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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142827715288.png - (46.17KB , 640x400 , chapter2.png )
633065 No. 633065 ID: 92ce18

Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/89988.html

Sheik´s trust in "the Voice of the many": 37%

"Dodges the arrow of the hunter, and does the hunter`s job. How Ironic is that?"
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No. 633066 ID: 92ce18
File 142827717926.png - (905B , 640x400 , 0.png )

You are now inside a mind, The "Host" is "distracted" in his dreams and memories, He will not distinguish you for his own thoughts, and he won´t react against you, unless you make evident who you are, or make him suspect. But if that were the case, he might wake up by Surprise, or react aggressively


Everything is calm... or mostly calm, Just before a battle...
No. 633067 ID: 92ce18
File 142827724041.png - (5.67KB , 640x400 , Tent.png )

I Hear the soldiers moving in the camp, the ones that will be under my command soon. Soldiers of the Eastern kingdom of Dhar-Al-Min, Which is a sultanate more that a kingdom. But what is the difference After all?

I don´t want to get up... I don´t want to fight this battle... I always wanted to fight in my very own first real battle, But now I don´t want to... Especially because...
But I can´t retreat now... The Academy is watching this, the council will watch my performance, and with that, will decide if I am worthy of advancing to the next class... My master and supervisor will be coming here
But it will matter if I lose or win in this one? Are We, My opponent, another student of the academy, and I competing for the that chance? Why Am I making myself so many questions...?

Looks like I haven't slept very well...
No. 633081 ID: 92ce18
File 142828103823.png - (8.21KB , 640x400 , Camp.png )

I come out of my tent, taking the scimitar they gave me with me. I found my master waiting for me outside. And the bodyguard he picked for me. An High ranking soldier, with good understanding of my language, he will serve me as a translator to theirs.

Master: Well, You are awake. There will be a lot of time until the battle. Remember that it´s very important that you make your best performance.

???: ...Yes...

Master: huh? oh, of course, you have just woken, maybe you want take a walk. Remember that you have Salih right here if you have some questions.

He starts walking pass me, while Salih, my bodyguard, makes a reverence, Awaiting my command.

Master: Or maybe you have a more theoretical question? You can always count on me.

Questions? My mind is still a bit fuzzy. Maybe I should start reviewing Facts... Where should I Start...?
No. 633090 ID: 296917

Think about your comrades. Remind yourself what you fight for.
No. 633111 ID: 6ddc45

Do you have to kill them?
No. 633113 ID: 9ddf68

what are the men that you'll be commanding, light infantry, cavalry, what?
No. 633505 ID: 8ece3d
File 142854411605.png - (10.30KB , 640x400 , Line.png )

???:... Salih, stay close...

He nods, and starts following while start walking with my master through the camp.

This time it won´t be a simple simulation. This is a real battle, and I will be leading an army, not an squad or formation.... Wait... Now that I think of it... did I by any chance thought this were eastern forces...? Dammit... My profesor of cartography would have killed me for such mistake... This are oriental kingdoms... Similar but not the same... I hate those first explorers that decided to put those names. What were they thinking!? Why couldn´t they think of a diferent name such as "East Sultanates" or "Desert kingdoms" or something like that?

The Oriental kingdoms normally have a good mix of light troops, I will be commanding a good number of skirmishers, and a good balance between heavy and light cavalry. in infantry I will probably have many spearmen, they will probably make a good formation of shields, and auxiliars, for flanking or countercharges, But I do not expect them to survive against heavier infantry. As for heavy infantry, I have the Jiamsh, The elite of the kingdom, they will do great against any kind of foe, or so they say... But they are limited, I counted around 200 of them on foot, but I haven´t recieved a list of all my troops yet...

Dammit... what is going on with me? Do I feel pity for their lives? Come on! They know very well that they are facing death, and the keep on doing it. Also, I will not kill anyone, one of the rules of confrontation here is that we, the members of the academy, can not interfere in the fight, physically, we will only give orders... All I can do about it is to make sure most of them survives, which will be hard, they hardly respect me, and may not follow my orders...

...what? Where did that come from? (Suspicion: 10%)
I know pretty well I don´t have comrades at my side now...I only ever had one, a Very good friend of the academy... And she is in the opposing army... dammit, now I can´t take it out of my head...
I only fight for advancing. But each army fights for their kingdom or beloved ones or whatever they stand for...

Master: So, did you like the pressents from the kingdom of Dhar-Al-Min?

???: Sir?

Master: Haven´t you see them? they sent you some gifts... After the battle will be then.

Salih: Thoses gifts will serve you well in your futures battles. If you Bring victory today, my sultan will be pleased, and will think about giving you lands under his domains, and a seat in his court.

Salih talked with the very distinguished accent of the eas... err "Oriental" kingdoms... Lands may be nice, But having to seat in a court and swear loyalty is not something I will like to do. Especially for someone who I don´t really know.

Master: Don´t give the kid any idea, he is still Far from leaving the academy.

Salih guards silence. Maybe He is ashamed?

Master: Soo... Have you chosen your name yet, how should we call you?

???: ... No, I haven´t found any name that I would like to have...

Salih: Then, my lord, How should I call you, or introduce you to the other soldiers?

???: Commander? Leader? Sir? Whatever you want, after all, you are the only one in the army that actually wanted to communicate with me.

After all, it´s his duty... Now what question do I have for my master or for Salih...?
No. 633804 ID: 74592e

Why do you command an army from a nation? I mean, sounds like a big deal
No. 633895 ID: 5301b6
File 142878795494.png - (9.22KB , 640x400 , outside.png )

Everything happened so fast. They were already preparing the travel from the academy to here when they told me, If I remmeber correctly, it was something like "This war has be going on for quite a while, and there is no winning side, So It was decided to have a last fight, a duel." The side that wins here is proclaimed Victor of the war... You would think they would at least consider a white peace, but they have too much pride, and they think there must be a winner, even if there is no territory gain to either side...
The Academy suggested that, and with their influence, and doing who knows what (and I think I don´t want to know), they move strings to make sure that we are going to fight in here.

We move outside the camp, My master is going to show me the future battlefield. It´s an open terrain. Enough space for both armies to stand in each side, with enough distance of each other.

???: Salih?

Salih: Yes, my lord?

???: will those soldiers obey my orders? And Tell me the Truth.

Salih: ...They will obey, but... I don´t think they will respect you, at their eyes, you are still a child.

???: And for yours?

Salih: ... If your master says you can bring us victory, I will believe him.

Well, that`s one way to avoid a question.

???: Master, I have a quesion for you.

Master: ... Salih, can you wait for us at the camp?

Salih: Yes, sir. I will wait for you there.

Salih makes another reverence before leaving. My master seems to know what my question is, and I think I saw a grin even with his hood on... Maybe is just my imagination.
No. 633899 ID: 5301b6
File 142878810929.png - (7.60KB , 640x400 , Talking.png )

Master: well, what do you want to ask?

???: ...Why do I have to fight her?

Master: Why shouldn't you?

???: Because I fought her since we started our training, I expected another opponent.

Master: In Real combat, you don´t chose with who do you fight.

That is not entirely true.

Master: Also, You and her have a Draw. After so long time, not a single master of the academy was able to say who of you both was better.

She was Better that I in one on one combat, but I was better leading an army. Even so, in most of the simulations there was never a clear winner.

Master: So here we are going to watch this battle, and see who is better in the end.

He laughs.

Master: You worry about her, dont you?

It was obvious wasn´t it?

Master: She should be fine, I will be worrying about myself if I were you.

???: She is not a murderer...

We were kids when we entered the academy, I have doubts she ever gave a thought about having to kill someone.

Master: Oh, Really? HA! Is that What she told you? How much do you know of her?

???: She... her father was a merchant. He sent her here so she could have training, and then get married with a noble to raise his family status.

Master: And she told you that much? Interesting. Now, What did you told her in exchange?

???: ...Why I can´t show my face...

Master: And just because you said the truth, she did´t lied to you? Do you have any evidence of what she told you?

???: Why would she lie?

Master: ... Well, guess what? Everyone in the academy is a liar, some are better, others not that much. After all, everything in war is based on deception. And I thought you were far from being easily fooled by some pretty eyes.

???: She...

Master: She was fooling you. Getting close to you, for when the time comes, she can defeat you before you understand what happened. And I thought that you knew it, and you were just playing along.

...Could she have lied that much for the past years? Was I really that stupid...?

Master: So? What do you have to say?
No. 633900 ID: 57d76a

I don't believe it; he's just trying to get you to take the battle seriously.
Do take it seriously, but don't take it personally.
No. 633929 ID: 74592e

It doesn't matter if she lied to you, an action may told many more things than words.

Right now there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is fight, win and ask her in person. If you lose, you get nothing but if you win you get answers. So...It's your choice at last.

Will you lose and trust on what she told you risking the life of everyone who trust in you? Or...Will you win getting the less casualties as possible and the truth?
No. 635072 ID: 094703
File 142933291805.png - (5.23KB , 640x400 , Realizarion.png )

Yes, right now, Victory goes first. I will win this one. I will make miself respect, and show that I am capable...

???: All I have to say, is that I am ready for my victory today.

Master: Well, Then let´s go back to camp, and preapre your army.

I will win as fast as I can. Then we will talk. I know my master is lying, he doesn't know her, she isn't one of his students... I only hope she will be alright......

No. 635073 ID: 094703
File 142933294462.png - (4.28KB , 640x400 , woke.png )


mmmh? Did I overslept...?

hmmm... Andrew would have woken me up if that were the case...

Oh... right... the inquisition... the ambush... the escape...... oh the voices.

...Good morning?
No. 635076 ID: 296917

Good morning. Time for breakfast?
No. 635077 ID: 57d76a

Good morrow.

We should probably mention we saw (part of?) your dream. Looked like a memory, a graduation qualification battle at your Academy, against someone you only called "She".

So hey, any theories on what connected you to us? Like did you do anything special right before we started talking? Touch an orb, maybe? we often get linked by an orb.
No. 635121 ID: f95aeb

Good morning.

Was you expecting us to not be with you? I mean...That was a weird way to say good morning
No. 635129 ID: 29fba6
File 142937844347.png - (13.87KB , 640x400 , planning.png )

I don`t know, I thought I overslept, but it seems its very early in town. I should check later if Ray and Rose are awake, but i don´t hear anything.

Well, maybe... I was just checking.

...linked to an orb? Like some kind of magial device? I only have my...-
No. 635132 ID: 29fba6
File 142937902471.png - (13.93KB , 640x400 , what.png )

Wait WHAT?! You saw... something when I was sleeping...?

A battle...? Against someone I only referred to as "She"...? I don´t really remember the "dreams" I have when I sleep... Most of the time.

...Well, I... don´t know what to think if you can go inside my mind while I sleep...

and yes, it was a memory... I think it was my first battle...

*ding-dong, Ding-dong

Those are the bells of the village chapel, it must be the second call. I almost forgot there was one. Maybe Rose and Ray are there. I don´t think every villager is there though, the ones that live far away probably have their own sanctuary to the gods... I never got along really well with the gods. I can hear some villagers coming, probably for the Daily sermon about the gods and their will.

looks like all of my belongings are here, I intend to leave soon and make my way to the republic. afther eating some warm food. Well, while at it, Do you have some questions? I will try to explain the best that I can, but I don´t know what you saw in my memory...
No. 635134 ID: a9753c

How much environmental survival did you learn while on your campaigns? Sometimes, the logistics of war can be even more important than its battles - if an idiot warlord marches his ten-thousand strong army across a scorching desert with limited supplies, no general knowledge of the desert, and heavy, heat-conducting armor, you can expect the surviving soldiers to die quickly or turn on their leader, even if the enemy garrison has only one hundred soldiers.

Given your experience, I'm sure you did well on campaigns, so we would like some information about the various locations and how to traverse them with minimal complications. We don't know how your world's infrastructure, technological progress, biosphere, and terrain mix together to form a complete environment. The more we know, the better we can form a plan on how to get you to your destination with minimal detection and risk.
No. 635135 ID: 296917

It seemed like you were some sort of military commander, and your teacher told you your friend was going to try to kill you during the battle. Was he lying? Also, did you win?

Why aren't you in the military anymore?
No. 635159 ID: f95aeb

Only one question. Who is she? The one in your memory who seems to make you suffer due to his lies or I suppose that she lied to you
No. 635210 ID: e9f953
File 142940783515.png - (12.60KB , 640x400 , Moving.png )

Well, I remember I was worried about her, at that Time, I thought she was not ready to see a real battle, where lives are at risk, and depending on each order that you give. That´s what I tried to tell to my supervisor, but it seems he may have understood something else. And yes, He was lying, though I never find out why he did it.

And yes, I win that battle, it was quite fast and I tried to have te less lost posible. For better or for worse, she was indeed not ready for seeing a real battlefield. I strike first, and she took too much time for retaliating. At first I was still a bit paranoid because of the talk with my master, and I expected some kind of trap, but in reality, she couldn´t react. But After, She started commanding her forces, giving orders and trying to fight back. But in the end, she was not able to defeat me.

Actually... When I won, it felt incredible. All the surviving troops were celebrating victory, and my bodyguard said they where calling me like a noble, in their language. I don´t know if that was a lie or not, but at the time i did´t care. It felt like it was my first day living.

Her name was... Saria, I think... and she did´t lied to me. Since that day, I helped her, in some way, when it came to real battles. I don´t know if it worked out for her, in fact, I don´t know if she would have been fine if she had to lead an army outside the academy.
We finished our studies in the academy at the same time. And then, we carried our way. We had different ideas of what to do next, so we bid farewell. I lost every contact with her since, Perhaps for the best, I became a mercenary, who knows what would have happened if we found each other then? I am sure I wouldn´t like to fight against her.

Well, I learned a lot about logistics and survival during a lot of campaigns, like how to take care of the food, but I was leading an army then, I mostly gave orders to my subordinates to take care of the needs I find in the army, But I have some knowledge about those things, I may lack of experience though.
We are right now in one of the "Central kingdoms", more precisely the kingdom of Aldiamir. Its climate shouldn't be a problem, it has the normal climate of the central kingdoms, though its a bit more cold, mostly for it being near of the "Nothern kingdoms". There are many forest around, but also many animals and rains are pretty normal around here.

I hear someone coming through the Hallway. He knocks the door of my room

"Uncle" Ray: Hey, Are you awake? Rose and I are going to the chapel, if you want to meet us, we will be there.

Rose: (whispers) If He is asleep, he probably did´t heard you...

"Uncle" Ray: ......I know Rose, We will leave him a letter...

Rose: (Whispers) Or you could have woken him from a good dream...

"Uncle" Ray: I... Let's go, Rose.

Well, they are going to the chapel, and probably everyone around is going there, The central kingdoms are known for being very devoted to the gods. I might as well prepare myself. is there anything we should check before leaving the village? I intend to stay to say goodbay at least.
No. 635211 ID: a9753c

Catch up to Rose and say goodbye. The chapel just screams "trap", what with the knights looming around.
No. 635214 ID: f95aeb

Yeah. The chapel doesn't look like a good idea.

You could wait for them to return and explore if something weird around the village. Let's assume there is no one near so it give you some freedom to move. Or you could leave a message and go
No. 636182 ID: a8f687
File 142989123435.png - (13.51KB , 640x400 , Them.png )

I open the door to the Hallway.

Sheik: Wait... I am awake...

Ray gives a funny look to Rose, which she answers by looking away.

"uncle" Ray: That´s great, will you come with us to the chapel?

Sheik: I don´t think that will be a good idea. There may be some knights looking for me there, and it will only help to cause problems to the town.

"uncle" Ray: I understand.

Sheik: Also, I will be leaving soon. So I wnated to say thanks for your hospitality.

"Uncle" Ray: There is no need, you saved us all, and some may forget it, But I will not. I wish you safe travels.

Rose:...Goodbye, Will we see you again?

It may be better that we don't...

Sheik: It's possible.

"Uncle" Ray: Hey, If you want, a caravan arrived from the republic. They are guards coming to retrieve weapons from the blacksmith. They will be leaving soon. Maybe you want to go with them?

A caravan? If What we heard is true,there are bandits on the road. which means that some good protection may come in handy, but, a caravan may attract the attention of the bandits in the first place, so there are more chances that we end up fight. If I travel alone thought, I may not call enough attention from the bandits, especially if a caravan goes forth, so I may be able to avoid conflict that way...

Rose: Remember what I told you? Sasha wanted to see you before you leave, she said it was important, but she changed her mind, she says the is only her curiosity... If you want to see her, she will probably find you if you go to the forest. But I don't know what she wants.

"Uncle" Ray: Well, we will be leaving now, I left some food for you. Come now Rose, We will arrive late.

Rose: Yes, uncle Ray.

They both start going down the Stairs.

Well, I will be going to eat. Personally, I have curiosity about what Sasha wanted, but that may take some time, and the caravan will leave without me. then again, The bandits may have good numbers, and may not care about a lone traveler... maybe. But, a Caravan is composed by many people, Who knows if I can trust them?

Well, What do you think is better?
No. 636186 ID: 296917

You're looking at the caravan situation the wrong way. Bandits may be attracted to it, so going with it will allow you to help protect them.

That said, you should definitely go see Sasha.
No. 636215 ID: d3be40

Talk to Sasha, maybe she has a stash hidden somewhere.
No. 636399 ID: f4c818
File 143002433320.png - (11.64KB , 640x400 , In Town.png )

Oh, my bad, What I meant is that they might tell the inquisition about me, if they know anything. Mark seemed smart enought to ask for cooperation "appealing for the people´s goodwill" (in exchange of gold, probably), but maybe They crossed this caravan, and they did´t payed too much atention. Also, the caravan leader might charge me for traveling with them, or what they would call: "for protection on the roads", it wouldn´t be the first time I see a caravan doing that.

From the entrance of the tavern I can see the caravan, By the looks of it, I have some time... And by the looks of it, at least half of the guards are not eager to go back to the roads...

Well, yes, it looks like I have some time, I will start walking to the forest.

Also... Now that i Think of it, How dif......?
No. 636400 ID: f4c818
File 143002440423.png - (4.11KB , 640x400 , Limit of the forest.png )


Sasha: Fine! I will let... it hear, if you really trust that much.

Hi?... Welcome back... What happened is this: Sasha felt your presence, and that´s why she was overprotective with Rose. At first, She did not trusted in you, and now, it did not changed much. She used a spell for blocking you from my mind, and have some talk only with me. Luckily, I felt your absence, So I asked her to remove the spell. Also, she is obviously hiding between the trees, it´s a spirit thing, that is all I know, I can´t really tell why.

Sasha: So, they can hear me now?

Sheik: I guess so, But I think I will be able to answer for them.

Sasha: "them" they are many?

Sheik: yes.

Sasha: Did they told you what they are or what are their intentions?

Sheik: Well, They called themselves as some kind of voice from another world, and they said they are here to help.

Sasha: I still don´t know how can you trust in them that much.

Sheik: Well, they have helped me until now, why I would not Trust in them?

Sasha: ... Normally, You humanoids aren´t eager on trust only in the Goodwill of some stranger... Maybe the other spirits are right, and I am getting to close the your kind. Yet that doesn´t mean i Trust in them or those, or whatever they are... Again, Are you sure about them?

Sheik: ... I trust them.

Sasha: At least, let me give you this spell, it allows you to block your mind, or any other mind, of external influences, as long as the emisor of those influences is far away. You Helped me save Rose, Wich is more that what I can say about the rest of the humanoids in the village...

Sheik: Actually, that may help if I find myself fighting someone who is being controlled.

Sasha: Well then, first of all, it is not a spell itself, but just a state of meditation, you have to become aware of what are your thoughts, and what are from someone else. If it is someone else you are trying to reach, you will have to...

[Sheik learned how to block a Mind For better or for worse a basic spell it can practically used naturally, it only cost magical power if it is used in someone else.]

Sheik: So, you really don´t know anything about them?

Sasha: I heard many things in my life as a spirit, But I heard nothing like what you are telling me... What I can tell you, is that they, the voices, might have more influence in this world that they might think, but that is only my intuition.

Sheik: I see... Well, If that´s all you needed. I will be leaving soon.

Sasha:... Be careful on the roads, doesn't matter which way you go, The winds and the animals told me that here are dangers for your kind... I would like to help you more, But I have to go in hunt. I have some mouths to feed...

With that said, I hear her running into the forest...

Well... looks like is time to go back to the caravan... the sermon of the chapel is still going, and there is mostly no one around, aside from the blacksmith that is helping the caravan... I still have doubts about going with them... And that talk with Sasha led to more questions than answers.
No. 636402 ID: e114bc

Oh, neat. Yeah, that spell could come in handy. Frustrating that she didn't know anything about us... I bet we're unique or something. She said something about "your kind" so I guess that confirms you're not human?

...I am a bit undecided on whether or not to go with the caravan, now. Do you really think they'd sell you out?
No. 636408 ID: d3be40

Too bad you didn't give us enough time to try and talk with Sasha. Maybe later.

You should be able to follow the caravan from a safe distance. If they spot you, you can explain that you didn't want to get caught or get them into danger. You earned a good reputation by saving the town so they should trust that.

For now, find the caravan. Be sure to pick up any herbs you find on the way.
No. 636439 ID: 57d76a

>more influence on the world than they think
[Light a nearby leaf on fire]
Who knows, it might work.

>"Spell" to separate you from us
Good to have.

So what did you talk with Sasha about? If you don't mind my asking.
No. 636523 ID: a904da
File 143009671440.png - (17.77KB , 640x400 , Caravan1.png )

... I think she reffered to "my kind" in a way to say all humans... Or maybe... No, it doesn´t matter to ask that now, she is far away now.

The Caravan might try that, if they are smart, they won´t, but not everyone is smart...

[Nothing happens]

... Oh... It almost looked like you had something there...

Well, you did´t missed much of the conversation, At first, she thought I was under some kind of mind control, then she thought her spell didn't worked, and then I told her to stop blocking you. That's all

Yes. It will be better to take a closer look to the caravan. While at it, I search for any herb that might come useful... This reminds me of my childhood... before the academy of course. Then again, it appears that there is nothing more useful here.

Right now I have enough healing herbs for external wounds, some for fever and for the pain. Also, I have some poisonous herb, not mortal, but may cause annoyance to someone... If only I had some tools to work and concentrate them... I am sure I will find some in the republic.

Well, Here we are, the caravan, just outside the blacksmith shop.

Guard: Hold! What is your business with us?

This guard seems to be better armed that the other ones.

sheik: I am just a traveler, May I ask for permission to aconpaining the caravan?

Guard: Well, we hav...

Like a familiar being summoned, Sudenly someone with rich clothes appears behind the guard.

Merchant: Of course! We Have a seat avidable, in one of our wagons, If you want to come, It will be 50 gold coins, for protection of too.

The guard seems to be annoyed by How is the merchant is acting... He almost looks like he is about to say something...

Sheik: I know how to defend myself, in fact, you may want an extra sword.

Merchant: Oh, so you have a sword? Then, you can come, if you pay 20 gold coins for the seat in the wagon!
No. 636524 ID: a904da
File 143009681369.png - (17.75KB , 640x400 , Caravan2.png )

Guard: Do We have to talk about this again?! The Wagons are property of the Guards, merchant.

Merchant: *sigh... FINE! I am just trying to get some profit here, you could win some gold!

Guard: are you trying to bribe me?!

Merchant: No... it´s just...

Guard: I don´t want to hear your excuses, you made your gold by selling your merchandise, now sit in your place, we will be back in the republic, and then you will spend your gold in whatever you want, maybe in your own wagon, and your own guards.

Merchant: ok, ok! by the gods...

the merchant walks away.

Guard: Sorry for that... Merchants tend to get too greedy sometimes... and think that everything is theirs... We indeed could use an extra sword, But I don´t have much to pay you with...

Sheik: we Will see what we can do, Are we leaving now?

Guard: In a moment, maybe a bit more, if you have anything else to do here, I will suggest doing it fast. If not, Go to the wagon and meet with your companions for the rest of the trip.
No. 636553 ID: d3be40

Time to go. Be sure to find a good place on the wagon to scout for enemies.
No. 636594 ID: 57d76a

>"Nothing happens" is in brackets

Might be close, then. I have another thing or two to try, but probably we'd want to try them with someone we trust, at least more or less. Ought to be quick, but not particularly urgent. I'm thinking just meet with your fellow guardspersons.
No. 636663 ID: db14a8
File 143016420230.png - (18.35KB , 640x400 , Caravan3.png )

Sheik: I think I am ready to go.

Guard: well, follow me then.

I did not had much space to choose from sadly, on the bright side, I might be able to react faster here.

Well... it´s more comfortable that I expected. The Guard that Brought me here grabs a horse, and heads ahead of the caravan. It looks like soon will be time to leave.

Well, there are five persons with me, aside form the one that directs the horses:

There is a enormous man at my side, wearing enormous armor, and a greatsword, I think he is some kind of a knight, but when I ask him, he doesn't answer... I think he may be asleep, somehow.

There is a kid in front of me, ho wears simple clothes and a Staff... he may be some kind of magic user... What is he doing here? I dont know...

There is another guard with a Crossbow and a short sword, and nothing more remarkable, sitting just beside of the kid.

