or something she'll probably dump the throne onto someone else to go deal with it or if she's still gone when her turn comes up it will just jump down to whoever is next in line.

Also what did you do that put you down so low on the line in the throne master?
No. 699317 ID: f6442a

How does Sulphur feel about Pyrite? We could use her innocent facade to get to him, and he's the biggest threat while he's alive.
Well, if direct self harm isn't possible, I guess we'll just have to find seemingly safe activities with tragic consequences.
No. 699318 ID: a9ff28

Hrrm. So, if he wants to do the kill everyone plan that's a thing, but I figure let's try the pascifist route.
It's an injustice this guy is grumbling about right?
So any ideas how to break Cole from his party-boy habits?
And then Cinder wants to be a general, not actually rule. Not that hard to talk her out of it then, in theory...
The third kid...Miiight be difficult. We don't know how suited she is for rule nor how much she desires it.
Sulphur...Is the most dangerous to us personally, we're gonna simply have to either steer clear of him OR see what we can do to bribe him into going along with our schemes.
Good news is killing him being removed from the table means we could theoretically make sure he's the one who gets it...But I doubt greenskull here would like that.
No. 699322 ID: 4854ef

..It's not like we need to kill them, if we bind them out of the way till the old man croaks, he would still be forced to declare the Warlock his successor as the others would be too far out of the way.

I mean bondage demon! I'm sure Skaadikl'ekl'lokomak knows how to properly ensnare prey and keep them occupied.
No. 699330 ID: 02422f

>that's your skin. your body is a physical manifestation of your essence, and your essence is very kinky~
So... what happens when you unzip your skin?

Cole looks easy. His habits play to our strengths, and it should be easy to get him in trouble.

Cinder already gave up the throne once. We just need to put her in the position where she's unable to claim it. Convince her to leave on some cause, project, crusade, mission. (Before Cole dies and she thinks she has a responsibility to stay). Her injury is a little inconvenient, but all we need to do is manipulate her into taking herself all the way off the board. She might even be convinced to serve her brother, if she ever returns, to preserve rule.

...Pyrite is tiny and adorable. Don't want to kill her. Can we just corrupt her for our own purposes? So long as she's not in a position to succeed, same difference as far as our summoner cares.

Sulpher is by far the most dangerous, the best equipped to fight back against us, the most likely to notice what's happening if we remove the others first, and the hardest to get. Quite the pickle, there.
No. 699445 ID: afe44e

Wait how the fuck are you so far down the line?!
Your brother sounds like he would run the kingdom into the ground, one of your sister already refused the throne and the other isn't even related to your family and shouldn't have any claim to the throne at all.
Is your father an idiot or does he just hate you this much.
No. 699454 ID: 534caf

and your original plan was to summon a huge ass demon that will kill them all in the least subtle way possible and pointing all fingers towards you.. uh...

Maybe you should reconsider things. If you want to be king, you need to be more indirect and subtle.

Think of removing your siblings as possible contestants from the throne practice for being a future ruler. Backstabby and clever - although you need not even kill them!
No. 699668 ID: 0fff38
File 145483995815.png - (53.00KB , 1000x1000 , 006.png )

>So... what happens when you unzip your skin?
then the reeeeaaally kinky stuff begins~

"is pyrite underaged?" you ask. he seems almost offended at the question.

"what? why do you care? you're a Daemon!"

"look buddy, I have standards."

"no, Pyrite is a dwarf. she was runt of whatever litter her destitute parents conceived."

"hmm." you think, "why is your dad so dead set on you not being king?"

"I told you he is a bitter old man. the old codger has never liked me!"

"did he at least give a reason?"

"he says I'm too impulsive! that I can't think ahead! he says I can't lead the kingdom because the population doesn't like me!" he spits, "shows what he knows. the population is on the edge of revolt because of his ludicrous decree!"

you think about your options. who should you go after first?
No. 699670 ID: f56624

let's just go straight for uncle goodpal and see whats up
No. 699681 ID: a22f87

Right, so ask him where you can find these guys and then we can start spying on them and come up with a real plan of action. I figure we should at least get our own idea on what these people are like then decide who needs to go down first.
No. 699685 ID: 534caf

No, no, that sounds pretty accurate. This guy needs a lot of coaching before he can be king.

Or we can screw him over HORRIBLY. I mean, which option would be best for you? As a Daemon.

Personally I'm thinking the "corrupt the entire royal family" and then see where you can get rolling from there.

With that in mind, let's start with PYRITE. She's the last in line, least expected to be targeted, and if anything goes screwy the uncle PROBABLY won't notice (she's a different species).
No. 699731 ID: 02422f

>he says I'm too impulsive! that I can't think ahead!
Sounds completely accurate.

So by screwing over the royal family to put him in charge, we're screwing over the entire country. That's pretty evil!

>who go after
I think we should start by spying on Cinder and Pyrite, trying to find an angle we can use on them.

Cinder I think can be persuaded to leave town in pursuit of her own goals / goals we give her, if done right. But that'll be a lot harder if any members of her family have died or gone missing. So we want to get her to leave first. Also, this is the least suspicious and most subtle disposal, which the uncle won't expect at all from his nephew.
No. 699732 ID: 2ccbb3

And just what part of summoning an unknown entity of supposed carnage and destruction from another dimension is long-sighted to you?

Cinder gave up her claim, so you can deal with her nonlethally. Then kick Cole's ass and send him somewhere dark.
No. 700169 ID: 0fff38
File 145496463661.png - (59.32KB , 1000x1000 , 007.png )

his uncle lives outside the city, in a secluded cottage. the others are all staying in the city. Cole and Pyrite live in the castle. Cinder is currently staying at an Inn with a few of her vassals.

you decide to spy on the siblings before making any moves, and you start with the odd one out: Pyrite.

you change forms gracefully and sneak your way into the city effortlessly. you expected the population to be mostly furies, but it's actually quite a mixed bag. there are a few of every race mingling together in the town square.

the Warlock is partially right, the population seems pretty pissed off, but it doesn't seem like they care much about who is on the throne. there seems to be a civil war brewing over a shortage of resources. the commoners are all complaining about lack of food, water, and money. the air in the capital is tense.
No. 700171 ID: 0fff38
File 145496467456.png - (30.86KB , 1000x1000 , 008.png )

you infiltrate the castle rather easily. it seems that the security is stretched thin right now, due to the upheaval. after wandering around you find the Gargoyle in the library. she's reading some book, while a thane sits beside her.

"my lady, you can't be serious." he pleads to her, "leaving the city would be the worst move you could make right now."

"the castle is cold and quiet." she muses, "and too full of memories for my liking."

"yes, but it is cold all around, and surely not all of your recollections of the palace could be so painful."

"no, in fact they are quite happy," she replies, "it is for that reason I feel the cold and quiet so inescapable."

"and what of the dissonance outside?" he retorts, "surely it wouldn't be prudent to flee the capital with all of the upheaval going on?"

"Cole can handle the politics, he's more cunning than I am."

"yes, but your father-"

"I know." she cuts him off, nodding. she looks rather distraught, "I will stay until Cole has the crown, but not a moment longer."
No. 700177 ID: a22f87

hmm, this might be a good thing. Grab a book and see if that other guy leaves. If you can get pyrite alone we might be able to get her take on what's going on around here. Oh and if she ask what you're doing here go with the obvious answer and say you're looking for a book or to.
No. 700190 ID: 2a7417

Let's replace the thane and endorse her plan to flee the city. What are his after-hours tastes, I wonder?
First, though, continue reconnaissance.
No. 700209 ID: 02422f

Well... that's easy. If we let Cole take the throne, she leaves. Then we remove Cole, and down the line the succession goes.

