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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 144176037705.png - (11.10KB , 500x500 , t2p1.png )
668450 No. 668450 ID: 05964c

Ten minutes ago, an ear-piercing screech tore across the sky.
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No. 668452 ID: 05964c
File 144176039681.png - (76.20KB , 500x500 , t2p2.png )

YOU, STONES THE STONE GATHERER, as well as the vast majority of those living in SUEDRA, fucking hate FLIMKIPS, especially those god-awful screeches they make. Then, there is the SHIT and PISS.

Your town has been plagued by periodic SHIT and PISS rains by the different FLIMKIP's that have came and gone over the generations. They have all been named according to the different DEVILS of THE VILLAGE's lore. The current FLIMKIP is named after the BLOOD DEVIL OF DISEASE, 'SARTUIN'.

An especially nasty screech came from the forest ten minutes ago. The VILLAGE GUARD has gathered in THE BARRACKS to prepare for the inevitable assault of excrement from above. In the past, THE VILLAGE tried to ignore the storms in fear of harsh retribution! This is the year THE VILLAGERS slay THE DEVILS and burn their domain, THE WOODS, to the ground, as commanded by the VILLAGE PRIEST who was told to do so by THE STARS.

YOU are standing outside YOUR HOUSE, with a BAG OF STONES in your right hand! It was posted yesterday at the TOWN SQUARE that open recruitment is happening, and because you hate your job as a STONE GATHERER you are planning on going to THE BARRACKS, despite your wife's pleas not to, for the extra money it could provide for your family. You can go inside and tell her and THE KIDS straight up that you are going over there today, or you can go there without!

No. 668455 ID: c0fe75

It is time, Stones. All your life, you've harbored a secret devotion--a clandestine desire that you can keep bottled up no longer.

You must found a new cult: The Fetid Order of Dungmen. It is time to embrace the showers of feces, and worship the almighty beings that are the flimkips. In doing so, you shall tear down this degenerate society and build a new one, a greater one, upon its ashes!
No. 668458 ID: 57dfcc

Make a sling. Then you can use the stones to kill the flimkip, and be a hero.
No. 668501 ID: 05964c
File 144176885383.png - (70.97KB , 500x849 , t2p3.png )

It is harshly frowned upon to even joke about things like that!

Good idea!

You step inside with your stone haul for the day (depressingly low!) and you see MOSS, your wife, sweeping the floors. She looks up and your eyes meet for a second, and she knows instantly what is going through your head.

"Stones, I know I said you can't go to those barracks. I know what kind of money it would get you. I also know you. Go after it with the guard and I'll be mad, but go after it alone and I'll leave you."

Oh well! That settles it.
No. 668502 ID: 05964c

Slight mess up with the text, 'I know what kind of money it would get you.' should read 'I know what kind of money it would get the family.'
No. 668504 ID: f61b8d

Yyyyep. So...you can still sling stones at it from among the guard, right?
No. 668508 ID: c0fe75


(Fine then, so much for harmony with the Flimkips!)

Your wife speaks with reason--there's safety in numbers. Best to let the guard handle being covered in dung, while you get the fun task of nailing flimkips with stones and burning the forest to the ground.

Also, perhaps there could be a way to get the flimkips to destroy each other. Perhaps there are enough of them that they could be whipped up into a blood orgy of self-extinction.
No. 668734 ID: 05964c
File 144185320302.png - (11.55KB , 500x500 , t2p4.png )

You grab your sling and observe it, going inwards to your past times using this, how you would hunt with this as a child, using the stones you would gather (your proficiency of doing so would later get you both your name and your profession) as ammunition.

MOSS gives you a kiss on the cheek, as you turn to leave.

"Remember your kids, Stones. The second people start dying I want you to abandon, and come straight here. Understand?"

You nod, and leave, your BAG OF STONES in one hand, the SLING in the other.
No. 669060 ID: 05964c
File 144200894896.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , t2p5.png )

You are walking to the other side of the town where THE BARRACKS are. You are also thinking very deeply to yourself about the decision you are currently making to help go after FLIMKIP SARTUIN. You are happy that not much opposition was met with, as MOSS would much rather see you go with a group than on your own, which is what you would have done (and regretted in the end) if you had your SLING with you.

You also think about what she said regarding your safety. It is against the law to abandon your peers when working with them against a common enemy, especially if it is something as important as killing FLIMKIP SARTUIN. The penalty could be DEATH for you, and will also act as a defacto punishment on your family's name. MOSS and THE KIDS will most likely be driven out of town if you flee. Knowing MOSS, however, she will hold her ground even if it means sending THE KIDS out on their own so she could protect her life in THE HOUSE.

So you are presented with two choices.

1. Disregard what your wife said and go after the FLIMKIP on your own, not that she'd ever find out anyways. If the going gets too tough you can duck out and let the guards take over without the threat of charges against you.

2. Go with the other men who are out to kill the FLIMKIP, as there is safety in numbers, and there would be less chance of your wife leaving you.

чем занимаешься?!?
No. 669512 ID: f4d940

Go with the guard
No. 669658 ID: 149da0

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