And, Unable to be seen behind the armored man, there is what appears to be a wandering minstrel, doing some maintenance to his flute...

Some guards in front give some signals, and the caravan is ready to go, There is one guard with a spear and a shield in each side of our wagon, and slowly, we begin our march...

The kid is looking everywhere, at first I thought he forgot something, then again, I find out he has an erratic sight... The guard with the crossbow is shaking... That´s not a good sign. The Armored man did´t seem to have noticed anything at all, and the minstrel sworn when he was trying to clean the flute, and the wagon moved.

... Well.... this looks like it´s going to take long...... So... What to do for pass time right now? hmmm... maybe a story? I know one story that I used to hear when I was a kid, but I would need your cooperation for that, it's a bit different of other stories... Or maybe I should do something else?
No. 636664 ID: d3be40

Ask about strategy. You and the others need to be ready for an ambush.
No. 636673 ID: 57d76a

This, but only briefly.

>story he heard as a kid
>a bit different
>requires our cooperation
Sounds interesting, go on...
No. 636695 ID: db6f73

Sounds good. Maybe it's time to know us better. We don't have chances like this very often.
No. 637154 ID: 0ec5ea
File 143044323458.png - (6.01KB , 640x400 , The caravan_.png )

Sheik: Hey do we have a plan in case of ambush?

Crossbow Guard: wh... wh-what? o-of Course, we are re-ready! T-that is our job after all...

Driver: Sigh* would you care to stop being a coward Sain? If we get assaulted, we will need you to be ready.

CrossBow guard: S-s-sorry Steve... B-but I don´t think I can handle this....

Driver: You have to, if you don´t you are going to die. I can´t save you for ever... As for your question, We have some scouting parties in our flanks, they will warn us of any trouble, and we will have time to prepare in case of any attack.

Sheik: I see...

Well, From what I can see around, there is a medium elevation on one side of the road, one could easily jump down from there. On top of it there is what appears to be a dense forest... If I were the bandits, I would strike from there. There are plains on the other side of the road, with some lone tree here and there, and some minor elevation. If they have horses, they will strike from there, but if that is the case, we will see them coming.

I can see that in the plains, at the distance, there are some horsemen of the guards moving around, while in the forest, I think they probably put some guards up there only to look out for any incoming assault...

The guard with the crossbow seems calmer... He won't react correctly if we get ambushed, but maybe he doesnt have to.

There are 4 wagons in the caravan, and there are at least 4 guards on each, with two of them on each side, and there are more guards scattered around the caravan. I Would say this many soldiers are a bit excessive for a short trip, but I am not familiar with these bandits we heard of. It is either paranoia, or these bandits are more dangerous that any other bandit.
No. 637155 ID: 0ec5ea
File 143044341399.png - (5.92KB , 640x400 , History start.png )

Well, with that done, time for a little story for passing some time... Before we start, I have to say, it´s the first time I actually tell this "story" so I might make some mistakes.

"In a time long ago, there where many tribes around what we now know as "The many kingdoms". at that time, the Central kingdoms were just starting to expand, but they were far away to become what we know right now as "the old Empire", and surrounded by conflicts. Yet, this story is not about a mighty hero of the central tribes...

...This tribe lived Barely even knowing of the central tribes existence, as this tribe was in the southern kingdoms. They, especially, lived in the mountains, protected by them from their enemies.

Hunters, Farmers, warriors, healers; Humans and Beast-man all living in a single community.

But, Who was our character? Why was he known on his tribe for? Was He/She respected, hated, ignored or loved by this?

(Remember that I said I would need your cooperation for this? Well, you have to help the storyteller with your own answers to his questions, I didn't find many stories of this kind during my travels... I suppose they aren't that famous.)
No. 637210 ID: 57d76a

This is a thing in your world? Neat.

Let's have a beast-lady, who's scoffed at for her love of SCIENCE!
No. 637223 ID: d3be40

A little beast-girl, ignored by everyone as she pursued a life of dance...

And theft of knowledge.
No. 637282 ID: 2f909d
File 143050397745.png - (8.25KB , 640x400 , In the Tribe.png )

Our character was someone not very famous on her tribe. In the best cases, she was ignored, in the worst, they would laugh at her. With time, she learned to ignore them, but it was hard, and even now, she can´t ignore the looks they give to her, like she were some kind of weird bug. Most of the time, she tried ignored that feeling, but there were times when she stopped doing whatever she was doing, thinking "Am I that different from them?" "Why they treat me like that? What did I do wrong?" And at those times, she would just restrain her thoughts, and keep working.

She always loved "Weird" Things, maybe because she felt affection towards everything that was Unknown and ignored. Sometimes, she would dance with the shaman. The Shaman was one of the few members of the tribe that actually talked to her, but even so, The shaman was far away from treating her like any other member of the tribe.

She looked for ways to make the life in her tribe more easier, Like making inventions, learning how the wind worked and things like that. Others laugh at her "What else is need to be known? You should be doing something more important!" She didn't answer, but she would think "How could we know if it is useful if we don't try?". And that was only when she was only planning, when experiments failed, there could be even worse problems...

At nights, sometimes she would do the "Dance of shadows", that´s how she called it, made her think she was actually talking to someone, and leave the tribe in silence, without even a soul noticing her absence, And go to where other tribe was settled, in order to study their ways, their tools, anything that could attract her attention. If the other tribes find her out, they would think she is a thief, but the times when she was discovered where few, and she was never caught.

It´s morning, and She just wakes up... It´s time for sustain "everyone´s weird look of the morning"... she is tired, That night she went to a neighbor tribe that settled itself in a river, and she found some kind of a strange machinery that worked with water, She would have loved to have the chance to study it better, but all she could do is take a glimpse from the exterior...

Right now, She has too many projects, and she isn't very organized... What should she do now? Should she start working in some of her projects, walk around the houses, or go outside the village? What does she wants?
No. 637296 ID: 57d76a

Obviously, start a new project to reverse engineer that water-using machinery. Who cares that there are twelve other projects cluttering her workspace?
No. 637396 ID: ea46a4
File 143054442005.png - (6.22KB , 640x400 , Imagination.png )

Yes, She HAS to find out what was the purpose of that machine, there aren't many rivers in the Tribe's territory, but maybe it can be powered with something else... But she doesn't even know what it was used for, but she can figure out on the way. Also, it is not like someone is waiting for her to finish her projects...
No. 637397 ID: ea46a4
File 143054443976.png - (2.90KB , 640x400 , Sad.png )

...It is not like anyone is waiting to see Her results...
No. 637399 ID: ea46a4
File 143054449298.png - (9.38KB , 640x400 , The kid.png )


Kid: Hey, what´s your name?

sigh* back to reality... I was enjoying that...

Sheik: Huh...? oh, my name is Sheik.

Kid: Sheik...? I never heard that name before...

That´s why I picked it, I will not be going around with my real name, nor my first nickname... Wait... Did I just...?.... Yes... I released the storm....

Kid: So...Why do you wear a Hood?

Sheik: Why do you do it?

Kid: Because they look nice!

Heh... Not bad...

Kid: on mages.

Hum... He is about to do more questions.... Let´s see if I can stop him...

Kid: Are you a mage? Why are you traveling? ...

Sheik: No, I am not a mage, And I Always travel around. But First, Are you a mage?

Kid: eh? Of course I am. Don´t you see my staff?

Sheik: really? I thought that you where helping a real mage, to gather his stuff.

Kid: I... How did...?

Nailed it. He seems to be ashamed, with luck, he won't bother us...

Dammit... now I feel a bit bad for doing that...Should I talk to him or resume with the story...? I will need your help to calm him though, I am not good with kids...
No. 637418 ID: e114bc

Rider spotted. With a blue and red checkered flag. Do you recognize it? Oh, the colors match the ones on the guards... ask if they're expecting any company.
No. 637425 ID: a9753c

Resume story.
No. 637930 ID: 71ba46
File 143067664814.png - (9.44KB , 640x400 , Apologize.png )

I think he is one of the the scouting soldiers in the plain. He probably has that banner to warn us in case of hostiles coming that way.

Sheik`s Trust in the "voice of the many": 36%

You seem to have liked the story, But even so, every story has a moral...

... Even though I dislike leaving unfinished things, I have to say something, I did not wanted to be as aggresive as I was, At least I should apologize. I will continue with the story afterwards.

Sheik: I´m sorry, I did not pretend to react like that.

The kid looks up.

Kid: I undrestand... I thought you wanted to talk.

He smiles, looks back down...


Sheik´s trust in the "voice of the many": 35%

Well, let´s proceed with the story...
No. 637931 ID: 71ba46
File 143067668145.png - (12.18KB , 640x400 , The knight.png )

Guard: AMBUSH!

Dammit! I got distracted! arrows are falling over us, the caravan is immobilized.

One arrow hits our driver, he is not dead, but he won´t be able to fight, While the second one gets the minstrel, who is now on the floor of the wagon, bleeding, Can't see if he will made it. a Third arrow hits the knight's helmet, but it's shattered.


Guard: Take cover Behind the wagons!

We all do it.
No. 637932 ID: 71ba46
File 143067673823.png - (21.14KB , 640x400 , Cover.png )

I hold the Crossbow guard from fleeing, once he seems calmer, I leave him. The other two spearmen made it out without a problem. The kid is Crying... And the knight seem eager to fight...


Sheik: Stop! We need a plan before acting, If you charge at them you will be outnumbered, We have to fight back, but charging mindlessly will get us killed.

Knight?: Then... What´s your plan?
No. 637933 ID: 71ba46
File 143067678831.png - (9.50KB , 640x400 , Ambush!.png )

The terrain isn't in our favor, there is a small pathway to the top of the hill, blocked by some bandits.

Well, There are two courses of action. One is join forces with the rest of the caravan, the other one, strike at the enemy through the path, and then try to take out the archers that are attacking the rest of the caravan. That will Block their escape route, But it will be hard.
They have at least four archer on top of the hill, while many bandits are jumping down and striking at the caravan. They don´t seem to have much training, and their weapons are either axes or stolen weapons. The stolen weapons seems to be mad maintained. They compensate this flaws with numbers though.

Both of our scouting parties are unavailable... The ones in the plains are fighting against some mounted bandits, while the ones that where on the hill are nowhere to be seen....

We will need some organization if we are to win this...
No. 637939 ID: a9753c

Right now, the archers are suppressing fire, making this battle more difficult than it needs to be. If you can take them out, the knights can easily eliminate the bandits; right now, they need to protect the undefended civilians from being picked off by archers and thugs.
No. 637941 ID: a9753c

Okay, here's my plan:

According to your map, there are short cliffs to the upper-left that connect to the main roads by an eastern path; that's where the archers are. You and the knight run up that path, deflecting arrows (and distracting the archers while the other civilians move the cart south to escape). After neutralizing the two archers and four thugs, the knight will distract any reinforcements while you deal with the remaining archers. If there are too many to fight, then you charge at the archers (dodge if possible) and throw them off the cliffs, which will remove their height advantage or neutralize them. If you get injured, grab an archer and jump off the cliff, using their body as a cushion.

This isn't the best plan, so can someone else please come up with a better one?
No. 638937 ID: 9e918a
File 143105018227.png - (21.32KB , 640x400 , Prepare to battle.png )

>>637939 - >>637941
That is a good plan, but you care too much about the civilians, The bandits won't care much about the ones that are unarmed and probably go for the guards, and even so, they should be under cover right now.

The problem with your plan is: We are two against who know how many of them, even if they aren't trained in combat, we could get outnumbered and surrounded easily... unless.

Sheik: You three! Follow my orders, Now!

Guard 1: Wh-What? But...

Sheik: there is little time to argue, unless you have a plan, I would suggest that you follow my orders, You all been fearing these bandits, and acting defensively, now is time to strike back.

Guard 1: ...But... yes, is time to bring them down. I will follow your orders.

Guard 2: But... the commander...

Guard 1: The commander is probably fighting right now, there is little time to discuss it, and he seems to have a plan.

Crossbow Guard: ...b-But-...

Sheik: Look, You saw your friend, He is hurt, and he needs to be healed! We can´t do that while the bandits are attacking us.

Guard 1: If you aren't going to fight for yourself, at least fight for Steve!

Crossbow Guard: Y-Yes... I will do it!

Sheik: Well, here is the plan: The knight will go in the centre, his armor will help him with mostly of the arrows, but he can easily be outnumbered alone, you will use your shields to protect his flanks from anyone, In case of any of you needing help I will be covering your backs. You, the one with the crossbow, you will be with me, and as soon as I say it, you will be taking down archers with it.


Guard 1: Count with me.

Guard 2: I will do my best.

Good, with this small force I think I would be able to break through the the bandits lines.

Kid: A- And what will I do?!

Sheik: ...You will stay here of course, you have to keep yourself safe.

Kid: I can fight! I know how to cast some magic and... and...

Are those... sparks coming out of his fingers?! ...pyromancy... He could help... But pyromancers are somewhat... "Unstable", if they have not good training to control their feelings, also he could get himself hurt or maybe even killed if he comes with us...
No. 638958 ID: 57d76a

Hmm. I would say have the kid light a fire as a distraction, but being a distraction is even more dangerous than coming with the fighting party.

Maybe, if there's something he can light and then throw? (Or if he can throw fireballs.)

I wouldn't suggest bringing him into the fray. Maybe see if you can get him to the rest of the caravan, it doesn't look like that would require too much doing.

As a seperate thought, I'd suggest you use a pincer on the two nearest your wagon. Have the knight and one guard go first around the north end of the wagon, then hit them from behind with you and the other guard.
No. 638967 ID: d3be40

It's nice to know that the kid can defend himself, but he's unprotected and inexperienced. If he goes out into the battlefield, one arrow out of dozens per second could kill him.

Have him protect the other civilians on "Shotgun Defense": If any bandits get within five feet of his line of sight, he should spread a thin layer of sufficiently hot flames towards them. Tell him to spread the flame attacks across a large area, and with sufficient heat to set them on fire, but low density of actual flames (per square meter) to save on mana - lava waves look cool but cost much more than they're worth. This type of ranged fire is famous for short-range combat.

And if they grab him he should radiate flames.
No. 639515 ID: 348712
File 143131190001.png - (20.48KB , 640x400 , Charge.png )

Sheik: I would suggest you to stay here, where it is safer, but if you really want to help, go with the rest of the caravan and help them. But don´t take risks, Keep yourself safe.

Kid: ...yes.

Sheik: Wait for us to come out and call the attention. Then Move.

He doesn´t seem to like the idea, but it's for the best.

If he can actually do that without training, I will be really suprised! but let's not get our hopes up. Also, pyromancy is more that just being able to cast flames, but no time to explain now. (It's a common misunderstanding even here)

Sheik: You, Follow me. Knight, go by the other side with the other guard, we will strike at the same time.

We come out of our cover, the first two bandits never had a chance, two arrows are blocked by the guard's shields, and the other two bandits try to charge at us. The knight and I stop them and go back in formation to keep going up.

Sheik: Use your crossbow on the archers that are up the cliff!

The guard obeys. Hmm, He could be a very good sniper.
No. 639516 ID: 348712
File 143131192665.png - (13.71KB , 640x400 , Vengeance.png )

While we were charging to reach the helpless archers, some bandits try to attack us from the forest. One in particular charges at me.

Bandit: Damn you!

I try ready my shield, but I took longer that expected...

Kid: Take that!

A Water sphere hits my opponent in the ear, stunning him. I take this advantage and knock him out.

Sheik: What are you doing here?

Kid: Helping.

I will leave the talk for later... We need to keep charging at those archers...
No. 639517 ID: 348712
File 143131195973.png - (6.87KB , 640x400 , Running away.png )

...Heh, no need, they are awkwardly running away... Now all it's left is...

No. 639519 ID: 348712
File 143131201610.png - (6.38KB , 640x400 , Why.png )

They... They are Retreating?! Why are they retreating? They had advantage! I can listen their footsteps in the forest, almost all of them, if not all, are running away...

No. 639576 ID: a9753c

Something's wrong. Poisonous gas attacks?

Grab any unconscious bandits. You'll want an explanation. Either follow them or hightail it out of there; they ran for a reason.

Heal the wounded as best you can. If there are too many injured, go back to the village.
No. 639641 ID: 57d76a

....maybe they already got what they wanted? Not sure what that would be at this point...
No. 640876 ID: 1e1def
File 143179364527.png - (17.81KB , 640x400 , Victory.png )

"Poisonous gas attacks"? That Would be near impossible to do, and useless in open field, the gas would expand easily, it would cause damage, but you would need an incredible quantity of it if you want it to work.

They don't seem that they might come back any time soon... And I don´t think we will be able to chase them, we have to take care of the wounded...

... That looks like the case... But what was it? I thought they wanted to get the weapons and money of the caravan... What else could have possibly made them attack us...

Crossbow Guard: We... We made it! Haha!

Guard 1: They are running away!

Guard 2: We finally strike them back!


...Everyone seems very happy though...

Kid: So? How did I do?

Sheik:... Why did you come?

Kid: Well... You didn't specify on HOW to help.

Sheik: Hum... ok then... I will remember to be specific next time... But you did good.
No. 640877 ID: 1e1def
File 143179366962.png - (7.63KB , 640x400 , Guad.png )

Messenger: Hey! all of you! The commander wants everyone to regroup in the caravan, Do what you must, and then head there. And you, the one with the hood.

Sheik: What?

Messenger: The commander wants to speak to you... He said it was important... I don´t know if he has time to wait...

Guard 1: Wh-what happened to the commander?!


Messenger: ... Would you please follow me?
No. 640878 ID: 1e1def
File 143179371857.png - (13.95KB , 640x400 , Wounded.png )

There are many dead guards and bandits laying around, and some guards are badly wounded. They took prisoners at least 3 bandits. Some of them are begging... There are still guards looking between the deads for anything that could be useful.

Commander: ...You... go help the other wounded, I will be able to keep myself... Hey you! how is the merchant?

Guard: his knee is pretty bad, but I think he will make it.

Commander: good... and what is making Carl take so... long...

Messenger: here he is, commander.

Commander: Ah, finally...

he tries to sand up, but one of his guards stops him.

Commander: Dammit! I am still breathing and I am not that badly wounded!

He shakes himself out of the guard's hand.

Guard: But sir...

Commander: Do as I told you already. I don´t have intentions on dying here. Hey! You! make sure the horses are ready!... Now... You give them hell did´t you?! If only you could have seen the face of their leader when he found out he was being flanked...! I would have made you my second in command if you were a guard... and I if I hadn't one already...

Sheik: Wait... You are the commander of the Guard of the entire republic?!

Commander: Who else would I be?

I think I know what the bandits wanted...

Commander:... I took the opportunity to strike at him with my spear, he is wounded, but I guess I ended up worse, heh... Sigh* I hate to say it... but I need your help once more... If you are willing of course... Do you still want to go to the republic? Because I need you there...But first... Are you ok? did you get hurt?

Sheik: I think I'm fine...

Commander: Good...if you want to rest or talk or something... do it now... then come back and I tell you what I need you to do... If you want to do it of course.
No. 640882 ID: d3be40

Don't keep the commander waiting. Get your instructions, and then talk to the others.
No. 640926 ID: 31b805
File 143181275778.png - (13.93KB , 640x400 , The mission.png )

Sheik: I can do that later, First I need to know what you want me to do.

Commander: Well, Here it is, My second in command is on the republic, a good leader, but lacks of skill. I need you to go to the republic and warn them about this situation... we won´t be able to move yet, I won´t leave wounded guards to their death... ask them to bring reinforcements or something to help us. We will be able to hold our ground... I think.

Sheik: the bandits would not attack me?

Commander: the bandits have it against us... for some reason. As long as you don't look like one of the republic, they will probably don't mind you... Also, they always make sure to leave some survivors... to spread the word...

...That is too much care for regular bandits... Almost reminds me to...

Commander: Also... I want you to talk to the others... The kid and that knight. Tell them they are free to go, and they probably should be doing it... Will you help?

Sheik: I will, I'm going to the republic after all.

Commander: Thanks... If you have any questions, ask them. After that, go with your friends and tell them what I said...
No. 640989 ID: 1cd453
File 143183241559.png - (15.16KB , 640x400 , separation.png )

Sheik: Do you know why those bandits are attacking you, in particular?

Commander: There are only rumors, nothing that can really be taken seriously.

Sheik: I see... I will go do some preparations, Then I will go to the republic.

I head where the others are.

Knight: Ah, you are back, So what happened?

Sheik: The commander said we are free to go.

Kid: So we just keep the road to the Republic? What will the rest of the caravan do?

Sheik: Take care of themselves, and resist as much as they can... I must deliver a message to the city, to ask for help.

Knight: Hooded man, I am much surprised by your actions right now. If you ever require a Sword, Never doubt on calling me, I am Sir Harold, a Traveling knight. How may I call you, Sire?

Sheik: You may call me Sheik.

Sir Harold: I will remember your actions today. Yet... It's a duty and honor of every knight to protect those who are endangered by the forces of evil and injustice... Once this is over, I shall follow you wherever you go!

He makes a reverence

...I don't know if I want to be followed through my situation... especially since what happened to my other followers...

Kid: Well... am not a fighter... so I don't think I can help that much here... Can I go with you? I have to deliver this staff after all...

Sheik: I suppose...

Well, that's settled. So what do you guys say? Shall we move on or is there anything you want to see or ask?
No. 641131 ID: 57d76a

>injuring the commander of the guard then leaving with no spoils
>always come after the guard
>always leave witnesses alive
This reeks of politics. Somebody doesn't like the guard. And the current situation is almost certainly a ploy to assassinate the commander.

I would say don't leave him alone, but you probably wouldn't do that much good here... but if you want to save him, make haste.
No. 642552 ID: 169e6d
File 143244577421.png - (14.76KB , 640x400 , Inventory.png )

... Great, political conspiracies... I hate conspiracies, always hard to tell who is with who... And people dying without reason, without warning and without even knowing why. It may be best that I kept myself away from this... Or I Could try to finish this conflict as fast as I can, to make sure it won't come back and bring me more troubles...

From what I heard, There is a Conflict between two families in the republic, maybe it is that, I don't know what does that have to do with the guard though.

Before moving I will go to our wagon and recollect all my stuff... Well, here is the minstrel, He is dead. May he rest in peace, I suppose.

Let's see... Bandages check, Medicine check, disinfectant check, rope check... Food check, ingredients... 3 Health potions... Dammit... How could I forget those in here?!... Wait... there is other thing here... the mineral ores... I... totally forgot that I had these...
No. 642553 ID: 169e6d
File 143244580017.png - (14.04KB , 640x400 , Moving on.png )

Sheik: Are you ready to go?

Kid: Yeah, I think so.

Sheik: Then let´s get moving.

Guard: It would be around an houw or two to reach the republic from here. Take care.

We follow the road towards the republic.

Kid: So...Why are you traveling?

Sheik: I always traveled, For better or for worse. And you? Was It your master that asked for that staff or something?

Kid: No... I don´t have a master yet... a Mage told me that He knew of another mage that lived in the republic that may be able to teach me.

... Why does that sounds suspicious?

sheik: You don´t have a master, yet someone told you to do his delivery to someone who may teach you?

Kid:... What's wrong with that? I have been searching for a master for a week, this will my first time for learning real spells!

Sheik: I see...

Kid: You just wait, I will put everything on my training and Become the strongest mage that the world has known!

Well, He has the attitude, I just Hope he doesn't get disappointed...

His stomach growls...

Sheik: ... You ate in this week didn't you?

Kid: ...Yea, I just haven´t eaten since... emmm...

He starts counting with his fingers.

Sheik: ok, stop that... You may have a part of my food, just try to bring yours next time...

1 ration of food lost.

Kid: Thank you!

He starts eating... Seeing as there doesn't seem that there is going to be any more interruptions, We might as well go back to what we were doing before the ambush,if you want, I do not like to leave things unfinished, but I can always finnish it later. (and without having to worry about any suprise...) Or we could remain silent until we arrive to the doors of the republic.
No. 642562 ID: 9297f4

Might as well finish it. It's very interesting.
No. 642795 ID: d61c25

Nothing better than an awkward silence, don't you think?

Please, proceed as you wish
No. 642833 ID: f34ec4
File 143252522184.png - (9.15KB , 640x400 , Home.png )

Actually, silence is something great to have around, If you are listening closely, no one will be able to take you by suprise... But seeing as how the kid is eating, I would say that silence is not an option.

You liked it? Heh, you should have heard my mother telling those. Even the same story always sounded different! ...

...Let's... continue:

"She got back to her hut, where she stores leaves and leather with her annotations. she carefully moves away some to make space for the new proyect, and starts working on it, Focusing everything that she has in order to discover it's functioning.

Once She found out how does te external mechanism goes... she can barely think on how could the internal mechanism be. Especially since she still can't think on what was it used for... She starts doing some theories. Maybe it was for transporting water? Or maybe for cutting wood? It´s hard to say, And it doesn´t seem like she is doing any progres by just staring at the mechanis she just sketched... Maybe she could...

???: H-Hello? Can we talk for a moment? ...Are you in?

