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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 143741586586.png - (18.88KB , 900x666 , 0.png )
657129 No. 657129 ID: c01a15

Chapter VII

Please select a character.
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No. 657130 ID: 88960e

The shortstack.
No. 657131 ID: b9cef6

No. 657132 ID: 408e5c

No. 657133 ID: 26e769

No. 657134 ID: b36fc7

bun butt
No. 657135 ID: 063543

Crus for sure
No. 657147 ID: 2e88a5

No. 657148 ID: cbba68

No. 657150 ID: 52b3a7

No. 657152 ID: 2a7417

Levna the bunloaf.
No. 657154 ID: 5a02f7

No. 657156 ID: 1cebc8

No. 657158 ID: 0099e1

No. 657159 ID: af9f20

No. 657161 ID: 3ab56c

(Like he's actually gonna get chosen)
No. 657167 ID: ed37ab

No. 657168 ID: 9f210d

Crus for all
No. 657170 ID: 5d4f3b

No. 657171 ID: 2f4b71

No. 657173 ID: a599c3

No. 657176 ID: c01a15

Next vote breaks the tie, and the poll is closed. Thanks!
No. 657177 ID: 06c8e2

No. 657179 ID: c01a15
File 143743430994.png - (8.15KB , 900x666 , 3.png )

> “Let’s do this again.”

“Please let me sleep. Please. Five minutes. Two minutes, please…”

> “What is this?”


> “What does this key open? Look at me.”

“I don’t know.”

> “You’re lying. Only liars weep.”

“Please. I can’t think. I can’t…”

> “What does it open?”

“I just-”

> “What does it open? What does this open? What. Does. This. Open.”

No. 657180 ID: c01a15
File 143743433145.png - (9.30KB , 900x666 , 2.png )

> “Don’t doze off. You don’t get to sleep until you stop lying.”

I scream again. They go nowhere in this room, so they might as well be silent. It stinks.

> “Start her up on another regimen. Use number four today.”

“Number four? Which… which one is that?”

> “Let’s get you all washed up.”

They grab me and try to make me stand.
No. 657181 ID: bd8b82

go limp
No. 657182 ID: 23ca3d

try to stand.
No. 657183 ID: 334db2

Swear up and down on everything good in the world that you know nothing.
No. 657185 ID: c01a15
File 143743574289.png - (9.86KB , 900x666 , 4.png )

I stand hard. I can’t feel my arms and legs, and I rise up in an instant, numb from exhaustion. “I don’t know!”

I don’t know. I don’t know where this energy came from. It’s the last gasp the gods gave dying animals.

He staggers and the chair clatters to the floor.
No. 657188 ID: e114bc

Grab the chair, smash them with it.
No. 657189 ID: bd8b82

take chair, smash it over them. beat him to death with a chair.
No. 657190 ID: ab7529

Hit him with the chair. Hit him. Hit him. Hit him.
No. 657191 ID: 9f210d

Take chair, use leg square, pin him down, grind his rib cage and snap it.
No. 657192 ID: c01a15
File 143743778680.png - (7.54KB , 900x666 , 5.png )

>hit him
>hit him
>hit him
>hit him
No. 657193 ID: c01a15
File 143743781081.png - (6.00KB , 900x666 , 6.png )

> “Please, please! Stop! Stop! Waaaiit! Don’t!”
No. 657194 ID: c01a15
File 143743782849.png - (12.54KB , 900x666 , 7.png )

No. 657195 ID: c01a15
File 143743784318.png - (10.04KB , 900x666 , 8.png )

No. 657196 ID: ab7529

Go big eyed, drop chair, huddle in the corner crying over what you almost did again.
No. 657197 ID: 0fc976

Hey, why'd you stop? Keep goin'!
No. 657198 ID: 487a03

Stop Crus, stop. Look around, you're not where you think you are. Think before you do anything. Do not pummel that woman with the chair.
No. 657199 ID: bd8b82

sob in a corner.
No. 657200 ID: e114bc

Uh. Yeah, stop. What just happened? Did you doze off while she was combing your hair?
No. 657202 ID: ad7bba

That chair looks best repurposed as being placed on the ground gently.
No. 657203 ID: 9f210d

Drop chair, flatly say that you need a doctor, because it's getting dangerous with your night terrors
No. 657205 ID: c01a15
File 143743933398.png - (10.88KB , 900x666 , 9.png )

I lower the chair and set it on the floor. “Go,” I say, “Get out. I’m sorry, ok? Just get out.” Lucille scurries out the door. I should have apologized for attacking her in the bushes, too. Oh well.

I need a weapon, like that guy said. I need a good weapon with a blade, or I’ll never feel safe. This room smells terrible. Uuuuhh… what is wrong with me. I want these people to think I am strong. Now they just think I am a vulnerable… crazy lunatic.

>what happened
She was combing my hair, I guess. I fell asleep. She tugged my hair. I don’t know what happened. I jumped up like I was in a fight. You know that rush that makes your heart pound and your muscles spring like a crossbow? I just don’t know.

>cry in the corner
I’ve done enough of that.
No. 657206 ID: e114bc

Go out and find one then.
No. 657214 ID: b9cef6

Ask around to see where you can get a good weapon, then.
No. 657219 ID: c01a15
File 143744185330.png - (14.11KB , 900x666 , 10.png )

> go get one
So I will. I walk out of the smelly room and into the main chamber of the cathedral. I hear some people talking.

> Lucille: “She started falling asleep a little bit, so I tried to wake her up. She knocked over the chair and came at me with it!”

> Bilk: “Feh. That’s after she spent the last twenty straight hours sleeping. I mean it! Twenty hours! And she ate all our food.”

I recognize the next voice as Ortise’s.

> Ortise: “Well, people come to use hungry and tired. It’s what we do. Look, chances are she won’t be here long.”

> Bilk: “I am not exaggerating, bossman. She ate all of the food. All of it! We need to buy more food.”

> Ortise: “Isn’t that your job?”

> Bilk: “Eeeyyuhh… yes. But. I can’t. I have to do something else. From the library.”

> “Ok. Well, I’ll be in Roztown today getting new clothes. Apparently I can’t walk around like this anymore.”

I walk out into the room after the other leave. Ortise stays behind.
No. 657221 ID: c01a15
File 143744187656.png - (15.18KB , 900x666 , 11.png )

“Remember how you said I needed a better weapon? Well, where do I get one?”

> “So long as you’re not going to kill us all in our sleep.”

“Hilarious. Just tell me where to get one.”

> “There’s a weaponsmith in Roztown. I’m headed there later. Coming along?”
No. 657223 ID: e114bc

No. 657225 ID: ab7529

If that's where I need to go to get a weapon, yes. Why wouldn't I go? That's what I need to do.
No. 657235 ID: a599c3

Sounds fine enough, but we might want to do something else while we wait, maybe giving a proper apology to Lucielle.
No. 657237 ID: c01a15
File 143744441929.png - (12.04KB , 900x666 , 12.png )

“Ok. I’ll go.”

I’d rather not wait for this guy’s sake, but whatever.

>apologize to Lucille
I don’t think she wants to see me right now.

If I am going to stay here and try to get folksy with these weird strangers, I need something to do with my life. I failed at the one purpose I ever had when that Pilosian ran off with my key. I’m weaker than I was before my time in Als Eyvor, but I can still fight. I just need to regain my strength.

The thought of what will happen when they put the pieces together about the key terrifies me. It’s uncertain, but I know it will be the fucking worst, and what they’ll do with the dagger probably won’t be much better. They’ll send Rufio Ortise after us first, and then we’ll all be dead quickly. At least we won’t have to witness it.
No. 657239 ID: e114bc

If you want a new purpose... why not spend what time you have left trying to find a way around the door? If you get the dagger first, you can run off with it, and hide it again.
No. 657244 ID: c01a15
File 143744734596.png - (8.14KB , 900x666 , 13.png )

The door is some kind of magical vault. I cannot imagine what the cathedral used it for originally. It was just full of old junk when I went in there, and the key was just sitting in a chest in the catacombs. I definitely won’t be able to open it myself, so I need to find someone who can. Maybe there’s someone in Roztown.
No. 657246 ID: c01a15
File 143744739041.png - (10.90KB , 900x666 , 14.png )

Yeah. That’s it. All I have to do is get that door open and take the dagger and leave. Then I don’t have to stay here. I can run away. Everything will be back to normal.

