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File 145272318506.png - (153.63KB , 1220x1550 , title_r.png )
693532 No. 693532 ID: b2e8b1

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No. 693533 ID: b2e8b1
File 145272321589.png - (381.54KB , 610x775 , shai.png )

I am a shai and in my lands I’m known as a mekoger. Mekogency is the art that combines meka and magic. Are there some questions to my past?
No. 693534 ID: 6cb462

Nope. No questions. Show us some awesome mekogency powers please.
No. 693544 ID: b2e8b1
File 145272564922.gif - (135.85KB , 305x388 , initial.gif )

They don't want to know my name...

Just want to see tricks. Alright!

No. 693549 ID: 007e78

What's meka.
No. 693551 ID: b2e8b1
File 145272644127.png - (23.05KB , 305x388 , initial.png )


Mekogers combine mechanisms and magic in their art. Explain this. It was created to bring well-being to all shai goblins. We're lean and tall goblins, that have distant life thread to salamandermen, which gives us a bright red skin color... Our kiss... and partly because of these features, and our clumbersome nature, we had to make meka, or machines to do more precise work, mostly in warfare, but I don't explain this.

"Meka, or machines, is for the well-being of all shai. We're too clumbersome compared to other goblins to... do work without meka. Meka are built from metal, imprints and crystals and they work thousand times harder and don't need to rest like we do!"
No. 693552 ID: 47160d

And what is your name? Anf what are we?
No. 693554 ID: b2e8b1
File 145272702840.png - (205.95KB , 626x478 , suggest_name.png )

My name is... [suggest name?]
No. 693613 ID: 3cf87e

No. 693614 ID: 47160d

No. 693615 ID: d6f003

Equinsu Ocha
No. 693618 ID: 2ccbb3

No. 693625 ID: f6442a

No. 693650 ID: b2e8b1
File 145274110463.png - (85.61KB , 775x610 , destinations.png )

Equinsu Ocha is my name.

"Demons of the deep, I've scanned for other realms to leap into with an old hyperleap device. The only celestial body I have fuel to jump to is an ice world. Follow with me to fulfillment."
No. 693653 ID: b2e8b1
File 145274122706.png - (328.96KB , 810x775 , inventory.png )

"But first, are there some questions concerning my gear? Is something still missing from the manifest?"
No. 693656 ID: fe06ff

why are you carrying around a cannon ball?
No. 693657 ID: b2e8b1
File 145274171266.png - (8.84KB , 404x404 , cannonball.png )

I have an unbalanced build for mekoaugmentation, weight-wise. The cannonball is merely to balance out the mekoarm's weight while I stride.
No. 693658 ID: 2ccbb3

Ranged weapons. Even if you have ranged programs, you may want a backup weapon in case they don't work.
No. 693666 ID: b2e8b1
File 145274255754.png - (345.40KB , 810x775 , inventory_2.png )

"Yes. I've bought a whip pistol for one gold coin."

I just got an idea... maybe if I created a program to calculate artillery ballestics, I could use the cannon ball as a ranged weapon too. Aha!

//Suggestions have given Equinsu a scientific idea. Intelligence is boosted.
No. 693668 ID: fe06ff

what's in the jar?
No. 693670 ID: 3e2cae

Eat all your rations in one go. You deserve a treat!
No. 693724 ID: 47160d

Idk, a device to channel our power into your own perhaps?
No. 693737 ID: b2e8b1
File 145276942350.png - (301.64KB , 810x775 , inventory_3.png )


"The jar is an empty vessel for liquids, it's made of low-grade crystal powder and glass. It's empty. Its liquid capacity is limited."

"I have a better idea for the rations, I'll just save them for now. I do deserve a treat, but not this."
//Intelligence boost has prevented Equinsu from eating her rations prematurely.

"I need to raid that ice world to get rare materials for that. The cheapest platform to build these functions into is my mekoger staff."
No. 693742 ID: b2e8b1
File 145277262663.gif - (577.16KB , 305x388 , leap1.gif )

I'll just make the first jump to visit and be back before I get fatigued.


