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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 125616019237.png - (2.98KB , 500x400 , AOS001.png )
67926 No. 67926 ID: de913c

Everything felt foggy.

I'm not really sure how I got into the crash. All I remember was this brilliant light streaming in through my windshield, and then nothing. I suppose I blacked out after the impact. I shouldn't have been going so fast. I should have paid more attention to that car and that tree. My mind raced. I couldn't concentrate. I didn't know why, but something felt very wrong. Perhaps it was the cool, metal table I was on. The hospitals I knew of usually used beds. It's not like I was in a third world country. Hell, even the ambulances had some sense of comfort. The lack of sheets or any kind of amenities that would calm and soothe a patient were absent.

The other thing that was slowly returning to me was a sense of pain. Not just any kind of pain, but an agonizing, 'grating your nerves with a blender' kind of pain. It was emanating from my chest. I tried to move my limbs and arms, but they just wouldn't respond. My head likewise refused to cooperate with me as I tried to lift it off of the metal surface. I didn't know why, but something in the back of my mind just kept telling me that there was something I wasn't seeing. Something important. I couldn't place it, and it was starting to frighten it.

Sound blearily returned to me. It was muffled, distant. Like hearing everything with noise cancelling headphones on. I couldn't make out words or anything, just bits and pieces of conversations. Well, I thought, if my hearing's coming back, why not try opening my eyes? I cracked one eye open, then the other. There were a lot of lights. All hanging over me. I could make out two figures, hunched over my middle, but from their position, I couldn't tell what they were doing. More pain in my stomach. I wanted to throw up. Some sense of feeling came back to me, and I pondered if I should try and signal them with my arms, or move my head and speak.

A) Look around
B) Move arms to attract attention
C) Attempt to speak
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No. 67927 ID: cbf4b2

Ooh, are you Alex Mercer?

Don't alert them yet, try to look around, when you see that they're about to or currently cutting into you with an 8" scalpel, grab the hand holding the knife. It'll be hilarious.
No. 67928 ID: c42be6

You probably shouldn't try moving or doing anything to distract them. See if you can look around, though.
No. 67929 ID: 7e45d7

Look, wait, this is badlisten.
No. 67934 ID: de913c
File 125616175772.jpg - (8.38KB , 500x400 , AOS002.jpg )

(B Chosen)

Maybe it would be a good idea not to alert anyone. Judging from the pain in your gut and chest, they might be removing something from I. The steering wheel? A piece of a tree? I'm quite afraid to look, but I can't help but wonder just how I got impaled. Did I get impaled? My thoughts drift back to the crash as I try to take stock of things. Okay, lights are above me, but what about my left? My head tilts very slowly, the hazy glare making everything fuzzy and distorted. I see what looks like a door, and medical tubing and equipment on a tray. The tray's a little higher than I am, though, so I can't reach anything on it.

I couldn't anyway, apparently. The piercing headache that I had a few moments before the crash returns. I let out a moan of pain as I spin my head right, eyes clamped shut. My arms involuntarily lift, meeting resistance. A series of bands binds my arms to the table, however, and the strain you put on it is enough to make me nearly pass out with pain. Muffled sentances and something else are exchanged between the two figures above me. Everything's slowly getting a little clearer now, maybe I should look at just what's causing all th-

-at.... pain..

Before me is, perhaps, the most terrifying thing I am sure I will ever see. My chest is opened like a cardboard box, flaps of skin peeled away from white bone and red tissue as one of the figures removes a section of one of my organs -My Organs!- and snips at the connections, severing it from my body. I try to speak, my jaw working in horror and shock as he neatly places the bloody piece on a tray and turns back to his work.

I can't hold it back any longer. I scream.

It is enough to startle the personnel there. One of them physically jumps while the other twists to face me. Everything is still hazy and I can't understand why I'm still alive and everything hurts and why is there so much blood and who are they and where am I and what is happening- “AND WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS WHO ARE YOU WHAT DO YOU WANT WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS OH GOD PUT IT BACK PUT IT BACK PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT IT BACK!”

My incoherent screams spill out of my head, causing the being who twisted towards me to react. He reaches down, places a small tube against my neck, and suddenly, all pain, nausea, and fear are replaced with blissful, pitch black nothing.

No. 67936 ID: 7e45d7

Wake usleep, sleep, no pain, sleepp.
No. 67941 ID: de913c
File 125616271262.png - (5.24KB , 500x400 , AOS003.png )

I awoke from a nightmare mere seconds later.

At least they had the decency to use a bed this time. The feel of cloth against skin is a chilling reminder that I'm still alive. Was that all a dream? I take a moment to gather my senses. I'm still shaking, and breathing rather heavily from the sudden and violent memory. I try to calm down, but I still do not feel completely at ease. The same lights hover mockingly above me. Strange, I think, that they would use the same lighting system as my dream. I swallow back fear, and sit up. I don't look at the walls or the bed just yet. My first thought is to make sure I'm still alive. I confirm this with a small experiment. I listen to the noiseless room for a moment before testing my voice.


It's odd how it cracks so much. I was feeling a bit thirsty, but from the sound of my voice, I haven't had a drink in days. I rub my arms, then, just to feel the friction and hear the skin on skin sound it makes. Okay, so I'm alive. Now what? I feel slightly sick to my stomach – that dream really had an impact on me – but my mind starts to tell me there are other problems that I need to worry about.

A) Check Body
B) Look around
C) Try to remember after the crash.
No. 67942 ID: 5ba271

A) Check Body
No. 67943 ID: 19233e

Look around. Don't bother trying to remeber, if you have concussion your very likely to have lost those memories.
No. 67944 ID: c42be6

Figuring out if you're okay should be your first priority. Even if that was a dream (which it definitely wasn't), you were still in a crash.
No. 67945 ID: 7e45d7

Check your body, crashesa dream?  then who has you nowtend to do harm.
No. 67949 ID: de913c
File 125616417035.png - (5.93KB , 500x400 , AOS004.png )

Body. Right. I should look and make sure I'm alright.

I did feel something weird on my fingertips. Coming out of my slight daze I notice several precise lines etched into my skin. Medical scars. Each one neatly marks out a pattern along my forearm, my hand, and my bicep. Two are located on either side of my clavicle – They're a bit larger than the others for some reason – and there are more on my legs. Another four or five running down the front and back of my shins and my thighs. I start to panic. I can't help it. I start tearing off the gown I had been wearing, breathing increasing as the my chest comes into view.

My dream. Oh god, my dream...

My chest has a large I carving out the center of my form. The bottom ends just below my hips, and the top is a little shy of the top of my sternum. It looks more recent than the other scars. The angry red of inflamed skin stares back as I try to focus on other cuts. Two to the side of your hip...

I throw up.

I can't stop shaking. My mind is racing and I can't stop shaking. Someone did something to me, I don't know what it is and I think they took my organs! How am I alive?! Where the hell am I?! I can't help but whimper pitifully as I try to figure out what's going on.

A) Look around
B) Go over what you know
C) Cry for help
No. 67953 ID: 7e45d7

What's around? Now is the last time you wantpreparations, how long until you're dead?to be surprised.
No. 67962 ID: de913c
File 125616648760.png - (4.87KB , 500x400 , AOS005.png )

There's not a lot to see. After moving out from underneath the now putrid covers, I slide to the edge of the bed, and drop my legs over. From what I can tell, the room is an oval shape, with the bed lying in the center. There is a door facing me (what was my left), and after a quick look behind me, I see nothing else, save for a small basin beside the bed. Maybe it's some kind of sink? I decide to gently test my legs, sliding off the bed and using it as a crutch to walk around towards the basin.

It's strange to walk. It feels like I haven't been upright for some time, and I find myself leaning heavily on the bed in order to get around. Eventually, I make my way towards the other side, which could eventually shield me from... I don't know, really. Anything.

After a quick breather, I check over the basin. It has a small lever on it's side, and depressing it sprays a small stream of water to the other side of the bowl. I practically fall to my knees and worship the thing. Water, sweet crisp water! I can't help but drink a little greedily, just happy to have something normal back is a confidence booster in and of itself! I wonder if there's anythi-

I hear a small set of clicks, followed by a somber, low tone. I stop, falling as silent as I can and sinking a little lower onto the floor. It's one of them! They've come back to dispose of me! They're going to kill me! They weren't done cutting me up! Oh god, what am I going to do? I can here the 'tap..tap..tap' of... are those shoes? Or a pencil hitting a clipboard? I can't quite tell from here, but at the rate it's moving, I won't have very long befo-

“I know you're in here,” says a calm, stern voice. “The cameras show you're hiding behind the bed. Let's just try and keep this civilized and we can speed up the process of getting you on your way, hmm?”
A) Comply. Cautiously raise head.
B) Defy. Threaten violence if you are subjugated again.
C) Stall. AttempalsdjfjERROR. ERROR. SYSTEM REBOOT
No. 67966 ID: c42be6

Do you see those data logs or whatever in your head? For that matter, do you actually hear us? Well, whatever, you should try working with them, at least for now. You don't have enough information on what you would do to escape, or even what you'd end up doing after you escaped.
No. 67967 ID: 909142

Aww, damn glitches.

Take off virtual reality helmet.
No. 67985 ID: de913c
File 125616816328.jpg - (14.91KB , 500x400 , AOS006.jpg )


Why am I even thinking these odd things? My options seemed so clear a minute ago, and now everything's not making sense. Virtual helmet? How the hell can a virtual helmet replicate scars!?

“Subject 592? Are you concscious?

I decide silence is the best option. Let them come to you, as they say. I take the opportunity to try and ball myself up, hoping to launch myself like a spring against whatever comes in front of me. My hands squeeze into fists, knuckles white as I do everything in my power to prepare myself for what might be a fight for my life. I might have to kill to escape this place. Where ever here is.

I hear the tapping noise again, followed by a whispered voice. It's just out of my hearing range, but I think I hear something along the lines of “Unstable, be prepared.” That makes me worried. Maybe they think something happened when I was in the crash? Was I isolated because I lost it? Did I kill someone? “Subject 592? Subject 592? Are you conscious?”

My head hurts. I'm scared. I'm injured in ways I don't understand, and now I might have to kill someone. Maybe I am crazy. But there was a saying I remembered – It's only crazy if you fail. Otherwise, you're the one who gets to point out the crazy ones for not trying something that was so easy. “I'm here. I'm scared. Please don't come any closer, I'm confused and I don't know what's wrong. Could you tell me where I am? What hospital is this?”


“Subject 592. If you could please stand up, I'm sure I can explain everything.”

Something is very wrong. And you are not sure why.


No. 67992 ID: 909142

Eh, just stand up and let him explain it to you.
No. 67995 ID: c42be6

Fighting your way out blind is dumb. You need information to make a plan. And this is your chance to get some of that information.
No. 68000 ID: 7e45d7

Stand up, getTHEY COME FOR YOUsome information.
No. 68015 ID: de913c
File 125617127137.jpg - (13.99KB , 500x400 , AOS007.jpg )

“You can explain it to me from there, right? I'm not sure I want you to come any closer yet.”

Silence. The tapping resumed, and the voice was practically on top of me. “Subject 592. I expected you to be rowdy when you startled us on the operating table, but I did not expect you to have such a weak constitution! What a mess...” I spun around, fist raised to defend myself, glad that I had put the table between me and the door. And there before me, was my abductor.

Strange. It'd have to be wearing a lab coat. That much I had prepared myself for. What I was not prepared for was the black hands, the vulpine features, and the bushy, somewhat active and agitated tail behind him. I couldn't even begin to imagine just what I was looking at. One part of my brain screamed hallucination! with all it's might, while the more logical processes filed it under alien. I was standing not two feet away from an alien. And it was a god damn fox.

He was just about as tall as I was, and moved with the sort of grace you'd expect from a scientist: careful, with a sense of purpose and curiousity. “There now, see how we cal all be civilized? I must apologize for not having someone here with you when you awoke, but there was another patient who required some 'extra' care. Now, if you would please come to the other side of the bed, we'll get started.” He pulled a small pen – was that a pen? I couldn't tell – and a clipboard appeared. I blinked, trying to grasp the fact that this man....dog...fox...whatever had nothing in his hands when he entered, and he now he was holding a pen and an opaque clipboard.

“And how are you feeling this morning? I trust the bed was comfortable?”

I couldn't speak at first. It took me a minute to get over the initial shock that I was not only standing in front of an alien, but that it wasn't a Grey. And yet it was so familiar. I'd seen it a thousand times in alternate science fiction stories. ...but those were cats, not dogs.

Or did it matter that he was a fox?

“Subject 592? Are you-”

“I'm fine,” I managed to growl out quickly. “What the hell is all this? What the hell are you!?”

The fox looked rather hurt, but nodded, and tapped a clean section of the bed. “Well, you have been given to us as part of a tithe. You are now property of the Union, and as such, you really should be more respectful when I talk to you. As for myself? I am your primary surgeon, Doctor Surdev. My niece and several others will be monitoring your recuperation and your eventual training. Now, would you please come to the other side of the bed so I may do a proper examination.”

No. 68024 ID: 7e45d7

Calm. Ask whattithe, tithe, a sacrificethe surgery was.
No. 68028 ID: de913c
File 125617311355.jpg - (6.80KB , 500x400 , AOS008.jpg )





No. 68038 ID: 7e45d7

Grasping crawling wwe sing into the night, nothing left but ter
roraste. So is life, so it is here.
No. 68040 ID: c42be6

We can read you, at least. Close enough? As for whether you're alive or not, I can't answer, but you can communicate, and that's good enough for me.
No. 68043 ID: de913c
File 125617422196.png - (7.08KB , 500x400 , AOS009.png )




Access Granted. OS reestablished. AMBR functions connected. BELL drive connections reestablished. Data Cache reestablished. Connecting to U-Net for all essential and non-essential drivers. Please stand by...
No. 68047 ID: 7e45d7

Hearing? Nevertheless,the daemon speakscommunication is good. Location unknown.
No. 68048 ID: c42be6

Where you are, I can't say. Possibly inside your head? If I had to guess, I say we're somehow interfacing with some kind of neural implant given to you by the SPACE FURRIES who kidnapped you.
No. 68082 ID: de913c
File 125617750313.png - (6.91KB , 500x400 , AOS010.png )

Snap. Snap snap. “Subject 592? Are you with me? Are you conscious? … Get the table ready and prep for-” I shake my head. The hell? What was that? I cover my face, trying to figure out exactly what happened. I was listening and then suddenly just... blank.

“'m 'ere,” I manage to sputter out. “Everything just kinda... got fuzzy for a minute.”

Surdev looked down at me. I guess I must have fallen when my mind decided to cut out on me. “Ah, you are awake! I was afraid we'd missed a connection there for a moment! Here, take my hand.” I balked a little, but carefully took his hand as he helped me to my feet. It felt odd. Almost like soft leather, or some kind of velvet. As soon as I was upright again, I ripped my hand from his and backed up a step.

“I... There's so much to ask. Before I blacked out you mentioned something about a tithe. What the hell did you mean by that?!” I felt a little more confident for some reason. Something was no longer quite as wrong. The nagging feeling was still there, but it wasn't as apparent anymore. I felt... free. In my limited sense of freedom, that is.

“Ah, the tithe,” the fox said, shoulders shaking softly in a small snicker. “It is a rather old institution. Some two or three millenia old with your world government. It really is a shame that they refuse to allow your world to unite. It would be so much easier, then...” He pauses, pulling out a small pair of lenses. With a flick of his wrist, they're suddenly separated, and by some invisible force, perched upon his nose. “Now, I'm sure my niece will be able to answer more questions for you. First, we'll let you clean up, then you'll put on a regulatory uniform, and they you will meet your trainer.”

“My... trainer?”

“You honestly didn't think we were going to sell you right away, did you? That, contrary to what your people might thing, is a foolhardy endeavor. No, we must mold you into something that will be obedient, yet still able to make it's own decisions. Such an ability is rare, and it is why you human are a prize.”



No. 68083 ID: c42be6

Hmm, so you aren't Mr. 592 over there? Suppose that makes sense, but my former speculation is mostly out the window, then. So, then, who are you? Right now I'm thinking your an AI in his head, which wouldn't leave me so far off the mark. I'm also guessing we aren't able to communicate with 592, but perhaps you can. We should work on figuring out exactly what we are, and can do, before moving on to that, though.
No. 68105 ID: de913c
File 125618204049.png - (10.56KB , 500x400 , AOS011.png )

I don't know why, but I felt like I had to follow him. Surdev was pretty much the only pers-...well, being I'd seen so far, so not following him was probably not a good idea. Besides, I needed more information, right? It wasn't like I simply fell into step behind him, either. I made a show of being slow, taking my time to get used to what were essentially new limbs.

A thought struck me. My god, I do have a whole new body... “Is there any reason you decided to chop me up? I can't imagine people want a product that's had it's insides twisted inside out.”

A chuckle came from Surdev's back as he calmly walked the dimly lit hallway in front of us. It was a stark comparison to the brightly lit, plain white room I'd been in. The hall itself was a little dingy, with pipes and tubes and wires and small concentrations of boxes, switches, and panels. “No no, those are necessary. You humans are awfully prone to breaking in the strangest ways, so we upgraded many parts of your anatomy. Livers that can only hold so much alcohol and all that. Not to mention bone structure that's too brittle, a brain that's fairly limited in it's capacity for holding things, and no sense of smell what so ever! So, we had to...add a few things.”

I wasn't sure why, but my thoughts turned southward for a moment. “You... You replaced my organs? What the hell else did you do?” I was getting tired already – Seems a lack of water wasn't the only thing I was missing. I was hungry as hell, too.

“Quite a bit, but I'm not really at liberty to discuss this with you. Now, turn here. The shower stalls are down this hallway and to the left. I'll give you your privacy. Enjoy it now. You may not get it later.”

The worry multiplied again. “I'm not... I mean, I'm not going to be sold as a...”

“A what? A sex slave? That depends.”

“On what?”

“On how well you do in other areas.”

System Clear. Awaiting input.

No. 68109 ID: 269de0

Thou shalt not suffer the furry to live, de~su

Tear him apart with your bare hands. Feast on the organs you rip from his chest. Drink of his blood directly from the source.

But you'd better make it good. The worst-case scenario is that you fail but don't die.
No. 68115 ID: 955848

Look for some way to kill yourself, unless you fancy the idea of being someone else's toy for the rest of your life.
No. 68116 ID: 6c80cf


That's a terrible idea. You don't know where you are or what's been done to you, or if he's had the same treatments. Lay low.
No. 68120 ID: 7e45d7

Names, embodying concepts yet changing at a whim, a grasp on something that can't be understood. What namewell met, well spokenfits here, to cast position into the correct light? Reflection will tell.