> “You ok?”

“I’m fine.”

> “You sure? You’re doing that thing again.”

“I’m fine. When are you leaving?”

> “Oh, I’d say about half an hour. I just have to take care of a couple of folks first.”

Well, I have thirty minutes to burn. I can’t sleep anymore, but at least I’m as rested as I can be.
No. 657248 ID: e114bc

30 minutes... enough time to put in some light exercise.
No. 657250 ID: 5a02f7

You need to start getting your strength back - light exercise sounds like a great way to do that.
No. 657251 ID: 1cebc8

Get some trail mix for the road.
No. 657254 ID: e114bc

Oh another thing you could do is ask the ghost why they even have that door. What was the storage for?
No. 657256 ID: ab7529

>I definitely won’t be able to open it myself, so I need to find someone who can. Maybe there’s someone in Roztown.
Wait. Could you send the ghost priest through the door to spy on the insides for you? Maybe you can learn it's weaknesses from the inside.
No. 657291 ID: cf91e4

>Everything will be back to normal.
Do you want it to be back to normal though? At least you can sleep and eat here.

Light exercise sounds nice.
No. 657363 ID: c01a15
File 143750110083.png - (19.75KB , 900x666 , 15.png )

> exercise

The last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he’s watching us all through the eye

No. 657364 ID: c01a15
File 143750112026.png - (14.97KB , 900x666 , 16.png )

of the tiger
No. 657365 ID: b9cef6

Why who is that totally innocent, not-at-all-suspicious shadowy figure?
No. 657367 ID: a599c3

Complement the shadowy figures choice in headwear.
No. 657376 ID: e114bc

Ask the stranger to identify themselves.
No. 657572 ID: ed37ab

pretend to be indigent. ask the stranger for any spare coin, just to throw them off.
No. 657584 ID: 311774

Sing louder to drive them off.
No. 658586 ID: c01a15
File 143803557878.png - (15.34KB , 900x666 , 17.png )

>compliment hat
No. It’s a shitty hat.

>ask him to identify himself
“Who are you?”

> “Neh? Oh, I was not sleepink. I am Sam Swallowtail. Who are you? You look like someone wiz many stories to tell. Yes?”

Should I reveal my identity? This could easily be another bounty hunter.
No. 658588 ID: 9ddf68

>Who are you?
crazy bitch with daddy issues.

If nothing else should be funny to see the look on his face.
No. 658589 ID: ab7529

>Should I reveal my identity? This could easily be another bounty hunter.
If he's a bounty hunter, he's already seen your face. And your face, post captivity, is pretty distinctive.
No. 658595 ID: e114bc

Your face is easily recognizable. Also, he looks quite unarmed and unarmored. Just go ahead and give him your name.
No. 658601 ID: c01a15
File 143803698945.png - (12.50KB , 900x666 , 18.png )

I am not crazy, but maybe it’s to my advantage for him to think that I am.

My face is hard to forget, so I just give him my name. “Crus,” I say.
No. 658602 ID: c01a15
File 143803700625.png - (16.16KB , 900x666 , 19.png )

> “O-ho! You are za one zey are all after. Isn’t zat right?”
No. 658604 ID: e114bc

"they" doesn't include him. Interrogation time regardless. Make it violent if you feel like it.
No. 658608 ID: bd8b82

ask if he wants to be beaten.
No. 658613 ID: c01a15
File 143803873158.png - (8.50KB , 900x666 , 20.png )

“What the hell do you want? If you’re after a bounty on my head, you can come take it off my shoulders if you want.”

> “Neh? No, no! Perhaps you know of za Dagger of Breath?”

“I don’t know anything about it.”

> “It is somezing zat must be destroyed at all costs! You see, I was waiting here for my friends. Waiting, yes, not falling asleep. We meet here in za woods out of za eye of za Titans.”

“Shouldn’t you avoid going around telling people, then?”

> “Miss Crus, I know who gave you zose scars. Are you so eager to let zem have what zey want?”

Something about this man is familiar in a disturbing way. Familiar, but twisted and different.
No. 658617 ID: e114bc

Ask to see his face.
No. 658619 ID: ab7529

>Something about this man is familiar in a disturbing way. Familiar, but twisted and different.
Who. Are. You.
No. 658638 ID: b9cef6

Ask to see his face.
Is his skin really coal-black like that, or is it hidden in the shade?
No. 658659 ID: c01a15
File 143804653295.png - (14.42KB , 900x666 , 21.png )

“Who are you? Just let me see your face!”
No. 658660 ID: c01a15
File 143804654622.png - (8.93KB , 900x666 , 22.png )

> “My face? You can’t.”

“Quit playing games and tell me who the fuck you are. How do you know about these scars?”
No. 658662 ID: c01a15
File 143804664040.png - (8.88KB , 900x666 , 23.png )

> “I know your scars because I was there, but you can’t see my face, miss Crus. I’m only a vague memory.”
No. 658663 ID: c01a15
File 143804667730.png - (18.78KB , 900x666 , 24.png )

> “Crus! Are you ready to go?”


> “Good sweet fuck! What was that fucking scream for?!”

“Don’t sneak up on me.”
No. 658664 ID: e114bc

The stranger is gone now isn't he.

...it sounds like there's another, unknown force at work here... but at least he said he wants the same thing you do. How easy would it be to destroy the dagger?

Tell Enzo you can leave now.
No. 658667 ID: d90668

Its not sneaking up when you loudly walk up to someone saying there name. You need to learn to relax a bit.
No. 658670 ID: 1cebc8

Time to leave.

How much gold do you have? Also, regular water to trade.
No. 658761 ID: c01a15
File 143806339719.png - (10.63KB , 900x666 , 25.png )

Yes, of course he’s gone. He was gone as soon as Ortise showed up. Relax, relax, relax. This is getting out of hand. I am not usually like this. I can’t remember the last time I smiled or laughed or saw any of my friends, and now I’m seeing things.

Who is Sam Swallowtail? I swear I’ve never heard that name. Maybe I need a drink.

Ortise and I walk around the bluff surrounding the cathedral and make west for Roztown. It is overcast, but not raining, and the wind makes visible waves in the white-and-green grass.
No. 658762 ID: c01a15
File 143806341760.png - (21.11KB , 900x666 , 26.png )

I have done way too much walking lately. Oh well.

> “How long do you plan on staying with us?” asks Ortise after a long silence.
No. 658764 ID: e114bc

Tell him you'll be out of his hair as soon as the fight is over, if he doesn't want you to stay.
No. 658766 ID: a19cd5

"Long as it takes. I plan to chip in where I can."
We need to stay close to this vault, they got the key so our only recourse now is to help defend it.
We should probably gauge wether we can trust ortise before telling him about the knife, though.
No. 658814 ID: 88960e

What? I don't know. I can't remember the last time anything went according to my plans, anyways. I don't even remember what that feels like.
No. 658913 ID: c01a15
File 143811628139.png - (12.55KB , 900x666 , 27.png )

“I need a safe place while I get things figured out. I can help where I need to, but I don’t know when I will leave if you don’t just kick me out.”

> “Like I said, if you can quit attacking people, you can stay. One more outburst like earlier, and I’ll have to wrestle you out the door. We’ve got sick and wounded coming in and out of this place, and we can’t have-”

“I know. I get it. You don’t have to lecture me. I’m sorry about all that.”

> “Whatever,” says Ortise, “We’ve all got baggage. We live in a dangerous place. Comes with the territory. I said the same thing to the chief and his girlfriend, though: you’ve got to pull your weight. If you can put in some work to help us all run this place, we’ll have a long-term home for you. So then, what are you good at?”

This guy doesn't seem like such a hot-head now.
No. 658914 ID: dbe554

Well you did attack quite a few people close to him, caused constant trouble, and generally have forced him to defend his people.

