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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 143865285949.jpg - (256.98KB , 1300x865 , image.jpg )
660168 No. 660168 ID: 9fe7e1

Sixty followers, damn! We're honored someone gives a shit about what's been happening to us. We'll be sure to open up an AmA or something if you all are interested!!

Shit's been busy trying to work out these spooky clues we've found so I don't have another main post written out, so I thought I'd tide you over with a story from when we were younger. Introduces you to Sam and helps with the wait, basically two birds with one stone!! (Lol, just a little 2000s terminology there)

I met Samuel at a library Pokemon tournament back in sixth grade. We'd hit it off *immediately,* like no-homo love at first sight, no-homo. We had way too much in common to not have!! We were both obsessed with retrk classical 90s swag, we were both hardcore gamers, and we were both imcredibly popular really!!1 Before we knew it we were visiting each other all the time, bringing over the latest gem of days gone past that we'd uncovered!!

It was during one of those visits that year that Sam brought over Praise.

It was a Gamecube game that he'd gotten for free at a yard sale down the street. It was in one of those clear plastic disc cases with no cover or manual. The disc itself looked like a Zelda disc that had its label scratched off and repainted with the name of the game. It was a little sketchy, even to young impressionable me, and I let Sam know it.

>He blew off my doubt of the game's credibility. "C'mon my dude, I know what's chill and what's grody, and this baby is chill," he said coolly. His smooth tongue almost always won me over, and he knew it. "I mean, I do have old Melee with me too, but c'mon! New game brosef, you for it or are we just smashing again?"
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No. 660170 ID: ab7529

New game, bro.
No. 660172 ID: 1cebc8

Belch in his face and dare him to get a better combo against a Peach dummy in Smash Bros Melee training mode.
No. 660345 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143874216635.jpg - (785.72KB , 2560x1600 , image.jpg )

>Something told me to just ask to play Melee, but curiosity got the better of me. "Fine, new game, bro."

>"Tubularly radical, my man!!"

We popped the disc in and booted up the system. Surprisingly the game seemed to skip over the usual opening credits--you know, that little slideshow of what companies worked on the game and all that? No sooner had we turned it on than we were staring at a Zelda-esque title screen. The word "PRAISE" floated over what I guessed to be the game's overworld, this big field in that loveable retro 3D style that Gamecube games had.

The fact that this looked like a real game blew out all doubts from my mind on its validity. As well versed in gaming as we were at that young age, we'd yet to learn about hacks--back then, we figured if a game was playing, it *had* to be real. Not just anybody could change a game's content, right?

>Samuel grabbed up my controller and I scrambled to find a spare. He was always player one, he was just overall a better leader. "What did I tell you," he laughed as he pressed start. "What should we do first, broham?"
No. 660346 ID: ab7529

Two player mode, options- hard, conduct: no sword, kill things with deku sticks.
No. 660347 ID: 1cebc8

Look at the credits first, see who modded this game.
No. 660470 ID: 2eeb65

>Turn console power off
No. 660746 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143891201784.jpg - (61.81KB , 300x450 , image.jpg )

>"Here, do the credits first," I told Sam.

He selected it and the screen went black. While some pretty generic fantasy music played, a bunch of names scrolled past, all the editors and designers and all that. I didn't really pay attention to what it all said; it looked official enough, so I didn't pay it much mind. Looking back, I guess that was pretty dumb of me...

>But past me's retro gamer blood was pumping!! Everything seemed to check out--this was *real,* a new game for the two of us to try! "Radical, let's try two player hard-mode," I said!

"Hard-mode" was this little thing the two of is liked to do with games like Zelda and the like. We couldn't use the game's main weapons, only secondary items like deku sticks. If you broke the rule you had to swap out with the other player, or if we were playing two player you got a punch in the arm for each violation. Samuel was an even better gamer than me and was built like a bear, so of course he had no problem about agreeing to it.

He chose the two player mode and the screen flickered for a second as it switched from the main menu to a black loading screen. We were both getting really hyped, now. What type of fame would this be? I'd called hard-mode because I guessed it'd be like Zelda, but I wasn't certain. What was coming next?

The game answered our question when it flashed once more and started. It was splitscreen, was the first thing I noticed. That horizontal one where the two cameras area stacked on top of each other. Our characters were knights, it looked like, Sam's in red armor and mine in blue. We were side by side in a courtyard to some type of big wooden fort, all rendered in that time-tested Ocarina of Time graphics aesthetic!! It was a pretty well-made game, by first appearances.

>A text box appeared on the bottom of my part of the screen. "There are many ways to praise," it read, "but come Judgement there will only be two. You will learn to praise with:
No. 660747 ID: 1cebc8

Praise with Fart Noises!!!

Okay praise with chivalry whatever
No. 660781 ID: ab7529

No. 660812 ID: 99cfa8

Each of you pick different ones!

Go chivalry.
No. 661689 ID: 9fe7e1
File 143930041373.jpg - (298.19KB , 1300x974 , image.jpg )

>I picked Chivalry and a second cursor appeared, for the orher player to choose I guessed. "We should pick different ones," I suggested. "Maybe we get extra stuff?"

Samuel agreed and picked Faith. Almost the instant he selected it, there was another flicker and his avatar was replaced with what looked like a monk or something. He had no weapons or gear except a cross in his hand.

>"Dude, that's bogus!" Sam yelled. "Where'd my sword go?!"

It was too late to go back and change it. The camera zoomed out slowly until we could see the whole fort from the sky, and some of the forest that surrounded it. As I watched and Sam kept ranting, the sky started shifting colors. When the change was finished, it was a deep shade of red!!

>Some text faded in. "You must be ready. Praise in life as you will praise in death."

And then the camera returned to the two of us, still standing in that courtyard. The only sounds were the rustiling of leaves from the trees outside the fort.

>Sam sighed, looking disappointedly from his new unarmed character to the red sky and back. "Soooo.... What do we do, then? Is that it?"
No. 661691 ID: 1cebc8

Oh look. The game is auto-saving how @#$%ed you two are.

No. 662688 ID: ab7529

>Soooo.... What do we do, then? Is that it?
Nah can't be. We just gotta trigger a plot event so something cool happens. Maybe your guy gets magic since he doesn't have a sword?
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