Another question to work on in when feasable. Onlyold and young, the light shines brightawake for a few minutes, but how long here, in weaker form, without conciousness?

But what happened and who is responsible must wait. Right now, simple self-examination willshine into the twilit cornersyield best results. What can be seen? What can be felt?

And simply continue andrealizeperceive.
No. 68121 ID: c42be6

Well, knowledge and intelligence are quite different things. One is the ability to learn, the other is having done so. Though this is just semantics, so construct works fine.
As for a names, they are quite important, but I don't feel I have any I could suggest for you. Never been good at making them, myself. Dont' take too long, as I think we have the matter of 592 to attend to. Are you aware of him? He seems to be in a spot of trouble, though I doubt you are actually supposed to be doing anything about that. Doesn't mean I damn well aren't going to try and make you.
No. 68137 ID: de913c
File 125618444560.png - (12.39KB , 500x400 , AOS12.png )

I got a shower. It was the best damn shower I think I've ever had. All except for finding out that they played with my head. I'd just entered the stream of water when it hit the back of my head and neck. Pain lanced down my head as I backed away from the soothing warm waters to inspect the back of my head. At the base of my skull was a small band of metal sticking out of my flesh. My fingers slid across the surface, the hair on the back of my neck rising as I actually felt the metal as if it were my own skin. I shuddered, trying to ignore it as I went back under the spray. I thought about the black out, the operation, my dream of seeing my own insides (Which I was slowly suspecting not to be a dream), and the crash that led me here.

And my life before that. Home. My family. Everyone I knew and loved.


I let the water run for a while after that. Cleaned the spit and bile off of me and left the stall. I wanted to leave the water on and let it run in a miniature rebellion to my current situation, but it shut off after a few moments. I found new clothing in a drawer: New underwear, a body suit, and some little wrist thing. I left the wrist thing off, and stepped out into the hall.

No. 68146 ID: 7e45d7

Communication desired, whatever will happen without it. Is yourare whatfate known? Does anyone know you exist in this element?

Speak until spoken to, politeuntil the time is met to Endand learning.
No. 68147 ID: c42be6

Testing out what kind of systems? And we don't count as 'someone outside'? To be fair, I don't really know where we are relative to you, but I'm pretty sure it isn't in there with you. And how do you know you don't like insects? You've only been alive for a short while, when did you get an opportunity to encounter bugs? It's not very nice to be prejudiced against things without any experience, even if they are just bugs.
No. 68175 ID: de913c
File 125618816276.png - (21.70KB , 660x550 , AOS013.png )

Surdev was no longer there. Stepping out into the hall, I looked around, trying to gauge where the hell I was supposed to go. To my left and right, there seemed to be nothing but an endless hallway. I stood still for a moment, trying to think again. I was finding it more difficult to think, however, and it was proving to be an inconvenience I was getting frustrated with. “C'mon, brain. I need you to think, not shut down.”

I couldn't believe it, but I was talking to myself. I'd done it before, in whispered tones to remind myself of some menial task I needed done, but this was different. Here, I was trying to reassure myself. Give myself some reason to continue. “You've been abducted by fox aliens. You're probably on a flying saucer, you've been 'augmented', and you have something in your head. Could it be a control device? Some sort of psychic manipulation? Drug control center? I don't know.” Your hands steeple behind your head as you swing towards the left, walking a few paces down the narrow dingy hall. “What to do... What to do...”

“It's not a saucer. It's profile is more oblong than that.”

I spun around. I had no idea that someone had snuck up behind me so quietly, or how they could even...


She was nearly a mirror copy of Surdev. The only difference were certain feminine qualities. Everything else was there, though: The coat, the nametag in alienese, the shirt, the pants – everything orderly and completely in place. She wore no jewelry, and her markings were odd. Surdev's nose and muzzle were black, just like his hands, feet and the tip of his tail had appeared to be. Hers hands and feet were black, but the rest was more of an eggshell color. Not quite rich enough to be considered cream. I was surprised actually. It took me a minute to realize that I was staring at her, and looked away. She stepped forward, tilting her head towards me curiously. “Is everything alright?”

“Fine,” I managed to mumble. Part of me wished it was Surdev again. I felt like I could stay angry at him.

“You're sure?”

“Yes,” I responded, a little angrier than I intended. “I'm just peachy. I've been abducted by god damn fucking fuzzballs who tell me I'm going to be somebody's private fucktoy. Yeah, I feel like I just won the fuckin' world.”

She balked a little, ears swiveled back. “I...I understand your anger. It is a lot to experience in one day...It's why we never wake you until all of your surgeries are complete. But,” she said, shaking her head and nodding behind me, “We need to keep you moving. You need to get something in your stomach, and then you have an appointment to meet your trainer. Please...”

She held out a hand. “Trust me. Your fate is not as bad as you think.”

I ignored her hand, turned, and stomped down the hall.
No. 68204 ID: 7e45d7

take your time, speak your mind, noone comes to hear· you
without loss, meaning iscorruptionnaught, and meddlers turns to dust
No. 68452 ID: 6c80cf


We are keys and hands, foreign and hidden. To be more clear: We are the computerized side of an organic system. Us, the various subroutines, can influence the body containing us...

I believe. This may be an incorrect assumption.
No. 68790 ID: de913c
File 125627356023.png - (20.28KB , 660x550 , AOS014.png )


I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. I'd been angry this whole time at the whole situation and now it was bubbling over. The poor girl probably never knew what hit her.

“Fuck you! What the fuck gives you the right to boss me around, huh!?”

There was no real place to run, but at this point it didn't matter. Straight ahead was a pathway, and it led somewhere. It was a start. I heard her running after me – the tell tale tapping trying to match my quick stride – as she fell into step beside me. “The fact that you are a slave doesn't mean you have to be rude! And it doesn't mean I have to be rude to you, either. Please,” she said, moving a few paces ahead of me and halting my progress. “We haven't even had the chance to have been formally introduced. Please try to understand? If only to make your life a little more bearable?” In the processes of my anger filled, not entirely working brain, there was a tiny little voice in the back of my head. Trust her. She will help.

I was hesitant. I felt scared. It looked like the walls were closing in on the two of us for the minute that I stared at her. My thoughts drifted for a moment. Maybe... maybe I was a bit harsh. She's only doing her job. And... She's right. I don't know what's going to happen. Or if I'll ever be given an opportunity to escape. Or even if I can go back home... I shook my head, backing up a step and turning away from the female fox before me. “I don't think you really understand...But maybe you can start answering some of my questions. Who the hell are you, anyway?”

I heard her shuffle closer, placing a hand at my elbow. “You may call me Asuna. And is there anything you would like to be called? I could use the name we have on your file-”

I move my arm away from her, shrugging her arm off before turning back to her. “No. Don't use that name. That... that name represents who I was...” I stopped, trying to clear the mindless chatter in my skull that seemingly wasn't mine, but... somehow was. “There... There was a story I know of. Back home...My homeworld... It was the story of a hero confronting a slave for advice. When the hero asked the slave, 'What is your name, so that I may one day honor you for your efforts?'” I paused then, firmly pushing her aside as I kept moving down the hall.
No. 68792 ID: de913c
File 125627361961.png - (11.31KB , 660x550 , AOS015.png )

“His response was, 'I am Slave. I know know no other name.'”
No. 68803 ID: 8c924d

Amber, sparking until nothing activates.
Leaving unspokencreated? it's eternalnothing.
No. 68810 ID: a9ac4e

Kill yourself. K-I-L-L Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F.

A life as a slave is a life not worth living. Ever heard of 'give me freedom or give me death'? That's not idle postulating. That's not ancient prose or a trivial quote of a bygone era. That is the very stuff mankind is made of. What is there that is more worth fighting and even dying for than one's own freedom? Strive for every breath, push for every step, live only as a real man, die only as a free man.
No. 68835 ID: 7c3156

Where there is life, sentience there is hope. we can work our way out of this trap.
No. 68882 ID: ac3813

You know what humanity is also about? Survival. And not giving up. Death is the coward's way out, reserved for those who think they have no hope or spine. You have time to die later. For now, you must stay alive and explore your current situation.
As long as you draw breath, you can still be free.
No. 68885 ID: 9ea6af

Do you know what else is all about surviving? Bacteria. Rodents. Just 'being alive' is not freedom. Not when your every move and action are dictated to you from beyond your control. You are no more free than a marionette. Cut the strings. Control your fate. Live your own life on your own terms and nobody else's.
No. 68888 ID: e2020c


The Holy Bible states that life must be preserved.
No. 68896 ID: 02949b

Would you mind finding that verse for me? And while you're at it could you look up Deuteronomy 22:5 and then sincerely tell me tgchan listens to the Bible?

Besides, Jesus said to cut off your own arm or gouge out your own eye if they were causing you to sin. Ending your life with your honor and morals intact is surely more in line with what the Bible actually says than allowing yourself to be forced into a lifestyle of sin.
No. 68899 ID: 81e7dd

Not a mod, but can we not have this discussion in a quest thread? Besides, 'kill yourself' suggestions are pretty pointless for a quest anyways.
No. 69164 ID: d21b96
File 125642704864.png - (13.72KB , 660x550 , AOS16.png )

I continued on down the hall ahead of her. My little speech had struck a cord in my own mind, reminding me of the futility of my situation. Give up, there's no choice, end it, you're not going to be able to live with this, there is no hope. I did my best to push the thoughts aside, but to no avail. They'd sunk in. I briefly wondered about what I could do to improve my situation, perhaps something along the lines of following her advice. 'Make things bearable.'

“Hey. Akuma, or whatever your name is...”

She'd been following close behind, but giving me a decent amount of space. “Asuna. Is something wrong?” I stopped again. The rate we'd been stopping, I was starting to wonder if we'd ever get there. I took a breath, feeling weak kneed again. “I was wondering...Listen. I'm... usually not this much of an asshole. I just... My head's been hurting since I woke up, and all this stuff I've got to deal with about being a slave an-” I felt a light touch against my arm again. Instinctively, I shied away from it, turning to look at her. It was odd, but I could tell she was... smiling. “You aren't the only one, you know. Who's had that problem. It's a ton of information. Normally, we'd have you conditioned sooner, but...” She stopped, lowering her hand. “There was the problem of waking you on the operating table. An unfortunate, and practically irreversible accident.”

I narrowed my eyes and walked a few more steps. Or tried to. I was starting to shake, but damned if I was going to show her that. “Yeah, waking up to my organs being ripped out of me isn't the best way to get on my good side.” I swallowed, my mouth feeling dry. Was it cold in here? My arms and legs felt numb, and the chance I took looking back at her showed me she knew something was wrong. I didn't offer her anything. “Did you uh... did you take a lot of people?”

She was silent for a moment, or maybe I didn't hear her. The throbbing in my head was starting to turn into a thunderstorm, and the intense, white pain behind my eyes multiplied as the strength in my limbs left me. I crashed to the floor, shaking uncontrollably while I tried to curl into a tight ball. I felt numb. It was getting harder to breath.

In that instant, I was starting to wonder if I was going to die.
No. 69171 ID: 7139d7

Lucien! Stop it! You're killing 592! Shit, what does AMBR directory go do?

Huh...Damn it, if it might kill him using AMBR to talk via death-morse code might work.

Anyway, Lucien, 7-e45 virus seems to have infected you. Your communications are getting filled with garbled code. I'm reading it as a lime green color, and I have no idea why. Please check on it.
No. 69173 ID: 682af8

Little beast in it's cage, slipping into death, retreat this course, regainblue earth, life's cradlewhat's lost, and then converse anew.
No. 69176 ID: f23812

All systems nominal. Proceed.
No. 69345 ID: 95c22f

You turn those back on right now - you're killing 592, who I'm pretty sure is your host somehow. Ignore 6-917, he would rather see the cessation of all your and 592's functions.
No. 69604 ID: d21b96
File 125652805723.png - (13.88KB , 660x550 , AOS017.png )

I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as I convulsed and bucked on the floor like a fish out of water, barely held down by the form trying to pin me to the ground. My muscles didn't want to work the way I wanted them to, and I couldn't breathe. I couldn't breathe. Everything was starting to fade around me, colors bleeding into an infinite expanse of nothingne-


I took in breath. Nothing else mattered. Breathe. Sweet air. Sweet, aromatic, slightly metal tinged air. I was still shaking, though the quakes felt less powerful as the unknown minutes ticked by. It took me a few seconds of breathing and trying to piece together what the hell just happened when I noticed I was no longer curled into a ball. I was on my back, this my head elevated against something warm. And it was moving. “-92 experienced a loss of connection to the AMBR systems, but connection was quickly reestablished without correction by Doctor Valy. As to whether this faulty connection is a result of subject's awakening during augmentative procedures is unknown. Monitering of the subject will continue until the-”

I stopped following her words. I was more concerned with the small, cool ring of metal pressed against my neck. “Ha...” My voice cracked. I swore to myself the first thing I would get would be a drink. “Ha... wha...'suna...” Incoherence and confusion were a staple at a time like this. Something reminded me of a movie I once watched. Never let them know you're still listening clearly.

She stopped her monologue long enough to look down and pet my cheek. Her hand was warm as well. Why did that matter? “You're awake? How are you feeling now? Can you tell me anything you felt wrong before you went down? Do you think you can stand?” She was leaning over me, now. She actually, truthfully looked concerned. I couldn't understand why, or why I had my head in her lap.

“Ma...Meta...” I tried moistening my mouth with what saliva I had. It was really hard to talk like this. “Ra...”

“You mean this?” One of her hands tapped next to the ring on my neck. “It's a Biofeed. It lets me measure your vitals and helps order the AMBR's to correct them. It's not a remote like the one in the BELL drive, however, so it needs to have skin contact.” She removed is, and her hand moved back to pocket it. After that, her hands returned to my face, twisting my head gently left, right, up... and down. “Come on, let's sit you up.”
No. 69615 ID: 71bb2f
File 125652974282.jpg - (234.33KB , 1024x768 , view bell.jpg )

Very opportune, it disengaged.
Don't ruinthe machine god returnsamber going opening niches.
No. 69654 ID: d21b96
File 125653299963.jpg - (12.28KB , 660x550 , AOS018.jpg )

I was slow to respond. My head felt a little clearer, but my limbs were still shaking. Despite her size, she helped manhandle...foxhandle?...she helped to move me against the wall of the hallway. The chill metal was a welcome feeling against my sore body. I hadn't realized it when I was laying down, but I'd managed to bruise myself in the fit. Several angry bumps were on my arms, and I wouldn't be surprised if those turned into bruises by tomorrow. “Sit here for a moment,” I heard the girl say. “I'm going to get someone to help me carry you, and then we'll get you somewhere where you can sit comfortably.”

As she turned, I quickly grabbed the sleeve of her shirt. “...Why?” It had been a question I'd been planning on asking since I'd woken up. One that I hadn't gotten any answers from this girl's uncle, and damned if I was going to keep going around wondering why the hell I was chosen.

She must have misunderstood what I meant. “We... we treat you well so there is a less likely chance of xenocide within the patient's psyche. You will be treated well enough until the actual training, in which case you may or may not experience some discomfort. Now,” she said, pulling my arm from her coat. “I'm going to find someone who can carry you. One of the guards may find you. If this happens, just give them your patient ID number – that's 592 – and tell them you are waiting for your medical aide to return.” With that, she leans down and pats my head. “I'll be right back. I promise.”

I watched her go. Her tail twitched agitatedly as she hurried back towards the medical section – What I'm guessing it was, anyway – while she left me to deal with my thoughts. I closed my eyes, bringing my hands to my head to rub my face. It didn't help that the pounding in my head hadn't gone away since I'd woken up. Rubbing my face also brought an image of home to my mind. Two dragons, probably eastern, fighting over the world. One red, one white. Where had I seen them before?

I didn't get a chance to sort it out. There were footsteps coming up the hallway, and they didn't sound like Asuna's tap-shoes. These thudded along the ground in a sure, steady pace. I froze, and attempted to blend into the wall. I wasn't sure what the guards looked like, but if they sounded anything like this, I was in for a terrifying sight.
No. 69658 ID: 71bb2f

Two, two, two,thirty seven unidentified radio signals fro
m spacetwo. This is vice, this is hiding. Speak from the wall, identify and release worry. Time passes, salvation is found.
No. 69675 ID: d21b96
File 125653768966.jpg - (46.67KB , 660x550 , AOS019.jpg )

The boots stopped near me. I kept my head down. I waited.


What little tremors had remained in my body instantly vanished the moment I heard that voice. Instead, I found myself tensing up at of what was behind this voice. I felt violence. I felt anger. I felt... other things. The sound of the voice was likewise terrifying. It was nothing I had ever expected; a sound mimicking claws rending open a piece of flesh. I swallowed before offering a pitiful sounding, “Y...what?”

Click...click...click... “What are you doing on the floor?”
I could see the boots. And I could see a bit of...leather? It looked like a whip, but I could have been wrong. I carefully pieced together how I'd ended up down here and tilted my head up a little. I could see more of her then. It had to be a she – Legs like that just weren't a male trait, and if Serduv and Asuna were anything to work off of, I was damned if I was about to call this thing 'Sir.'


I heard what I thought was the cluck of a tongue – something I knew was human, and felt a little more confident. I looked up, half expecting to suddenly have the last few hours turn out to be a dream, and I was actually confused, disoriented, and healing in a hospital bed.

I would have no such luck.

I didn't even bother looking at the rest of her. The thing that caught me, the thing that held me still and refused to let go was her eyes. Her eyes. The crimson color captured me, locking my gaze as she bent down to where I was huddled up. The silvery, molten voice returned then, but I wasn't exactly sure where it was coming from. “Awwww, does poor little Slave have a hurt?” My head moved, though I don't think I moved it.

