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File 142976785189.png - (191.34KB , 700x700 , Saiyan01.png )
635977 No. 635977 ID: 9dd1ee

We have arrived.
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No. 635980 ID: defceb

Step out of the pods.

Ensure hair is still dangerously pointy.
No. 635982 ID: 93e10b

Get out of pod, do battle with whomever is in the other pod to show dominance!
No. 635983 ID: 296917

Check your scouter to sense nearby strong energy readings.
No. 635988 ID: 3181a5

Why are we a pair of googly eyes?
No. 635989 ID: 936ba2

Kill Nappa
No. 635990 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142977064190.png - (202.97KB , 700x700 , Saiyan02.png )

Me and Karavi get out of our pods

>Ensure hair is still dangerously pointy.
My hair isn't ideal . . .

>do battle with whomever is in the other pod to show dominance!
Karavi is an elite saiyan warrior she has a power level of 2000, with my power level of only 900 do I even have a chance?

>Check your scouter to sense nearby strong energy readings.
I seem to be detecting seven power levels around 700 all coming from separate directions.
No. 635994 ID: 265534

Yell and strain yourself
No. 635998 ID: 9297f4

Lesbian makeout.
No. 635999 ID: 9297f4

Oh P.S., power levels are bullshit.
No. 636000 ID: 93e10b

Wait until absolutely every opponent is there and offer to fight them all yourself like a TRUE SAIYAN WARRIOR. The people on this planet are obviously weaklings with a much lower POWER LEVEL than yours!

You'll prooobably be fighting them one by one so you'll probably be fine and might even get more POWER as you fight!
No. 636001 ID: a19cd5

Well, all we have to do to fix that is get you beat within an inch of your life.
Checkout one of those power levels, closest frst.
No. 636002 ID: 1fbb52

Abusing Zenkai sounds like a good idea to me; find the sources of those power levels and get in a tussle.
Unless we have some other directive that for some reason isn't "Kill the planet's inhabitants to death."
No. 636003 ID: 296917

What is your mission here? To conquer the world, I imagine? Also, don't assume because he's over twice your power level that you have no chance. Power level isn't everything. There's also technique.

How far away are they? Any chance of intercepting one to defeat them before the others get near?
No. 636010 ID: 1664dc

So what are the two of you here for, also who's you boss and if you say the chick next to you who's her boss?
No. 636012 ID: 096c89

Inform your superior of the approaching power's (and ready ass for one hell of a kicking. trust us on that...)
No. 636013 ID: b283c9

Read a handful of diplomacy?
No. 636014 ID: b8ceae

So, what exactly are you here to do?
Conquer the planet? Kill all life? Steal their sweet dance moves?

Saiyans get stronger every time they get beat to shit, so challenge all comers one at a time and fight them until you can't fight any more.
Also, no stupid Saibamen or anything like that. Those are just creepy and steal your precious beatings.
No. 636019 ID: bd8b82

Karavi is also a girl, calling her otherwise is a good way to get blasted.
No. 636038 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142980845902.png - (197.07KB , 700x700 , Saiyan03.png )

>Lesbian makeout.
I don't swing that way and neither does Karavi . . . or maybe she does I dunno . . . I certainly hope that isn't why she keeps me around!

>Well, all we have to do to fix that is get you beat within an inch of your life.
nice plan, problem is my opponent might decided to go an inch further . . .

>Read a handful of diplomacy?
that's a kind of pleading for mercy weaklings use isn't it?


Rubabu: "Yes there are several-"


Rubabu: "Y-yes Karavi!"

We fly to the nearest power level, to the north

* * *

there's some kind of shrine.
Also there's some native life forms and a vehicle of some kind
No. 636039 ID: 739b70

No. 636040 ID: bd8b82

get a more accurate scan with your scouter, which of the natives is the strongest?
No. 636042 ID: 60700b

Set scouters to read for objects emitting energy, specifically, 7 of them.
No. 636043 ID: 9ddf68

scan the locals and see how strong they are. After you tell your comrade how strong they are I say start by destroying the vehicle to keep them from escaping then we can wing it from there.
No. 636046 ID: b8ceae

No. Worse than being a waste of effort, it shows you consider them not only important enough to notice, but important enough to fight. As the saying goes, "The eagle does not concern himself with flies".

Unless it's a spacecraft, anybody who needs a vehicle isn't worth our time. Look into the energy source, ask any questions you have to ask, then leave.
No. 636050 ID: 1fbb52

Fuck that, do you know what a Saiyan is? If she's the kind that didn't get dropped on her head, she's supposed to be a ruthless warrior that leaves no survivors.
I mean, I'm all for mercy, but you gotta act the part, y'know?
No. 636051 ID: 2a7417

Drop the giant Dragonball on their vehicle.
No. 636053 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142981745984.png - (252.51KB , 700x700 , Saiyan04.png )

Wow, their power levels are super weak.
looks like the one in the middle has some sort of shield capable of stopping power levels up to 50, cute.

oh looks she's talking to me

Native: "More Humans? you must be friends of Yan, she didn't say anything about expecting guests though . . ."

No. 636054 ID: 52ddcd

Say, can we get a rundown of what techniques you know?

Also, check time until next full moon. Does this planet has a moon? Maybe several? If a planet has more than one moon do you only need one to be full or do you need all of them? Do you know the artificial moon thing?

Also does she just shout all the time by habit or does she have some sort of voice problem.
No. 636055 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142981769744.png - (227.76KB , 700x700 , Saiyan05.png )

Rubabu: "Karavi these life forms are really weak, not the ones we're looking for."

Karavi: "Bah"

Now that vehicle, that's something a shield capable of blocking power levels up to 200, now that's kind of impressive.

>start by destroying the vehicle to keep them from escaping then we can

Sounds fun.
No. 636056 ID: 52ddcd


Whoops, update. By "she" I meant your companion.

Anyway, all other creatures are lesser than saiyans, therefore thinking you are anything but a saiyan is an insult! Announce your race to correct these ignorant fools, and instruct them in why they should be trembling at the saiyan name.

You guys are probably hungry after your journey, so see if you can get some grub out of these people before you crush them.
No. 636057 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142981779723.png - (279.65KB , 700x700 , Saiyan06.png )

Heh not even a challenge.
No. 636058 ID: 2a7417

"Hmm, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting this Yan yet. Why don't you show us where she is? Answering our question would be beneficial to prolonging your miserable lives."
(check if her directions correspond with a scouter signal)
No. 636060 ID: 296917

Alright, ask who Yan is. Also, where you can find strong people to fight.

Is that all you're here for? To find strong opponents to have fun fighting?
No. 636061 ID: 9ddf68

whelp that was fun and I don't really feel like fighting someone who can't really fight back. No challenge, no fun, and while this was a nice way to stretch your limbs from the ride over I say find one of those higher power levels and see if you can't get a real fight going.

As for this Yen, assuming you or your partner don't blow those three to kingdom come tell it to send Yen your way if he's strong, could be fun.
No. 636062 ID: bd8b82

the weak one with the shield may be the one in charge you protect important things after all. grab it by the collar and demand answers. if it refuses then blow up one of it's subordinates.
No. 636068 ID: 93e10b

Grab the shielded one by the neck and demand to see this "Yan". They're likely an elder and know everything.
No. 636076 ID: 1fbb52

Inspect the object on the head of the middle one. Is it an orb, or a disk?
No. 636082 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142983476731.png - (178.60KB , 700x700 , Saiyan07.png )

>Is that all you're here for? To find strong opponents to have fun fighting?
I'm assuming Karavi just wants to be entertained, if she has another reason for us being here she hasn't told me.

>Inspect the object on the head of the middle one. Is it an orb, or a disk?
Looks like a disc

>grab it by the collar and demand answers.

I reach out to grab the native, I feel the shield around my hand, it tickles.
before I grab hold-

Native swordsman1: "Hyaaaa!"
Native swordsman2: "RyaaH!"
No. 636083 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142983487474.png - (275.92KB , 700x700 , Saiyan08.png )

Native Swordsman1: "You'll not lay a hand on our prime minister!!!"

Native Swordman2: "Die monster!"

No. 636084 ID: 93e10b

Stop each blade with the tips of your fingers, laughing at how powerless they are to stop you like a TRUE SAIYAN!
No. 636085 ID: 265534

Finger beams or just blow them back with energy without moving the rest of your body. That's probably more impressive.
No. 636086 ID: 6cb462

grab their swords as they swing down at you, then come up with a one liner like "Thanks for the flattering gifts, you really do know what a lady likes"
No. 636087 ID: b8ceae

No, see, with how weak they are they can't actually hurt you at all. Let their swords shatter on your flesh.