"I was prepared to puke, but it's not that bad..."
No. 693743 ID: b2e8b1
File 145277274417.png - (330.50KB , 610x775 , arrival.png )

"The Hell... Ok now I'm going to puke!"

There's no hyperleap device here!
No. 693768 ID: b2e8b1
File 145277568193.png - (65.71KB , 305x388 , vomit.png )

At least I didn't eat like one of them told me to... Although I'm very hungry already. Should I? I must show no weakness... But I'm fucked!

"Now I'm hungry."

"But I know which way to go." Except I really don't.

In the east there are large black mountains tipped with ice and glaciers, the north is a barren wasteland, not entirely void of snow. There are signs of a sea in the south. the West looks like a place where to find valuable resources, because the hills there are covered in magmatic rock.

"I'll head south and follow the coast. If there are beings there, I can survive." For some reason I don't trust my logic. But if the demons do, they won't drive me into madness.
No. 693774 ID: 665ed8

Awwww that's cute, she can avoid being driven mad by us.
No. 693788 ID: b2e8b1
File 145278277626.png - (352.74KB , 610x775 , descent.png )

I'm not mad! See?

That's me... It's just me. Reminding myself that I'm out for an adventure! How cute.

//Equinsu's Sympathy has increased, but mental stability has started to become questionable.
No. 693790 ID: 665ed8

There there, all you need to do is listen to what we say. Who cares whether you are mad, we will guide you to your goals... and make new ones when those are done.
No. 693791 ID: fe06ff

probably eat something? maybe that'll help sort out the encroaching madness
No. 693802 ID: b2e8b1
File 145278792431.png - (201.96KB , 610x775 , eating.png )

This maybe insane, I just threw up a few moments ago...

These black peaches should deal with the madness. I'm feeling inebriated already.
No. 693803 ID: b2e8b1
File 145278795129.png - (116.01KB , 775x610 , the_sea.png )

And I'm looking at the sea.
No. 693807 ID: 665ed8

So what exactly is your goal?
No. 693811 ID: b2e8b1
File 145279115675.png - (82.85KB , 610x775 , shai_philosophy.png )


You see demon, to a shai goblin there's no purpose or goal to life, but raiding dumber races of Beings always helps. I've found the opposite to be as good as well. But I tell you, creatures can be pretty stupid.

See demon, here's my life line in my hand. It's drawn like this, there are small lines crossing it and in the end it kind of becomes the skin in the side of the hand. You can end that lifeline to a hand that's worn out and seen its days or you can end it fighting, in someone else's life! He beats you, and you become him. There's no mystery or miracle to it, it's just the way goblin life is.

And demon as for the goal the other demons have set for me is to fulfill your commands the best I can and let me say this thing clear... I have no intentions to end up dead. I'm going to become a such powerful mekoger I can do these raids on my own.

Which I'm, oh by the way, now doing alone. So some help would be appreciated,

Which reminds me of your wish to portal more of your powers into this world through mekogency. I just need to raid the materials to modify my staff for that precise purpose! I need a piece of sickness stone, copper wires, a forge and a hot iron or glass rod, tin, some quartz and crystals… but quartz will do if no crystals can be found. Even some gemstones have abilities that I can use. They’re just too expensive to buy, so I came here to “find” materials.

That plan didn’t end up well, I ended up stranded

No. 693813 ID: 665ed8

...Wonderful! Are there any races, preferably that tend to live in this general area, that commonly ally with shai?
No. 693818 ID: fe06ff

I guess follow the water and look for signs of civilisation?
No. 693876 ID: b4f92c

Search for oats.
No. 693895 ID: f6442a

Search for apples.
No. 693902 ID: 3e2cae

A bwuuuuuuh??
No. 693905 ID: 066a87

Provided the sea isn't some sort of inland salt sea, it will harbor life. What are your dietary requirements?
No. 693907 ID: 2ccbb3

Analyze the water and snow to the best of your abilities, set up a marker in case you get lost, and start moving.

Note that you might be on the edge of a giant inland lake. It's not likely but is still a possibility.
No. 693910 ID: 3e2cae

Fire a beam for om your head crystal and transmute the snow into delicious mercury.
No. 693912 ID: 47160d

At least one of those results in her death somehow
No. 693925 ID: b2e8b1
File 145281568837.png - (208.39KB , 775x610 , beach_bare.png )

"Never been to an ice world. Never been here. These places are separated by vast expanses of null void."