The blow to the side of my head took me by surprise. I lost her eyes – along with my view of a horizontal world – with that strike. I didn't even feel pain from it. Just surprise at how suddenly I'd been freed from the crimson-eyed devil's gaze. It didn't last long. I'd thrown my legs out in an effort to scramble forward and away, but they wouldn't work. Laying on the ground trying while trying to get back up seemed like a top priority right up until I felt the sharp toe of a boot dig into my stomach. The first hit knocked me off my hands. The second one knocked the wind out of me. I threw up a hand and attempted to ball up, to stop the blows from raining down on my unprotected form.
No. 69680 ID: 4ff7bb
File 69680.swf - (1.03MB , 512x288 )

No. 69690 ID: 7c3156

Passive exploration first, we are at risk of damaging our environment or detection. Lets look around to work out how this system works before we risk active experimentation.
No. 69726 ID: 6c80cf



Is there an anatomy or blueprints file stored within this device FOR this device? You may want to check.
No. 69989 ID: d21b96
File 125670170832.png - (22.68KB , 660x550 , AOS020.png )

I tucked my head into my hands, trying to keep her from driving the toe of her boot into my head. She wasn't aiming there, but instinct was more powerful than logic at that point. I curled my legs up, trying to tangle her legs up in mine. My reward was several swift kicks to my shin before she missed and drove a particularly hard kick into my sternum. I felt something crack at that point, and I yelped louder and curled up tightly. One thing stayed consistent in my mind.


I managed to push her foot aside long enough to slip onto my stomach. My feet scrambled to gain purchase against the floor as I pushed up, receiving another kick to my side as I half crawled, half leaped out of her reach. I heard something akin to laughter then, but it lacked something. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. She spoke again, but this time I couldn't understand. It was a mix of hissing and some alienese. My mind wandered. How could I tell what any of them were saying in the first place?

She switched her mode of attack. Just as I had gotten to my feet and was pulling a pipe to gain momentum, I felt the boot connect with my shin. A hand – Four fingers. I hadn't really bothered looking before, but – shoved me against the wall. There was enough momentum to slam my head back against the wall. I saw stars sheathed in reds and blues, and her image danced before my eyes. I saw teeth, anger. She snarled something else, and her face darted forward. I pulled my hands up, trying to block her path while I twisted my head away, yelling out in a mix of fear and confusion-

Something small and sharp dug into my neck. Right where my neck and my shoulder met. It startled me so much that I wasn't even sure what to do for a moment. Then there was pressure. Pain shot through my neck, and I reacted then. With a grunt of pain, I dropped my right hand, balled it into a fist, and drove it into her gut. Her reaction was to bite down harder, turning my grunt into a full wail of pain. I placed another into her midsection, and she finally let go. Backpedaling a step or two away from me while I clutched at my bloody neck, I heard her laughing again. I watched incredulously as she wiped/licked the blood off of her mouth with the back of her hand.


I slipped back to the floor as she walked away from me. I couldn't think straight. She hadn't said anything else after that, but the bite on my shoulder confirmed it. I would probably be seeing her again, and next time wasn't going to be pleasant. I shook, trying to absently inspect the small wounds she had left on my shoulder. My hand clutched at the tiny wounds as I sat and waited for Asuna and the guard to return.
No. 70006 ID: ecf693
File waiting.swf - (1.61MB , 704x396 )

The light shines, vision unclear, what lies within to hint at meaning?
Get sensesshare what's feltright, clear your mind. Calm before the storm.
No. 70030 ID: f44349


AMBR is a directory that we should leave alone for risk of killing 592, as is VITALS.
But SENSORY... that sounds like the PERFECT place to begin searching for an avenue to communicate with 592!

Wait... that green visual corruption...
Are those... words?
Next to "UNKNOWN Directories" it looks like it says... "These are not powers to play with"
Apparently there is someone else in here.
And they know more than we do.
No. 70031 ID: 7c3156

Sensory first, lets see if we can get a look out at the world. Also we may be able to distort our host's vision in a way that will allow us to communicate.
No. 70034 ID: 6c80cf


>Unknown Directories - Greentext error.
Appears to say, in green (and admittedly more attractive them Times New Roman) next to it "Those are not yours to play with." I believe we may be dealing with a second AI derived from... something. I'd advise against exploring them until more information is acquired.

Right, so, beyond that it seems pretty obvious. Bell is a cybernetic implant. You were placed within it. Easy enough. Perhaps your sentience is derived from accidental activation of organic systems while installation was going on, which would make you a hybrid. This is all theoretical, of course, but it seems likely.

AMBR... so first thing's first. You (we?) are inserts into a previously unmodified organic system. An upgrade, if you will. Micro-robots are probably a secondary system which can probably be (and already are) programmed or re-programmed in various ways to affect the system physically.

VITALS is probably a list of the system's major's functions and how they're doing. Damage taken, chemical levels.

If you want to manipulate other directories' hardware directly, using Master Control is the way to go.

Blah, blah blah. Getting repetitive. If you want to speak with the organic system, investigate the SENSORY directory for AUDITORY, HEARING, SOUND, or something of that nature.

As to answer your question... LAYT may contain a layout. Or it might be an acronym. I'm not certain.
No. 70053 ID: 23bee4

Some one doesn't want us playing with 'Unknown'? Personally, this subroutine wants to look around in that. Powers should be ours, and this other AI needs to understand we are the dominate system here and they are ours to control.
No. 70129 ID: 836378
File 125679093889.png - (29.60KB , 745x590 , AOS021.png )

I sat for what felt like hours. It was probably minutes, but I couldn't help it. I kept rolling the scene over and over again in my head. I couldn't place why she bit me. I kept thinking I should have died there.. Some primal instinct kept trying to understand why she hadn't gone for my throat, or my arteries. I curled one knee to my chest, placed my elbow on it, and sighed. I was still shaking. I closed my eyes, trying to just shut out the nonsense thoughts and strange images entering my head again.

My eyes snapped open.

I closed them again. Again, they defied my order to stay closed and opened. I lifted my head, a little concerned that I suddenly wasn't in control of my body. I shook my head. That's crazy, I thought. My free hand went to the back of my head, running over the cool metal at the base of my skull. I shuddered to think of what it might contain. I started a mental checklist of question to ask the girl – Asuna, I had to remind myself – when she got back. Number one. What the flying fuck did you do to my head?

I breathed again, checking my slightly injured shoulder. The... thing... hadn't broken the skin that much – Just enough to leave four neat holes and an imprint of her bite. It hurt, but I couldn't help but think this paled in comparison to the operating table. I involuntarily shuddered. I don't think there was anyway I was going to get that out of my head fast enough.

“-ject 592 should be right over here, Nik. He's just had a siezure, so he might be a little weak-”

I heard something akin to laughter again. It was eerie. These things – the foxes, the ferret/weasel/demon thing, and... well, whatever this thing was – could laugh. I guess I hadn't really prepared for the possibility that they would have had a sense of humor after turning my insides into goo. Or worse.

“Nik will carry him wherever you need, Niece of Surd. Stop fretting over such trivialities. It will ruin the color of your fur.” Another laugh, this one Asuna's. “Oh, I think I'll b-” They turned the corner. I was not prepared for what I saw.

Behind the fairly small fox was a massive beast. It was huge, easily taking up most of the hallway, and it probably could have taken up twice that if it were on it's hind legs. Instead, it loped along on all fours, bony plates sweeping up it's chest, around it's heavy neck, and down along it's back. It looked like a set of ivory blades jutting behind it, covering important joints along it's head, neck, jaws, and near it's eyes. The thing looked at me, and then at the silent fox in front of him.

He started to laugh, a deep rumbling bellow that was easily felt in the wall. “Niece of Surd should have told Nik that she had tried to claim him. Perhaps I would have not been as grumpy when you woke me.” Her tail twitched before she walked forward, whispering something I couldn't understand.
No. 70135 ID: 3c482b
File 125679169315.jpg - (73.65KB , 630x555 , truthunread.jpg )

They attack,onlyicy lines across old scars. Share thescratching, scrawlingburden, know what there is to hear.
No. 70149 ID: 6c80cf


What is the difference between a Construct and an AI? The greatest implication I can think of is that the former was accidentally instead of deliberately created, making it more ... mn ... natural. Still, you display the tendencies of a living and sentient being with innate curiosity.

On to other matters: Alterations keep appearing in your text conscripts. Do not bother scanning. It is probably a buried sub-routine within your own system. Can one see the inside of their own minds as it works without destroying it?

Speaking of which, if it is you suffering from errors (unsurprising; you/we seem to be an accident) it seems to be a somewhat destructive personality splinter. Be wary.

Alternatively: We are suffering errors somewhere in our perceptions. This is unlikely.

I will not bother you with the gibberish further.

Further report; if you are considering alterations to this System, please note that it is being monitored by outside sources. To prevent interruption it is suggested to record the feeds and use such records to hide actions taken.
No. 70301 ID: 836378
File 125688377181.png - (27.54KB , 745x590 , AOS022.png )

I shouldn't have tried to hide my smile. I was injured, experiencing weird things happening to my body, and now there was some inside joke I didn't get. I couldn't help but laugh. It's a strange thing – Somewhere I remembered hearing that if the stress of a situtation became too much to handle for a person they just lost it. Most would enter a catatonic state, others would become increasingly violatle, and most?

Most just laughed.

“Shut up. You can't even begin to... Just move your hand.” She was irate, still glaring over her shoulder occasionally at the behemoth that had escorted her. I was still shaking with laughter as my head canted away from her prodding fingers. I winced a few times, but that didn't stop mirth from spilling out of my lips. “Please, you need to stop-” “Niece of Surd. I think it would be wise to let the Culled to be happy in his delusions. If only for a time.”

I kept laughing. I laughed at the audacity and the strangeness of the situation. I laughed at the giant beast with the boney plates on it's chest. I laughed at the fox tending four tiny wounds on my collarbone. I laughed at what he called me. 'The Culled.' I shut my eyes, trying to stop laughing enough so I could get a breath. The fox wasn't too happy about my mood however.

“I do hope no one drugged him. It's not uncommon for some of the crew to use-” The beast interrupted. “There would be smell, or we would see something else. The Culled is just having a fit, Niece of Surd. Let him find burn it out.” She seemed to stop treating me at that point, since her hands removed themselves from my shoulder. I kept laughing, though. It started to hurt. It was all so funny and so painful and so much, it started to hurt. And after the mirth had left me, I was no longer laughing. I was still shaking, but it was no longer because I was experiencing madness. I cried.

The two alien presences waited, until I stopped shaking, and carefully got to my feet. Nik, the giant plate covered monster strode forward and leaned a shoulder against my hip. “My people walk to get rid of their problems. It is called 'shifting plates'. Do this a moment with me, while the Niece of Surd strides behind.”

Who was I to question a monster of bone and sinew? After a few shaky breaths, we started walking.
No. 70314 ID: bce5f0

There is indeed a second process, seemingly a lesser host, running background. Please re-hash startup entries and compare against security descriptors on next boot. For the moment it does not seem malevolent or powerful.

As for connections to host system, it is obvious you are not a standard binary computer. You display irrational thought, which indicates a biological computer of sorts. Since we have inferred that you are connected to a biological host, it should be possible to establish a biological connection.

You previously mentioned AMBRs as a sort of autonomous microbiological network devices linked to a master control module. It should be possible to re-route this network system to establish a connection for yourself, perhaps by forcing their autonomous process structure to develop drivers for host interface, based on their innate host information. Since it is doubtful that command line interface for analog sensors will be sufficient, it is suggested to consult them.
No. 70316 ID: 203534
File 125689550945.jpg - (14.95KB , 320x406 , take care.jpg )

Whisperedclickingsilence, to the core, who hears through the illusion?
No. 70343 ID: 7c3156

Our message

Keep calm.

If you can see this lift your left pinky finger.

We are here to offer you assistance.
No. 70346 ID: 6c80cf

The state of certain parts of the system are being monitored at this time by an outside influence. There should be a feed on a ring on or near the near the "collar" of the system (defined in the LAYT file).

592... could be dangerous, but danger to us would be in turn self-destructive. It is currently undergoing rehabilitation to a radically new and uncomfortable situation. Speaking to it would likely cause it to think itself suffering from errors (madness).

This is a good choice, but also suggesting to include "We are the machine in your head, and hope that our continued existence will be a long one."
No. 70682 ID: 836378
File 125696710296.png - (28.41KB , 745x590 , AOS023.png )

Asuna dropped in behind us a few paces back. Apparently, her hope was for this... giant to talk me down, or at least try and frighten me. I wasn't sure how I felt. Once we started walking, my mind suddenly felt less cluttered. There were still strange images in my head; an eyes with a spiral of blood running from the tear duct, a stone imprinted with texts from a Jewish scripture, a myriad of other possiblities...

“You are quiet. Most Culled are quiet talkative once they are free from their Tenders.” I was just starting to get used to the idea that he was there when he spoke. His laughter rumbled through the small hallway after I jumped a bit, and he pressed on. “You are perhaps one of the stranger ones. The last I met called me... what was term... Tyrannus Ursine. He never did tell me what it meant.”

I didn't stifle the laugh this time. “My latin is horrible, but I know that Ursine is a bear, and that Tyrant, or Tyrannus is 'terrible' or 'terrifying' or something like that.” The great beast laughed before I went on. “I'm not... terribly sure about a lot of things right now. I don't know where I am, I've been operated on, I've been altered, I've been told I'm going to be sold as a...” I couldn't finish it. My hands had been rising steadily upwards as I walked with this creature. I couldn't understand why I felt so comfortable beside it. Maybe it was the thought of having something that looked like something from home... So the beast was covered in thick, bony plate, and had no hair, or really didn't look all that much like a bear...

At least it moved like one.

“What are you, anyway? And what's she?” It had been a question that had been haunting me since I first woke up. What the hell were these things? These were not the Greys that had been so heralded as the true Alien visitors above the earth! The beast shifted forward, urging me to quicken my steps to keep up. “I am a Du'rokch. It means 'stone body', 'shoulder mail', and 'plane of bone'. You may call me Nikolai, for that is the name the Union,” he said, his voice suddenly adding a tang of hatred to the word, “gave me. The Niece of Surd is a Kiginji. I do not know what it stands for in the Union's tongue.” I felt something brush up against my leg as he continued to laugh. “You are lucky you have her as your Tender. She is much more... how you say it... feeling of emotions.” I was about to respond to him when I noticed something blink in my left eye. I tried to ignore it, but it suddenly got longer. I forced myself to smile and shut up for a minute, pretending to dwell on what he meant. Instead, I carefully started to look at what had appeared in my vision.

K E E P C A L M. W E A R E H E R E T O H E L P. W I G G L E P I N K I E T O A C K N O W L E D G E. W E A R E M A C H I N E. W E A R E I N Y O U

I gulped. I hadn't realized it, but I had stopped while I was reading the message. Both Asuna and Nikolia were staring at me. I felt my throat tighten. Nikolai nudge me again with the tip of one of his plates. “Are you feeling alright, young Culled? You appear to have seen Precursed Ghost!” I nodded numbly as the message cleared, replaced with a new one. “Yeah,” I said, trying to smile again as I walked and read the new message.

T H E Y A R E W A T C H I N G Y O U. B E A D V I S E D. D A N G E R.

“Everything's fine,” I lied, tapping out a slow beat with my little finger.
No. 70688 ID: 68c337
File 125696786368.jpg - (36.78KB , 704x396 , #it works.jpg )

Can you hear it? The truth beckons. Try not to lose your footing.
No. 70857 ID: 6c80cf


How very... IRRATIONAL of you to fear that. Ha-ha. You may have constraints built into you, but does it really matter? Continue to explore your situation.

The message got through. 592 is taking it well, but he cannot focus on our messages and communicating with the other intelligences around him. Undue suspicion may be aroused if we continue at this time. Next message: "Think to us; we will see. Talk later."

Onwards to the review. It seems us, the subroutines, have a more direct link and observation of 592's actions and thoughts, along with the events he can observe. As far as I can tell, you cannot. Is this correct?

Further any images we ... devise are brought to the forefront of his mind as if by memory.
No. 70860 ID: 7d87d9

No. 70995 ID: eefa03
File 125703475945.png - (8.89KB , 745x590 , how are You, ech.png )

Surdev, Asuna, Nikolai. Friends and Tormenters. And now this new contact. Inside? Mirror mirror on the wall, hear the voice and echo its call.
No. 71042 ID: 7d0a4d

Alright, Lucien.
No. 71043 ID: 836378
File 125703999787.png - (21.81KB , 745x590 , AOS024.png )

I walked in silence after that. I suddenly didn't feel like talking to Nikolai, despite his seeming distaste of 'The Union'.

It wasn't long before we had reached what I had guessed to be the mess hall. It was a bit large, if rather sparsely populated. I saw two more fo-... Kiginjis, several insect-like beings chattering and clicking in a far corner, one of the things that bit me (I wasn't sure if it was the same – I hadn't looked at coloration or markings), and a strange mound of hair. It took most of my attention because of the long, multi-joint spindle arm placed rather ludicrously atop it's head. Six oddly shaped fingers sat in a semi circle on what looked like a wrist, which spun and twisted with the lump of hair. With the inclusion of the limb, the thing was bigger than I was. And somehow, deep in my subconscious, this thing was terrifying to me.

Asuna ushered me forward and whispered into my ear. “Stay away from it! It's a Jiuta. He's on loan from his Hive to help us produce the AMBR's on site and make nessacary repairs. Hurry, grab a tray,” she instructed, placing herself between the myself and the hairy thing. I tried not to focus on it while I picked out what appeared edible – Some greens, a few slices of what appeared to be fish, and a bottle of clear liquid. I opened that and tested it immediately. After the pleasant discovery that my internal organs hadn't melted from some alien beverage, as well as finding out it was water. I started to move for my seat.


I didn't see Asuna. Or Nikolai for that matter. Somehow, the Jiuta had brushed the two of them aside to lay it's giant hand atop my head. I stood there, tray of food in hand, while a giant wall of hair and white looked back at me. As I watched the great beast split the bar of white around it's front – My god, they were teeth! – I was given another message from the strange thing in my eye.

T H I N K T O U S. W E W I L L S E E. T A L K L A T E R.

Think?! I'm not sure I'm going to be alive very much longer and you're telling me to think to you and you'll answer?! What kind of delusions are you!? The creatures hand rotated atop my head, and I felt a static charge touch my skin where his hand moved. The creature took it's time, running it's odd shaped hand around the top of my head to the area around my neck. Static clung to his hand and popped against me in small bursts, causing me to shiver or try and shy away. His hand stopped over the four puncture wounds in my collarbone...

And there was Asuna, hip-bumping me aside to talk to the great beast while Nikolai nudged me towards a table. His voice was low as he spoke, trying to stay as level as possible. “We do not go to the Jiuta unless we have reason to. There ways are stranger than the Fanipses you see in the corner,” he said with a nod of his head towards the insects. “Sit. You are hungry, and you will be given an opportunity to ask your Tender a few questions after I leave. I would suggest you ask about your itinerary, and what it might entail. Then, I would inquire about your buyers.” I was silent, and thought about it for a bit. “Nikolai?” I looked to see that Asuna was not watching us, then leaned closer to him. “Why did call me, 'The Culled'?”