Just grab the prime minister and ask who this Yan person is, and where to find her. If the minister wants to know why, just say you're looking for a challenging fight.
No. 636089 ID: e2a92b

Disarm them and slap them with the flat side of the blade. Or, if you take that more literally, beat them to death with their own arms.
No. 636105 ID: 6ac522

Grab their prime minister and beat them to death with him.
No. 636106 ID: 809713

Tie their swords into pretty bows.
No. 636135 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142984535787.png - (231.78KB , 700x700 , Saiyan09.png )

A feeble attack
No. 636136 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142984548293.png - (190.51KB , 700x700 , Saiyan10.png )

the hit is made with the flats of their own swords yet their now lifeless bodies crumple to the ground all the same.

it's always surprising how weak some creatures are
No. 636137 ID: 93e10b

Now point an open hand at the prime minister and pull their neck into it with your POWER.
No. 636138 ID: d3be40

You do realize that if you kill the weaklings, the rest will start using their brains and utterly destroy you. Right?

PLEASE STOP KILLING PEOPLE. You can fight later, when it really matters.
No. 636139 ID: 296917

Continue your interrogation. Maybe try not to break the guy.
No. 636141 ID: 93e10b


Don't worry they're so weak they're not even people to glorious SAIYANS such as Rabubu.
No. 636142 ID: bd8b82

turn around and menace their prime minister "where is this yan you speak of, hopefully they will be better sport then these feeble creatures you call guards"
No. 636143 ID: 936ba2

Make examples of them.
No. 636148 ID: ad7bba

Ask the remaining one if this "Yan" person is strong and where they went if they are.
No. 636150 ID: bb78f2

Being rapping to show your dominance over this puny prime minister

Your time is up, my time is now
You can't see me, my time is now
It's the franchise, boy I'm shinin now
You can't see me, my time is now!
No. 636155 ID: e2a92b

Examples of what? There's not much left.
No. 636161 ID: 1fbb52

Have you seen what people do in Dragon Ball Xenoverse? People have actually made John Cena, and it's beautiful.
No. 636170 ID: 1664dc

Well that happened, now ask about these humans. Seeing how weak this things body guards were ( and they made it sound like this guy is important) it's probably safe to assume that the higher power levels would be the humans.
No. 636180 ID: cee89f

The strongest power levels we could detect were around 700. We have a 900 and a 2000 here, one of whom is guided by Quest voices. We'll be fine.

"So. This 'Yan'. Tell us where she is and you might live long enough to confirm her identity for us. Mkay?"
No. 636188 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142989756677.png - (213.43KB , 700x700 , Saiyan11.png )

>You do realize that if you kill the weaklings, the rest will start using their brains and utterly destroy you. Right?

I grab the remaining weakling

Rubabu: "Where is this Yan you speak of? I'm looking for a real challenge"

PrimeMinister: "I-I won't tell you anything!"

???: "LET HER GO!"
No. 636189 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142989765053.png - (184.84KB , 700x700 , Saiyan12.png )

Yan: "I'm the one you want"

Rubabu: "And you are?"

Yan: "I'm Yan."
No. 636193 ID: 89941a

She may be Yan, but is she also dere?
No. 636195 ID: 7188e2

"Very well then."
Casually discard the weakling, then FISTICUFFS.
No. 636196 ID: 0426fe

"I require challenge, will you face me? And would you please be so kind as to inform me where to find more challenging opponents as well?"
No. 636197 ID: 88960e

Scan her while the thing in your hand squirms.
No. 636199 ID: fbc59e

Hrrm. I feel like you should probably keep your distance and fire from afar-that sword won't do her any good if you don't come into melee range.
No. 636200 ID: 23e648

Test her by firing a blast. If she survives she's worth fighting.
No. 636202 ID: 6ac522

Test her. Toss the little man into the sky, see how she reacts.
No. 636213 ID: c2378a

Drop the weakling, and see how well Yan can take a punch.
No. 636216 ID: 6cb462

Ask Karavi if you can have the honor to fight her. best to ask to show respect to your superiors after all.
No. 636217 ID: 9ddf68

scan power level, drop the whatever you have in your hands, fight Yen, and hell maybe we'll get lucky and the weak thing with the crappy shield will run back and send some more decent warriors for you to fight.
No. 636224 ID: ad7bba

What does the scouter say about her power level?
No. 636225 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142991737083.png - (243.88KB , 700x700 , Saiyan13.png )

>scan power level
705, I can beat her, but I shouldn't be careless.

Rubabu: "Koravi! can I have the honor of fighting this opponent?"

Koravi: "The practice would suit you Rubabu, maybe with enough you'll learn not to SUCK, HA HA HA."

Rubabu: "Grrrr"

bitch I'll show her how strong I am!
No. 636226 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142991744137.png - (94.17KB , 700x700 , Saiyan14.png )

Rubabu: "Fine Human, I'll put down your little friend and show-"

Ahh! she's gone!
No. 636227 ID: bb78f2

Annnnnnd stab in the back.
Why did you expect the human to have honor, you dolt?
No. 636230 ID: 809713

Throw your prisoner, hard, in a random direction. Force Yan to break off her surprise attack to save the fragile thing before it's killed on impact. She challenged you to protect it, she'll be forced to act.

Which then gives you an opportunity to attack.
No. 636232 ID: 9ddf68

can't your scouter tell you where she is?
No. 636234 ID: e114bc

Look up!
No. 636235 ID: bd8b82

watch your zoning.
No. 636243 ID: 20f08e

Make sure you destroy that sword before Yan uses it to cut off your tail in hiant monkey form! I've seen how these things go!
No. 636246 ID: cee89f

Gain some altitude, keep an eye on your blindspots and scan for her power level.
No. 636247 ID: e2a92b

Toss the PrimeMinister straight up in the air. You should be done with this fight before she hits the ground.
No. 636255 ID: b8ceae

She's almost certainly above you, and preparing to kill you with her sword.
Tell the weakling to go get more strong fighters, and let her go. You wouldn't want to have to hunt them all down when you could get them to come to you, after all.

Did you know that people can be trained to suppress their power level? Don't rely on your scanner - if somebody scans as weak but doesn't act like it, then consider them a potential threat.
No. 636290 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142994015212.png - (145.73KB , 700x700 , Saiyan15.png )

>Throw your prisoner, hard, in a random direction.
oops looks like that shield kicked in, forgot about that.
No. 636291 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142994023330.png - (259.48KB , 700x700 , Saiyan16.png )

>Look up!
Shit, she's fast!

that almost got me!
No. 636293 ID: 8cc918

Blast 'em!
No. 636295 ID: 809713

I kind of assumed if we were rated to 700, we could throw her harder than a shield rated to 50 could take. Oh well.

...uppercut between her legs.
No. 636298 ID: 69994e

Punch her in the cunt! It's a dragonball tradition!
No. 636303 ID: 9ddf68

you're in a really good position to spin yourself and nail that bitch in the gut with a left hook. That should show her not to take you lightly.
No. 636305 ID: 936ba2

Careful, she may be more powerful than she's letting on.
No. 636307 ID: b8ceae

Gut punch!
No. 636323 ID: ce3b31

Remember to finish all your statements with "I'm just Saiyan!"
ie: "You should give up now, i'm just Saiyan"
No. 636336 ID: cee89f

She's a swordswoman - disarm her.
No. 636344 ID: 265534

As in; pull her arms off. Beat her to death with them for extra points.
No. 636345 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142999749148.png - (270.31KB , 700x700 , Saiyan17.png )

>Punch her in the cunt!
>...uppercut between her legs.
Rubabu: "Hyaaa!"
Yan: "AAIIEE!"

>I kind of assumed if we were rated to 700, we could throw her harder than a shield rated to 50 could take. Oh well.
My power levels over 900 I'll have you know!
And have you ever thrown a person!? it's awkward they aren't really aerodynamic or anything.
Also I wasn't really even trying!
Grrr! I'm not Weak!
No. 636347 ID: 9ddf68

now open your palm and fire a energy beam like the one you used to destroy that ship.
No. 636348 ID: 809713

Well, if we're trying to amuse Koravi, that probably did it.

Knock / wrench / blast her sword away from her while she's still stunned from the pain (disarming armed opponents is good), then energy blast her right into the ground.
No. 636349 ID: 936ba2

Blast her while she's stunned.
No. 636350 ID: cee89f

Take the sword!
No. 636351 ID: b8ceae

Let her keep her sword. It'll be more fun that way.