...There are few persons that would go to her hut and annoy her when she is working... He is Alan, a warrior of the tribe... He and she were friends when they were kids, But they haven't talked much since she showed interest in investigating... But, Sadly for both of them, Everyone used him as some kind of "messenger" to her (which feels demeaning...), Why would they do that? Not even she knows... She wonders what is it this time, and if she should even listen to what he has to say...
No. 643354 ID: 7c27e6

What should she do?
No. 643488 ID: 57d76a

May as well hear him out (while complaining about this messenger thing, seriously, they could just talk to her themselves), no sense in taking it out on him.
No. 644102 ID: 4e9ba4
File 143300206606.png - (7.58KB , 640x400 , Encounter 1.png )

This is not the first time, nor the third, and it won't be the last time they sent him with a message, might as well Hear if he has somethingi mportant to say...

Alan: Ah, there you are. How are you?

She: Hi... please, omit the message of the old woman...

Alan: oh, emm well.

She: And the ones from the farmers.

Alan: yea... this..

She: In fact, omit everything that is not of importance.

Alan:... Well... There are a few things...
No. 644103 ID: 4e9ba4
File 143300208595.png - (7.60KB , 640x400 , Encounter 2.png )

Alan: The Hunt was Actually pretty good, And I heard you worked extra hard yesterday with the farmers, We got enough food for weeks! And the chief is so pleased that he pretends to do a fest this night.

She: That´s good to hear, I hope everyone to have a good time.

Actually, that may give her enough time to go back to the other tribe, and find out how that machine worked!

Alan: You are invited too.

She: What?

Alan: I know, I know. Normally the chief, for everyone's sake, including you, tries to maintain a safety distance Between you and the rest of the tribe.

...It´s been like that since she can remember, But The chief also wouldn't talk to her, not most of the time. He also used Alan as some kind of messenger, he was the first at least... She never worried about that, after all, She will be alone and could concentrate on her own personal works.

She: I... See...

Alan:... Look, I know that these days you like to go down the forest to visit your father's tombs, and stay there for a while... But you should consider this as an opportunity no meet some people, Maybe someone that might even want to help you.

Right... Nobody knows that in reality she just goes out to look at the other tribes in search of knowledge, And that is for the best, who knows what they would do to her if she was discovered.

She: ...I... Don't know...

Alan: It's your decision after all.
No. 644104 ID: 4e9ba4
File 143300211350.png - (7.99KB , 640x400 , Encounter 3.png )

Alan: ...Also... I wanted to tell you... I going to get married...

She: Really!? Congratulations!

Alan: Heh... Thanks...

She: She must be really lucky, one of the most trusted warriors of the chief, and also the one who is everyone's friend in the tribe.

Alan: Please, stop!...

He is red as red can be, It' almost like when they were kids, But suddenly, there are no topics for conversation. And the silence starts.

Alan: Well, I should be leaving now... I will introduce to each other of you if you come to the fest this night... See you later...

... The first time in a long time she is actually invited to participate actively in a fest... It's all so sudden and incredible for her... But what changed? Why was she invited? She can't think on an answer... and Then, her paranoia starts... It wouldn't be the first time the do a prank on her, it would be the first time the chief does it though, he normally doesn't have time for those kind of things... But... what if something goes wrong?... What should she do? Should she go to the fest or should she escape at night again to the tribe that was using that machine in order to get a closer look?
No. 644110 ID: d3be40

This doesn't seem like a trap, but given your history I don't think that the festival will go smoothly. They'll have festivals when you're older and the others have forgotten their duties to berate you, but that machine might be destroyed someday.

Analyze the machine. Maybe today's the day you crack the black box.
No. 644198 ID: 6f7891

She should go, after all she is free to leave when you want. If the fest doesnt seems right for her then go to analyze the machine. No one will notice if it's like she said.
No. 646523 ID: 5d830b
File 143356581705.png - (5.09KB , 640x400 , Stress.png )

She can't decide if she should or shouldn't go... If she goes, she could be Rejected again by everyone else in the tribe, but if she doesn't go, They may get angry at her... She was taught by her parents that she should always be polite... and to always chase for what you want...

But... There is no need for her to decide now... she is uease by having to chose this decision... Maybe she has to calm herself for now. Maybe distract herself entirely from both the project and the fest?... She could go to work on the farms, though she already worked extra yesterday, so she is free to do it or not, at least for today, maybe she will met with someone who wants to talk, or something else could happen... She also could go to where her parents lay, It was a long time since she last visited them, it's a calm place, too calm even for the forest. She could also walk aimlessly, without any apparent route, it helps her think, but her thoughts seem to be as random as her route. Or maybe she will do something else? It's still morning, many hours until night, for the least.
No. 646539 ID: 57d76a

Nah, go ahead and go to the fest. They're reaching out to you, that doesn't happen every day. And like >>644198 said, if it starts going badly you can always leave.
No. 647905 ID: 1c77ca
File 143407499607.png - (5.98KB , 640x400 , On the Fest.png )

She decides to wait until night... Then she goes to the fest... At first, there were fewer people around, but after some time, mostly everyone in the tribe was around. She was alone sitting on one of the tables, while everyone talked, laughed. At first, was the opening, With dances preformed by the shamans and sages, a way to thank the spirits for this day. Then the chief would proclaim some words, nothing really important, but a part of the traditions.

After that, the real party started, Some of the younger warriors would always try to use this opportunity to show who was the bravest or stroger of them, since the chief was watching, and sooner or later, he could use another warrior on his side. Meanwhile, the others would place bets on them, or watch them fight, Some young girls already had some preferences, it is against rules to spill blood or kill a fellow warrior, especially during a festival to the spirits, So they would be careful. Even so, The fights didn't caught her attention.

The food was being served, At first there is some light meals, such as grain and soup, nothing really that could fill someone. the heavy plate would come after, with all the things that the hunters brought, with some other things. The food was very nice.

Around the bonfire, some shamans and his servants are dancing or intoning songs to accompany everything. That dance seems new to her, but she doesn't have time to ask about it, after all, one mustn't interrupt the shamans in middle of their dances.

Well... This is not like she imagined it... But she still feel a bit away of everything that is happening. everyone seems to be ignoring her, wich is better that being rejected, she thinks. But in reality, as this is her first time in a festival like this one, she is lost, and she doesn't quite knows what to do. she's a bit disorientated right now. What should she do?
No. 647908 ID: d3be40

Dance? See if you can apply your knowledge to the art.

Leave early, not like there's anything else interesting going on.
No. 648201 ID: cee125
File 143422187639.png - (7.79KB , 640x400 , around the fire.png )

She decides to wait until this dance is over, and then aske the shaman if she could participate. The shaman looked at the Chief, who made a signal of arpoval. The Shaman finally decided to let participate in the Next dance. a simple one, that can be intepreted in many ways. Two kids running around the bonfire, with two spirits, a good whan and a bad one, between them. Then many other characters would join the Dance. A warrior, a farmer, a chief and who knows what else. She would make the paper of the "stranger" Someone from outside the town, who might be good for our little protagonist, or in fact, be one of the antagonists. This time, The stranger gave medicine to one of the kids, who, fooled by the evil spirit, got biten by a snake, and helped the other one in secret, showing him the right way.

Once the dance ends, she meets with a familiar face...."
No. 648202 ID: cee125
File 143422193411.png - (4.39KB , 640x400 , The republic.png )

Kid: we-bh hab arribh (We have arrived)

*Sigh...Well, looks like we will have to stop for now... The kid is still eating... Incredible, I didn't though he was that hungry... well, from the looks of it, the city seems to be in a good state. The farms around the city don't seem to have been attacked by the bandits, but having caravans moving around with trading goods might be a more interesting target. There are guards all around the city, it's hard to say if they are alarmed or it's always like this.
No. 648203 ID: cee125
File 143422199358.png - (17.78KB , 640x400 , Entrance.png )

We approach to the gate. But we are stopped by one of the guards.

Guard 1: HALT! WHO GOES THERE?! What Business do you have here?

Sheik: We are travelers and...

Guard 1: You say you are a traveler! But I don't Belive you!

He hides behind his shield... looking at my with disregard... While the other one can only Watch and feel embarrassment... It's hard to tell if they are actually having THAT much troubles with the bandits or they are over-exagerating.

Guard 2: Come on, Could you at least try to not scare people away? You have already Harassed four farmers coming in to the market...

Guard 1: Shut up! Those damm bandits could be lurking anywhere! Is better to be safe.

Guard 2: Will we have to do this every day?!

Guard 1: We need to be sure! Specailly since the commander is outside.

Sheik: Look, About the commander, I carry a message from him.

Guard 2: What? Why did't you said that earlier!

Sheik: Well...

Guard 1: I Don't belive it! Prove that you already met the commander! or else, go away!

...I... Just... *sigh...

Guard 2: *sigh... Don't look at me, he has been with his paranoia since the beginning of our round... Please let me rest...

This guy is't going to back down...WHY?!... What can I tell him?

Kid: HEY! Everyone has a life you know? You are suppoused to be helping people, not annoying them!

Guard 1: Wh- What? I am trying to make sure that no one dangerous enters in the reublic! I don't expect a kid to understand it!

Kid: I Was there, in the caravan! This man here saved us, And your commander too! Is that a way to say thanks?

Guard 1: You... you saved the commander?
No. 648204 ID: cee125
File 143422201958.png - (17.72KB , 640x400 , Entrance 2 .png )

The guards turns paler.

Guard 1: I... I don't know what to say.... I apologize...

Guard 2: I told you to no harass people, but you did't listened... *sigh... Hey Guys! Open the gate!

Kid: (whipser) I owe it, thank me later.

Guard 1: ... What does it the commander say?

Guard 2: You know, it's probably the best to leave him talk to the captain. the message is probably intended to him anyway.

Guard 1: But the captain is in the other side of the republic...

Guard 2: I will send the new guy as the courier. You, feel free to travel around the market, but please, don't leave the area. The captain will probalby want to talk to you as soon as he arrives. Meanwhile, you are free.
No. 648205 ID: cee125
File 143422205936.png - (5.48KB , 640x400 , Republic 1.png )

Well... that went better that I expected... the guard also told me about the areas around the market.

From all that I can recall, There are:

-There is a blacksmith: "The Flaming steel" or something like that.
-An Alchemy shop. "The aprendice's Heaven"
-A Medic also seems to have a business conveniently in front of a bar called, "The drunken brawler", and an INN near them. "Sleeping owl"
-A shop of magical goods, "Magical emporium", and in front of it an general store.
-Also he told me there seems to be a mercenary group that has established here. The "blue swords" I think he called them, I don't think I heard of them yet, but if they have an entire building to themselves, It may not take long for that.

Kid: Well, You see... The mage I have to give this magic staff should be living around here... So... Maybe we could go there?

We have some time to go at least two places.
No. 648453 ID: 00ab62

You have some knowledge about alchemy, don't you? You can go there and show us some alchemy. I'm a little curious
No. 648479 ID: d3be40

Check in with the medic. Make sure all that stuff you've been doing hasn't put a timer on your health.

Alchemy sounds good.
No. 649906 ID: 04ed7a
File 143493289469.png - (13.70KB , 640x400 , Republic Clinic.png )

Well, Clinic and alchemy shop. We will go to the clinic first. I don't think I was hurt during the fight, but it will be better to be sure, then we will go to the alchemy shop.

Sheik: I Will be on the clinic, it's close to where you must make your deliver, If you are looking for me, I will be there or in the alchemy shop.

Kid: Yes!

...I think he grew a bit fond of me... For better or for worse...

I Step inside the clinic, It's bigger that the one back in the small village, and it seems capable of holding people inside for some treatment. The receptionist is reading a book, and doesn't seem like he noticed me.

Sheik: Hello?

Receptionist: Eh? OH... Just when I thought I would have a quiet day... What is it?

Sheik: I am here just for a general revision.

Receptionist: Fine.... Stay there.

He looks for something under the table. He comes out with a staff, From the looks of it, he is still new with healing.

Receptionist: *sigh... Here it is... ok, hold still.

After looking for some time, he stops.

Receptionist: Congratulations... You are perfectly fine *yawn...

He goes back and grabs his book.

Receptionist: What are you doing still here? Unless you are willing to buy something, Stop wasting my time...

Well... With that settled we can go to the alchemy shop, or we can buy something, I don't think I have any need for more medical supplies, I have almost everything It will work for me, But if you can think of anything, it will probably be here for sell, Though I don't really like this guy's attitude.
Right now I am Carrying: (medical supplies and gold)
- Bandages 1 (For stop bleeding)
- Medicine 1 (for any short of poison)
- Disinfectant 1 (For avoid infections in wounds) (3 uses)
- Health potions 3 (Self explanatory)
- 140 gold coins.
No. 649952 ID: d3be40

Ask for a medical field guide. Your supplies are encompassing but very limited, and knowing how to fashion medical supplies out of debris or use specific materials as healing agents will be vital out on the field. Having a book to confirm your current medical knowledge is useful, and if you fall unconscious your squad members can read up on how to heal your injuries.
No. 650189 ID: 332250
File 143501867408.png - (13.62KB , 640x400 , First Aid Book.png )

Hey, good idea.

Sheik's "trust in the voice of the many": 36% (+1%)

Sheik: Do you have some kind of "Medical Field Guide"?

Receptionist: Ah, yes, Wait a moment.

He goes back again, leaving his book on the table.

He comes back with a somewhat larger book.

Receptionist: Here. It should help you. It would be 45 gold coins.

Sheik: can I see it first?

Receptionist: Yes, but you broke it, you bought it.

Well, Yes, it seems to have many techniques about healing without using magic, How to treat bleeding wounds, what to do in case of getting poisoned by a cut, etc. I Think it will suffice and it will surely help (Though it doesn't have many illustrations).

Sheik: I will have it.

Receptionist: Thanks. Come back if you get hurt or something.

Now I have 95 gold coins.
No. 650190 ID: 332250
File 143501874061.png - (4.89KB , 640x400 , Ummm____.png )

Well with that done, I should go to the... Hey! is the kid and... Oh... emm... Is he... About to cry...? He is just standing there... and he doesn't seem to have noticed me yet...

Sheik: Are you...

He, suddenly, looks at me
No. 650192 ID: 332250
File 143501886805.png - (9.73KB , 640x400 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.png )


OH! NO.. PLEASE.... CALM... Emm.... WHAT DO I DO?! I am not good with kids!
No. 650198 ID: bd8b82

uhhhh hug?
No. 650367 ID: 57d76a

Hug is probably a good first bet until you know what's actually wrong.
No. 650774 ID: 33c711
File 143528687937.png - (13.98KB , 640x400 , Hug.png )

Hugs? No, that is stupid how could that....



Well... He seems to be more calmed, though he is still sobbing...

Kid: *sniff please... Can I go with you? I have nowhere else to go...

Sheik: What? What about the mage?

Kid: He said He already has a lot of studients, he can't take anyone else...

Well... He stopped Crying at least... What now? I Think we are still in the dark here to make a final decision... and he seems to still be sad, I don't know what should I do...
No. 650776 ID: 57d76a

Warn him it'll probably be dangerous. But I see no reason not to let him stick around if he's okay with that.
No. 650777 ID: d3be40

You should probably go to the mage's place, ask the teachers if there are any tutoring alternatives, request a letter of recommendation, purchase a few self-study textbooks, etc. Kid might not have thought to ask.
No. 650796 ID: e114bc

I guess you get to be the kid's teacher, then.
No. 650897 ID: fab78f

well, you said you do know agic, even if you are not a natural user,so you shoulsd stiol be able to teach him the basics, right?
No. 651309 ID: 39e1e7
File 143546022347.png - (7.25KB , 640x400 , The Mage.png )

Me? His teacher? I cannot teach him, I can only claim to know alchemy, it uses magic, but I really don't know how to teach it, I mostly do it naturally.

On other side I barely know some basic spells, and he clearly knows some better spells that I do. Maybe I could try to teach some theory of magic, though I will need to see or read them again in order to remember. But With luck, we might find him a better teacher.

Yes, We better check where the kid wanted to go, just to be sure.

... With luck, he may not have the need to go with me...

Sheik: Come with me, I will talk with the mage, Maybe we can find someway you can learn something

The kid doesn't say anything...

I knock at the door of the building. It's not a large building, but it most be big enough to do some magical training. I think... Soon afther I knock, a mage opens the door.

Mage: Yes? What is it? oh...you...

Sheik: Sorry for this interruption. I wanted to ask if there is a way this kid could study-

Mage: Kid... I'm sorry... I really can't do anything about it. All I can promise you is that that I will talk with my friend, the one who sent you, He Knew that I had enough students... But, you ran before I could pay you for the delivery, here, at least I have to give you this for the trouble.

The kid receives a bag of gold coins.

Kid: Thanks... But... Please! I really want to learn magic. Isn't there a way I can do it?

Mage: ...I think I may have an idea... wait here... Where did I put it?

He goes inside the building. He doesn't close the door so we can see him looking for something.
No. 651311 ID: 39e1e7
File 143546025402.png - (7.98KB , 640x400 , Ticket.png )

He comes back with some kind of paper with some strange symbol on it.

Mage: Here, This could let you inside the library just outside the market, following the East street. It's valid for a day, I was thinking on give it to one of my pupils if he or she reached the highest score in the last test, but none of them made it. Also, here is a list of books that you should read, I can't teach you, but that doesn't mean you can't learn by yourself until you can find someone who can teach you.

Kid: Really? I can take it?

Mage: Of course, That's all I can do for you. Now it's up to you. Good luck, Maybe I will see you in the Arcane academy one of these days... Well... I have to prepare for the coming class.

Kid: Thanks mister!

The mage closes the door.

Kid:... It seems I owe you again...

Sheik: Don't mention it.

Kid:... I mean it... I wouldn't have arrived to the city if it weren't for you. I could have died in the caravan... And if I arrived, I couldn't have thought in another way to solve this...

Sheik: I, literally, only asked you to go back and talk to him, It was your doing, not mine.

Kid: be it as you say... But anyway. I still want to go with you, until I find a proper master. I can't become the greatest mage if i have debts. That if, you wont be leaving anytime soon.

Well, By the looks of it, I won't...

Sheik: Look, It will be dangerous if you come with me. I can't assure your safety.

Kid: I know, I have been traveling already.

oh... of course.

Sheik:...So, kid, Will you be heading towards the library?

Lyre: My name is Lyre, And, probably I will... mmm...Or maybe I should stick with you? I don't quite remember if The captain would want to both of us to be there or only you.

...In what I got myself into now...? Well... The next stop was the Aclhemy shop, Right? I lost some time in here, but I think I still have time for going there.

Lyre: That if... you want me to go with you.
No. 651318 ID: d3be40

Lyre ought to go to the library. They might have a long line.
No. 651480 ID: 6a327f
File 143552189688.png - (2.42KB , 640x400 , Alchemy shop.png )

Sheik: You can go to the library if you must, I Think I will be able to handle the captain myself.

Lyre: Ok, If you need me, you know where to find me!

He leaves. Now, to the alchemy shop.

Wow, Up close it looks more decorated and bigger. Well, Let's go in.
No. 651483 ID: 6a327f
File 143552211854.png - (8.44KB , 640x400 , The Twins.png )

Inside there are two receptionist. There is only one long line of people waiting in one of them... That's weird...

I get closer to the second woman.

Woman: oh! Welcome, How may help you? Are you coming form the guard?

Sheik: ...Not exactly.

Woman: then, you are an adventurer?

Sheik: Sort of... Why do you ask?

Woman: oh... sorry it's just that it's rare when someone comes to buy something here. I take care of the supplies, such as medicines and that short of things... People around here don't care about that. They have the clinic a few steps from here after all.

Sheik: and she...?

Woman: that's my twin sister... She makes perfumes, But that's not the real reason why everyone is buying.

...Upon closer inspection, mostly all of the people in the line are male... if not all.

Woman: She is just more happy I suppose...

...And more... "gifted"... How come that everyone just trust in a pretty face?

Woman: ... Anyway, How can I serve you?

Sheik: What can you offer?

Woman: Well, You can buy something, but in the second floor, if you know alchemy, We can lend you some equipment for you, for a price...

Well, I suppose all of you want a demonstration? Don't expect something amazing or "Extreme" though. With the ingredients I have, I might create some healthy tonics, or deadly poisons.... Well Not "deadly" exactly, but really annoying, what would you like to see?

Woman:... Now that I think of it... The other alchemist didn't came here today... He said he will brought his Daughter too, I wonder what could have happened. I even left the tools ready for them...
No. 651491 ID: 1cebc8

Can you give us a list of recipes that you know? Take a look at the medical field guide, see what mixtures work best in rag poultices.

Ask about this alchemist. She was chatty enough to ask about you, may as well return the favor.
No. 651521 ID: b1bbd2

She seems nice. Why don't you ask her if she can lend you the tools and you show us some alchemy?
You still have the ores if i recall correctly. What can you do with that?
No. 651602 ID: 57d76a

We should do some potion making... but later. We still have a time-sensitive message after all, and I don't see any immediate need for potions.
No. 651771 ID: bf1184
File 143562479503.png - (13.52KB , 640x400 , Alchemy.png )

I don't know how that could help, but ok...

Sheik: who is this Alchemist?

Woman: oh? He is a regular of the store. He always comes here to sell some of his potions and ingredients he finds, and buys the ingredients I get from other places, and he also teaches to those who want to learn, He lives outside of the city though. His Daughter is... Weird... I mean! not weird, but she has... Animal features, like she where some kind of a wolf in human form...

Sheik: Really?

Woman: I-I don't mean she is dangerous! She is just different I suppose, I never thought I will see any beastman at all, But She was a nice friend, she would even teach me a way to find ingredients in the wildness if I ever needed...

Sheik: I see...

Woman: I got the feeling she mus be lonely though... I once asked for her mother and she said she didn't had one... OH! Sorry, you were talking?

Sheik: no, I wasn't...

Sheik: How much will it bee for using the equipement?

Woman:...It would be around 20 gold coins...

She seems dubious...

Well... let's see, with the stuff I am currently carrying i can make:

- A medicine for diseases and calm the pain, it's easy to make it, and easy to use. Just put it on water, mix and drink. It helps a lot against fever and other diseases, but it's not really effective when the person is asleep.

- A poison who makes a person go crazy, emotional, or even "un-aware of existence", depending on how much of it you use, and how resistant was his sistem to it, but it takes a lot to do it.

- A Dust that can be thrown in a wound to... help it cicatrize...

I consult the "Medical field Guide" And by the looks of it, there is only one recipe that I could do:

- The "Heaven's soup" ...*sigh... You may also call it "OH GODS WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!?" soup... It's healthy, and helps a lot in general, like curing poison and helping to heal wounds... but also... Its taste is... "not very good" wouldn't be the expression I would use...

- Oh! this reminds me of an alternative I've invented myself. It Has more or less the same amount of everything that "Heaven's soup" But it's quite more tasteful, but it takes more time to prepare.

Dammit... I know some other combinations and recipes but Right now I don't seem to remember...

I can't really think of something we could do with the... Wait, there is that... No, it's too risky. Anyway, I don't think I can do anything with the mineral ores right now.

Oh... Right... I don't think I have too much time though... Sadly it will have to be next time. Once the captain knows what's happening, then I will be able to do everything else.

Sheik: I Have to leave for now.

Woman: oh? Yes... Come back again anytime you want!

Sheik: will do.

I step outside of the alchemy shop.
No. 651772 ID: bf1184
File 143562489583.png - (11.99KB , 640x400 , Barracks entrance.png )

I go directly to the Guard's barracks, But on the way there I found a Guard...

Guard: Hey it's you, The captain arrived. Please, follow me.

I obey.

Guard: Here, we have arrived... *whisper be careful with him, he gets angry easily...
No. 651774 ID: bf1184
File 143562557808.png - (12.31KB , 640x400 , Encounter.png )

Captain: What are you both whispering about?...

Guard: Nothing Sir!

Captain: Go back to your duty then.

Guard: ... Sir my duty is to guard the barracks...

Captain: ...

Guard: ...

Captain: Then go already!

Guard: Yes sir! please, go talk to him.

The guard goes outside.

Captain: well now, Start speaking...

I tell him everything about the caravan, The ambush, the fight, and the message of the Commander. He seemed to take special care about the last one... He Doesn't speak for a moment...

Captain:...Is that so...?... I knew he shouldn't have done that... I told him!

He starts moving back and forth.

Captain: What should I do...? They are going to be expecting that I sent reinforcements...

It takes a moment until he realizes I'm still here.

Captain: OH... Apologies, Here have a reward for your troubles...

I gain 50 gold coins
I have 140 gold coins now.

Captain: Now... I can see you are a fighter... Are you interested in some mercenary work? I will need all the swords I can get, And I will pay you well.

Sheik: ...I may be interested... What would it be?

Captain: I can't tell you all the details, not until you accept the deal. But what can I tell you is that I have the intent to make those bandits pay for what they have done...

Well.... Descicions... If I help them, I will lose some time that I could use by running away. But If I help them, I might not get assaulted by bandits on my way out of the city... And also I would gain some money... What you guys think?
No. 651778 ID: 1cebc8

Ask for further details. You never know if your next mission is of the suicide variety; the captain might not realize its severity.

Ask the captain if he has any assistance to give - discounts at specific enterprises, access to higher-tier weaponry, etc.
No. 651779 ID: b1bbd2

I can't really say what to do, after all, the bandits doesn't seem to act as they should and I don't really trust in that captain (don't know why)but if you feel curious i say "yes" to his offer
No. 652089 ID: ca3738
File 143571381825.png - (13.77KB , 640x400 , Got it.png )

Gaining information by other means then... Let's see if he spills something without noticing.