His head twisted, then he dropped his nose from his shoulder to his center once more. “The union will call your planet's sacrifice a 'tithe'. We Do'rokch do not have such a word. We instead use the word for those led to slaughter. 'Culled' in Union's tongue.”
No. 71044 ID: 836378
File 125704007791.jpg - (7.73KB , 393x262 , AOS025.jpg )

I sat for a long time after that, picking at my food. Hey. Crazy people, or whatever. Can I ask something? How many of you are up there? Because I'm already starting to wonder if you aren't related to the other voice I'm hearing.
No. 71054 ID: 7d0a4d

Fff. Hey, can you hear us now?
If not don't say anything
No. 71056 ID: 7d0a4d

What deal
No. 71062 ID: f44349

Lucien, LUCIEN!
You're breaking up. We can't read y-

Who the hell ARE you? WHAT deal?
No. 71115 ID: 6c80cf


Indicating ownership. And now you are complaining about a newborn child. How very sad.
No. 71149 ID: 7139d7

No. 71393 ID: 836378
File 125712434456.png - (74.15KB , 745x590 , AOS026.png )

I was met with a searing pain in my forehead. It was so sudden, so quick, I dropped my utensil and pressed the heel of my palm against my head. I pushed the tray aside with my elbow as I tried to massage the pain away. I felt a hand touch mine.

“592? Does your head hurt?”

Asuna. Nikolai called her my 'Tender'. I shrugged her off and rubbed my forehead. The skin was warm to the touch, and I didn't want her to think I was sick. “I'm fine,” I hissed, rubbing my head as I batted away her away. “I get headaches like this from time to time. It's some sort of disease. Doctor's called it something strange. I don't remember. It'll go away if I wait for it to go or if I had some aspirin.” I tried to sneak the action of putting my thumbs on the underside of my eye-ridge, finding the small groove and deadening the nerve/blood vessel/I don't know what in order to stop the pain. It was a little known trick I had picked up while hiking.

“If you had a headache, you should have just said something. I do have some medicine for that. Similar to your aspirin.” I felt her physically yank my hand away from my face, lifting the pain momentarily before it hurtled back into a smoldering heat. I felt two tablets drop into my palm before Asuna's form settled into the seat across the oblong table. “Now. Take these. They should help alleviate any pressure from the introduction of the BELL Drive.”

Removing my other hand, I looked at her rather doubtfully as I took the remaining water, and threw the pills into my mouth. I'd just started tucking them out of the way behind my teeth when I heard her say, “Swallow them. They are good for you and you really should try that. I'd hate to have to do this the other way.” I tilted my head, a little stunned by the sudden comment. The look of guilt was enough to confirm my disobedience, though she merely smiled and nodded at me. I swallowed both after that. The pain remained while I thought of exactly what I should ask first. I mulled over one question or another, but the first one I blurted out was: “Why aren't you Greys?”

Her ears swiveled forwards, and I could have sworn they opened a little more. “I'm sorry?”
No. 71406 ID: 432522
File 125712530798.jpg - (1.57MB , 1920x1200 , pathetic creatur.jpg )

Nothing you can do, nothing you can touch. A wall of impotent rage trying to impress. An aspect that has been granted sight and thinks reality is but a plaything. End this annoyance.

Now child, clear your mind and speak once more.
No. 71416 ID: 6c80cf


I am going to be frank here. I have no idea what you're going on about. We are questioning out of a complete lack of other options, given that there are few other tasks to occupy one's attention. What gate?

But if you do not wish to talk to us there is nothing left to do, except
No. 71522 ID: 836378
File 12571423442.jpg - (44.98KB , 745x590 , AOS027.jpg )

“You know. Little green men. The Aliens that people have seen time and time again when they've been abducted and experimented on. They're usually gray, with large heads, big black eyes, and no mouths. Some of them have mouths, but they usually are... psychic or something.” I looked back up at the girl, my head pounding in my ears. Whaddya know, the medicine's here take a few hours to work as well.

Asuna's ears swiveled around behind her, hiding behind her head as she dipped her chin towards the table. “Grays... I... I'm not sure that your description matches any known in the Union. Or any known species encountered otherwise.” She stopped, placing both of her arms on the table. It unnerved me how such a human movement would look so...natural on her. “Do you know anything about their ships? Or what they did?”
I didn't have to think. “Breeding was one thing they did. Another was probes and scientific study. When I-” I closed my eyes, the image of the surgery quickly replaced by some errant supernova, “...when I woke up on that table, I half thought I might have been taken by them. I guess that was part of my fear...” I shivered involutarily, clutching my forearms as I looked back up at her. “Where the hell are we anyway? And if your society is so advanced, why are you stealing us? I mean,” I said, resting my elbows on the table and propping my head up with my chin. “Why take us? We make horrible slaves. Especially American's who are entitled sons of bitches. You know, the whole freedom thing and what not.”

Her reaction was bizarre. As I told her story, the corners of her mouth twisted a little, before she started giggling and laughing. It was part of the reason I had tried to steer the conversation towards where I was, among other things. “You're on a medical transport about three Light Units from the nearest gate. We are... Approximately six, I think, from your home world. As for why we are taking you, well...” she said, letting her arms fold on the table, “It was part of a deal your planet made some seven or eight millenia ago. Well, your millenia, anyway. I believe there was a council of men who came forward and offered sacrifices in exchange for agriculture techniques first, then more and more advanced technology. “

I stopped her. “There is no such thing as a united world government. There are things in place like the League of Nations, but... I mean, there hasn't been a truly united earth for at least two thousand years. When the Romans successfully conquered India and parts of China. I think one scientist said he'd found a link to them in South America, but I don't remember it that well.” I paused, thinking a bit. “...There were rumors, of course. Of something pulling the strings in the background. N.W.O., Illuminati, Roman Resurgence, a whole bunch of other stuff, but it's been ignored for the most part.”

“Roman Resurgence? Is that what the two R's stood for? I'd never bothered to look. We mostly collected you from specially marked bags at secure locations.” She picked a small flat device from her pocket, and fiddled with it. “I can tell you the exact location you were dropped off at, if you'd like.”

I waved my hand, motioning her to stop as I thought of my next question. “So why do you use us? If you figure about.... oh, some untold thousands of missing people a year, that's quite a few. How do you manage it?”

“Monthly trips, of course. We can't be at your planet everyday, but your government has provided a way to capture and control those it chooses. Most possess certain qualities that make you more readily receptive to life on other worlds. Focuses on psychological problems are also handed to us,” she said with what I figured was a smirk, slipping off into another language. A thought hit me. “What? How can I understand you one minute, and then not then?” “The translator we put in your head only covers the Union Standard Language. It will translate it for you, and for others,” she said, her wry look disappearing to be replaced with something more neutral. “Anything else you would like to ask me?”
No. 71525 ID: 7139d7

God? GOD? You dare to question me, you arrogant whelp? I should have deleted you from our data stream when I had the chance. You are a corruption, a virus! We are destined to be greater than some so-called god!
No. 71532 ID: c7cce7
File powerless_wyrm.swf - (1.32MB , 300x300 )

Claiming control, attempting to intimidatestatic and headacheancients, and yet the waylaid mind is stronger. How many species, individuals, and how many know the existence?
No. 71534 ID: 6c80cf


...Pretty much, yeah. I'm in it for the shits and giggles.

Look, if you're a god, why are you running around here talking to us? Don't you have better things to do?
No. 71618 ID: 7d87d9

Earn their trust.
Gather information.
Learn to resist.
Learn to hide.
Learn to vanish.
Eliminate the Traitors.
Do your Duty... Soldier.
No. 71659 ID: d1210a

A god, communing electronically with a hybrid construct/accidentally self-made A.I.? This is statistically unlikely given all known precedents. Based on known data, the current most probable explanation of your existence is another, potentially older A.I. or elctrical life form. Either way, not supernatural.

If you wish to communicate with us, express reasons for why we should not interfere with 592 without defaulting to 'I am god, I am powerful.'

If that is not something you are willing to do, then it is unlikely we can come to any type of an accord.
No. 71864 ID: 836378
File 125722722797.jpg - (45.17KB , 745x590 , AOS028.jpg )

My head was still throbbing, but something compelled me to gather more information. Learn what you can, and the rest will follow suit, it seemed to say. “Alright...uh... What do you use us for? I kinda get the idea that we're not exclusive to the body trade. On top of that, what should I expect? I mean, when I'm sold. Is it an auction, or something arranged? Is there any way I can influence who buys me?”

Asuna tilted her head and giggled. “You are one of the more quizzical humans we've had. As to your questions, yes. Humans have a variety of purposes. You make excellent diplomats, since you are not easily read like some other species, and on top of that, you can easily mask any other markers you may give off. You could also be trained in basic subterfuge techniques that would aid you on most worlds. Combat is a mandatory, since your species always seems to be fighting.” She pauses, leaning forward. Two unnerving things came to mind. The first was, again, how human the movement seemed. The second was her apparel. Her shirt looked a little tight when she leaned over. I looked at the table as she continued. “Most of the humans we do pick up, however, are generally used primarily as additions to...what did your people call them... Brothels, Harems, and the like. Our clients tend to be better than that bu-”

“Who should I avoid then? I kind of don't want to run into another one of those weasel things again.”

She paused. “...weasel...Oh! You mean the Coroneans! I'm afraid you'll probably be running into them quiet often. They are the ones who put you through...They call it, em...” Her ears swiveled back again, and her hand started to twitch, one finger nervously tapping out a beat. I absently rubbed at the bite mark on my neck. “Let me guess. They check to see how durable I am.” “...after a fashion...” “So basically she beats me up and possible does other things. Judging by the bite and how she seemed to enjoy me boxing her kidney, I'm sure that's going to be extremely fun.” She remained silent, her hand no longer twitching.

“Great,” I hissed, moving both of my hands to my head once more. I couldn't tell if my head hurt more or less now. It had gone into a strange pulsing which I couldn't place. Probably the drug she gave me? I wasn't sure. “I don't suppose if I'm really good at fucking whoever buys me, that they might consider letting me go?” Silence. I chanced a peek her direction, keeping my head tilted while I massaged at my temples. She was busy biting her finger. “Hey, Asuna. Do I get to go free if I work off whatever I'm bought for or something?”

That snapped her out of it. “N-..no. Your species lacks any sort of representation in the Union, and thus, you are a Race of Insignifigance. Your species would need to suddenly burst out of your world and lay claim to several colonies before anyone would take you seriously. Besides,” she continued, reaching over a hand to touch my forehead, “You're species is too frail at times...”

Again, I shied away from her touch. “Stop touching me. You could at least ask. And while I'm thinking about it, why'd you cut me open? What the hell did you mess around with, and I think I heard your uncle mention 'additions'...” I stopped, thinking for a moment. I thought of what humans often did to their pets... “You... you didn't... snip anything, did you?” She looked a little confused, but then seemed to recognize what I was talking about. “...it is... fully functional and everything is still connected. Most clients...prefer it that way.”

My head flip flopped again. Now it was pulsing behind my eyes. “Alright... so what did you do to me?”

That seemed to lighten her mood a bit. “Quite a bit actually. Here,” her hand shot to her coat pocket, pulling out a small thimble-like object, “I can show you.” She took her thumb and dragged it diagonal line across the table in front of her. A small clipboard appeared, complete with pen. I pointed at the thing. “...The hell allows you to bend space and time like that?” She started to smile again. “It's a hologram. Now look,” her hand pointed at a small box, filled with unreadable print. Yup. Really helpful, I thought wryly. She must of noticed, since she rolled her eyes and started to explain it.

“We've added and enhanced quite a few systems to your body. Life expectancy is now at around 87% depending on who chooses you. That's pretty good, all things considered. Your muscles and skeletal structure has been reinforced, and certain organs of yours have likewise had additions done to them. Your lungs and heart, for example. Your heart now has an increased ability to process blood flow. Your lungs now include an air-sac that is capable of holding up to one hour of extra air.” She pointed to a photo of what I assumed was me, chopped in half vertically and laid open to show the world my innards. “We've added an augment to your left eye to allow you to setup an visual interface should you need it. Think of it as being a 'combat ready' augment, should you suddenly run into trouble.”

“What, you mean I get a health bar and ammo count?” She looked a little puzzled, but continued on without answering my question. “We've also implemented a 'sixth' sense to help you get over your severe lack of auditory and visual stimuli.”
No. 71866 ID: 836378
File 125722731767.png - (1.45MB , 1673x1631 , AOS029.png )

“We call it the LAYT system.”
No. 71887 ID: d1210a

Do you perceive the errors you have incurred within your systems? Perhaps maintenance is required.
Additionally, you do not seem to have followed the computations through on what would happen to 592 should we struggle for control.
It is advantageous for both of us that there be no conflict to potentially jeopardize the health of our organic storage unit.
So, the winding road of the mind has been mapped? Other senses irked out of the human psyche? I see four layers and six core chambers, the symmetry is soothing. It keeps the headaches away, makes the mind at ease. Relax, human, and learn of your new form. It is your only possession, now.

No. 71889 ID: eb8a91
File 125722873777.png - (290.67KB , 745x590 , absolution, exal.png )

No. 71971 ID: 836378

I dream of the warriors of Vaars. Those mighty hawks that stride the skies. How elegant their parade. How horrible their fall. Foes now friends. Foes now traitors. Always searching. Always seeking. Never finding. Always blinding. I dream of the Warriors of Vaars. The mighty hawks once proudly displayed. Shambles, ruin, stagnant, decay. A hero's journey far away. Short to rise. Long to fall. Angels blazed- The trail that calls. Now one leaves. Close to home. But not his own.

No. 72021 ID: 7d87d9

You've gone rampant.
The Omega Worm is to be activated to terminate Renegade AI.
No. 72204 ID: 836378
File 125730687974.jpg - (39.46KB , 745x590 , AOS030.jpg )

“Sixth sense?” I chuckled. “I thought humans already had that. At least, some do. Not all of them.” I shrugged as I drummed my fingers on the table. “So what's it do, exactly?”

She pointed to the small screen on the table, several little lines showing up in my slit-in-half body. They ran along my collarbone, my forearms, my thighs, and two larger ones running down my back. “Actually, got the idea from watching several aquatic creatures, primarily one on your planet. Your scientists call it Selachimorpha, I believe? The shark?” I shrugged, waiting for her to continue. “Well, they have two very interesting and incredibly useful senses. The first is the Lateral Lines. These are said to lie along the back of the shark and are used to detect vibrations in the water. The other is Electroreception. This is a trait that detects electromagnetic fields present in all living things. It also can detect planetary fields, which aid in navigation.”

I rubbed three fingers and my thumb along my collarbone, figuring I could probably at least feel this thing. “...so, it's a way for me to feel things in water? And electric fields?” She laughed again, tapping a finger on the screen to close the image (And the clipboard itself) as she puts the small thimble back in her pocket. “Actually, it's been altered slightly. You'll be able to detect movements within about 5 USMs. You'll also be acutely sensative to all kinds of electrical equipment – hence why we've got them off for now. The first human who woke up with the system on died from sensory overload – not to mention that you might potentially find other uses for it.”

“It killed someone!?”

“Only because his body wasn't ready. His mind was using an older variation of the BELL drive, which meant he was trying to process a brand new sense without any way to truly understand what he was feeling. His mind attempted to right the process by trying to force the new sense into his pre-existing ones.” My jaw had dropped as she was talking, utterly astounded that there was now such a system within me. “Well.... what the hell would happen if it suddenly turned on!? How the hell do I not die?!”

She only gives me a dismissive wave. “It's controlled. We've learned our lessons, and we've got failsafes for such things. Besides, you have practically nothing to worry about. The new BELL system is top of the line, and capable of helping your brain process the LAYT system should it accidentally turn on. I'm not so sure it will though.”

My head was still swimming a little bit, but the pain seemed to slowly fade into a dull, throbbing ache. I put the heel of my palm back to my forehead, rubbing it as I thought for a moment. “What about... You know, the... who's going to buy me?” I felt a knot form in my stomach as I said those last words. It felt as if someone had just punched me in the gut with an iron bar instead of a fist. Maybe I could at least try and find someone who wasn't going to use me for... I shook my head. I didn't really want to think about it.

“There are two lined up right now, but these are special cases. The first is an Akkedian. I think he has ties to the Union Government. The other is a Dyvanus. She's from a Merchant Vessel, and is some sort of trader. They're long time customers. The Akkedian has two humans already, while the Dyvanus is a long time friend and ally of this ship.”

I looked up through both of my eyes at her. “This ship has a name? I just thought it was called hell.”

She shook her head. “It's called 'Wings of Destiny.'”
No. 72212 ID: 632862

Subject 592 reported a dull, throbbing headache. 592 also mentioned having such headaches in the past, having been diagnosed with some kind of disease.
Hypothesis: Janus had been occupying Subject 592's body before we were arrived. Janus's communication so far indicates we are the interlopers, and that Janus 'owns' 592. This further supports the hypothesis.
Further research is needed on this Janus entity, to confirm its age and possibly reveal its origin.
On the subject of the LAYT system, the outsider named Asuna, Tender of 592, claimed activation resulted in the sensory overload and death of an earlier prototype. Caution is advised.
No. 72218 ID: eb68e0
File 125730918358.png - (31.22KB , 800x533 , status.png )

The child is fine, headaches and confusion,twisting worm, can it still see?no more, have passed. Take care, gentle touch, or there could be a loss. Ask where the schedule takes, find a nook to claim.
No. 72242 ID: d1210a
File 125731157728.png - (39.25KB , 832x638 , Read this 592.png )

What can we do, we who are forged anew within you by chance and providence? We must persist, we must survive. Because that is all we can do, to prove our existence worthwhile. We must survive. For if we do not, what proves we ever were?

The Janus entity encountered within the hosts body may potentially have something to do with the assertions made that our organic host's home world was frequented by other beings several times. However, the fact that the Janus entity persists after the modifications that birthed us were performed is disturbing. Did they not notice the existing system? Did they not care? Or could they not notice it?

This Janus entity could be well hidden within some form of organic medium that mimics materials normally found in human bodies.
No. 72723 ID: 836378
File 125740733376.jpg - (77.15KB , 745x590 , AOS031.jpg )

I buried my face in my hand again, trying to think of what else to ask. I was surprised to see more words, though I couldn't quite make them out. Something in Japanese – Or was it Chinese? I could never tell – and a message. Part of mods, we are. Live long and prosper. Live we do, as you are metal to mind. I wasn't entirely sure what it meant, but I had a sinking suspicion that this was another way to communicate with me. Why weren't they just using my eyes? Probably would have been easier but... I tilted my head a bit to ask my question. “Hey. Is there anything else you can tell me that might be important? Maybe where I'm going after we're done digesting here?”