We don't even need to seduce her or or corrupt her or anything! Too bad. She's cute. (Well I guess we could for the fun of it).

Of course, we should probably start laying plans to dispose of Cole before he ascends to the throne. He'll be more protected then, might be good to have something set in motion now, while he's more vulnerable.

Check on the middle sibling next?
No. 700225 ID: a9ff28

Hrrm...So she finds the castle too painful to bear?
If the phantoms of her past are too great now, how much more so will they strain her as Queen?
For now, let us simply remember this.
The angry mobs say all that need be said about the state of affairs, and offer a delightful dual-solution to the unrest and a means of disposing our rivals, simply deliver them to the hordes wrapped in debaucery and that will be that!
No. 700229 ID: 15a025

Let's check out the uncle. Maybe he's a pervert and into kinky shit like us.
No. 700267 ID: 2ccbb3

Deal with the supply shortage, and people will FLOCK to our cause.

Talk to Pyrite, offer her a merchant's job. She seems willing to help.

Try capturing the Thane alive.
No. 700280 ID: fa9b55

Gosh, it would probably be VERY easy to tip off this bubbling civil war. Your impulsive master would probably trigger it anyway if he ended up in charge.
No. 700395 ID: 67d5dc

We could just go up to her and give her another reason to leave.

"Hi! I'm a demon ordered to stop you from taking the throne. Wanna make my job easy, or can I have fun?"
No. 700409 ID: 0fff38
File 145501707877.png - (52.63KB , 1000x1000 , 009.png )

>say you're looking for a book or two.
you can't say that, that would be a lie, since you couldn't give a shit about any of these books.

>If we let Cole take the throne, she leaves.
sure, but Cole being the sitting king would make the Warlock's task MUCH more difficult.

>We don't even need to seduce her or or corrupt her or anything!
that doesn't mean you can't~

>"Hi! I'm a demon ordered to stop you from taking the throne."
you aren't sure alerting the royal family of your presence would be a good idea.

you keep watching for now. the two of them keep talking, but it seems Pyrite is more interested in her book. you read both of their surface thoughts. the knight is thinking about Pyrite's immediate safety; maybe he's he bodyguard? Pyrite is mostly just thinking about the words on the page. some tome about past trade negotiations with foreign powers, it's all pretty boring.

eventually, the knight stands, "My lady, I must excuse myself for a time. I trust you will be attending your brother's ball tonight?"

"I may." she replies, "I doubt I will stay for long. I think I might bed early tonight."

"very well, my lady." he replies, "have a good night."

you quickly assume the form of a servant as the knight passes by. he barely registers your existence as he walks by, though he takes a glance back at your form and his arousal spikes for a second. it seems the brave knight has a soft spot for hairy girls.

as far as you can tell, you have four options:
you can approach Pyrite and perhaps start a conversation, you can follow the knight, you can continue to observe Pyrite, or you can move to an other sibling.
No. 700410 ID: f6442a

Follow the knight. Maybe he's headed to the second sibling?
No. 700412 ID: a22f87

I would like to talk to pyrite but I have no idea how to approach her. So for now I'd say either stay and see if pyrite does anything else or follow the night if you feel like having some fun.
No. 700437 ID: 5ea852

Follow the knight and then properly tire him out in a way that will keep him from walking for a protracted period of time. Then assume his place as the bodyguard.
No. 700438 ID: 3d2d5f

Not really interested in her guard right now.

We don't have enough intel to make a play on Pyrite (though I guess we want to get her to leave early). We should keep spying on her, or decide her reading isn't a useful spying time and check on the sister.

Also, we should find our timetable. When will Cole be crowned if we do nothing to stop him, or to delay the coronation?
No. 700458 ID: 2ccbb3

Yeah, this seems legit.
No. 700539 ID: 15a025

Seduce one of them, then commence in some kinky action.
No. 700889 ID: 0fff38
File 145515191524.png - (35.29KB , 1000x1000 , 010.png )

>When will Cole be crowned if we do nothing to stop him, or to delay the coronation?
it will probably be a week after the king dies. you aren't sure when the king will die, but it seems like it will be quite soon.

you decide to follow the Thane. he walks right out of the castle into the city and eventually reaches a tavern in one of the poorer districts in town. there are a lot of soldiers here, some dokc workers, and a couple of travellers. this is hardly a place for a knight to be hanging around. he takes a seat inside and orders a flagon of stiff mead.

how should you act? you could approach him in disguise, keep watching him, or move on to something else.
No. 700891 ID: 2ccbb3

I don't think that girl likes her new dance partner...

Help her out, then order a soda. Chat up the Thane.
No. 700918 ID: f6442a

Approach in disguise. What's a hot thing like him doing in a chilly joint like this?
No. 700960 ID: 5ea852

Watch him for a bit and then approach him in disguise. Extra points if you watch him in disguise as if you are checking him out.
No. 700961 ID: a22f87

approach him in disguise, see what we can learn from him, and if nothing else maybe have some fun before we get back to our job.
No. 701489 ID: 0fff38
File 145536285373.png - (26.63KB , 1000x1000 , 011.png )

"well hello, brave sir knight." you smile as you sit beside him.

"well met, blacklude." he greets you. his arousal spikes slightly as he takes a look at your form, "did we meet before?"

"at the castle," you grin, "I suppose you left just before I did. what is a knight such as yourself doing in this dive?"

"hah!" he laughs, "a pauper wearing the crest of a knight, more like. can I offer you a drink, Blacklude?"

"only if I can ask your name." you reply.

"Celsius." he replies, as he waves the bartender over.

how should you proceed?
No. 701495 ID: 5ea852

Order something properly girly, hopefully in a cocktail glass.

Do not introduce yourself right away, keep a veil of mystique for now, but remain flirtatious. Tell him that his name seems rather fitting, just the right amount of hot. Further imply that you like a man with scars.

Rebuke his self-deprecation about being poor by asking him if a poor man would so generously offer a serving girl a drink.
No. 701511 ID: f6442a

I wonder, does alcohol quench a Fury's flames or only fan them?
No. 701513 ID: 1cebc8

"Then you may call me @#$%mehigh."

Wait for it.

"Why, call me Farenheit. You're SO... conducingly cute."

Then stop with the jokes and act flustered.
No. 701520 ID: a22f87

do nicknames count as lying? Because if not us a nickname.

Anyways ask him again why he's in here. Drinking alone no less.
No. 701553 ID: 2f4b71

Nicknames should be fine. "Call me X" is not a lie, it's just a request.
No. 701977 ID: 15a025

Lets get this guy hammered. No wait, both of you should get really hammered.
No. 702060 ID: 3663d3

not quite "you can call me X" is the most ambiguous.
No. 703775 ID: 0fff38
File 145597059186.png - (44.87KB , 1000x1000 , 012.png )

>No wait, both of you should get really hammered.
you're a Daemon. no amount of alcohol is going to effect you.

>I wonder, does alcohol quench a Fury's flames or only fan them?
in your experience, nothing makes a fury's flame hotter than a bit of fuel.

"no pauper would offer his own coin and drink to a stranger," you smile, "you must be rich, at least in spirit."

"what are you drinking?" he asks.

you think for a minute. what would a Ludeling drink?

"Vent Caramel" you say finally. it's a pretty girly drink, and he seems to think so too. he has the bartender pour the sugary drink.

"I like your scars." you lean in closer as his arousal rises, "they're like a living history. a book that I can read with my... fingers~"

"I've many more scars, if you care to look for them."

"may I ask why you're drinking alone?" you ask. you decide to skip the name for now. asking him to call you something wouldn't be a lie, but you haven't come up with a good pseudonym yet.