Energy blast, then as she's flying away flash-step into her path and smash her into the ground.
If that's enough to bring her down, then tell her to go find you somebody who can put up a fight. Otherwise tell her she's terrible at cheap shots, and you came here looking for an actual fight.
No. 636358 ID: a0e8c0

No. 636376 ID: 936ba2

Kill her then take the sword!
No. 636381 ID: bb78f2

All right, now shake that sword free and powerbomb her all the way into the ground.
That's not a chi move by the way, I'm talking about the wrestling move. Then again a powerbomb might be awkward unless the slam downward creates enough backlash to bounce you back into the air, where you can continue the powerbomb.

We could go for a suplex.
No. 636394 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143002247905.png - (253.60KB , 700x700 , Saiyan18.png )

Hah, like I even have to she's so weak as is

>Blast her while she's stunned.
Take that weakling!
No. 636401 ID: 809713

>Hah, like I even have to she's so weak as is
It was more to demoralize and humiliate her than anything else.

>blast her
Now punch her out of the sky, make a crater.
No. 636404 ID: 3d7356

Stand with your arms against your hips, laughing at the results of your attacks!
No. 636405 ID: 9ddf68

wonder if she's going to be able to get up after that one, hope so, it'd be a shame if the fight was over so quickly.
No. 636406 ID: 12cde9

Don't get too cocky, and keep that sword well away from your tail.
No. 636407 ID: d3be40


Remember, you know the rumors - beings whose power level increases every time they sample a taste of death! Do NOT let her recover, pummel her to an inch of her life and dominate!
No. 636420 ID: 265534

They're called Saiyans.

Fly after her as she's blasted away and punch her into the ground as hard as you can. Nothing will be able to survive the resulting dust cloud.
No. 636423 ID: 69994e

No. 636465 ID: cee89f

>Hah, like I even have to she's so weak as is
Didn't you JUST tell us that you shouldn't be careless?

No. 636466 ID: 936ba2

How about we compromise. we break her arms so she can't use the sword. Then she's defenseless, and we have a sword. It's a win, win.
No. 636621 ID: e2a92b

Before we continue with the kicking of the arse, let us give a 90s anime laugh.
No. 636782 ID: eef211

Ever see one piece? Zabuza from naruto? As long as they have a mouth, they can wield a sword...in theory
No. 636797 ID: 06b1f2

Well this isn't one piece or naruto. This is dragon ball z, we shoot lasers and shout for hours at a time.
No. 636837 ID: eef211

I was simply stating the possibility that it could be used without arms.
No. 636839 ID: 936ba2

I know. I just wanted to say that dbz joke.
No. 636869 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143027901302.png - (324.75KB , 700x700 , Saiyan19.png )

>and keep that sword well away from your tail.
She's weak as shit and can't even begin to lay a hand on me, I don't have anything to worry about from that sword

Breaking a sword in the middle of a fight is really hard okay! it's probably folded a thousand times or something!
maybe if I grab it I can just break it over my knee . . .

FINE! I'll break the damn sword

Rubabu: "Gimme that sword!"

Yan: Never!"

Rubabu: "I SAID GIVE IT!"


damn she's got a pretty solid deathgrip on the damn thing
No. 636870 ID: 936ba2

Break her wrist.
No. 636873 ID: e114bc

She's probably trained to never let go of it no matter what. You'll have a hard time getting it away from her, and she'll probably use your focus on the sword against you. Focus on beating her first and foremost.

What kind of awesome special moves do you have? Use one.
No. 636880 ID: 809713

Hmm. Well, I suppose if you get her focused on trying to protect her sword instead of herself, that'll create an opening you can exploit.
No. 636881 ID: 69994e

Break her wrist then break the sword!
No. 636882 ID: b8ceae

It's not worth the effort of trying to get the sword away. You can use energy blasts from outside the sword's range, and in melee you have to be too close for it to do much good anyway.

You have a grip on her, so throw her into the ground.
No. 636896 ID: 09b7fb

Yan: Revenge crotch kick
No. 636923 ID: ca3361

Use your head. Headbutt her.
No. 636926 ID: 9ddf68

well if she won't let go of the sword then just grab her sword arm and just slam her into the ground and repeat that a few times until she lets go or it gets boring.
No. 636929 ID: ad7bba

Just break/dislocate something in her hand/wrist/arm/elbow/shoulder. Good enough.
No. 636938 ID: 2a7417

Cast Flurry of Punches!
No. 636940 ID: cee89f

Vaporize that arm while you still have a grip.
No. 636974 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143034615601.png - (180.01KB , 700x700 , Saiyan20.png )

>Just break/dislocate something in her hand/wrist/arm/elbow/shoulder. Good enough.
one solid punch should do-

No. 636975 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143034627384.png - (268.54KB , 700x700 , Saiyan21.png )



Rubabu: "GYAHH!"
No. 636976 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143034639549.png - (175.48KB , 700x700 , Saiyan22.png )

Rubabu: "M-my tail and lady parts you B-BITCH!"

so much pain . . .
No. 636977 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143034649958.png - (249.40KB , 700x700 , Saiyan23.png )

Errg she seems to be charging some sort of attack . . .
No. 636978 ID: cf93bf

Interrupt it with your patented bicep beam.
Its a punch.
Punch her in the face.
No. 636979 ID: bd8b82

tuck your tail into you pants, she's charging a cut attack.
No. 636980 ID: 14b383

Blast her from a distance, we dont know what her attack will do.
No. 636981 ID: 265534

Channel the pain of those aching ovaries into some kind of terrain-altering energy blast.
No. 636985 ID: ad7bba

This should be interesting. Get ready for it.
No. 636989 ID: e114bc

Get ready to DOOOOOOOODGE!
No. 637003 ID: b8ceae

Her ovaries weren't anywhere near that kick.

Rubabu: Blast her from a distance, then dodge her charge-attack.
No. 637006 ID: c9045b

She's going to charge you! Charge up a POWERFUL ATTACK and stop her with it!
No. 637007 ID: e2a92b

No. 637009 ID: 300014

Shoot Her with a small beam.
I say small because the plan is blast her then DODGE!
No. 637010 ID: 69994e

No. 637031 ID: 936ba2

No. 637036 ID: 376beb

Quick throw some quick energy blast to interrupt her charge and get ready to take to the air to avoid whatever she might throw at you
No. 637040 ID: 89941a

What does the scouter say about her power level?
No. 637056 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143037569956.png - (261.05KB , 700x700 , Saiyan24.png )

No. 637057 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143037579892.png - (131.38KB , 700x700 , Saiyan25.png )

No. 637059 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143037595092.png - (181.63KB , 700x700 , Saiyan26.png )

Rubabu: "My turn now!"

>Charge up a POWERFUL ATTACK and stop her with it!

I've been saving this for a special occasion, this'll do
Rubabu: "TWIRL BLAST!"
No. 637060 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143037599721.png - (229.47KB , 700x700 , Saiyan27.png )

Yan: "Sh-shit!"
No. 637063 ID: 9dd1ee
File 143037603989.png - (166.03KB , 700x700 , Saiyan28.png )

No. 637065 ID: e114bc

Aw man, stupid dust clouds... can't you like, blow it away or something?
No. 637069 ID: bd8b82

be on your guard, don't want a repeat of last time.
No. 637072 ID: 8abb8e

Keep shooting.
No. 637074 ID: 376beb

Track her with your scouter, don't let her get behind by using the dust cloud as cover.
No. 637085 ID: 87c311


Do a quick sweep for an audience. All that flashy, loud stuff might have gotten the attention of another one of those 700's
No. 637089 ID: 88960e

Quick, disappear so that when she makes a sudden recovery and 'suprise' attack from the dust cloud, you aren't there.

Then attack her while she's looking confused.

>quick teleport forward to dodge the beam
Pff. Oh man, that's great.
No. 637180 ID: b8ceae

Use your scouter to track her through the dust, and flash-step behind her.

If she's still in fighting shape then knee her in the kidney.
If she's too wounded or weakened to fight then tell her to take the surviving weakling and go fetch you some more strong people to fight.
No. 637544 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143059457817.png - (191.13KB , 700x700 , Saiyan29.png )

>Quick, disappear
I'm just gonna hide out here while I wait and see what happened

>Do a quick sweep for an audience.
there's the pointy headed thing running towards the smoke cloud
No. 637545 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143059485649.png - (272.01KB , 700x700 , Saiyan30.png )

The smoke clears

heh she's alive, good. I'm still not through with her after that cheap shot.

Yan: "Terid! what are you still doing here?!"

Terid: "She blew up my car!"

Yan: "Well go find someplace to hide or something"

Terid: "but you'rs hurt are you sure you don't want a-"

Yan: "Not yet, I can do this . . ."
No. 637546 ID: 9297f4

No. 637547 ID: 784d6a

She has a crazy look in her eyes.