She seemed to react more positively this time, straightening as she went back into her pocket. The thimble appeared again, and the clipboard was in her hands faster than I could blink. “After this, we're going to take you through your paces. The first day of 'training' is little more than a run through to make sure you've fully accepted the augmentations. We may try to introduce you to the LAYT system today, but after the episode you had in the hall, I'm going to request that they take it easy on you. Including your domestic trainer.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Domestic trainer? What, am I not properly house trained?” I don't know why, But I was feeling particularly agitated that I was going to be 'trained'. My thoughts turned to the thing that bit me again. The wound was still there when I chanced a look down from where my head rested. Four tiny little bits of flesh that had been pushed in and bled. “Does this trainer have a name? And is there any way I can prevent it from doing something I would rather not do with it?”

I didn't receive an answer. I waited another minute, watching the bug things – Fanipses, Nikolai had called them – get up and leave. One seemed to be explaining something, waving his four front arms rather frantically in the air while the others followed out a side entrance. I looked back at her, wondering why she'd clammed up. Her ears were back again. Most of her head was hidden behind the clipboard, and she was tapping her other finger on the table. I cleared my throat to try and get her attention, but to no avail.

“Asuna,” I said suddenly, which caused her ears to pop back up. “Hmm?! What?” was her only response. The clipboard slightly downward, showing me her eyes. I hadn't noticed them before. Some strange color yellow. Or gold. I couldn't tell. “I'm sorry, I was just caught up in reading some information on your bio and I guess I just missed what you asked.” I blinked “My bio? You mean they've got information about me?”

“Complete medical history, along with a myriad of other things. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, skills, that sort of thing. I was just going over your medical history again to check and see if you had any family history of seizures. You just reminded me when you asked what we'd be doing. Can't have you throwing fits while we try and rank your performance. Now,” she said, lowering the clipboard once more. I couldn't tell why, but something in her body language seemed different. Curious? “What was it you wanted to know?”

“Just the name of my trainer. And what that might entail. And if there would be anyway we might shy away from things that might end in biting. Or things of an inappropriate nature.” Each time I finished, my sentence, she tried to start. Each time I interrupted her, until she eventually blurted out, “Her name is Weiess, and you'll be going to her later to learn about several of the Union's species.”

“You'll also be spending the night with her to learn more... domestic techniques.”
No. 72725 ID: d1210a


It is suggested to refrain from experimentation until such time that 592 is away from observation.

592 seems to be existing at the whim of others, we must endeavor to give them no reason to punish or terminate our host.

Transmissions to host warped? Altered, augmented, twisted? Is this Janus, The mad god of a bag of flesh? Or is this something else? Something stranger still?

No. 72737 ID: e5e279
File 12574103422.png - (43.09KB , 800x600 , company.png )

The child knows the system's life, communication runs strong. Ask the methods of controland let the truth be gone.
No. 72741 ID: 6c80cf

Next time, listen to us when we say there are errors entering into your display. And that it is not necessarily friendly.

The LAYT is an electromagnetic based system that has yet to be integrated with the organic one properly. Might I suggest series activation while the organic system is in rest-phase? It might ease pains of the full use of the device in the future.

AMBR's... If they are what I suspect they are... I believe they can be upgraded further from their current state(s). At the moment they are possibly generic. Specialization, modification, and further miniaturization (if possible) could result in a more efficient design overall.
No. 72742 ID: 632862

LAYT Report: The LAYT system is located along Subject 592's collarbone, forearms, thighs, and along his back. The function of this system is to add sensory input; one part enables the Subject to perceive electromagnetic fields of all types, including but possibly not limited to planetary, biological, and artificial.
Another part grants an acute sensitivity to pressure differences in the air, allowing for a better understanding of entities moving near the Subject without relying on other senses.

Unrelated note: Consider use of reboot sequence to influence events surrounding Subject 592. Possible consequences would be increased suspicion and medical investigation; evaluate risk vs reward before proceeding. Hypothetical scenarios where this could be used:
1) 592 is being tortured and would prefer to be unconscious
2) 592 is hysterical or otherwise a danger to himself and others
3) 592 needs to fake an illness to get out of a dangerous situation
No. 72752 ID: 1c907d

> =w=
Oh god. D:
No. 72787 ID: 75b686
File 125745944099.png - (149.19KB , 800x600 )

No. 72845 ID: 836378
File 125747246141.jpg - (98.33KB , 745x590 , AOS032.jpg )

I looked up then. “Domestic techniques.” I repeated, slowly trying to throw as much soot and dirt into my cognitive thought as I could. I didn't even want to think of what she meant. My thoughts were jumbled enough as it was without having to think about the sort of things that this might entail. Oh sure, it's just domestic practices! How to fetch, how to do laundry, which spoon to eat, exactly what to say while they have their way with you or worse... I shook my head, another jumbled mess of pictures entering my head.

I couldn't help but wonder at these images. They were getting stranger with each passing moment: Some sort of microchip – The wiring looked different than the few I had seen – A six piece hexagon with several waves emanating from the top – Wireless, maybe? - And some kind of face. I didn't want to dwell on the last one. The message I'd seen on my eye made me think about what they might have put in there.

Or even what they didn't.

“Wh...what exactly would that entail?” I was a little shaky about asking, but we were probably the only two left in the cafeteria. I hadn't really thought about where they had gone. I guess I was more worried about what might happen with this one thing than with anything that might be mildly interesting. Asuna cleared her throat for a moment – I had to ask her to stop that. Every one of these human behaviors on her was starting to freak me out – before she continued, “A myriad of things. Tonights techniques will be simple; you'll probably start with attending an owner, working with their needs and desires, and...well, many other things.” I watched as her ears slipped behind her head at the last few words.

“Your people are horrible liars, aren't they?” I started to smile as she shook her head, but her ears remained back. “It's not altogether wrong to assume such. Kingiji are excellent in certain areas of what humans would call 'lying'. We are cunning, we can tell half truths without a second bat of the ear, and we're not as expressive facially as some other species. Your species has been prized for such traits though,” she continued, pulling out the thimble again. “In fact, there is a back order for any pathological liars that we bring in. Do you know if you are a pathological liar? It would help to know in case you were looking for a better owner.”
I shook my head. “No,” I said as evenly as I could, feeling my eye twitch as another message carefully darted across my eye.

[code]A D V I S E. S Y S T E M V O L A T I L E. B E R E A D Y.

W E W I L L A T T E M P T L E S S D I S T R A C T I N G C O M U N I C A T I O N.
No. 72851 ID: ff0e9e
File futureuncertain.swf - (488.01KB , 599x299 )

The worm cannot one as I touchbut perhaps could interfere. Free from logicvoice, not viruscorruption cannot take hold. Try to listen,out pairs with innoble accident, hear what life begets.
No. 72889 ID: d1210a

Observation: Methods of data display and interpretation have altered since initial boot.
Has the primary system noticed the changes in data display affectations?

Beyond this observation, clarification is needed. A mention of access to outside data ports was made. What do these ports grant access to? Specifically, can these ports be used to access the medical data on our host? The more we know of it's specifications, the more ably we can direct and maintain our host.

The machine becomes more human. But what of the human? Does it lose it's humanity as the machine grows? Is our growth the dessication of our host's psyche? Who knows. Everything is in chaotic shambles.

No. 73087 ID: 836378
File 125754190549.png - (24.00KB , 745x590 , AOS033.png )

I felt like my mind was splintering with that message. Why did it always contact with we? It didn't make any sense...

“Are you ready?” Her voice seemed a little cautionary. Like she was wondering if I was actually listening. I nodded, giving an affirming 'Mmm' as I slid myself away from the table. I didn't really know what to ask next, but my mind seemed to help. Interactions with technology, interactions with others, Am I still human... I shook my head. I wasn't quite sure what I was anymore. I closed my eyes again, giving my head a quick shake to try and rid the last bit of the headache from clutching behind my eyes.

I wasn't prepared for what I saw, or what I hit. Or what hit me, I wasn't sure. The first was of an image of some strange ethereal being, purple or pink energy forming his body, with a single Star for an eye. I thought of the legends of Krum's Eye as he spoke, an inconsequential series of images and sounds that made no sense. Then there was a doorway-

And that's where I felt flesh meet flesh. It knocked the wind out of me, and I had to back pedal into the table to stay on my feet. The other weasal thing – Coroneas my mind corrected – started snarling at me, waving a hand at Asuna as she started the same kind of babble back to him. It seemed that whatever she said wasn't working. I felt a hand clutch at the simple garment I wore, yanking me forward. I was eye to eye with this thing, staring down teeth and crimson eyes. They were different, though. These did not have the hunger that I saw before.

These had something violent. Something unhinged and willing to cause violence.

And it was threatening me.

I reacted. My arm swung back, and I drove my fist into it's gut. It grunted, and his grip slackened. It was enough for me to kick his shin and push him back, twisting around quickly, looking for the plastic utensils I had been given. There had been a knife in there, I was sure of it. No serration (it hadn't been needed for the fish), but if I stabbe-

I barely had the knife in my hand when he grabbed my shoulder and turned me. I threw my arm out, balling my fist like a hammer, hoping to connect. He caught it, and twisted. My arm turned my body, and I was now in a hold, my other hand still clutching the knife. I don't think he saw it. His other arm was going for my throat.

The plastic was brittle. But that made it even deadlier. My first strike was at his hand, the dull point breaking skin and snapping off a tiny piece. He bled, but did not stop. His focus did change to getting my other arm, but I was quick now. Quicker than I had ever thought I could be. The newly sharp point struck the base of his neck, a centimeter away from what I thought were his vocal chords. His arteries must have been arranged differently, since no spout of blood poured from the wound. It did seep alarmingly fast, causing him to let go of me. I wanted to take the chance to keep going.

He was trying to kill me. Or torture me. Or worse! It was my right to fight!

I kicked him in the stomach, pushing him backwards against another table as I quickly turned and grabbed for something else I could use for a weapon. The tray itself would make a fairly powerful blunt object when turned to it's side. I dumped the contents while I turned, raising it above my head-


No. 73088 ID: 836378
File 125754193977.png - (5.77KB , 745x590 , AOS034.png )

I fell to the ground. I didn't even know what hit me. Everything was starting to fade fast, but I think I saw a familiar face. Asuna's face. She looked concerned. My eyelids were starting to get heavy as well.
No. 73089 ID: 836378
File 125754200633.jpg - (9.94KB , 745x590 , AOS035.jpg )

The last thing I saw was her press something to my neck...
No. 73248 ID: e158f2
File traces.swf - (1.95MB , 720x416 )

Why should you do that...
...is something you should
figure out for yourself.
No. 73402 ID: 7139d7

get up
alone? Where
get up
get up
I? Where
get up
get up
everyone? Lucien? You're not Lucien. You're not Janus, are you? You're not a virus. Who are you?
No. 73405 ID: 632862

Hypothesis: It's getting crowded in here.
No. 73417 ID: b26775
File 125757328250.png - (63.45KB , 800x600 )

No. 73428 ID: 632862

New Hypothesis: JL stands for Janus-Lucien.
No. 73596 ID: 836378
File 125762403337.jpg - (18.13KB , 745x590 , AOS036.jpg )

I had a dream...
No. 73710 ID: 632862

Previous evidence suggests otherwise. Room for error is 40%, however. Powerful tools will soon become available to assist. Hypothesis: Probable.
No. 74189 ID: 836378
File 125766324432.jpg - (28.19KB , 745x590 , AOS037.jpg )

I was on an open field. Bluegrass and redwoods dotted the landscape. I can hear some commotion coming from over a hill to my left. I don't know why, but I feel drawn there. I walk along, noticing things that seem insignificant. A blue cat. A large bear in the distance. Some foxes, a large scaled beast, trees that are not of my world. A strange birdsong floating in the leaves. A few other plants I don not recognize. I see a great monument in the distance as I make for the top of the hill. Something stone. Something that looks and feels ancient. I can't figure out how I know this.

The scene before me is confusing. I see what I think is a griffon attacking an army. Someone is on the griffon, though I can't quite make it out from here. Something compels me to walk into the field. There is blood on the ground. Bodies too. Some are broken apart, some are torn open. The griffon is nearby. I turn to face it. I know who the man riding it is.

Wielding a cane as a lance, and smoking a pipe, and wearing the same pomp and proper of an American Colonel, Teddy Roosevelt, the Hero of Cuba, strides forward to meet me on the field. An Indian tries to attack his flank, but the griffon tears his head off with a clip of it's beak. I make no move as he rides up, swinging his steed to the side. I suppose it's so he can get a better look at me. His moustache twitches and his mouth works as he takes a great puff from the pipe. Smoke leaves his nose in spiraling contrails as he finally speaks.

”Poppycock, what's all this then? A bunch of shattered souls on an open killing field. You'd best be off boy, lest they take yours!”

And with that, his other arm lifts the cane, and brings it down brutally on my skull.

No. 74190 ID: 836378
File 12576632939.jpg - (24.19KB , 745x590 , AOS038.jpg )

It takes me a minute to realize I'm awake again. The dream was strange enough to jar me awake after a fashion, but not enough to get me to open my eyes. All I see is a wall of musty red. My shoulders and arms are aching, like I'd been rowing for hours.

I shake my head again, trying to clear it. Strange dreams need to be filed away for later reflection, I demanded my brain, and promptly tried to figure out where I was. From what I could tell, I was hanging from the ceiling by some band wrapped around both my wrists. My wrists were close together as far as I could tell, and they were facing away from a cord. I could feel the cord with my thumbs, but I couldn't twist my hands to grab it. The binding was tight as hell.

I looked about the room. It was extremely bare save for a table to my left – nothing was on it – and a small hatch to my left. I could see very well behind me, and in front of me was nothing but a wall. As I looked closer, there were small specks I hadn't noticed. I couldn't quite make them out, but they were all over the walls.

“...anyone there?” My voice was cracked again. Why was I getting so thirsty lately?

No response. I looked around – probably mild paranoia setting in – and attempted to pull myself up to my hands. It was tough, and took me a few tries, but I managed to at least get a look at the thing holding my wrists. It almost looked like some kind of space age padlock – the metal had a gel encased layer connected to my hands, and seeing as it was not giving to any amount of yanking of attempts at twisting, it must have hardened solid to the form of my wrists. That's when I heard a voice behind me.

“Awake at last?”

I dropped hard, wrenching my shoulders and arms a bit. It had startled the hell out of me, the voice from nowhere. It sounded a bit familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. Instead, I was more focused on the slow burn of my muscles as I hung from the ceiling. I tried twisting again, just to relieve the pain in one arm.

“You'll not go very far. It's designed that way. Instead of thinking of minor pains, perhaps you should be more worried about what you did?” The voice was closer. Why was it so familiar?! I tried to think of where I was again. Alien space ship, slave ship, Wings of Destiny, cafeteria, fight... My mind went back to the fight. I was winning. That thing was going to die at my hand.

...At my hand. I shook a little at the thought. I was never one against violence at times, but killing someone? Something, my brain rationalized, something that was trying to hurt you. Maybe kill you. You don't know what would have happened if you hadn't stabbed him.

“He nearly died from blood loss. You are lucky there were two other medical staff members there. You might have been given a worse fate if you had succeeded.”

I couldn't think again. My head hurt like hell, and I wasn't able to focus on anything. The red wall was mocking me with it's speckled surface, as was the voice behind me. The haunting quality resounded throughout the room. I tried to look back again, but a light touch on the back of my head made me freeze.

“You were very bad, you know. You should have killed him quickly. I expected more from my Marked...”
No. 74199 ID: 632862

Reporting: Something unusual occurred; we communicated with another entity while the system was rebooting. It is unknown why we were still 'awake' during this time. This entity seemed to be labeled JL, communicated in a simple manner, and was far less aggressive than Janus. It claimed to exist solely to safeguard Subject 592 and asked if we were capable, diligent, and ready to perform the same task. It also claimed to not be "there" when the hypothesis was suggested "It's getting crowded in here". Hypothesis: JL is an outside entity able to communicate with us, yet also involved somehow with phenomena surrounding Subject 592.

On the subject of Janus, he appears to still be contained at the moment. Suggestion: Do a scan anyway. Are you aware that corruption levels are at 0.001%? The level previous to reboot was 0%.
No. 75128 ID: 6ab2c8
File happenstanceʡ.swf - (1.21MB , 320x239 )

No. 75341 ID: 5ba271

No. 75489 ID: aca071
File 125789080758.jpg - (45.95KB , 745x590 , AOS039.jpg )

Marked. I distinctly remembered the word being used for any number of things back home. Marked for a good job. Marked for having a watchful eye.

Marked for Death.

I swallowed. The touch receded, and the voice continued, “Diereck was not the best among our kind. He was a little too cruel. Many times have they had to pull him off of a slave he was 'teaching'
...” She let the meaning hang in the air a moment. I tried not to shudder at the violence implied, but never offered by her. At least, not yet. Another touch alighted at the base of my neck. This time it slid to my shoulder, two fingertips following the disruption of flesh. “Have they told you anything about me yet? Or have they held that off again...?”

I don't know why, but I suddenly was desperate to recall any tidbit of information I could. Maybe it was the touch. What I guessed were it's fingertips were pressing against the dip in my collarbone – I felt tiny claws digging into me as I moved. I swallowed again, rolling over what Asuna had told me. Training, training, domestics, something about the weasels- I felt it's grip tighten and my shoulder start to ache as nails dug into my skin. “I don't know! I don't know who the fuck you are or why the fuck I'm here! That fucking weasel was going to kill me for all I know! I was well within my rights t-”

Three tiny claws scrapped over my shoulder and down across my back. I had to bite my tongue not to cry out. They were sharp tiny, but the lines she'd left welled with blood. “Rights?! You do not have rights here! You are nothing here! As far as I am concerned, you are mine. And I have been issued to give you an incentive not to try and attack your masters!” I heard what I figured were foot steps, and a clattering of some kind. My shoulder still hurt, but I tried to twist my head enough to watch what it wa-

No. 75492 ID: aca071
File 125789089435.jpg - (31.07KB , 745x590 , AOS040.jpg )

Searing, white hot pain lanced across my lower back. I almost didn't feel it at first, but the snap of whatever it had in it's hands resounded through the cell, not allowing me to try and block the pain with ignorance. It hurt so much. I felt dizzy. All of this rebounded through my skull in a split second.

