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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 144721568198.png - (6.67KB , 640x258 , e1m2.png )
683139 No. 683139 ID: d71d15

I hate this job.

Maybe, if I find a good enough hiding spot, I can stay there until my shift is over and no customers will find me.
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No. 683141 ID: defceb

Hide behind the clothes rack. Contemplate reasons for hating job.
No. 683143 ID: 12b273

Pose amidst the manikins. Pretend to be one.
No. 683144 ID: 3e2cae

Accelerate mobile wheelchair to 88mph. Go to future.
No. 683145 ID: f2461f

Go to the back room, avoid the other back room with the weird smell.
No. 683161 ID: d71d15
File 144721976366.png - (6.76KB , 640x258 , empty.png )

I don't think this is going to work. I knew I should have kept that gym membership. It would probably help if I weren't stuck in this chair too.

My insurance wouldn't cover the DeLorean model. Cheapskates.

My department manager is always in the break room. ALWAYS. He'll just tell me to come back out and work.

It's customer service, and customers are awful. I think I see one coming now. I need to think fast.
No. 683162 ID: defceb

Kill them and eat the body, absorbing their power.
No. 683164 ID: 12b273

>It's customer service, and customers are awful. I think I see one coming now. I need to think fast.
Let your head loll to the side, and start to drool. They'll think you're retarded, not just crippled, and avoid talking to you.
No. 683170 ID: d71d15
File 144722258771.png - (7.82KB , 640x258 , e1m4.png )

Yesss! I shall become the Devourer. All will fear me! Oh GOD she's scary!

:futureclub_bloodmouth1: You work here, right? Tell me where the shoelaces are. I've been wandering this place for an hour looking for shoelaces!

I'm totally not above trying that, but I'm worried this lady will bite me.

:futureclub_thyme1: Please calm down, ma'am. They're right this way. I'll sh...

:futureclub_hal1: Excuse me little lady. Could I get some help on the next floor up?

:futureclub_thyme1: There's nobody already up there to help you?

:futureclub_openbiker1: There's something I need up high on a rack. I need you to get it down for me.

:futureclub_thyme1: I'll be with you all as soon as I can.

:futureclub_openbiker1: You're making me wait? I was here first.

:futureclub_bloodmouth1: The hell you were! You JUST walked up!

:futureclub_openbiker1: You can't prove that.

:futureclub_hal1: Well, I'm in a hurry.

They're like a mob. I'd better help somebody before a fight breaks out. Which one should I start with? In ascending proximity...
1. Cool biker guy with a sick robot arm
2. Angry lady with blood on her mouth
3. Some kind of hideous flesh monster??
No. 683171 ID: 12b273

Have them fight for the privileged of being first helped! Turn the terrible customers against themselves.
No. 683179 ID: 3e2cae

Pretend to be a customer yourself. Blend into the herd.
No. 683180 ID: defceb

Help the flesh monster. The other two will kill eachother before you get back. Then you have less net customers to deal with.
No. 683182 ID: f2461f

Help the flesh monster.
No. 683189 ID: 2ccbb3

You're in a WHEELCHAIR. That means you have trouble MOVING. So moving up a few floors and REACHING A HIGH SHELF are more difficult than leading someone to the shoelace sets. Help Miss... Bloodmouth?

What the hell is wrong with these people?!
No. 683194 ID: d71d15
File 144722887857.png - (3.26KB , 640x512 , HAL.png )


And this is why I wanted to hide from them. Customers are awful. But to be fair, the next floor is just a quick elevator ride up. There's no way I'm getting on a ladder though.


I've decided to help the muscle beast. He'd probably win a fight anyway. We managed to sneak away when the shoelace lady started strangling the biker dude.

Honestly, this guy kind of freaks me out though. I mean...look at his face. I'm going to have nightmares.
No. 683195 ID: d71d15
File 144722936815.png - (8.09KB , 640x258 , e1m5.png )

:futureclub_hal1: So. Thyme, is it? That's what your nametag says. I'm Hal.

:futureclub_thyme1: Nice to meet you. The elevator's up ahead.

:futureclub_hal1: Swole Hal has joined your party!

:futureclub_hal1: So what's with the wheelchair?

Should I tell him my life story?
No. 683200 ID: defceb

Tell him your life story but replace any mention of people with birds.
No. 683201 ID: 2ccbb3

Censor out a bunch of random words in your backstory.
No. 683203 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah go ahead, then we'll be educated too.
No. 683207 ID: 7a6915

The obvious answer here is sarcasm:
"All the cool kids were doing it back in school when I was too young to know any better, so I followed the trend. Now I'm too stupid and unimaginative to do something different after the mandatory brainwashing when they hired me for this job. How can I help you?"
No. 683251 ID: 2eeb65

Sing him the song of your people.
No. 683318 ID: 12b273

>So what's with the wheelchair?
So what's with your face?.