Hide for a moment longer, charge your KI and prepare yourself!
No. 637548 ID: 1fbb52

She's got guts. Perhaps she's more worthy an opponent than you anticipated.
No. 637549 ID: bd8b82

wait.. it sounds like they are talking about some kind of healing. better then the fluid pods?
No. 637550 ID: e114bc

>don't want a
Shit. They have some ace up their sleeves. Blast the pointy-headed thing. See if you can just use a focused beam to cripple it. Then come out of hiding and go "This is a one on one fight. No cheating!"
No. 637555 ID: 809713

>but you'rs hurt are you sure you don't want a-
Hmm. The weakling has access to healing or something?

>what do
Fire two shots, quick succession. The first at the weakling so she has to shove her out of the way / tank the hit, the second aimed right at her before she can dodge or change directions after that.

Maybe it's not the most honorable tactic, but if you're going to concern yourself with the welfare of weaklings, it will make you weaker. That's life.
No. 637559 ID: 9ddf68

appear behind the sword chick and give her a good swift kick to the ass. Then taunt her saying you came to this world looking for a good fight, not a bunch of weaklings who fall over when you poke them to hard.
No. 637578 ID: b8ceae

Honor? Pfft, we don't care about that.
The problem is cheap shots mean we don't get to fight as much.

Flash-step behind Yan and kick her forward so she face-plants.
"Please. You haven't landed one good hit on me yet. Take some time to freshen up and call for backup.
We came here looking for challenging fights, not to spank some novices - unless you're into that~"

If they have some kind of powerful healing, then we want to take it. This hasn't been a hard fight, so if she heals up then we can just beat her down again and rub her face in it. More fighting is better.
If they have a secret move, we want to see it. Then we can either copy it and use it ourselves, or at least get a more entertaining fight.

People seem scared. That's not the way of a TRUE Saiyan!
No. 637579 ID: 89941a

Kill the one she's talking to, maybe she won't be so pathetic then.
No. 637581 ID: b8ceae

Then who will call for backup? Yan's too busy, and the guards are dead.
If you're suggesting we go flying all over the planet to hunt down strong fighters when we could have them coming to us, then you're not thinking clearly.

Besides, Yan's at her limit anyway. The time to make her mad was when she was still fresh, not now when she can barely stand. If the weakling can heal yan, then we can get a second round before the fun in her is used up.

Ignore the weakling. They're moderately more useful alive.
No. 637589 ID: e2a92b

See, that's the thing with villainous types: They see an opportunity in front of them, and they always turn it down assuming a better one will come along, every time. And they let this get in the way of common sense! Let your foe heal? This isn't some training dummy, it's a halfway decent fighter! Take out the fool who ran onto the battlefield, and take down her failure of a guardian soon after.
No. 637591 ID: c4a71c

Scandal! They're doing.. THE DRUGS!
Swords, drugs, who knows what dirty tricks this 'warrior' has in store?
No. 637592 ID: 09b7fb

>cheap shot

But you did it too.
No. 637620 ID: b8ceae

I don't think you quite understand how Saiyans work.
Fighting is better than not-fighting. Winning is good, because it means you're good at fighting and can keep doing it. Dying is bad because it means you're not good at fighting, and probably aren't going to get to do it anymore.
If Yan heals, that's good because it means Rubabu can do more fighting.
If Yan powers up, that's good because it means Rubaru can have an even BETTER right.

You're looking at this as if fighting is a means to an end.
It's not. Fighting is the end.
No. 637789 ID: f0a5e4

You misunderstand, my friend. This isn't villainy, this is fun. We're not fighting to get stronger, we're getting stronger to FIGHT!
We don't want to kill people just because if we kill them then they can't fight us anymore. Also, if we kill people, eventually there'll be someone stronger who takes offense and kills us, rather than fighting us so we get stronger and can fight them more without fear of death!
It isn't about killing to live gloriously, it's about making your death worth living for.
No. 637800 ID: 153bce

Take the pointy head, she clearly has something that can power up the human, use it for yourself
No. 637891 ID: 936ba2

Be careful of the little one. Try to draw Yan away from her.
No. 637996 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143069883713.png - (160.04KB , 700x700 , Saiyan31.png )

>Take the pointy head, she clearly has something that can power up the human, use it for yourself
healing is pretty handy, if she's still alive after this maybe I'll look into that

>Fire two shots, quick succession. The first at the weakling so she has to shove her out of the way / tank the hit, the second aimed right at her before she can dodge or change directions after that.

Rubabu: "You should of stayed out of this pointy, NOW YOU DIE!!"
No. 637997 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143069897660.png - (283.88KB , 700x700 , Saiyan32.png )

Yan: "damnit you idiot!"

Yan deflects the first ki blast
No. 637999 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143069901693.png - (268.27KB , 700x700 , Saiyan33.png )

The second blast strikes home!
No. 638001 ID: 9297f4

No. 638004 ID: 809713

Hmm. Looks like she's about to lose her top.

Now get her in the face.
No. 638006 ID: a9753c

Take her prisoner. She fought well, but you can expect any of her Lv. 1000-something partners to be ANGRY about what you did.
No. 638012 ID: dbe554

Yeah it seems that pointy headed thing must have something unique to it, why else would she protect something that worthless?

Either way she's getting weaker, it's obvious she won't be much of a challenge much longer, so let's start breaking down limbs.
No. 638015 ID: e2a92b

Let's not count our chickens before they're smashed. Go for a grand finale, a sort of feint towards her that transitions into a ranged attack.
No. 638025 ID: 9ddf68

how many of those blast do you think you can pepper her with before she falls down? Let's find out shall we?
No. 638028 ID: b8ceae

Yes, prisoner. Her compatriot there will be much more willing to talk if you show you're not actually here to kill everybody.
No. 638075 ID: d1a0bf

no point in taking her prisoner, blast her to hell
No. 638090 ID: 09b7fb

I somehow get the feeling we're not actually supposed to exactly kill Yan. At least, not right now.

Or maybe I just like her.

Beat her up, but don't overkill it. Or her, for that matter.
No. 638091 ID: 89941a

Blow her legs off and leave her as an example to the others.
No. 638306 ID: 52c8ae

Blast her a few more times and laugh maniacally! She's tough, but hasn't been able to lay a hand (or blade) on you.
No. 638442 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143089069203.png - (194.05KB , 700x700 , Saiyan34.png )

>Take her prisoner
not gonna happen, no where to keep her and nothing to restrain her with

>Kill her
>spare her
whether she lives or dies makes no difference to me.
she's not a threat. and soon she won't even be a nuisance!

>how many of those blast do you think you can pepper her with before she falls down? Let's find out shall we?
Rubabu:"heh heh heh!"
No. 638445 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143089080741.png - (227.92KB , 700x700 , Saiyan35.png )

that looks like it hurts Haha!
No. 638446 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143089090794.png - (267.42KB , 700x700 , Saiyan36.png )

the smoke clears

huh did I vaporize her?
No. 638448 ID: 69994e

No. 638449 ID: bd8b82

No. 638454 ID: aeadb9

You have a scouter, how do you keep losing her?
No. 638462 ID: bf061e

Hey Rubabu!

What's the SCOUTER say about her POWER LEVEL?
No. 638470 ID: 09b7fb

Tilt and scratch your head and unfurl and raise your tail in mild, adorable curiosity.
No. 638471 ID: 265534

Energy blast barrage is the most effective ki attack in the history of the universe. She is clearly dead.
No. 638472 ID: e114bc

I bet she escaped to get help from the pointy headed dude.
No. 638520 ID: 2a7417

She's probably getting away with the midget. Look carefully!
No. 638533 ID: ad7bba

Maybe the pointy-heads can teleport or something?
No. 638535 ID: 88960e

No, people never vaporize, don't be silly. If she were dead there'd be a dramatic broken sword stuck in the ground to proove it.

Always assume an enemy you can't see is attacking you. Dodge.

If the pointy had a teleporter, her car being blown up wouldn't have been an acceptable excuse for not getting out of here.
No. 638559 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143093507652.png - (177.63KB , 700x700 , Saiyan37.png )

yup her powerlevel is still around, taken a severe beating though, down to 330
No. 638560 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143093518354.png - (240.81KB , 700x700 , Saiyan38.png )

. . . and there she is
must've gotten behind me when I was distracted

she's smart to be running away, she doesn't stand a chance of winning with those injuries.
No. 638562 ID: 6cb462

You can either
Don't let her get away and finish her off... unless you want to follow her and see if she leads you to stronger opponents. But I choose the former
No. 638565 ID: 89941a

Just wait for her to call for help. It'll be more fun.
No. 638566 ID: 9ddf68

so now the question is do we run her down and finish her off or do we find another one of those higher power levels? I mean she really wasn't much to fight and didn't really have anything we really wanted in the first place so I'm not really seeing a point in hunting her down unless your partner doesn't want to leave survivors or you have some reason that demands that you go and finish her off.

anyways other then that chick, what is the closest/strongest power level for us to fight?
No. 638571 ID: 2a7417

We aren't finished with you yet, weakling!
Catch up, grab her by one foot and slam her into the ground repeatedly. Then watch her try to crawl away. Only then will the beatdown be complete.
No. 638582 ID: fe4bfc

Yeah she will be hurt until her little friend she saved heals her up.