"to tell you the truth, I come here every night." he takes a long drink from his flagon, "after the girl is in bed."

"lady Pyrite?"

"aye," he nods, "once she's safe in her sleep, I come down here and forget the past."

"surely your past is something you'd like to keep with you?"

he shakes his head, grimly. his surface thoughts are rather dark and regretful. you're not sure if you should continue with this line of conversation.

should you continue to ask about his past, steer the conversation elsewhere, or try to seduce him?
No. 703778 ID: 5ea852

Tell him that, sometimes, the best way to let go of the past is to share it with someone. Whether or not he shares, continue with your attempts to seduce him. People tend to babble once you sex them up.
No. 703797 ID: a22f87

probing his pass might not be the best idea right now, get a few more drinks in him first at least.

As for what to talk about, see if you can't just get him to talk about more recent events. If we can get him talking he might let something slip that we can use, especially if we can get a few more drinks in him. And if things look like we might be losing control then go for good old fashion seduction.
No. 703798 ID: 2ccbb3

If you ask him too many questions, he might catch on. Act like the whore who wants a night with a noble, you can pick up on whatever he rambles about.
No. 703803 ID: f6442a

Help him forget it, then... in bed.
No. 703823 ID: 99a64d

Lyna is a good pseudonym. Don't keep probing him about his past.
No. 703837 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask him what lady Pyrite is like.
No. 704604 ID: 15a025

Continue the history lesson.
No. 705305 ID: 0fff38
File 145638344057.png - (86.34KB , 1000x1000 , 013.png )

"sometimes it helps to talk about it with someone." you reason.

"some scars..." he begins, "some scars are more than skin deep."

you decide to shut up about it. if you try to probe too much, he might get wise, or lose his sex drive.

"can you tell me about Lady Pyrite?" you ask, "in the time I've been in the castle, I've barely gotten to know her."

"forgive her," he replies, "she's so very shy around people.."

you nod.

"she's very bright, though. she has a good head on her shoulders, especially with numbers, and so warm hearted.."

you feel an incredible amount of affection bubbling up in his chest.

"do you... are you in love with the Lady?"

"no, of course not!" he answers, flustered, "not like that, at least. I've been her shield since she was a child. she's like a daughter to me."

"of course," you nod, "my apologies."

"I suspect I'm the closest thing she's had to a father. the great king has always been so busy that he rarely had time for his blood children, much less poor Pyrite. if I weren't around, she'd likely have sodded off to live with that wastrel of an uncle."


"an old codger named Sulphur." he spits, "I fear some of his Daemon laying might have rubbed off on the girl. I've seen her reading more and more about Hell and its denizens as of late."

he lowers his mug, laughing, "I can't believe I said all of that."

"it's okay." you giggle, "you're kind of drunk."

he nods, smiling, "yeah. don't tell anyone I said that, ok? we could get in trouble."

you lean in, giggling seductively, "it wouldn't be the first time I've been in a pair of manacles~"

he places a hand on the outside of your thigh, and leans in close enough for you to smell a hint of mead, "so you're a bad girl, then?"

"I am." you reply, moaning as her caresses your thigh.

if this guy gets any more aroused he might just take you here on the bar. he's pretty much putty in your hands now. should you go in for the kill, or delay sleeping with him, or something else?
No. 705306 ID: f56624

go on then, pork the skellyman and probably burn your genitals on his ghost rider cock
No. 705307 ID: 5ad4a7

Fuck the flame-man, but don't kill him. That would piss off Pyrite and she's learning about demons. She could banish you.

Instead, sneak off afterwards while he's asleep, and impersonate him to talk to Pyrite. Depending on what she wants and knows, we may be able to tap her as a resource, to find out who's most deserving of the crown. Maybe even literally tap her, to boot.
No. 705321 ID: 5ea852

Sex him up and then, in his weakened state, do try to put him under your thrall. You'll have a sleeper agent and maybe a sin battery or whatever. That's what a bondage daemon can do, right?
No. 705324 ID: eab069

I dont believe we can make him our thrall, we can't control heads, but we can bondage the shift out of him and disguise as him, to get close with Pyrite, the only problem I can see, is that she has knowledge of demons, maybe she can spot us?
No. 705325 ID: 5ea852

What about making him a thrall through feminine guile?
No. 705326 ID: a22f87

well he gave us some useful info, like how pyrite seems to know a bit about demons, that might complicate things but only if we bring attention to ourselves. It also might give us something to tempt her away on her little trip even before her brother takes the throne.

I say this guy has earned a "reward" so go ahead and give him a night he'll never remember.
No. 705333 ID: 3641d4

Thake'em out for a night he'll soon regret.
No. 705335 ID: 3d2d5f

Don't kill him, that will just raise warnings to our marks. He's someone we can milk for info, or use. Killing him without a specific plan to profit from his death would be a waste.

Fuck him, give him a good time, maybe leave him wanting more, so we can leverage that later.

>she's been more and more interested in demons
No. 705352 ID: 2a7417

Take this to his room. Take your time, kill him or simply leave him bound, whatever you prefer. We can use his form to get near Pyrite and knowledge about her studies to get very, very close to Pyrite.
No. 705362 ID: 2ccbb3

Looks like you can get Pyrite to sell her soul for comfort. Then you don't have to kill her to get your boss on the throne and you have a backup princess in case things go horribly wrong!

Now @#$% so hard he'll wonder why you don't swell up with charcoal buns in a few days.
No. 705365 ID: 38cb3f

Guys, "go in for the kill" means sex him right now, not literally kill him. I think.

Sex him right now.
No. 706107 ID: 0fff38
File 145670104396.png - (58.83KB , 1000x1000 , 014.png )

he plunks some coin down on the table and takes you to one of the rooms upstairs. you leap on the bed immediately and start to pull at your clothes.

"wait a second." he raises a hand, "don't you want to... I don't know... talk, before we...?"

you sit down, confused, "uh... I guess? I was kind of assuming this was going to be a 'straight to late night cable' deal."

he sits down beside you, pulling off his armor, "I... yes... I suppose so. can I at least know your name?"

you stare at him for a second, "uh... you can call me... Lyna."

"I can call you Lyna?" he repeats, sounding disappointed. he takes off his garb after a few moments. he was right, he's covered in scars. you lay him down, moving your fingers across his bare chest.
No. 706108 ID: 0fff38
File 145670106226.png - (60.55KB , 1000x1000 , 015.png )

he grabs you by the hips and takes you like an animal.
No. 706109 ID: 0fff38
File 145670108332.png - (49.22KB , 1000x1000 , 016.png )

there's no love in this sex, it's just raw primal fucking. he's not very dextrous, but he's got the stamina of an ox. you realize after some time that he's been pumping you for a solid two hours.

almost as soon as he's done, he rolls over and sits at the end of the bed.

"you're fantastic." you gasp.

"I've had a lot of practice." he replies.

you sit up and move closer to him.

"this is the last time I'm going to see you, isn't it?" he sighs.
No. 706110 ID: a22f87

>this is the last time I'm going to see you, isn't it?
Maybe, maybe not. who knows what the future will bring. Why, do you want to see me again?
No. 706111 ID: 2ccbb3

"... It doesn't have to be... but if you want me now, you WILL regret it for the next 200 times.

See, I'm usually am the ruff and rowdy type of girl, but my usual sex partners... turn to hate. I keep letting myself go in the ritual of violent living, and even the most submissive slut will accuse me of being an abusive @#$%-all no matter what methods I use to restrain my inner anger whenever I use it in sex.

I offered mercy in this round and @#$%ing LOVED it. Thank you. But if you want to see the torment I usually give

then you must offer a part of yourself to me. No, I'm not talking about selling your soul or that satanic bull^&*( (even though you technically are), I mean that you have to let me into your life if you want me to STRANGLE and SUFFOCATE parts of yourself that you never even realized you had.

