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File 144716168424.jpg - (921.99KB , 1102x653 , bus01.jpg )
682971 No. 682971 ID: 4d7486

I don't even know what I'm doing.

It's been six months since I went camping with my dad, and now I'm finally coming home.


I don't know what to expect when I get back.

It's easier to think about the practicalities of the situation than it is to think about what happened.

My cellphone isn't going to work.
I am not going to have an apartment or a job.
All my stuff is probably going to be gone.
I am not going to have a car...

I don't even know where to start, trying to pick the pieces up. Even this line of thought is less depressing than trying to think about what I've just left behind, though.

I've still got a few hours before I get back to town. To be honest, I came back because I didn't know what else to do. I need to have some kind of plan.
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No. 682972 ID: 2ccbb3

What are your skills? Who are your friends and family? Every option and every opportunity at your disposal is right there.
No. 682973 ID: 88960e

Okay. Planning:

Are you running from something that might catch up (so we need to be ready to move on at any time) or can we safely build up in one spot?

What are you carrying with you? What skills do you possess?

Do you know anyone here you could turn to for help?
No. 682996 ID: 0ed6e9

... ok wow, Really wondering how the hell a camping trip get's to the point where you lose your job, home, care, and just about everything but the clothes on you back but I won't pry here. You're going back to your home town right? Got any friends that would let you crash over at there place until you got back on your feet?
No. 683062 ID: a107fd

I'm guessing the camping trip was scheduled to last a lot less than six months, there was some disaster, and our hero was missing long enough to be presumed dead.
No. 683066 ID: 4d7486
File 144720053453.jpg - (865.66KB , 1101x650 , bus02.jpg )


Okay, skills. I can play clarinet. I have survived in the wilderness for six months. That's about it. I was raised by my dad, no brothers or sisters. I never knew my mom.

I left him back there... I can't...


Hopefully, there won't be any more running. I really, really hope I'm done running.

All I have with me are some basic camping supplies: fire starter, flashlights, spare clothes, knife, sleeping bag, and some canned goods I bought with the money I didn't need for my bus ticket, plus can opener, cooking supplies, matches, rope... stuff like that. And a dead cell phone.

It's going to be about two in the morning when I get back in town. I could try my boyfriend's place, assuming...

I don't really think the one co-worker I talked to really... we weren't that close.




pretty much this. Six months without paying bills. It was supposed to be a two week vacation. I hadn't talked to my [i]dad[i] in about three or four years. He wanted to reconnect...

I know... I just can't think about it. We saw that creature, we were attacked by that beast...

Other than my boyfriend's place, I'm not sure where else to go. I guess I could go to an internet cafe or something and at least try to charge up my phone. I don't know.
No. 683067 ID: 009851

First things first: did you do anything during your camping trip that could be considered illegal, and if not, you should touch base with anyone you might have known here or a police department that might have been alerted to you and your father missing.

If you ~did~ do something that would be considered illegal that you left behind, you are going to want to see if the apartment you were staying at kept any of your effects and collect them incognito, which might require subterfuge and more illegal happenings, and then keep your appearances in town scarce if at all before moving on to somewhere else, far away.

Nobody has any reason to suspect you of anything since most people probably think you are dead or still missing, so unless everything is fine and legal-looking, if horrifying, it's best to get out before anyone who might recognize you sees you. If you have a hoodie, start putting that hood over your head tight.
No. 683077 ID: b6178d


Get it together. If you've been gone for six months with no word, you've been missing, maybe presumed dead. If you can sell a good reason (got lost as shit in the wild, had a mental breakdown due to whatever reason you'd care to say, got kidnapped, etc.) there's got to be some civil services you could go to and get that whole mess (i.e. your status re: alive/dead) cleared up, and with some good spinning maybe mooch off government support for a while while you get your stuff straight.

Or maybe the state don't care, in which case you could make them care. Hell, in some places, being arrested for a crime that lands you in jail at least also lands you a roof over your head, so nicking what you need doesn't have to be off the table if you're really desperate.

At least you had a place and belongings before, things like that don't just vanish. Get whatever you can back from whoever took them, sell them the sob story of your choice, apologize profusely. Charge your phone on an internet cafe, check your bank accounts, see if you have any money left or if it's all frozen. Go directly to a bank if need be, but only after you've started clearing up your legal state with the civil authorities.

Meanwhile you either need to find the cash to crash at a motel, or go with the boyfriend option, and if you don't like thinking about the past, your boyfriend is gonna be pretty upset and likely wanting answers. Better have a decent story or a clear 'I don't want to talk about it' attitude ready, assuming they even want to talk to you.
No. 683079 ID: 009851

Go to the internet cafe or starbucks or something and charge up your phone and use the time wisely to get a grasp of what's been going on at the homefront.

Also, where are you, and where did you go camping?
No. 683080 ID: 39f669

It sounds like the best thing you could do is not go home. You have nothing that you don't have on your back. You have nothing to tie you to this place. When the bus stops, just don't get off. Move on. Start again.
No. 683084 ID: 15a025

Have to agree here, going to the police would be your best option right now.
No. 683126 ID: 12b273

Um. Who knew where you were, and how long you were planning to be gone?

Normal course of events when you didn't appear when you were supposed to would be your friends, boyfriend and/or workplace would be concerned and report your absence. You were gone more than long enough to be declared a missing person, and for a search to mounted in the wilderness.

...actually, that means you're pretty much gonna have to deal with the media and the cops. It always makes the news when they have to search the woods, especially when no one comes out, or no body is found. They're gonna wanna know what happened.
No. 683140 ID: 2ccbb3

Wait. You're saying that something alien killed your dad? A species that hasn't been discovered and/or confirmed to exist?

There might be a few conspiracy theorists who you can sell the intel to. Did you get a sample of the beast's hair or skin? If not, please write down exactly what it (or they) looked like. That thing took your life but left you with the story; that intel might be worth more than you think.
No. 683191 ID: a107fd

First stop is a public library. Recharge your cell phone, google your own name and see what news stories come up, check your e-mail, write down everything you can remember about what happened (or as much as you can before the librarians kick you out) and save it as a draft.
No. 683225 ID: 4d7486
File 144725427379.jpg - (1.66MB , 2000x1400 , bus03.jpg )

We're here. Time to go.

It was kinda nice to have the aisle to myself for the whole trip. I'd feel like shit if anybody had seen me break down like that.
No. 683227 ID: 4d7486
File 144725440760.jpg - (733.12KB , 1102x653 , bus stop 01.jpg )


I didn't do anything illegal. I don't think so, anyway. The only people I really talk to are Brandon (my boyfriend) and his friends, and Chuck, who is a guy I work with. I'm not close to anybody else. I'm not really close to Brandon's friends either, to be honest.

As far as my stuff, I figure after the first month I didn't pay rent, my landlord probably had me evicted. I doubt they left my stuff in the apartment. They probably threw it away or something, unless somebody else went and got it before they tossed it. It's been half a year...


Going to the government sounds like something to think about tomorrow maybe. I'm more concerned with right now.

If somebody took them, I hope it's Brandon. Otherwise I'm sure they got tossed. Maybe sold off to pay back rent or fees for breaking my lease or something.


I've been living in Lonely Hollows for about five years. I'm originally not even from this state. We went camping at Old Roots State Park, which is about an eight hour car ride away from here. Or a twelve hour bus ride. ugh.


I don't even have a home to go to. I got the ticket back to Lonely Hollows because I don't know where I'd even try to start over.


I have to think about what I want to tell them. I mean, what happened doesn't seem real. ugh.


Just my boyfriend and my boss. I took two weeks vacation to go camping with my dad. Everybody knew when I was supposed to be back. We never saw anybody in the woods. We never saw any search parties or cops or anything. Helicopters. Nothing. But, a lot of things happened that I don't want to think about right now. I'm not sure we were in Old Roots the whole time...


I don't know what we saw, exactly. If somebody told me the story I'd have to tell if I was being honest, I'd think they were lying.

I do hang out in a few chatrooms. I don't have anything that I didn't go in with. I left a lot back there...


Okay, so it seems like I have three choices. I can go to the police, which is going to requrie me to come up with something to tell them that isn't the truth and try to get help. I can go to an internet cafe and get intel and charge my phone, or I can just try dropping in on Brandon and seeing if he actually has any of my stuff and just get intel from him.
No. 683230 ID: 2ccbb3

The longer you wait to report the situation to the police, the harder it will be to get search teams, send backup and the like. Your story gets more incredulous if you don't make a conscious decision to tell it as soon as possible. Tell the truth and explain that it is only your interpretation; for all you know, you may have been drugged for six months and there's a serial killer out in the woods.

While you're at the station, gain intel about what's been going on. Ask questions, steal police files, eavesdrop on the chief.

... Can you hear us? We just started chatting with you on the bus...
No. 683250 ID: 401d7f

Head to a cafe, charge your phone and see if you can contact Brandon before just dropping in on him out of the blue. Also, couldn't hurt to call your co worker while you're there.
No. 683260 ID: 0ed6e9

Cafe first. See if you can't google yourself and see if you pop up in any old news stories.
No. 683340 ID: 4d7486
File 144728197191.jpg - (1.88MB , 2203x1305 , internet cafe01.jpg )


No offense, but I don't think stealing files or eavesdropping is going to do me any good.


I remember there being a place in walking distance, which is a lot further than it used to be, to be honest.

I use some of the cash I have left to pay the fee and go ahead and start charging my phone. Bank account first. It looks like most of my direct withdrawl stuff stopped after I didn't pay rent for a month. So, I guess my phone should still work. I had some money saved and it looks like my cellphone bill has been steady eating up my cash for the past six months. I have a few hundred bucks left.

Yeah, ok, I'm not super good at google, but there is a blurb from, surprise surpise, about six months ago about me and my dad disappearing. I'm guessing Brandon contacted authorities when I wasn't back, and they sent out search parties for like, a few days and didn't find us. Maybe if I was a twelve year old girl or something they'd have looked harder.

It doesn't look like they found my dad...

So. I have a lot of emails. Emails from work. Apparenlty I've been fired. Increasingly panicky emails from Brandon...