Aliens are a tricky bunch you know.

When you don't have the power to fight your battles honestly you come up with all sorts of sneaky tricks to win.
No. 638754 ID: b8ceae

Catch up with her, and tell her if she brings you some stronger people to fight you'll take her out for drinks later. Then give her a playful slap on the ass and head back to that weakling's building to wait.

This is great! She'll go round up all the strong fighters, so you don't have to go find them!
Even better, the weakling said something about a party, right? Parties mean FOOD! Eat up!
After that you can do some training while waiting for the next fighter to show up.
No. 638756 ID: 79940c

Blast one of those rocky plateau things in her flight path so it explodes upwards and she crashes into it.
No. 638856 ID: 5d6152

Let her go for now. Take a quick rest and wait for the next one to appear.

She can't stop you now.
No. 638955 ID: eb5c78

Finish her off now or you'll regret it later.
No. 638974 ID: e114bc

Try to wing her. Down her, get her wounded enough she can't run away. Then get up close and TAUNT HER.
No. 639025 ID: 1fbb52

How about we just blast in her general direction since we can't seem to decide whether or not to let her go? Maybe roll a die to see if we hit?
No. 639051 ID: b8ceae

Regret WHAT, exactly?
If she gets help then she saves us the effort of tracking them down ourselves. That's good.
If she somehow gets stronger then we get a better fight out of her later. That's good.
If she calls out the military to attack then we can cut loose blowing stuff up just for the heck of it. That's fine.
What is it you think she can do that WOULDN'T advance our goals? The only thing I can think of is if she runs away and just hides, which doesn't seem to be her style and would be just as much a loss for us as what you're proposing.

What are you, scared? What are you so afraid of?
No. 639081 ID: cee89f

Have you EVER in your ENTIRE LIFE consumed even a SINGLE piece of media where there is a bad guy that lets the good guy go?!

No. 639084 ID: e2a92b

Yes, and it always bites them in the monkey butt.
No. 639124 ID: 09b7fb

Or, or, we could go eat a banana. Super powered space monkey-tail people like bananas, right?
No. 639157 ID: 936ba2

Kill her until she's dead.
No. 639185 ID: 4f7d36

Capture her and break that annoying sword. Maybe you can keep her around as a sparring partner for later. Any information you can gain would be helpful as well.
No. 639186 ID: 534cc4

What do you do to an enemy that can possibly regroup and come back stronger? KILL MAIM BURN KILL. This human classifies as someone who can increase their power to become stronger, therefore you hunt her down while she is weak and FUCKING KILL HER RIGHT NOW DAMMIT.

No. 639190 ID: 265534

Hit her with another energy barrage until there's so much dust, she couldn't possibly survive.
No. 639197 ID: 09b7fb

Don't you WANT stronger enemies, though? If you let her catch her breath, she might become more of a challenge, especially since she's had a taste of your power already and might be more prepared next time, or in the least be more wary. I don't see the need to worry if so anyways, you have Karavi with you.
No. 639203 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143119221356.png - (279.36KB , 700x700 , Saiyan39.png )

>see if she leads you to stronger opponents.
Gotta scouter s'all I need to find opponents

>Don't you WANT stronger enemies, though?
weakness doesn't breed strength, maybe if she put up a good fight, but she really, really didn't


Rubabu: "Do you honestly think I'll let you escape? show you mercy?!"
No. 639204 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143119230579.png - (303.11KB , 700x700 , Saiyan40.png )


Rubabu: "you piece of trash! only the weak show mercy!!"
No. 639205 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143119236612.png - (184.75KB , 700x700 , Saiyan41.png )

Rubabu: "for a pathetic rat like you to think that of me is the gravest insulted!"
No. 639206 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143119243066.png - (214.07KB , 700x700 , Saiyan42.png )

Rubabu:"One that you'll die for making!"
No. 639207 ID: b8ceae

>Have you EVER in your ENTIRE LIFE consumed even a SINGLE piece of media where there is a bad guy that lets the good guy go?!

You're not familiar with Saiyans, are you.

>Yes, and it always bites them in the monkey butt.

Ok, and your point is... ?
If it bites us in the ass then it bites us in the ass.

>What do you do to an enemy that can possibly regroup and come back stronger?

Wait until they're at their best so you can have the most challenging fight possible, of course.

>This human classifies as someone who can increase their power to become stronger, therefore you hunt her down while she is weak

You're not making any sense. She's weak but she could get stronger, so we should stop her from being a worthy challenge?

Saiyans are only truly alive when they're fighting to survive. Contenting themselves with weak fights is like somebody dying of thirst contenting themselves to lick the sweat off a bottle of water.
No. 639208 ID: b8ceae

She never ASKED for mercy, nor EXPECTED it. In fact, she was pretty much dead set on killing you until you pulled that cheap shot by shooting at the weakling.

Enough wasting your time and energy on her. Just go after one of the remaining strong fighters.
No. 639209 ID: 09b7fb

I get the feeling you're overcompensating for being the weaker one, Rubabu. Why even waste your energy killing a weakling? It doesn't prove your strength in the long run, anyhow. She was weaker than you from the start, it's not that impressive a feat.
No. 639213 ID: 79940c

>"you piece of trash! only the weak show mercy!!"
Well, this explains why you're not trying to get stronger by training against your stronger peers. They'd be obligated to not show any mercy and murder you for trying.

So, where'd the pointy land? And are either of them dead yet?

You should probably let her stammer out her last pathetic bit of defiance before you break her in half with her own sword. You know, for dramatic effect.
No. 639220 ID: 9ddf68

aaaaaannnnnddd a good solid energy blast to finish the job.
No. 639233 ID: cee89f

I know that Saiyans other than Goku that let their enemies power up, escape, or otherwise gain an advantage tend to get their butts kicked whenever they come back.

And even Goku doesn't tend to make out the best in those scenarios.

I also know that Vegeta - the most obsessed of all Saiyans with honor and their birthright - was perfectly willing to blow up his ally when he got his butt kicked.

Blow her up. We're done here.
No. 639236 ID: e2a92b

Saiyans are said to let opponents gain advantages in battle "for fun." The battle's already over.
It also says they satisfy their lust for violence and conflict with "barbaric slaughter." That's how this fight's going to end.
Finally, Saiyans in emotionally stimulating situations make rash decisions, and lack empathy. Killin' em seems very rash, rather than the tactical thought "Oh, if I don't kill 'em, I can fight 'em again!" or whatever logic is used to justify not turning them into a smear in the dirt.
Nowhere does it mention Saiyans only fighting to survive. They'll kick anyone's ass. They'll kick your dog's ass. They'll kick their own ass. Heck, they made a living off killing entire planet populations with singular saiyans.
No. 639238 ID: ad7bba

Pew pew pew.
No. 639264 ID: 371658

Blast her to hell
No. 639265 ID: 371658

Blast her to hell
No. 639266 ID: c3cc67

Well, the aliens who live here seem to care about her, so keeping her as a hostage adds an extra layer of coercion on top of just threatening them.
No. 639355 ID: 6a73c6

They're probably dead anyway. If they aren't they're too weak to ever be a threat to you anyway. On to the next fighter!

Who can take on the powerful Rubabu? Will the inhabitants of PLANET be able to stop her? Let's find out on the next episode of... SAIYANS!
No. 639374 ID: 534cc4

Blast her to hell, and if the corpse stays intact, rip her FUCKING HEAD OFF.

Seriously. One must be sure.
No. 639376 ID: 09b7fb

Do the monkey dance of victory.
No. 639379 ID: 265534

Blast her as hard as you can. Mysteriously fail to destroy the planet despite weaker blasts having destroyed celestial bodies in the past.
No. 639381 ID: eb5c78

Kill the Yamcha!
No. 639385 ID: 09b7fb

Yan: Deflect blasts with your sword right to her crotch

Rubabu: Make a mental note to invest in protective gear for your crotch
No. 639885 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143145374824.png - (254.87KB , 700x700 , Saiyan43.png )

>I get the feeling you're overcompensating for being the weaker one,
Sh-shut up! I'm killing her because I want to!