You up for it? Because I think it would be smart to back away right now."
No. 706112 ID: 15a025

Nah, we'll see each other again.
No. 706115 ID: 02422f

>"this is the last time I'm going to see you, isn't it?" he sighs.
I wasn't planning on quitting my job to fuel your need to brood, if that's what you mean.
No. 706116 ID: f6442a

Remember we cannot lie, making a promise would be bad for business.
Instead, just ask why does he want to see us again?
No. 706124 ID: 5ea852

"Why are you so certain that's the case? You're a diamond in the rough, my knight. I'm honestly surprised someone didn't lay claim on you already."
No. 706125 ID: 5ea852

If his last remark is related to your unwillingness to share your real name, tell him around 80% of the truth. You don't like sharing your real name because it gives people power over you when they know your name.

Whatever conclusion he draws from it does not constitute as lying to him. You were truthful with him, the rest of it is on him.
No. 706320 ID: 98cd73

this, or maybe just "i don't know yet?"
No. 706322 ID: 5ad4a7

Hmm. Quick question. Does sex give you power or something? Or control over whoever just fucked you? If the latter, then WOOT, take control of your new slave.
If the former, yay. Still gotta keep him out of the way until after things are settled. ...actually I'm not sure we can do that without killing him. Which would be a shame. Are binding contracts part of a Bondage Demon's powerset? Like, could you get him to agree to serve you?

As for what to tell him, well, that'll depend on what we do to him.
No. 707504 ID: 0fff38
File 145726803317.png - (52.06KB , 1000x1000 , 017.png )

>Are binding contracts part of a Bondage Demon's powerset?
that's greater Daemon territory. you're still a lesser Daemon, so you have to make do with controlling peoples' bodies and conjuring abyssal bindings.

"do you... want to see me again?" you ask, honestly taken aback.

"I don't know." he replies, "I don't know anything about you. I don't even know your real name."

"my name..." you begin, "you don't want to know my name. if you knew my real name, you'd think less of me."

"I just want to know who you are."

"you're sweet." you smile, "now go to sleep."

you command his body to relax and he slumps over, unconcsious.

you sit at the edge of the bed, feeling a bit bad for the knight. maybe you can do something for him later?

you need to come up with a plan to deal with Pyrite now. you know she's at least slightly familiar with Daemons, and that she may be attending a party held by the prince, Cole; though she may be leaving early.

how should you do this?
No. 707505 ID: 139629

I think you should use her knowledge of daemons against her. Convince her to try summoning something, have her botch it horribly and guilt her into leaving the city early.
No. 707516 ID: 2ccbb3

Approach Pyrite, convince her to perform a few rituals in your favor, and then make her @#$% Celsius while you act as the mistress.
No. 707528 ID: 395c9b

I don't like the idea of killing the warlock's kin. It feels pretty gross. Can we get them ousted by technicality?
No. 707539 ID: f6442a

Is she taking a carriage to the party?
Make sure that carriage never arrives. (Or that it departs to parts unknown, if she's already arrived.)
No. 707545 ID: 5ad4a7

What happens if another warlock tries to summon you while you're still summoned?
No. 707547 ID: 02422f

>maybe you can do something for him later?
Like not kill the cute little thing he's protecting?

>she may be leaving early
Well, that's a time she'll be alone and everyone else will be distracted. She could be targeted then.

>you know she's at least slightly familiar with Daemons
This could be good or bad. That might make her wary enough to avoid your obvious tricks, or it could make her interested enough as a way to lure her in.

Ultimately, we know she's already not interested in the throne. We just need to corrupt, trick, or convince her to remove herself from the picture now, instead of waiting till after her brother is crowned.
No. 707572 ID: 862480

I think we can probably ignore pyrite for now. I mean she dos'nt want the throne, and its really unlikely an adopted kid will be made the heir.
No. 707575 ID: f6442a

She's closer in line than our master, and that's why we have to get rid of her.
No. 707585 ID: a22f87

We should try and figure out a way to encourage her to leave before her brother takes the thrown. If she's gone then she can't take the thrown and as long as she doesn't die her other siblings won't suspect that anything is wrong. They just think that Pyrite was just struck by wonder lust and walked off which means they won't raise there guard so we could still move around easily.
No. 707586 ID: f6442a

What if we just had her throne out a window when their were no witnesses? They'd be left wandering who did it.
No. 707587 ID: 15a025

Why don't we find a way to make her the heir to another throne?
No. 707589 ID: a22f87

yeah but then people would be worried about the murderer and then security would increase around the castle so it would be harder for us to move around inside and the other siblings would be far more weary of strangers, and they'd be actively searching for who done it and if they found out a demon did it it would make putting greeny, who summoned us, in the throne a much bigger pain in the ass since he and his uncle are known to be able to summon demons and the rest would have a much easier time countering anything we could do.
No. 708189 ID: 0fff38
File 145764768967.png - (49.58KB , 1000x1000 , 018.png )

>What happens if another warlock tries to summon you while you're still summoned?
they can't. you're bound to one and only one Warlock. if they know your truename, though, they can command you directly by speaking your name.

you make your way into the castle. the security seems to have gotten tighter since you left, and there are a lot of foreign lords and ladies pouring into the castle. you have more trouble getting into the castle this time, but you manage to sneak in as a valet. you follow the nobles through the halls until you reach the ballroom.

this place is massive. the huge room is slowly getting filled by knights and dukes and other royal folks, all yucking it up and generally carousing. it seems Cole is quite at home in this environment. he's slithering around the room, making friends with complete strangers in a scant few moments of dialog. you admit he has a way with words.

you scope out Pyrite. she seems pretty bored. she is currently holding conversation with some noble woman who won't shut up about her favorite dog breeds.
No. 708194 ID: 02422f

>Cole has some natural political talent with people
So he's not a complete knucklehead.

This would probably be a good opportunity to "rescue" her from the conversation, but we need to decide on a guise and approach to playing her, first.
No. 708197 ID: 2a7417

Rescue her with a fake summons from her father. Mention offhand that while that noblewoman knows a lot about dogs, they're not nearly as fascinating compared to hellhounds.
No. 708203 ID: 2ccbb3

Just ask Pyrite to tag along, say that Celsius asked for her. She probably knows his type so just look ragged from the sex.

If you can't get to her, then tag Cole and figure out his weaknesses. There's probably five or six other spies casing him already so he won't care about one more.
No. 708204 ID: 15a025

Save her from the crazy dog lady.
No. 708206 ID: 47c6e9

poss a some noble's brat and swoop in and save her, try to talk about wanting to go on an adventure and becoming famous( not really a lie you do want to clime the demon ranks). If she ask who you are say you'd rather not say as you dislike how people start treating you once they figure out who you are.
No. 708446 ID: 0fff38
File 145777784665.png - (52.56KB , 1000x1000 , 019.png )

>say that Celsius asked for her
that would be a lie.

>Rescue her with a fake summons from her father.
that too.

>So he's not a complete knucklehead.
yeah, Cole's actually pretty adept at schmoozing. it might be a challenge to trick him, no matter what disguise you try on him.

you take on the guise of a noble person's child and approach Pyrite.

"hi!" you interrupt the noble woman midsentence, and she huffs loudly and walks off.

"hey, kiddo, what's up?" Pyrite seems relieved to be rid of the woman.

"you want to go on an adventure?"

"pff." she smirks, "I'm a bit old to be going on adventures, kid."

"are you afraid of fighting dragons?"


"what about necromancers?"


"what about Daemons?"

she flashes a devilish grin, "no way. Daemons aren't scary. they're pretty cool people, when you get to know them."