Of COURSE he'd dislike you and be hotheaded, you've been causing trouble and breaking people in the face.

Now that you aren't considered too dangerous he's cooled down.
No. 658918 ID: e114bc

Are we supposed to be picking Crus' skills?
No. 658925 ID: 2909b0

Tell him the truth
No. 658930 ID: c01a15
File 143812025537.png - (21.37KB , 900x666 , 28.png )

Sorry, that was a vague question. Let me make it a bit clearer and narrower!

>tell him the truth
“Fighting,” I say. “Not much else.”

[Please select an option]
No. 658932 ID: 9297f4

We already sneak up on everyone, so guerrilla.
No. 658934 ID: e114bc

I wanna say Ranger.
No. 658936 ID: fbc59e

leaning towards guerilla, or perhaps I should say, gurrrlilla.
No. 658937 ID: 26e769

No. 658938 ID: 557bac

I'm saying ranger. You can hunt for food, and deal with problems at the end of an arrow (far away from you). Also you'd probably be less likely to freak out and accidentally shoot someone than stab them.
No. 658939 ID: ab7529

Guerrilla and/or ranger.
No. 658942 ID: b9cef6

Grrlillia fighting seems to be both what we've been doing, and what you're good at.
No. 658947 ID: 2f4b71

Definitely Guerilla.
No. 659050 ID: fbd0a8


Guerrilla! Nothing is more dangerous. I think. maybe.
No. 659072 ID: 1cebc8

No. 659130 ID: 685f37

Guerrilla, solider only works if you alot of them and while ranger works with Ortise as partner she seems more comfortable with melee. We'll get a ranger later.
No. 659161 ID: 06c8e2

Going to throw in yet another Guerrilla vote.
No. 659243 ID: c01a15
File 143823102225.png - (30.22KB , 900x666 , 29.png )


“When I was young and stupid, I was with a band of guys. We called ourselves the Last Heroes. That’s what we thought we were. We went around looking for jobs, not knowing that the kind of jobs people paid a band of homeless kids with weapons for weren’t savory. We took them, though. We honest-to-gods thought we were making a difference for some stupid reason.

Sometimes we needed to ‘acquire’ something. Sometimes we needed to ‘take take of’ a ‘troublesome person’. The only reason I made it in with this group of half-drunk mummers was that I was good at being unseen. That’s what a group like that needed. We didn’t have strength or numbers, so we had to fight dirty.”

> Ortise looks at me, then down the road. Roztown is a line on the horizon now. “How old were you? Didn’t you have parents?” he says.

“I did. I ran away when I was a teenager. That was almost a decade ago, and I never once thought about going back,” I say. My voice wavers at the end because it is a lie. I thought many times about going back, but only stubbornness kept me away.

> He cracks a thin smile, and says, “It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one.”

“Only what?”

> “Runaway. I left my home when I was just a kid.”


> “Oh, you know. I was stupid. Romance, wonder, adventure. That’s all.” Ortise sighs and sticks his hand into his waistbelt, “Well, I bet we could use someone like you. There’s no telling how many enemies I’ve made already in just the past few days. If you’re as good as you say at being clandestine, what can you offer my faction?”
No. 659253 ID: a19cd5

"Training, traps, and tactical advice."
No. 659258 ID: ab7529

>Oh, you know. I was stupid.
...and killed a guy.

>If you’re as good as you say at being clandestine, what can you offer my faction?
Force of will. That same stubbornness that kept you from turning back towards home, that let you endure torture, that keeps you stumbling forward now, broken as you are.
No. 659259 ID: 1cebc8

"Ruthless murder of your foes via well-planned ambushes. I'll stay in a fight if I've rigged enough beforehand."
No. 659291 ID: e114bc

He has enemies? Crus can spy on them.
No. 659411 ID: c01a15
File 143829578887.png - (13.14KB , 900x666 , 30.png )

> “Hm, yeah, I can see that. How does the title master of spies sound?”


> “It could be all yours if you strut your stuff right. Since the padre can’t do much besides talk and listen, I’ve made him our surveillance officer within the cathedral. He’s good at that since he’s, you know, a ghost, but we need someone who can actually leave the building. You look about as limber as a cat, so-”

“Excuse me?”

> “Nimble. Quiet. Flexible-”

“I can’t trust you.”

> “Whuh? Why?”

“You’re kind. Kind people can be secretly cruel. Outwardly cruel people are easy to read, at least. Why are you helping me? I’m a stranger. A threat. What is your motive?”

> “I like to keep more friends than enemies.”

“So you are too trusting.”

> “Planning on betraying me, are you?”

“No. I just don’t want to work for a weak leader.”

> “I’m not your master, I’m your partner. I don’t keep minions, I keep professionals. If you want someone to crack the whip on your back, heh, all you need to do is ask, but not during business hours.”
No. 659412 ID: c01a15
File 143829580930.png - (16.04KB , 900x666 , 33.png )

“Don’t you dare get fresh with me, asshole.”

> “Eh heh, alright. Easy now. There are actually a couple of things that I need done after we get back from Roztown.”


> “I need someone to…”

> “investigate Pernille. I trust you more than I trust the chief.”
> “find that weird feather-headed guy who came here with you. He seems a little sketchy, and none of us have seen him since the attack.”
> “investigate that weird floating island in the valley over the pass. That thing has been creeping me out for ages.”
No. 659415 ID: 1cebc8

Investigate the island. That place hasn't been looted for supplies and you're going to need all the assets you can get.

Try to find a way to move the island, if only slowly.
No. 659416 ID: f16b9e

Well, as an act of good will and proof that she's your partner and not a minion, why not get her opinion on some of the matters? See where her limits lay, what she is and isn't willing to do for you. Maybe even ask her if she needs anything done, if you're serious about building trust.
No. 659419 ID: ab7529

>How does the title master of spies sound?
You don't name your spymaster a spymaster. Why let people know?
No. 659429 ID: 7c6f8b

Yeah, a good spymaster name should be inconspicuous to most people, but still hint at the job's true nature so it makes for a sufficiently ominous euphemism.

How about "Human Resources Manager"?
No. 659432 ID: a19cd5

Island, duh.
No. 659451 ID: 6e773d

But... Are there "humans" to manage resourcefully? Do they even use that word for anyone?
No. 659456 ID: ed9797

Good point. What are these snouty folks called anyways?
No. 660263 ID: ed37ab

go check out pernille, and while you're there, ask some of the residents about the floating island?
No. 660682 ID: c01a15
File 143889388392.png - (54.99KB , 900x666 , 32.png )

"You shouldn't call your master of spies a 'master of spies'. That... really is just self-defeating."

> "Well you're the spy. What do you say about an assignment?"

"I'll investigate the floating island," I decide as we arrive at Roztown.

Roztown is a decrepit, walled-in town of red and pink brick, the scaffolding of its damaged buildings open to the elements through cracks and holes in their walls. There is no noise coming from within, and it seems almost deserted. The wall is busted and shattered in numerous places. Ortise and I approach it.
No. 660683 ID: c01a15
File 143889390049.png - (11.82KB , 900x666 , 31.png )

Someone raises their head above the wall.

“Who goes?” she says. “City’s on lockdown. We hain’t take ya. Locals only!”

> “Lockdown? Why?” says Ortise.

“We hain’t send no more boys off ‘n’ die in the east! If you’s’n that Basstrid want to take our boys, y’all can lay b’siege on our wall!”

> “What? We’re not with Basstrid! We just need to buy supplies. You’re the only commercial center in the area!”

“Go on off to Als Ayvor! We hain’t take ya!”
No. 660684 ID: e114bc

Oh just find a hole in the wall you can squeeze through.
No. 660700 ID: 0f4536

Examine bloody heap in front of town. It seems to be next to a hole in the wall, so you might be able to climb up it.

Basstrid flubbed his public relations the moment we took our eyes off him and put the conscript corpses on display instead of the huge bug warrior corpses, didn't he? Oh well, he had already scrounged up most the the recruits he could beforehand and the previous status quo of seemingly half the local leaders plotting to overthrow him wasn't much better.
No. 660708 ID: 1cebc8

This town has seen better days...

