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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 143362374576.png - (28.63KB , 415x267 , Annie.png )
646652 No. 646652 ID: 09bb9b

A child Surrounded by the darkness of humanity.
I come to you Guys for a single request:
Please Help this Child for deserves a chance. I have already given her The Orb. Please Help Her.

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No. 646653 ID: 09bb9b
File 143362386476.png - (153.04KB , 1130x824 , Annie's Quest.png )

Hello, I'm Annimellia, or...Annie.
I was given this orb that would talk to me.
So um what should I do?
No. 646654 ID: d3be40

Nice meeting you, Annie.

Here's a short list:

1. Who are you?
2. What are your abilities?
3. Search the bed.
4. Leave the room.
No. 646655 ID: 9297f4

Well, guess start with your backstory. Then search the room for stuffs and exit.
No. 646673 ID: ab7529

Hello. What's your situation? Got any problems you need advice dealing with?
No. 646761 ID: 164c83

We don't know enough about you, your world, your local environment, challenges, resources and opportunities to tell you much yet. Please state your name, objectives, particular strengths, talents, tendencies and known weaknesses, available resources and friends/family/allies.
No. 646762 ID: 09bb9b
File 143364535401.png - (78.17KB , 744x360 , story time.png )

Alright. Time for a story.

I live in Rural Michigan in a decently sized house with my mom and dad...
No. 646770 ID: 09bb9b
File 143364606688.png - (108.18KB , 838x565 , Father's study.png )

It was Nice... Until I found My father's Black Book...
No. 646773 ID: e114bc

Why, what was in it?
No. 646776 ID: 09bb9b
File 143364693598.png - (154.34KB , 838x565 , IIIII.png )

>Why? What was in it?
Something evil, that I released. I Couldn't do anything. It took over my mind and body for that moment and forced me to speak the words that released it. I still feel that cold, soulless feeling.
No. 646779 ID: 9297f4

So what was released?
Did it take anything from you, like a piece of your soul?
No. 646782 ID: 09bb9b
File 143364751425.png - (59.99KB , 644x565 , End story.png )

And that is why I need your help, or that's at least why my Friend thinks you should help me.
>What powers/abilities/skills do you have?
The knowledge that was forcibly drilled into my head gave me the ability to expel evil as long as it's weak.
No. 646785 ID: 09bb9b
File 143364810260.png - (154.85KB , 1130x824 , Feeling weak.png )

>What was released? Did it take anything from you? Like a piece of your soul?
I don't know what was released. And it's possible that it did take part of my soul.
I need to sit for a minute, I feel weak after what happened. So you guys want to look around the room? Ok. There probably is something that'll help.
No. 646786 ID: 9297f4

Well, let's check under the bed and pillow for anything of worth.
No. 646788 ID: ab7529

Who's this friend who thinks we could help?

>So you guys want to look around the room? Ok
Obvious first place to start might be the note on the back of the door. Or the big scribble on the foot of the bed.
No. 646793 ID: d3be40

Maybe you're half-[[Insert Daemonic-Type Entity Here]]? That would explain how you were capable of unbinding without any formal training or consent.

So, this isn't your house, right? Then I'd suggest you draw a map of some kind.

The Orb of Infinite Psyche is a powerful tool, but don't lose it or you lose your connection to us. Case Studies have shown that small fragments of the orb can act as a sub-connection, allowing other people to talk to us. The Orb should be able to regenerate from small fractures, but a possible side-effect is that the connection will sometimes drop, possibly for weeks.

Note that you CAN use the orb by giving it to your enemies - dangerous, but it can allow us to read their minds. Extremely useful in gambling.

Alright, take the pillow.
No. 646799 ID: 09bb9b
File 143365083453.png - (152.76KB , 1130x824 , Look.png )

>loot bed
There's not much on the bed but the pillow.
So i move the pillow...

Oh a key!

Yeah I know
No. 646804 ID: d3be40

And use it on the

yourself. Try using the key on yourself. Spice it up, you don't want to be TOO predictable.

Then on the door.
No. 646819 ID: 09bb9b
File 143365446178.png - (668.77KB , 1130x824 , pause.png )

I need some sleep.
No. 646874 ID: 09bb9b
File 143367312571.png - (38.08KB , 454x448 , What do you mean.png )

>use the key on yourself.
Uuuuhhhhh... As in unlocking my heart and releasing my full power.

Or for, you know... For THAT reason...
No. 646876 ID: 57d76a


Wow. You out-dirtied us. That's impressive.

Also what's up with the uh scratch marks or whatever on the foot board of the bed?
No. 646879 ID: 09bb9b
File 143367541873.png - (86.27KB , 644x352 , Scribbles.png )

>What do the scribbles on the bed say?
Hard to say. There just scribbles.
No. 646883 ID: 09bb9b
File 143368124361.png - (146.61KB , 1130x824 , Open door.png )

Alright. we should get going.
No. 646885 ID: 09bb9b
File 143368174685.png - (52.98KB , 644x529 , note.png )

Oh yeah the note...
It my mom wrote it.
No. 646887 ID: 09bb9b
File 143368395441.png - (237.93KB , 1086x529 , hallway OF DOOM.png )

Now we're in the hallway.
No. 646892 ID: 9297f4

>Void dividing a room
Let's not jump over that. Is there a wall in front of you and if so, what's on it?
No. 646918 ID: ab7529

I'm going to assume that's not normal.
No. 646926 ID: d3be40

So it's going to be one of THOSE missions, huh...

Sounds like your parents were trying for an exorcism. Unfortunately, given the state of the unfinished note, I don't think that help is coming. You'll need to escape, make sure you aren't infected, and deal with the enemy.

Go back and grab the pillow. Throw it to the other side, and then jump in the same arc as the pillow. Try not to hit a hidden coin block or whatever.
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