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File 145123889220.png - (195.98KB , 739x711 , 1.png )
690589 No. 690589 ID: 265534

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No. 690590 ID: 2ccbb3

Look behind you
No. 690591 ID: 265534
File 145123916095.png - (176.85KB , 1024x768 , 10.png )

:cyllene: "At least the weather is cooperating."
No. 690595 ID: 265534
File 145123943542.png - (272.79KB , 1024x768 , 11.png )

>Look behind you.

:cyllene: Nothing of note, but there is an underground access nearby. Maybe I can find something valuable down here. I have some expenses to cover.
No. 690597 ID: 265534
File 145123989045.png - (156.34KB , 1024x768 , 100.png )

Cyllene retrieves a light. The wind resonates down the tunnels, creating a low roar.
No. 690598 ID: ad936f

cartwheel into red room
No. 690600 ID: 977a6a

So who are you, what expenses do you have to cover, and why do you make your living scavenging / treasure hunting?
No. 690601 ID: fa9b55

Something is sticking out of the dust near that doorway you're shining the light at. It doesn't look rusted to shit so maybe its useful?
No. 690602 ID: 2ccbb3

You may need to find some batteries or a portable generator.
No. 690604 ID: 5ea852

Tell us more about your world.

The red room is actually the outside, I reckon. I base it on the fact that outside is quite red as well.
No. 690644 ID: 0fc976

Go into the room the red glowing light's emanating from.
No. 690655 ID: 265534
File 145126927506.png - (51.40KB , 564x416 , 101.png )

In the short term, I have some big ticket items I'd like to pick up. Overall, it's lucrative and mentally engaging. Boredom is rarely an issue.

Not until some issues are dealt with. That stairway does also lead outside.
No. 690656 ID: 265534
File 145126936978.png - (39.76KB , 753x529 , 110.png )

There is something sticking out of the dust pile, it's not rusted at all.
No. 690657 ID: 0fc976

Equip arm!
No. 690658 ID: 977a6a

So you'd pay an arm and a leg. Well, for one of them, anyways.

I'm gonna assume bones aren't exactly rare and valuable in this wasteland. Move on to the next room, though the door on the right.
No. 690659 ID: 5ea852

Is that arm skeletal or mechanical? It's a bit hard to see.
No. 690660 ID: 3663d3

take dead robot parts.
No. 690661 ID: 2ccbb3

Place flashlight on the ground and aim at the robot. Flank the robot and attempt to disarm if necessary.
No. 690737 ID: 265534
File 145133874642.png - (43.46KB , 806x666 , 111.png )

>Equip Arm

It's not as though I can just push the parts together, but this is a left anyway. The right must be buried.

:cyberskel: "He- Hello..."
No. 690739 ID: dc07bb

>Has it been conscious this whole time?
Maybe? If so, that might be enough to drive anyone crazy.

Keep your distance, try talking to it to see if it responds like a sane person to stimulus.

Do you have some kind of weapon if we've got an isolation crazy AI that needs putting down?
No. 690740 ID: 2a7417

Dis-arm it, then slap some sense into it.
No. 690743 ID: 2ccbb3

Do this and then sit on them.
No. 690745 ID: fd93cf

No. 690747 ID: 5ad4a7

It's a left arm, but the roboskeleton is missing its right arm. So there's another robot somewhere under there? And, another arm?

Tell it that it's gonna be okay. Calm down and you'll help.
Can you reboot it? Clear its memory banks so that it isn't so disturbed by the tedium of being trapped here?
Is it even trapped here? If it was conscious why didn't it leave? Maybe it's got no legs under that dirt.
No. 690748 ID: 265534
File 145134178943.png - (101.58KB , 704x632 , 1000.png )

:cyberskel: "Hello... Helllooo... Helllllp... Helllp... Hellll... Helll... I'm in Hell! I'm in Hell! Eaarrrgh!"

:cylmask: It's active? It seems to be completely deranged. Has it been conscious this whole time?