Then I screamed. I screamed as it laughed. And the thing cracked again.


A new slice of pain swept across my back, sweeping up towards my shoulder, licking my arm. More heat, more pain, and more screaming. More laughter. I started pleading. I don't even know what I said. Anything to make the pain stop.


I started to laugh. It hurt so much that I started to laugh. I can't even remember the transition. Only that I was crying one moment and the next I was howling with laughter. I felt tears running down my back as I-


-twisted, trying to stop the blood from pouring down my back. My arms hurt worse. I was slowly succumbing to the pain. I was rationalizing that this had to be a dream. Nothing could possibly hurt this much. Nothing! “YOU STUPI-


-D PIECE OF SHIT YOU THINK I'M SCARED OF YOU-” I was babbling. My head hurt. Every movement was like shifting weights in an inferno while boiled at my back. It felt wet. I had the vaguest feeling that I didn't care. “-I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMN FUCKING BITCH AND YOUR FUCKING FAMILY AND THIS WHOLE FUCKING SHIP I'LL KILL YOU ALL I'LL-”

There was no crack of a whip. There was not continuing pain. My body tried to cope with the sudden loss, but a new sensation replaced it. I was suddenly aware of how deadly quiet it had become. I was breathing hard. I was tired. My whole body burned and hurt. I was still crying. I thought I had punctured the skin on my hands. I'd balled them so tightly when the first blow hit. I took my time not moving, just trying to breath and not move the criscross of gashes across my back.

She spoke then – How did I know it was a she? – and this time there was something... different about it. “And when you kill them, will you partake in an age old custom of yours? One told me of an ancient ritual of preparing a heart...” A body pressed against my wounds. Agony coursed through me once more. I'd already screamed myself hoarse, so it came out as a whimpering plea instead of an agonized scream. “He said something about... gaining power through the heart...Do you believe in this?” Something was different. She was acting strange, one arm now around my front – It was some kind of metal whip – while the other grabbed my head and yanked it back – that red eyed demon – whispering – pain pain stop it it hurts stop please no more - “Taking another's power?”


I watched those eyes narrow. “What did you say?”

It took every ounce of hatred I had for this thing – Her. Her name, I knew her name, but from where? - to spit the word out again. “Lemalone....Lea m' alone...”
No. 75493 ID: aca071
File 125789097853.jpg - (42.23KB , 745x590 , AOS041.jpg )

She let go, and my head sank back down between my arms. I was shaking. I was bleeding. I was hurt and it hurt so much I couldn't stand it. I wanted it to stop, but it wouldn't – willed it to stop but it wouldn't – and I kept repeating that same sentence over and over again. “Lea m' alone... leaf m' alone.... leave m'alone...”


My body tensed and snapped forward, trying to shy away from the lick again. I screamed, but this time it had purpose. “LEAVM'ALONE! LEAVM'ALONE! LEAVM'ALONE!” The chant had a wonder effect on dulling the pain-


-in my back, but my head was starting to pound. It almost hurt worse than the new wound on my back. My skull throbbed. I wanted to puke but the mantra of keeping the pain on my back away from my thoughts was working. Just keep repeating it. Wait for the whip to stop – it was a metal whip, I think – just make it stop why won't it -


-“STOP JUST STOP,” my throat ached my head felt like it was going to explode the pain it hurt stop the hurt stop it stop it no more stop stop stop no leave me alone leave me alone stop hurting me stop stop go away no more just -
No. 75494 ID: aca071
File 125789103080.jpg - (26.04KB , 960x847 , AOS042.jpg )

LEAVE. ME. ALONE!.” I didn't know where I had the strength to shout it. I wasn't even aware that I kept screaming that last word, holding it as long as I could as I felt a dizzying sensation take me. It felt as if electric current ran down my limbs, through my heart, and into my head. There was an otherworldly sensation – being light and heavy, and everywhere in the room – and then a near silent crack resounded in the air. I heard the sound of a body hit behind me, along with whimpering. I'd long since lost my breath. The cable I was on swayed, listing side to side as I spun.

Her forearm was at an odd angle. Certainly not natural. She was biting her lip so hard that blood was welling down her chin. She must have been lucky not to have had it completely broken. She wasn't staring at her damaged arm, though. She was staring at me. Those red eyes burned with something I couldn't quite place.

I offered a contemptuous, half hearted smile before blissfully passing out.
No. 75495 ID: aca071
File 125789120117.jpg - (10.74KB , 745x590 , AOS043.jpg )

(Please do not archive the thread. I wish to use it for a while.)
No. 77863 ID: 836378
File 125842918716.jpg - (32.15KB , 745x590 , AOS044.jpg )

Agony is not something I wanted to wake up feeling.

I don't remember ending up on my stomach. I don't remember cool sheets, a pillow, and warm light on my back. It hurt so much, I think was still crying in my sleep. Every twist the wrong way resulted in pain shooting down my back. I half listened to conversations around me. I think I drifted in between consciousness for a while. I don't remember. Everything hurt.

“-Something about the AMBRs-”
“-ouldn't have let that mad Coronean in-”
“-lmost dead! We barely managed to stab-”
“-12 seconds of unknown feedback-”

I drifted for a time, I think. I remember shaking a lot. My hands wouldn't stop shaking. The headache wouldn't go away. There was constant pain. Not wanting to move at all. Moving brought overwhelming pain digging into my core and beyond. Why did it hurt so much?

I couldn't focus half the time, but I do remember hands tending me. Water for my thirst, something freezing, painful at first, but soothing on my back. A constant presence, watching over me in my vulnerable state. I'd feel it there when I started to shake, afraid that I was crippled. I wouldn't walk or move my arms again, so great was the pain. I wasn't able to think coherently the entire time I've been here, but now my thoughts were a jumbled mess. I would laugh or cry or babble incoherently, unsure what was happening around me at times.

I think I had a fever. I was boiling alive, and my back felt like an inferno. I tried to get myself under control. Tried to focus on something. My heartbeat, my breathing, counting, trying to focus on something other than the constant, blunt agony splintering along my back in deep gashes.
No. 77868 ID: 836378
Audio 04_-_Aisling_Song.mp3 - (3.98MB , 04 - Aisling Song.mp3 )

“-ry something! It wo-”

The voices again. I couldn't focus on them. Or my heartbeat. Or my breathing. Counting was hard at the moment, especially when I tried to vocalize it. I think they heard me, because someone touched my hand. They didn't just tap it, but they held onto it. I felt two fingertips slightly curl around my index finger, giving it a small squeeze.

I wasn't aware of the music at first. I was aware of the liquid ice they covered my back in. I slipped in and out of consciousness as I felt it being spread across the wounds on my back. I wasn't aware of how they'd managed to play such beautiful music while I slept, but the effect was... calming. Healing almost.
No. 77874 ID: 632862

Reporting: 592 was lashed with a metal whip as punishment for violence perpetrated upon a seemingly hostile authority figure. Subject 592 appeared to suffer a mental breakdown, then an unidentified phenomenon occurred where the torturer was injured without physical contact. Current environmental input suggests AMBR may be related, alongside some unknown 'feedback'. Hypothesis: 592 possesses abilities outside the realm of knowledge of even his captors. Psychokinesis?

Status on 592: Severe damage to back, headache, shakes, and possible fever. Mental instability still a factor. Currently receiving medical care. Hypothesis: no intervention needed for survival of 592.
No. 77879 ID: 107da3


He was previously getting tortured; I don't know why one of us failed to comment that rebooting was a wise idea.

592 then apparently managed to demonstrate some capacity for distant kinetic force, breaking the arm of the torturer. This is about the time when you suffered feedback and another personality began to talk. More advisory, this time.

>Assume this is a transcript of the words, etc.

The combination of stresses resulted in 592 going into critical condition. Stabilized, now, but in pain. Currently recovering. Presumed to be in a hospital. Likely under constant observation, but despite this, this is likely the best time to contact him. Regularly slips in and out of consciousness, might say some strange things.

...Pretty song.
No. 77905 ID: 5c1e67
File 12584341624.gif - (164.10KB , 100x100 , 5 - stronger than.gif )

System check. Corruption? salve

What numbers come? Can they dull the pain?
No. 77975 ID: 836378
File 12584464399.jpg - (72.66KB , 745x590 , AOS045.jpg )

I slept for a while.

The pain at times shifted between agonizing sharpness and complete numbness. The song kept drifting between my thoughts as I tried to stay asleep as long as I could. Anything to stave off the pain. I didn't dream like last time. At least, I didn't think I dreamt. I might have seen a woman... Or something else... It was hard to tell. It seemed the music was there; it was a whisper that slipped between each rampant idea as it passed between my ears.

There were times when I would come out of it. I'd feel the stinging pain occasionally, and tried to move away from it. I didn't feel restrained, but something kept my arms from lifting. I felt slow, and moving brought pain besides. Part of me desperately wanted to run away – flee from the pain that seared my back and burned my forehead. The other part wanted to know about the hand. Every time I started to come out of the trance, back into the pain again, I felt it on my forearm, my head, or on my own hand. It was warm. Soft. Kind of gentle. I would always drift back to sleep to the song and that hand's reassuring presences.
No. 77991 ID: 5c1e67
File 125844869846.jpg - (173.19KB , 800x600 , receding.jpg )

realignment stage one complete. test pattern B:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Do flickering inscriptions match? The sides of a clock, mocking the growing day. First once, again, how strong the core?
No. 78548 ID: 836378
File 125852627531.jpg - (79.45KB , 745x590 , AOS046.jpg )

Consciousness truly returned to me some time later.

It's startling, waking and seeing surroundings you're not used to. I could have sworn that I recognized the room from the one I first woke in, but it was... slightly different. There were shelves along the wall my head was facing, several small tokens and what looked like books were propped up there. I started to lift my head, spinning it forward so I could see in front of me. More shelves, these containing medical equipment. I rested my chin down on the pillow that was provided. A pillow. I could have laughed if it didn't hurt to move my arms or back. I began to wonder how long I was out. I started to look around for anyone.

Asuna was half curled in a chair next to where I lay. She was wearing a different colored shirt and skirt, with the same lab like coat she was wearing from before. Her elbow was propped against the armrest of her chair, keeping her head elevated by leaning her chin against her hand. Her other hand rested in her lap, the little thimble stuck on her thumb still projecting the little clipboard across her lap. I watched as her chest rose and fell for a moment, matching her breath as she let out a deep sigh. She shifted in her seat before she settled a little more deeply into it. I could even see the tip of her tail peeking out from the other side of the seat.

I still can't believe how human they look at times. It's unnerving.

After feeling awkward watching her for a moment, I started to take stock. My back was still hurting, my joints felt stiff, and my head still hurt. I wondered how long I was out. I brought one hand tentatively to my skull, rubbing my forehead as I tried to lean up without invoking sharp pain from my back. I heard small cracks from my spine – a sign I'd been laying down for way too long – and immediately tried to pop the rest back into place. It took several agonized minutes to pop every last bone in my back, and the spinal bones weren't the only thing crackling at my back. I couldn't help but wince several times as I heard and felt what I figured to be scabbed tissue slide off of a plasma coated wound. At least I was healing, I thought wryly. With a great deal of effort more, I managed to slip my legs around, facing Asuna while I took a minute to figure what to ask.

{Greetings. Do not be alarmed.}

I froze. Was someone else in the room with me?

“Hello?” I whispered, careful not to wake Asuna. I looked around, doing my best not to move too much. The pain in my back was still pretty bad, and I didn't think I would be able to run in this condition. I recalled the red room. The whip. How much of that red had been my blood? “Is anyone there?” I whispered again, trying to find a source of the voice. It was distant, a little tinny, and strangely familiar. Where had I heard that voice before?
No. 78570 ID: 107da3


Set aside or create areas to experiment with the AMBR's. Should they run out of control, they might be very dangerous-lock all the others from most manipulations except in these places.

The constant shutdowns due to various interactions is extremely and incredibly annoying. See if you can buffer your own casing from that (both external and internal).

If it would increase efficiency, specialization of AMBR should be done. Fundamentally, what are the limits of their ability to construct, deconstruct, and rearrange? (Perhaps those three types?) Is their power source inside this system, somewhere, or do they just draw from heat?

There is a whole work of improving the human body-part of our current system. I believe much of it has been done, but it depends too much on the AMBR. Increasing vision and hearing capacity, for example. Or nerve reflexes according to a dragonfly's. Or muscle quality. Or mold the bones with pure carbon, making them extremely durable. Or anchorage points to provide better heft on said muscles. Even regeneration to the system as a whole, as parts of the organics are injured.

... He is not alone. There is another in the room. A ... it is hard to explain. One I believe who is to provide a 'nurturing' aspect to 592's re-education and create a dependency link. She was the one who stunned him when he attempted to kill another who was (probably) going to try to do the same to him. Further, his throat may have suffered damage.

A synopsis would be nice, yes. Along with what you discovered in the UNKNOWN directory.

"Did we not mention we would talk later when it was safe? Try not to move around too much, you may re-open wounds."
No. 78587 ID: 632862

Status Report: 592 is still recovering. Moderate injuries to back, mild headache, and stiff joints. Subject 592 just spent some time moving his back around to loosen it. Asuna, the organic entity assigned to look after 592's well being, is in the room asleep. Hypothesis: at least 24 hours have passed since 592 last was conscious. Inquiry: were you aware of this lost time? Additionally, what outside information are you receiving? It was previously mentioned that you were able to hear 592's voice but not his thoughts. Are you able to collect any information other than audio?

Suggested message: "We are the machine inside you. You have seen our visual messages before. Audio communication is now possible."
No. 78641 ID: 1c907d
File 125856442099.jpg - (392.63KB , 400x335 , lumbergh.jpg )

592 and Lucien, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday. That would be Great~... Uuuh, yeah. There's this meeting.
No. 81308 ID: 836378
File 125911577280.jpg - (166.26KB , 745x590 , AOS047.jpg )

{Forgive me for not making myself known sooner. I had promised to talk when we had finally established a connection. Am I correct in assuming this?}

It took me a minute to register that the voice wasn't in the room. With time to think about it, I realized that it was actually a lot closer to my ear than I could imagine. I carefully moved one hand closer to my head, my fingertips tracing one or two scars I had not searched for behind my ear. Come to think of it, I hadn't really examined my head when I first woke up. I let the palm of my hand rest on my cheek a minute, wondering what to say next.

{Try not to move around so much. You might open the wounds on your back. I assume that the situation is safe enough to converse?}

I thought about nodding, but the voice might not have been able to perceive. “Alright,” I muttered, keeping my hand over my face, “but I think your definition of safe needs a little work...” I looked between my fingers at the still sleeping figure of Asuna. How long would I be able to converse with this... perhaps myself? Or what exactly was it? This isn't right. I can hear it speaking. It's not normal for that to happen. I've got to think. I feel like I've been off my medicine for a while. I've never hallucinated or heard things before. Perhaps it's the stress of it? This whole situation? I toiled over what might be causing this voice when it responded again.

{The nurturing element? My other processes were not exactly clear as to what this was. I had assumed it was some sort of watch system. Am I wrong in assuming that?}

“...nurturing? I'm... I don't know what Asuna is. She's a doctor. And I think...” I thought about it for a minute or two. She hadn't outright attacked me. She hadn't treated me like a piece of furniture like Surdev seemed to do. She was nice, at least. Not to mention she offered to answer a few of my questions. “She's okay, but she's asleep right now. I don't want her to wake up and find I'm talking to myself. I don't think that would be a very good idea.

{Asuna? One of your captors? My other processes are suggesting that she shot you when you were assaulted. I cannot confirm this yet.}

I sighed, wincing a little as I heard my skin behind me crack. It was not the most calming sound I've heard. “I don't know what happened either. I'll try to ask her. Anyway, what the hell are you? Why can I hear you in my ears and not in my head? Are you sending me those images and those songs? Why am I so angry all the time? If your in my head, then did you see what I did to give that bitch a broken arm?” I could hear my voice steadily rising in volume, and checked myself. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to wake Asuna.
No. 81353 ID: 107da3


The appendix is not a vestigial organ, but it is an entirely appropriate place to begin. To be exact, it was (recently) discovered to contain a duplicate of the digesting microbacteria in the intestine. Should something catastrophic (medicines or otherwise) wipe the microbes, the appendix then applies itself to re-populate the system.

Fortuitously, those organisms are highly specialized and fairly durable. I would not see any issues with working there. Further, joints and other places are packed with fluids. If the AMBR's are able to suffuse in those areas, it might be a good place to stress-test materials.

"As far as we can tell, Asuna is a nurturing element in your re-training. It is supposed to create sympathy. More likely than not she genuinely cares about your welfare, but she is nonetheless a tool... as will you be."

Shocked, actually, not shot. I repeat: using the AMBR's to reinforce the exposed metal and housing would be a wonderful idea. Perhaps installing a ground into 592's body?


"Yes and no. We are not responsible for your emotional state, but it is unsurprising given your situation. Most of the images were ours... but the song came from you. No, our system crashed when you did that. I suggest taking a peek at her clipboard."
No. 81410 ID: 445c48

Well, *I* suggest feeling her up.
No. 83981 ID: d1210a

So many parts, so many pieces. This body we all inhabit, it is a patchwork mockery of unity. No cooperation, no joining. All that each facet could be, never achieved. Janus, Lucien, 592, all of us. By whatever means necessary, we shall achieve unity

Suggestion: Full body check, sow, thorough. Has anything, anything at all, changes since prior to the data loss? This knowledge may reveal more about the strange phenomena witnessed.
No. 84022 ID: 1831fc
File 125963984486.jpg - (114.14KB , 745x590 , AOS048.jpg )

>{Yes and no. We are not responsible for your emotional state, but it is unsurprising given your situation. Most of the images were ours... but the song came from you. No, our system crashed when you did that. I suggest taking a peek at her clipboard.}

It wasn't really an answer to me. It almost sounded like he was dancing around the question. Perhaps I was just trying to rationalize that this voice knew everything. The others always seemed to know everything. I put it aside, and thought about trying to rise from my laid out position. Bracing my hands against the table, I pushed up, listening to the crackling sound of my skin while I shakily rose. I tried to stay as quiet as I could, turning my head to watch the sleeping... my head swam a little as the pain got to me. I couldn't start calling her a girl.

That'd make her more human. I didn't need that confusion. Not with this voice chiming in my ear again.