"It's easy to find the beach. Even easier to follow it."

"I search for oats. Nothing, oh great demon."

"I search for apples. I found one in quarter blackened and nicely spoiled apple in my rations. Great demon, would you like me to create a ritual for you?"

"I like spoiled fruits, some meat, but it's been scarce. I drink alcohol when available. I cannot eat rotten food, I detest grain and don't eat urine or shit like some goblins. I'd become very sick of it."

"I'm analyzing the water hmm... IT is salt water. Shame. The white edge I saw in the horizon must have been an ice sheat."

"My demon, I have no such power but I can imagine it, I will look into more to this mercury digestion, it is a good substance in Mekogency!"

"Oh no, oh demon, I don't want to cause death to myself."

//Great attention combined with Sympathy has made Equinsu's mind glowing and she has a need to please everyone, even herself..!
No. 693930 ID: 47160d

What a cute shai, now will you be able to find any materials for the channel here easily? If not then set some sort of beacon here and we can use it as a base for scouting until we find somewhere better.
No. 693961 ID: fe06ff

don't drink the salt water

aren't you cold without a shirt on?
No. 693973 ID: 3e2cae

Build a shelter.
Also, put all your rations in the river for safekeeping.
No. 694025 ID: b2e8b1
File 145285497577.png - (143.01KB , 610x775 , shelter.png )

"I find copper, pearls and some minor gemstones. I manage to scrape off a small amount of the rock encrusted materials and collect my bag half full of pearls."

"I was drunk... Now I'm feet on the ground once again."

"What river? I cannot fulfill this wish, demon. I've built a shelter from snow!!"
No. 694046 ID: 665ed8

Where can one find a sickness stone?
No. 694070 ID: b2e8b1
File 145287447792.png - (127.47KB , 610x775 , earth_scavenging_story.png )

No. 694073 ID: 4a3470

No. 694079 ID: 954080

Dig for viridium
No. 694084 ID: 665ed8

So we need to build a mine? Hmmmm could you create constructs to assist?
No. 694086 ID: 066a87

Spoiled fruits as in fermenting fruits?

Do you treat your meat with heat or flame to cook it, or do you prefer meat raw? Are any sorts of flesh forbidden?

Do you gain sustenance from alcohol, or is it only a morale booster?
No. 694100 ID: b2e8b1
File 145288428679.png - (132.52KB , 610x775 , plan.png )

The mineral radiates something that makes everything sick. We've learned how to harness and change this radiation into "Kzha, the Mind tap. All kinds of wild opportunities to apply Kzha begin from there."

I don't know what that is! "No."

I can't build a mine! I didn't even bring a pickaxe with me. But I could subject lower beings to create a mine FOR me! Or find mines and raid them. "Let's just raid some sickness stone."

Yes. "Fermented fruits. I tackle madness. With them. My morale is always high! It's just that I don't badly want to die..."

I don't want to advice you demons, but we need a serious plan now that I have something valuable collected and can apply first minor channels to my staff. I just need a smithy and some time to prepare.
No. 694113 ID: 3e2cae

So do the crystals on your head actually do anything?
No. 694114 ID: 3e2cae

Hey let's go back a minute. Did you jump here from your home planet?
No. 694136 ID: 665ed8

Can you get back to the planet you came from? Is there infrastructure or materials there you can use if so? And what exactly can we do with the minor channels?
No. 694171 ID: 2ccbb3

Well, give us a list of what you can make right now and let's see what we can do with it.
No. 694291 ID: a107fd

Find a volcano, establish a lava-powered forge.
No. 694343 ID: b2e8b1
File 145296264034.png - (242.84KB , 775x610 , Lava.png )

I manage to find a lava flow within one hour. It's easy when it's dark. "This might be a good location for our magma-powered forge!"

"The crystals in my crown allow me to communicate with you, demons." I try not to lose the crown. But how could I prevent the crown being removed from my head by force?
No. 694344 ID: b2e8b1
File 145296289291.png - (114.92KB , 610x775 , guess_map.png )


"I came from my *planet*, yes, but it's more like a plane, a huge and diverse system of plants and animals, and thinking races."