>Should I tell him my life story?
Maybe the tldr version. A one floor elevator ride isn't a lot of time.
No. 683438 ID: 3e2cae

Instead of telling him your life story just tell him the immediate reason you're in a wheelchair.

Unless the quest is the flashback in which case yes tell him your life story.
No. 683447 ID: d71d15
File 144731044992.png - (4.09KB , 370x148 , e1flashback1.png )

>replace any mention of people with birds.

Haha yeah okay. I remember it like it was last week...

Recalling memory...

:futureclub_thyme1: So why am I back here again?

:futureclub_crow: Caw. Boss says the zombies listen to you. There's a zombie hidin out in this trash compactor. I need you to climb up in there and talk it out.

:futureclub_thyme1: It's off, right? I mean, no power? It won't start up while I'm in there.

:futureclub_crow: Huh? Yeah, don't worry. CAW. Uhh...figure out what's jammin it up while you're at it, kay?

:futureclub_thyme: Fine.

It's crying. I've never seen them do that before.
No. 683448 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask it if it's okay, maybe ask its name? What's bothering it, why it's in here?

What do you usually do with zombies?
No. 683454 ID: d71d15
File 144731290917.png - (3.54KB , 370x148 , e1flashback2.png )

It doesn't have a name...not anymore. It's only supposed to follow verbal commands, and do nothing else.

Nobody knows why they run off and hide like this, but it's rare when it happens.

I'm not supposed to touch it.
No. 683455 ID: defceb

Tell it to get out of the trash compactor. It's organic waste, it belongs in the compost.
No. 683461 ID: f2461f

Pat its head, poke its arm, rub its belly, touch that zombie!
Also ask why it is crying about.
No. 683488 ID: f56624

http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/90830.html#96028 fanart up

Don't touch 'em then. See if you can ask what's up?
No. 684624 ID: d71d15
File 144780260817.png - (3.95KB , 370x148 , e1flashback3.png )


:futureclub_thyme1: Hey...it's okay. What's wrong?

:futureclub_zombie1: ....

:futureclub_thyme1: Why are you crying? What are you hiding from?

:futureclub_zombie1: ....

:futureclub_thyme1: Come on. Let's get out of this thing, okay? Then you can go back to work! How exciting is that?

That seemed to do the trick. It's climbing out of the compactor.
No. 684630 ID: d71d15
File 144780600455.png - (9.07KB , 640x480 , e1m6.png )

:futureclub_hal1: That's quite a story!

:futureclub_thyme1: But I...

:futureclub_bloodmouth1: THOUGHT YOU COULD GET AWAY FROM ME, DIDN'T YOU?
No. 684632 ID: defceb

Hide behind the big dude. If need be, find something you can wield as a weapon. If no weapon can be found, be prepared to awaken your inner cannibal and devour her.
No. 684634 ID: f56624

"Yes, I thought you'd found what you're looking for. Apologies, ma'am."
Remember, the customer is always right!
(shoot worried glance at kind gentleman)
No. 684635 ID: 7a6915

"You just committed assault, the cops have already been called dumbass. Did you really think committing a crime where cameras are watching and recording you was gonna get you customer service? I promise you the cops are overworked enough they aren't moving quick for anything less than murder, so if you leave now you might get away with it."
No. 684636 ID: f56624

Speaking as someone who's worked retail, do not do that.
Never do that.
It does not work.
You call the cops and you wait for the cops to take them away.
No. 684654 ID: 86cfc3

I'm sorry I can only be in one place at a time, ma'am.

Would you like directions to our washrooms? I'm afraid company policy doesn't allow shopping while covered in foreign fluids.
No. 684695 ID: df3055

Just give her your shoelaces. You don't need them, anyway.
No. 685756 ID: d71d15
File 144852253747.gif - (322.29KB , 640x480 , battle1.gif )

Wooo! Sorry for the long update gap. Hopefully things will move a little faster now (fingers crossed!)
There's no weapons around. But this wheelchair goes pretty fast...

:futureclub_thyme1: Yes, I thought you'd found what you're looking for. Apologies, ma'am.

:futureclub_bloodmouth1: Don't you give me that bullshit!

:futureclub_thyme1: Here! Shoelaces! Free of charge, if you leave right now.

:futureclub_bloodmouth1: Are you kidding me? These aren't the right color! And they're USED!

:futureclub_thyme1: Look, just calm down ma'am. The police are already on the way.

:futureclub_bloodmouth1: I'LL KICK YOUR ASS BEFORE THEY GET HERE!

Vicious Customer headbutts!
Hal is dazed.

Combat maneuvers...

-Call for help - Use the department phone to call a manager.
-Wheelchair Slam - Peel out hard! I hated this job anyway.

Dazed! Can't act.

No. 685775 ID: f56624

call for help, the more turn tokens you have the easier it is to beat rng bullshit and keep people healed up.
No. 685810 ID: 86cfc3

Other, item. Apply sportsdrink to cure daze.
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