>It's a left arm, but the roboskeleton is missing its right arm.
(Nuh uh. It's not and you can't prove it was ever otherwise.)
No. 690750 ID: 2ccbb3

Uh... did you just delete the post and then repost a horizontally-flipped version? If so

YANK THAT SUCKER AND PUT IT ON! Then intimately console the skeleton as compensation.
No. 690754 ID: ad936f

quickly, we need to help mr. skeltal! try to calm him down, reassure him that this isn't hell, maybe give him his arm back.
No. 690759 ID: 3663d3

tell him to calm down, if they calm down you will help them.
No. 690771 ID: fa9b55

clearly there's only room for one cyber-amputee in this bunker. What options do you have for robo-euthanasia?
No. 690795 ID: e89427

It looks like years of isolation have driven it to insanity. Better put it out of it's misery.

Are you an android like it too? On the inside.
No. 691524 ID: b2e8b1


IT's metal. But if you say it's... conscious? Or online?
No. 691818 ID: 3641d4

Ask skeleton if he wants to go adventuring with you.
No. 745666 ID: 265534
File 147282061909.png - (118.90KB , 709x768 , 1001.png )

>try to calm him down

Cyllene forcibly removes the skeleton's head, rendering it inert.

:cylmask: I can take them back and with some rehabilitation, they might be able to function as a person again. The body can go on the scrap manifest.

>Are you an android like it too?

I am not bare bones and I'd like to think I'm not completely out of my mind, so no, I'm not like it.

As for the android part, that's more of a philosophical issue. I'm not going to dwell on it, because I'm having an existential crisis in a dark tunnel is not my primary goal, at the moment.
No. 745667 ID: 3663d3

wasn't asking existentially, just noticed it has a right arm and you don't, so wondering if you are compatible parts wise so you can replace your stump.
No. 745669 ID: 2a7417

Dig deeper, with your new pal Yorick to keep you company.
No. 745780 ID: 3abd97

So if you bring it back for therapy, who pays for the new body when it's better? I assume parts are pricey, or you wouldn't be out scavenging an arm down.

Can you steal the arm off the deranged bot's body? You're short one.
No. 745787 ID: 1d4e27

Wrong side. It was always the wrong side and you can't prove otherwise.
No. 745789 ID: 398fe1

No it isn't. It was always the right side and you can't prove otherwise.
No. 745853 ID: 265534
File 147292341946.png - (171.89KB , 837x636 , 1010.png )

This site seems to be undisturbed. Plenty of copper and iron, random scrap. Unless I find something worth carrying back, I'll have to settle for finder's fees and sell the information to salvage companies. These old transit tunnels can go for miles. Who knows what could be down here?

>wasn't asking existentially, just noticed it has a right arm and you don't, so wondering if you are compatible parts wise so you can replace your stump.

If it was compatible, I don't have the tools or free hands to replace my own arm out in the field. It's more complex than plugging into the socket.

>So if you bring it back for therapy, who pays for the new body when it's better?

It's not really my concern, but maybe working off a huge debt will give them something to focus on after years of isolation.
No. 745854 ID: 3e182c

>It's more complex than plugging into the socket.
Yes but isn't paying professional later to install and/or adapt an existing part cheaper than buying an entire new part?
No. 745855 ID: 3663d3

oooo a tarp. remove tarp, receive prize.
No. 745879 ID: 1d4e27

It's a tarp!
Grip flashlight in teeth and pull it.
No. 745913 ID: 265534
File 147294430507.png - (126.49KB , 1024x768 , 1011.png )

> remove tarp

Rail segments. Several tons of high-grade steel, although a bit rusted.

Fairly mundane, but not without value.
No. 745917 ID: 3663d3

nice, need to call a forklift or something though.
No. 745925 ID: 398fe1

Is it worth dragging out of the ruins though? I doubt it. Keep going.

What was that white shit on the ground and the tarp?
No. 745938 ID: 49f18e

remember where this is maybe you can sell the location
No. 745939 ID: 7c8134

Look around more for some tools or more valuable materials/metals.
No. 745953 ID: 1d4e27

Mark it for recovery and push your luck further down the tunnel.
No. 746059 ID: 265534
File 147302490037.png - (174.37KB , 912x745 , 1100.png )

Farther in, the ambient light quickly fades to nothing. The amount of random debris also tapers off.