Which means there's a possibility of injured / diseased in there.

Calmly explain that you are a representative of the newest hospital in the country. Ask for the diseased and injured. Explain that the city has to focus on rebuilding and reinforcing rather than healing and feeding, which you can do for a fee, and if you were with Basstrid then you wouldn't ask for disease-ridden conscripts for fear of infecting your troops; even target practice would be contaminating.

Suggest to her that she first take all the dissident injured / diseased that the city could do without and lend them to you. If a few come back alive and well, it should be a good sign of trust.
No. 660712 ID: c01a15
File 143890142743.png - (19.02KB , 900x666 , 34.png )

The lady over the wall retreats back in, refusing any further contact, so I walk up to the the wall myself. The pile is a heap of rubble and refuse. Some of it looks to be trash from inside the city that has been cast through the hole.
No. 660713 ID: c01a15
File 143890145211.png - (9.25KB , 900x666 , 35.png )

I think I can fit through there. I don’t know about Ortise, though.
No. 660715 ID: e114bc

You can just get a shopping list, then take his money in to spend it.
No. 660716 ID: 1cebc8

Look around for another way in first. You need to distract the guard and finding a different entrance from the junk pile would be a good distraction.
No. 660720 ID: c01a15
File 143890237278.png - (11.14KB , 900x666 , 36.png )

> “I don’t really wanna send you in there with my money unless there’s some kinda collateral involved, and somehow I don’t think you’ve got much to put up.”

“I thought you were ready to trust me.”

> “I’ll work my way up to it.”

Either I have to go in on my own, convince Ortise to send me in with the money, or try to find a way to get him in there, too. He is slim, but not as skinny as me, so he’ll have trouble with these wall holes. There is no way he will be able to climb over with only one arm, either.
No. 660721 ID: c01a15

I missed this suggestion as I was updating. I'll take it into account later!
No. 660722 ID: 0f4536

Lets look for another way around then; I don't think we are particularly pressed for time.
No. 660723 ID: e114bc

You could go in and unlock the door? Or buy some rope and toss it over the wall so Ortise can climb up with that?
No. 660724 ID: b9cef6

There seems to be a smaller, but wider, grated hole to the right. Could you both army-crawl your way in?
If not, well, lets put it this way. Either he gives us some of his money, we get what he needs, and we leave, or we wasted a trip. I don't think we have much to put up beyond our mace, and we'd probably want that once we're in there.
Whatever you do, do >>660708
No. 660730 ID: c01a15
File 143890679504.png - (14.62KB , 900x666 , 37.png )

“Oh, so you’re ready to let me be your dumb little ‘spymaster’, but you won’t give me a couple of grimps to buy your groceries? Is that it?”

> “Basically, yep.”

“Well how about this. There are probably a lot of sick people holed up in that shithole town.”

> “Right…”

“And you’re looking for sick people to heal.”

> “Yeah, yep, I see where you’re going with this. Alright, alright, fine.”

As much as I hate that fucking water, I don’t want to get too far away from the cathedral. I don’t know if any of this is still my responsibility, but maybe it’s just the Last Hero in me that still wants to keep the dagger safe. I wish the boys were here now. They would get behind me.

> Ortise hands me a sum of money and begins to count items on his fingers, “I need flour, butter, and salt to make bread. I need squash and peppers. I need to commission a weaver to make our banner. I need a new set of clothes that aren’t black. You should probably get yourself a proper weapon, too.”

**Your selection of guerrilla has affected the available weapons that Crus may choose from in Roztown.**

**Crus has 1,000 grimps**
No. 660731 ID: e114bc

Why do you hate the water? When was the last time you saw the boys, and where?

Ask Ortise how much of each he needs.
No. 660732 ID: 1cebc8

1) Browse everything. Get a visual representation of what is left of the city.
2) Find the nearest hospital and ask for refugees. Request transport contracts (hospitals get a cut of your profits by referring patients to your hospital alone)
3) Find selection of weapons and purchase something with about 25% of your money.
4) Purchase supplies. Be sure to purchase some rations, but focus on the supplies that are currently dirt-cheap, you'll need grimps and inflation here is high.
No. 660735 ID: c22069

How long would it take to do a perimeter check of the town wall for other possible entrances? Because climbing through the first available hole that's conveniently next to the front gate sounds like a great way to get stabbed by dudes with spears waiting for suckers to crawl through.
No. 660736 ID: c01a15
File 143890980107.png - (7.14KB , 900x666 , 40.png )

>why do you hate the water
There’s another font just like the one at the cathedral up in Als Eyvor.

>search walls for another way in
I tell Ortise to wait where he is, then begin to search the entire wall around the city. I would take him along, but he carries himself in a more... conspicuous way.

A man greets me from around a corner. “Psst. You lookin’ to get into the Roz?”
No. 660737 ID: e114bc

Who's asking?
No. 660740 ID: c01a15
File 143891132858.png - (11.04KB , 900x666 , 41.png )

“Who’s asking?”

“Yeah. My name’s Ydobon. I can get you in there, alright. Yeah, for sure I can. I got connections on the inside, yeah. My brother Enoon lives in there since before the lockdown, yeah. You just gotta make it worth my while, and I’ll let you in. Yeah, that’s all.”
No. 660741 ID: e114bc

How much?
No. 660743 ID: a19cd5

"Free healing for a year."
No. 660756 ID: 334db2

How about unbroken legs, you want those?
No. 660810 ID: 99cfa8

"Because, you know, if you ever get your legs broken..."
No. 660973 ID: 0df2ab

Compliment his abs.

Wait no.

Tell him you're here on behalf of healers and it's for a good cause and stuff. Hopefully Ortise can bring him around by guilting him.

Failing that, just crawl through the hole in the wall. We're not giving him this money when we can just do that.
No. 660974 ID: c01a15
File 143901490451.png - (9.71KB , 900x666 , 42.png )

>offer healing

“Healing? What are you a doctor or something? Healing water, that’s nonsense. Yeah, nonsense. No, no, if you want me to get you in there, you gotta give me 200 grimps. I’ll get you in safe. Yeah. You won’t be seen getting in, that’s for sure. Yeah, you’ll be just like one of the locals. 200 grimps man, unless you want to pay up some OTHER way.

“How exactly do you plan to get me in there?”

“Easy. They open the gates for my goods. You get in the gates then, yeah. So?”
No. 660975 ID: 1cebc8

"Three hundred grimps if you can get me and a cart of supplies out as well. Half for getting me in, half for getting me out. I'm sure you'll scam me with this deal, so you have to stay by my side the whole time. Deal?"
No. 661002 ID: e114bc

Let's... not give him more money than he's asking for. Haggle. 100 grimps. Also ask him if he really thinks someone can survive all the wounds that gave you these scars without some sort of artificial healing.

Also maybe add that he has to count on you keeping his little operation quiet, as well.
No. 661043 ID: 334db2

The way he says that makes me think we don't want his help. I don't think he even has any goods.
No. 661076 ID: 6ebdfb

>unless you want to pay up some OTHER way
Discount for letting that comment slide.
No. 661204 ID: 0df2ab

Tell him to fuck off and that you can find your own way in for free. See if he offers something much better as you go.

If not, just climb in the hole in the wall, or find another hole in the wall.
No. 661226 ID: c22069

Press him on exactly what kind of goods he trades in, is it some shady shit?
No. 661335 ID: 9af22d

I'm with this one, it sounds like he intends to turn YOU into the goods he's gonna trade.
No. 661605 ID: 8d9368

Kinda sounds like this guy is a human...er, snouted thing trafficker of some kind and so extremely not trustworthy.
No. 661686 ID: ed37ab

maybe you don't even need to get inside, maybe you can just get this shady person to bring you out a cartload of the goods you need? of course don't give him any money up front.
No. 662165 ID: c01a15
File 143952359998.png - (26.10KB , 900x666 , 43.png )

“What do I trade, you wanna know? Yeah, wait here. They come.”

Sure enough, an assortment of slaves arrives driven by several slavers.

