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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 145078799813.jpg - (48.87KB , 1000x600 , bq000.jpg )
689892 No. 689892 ID: e33784

I've only ever finished one-offs, so, have a silly one-off.

You are a ball. Or maybe a circle. What do?
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No. 689895 ID: b66b01

Try and roll around to see if you're 3 dimensional.
No. 689898 ID: 88960e

Bare your teeth. You're a mouth!
No. 689899 ID: 78cbca

transform and ROLL-out!!!
No. 689902 ID: e33784
File 145079582658.jpg - (48.95KB , 1000x600 , bq001.jpg )

You strain your ball...essence, for a few minutes, but you're disappointed to find that nothing has happened, yet.

You do, however, manage to fall off the table.
...Oh! Oh, my, what a strange creature. You're not sure if it's noticed you, yet.
No. 689903 ID: 88960e

Seduce sexy triangle.
No. 689906 ID: 2a7417

Grow a pair.
No. 689907 ID: ad936f

hit on the triangle
No. 689967 ID: e33784
File 145083300843.jpg - (56.30KB , 1000x600 , bq002.jpg )

You start moving towards the triangle, trying to think up something suitably witty and clever. Unfortunately, this means you're too distracted to notice the depression in the floor, in your way.

I say. Who left a pothole lying around?
No. 689968 ID: e33784
File 145083315052.jpg - (44.11KB , 1000x600 , bq003.jpg )

...You're pretty sure the triangle has noticed you, now.

Oh, dear, this is embarrassing.

Blast, the triangle is coming this way. Uh...uhh...quick, think of something witty!!
No. 689973 ID: d9d287

Quick, it's Hammer Time, start performing, "Can't Touch This!"
No. 689974 ID: 3663d3

show your skills. start spinning.
No. 689977 ID: b66b01

"Haha! Hole in One!"
No. 689981 ID: 977a6a

>Uh...uhh...quick, think of something witty!!
Looks like I fell for you, huh?
No. 689992 ID: 0777f3

Ask if the triangle wants to study a little geometry. I bet he can't guess your circumference.
No. 690003 ID: e33784
File 145084296821.jpg - (43.64KB , 1000x600 , bq004.jpg )

As the triangle approaches, you quickly make the best of a bad situation. You break out your inestimable dance skills.

"Duuunn nuh nuh nuh...nuh nuh...nuh nuh-CAN'T TOUCH THIS!"

No. 690004 ID: e33784
File 145084313963.jpg - (83.03KB , 1000x600 , bq005.jpg )

"...H...hole in one?" you manage weakly.

"A...are you...o-ok?" the triangle squeaks out. (Oh, thank HEAVENS, she said something.) "Do you, uh, do you need some help?"
No. 690010 ID: 977a6a

*wiggle wiggle*

Um. Yes, I could probably use some help getting out of this, thank you.
No. 690011 ID: 15a025

Assistance would be appreciated.
No. 690016 ID: e33784
File 145084828111.jpg - (32.58KB , 1000x600 , bq006.jpg )

...She moves away. "No, waaait, come back! I beseech thee!" Wait, what's she...she's climbing the table? But what...oh, no no no surely she's NOT....

You fruitlessly intensify your efforts to rock out of the depression to which you find yourself prisoner.
No. 690017 ID: e33784
File 145084837732.jpg - (38.12KB , 1000x600 , bq007.jpg )

aaaaaaaaaaaah nooooooooooooo i wanted to liiive
No. 690018 ID: e33784
File 145084861275.jpg - (35.80KB , 1000x600 , bq008.jpg )

The force of her impact pries you out of the hole.

"oh. I. Uh. ...*ahem*...Thank you."

She gestures acknowledgement. Somehow.