Nothing but darkness.
No. 746060 ID: 49f18e

well you've found something of value but it seems there's nothing else down here, turn around and head home
No. 746065 ID: 398fe1

Are those grooves on the ground? Like something was dragged? Or are those rails? In the latter case I'd say this is a mine, and it's unlikely we'll find anything more valuable than the rail segments, and we should leave to explore other nearby ruins. In the former case you should follow the trail.
No. 767765 ID: ca6f74
File 148250186170.png - (143.44KB , 850x617 , 1101.png )

>are those rails?
They are. This appears to be an old transit line.

Farther down the track is a metal access door. No handle. There are actual bones scattered outside, calcified reminders that humanity used to be very different, hundreds or thousands of years in the past.
Before getting too philosophical about the nature of the human species, Cyllene wonders about why all these people died piled up at this door.
No. 767766 ID: b15da4

Maybe they died trying to get in. That doesn't bode well for your chances of getting in either. Maybe you can break through the wall instead.
No. 767768 ID: d79f26

check closer, do they appear to have been leaning in or out? leaning in would imply pushing, out would imply pulling. if it is an outward swinging door with them leaning in that means they were holding it shut, or vis-versa. regardless,you should be able to open the door with machine power.
No. 767778 ID: 3abd97

>Cyllene wonders about why all these people died piled up at this door
Maybe they were fleeing from something, reached this door, and then died before they could get it open. Maybe something came out of the door and killed them.

Be cautious. It's unlikely whatever killed them is still a threat after all this time, but better safe than sorry.
No. 767793 ID: ca6f74
File 148252090072.png - (206.56KB , 814x645 , 1110.png )

The door opens inward after a bit of persuasion, too corroded to resist much impact.

A storage or maintenance room. The people who took shelter inside fared a little better than the rest. Their desiccated remains still mostly intact.
Broken shelves and debris litter the floor and dirt from a hole in the crumbling concrete is all that is inside.
No. 767794 ID: 0555b9

There could be something that was on the shelves, or buried in the dirt (again). Is the hole plugged?
No. 767796 ID: 3abd97

Dead children. Cheery.

Check that there's nothing of any value in those collapsed piles of junk, then let's move on.
No. 767797 ID: 49f18e

it's odd that these people have nothing, one would expect some manner of clothe or trinkets unless this place has been looted before
No. 767800 ID: d79f26

be wary of zombies.
No. 767865 ID: b1b4f3

Search the rubble and the bodies too.
No. 767948 ID: ca6f74
File 148259266688.gif - (41.68KB , 684x768 , 1111.gif )

The bodies have nothing of note on or around them. Just decaying cloth, dry, papery skin and bones.
The more Cyllene looks at the withered remains, the more uneasy she feels.

>be wary of zombies.
That would be completely irrational, dead things can't move around on their own. They do seem like they could start moving at any time, though.
No. 767953 ID: b1b4f3

Check the rubble.
No. 767958 ID: 3abd97

Then check the rubble so you can get out of here and stop being unsettled by the corpses.
No. 768469 ID: 49f18e

this place is the pits go home
No. 768490 ID: ca6f74
File 148287483018.png - (73.73KB , 655x669 , 10000.png )

One of the corpses has a ring. It hasn't tarnished or corroded. It must be gold.
Something like this would be worth more as an artifact than for scrap value, but what really matters is that for its weight, it is fairly valuable.

Could a luxurious future of having two working arms lie ahead?
No. 768492 ID: 398fe1

Sweet. Was there another route back at the entrance or is our only option just to keep walking down the tunnel?

I guess we can just keep going. How far can you walk without needing to resupply?
No. 768494 ID: 3abd97

>Could a luxurious future of having two working arms lie ahead?
One could hope.

So let's leave the zombies behind and continue exploring, then.
No. 768512 ID: d79f26

close the door behind you.
No. 768517 ID: 49f18e

make sure none of the other corpses have jewelry then move on
No. 768627 ID: ca6f74
File 148294005617.gif - (267.44KB , 873x594 , 10001.gif )

Further along the tunnel, the line splits.
The sound of something scratching can be heard from the left-hand tunnel.
Cyllene has a splitter knife, a reinforced blade for breaking apart joints, but is otherwise lightly armed.
Whoever it is doesn't seem to have noticed her, since there are no interruptions in the scratching sounds.
No. 768633 ID: 3abd97

We're here for loot, not to pick a fight with every squatter or competing looter we can find.