“You just talk to Enoon inside, and he gets you free. We do it many times every day. Yeah, we do it all the time. They’re the only ones they let inside to Roztown these days. Yeah, I grew up here. I did. Wasn’t always like this. Yeah, it wasn’t.”
No. 662166 ID: e114bc

Hahaha, what? He wants to tie you up as a slave and smuggle you in that way? No way are you trusting this guy. Maybe smuggle Ortise in that way, if he wants to risk it, but not you. You can just crawl in through the hole.

Keep looking for maybe a hole in the wall some...where... wait if only slaves go in, and the town is a pile of shit, who's buying them?
No. 662167 ID: ab7529

So... we pay him to put you in chains and import you as a slave... and then just trust that when you ask his associate inside he'll let you go?

This seems like a laughably obvious trap. You're paying him to enslave you.
No. 662170 ID: defceb

Ask him how many of those slaves fell for that trick.
No. 662173 ID: c01a15
File 143952474617.png - (13.49KB , 900x666 , 44.png )

“How many of those slaves fell for that stupid trick? You’re crazy if you think I’m going to do that.”

“No trick. Y-yeah. These slaves are criminals. Murderers, rapists, thieves. Scoundrels apprehended, yeah, to serve their justice in irons. Yeah. You’re not. You’re a good girl or boy.”
No. 662174 ID: 8d9368

And if we are in chains noone will believe us if we say that.
No. 662175 ID: e114bc

You're also wanted. Anyone recognizes your face in there, you'll stay in irons. Also Ortise is a former cultist, and still dressed as a cultist, which means he doesn't get a pass either.

Anyway, ask him if he thinks the people that gave you these scars cared if you were a good person or not. Then walk off. Continue checking the wall for better entrances.
No. 662176 ID: ab7529

Flick your scars. Right, and I'm sure once I'm in irons, no one will believe these came from being apprehended, or justice inflicted.

...also you're really not selling this throwing in the fact I have to get up close and personnel with thieves and murderers.

Okay- so: the problem here is this plan requires trusting a stranger when putting ourselves in a risky situation. Only way I see this working is if there's collateral of some kind. Like, Ortise stabs him if they back-stab you.

Or you go in as the slave-drive rather than the slave.
No. 662177 ID: ab7529

Flick your scars. Right, and I'm sure once I'm in irons, no one will believe these came from being apprehended, or justice inflicted.

...also you're really not selling this throwing in the fact I have to get up close and personnel with thieves rapists and murderers.

Okay- so: the problem here is this plan requires trusting a stranger when putting ourselves in a risky situation. Only way I see this working is if there's collateral of some kind. Like, Ortise stabs him if they back-stab you.

Or you go in as the slave-drive rather than the slave.
No. 662178 ID: c01a15
File 143952548684.png - (12.56KB , 900x666 , 45.png )

>have Ortise threaten him
It… it seems he’s nowhere in sight.

“No one is going to believe me and free me inside. You know that.”

“Enoon is in charge. Yeah. I tell Enoon beforehand, Enoon frees you. No one ask questions. Yeah. We do this many times, ok.”

“Why can’t I just go in as one of the slave drivers?”

“A woman slave driver? No one will believe that! It will cause too many questions. Let alone one so skinny. Yeah. No good at holding down slaves.”
No. 662179 ID: defceb

He's a terrible liar.

Also, he thought you were a boy a second ago.

Tell him you go in as a slave driver, or he can go in with your boot planted ankle-deep in his ass.
No. 662180 ID: e114bc

No. 662181 ID: c01a15
File 143952604271.png - (8.85KB , 900x666 , 46.png )

“I will not risk my reputation like that! Yeah! Ok, find other way into the Roz. Heh.”

Ydobon leads his haul into town, closing the gates behind them.
No. 662182 ID: 8d9368

This wall would stop Basstrid for like maybe five minutes, why is this place on lockdown again?
No. 662187 ID: e114bc

Aaaaaanyway go check out more of the wall.
No. 662951 ID: c01a15
File 143973672813.png - (8.30KB , 900x666 , 47.png )

Having searched the wall, this hole is the only entrance large enough for me besides the two doors. The alternative to these would be attempting to climb the wall.
No. 662955 ID: 0df2ab

Crawl in already.
No. 662959 ID: c01a15
File 143973966797.png - (11.20KB , 900x666 , 38.png )

>crawl in
No. 662960 ID: c01a15
File 143973969821.png - (35.57KB , 900x666 , 39_a.png )

I touch down in the mud inside of the village walls. This place is a dump. The streets are unpaved and the buildings crumble. The hungry and the homeless huddle close to the buildings. Some are strewn in the muck, sleeping or maybe dead. I hear the rattle of carts, a few desperate cries of merchants, and music.
No. 662963 ID: 4f556f

Stop watching me masturbate wall-Crus

The entrance is unguarded. That's good. We should go find Ortise and tell him we can get inside undetected through a hole in the wall before we do anything, though.
No. 662982 ID: e114bc

Head around towards the gate. Don't get seen by the guards. See if there's any way to open the gate to let Ortise in.
No. 663003 ID: ab7529

Right. You're in. Stupid slaver, who needs you.

Start looking around, see if you can learn anything just by watching. Or if you can find anything interesting maybe worth following up on.
No. 663069 ID: b88e47

Go shopping, get the required stuff. Find out how much you have left then check out weapons.
No. 663128 ID: 1cebc8

Step one is supplies. You'll need to find some hard-to-find food supplies, like salt and sugar. Browse for anything that is in low demand but in good quality.
No. 664514 ID: c01a15
File 144028590703.png - (11.46KB , 900x666 , 49.png )

>locate Ortise
I can’t make it in and out of that hole too many times without calling attention to myself. Ortise will have to find his own way in. I’m already doing his grocery shopping for him, so I’m not about to start babysitting him.

Various shops around town look almost deserted. There are a few merchants coming through the gates to deliver scant wares, but no one is shopping. I stay hidden and take some time to listen to the merchants calling out their wares.

> “Tools! Weapons! Free of rust and chips! Tools, pounded and sharpened just this week!”

> “Fresh carrots! Cabbage! Garlic! None fresher in town! Onions, sweet as apples! Carted all the way from the Too Taloo hills!”

> “Men and women for sale! Workers and help! Strong arms and legs, free of disease! 1,000 grimps will buy a man, 2,000 will buy a woman!”

> “Textiles! Burlap by the roll, linen by the bolt! The finest for clothing, signage, and bags! Textiles!”

> “Ale, wine, and women! Roztown’s only tavern is open for business once again! Hey there sir, you look thirsty! Strong ale and sweet wine at the Pink Door Tavern!”
No. 664517 ID: ab7529

Well, looks like we cheated that jerk out of a free 2000 gumps.

Your interest lies with the weapons and food sellers. You need a weapon for yourself, and you need Ortise's groceries.
No. 664544 ID: e114bc

Yeah, uh, we don't have the money though. All we can do is get prices for him, unless we can let him in and thus the money.
No. 665084 ID: c01a15
File 144055640754.png - (19.15KB , 900x666 , 50.png )


I have the 1000 grimps that Ortise reluctantly gave me, so I go to the food seller first.

> “Good afternoons yunk lady. What can this humble farmer get for d’you?”

He has a selection of numerous crops, but none of it looks fresh. It is wrinkled, wilted, and smells foul.

“I need squash and peppers.”

> “Squash? 15 grimps. Pepper? 20 grimps. Crop is good. Come long way, but is good.”

No. 665085 ID: 57dfcc

Hmm. Those don't look that great.

And that's the cost per one, not per once or pound or anything?
No. 665086 ID: a19cd5

"Prove that it's good, if you can I'll buy."
No. 665088 ID: c01a15
File 144055725511.png - (12.38KB , 900x666 , 51.png )

> “Ok, ok. Crops is not good. Farms are empty, see. No one left to growing and haul the crops. This is best and onliest you can find in Roztown. My sons are off in the war and my wife is pregnant. Ok? No help to grow. Price per each, girl, ok.”
No. 665089 ID: 57dfcc

...I wonder if the healing water will turn shitty rotten food back into good food.