Rubabu: "TWIRL BEAM!"
No. 639886 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143145388996.png - (260.85KB , 700x700 , Saiyan44.png )

Yan: "d-damnit"
No. 639888 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143145393611.png - (262.29KB , 700x700 , Saiyan45.png )

. . .
No. 639889 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143145396962.png - (253.17KB , 700x700 , Saiyan46.png )

No. 639893 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143145415151.png - (285.92KB , 700x700 , Saiyan47.png )

What! who the hell is that!

Wan Inu: "Yan are you alright?"

Yan: "y-you didn't need to do that, I had her right where I wanted her . . ."
No. 639894 ID: 2a7417

Hey! That's our sound effect, copycat! Seriously, we filed a patent with the Saiyan Patent Office and everything.

Scouter that shibe!
No. 639895 ID: 79940c

Well, you won that fight, and you didn't show mercy. Congratulations. She's beneath your concern, now.

Stay silent, asses the newcomer. What's the scanner say?
No. 639896 ID: 89941a

You might've burned enough energy to drop below 700 yourself there.
No. 639899 ID: e6e219

Oh great we have to fight against animals now?

Well it was pretty fast so check its power level. Probably going to try and run for it though.

Also where did the little cone headed thing land?
No. 639901 ID: 9ddf68

scouter that thing, make sure it's actually there.
No. 639915 ID: 936ba2

Check your scouter.
No. 639916 ID: 2a9886

Shiba inus are widely known to be alpha dogs, all of whom have a great urge to be top dog.

She is literally doing this to one up you.


No. 639966 ID: 440789

She's adorable! Throw an energy ball at her while shouting "Fetch, doggy!"
No. 639983 ID: b8ceae

"You wanted me standing over you firing ki blasts? You're kinkier than I thought."
No. 640000 ID: cee89f

"If you seriously wanted me over you twirling you into oblivion, you should know I don't swing that way."


Geddit? Swing? Twirl?


shut up
No. 640024 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143148629464.png - (218.18KB , 700x700 , Saiyan48.png )

Wan: "Go find Terid you're gonna need one of her Seinaru Seeds"

Yan: "Right I think I saw her bouncing around past that plateau"

Wan: "I'll hold off the invader until them"

>Scouter that shibe!
Yikes 765!? how did an animal get so strong?

I guess this is one of the other high power levels . . .

>You might've burned enough energy to drop below 700 yourself there.

N-no way I barely broke a sweat against that idiot with he sword! I can do this!
No. 640032 ID: d90668

Well better hurry because they are talking about healing the girl you beat up. Don't want to fight two at a time do you?
No. 640039 ID: dbe554

Please, two against one we should easily win! I mean if we couldn't beat them and had to be bailed out by Karavi would be humilating to the max.

Regardless! No mercy, these people seem to do anything they can to protect each other even if it'll put them at a disadvantage.
No. 640045 ID: 79940c

Scouter yourself, babe.

>what do
Try for the one-two cheapshot again? Force Wan to protect Yan so you can shoot her.
No. 640049 ID: e2a92b

Time for a plan of attack: Zwee back to the pods, tell Karavi about the Seinaru seeds stash these guardians have, and you two can find the stash and fight all three or more of those 700-levels at once, for great justice! Or for fun. Either will do, really.
Also, while we're there pick up some dog treats to throw at Inu when we return.
No. 640064 ID: eb5c78

Selfie with the scouter to find out your power level
No. 640084 ID: f461c5

This is a Saiyan.

The answer to "Do you want to fight two of them at once" is *YES*.
No. 640088 ID: bb78f2

Here's something fun.
Fly down smile sadistically and do nothing and wait for her to react first.
Unsettle that doge.
No. 640090 ID: c56d7b

No. 640092 ID: aeadb9

How far do you think you can punt that thing.
No. 640121 ID: 1fbb52

Are we going the "I am an adult" route? I hope so.
Do the above and wait for her to react, then I vote punting >>640092. Field goal style.
No. 640127 ID: b8ceae

No. 640145 ID: 09b7fb

Become overcome with adorableness and attempt hugs.

Failing that, this >>640088 .
No. 640151 ID: 2a7417

>get punched in the face
Let's be real here.
No. 640155 ID: 4f7d36

Tell Karavi that these seeds they are talking about sound really interesting and ask if she would prefer to fight the dog or the wounded girl. If your opponents keep switching like this then the fighting could go on forever.

If you both mop up these guys fast then you could check out the seeds and get some lunch.
No. 640156 ID: eef211

Just get angry and yell real loud. That's how raising your powerlevel works, right?
No. 640673 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143172536487.png - (256.05KB , 700x700 , Saiyan49.png )

Karavi is back, she seems to have found something

Rubabu: "Karavi! That pointy head I threw around earlier has some sort of magic healing seeds!"

Karavi: "Magic healing seeds? hmmf that sounds like it'll really draw things out, how boring."

Rubabu: "My scouter detects the sword wielder's power level closing in on the pointy head."
No. 640675 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143172586094.png - (217.64KB , 700x700 , Saiyan50.png )

Karavi: "you there, Mangy pile of filth."

the dog growls at Karavi

Karavi: "For every one of those seeds you or your friends use, I will destroy one of whatever passes for a city on this mud hole of a planet. So you know, don't do it or else"

Wan: "why are you doing that"

Karavi: "because I don't want to be here all day."

Wan: "You evil monster!"

a moment passes

Karavi: "Rubabu this creature isn't rushing to tell it's friends, I don't like it when people don't play along."
No. 640681 ID: 79940c

Dragonball earring?

>Rubabu this creature isn't rushing to tell it's friends, I don't like it when people don't play along.
Maybe it thinks it's being clever, and there are no 'cities' for you to destroy. Maybe it doesn't think you're really serious, and needs a demonstration. ...or maybe it's truly foolish, and thinks it can stop you.
No. 640682 ID: 9ddf68

"Oh don't worry, it just needs some motivation."

use your scouter to find where the other two are then line up a shot. Then rush in and punt that thing towards it's friends and as it's sailing through the sky yell "Remember to tell you're friends what Karavi just said"

Also when you get a moment ask Karavi what she has there, I didn't take here as a jewelry person.

and before you yell yes I know she has a dragon ball, I'm just not sure if we know that IC
No. 640683 ID: bb78f2

My god, such villainy in their selfishness. They witness a threat to lives on their planet and their first instinct is to sit and whine about it. Tell it to stop being a selfish idiot and tell it's damn friend to not eat that seed, because we don't take promises lightly.

This planet would be better off without the likes of you two.

Tell you what little doggy, you beat us, Rubabu, we'll let the two of you go and eat that seed. But not a second before you beat me. You'll need it to even think you can handle Karavi, assuming she doesn't get bored of this.
No. 640688 ID: d90668

Well I guess a demonstration would be in order then.
No. 640691 ID: 477329

Perhaps the puppy needs a *kick* in the right direction.
No. 640695 ID: 936ba2

Give her some motivation to comply.
No. 640740 ID: 6e1eb1

Tell the stupid dog to do it, you're not actually here to murder a ton of people. You're here for some good fights. Then maybe you'll leave afterwards. Maybe.
No. 640861 ID: 3729dd

Just destroy the dog quickly and hurry up. You need to grab those seeds before the greedy locals eat them. Any sort of healing items would be valuable to the Saiyan race.
No. 640868 ID: 89941a

Help the poor thing on its way to tell its friends. With a kick or something.
No. 640908 ID: b8ceae

"We're here looking for challenging fights. Senseless slaughter is what we do when bored. Don't bore us, and we'llleave your cities alone."
No. 640941 ID: 265534

Yes, make sure not to mention that you're going to blow up their planet until you're safely in orbit and they think you've left.
No. 641067 ID: b8ceae

What? We can't sell a planet if we blow it up!
No. 641072 ID: 936ba2

Well depends on how much this rock is worth. if a lot then sell, if not blow it up.
No. 641531 ID: 0df2ab

Bluster some more, and then chuckle with your arms crossed. Then, ask what the dragonballs do.

We need to drag this out until Girlku shows up.
No. 641643 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143211692784.png - (180.31KB , 700x700 , Saiyan51.png )

Rubabu: "You better do what she says, Karavi's not prone to making idle threats."

Wan: "grrr"

Rubabu: "so you really want to call her bluff huh?"

Wan: " . . ."

My scouter indicates the human closing in on the pointy
No. 641644 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143211697949.png - (290.51KB , 700x700 , Saiyan52.png )

Wan: "YAN STOP!"