Sheik: How much will you pay me?

Captain: Depends in how well the job is done. But At least it will be 200 gold coins.

Sheik: Will I have access to weaponry or any other kind of assistance?

Captain: You will be with the blue blades, and sme of m guardsmen, They will make sure the job is done... As for weaponry, we are barely able to arm ourselves.

Ah... He is not coming with us, and there will be some guardsmen among the mercenaries, That clearly sounds like a Diversion.

It wouldn't be the first time I participate on a diversion, But I prefer to not to unless I know what is at stake... Then Again, This is what I think, I could be wrong, but there is one way to find out. I know how to act in a diversion, and how to escape once it's done, but it's still dangerous.

Yes... These bandits have been acting very different that other bandits I found, at least for what I have seen... They inspire me curiosity.... There is something about how they act that seems familiar somehow. As for the captain, Well, I learned to mistrust everyone a long time ago, He seems to be hiding something, but I can't really say what it is, or if it may be dangerous or not.

...I'm resisting the urge to tell him that he may have spoken too much... But I always keep these thoughts to myself, but maybe he will give us more information if I tell him.
No. 652822 ID: c04162
File 143594770296.png - (13.79KB , 640x400 , random-number.png )

... I will keep questioning.

Sheik: Will I have time for preparing myself?

Captain: Didn't you have enough already?! My Lo... Commander, is trapped and surrounded by bandits, He is in in danger of dying! My main duty as a second in command is to help him and I am failing! I barely have time, I already issued orders to everyone to be prepared to march...

Sheik: ...

Captain: ...

Did he just almost spilled something? He is avoiding eye contact...
No. 652873 ID: 57d76a

>My Lo- Commander
Well, as terrible secrets go, that one's pretty innocuous. And it means we don't particularly need to worry about this guy having hired the bandits as a power grab.
(In case you didn't get it, he was about to say "lover".)
No. 652907 ID: 1cebc8

I think he was going to say "My Lord", which implies nobility or royalty. Ask for more gold, but try to obtain special connections instead. Having friends in high places is usually good for saving your bacon.
No. 652910 ID: 742b4a

I think it was "my love". Because he's desperate.
No. 652969 ID: 57d76a

Possible, though I don't know why he'd catch himself in that case. Unless he's hiding his nobility for some reason?
No. 653130 ID: 686483
File 143607346531.png - (13.77KB , 640x400 , Accepted.png )

...Are you sure he was going to say that? I wouldn't be suprised if they try to hid that though, Homosexuality isn't well seen, at least around here.

...That's another possibility

...He is desperate indeed...

Well, Sometimes, noble families that aren't very wealthy send their sons, most of the time, the seconds in the line of heritage, to work as guardsmen or soldiers, as they, sometimes, can't afford to train them, nor have someone who can. But a noble as a captain of the guard, that could be shameful for the family. You know, Because it's a "peasant's title". Or at least, that's how it is in the central kingdoms.

Well... At least we have established that he may be of trust.

Sheik:...I will help.

Captain: Thank you...

He seems relieved.

Sheik: But, First of all, I want to see your plan, I will participate on a distraction, But I want to be sure that you have a good plan.

Captain: Ah... you are sharp, I knew I could count on you!

...Why is he talking like if he knows me?... I don't remember ever being around here before...

Captain: Well, Here is the plan. You, with some guardsmen and the mercenaries will head to the forest. We know the bandits have a campament there. They will fight you, because you are the closest threat to them. Meanwhile, I will head with another group of guardsmen and help the commander. Once that is done, I will come to where you are and provide assistance. If everything goes well, we might be able to defeat them and attack their camp... We suspect they are encamped in an old fort that was build there... At this point it would be a standing ruin, and they probably don't know how to defend it, so we may be able to surround them.

Sheik: I see...

Captain: you have any question or you intend to meet with your group now?
No. 653149 ID: 57d76a

> they probably don't know how to defend it
No plan should rely on your enemies' incompetence. I mean, unless you're really desperate and there's no better options. But I'm pretty sure you're not at that point.

>"Lord" and "Love(r)" both possible
Uh, shouldn't you be able to tell the difference? We can't because we get it as text (don't ask) but the 'o' in those words is pronounced differently.
No. 653557 ID: 98c8ad
File 143623105214.png - (13.08KB , 640x400 , Report1.png )

About the "love(r)/ lord" debate... First, He realized what he was saying before I could hear something that may tell us what it was. Second, I like to give the benefit of the doubt, especially to this kind of thing that are non of my business. And Especially since there are more important matters right now.

Now, About the plan, It's worth mentioning it.

Sheik: What If they in fact know how to defend the fortress?

Captain:... I don't know how they could be able to, But if they do, We will see then.

Sheik: These aren't normal bandits. Have you fought with them?

Captain:... Once. We draw them back. But you raise a good point. We know their leader, But he is more of brute force that of brains...

Sheik: ... Maybe someone is helping him?

Captain: ... That could explain it...

Sheik: ...

Guard: Sir! Everything is almost ready. Supplies have are in the wagons and the soldiers and the Blue Blades are ready to march.

Captain: That quickly?! Well Done! We will be there in a minute.

Guard: Yes Sir!

Sheik: ... We may need to consider the fact that They have someone Helping them with strategies.

Captain: ...*sigh... I can't think of another way. They already have an advantage point due to the terrain... And there is little time to think too... The commander could be under attack while we speak...

Sheik: ...How many bandits there are?

Captain: Many, We couldn't come up with a number. But We think they may be growing larger in number with deserters of the war between the "east - west" barony at the south. They also may have attracted other bandits from the area which joined them.

...Two leaders and a large group of bandits... If we have to expect the worse, they may be able to attack both groups simultaneously...

Captain: I know what are you thinking. We know how to handle ourselves. Especially the ones under my command guards. We will be able to defend ourselves if they strike us. Just try to distract a bunch of them. Now If those were all the questions, You better go with your group and start preparing.

Sheik: ...Wait, Are you asking me to command them?

Captain: It seems fitting. A mercenary leading mercenaries. Of course, is between you and the leader of the Blue Blades. If you think you shouldn't be leading, maybe he wants to.

No. 653607 ID: 097dc0

How could a man like that become captain!? It doesn't fit at all! Everything he said is "attack, win and come back alive" but that with that aside...
You should ask about the deserters, could happen that an important character is involved and the previous attacks were just a condition for the situation here. Assuming that they know what are they doing
You can't be quiet is you are risking your life, can you?
No. 654669 ID: ab61e1
File 143654373945.png - (10.22KB , 640x400 , Plan___.png )

...Well, The civilians seemed calm if you ask me. Maybe he knows how to calm everyone in this kind of situations. And the commander himself said that this captain was a good "leader", but he lacked of "skill". Maybe he meant that. Also, I think he is giving me Freedom of action, Maybe he know about his lack of skill and experience, so he allow me to work it my way... hmm.

Sheik: This Deserters... Are you sure they are deserters?

Captain: We managed to capture some. They ran from their armies. As expected, they tried to hide themselves between bandits and thugs. I am pretty sure they don't have an allegiance with anyone else but themselves. Also, The two barons hate each other so much, that they couldn't even think of working together, and those deserters are from both armies.

Sheik: I see... do you have a map of the surrounding area?

Captain: Oh, here you have.

He seems expectant... Is he waiting for me to come up with something better?

Well... Let's see... Splitting up as he said may actually have been a good course of action. Considering that We could be able to stop them separately. But Maybe, What we could do is move together: The group with the caravan of supplies goes in the road, while the other group, apparently me, goes trough the forest, above the cliff, protecting each other. While the captain takes care of making sure the supplies arrive to the group of the commander, and takes off the initial pressure from them, I make sure to establish a hold point here (White point), bloking enemy reinforcements. From there, We could either Evacuate, or advance in order to finish off the Bandits, depending on the circumstances.

That's my idea at least, don't have a lot of time to think another course of action. You think you have another? Or maybe you have an advice?
No. 654802 ID: 1cebc8

Your enemy is inexperienced, unorganized, and outnumbers you. This requires a clean sweep rather than a show of force, so I suggest you come in from the east and have your troops slowly take out bandits, until you have teams of archers positioned in the forest around critical points on the reinforcement lines. This will take more time and casualties but ensures that you have the tactical advantage against the enemy. If they are unorganized, it will take time for them to react to your tactics and you should be able to intimidate the majority before they deal serious damage to your squad.
No. 655913 ID: 7aba73
File 143691916847.png - (19.00KB , 640x400 , The mercenaries.png )

We Will see if we can do that... I explain the plan That I come up with to the captain.

Captain: Well... You think it will work?

Sheik: Yes, I do.

Captain: Let's do it then, I will inform everyone about the plan. The leader of the mercenaries are probably waiting for you.

He seems somewhat satisfied with my explication. Time to meet this mercenaries. He leads me to where two of them are, I suppose one of them is the leader.

Araon: Hi! You must be the one that is going to lead us. Strange, you don't look like a guard. anyway, My name is Araon, and he is Zeite.

Zeite: ...

Sheik: You can call me Sheik.

Araon: Good, We are ready. I'm a good crossbowman, though I can defend myself in close combat, Zeite here, he is good doing some tricks. You would be suprised about what he can do.

Zeite: ...

Zeite didn't said a word at all, he is just...
No. 655915 ID: 7aba73
File 143691918679.png - (19.66KB , 640x400 , Eye fight.png )

OK, He Asked for it! He is getting it!

Araon: ... emm guys?

Sheik: ...

Zeite: ...

Araon: We have a job to do.... Guys?

Come on... Surrender already!

Zeite: ...

Araon: ...come on... this isn't... really happening right? *sigh... Zeite, Stop already...

Zeite: ...hm...

Araon: You both are weird... Anyway. We shall start deploying now. Sheik, I will obey your orders, but if you don't give any, I shall do it my own way.

Sheik: understood, let's get moving.
No. 655920 ID: 7aba73
File 143691959132.png - (10.96KB , 640x400 , Movement.png )

We start our march. So far so good, it doesn't seem that the bandits are trying to attack us for now, But in the meantime, we managed to get some of their scouts. Maybe they didn't expected us, this will give us some time before they can organize an attack. IF they organize.

Sheik: Why did Zeite climbed on a tree?

Araon: He seems to like higher places. Also, from up there he can lend support to everyone.

Sheik: What kind of support?

Araon: "creative" support, as how he like to call it. He uses alchemy in order to create different dangerous compounds. let's leave it at that.

ok... Aside from that, all the mercenaries seem to be a steady group. Mostly of them are using sword and shield, though they also have a short bow and some arrows. While the guards that are on my group are, mostly, using crossbows.

We will be arriving to the control point soon.

Author: Sorry, but I need to ask just to be sure. Do you need help to understand the maps I draw?
No. 655922 ID: bd8b82

make sure to decapitate their group. loss of a leader usually puts large groups in a bind.
No. 656028 ID: 99cfa8

Nah, it seems pretty clear on the whole. Well, I'm not sure what the X and box with question marks next to them are about, but besides that...

Right, okay, give us a quick headcount. How many guards, how many mercenaries, and any specialists besides the three of you? And about how many are in the caravan's group?
No. 657184 ID: 7b5555
File 143743573232.png - (19.80KB , 640x400 , March.png )

There are around 60 mercenaries, without counting Zeite and Araon, and other 10 guardsmen with us. in the Caravan, there are like 80 guardsmen, I don't know how many he left behind, But I hope they are capable of keeping everything in order. As for specialists, aside from the few of us, in the caravan there are some healers and their assistants. but aside from that, nothing more.

I am paying close attention to the forest if I hear something suspicious coming form there, I will warn the others, But I think Zeite is watching that no one comes from there.
No. 657186 ID: 7b5555
File 143743578026.png - (11.44KB , 640x400 , Movement2.png )

As we get closer, I start hearing Movement ahead. I warn everyone, and the Captain Orders to double march. When we arrive closer, we can see that the bandits were closing in to where the commander is holding his ground. They were about to strike and they seem to don't know that we are here yet.

Two smaller groups are behind the larger group, they seem to be archers, at least 10 of them in each group. The larger one seems to have around 70 of them, but they are scattered so it's hard to say. They seem to be descending from the hill.

The boxes are for an encampment or fort, while the crosses are for units or groups that are on the loose. When there is a question mark, is because information suggests that something may be there, but there aren't in Line of Sight nor there is anything that confirms it (such as Sheik's good ears)
No. 657187 ID: 7b5555
File 143743580205.png - (10.79KB , 640x400 , Boss.png )

...By the Great gods and the nameless ones, He is big...! He must be their leader... He is within the larger group, and he seems to have noticed the reinforcements coming from the road. Well... This is our lucky day?

He seem to have a good quality axe and shield, But his leather armor is not of his size. Fighting him in close combat will be hard.

But first things first, We have to defeat their numbers. If we attack them from here using our bows and crossbows, we will start dealing considerable damage, but if we want to block the path going uphill, we will have to march foward.
No. 657201 ID: bd8b82

magic his head off.
No. 657234 ID: 99cfa8

Better yet, get your best sniper to put a bolt through that unprotected head.
No. 657253 ID: 1cebc8

Call in an arrow barrage to wound their champion. Then close the distance and stab him in the gut.
No. 657349 ID: a7f3cd
File 143749489533.png - (8.47KB , 640x400 , Defflect.png )

We don't seem to have any mages with us, And I don't think Zeite can throw something that far.

Sheik: Araon...!

Araon: on it!

He shoots one bolt at their leader.

Combining both his axe and his shield, He Covers pretty much all of his body, and deflects the shot away.

I don't know If anyone else can hear him from this distance, but I Think he is laughing... probably the guards already tried that...

We could do that. But The bandits Are charging. He is staying behind, even if we manage to kill him, if the bandits don't see it, I don't think it will be of much help.
No. 657351 ID: bd8b82

be ready to engage, when he gets in range, shoot him in the legs.
No. 657887 ID: fc6282
File 143779101445.png - (18.32KB , 640x400 , combat.png )

I leave the guards behind, making sure they provide some support to the captain's group

Moving forward, following the original plan, We engage with a small group of bandits. We break through them easily, but I think there are more coming uphill.
No. 657889 ID: fc6282
File 143779107811.png - (11.63KB , 640x400 , Movement3.png )

There is little resistance, once we arrive to the strategic point, we block the way uphill, and defeat some bandits that were going uphill. mostly of the mercenaries are unharmed, only some of them have been wounded, but barely anything to worry about in mid fight.

We secure the path. Now let's focus on the rest of the battlefield, the great group of bandits seem to have suffered loses, but even so, they seem to be pushing their way trough the captain's formation, mostly by sheer force that by technique, continuing to attack with proyectiles will result in losses for both sides. Now Whe... Where did their leader go?! It's open space here, there is nowhere he could hide! And I don't see him running away in any direction.
No. 657891 ID: 1cebc8

He might be aiming for the VIP, but breaking formation might play into his hands.

Order a full retreat. Have an envoy order the commander to start moving, and your warrior troops move east at the same pace as the carts.
Archers will use non-aiming rapid fire to suppress the bandit horde. Once the melee units reach the ranged units, the archer squads are to focus on protecting the VIP while the soldier legions form a protective shield wall around them. Use area attacks whenever possible.
No. 657929 ID: bd8b82

watch for assassination attempts.
No. 659427 ID: bbf762
File 143829880566.png - (9.18KB , 640x400 , Missed.png )

No... I don't see him going to where the commander should be. In fact. Some of the few guards that where in the ambushed caravan are coming out, they are going to help the Captain's troops, it looks like the fight there won't last much longer, the bandits are starting to scatter and run away.

Mercenary: You called?

Sheik: Send someone to look for the group we left behind, Tell them to come here.

Mercenary: Yes, Right away.

Sheik: Araon, Did you see where he went?

Araon: Who...? Wh... Where did he go?!

Oh Great... Wait... there is one place where he could have...

...And that sound, that I am certain I didn't needed my good ear to hear, just confirms it...
No. 659428 ID: bbf762
File 143829887034.png - (5.23KB , 640x400 , Found.png )

As I thought... He went closer to the hill, and then he climbed until he arrived.

Bandit leader: Heh, Looks like you managed to save his life again... Whoever you are... But no matter, The commander will have to die someday. Now, You annoyed me quite a lot, I going to enjoy shredding you to bits.

Sheik: You are surrounded, It will better for you to surrender.

Bandit leader: Now, now. Did you really thought I was going to send everything I have to kill the commander? Because you would have been right, Sadly for you, Someone told me otherwise. Come on mates! There is more loot to be have!

...Zeite shouts from a tree

Zeite: Enemies incoming from the forest, I will try to slow them!

Araon: there are some of them coming from the south too.

Sheik: And some of them coming from the west...

Araon: ...What are your orders?
No. 659430 ID: bbf762
File 143829890825.png - (10.26KB , 640x400 , Trouble.png )

There is little time to waste, most of the mercenaries are in the forest, With Zeite. Araon and I are the ones left to defend the two other fronts. We have many soldiers and I am pretty sure we could form another defensive line, or We could also rush and attemp to kill the leader, But that could leave our flanks exposed to any attack, and he seems quite capable of defending his ground by himself. The 10 guards and some of the mercenaries we left behind are coming this way, Maybe we don't need their help, but better to be sure.

Whatever we do, We should think that this Bandit leader isn't going to stay put where he is.

By the sound, It would be wise to assume this bandits are better armed that the ones we fought recently.

I can't expect reinforcements from the captain's group. They seem to be trying their best to help the wounded and moving the supplies. Also, they already took a hit, It's our turn.
No. 659433 ID: 1cebc8

Well played, but you can still finish the objective!

Have the eastern flank push forward while the commander's troops skirt along the northeast cliffs. The south forces are to hold their position and inflict as many casualties as they can, while you and your squad deal with the incoming forces to the west. If any of the bandits manage to break your formation, use both the cliffs and the northern road for a full retreat, with archers taking the cliffs while the wounded use the carts and road.
No. 659900 ID: 49fc64
File 143856121708.png - (10.95KB , 640x400 , Trouble-1.png )

Sheik: Araon, Go to the southern front, and lead the defense. I will stay here and try to organize a defensive front, take down as many as you can.

Araon: Yes.

Sheik: Zeite! Try to push them back. Then help the southern front!

Zeite nods.

Sheik: All of, form a defensive front here!

Mercenaries: Yes!

We leave the way uphill unprotected, I don't think we will need to defend it anyway. most of the bandits that were down are running away unorganized.

Bandit leader: ... That was enough!

As we prepare a defensive line, He charges forward.
No. 659901 ID: 49fc64
File 143856123505.png - (11.95KB , 640x400 , Breacktrough.png )

Two of the mercenaries of my group try to stop him, But he quickly bashes one with his shield, knocking him out, and tries to attack the other one with his axe. The mercenary tries to back off while blocking the strike, but he fails, and he falls badly wounded, I can't say if he is dead or not, But he could be.

Bandit leader: HA! Why don't you come here and make it easier for all of us? I will like to see your "brains" get you out of this! Hey All of you! The one with the hood is mine! If any of you kill him before I do, I will have your head!
No. 659902 ID: 49fc64
File 143856127352.png - (9.48KB , 640x400 , Breacktrough2.png )

Bandit leader: ARGH! Who the fuck did that?!

An arrow from one of the mercenaries hits him in the shoulder. He doesn't seem to be hurt though.

I can't see Eastern front from here, But I got the feeling that is there were the most of the enemy forces are. In the southern front I can see more or less the incoming forces. They are definitely deserters. They carry the symbols of the west and east barony, separately, and it's almost unrecognisable because the tint wore off with time. Mostly of them are spearmen, and not really that well trained, but they carry better equipement.

Anyway. My main concern right now is this bandit leader... For better or for worse, He seems that He is only going to chase me.

Aside from that strike, the other mercenaries of my group managed to form a defensive line, I think they will be able to stand their ground... Now... How do i Fight something like this?
No. 660286 ID: d2b8b1

he's taller than you right? maybe you should try to cut his leg and slow his movement. Or do you think another kind of encounter is possible?(letting aside the close combat
No. 660765 ID: d6e667
File 143891950783.png - (14.94KB , 640x400 , Leader.png )

I don't seem to find any way aside of a direct melee confrontation. If I don't fight him here, He will probably attack the rest of the mercenaries, and that will probably break the entire defensive line, we won't have a chance if he does that.

Sheik: Then I shall fight you...

He breaks the Arrow that was in his shoulder easily.

Bandit leader: Ah.. Finally someone with enough courage to do it!

Attacking his legs may prove hard, since he has greater reach that I... And he is using his axe on his left hand... That will be problem, I don't remember the last time I fought against someone using his weapon in his left hand.

Maybe I can act defensively, stall him until the mercenaries can defeat the enemy reinforcements. But that could take a while, And killing him will probably make the bandits flee in fear, Maybe even to never come back... I-I think I may be able to defeat him... But I have to remember to not get distracted...
No. 660766 ID: d6e667
File 143891952177.png - (15.35KB , 640x400 , Close.png )

Bandit leader: ... Enough waiting! Fight already!

...! Dammit he almost got me! One hit of that Axe, and it's over, probably...
No. 660767 ID: 1cebc8

You have the opening; throw a knife and tackle him to the ground! Mutilate his legs (and crotch) and you win!

Remember to twist the poisoned knife and stuff.
No. 660811 ID: 99cfa8

His arm is open, go for the shoulder!

... please also let us know if we're just distracting you.
No. 660857 ID: d6e667
File 143897842355.png - (18.14KB , 640x400 , Thrust.png )

Right. I Quickly make a Thrust at his left shoulder, and then I strike at his left leg. Both Hits manage to wound him. In exchange, He tries to hit me with his shield. I Can't dodge it so I try to stop it with mine, But it still hurts my arm, and pushes me back.

I don't remember Having bought throwable Knives, Nor Having time to make any poison...

You aren't really distracting, in fact it was a good idea, I was going to do a single strike in his arm, and back off, But even if it costed a minor wound, those wounds he has are bleeding...
No. 660858 ID: d6e667
File 143897843989.png - (9.11KB , 640x400 , Exchange.png )

It doesn't seem he can last much longer, maybe the wound in his shoulder was worse than I expected... Agh... And my shoulder also hurts, I should remember to not block like that again...
No. 660888 ID: 1cebc8

Call for help, pincer this guy and stab him in the legs! Twist the blade.
No. 661006 ID: 99cfa8

His striking ability should be down and decreasing. Evade him for now and look for another opportunity. But watch out, that shield is also a weapon, as you've experienced already.
No. 661155 ID: 3ad512
File 143908943746.png - (9.32KB , 640x400 , Dual wield.png )

I will keep that in mind And... Is he.... laughing?

Bandit Leader: haha! Well, well... You are good... But I'm not going to be beaten, Not yet!

He throws his shield away, Grabs his axe with his Right hand, and takes his short sword with his left hand.

Bandit leader: Heh...heh... hahaha!

He doesn't seem to care about his wounds anymore, And he is charging at me!
No. 661156 ID: 3ad512
File 143908946309.png - (20.30KB , 640x400 , Back off.png )

I Ask the some of the mercenaries to get him with a Volley of arrows, But he doesn't seem to care about pain, or anything at all!

Bandit leader: YES! call your friends! It will make things Faster!

He's Doing Wild swings at me! All of those strikes are predictable and uncontrolled, I think, But I can't keep dodging forever, and he seems tireless. My left arm could sustain a couple of hits with the shield, but the Instant that I don't move I can give myself for dead if I don't have a plan...

Bandit leader: Come on! You really thought That I was going to give you my life easily?!
No. 661167 ID: 1cebc8

I think he's bluffing! If he needs a few extra seconds to complete his goal, acting suicidal just to kill you is an effective distraction.

His shield is down, so just run and let the arrows pelt him! Get back to the VIP and reinforce your southern lines!
No. 661170 ID: 1008d2

How much good are your reflexes? Because you could try to stab his leg and let your sword there. Then you will be defenseless and he will become cocky (or it should be like that).
When it happens you should try to evade waiting for an oportunity to hit his throat with your shield and ,with luck, make him choke with his own blood.
It's up to you to try or not
No. 661417 ID: fbc59e

He's trying to pull a berzerker on you.
running...probably isn't a good idea, you sound like you're beginning to tire and this guy isn't, running could end with him catching up and then you're out that much mroe stamina.
I like the idea of trying to get inside that large axe's range, then dealing with his sword, because I think he'll eventually bleed out, we just need to find a way to survie until then.
No. 662341 ID: 8c4436
File 143957912650.png - (9.97KB , 640x400 , Ledge.png )

If there is something that the academy taught me about combat is to NEVER, UNLESS YOUR LIFE STRICTLY DEPENDS ON IT, DROP YOUR SWORD. I learned that in the bad way during training.

I shouldn't rely on the archers to do the job, There were four archers that shooted, only two got him and one of the missing arrows was dangerously close on hitting me... also...

Oh great... The ledge...

Bandit leader: HA! Now I have you!
No. 662342 ID: 8c4436
File 143957914485.png - (19.20KB , 640x400 , Offensive.png )

I'm somewhat tired, yes... That Idea might work... I will go for it and take the offensive!