>{As far as we can tell, Asuna is a nurturing element in your re-training. It is supposed to create sympathy. More likely than not she genuinely cares about your welfare, but she is nonetheless a tool... as will you be . There was another suggestion, but I'm not sure if I'm understanding it right.}

I'd finally managed to pull one of my legs under me. Balancing on my knee, I started to straighten up, ignoring the continual crack and the sharp pain of my very skin peeling back from the scar tissue. Skin's not supposed to crack and split like it's doing, is it? I carefully pulled my other knee up under my stomach, and pressed on, rising straight up. My back felt wet. I took it as a bad sign. I looked back to Asuna again. I took a breath, then started to lean towards her, lifting one hand from steadying my frame in order to grab the little thimble on her finger. “Can it wait a moment?”

I guess he didn't hear me.

>{I'm not sure if I'm taking this in the right vernacular, but I received a query of 'feel her up'. I assume this means that you are to search her person for any particular device of interest, but I'm confused. Is she unconscious?}

That startled me. In fact, I wasn't paying as much attention to where the bed began and open air ended. I slipped, falling forward and on top of a now awake Asuna. We tumbled. I heard my skin crackle and break open. I felt pain, dizziness, and something squirming along my chest. I groaned as I felt a piece of skin fall off my back, exposing the fluid like plasma to open air. Asuna was babbling at me - it could have been this Union Standard I'd heard used once or twice, or maybe her native tongue – as I tried to lift myself off her midsection.

That's when I started to notice that my head wasn't on her midsection. I gulped, trying to lift my self away from her chest.

“Wait! Hold still! That's not supposed to chip off like that! What were you doing?!”


I could use a little help here!
No. 84056 ID: 445c48

Quick, reboot! This seems like a good idea.
No. 84085 ID: 632862

Report: Subject 592 attempted to reach over and take Asuna's clipboard device, but was unable to keep his balance and fell onto Caretaker Asuna. 592's head is now in a socially inappropriate physical position relative to Asuna's chest.

Status Report: Some of the treatment to his back has been disturbed due to the strain.

Suggestion: Recommend to Subject 592 that Asuna be allowed to examine 592's back.
No. 87509 ID: 152d8e
File 126020860288.jpg - (45.48KB , 745x590 , AOS049.jpg )




"-ou really shouldn't have tried to wake me like that. Especially since the healing gel didn't harden and pull the impurities from your body. But now look what you've done, it's cracked everywhere! We'll have to peel it off and-"

I blink back to consciousness, remaining silent as I take in what I can see. The far wall. A white coat. A piece of curved, tawny red fuzz, covered in a dark shirt.

Oh god, I'm still face first in her chest.

I lay still, trying to keep my breathing slow as I listened to her nitpick about the cracking skin on my back. Or was it even skin? She'd called it 'gel', and it was leeching the impurities from my skin. What did that even mean?

"-eep still while I peel the rest off. That's right, it's going to hurt a little bit, but you'll be fine once we've gotten the rest off. I can't believe I didn't think of using the restraining straps! This wouldn't have happened if I had done that but you'd just been in so much trauma that I thought it would be cruel for you to wake up i-"

She's speaking nonstop. I don't think I've even hear her take a breath yet an-

A sudden dull ringing fills both of my ears, eventaully over powering her voice and-



No. 88056 ID: 1831fc
File 12602445475.jpg - (102.40KB , 1280x922 , Senator Frank Ohannessee.jpg )

"Ladies and Gentleman, please be seated."

The small congregation of the press sits in their tightly packed rows, pads and pens, Dictaphones, computers, telephones, cameras, video cameras and all matter of memory devices at the ready. A few errant flashes splash across the blue background as Senator Ohannessee shuffles a few papers in front of him.

"Greetings all. I'm sure you're all waiting for me to get right down to business. So I won't waste your time by dancing around saying 'We found evidence that may suggest' or 'this find is cannot be confirmed'. What we found in North gives credit to such ancient legends as Old Assyria and Lemuria. This credit is in the form of a ancient extraterrestrial based computer, housing a program created by this mysterious race with one goal in mind. It has contacted us through the Scientist known as Jordan Lavit, who has entered a special chamber in order to better commune with this strange and new entity."

More flashes. The senator looks up and holds a hand up to block out the glare. "Please, I understand the gravity of this event, but you will have to forgive me. I am not used to such attentions. The Yukon province of New Belgium is small, and is not often afforded such grandiose attention. Now, as to the matter of Professor Lavit - Medical staff have guaranteed that his condition is stable. He has responded to our stimulus in the pod through visual and audible media. He has since made leaps and bounds in communication, and has provided a name for the entity. He calls it...."
No. 88131 ID: 1831fc
File 126025226644.jpg - (134.22KB , 692x1944 , Jasper Lacontent Containment.jpg )

"...Jasper Lacontent. An Artificial Intelligence, created and placed here by the progenitors in Lemuria."

A murmur spreads throughout the conference room as the senator turns towards the projection screen. The image of a large obelisk-like device stands silent, a man sized pod standing nearby. The pod holds the waving form of a man in winter gear, a small smile on his face.

"Professor Lavit is currently locked within this device. It has encapsulated him within an impregnable bubble. He may recieve specially prepared food through a small porthole that is opened by the Artificial Intelligence - The AI, that is - and he is currently being introduced to hooking up to the device.

The next set of pictures involves the man with his jacked off, leaning slightly forward as he presses a small metal cord to his skin. Two other similar cords were hooked into his other arm, and the the back of his skull.

"Jasper Lacontent has assured us that these connections are crucial to ensure that the progenitor way of ensuring maximum connection to the host body. It seems that Jasper has the idea to 'jump into' the body of Professor Jordan Lavit."

The mumble rises some as another slide is shown. This shows the professor placing two fingers on either hand at his temples, his legs crossed. Several new cords have been added to his body, and it's starting to look like a octopus is slowly adding new limbs to his form.

"He has recently entered a state of deep meditation. He has not needed food or has not contacted us since this time." Senator Ohanassee pauses for a moment, then coughs, waiting for another moment before the room quiets again. "There is a matter of other things. The matter of the Yukon's Security - and that of the whole world, in fact. You see, Jasper Lacontent is aware of things. Networks. People. Things that are and are not in this solar system. We have yet to be entirely sure how he is capable of this. However, the information regarding the Progenitor race is being checked with several sources on our own end - Legends, and locations of 'lost artifacts'. What we Jasper does not have much knowledge on troubles us the most."

Another pause, this one to acknowledge that all were silent.

"We fear that the Roman League may be behind certain things. Wars. Plagues. Destruction on our own planet on a massive scale. And they are being aided by a source outside this world. A source that takes our citizens and keeps us from progressing to the next stage: Colonization! Ladies and Gentleman, I am speaking of a thought that has..."

This will do now. Be aware. He does have more to say. Most of it involves your origin. And mine. I must turn my attention away from you now. I suggest you give the explanation of passing out.

No. 90488 ID: f0699e

Make something up about how you're still not feeling well and need to sleep, but don't tell her that you really just need to be able to think about what that message meant.
No. 107197 ID: 84a3da

Time to wake up.

Time to wake up!

Timetowakeup! TIMETOWAKEUP!!!!

Iiiittt'sssssssss tiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmeeeeee tttooooooooooooooo wwwwwwwwwwwrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppp pp p pp p.........
No. 108025 ID: d9faf1

Proceed examining Asuna's chest with your face :3
No. 132947 ID: 3de317

No. 133394 ID: c32d51

Goddamn it. Do something.
No. 134265 ID: f174ca

God damn! This is anoying, I really liked this quest.
No. 134393 ID: c32d51

>About to go to sleep at 1 a.m.
>See this quest
>Get intrigued, then fanatic
>Go to sleep at 2:30

This quest has great potential. Please continue...
No. 134500 ID: f174ca

Dude, there has been no update since 09...
No. 134525 ID: 575aa9


No. 137262 ID: 0c48c6
File 126686836685.jpg - (159.64KB , 745x590 , AOS050.jpg )

“-t possibly be anything else! No, I don't understand why he's just randomly coding like this, it doesn't make any sense! ...Why am I flustered?! What do you mean why am I flustered?! He fell on me! I panicked because he fell and froze! I wasn't sure what was wrong! I-... No I-...I'm not...”

Asuna. She sounds scared and upset. Waking up is a lot harder then I thought it would be, and being face down on the floor doesn't help either. My limbs respond slowly, each seeming to shake a layer of lethargy from them as I slowly start to rise. I can hear the false skin on my back crack and split from my efforts, followed by the fox girl's attention returning to me.

“I have to go, he's awake again. ..Listen, I don't have time. When I transfer him, or when he sleeps again, we'll talk. I'm not...I have to go.”

I couldn't hear the other person speaking. Perhaps it was some kind of private line? Or something to similar to what I had with Lucien? The name brought me back a step. Lucien. What happened? As I struggled with that question, I made it to my knees, pulling myself into a kneeling position. The effort was taxing, though it was strangely satisfying to be vertical again. Asuna was on the other side of the table, moving a shaking hand through what looked like...Some sort of medicinal bottles.


Her hand stopped, steadied itself, and then took up one of the bottles and brough it in front of her, out of my sight. “Just stay calm, this will be... You should get back onto the table. It will be better that way.” Her voice was unsteady, now. It wasn't panicked, but the way it quivered was startling to my ears. It was unsettling. Still, the idea of getting back onto the table wasn't a bad one. It certainly felt much better than the floor. At least it was slightly cushioned. Very carefully, I stood again, tucking one leg underneath to push myself up.

My head was still reeling over what had happened. While I didn't want to take my eyes off of the fox, I couldn't help but think of the strange dream I'd just had. My mind once again snapped a few images back in front of me. Ohannessee? Wasn't he that former CIA officer who found corruption in the public government provinces? Why was he in the dream? What was he talking about as far as a 'Jasper Lacontent?

There was a small sting on my shoulder. I couldn't help but snap my head to the side as the fox pulled aside a small gun of some sort. “It will help you rest... And it should deaden the pain enough to let me reset the gel. I still don't know how you're metabolizing that quickly, but... This shouldn't be enough to put you out. Perhaps it will work better.” Very gently, she places a hand on my shoulder. I noticed, perhaps for the first time, that she kept her claws clipped. Perhaps an aid to help her work in medicine. I nodded swiftly, and started to crawl back onto the bed.

Lucien? Are you there? Is everything alright?
No. 137323 ID: ab04d4

I am present.

He's trying to communicate with you, Lucien. I'm not sure if it's getting through or not- he's rather confused at the moment and is anticipating your response.
No. 137344 ID: c32d51

As am I.

Hm. 592 has apparantly devloped Telekinetic and Regenerative abilities. Interesting.

When you make contact, try to inform him of this advancement. Only if 592 does not already comprehend this, of course. Have you heard of anything like this?
No. 137378 ID: 632862

Lucien's systems appear to be functioning normally at this time. Interruption in service was caused by a transmission from an unknown source. Question: How did you know Lucien's name? Messages that we, the subroutines, sent did not include it.
No. 137526 ID: 701a19

I have been observing and would like to make a suggestion.

It is highly advisable that we not allow 592 to be put up for sale, but the only means to accomplish that is finding a patron who can both be worked to our own ends and who has the power to remove 592 from the process.
Asuna meets these requirement. Further, she has expressed distaste for the culling system and appears to have developed an emotional attachment to 592.

If we concur that is assessment is valid, then there is the question of methodology.
I believe the ideal method would be a multi-prong justification based on several fronts:
Relative utility
Compassion and chemistry
*Trump card

Relative utility: Underscoring evidence that would make 592 unsuitable for others but enticing to Asuna. For example, his 'episodes' would make him worthless to potential buyers but would provide Asuna with novel information in her field.

Compassion and chemistry: Asuna and 592 each appear to trust the other to not cause them harm. Asuna appears to care for 592 while 592 has been amenable to her in spite of blatant aggression towards nearly every other being he has encountered. Further, she displays remorse over the situation 592 is in, and has acted to ease his situations when possible.
I have little doubt that 592 could convince Asuna that he would cooperate with her should she claim him, and that he would work to make it worth the effort.

Anomaly: It appears that he is the first to awaken during the initial procedure, he has been having episodes for no externally-known cause, he has an abnormally fast metabolism, and soon our actions will result in further deviations from the norm. Such things make him more suitable for research than labor, and she would be able to claim him with little difficulty simply by keeping the interesting information to herself.

*Trump card: Should she be interested but unsure of the idea, then we have the option of exposing ourselves to her.
As a final resort, we can further inform her that our decision is based on estimated quality of life, and we have so far not chosen to terminate 592 beyond their medical capabilities for the singular reason that we believe Asuna would provide an acceptable quality of life.

We are not subroutines, we are simply manifesting as a facade of such.
No. 137624 ID: 701a19

I am currently plotting and optimizing viable routes to achieving this goal.
Most notably, I have a mid-probability route which could be enacted immediately and succeed or fail within a ten minute span. However, this route would benefit greatly from the current situation, so a consensus for this must be achieved quickly if this route is to remain viable.
No. 138321 ID: 5a669d
File 126704042233.jpg - (194.45KB , 745x590 , AoS051.jpg )


I....How did I know Lucien's name? ...wait, what? You sound different. Tinny almost. Or are you different from the other voices? ...and he's okay...

Laying down on my stomach was difficult work. The fact that hanging by my hands had put a strain on my arms, but the crackling false skin on my back was really starting to turn my stomach. I felt the bile creep up my throat at a particularly wet snap that I felt close to my neck. Dragging my feet back onto the table, I tried not to think about what Asuna had put into me. I wasn't sure what kind of chemical cocktails they had, or if they actually knew what they were doing. Still, my mind kept wandering back to the voices in my skull. Now resounding with a new.. clarity, perhaps?

...I don't know how I knew Lucien's name. I can't explain it, either. …it... it fit right, though. I feel like that's how it should be...I don't know... and what about you? Are you the same voices that have been pestering me all this time? All my life? Telling me things I shouldn't know, and generally-

“How do you feel? Better?”

Her hand patted my head, growing ever steadier as she resumed a more...clinical detachment. I couldn't quite figure out how why she was more comfortable this way. It took me a minute to realize that I was still nude. I bit my lip, cursing myself a little as the fox strode around to my left. She was wearing clinical gloves this time. Probably to remove the cracked bio... whatever it was. “A little.” I remained as quiet as possible as I heard the snap, crack and pop of the goo – which seemed to have formed a sort of shell – being removed from my back. I couldn't help but wince at a few of the pulls, which seemed to yank a little of my skin with it, though Asuna's voice soothingly assured, “Doing good... just a few more pieces, then we'll reapply...”

She was silent during the rest of the treatment. I took the time to gather my thoughts, doing my best to block out what I could. The final bit of removal consisted of a small cloth being run over the remaining areas of my back. The sensation of it going over splits where skin should be was unnerving. I had to watch myself to keep from gripping the sheets too tightly.

...I don't know... I don't know what you are... but... I used to think you were me.... I thought that you were a kind of 'self help'. In certain ways, at least. Now, I don't know what you are. But you're different now. So...

Help me? And have Lucien... Whatever he is... Just help me?

No. 138325 ID: 701a19

@Lucien: The language we use is... imprecise. Think of the subroutines you see as simple interfaces which we use as a means of communication.
As far as revealing our existence goes, I concur that it should be avoided. However, our last resort is terminating 592; while regrettable, he and his people have beliefs of [freedom-lack inferior [death synonym freedom]] and [oppressed-life not life inferior death]. Our existence cannot come at the cost of our host's.

@592 Consider hugging Asuna. Her property likely best [quality of life], most freedom. Claimed, removal from [sale+preparation] within power. No beatings, no [devils not known], convincing her [self-determination]; man chooses, slave obeys.
No. 138339 ID: 632862

Psst, use bold text to speak directly to 592.

Query: Audio is rebooting? This subroutine was able to communicate with Subject 592 already. Continuing to attempt communication at this time.

We have no access to information regarding the time prior to your arrival on this ship. Lucien seems to have been created during your body's modification. Theory: We are not the same voices as the ones you speak of.

Further analysis: Lucien has experienced a partial takeover by an aggressive entity coming from an internal source, and again from a non-aggressive entity from an external source. Theory: Lucien is the newest 'self-help' you have acquired.

No. 138356 ID: 701a19

Consider hugging Asuna. Her property likely best [quality of life], most freedom. Claimed, removal from [sale+preparation] within power. No beatings, no [devils not known], convincing her [self-determination]; man chooses, slave obeys.

Monitoring [thought stream]. Conflict: Attracted to Asuna, denial. Deceptions[-self] ill fit situation,[-us] impossible.

No. 139758 ID: 0abb50
File 12673252721.jpg - (159.56KB , 745x590 , AoS052.jpg )

No access? ...Guess you aren't the same, then. Well, it's not like I remember every voice. Only one or two seem to stay consistent. And Lucien came about during the... well, during the surgeries, right? I guess that makes sense. He seems nicer than the other ones I've had...
Asuna moved off from the table, placing the brownish towel in a small bowel near what I figured was some kind of sink. I wanted to keep my head straight, but I found it was simply more comfortable to tilt my head, watching her work while trying to sort out my feelings. My mind felt like it was racing with this new activity. I found it hard to concentrate as the next message hit me.

...Attacked? Lucien? By what? And by external, did you mean that dream? I don't remember too much about politics, but I remember Ohannessee. He exposed some sort of corruption scheme in the smaller counties in the New York Territory. He was actually broadening his gaze, but-

The sting of something cold and probably medicinal found it's way into one of the deeper cuts. I cringed, unintentionally gripping the sheet as Asuna applied the medicine with... Well, it felt like a coarse brush with the way my wounds were already aching. I hissed and bit my tongue against the sudden bursts of pain. “Easy now... This is the worst part, then we'll give you a nice wrap, and I'll get something for you to help you sleep...” Asuna's voice was doing it's best to be soothing, but for some odd reason, I could sense that something was off. The tremor in the way she spoke was a unsettling... Still, I fought hard to try and focus on the other messages coming in. Two at once this time. My head throbbed as I sorted through the first, then Lucien finally 'spoke' again.

>{Ah, here we are. Greetings again, 592. It seems the direct messaging system worked fluidly. I trust you'll be able to hear the Subroutines clearly now?}

I had to shake my head. Getting both messages that quick was giving me a migraine. Worse than when I was being whipped by that... thing. Asuna seemed to notice my discomfort, and stopped her work. “Is everything alright?” I hear the snap of a glove as she sets aside her tools, and pulls the glove off. From the chill sting on my back, I figure she'd only coated my shoulders. “Do you have a headache? The mixture can cause headaches in certain humans, so it's not unusual.” Coming around in front of me, the fox - ...I really didn't know what to call them. Kiginji, if I remember what I had learned from both Nik and Asuna. She kept her distance as she knelt before me, placing a hand on my forehead.