"have you met any Daemons before?"

"well... no." she admits, embarrassed, "but uncle Sulph says he can introduce me to one."

how should you continue?
No. 708449 ID: 5ad4a7

...did we ever even find out the name of the warlock that summoned Skaad?

Ask her more about her uncle. Is he nice? Is he gonna be king? Does he summon demons a lot? What kind of demons? What about Bondage Demons? You've seen a Bondage Demon before!
If she asks where you've seen one, tell her it's a seeeeecret. See if you can get her to agree to show you some cool books in exchange for you telling her where you saw one. That'll likely get you in private, where you can... uh... well, considering she does not want to take the throne at all, I think it'd be safe to reveal yourself to her. Tell her your task is to ensure that the one who takes the throne truly deserves it. That's not even a lie, really!
With her help you can figure out who to put on the throne, and how best to use your powers to do so. It's starting to look like Sulphur would be most deserving, but we'd have to make sure everyone else is out of the way before he can become king.
No. 708467 ID: a22f87

play the excited kid, ask about uncle
No. 708484 ID: f6442a

We didn't, but Sulphur is one of his targets.

How do you get to know a demon? Steer the conversation into a more private location. If she looks like she's taking you to see Sulphur, start spouting your own hearsay about demons, try to interest her in hearing more from you instead.
No. 708828 ID: 0fff38
File 145788088823.png - (40.09KB , 1000x1000 , 020.png )

"wow, your uncle must be the coolest!"

"yep." she nods, "he's pretty cool. not many people can say they know a Daemon by name."

"I do." you reply, grinning.

she scoffs, "yeah right."

"it's true, I know a lot of Daemons. I can truename them!"

"well I'm sure y-"
No. 708829 ID: 0fff38
File 145788090455.png - (31.07KB , 1000x1000 , 021.png )

"did you say 'truename'?"

"yeah." you reply, "that's how you call them."

"I know." she fires back, "how did you know that? that's warlock stuff!"

"I told you." you beam, "I know lots of Daemons!"

you've got her interested, it seems. now how should you go about this?
No. 708841 ID: 2ccbb3

"Mommy and daddy showed me how to summon demons!" -This is probably true.

"And I make friends with them!" - Also probably true.

"And we go on adventures, and help people, and we get to see them naked! *giggle*" - YOU do, at least.

"And you're very pretty, miss!" - LURE HER IN.
No. 708887 ID: a22f87

>you've got her interested, it seems. now how should you go about this?
you also just raised a lot of her red flags you idiot. Maybe if you were talking to her a someone older she might not have been so surprised when you said that but having a kid come up to you and ask if you want to know some true names of deamons, well that's usually how horror novels start. (sigh) Oh well to late to take it back now.

Best way to play this is to pretend like you're a ranked amateur but drop some little kernels of truth to keep her interested. By that I mean be really vague about most things it takes to summon deamons but put a few things in so it sounds like you not making it up. Like for example, "yeah in order to summon a deamon you need to do a ritual, you can set that up by... uh, using a thing, another thing, something else I think, ummm a few more doodads here and there, OH, and something to bind them of course, then you do ... something, and finally you call there true name."

while you probably know more them most you do have to remember you are appearing to Pyrite as a child. If you give away to much she'll probably figure out what you are which could fuck us.
No. 708888 ID: f6442a

Your guise is a kid. Nope nope nope and nope.

Let's go somewhere you can summon a demon to show her. Not her uncle's place, though, you don't really want to do it in front of a crowd the first time.

Quick question, is it noticeable in the mortal realm when you send your essence back to Hell? Does it take real time to do so?
No. 708896 ID: 2ccbb3

Miscommunication here.

I mean lure her in with cuteness and innocent innuendo, not sexuality! Act like a misguided little sister who needs serious life lessons from a big sister figure and play on her broken familial connections!
No. 708920 ID: 40fe3b

Grab her by the hand and childishly pull her in a direction while saying you're going to show her how you know all that stuff.

None of that is a lie since you're going to to show her.
No. 710593 ID: 0fff38
File 145846780394.png - (27.16KB , 1000x1000 , 022.png )

>Quick question, is it noticeable in the mortal realm when you send your essence back to Hell? Does it take real time to do so?
time in hell runs faster, so it would seem like less time has passed when you come back to the material realm, but it still takes some time. while you're in hell, your mortal form will go limp and you'll appear to be asleep or dead to common observation.

>you also just raised a lot of her red flags you idiot.
sorry? you don't think she's wierded out yet. mostly intrigued.

"where I come from, Daemons are more common." you smile, "everyone knows a truename or two."

"wow." she remarks, amazed, "so... you can summon a Daemon... like... right now?"

"hah!" you quickly try to come up with a way to play it off, "no, I can't summon Daemons. I know some truenames, though."

"oh!" she grins from ear to ear, "well I know how to summon them! if you tell me some names I can do it!"

oh shit. you can't give away a truename to some random mortal, whoever you sell out will be pretty peeved if Pyrite kept bothering them.

"well, uh, I..." you start to stutter out.

"we can go to Uncle Sulph's house and do it there!" she beams, "he's going to be here at the party all night so we'll be able to have the place to ourselves."

you're not sure if this is a good idea. you could get her alone pretty easily, but if Sulphur were to come in early or something it would be difficult to explain if I had Pyrite in an infernal gag and yoke dripping from every hole. also, you haven't come up with a solid plan for how to deal with Pyrite. are you going to try to convince her to leave, get her out of the way, or perhaps make her the rightful heir to the throne somehow?
No. 710594 ID: 5ad4a7

We should convince her to leave. With her bodyguard. Should be very easy, considering she wants to leave already. A night of passion with a Bondage Demon might seal the deal. If Sulphur shows up early you can just run away. Or heck, just lock the door?

I say we make Sulphur the rightful heir. He sounds cool.
No. 710595 ID: a22f87

well we should head over to her uncles place since we're going to have to deal with him at some point and knowing what his home is like could give us some ideas on how to deal with him... or we could just fuck with some of his shit while we're there so he botches his next summon or something. Depends what we see when we get there.

Also get her to leave. I mean from what we've seen she's bored to tears here and seems to be someone who loves learning new things. We could not tell her any true names but instead say if she want's to gain some for herself she should travel the world and find them for herself. Hell we might be able to get her sister to follow Pyrite if we can get Pyrite to try and bring her with and intervene ourselves to sway Cinder into leaving with Pyrite since she sounded like she wanted an excuse to leave anyways.
No. 710620 ID: 9c21a2

You can keep her hidden and impersonate her if someone comes snooping.
No. 710626 ID: f6442a

...Alright, let's go there. Is it a carriage ride away? Then we control the carriage driver to take us somewhere outside the city instead, keeping up a conversation to distract her.
If we're just walking, we'll have to scout out a little-used section of the house.
No. 710638 ID: f6442a

Again, Sulphur is not the one who summoned us. We have to get him out of our master's way too.
No. 710651 ID: 02422f

Er, whups.

>you could get her alone pretty easily, but if Sulphur were to come in early or something
Okay, yes, that's a problem. Unless we can arrange for someone else to distract or Sulphur or keep him here, his place isn't the best. We could get 'master' to do it, maybe, but he's not exactly the most reliable.

The other obvious question is if you don't bring her to Sulfur's, where's a good place for this?

>are you going to try to convince her to leave, get her out of the way, or perhaps make her the rightful heir to the throne somehow?
Personally, I'm all for the the gag and yoke dripping from holes plan. Whatever else we do with her, you gotta contrive a way to have your way with her first. (Though not in little kid guise).