This is hard to read.

I'm not digging through all this right now.

Ugh. I guess I could call Brandon. Or I could IM him. I could just send an email to Chuck. He's probably not awake at three in the morning. We weren't that close.

I guess Brandon deserves to know I'm alive. Should I call him or IM? What should I tell him?
No. 683345 ID: 2ccbb3

Call him up.
No. 683361 ID: 4d7486
File 144728715214.jpg - (1.91MB , 2203x1305 , internet cafe02.jpg )

Here goes.

It's ringing.


"May I speak to Brandon?"

"Who is this?"

"It's Mike"

"Oh my god Mike are you fucking kidding me? Is that really you? Are you fucking OK? Where are you? What the fuck happened? Oh my god Mike I didn't think I'd ever hear from you again! Oh my god! Oh my god Mike say something!"

It sounds like he's crying. I have no idea what to say to him. I've always been really bad at emotional stuff...
No. 683362 ID: 2ccbb3

Just tell him that something killed your father (maybe) and left you unable to escape the forest for six months.

Ask him if he has a place for you to stay. If not, then some help would be appreciated.

You're going to the police station next, have him meet you there.
No. 683364 ID: 009851

Did you miss him? Tell him you missed him. Now would probably be a good time to break down crying. Also ask if you can come over.
No. 683402 ID: f61b8d

This seems pretty good, though you should go to the police station as soon as you can work up the wherewithal, and it might be a bad idea to put it off at all; dunno.

By the way, if you can answer without thinking too hard about what happened, is your father confirmed dead, or maybe still alive?
No. 683441 ID: 2c1a76

tell him you're ok and that some bad stuff happened back in the forest.ask to come over
No. 683457 ID: a107fd

"I'm back from that camping trip. My dad... isn't. Not injured, not in jail, but I'm not really okay, either. Can I spend the night with you? I'm at [internet cafe], please come pick me up, can't really afford a taxi or anything."
No. 683573 ID: 009851

also did a person just randomly appear in the internet cafe or did they walk in while you weren't looking?
No. 683580 ID: 60d9b4

So I'm not the only one who has noticed the mysterious appearing woman
No. 683610 ID: 4d7486
File 144737643371.jpg - (618.59KB , 1101x652 , internet cafe03.jpg )


"I missed you!"

I can't help it. I start sobbing. It's probably just because he started crying...


I don't really hear what Brandon is saying when I try to think about leaving my dad. I don't want to think about him still being alive in the state I saw him in...


"Can I come over? I don't have anywhere to stay."

I hear a car door slam and an engine start. I'm crying too hard to hear what he's saying.


"I'm back from camping. I'm not hurt and I'm not arrested but I'm not ok, and my dad's guh gone-" in between hitching sobs I tell him where I am and ask him to come get me.


There's nobody here but me and this fat guy playing roonscape or whatever. Anybody that came in after me would have had to walk past me. It's why I sat at the entrance, to be honest. So I could see if anybody came in.

That fat guy must think I'm on drugs or something.

I hear tires screech outside and Brandon comes barreling through the door and slams me against the desk. I barely have time to stand up before he hugs me so hard I can't breathe. I forgot how soft he was.

"Oh my god Mike I can't believe it! Mike I was so worried, oh my god! I can't believe you're still here!" He digs his fingers in my hair like he thinks I'm going to vanish into smoke.

"For a second I thought somebody was fucking with me and I was so going to kick their ass! Are you ok? You don't have to talk about it right now, but you've got to be exhausted! Are you hungry? Do you want to get breakfast? Oh my god I can't beleive you're alive!"

To be honest I don't know what I want. I'm just kind of a total mess.
No. 683613 ID: 009851

food would be good, and it would give you a chance to mull over things on a not-empty stomach. The presence of someone who still remembers and likes you and cares for you helps too. You don't have to think about things for now, but getting something to eat and possibly talking to Brandon about at least some things might help. You guys should also check in with the police or something when you can to let them know you are no longer missing, pending what Brandon says about them searching for you and your father, because as you said you don't recall ever seeing any search parties.
No. 683614 ID: 009851

also, catching up with Brandon about what he's been doing in the half year you've been gone would probably be a thing to talk about too
No. 683622 ID: ca183f

Aaaaahhh it's a silence run away

Sure breakfast sounds like a thing you can do.
No. 683639 ID: 15a025

A shower might be nice?
No. 683646 ID: 5ad4a7

Non-survival food for the first time in 6 months would be great.
No. 683670 ID: a107fd

What you want is pancakes and bacon and a chance to lay down in a real bed.
No. 683953 ID: 4d7486
File 144753326815.jpg - (483.80KB , 1103x652 , BApt01.jpg )

"I think all I want right now is a shower and something to eat, and a regular bed to sleep in"

Brandon doesn't say a lot during the drive over to his place. It's a good thing I didn't try to drop in, because this isn't where he was living six months ago. It's a pretty nice little apartment in an OK part of town, but ghetto is only a few blocks away. That's how it is pretty much everywhere, though.

Brandon whips up some 4AM pancakes and bacon.

I ask him what happened since I've been gone.

"Well after like, three days and no word from you I called the park service and told them that you were camping with your dad and whatever, and they did a search for you but it didn't turn up anything. I kept calling and I think they got police from over there to help with dogs and stuff, but after like, they never turned up anything, I figured something bad had happened. I called your work and told them, and I went and checked on your place. After like, a month your landlord was evicting you, so I used your spare key and got some of your stuff out before they got rid of it. Just like, your laptop and some of your books and stuff like that. I know I probably should have gotten everything I could but like, I didn't even know if you were alive..."

The pancakes and bacon and hot tea taste like fucking ambrosia. I haven't had a real meal in forever. I was looking forward to the cold canned raviolis I'd bought, but nothing could have prepared me for this...

"I got a new job like, four months ago bartending so I've been even more of a night owl than usual, and I got this new place, and, you know, life."

"that was literally probably the best meal I've ever had," I say.

"You might have to wait to shower. I have a roomate. Roxanne. I was at the gym when you called, so we can both sit here and be smelly till she gets up. As far as sleeping arrangements, your choice, couch or bed. I'm sure I can camp out in the living room for a little while if you want a real bed after half a year."
No. 683968 ID: 2ccbb3

You can sleep on the floor. As long as it's a SAFE FLOOR. Hell, you can sleep in the oven if it's safer than where you were.

Set up a recording program on your laptop. Then begin screaming and crying about the gauntlet you were forced into for a whole six months.
No. 683969 ID: 009851

Even a couch is better than a bedroll from camping, so take that and let Brandon have his bed, for now. Ask if his roommate Roxanne knows about your situation at all. Ask the hard question; if after months of thinking you weren't coming back, had Brandon moved on, is he seeing anyone right now? After that's resolved, you might want to get your laptop and at least try to collect your thoughts and type out or record what happened, as an earlier suggestion says.
No. 683980 ID: 4e78b4

Well of course you should thank him for helping you out. Also couch is more then enough, you don't want to take advantage of his hospitality after all. As for what to do now. Find a spot for your crap, maybe see if your laptop is still working and maybe go online and look for a job. I know you just got back but at the very least you should be able to pay rent here if you have to stick around for awhile. Other then that, shower and sleep.
No. 684009 ID: a107fd

Don't go looking for a job until you've explained to the cops about how you aren't actually dead.
No. 684011 ID: 4d7486
File 144754991540.jpg - (544.78KB , 1103x652 , BApt02.jpg )

"Couch is fine," I say. "Can you get me my laptop, though? I'll probably chill out a while before I go to bed." I figure I can at least make at attempt at seeing what I should do to start job hunting again. Maybe make some notes just for myself about what is going on. I consider telling the cops I'm alive tomorrow too...

"Sure, no problem," Brandon says, cleaning up the dishes and looking a little embarassed.

"So, uh, Brandon," I say, levering up the awkwardness, "I know it's been six months since you've seen me, but are you seein-"

"OH- mygod!" A very loud, feminine voice comes from the hallway, and then a person who I can only assume is Roxanne slides into the kitchen in her underwear. "[b]Should I tell Nathan that you're having cute boys over at four in the morning? Who is this, Brandon? More importantly, is he single?"

Brandon whips around so fast I think he's going to fall over. "He's, uh, he's my ex"

I feel a hard lump in my throat, but I can't help but blush as Roxanne eyes me like I'd been looking at my pancakes a few minutes ago.

"Even better! Nathan's going to love hearing about ex boyfriends over for predawn pancakes when you're all sweaty and-" I think she's literally drooling.

"Roxy! Seriously! Mike was the guy I told you about who went camping and never came back. I'm letting him stay here till he gets on his feet and stuff. He just called me like, two hours ago and told me he was alive. I'm going to talk to Nathan about it tomorrow. Mike's sleeping on the couch. It's seriously not fucking appropriate to joke about, ok?"

I had sort of hoped that Brandon hadn't... I'd kinda hoped he'd have asked me to... I blink several times and swallow that lump in my throat.

"Mike, I'm sorry ok? Brandon, you know I'm just playing. I-" She composes herself. "Mike, you can come sleep in my bed if you'd like. I'm a little warmer than the couch." She winks. Her voice is low and husky.

Brandon knows I like girls too.

I know Brandon wasn't trying to hurt me, but...
No. 684012 ID: f56624

Damn, that's rough buddy.
Still, you're strong. You survived half a year in the wild and you can survive this.

Retort with a "Take me out to dinner first" though, you aint no two-bit hussie
No. 684017 ID: 4e78b4

Well at least his life didn't go to hell because he couldn't get over you so you don't have to blame yourself for ruining his life. Still stick with the couch for now. You can start getting a romantic life again once you can stand on your own to feet again.
No. 684024 ID: a107fd

Give her your best I-am-dead-inside stare and ask bluntly whether she'll take offense if you fall asleep before any sex happens. Then, without waiting for an extended response, go take a shower.

If she clearly isn't scared off by your rough edges, accept the offer to share her bed. You need some sort of human contact in order to stay sane, for all that this might not be a good relationship long-term, and Brandon's in no position to object after introducing you as an estranged ex.