Short of that, I don't think we're gonna find the groceries we need here.
No. 665090 ID: c01a15
File 144055774553.png - (11.97KB , 900x666 , 52.png )

That sounds like something that Ortise would know, but I have no idea at all. Should I buy some vegetables? If not, where should I go next?
No. 665091 ID: e114bc

Buy the things. Ortise sent you here to buy stuff and so you will.

Ask for a receipt.
No. 665092 ID: defceb

If there is anything that is at least tolerable, get it.
No. 665093 ID: c01a15
File 144055841487.png - (24.63KB , 900x666 , 53.png )

I buy up anything that looks decent. With any luck, at least the seeds will still be usable. Now what?
No. 665094 ID: d90668

Aim for food that is less perishable if you can. Rice, potatoes, flour, grain and the like.
No. 665095 ID: a19cd5

yeah, this seems like the logical next step.
No. 665096 ID: c01a15
File 144055888197.png - (8.55KB , 900x666 , 54.png )

> “Rice? No. Flour… no. Warbands come to countryside and force farmers to give up rice and wheat. We must live on tomatoes and squash, because they do not take those.”
No. 665102 ID: e114bc

Great. Ask if he knows where the hospital is. We've got sick people to peddle to. Though actually we should probably do that last. We also need to know where a weaver and clothier is.

Wait, we can't buy flour? That was on the list... wait, did he hesitate before saying no? Does he know anyone that has some, but we can't buy it from them?
No. 665103 ID: c01a15
File 144056004094.png - (14.58KB , 900x666 , 55.png )

“Wait, so you’ve actually got flour, but you just can’t sell it?”

> “Yyy… wwww… welllll…”
No. 665104 ID: c01a15
File 144056005212.png - (13.58KB , 900x666 , 56.png )

> “I keep some flour for family, you see. Make the flat bread, ok? Do not be telling anyone, or lords will hear. Must be secret until help comes from the Big City. My brother and I also grow the… the barley, and the sourflowers. We sell to the alehouse, ok. Tell no one. If you need to make bread, then Fat Andy at The Pink Door can get you to barley farmers, ok?”
No. 665106 ID: e114bc

Yeah alright, barley flour is still flour. Thank him for the tip and give him a couple coins extra. It's a good idea to start working on your information network early.
No. 665107 ID: c01a15
File 144056075042.png - (17.39KB , 900x666 , 57.png )

I give him a few extra grimps of the tip, and ask for his name.

> “Mylo,” he says.
No. 665114 ID: a19cd5

Cool. now let's get on to that flour
No. 665193 ID: 57dfcc

So have a lead on food.

Shall we see what weapons they have available, and if they're shit too?
No. 665474 ID: c01a15
File 144081832658.png - (11.23KB , 900x666 , 58.png )

I will get a weapon last since it will probably be the most expensive. I decide to follow the lead on food first. I don’t know where The Pink Door is. The town is constructed mostly of red and brown brick. One door, vibrantly pink as the name suggests, stands in the run of the town square. I go inside in search of the alleged Fat Andy.
No. 665475 ID: c01a15
File 144081834437.png - (29.26KB , 900x666 , 59.png )

The Pink Door is a spacious tavern, kept in the dim glow of many red-shaded lanterns. Inside smells of smoke and sweat and stale old beer. It is the source of the music that I heard earlier, which booms into the open air when I open the door. There are many people here escaping the gloom of the streets.
No. 665476 ID: e114bc

Go on up to the barkeep. Order a drink to soften things up then quietly mention you have word this might be the place to buy some flour on the down-low.
No. 665484 ID: c01a15
File 144081961204.png - (14.65KB , 900x666 , 60.png )

>order drink

“A glass of water. Please.”

> “Oh, you don’t wanna drink the water here. Say, what happened to your face?”
No. 665486 ID: d90668

I slipped while shaving once.
No. 665489 ID: e114bc

Tell him you have to kill a lot of people and they fight back sometimes.
No. 665493 ID: 1edda4

In an over-exaggerated, obviously not serious tone: "My father was a drinker, and fiend..."
No. 665494 ID: 57dfcc

You lost a fight with a glass of water. Maybe if he gets you one, there will be a repeat performance.
No. 665495 ID: c22069

"You don't look dim, Why don't you guess? How do you think someone usually get messed up like this?"

Anyways say your looking for a "Fat Andy" because word says you can speak to him about "investing" in "liquid bread".
No. 665542 ID: b9cef6

"I fell down some stairs."
No. 665543 ID: 334db2

That's a lot of stories I'm not drunk enough to tell.
No. 665774 ID: d5d5e1
File 144096224004.png - (8.65KB , 900x666 , 61.png )

“Why don't you guess?” I say, “How do you think someone usually get messed up like this?”

> “Oh. I didn’t realize you were one of them. Well, you’re not in shackles, so I’ll assume you’re either freed or a runaway. But that’s none of my business.”

“Can I just have my water?”

> “We haven’t boiled any. Not many people come here for water.”


> “You’re welcome to drink right from the well if you want to spend the next three weeks shitting out your brains.”
No. 665777 ID: e114bc

Okay I'll just have some bread then.
No. 665781 ID: 4f556f

Nevermind the goddamn water. We're here to ask about Fat Andy. Just ask already, preferably in a hushed whisper.
No. 665787 ID: d5d5e1
File 144096505044.png - (12.40KB , 900x666 , 62.png )

“You know what, forget the water. I just need to talk to Fat Andy.”

> “He’s in the cupboard.” The barman points to a large pantry beneath the staircase.

Ok, finally.
No. 665788 ID: d5d5e1
File 144096507611.png - (11.62KB , 900x666 , 63.png )

Fat Andy is hunched under the doorframe searching through a box of supplies.

“Fat Andy…?”

> “Oh? Oh yeah, that’s me. What can I do for y-”

He stops talking.

> “Lynx…?”
No. 665789 ID: d5d5e1
File 144096509035.png - (12.18KB , 900x666 , 64.png )

> “Lynx! A-ha ha ha! I can’t believe it. It’s really you! You’re looking a little scarred up. What the hell happened to you? Are you ok?”

“Andagur,” I say. I haven’t spoken the name in years. Many years. He’s… so fat now. “I’m ok.”

> “Last time I saw you… oh, goshes, you were wearing that hood and riding a beakhorse for the north. It’s like old times, right? Just like old times! The Last Heroes are getting back together! What are you here for, how can I help you?”

“I… just need to know how to get barley. A farmer in town told me that grain farmers have been under attack by warlords.”

> “It’s true. It’s so sad, Lynx. But hey, it’s finally happening. After all these years, it’s finally happening.”

“What is…?”

> “I’m making a difference. I’m saving people. People can eat bread and drink beer here. I don’t charge ‘em much.”

“How do you stay in business? Where do you even get it?”

> “Heh heh… well, let’s just say I know some people with the right connections to grow lots and lots and lots of barley and the bad guys leave ‘em alone. They needed a strong arm for a while. That’s where I went after I left the Last Heroes. Since then we just became friends and now they’ve got me in their little business network. I’m finally part of something big over here, Lynx.”
No. 665790 ID: 4f556f

Maybe we can get Ortise a business contact?

Tell him about what we're here for and mention that we're also in the business of helping people by healing them.
No. 665791 ID: e114bc

Maybe we can work together!
No. 665801 ID: 1cebc8

Obviously, you can trade fresh water from the cathedral for barley. Set up a trade contract with your old friend; the water's free, but the amount he gets each shipment depends on the quality and quantity of the supplies you received from his previous shipment. Recommend that he donates a single barrel of water for free per received shipment, to gain the support of the city.
No. 665812 ID: 57dfcc

>let’s just say I know some people with the right connections to grow lots and lots and lots of barley and the bad guys leave ‘em alone.
I got a bad feeling about that. The only people the bad guys would leave alone are their own people. He's got some kind of deal smuggling in food from the bug-people's farms.
No. 665888 ID: d5d5e1
File 144099382588.png - (13.87KB , 900x666 , 65.png )

“I have a… er, you could call him a connection. Someone I know has a healing business, and we need food for the people we shelter.”

