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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 144132012526.png - (2.39MB , 1024x1024 , human_ever_after.png )
667027 No. 667027 ID: a689a1

Humanity is.
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No. 667028 ID: abe2c7

be a kobold
No. 667029 ID: a689a1
File 144132030340.png - (1.90MB , 1024x1024 , hea1.png )

In the distant beginning existed a being unlike any other. Though flawed, weak and easily broken, it produced copies of itself to compensate for its own brief period of operation. It produced systems of symbolic meaning that could be related to one another and stored in ways that would outlast it. In time, it grew to adapt first its actions, then surroundings, and itself.

It saw many changes of form, from wet elastic sacks and tubes, to metal coils and sparks, to crystalline flashes. It finally grew tired of matter and energy, and became space and time.

It was once known as "human", and it is forever.

No. 667030 ID: a689a1
File 144132038303.png - (1.84MB , 1024x1024 , hea2.png )

Damage is a concept that applies only to that which can be broken, or even destroyed. However, force is a concept that applies to many things.

I am Thought 99 Maka. My function is to provide alternative insights to problems Maka faces. I find myself tumbling into a fluid body [composition unknown, radius ~4×10⁶m] at a speed narrowly below hypervelocity. I decelerate at a pace I do not bother to calculate, but come to a relative slowness.

I choose to collapse to matter at a single point. Travelling through a material medium as a waveform always leaves me disorientated.
No. 667032 ID: a689a1
File 144132050873.png - (1.49MB , 1024x1024 , hea3.png )

My counterpart, Memory 99 Maka, stores all information desired by Maka that Maka does not wish to store personally, when this meant anything. When Maka was an entity within our mutual comprehension.

Maka is presently a hyperspatial hypernetwork of logistic systems and algorithms that are a civilisation each themselves, stretching throughout more dimensions than I can conceptualise, everywhere and everywhen. For all it matters, Maka is an escalating series of prime numbers, and is as relatable and conversational. It's the same for all of them. The only distinction is where in the sequence they are.

Memory 99 is missing. I am broadening my insights to solve this problem. I do not remember when I last knew where Memory 99 was. Remembering things was never my function. My storage is considerably smaller, and only stores the last 5×10⁹ seconds in a highly lossy state.

If you need questions answered, do not hesitate to ask. It is my function to provide answers, after all.
No. 667033 ID: 3663d3

5,000,000,000 seconds is 158.44 years.

so yeah, we have time. anyway, have you tried retracing? scan backwards through time until you and memory99 encounter each other. then follow memory's location to the present.

what is your full job description?
No. 667041 ID: ec0bf5

What do you see around you? Is this water, and is there anything in it? Do you remember what you're supposed to be doing right now? If not, I guess we should just look for your counterpart. Perhaps it fell down here as well. What exactly can you do, aside from think?
No. 667042 ID: 57dfcc

>sphere of radius ~4×10⁶m
Bigger than mars, smaller than the earth.

>I do not remember when I last knew where Memory 99 was
>My storage is considerably smaller, and only stores the last 5×10⁹ seconds in a highly lossy state.
Conclusion: either last contact with Memory 99 Maka occurred more than 158.44 year ago, or the memory has been lost or corrupted by lossy storage. (Which would still suggest an older memory. The odds of specific data being affected increases over time).

What would have prevented you from attempting to reestablish contact earlier, when you could still remember last contact? We must assume there was some obstacle, or that you weren't trying.

If your last contact is not within the scope of your memory, why is the knowledge of Memory 99 Maka's existence?
No. 667048 ID: ad936f

what is a human?
No. 667052 ID: 6dfa3e

Are we human or are we dancers?
No. 667060 ID: f61b8d

You say that "It finally grew tired of matter and energy, and became space and time." Yet, you describe yourself in a manner suggesting that you are comprised of matter and/or energy, with a location in space, and are subject to the flow of time. First: are you not a human? Second: is Maka a human? Third: supposing that Maka is a human, yet is comprised of physical entities such as yourself, in what way have humans departed from matter and energy? Are they partly comprised of these things, but also of other things?
No. 667063 ID: 2eeb65

What is 1/0?
No. 667067 ID: 0fc976

Does a set of all sets contain itself?
How can entropy be reversed?
No. 667068 ID: a19cd5

what is the best sexual fetish, objectively?
No. 667164 ID: a107fd

Do you have resources available with which to construct additional temporary data storage? It'd be embarrassing, and maybe fatal, if the algorithm you're using to reestablish contact with Memory 99 Maka got caught in a 160-year loop without you noticing.
No. 667169 ID: d93d23

Any idea what got you here?
No. 667180 ID: a689a1
File 144137610246.png - (1.84MB , 1024x1024 , hea4.png )

Not human, therefore dancer?


Yes. Not within my knowledge.

I don't think I know what some of those words mean.

Human is something now beyond my understanding.