If she backs off at all, lay down on the couch instead and chat with Brandon some more until you fall asleep.
No. 684080 ID: f56624

Fanart up. http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/90830.html#96064
No. 684102 ID: 5812ad

At this point mate, I'd be well assured that Brandon really fucking cares about you. While I know it's really all you had till now to believe you could come back to a part of the life you had, he still hopped in his car before you even said where you were.
No need to be rude or curt, but I feel it's fair to explain that you're more asleep than awake, and that it's really probably best that you sleep on the sofa. I'm interested to see whether she reneges on the advances once she realizes the depth of your exhaustion.
No. 684124 ID: 4d7486
File 144760601071.jpg - (399.83KB , 1103x653 , BaptLr01.jpg )


I give her my best "I'm dead inside" look and tell her she'd have to buy me dinner first, and even then, there'd be nothing going on but sleeping. She has a sort of "Well-I-Never" expression and I go get a shower. I can hear Brandon laughing.


The shower is glorious and everybody is asleep by the time I get up. No sign of ravenous hussies.

I don't even know what his crazy roommate was thinking. I feel guilty for even considering her offer. I know it would hurt Brandon. I know he's got feelings for me. It's not like we got in a fight. He's been 100% there for me since he heard I was alive. He apparently dropped everything in the middle of a workout and rushed over on the hope it was me and not his friends messing with him, and he's been awesome, even though I wish he would have mentioned his new boyfriend earlier. I guess I'm glad I didn't try to kiss him or something.

Brandon left sheets and pillows for me on the couch and my laptop all plugged in, and even though I intend on taking notes and looking on the net a little, I pass out within seconds.
No. 684127 ID: 4d7486
File 144760643241.jpg - (490.66KB , 1103x653 , BaptLr02.jpg )

I hear gurgling. The strangled half-speech I remembered when I ran away from my injured father. "mighkh, Mighkh, khelp mhee"

there is a confusing sensation, hot breath on my cheek. A small, wet drop on my muzzle.

Something warm is pressing against my stomach, but the heavy mantle of exhaustion keeps me still.

I feel fingers dexterously slinking past my underwear, pressing against the opening of my sheath, slowly coaxing, gently massaging my balls.

I smell sweat, I hear heavy breathing. A hungry whisper,

"Roxy want."

Electric warmth swells in my belly as the scraps of nightmare are replaced with the reality of her hand on my erection. I feel my own drool wet my cheek.
No. 684131 ID: 47160d

Wow... Fuck this bitch, not literally. I mean yell at her to leave you alone. Stulta lupa
No. 684133 ID: 38cb3f

What the fuck?! Wake up!!
No. 684139 ID: a107fd

Grab cell phone, dial emergency services. While it's still ringing say "Hello, police? I am, at this very moment, literally being raped."

Unless you actually enjoy this and want her to continue, in which case, simply establish a safe word before proceeding.
No. 684142 ID: 12b273

Just push her hand away.

Quietly and forcefully: "No."

You're in no state for this, especially not in your you-didn't-even-know-you-were ex's apartment.
No. 684143 ID: 5869f6

No. 684144 ID: 2ccbb3

Recall all skills and abilities. Choose the course of action that leads to moderate intimidation and minimal risk of injury.
No. 684148 ID: 009851

freak the fuck out because you've literally just had a traumatizing 6 month experience and were vaguely recalling the strangled whimpers of the father you left behind while someone is taking advantage of your situation. Stand up and back the fuck away, ask her what her fucking damage is.
No. 684155 ID: 3e826b

You're tired and this is probably the comfiest you've been in a while. Just let it happen and when you're done maybe she'll go away.
No. 684156 ID: 4d7486
File 144761874905.jpg - (557.14KB , 1103x654 , BaptLr03.jpg )

I don't have a clarinet, and don't think playing it would do any good

What is happening is not ok.

I am not ok with her using me to get off.

I jump up and pull the sheets over me


She goes careening over the back of the couch as I continue to shout at her.

I hear stomping from the hall and see Brandon Rubbing his eyes and sleepily mumbling. "Whadda fuck is going on in here?"

I hear Roxanne groggily from the floor "Nothing! go back to bed!

My hackles are raised and I kind of want to jump over the couch and punch her in the face.
No. 684157 ID: 91ef6f


Don't attack her, that'll make things worse. Let Brandon deal with her.
No. 684158 ID: 47160d

Stay as calm as you can, and tell Brandon what she did
No. 684159 ID: 009851

Do not attack her, you already stopped her, any further altercation would only make things worse. Explain the situation to Brandon, reconsider his offer of taking the bed so you can be behind a door you can lock, if it's going to be an ongoing issue. If you are too frazzled to sleep, maybe go back to work on what you were doing on the laptop before you fell asleep. You just came back from being missing for 6 months and Roxanne needs to learn some boundaries and especially the right time and place.
No. 684160 ID: a788b7


You really don't want to start a bunch of drama and force Brandon to pick sides between his roommate and his unemployed ex that's crashing on his couch. That's gonna put both of you in a fucked up place.

Tell him that she was doing something while you were sleeping on the couch and it freaked you out since you've been starving in the woods for the last 6 months. Then ask if there's a room you can stay in where you can lock the door to avoid shit like this since you're still jumpy.
No. 684162 ID: 12b273

>My hackles are raised and I kind of want to jump over the couch and punch her in the face.
Don't. She's not worth it. You're in enough of a mess without beating someone's face in.

"Bitch doesn't know how to take no for an answer."

Then slump back on the couch and wait for them to leave.
No. 684188 ID: 4d7486
File 144762853964.jpg - (439.83KB , 1103x654 , BaptLr04.jpg )

I calm down. Fighting with her won't do any good. Besides, I've already stopped what I didn't want to happen.

I start telling Brandon what happened when Roxy jumps up and they start scuffling. Roxy seems unsteady on her feet...

"Goddamit Roxy I'm fucking kicking your ass until you settle the fuck down."

He gets her in a headlock and Roxy's voice is a choked bark, "Gk- it do me- KK- bigboy-"

He walks her backward as she claws at his forearms. "Mark, I am so sorry. I'm going to lock this drunk fucking asshole in her room. She'll pass out in a few minutes and regret this decision in the morning" he grits his teeth and manhandles her into the doorway.

"Gkh it to me hard! MMkhkh yeah!"

He sounds like he's choking the shit out of her, and frankly, I don't feel remotely bad.

I notice the sun is up. I decide to sleep more than the two fucking hours of sleep I've gotten already. Today was better than yesterday. Nowhere to go but up.

the next update will have an actual prompt. I'm taking a break from updating for a bit.
No. 684214 ID: 4d7486
File 144763768179.jpg - (450.75KB , 1103x654 , BaptLr05.jpg )

I wake up, sunlight streaming through the other window into my face. I figure it's around two in the afternoon, at least.

There is a note lovingly placed under my muzzle.

"Dear Mike, it's about noon and I'm heading to work in a few. There's food in the pantry and the fridge, and I put your clothes in the hamper. Wear some of my stuff for now. I left you some shirts and pants under the coffee table. I made Roxy get up and leave when I did. I'm sure she's hating life right now. You can tell me what exactly happened when I get home. Call me if you need anything.

xoxo -Brandon

I guess I have the day to myself. I haven't felt this well-rested or clean in months. I wonder if I should poke around here some. My first real day of freedom...
No. 684215 ID: d86c67

The entire day, all by yourself. All alone. Nobody to stop you sneaking into Roxy's room and taking a look around...

Check out Roxy's room. Go through all her stuff!
No. 684216 ID: 2ccbb3

Okay, type up EVERYTHING you remember from those six months. If you witnessed something worth a million words, write an essay. If you can describe your emotions and opinions about any particular event, make a paragraph of footnotes. If you so much as saw a PIXEL out of place, type it up if you can afford to.
No. 684220 ID: 6cb462

Good idea. But let's eat, and shower first.
No. 684221 ID: bb78f2

Watch TV, see what the world's problems are and focus on them isntead of your own, or play a video game and get lost in it before we do something productive.

Ponder the implications about the hugs and kisses he left at the end of the note.

Maybe research the creature online with your laptop, using it's description as a base to go on, and the region. Cryptozoology sites. Since it's real, there's probably some data on it.

As for an excuse to tell the police, should you choose to do it immediately, just call it a psycho killer that did it, a very huge man attacked us out in the woods and you were lost in 'em for six months.

For job hunting, should you choose to do that instead, it's fast food, retail, or security positions. Take your pick.
No. 684302 ID: a107fd

Catch up on your favorite webcomics.
No. 684310 ID: 73c49c

look up if here have been any other disaperenses or sightings of the thing that attacked you in the forest.

type down what you remember happening, when people ask you question your mind can play tricks on you by changing things according to how they ask questions. thus its best to type down right now what you remember happening before others start asking.
No. 684565 ID: 4d7486
File 144775831584.jpg - (561.81KB , 1104x652 , baplr06.jpg )


I can give Brandon some of my meager savings, but I'm basically starving, and he and Roxy have a lot of snacks, poptarts, breakfast bars and sodas. Weird diet fruit sodas.

Delicious weird diet fruit sodas...

Shooting zombies always makes you feel better too. Just the air conditioner humming behind me and not making me feel like a filthy animal is amazing. This is heaven...

At the same time, checkin' stuff out on the internet.

I read like, two webcomics so it honestly doesn't take me that long to catch up. Oh God I feel like a normal person. Like a normal person on a Saturday, even though it's probably not Saturday? No, ok, it's Thursday. Like a normal unemployed person on a Thursday.

I don't even feel like doing online applications. I didn't actually have a shitty retail job. I'd been working for like, four years for an insurance company.

My thoughts turn to the hugs and kisses on Brandon's note. He has feelings for me. I definitely still have feelings for him. It's not like we got in a fight and broke up, but he's obviously tried to move on. I'm not sure what I should do about that.


I DO poke around on the internet and see what I can find. I manage to track down some things that seem pretty creepy, but it's on some website for Oriental cartoon enthusiasts... Creepy stories about people seeing dark shapes, freinds of friends disappearing. It's not even a full thread about it, just two or three people who had creepy camping encounters there. I can't find anything legitimate, though.