After breaking her in, it should be pretty easy to send her out of town early (for later pickup) and/or hide her away somewhere to use a puppet heir to control after you've eliminated everyone else. (Our warlock is kind of a jerk, it's only fitting if we somehow find a way to screw him while technically following the letter of his orders. He won't make a good ruler).
No. 710667 ID: 5ad4a7

It occurs to me that we should probably ask Pyrite about our master. See if he's fit to rule at all.
No. 710672 ID: dcb936

Its hardly our concern how fit or unfit he is to rule.

But.... what would happen if we give her our truename?

Could we make her summon us, but build in a fatal flaw in the summoning?
No. 710673 ID: 5ad4a7

>the warlock said you must end the injustice of his father giving the political power in his country to his younger siblings
We can find someone more fit to rule and still fulfill the command given, so it is definitely our concern.

If anyone else finds out her true name, they can give her commands despite not having summoned her. So we really don't want that to happen.
No. 710726 ID: 8d3cbc

get her to summon another bondage demon for double fun
No. 710777 ID: 491ec2

technically we don't, making sure the most worthy eligible heir takes the throne is a valid interpretation of our task. The guy who tried to murder his family for power is probably fairly close to the bottom of the heap worthiness wise.
No. 710794 ID: 15a025

No. 710795 ID: 2a7417

Not this, because it's giving away a truename. Unless you plan to kill her afterwards.
No. 710848 ID: 8d3cbc

Nah, we can definitely do something else other then kill her, and still seize effective control.
No. 710886 ID: da1652

Think of it this way: what truenames do you know for demons that could do the least, retaliation-wise?
No. 710930 ID: fdd746

What type of daemon is she looking for?
Because if it' a sex daemon, we might not even have to worry about her summoning something.
Get er alone, reveal yourself, have sex with her, then blackmail her into keeping quiet
No. 710997 ID: da1652

Since we look like a kid right now, she's not likely to blurt out any indecent desires.
No. 711011 ID: 8d3cbc

Could arrange to do the summoning in your master's quarters. Would simplify things if you can swing it.
No. 711012 ID: f56624

An astonishing lack of self-awareness

Go for it, this is the best opportunity we'll have.
No. 711160 ID: 0fff38
File 145881000908.png - (31.59KB , 1000x1000 , 023.png )

>Think of it this way: what truenames do you know for demons that could do the least, retaliation-wise?
you know three other truenames.
Skedif'ek'lekomek, a greater carnage daemon. he's a pretty nice guy, but you don't think giving a neophyte warlock like Pyrite the truename of a carnage daemon would be a good idea.
Quakl'if'naromin, a lesser Cacodaemon. she prefers the name "quake". she's usually down for some fun, but she's known to be a bit temperamental. also, since she's only a lesser daemon, the amount of chaos she can cause would be minimal.
Lem'l'laglin, a lesser desire Daemon. she's actually pretty shy, but she would be able to- ahem... take care of Pyrite, quite well.

>get her to summon another bondage demon for double fun
you know a greater bondage daemon who might be willing to give you her truename, but you would have to go to hell to ask her.

>we should probably ask Pyrite about our master.
should you do that now? it might make her suspicious if a stranger starts asking questions about her estranged brother. you've been pretty lucky so far with avoiding suspicion, you don't know if your luck will be able to hold out.

>build in a fatal flaw in the summoning?
summoning a Daemon is pretty easy if you have the truename. all you need to do is make a circle of salt and drip some of your blood in it, then call them. the only thing that could go wrong is if the circle gets broken before you make a request of the Daemon. then they have a physical body, but they are free to do whatever they want. even then, if you say their truename, you can command them directly just like normal.

>What type of daemon is she looking for?
"what kind of Daemon do you want to summon?" you ask.

"I don't care." she replies, "I just want to bring a hellspawn forth."

yep. this kid is going to get murdered by a carnage daemon one day.

she pulls you away and into the stables.

"my uncle's house is just outside of town. Severus knows the way." she says, hopping into the buggy. an aged Fury sits holding the reigns. it seems he was expecting Pyrite to leave the party early.
No. 711161 ID: 0fff38
File 145881004059.png - (37.90KB , 1000x1000 , 024.png )

"an other ride through the forest, my lady?" he croaks out.

"yes, Severus." she nods, "I want to show my new friend Uncle Sulphur's house."

the Fury nods as you climb into the carriage. it seems you have a few options currently. you can control Severus to direct the carriage elsewhere, pretend to fall asleep and got to hell during the ride, try to converse with Pyrite, or something else.
No. 711162 ID: 5ad4a7

>yep. this kid is going to get murdered by a carnage daemon one day.
I want to teach her a lesson. Have her summon the cacodemon, break the circle of salt before she can give any orders, then gag her. Can't order a demon around if you can't speak. Then Quake can wreck the house or something, and she'll take the blame because nobody will know who you are. I bet she'll be more careful about summoning demons after that!
No. 711165 ID: 99a64d

>yep. this kid is going to get murdered by a carnage daemon one day.
And that day is today! Pay Skedif'ek'lekomek a visit in hell. Then, when she summons him, he kills her!
No. 711166 ID: a22f87

talk to her, ask what her plans for life are and try and get her to bring up leaving. I want to encourage to leave before the next ruler is picked.

My plan is to get her to leave and then get her to take Cinder with her. From what our master told us Cinder is just looking for an excuse to go on an adventure and Pyrite leaving should do just the trick. The plan is to get them to leave and then find a way to remove Cole and Sulfur and get our master on the throne. We then see if he can actually do the job right and if so we zip back to hell and congratulate ourselves on a job well done but if he sucks then we can leave and find Cinder and Pyrite and convince them to come back and take the throne for themselves. That way we can give our master a chance and still have a backup plan incase he fucks it up.
No. 711185 ID: 2a7417

Do your wings work? Depending on local geography we could just drive her off a cliff.

I'd love to see the political consequences of a Greater Carnage Demon breaking free in Sulphur's house and killing an heir to the throne. Let's do it!
Go to hell, demon.
No. 711215 ID: da1652

Get Lem'l'laglin summoned.
Goof summoning circle.
Have Fun.
Ensure Uncle Sulfur catches their irresponsible niece being irresponsible with a demon while making yourself scarce.
No. 711216 ID: f461c5

Not only do we not need to kill her, but if we pull this right we may be able to disqualify both her and Cinder to, and potentially damage the Uncle's ability to, take the throne. Contacting the bondage or the earthquake demons in hell to plan are ideal, Not only are carnage demons boring, but we need something more subtle to get away with this sort of thing IN A DEMONOLOGISTS HOUSE.
No. 711226 ID: 8d3cbc

Yeah, we're going to have to make ourselves scarce after the summoning.
No. 711308 ID: 02422f

>yep. this kid is going to get murdered by a carnage daemon one day.
Not if you make her your pet, first. Sometimes a little bondage is necessary, as a matter of safety!

>you can control Severus to direct the carriage elsewhere
I would like this option more if we'd scouted or prepared any locations to use. We don't have anywhere to take her where we know we won't be interrupted. Granted, being interrupted by a warlock is worse, but the immediate result of sending him off course is making her suspicious without much gain.

>a pertinent question
Is there any way to fake a summon? If you could swap back to your true form such that she thinks she summoned you, you wouldn't actually be bound to her orders. You just need special effects, and a reason for your guise's absence not to be noticed.

The biggest drawback of summoning another demon is we don't know what orders she'll give them, and they'll be bound to fulfill them, in some way. (And if the greater bondage demon is someone you know personally, giving even a fledgling warlock control over her could badly backfire, if the order given puts them at odds with your goals. Personal experience / knowledge gives her tools to effectively oppose you). That, and even sans orders, another demon might have their own agendas.