Take the right-hand path.
No. 768641 ID: 398fe1

Go right. It's probably another deranged robot, but more functional so more dangerous. Let's avoid it for now.
No. 768758 ID: 9145ba

Whatever it is, it's probably made of more valuable salvage than the entirety of the tunnel we've explored so far. Don't worry, you could probably take it down with one arm tied behind your back.
No. 768760 ID: 49f18e

walk up to scratchy person and say hello, make friends
No. 768783 ID: 9f3729

No. 769424 ID: ca6f74
File 148323590507.png - (164.38KB , 866x723 , 10010.png )

Cyllene approaches the source of the sound, but remains cautious. It has almost no defined features, just a black mass with rudimentary limb, digging at a pile of rubble with a flipper-like appendage. It doesn't respond to her approach or the light of her flashlight.
It might just be a scavenger. Some people have odd tastes in body customization.
No. 769426 ID: d79f26

make a noise, be ready to fight. if still nothing then try to get a better look at it.
No. 769430 ID: 398fe1

No. 769435 ID: 3abd97

The fact that it's studiously ignoring you even when you shine a light on it doesn't suggest a cheery or stable mental disposition. If that is a fellow scavenger, it's not one I really want to engage.

Let's back off.
No. 769440 ID: 49f18e

pet fuzzy new friend
No. 769444 ID: 9145ba

Disengage. It might not have the senses it needs to register you, and as it's not clear where you'd stab to kill it, that's fine by me. Continue walkin'.
No. 769541 ID: ca6f74
File 148329565732.gif - (133.69KB , 1024x768 , 10011.gif )

No. 769552 ID: 9f3729

"Yo, sick mask. Respect."
No. 769553 ID: db0da2

Knife out, defensive posture.
"What up?"
No. 769559 ID: 398fe1

Yes, hello.
No. 769569 ID: 3abd97

Sup, six eyes.
No. 769665 ID: ca6f74
File 148332106545.png - (198.19KB , 960x667 , 10100.png )

The entity rears up and says something indecipherable, in a garbled, reverberating voice.

Even without verbal communication, body language is fairly easy to read. It seems aggressive.
No. 769667 ID: 49f18e

I'm guessing it's telling you to back off
back away but stay on guard
No. 769669 ID: 3abd97

It's got more limbs than you, and it's bigger than you.

It does appear to be speaking instead of instantly attacking, which is something.

Attempt to back away. See if it will allow it. It it's making a threat or warning you off, it might allow you to disengage.
No. 769930 ID: 398fe1

Hand on your weapon, back away slowly. Tell it you don't understand it.
No. 770111 ID: 2120ee

Our weapon is a lot better against exposed joints which... this fellow doesn't have. I say skedaddle!
No. 770316 ID: ca6f74
File 148349356805.png - (229.06KB , 798x753 , 10101.png )

The thing shifts its appearance to mimic Cyllene and uses its new mouth to hiss some of her words back at her.

It's hard to say if this is an attempt to communicate, mock or threaten, but the vicious-looking claws don't inspire a lot of confidence in the former.
No. 770320 ID: d79f26

back away slowly. the fact it didn't attack instantly is usually a sign that a thing doesn't want to fight but will if it has to.

keep talking, it may learn your language from voice sampling. repeat how you do not wish to fight and it can have the pile it was digging at.
No. 770347 ID: 398fe1

Do you have any idea what this thing could be? An alien perhaps?
No. 770354 ID: 49f18e

that first bit sounds a fair bit like "back off" so maybe back away and see how it responds
No. 770388 ID: 9145ba

Your words? But you didn't say anything... Spooky.

Try not to be jealous of her second arm.
No. 770502 ID: ca6f74
File 148356649756.png - (264.78KB , 921x754 , 10110.png )

It lashes out and reverts to gibbering. Fortunately, Cyllene is prepared for it and is barely able to parry the blow.

It's fast.

>could it be an alien?
It could be a lot of things. Is it likely? Probably not.