Some very un-supernatural disapperances. Like, people getting lost and dying of exposure when they go in completely unprepared or getting attacked by animals. It's a pretty huge wilderness area.

I don't know that what happened with me wouldn't look like an animal attack.


I guess I should type something up. I open a new .txt document and type up what I remember.


I feel horrible, and a little nauseous. Probably all this disgusting shit I've been eating.

I need to think about something else.


Nobody's here to stop me from digging through everybody's stuff! I really don't know what her deal is. I really don't. There is clearly something deeply wrong with her. What kind of person... I feel like I'm not 100% on throwing her under the bus for what she did last night, assuming she was trashed. I feel like if I tell Brandon what actually happened, he will probably throw her out of the house. I guess I could poke around the house and dig through her stuff, though...
No. 684570 ID: a107fd

Write a thank-you on the note Brandon left, some more hugs and kisses, and then go to the police station. Start getting back on the grid.

Speaking of insurance... if your dad had any sort of retirement savings, a house, or other valuable property, you've got a legal claim on all that now.
No. 684571 ID: a22f87

you wrote 4 lines... guess we can toss writer/author into the trash pile of future jobs you can do.

But for real if you go poking around don't touch anything seeing as that could make things a hell of a lot worse. I mean there has to be a reason why Brandon keeps Roxy around and if you got caught digging through her shit it could add fuel to the fire on this mess and could end with you getting tossed back out on the street. No I don't think that's likely but then again why risk it.

Oh and other things to look up for later. Look up "windigo" and "skinwalker". See if they sound like whatever you ran into out there.
No. 684572 ID: 4d7486
File 144776074912.jpg - (582.02KB , 1106x654 , RxRm01.jpg )

I send Brandon a text "Thx for everything. xoxoxo"

My dad did own a house. It's in a different state, though. I guess I'd have to get the police involved to legally inherit it or whatever, though. Assuming they can find his body... That wouldn't be the police here, though. That would be the police from whoever policed Old Roots, I'd think.

It's like, an hour before dark. I kind of don't want to be out by myself after dark, on foot. I guess I'll have to do it eventually, though.


Yeah, I guess I shouldn't dig THROUGH her stuff, but I can at least check out her room.

Well, I can't say I'm super surprised? I guess?

There is a closet on my right, and the left door goes directly into the bathroom. I noticed the second door in there when I was taking a shower, but assumed it went into a linen closet or something.

I saw stuff about "windigos" and "skinwalkers" on the Oriental cartoon forum. Nothing that we encountered looked like a person.

No. 684596 ID: 022380

Her room's a mess! Check out her laptop, her clothes; she'll never know.
No. 684605 ID: a22f87

well it's a mess. I wonder how bad her drinking problem is? I mean I see a few bottles yeah but Not enough to suggest she's a ragging alcoholic. Let's just hope that if we're going to be stuck here for a bit that whatever happened last night was a one time occurrence.
No. 684621 ID: 009851

don't dig through her shit or look on her laptop, she might be one of those people who knows her own organized chaos. Also it would be rude and stooping to her level. Her being possibly drunk out of her mind doesn't excuse her behavior but you might want to see if things are square with her before telling Brandon anything that would get her kicked out over a mistake that was averted beforee it became a bigger mistake. Instead take a gander at Brandon's room; you may be able to assess from a few quick looks what the relationship status is with this other person he mentioned in passing.

See if you can get your old job back at the company, who knows, someone in management might have a soft spot for survival stories. Of course, still let the police know you are alive and back.
No. 684641 ID: e17c63

This, might be interesting!
No. 684642 ID: ec18b2

Go through her stuff you shameless creep.
No. 684669 ID: 5812ad

I agree. This seems like the end result of a long-term downwards spiral, and we don't know the circumstances of her current situation.
Her actions last night re inexcusable, but hopefully she isn't as despicable a person as she might seem from that. People make bad choices, and sometimes they're strong enough to realize that and try to make them right.
I'd make sure that you know noone's gonna come in the door and catch you red-handed. Lock the front door so whoever comes home has to drag their key out, keep an ear up for any early arrivals.
No. 684674 ID: 5ad4a7

Don't be a nosy ass.
No. 684677 ID: a107fd

Best way to deal with Brandon's new boyfriend is open, honest communication. If it turns out all three of you can get along well enough, why insist on monogamy?

>Assuming they can find his body...

Wouldn't be an issue. If he's been missing long enough to be presumed dead, that's good enough for probate court. Sorting things out might still take a certain amount of time, money, and lawyers, though.
No. 684683 ID: 73c49c

> legally inherit

they are going to suspect that you killed him, but i think they will throw that away after questioning. normally people don't spend 6 months lost in the woods after killing someone for there property.

if she walks in on you searching her stuff you can used the old "you grabbed my privacy last night, so i though i would return the favor" line
No. 684684 ID: 4d7486
File 144784823481.jpg - (491.45KB , 1104x653 , RxComp.jpg )


I should find out more about her. I mean, her room is a mess. Her laptop is sitting right there...


There's a lot of beer bottles, and I see a few liquor bottles in the piles of clothes too.


The front house door is definitely locked.

Maybe digging through her clothes is too far and could get me in trouble. The laptop can't hurt, though, as long as I don't open any videos or mess around on her internet search or messengers.

I think I really need to talk to Roxanne before I talk to Brandon. Also, yeah I should probably check his room out too. I want to find out what the deal is with his new boyfriend. Brandon said he was going to talk about it with him today if I remember right. I'm not looking forward to the fallout from that conversation. It should be a while before Brandon is home, though. I think it'll be after midnight if he was at the gym last night at like, one in the morning.


I do a little searching on my phone. Looks like he will have to be missing for five years before he can be declared dead. So, as far as inheritance and all that goes, that is definitely not a "right now" problem, unless they find his body...

I'll try not to go to sleep at like, five in the morning and sleep for like, ten hours tomorrow so I can have like more than four hours of daylight to go to the police station...

I open up her laptop. Looks like she's got:
trash can, internet, messenger, video games, and my computer,

and then four folders on her desktop.

Unicorns - I'm noticing a theme here...
MagicalRealm Vids - no idea
Porn - don't know that I want to know what's in here
Internet - probably memes and stuff?
No. 684694 ID: 2ccbb3

Can you transfer the video games to your computer?

Keep writing about the camping trip while the memories are still fresh. The more stuff you do in civilization, the harder it will be to remember what happened there.

Breakfast sounds good.
No. 684697 ID: cf91e4

The right places to snoop are the messenger and the recycle bin. I think it's best that we leave though.
No. 684698 ID: 936885


You've already started looking through the laptop. Now that you've started, there's no reason not to go all the way. Look through her underwear and porn. Nothing will go wrong.

Going to the police station would be awkward. they'll question you and ask you to recall events you probably don't want to remember right now. Try your best to relax. Be positive. Everything is getting better. You're in a comfortable place with at least one person who is trying to help and support you. All that matters at this time is making sure everything works out with Roxy, Brandon and Nathan.
No. 684716 ID: 009851

Your curiosity is sated, now get out of there and check out Brandon's room. Look for signs of pictures, you can at least prepare yourself for a talk to come. Also, you don't know when Roxanne gets off of work or whatever she's gone doing so she could be back at any moment. Obviously you aren't able to really write out fully what happened just yet given from what little you were able to write when prompted, so don't worry about that for now, just concentrate on how to ENDURE the current situation.
No. 684720 ID: a788b7


Brandon won't be home until later, but you don't know when Roxy is going to be home and you probably don't want to be in her room when she gets back. Bail.

Also don't go snooping through brandon's room either, for much the same reason. This is the only place you have to stay right now and they probably won't like you rummaging through their shit.
No. 684721 ID: bb78f2

You can probably at least crash at your Dad's house even if he won't be declared for 4 years. You at least want to maintain it so you can sell it down the line.

I know you probably want to spend some time with Brandon, but if he's tried moving on, and chooses to, maybe it would be best to start anew in your Dad's home away from him. No rent or mortgage to worry about, just property taxes, which may be wavered or delayed due to the special circumstances. Plus, it will probably just be taken automatically from his own financial accounts or his assets, since the government has that capability if The Pursuit of Happiness is accurate, where they took 400$ from a man living below the poverty line RIGHT from his bank account.

I just want to leave the crazy roommate lady alone. She might have a sensitive nose and might like, smell you in here, so minimize your time lingering in it. I don't want her assaulting you over territorial instincts. It seems like Brandon's had to roughhouse her before, but he hasn't kicked her out, so she probably suffers from a mental illness and has an obligation as an at-home orderly or something. It isn't common for a roommate to actually CHOKE the other one, especially a tiny wolf lady. That's usually a ONE TIME thing and you're out, especially when she tries and rapes your believed-to-be-dead ex, even if she IS drunk.
No. 684824 ID: 4d7486
File 144793444439.jpg - (268.08KB , 1101x653 , BBr01.jpg )


I'd better leave, I guess. I check the recycle bin right quick before I close her computer. It's empty...

I really don't know when she'll be back. I guess I shouldn't snoop around like a creeper...

...although it can't hurt to at least peek in Brandon's room. Yup, looks like a room Brandon would live in. No pictures of new BF everywhere or anything.

Trying to write that other stuff down made me feel just awful.


I think it might be best if I just avoid the police station. I mean, I know I'm not legally dead or anything now. These aren't the police who would have been searching for me or anything. I don't really see what positive thing I could get out of going there, really. I've got some people who are willing to help me out here, for now.


This isn't a bad idea. It's going to be a trip to get down there, especially if I have to take a bus. I think I'd still have to do a lot of walking. He didn't exactly live in a very urban area. It's at least an 8 hour drive with a car.

I don't think I'm physically or emotionally prepared to go down there now, but it might have some clues as to why the trip happened in the first place, and may explain some of the...