I managed to miraculously dodge the axe, and get inside. I use my sword to parry his, and strike with the shield his stomach, I don't know if I do much damage, but I think It did something!
No. 662343 ID: 8c4436
File 143957917831.png - (21.00KB , 640x400 , Low hit.png )

Bandit leader: ...Fool!

AGH!... I... did't... expected that...
No. 662344 ID: 8c4436
File 143957920176.png - (12.05KB , 640x400 , Trouble-2.png )

I back off again, I seem to have won some time with him... There I take a quick look over everything... It seems that the captain... Has managed to get... every survivor safe and under care... I Think he is coming this way with some other guards in order to help us.

The Reinforcements from the east have arrived... I don't think they can help me much, But loks like Zeite Is already issuing their orders... The Southern front is holding up... but the Western front is having trouble... That's where most of the reinforcements seem to be sent... As For the eastern front, they seem to be pushing them back... Some of them are going to help the southern forces...

As for me... I don't think I can... pull that again... He is taking some time... Maybe I already got him...? If that's so... He is taking an awfully long time to die... I Should prepare in case of him NOT dying there...
No. 662354 ID: 99cfa8

Did he drop his axe to punch your stomach? Because if so, you should probably look into keeping it away from him. Although I'd understand if you're too winded to do so...

Any case without knowing what your opponent's up to I can't help much. The rest of the battle seems to be going well enough that you don't need to worry about it.
No. 662362 ID: 1a0c40

Show him a similar kindness. Jam the edge of your shield into his bare midriff
No. 662494 ID: 1cebc8

Methinks he dropped his dagger to punch you, so you should grab him and throw him off the cliff.

Use a health potion, only to throw it in his face, blinding and healing his wounds - including his legs - and then push him off the cliff while he's distracted by the sheer insanity of throwing a healing potion at your opponent. The shock of healing should cause his muscles to move on instinct, forcing his body to move off the cliff.
No. 662657 ID: 60f1fe
File 143966577143.png - (9.38KB , 640x400 , And again___.png )

I Already put some distance between us, I don't think that closing in will be a good option.

Dammit... Yes, He did dropped his Axe... I should have taken the chance to throw it down hill... I didn't thought of it at the time...

That's a... very unorthodox method, Even though I like experiments, I don't think I will be able to do that, or be crazy enough to try it. Although It will be Interesting to see the look on his face if I did that.

He's getting his Axe again and coming this way, But he is slower that before.Looks like He won't give up.
No. 662843 ID: 7933d6
File 143970405955.png - (16.97KB , 640x400 , On Hold.png )

Mmmh... Upon closer inspection, closing in IS an option... I Seem to have two options... Finish him off now, which will be faster. Or stay defensive, wait for him to reach me, maybe even retreat to the forest to make sure he has even more trouble with the terrain, Which will be safer for me.

If you ask me... Everything leans towards attacking now, Even when My instinct tells me to stay defensive, But it seems the Bandits are backing off, Killing him now will probably end the fight.
No. 662854 ID: 1cebc8

Apologies, but you're out of your league with this one. You've spent years studying tactics and politics, and this guy has focused on sharpening the weight of his murder.

It's paying off right now. Your troops are winning, you are the better commander with the better forces. Call on your reserves and finish this brute off.
No. 663438 ID: 99cfa8

Throwing the healing portion may be too crazy a strategy, but you could drink the potion and throw the empty bottle.
No. 663449 ID: 2f491d
File 143985351516.png - (6.10KB , 640x400 , Lea-___.png )

Well, That's more interesting But...

Yes... I better not test my luck anymore.

I rise my sword, and shout to call the soldiers that are behind the frontlines... They start... Cheering...? When I look back to where the bandit leader was, I see Him falling, with a knife piercing His heart...
No. 663452 ID: 2f491d
File 143985362576.png - (8.19KB , 640x400 , Him.png )

???: Hey Boss!

Sheik: Y-You?!

???: Sorry chief, No time for details! Can I ask you to come quietly?

I will try to do a small briefing about him: He is one of the mercenaries that were under my command, one of my advisors, We called him "Shade", but we never knew his real name...Why I got a bad feeling about this...?
No. 663513 ID: 1cebc8

UGH. Politics.

Tell him to call up his forces and regroup with the soldiers - get right next to the VIP so that neither side won't betray you without a fight. It's time to get paid.
No. 664229 ID: 2f5cb5
File 144012269120.png - (7.38KB , 640x400 , Ow.png )

Also, Before I forget. Thank you for helping me, again...

Sheik's trust in "the voice of the many": 42% (+6%) (Friendly: Unknown)

...I Didn't thought Of anyone managing to get out of that situation alive, maybe "shade" Saved someone else? (Even when he always managed to get it his way, I am impressed that he survived)

Sheik: Any...

"Shade": Ah, Leader, That's not a "yes"!

Sheik: wha- AGH!


"Shade": Sorry, Captain... I really Wish I could do this differently!
No. 664230 ID: 2f5cb5
File 144012276350.png - (6.96KB , 640x400 , No time.png )

...Why in the face...?

"Shade": Oh! You seem to still be conscious, Well: Why not, Boss? It's not like it can get worse nor better!

...Does he Reads minds?...

"Shade": Nah, You are sometimes very predictable, Chief.

...Go fuck yourself!...

"Shade": Would do it if I could, leader! ...*sigh...

...I... Think the battle ended... They would start looking for me soon, maybe...? I barely have enough strength to look around, And I think I may be bleeding... (I don't remember him having a club like that...)

I still don't understand Why is he doing this... Did He Betray me?
No. 664235 ID: 1cebc8

Well, you never knew him that well anyway.

Check your inventory. If he hasn't looted everything you might have enough to escape.
No. 664257 ID: 3663d3

try to magic with only your mind. just a tiny bit of healing will get you able to move.
No. 664548 ID: 5db8d8
File 144029942565.png - (14.77KB , 640x400 , Meeting.png )

I guess I thought I knew him... Every single of my advisors Earned my trust, and not just for being useful...

He Didn't make a full check, So I almost have all of my inventory intact, On exception of the shield and the sword, those where left behind...

I would try that, But I don't have Magical Power needed... Dammit, Should have drank that potion when I had it...

"Shade": Come on... Don't make it harder that it is...

...Someone else is getting closer...

"Shade": The Fact that you still alive mea-Means That the boss would like to see you!


Bandit 1: What Are you doing?! We have to get out of here before they kill us all!

"Shade": What about A little help here?

Bandit 2: Oh... Is that HIM? Well... I was going to run away, and never come back, But I will like to see what the Boss will do with this one, after we tell him what he did....

"Shade": Glad you think that, Now help me! He is heavier than he seems.

...I Though He Never was going to go that low... To work with the bandits...

Bandit 1: He is still somewhat conscious... Wouldn't be easier if we knock him out?

Bandit 2: I can take care of that.

"Shade": But... the boss wouldn't want him conscious?

Bandit 1: We'll Wake him up once we are in the fort!

"Shade": ... Well... Fine! But make sure you don't kill him, If you do, We might as well run to te hills...

... Oh... No...

Bandit 2: Got it!

No. 664549 ID: 5db8d8
File 144029944615.png - (13.35KB , 640x400 , Hall.png )

Agh.... Well... Looks like here I am... Inside the fort... There aren't many bandits left for what I see... My hands are tied.

And Right there, is what appears to be their true leader... Wielding a two-handed sword... on my side, is Shade...

"Boss": So this is the one who killed my brother... And to think you are the one who captured him...

Bandit: Kill him boss! If it wasn't for him, Your brother and many of our friends would still be alive!

Some of the other bandits join the chore of voices claiming for my death

"Boss": Silence!.. Yes I should kill him now that I can!

He Gets up, preparing his sword.

"Shade": Stop!

"Boss": ...What's it?

"Shade": I am His captor, And I will like to state my thoughts about what to do with him.

"Boss": OH... Of course, But if it doesn't please me enough, I shall kill him.

He Doubts for a moment... I Think...?

"shade":..,You see, I Think he may serve us more alive that dead: He is being chased by the inquisition, if my sources are to be trusted...


Deserter: He is lying! What is the inquisition any-!?

"Boss": Silence! So, he is being chased by the inquisition... So what?

"Shade": What if we sell him to the inquisition...

... DID HE ?!

"Boss": Hehe... For what exactly?

"Shade": Well, Let's face it, it seems that we have almost pillaged everything that there was around here, we could trade him for a "pardon" from the inquisition, we could move freely with it. Maybe even become mercenaries!

"Boss": HAHAHA! You know ... At first I Though I would regret letting you live! Yes... I like that Idea!

Bandit: What about us boss?

"Boss": Well, I'm pretty sure they will give an pardon to everyone! I don't care what all you do then, I personally intend on starting a new band of mercenaries. With all the wars going on, There sure will be someone that's willing to pay for "protection". But first.

He gets closer.
No. 664553 ID: 5db8d8
File 144029964234.png - (6.93KB , 640x400 , Mask___.png )

"Boss": ... Show me your face!

... HA!... I always love the look on their faces when they found out this...

"Boss": what kind of joke is This!

He tries to pull my mask from my "face", Failing, as I, and many others, did... Then again, It's always annoying when they start pulling...

"Boss": Take it out!

"Shade": Sorry, Boss... But it's impossible... I have come to the understanding that not even him can take it off...

"boss" : ... How disappointing... Well, Take him to the dungeons, We will need to arrange a meeting with the inquisition...

"Shade": Yes...

He Gets me up...

"Shade": Have you given up... SIR?
No. 664554 ID: 5db8d8
File 144029966102.png - (13.72KB , 640x400 , Jail.png )

*sigh... I'm starting to get really tired of getting hit in the face...
No. 664626 ID: 1cebc8

Want to bet that he'll execute his entire squad the moment he gets that pardon? Reason with the jailer, explain that the life of a masked nobody couldn't possibly earn more than one pardon for the boss... and that he wouldn't want his reputation sullied by witnesses to his banditry anyway.

Nice mask. I bet you could get a vampire decal when this is all over.

So, what's left of your inventory now? See if you can loosen a few bricks, tap the walls to find structural weaknesses.
No. 664627 ID: 9ddf68

what's that thing next to the gate on the floor?
No. 664923 ID: 51352d
File 144046862975.png - (16.31KB , 640x400 , Exploring.png )

it's a plate... I pressume they will put food in there, if there is need to wait too long...

Him executing his group is very probable...

Thanks for the compliment I guess... What do you mean by "Vampire Decal"?

Almost all of my stuff have been taken, except for my mask for obvious reasons, and my armor... I pat the walls in look for any weakness. After some tries, I Find many, Which is more concerning that calmative... I didn't tried in all the wall yet, But I'm affraid it may fall... One of those, let inside some mud and water... Aside from that, the rest of the building seems stable, for now.

Also... If you need to know something about my mask just ask, I would hate to have misunderstandings later. If you ask how long I have been using this... Let's just say that I think I never had the chance to look at the reflection of my actual face...
No. 664924 ID: 51352d
File 144046865348.png - (7.16KB , 640x400 , Jail1.png )

Outside is a Hall, I can see one bandit, armed, and watching the entrance, He is not looking at here. This seems to be the first cell of many, But I can't really tell if there is someone else... Wait... I hear another apparently sleeping... There is a table there with a key, I doubt I will be reaching there anytime soon...
No. 665143 ID: 99cfa8

Hmm. Okay, you don't remember a time without it you say... Does that mean you have amnesia, or have you had it on since early childhood? If amnesia, what's your first memory?

As for the current situation... escape looks difficult at best. Maybe you could bust thought through one of the other walls, if they're weak enough, but even then I don't see what good it will do you. You're outnumbered and unarmed, getting out of your cell just means they'll beat you again and increase the guard.
Hmm. You got any kind of a read on Shade? My instincts say he's still on your side at least a little, he did argue to keep you alive after all. It's possible he's playing both sides and is planning to slip you something to help escape. Though I'm not really sure why he'd bring you here in the first place, in that case.

I also have to wonder why they left you your armor, unless it's also attached to you.

... wait, how do you eat? I don't see a mouth hole...
No. 665236 ID: 014bfc
File 144063998283.png - (9.35KB , 640x400 , Movable.png )

Well, The spell in this mask seems to be very specific, I personally can move my mask up, down and to the sides, but I can't remove it, nor can be able to see portions of my face. Some others were capable of doing the same, If I trusted them, But Any one else can't. It's useful for healing if I ended unconscious in battle.

For eating, I move my mask upwards. Many others said that It seemed uncomfortable, But I have been living with it most of my life, if not all. And it doesn't looks like I will get rid of it anytime soon...(I don't even know If I want to keep trying)
No. 665238 ID: 014bfc
File 144064005874.png - (18.43KB , 640x400 , Thinking.png )

I have been using this mask since Early childhood, Imposed by my father... Might be better to make sure that someone knows this. Long Story Short, skipping details: I'm a bastard, My father was... From the nobility, and my mother a... commoner... Apparently, they had a relationship, But my father was an asshole (sorry for the language) and left her. My only theory is that He did this to protect himself, But My mother always supported him, probably trying to protect me from any grudge against any highborn...

If you ask me... Escape seem almost impossible and I... Don't really know what to think about Shade...

I don't know why they wouldn't take my armor with them... Then again, I'm not complaining. And yes, it is not attached to me, but there is another "surprise" when I don't wear anything... And no, it's not THAT, I don't know what you are thinking, but it's probably not that.

...Hmm I don't see any solutions here... well, I could tell you about my past with details, if you want, while I think on something.
No. 665503 ID: 01220e
File 144082408422.png - (19.35KB , 640x400 , Exploring2.png )

Every plan I can think of would fail... And Shade is taking some time if he is going to help me...

Hmmm... Sasha Said that you may have "more influence in this world"... Have you guys been thinking on that? Any idea about what could that mean?
No. 665514 ID: 6d4595

There's a chunk of wall to your left (In the lower right hand corner for us) that looks kind of suspicious. Hmm... If we're supposed to have more influence than we think, then maybe... Uhh, we're going to try pushing at that bit of wall. I think. I'm not entirely sure how this would work if we could do that, but hell, might as well try, right?
No. 665526 ID: 99cfa8

Oh right, I kind of completely forgot about that... Okay, I've got a few things to try.
[Push suspicious wall >>665514 mentioned]
[Unlock gate]
[Lift mask]
Guess I'll save "transfer to shade" until after we see the results of those. Don't let me forget though, okay? (I don't know if I mentioned it before but things take longer for us than for you.)
No. 665603 ID: aa044c
File 144088807484.png - (31.55KB , 640x400 , experiments!.png )

Emm... I don't really think that's a...

OH GODS! The... the bricks fell and a lot of mud is coming in!... It almost seems they fell after being pushed by the mud though...

Bandit: Hey You! Stop doing more noises! I'm trying to sleep dammit, Don't make me come in there!

Huhh... So... Was it your doing or was it something that was bound to happen...? Anyway... I don't know if that helps much...
No. 666378 ID: cdfe7b
File 144115750947.png - (32.74KB , 640x400 , experiments2.png )

...It seems that mud stopped...

...You said you wanted to check on "Shade", right? Are you capable of doing that? ... If you do though... Be careful with him, he is somewhat... "unpredictable"...
No. 666381 ID: 1cebc8

Usually, we don't have a direct influence or avatar during missions, but there are some glaring exceptions. Sometimes, powerful entities lend us their powers so that we can have a more direct force on the world, but this power is not permanent for us and usually deals with manipulating already-existing forces through "Fate Manipulation", such as making enemies miss or fragile bridges hold.

I don't think that's the case here; this castle is held by bandits so you can expect a lack of maintenance on the castle. Check the mud, see if you can dig something out.
No. 666698 ID: 99cfa8

> did you cause that
> can you actually check on Shade
Who knows? I mean, if we DIDN'T do that, it's a pretty big coincidence. You could check if the gate is unlocked since I tried that too, but I suspect it may be a case of 'we can only do things that look possibly natural'.

Anyway, let's try visiting Shade, I guess. [Transfer to Shade]
No. 667194 ID: 150dcd
File 144138351859.png - (30.46KB , 640x400 , Inspecting.png )

So... It varies? That means there is bound to be a lot of experimentation then. That sounds somewhat interesting actually, as long as it doesn't get myself killed or something like that...

By taking a closer look... And fixing my mask a bit (I don't know when it moved, but it didn't move much anyway.), The mud is still somewhat liquid, but is starting to harden, it doesn't seem that anything is buried in it. As For the hole... It seems to go through a tunnel, it's very old, but it seems it wasn't done naturally, yet I'm fairly sure that I can't fit there... hmm...

Well, The gate is still locked, But the bandit that threatened me to enter could have unlocked it... I guess?

Yes... You seem to be leaving, I think...I will wait for now then.
No. 667211 ID: 150dcd
File 144138974264.png - (3.76KB , 640x400 , Starting.png )

"What shall we do-
What shall we do-
With all the coin
That is in your purse?"

... No... I'm missing something...

*sigh... Why can't I come up with something nice for once...?

Hmm... Did something changed...?
No. 667382 ID: 99cfa8

No. 667408 ID: 2eeb65

Hi, traitor.
No. 667519 ID: 21be74
File 144149311224.png - (3.76KB , 640x400 , To.png )

...What the hell? ...Ok... Something is definitely happening Right now... Or Was it a owl?

Shade: ...OH... Hello? ...Sorry, You have me in disadvatage here... are you sure you aren't confusing me with someone else?

This answers my question... But it raises many more...
No. 667531 ID: 2eeb65

Hello, "Shade". We are your conscience. No wonder you're confused, when was the last time you listened to your conscience, traitor?
No. 667891 ID: 5f64c3

How can I be confuse if you're the one who is listening?
No. 668146 ID: 227d0f
File 144166833167.png - (3.65KB , 640x400 , run.png )

Shade: Aha, yes... I can think of at least two other persons that have more right that you to call me traitor. Oh wait, you are my conscience, "oh gods! what I have done? I betrayed... Whoever he or she was!" There, are we done now?

Can this day go even more crazy? Now I have a mage that was too bored and decided to talk to me, and That somehow I betrayed, maybe... Why me of all? Doesn't he have some apprentice to teach, or a random knight to annoy?
No. 668147 ID: 227d0f
File 144166835363.png - (3.68KB , 640x400 , out.png )

Shade: ... Two voices?.... The number of impossibilities has increased highly... So if you aren't a mage then... OH I know! You are those crazy voices that some people can hear, right?! Awesome! What are we going to set on fire?
No. 668318 ID: 5f64c3

Maybe your head because it doesn't seem to have a brain
No. 668380 ID: 2eeb65

Why did you betray your former captain, Shade?
No. 668389 ID: 1cebc8

Please go to your new boss and rip his limbs off.
No. 668869 ID: 99cfa8

This... Is a thing? That you've heard of? Huh, thought we were more an isolated thing. What knows ye?

> What are we going to set on fire?
How about... the armory. Cause some chaos.
No. 669032 ID: 8a4762
File 144199375801.png - (3.86KB , 640x400 , of.png )

Hm, You are no fun...

See? this is more interesting!... "How could I do it? I am not that strong, Besides, I am more into cutting than ripping..."
No. 669033 ID: 8a4762
File 144199377695.png - (3.67KB , 640x400 , names.png )

Nah, just was the first thing that came to my mind, I'm fairly sure that you aren't those things. As for the idea, not bad, but thesee guys sadly don't have an armory, just a bunch of places where they stock all their stuff randomly, they keep their weapons with themselves, also it would be such a waste to burn all of that... But,I will keep the idea, if I ever needed it.

Anyway, This just answered one of my questions.

...*sigh... Finally someone tells me about what you mean when you called me traitor...

So I will assume I'm not the first person you have meet here, in That case I will assume he was my "former Boss" what is his new nickname anyway?... Well, Here is my question before answering: Did he told you his secret?
No. 669035 ID: 1cebc8

Nope. Now get moving.
No. 669110 ID: 99cfa8

Well that's rather vague. What secret? About the mask? His ancestry?
Anyway, though, it doesn't matter. If he doesn't trust us with his secrets yet, I can hardly blame him. Hell, I wouldn't blame him if he never does, we're bad at secrets.

... and I still want to hear what you thought of, even if you don't think it's right. Well unless we're just talking schizophrenia or summat.
No. 669161 ID: 64ed4e
File 144207035682.png - (3.65KB , 640x400 , And.png )

Really... He hasn't told you anything about it?

Ah... so He told you something... ok, that's fine... and interesting...

Well, Very good. Very, very good... I will make sure to report this to him, His trust in you was well funded, "We're bad at secrets" heh, maybe, but not that much. By example, I didn't know anything about his ancestors, And if I know him, it's totally a secret... You spilled that, but I didn't get any more information out of it. In fact, I almost felt tempted on pressing the matter. Anyway be careful, information could be your best weapon, that's what I always say.

If he trusts in you, I'll trust in you.

As for what I think you all are... I don't think you are some kind of mental illness, after all, you knew something about... Seriously How is calling himself right now? "Tarek"? "Seth"? or maybe "Tarkus"? I recommended that one. Anyway, you knew something about him that I Didn't.

So here is the situation! and you may want to help with it:

-I'm on hold, until I'm totally sure the "boss" is asleep in his room at the top of the tower, He probably is right now, but better safe that sorry...
-Once he is asleep, here will be less guard going around, after all, most of this guys lack of discipline.
-The ones that stay on his spot, probably aren't going to pay much attention to me, so I may be able to sneak in, free him, and then go to do what I have to do while he escapes.

That all for now... I should think in a proper way to apologize for hitting him in the face... was it 2 or 3 times? Anyway... He probably isn't happy for that...

But for now... How is he doing? And, Did he find the magic potion I smuggled in his cell?
No. 669240 ID: 99cfa8

Wait, so you were just fishing for information with that? Oooh, sneaky. Nice.

And I thought you were probably still on his side! What was confusing me was why capture him in the first place then, but now I see you were maintaining your cover for "what you have to do". Whatever that might be. Care to share?

Anyway, he seems fine more or less. Didn't find the potion though - hold on, I'm'a try something. [Tell Sheik "Shade says he hid a magic potion in your cell for you."]
I don't know if that'll work, though, so we may still want to head back and tell him.

Anyway, questions and stuff!
> How is he calling himself these days?
> you knew something about him I didn't
To be fair, we haven't given any verifiable information, yet. But I'm not feeling like a rationality discussion.
> was it two or three times
By my count, you hit him twice plus a bandit under your command did once.

Seriously though what's your mission here? And might it be helped by setting the larder on fire? okay i just want to see something lit on fire now that you mentioned it.
No. 670204 ID: 2eeb65

>I should think in a proper way to apologize for hitting him in the face... was it 2 or 3 times?
No. 670429 ID: 6d2275
File 144262134844.png - (6.64KB , 640x400 , titles.png )

*sigh... everything was turned around and kind of destroyed my original plan, all of this is just me Improvising. I will stay on his side if he wants me to, if he asks me to go away, I Will leave.

As for my job, Sorry, Can't say, You know, Professionalism, but here is a little clue: My employer may not like the fact that I burn all of the things that the bandits stole... BUT, accidents happen.... Right? Maybe I can do something for us to see some fire, although it could be dangerous, since we are in middle of a forest, but that's the fun part, right?

[Sheik: Really?... lets see... AH, I found it... good thing it wasn't near of that part of the wall, It could have been crushed.]

Pffff... hahahahaha! That's... That's so stupid!... Ok... I'm ok... I... I better calm down... heh... Sorry... Well, that's impossible, you know, because of his mask. Also, he will probably cut my throat out... Anyway, Someone Give this guy a candy or something!

... Looks like the "boss" is Already asleep, let's move on.
No. 670431 ID: 6d2275
File 144262148630.png - (4.38KB , 640x400 , For.png )

As I expected, there is little to no one around, even inside... And from all the bandits around, it had to be this guy the one guarding the entrance to the prison...

Bandit: Ah... You. Are you lost?

We really don't get along...

Bandit: Come on, Go away, You have no business here.

...I could cut his Throat right now, but that would leave a very big blood stain on the floor, and if anyone pass by will probably raise the alarm... Hmmmm... How should I approach this?
No. 670497 ID: 2ccbb3

"That is a very nice torch to your left you've got there."

If you can use applied-physics magic to increase the burn rate, what's left would be enough to fit in your inventory or generally throw at someone.

But I suggest you knock him out on the pretext of getting beer.
No. 670768 ID: 99cfa8

Hey, it actually worked, and we got a response right away. Cool. What kind of potion was that anyway? [Relay Shade's response to Sheik.]

> can't disclose my mission
Well, that's fair enough I suppose, though it does make it a bit harder for us to help you.

Cutting his throat is a bit extreme, yeah. Got anything you could smother him with? Actually yeah what have you got to work with, generally? But I guess, if you're outta here within an hour-ish, cutting his throat and dragging him to somewhere secluded might work. Still probably leave a blood stain though. It'd be really convenient if you could enter some other way and leave him as he is, but there probably isn't another entrance because prison, right?
No. 670779 ID: e7d795

break his neck. Yo only need to distract him and then do it in fast and clean, nothing more, nothing less. You don't need much strengh but his it has to be quickly as possible.
Grab his chin and the back of his head and turn it over
No. 673046 ID: 13a090
File 144332272203.png - (6.04KB , 640x400 , these.png )

[spolier] Sorry for the long wait in this one [/spoiler]

Don't worry about me, If everything goes right, I will leave this place without a single scratch, I would worry about Sheik though, I won't be able to fully help him in his escape. As for the potion, I'm pretty sure he knows what to do with it.