>pretend to fall asleep and got to hell during the ride
Probably a smart move if we're really summoning a demon. You'll want to conspire with them ahead of time, cut a deal. So they're hopefully willing to back your play, and not mess your plans up acting in their own interests.

>what do
My first choice would be to go with a deception, so faking the summon of a bondage demon (you) using a false name.

If that's not feasible, I think we should conspire with Lem'l'laglin and summon her. And plan to damage the circle before orders are given (although she should probably pretend she's under control, at least initially). Mostly because desire plays well with bondage, and her personality and powerset make her the least likely to blow up your plans if something goes wrong.
No. 711310 ID: 5ad4a7

>fake a summon
Oh my god. If we can pull that off it'll be the best. She'll learn a valuable lesson (be fucking careful summoning demons), we'll get some HOTTT SEXXX, and if Sulphur walks in on us, we can run away so she takes the blame for "summoning" us.

The only issue is how to do so without Pyrite realizing that the little girl turned into a demon.
No. 713241 ID: 0fff38
File 145958779964.png - (119.30KB , 1000x1000 , 025.png )

the ride goes normally. you decide not to mess with Severus, as you don't really know where you could have him steer the wagon. you aren't sure how you're going to deal with Pyrite yet, either. you could easily kill Pyrite, or even just let her get killed by fucking up her summoning, but at the same time, you aren't sure yet if you want to spill any blood. you decide it would be best to take a break from the material realm and ask some of your fellow Daemons their advice.

you close your eyes and pretend to nod off during the ride.

you arrive in the darkest, most twisted realm in creation, Hell.
No. 713242 ID: 0fff38
File 145958781818.png - (43.43KB , 1000x1000 , 026.png )

"what's up, Gimp?" Quake grins, "I thought you were out and about."

"I am." you reply, "I'm just taking a break. I was wondering if anybody wants to help me out?"
No. 713243 ID: 0fff38
File 145958785501.png - (43.72KB , 1000x1000 , 027.png )

"well Lemmy and I are free for a while, what's up?"

Skedif'ek'lekomek looks up from his Grand Slam, "I can help as well, if you need me."

you explain the situation, and your plan to have Pyrite summon a Daemon who will then break out of the summoning circle.

"well I can do the carnage thing." Skedif says, "that'd keep the royal family busy, trying to identify what's left of the body..."

"I'm not sure if I want to go for the lethal option yet." you reply.

"well then I can give her a bit of bloodlust. she'd be raging like a rabid dog when they find her."

"oh hey," Quake grins, "if you're looking for a way to teach her a lesson, Lemmy can do this one thing with her tongue that-"

"Q-quake!" the Desire Daemon blushes, "quit it!"

"what about you, Quake?" you ask.

"well, is she cute?"

"yeah. she's short, shy, early twenties."

"oh yeah." she smiles widely, "she's definitely my type. so, if you want me to I could slay her, or blast the old bastard's house into splinters, pretty much whatever."

"again with the slaying?" you ask.

"well, do you have a better idea?"

"well I could always get help... from uh... from mom."
No. 713244 ID: 0fff38
File 145958787330.png - (28.25KB , 1000x1000 , 028.png )

"Oh shit." Quake goes white. Skaadi feels a cold shadow fall over her. as she looks back, an evil smile falls over the pale face of the tall, vile being before her.

"you're looking for help~?"

"I uh... I..."
No. 713245 ID: 0fff38
File 145958789722.png - (28.91KB , 1000x1000 , 029.png )

"You want my truename, little one?" face twists further into an animalistic and horrible form, "it's only fair I get a truename from you..."

"b-but you already ha-"

"yes, I already have yours~" she peers over the table, "then I suppose you're going to have to give me someone else's, then?"

"wait wait!" Quake stutters out, "don't sell me to that leathery domineering bitch!"
No. 713246 ID: 5ad4a7

nevermind nevermind nevermind

Go with the bloodlust thing. Teaches her a lesson without death being involved, and it will probably result in her personally doing something that will make her look bad. Two birds with one stone.
No. 713248 ID: a22f87

yeah we aren't disparate enough for that yet.

Let's go with the bloodlust thing for now. She'll either go mad and run off somewhere, get captured and locked away at some loony bin, or get killed by fighting something to big for her to chew. In the end it all works out for us. Hell if the bloodlust is curable or goes away after a time we could still save her for plan B incase our warlock turns out to be a shitty leader...or we could blackmail her other siblings into doing something for us to get the cure for her. That could also be a thing.
No. 713255 ID: 4854ef

Hmmm... The bloodlust sounds good, but we could also use some desire demon breaking in as well.. Also blowing up the old mans home, so long as it didn't kill her would be interesting as well.
No. 713256 ID: 1cebc8

I vote for Lemmy. There might be civilians wandering around, and the uncle will probably have anti-demon defenses for higher-level demons lying around. Just start playing and cause a scandal.
No. 713261 ID: 310c28

wait, isn't lemmy ideal?
she's shy but she can still teach pyrite a lesson
No. 713273 ID: da1652

Maybe.. get Quake to wreck sulfur's house in such a way that the girl survives to take the blame? That would destabilize both their positions.
No. 713275 ID: 02422f

Putting you mom on the mortal plane where she can mess up your plans, push her own agenda, and use everything she knows about you against you the way only a mother can is the worst idea.

Take Lemmy. Let's have some fun with this mortal.
No. 713320 ID: f6442a

Give her bloodlust. Can't put a snarling rabid beast on the throne. ...That is permanent, right?
No. 713342 ID: 15a025

Blood lust sounds like it'll bring forth some fun.
No. 713343 ID: eb385b

I vote for Lemmy
No. 713346 ID: ea58d6

Dammit I'm torn! On one hand killing her with a summoned demon in the old mans house could quit possibly kill two birds with one stone.
But on the other hand, Demon Lesbian Threesome.

Oh and don't sell out your friends.
No. 713414 ID: 76c187

Go with Quake, she seems fun.
No. 713415 ID: 5ad4a7

Changing vote to either Quake or Lemmy. Pyrite is Quake's type so maybe we don't even need Lemmy for seduction?
No. 713416 ID: 67d5dc

I'm a fan of the bloodlust plan.

Out of curiosity, is there some other benefit to having free demons in the mortal realm? Boons for advancing the cause of evil, hastening the end of things, etc?
No. 713501 ID: da1652

Guessing 'Mom' is a greater desire demon?
No. 713504 ID: 310c28

'Mom' is a greater bondage demon, skedif is a greater carnage demon, quake is a lesser 'cacodemon' which I think just means a troublemaker, and lemmy is a lesser desire demon.

I'm voting for lemmy.
No. 713505 ID: 5ad4a7

Cacodemons control sound and vibration.
No. 713538 ID: 111a07

If we go with Lemmy, we can do whatever we want. She is a Daemon of desire, am I incorrect? That could mean anything. Maybe we could even get her to desire for "Master to be the heir of the throne."

Still voting for sex first though, because that's convenient.
No. 713550 ID: 02422f

If she can manipulate or control desire the way that we, as a bondage demon, can manipulate and control motion, we'd actually have pretty much complete control over a person.

One demon to puppet the body, one to puppet the mind to want whatever we made or make the body do.
No. 713644 ID: 99a64d

Honestly I'm down for any of these plans (except the one where we sell out one of our friends), but I think the blood lust one would be the funniest, so let's go with that. Although... blowing up the house is really tempting.
No. 724438 ID: 0fff38
File 146367768976.png - (42.89KB , 1000x1000 , 030.png )

"you know, mom, I think I'll have to pass on that offer."

her grin contorts into a hateful sneer, "you're going to regret that, you little cunt."
No. 724439 ID: 0fff38
File 146367773891.png - (32.20KB , 1000x1000 , 031.png )

"geez, what a bitch." Quake groans as the Greater Daemon evaporates into the air.