As for Roxanne, I have no idea what is going on with her. It seems like, yeah, getting shithammered on a wednesday night for no reason isn't the best idea to start with? Clearly, she's got, uh, issues. She is almost as tall as Brandon though. Way taller than me, and not exactly a skinny waif. But yeah, seemed like this wasn't the first time Brandon had to restrain her...


"HEY! Open up! I want to talk to you!"

Somebody is knocking on the front door. I don't recognize the voice. It's male and a little high-pitched.

After a few seconds, more knocking.

"Open the fuck up!"
No. 684831 ID: a22f87

does the door have a peep hole for you to spy through?
No. 684836 ID: 4c9b48

Open open open quickly open the door I'm sure it's important! I'm sure they won't be dangerous.
No. 684842 ID: 2e2e33

Whatever you do don't respond, that is almost definitely the new boyfriend and we don't want to meet him without Brandon to help us out
No. 684868 ID: cf91e4

If it is, what are the chances that he'd have a spare key?

I'd say check who it is. Ask who it is if there's no peephole, but don't open the door.
No. 684873 ID: 2ccbb3

Keep the door locked. Ask him what is wrong.

Also, tell him that you never asked to lose almost everything in six months. You need time to decide if you want to let go of what you have left.
No. 684877 ID: df3055

Is there a chain on the door? If so, open with chain engaged. If not, well... I guess ask who it is?
No. 684888 ID: a107fd

Don't answer the door, don't make noise, don't cast a shadow on the peephole.

Copy the contents of Roxanne's porn folder over to your laptop. That way you can say you didn't look at it on her computer without technically lying. Whatever is wrong with her has something to do with sex, so that's where the clues would be.
No. 684889 ID: bb78f2

Just sit it out, don't make noise.
No. 684905 ID: 009851

You aren't in your own house or apartment, don't answer the door to anyone that doesn't already live there. If you must, quietly take a look through the peephole, but don't let the person on the other side know anyone is around. I wouldn't even bother looking, though, it doesn't matter who or what it is, unless they live there or have their own key to the place, then you shouldn't let them in.
No. 684915 ID: 9bffc6

Also heads up there's a /dis/ thread now http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/96122.html
No. 684996 ID: 4d7486
File 144802210491.jpg - (278.44KB , 1102x653 , blr06.jpg )


Not so much a peephole as a giant window over the top of it.


I probably shouldn't leave somebody locked on the stoop...


I have the suspicion that Brandon has talked to him already. I can see a guy I don't recognize, but he definitely looks like he's here on purpose.


Maybe I should confirm that's who it is?


Maybe I should just wait it out...?

"Oh my god I know you're in there! Open the fucking door!"

More banging

"Brandon is seriously going to be pissed if he finds out you left me locked on the porch!"

More banging
No. 685000 ID: cf91e4

>Brandon is seriously going to be pissed
Nah, he'd understand.

Ignore him. Is there anywhere to hide in Roxy's room if this goes bell-end? I doubt he'd be willing to move her shit around.
No. 685001 ID: 99769c

Well now it's too late. Better open that door. Just present yourself as frightened and worried, apologize for taking so long to open the door and let them say what they want to say. Hope for the best.
No. 685003 ID: 73c49c

open the door for him and talk.
No. 685005 ID: 009851

~Would~ Brandon be pissed? Moreover, confirm whoever it is that knows where Brandon lives, and if it's Nathan, ponder briefly if Brandon would just tell Nathan "Hey my boyfriend that disappeared 6 months ago is back and crashing at my apartment you should totally go over there"

Nah, I don't think you've had a day of peace yet to deal with some jealous boyfriend. If there is a way to get in touch with Brandon, call him and ask about Bangy McAngerface at the door.
No. 685016 ID: bb78f2

We haven't been properly introduced, and it would be rude of me to let someone in Brandon's home without knowing who they are or confirming it with him.
If you DON'T have your own copy of the key, that means I cannot allow in his home without his consent, nor may I answer the door formally for any salesmen, enemies, or friends.

House guest rules. Sorry guy. I'm a stickler for them.
No. 685031 ID: ca183f

Just text Brandon and ask him. Seriously, this isn't that hard. And tell Poundy Dude to hold on a second, geez.
No. 685033 ID: 569ee7

this, yeah.
"dude would you let some stranger banging and hollering into a friend's house? I don't even know who you are! just give me a bit to call brandon and confirm, alright?"

>call brandon and confirm
No. 685107 ID: 4d7486
File 144810809160.jpg - (279.02KB , 1102x653 , blr07.jpg )


I give Brandon a call. It's super noisy, so he must be at the bar working.

"Hey Brandon, did you talk to Nathan? I think this is him outside banging on the door yelling to come in."

Brandon shouts back into the phone over the crowd "Dammit! I expressly told him not to do that! But I'm not surprised he did"

Meanwhile, I can faintly hear another voice

"Whadda fuck is going on in here?"

Nathan turns away from the door

"Brandon? What the fuck are you doing home?"

I think he's about to leave...
No. 685108 ID: 73c49c

GET HIM INSIDE NOW AND TELL HIM ITS A TRAP. that thing is not Brandon,run to the door and drag the guy in while warning him Brandon is at work we just talked to him on the phone. slam the door shut, lock it and get knives from the kitchen!
No. 685110 ID: 73c49c

No. 685111 ID: 7c763a

Open the door and pull him inside, give him the phone, closing the door behind him. Say it's Brandon.
No. 685119 ID: cf91e4

Get him inside.
No. 685120 ID: 1cebc8

What if this is a two-man con? If one or BOTH of them are from the forest they could easily trick you into letting one of you in. Among other things.

Example 1: The guy at the door is the enemy, Brandon is using the cell phone, and the guy who just drove up is Nathan.
Example 2: The guy at the door is the enemy, Brandon is using the cell phone, and the guy who just drove up is the enemy.

You can't trust them, you don't know enough about the situation to make a good estimate.

Get a weapon and unlock the door. Ask Brandon where he keeps his guns.

What should we call the enemies from your camping trip?
No. 685124 ID: a107fd

Shout "That's not Brandon! I called him, he's still at work!"

Continue not opening the door. You've been outside with no secure perimeter for six months, are you really ready to jump back in after less than a day?

Whoever or whatever is impersonating Brandon out there, you can spoil their A-plan without even needing to know what it is, at little or no risk to yourself. Stay safe, stay alert, see how the situation develops.

If you seriously want to risk your own life to save the romantic rival you've never met from nameless horrors of the outer darkness, well, a hero's gotta do what a hero's gotta do. At least grab a knife or a fire extinguisher or a bottle of something unpleasant from under the sink before charging into the fray.
No. 685129 ID: bb78f2

Yo, Brandon, you got a twin brother? Nathan's reacting to another Brandon outside the door.
No. 685145 ID: 4d7486
File 144813088252.jpg - (365.45KB , 1102x653 , blr08.jpg )

I fling the door open and grab the collar of his jacket, dragging him in. Instantly I hear heavy, pounding footfalls and a deep, gutteral bark.

"Goddamit Roxy I'm fucking kicking your ass until you settle the fuck down."
No. 685146 ID: 4d7486
File 144813091119.jpg - (338.72KB , 1102x653 , blr09.jpg )

I slam the door shut and Nathan, off balance, slides down onto his knees as I click the deadbolt and press my back against the door.

It shakes when something slams into it.

"Mark, I am so sorry." whatever-it-is whines outside the door.

Before Nathan has a chance to react, I slam the cellphone against his head and babble

"I'm on the fuckingphone with Brandon! I'm on the fuckingphone with Brandon!"

His expression flashes through anger, confusion, and finally settles on confused, angry terror.

I can hear Brandon's voice on the phone asking what the hell is going on.

Nathan echoes the sentiment.

This is absolutely nothing like anything I encountered in the woods. I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
No. 685147 ID: 15c085

"Brandon, I just got Nathan in the house and now there's some big, pissed off monster trying to get through the door. I'm gonna need to call the cops or something."
No. 685149 ID: fbc59e

"Freaking huge monster outside your home Brandon!"
I think should suffice...But how does it know about last night's conversation? Is Roxy like...A...Werewolf or something crazy?
No. 685150 ID: 1cebc8

The entity is obviously mimicking what Brandon said last night. Looks like something from the woods followed you home, possibly on foot.

The real question is, HOW did they figure out what Brandon said? You were in a closed room. Was the entity stalking you, or did it read your mind?

Mike, ask Brandon where Roxy keeps her weapons. Nathan, bar all doors and windows with stuff.
No. 685151 ID: a22f87

big scary mother fucker outside the house that was pretending to be you.
No. 685155 ID: 009851

Tell Brandon that Nathan saw something that apparently looked like him, and you acted quickly to pull him inside before something bad happened, introduce yourself to Nathan, tell Brandon and Nathan you have no idea what that is but that it seems to be repeating sentences other people have said. Not in any particular order.

Also, don't call the cops, I don't think the cops will be able to help with this.
No. 685157 ID: 009851

maybe take a look at the window in the almost-rape update and you will find a land of magical adventure
No. 685163 ID: bb78f2

Just lie and say that this is what you encountered while missing for six months. This thing disguised as my Dad and tried to kill me several times. Because of the encounter, you can see its true form. Say it's come back to finish the job!

I KNOW you'll sound crazy, but with Brandon on the line, they BOTH might believe you, which means you can pin everything on this bastard from their perspective, at least until later Hopefully it will reveal it's true form to them in time.
No. 685166 ID: 7c763a

Freak out and make out with Nathan!

Ask them to call Roxy and tell her what's going on, she needs to know. Keep your back to the door as if your small, weak frame will somehow help stop the monster from breaking in.
No. 685189 ID: 73c49c

Whisper to Nathen "Nathan, what did you see walking towards us. I saw a abomination that looks like it followed me from my camping trip from the woods." After he responds try and get knives and tell Brandon over the phone there is some creature pretending to be him and to NOT come back tell you give him the all clear. He should call Roxy and give her the same warning, it looks like it could belong in the same family of the thing you saw killing you dad in the woods.

you can see the thing watching them >>684127
its in left bottom side of the window, just above Roxy's foot.Its not Roxy, but its taking / mimicking her form somewhat.
No. 685200 ID: 4d7486
File 144815061712.jpg - (338.43KB , 1102x653 , blr10.jpg )

Nathan calls Roxy and I take Brandon back.