Also, unless you suggest digging my way to the cells, which would take a lot of time, no, there isn't another way in.

Yes, That sounds like it could work... But...

This may be better.

Shade: Look... I know we don't get along and...

Bandit: Yes, We do not, and if you...

ShadE: BUT, With the prisoner I captured, we might get a pardon and we will part ways. this may be the last time we see eachother, At least, let us share a good moment before we part ways, there is some beer on the storeroom, and I didn't saw anyone there guarding it.

Bandit: ...You are crazy. The boss will hang both of us if he find us out. If you want to go and drink, suit yourself, I don't want it.

Heh... He is lying, He felt tempted for a moment, But maybe he just doesn't trust in me... Maybe I can find a way to persuade him... either that, or going with a more lethal approach. I will leave this one to you, this promises to be fun.
No. 673047 ID: 2ccbb3

Knock him out. Use wordplay to distract him while you get behind him and use a chokehold.
No. 674482 ID: bd70e8
File 144382771057.png - (5.19KB , 640x400 , Drawings.png )

Shade: Don't worry about that, I will take care of it. Also, It's not like he knows how much beer there is.

Bandit: But what about my post?

Shade: Are you the only one guarding the prisoner?

Bandit: ...No...

Thanks for the info.

Shade: He also is locked too, Right? Then I don't see How you could make a difference standing here.

Bandit: ...Fine, let's go, before I regret this.

He starts walking past me

Shade: As I say, Don't worry about it...

Bandit: What the...

He struggles, but he is out of balance, And I'm making sure he doesn't make any loud noise.

Shade: Shhh, Shhh... You want everyone to hear you? Just clam down... Relax, and rest easy....

Wow... If only it were always this easy... Well, I will drag him for now, until I find a better place to leave him.
No. 674483 ID: bd70e8
File 144382773691.png - (11.83KB , 640x400 , period.png )

And here we are, I always wanted to se this area of this fort... oh... The other guard seems asleep... Well, let's just make sure about it.


There... I hope he doesn't mind.

Sheik: Shade?

Shade: Ah, There you are! Why are you still inside the Cell? Couldn't you make some acid out of that moss?

Sheik: First of, I wouldn't try to make acid out of moss that probably is keeping the wall standing. Second, I wouldn't want to corrode my gloves, or my fingers. Also, there was still the problem of the two guards.

Shade: Riiight... heh...

Sheik: what is it?

Shade: Nothing, I Just never thought I will be the one seeing YOU behind the bars...

Sheik: ... Can you open this? The key is on the table.

Shade: Ok, I'll get it.

Well now... Are you guys willing to take a shot for me? I could get some info out of him, not violently, that could confirm that doubt of yours, if you want.
No. 674498 ID: 99cfa8

> confirm that doubt of yours
Hmm? What are you referring to? If you're talking the whole "verifiable information" thing, all you'd need to do is confirm he answers to Sheik now. Doesn't matter to us, though, we know we've been with him before.

On the other hand we are a naturally curious sort, so if you think you can get something new for us to learn I wouldn't object.
No. 674499 ID: 2ccbb3

Whatever just get going already. Time doesn't stop just because you talk.
No. 675507 ID: 5a786e
File 144435400059.png - (11.73KB , 640x400 , Info.png )

Relax! We have plenty of time, I Wouldn't worry too much, Not many come to this area. And As I say, If everything comes right, Everyone will be happy in the end! Well, except for these guys.

Ok, so you just were kind of playing along? Well, let's see what we can find!

Shade: Heh, I must say, These voices that you found are very interesting.

Sheik: ... Yes I suppose, they have helped me...

Shade: well, I still have a job to finnish, So if possible, I will answer your questions later, when everything is safer.

Sheik: ... it will be better, yes.

Shade: But, These voices told me something.

Sheik: ...*sigh... What?

Shade: wow, Straight to the point eh? Nah, that's not fun. I dare you to guess.

Sheik: ... I pass.

Gah! ok... I forgot for a moment who he was...

Shade: Aww, just a try?

Sheik: Nope


Shade: Come on! you know you can do it...

Sheik: maybe, but no.

Ok! I didn't wanted this, but you forced me, Chief!

Shade: Seriously, You call yourself a leader but you can't make a simple guess? What will happen when you need to make a Harder guess?!

Sheik: Don't you call me a bad strategist, again. Also, there is no need of guessing, there is only one thing they could have told you: About my parents.

Ahh ...Why didn't you have more info on him?! AHHH I acted too fast!!! Ok, calm down, let's try this:

Shade: Yes, But, you know? We were wondering why you didn't do something about it...

Sheik: ... Look, I will just say this once: I have no intentions of recla-! ...

NO! He was just about to spill something!
No. 675514 ID: 2ccbb3

We can talk about this LATER. Right now, inheritance doesn't mean ^&*( when you're stuck in a castle filled with bandits and filled with more structural weaknesses than a painting made from dominoes.

So, let's put your minds together (literally, using us as a medium) and figure out a way to deal with the bandit leader.
No. 675535 ID: 99cfa8

[Tell Sheik "He's fishing for information. All we told him is that there IS a secret about your ancestry."]

>put your minds together literally
...can we DO that?!
[link Shade and Sheik temporarily]

Now, what would be useful, unless Shade already has a plan lined up, is a map of the fort indicating your current location, exits, location of... whatever Shade's objective is, and likely location of guards and off-duty bandits. Can we get that?
No. 675798 ID: 2eeb65

Shade: Hug Sheik
No. 676174 ID: ad2e31
File 144469593431.png - (12.72KB , 640x400 , hehehe.png )

But... But...! That was something important! I know it! I... Fine... you make your point...

[Sheik: ... Yes, I figured...]

Sheik: What did I say about trying that on me...?

Shade: Ah ehehehe... Well, In my defence...

Sheik: We will speak about this later, Now there are more important things to do.

Shade: Yes, leader...

Yeee - nah that's only going to make things worse.
No. 676175 ID: ad2e31
File 144469595205.png - (11.56KB , 640x400 , Ouch.png )

Shade: ouch!

Sheik: Agh! what... was that?

Shade: I have no idea... It felt like being stabbed in the brain, although I guess if that really happens you wouldn't feel it in the first place.

[Didn't worked, at least now]

Sheik: ... Anyway, do you have a plan about how to get out of here?

Shade: Ah, That another thing I wanted to talk to you about. You see, I still have a job to be done here, I will explain later, it will be better if I go alone for that.

Sheik: ... Did you...?

Shade: Don't worry leader! It's only a job, not a full on contract.

Sheik: I wasn't...

Shade: And no, I didn't go back to those days, Who you take me for?
No. 676179 ID: ad2e31
File 144469646329.png - (4.01KB , 640x400 , Shade map.png )

Sheik: ... Fine, as you say. What do you have for me?

Shade: Well, I gave myself some time to draw a map of the inside of the fortress. You may need it to escape, I will not be able to help you. Also, you may want to take these voices back.

Sheik: You won't need them?

Shade: No, You may have the best ears of the world, But I would like to be able to hear my surroundings, and having mind voices makes it hard to do, No offense.

Shade: Anyway, here it is! Well, I don't know much about the Jail here, I didn't had the time to explore it well, if you want go around and explore it, suit yourself.

Sheik: What are the...?

Shade: I'm getting into it, hold on!

1- A small room that we are using as a store, I don't really know what you may find in there, there may be some of the stuff that the bandits took from you.

2- This room, I have no idea what it has or what was it's function in the first place, it's locked And we never have been able to open it, I don't think you can find the key.

3- This room is being used as a bedroom, for at least 4 bandits, I don't recommend getting closer here. Also, I don't know how many are there.

4- The Kitchen, There is at least one bandit here, always guarding the food. If you don't have luck, there may be other two.

5- Main Hall, It's like the rally point if the boss asked for anything, there may be some bandits around there, But They may not pay attention to you.

6- Outside of the main hall, there aren't many patrols around, and most of them are watching the outside of the fortress, so you may be able to take a peek before going back in, if you wished.

Shade: And that's pretty much all the surrounding areas, I don't know if there are any bandits going around inside,but with your ear and your advisors, you should do well. Also I wouldn't worry about these guys, they will be sleeping for a long time. I didn't had time to do the other areas sadly

Sheik: thanks for the help...

Shade Ah, don't worry about that, I also have a present for you, later, as an apology

Well guys, Off you go. It wasn't that much fun, but there will be more chances, I hope! ... Whenever you're ready...
No. 676344 ID: 99cfa8

Oh, and sorry about the brain stabbing thing. We tried something and it didn't work.
[Back to Sheik.]
No. 677162 ID: 6c20d3
File 144510132967.png - (10.75KB , 640x400 , New Sword.png )

Hehe, experimenting are we? I too am intrigued about what you are capable of.

[You are now with Sheik]
Welcome back.

Shade: There... emmm, Before I go, I got something else I must tell you.

Sheik: Go on.

Shade: I was the one who tried to get info out of them... They actually didn't said much, so don't take it on them if you are angry.

If I had to say, I would say I'm more disappointed than angry, but well, is not really that much anyway, and there are more important matters to attend to.

Sheik: Right, Still , there are things that you will have to tell me after this is over, Go and do whatever yo have to do.

Shade: Yes, on it, boss, good luck.

He leaves... Well, what do you think of the current situation? If I have to say it myself, I would rather Get out of here as soon as I can, yet, The fastest way always tends to be the wrong way. Also I will probably need supplies for escaping before, maybe there is something interesting that I could use now, or later.

I Guess the short sword that this bandit had should suffice for now as a way to defend myself, Although If I had to fight the bandits, I don't think I have much chance.
No. 677429 ID: 99cfa8

Uhh dang I'm not so good at these plans. I guess check out room 1 and see if there's anything useful? It's nearby anyway.
No. 678806 ID: 8f0683
File 144555844412.png - (11.72KB , 640x400 , Stairs.png )

Ok, let's check that room.

Doesn't seem like there is anyone around for now, but let's check to be sure. Good, let's go!
No. 678807 ID: 8f0683
File 144555846401.png - (11.86KB , 640x400 , Storage.png )

Oh great, This place is a mess... Finding something here could be a bit hard... Well, What should I inspect? I Don't think there are any bandits close by. (which begs the question: Where are they?) I should have time for now at least, I think.
No. 678827 ID: 2ccbb3

Grab anything that looks important - that book on the floor, the various potions, etc.
No. 679015 ID: 99cfa8

Start by finding a weapon or two you're familiar with, if possible. I don't actually see any other than an arrow though, unless that's a dagger under that ingot. Then try and find some less conspicuous clothes in those wardrobes.
Other than that.. You may as well nab that bread to munch on if you're hungry. Potions usually have a good utility-to-bulk ratio, so check those out. Those spell tomes, I expect, won't do you any good right now but might be of interest to your "sidekick" when you get back to the city. The ingot isn't worth carrying around, unless it's gold or something, and even then it might be prohibitively heavy, I'll let you be the judge of that. If those boxes are disorganized it's probably not worth the time to dig through them, just take a quick look in each.
No. 679373 ID: 774a1f
File 144581625413.png - (3.01KB , 640x400 , Books.png )

Ok, Got the potions...

[Acquired 1 antidote, 1 Magical potion, and 1 Healing potion]

They aren't really troublesome to carry, I should still be able to move around without any problem, especially with this armor (The joys of traveling lightly).

It's actually a spear, but I don't think I could carry it without being seen and instantly suspected, Also, Even though I'm good at using it, for not we are in enclosed space, so a spear could become more trouble that it's worth.

Author: Looks like I will have to find a way to make Spears and Arrows different and noticeable.

...What do you mean with "Sidekick"...? You mean the Kid? I may give him one of the books if I don't need it, But... Maybe is better that We speak about this later.

Anyway... There are Three here. The first one, is the book about Medicine that I bought Back in the city.

The other one seems to be a Book about theory of magic, Looking at the index, it seems that it also has some simple spells that are to be used for training, and to experience the different theories and facts about magic... Interesting, it also has a chapter where the Author gives known facts, and his thoughts about pyromancy... That's strange, to say the least.

And the last one, I never saw this book before, Though the simbol on it seems familiar... It's a Book about the old empire, more precisely, about the enchanted weapons that were used at the time, But there are descriptions about the normal weapons as well... Now I remember where I saw it... It's probably rotting in some noble's storage by now for what I know... It's of not worth to speak of it.
No. 679374 ID: 2ccbb3

Nice, keep all three. We can read them later, but for now, skim through the basics. We can upload the information you skim through our data logs, allowing us to relay it back in case some asshole sets your books on fire.

I don't think these bandits add more than a few alarm traps. Remember, bandits are expected to be stupid, so bandit lords won't usually rig the low-asset supply chests to explode if a simple alarm and dog-pile of all the other bandits will suffice; too much risk of destroying the merchandise.
No. 680041 ID: e39f7d
File 144613964002.png - (4.13KB , 640x400 , First page.png )

"Upload"? "Relay"? .... I will assume you know what are you talking about, But those words don't seem very familiar to me... Is it some kind of Archive?

Anyway, I'm mostly interested in the imperial Weapons... let's see the first page:

"The old empire had a wide variety of weapons, and within these ones, many enchantments. Many of the last, haven't been discovered yet, But Every seeker and/or Collector of these artifacts must know by now, And if you don't then then it'll be better for you to do so, Not all of these weapons have an enchantment. Some say that the cause is that the enchantment wore off with the time, other say that we simply haven't discovered the particular enchantment of a particular weapon. These thoughts are very positive, But, First of all, many authors seem to think that the Old empire had limitless resources, and I must remind them that they didn't (Tha in fact, was one of the causes of their fall, but this is for another book): They Couldn't give to every foot soldier one, First, because it's expensive, second, because he could lose it, third because he could die, and that weapon could fall on enemy's hands. Or even worse, fall on the hands of a treasure hunter.

The old Empire had Great enchantments, Evidence shows that those were even far more stronger that the ones we had, but there is no evidence that shows every soldier using a enchanted weapons. In Fact there is evidence that leads us to believe, that the Gems (See illustration) were more of a decoration, and the most of the time, they seemed to lack of any magical use..." That's where the first page ends.

Wait, Someone's coming...
No. 680043 ID: e39f7d
File 144613978902.png - (5.80KB , 640x400 , Hostiles1.png )

Bandit 1: The dungeon is starting to be populated...

Bandit 2: Yes, 3 prisoners, Although I don't know why the boss is keeping the other two

Bandit 1: That pair, I think they must be important, maybe highborn?

Bandit 2: And lovers, not the least... but what about it?

Bandit 1: Makes me wonder what are the real reason of the boss to capture these people. I mean, Why don't kill them already? Is not like we need them anymore, we already have that fugitive guy.

Bandit 2: Dude, I wouldn't question the boss so openly, He scares me...

Bandit 1: Yes me too... Oh, I forgot! I must go to te kitchen now, Sam asked me to fetch something, go ahead, I will catch you up later.

I hear them moving away...
No. 680047 ID: 2ccbb3

Yeah, it looks like we can talk about this subject now. Advanced technology is sort of our field, we've been trained in its usage and some of us even have knowledge of how they work.

What the book is talking about is a machine - a tool that ANYONE can build, but few actually have the skills and talents to build effectively. What's important is that anyone who learns how one of these "Old Empire Enchantments" works and how to build it can build it, regardless of their magical power or even their intelligence; you just need the right tools.

We might be able to show you later, but that's for another time.

Follow one of these idiots and perform a nonlethal stealth takedown. Tie him up somewhere and leave him to his fate. Get the other one if you can.

Then look for a key to the other cells. Regroup with Shade and rescue the two prisoners.
No. 680335 ID: fb295f

if you could get a cloack somewhere it would be pretty useful because you could knockdown a bandit, dress him with that and throw him into the jail that was yours. I don't know how much factible it is but at least you get some time before they notice that you escape
No. 681236 ID: 6ebbac
File 144660353625.png - (13.79KB , 640x400 , Again.png )

I forgot to mention that Sheik ate the bread of the storage room

Well, the enchantments and magical items have their science, I guess, But i don't think we can reproduce the those enchantments as for now, not with the same strength at least. As for the weapons in itself, We can make them, with the proper materials and such, but by now we have much better materials that the old empire had. Yet, those old weapons can pretty much stand against ours because of the skill of the blacksmith that forged them, Sadly, the techniques used by them were lost, as well as the way to make enchantments as strong as those.

As for the prisoners... is it worth it? If they are still alive, they are important, I don't know how their situation is, But they will be probably saved later, Wouldn't them be more of an annoyance too? Also, I may not be able to help them in the first place... But maybe, it's worth checking...

I think Shade went to do his thing... he may be having fun out of this...

Let's see... There are cloaks here, not like mine, But maybe this bandits won't tell the difference.

I'll try to knock the one who is going to the kitchen I guess... Dammit, He already got to the corner... There is one coming this way!
No. 682398 ID: 1028ca
File 144699964358.png - (4.33KB , 640x400 , Hostiles2.png )

I think I may have two options... I can either hide in the storage room or in the dungeons and wait for him to pass, and then do another move... But I think if I go to the dungeon he may spot me...
No. 682534 ID: 2eeb65

Hide in the storage room and ambush him. Go with your plan to dress him up as yourself and lock him in your cell, then go check on the other prisoners. Don't free them right away though, first try to find out who they are and why they are here.
No. 684202 ID: 55eb7f
File 144763222058.png - (5.11KB , 640x400 , Hostiles3.png )

ok, I'll back off for now... He seems to not have seen me, at least... I will see if he comes this way, and then take him down.
No. 684203 ID: 55eb7f
File 144763228404.png - (10.64KB , 640x400 , Incapacitation.png )

He is about to pass... Now!


That should do it... I think he will be unconscious for now, Although I don't know how much time. I would have killed him, but that would leave a lot of blood.
No. 684204 ID: 55eb7f
File 144763232932.png - (10.14KB , 640x400 , Heavy.png )

Gods...! He is heavier than I thought! How Can Shade do this kind of things so easily!?

I hear the other one coming this way, I think it is the one that went to the kitchen. Well, I have time to move the body to the storage room.
No. 684205 ID: 55eb7f
File 144763238945.png - (4.26KB , 640x400 , Hostiles4.png )

The other one seems to be moving towards the stairs, So I Think it would be safe to move for now.
No. 684218 ID: 2ccbb3

Clunk him too, these bandits are disorganized and won't miss a patrol next to the oxidized beer cellar.

Explore for the keys and the prisoners.
No. 684427 ID: 2eeb65

No. 685114 ID: b6f0cf
File 144811760796.png - (4.14KB , 640x400 , Hey.png )

Alright, But I will have to make a run for it!
No. 685115 ID: b6f0cf
File 144811762226.png - (4.21KB , 640x400 , Hey2.png )

AH I'm not going to reach him before the stairs at this rate!

Sheik HEY!

Deserter: Huh?
No. 685116 ID: b6f0cf
File 144811763631.png - (12.39KB , 640x400 , Facehit.png )

No. 685117 ID: b6f0cf
File 144811769093.png - (10.10KB , 640x400 , there.png )

... I Can't believe it actually worked!

Ah... It looks like someone was already coming down the Stairs, I think he may have heard me... I don't have time to Move the body...
No. 685118 ID: 1cebc8

Stairs aren't exactly a normal training ground, so just tackle the next guy to the stairs and punch his lights out.
No. 685295 ID: 2eeb65

Wait, better first check whether that guy's alone. What if he's got company?

I'd say carefully peek from behind the corner, and then just ambush the guy when he reaches the corner.
No. 685542 ID: a7062c
File 144841442344.png - (13.87KB , 640x400 , Surprise.png )

There is no need of watching, I can hear he is alone, And is coming here with haste.

Here he comes... NOW!

Shade: AH!
No. 685545 ID: a7062c
File 144841446667.png - (12.78KB , 640x400 , Down!.png )

Sheik: Agh...

Shade: ... Don't scare me like that! Good thing My first reaction wasn't trying to hit you in the face! That could have hurted, a LOT!...

...What... Just Happened?

Shade: Hehe, Surprised? ...Are you okay?

Sheik: I think my nose is bleeding, again, but aside of that... I think I'm good...

Shade: oh, ok. So, What were you thinking to do after knocking me unconscious?
No. 685552 ID: 2ccbb3

Either lock the door or trap the staircase, and then look for that couple and the keys to their cell. You know, get them out before we let all hell loose, escort them to safety, get paid in intel, go back to the kingdom, get paid again.

Also, please steal anything valuable that isn't nailed down. We're not dealing with professional enemies, here.
No. 685601 ID: 7f8e8e

I expected more from you sheik...You was knocked down too easily...
No. 685635 ID: ca183f

He's a general, not a foot soldier.

> what do
Kome's plan sounds good.
No. 685968 ID: 3fc40e
File 144865145765.png - (12.94KB , 640x400 , Weakness.png )

Sheik: What did you did?

Shade: Aww, Don't feel bad, There are many tricks under my sleeve That I hadn't showed yet! Maybe I could teach you one day about those.

Sheik: I Overheard some of the bandits talking about other prisoners, The voices told me that it may be useful to rescue them and then escape. And also try to take as much loot as posible from this place.

Shade: Well, That seems good, and Guess why I came back?

Sheik: ... You have the keys?

Shade: Yes, You know I felt had a Weakness for Young love, hehe.

...He is... smiling much more than he used to.

Sheik: ... Are you Alright?

Shade: Yes, Why do you ask?

Sheik: Nothing, I was just asking in case you were hurt or something while You weren't here.

Shade: Don't worry about it boss, I'm as fine as ever.

I may not be good at reading people as he is, but I think he is hiding something. I know I can't lie to him, He's an expert at that, he probably know that was a lie.

There may be something with him, or it may be nothing. I Can't tell for sure.

Shade: Anyway, Since you are here, I must tell you, I found another exit that may be faster, and safer. If you go up these stairs, There is a room with a window, easily accessible, and without much height from the ground. Just in case you needed to know. So, any other thing you or your friends wish to discuss or shall we get into it?
No. 685971 ID: 1cebc8

Let's get this done. Shade, take point.
No. 686028 ID: 644570
File 144872709666.png - (10.93KB , 640x400 , Storage2.png )

Sheik: Let's move.

Shade: All right, let me just take this guy...

He starts moving the body of the Deserter That I incapacitated, More quickly that I could.

Shade: Is anyone coming?

sheik: No, I don't hear anything, so I think We are good. I think We should head to the storage room, I hide another one there.

Shade: Really? Well, Let's loot what We can from there too then.

We move inside the Storage room, It's as I left it.

Shade: And I will left him here... hehe

Sheik: ...Really?

Shade: Come on! Imagine their faces when They woke up! oh... If only I had more time...

Sheik: We don't... Let's take What we could use, and let's move to rescue the others.

Shade: Fiiine...

I take some food, that is around here, for the prisoners, in case we need it. I don't see any water, so Wine will have to do for now. I also take a cape from the box with clothes, Not exactly like mine, but at least similar. And I found the minerals that I was carrying... Well, since I don't see much else to take.

Shade takes some bandages and other stuff that was here, Much of it is merchandise, although not very heavy. He aslo grabs a Bag with some coin in it.

Shade: Hey, I found This bag in a room above. By it's contents, I Think it is yours.

Oh, It's where I was storing most of my alchemical ingredients, This could be useful.
No. 686029 ID: 644570
File 144872711189.png - (2.65KB , 640x400 , Jail2.png )

Alright, We are back in the Dungeons... I put one of the unconscious bandits that We left here and put him in the Cell I was, And cover him with the cape.

Shade: If what I heard is true, They Have them locked away in different cells, Although I don't know where. I don't think it's a good idea to separate us to search them, We have one key after all, But We may find them sooner.

Sheik: Should we worry about any guards with them?

Shade: There may or may not be, I can't tell, But if they didn't raise any alarms, I would say that if there are, they are still here. I would be more worried about the state of the prisoners Though... especially the girl.

Well, I hadn't thought of that. If She is in a bad shape, The escape could be troublesome.
No. 686490 ID: cdbe25

if I had thought that she might be hurt I would have suggested ensuring an output. No time to go back and check, right? Although, now that i think of it, we should have done that from the beginning...
No. 687585 ID: 72bb09
File 144953383651.png - (16.32KB , 640x400 , mhhm.png )

Shade already said that he knows of a safe escape route, he knows everything that is there to know about espionage, or at least Considerably more than I do.

Sheik: Let's head this way then [Downwards]

Shade: Right, I will go first.

We walk sometime, until I start to hear some voices. At first, I didn't get what they were talking. Two male Voices.

???: Come on! Are you afraid?

Bandit: Look, You better Shut Up already if you don't want to end badly!

???: Yes? I Would like to see that!

We arrive to the corner, where Shade takes a look.

Shade: I can only see one, and he seems angry

Sheik: The other must be one of the prisoners.

???: Bring it on! Or is it that You are a Chicken?!

He sounds very confident, Although very weak and stubborn... What is he thinking?

