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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142843949969.png - (292.62KB , 720x600 , h6lc4eR.png )
633267 No. 633267 ID: b4817e

"Greetings friends I am the Traveler just a simple man trying to find a friend, it's always a pleasure to meet new wanderers in this forsaken land...perhaps you'd care to sit down and listen to a tale one of the past and one of the present while both share different fates they all connect"
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No. 633270 ID: 9297f4

Go ahead and shoot stranger.
No. 633271 ID: f7c356

By all means start talking you cloaked stranger.
No. 633272 ID: f75cf9

Methinks the one with the blue stuff (magic blood?) everywhere.
No. 633370 ID: 436af8

Is this a bedtime story? If so, wait a sec while I go and grab my blanket.
No. 633396 ID: 330ce5

We enjoy a good story like any other, so speak your tale friend.
No. 633544 ID: acb53f
File 142855391396.png - (175.23KB , 720x600 , tK8tbFb.png )

"Very well sit for a spell as I weave my tale"

His task had not been a simple one, Dage had slain dragons, undead, and many other creatures of shadow but the task his order had given him seemed like a death sentence. No one in recorded history had ever lived after a battle with the dark one...not unless you counted undeath as living, but as luck would have it the knight had won but at a price...
No. 633549 ID: f7c356

Dis gon b gud.
No. 633550 ID: 330ce5

What a lovely mask, so what was the knight's price?
No. 633551 ID: acb53f
File 142855783821.jpg - (247.60KB , 720x600 , PBNGfKe.jpg )

As the castle crumbled with the death of it's master Dage watched on as the curse began to eat away at him turning him into the very thing his order slayed...you know that sort of thing.
No. 633556 ID: 296917

But did he retain his sanity?
No. 633561 ID: 01745f

Did he perhaps take to wearing a certain stylish mask?
No. 633627 ID: 5db52c

Well, you could try to halt the curse by killing yourself. Although if it's turning you undead, that won't help much. Or... you could just take off the arm.

Realistically, though, if you retain your sanity, you can at least chose not to let the curse do further harm. You become a jailer standing guard over an evil, trapped within yourself, instead of a hero who seeks it out.
No. 633631 ID: 330ce5

How interesting, what did he do with himself after that?
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