>try not to be jealous of her second arm
Or its second through sixth eye. This is unfair all around.
No. 770503 ID: 595d54

Faster than you and hostile. Retreating won't do much, then. How strong is it? Might be worth trying to hit its neck.
No. 770513 ID: 9145ba

With a familiar shape comes familiar weak points. Go for the jugular!
No. 770515 ID: 398fe1

Well, it created joints when it mimicked you. Start aiming for them.
No. 770534 ID: d79f26

focus on defense and keeping backing away. unless you see an opening then strike.
No. 770858 ID: ca6f74
File 148370539755.png - (140.45KB , 696x578 , 10111.png )

A swift strike with the knife carves through the arm, leveling the playing field, at least partially. Cyllene then staggers it with a kick to the head.
Level of effectiveness: unknown.
No. 770859 ID: d79f26

assume none, try to fling the arm down the hall while getting back.
No. 770860 ID: 9145ba

Kick arm down the tunnel, attack legs next.
No. 771026 ID: 2120ee

Don't bother wasting time kicking the arm anywhere.

Take out a leg if you think you can dodge retaliation.
No. 771037 ID: 398fe1

No. 786750 ID: 669253
File 148929223343.png - (110.65KB , 694x626 , 11000.png )

Cyllene kicks out the figure's leg and plunges her knife into its chest for good measure.
No. 786777 ID: 669253
File 148929373506.png - (96.33KB , 806x748 , 11001.png )

The blackness slips around the blade and down the tunnel into a drain pipe, slithering away in a strangely unnatural way. Not that much left in this world could be considered natural.
No. 786779 ID: 0d1514

Things which you can't stab are bad things to fight.
No. 786780 ID: 0d1514

Thus, leave the area.
No. 786781 ID: 398fe1

Check out what it was rummaging through.
No. 786783 ID: 0d1514

Also is the severed arm still there and do you have a container to put it in if it is?
No. 786860 ID: 3abd97

On the plus side, I guess you don't have to feel bad about killing it.

On the downside, you have no idea why it attacked you or why it broke off after what should have been an ineffectual attack, nor can you be confident in your defense if it comes back.

So... let's not linger long, shall we?
No. 786893 ID: da1652

might as well see what it was scratching at.

And never go near another pipe again ever.
No. 787297 ID: 669253
File 148950668454.png - (178.55KB , 887x749 , 11010.png )

Buried in the pile of rubble is an energy cell, fairly valuable, but not particularly rare. It could be from some machine, but given the state of the rest of this area, it would not be surprising if it was from a person.
Did it know this was there or was is digging at random?
No. 787298 ID: 669253
File 148950678520.png - (57.02KB , 789x622 , 11011.png )

As for the arm, it is laying on the ground, seemingly inert.
Whether it's safe to touch is highly questionable.
No. 787301 ID: 0d1514

Are you a curious enough person to plug power cells into unknown bits of potentially hostile tech?
I say yes!
No. 787336 ID: d1d42a

take battery, forget arm continue searching for more loot
No. 787380 ID: da1652

Since it didn't melt down and follow the rest of its mass into the pipe, the arm may be brainless tech awaiting the right input.

Even if you can't reprogram it yourself, that thing could be worth a fortune to some nerd.
No. 787443 ID: d8f4d2

Do you have some sort of containment protocol for gathering hazardous scrap, like maybe a sealed wrapper with integral Faraday cage to render the arm transportable?
No. 788807 ID: 669253
File 148995078414.png - (137.43KB , 619x767 , 11100.png )

Cyllene is only curious enough to pick the arm up. Plugging it into anything seems reckless, if for no other reason that it lacks a proper connector.

The configuration is definitely unique.
Cyllene doesn't even have all her limbs, let alone highly advanced plastic bags.
No. 788809 ID: d1d42a

seems inert enough take it with you and move on
No. 788810 ID: 3abd97

Potentially dangerous and potentially valuable seems pretty much like what you're here for.

Take the arm with you and continue on.
No. 788869 ID: d79f26

take it, and check the spot it was scraping at.
No. 788908 ID: 70983e

How does this compare to your usual haul? You may have enough now to turn back.
No. 789333 ID: 669253
File 149012178420.png - (305.35KB , 1024x768 , 11101.png )

Given the higher than usual amount of strange or valuable artifacts, Cyllene heads back toward the city. Rondo rises on the horizon like a row of broken teeth, a bustling metropolis that protects its citizens against the hardships of the outside world, but not so much from each other.