Yan: "What?!"

Wan: "Don't eat a seed! they'll start destroying cities if you do!"

Yan: "Wan, they're playing you! those thugs are clearly just scared of dealing with the seeds!"
No. 641647 ID: 9ddf68

~some one needs and exaaaaaample~

how's your friend doing? Is she having a good time, maybe wants to stretch after being in that pod for so long, let her find the nearest settlement and blow it to hell, We'll even make sure our hosts(?) see the fireworks and then they can decide whether or not we're bluffing. I mean we came for a fight... I think, no better way then to start one then pushing someones buttons, and in this case it seems to be blow up cities because you fucks are a bunch of sore losers.
No. 641653 ID: 88960e

>those thugs are clearly just scared of dealing with the seeds!
Do we look scared? I didn't realize I'd hit you hard enough to start seeing things. You must be even weaker than I thought.

Can your simple mind not grasp the destruction of a whole city? Fine, I'll give you a simpler concern to worry about. If you take that seed from her, she dies.

And then you get to watch Karavi start blowing up cities.
No. 641655 ID: bb78f2

You think we're scared of killing a city? You think we won't do it?
You really AREN'T heroes at all. You're just a bunch of weak pansies that rely on too many conveniences.
No. 641658 ID: e2a92b

Start dribbling her friend with the forcefields like a basketball (If you're wondering what that is, it's an alien game that's like a bloodsport, but with just the sport and not the blood.)
No. 641659 ID: d90668

Oh screw this talking. The little pointy one is reaching into her sash. Just go super speed over there and rip it off and grab the seeds.

Also try and palm one or two while you are at it. Never hurts to have something like that in reserve.
No. 641661 ID: b8ceae

"No, I just hate having to repeat myself. You had your turn, you were embarassingly bad, and if I have to beat you again it's just going to be tedious."
No. 641662 ID: ef2b4b

Agree. Zip over there, tear off that sash and grab some seeds.
No. 641669 ID: 265534

Healers are the best target. Nip this problem in the bud by frying that pointy headed lizard thing before it becomes an issue.
No. 641679 ID: 936ba2

"Is it a chance you want to take?"
No. 641717 ID: 1c6277

Perhaps the doggie isn't rushing off because the only seeds are with tiny, over there.

Zap bubble-girl with the Punish Beam, turn her clothes to dust
No. 641724 ID: cee89f

"The Saiyan warriors are scared of seeds? That's REALLY what you're going with?" -____-
No. 641728 ID: b8ceae

Go ahead and let her use a seed.
Once she does we beat her to a pulp again, and make her watch us destroy a city.
Then they have to live knowing that decision cost countless lives, just so Yan could have a futile chance to salve her ego. We can rub it in her face to really make it sting.
No. 641741 ID: 0df2ab

Laugh at them.
No. 642454 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143242059901.png - (255.80KB , 700x700 , Saiyan53.png )

>Zip over there, tear off that sash and grab some seeds.
yoink! . . . crap looks like the seeds aren't in her sash, maybe she never had any to begin with? maybe the whole thing was a bluff?

Rubabu: "Okay how about I just fry this little wimp into ash, then you CAN'T use the seeds!"
No. 642455 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143242079918.png - (363.31KB , 700x700 , Saiyan54.png )

Wan: "Leave her alone!"
What the hell, the scouter read a power level spike for a second there!?
No. 642456 ID: 601271

She still has that floofy collar. Honestly just grab each side of her mantle in one hand and pull.

If she has the seeds they are probably in a pouch somewhere so just tear her outfit in half and get it over with.

Plus it will piss them the fuck off and maybe get this fight jump started.
No. 642457 ID: 78a595

>What the hell, the scouter read a power level spike for a second there!?
Maybe anger gave her strength?

Or maybe the scouter isn't properly calibrated for ridiculous tiny dog people.
No. 642458 ID: bd8b82

hmm... power level is measured by emissions, right? well you could hold it in. only puny people would think looking weaker is ever a good idea though, is the reason they can do it and you can't/
No. 642459 ID: e114bc

Better focus on the foe before you. Your partner can hover ominously around the other two, to keep them from trying anything funny.

Begin with some regular martial arts, test her doggy strength. At some point see if you can knock her away and use an energy blast.
No. 642464 ID: 9ddf68

grab leg of the dog and slam it into the ground, then quickly follow up with an energy blast. If the dam thing is still kicking after that punt the damn thing... maybe into that sword chick if she's still close.
No. 642465 ID: b8ceae

Grab her legs and leverage her momentum to flip her over you and slam her into the ground.
"YESSSS! A solid hit! You might be worth my time!"
No. 642503 ID: e2a92b

Lure her into revealing her true power level.

"So how about last night's episode of 'Pony Force Five,' huh? Fluffysquire was so totally out of character in it." -Whoops wrong power level
No. 642739 ID: 936ba2

Clever Girl
No. 642791 ID: bb78f2

Are those weighted clothes?
No. 643104 ID: 936ba2

Weighted clothes only increase power when removed. If there was a spike in power she is most likely suppressing her power. (Not ruling out weighted clothes so be careful)
No. 643717 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143283969211.png - (286.74KB , 700x700 , Saiyan55.png )

Rubabu:"Hah! gotcha!"

Rubabu:"let's see how tough you are after I smash you through a couple mountains!"
No. 643719 ID: a19cd5

now lob her directly down instead and just start rapidfire pummeling her
No. 643720 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143283979347.png - (279.14KB , 700x700 , Saiyan56.png )


Rubabu: "Wha-"


H-how is that mutt so strong!
No. 643722 ID: 9ddf68

ok the mutt needs to be put down. Hit it with a bunch of small ki blast then appear behind it and knock it to the ground, then quickly use a more powerful energy attack. I'm thinking we're actually going to have to try with this one instead of dicking around like that last chick.
No. 643723 ID: e2a92b

While it may not appeal to our weakling human sensibilities, the clear demonstration of power this Wan has made dictates that we must punch until we can punch no more! Having so sense of her actual capabilities, a chaotic and unpredictable onslaught is our best chance to get through her defenses.
No. 643728 ID: 46df9e

It either knows how to suppress its power level to appear weaker or it knows a technique that can increase its power for brief periods of exertion. Either way it's time to drop the smug superiority schtick and take this one seriously. Kick up some dust with a small blast to the grounds beneath you using the scouter to keep track of their location and blasting them from a blind spot while they try to find you.
No. 643743 ID: 317ca9

Rise up arms crossed and bap her on the nose with your tail
No. 643744 ID: 8e0b6a

>H-how is that mutt so strong!
Don't waste time worrying about how she got strong. Focus your attention on kicking her butt.

Be a warrior, not a whiner.
No. 643787 ID: 936ba2

Have Karavi track her power while you fight
No. 643794 ID: b424e1


Yes. Bap her nose. Bap her nose until her nose can no longer be bapped.
No. 644715 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143325802444.png - (293.02KB , 700x700 , Saiyan57.png )

Rubabu: "I-I am a saiyan! A WARRIOR!"

No. 644716 ID: d3be40

What if she's just using your own power against you with ninja techniques?

You need to use your brain for this one.
No. 644717 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143325819111.png - (250.91KB , 700x700 , Saiyan58.png )

Rubabu: "HYAAAAA"

>Yes. Bap her nose. Bap her nose until her nose can no longer be bapped.

No. 644720 ID: 2a7417

No. 644721 ID: 1fbb52

If only we didn't blow up that vehicle, we could've crushed her underneath it and pummeled it into her for further crushing.
No. 644756 ID: 9ddf68

good, now slam her into the ground and then just keep caving her skull in.
No. 644814 ID: 265534

Punch that stupid dog. Nothing makes a fool of a Saiyan warrior and gets away with it.
No. 644835 ID: 8e0b6a

Now grab her by the legs and smash her head into something before she kicks you in the chest.
No. 644837 ID: ad7bba

Spin her around by her scarf and throw her into the ground or a bunch of convenient stones spires or something.
No. 646601 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143359743993.png - (326.60KB , 700x700 , Saiyan59.png )

She blocks every attack I make!
She's just too fast!
No. 646602 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143359752451.png - (232.33KB , 700x700 , Saiyan60.png )


Rubabu: "AAAAH MY EYES!"
No. 646603 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143359763873.png - (259.93KB , 700x700 , Saiyan61.png )

Rubabu: "ERRRGH!"
No. 646604 ID: eb5c78

Shit, look at her back! That's the kanji for dog! This bitch has been trained by the legendary dog school!