"And no, I can't get back there. I planned to get back there by now, but I can't. Now, I'm brave!"
No. 694346 ID: b2e8b1
File 145296370890.png - (205.50KB , 775x610 , Lava_forge.png )

"I've finished the Lava forge." It took nearly whole night, but my mekolimb is very useful in applying force to make tools from this volcanic rock.
No. 694348 ID: 2ccbb3

Nice. Start out with some basic metal plating.
No. 694350 ID: 47160d

Tell us what sort of channels can be made
No. 694356 ID: b2e8b1
File 145296715709.png - (91.71KB , 775x610 , perspective_one.png )

A little hasty explanation of how things are in terms of Meka, will tell more later, but which lane are you most interested in?

Channels based on my inner powers, which are affected by my own domain, health and mental clarity.

Channels that are taken from things outside, from someone else, in this world I am in. These powers will not be available for Meka to channel if they're not in vicinity and will cease to function if they're tried to tap into from a different plane, or planet.

Channels that come from beyond, the trickiest ones to make function, but once functioning, they're more reliable and possibly more powerful than self-channels. If the mekanisms made to channel these powers break or wear out, the function may break.
No. 694357 ID: 47160d

Personally I lean towards the demonic but let's see what everyone else has to say
No. 694360 ID: 3e2cae

If the jump pad on your home plane only leads to one other planet, wouldn't the landing area be heavily trafficked? Seems like you'd only have a to wait a short time for rescue.
No. 694385 ID: 923da3

inner shai powers. Demonics can be lost if the mechanism breaks right?
Shai seems like it might be a bit unreliable, but can't truly be taken away, either.
No. 694534 ID: a107fd

There were at least two other planets that were out of range due to insufficient fuel, but otherwise valid.
No. 694538 ID: 3e2cae

Good point. I hadn't noticed the fuel requirement. I thought they were out of range for the pad altogether.
Still you're in the top three.
No. 696599 ID: b2e8b1
File 145355564440.png - (331.16KB , 1910x900 , items.png )

There are many options from which to choose from what to make.

! I should be able to make Crude Imprints and most basic Mechanisms in this homespun magma workshop. What is the need I should adress first with these limited resources?

! I'm not entirely sure how to combine these materials with no artisan pieces, but I should be able to make two or more functioning Mekanisms and upgrade my arm.

! I would prefer not to waste the first batch to mundane and impotent objects.

"Demons, show me the way!"
No. 696784 ID: 3e2cae

Build an automatic origami machine.
No. 696785 ID: 3e2cae

that wasn't a typo
No. 696791 ID: e791d9

hrrrm...those chains make me wonder if you can make a grappling hook attachment or something of that nature.
Or maybe your salamander nature might make some sort of magma-launcher a possibility, since it's so readily available.
No. 696820 ID: b2e8b1
File 145367543773.png - (358.37KB , 1910x900 , magma_spitter_orimachine.png )


Demons, with your guidance I have completed the construction of a magma handgun with 5 cylinders of fillable magma. I also can make origamis with precision and speed now. The origami box creates intrusive force inside to match a mental picture it picks up through the gemstones. These paper constructs can be sold for a significant sum of silver.
No. 696827 ID: b2e8b1
File 145367673507.png - (298.62KB , 1910x900 , bronze_grappling_hook_gun.png )

"This is a fine bronze grappling hook gun." It's heavy to lift, but my Mekoarm will be able to shoot it very accurately.

I really want to find a place to test these babies. The grappling hook should be perfect for night raids.
No. 696832 ID: 2ccbb3

Oh right

Make a scope for the grappling hook (two glass lenses and a tube of medium grade plating, this time). Test out the range first; it might not be sturdy enough to pull your weight, but you can tie the chain to a rock and see how much weight the chain holds.
No. 699015 ID: b2e8b1
File 145462713889.png - (81.94KB , 325x478 , w_scope.png )

>>Goblin Scope

"It won't work that way, it's a mekolimb mount. I can do better, if I have to make a scope."