> “Healing? HEALING?! You’re living the dream too, Lynx! Come here, come on right over here, aww!”

No. 665889 ID: d5d5e1
File 144099384454.png - (15.68KB , 900x666 , 66.png )

The panic nearly overtakes me, but Andagur stops.

> “Gee, Lynx I’m sorry. Did I hurt you or something? Guess I was always a little too strong for-”

“It’s fine. Did you hear what I said, then? About the shelter?”

> “Yeah, I heard ya. That sounds like something I might be interested in, but I can’t just up and leave the Pink Door. These people need a place to mingle in this poop town. I guess I can talk to my business partner about it. He’s always looking for new deals. He’s actually sending a guy over today to pick up an order sheet.”

“I’d appreciate it,” I say. My heart is still racing as if I just ran a mile. “It’s… really, it’s really good to see you again Andy. I always thought you were dead.”

> “Not yet, Lynx. Still giving those old gods a run for their money. What kind of healing do you do?”

“I don’t do any. This guy I met - he’s kind of an asshole - lives in a cathedral full of healing water.”

> “Woah. That’s pretty hardcore. Sounds like some titan magic or something.”

“If you’ve got any surplus, or if you can get us some more, I think we can perform healing services in exchange for food supplies.”

> “Yeah. Yeah, I like it. Expand the network. Save more people. We’ll have Roztown thriving again in no time.”
No. 665892 ID: e114bc

Yeah... that'd be great. Maybe we can put a stop to the slave trade eventually too, but only when things calm down.

Oh ask him if he's seen any of the others from the old group. Also ask for directions for the other supplies... unless he's got butter and salt too. Lastly, ask for recommendations on weapon shops.

Keep talking, keep your mind from focusing on the panic.
No. 665908 ID: 13f66f

Ask all of these things. It keeps the conversation going, your mind off the contact, and he seems well connected enough that he might give us good advice or even discounts.
No. 665949 ID: 99cfa8

Do mention at some point that the magic only works at the cathedral. That's an important detail.
No. 665958 ID: 1cebc8

I don't think he realizes that you can't export health potions. Still, his enthusiasm means you can forge a long-term hard-asset deal. Make sure you get the most security in the trading contract while you have the chance.
No. 666140 ID: d5d5e1
File 144107661497.png - (17.42KB , 900x666 , 67.png )

“You should know that the healing water only works inside the walls of the cathedral.”

> “It’s not far, is it?”


> “Then what’s the problem? I can get you into Roztown anytime you’d like. Just tell Maria Mayweather you’re a friend o’ Fat Andy. She’s the lovely lady who shouts profanity at people when they approach the city.”

“Thank you. Have you seen anyone else? And of the other Heroes?”

> “Amos and I had a bit of a falling out. He figured his gold digger of a ladyfriend was more important than me old mum’s funeral. Ah… I know I’ll forgive him someday. I can’t stay mad at nobody. Just hurts. You know?”

“Yeah…” I trail off, and my thoughts go to someone else. “What about-”

> “Misco?”

He knows who I mean before I confirm it.

> “Dead.”

The room seems hazy. Hazier than it was, anyway. “Dead?” I say.

> “Gee Lynx, I… I didn’t mean to phrase it so harsh. I know you were, you know, sweet on him and all that.”

“That was a long time ago. What happened to him?”

> “He sent me a bird one day out of the blue. He said his wife-”


> “Yeah, his wife. He said some bandits took her and he wanted my help. You know how he was. Didn’t trust his own self much less the city guard. So we went to fetch her back. Well, we found her. It’s… it’s not easy to say how we found her, but let’s just say there was nails and wood and no clothes. He flew into such a rage that he didn’t see that it was a trap. There weren’t no bandits, Lynx. Out ‘round the bluff road Rufio Ortise.”

The name strikes like a whip.

> “That Ortise started rattlin’ off a list of crimes our old boy was said to commit. Theft, murder, affronts to Avigrade’s holy justice or some old rubbish. Before old Joto Misco could run off, the White Dragon put a lance through his heart.”

“How did you escape?”

> “I lamed his horse and ran. I weren’t so fat back then, Lynx. His men went after me, but I got up in the rocks where the horses couldn’t follow. Up there’s where I met me boss. He kept me safe, and I started up as his axeman, hauling barley and cuttin’ wood-”
No. 666141 ID: d5d5e1
File 144107663028.png - (9.43KB , 900x666 , 68.png )

> “O-oh! Well speak o’ me boss, there’s his ward now!”
No. 666142 ID: d5d5e1
File 144107666028.png - (14.42KB , 900x666 , 69.png )

> “H-h-hello.”

> “How long were you standing there, lad?” says Fat Andy.

> “Pretty much… pretty much the whole time. Like ten minutes maybe…”
No. 666145 ID: e114bc

OHHHHH it's the guy your boss owes money to, now. Wait Crus doesn't actually know about that yet does she? Dang.

Well ask what he's here for.
No. 666468 ID: 8d9368

Wait so what was our goal in talking to this guy again? Flour?
No. 666474 ID: e114bc

It was, yes.

>“I need flour, butter, and salt to make bread. I need squash and peppers. I need to commission a weaver to make our banner. I need a new set of clothes that aren’t black. You should probably get yourself a proper weapon, too.”

We still need butter and salt, though I expect we can get both of those from Andagur.
We also need to visit a weaver and a tailor, then a blacksmith.
No. 680979 ID: d5d5e1
File 144651051449.png - (13.14KB , 800x774 , 70.png )

“The Barley King will get you set up with the food y’need. Consider it a favor from old Fat Andy,” the fat man says. He stops and make a slow turn toward me again. “Though there is something you could do.”

“What?” I say.

“Well, y’see… if we could get the Last Heroes back together, I think-”


“Why not?” says Andy, “I could lose a couple of pounds, sure, but think about the good we could do!”

I cross my arms. “We never did much good when we were young and healthy. What could we do now? Bully cutpurses into dropping their haul? Chasing kids away from the old folks?”

“I’ve got a project of me own, actually,” says Andy, “Roztown didn’t used to be a slave city, y’see. And it doesn’t need to be nor more if you and I can help it. How about it, huh? I’ll get everything you need and more from the Barley King if you come with me on one last mission as a Last Hero. For old time’s sake.”

“I dunno, Andy…”

“Heck, if things go well… maybe we could find a little more work. What ya say, Lynx?”

This sounds like something I’m going to need a weapon for either way. I have no idea who I would be getting tied up with if I say "yes".
No. 680980 ID: 5ad4a7

You once wanted to make a difference. You still want a goal in life.

This is the opportunity you were hoping for. Grab it.
No. 680981 ID: 211d83

You are going to need help to deal with the dagger stuff so why not a old friend?

Might get you in a mess but such is life.
No. 680986 ID: 2ccbb3

No, you are not ditching your squad mates and a secure base to fight slavery in a single town. But YES, you can do something about it as an organization, and you intend to look into the matter - for real.

Your new organization is basically a hospital. You're a selfish bunch, and you'll adhere to doing good things for the community with self-serving benefits. That means, you won't talk ethics or sit on your thumbs when there's rewards to be earned from saving lives and liberating cities. Saving this town could mean a good source of income, so that's beneficial.

That's the deal, Andy; harder response teams, more intelligent long-term choices, and a broken moral compass replaced with some statistics and votes. You going to let us work here, or do we have to leave?
No. 680990 ID: 12b273

Ask him how he plans on reversing slavery. You're no fan of it, but undoing institutions and systems usually means more than breaking a few heads.
No. 682207 ID: d5d5e1
File 144694543376.png - (9.32KB , 900x666 , 71.png )

There is a lot that I want to say, but I feel like I shouldn’t. I keep myself concise. “I think I can help,” I say. “Do you have a plan?”

“It’s been a busy day,” says Andy, “I have a man on the inside of the slave trade already. He told me that there are three major slavemasters making their rounds across the Leaf this month, and they are stopping in Roztown for a few days to inspect the market.”