Now to decide what to do.

A: Deliver the severed head of the stranded skeleton to the authorities
B: Sell the power cell
C: Have the black arm examined
D: Contact scrappers to claim the material found in the tunnel

No. 789335 ID: 3d2d5f

A first. You don't want to be holding onto someone's head longer than you have to.
No. 789337 ID: d79f26

handle the most volatile things first, the arm.
No. 789339 ID: d1d42a

A: deliver severed head
No. 789373 ID: d8f4d2

All of the above, in the order of A, D, C and B.
No. 789377 ID: 0d1514

D, A, C, B
No. 789461 ID: da1652

skull first. somebody probably cares. Also carrying a skull around is going to attract the attention of the authorities anyway.

After that, get paid.
No. 789463 ID: 0555b9

A, D, C, B... well, that depends on what else can be done with the power cell.
No. 789694 ID: 669253
File 149028059409.png - (173.83KB , 932x670 , 11110.png )

Cyllene drops off the head first, and after confirming that it does not belong to some random person off the street, she receives a finder's fee for her humanitarian efforts.

Then on to this black arm. She takes it to an associate; a physician well-versed in limb removal and reattachment and all the stages in between.

:docbot: "Look who drags herself through my door. Every time you come back here you look more and more like a broken china doll. I still say a reinforced alloy plate chassis would better suit your lifestyle."

:cyllene: "Sounds bulkier than I would like, Doc. Anyway, I have something I want your opinion on."

Cyllene hands over the black arm and the Doc examines it carefully.

:docbot: "It's an undifferentiated mass of a material I don't recognize. You've got me, what is it supposed to be?"

After an explanation of the events leading up to acquiring the arm, Doc places the mass gently on the counter top and shuffles away from it.

:docbot: "I would need to do more through testing to even begin to understand what this is. Did you have your eye on anything else? A new arm? A new eye that you could then have on a new arm? Tank tread legs?"

:cyllene: "Hm..."

Tank treads might be more trouble than they're worth, but having at least two arms is generally beneficial.
No. 789696 ID: 0555b9

Hmm... You'll come back after you make a sale, then consider rearming.
No. 789699 ID: d79f26

got anything weapon's grade? left arm for when you need to handle with care, right arm for when you want to break shit.
No. 789702 ID: 398fe1

New arm is good yeah.
No. 789719 ID: d1d42a

having at least 2 arms seems practical
No. 789788 ID: 3abd97

Bimanual manipulation seems like it would give more of an immediate return than binocular vision.
No. 789831 ID: d8f4d2

It's kinda important to get that scrap claim squared away quickly, in case someone else tries to cash it in. Unless Doc has any limited time specials, we should take care of that first so that we're more likely to get paid, and paid more, for the claim.
No. 789846 ID: dce082

Say that you have your eye on that arm but there are some things you'd like to do first. Come back when you have sold the information and ideally the stuff you picked up.
No. 793009 ID: 669253
File 149119589030.png - (96.58KB , 625x409 , 11111.png )

:cyllene: "I could definitely use a new arm, but I'll need to free up some assets first."

:docbot: "You came straight here for this then? You know, I try not to ask too many questions of my patients, but you have me wanting to break that rule."

:cyllene: "I would have to know what the hell I saw to tell you what happened. That used to be an arm, but I'm not about to ask you to attach it to me."

:docbot: "That's good, because I wouldn't have the slightest clue as to how to go about it."

Cyllene produces the power cell.
"Any idea on the value of something like this? Knowing what it's worth in the first place might help and you'd be the one to ask."

Doc examines the cell and places it on the counter.
"I would say it's worth enough to replace your arm and maybe your eye if you don't want anything too extravagant. I'd be willing to do it in barter too, cut out the middleman, if you'd like."
No. 793010 ID: 70983e

Deal. What are our options on arms & eyes?
No. 793033 ID: 2120ee

What's the handjobbiest arm you've got, Doc?
No. 793049 ID: d9d492

Sell me on your arm options.
No. 793053 ID: d8f4d2

We're wasting time on the claim we might get jumped on if we dawdle. If we get it in time we might be able to get a nice arm AND KEEP this power cell.