...Awkward silence.
No. 690038 ID: f56624

so. come here often?
No. 690039 ID: 3663d3

say thanks.
No. 690050 ID: 2a7417

Hug polygon.
No. 690053 ID: 0777f3

Is she a polygon or a polyhedron? Which are we?
No. 690055 ID: 88960e

I never expected you to be so... forceful about that.
No. 690176 ID: e33784
File 145094731487.jpg - (37.33KB , 1000x600 , bq009.jpg )

I believe a polygon is a shape with edges, and a polyhedron is a shape with faces. That would make her a polygon. ...Don't ask me how that works. Also, I, ah, appear to be more closely related to a polyhedron than a polygon, as I can spin around a vertical axis (or rather, spin in a horizontal plane, as my 4th dimensional cousin Albert is so fond of pointing out. At length.).

"*AHEM*, I, ah, again I thank you. ...Do you, ah, do you come here often?"

She shakes, no. Just when you think she's going to leave it at that, she quietly adds, "I'm looking for my pet square. Have you seen him?"

Oh, but that would be dreadfully forward of me!

Btw, I'm having difficulties with arbitrarily switching between "you" and "I". Any preferences on how to denote characters' statements made towards tgchan, vs. narration? Or should I just stick with one?
No. 690177 ID: e33784

Oh, I forgot. He's bowing, in the picture.
No. 690186 ID: b66b01

Tell her no, you haven't seen it, but that you can help her look.

If you go with both, I've seen people use > at the start of a line to make the text green. That way they can divide the text better, but I dunno if there are unwritten rule about how to use that or you could just go with what seems right. I would suggest using > for "you" actions and narration, normal text when Ball is talking to tg and use quotation marks to imply that a character is talking audibly. But you don't have to do it exactly like that.
No. 690194 ID: e33784
File 145095998567.jpg - (93.18KB , 1000x600 , bq010.jpg )

"I'm afraid I have seen no such thing. Perhaps I can assist you in finding him?"

"Oh, would you? I've been looking all morning...."

"Certainly! Give me a moment, here...."

You climb up the table to get a better view of the land.

Where to first?
No. 690206 ID: ad936f

They have a store that sells generals!? We should go by a Ulysses S. Grant immediately!
No. 690207 ID: ad0f55

Let's see, you're looking for a square...

It's hip to be square...

... and a general store is just the sort of anachronistic place you'd find hipsters!
No. 690208 ID: 53b7a7

Nah, lets get Sherman or Patton.
No. 690227 ID: ad936f

How about we compromise and get an Andrew Jackson?
No. 690270 ID: 0777f3

Degenerate polytopes are just the kinds of shapes to abduct a wayward quadrilateral. Go southeastward.
No. 690285 ID: e33784
File 145104032097.jpg - (228.86KB , 1000x600 , bq011.jpg )

To the General Store it is! After traveling for a few minutes, you enter the establishment and peruse their wares.

You see they have a Winfield Scott, a Jan de Witte, and a third-hand Cestius Gallus. Probably an antique by this point. And all of them courtesy of Wikipedia.

They also have on sale:
A General Theory of Relativity
The General Public
3x Surgeon Generals
2x General Mills
A general malaise

For some reason, they also have strange knick knacks, like:
...a pine tree?

and a host of other oddments. Weird, isn't it?

Some of these things carry a pretty hefty price tag, too. Like those first 3 generals, hoo-eee! Dunno if your piggy bank can bear that load. Partly because I don't really want to draw any of them repeatedly. If you simply MUST have a general, though, I'll cope.

The owner of the store pops up behind you. "What'll it be, stranger? Can I help ya find anythin'?"
No. 690289 ID: 53b7a7

Do we have anything that we could sell for a high price.
No. 690295 ID: ad936f

We could sell the triangle into slavery! Although that would probably be counterproductive to our previous goal of wooing her... I guess we'll just have to save up. If we decide to buy anything, then I'd go for a general theory of relativity.

Let's ask the shopkeep for some general information about the surrounding area.

You got the generals' heights wrong, Scott should be really tall and Gallus should be short.
No. 690307 ID: 977a6a

Tell the shopkeep we're looking for information on the general whereabouts of a square.
No. 690401 ID: e33784
File 145111205881.jpg - (28.25KB , 1000x600 , bq012.jpg )

Hah, figures.

Nooot really. You have a small amount of cash on hand; that's pretty much it. You could offer to sweep floors or chop wood or something, I guess, but it's a bit of a long shot.