“And they’re here now?”

“Bingo,” he says, “they’re stayin’ in this building, actually. Finest room, o’course. They usually end up making the largest bids at the auctions, so they get… a warm welcome from the townspeople. Good for the economy and all that. I have another agent who took on the mission too, and I want you to join up with him in an hour.”

“To do what?”

“He’ll create a distraction,” says Andy, “and you’re going to make sure those masters never buy another slave. It’s not going to end the trade, but it sure will send a message.”
No. 682208 ID: 0fc976

Run out of bubblegum. Kick ass.
No. 682210 ID: 9d4fb7

Wetwork's good work!
Let's kill some slavers.
And make it messy!
Gotta get that message across.
No. 682214 ID: 12b273

I'm afraid killing a few leaders will just create opportunities for their lieutenants, or set people against us.

But what the hell, not an hour ago someone was transparently and shamelessly trying to trick you into selling yourself into slavery. Maybe a lesson does need to be taught.
No. 682219 ID: 2ccbb3

Killing them will only cause a power vacuum that may cause massive collateral damage.


If you can torture all 3 and leave their broken and still-living shells out on the field for the public to enjoy, it will stopgap said power vacuum. Make everyone think that the slave trade is cursed or hounded by demons with a passionate desire to create living art. This will cause a level of paranoia, but given the upcoming war, that should help prevent enemy spies from moving around so much. Meanwhile, you set up a series of economic transactions that leave you the de-facto rulers of the city while the war is online, and then leave cold-turkey to garner favor by claiming your resistance to corruption once the war ends.
No. 682229 ID: 5ad4a7

Guys, this is a slave trader operation, not gang warfare or mafia. There is no power vacuum to deal with since they're not leveraging anything to get slaves, they literally kidnap people to do it.

One concern, however. The slaver merchant told us that the slaves were all criminals. Was that a lie?
No. 683619 ID: d5d5e1
File 144737949845.png - (13.57KB , 900x666 , 72.png )

I’m not torturing anyone, but I don’t have any qualms with killing if I have to. If I can succeed in this, I’ll prove to myself that I’m really not afraid anymore.

“The slaver said that the people he was bringing into town were mostly criminals,” I say, remembering the words of the sketchy Horidian outside Roztown’s walls.

“Some of them are,” says Andy, “Als Eyvor sends prisoners to the slave market sometimes. Others are captured from villages, some were monks and priests, some were hookers and war deserters. Some o’ them warlords around here even capture peasants to fight for ‘m.”
No. 683620 ID: 5ad4a7

Let's do it.
No. 683621 ID: 2ccbb3

One set of overlords for another set of determined, more diverse overlords.

Get your game face on.
No. 683701 ID: b2e8b1

Let's not kill the slavemaster, just make sure he won't do it again.
No. 683785 ID: b88e47

I dunno. This doesn't seem all a great idea.
No. 691745 ID: 3a9db6
File 145196895634.png - (19.47KB , 900x666 , 73.png )

Well, alright. It’s too soon to tell if I’ll regret this.

Andy happily gave me his instructions.

“First, you need to disappear. You can’t draw any attention to yourself, so you’ve got to go wear what the locals wear. Don’t let anyone see your scars.”
No. 691746 ID: 3a9db6
File 145196899589.png - (34.20KB , 900x666 , 74.png )

“Next you’ve got to get yourself some cold steel. My man Remio across town can hook you up.

“Hey man, you lookin’ to buy a plowshare?” says Remio.

“You mean a weapon, right?” I say.

“Sh-shush! You wanna get me in trouble? I know a good shovel when I see one,” he says, rushing to the door to look outside, “yeah pitchforks are real swell!!! Gotta love those trowels and sometimes a pair of tongs!!!”


“Sh-sh. What kinda plowshare you lookin’ for?”

Crus’ selection of guerilla class has affected her weapon specialization. She will only be able to buy the following.
No. 691747 ID: 3a9db6
File 145196903785.png - (131.10KB , 1253x1215 , 75.png )

Money: 800g
No. 691750 ID: 2ccbb3

Tell him Big Andy sent you, say some stuff that Andy told you to verify. Ask for a discount.

Buy the Trowel and Shovel, and a Whip. Test out the whip's ability to choke stuff.
No. 691752 ID: f56624

Normal hammers and the throwing knives, that's what I'm voting for.
No. 691754 ID: 5ad4a7

We gotta save some money for the clothing and banner. Ask how much those'd cost you- he should give you a ballpark figure that we can save for.
No. 691755 ID: fe06ff

Trowel and shovel!
they'll be useful for digging some graves
No. 691760 ID: d0868f

...if you wanna speak in code, why are all the signs in front of your shop uncoded? Not very circumspect.

No spear? And here I thought you were clearly a lancer. Oh well, one must make concessions for concealed weaponry, I suppose.

The short sword and dagger are the most practical and the closest to how we've seen you fight before, I think. The Rake is hella cool and I'm sorely tempted though. Wicked claw hands.

>whip, hard to kill with
If you actually want to kill someone with it, you basically have to stop whipping them and use it to strangle them instead.
No. 691767 ID: 8cc774

trowel and shovel
No. 691798 ID: 51d832

No. 691851 ID: ca183f

I'm leaning toward the tonfa "normal hammers". Easy to conceal - and to draw quickly from concealment - useful for blocking as well as striking, and with the spikes, it should be easy enough to deal lethal as well as nonlethal damage. Plus, tonfa are cool.
No. 691892 ID: 8371c4

No. 691909 ID: c22069

This gives us a good Combo of a slow but punishing reach attack along with swift (potentially) non-lethal melee attacks to follow up with.
We will also have 300g left over for the other stuff.
No. 691937 ID: 1009ca

No. 691939 ID: affc38

>Normal Hammers and Throwing Trowels (600gr)
Versatility in a short blunt weapon, and an expendable ranged weapon is useful for numerous reasons (no exposure or needing to get in close, or even just a distraction)
No. 691945 ID: 3a9db6
File 145206061864.png - (15.48KB , 900x666 , 76.png )

It is a tough choice, but I will stick with what I am most familiar with, which is the short blade. I strap both of them behind my back where they will not be as easily visible. I have 300& left.
No. 691946 ID: 3a9db6
File 145206064839.png - (15.49KB , 900x666 , 77.png )

“After y’ pick up your weapon, just head over to the one shanty that hangs out a lantern during the day. No, not that one, the other one. It looks a little bigger on the inside.
No. 691947 ID: 3a9db6
File 145206071333.png - (54.61KB , 900x666 , 79.png )

“You’ll find the other agent there. Talk to him. He’ll know what to do. Good luck, Lynx.

The agent is in h-

No… it can’t be…
No. 691949 ID: 3a9db6
File 145206078450.png - (28.35KB , 900x666 , 78.png )

No. 691952 ID: 5ad4a7

Go glare at him. Ask how he got inside.
No. 691953 ID: 3a9db6
File 145206392374.png - (10.10KB , 900x666 , 80.png )

“What the hell, Ortise. How in the hell did you get in the city?”
No. 691954 ID: 3a9db6
File 145206394018.png - (16.16KB , 900x666 , 81.png )

“Ok, get this,” he says, “some idiot let me pay him to pretend to be a slave… and he wheeled me right in the front gate!”
No. 691955 ID: 2ccbb3

"Man, you're irresponsible. Also, there was a hole in the wall, you could have gone in for free!

Look, let's get this done. We can discuss an alliance with Andy when we get this mission over with. What's the plan, Boss."
No. 691958 ID: 5ad4a7

Well good for you, then. Shall we get rid of the girls so we can discuss business?
No. 691992 ID: e89427

Curse his dumb luck.
No. 692002 ID: c22069

Well good news then! I probably have to kill that guy, so you might get your money back.
No. 692009 ID: affc38

Lighten your load by giving him the bag of veg, then tell the girls a weird lie about Ortise for some privacy
No. 692014 ID: 54d6e0

Damn it, I ruled that out as an obvious trap.

You're lucky you're too annoying for anyone to actually sell you into slavery.
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