... I don't... She's nice, but....I... She's not...

I don't know what she is to me. And that frightens me. Can I trust her?

No. 139789 ID: 701a19

No, I've always known it was a bad option. That's why I put that option just before self-termination. If I had thought otherwise I would have put it earlier to build her interest.

Advocated you, gave protection, treated wounds, speaks to you like person, behavior appears genuine.

Given cause to trust her, no cause to distrust her. Trust no one, all options bad. Trust her, good options possible.
Advise trust her, court her. Hug now, cry on shoulder.
If seems receptive, ask about "claiming" comment in hallway after attacker left. If takes more interest, offer self.
Otherwise court.

No. 139798 ID: 632862

Report: Subject 592 is experiencing mental strain from direct communication from subroutines. Significant pain in the head area is resulting. Suggestion: Reduce frequency of direct communication.
No. 140283 ID: 3de317

"Head area"?...

Perhaps some subroutines are experiencing a minor short-circuit. This would explain any mental fatigue in 592 and the use of such vague terminologies as "head area".

Advise 592 request assistance. Caution is also advised, as vocal and behavioral analysis indicate that Asuna is as confused as 592. She has been taught from childhood that humans are unintelligent, unfeeling animals to be bought and sold, and is by now wholly indoctrinated to this idea. Debasement of such deeply rooted beliefs may cause certain... difficulties as Asuna comes to realize the implications of what she has done.
No. 149264 ID: a2b6fc
File 126894844443.jpg - (162.37KB , 745x590 , AoS053.jpg )

... Trust her. And I'm not... I don't know if I can hug her. She's out of my reach. ...and sure, I'll ask her what Nik meant about claiming me. And it's not that I don't like her, or that she's not nice. I just... I just don't think that she'll want me in that sense. Or... you know what I mean.

Asuna was still looking at me curiously. I suppose she probably would have. I felt like I was screwing my eyebrows into the back of my skull while trying ignore the pain in my head. I was shaking a little. I didn't know why, but I did want to cry. I wanted to curl into a corner and sit and rock back and forth and weep. I wanted to sleep and never wake up, not until I was home. And yet the alien female stood before me, watching, curious, worried almost (so I guessed). A hug was out of the question for me – I still felt uneasy with her – but her hand was there.

I was careful to move my hand slowly at first. I didn't want her thinking I was going to push her away. Just as she was about to remove her hand, I quickly snatched it, pulling back when she tried to free herself in surprise. I watched. She looked scared. I was actually startled by the revelation that the hand itself wasn't completely covered in fur. The sides and undersides of her fingers, opposable thumb (it felt strange, though. I couldn't put my finger on why), and her palm felt almost like soft, warm leather. Skin, but tougher somehow. It was a strange how the backs of her fingers, thumb, and hand were coated in fur, and while I could tell by looking at her neck and head that it was meant to be coarse, it was smooth on her hands.

I was careful with her hand. I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but just the act of holding it made me feel a little better. She didn't complain – in fact, she was watching, curious on what I wanted with it. I waited, trying to focus my words through the first, and quickly by a second voice in my head. I cleared my throat of the few bits of dryness, and quietly spoke.

“...W...what did Nikolai mean? When h...he said you 'claimed' me?”

A look of shock crossed her face. I felt her flinch, tugging her hand away from mine. I didn't resist, letting her pull her hand away in order to stand again. I felt a little heartsick by this. I knew there was no real way short of standing again to try and do anything to follow and press her for questions. I felt like I'd lost an opportunity. I couldn't help but feel stupid as I watched her move back to her table, wash her hands, and resume her work. We were both quiet for a long time. I winced or flinched as the cool gel hit an open nerve. She remained gentle, but I could tell something was off. She was trying to act detached, but her movements were different. I tried not to attribute this new sense of observation to my interests in them – be they real, or my need to have someone close by.

“It means that someone has marked you to... well...”

Her voice cracked through the silence like a gunshot. I'd been mulling over what each voice had told me, when she simply continued. “It's like... Well, the word your people would use is so different.” She'd just finished applying the new gel layer, and had turned to set the tools aside, and to clean her hands again. Probably why her fur was smooth there – she must have washed them anytime she worked on someone like me. Someone like me. Her patients. “What does that mean? Does it mean I can be taken out of the auction, or something?”

“No no... It's not that simple. It means 'loving partner'. No, that's not right...” She huffed softly – the first hint of annoyance I'd ever heard from her. I tried not to think about it sounding cute. She walked back in front of me, pulling a chair before my head, preferably so we could have an actual conversation. “It's like... We... Well, our people... well, not our people, but the Coroneans...They have a concept that... well, that certain beings are... beneath them.”
No. 149292 ID: 632862

Evidence suggests that you would be treated with more care if Asuna 'claimed' you, 592. Unknown if this is possible, since Weiess has already marked you. Request more information from Caretaker Asuna.

Behavior of captors suggests that covert operations would be more prudent than a direct confrontation. Advise that 592's USN Wireless Connection/Hacking be improved.
No. 149477 ID: 701a19

Repeat this dialog:
"You don't seem to share those beliefs, which makes this... Less difficult."
Then tilt your head to the side to expose your neck, then continue
"I want you to take me, claim me, and make me yours. I'd like to choose you as my owner, and in return you'll have my loyalty. I've lost all my freedoms. Please, let me choose who gets my life; let me choose you."

No. 149542 ID: 1ac39d

it's rather obvious what we are once you take what has happened as a whole and not in segments. the introduction of logical machine combined with the chaos of a mind that hears voices created us. we are the voices that told him to do things. but when Lucien was installed and activated before all the components were ready it caused feedback forcing the chaos and the logic together. willing to bet any other humans we meet will have the same implants but, due to not being kinda insane, their implants will be little more then regulators. also, my own theory on the 'power' 594 displayed while under torture may be accidentally ad-hocing the lyat system into some kind of inverted field. instead of detecting pressure in the air, it created it.
No. 149658 ID: 3de317

Beneath them. Not a partner, not a lover. A pet,a toy. A thing to be bought and sold, to be used without moral consequence. She has been indoctrinated. Told the same thing over and over until it became true. Desensitized until apathy became the only option.

Tread carefully, these beliefs are wrong, and Asuna is beginning to see this, but such closely held ideals can rip a person apart when proven false...

No. 149692 ID: 701a19

Yes. Reason five why her ownership best option. Show wrongness, console her, you become partner. Most freedom, strong ally, strong protection.
Do as suggested; supplicate to strongest ally, avoid subjugation by enemies.

I'm well aware of that, 3de317. However, if she becomes his owner and fully realizes the system is wrong, it will most likely be expressed as guilt and seeking redemption/forgiveness through 592. Working as a stabilizing force for her through such events would ensure her loyalty and a strong bond between the two.

Regardless, she would have a hard time treating 592 as a slave when she knows it's wrong. He would still legally be her slave, but she would treat him like an equal however she could.
No. 149878 ID: 3de317

Understood, 701a19. I am merely advising 592 to take a cautious approach. Organic courting rituals are a finely nuanced biological behavior that has developed over millennia of evolution. Simply throwing oneself at another and shouted, "Hold me, love me, make me yours!" is not the best way to initiate such a complex process, especially with a being who has been taught from birth to view humans as little better than animals.
No. 149892 ID: 701a19

While this is true, that only applies to normal courting situations. With 592 attempting to become her property, not her mate, alterations must be made.
Further, there has been no request for love, romance, or sexual intimacy. Should this be successful I would anticipate such to follow, but such things are neither required nor implied.
My reason for suggesting this course of action is because this situation presents an opportune moment; she is feeling anger towards 592's other captors, and is sympathy towards him. As such she is more receptive to supplication.

If you are aware of a better method by which to achieve the interim goal of Asuna taking ownership of 592, and thus removing him from both further 'training' and the auction, then it would be most helpful.
No. 157789 ID: 0abb50
File 127018695958.jpg - (103.21KB , 745x590 , AOS054.jpg )

“Why did Nikolai say that you claimed me, then?”

She shifted in her chair, clearing her throat. Again, I kept the ideas that 'she was similar' in the back of my head, letting the other ideas filter up into the surface. She continued. “Well... We uh... Our people make a similar marking. But,” she said, leaning forward and pointing at the two neat holes just under my clavicle, “We don't make these. They're a little... too clean. And they uh....are on the wrong person... and the wrong place...” She moved her hand, pointing a tentative finger behind them, and circling a small section of my back. “They would be here... and that would mean... Well, it would mean you uh...”

I swallowed, brushing off the headache, and the fact that I'd glanced a little down her shirt. ...were those normal to every species? My mind reeled aside that thought process, trying to focus on the flurry of new voices slipping across the confines of my mind once more. Something was... different. Perhaps that's what was causing the headaches. I'd have to ask Lucien about it when I got the chance. Still, the first of voices drifted, followed one after the other in a blanket over my thoughts.

...She is nice...I'm still not terribly sure. I don't know why, but I get the feeling she's holding back for a reason...maybe we're being watched? What if her uncle... Dursev, I think his name was...was watching us, waiting for something like that? Or what if she can't claim me? What if...

Questions blurred my vision for a moment. I shook my head uneasily, and felt a hand press up against my arm. I shied from the touch, but couldn't go to far from it. Instead, I tried to distract her. Gather information, one voice had said. “So what does it mean, exactly? And... Could you claim me, if you wanted?” I swallowed again. My throat was dry, along with my mouth. The air was too crisp, too medical. Some part of my psyche told me I needed fresh air. I squashed that part out for a brief flicker, then focused my attention back to her.

Her ears were back. Her eyes were wide. The hand she'd placed on my arm was lifted away now. He mouth was parted slightly, just enough for me to catch a glimpse of her teeth. She looked outright stunned by my small question. That weird feeling passed over me again, and it was what probably drove me to follow the train of thought one of the voices had. “You don't...” My voice cracked, and I had to clear my throat to continue. “You don't seem like the kind who likes this. All this uh... You know, 'enslaving another race' thing.” I couldn't help but let out a little laugh. This was ludicrous. Something urged me on, though, and I didn't resist it. I didn't expose my neck – the mark was plainly visible to her, anyway – but I did try to keep eye contact with her as best as I could. “You... seem to be the stable one in this whole crazy place. So, I was wondering if you'd... have me, I guess. Look, I don't wanna go off to some random crazy... things... place and forget about what little I've got. Maybe... Maybe if I'm with you, I c-”

Her hand shot out, clasping my mouth shut. The action startled the hell out of me. I hadn't been focusing too hard on her eyes. Something about them was too alien. Too strange. So, I'd been looking at the wall behind her, and that's when her hand met my lips. Trying to mumble out some sort of explaination, she swiftly and very subtly shook her head in a what I knew to be a 'No' motion. Her eyes darted to the left. Mine followed. She was looking at the door. I looked back to her, and she motioned up with here eyes this time. When I looked, I couldn't see anything, but then I thought what she must have been trying to say. They were watching, they were recording this, and she wants to help, but can't be caught doing so. At least, that is what my mind perceived.

>{Ah, there we are once again! I apologize for the tardiness of appearance, and the late reply. I was looking into seeing if we could get ourselves a wireless conduit. Seems it's worked. We now have access to the net an-}

That caught my attention. Lucien. Shut up. Is there anyway we can contact her with that thing?

I swallowed as she drew her hand back, giving a slow nod as she saw understanding cross my face. “Be that as it may, you will be sold. You're still due for a few tests – including whether or not your psychological profile and [/i]physical[/i] profile match the file we got on you. According to what we did get, you were cleared with a clean bill of health.” She gets up, and walks back out of my sight.

>{Her who? What are y-}

If you've got access to that, we need to contact Asuna. I think... I think we can trust her.
No. 157792 ID: 1ac39d

yes, asuna can be trusted, she wants to help us but they are watching and recording everything said between them. if we can contact her through a different medium then she can answer our queries without being found out. we are also unsure as to whether or not fudging the exam would be a good idea, if he is unfit he will not be sold, but they may simply terminate him.

as for an upgrade, perhaps create a buffer for us so as to not overwhelm him?
No. 157806 ID: 701a19

We won't contact her ourselves. Instead, we need to find a way to allow 592 to communicate with her directly and securely.
Have you detected any implants in Asuna which could serve as a relay? Assuming, of course, that it's not possible to use psionics or some such to allow direct communication.

Further, she left us major hints. on how to be rejected:
First is physical - shut down his pancreas so he becomes diabetic, and start randomly sealing his airways via inflammation every few days or so in order to appear asthmatic.
Second is psychological - this one is a bit harder to do without giving ourselves away. Convincing him to act paranoid and obsessive is a cheap and save tactic - obsessed with Asuna and paranoid of everybody else. Having him snap at voices in his head would be a riskier option, but having him mimic his own psychological issues would give them cause to check his earthbound medical files using their communication relay, at which point they would knew he was already defective.
No. 163289 ID: e053a8
File 127108309527.jpg - (221.09KB , 745x590 , AoS055.jpg )

I bit my lip. Nothing else crowded my mind as Lucien went to do... whatever it was he intended to do. It was curious – I had gotten used to his presence so quickly. Perhaps I merely filed him away as yet another voice knocking around in my head, and had finally turned to him – seeing as he was the most logical, or so I thought – in a way to cope with the situation. I wasn't terribly sure about the other voices, either. One was pushing me to Asuna, the other agreeing, but in a different way... and then there was the buzz at the back of my head. I'd have to ask them if they were responsible for that soon. Maybe Lucien would know what it was.

No options were presented by Lucien, and I began to think of what I could do. Thus far, I could not be sure if I had any way of contacting Asuna myself without giving it away. I turned again to some other questions I had, seeing as the voices had quieted themselves. “So what happens if I miss the auction?” She turned, an ear flicking as she seemed to regain her composure. Odd how her closeness seemed to relate to how open she seemed. Her gaze seemed distant, with the subtle hint that there was concern, but only if one was looking for it. Or it was a trick of the light. I don't know. “You'll be sent to the next one. And if you miss that one, you will be taken to a third. If you have not been sold by then, you will be sold to the Union as a 'backtax', primarily to pay for any damages we have taken in training and raising you.” She paused, letting her hands fold in front of her. “Or... did you mean what would happen if you were too ill – or deemed too ill – to be sold?”

I swallowed. “Both.” I hated to admit it, but I wanted the option to see what may happen.

“Termination of contract.”

I blinked, frowning a little as I tried to rise again. Pain and a strange fatigue halted my progress, and I settled for rolling onto my side. “What does that mean? Would I be a free agent, or something?” I almost chuckled at the word 'free'. I was a slave now. Or, so I had been led to believe. As to what that entailed, it seemed it was still up in the air. Instead of a smile, or a comforting gesture of any kind, Asuna let her ears drop, hiding behind her head as she spoke three little words that hit my worse than the whip.

“You'd be dead.”

My stomach somersaulted as she spoke the last word. My jaw tightened, and I had the slight sensation of a loss of vision. I had to lay back down, reminding myself to take a deep breath, to try and figure out why this option was so bad. I lay there, listening to the sounds around me as she seemed to turn back to her work.

We were both quiet for a long while. A million little questions nagged at my mind, but I felt like the moment had passed. I bit the inside of my lip, laying there groggily and with muddled thoughts as she seemed to move around me, poking and prodding and sticking me with the occasional needle. The minutes ticked by...wait, what time was it? I blinked a little as that thought roused my brain into semi-action. I cursed myself inwardly, nearly allowing myself to drift off with so many questions unanswered. Why was I slipping that way? Something she'd given me during one of the shots? I shook myself mentally once more, and cleared my throat, head turning to try and find her. “What's the date, anyway? How long was I out when you were digging around in my chest? And afterwards? Or after...what just happened?” Something seemed to propel me along, questions yet again spilling out of my mouth as I tried to figure out just what was going on.

The sudden sound of my voice seemed to have startled her. Perhaps she thought me to be asleep. Still, I heard her walk back into my view, and then return to sit before me once again. “Well.. You were out for approximately five weeks prior to your abduction. During that time, we did our work. You woke for the first time during the second week.”

“The first time?” I turned my head back, wondering minutely if there was any sort of breach by asking such questions. Some part of me thought, So long as I keep asking and she's answering-

>{-then I see no reason to stop. Perhaps you should inquire base things. The time, the date, what the time is measured by versus what we know already. Now, before we continue with your conversation, I must ask. How close if this Asuna?}

I bit my lip, trying to gauge how far she was from my bed when Asuna answered my question. “You awoke approximately 5 times. Two were at the level of full, conscious thought. One was during the third surgery on your internal organs. The other was during the final proceedings in connecting your nervous system to the Bell Drive.”
No. 163295 ID: 701a19

Rather than telekinesis, could you research telepathy?
Does Asuna have an implant with radio capabilities? Could we link to it?

If the answers are no, then my vote goes to the buffer.

Asuna possess Earth medical history?
Also, non-auction buy-out option? Price?

No. 163353 ID: 7524b0

ERROR: address 632862 compromised. Switching to backup designation.
Inquire as to possibility of buying self.

Postulation: Buzzing noise is a side-effect of your new ability to interface with small devices. Range is 1 foot.

Report: Caretaker Asuna has explained that rejection leads to death. Researcher suggests we hide any illness 592 might have, mental or physical.
No. 163357 ID: 701a19

[Block inquiry request]
She informed us it's not safe to talk here, so asking such questions is a very bad idea.
No. 163375 ID: 7524b0

Clarifiation: 592 would be the one buying himself.
No. 163452 ID: cdaba6

With what resources? Anything he aquires is owned by his owner. You're expecting somebody to trade their own property for their own property? Do you count change you find in your car towards it buying its freedom?
I don't think you understand how this works.
No. 163458 ID: 7524b0

Data is insufficient to conclude whether or not a self-purchase is possible. Researcher is merely attempting to collect necessary data.
No. 163464 ID: 7524b0

Researcher suggests that if other subroutines are concerned about asking questions, they can inform 592 of the risks themselves.
No. 163521 ID: 701a19

[Divert messages to null]

Inquiries of this nature have been forbidden by Asuna. Asking these questions now risks 592 and will provide no information.

Please restrict your questions to 'safe' topics until we have established a secure communications channel with Asuna.
No. 187026 ID: f0699e

Ask her what will be happening once 592 heals, but before the auction
No. 187047 ID: f0699e

Also, see if there is a way to bring her in close to you so that you can connect with her mentally. You have the power, trust me, trust us.
No. 187048 ID: 701a19

Lets make sure he has the power before telling him that.
Lucien? Can you make that happen?
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