I didn't actually get a good look at what it was. I just saw something big flash past the window in the dark.

"There is SOMETHING outside. I saw a dark shape but I couldn't see anything specific. It was imitating your voice from last night with your fight with Roxy. I think it was watching us then and trying to get Nathan to go off with it."

I consider our options.

"Is Roxy a werewolf?"


"Where does Roxy keep her weapons?"

It's a lot quieter on the other end. I guess he went on break or something?


"Yeah, like, where are your guns or whatever?"

"Roxy is a felon. She can't be around guns. I uh, don't have any weapons?"

There's a pause.

"Kitchen! The kitchen has glass doors to the back porch! Make sure they're locked. Knives in the kitchen! Bathroom is probably the safest."

"Don't come over!" I say. "Stay at work and call me before you come home."

He asks if Nathan is Ok and I look at him talking to Roxy. He's at least as OK as I am.

Nathan says that Roxy was really drunk and he convinced her not to come over. That's good at least.

I hang up with Brandon and ask Nathan what he saw.

He says that he heard Brandon's voice, but the side of the house was blocking his view of whatever it was, and he just caught a glimse of something large and not-Brandon-shaped he was pulled inside the house.

I wonder if I should turn on lights. It's really dark in here. I also wonder what exactly our plan of action is.
No. 685201 ID: a22f87

lock all doors and windows, stay together incase it does get inside so it can't trick either of you by pretending to be the other Then lock yourself in the bathroom with a phone charger so you don't have to worry about it dying and turn on all the bathroom lights. Bring the knives and sleep in shifts if you have to.
No. 685203 ID: 1cebc8

You are dealing with a fairly intelligent enemy who has high-profile detection problems and an array of abilities/weapons. You need to build a defense.

Barricade each room with whatever you can find. Take the knives and place them in each room where you can easily find and pick them up for throwing. Hold two knives in your hands and be ready to throw. Back-to-back with Nathan, be on the lookout for about an hour. Then come up with a long-term strategy.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Roxy should call the police, tell them about the stalker with claw weapons that followed Mike home. The password is "Laser Gummi Chocolate" but warn the police that you will be on edge.
No. 685208 ID: 73c49c

First go to the back and lock that glass door, then grab knives as it might try to walk though it. Then check where it is, it might give up and walk off. After locking windows talk Nathen to the bathroom and explain what you saw. Ask him what relations he has with Brandon and Roxy.
No. 685213 ID: 3274e0

>I wonder if I should turn on lights. It's really dark in here.
No no no no no
Turning on the lights will make it REALLY easy to see in the house from the outside, and at the same time makes it hard to see very far outside. This is the last thing we want when there's a giant whateverthefuck lurking around, much less one that's crafty enough to try deceiving through mimicry.
No. 685226 ID: 009851

Go make sure the kitchen glass doors are locked and acquire a knife and, possibly scour the area for a broom and maybe some duct tape in the drawers if you have time, then reconvene with Nathan. If you are able to procure duct tape and broom, tape knife to end of broom handle. After all, if the thing does decide to break in, I don't think a knife is going to stop it from dismembering you after you flimsily stick it once; distance is better. If the monster starts trying to break through, relocate to the bathroom and brace against it as much as possible. If not, watch and wait to see what the sinister outsider mimicbeast does. Maybe ask Nathan what he's doing here, even if you probably already know he's probably just there to be a jealous boyfriend.
No. 685234 ID: df3055

Agree with the broomspear idea. Any kind of aerosol spray cleanser or a fire extinguisher would also be good to grab for long-range blinding purposes. Lock back door first, though.
No. 685244 ID: 888956

This isn't the time to ask Nathan questions, this is the time to survive!

It's safe to assume the back door is locked. Even if it is, I am sure the monster has a way to uh, unlock it. I doubt there is a weapon of any sort in the place that could harm this monster. There is only one good strategy here.

Hide in Roxy's room with the door closed, maybe try the closet in her room. I'm sure that, even if the monster got inside, it would be repulsed by the mess and leave.
No. 685247 ID: a107fd

Check the perimeter, make sure everything is closed, locked, deadbolter, but without proper carpentry tools barricading is likely a waste of effort.

Hairspray flamethrower is worth considering as a weapon option. Does the kitchen have bleach? Caustic alkali based drain cleaner? Figure out some way to throw those in the thing's face.

Knives are probably the simplest, improvised spear... maybe not so great in a tight space.

You could put one of those cans of ravioli inside a sock, use it as a club. Less lethal than a blade but more distracting and harder to screw up.

Whatever immediate survival plan you settle on, equip phone in your off-hand with camera mode ready to go. This is all going to melt into a terrifying blur tomorrow, so let the machine remember on your behalf.
No. 685443 ID: 15a025

Use phone to record what's happening. Make some kind of hourly log on whats happening.
How good would you say you are at un-armed combat? Do you have sharp claws you could use to defend your self in case you can't find some kind of weapon?
No. 685790 ID: 4d7486
File 144854642905.jpg - (431.63KB , 1107x655 , bapkit01.jpg )

This thing is fast. We only have moments to act.

We dash into the kitchen and I grab the knives I can easily see while Nathan slams the deadbold on the door. I don't actually think any of the windows open. They all look like they're painted shut, so I don't worry about that.

We run, tripping and stumbling over each other, leaving the lights off and dashing into the bathroom.
No. 685791 ID: 4d7486
File 144854649179.jpg - (490.53KB , 1101x652 , BrBth1.jpg )

We lock the door to the hall and the door to Roxy's room. Nathan grabs a can of hairspray and a lighter and we huddle in the tub.

I have a knife and my phone. At the very least, I can get a picture of it.

We huddle in the tub. I don't think our chances of fighting it off are very good, to be honest.

We can only hear each other breathing until the near-silence is destroyed by shattering glass and splintering wood. It sounds like the back door. It sure didn't wait very long.

We can hear something walking slowly into the house. Heavy footsteps on tile. Heavy breathing...

There's something we're missing. Why didn't it just break out the window over the door when we were sitting right underneath it?

My ability to reason is interrupted by the gurgling half-speech of my father, before I abandoned him- "mighkh, Mighkh, khelp mhee...."

It's getting closer...
No. 685793 ID: 2ccbb3

Possible reasons why it can't break windows:

1) Cannot attack any reflecting surface - something to do with its mimicry
2) Fear of pain
3) Good at mimicry, bad at tactical sense

Just get ready to throw the knives; the enemy probably does not know how to communicate, but does know how to attack you psychologically. Much like how pet owners know how to push their pets' buttons but have no clue of what their pets are really thinking.
No. 685800 ID: 395c9b

Why haven't we called the police yet? Too late now, your voice will attract it, but still.
No. 685823 ID: a22f87

maybe it broke the door because it's not actually intelligent, just very very clever. So while it can come up with a 101 ways to try and trick you it's still just an animal. Oh and turn you're phone on silent just incase someone calls you. It would suck to have that thing burst through a wall or something because a telemarketer wanted to know if you'd like to change your cell phone provider or something like that.
No. 685838 ID: a107fd

Could be it can't climb very well. Window in the door is pretty high off the ground, no good footholds. Might also explain why it didn't go through any of the larger windows.

If it's also got audio samples from the campsite, this thing has either been following you (cross-country, at highway speeds), or can read minds well enough to extract traumatic memories.
No. 685872 ID: da8c89

You could mute your phone, call the police and then just leave it hanging.

Last I checked, they have to check on calls like that.
No. 685898 ID: 742b4a

Probably can't deal with reflective surfaces. Can you remove any of the mirrors in the bathroom? You could use them as barriers or shields.
No. 685902 ID: 15a025

Rip those reflective looking doors off that cabinet and use them as shields.
No. 685907 ID: 73c49c

"mighkh, Mighkh, khelp mhee"

that thing did come from the woods, or was watching you when your dad died.

plan of attack, if it gets spray it in the face with the flame thrower. Then it will flail wildly, go in low and stab it in the knee/ cut its tendon in one of its legs. Jump back and give it another spray and try and get past it as it backs up from the fire. Run or go for a follow up stab in its back if you get out of the room.
No. 685914 ID: fe06ff

Call the po-po
after the first couple batches get killed maybe they'll send in some pros
No. 685916 ID: fe7899

Cuddle up to Nathan, with your head against his. It's cold, dark and scary. You need the comforting touch of another person.
No. 685941 ID: 009851

When you were in the woods being pursued by whatever, did you have periods where you had to hide from it? If so, what were your methods? Was it complete silence, or distraction? You might want to close the curtain quietly if it was silence and not being seen. If Brandon came over here in a car, and has the ability to do so, get him to press the panic button for his car, it should be loud enough to distract, hopefully, and possibly lure it away.

It looks nothing like what you encountered in the forest, so maybe it has some degree of psychic channel that is picking up frequencies of memories and mimicking them to draw victims in. The odds that this is ~related~ to your camping incident are highly likely, however.
No. 685985 ID: ad936f

It's psychic, it knows your brain. It's specifically trying to get into YOUR head. It didn't break through the front door because you didn't think about the fact that it could.
It can't be the reflective surfaces thing, it broke in through the GLASS back door.
No. 686446 ID: a107fd

Ooh, that opens the possibility of Krell Machine hijinx!

Mike, concentrate on this. What I am about to describe is the most horrifying possibility, and therefore inevitable. Believe in it. The monster is going to kick a hole in the bathroom door, stick it's muzzle through just as Jack Nicholson did in The Shining, and shout "who's the birthday boy?" like the world's worst rent-a-clown trying to get a party started. Then, it is going to turn around, go back to the kitchen, and ransack the cabinets for material with which to bake a birthday cake.
No. 689896 ID: 9bffc6
File 145079164051.jpg - (202.17KB , 1100x651 , ss+(2015-12-22+at+07_18_14).jpg )

I unscrewed the mirror doors off of the cabinets and I'm suddenly much less sure that calling the police is a good idea. There are a bunch of unlabeled pill bottles and rolls of cash shoved next to the normal sort of things you'd expect to be in a medicine cabinet.