Time for a giant, dust-scattering blast and a small tactical retreat so you can hide and then spring a sneaky underhanded attack on her!
No. 646608 ID: bd8b82

use your secret painful but powerful mega technique.
No. 646611 ID: bb78f2

If she can block your fists, consider doing grappling and wrestling moves.
Powerbomb her.
No. 646622 ID: ab7529

What kind of dog cleans their teeth, let alone well enough to blind someone.

Your hands are above her head. Grab her by the stupid oversized doggy ears and yank, hard.
No. 646647 ID: b8ceae

Galick gun? Galick gun.
No. 646657 ID: e114bc

If you can't get any good hits on her she might be out of your league, and you'll have to tag out. I agree with trying some wrestling moves. Put her in a submission hold! Try to break her limbs! She's smaller than you.
No. 646678 ID: 9ddf68

grab her, headbutt the bitch, then follow it up with an energy attack, make it a strong one.
No. 646767 ID: 0fc976

I bet her tail's a weak spot, just like yours.
No. 646769 ID: fe5d55

I don't suppose you know how to shoot ki blasts from your mouth, do you? if so, distract her with melee attacks before blasting her point blank...if not? Ignore this.
No. 646813 ID: 3c17ca

..its a dog. good hearing and a sensitive nose. We fight dirty.

Scream in it's ears and belch in it's face. or fart. something revolting. It worked for krillin.
No. 646891 ID: eb5c78

Or just whistle really loud like for piccolo
No. 647996 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143412148735.png - (124.98KB , 700x700 , Saiyan62.png )

Sh-she's just too strong! I can't beat her in a straight up fight.

>I bet her tail's a weak spot, just like yours.
maybe problem is I can't lay a hand on her, let alone grab a tail.

>..its a dog. good hearing and a sensitive nose.
I could try a high pitched whistle, or a really load scream, not sure which would be more effective.

>use your secret painful but powerful mega technique.
Grrrr I figured I might end up facing an opponent stronger than myself, and I've learned a super special technique just for such an occasion . . . however it take a while to charge up and it will drain almost all my power . . .
No. 647997 ID: bd8b82

being almost dead is fine, that's how you get stronger.
No. 647998 ID: 696535

True, but her opponent isn't aiming for "almost dead".
No. 647999 ID: bd8b82

and we can't run away, so what do you suggest? we just keep slowly getting our ass kicked?
No. 648002 ID: c2fb88

Unless you super tech is built for catching someone faster than yourself you might just miss her.

Try the super strong whistle to put her off balance first before you strike.
No. 648004 ID: 88960e

Try the whistle. She's probably more used to hearing screams in battle.

>a super special technique [...] take a while to charge up and it will drain almost all my power
Well, it's that or lose, or beg Karavi to save you, so you're doing it.
No. 648023 ID: 0fc976

Try your super-powered Nuclear Whistle!
No. 648040 ID: 9ddf68

you still have your scouter, go to ground and when she follows start throwing small ki blast, but not at her at the ground. Use the dust that it'll kick up to blind her and keep hitting her with hit and run techniques to wear her down while using your scouter to never loss sight of wear she is.

Also try stealing one of those healing items if you need to/can.
No. 648266 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143423878616.png - (137.16KB , 700x700 , Saiyan63.png )

Rubabu: "Let's see how you like this!"

No. 648267 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143423884953.png - (215.12KB , 700x700 , Saiyan64.png )

Hah! she seems distracted! now's my chance to act!
No. 648269 ID: d3be40

Rip her muzzle off.
No. 648275 ID: 0fc976

Grab ahold of her tail and slam her into the ground.
No. 648276 ID: d90668

While she has her arms up there grab the bottom of her tunic and yank it hard so her arms are pinned.

Then while she is disoriented and trying to get out blast her with your big move.
No. 648302 ID: bd8b82

cunt punt.
No. 648313 ID: e114bc

Put her in a submission hold!
No. 648329 ID: ad7bba

Time for the big move then. I doubt that the whistle will be as effective next time you use it, so you have to definitively take advantage of this time.
No. 648404 ID: e0c514

Submission hold. Nothing like your opponent telling you they are weaker than you.
No. 648405 ID: bd8b82

No. 648433 ID: 6cd382

You know what a real bad guy would do?

Go after the strong guys friends!

So zoom over and get the wimp or the sword user in a headlock and then tell the mutt not to move or you will pop its friends head off.
No. 648436 ID: 164c83

Bad idea, you leave yourself open to unconventional attack by the doggie, wrestling by your 'hostage' and attack by unknown third parties while you hand initiative over to the enemy. That never, ever, has once worked out well for he 'badguy' when up against opponents with any bravery or nerve whatsoever.

The enemy is stunned, go for the stunlock by bashing their head around, bouncing it against sharp and hard rocks until it cracks open maybe.
No. 648819 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143448288099.png - (228.75KB , 700x700 , Saiyan65.png )

>Grab ahold of her tail and slam her into the ground.
>grab the bottom of her tunic and yank it hard so her arms are pinned.
>Put her in a submission hold!
>Submission hold. Nothing like your opponent telling you they are weaker than you.

Once I get my hand on her I'll-



No. 648822 ID: eb5c78

Try the high pitched whistle again, if she's still moving around within earshot, she'll probably still be thrown off by it. If she is stunned by it like last time, fire one of those large ki blasts at her, the kind that carry an opponent over a long distance and drive her into a cliff face or something, possibly collapsing it on top of her. That might buy you enough time to charge up your thing.
No. 648825 ID: bb78f2

Well, with this girl, so are punches, kicks, blasts... You've met your match.

What else do we even have?
Ape mode? Can you make an artificial moon?
No. 648827 ID: 936ba2

Blast her when she appears.
No. 648854 ID: ab7529

Zwee away yourself, she's gonna counter-attack as soon as she reappears.
No. 648864 ID: 2a7417

You're starting to look like a wild child. Keep your cool, think tactically. Use feints, try to hit her not where she is, but where she will be in a few moments.
No. 648872 ID: fbc59e

This one is very fond of physical combat, with moves like that Solar Flare to work as a supplement to that style.
Prepare a blast, not necessarily a large one, but be ready to fire, and quickly.
No. 648881 ID: 265534

Go Super Saiyan, you noob. Everyone can go Super Saiyan by now.
No. 648895 ID: e114bc

She's not strong enough. To go SS, you have to surpass a certain power level AND get really really angry.
No. 648953 ID: 265534

Bardock was super weak and went super saiyan. It's fine.
No. 648956 ID: e114bc

He was in the 9000-10000 level. That's an order of magnitude above ours.
No. 648959 ID: ad7bba

Try not to get hit. Get hit a lot.
No. 650102 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143499060987.png - (256.65KB , 700x700 , Saiyan66.png )

>Zwee away yourself, she's gonna counter-attack as soon as she reappears.

Wan: "Where did she-"
No. 650103 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143499066609.png - (222.70KB , 700x700 , Saiyan67.png )

Wan: "There!"
No. 650122 ID: 88960e

Blast her, point-blank.

No. 650125 ID: bb78f2

Zwee again, right behind her.
Dead-on blast should fuck her up badly.
No. 650138 ID: 9ddf68

for not having a scouter she's doing a pretty good job of tracking you down. Just whatever you do don't shout your attack until after you blast her with it.
No. 650142 ID: d3be40

Feint the attack, kick her instead, and then dog whistle while she's stunned!
No. 650308 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143507810292.png - (107.70KB , 700x700 , Saiyan68.png )

No. 650309 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143507815795.png - (219.16KB , 700x700 , Saiyan69.png )

Wan: "ARF!"
No. 650312 ID: 9ddf68

quick, keep the attack up. If she can't counter attack then you control this fight. Keep zipping around like you are now and pummel the ever living crap out of her. Don't give her time to recover.
No. 650320 ID: 2a7417

Keep coming from different directions.
No. 650345 ID: 649726

Push on and keep up the even pressure. Smash or lure the dog down to the ground, whistle again and strike simultaneously from below with an underground exploding wave blast. You know that technique, right? Making the ground explode beneath an opponent? It should be a well known Saiyan technique. Hopefully the whistle distraction will keep her from noticing the attack.

Watch out for that light flare trick as well.
No. 650351 ID: ab7529

Follow up with an immediate punch from the hand that wasn't doing the blasting.
No. 650352 ID: bb78f2

Punch her in the SPINE.
No. 650403 ID: 936ba2

Kill her dead.
No. 650444 ID: 8e2a09

Blast the clothing from her...please?
Anyway, keep up the attack. Do one of those hammer punches on her back into the ground.
No. 650451 ID: cee89f

Kill her! Slaughter her like a dog!
No. 650529 ID: 265534

If you're too crap to kill her, blow off her clothes and let her useless sense of modesty cripple her capabilities.
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