Shade: You want me to take him down, or you want me to keep him conscious for interrogating?

Sheik: ... Knock him out.

Shade: understood sir, Could you lend me your sword for a second?

Sheik: ...ok, Here.

Shade: Excellent, This will suffice.
No. 687586 ID: 72bb09
File 144953386966.png - (9.27KB , 640x400 , Cast-Sleep.png )

Bandit: You?! What are you doing here?

???: OH you are bringing friends too?! I can still take both of you!

Bandit: For the... Would you just Shut up!

Shade: Having Trouble?

Bandit: He's screaming all the time, challenging me, I'm really starting to consider to beat him...

???: Then, what are you waiting for?! I'm standing right here!

Bandit: AGH! That's it, I'm going to make you regret that!


Shade: There we go...

???: ...What?

I Thought he was going to do something different...
No. 687587 ID: 72bb09
File 144953389993.png - (12.66KB , 640x400 , prisoner 1.png )

Shade: Don't worry, kid.

Sheik: We are leaving now. Come with us.

???: D-don't Call me kid! and I'm not leaving without Lindis! I'm going to rescue her, Who know what the could have done to her?

Sheik: Calm down... We are here to help you.

???: Don't act stupid, I know why you are here, and I told you, I'm not leaving without her, I don't have any intentions of going with you, so don't you dare to Get any closer or...

He's shaking... I can tell he's scared, Shade is just there, seeing what can he loot from the Guy he left unconscious...

???: Look, Stay Back! I don't want to hurt you... I have friends in the guard, They... Taught me to fight...!

...*sigh... I can't really tell if it was a lie, or that he only thinks they taught him that... I'm not a expert, but I think the way he's standing is not the proper way to fight someone...

I feel tempted to just leave him here... Then again, What are the odds of him managing to escape on his own, let alone get to somewhere safe?
No. 687609 ID: 2ccbb3

Methinks they taught him the basics of one-on-one no-items flat-terrain Close-Quarters-Combat. So basically he can't hurt you unless you REALLY let him.

Just tell him that he can either come along and shut up until we get to Lindis, or he can sob over her corpse once she panics loudly and you're forced to stab her because nobody she trusted was there to calm her down.

Or something like that.
No. 687907 ID: ca183f

Okay I've uh... let's have Shade play the bad cop, he's probably more suited to it.
[To Shade: You get to be bad cop. Tell him something like "Shut up kid, we're going to get her next."]

Hmm.. that looks sort of like a boxing stance, but his legs are straight. Probably he just saw people fighting and copied what it looked like.
No. 688014 ID: fd5053
File 144977651467.png - (13.46KB , 640x400 , aham.png )

Or it could be a new stile that I'm not aware of... But by the looks of it, you are probably right.

Sheik: Look, We are here to help, so calm down...

???: Wait... Are you reallly...?

[Shade: !]

Shade: shut up! Are you sure about it, chief? For what we know he could be with the bandits, that Friend of his could be a trap.

???: wha- No, I'm not with them!

Shade: Then probe it, or else We will let you locked in this cell.

Sheik: ... Look, I want to help you, but for that We need to know we can trust you.

???: o-ok, I will tell you everything I know, But you must Save Lindis!

Sheik: We'll do what we can.

Robin: I'm Robin, latest born of the Saretis family, one of the most respected families of the Republic of Soria... We are rivals with the Carret family, or at least, my brothers and Father are. Personally I never understood why they were fighting in the first place... My love... Lindis, is the Daughter of the Head of the Carret Family...

sheik: Go on.

Robin: It was no secret that we were lovers, but we had forbidden to met eachother. The last time they caught us, My father gave my an ultimatum... IF I were to see her again "inside these walls", I wouldn't be part of the family anymore...

Sheik: So, how you both ended in here?

Robin: We still managed to communicate us trough a Servant that owed us some favors. In the end, we accorded that we would met outside the City walls, So we could see eachother again... I Never thought the bandits could find us, let alone try to attack us!

...Hm... (...How selfish)

Shade: Well, boss, It doesn't seem like he is lying.

Robin: Please! You have to help Lindis.

Sheik: Alright, let's move then.

[Sinergy between Shade and Sheik increased.] [Shade's respect towards "the Voice of the many" increased, +1] [Sheik's Trust in the Voice of the many increased: 45% (+3%)]

Sheik: (Whispers) So, did you found out something interesting?

Shade: (whispers) Yes, And I think I could help them more that I expected If what I found is true.

I wonder if it is worth asking, he normally wouldn't share information so easily, especially if it has to do with some of his jobs...

Now, Shade found a dagger, "simple to use, hard to master" is what he would say, a light leather chestguard, that should give some protection, I Think, But I wouldn't take a blow just to make sure, Some food, the bandit was probably storing to eat later, and 20 gold coins. Now, Should we arm him or sohuld I keep the dagger for myself? He doesn't seem like someone who could fight very well, and he seems tired.
No. 688015 ID: 2ccbb3

Depends. Weapons almost always give a fighting advantage, even to users who focus in hand-to-hand combat (they can throw it). Subsequently, that means he'll become a target if he's seen holding a dagger. I get the feeling that he doesn't have a high proficiency with blades.

However, a knife is a handy tool. So if you give him a backpack and put the knife inside and warn him not to use the knife against sentient enemies, that might work.
No. 688018 ID: ca183f

Hmm, I wonder, can we [give Shade the ability to message us at will]

Anyway, you've got your sword already. A dagger doesn't do that much extra good, unless you're trained in off-hand dagger usage? If not, let Robin have it. I'm assuming Shade already has what weapons he wants. Although maybe not, if he's asking to borrow your sword for head-plonking purposes.

Basically if you or Shade has a valid use for it beyond backup weapon, it'll probably do more good there than in the hands of the kid.
No. 688515 ID: 968595
File 145003332290.png - (8.78KB , 640x400 , Lindis.png )

[Shade:... I don't think this could be very helpful, Trying this seems to be a bit tiresome if I don't answer directly.]

sheik: Do you need an extra knife?

Shade: I still have more, Maybe you could find a use to it?

I'm not very good with off hand weapons, I had some training, but I always preferred to use a shield, I think I probably neglected the use of other weapons...

Sheik: Ok, Robin, You will have to wear this, and use this knife, But try to hide it and not use it.

Robin: But-

Sheik: If, and only If you really think we will need help, you can fight.

Shade: Yeah, no offense kid, But you seem weak right now.

Robin: Don't... Fine...

We move trough the Dungeon, But It doesn't take long until I Start hearing some faint screams at the distance... I warn the others, and we move Faster until we arrive to a Corner. By the sounds of it, She is fighting back, although I don't know what her situation is.

Robin: That's...!

Sheik: (whispers) silence...

Bandit 1: STop Fighting already, It will be easier for all!

Bandit 2: Damn it! She's tougher than she looks

Bandit 3: What? A woman is giving you trouble?

Bandit 1: Why won't you come and help us instead of doing nothing there?

Bandit 3: Because I'm making sure no one Comes!

Lindis: LET - ME - GO!

This is bad... This could escalate to a Hostage situation, and go downhill from there...
No. 688521 ID: 968595
File 145003344110.png - (2.59KB , 640x400 , plan3.png )

This is roughly the best vision on the area surrounding us I can give now... There is practically no way we can get any closer without being seen... By the sound of it, there are three of them, I can only see the one in the outside of the cell. There is another cell between us and where Lindis Is, but it's bars are broken... She also seems to still have some fighting left.

Shade: (Whispers) I could take him down from here...

Sheik: (whispers) But the others could notice that, and we can't tell what they are going to do next...

Shade is also good at throwing knives. I don't doubt if that he were to do that, the bandit in the door wouldn't have a chance, but also with that, we could lose the element of surprise...

Robin: (whispers) ...Just tell what to do... I can't stand doing nothing...

Robin seems very uneasy... it also makes him look even weaker, although he seems to be brave enough to not run away.
No. 688530 ID: 2ccbb3

We scare them. Mutilate the guard with your knife and threaten to do the same to the other two if they don't drop their weapons and let Shade tie them up.

Focus on the crotch area if they so much as twitch. Stomp on his rib cage if they squeak.


Robin, tell Lindis to start moaning and screaming sexually. Anyone who listens in will likely lower their guard or leave, for all they know their friends are doing S&M rape-and-roleplay.

If she panicks instead, Robin should @#$% her right then and there, because his life could literally depend on it.
No. 688587 ID: 6b1db5
File 145005454946.png - (16.57KB , 640x400 , Whatinhells.png )

..I... I'm... I have no words... What in all the Hells was that?

Let's try this again: Our main concern is trying to Save Lindis from the Bandits. As soon as we all appear, they are going to be alarmed and, in worst case scenario, they are going to use her as an Hostage, and thus, making us quite incapable to act. We must find a way to either, enter the cell in a way they don't react fast enough, or a way to draw them outside of the cell and away of Lindis. That's how I see it anyway.

Maybe Fear would do the work as you say, but in case of it not working, we could need a backup plan. As for the rest, I will simply ignore it.
No. 688590 ID: 2ccbb3


Sheik, tackle the guard and knock him out. Shade, prepare your ranged weaponry, aim at both guards in the cell. Use the other cell to case the target area first. Robin, look for patrolling guards and be ready to console Lindis if she starts screaming.

We good? We're good, right?
No. 688592 ID: 2ccbb3

... And as for plan B:

Distraction Plan: paranoia.

Shade, get inside the empty cell without being detected. Start knocking on the wall; try to climb above the cell frame before you do.

Robin, begin tapping with a different rhythm from Shade. Sheik, begin coughing loudly.

When they go to investigate, take them out with minimal noise.
No. 688709 ID: ca183f

> What in the hells was that?

> what do
This is a pretty bad situation... I think your best bet is to blitz them. Run in, get the guard before hire he can say anything, then take out the other two as fast as you can without hitting Lindis.

The one advantage we have is that the two in the cell, having their pants down, should have difficulty bringing their weapons to hand. If we're really lucky, Lindis might be able to get one before they do.
No. 689714 ID: 5005d3
File 145065961943.png - (8.42KB , 640x400 , Blitz strike.png )

Well, The general idea seems to be strike fast... I guess there aren't many other options anyway.

Sheik: ok, We are going to strike fast. shade, You follow me closely, I will try to take down the Guard at the entrance, once we arrive to the Cell where Lindis is, try to take them both with your knives.

Shade: Emmm... Sir

Robin: What Will I do?

Sheik: You are weakened, so I don't think you could help much. But What I want you to do, is to be on Reserve. If we end up needing help, I want you to be ready to strike, And if Things go smoothly, You will have to be with Lindis to calm her.

Robin: I think you are right,

Shade: I don't think I...

Sheik: Calm down, The guard is about to look away... Now!

We move forth, The guard doesn't see us, so I get close enough before he can react. He raises his shield and tries to warn the others, But he isn't looking at me and I go to strike the area that His shield isn't blocking.
No. 689715 ID: 5005d3
File 145065966760.png - (7.36KB , 640x400 , Praise the Dice Gods!.png )

Once I have taken the Guard, Shade moves forward, and quickly take down the two other bandits with his knives... He seems surprised.

Shade: ... *Sigh... Good.

Lindis: What is happening... Who are you?

Robin: Lindis!

Lindis: ...Robin?
No. 689716 ID: 5005d3
File 145065968438.png - (3.98KB , 640x400 , Roma.png )

Well... How long will this reunion take...? Well, Shade seems to be enjoying this...

Shade: (Whispers) I must say... Me getting those two guys pretty much at the same time, with barely even knowing where they were, was pure luck... But I'm relieved that I managed to do it.

It doesn't seem like there is any other bandit around so we should be good... (... mmm, I wonder if there was another way we could have face this situation...)
No. 689719 ID: 2ccbb3

Threaten to spank BOTH OF THEM if they don't HURRY THE @#$% UP. (DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH ON THIS. DUH.)

Check the bandits. If you think that they're really dead, decapitate them just to be safe. If they're alive, give them medical support and put indicative marks next to the jail cell so that the healers know WHERE to do their jobs.
No. 689762 ID: 2c3cc6

Rip out their eyes from their dead bodies. You could use them as a mere distraction in case you need to be quiet, more than a rock that make too much noise. If you don't like, then go before someone notice that the bandits are dead, even if they are idiots, there is a reason which make the bandit careful for anyone to come.
In other news, you will hace to be the buzzkill because they seems to be unaware of the dire situation in which they are involved
No. 689770 ID: ca183f


Anywho I believe it is time to GTFO, now that we've freed all the prisoners. I suggest leaving past room 2 and sneaking out under cover of darkness.

... it is night, right?
No. 690130 ID: 951bd0
File 145092474149.png - (8.95KB , 640x400 , Wall.png )

I know of someone that Might Have liked you for that, but I think that's an history for another time.

Yeah, I thought of asking them to move out now. But there are other things that I want to do here right now. Also, This could be the last time they get to be with eachother for a long time, considering what they said, So I guess I will leave them be for now... And yes, If I'm not mistaken, It seems that It's still dark outside.

... Aha! This wall is weak, it could be brought down by pretty much anyone... (interesting, although I don't think this could be useful later, it's good to know).
No. 690131 ID: 951bd0
File 145092476146.png - (8.29KB , 640x400 , Enemydown.png )

The two bandits that Shade took care of are certainly dead. Probably choked on their own blood. As for the one that was guarding the outside of the cell...

Bandit: ... You Bastard...!

Well, he seems to be somewhat healthy, Although he's losing blood. I expected him to die actually, But now I see that Wound I made him wasn't that deadly.

Shade: Well boss, What should we do with him?

Sheik: Look, I will try to help with that wound, ok?

Bandit: Stay away!

Sheik: Sorry to tell you this, but unless I help you with it, You probably are going to die...

He doesn't need to know.

Bandit: ...

I take my alchemical supplies, I some of my ingredients were taken... mostly the "Euphoric Herbs" That I use to either create poisons, or to reduce the pain, But at least I don't need it here. Apparently, while I work on his wound, the lovers decided to separate themselves. They seem ready to move, and didn't seemed to like the fact that I was helping the bandit.

Sheik: That should do it for now. Don't move much, or the wound will get worse.I would recommend to not fight either. Now wait here for some hours.

bandit: ... Why you did this?

Sheik: I have nothing to gain for your death... yet.

I guess it's time to move on. I Grab the wooden shield that The guard was using... It's somewhat unbalanced, But I think It will help. Shade Grabs his two knives and also gives Lindis the bandit's dagger. Lindis and robin Both grab one sword from the floor. I don't know how I feel about that, they lack of any training after all... Perhaps They should stay on our backs if we end up in a fight. Also, Those swords clearly are a bit more heavier than they expected.
No. 690133 ID: 951bd0
File 145092495253.png - (4.99KB , 640x400 , Hostiles5.png )

Robin: Why did you saved him?

Sheik: Why not?

Robin: He wanted to Hurt Lindis.

Sheik: Yes, But to say the Truth, He was lucky to be alive in the first place. I Didn't hold thet strike. I was going for the kill.

Robin: Then why didn't you Finished the work?!

Normally, people that I save don't question my actions... *sigh

Sheik: I don't like unnecessary bloodshed. And we aren't here for killing everyone, we are here to get away of this place. If you are going to keep annoying me for little things like that, maybe you will feel better escaping on your own?

That seems to have made him to stop talking... Lindis doesn't seem to be in bad shape. Although I can tell what's going through her mind.

Well, We arrived back to the main level. Shade Said that We could escape if we go to the second floor. I can hear someone talking, although I can't hear what they are talking at the right, I think they are two and apparently they have met someone else while they walked. And there is one walking away from here.
No. 690217 ID: ca183f

Hmm, getting to the second floor looks difficult right now. You'd probably have to either lurk in the storage room and hope that group moves on soon, or just try to escape by the first floor somehow.
No. 690470 ID: 328969
File 145116622028.png - (4.75KB , 640x400 , Hostiles6.png )

We move near the storage room... They seem to have stopped to chat a bit...

Bandit 1: Where were you going?

Bandit 2: we are looking for Rob... Sam Asked to us If we had seen him.

Bandit 3: He was Supposed to bring some honey from the kitchen, or at least some Jam, to help with Sam's cough.

Bandit 1: I heard of that... Is he doing well?

Bandit 2: He is bad... although He's getting better

Bandit 1: Dammit... I thought I heard some snoring coming from the Storage room of over there... I Think it was Rob.

Bandit 3: That Little Shit just Ignored Sam? He Saved His Ass, and now he simply leaves him?!

Bandit 2: Alright, I always wanted to hit his face...

I don't like where this is going... They will probably going to come this way... did They simply forgot that There are more pressing matters for them than just revenge?!
No. 690477 ID: 2ccbb3

Okay, this seems easy. Shade, take out the wandering guard, use a high-profile nonlethal attack to distract the other guards. Sheik, use an area attack on the group while they're distracted. Then Shade comes in from the northwest and you flank attack to finish them off.
No. 690977 ID: c00d3e
File 145159058846.png - (12.81KB , 640x400 , Leave.png )

What do you mean with an "area Attack"? If you mean some kind of an alchemical explosive, then that would need some special containers to make sure the compound doesn't explode in my hand! (Or even worse, in my pocket), and even if I had one, It would cause a great commotion and warn everyone that we are here, And I don't think I'm capable of outmaneuvering them here, If that worked for something...

As for a direct approach... If I had a spear, I could take two of them.... maybe... But I only have a sword, Shade and I could only take two of them, And I don't trust these two being capable of taking the third one fast enough... Is stealth usually this annoying?

Shade: Calm down... it's only that you don't have experience with this sort of things.

Sheik: (Whisper) ... I can't think of a plan here...

Shade: Don't worry about it... just calm down, Maybe you can come up with an more "indirect" approach?

Sheik: ... I think... maybe...

Shade: If you can't, I already have two plans of how to get out of this situation. One is the Best I can think of, and the other one, is Fun.

I got the feeling that the "Fun one" will not be really fun to me... (He's planning on hurting me again, isn't he?)
No. 690978 ID: 2ccbb3

If you could blind them for two seconds that would be enough.
No. 690984 ID: 86ddd3

why don't you all hide in the storage, let Lindis and Robin be te bait and when the bandits come in and get distracted by them you grab their heads with each hand and stamp them into the ground? you will need a bit of impulse but with this you get rid of two of them and Shade can take the other one
No. 692315 ID: f7322c
File 145230708423.png - (10.60KB , 640x400 , Ready.png )

With what?! What you say may work, but I don't have anything to do that!

...That... That may work...? ... No... there isn't much space in the sotorage for hidding, let alone fighting... But maybe We can...

Sheik: I could hide in the storage room with Robin, While you hide in the corner, We could use Lindis to bait them into an ambush...

Shade: That couldn't work. You wouldn't see them, and the door opens towards the inside of the storage... That would take you too much time, let alone the time it would take for both of you to come out...Also, I don't think they are going to be willing to do that...

... I haven't considered that

Sheik: ... Then... Run away?

Shade: That would be a better plan... But I say that you leave this one to me...

Sheik: Not the fun plan then!

Shade: Alright, all of you Get inside the storage room.

Sheik: will you do it yourself?!

Shade: "A man can be albe to do what an army can't", Remember?

Sheik: ... Fine, But don't do anything foolish...

Shade: Just watch... I mean, listen...
No. 692316 ID: f7322c
File 145230710638.png - (11.51KB , 640x400 , Three.png )

Well... We are inside the storage room... I hope he knows what's he doing...

Shade: Well, Hi there. How are you doing? .... Why you guys seem to be in a hurry?

Bandit 1: we came looking for Rob. He was supposed to bring something to help Sam, But now we know he's been slacking

Bandit 2: Sam Is in a bad shape, And he just leaves him to die. We already have enough problems, I'm not going to just leave him be.

Shade: ... Sam is very important to you? Who he is anyway?

Bandit 3: You don't know...? He's pretty much the only one of us who knows something about healing...

Bandit 1: He was a slave coming in a caravan from the oriental kingdoms that we assaulted, once we had freed him, he decided to help us, but right now he seems to me sick...

Shade: then, Doesn't he needs help right now..?

The bandit is about to say something, but gets interrupted...

Shade: You can always beat up That Rob guy, But your friend could be needing your help right now. You know what he needed?

Bandit 3: ... Something to help him with his -

Shade: Then go and take him whatever he needs, And look after him, last thing we need is more trouble.

Bandit 2: ... You know what? For once, I think I concur with you...

Bandit 3: ... We better hurry, We can get Rob later...

...And they start leaving...

Shade: (whispers) They are going towards the kitchen... So, how was that?
No. 692317 ID: 2ccbb3

Great, but you need to deal with them before they find the bodies.

Nonlethal approach. Shade, walk up to them in thirty seconds and claim that you found Rob eating an entire jar of honey. Ask if this is normal. Then have the soldiers who care follow you to the jail cells, and when they're distracted by the bodies, knock one out and beat the others senseless. Sheik, knock out any guards that stay in the kitchen, and then go to the cells and deal with the remaining bandits if any.
No. 692671 ID: ca183f

> deal with them before they find the bodies
The bodies aren't around the kitchen, they shouldn't see them. No action necessary, here. Just slip up to the second floor and get on with the escaping before someone does happen upon them.
No. 694163 ID: a605a0
File 145289915408.png - (20.70KB , 640x400 , escape.png )

...I guess we should try to keep the Pressure...

Although, that sounds Pretty much right.

Shade: I suppose everyone's all right?

Robin: Yes

Shade; We should get moving to the second floor now.

Sheik: Right, let's go

We move towards the stairs, and then to wherever Shade thinks is where we should escape from. Surprisingly, there wasn't many bandits around here, Although I can hear a many snores.

We arrive to a room, It's completely empty... I guess it's because there is a lot of moss growing in this particular room, Also the Structure seems to be a bit weaker here, although it seems it will still hold.
No. 694164 ID: a605a0
File 145289917522.png - (17.45KB , 640x400 , Window1.png )

Outside the window there is Branch coming from a tree of the forest. I Think everyone can reach it.

Shade: It's sturdy enough to withstand the Weight of two of us. The other ones will have to wait.

Lindis: Are you serious? We'll have to climb down from up here?

Shade: Well, The other exits that I know of are probably guarded, So This would be our best bet.

I don't hear anyone nearby, not inside nor outside, So I think we are good for now. If you ask me, We aren't very high, so if anybody fell, They wouldn't Get wounded, although it would hurt a lot... We should also plan on where to go afterwards

Author: Sorry for the long wait for this update...
No. 694168 ID: 2ccbb3

Lindis and Shade go first. Take a detour in the woods to the city. Ask Robin and Lindis which of their mansions is better-fortified.
No. 695442 ID: 8c3d23
File 145322905290.png - (16.61KB , 640x400 , Once down.png )

Lindis and Shade go First, and Shade, like a gentleman, helps her climbing down the tree, although her hands may be wounded since she doesn't seem to have done that before. Then is our turn. Robin seems to have a bit of more experience climbing, and we get to the bottom a bit faster than them.

Once we are on the ground, we move... west I think. To take some distance between the bandits and us, Meanwhile, I take the chance to talk to Lindis and Robin.

Sheik: We'll probably head towards a safer place now, Which of your families have a more fortified mansion?

Lindis: Well... my family's house has a wall... and...

Robin: We have a lot of guards patrolling around in mine.... and...

Sheik: Ok... I think that's what I needed to know.

*sigh... alright, They have no idea...

We decide to take a rest for some time. we can still see the fort from the distance, but they don't seem to be alarmed yet... We have some food, I decide not to eat, I had already eaten something while escaping from the fort. We will soon head towards the city, but first....

Sheik: Shade, Could you come with me for a second?

Shade: ...Yes...?

We move away of the group just enough for them to not listen to us.

Shade: ... Hehe, They don't waste time nor opportunities.

Sheik: I suppose...
No. 695443 ID: 8c3d23
File 145322906807.png - (16.41KB , 640x400 , Reasons.png )

Sheik: But now... Did anyone else... managed to escape?

Shade: ... I'm sorry sir... once they broke the army, they pursued everyone, I don't think any of the foot soldiers survived and I don't think the horsemen had better luck...

Sheik: ... Can you explain to me What in all the hells happened?

Shade: Emm....

Sheik: Why didn't they obeyed my last order? Another army appeared behind them blocking any retreat attempt while I wasn't with them?

Shade: ...C-Chief...

Sheik: You didn't arrived in time? Was there a pack of monsters blocking the Forest route?! Tell me Why didn't they left at as soon as they managed to stop the first wave of hostiles!
No. 695448 ID: 2ccbb3

What, did they all switch sides just to kill Sheik?

Can't be that bad, can it?
No. 696669 ID: 0a2fcf
File 145358991002.png - (16.67KB , 640x400 , unconfortable.png )

If they wanted me dead, They just needed to retreat, not waste their lives in an Hopeless assault! (I even had a perfect plan for an organised retreat...)

Shade: C- Can we talk about this later...?

Sheik: No, I want to know about it Right now.

Shade: ... I did managed to arrive with the rest of the advisors and deliver your orders...

Sheik: Did you said exactly what I told you to...?

Shade: "There are complications, No time for explanations. Retreat immediately. I may not be able to lead you from now on, Everyone's free to do as they please. Take all you want from the storage and distribute it between the entire company, The only thing it's mine is my sword..." I memorized it.