Tell doc we're interested, but we gotta run to another appointment first.
No. 794052 ID: 669253
File 149155011798.png - (162.25KB , 592x571 , 100000.png )

Cyllene agrees to trade the cell for replacement body parts and Doc goes to work removing the damaged stump.

:docbot: "What were you thinking for a replacement?

:cyllene: >>793033 "I just need a hand that lets me do my job."

:docbot: "Come now. You must have something in mind. I doubt you could imagine a limb I couldn't build, as long as it's within your power system and structural tolerances, of course."
No. 794053 ID: 1f8505


"Can I have one with a retractable blade? Blades are cool."
No. 794054 ID: d79f26

how about a wrist mounted railgun? for when you really need something dead.
No. 794056 ID: 70983e

A spring-loaded arm for punching.
An eye with toggleable IR vision should be fancy enough for now.
No. 794058 ID: 9dc26d

Something sensor-dense. Pads that can taste, or maybe a sense of touch that can read printed microdots? Something like that.
No. 794059 ID: 0d1514

A heavy duty arm so you have one arm for delicate work and one arm for not being torn off.

Not like you aren't lopsided already
No. 794134 ID: 2120ee

We already have a knife, so we don't need a knife arm, but a taze arm could be useful.

Have it so we can temporarily power up old doors and junk while exploring, but also shock beasts and bandits if it comes to it.

I don't expect a whole lotta juice since it'll be running off us, but it's nice to have options.
No. 794170 ID: 3abd97

A retractile blade would be cool. Better than a gun, since we wouldn't have to worry about reloading, and money appears to be a perennial issue.

Some kind of mismatched eye so you had more than one vision mode would be useful.
No. 794238 ID: c3aab9

I like the idea of a heavy duty arm.

And for built in stuff, how about a grappling hook?
No. 794359 ID: da1652

just go for durability. one that won't break or come off short of the rest of you being at risk. (with emergency detach options of course )
No. 915625 ID: 9c522c
File 154620229578.png - (232.78KB , 967x720 , 100001.png )

:docbot: "Anatomical symmetry is an overrated concept, I've found. I try to keep my personal preferences to myself, however.
You expressed interest in a heavy arm, retractable blade arm and a... spring-loaded punching arm? I can do better than that. Charged pneumatics."
No. 915630 ID: 40df11

Heavy Arm I think. Think of all the jars and stuck doors that thing could open!
No. 915633 ID: 4c908d

I like the pneumatic limb. It looks strong enough to do double duty.

The yellow is gaudy tho. Can we get it paint stripped to be gunmetal like our other limb? I think gray suits us.
No. 915634 ID: afdebc

Get the blade arm! Cut other people with your wrist.
No. 915635 ID: b5fb67


Pneumatic limb. Big O arms are the way to go.
No. 915638 ID: 9c522c
File 154621702778.png - (451.58KB , 1024x768 , 100010.png )

Cyllene opts for the punching arm.

:docbot: "You might want to install some counterbalances in your left arm to offset the weight difference and please keep in mind that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Try not to launch yourself through a wall or shear your arm off at the shoulder, which is a very real possibility."

:cyllene: "I'll keep that in mind."

Cyllene has been restored to the minimum number of body parts required to be considered not horribly maimed.

Power Cell (1) removed from inventory.
No. 915640 ID: 5b93d3

Practice rocketpunch-jumping using the recoil, bracing against your shoulder.
No. 915642 ID: fe4f01

ask if there is somewhere you could test out your new arm so you can get use to it.
No. 915653 ID: 9c522c
File 154622306596.png - (154.31KB , 958x557 , 100011.png )

Cyllene leaves the clinic and finds something to test her new arm on. She primes the piston and slams her fist into a broken pipe. The sudden jolt of stored kinetic energy violently bends the pipe at the point of impact and launches Cyllene a few meters backwards.