The door rattles on its hinges.

"mighkh, Mighkh, khelp mhee"

I hear claws scraping down the wood.


I concentrate on a particularly ridiculous scenario to see if the monster was listening to me back then or if it's taking thoughts out of my mind.

The door rattles on its hinges. I hear Nathan squeak.

"... Mike..."

The door shakes again and I hear the wood begin to split.
No. 689897 ID: e0e510

Down an entire bottle of pills all at once before the door opens.. then prepare for combat.

Pray Roxy returns to save the day.
No. 689909 ID: 4780ef

well this is going to suck. Hold mirror up at the door and wait for it to brake through, once it does the only advice I actually have is if it keeps coming towards the two of you is to rush it, slam the mirror into it's face and hope you can stab something important like the throat or heart.
No. 689914 ID: 15a025

Get ready to show this thing just how ugly it is.
No. 689947 ID: 5ad4a7

Get ready to shove the mirror in its face, then stab it.
No. 690043 ID: 34389b
File 145087304595.jpg - (669.94KB , 1105x655 , BrBth3.jpg )

Fuck you, buddy.


We ready our mirrors as the upper part of the door shatters, the thing snarling from the darkness of the hallway.

I can't tell which of us is screaming as the gout of flame fills the room.

The creature recoils with a piercing shriek, and we hear it rapidly retreating down the hallway toward the door.

Small tongues of flame lick across the shattered wood.
No. 690046 ID: 56cf18

golly, it worked!

time to get futuristic reflective clothing!
No. 690051 ID: 73c49c

I think its more afraid of fire then mirrors, but most beasts are.

Make sure that the door does not catch fire and see if you can't get it out of the house with fire (while not setting the house on fire).

might want to invest in fire creating and holding tools like primitive torches and or flamethrowers (torches are less likely to take the house down).
No. 690077 ID: 724518

The upper part of the door doesn't look shattered to me. I think your perceptions are being played with here. Did it really enter the room and then run away? Is it trying to lure you out with this illusion?
No. 690085 ID: 5ad4a7

Huh... there's two doors in the bathroom? The mirrors are reflecting the busted door. The other one (to the right) is a closet, I'm guessing.

Where did the flame come from, the creature? Or did a fucking willowisp just show up out of nowhere when it broke through? This stillframe is confusing. Oh well, I'll account for both events. If it was just the creature breathing fire or exploding into flame, put out the fire. You've got a sink right there.
If somehow a living ball of flame is now in the way, try uh... saying hi? Maybe ask it to move out of the way so you can put out the door.

After the fire's dealt with you should follow the creature, mirrors at the ready. Make sure it has left your home. Then get someone on the phone again and tell them what just happened.
No. 690087 ID: f56624

one of them made a flamer from hairspray and a lighter
No. 690088 ID: cf91e4

>two doors in the bathroom
One to Roxy's room, one to Brandon's

>Where did the flame come from
>Nathan grabs a can of hairspray and a lighter and we huddle in the tub.
So, hairspray flamethrower.

Move up to the door to see what it's doing. See how far it ran off, and if you need to fall back. Keep Nathan at your side, we don't want you two to end up on opposing sides of the monster.
Did you manage to get that pic with your phone or did you settle for the master sword/mirror shield combo?
No. 690095 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh okay it was a hairspray flamethrower. Then the question is, was it the fire or the mirrors that drove it off? Maybe both.
No. 690106 ID: 009851

Several things to deal with here: You have little bits of fire to put out that you can worry about in a second, but for now pursue the ~whatever~ and do another flameburst at it and also turn on all the lights you are near because it might just be light itself keeping it away. Even if it isn't, it can't hurt because obviously turning off the lights and being quiet didn't keep it from finding you. If you manage to chase the thing out, close the door and turn on all the lights and put out any fires however you can.
No. 690110 ID: a107fd

Turn on cold water in the bathroom sink, put a towel in the sink, smack any unattended flames with wet towel until they calm down and stop trying to eat the building. Maintain defensive posture.
No. 690702 ID: 34389b
File 145130576381.jpg - (521.62KB , 1102x654 , BAKit02.jpg )

Whether it was the fire or the mirrors, I'm happy to see it running off screaming. The flamethrower honestly was not very effective at setting the house on fire. Just a couple of little tongues of flame on the door that look like they'll go out on their own.

The door to the hall was in front of us, where the thing came from. The door to the side goes into Roxy's room.

Despite every single instinct telling me to do the absolute opposite, I grab Nathan by the shoulder and we run out into the hall. Nathan needs both hands to man what seems to be the only effective weapon we have, so I let go of him and the knife and grab my phone and the other mirror.

The thing is insanely fast, and we hear a high pitched groan coming from up ahead. I put my thumb on the camera button and we charge in.

We flick the lights on as fast as we can as we run into the kitchen and the thing lets out a horrifying shriek as the flash on my camera goes off.

We see it for less than a second as it dashes through the shattered door into the darkness, billowing thick, acrid smoke that makes us both gag. It smells like burning garbage and rotten meat.

The back door is completely destroyed, so there's no way to close it, and I can't hear or see anything in the blackness outside.

Adrenaline burns through my veins and my heart is pounding in my chest.
No. 690706 ID: bb78f2

You know what I realized would have been better than a picture?
You probably got some blurry ass mess like all bigfoot photos. At least video would have shown the animalistic blur destroying the house, capturing the audio, AND have electronic information indicating that it would have been impossible to CGI up at this level AND replicate the house damage from the video in the amount of time it would take from now to when you report this to the police.

Hindsight is 20/20, and I wasn't even here to suggest video anyway so...

Well fuck, now we bail and go to the police (after hiding the drugs and money, which I assume must be Roxy's). There's enough evidence to at least convince them a psycho on PCP attacked your house.
No. 690723 ID: 2ccbb3

1. Get a sample of the mimic
2. Grab Roxy's money, leave her drugs in the open for the mimic to find and consume
3. Go to the police
4. Get guns and incendiary weapons, mirrors on sticks, and more flashlights than Alan Wake.
No. 690728 ID: d7971f

Ok so look at Nathan and get your stories stright, then call the cops and say it was a home invasion
No. 690735 ID: 5ad4a7

Alright call Brandon again, tell him that you chased off the monster but the back door's broken. Ask where else you can go, because you sure as hell don't want to stay here now.
No. 690736 ID: cf91e4

Take the cash, find somewhere safe. Call the cops in the morning. Hopefully you both can calm down enough to think/talk about this.
No. 690741 ID: 009851

no no no don't get the police involved DON'T call the police DON'T fuck with any of the pill bottles, DO call Brandon and update him and tell him to ALSO NOT TO CALL THE COPS and if/when he comes back to the apartment to surround himself in light as much as possible also maybe send some pictures to him of the wreckage, clean up what you can, maybe send him a picture of the beast itself if it actually appears on the camera. ALSO you should probably get Nathan to call Roxy because there is a high chance she didn't listen/care about his warning and is on her way or already here, let her know safety precautions fill her soul with light etc.

I don't think the police will help much with this and you will probably get in trouble for being two people who don't live at this apartment that is now sort of trashed.
No. 690742 ID: 009851

Hold out, keep the lights on, keep the camera and baby flamethrower ready, and DON'T take the fucking cash that doesn't belong to you.
No. 690798 ID: 849ffb

Call Roxy and tell them what happened, turn on all of the lights in the house and hide in Roxy's room. Ask her to come back home now the monster is gone.

Also cuddle Nathan and tell him about how scared you were, and that you thought you was going to die. Ask him to call Brandon whilst you call Roxy.

Upload the picture of the monster to the interwebs, on a chan or something, and ask about the beast. See if anyone might know what it is.
No. 690800 ID: 34389b
File 145139357655.jpg - (534.73KB , 1102x654 , BAKit03.jpg )

Ok ok ok hide the drugs go to the police!

Weapons, weapons! Steal Roxy's money and get weapons.

Steal money now, cops later!

I take a deep breath as the waves of panic wash over me.

"Nathan we need to get our stories straight!" I shout.

Nathan shouts back at me. Just a wordless yawp.

I realize that before I make any drastic, possibly life-altering decisions involving police, I should probably at least consult one of the people who lives there.

Nathan and I spend a second hyperventilating before we sit down in the dining area to make phone calls. We both feel much more calm seeing as how no monster has come charging through the open doorway yet. It looks like maybe the thing doesn't like light.

First, I consider a change of venue.

"Nathan, should we get out of here?" I ask.

"I rode the fucking bus here. Feel free to go outside in the pitch fucking black, but I'm staying right here."

Well, ok then.

I inform Nathan that he is on Roxy duty, though.

As I take out my phone, I look at my picture. My shot of the thing is also pretty clear other than the obscuring smoke. I mean, you can't tell what it looks like really, other than a big guy who is trailing a huge plume of black smoke.

I dial Brandon on speaker while Nathan screams into his phone at Roxy. I fill Brandon in in the most general way, and inform him that we think light and maybe mirrors, but probably light and fire, are sources of extreme discomfort for the thing we encountered.

I ask if we should call the police.

Brandon sounds extremely pissed. "No, Mike, fucking shit! Do not call the police! I know you're not thinking clearly, but if it's some supernatural monster then what goddamn good are the police going to be anyway? They aren't gonna fix the fucking door, and I would bet money they'd arrest you and Nathan for trespassing before they so much as looked at your monster picture, assuming they don't turn the place over and arrest all of us for Roxy's 'medication.'"

I can hear the dull roar of bar patrons behind Brandon, and he calms down, telling me he's glad that Nathan and I are safe, and he doesn't care about anything else. He sounds choked up. I tell him everything seems fine now when he asks if he needs to come home, and he says he'll be back in a few hours, then.

It looks like Nathan is finishing up with Roxy.

