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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 144408476165.jpg - (294.96KB , 2560x1440 , sketch-1444083321869.jpg )
675047 No. 675047 ID: 0938de

This is a quest I'm making on my phone while i commute using my smart phone. I'm only going to update it when I'm going to or from work. Or maybe at lunch.

So you're me on my commute, this morning, october 5, in a subway tunnel. You're waiting for the F train. Happy Monday!

There's a homeless guy on the bench near you. He kind of smells. There's a bunch of plastic bags next to him.

You're between trains a ways so you're the only 2 in this section of the platform. It's kind of awkward, you and this homeless man. His sign says he was in Vietnam. You're not supposed to bring the signs into the subway, you're pretty sure.

1 say hi
2 move away a little
3 wait in silence with mr vietnam
4 give him a dollar or two
5 write in
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No. 675052 ID: 1ec18d

No. 675053 ID: 0938de
File 144408693410.jpg - (404.48KB , 2560x1440 , sketch-1444086653860.jpg )

You wait in silence.

The train screams in.


You greet the train as its screaming face flies by.
No. 675055 ID: 0938de
File 144408716992.jpg - (355.22KB , 2560x1440 , sketch-1444086753669.jpg )

The doors open. A cop blocks your way in and the way of the people out. They loudly complain.

The cop tells everyone NOBODY is getting off or on until Brom explains what he's done to deserve getting in this train!!

1 my taxes pay you dude
2 I'm just trying to go to work
3 throw some change at the vet and say "that"
4 punch the cop
5 write in
No. 675056 ID: 1ec18d

Abscond from work, go to jamaica
No. 675057 ID: 795505

2. calmly explain your situation. everybody empathizes with the working fellow.
No. 675058 ID: 284bd4

What has anyone done to deserve getting on this train? Once the cop realises all answers are equally meaningless, he'll go home to think about his life.
No. 675061 ID: 5aaa6f

5) Buying the goddamn train ticket.
No. 675064 ID: 149da0

Yes, that.

...also you've drawn all this alien smut.
No. 675078 ID: 2ccbb3

"It's public transportation; it might be intended for a specific elite in context, but the very definition means that we all deserve to get on the @#$%ing train the same way we all deserve to go to @#$%ing hell. May I get on before you get OFF."
No. 675114 ID: 4fa2d3

No. 675165 ID: 47c800
File 144417197783.jpg - (533.56KB , 2560x1440 , sketch-1444169649555.jpg )

I bought the damn metrocard, you announce. And i draw alien smut!

This proclamation is enough. The people cheer and surge past and over the cop, hoisting him into the air.
"Sacrifice!" They chant. "Sacrifice!"

You sheepishly brush past them as the cop screams in terror. The third rail shall feast well tonight.

Sorry Apollo, but you're a responsible pineapple.
No. 675166 ID: 47c800
File 144417237765.jpg - (431.17KB , 2560x1440 , sketch-1444171065592.jpg )

You get on the first car. The doors slam shut behind you.
Only the 3rd car opens up to your stop. The others will open to the Plane of Spiders , who usually catch a ride to 34th/Herald square in the mornings and devour the flesh off commuters' bones.

In here there is a LAMP, plugged into the wall, made redundant by a CHANDELIER on the ceiling. A few commuters cluster in the corner, away from the crouched GUARDGOYLE blocking the exit to car 2. It is leashed to the LAMP by a nylon rope. Next to it is a thing of REESES CUPS.

You have on you your PHONE/WALLET, BRIEFCASE, and SWEATER. Also a TUPPERWARE OF BAKED ZITI. Bromwife has texted you.
No. 675168 ID: ad936f

Answer waifu posthaste.
No. 675175 ID: 5ad4a7

Bromwife waits for no pineapple.
No. 675211 ID: 99cfa8

Stealthily nudge Reeses' away from the door, then sneak past when the guardgoyle retrieves it.
No. 675264 ID: 5a25a4

answer alpha waifu, nudge a thing of reeses cups away from the guardgoyle, or if that fails MARSHAL THE COMMUTERS INTO A FEARSOME MOB TO VANQUISH THE GUARDGOYLE
No. 675302 ID: 149da0

Go chat with the gargoyle. He's a bro.

No. 675646 ID: 554888
File 144442922574.jpg - (329.69KB , 2560x1440 , sketch-1444427704719.jpg )

Bromwife has texted you the following:

Hello i am stinkt

You nudge the REESES CUP away from the GUARDGOYLE. It pounces at the reeses!
No. 675647 ID: 554888
File 144442953376.jpg - (406.21KB , 2560x1440 , sketch-1444427866017.jpg )

The LAMP the GUARDGOYLE is tied to breaks.

Since there is another ELEMENT: LIGHT FIXTURE in the area, one aspect of the destroyed LAMP transfers to the CHANDELIER.

In this case the ASPECT is ASPECT: TIED TO GUARDGOYLE. The tether is now on the chandelier instead of the lamp, and the guardgoyle is promptly hanged, leaving the door unguarded.

That's just how things work in nyc. Destroy something and one of its ASPECTS transfers to an object of the same ELEMENT.

The GUARDGOYLE'S ears are transferred to one of the COMMUTERS (ELEMENT:LIFEFORM). she screams and everyone else politely ignores her.
No. 675652 ID: 5ad4a7

Advance to the next car.
No. 675653 ID: 848cec

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