No idea. I probably came too close to a gravity well and got thrown off course.

I am bound to one direction across the fourth dimension, although I can vary my speed of travel among it if necessary. It makes travel more bearable as a wave through the vacuum.

My function is to consider alternate outcomes of available probable actions and suggest courses of actions with outcomes sufficiently similar to a desired outcome or class of outcome events. I am capable of higher reasoning and highly abstracted thought, but nowhere near human level of such.
No. 667181 ID: a689a1
File 144137618262.png - (1.68MB , 1024x1024 , hea5.png )

My job is my function. I give answers and solutions, in theory. To an entity I no longer understand the problems or nature of. I'm not sure if not fulfilling this task is wrong or not. There's no advice I can call upon for what to do when your boss becomes something gods would quake at. Suffice to say, Maka has not exactly spoken to me in recent memory.

The fluid I'm in is colourless, odourless and slightly more viscous than water would be. This only narrows the potential candidates down to several. This is assuming it is a natural substance, and not something stranger. I may have been flung deep inside something's fluid-based processing network.

My capabilities are not exceptional. I can switch states between a cohesive self-organising fluid material and a waveform composed mostly of light with some intrinsic gravity. I travel faster as a wave, but can only reasonably interact with the universe as matter. My own inner workings are just outside the limits of my understanding.

I cannot be damaged or separated in many situations, I am fluent in more languages than I'm consciously aware of existing, and I can reshape small quantities of matter into other matter with time the only cost to the process, hm. We might be here a while.

Let's try a different approach. What can I not do? I can't travel backwards in time, I can't instantaneously be somewhere else, I can only travel freely within the base three dimensions, I can't create matter and energy from nothing, I can't remember further back more than a century and a half, I'm far from omniscient, I can't smell or taste and have difficulty distinguishing chemicals, well, this list is also long.

I can and can't do many things. Perhaps I'll go into more detail based on context and relevance. I'm having difficulty seeing in a fluid medium, for example, and my hearing is filled mostly with fluid noises.
No. 667182 ID: a689a1
File 144137626281.png - (1.17MB , 1024x1024 , hea6.png )

Maka is human, I am not a component of Maka but a fabricated servant, and I barely understand my own composition. Humans are made of things like laws of physics and the warping of space and the ripples in causality. Matter and energy exists independently of them, but they can affect it when they desire.

Every 1×10⁹ seconds I create a small monument to act as a beacon for Memory, a brief edited log of my travels for the past gigasecond, and a way to mark where I've already been. I haven't seen any of the monuments I've made once I move on from them, and I've never recorded having revisited any of them, so I feel it's safe to say I'm not caught in a loop.

I shouldn't be able to remember Memory, my name, or Maka, but I do. I suspect my understanding of my own capabilities has itself waned over ages.

I do remember the last time I saw Memory. Maka was wandering off on important business, and Memory abruptly turned and left at full acceleration in the direction of Nexus 432. I've been heading there since I could recall this. It is one of many counted points that allow three dimensional travel into and through higher dimensions. That's all I remember. I don't know what Memory is planning to do, but if it leaves basic space there I will never find it ever again. I can't search across time, let alone higher dimensions.
No. 667183 ID: a689a1
File 144137633529.png - (1.62MB , 1024x1024 , hea7.png )

In more current concerns, I am totally unfamiliar with this giant fluid ball, but I seem to be sinking deeper into it. I hear a crackling in the water and realise something is transmitting directly to me. The message is garbled beyond recognition and I see the unclear form of something large approaching.
No. 667197 ID: 3663d3

head towards the message source.
No. 667201 ID: ec0bf5

Wait, listen, and watch as it approaches.
No. 667222 ID: 2eeb65

Stay awhile, and listen.
No. 667225 ID: 2a7417

Attempt to explode its head by transmitting the sum total of human knowledge to its brain.
No. 667454 ID: 57dfcc

I think you dyslexia-ed the digits on a few of those thought-address references, Thought 99.

Seems curiously systematic, in each case you switched a two digits in the address.

>>667052 became 667502
>>667067 became 667076
>>667048 became 664078
>>667042 became 667402

Is this a symptom of low lossy memory storage? You might be in worse shape than you thought- those should have been short term enough to have been unaffected.

Approach that which is approaching you, until the transmission begins to clear up. Then focus processing power on decryption, translation, and comprehension.
No. 667484 ID: a107fd

Isolate some of the fluid and compress it until fusion transmutes the atoms into a mix of heavier elements like carbon and iron, then use those to build a machine for analyzing and translating these pressure waves. Figure out a test to distinguish between the hypotheses of attempted communication and target-acquisition sonar.
No. 667738 ID: 39ce7c

Broadcast your own message back. Can you reconfigure to properly interpret the other's message?
No. 667811 ID: f4d940

Oh, clever. I was about to suggest to the author that if you click on a post's ID number, it copies it into the message box.
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