We sit and look at one another awkwardly across the kitchen table. Nathan certainly doesn't look pissed anymore. I wonder if I should say anything to him.
No. 690801 ID: 73c49c

first off you need to get that broken door closed up so it cant walz back in. get something to move in front of it, make improv weapons that don't rely on giving it a kiss to hit it (like spears, which is a knife heavily taped to then end of a boom stick). Ask Nathan if he has any self defence training or scout traning for things like traps, you don't want to go hand to hand but it will try to break your weapons and get in close to cut you up. trying to cripple it might be the best bet with traps.
No. 690803 ID: bb78f2

Say something like "Hey Nate, so something like that was why I was missing for the last six months. If it wasn't so clear. Killed my dad. Shit sucks. Nice meeting you. What did you come here to talk about, now?"

>"No, Mike, fucking shit! Do not call the police! I know you're not thinking clearly, but if it's some supernatural monster then what goddamn good are the police going to be anyway? They aren't gonna fix the fucking door, and I would bet money they'd arrest you and Nathan for trespassing before they so much as looked at your monster picture, assuming they don't turn the place over and arrest all of us for Roxy's 'medication.'"

Well first off, to be arrested for Trespassing, either Brandon or Roxy would need to press charges against us. Second, the arrest charges for the drugs will be very complicated and probably not be put on Nathan or Mike since they are neither the renters or the homeowners or whatever, and if Roxy has a good hiding place in an undamaged room, they might need a warrant to tear the place up to even find it, and why would they want a warrant if they're here about an animal? Whatever, Roxy will get here soon and she can hide the damn things herself.

In regards the usefulness of the police, they have guns, so someone is defending us. And if it kills the police, then a beast hunt ensues where the city and/or state will put in a bunch of money to kill the damn thing, maybe even sending in the national guard which may even come in with a tank.

Honestly, it'd be a good thing if police got killed by the beast and there's proof of it. It escalates the situation dramatically and becomes the state's problem more than ours, and also makes shit a lot easier on us explaining to the police what the fuck was up with the last six months.

Lastly, if we are arrested for some reason, we ALL can stay alive and safe in prison. Three square meals a day.
No. 690805 ID: b6178d


Strikes me that Nathan is likely the one guy in the world right now who's going to believe your story about what went on in the forest.

Maybe open up about that.
No. 690808 ID: ad936f

Y'know, getting arrested might not be so bad. It would give you an excuse to be inside the police station where we would be surrounded by strong trained armed individuals. Only problem is that if a monster did manage to break in, you'd be trapped in a cell until someone let you out. It would at least be a good idea to start hanging out in or around the station, police protection is easily worth possible loitering fines.
No. 690835 ID: 009851

Shove all these thoughts about getting arrested on purpose and thinking cops will respond to this situation in a completely rational and reasonable way or even worse -using them as bait for proof and just getting them killed- and start instead thinking about the creature itself; talk to Nathan and get introduced to each other properly. You probably still don't feel like talking about the forest, and this beast didn't have anything to do with the forest. Ask Nathan if he knows if there's been any destruction of property + missing people around here lately. If nothing else, you can just ask Nathan what he does to pass time with conversation; meanwhile see if you can't search on the internet for paranormal monster things that might fit the description of what you encountered: mimics what it hears from other people to lure them in closer, big, likes the dark, not so much the light. Hope idle conversation doesn't drift into asking about where you've been for 6 months but prepare for that question to come up and wait until Brandon and/or Roxy get there. Ask one of them to slap you so you maintain some sense and stop having stupid thoughts about wanting to get arrested.
No. 690836 ID: 2ccbb3

Is there anything you can use to barricade the house? Preferably something with spikes and mirrors and little flammable sticks.

Other than that, you need an escape route in the morning.
No. 690840 ID: aba9fa

Look if you call the police not only is there a risk that the police will find all of Roxy's stuff, but that Roxy will come down on you. In a bad way.

Cuddle Nathan and pat his back. Reassure him that everything will be okay.

Upload the monster to the interwebs and ask them about it.
No. 690846 ID: ad936f

>pic related followed me out of spooky woods
>managed to scare it off with fire
>police will never believe me
>what do?
No. 690864 ID: 34389b
File 145147644206.jpg - (673.30KB , 1102x654 , BAKit04.jpg )


Roxy will probably do a way better job of hiding her shit than I will before we get an officer to at least take down an incident report or something.

From what I remember of Brandon's stories about his misspent youth, though, the jail isn't really somewhere that I'd like to be, like, ever. It's not exactly "clean" and is exactly "full of criminals all crammed into one tiny room with a toilet that doesn't work."


I upload the picture to the Oriental cartoon enthusiast forum I was looking at earlier with a sort of short description and ask if anybody knows anything. I'll have to check it later to see if there's any useful info.


We decide to take the door off the laundry room and replace the back door so there isn't just a gaping hole into the outside world. It's sort of the best thing to use as a barricade that either of us can think of anyway. Furniture won't really fit into the kitchen space to even prop it up against the door-hole.

Nathan knows where a screwdriver is, which is pretty much all we need.


While we clean up and work, we talk. I talk a little about how Brandon wasn't lying about me being lost in the woods until now, but that I thought it was all over at this point. I tell him that weird stuff happened, but I never encountered the thing we just chased off, and I don't really know what it is.

Nathan takes off his heavy winter stuff for the first time, and helps me out with the door, not really saying much.

I ask him if he knows anything, or if there have been like, a lot of break-ins and missing persons reports or anything.

Nathan says that honestly this is a pretty shitty neighborhood, so that kind of thing happens. He thought it was weird that all the streetlights were blown out instead of just most of them, though.

We sort of talk about this and that. Nathan does warn me that he thinks I'm ok, but I'd better not make any moves on brandon, which was obviously the reason he came over in the first place. We work and talk for a good long while, and as we're finishing up, we hear a car pull up and somebody fumble for keys before managing to unlock the door and stagger in.

The door slams behind her.

I smell blood and sweat before I see Roxy staggering over to us.

"Hey Mike. There was a fuckin'" she blinks slowly. "Mike, there was like, a fat, old Mike zombie laying on the road like, four blocks up."

I turn slowly toward her, a chill running up my spine.

"He was all, layin in the road like 'ugh help me' and his voice was all gurgly like he was all fucked up, you know?"

She wipes the blood off her nose with the blood on her hand. it doesn't help.

"He rolled off my windsheild like a CHAMP" she pumps her fist, grinning widely, then turns serious again.

"Weird, though, there wasn't any blood on my car." she shrugs. "What're you two love turds up to? Nathan, are you cucking Brandon or something? Don't cuck Brandon, Nathan."

Nathan crosses his arms firmly across his chest and doesn't say anything.
No. 690872 ID: 73c49c

Roxy why are you bleeding then? did the windsheild get smashed in? uh also what did this mike zombie thing look like before you hit it?

Nathan don't worry about me making moves, I've kind of got a potentially supernatural creature stalking me. any conversations about getting back to any normality can wait tell that thing is dead.

Now this thing does not appear to bleed but feels pain / fears for its being, not sure how it ticks then. At least you can keep it back by hurting it with fire, unsure about how effective mirrors are. Fire seems to be the best way to keep it away, also really good to get your self burned to death in a house too.

as for cops, they should be able to help. after Roxy hides her stuff might want to try and give them a call, tell them something broke into your house and you had to spray it with fire to get it back out. Or we just say someone tried a break and enter and leave out any hint that something abnormal is going on (in cause they don't believe it).

back to the thing, it keeps trying to lay traps playing on the "help me im hurt" or pretending to be some one else. that could mean its done this kind of thing before to other people (indicating other victims) with success.
No. 690889 ID: bb78f2

"Roxy, what is WRONG with you. This is the first thing you think to talk about after hearing a windigo burst into your house after stalking me from all the way into the forest and RUNNING IT OVER... wait, old zombie Mike? OH MY GOD THE WINDIGO IS MY DAD. YOU RAN OVER MY CANNIBALISTIC WEREWOLF DAD."

Nathan clearly isn't thinking about the possibility of polygamy.
There's nothing wrong with it, really. It's outside the bounds of normality, and it's weird and complex and tough to handle, but it can work. You and Nathan might even spark something but I don't want to give Roxy the pleasure of that thought.
No. 690892 ID: bb78f2

I also think Roxy may be on cocaine, judging from her attitude and bloody nose.
No. 690895 ID: a22f87

...ask why she's bleeding and maybe check on her car to see who bad it's banged up. Don't leave the house but if you can see it from a window using a flashlight (if you have one laying around here) see if her story checks out... Oh and ask if whatever she hit was on fire or looked burned.
No. 690898 ID: 2ccbb3

You should run some experiments. If the entity can overload gadgets, this may turn out to be ten times harder.

Purchase a Thermometer, a Voltmeter, a Geiger Counter, an Airmeter - you know what. just buy the most expensive multi-purpose weather analysis tool you can find.
No. 690906 ID: 009851

Ask Roxy if she's run over very many bloated zombie versions of people she recognizes, also ask what happened to her hand, see if she needs to be patched up with a fresh set of bandages or something. Also don't say anything dumb like accusing her of having run over your dad, she just said there was no blood or anything on the car (if she can be trusted about the truth). Ask if it left any dents on her car and see if you can spot her car from the safety of the inside of the lit-up apartment. Fill her in on just what the two of you "lovebirds" have been doing and possibly show Roxy the picture. Do not call the cops. Tell Nathan ~and~ Roxy to slap you because you keep on having the urge to call the police.
No. 690907 ID: 5ad4a7

It sounds like it's wounded. How about you go and finish it off? Bring that improvised flamethrower and maybe a butcher knife.
No. 690916 ID: 68844a

Ask Roxy if she's okay and hug her! Maybe touch inappropriately.

Look she is literally your hero now. You should get with her right now. Right in front of Nathan. It'll help with his insecurity about you and Brandon.
No. 690930 ID: 5ad4a7

I vote against being nice to the lady who maaaaay have just been driving drunk.

I mean what if it wasn't the monster in the road? She could've killed someone.
No. 690932 ID: a107fd

Roxy, you need to find a new hiding place for your drugs. The zombie broke in here, before you ran it over, and the bathroom medicine cabinet doors got torn off.
No. 694043 ID: 0a4eeb

Important announcement concerning the lack of updates: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/96122.html#97061
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