Hopefully no one saw that.
No. 915654 ID: fe4f01

hmm, so it has some knock back when you hit something. Could be useful for gaining some distance from someone you don't want to be near that's rushing you.
No. 915656 ID: b1b4f3

Alright next time you'll be prepared for the knockback. How about we talk to some scrappers now?
No. 915664 ID: afdebc

How high can you fly if you strike the earth?
No. 915669 ID: 5da03e

The knockback will be less of a problem the more mass you carry around. Or you could get a counter-balance system like the doctor suggested.
No. 915670 ID: 9c522c
File 154622968287.png - (158.17KB , 903x726 , 100100.png )

>talk to scrappers

Cyllene heads for the scrappers or "material recovery institution" that she routinely deals with.

:diggs: "Oh hoho! Do my optics deceive me or Cyl, struttin' in here with all her bits intact. Got something good for me, considering how you're all alive and sportin' Doc's shiny new parts?"

:Cyllene: "Untouched transit system, refined copper and steel as far as the eye can see."

:diggs: "Easy pickings. That's what I like to hear. I'll throw you 10,000cr and give you your usual percentage after the recovery, yeah?"
No. 915671 ID: b5fb67


Let's fuckin' do it.
No. 915672 ID: 40df11

Push for a higher percentage. As far as the eye can see, remember!
No. 915681 ID: afdebc

Make the obligatory comments about the scrapper trying to starve your non-existent children with how badly they're cheating you, and attempt to haggle higher.

Don't push too hard, you've done this dance before.
No. 915682 ID: 080aaf

15,000 upfront for hazard pay.
No. 915807 ID: 9c522c
File 154631691726.png - (181.89KB , 903x726 , 100101.png )

:diggs: "Now, now. Being greedy's all well and good, but I need to be greedy too.
Besides, you know I'm already giving you the best rate you're gonna find from here to Osto."
No. 915809 ID: b5fb67


Alright fine, we'll take it.
No. 915814 ID: afdebc

Yeah fine whatever.

See you next week, or whenever I have more scrap to sell.
No. 915882 ID: 9c522c
File 154638458416.png - (241.12KB , 1024x768 , 100110.png )

Cyllene leaves the scrapper office and meets on of the material recovery workers, Arche on the way out.
"Aren't you looking good. All your arms and things where they ought to be," Arche says, "Be careful though, that arm looks a lot heavier than your old one. You start putting on weight, it can get out of control before you know it. Just look at me. My girlish figure is long gone," she laughs. Cyllene shakes her head.
"I don't think that's going to be a problem."
Arche shifts her weight and the asphalt groans under her feet.
"Right, I don't think you'd do well at skulking around, looking in all the nooks and crannies for the good stuff if you were four meters tall and a few thousand kilos. Speaking of the good stuff, you must have found a new haul if you're here. Find anything interesting?"
No. 915886 ID: b1b4f3

Well there was that weird shadowy shapeshifter thing. That was pretty interesting.
No. 915888 ID: afdebc

A crazie in need of rehab, a power back, some mineral scrap, some kind of hostile freaky shadow monster.

Little above average, I don't usually find all of those in one haul.
No. 915889 ID: 9c522c
File 154639197789.png - (150.87KB , 1024x768 , 100111.png )

Cyllene tells Arche about the things she found, including the amorphous black creature.

"No way. You're just trying to scare me." Arche replies defensively. "There's no way something like that is out there. I gotta go out there."

Cyllene explains she had to fight it off and that the piece she cut from it is made of something no one has ever seen before.
Arche squeals in terror and recoils backwards.

"It's really real and not a piece of a tire or something? What could it be? There's no such thing as monsters... It's an alien, isn't it?"
No. 915890 ID: afdebc

*Shrug* Could be anything. We've forgotten a lot since the world went to pieces.
No. 915892 ID: b1b4f3

Why would an alien be in an abandoned railway rooting through trash? It's probably some kind of weird science experiment that got loose.
But I mean yeah let's go back and look around some more.
No. 915896 ID: fe4f01

could be some new tech. Just because most people no-a-days scavenge for gear doesn't mean their might be some out their who are making new stuff.
No. 915913 ID: 080aaf

Probably nanomachines, son. Never trust anything you can't see with less than a 500x optic, I say!
No. 916008 ID: 2202fb

Would it be possible to put together a mech suit out of parts like what your friend here has that would fit a more natural body? Would it be financially feasible for you to do so in the future?
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