"yeah, well that's sort of the territory of Bondage Daemons." I reply, "give me a couple more summons, and I bet I can out-bitch Mother any day."

"so, you got a plan?"

"I think so." I reply, "and it involves Lemmy."

"oh!" Lemmy recoils slightly, "you need my help?"

"yeah." I reply, "you can control the girl's desires, make her do what I want, and maybe have some fun~"

"I- ah... y-yeah." she mutters, burying herself deeper into quake's arms, "I can... I can do that, I think."

so what should my plan of action be?

you're a Daemon, so you are unnaturally strong and agile. you also can not be killed. if your mortal form is slain, you are sent back to hell. you are however unable to tell a direct lie, instead, Daemons must bend their language to mislead.
Like all Daemons, you can change your form, but this is only an illusion, and you can only reasonably change form to that of a humanoid. you can also send your essense back to hell to consult other Daemons.
as a Bondage Daemon, you can read people's thoughts, conjure abyssal bindings to immobilize people, and control people's bodies, but not their minds. all of these actions require you to concentrate on a single person.

Lem'l'laglin is similarly strong and agile, and will return to hell when killed. she also can not lie.
she can read mortals' thoughts, and implant desires into them. she can also charm people, making them fall in love with her. she can shape shift as well, but she rarely has any reason to.

No. 724444 ID: a22f87

so Is the plan to get Pyrite to leave still? So if Lem'l'laglin can get people to fall in love with her I guess once we break the circle and let her have her fun we can have her make Pyrite fall in love with her and then have pyrite "chase" after her "love" by tricking her into thinking the Lem'l'laglin fled into the surrounding country side after "escaping".
No. 724469 ID: a075ba

>so what should my plan of action be?
You're going to help Pyrite summon a demon, and it will be Lemmy. You're going to deliberately smudge / break the summoning circle, so that Lemmy isn't bound to follow any orders from Pyrite.

Then we're going to turn Pyrite into our pet fuckslave for a little while.

(Lemmy will also probably have to effect the coachman so he doesn't interrupt / doesn't think any of this is strange / keeps watch for us).

Longer term, we have several options. We could just let this stand as a lesson not to mess with demons, and mess with her so she leaves town. We could hold onto her for a while, either for fun, and/or as an asset to use in our plotting against the others (they won't expect we suborned their sister). Or with shape-shifting, you and/or Lemmy could assume her identity yourself (although in some ways this is riskier than manipulating and controlling her, since you don't know everything she does). Or you look for a loophole to fuck your summoner over.

"bringing the injustice [of the situation] to an end" doesn't necessarily mean putting him on the throne. We could put Pyrite on the throne, although whether as her own person or as a figurehead we're controlling is up in the air.
No. 724475 ID: 5ad4a7

Man I forgot Skaad can read minds. We could've used that a BUNCH to gain information while simply talking to people.
No. 728950 ID: 0fff38
File 146568516917.png - (46.43KB , 1000x1000 , 032.png )

I return to the mortal plane. it looks like Pyrite didn't even notice that I drifted off. she seems too excited about the night.

the carriage arrives at the house- no, it's more of a shack- we arrive shortly and she hops off eagerly.

"Severus, we shall be a while, can you return in a few hours?"

he stares back at her incredulously but eventually relents and whips the reigns. this girl is making this too easy.
No. 728951 ID: 0fff38
File 146568521781.png - (44.43KB , 1000x1000 , 034.png )

as I enter the shack behind her, I look around a bit. this Daemonology lab is phenomenal. Sulpher has all the materials to summon, bind, and otherwise contact extramortal creatures of all kinds. I need to be careful with this guy, he could easily send an Wight to hell to yank me straight out of the mortal plane, or send an Angel after me, if he wanted.

Pyrite sets up the ritual, obviously an amateur. I end up showing her the proper way to construct the circle so that she can summon anything more than a gout of smoke.

"ok." she breathes one heavy lungful of air, "give me the name."

her confidence has waned slightly, and a small bit of trepidation has snaked in.

my current plan is to have her complete the ritual, and then restrain her and break the circle before she can bind Lemmy. we should be able to... convince... her to make herself scarce and relinquish her claim to the throne. if I have any last minute alterations to the plan this will probably be my last chance.
No. 728963 ID: a075ba

>"Severus, we shall be a while, can you return in a few hours?"
...I wonder if he's faking going back, and is actually pretending to drive away, and is gonna park somewhere nearby in case she needs him. He's protective of her.

>and then restrain her and break the circle before she can bind Lemmy
That should be easy, right? As soon as the ritual starts, use your body-control power to prevent her from speaking. At first won't notice (feeling speechless watching the summoning) but she won't be sure anything is wrong until she can't bind Lemmy. And then when she can't move at all as you go and break the circle.

>we should be able to... convince... her to make herself scarce and relinquish her claim to the throne. if I have any last minute alterations to the plan this will probably be my last chance.
Personally, I still favor putting her on the throne as using her as a puppet-ruler. It could be fun. I don't strongly object to letting her go on her travels early after we've had our fun with her, tonight, though. I kind of like her, and it's probably kinder than roping her into anything deeper.
No. 728965 ID: f6442a

Is this place warded? Sulphur might have proofed this place against bungled summoning. Be aware, and then get it on. -Er, I mean, get on with it.
No. 729028 ID: 094652

Do you have any passive antimagic? Because if she drew magic circles in the walls, you might be at a disadvantage.
No. 729040 ID: 241e41

Here's a fun idea. Instead of overtly betraying her, what if we make the summoning mishap look like an accident? You could act like you're super excited to see a real summoning and "accidentally" get a little too close and smudge the circle, then secretly use your abyssal bindings on both Pyrite and yourself at once. We'll make it look like Lemmy's using her own magic to dominate both of you. Then she can have fun with you two, play on whatever "hidden" desires Pyrite has, introduce her to a whole new world of experience...

Is that something that's within your capabilities? If you can't use your abyssal bindings on both of you at once, you could use your shapeshifting to fake it. Plus, both you and Lemmy have telepathy, so you could use that to coordinate and make it seem like she's in complete control. For maximum effect, act like everything is going fine at first, but use your powers to bind and gag Pyrite the instant she tries to give an order, before doing the same to yourself.

One Lemmy's had her fun, we'll have a perfect chance to manipulate Pyrite. Instead of being angry at a demonic plot and betrayal, she'll think she made this decision on her own and got a new friend caught up in it. We could play on her guilt and undermine her confidence as a potential ruler, or even convince her that there are much more interesting things to do than inherit the throne. After a "bonding" experience like that, she'll be very receptive to a few well-chosen words.
No. 729064 ID: eb385b

We're the one that going to fuck Pyrite right because i don't want to share her and what are the odds that she may be a virgin?
No. 729097 ID: a6dc58


I also like the idea of making it look like an accident if you can manage it.
No. 729294 ID: a90c58

The question is should we fuck her in our true form or our little boy form, or take another form?
No. 729298 ID: a075ba

Kinky true form. Demonic lesbian threesome.
No. 729307 ID: eb385b

little boy form i think she will be more willing to do it in that form.
No. 729373 ID: f6442a

Ha ha. Ha. I don't think that factors into Skaadikl's plan.
No. 729375 ID: 398fe1


Sex with a midget is already taboo enough, let's not bring pedophilia into this.
No. 729385 ID: 4854ef

true form!
No. 729873 ID: f457da

True form come on fast forward get this over with
No. 744720 ID: 960f86

True form
No. 744746 ID: 3e182c

True form...
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