"I adjust the scope by targeting wild life."


I'm so tired... But I must go on. Some of the demons are up to something.

"Have I crafted all?"
No. 699028 ID: b2e8b1
File 145462953925.png - (67.18KB , 478x275 , break_the_chain.png )



It's a slim chance if shock-kind momentum is added such as bouncing off the wall or catching in the chain when falling.
No. 699032 ID: 2ccbb3

Damnit. That won't help much.

Okay, go look for some high-grade metals. Your grappling hook can help you explore more areas but only if you can get it to hold your weight. Seriously, this is embarrassing.

Also, try to build a parachute + wingsuit. This may sound crazy but if you sew some high-quality fibers in the form of wings on your armpits and crotch, IT WORKS. But make the parachute first, the wingsuit is glide-only and you need the parachute for a safe landing.
No. 699516 ID: b2e8b1
File 145479969164.png - (473.68KB , 930x550 , flysuit.png )


"Yes, the chain took so many hours to make, it's embarrasing!"

I had to sacrifice my high-quality scarf to produce a wingsuit with a small parachute that should slow down descent in an emergency landing.

"Demon, I love you! The flysuit does work like intended! I can fly great distances by just climbing on top of steep hills, fells or mountains! Sonera!"

"I'll have to look for mines or settlements to acquire high-grade metals."

The wild life I knocked out with the grappling gun and ate was a promise of the lands possibly being inhabited. I will keep the coast to my left and glide over the hills. I have a sense of direction and a plan now.
No. 699522 ID: 2ccbb3

I KNOW RIGHT?! Still, I suggest you use more cloth if you find some. Standard bipedal wingsuits extend to the hands and feet. I guess since you have four arms it evens out, sorta.

Alright, scan the area. If you see any sign of smoke, if you see so much as a flash of light, prioritize that direction.
No. 699700 ID: b2e8b1
File 145485251229.png - (541.49KB , 1000x600 , rhyolite_basin.png )

By Sonera! It's too late to turn back, I must land in the ryolite basin city, somehow. Not a sneaky approach NO NO! I thought it was a dormant volcano with a small puff of smoke! Thought I could extract some iron or gold from its crater.

"Demons, can you make any sense of where to land?"
No. 699715 ID: 2ccbb3

Looks like the city is literally divided into the slums, the commercial district, the high district, and the industrial district. Head for the commercial district and look sexy. Try to take on the "paid advertisement" look.
No. 699752 ID: b2e8b1
File 145486967119.png - (388.22KB , 950x600 , commercial.png )


No. 699760 ID: 2ccbb3


Find some mercenary work, there's a lot to buy around here.
No. 700087 ID: b2e8b1
File 145495216506.png - (365.79KB , 950x600 , state_sec_door.png )

I am able to locate a possible employer by talking Skirreti common language native to my own world as well.
“State Security Corporation right behind that door.”
>> Enter
No. 700088 ID: b2e8b1
File 145495220537.png - (206.75KB , 950x600 , 1.png )

“Welcome. I presume you’re a desperate soul seeking a place to fit into. You’ve come to the right place. We offer people or beings like you mil-spec work. Have you ever held a gun with an intention to shoot a life-threathening person with it?”

“I’ve been taught to kill.”, It’s my own choice when to kill in the end.

“Good. Then you’re the person We are looking for. Have you heard about Rûn?”

“No, never heard of it. A what is it, a city?.”

“An opposing city-state. A suspected submersive undersea vessel supposedly belonging to Rûn has been seen in waters surrounding our colonial territory. You are to search the city with our teams as a corpsventurer to detect any plots to sabotage our geothermal power plant. Sounds Good?”

“Yes, Colonel.”

“Marvelous, we’ll only have to dig into your backgrounds first to make sure you are not in fact an enemy spy.”

“I…” I need to make a choice now, accept this mercenary work and make a commitment or try to slip away for the fear of being discovered as a shai raid scout.
No. 700089 ID: b2e8b1
File 145495223334.png - (66.15KB , 950x600 , skir_mission_1.png )

No. 700091 ID: 2ccbb3

I think they'll do a background check either way. Take the job and prove yourself.
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