You mention that you're looking for possible information on the general whereabouts of a lost square.

"Wellll, ah've heard that lost pets GENERALLY have a tendency to wind up in the GENERAL vicinity of a certain place in the Fractal Wastes...where y'all might need some rope and a light source, and maybe some other supplies. Cough, cough."

...Must not get many buyers for his knick knacks.

Merry Christmas, tgchan.
No. 690545 ID: b66b01

I guess if you have enough money, buy the rope and the lamp. What kind of food do they have? Maybe buy something irresponsible like chocolate bar or a bag of chip.

Then it's off the the Fractal Wastes.
No. 690584 ID: 977a6a

Buy some knick knacks and head thataways, then.
No. 690696 ID: e33784
File 145129889493.jpg - (122.38KB , 1000x600 , bq013.jpg )

You buy a rope, a lamp, and some matches to light it with. You also buy cookies, because you're hungry and don't feel like being healthy about it. It comes in a paper packet of two cookies, so you offer one to the triangle. She nods her thanks. The shopkeeper says to you, "Thanks for yer patronage! I've heard that in the wastes, there is a series of underground pools, and that animals tend to gather there to drink the water. No idea how they get down there. But that's what I've heard!" You thank the shopkeep for the information and head out.

On the way, you try to make small-talk. "So, ah, where are you from?" "East." "Ah, I see - wait, isn't that out in the fringes? I've heard it's inhabited by terribly dangerous creatures!" She frowns in no particular direction and says, "They've never bothered me." You start to protest, but her deepening frown causes you to change to the safer topic of the scenery.

You've never actually been down to the wastes. You comment on the splendor of what is surely one of the largest sierpinski triangles growing in the wastes. You attempt a joke about it being a collection of her relations, but she just looks askance at it, and then briefly askance at you.

You cross an endlessly branching river. You cross nearer the head so as to only get wet a small number of times. Thankfully, it's not too deep. You notice, however, that several branches of the river split off towards a mountain, and seemingly disappear. Having no other leads at the moment, you decide to investigate.

The river branches swirl down into a few large cracks near the mountain's base. If you tried to follow them, you'd probably get strained out and drown. However, after a bit of investigation, you find a hole in the mountainside.
No. 690697 ID: e33784
File 145129918002.jpg - (110.50KB , 1000x600 , bq014.jpg )

You peer down into the darkness. You hear the faint sound of water. "Well, that SOUNDS promising. Maybe we should circle the mountain to look for a better-" You look up and notice she's just finished tying the rope to an outcropping.

"Wait, wait, what are you-"

She takes a flying leap off the edge.
No. 690698 ID: e33784
File 145129945998.jpg - (79.89KB , 1000x600 , bq015.jpg )

You stand there, mouth agape, as she recedes from your lantern light. Then you begin to panic.

(She just...I...what if the rope was too short! What if there are spikes at the bottom? By the holy angles, WHAT DO I DO?!)

I've decided parentheses will indicate thoughts, more or less.
No. 690701 ID: b66b01

I can't tell if she knows what she's doing...

I don't know if you feel strong enough for it, but I'd suggest that you try grabbing the rope now to shorten the fall, and to then help her lower herself slowly and safely. But since she tied the rope to the outcropping and is from the fringes, maybe she's used to doing things like this? In that case, expect her to get mad at you even though you were trying to help.

If you don't feel strong enough, maybe just wait and cross your metaphorical fingers. If you do hold onto the rope and get pulled down, remember to keep holding on to the rope.
No. 690753 ID: dc07bb

She'll be fine if the rope is too short. She'll just jerk to a stop. The problem is if the rope is too long, then she'll splatter when she lands, and the rope will do nothing.

Grab rope, slow her descent to a more reasonable rate. If you're letting it out at a more reasonable rate, her descent and eventual landing will be safer. Uh, I suggest using gloves or something to protect your hands(?) if you don't want severe rope burn.
No. 690780 ID: f4d940

Sorry; it was unclear: she's holding the top part of the rope and sliding down, rather than the end of the rope.
No. 690793 ID: 5ad4a7

Follow her down if you're so worried.
No. 690847 ID: f61b8d
File 145145401748.jpg - (130.01KB , 1000x600 , bq016.jpg )

(...If she died, that'd just....aaaugh.)

You follow. Much more carefully.
No. 690848 ID: f61b8d
File 145145430641.jpg - (183.43KB , 1000x600 , bq017.jpg )

You eventually reach the bottom. It's a good thing you bought so much rope.

You see no obvious sign of her. Looks like you can follow the wall in either direction. You also notice a tunnel leading farther down.

I think I probably ask too many meta questions, but, do you think I should err on the side of update more frequently, or on the side of wait for more than one suggestion? Or like I've been doing. Also, any other suggestions? I'm not sure I'm doing a good job, or how to improve.
No. 690850 ID: 5ad4a7

(more than one suggestion is probably best.)

Go left!
No. 690852 ID: ad936f

I think you should err on the side of starting a discussion thread to contain all these meta questions
No. 690909 ID: d0868f

Dang, no footprints or anything to follow.

Do you hear water or anything from one direction? You're trying to find the underground water for animals, so she might have gone that way.

If there's really no distinguishing features, one direction is as good as the other. Might as well go left.
No. 690928 ID: f61b8d
File 145154402029.jpg - (149.24KB , 1000x600 , bq018.jpg )

You go (camera) left. After a while, you come to a dead end; the way terminates in a pile of rubble.
No. 690931 ID: 5ad4a7

Free pickaxe!

Go back the other way, then. If you don't immediately find her, try calling out.
No. 690941 ID: 3d2d5f

Call out. Hey, you're not trapped behind this pile of rubble, right?

Assuming it's not a recent cave in, grab pick-axe, go the other way.
No. 691013 ID: f61b8d
File 145160558210.jpg - (194.04KB , 1000x600 , bq019.jpg )

You...pocket?...the pickaxe. Hopefully nobody was using it.

"Hello?" you call. "Are you there?" ...You realize you don't know her name. There's no answer, either way.

After investigating the rubble pile, you conclude it's not a collapsed passage, but rather, an unfinished tunnel. You turn around and head back.

Back at the rope, you call out again. Still no response.

Remaining obvious exits are right, and down. And up, I guess.
No. 691063 ID: d0868f

Let's assume she'd follow a wall, for now. Head stage right this time.
No. 691065 ID: 5ad4a7

Go right!
No. 691796 ID: f4d940
File 145198494797.jpg - (141.39KB , 1000x600 , bq020.jpg )

You head stage right. After a bit, you encounter a fork in the tunnel. And then a spoon, and then a divergence of the tunnel. :P

You waffle for a minute, but, hearing a sound down one tunnel, you investigate. You encounter another fork, and the triangle is coming back from one of its branches.

"Goodness, there you are! Did you find anything down that way?"

"It just keeps branching."

(Well. That's inconvenient. I guess they do call these the Fractal Wastes.)
No. 691811 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, at least it's easy to backtrack, since it only branches one way. On the other hand we don't know where to go to get anywhere interesting so it'd most likely be a waste of time.

Go down the tunnel from before with Triangle.
No. 691884 ID: d0868f

>fractal wastes
Can we integrate?
No. 692059 ID: f4d940
File 145217001687.jpg - (148.61KB , 1000x600 , bq021.jpg )

You both head back towards the rope and head down the tunnel near it. After a few minutes, you start to hear something.

"Pardon, but, do you hear that, ah, rumbling noise?"
No. 692064 ID: 5ad4a7

Which way is it coming from? Is it getting louder? You may have to run for it.
No. 692080 ID: dbf021

I... do.

Can you guys tell which direction it's coming from?
No. 692096 ID: f61b8d
File 145222294625.jpg - (148.52KB , 1000x600 , bq022.jpg )

It seems to be coming from farther down the tunnel; hard to say how far. It's faintly...intermittent?

"I...do." she says, nervously. "Maybe...it's a waterfall?"
No. 692149 ID: 5ad4a7

Go check it out.
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