Sheik: Then...?

Shade: there wasn't any other army blocking any attempt of retreat, only some patrols, nothing unbeatable. There wasn't any pack of monsters nor animals blocking any attempt of retreat through the forest nor the plain surrounding it...

Sheik: Then I don't get it...

Shade: ... I told them about your plan, Escaping through the caves, But the scouts found out about a group of knights Preparing themselves to go to the entrances of said cave... Everyone knew you wouldn't be able to our run them... There was a Short debate about what to do... Arthur Said the they were wasting time, and he went to talk with his Horsemens, Very few decided to leave. Then everyone knew what they were going to do., they organised an frontal assault...

Sheik: WHAT?! Bu-... If- ... WHY!?!

Shade: ... Once they attacked, they were locked in combat... that "first wave of enemies", in fact, was on the defensive...

Sheik: ...
No. 696670 ID: 0a2fcf
File 145358993010.png - (17.55KB , 640x400 , Realization.png )

Sheik: You - You're joking Right? They wouldn't have done something as stupid as that! They were forced to move ahead, there was another bigger army blocking any retreat attempt... R-Right?

Shade: ...

I... I don't understand... Why would they do that...? I Thought I had Taught them to take smart decisions...! There was no advantage to be gain, or anything else really...

Shade: I too wanted to stay... But they asked me to deliver you something...

... Him Too!? WHY?! The always obeyed my orders, Why they didn't back then?!

Shade: ... That's pretty much all I have to say... I'm sorry, sir...



No. 696672 ID: 2ccbb3

Maybe they had been with you so long, and saw what you were capable of, that you appeared to be some kind of force of nature. That if you died or went insane the apocalypse would happen.

I don't think they would gladly sacrifice their lives for a dead man. But what about a dead man who they believed had the power to destroy entire countries?

You trained them too well. They were insane.
No. 698336 ID: cb5c2b
File 145419125668.png - (16.67KB , 640x400 , tought.png )

They... they were the greatest troops that could have ever existed... Many generals Could only dream of having such an army like that...

Did I really ruin it? ...Wasted all that effort and time...?

No. 698337 ID: cb5c2b
File 145419130999.png - (16.62KB , 640x400 , ___Calm.png )

...I need time to think about this... But later.

Sheik: Alright, lets move to somewhere safe

Shade: Sure thing boss, This way.

Sheik: Shouldn't we head north?

Shade: Don't worry, I have a friend waiting for us.

A friend...?

Lindis: We are going back to the city?

Robin: But... they are going to keep me away from Lindis again!

Shade: Calm down, I have a plan.
No. 698338 ID: cb5c2b
File 145419133721.png - (16.59KB , 640x400 , espionage.png )

Zeite: You finally arrive! ... And you got everyone out?

Shade: That's right, And I got what we needed, and a bit extra.

Zeite: Good... Is it safe to speak?

Shade: You are going take measures anyway, So do as you wish.

Zeite: all right... Why did you took off the scarf...?

Shade. Come on... It was being bothersome, here, have it back.

Zeite: ... I guess you won't be needing it anymore... Alright, everyone let's move.
No. 698340 ID: cb5c2b
File 145419143141.png - (9.84KB , 640x400 , On the way.png )

we start moving north... looks like it's morning already, and the sun is starting to rise.

Shade and Zeite seems to be discussing about what to do with whatever they have discovered, I could try to listen to them, By the looks of it, Shade didn't told him about me, so he's making sure that no untrained person could hear them... (...I didn't expected for them to be working together...) hmm... You guys could pretty much listen to their entire conversation if you wanted to, now that I think about it.

Lindis and Robin are just holding hands while we walk, while the other 3 mercenaries of the blue blades are silent, Makes me wonder How much they know about Zeite's plans...

This is going to take quite some time... I can't hear anyone near us, so aparently we are safe.

Zeite: Oh, also, Sheik, if that's your name, There are quite a number of people that I think wishes to see you. Right now we are heading towards a camp on the edge of the forest, near the republic. That's were the main force of the guard is rallying, But if you wish, And I would understand if you do so, I can make some mercenaries to escort you to the city, After all of this, and participating in our plan without any warning, I think you deserve a rest.

Sheik: you aren't talking about the...

Zeite: No, Worry not, I have no business with them.

...People wanting to see me...?
No. 698341 ID: 2ccbb3

You'll want to figure out what they're doing before they charge off into whatever battle is coming up next.

Also, make sure they aren't selling Robin and Lindis for a ransom scam.
No. 699482 ID: 066f78
File 145477897248.png - (5.78KB , 640x400 , Intrigues.png )

Alright, lets hear what they are talking about...

Zeite: So... What is it?

Shade: Well, you were right, Pretty much everything makes one believe that those bandits were getting payments for destroying some specific caravans. The ones of both the Carret family and the Saretis Family in particular.

Zeite: ... Do you think they would be as stupid as to hire a bandit group to strike at caravans of each other?

Shade: Everything points that way.

Zeite: ... I investigated both families while you were out. I discovered two things: one, Large sums of money were being used by the head of each family without any explanation, and two, I'm pretty sure not everyone in the family is involved, nobody seemed to even know that money was moved... I guess your theory is probably right.

Shade: Do you think they knew there was only one group of bandits?

Zeite: Probably not. Even the guards didn't know at first if it was only one group or more, it was confirmed recently that it was only one... Although the heads of both families are known for taking good care of each of their relatives above all else, if they knew one of their family members was trapped by them, Why did they continued sending money instead of just paying a ransom?

Shade: Perhaps the bandits took them hostage in order to keep the two families in check?

Zeite: It's a possibility... it could be useful to interrogate them later on the topic, perhaps they know something that may be useful.

Shade: Probably not... I believe that they know little about what's going on around them.

Zeite: ... What else did you found?

Shade: Well... everything points towards the Head of each family Doing business with the bandits... Although there is always the possibility that they are being framed... Why Would they just hire bandits? Why would everything point towards them?

Agh... It's starting to get hard to follow... This is why I hate intrigues... What am I supposed to use this info for? I'm a strategist not a spy...
No. 699491 ID: d283ef

You know what? We're pretty good at this stuff, why don't you let us handle it and you can take a break.

[Switch to Shade]
No. 699523 ID: 2ccbb3

Man, for near-civilian-level bandits, they ran a hell of a long double con.

Maybe everyone on this planet is slightly more gullible than what we usually deal with? Oh well.

You can force a truce by threatening both heads to either accept each other's treachery or incur the wrath of their respective families for wasting millions to destroy both their convoys and get both their children kidnapped by a single warlord.

Whatever. Form a basic plan and choose a house to start screwing over.
No. 701031 ID: 9f563b
File 145522714903.png - (15.85KB , 640x400 , allright.png )

Or maybe everything was being run by only one person that being the Bandit's leader... If you ask me, he seemed smart enough to do that.

As for what to do about the families... I Would rather be hired first and then work for one side, That's how I always worked. Also I don't know any of them, aside from these two we just rescued.

If you say so... I'm just going to keep moving forward, Not like I Can do anything else.
No. 701033 ID: 9f563b
File 145522718464.png - (4.68KB , 640x400 , especulation.png )

[You are now with Shade]

Oh... Hello there How have you been doing? I have been Doing well Myself, It was always fun to see the Boss get confused from time to time.

Zeite: ... I see your point, but I couldn't find anything.

Shade: I got something actually... But it will be better if we investigated a little bit more.

Zeite: ... What is it?

... Well, I already Had my fun, let's just go for it.

Shade: I got evidence that may point out that actually... the Older brothers of the Carret family and the Saretis Family are the ones doing the payments... And maybe, those are the two behind the last conflict between the families in general, but I'm not sure why. It's in this letter.

Zeite: ...Them... I Would say that if it wasn't by their parents, they would be the ones keeping the fight between the families... I can see them framing someone else for this... Maybe my contact may have something on this, as soon as we arrive to the camp I will ask him. Once we have them, we will finally end with this nonsense and get our payment...

And now... It's just wait and hope for the best... and maybe some speculation may be useful... hmmm Who framed Who? It's always exciting to think on the possibilities and then see how closer to the truth you were!

But first, I guess you guys didn't came only to say Hi, So, what's up on your minds? Zeite seems to be lost in thought right now.
No. 701064 ID: 2ccbb3

Well, how should we mine the @#$% out of this family feud? Preferably, we'll want both houses to swear their allegiance to us, possibly by instigating a marriage ceremony.

Also, what's your opinion of Sheik's troops? How many survivors, 10 or something?
No. 702336 ID: 8140ac
File 145563289068.png - (5.33KB , 640x400 , Sadly.png )

We won't need to, Our employer will be the one who will get the most of this, that's how spies work... As for a wedding... I like the idea, Celebrations, food and drink everywhere, and there is always a nice woman or man around looking for some fun... Maybe our employer could actually benefit from such a wedding actually... The more I think about it, the better it becomes! I should totally put this in my report.

...As for any survivors... I will tell the truth... once the Troops broke, everyone was disorganized and running away in different directions, Perhaps that was good, because the inexperienced knights of the inquisition, in their pride and ambition, decided to give them chace, which at the same time, disorganized their army, giving even more time to Sheik...

If I have to pick a number... I would say maybe around 20 soldiers may have escaped the battlefield... But I don't know how Far would they have arrived, The same would go for the few soldiers that left before the battle...

...I just hope that what the other advisors told me to deliver isn't a "trigger" ... Sheik's doing bad just as it is...

We are already getting to the camp...
No. 702337 ID: 8140ac
File 145563292686.png - (17.13KB , 640x400 , Guard's camp.png )

Guard: Hold! Who goes?

Zeite: it's me, And I brought some friends with me.

Guard: oh, Right sir, you may pass.

Zeite: Well, here we are, if you don't mind, I will meet Araon and my contact, I will probably be around the tents of the blue blades if you need me... Also I Will let you choose what to do with those two.

And there he goes.

Guard: Oh... I didn't recognised you at first!

He's talking to Sheik

Guard: Thank you Sir! I don't know if We could have hold that ambush if you didn't rallied that small group of yours, The commander praises your initiative!

Hehe, The boss never knows how to react to praises, It's always awkward...

Sheik: ehh... Thanks I guess... Are the commander and The captain fine then?

Guard: They sure are! The commander sustained some wounds, I don't think he will be able to fight for a time, And the captain is also wounded, An arrow on the shoulder, but still can lead the troops.

Sheik: That's good to hear.

Guard: In fact! They both were really worried for when they heard you were missing... I should get them, Wait here!

And there he goes! How eager.

Shade: Well well, What Zeite was saying was truth, You made yourself quite a name!

Sheik: *sigh

Robin: Excuse me...
No. 702338 ID: 8140ac
File 145563296982.png - (7.86KB , 640x400 , around 3 hours of holding hands.png )

Robin: Can we go home now?

Hmmm... I Still could interrogate them, I don't think I could get too much out of them, but maybe get to know a little better their older brothers. Also they may not tell me if there was anything suspicious, But who knows.
No. 702348 ID: 2ccbb3

Can you show us?

Not out of the woods yet. You've claimed this area, don't waste it with a full retreat. Set up a barrier and get a few medics over here.

Don't let Robin and Lindis go home yet. They aren't breaking yet, and this field trip is good exercise for them. You should try to come to an agreement with the families first.
No. 703844 ID: 06e23a
File 145599666011.png - (8.53KB , 640x400 , Blush fiercely.png )

I can't show it to you, Because I Hid it in the Republic. I can tell you it's Sheik's sword, Even though he feels better using a spear, he always had that sword close to himself, But there is a letter too, But I haven't opened it. It's sealed and Sheik would notice if I tried to read it. I don't know it's contents either, But I'm pretty sure it was written by the others advisors... That's totally going a trigger isn't? ... I Guess it will be better That I'm not around when he Reads it.

I don't really know how they are organizing, But I can't see any wounded around here. It seems that They probably were taken to the city. I guess that's what anyone would have done, right? But also, It doesn't seem like they are preparing to form any defensive line... It almost looks like they are just gathering here. My experience says that they are about to march on an offensive.

Alright, It's it's probably for the best to keep these two around me for now. And even for them.

Shade: I will like You guys to stay around sometime with me.

Lindis: ...But...

Shade: Also... You both can still be together for now, if you go back to your mansions with your families, they would keep eachother away,... Remember?

Robin: you are right...

Shade: So, Let me help you with that, Nobody here can recognize you right? You don't like like someone who would be important right now. Also who knows... (Whispers) You guys could even sleep together tonight...

They both blush furiously... That's cute. Well I guess I should make them follow me for now, While I ask them questions... Should I tell them te truth, lie to them or ask casually? Hmmm.... I'm pretty sure I can get some info out of them without them suspecting anything, But If I tell them the truth, they may be more cooperative. If I lie to them, something different could happen, depending on the lie, But I don't think I will need anything elaborated for this, After all, I'm pretty sure they trust me after rescuing them.
No. 703846 ID: 06e23a
File 145599676888.png - (14.78KB , 640x400 , The leaders.png )

Oh, The commander and The captain of the guard are here. The commander is in bad shape, needing of a cane to stand by, as for the captain, I can't see any visible wound, but the left shoulder seem somewhat unconfortable. But it doesn't looks like anything permanent, they are speaking to sheik, I can hear them from here, But I'm already occupied with these two.
No. 703882 ID: 594c18

I would say, ask casually at first; then, when they've either given you as much information as you need, or they balk and stop telling you anything, tell them the truth about why you wanted to know.

They have as much reason as anyone to see this feud end, so I don't think there's any point keeping its causes from them, in the long run.
No. 703883 ID: 2ccbb3

Practice your ranged combat for now. We'd like you to stock up on flashbangs and other trick grenades.

Also, tell Robin and Lindis the truth, this seems like a good time.
No. 705350 ID: 6a84d9
File 145641226722.png - (10.41KB , 640x400 , progress.png )

Alright I will tell them the truth, when I find it convenient. Oh, Sheik Is coming this way

Sheik: Shade, The commander and the captain asked me to help them with some planifications.

Shade: Really? And What did you say?

Sheik: That I will help them, first, they are going to pay me an interesting sum of gold, and secondly, they have it coming, So if you need me, I will be on that tent of ever there, discussing with the commander and the captain.

Shade: Of course boss, I will stay here around, if you need me. Hey... You wouldn't need our... "mutual Friends"?

Sheik: I may be able top use their help, But I think this fight is already won on it's own.

Shade: Sure, as you prefer it chief.

*Sigh... Training...? .... I Forgot about the training... But Wait... If these guys leave soon, I won't need to train! YES!

He goes inside a tent pretty close from here. Well, Looks like I will have time for these two at least.

Shade: Well, since we are going to wait for everything to calm down, Can I ask you a question?

Robin and Lindis: Of course

Shade: Something has been bothering me since we have met. Why is there a rivality between your families?

Lindis: ...I don't really know...

Robin: I think our parent's don't get along, But even so, I never understood this fight between families...

Shade: Alright... And what about your brothers? Didn't they told you? Or they reacted the same way your parents about your relationship?

Before they start speaking, I montion to Lindis to go first... They almost answered at the same time and i wouldn't have understanded anything.

Lindis: ... Well, I only have my older brother, and He has always protected me from any kind of damage. He also always Told me that I shouldn't trust in anyone From the Saretis Family, Saying they were unrefined and greedy, But Robin isn't anything like that! And when He found out about this he told me that I should be wary about what Am I doing, and asked me to stop, and when I refused He immediatly went to tell it to our father... That's how he found out about it. Then he forbidden me from seeing Robin.

... That seems rather normal I guess... Now it's Robin's turn

Robin: I have one older brother and little one. By youngest brother is 2 years old, and I think he likes me, but he knows nothing about my relationship with Lindis, nor the fight between our families. But my older brother... He's annoying, he always called me a weakling, even that one time when I somehow managed to hit him once in a training fight we had. Even so, he always was there to protect me... And to remind me how useless I was too... When He found out that I was seeing Lindis, he was very angry, He said that I deserved more that just a Carret ... And maybe I do, But I Don't want anyone else but Lindis on my side! When He heard my refusal to stop seeing her, he went and told it to our father about it, and proceeded to forbid me to see Lindis ever again...

...Wait a Second...

Shade: Your brother was the one who forbid you to seeing each other?

Roin and Lindis: Yes!

... They both stare at eachother... It can't be a lie. But Shouldn't be their parents the ones to forbid them something?

Robin: Does your brother also runs your family's business and caravans?

Lindis: Yes... as he was going to be the heir of the Family, my father decided to give him some practice in trading, and after some time, my father gave him control on pretty much everything, I think He trust him very much.

Robin: oh, well, in my case, my father is too proud to do something like that, My brother made him bet part of the business to him in different games, and that's how he gained most of his influence. I Think my father respects him after that, because he has been running everything very well... Well, aside from the bandits assaulting the caravans, of course.

Well... that was... Interesting... It's the first time I hear of something like this... Then Zeite may have been asking the wrong questions then! hmmm... I wonder how many people knows that...

Anyway, I already have a Lead in this investigation, and actually... Now that I think of it, If Sheik commands an assault on the castle, He may be able to find more evidence that I could in my limited time... I should tell Him that later... So... what are you guys going to do?
No. 706082 ID: f8aab3
File 145666804196.png - (5.75KB , 640x400 , Author here_ Excuse me, what did I do wrong this t.png )

... silence means you will stick around with me...? Or maybe they already went to help Sheik, if he needed any...? or maybe not... I didn't feel it like last time...
No. 706086 ID: 2ccbb3

Busy day. Sorry.

Unless you need anything, we can go back to Sheik now.
No. 706292 ID: 45eda5
File 145678316974.png - (13.21KB , 640x400 , Sheik's plan.png )

Nah, I Think I will be fine for now. I will keep investigating, asking questions and see what else Can I found. Everything that I have could only put suspicion on them, not really anything else. Now, I will have these two to accompany me, don't worry, I will tell them the truth. I should look for Zeite too, I need to tell him this. So, See you guys later!

[You are now with Sheik]

Oh, You are here, I was just explaining all that I saw in the fort right now.

Sheik: ... And that's pretty much all that I saw there. They seemed to lack of organization, and many of them lacked of training. I think you shouldn't have trouble at all.

Commander: I see... What about the Fort?

Sheik: I couldn't get a good glimpse, But there seemed to be many weakspots, and the walls seemed worn out. It's possible that there are some parts where the wall is completely destroyed, allowing passage for troops. you could surround them and simply wait until they run out of supplies.

Commander: We don't have that much time. The Governor gave me permission to organize an assault, but in the end of the day, all the remaining guard must be back into the city unless they have other duties.

Sheik: well, A frontal assault is doable, and they may no last long if that were the case. I'm pretty sure that if they don't surrender at first, once we break trough the walls to the main yard, their spirit will crumble.

Captain: See? I Think I will probably be able to take this assignment, you don't need effort yourself.

Commander: I see... Well, I think our friend shall lead the assault.

Captain: ... What?

Commander: He clearly has experience with this. Our men don't have any training to attack a fortification like this.

Captain: But...! I can do this! I managed to fight off many bandits that time, How many more could there be?

Hmmm... I don't know how I feel about leading the entire assault, I don't know how the guardsmen will react with me leading them. I can tell they will probably feel more safe if The captain is the one leading them. But on the other hand, I do know how prepare an assault.
No. 706293 ID: 45eda5

Author: just in case, I left a suggestion in the discussion thread, and something I forgot to say. nothing really important though.
No. 706687 ID: 5d633c
File 145688576579.png - (13.16KB , 640x400 , Let's do this shit.png )


Sheik: With all do respect sir, I think he should take care of the assault. The Guards will probably believe in him considerably more than me, After all, they know him.

The commander smirks... and the captain looks away for a second... and then looks back at me. (... Was he blushing...?)

Captain: ... Thanks...

Commander: Even so, You could be of great help, and I would like you to give us advice for this assault. If you don't want to lead the center, at least lead the reserve troops as I won't be completely able to do so myself... I hate to say it, but with my leg and arm as they are, keeping up with the troops would be hard for me

Sheik: All right I guess I can do that. As for advice, let me think about our options... What are our limitations again?

Commander: The governor specified exactly that we had until dusk to start getting back to the city, I would say we have around 11 hours for that. The second is that most of our troops never had fought on the offensive against a fort and they also lack in training for it, We mostly train them to hold on the defensive. I don't think the Blue Blades which will be coming with us too have the same trouble, I don't think they have the experience, but they sure seemed to have training for organizing assaults, and are also well equipped for that. Oh, and going from here to the Fort and back here would be around 4 hours.

Sheik: I see...

I don't think the battle is going last more that 1 hour, so with that it would leave us with other 6 hours... hmmm... All I can think of is if we could spend those hours either training the guard for this fight, or building equipment such as ladders with the trees around... Maybe even a Ram, that we could use for going inside the fort, I don't think there was a door on the entrance of the outer wall of any kind, so we should have clear acces, that assuming there isn't a barricade of some kind, if I were them, I would have done that. I don't think we have time for training all the guardsmen and making some siege equipment at the same time. Hmmm... What other options do we have...?

What you guys think? Oh, also How is Shade doing with his investigation?
No. 707156 ID: 2c10ac

You should divide your army in groups of five to ten soldiers and decide a leader for each one, then explain the tactics that you want to use to the leaders. That should suffice the training a little and then build the ladders.
Shade is making progress, it is a bit troublesome in some aspects but he seems to be doing well
No. 707162 ID: 2ccbb3

I think you should study those books you got from the bandit castle, see if there's anything on "Breaching Charges" or "Artillery Barrages", anything that involves blowing things up in a fortified area. Ask for two of the mages to read the other two books while you focus on one.

For reference, a breaching charge is a controlled explosion, armoring one side of a bomb, so that all the force goes out the other side. These take time to place, but if you can create a strong enough charge and place it on the gate, you won't need to risk men on a battering ram.

Artillery fire involves using explosives to fire even more explosives into the air, which then drop down on the target and blow it up. This is an extensively complicated science; the premise is simple, but there are so many factors in place that one error could blow up your side instead.

Hopefully, you won't need to send hundreds of good men into a meat grinder of arrow barrages and open warzones.
No. 707709 ID: 000ef7
File 145737832317.png - (9.53KB , 640x400 , Ideas.png )

"The efficiency of the training is Directly proportional to How much effort and time you put into it" Teaching only some of them about what to do, even if they are good organizing the ones that follow them, wouldn't prove to be very useful, it will be better if everyone knows what to do and when to do it, If their leader dies, Then who will rally the ones that are left? And If I try to rush the knowledge into them, it will only confuse them even more, in a way they will start mixing tactics, trying to do something, and it could cause disorganization.

Sheik: How many Guardsmen will be on the assault?

Captain: Most of them are from my troop, around 700 spearmen and 400 crossbowmen.

Commander: You will be leading what's left of my troop. 250 spearmen and 100 crossbowmen, You will also have 25 riders, Although in my experience, they could be better dismounted. Many of the other guardsmen are either dead or having their wounds being healed back in the city.

Captain: I also left some guards to try to keep everything in check.

Sheik: Good.

Spearmen should get priority on the training, as they will be the first ones to engage. with a number of 950 spearmen, it could take around 3 hours to train them in assault operations, At least for making sure they all are doing the right thing... As for the rest of them, We could use them to build ladders. The walls weren't very tall, making them would take 3 to 5 hours, if we have everyone else working on it, But I can't Supervise both the training and they doing siege equipement... Do they even know how to do make them...?

Sheik: Do you know how to prepare ladders?

Commander: We could try to prepare some ladders with the trees around, but taking down enough trees and then working them would take some time.

Sheik: maybe 5 hours?

Commander: it's possible, but Transporting them wouldn't be a trouble, we found a pathway going trough the forest, so our charts would be able to pass trough without many problems.

Perfect. So I think we could get some ladders and some training, but I don't trust they will be able to do much without someone supervising them... From my point of view, it will be better for the soldiers to know how to advance, as I said, I saw some breaches that we could sue to get trough the wall, the Trouble is always getting closer to the wall.

Those are all very good ideas. I don't thin the books will help much though. Field medicine isn't where you expect to find war tactics, the book about weapons of the old empire has some info about different types of weapons it's uses and etcetera, it's clearly part of a larger collection. and a book of magical theory isn't something where you would look for powerful spells... but you can find some Hilarious situations on the examples and mental exercises.

Sheik: Do you have mages?

Commander: We don't have many mages on the guard, I'm pretty sure there isn't many guardsmen that practice magic. We have some mages in the camp, but most of them are irregulars that we call from the local mages to help when there is need, they are mostly here for taking care of the wounded and helping in other labors, most of them are scholars and apprentices, so do not expect great spells form them.

Of Course, the mages that aren't teaching in a guild hall or in the academy, are underpayment of nobles for either their fighting in their army or, in case of a very rich noble, for teaching magic to their soldiers. If I have to say, They probably have at least some lesser spells ready to be used. Normally the first spell mages learn is called "Combustion" that causes some fire sparks come out from the caster's hand, not powerful, but enough to start a small fire.

As For the other stuff you are mentioning, we will either need more time that What we have, or someone who already has the resources that we need and the skill to do it, I can't do many things at the same time, Especially if we are dealing with something that could potentially explode while I'm working on it if I'm not careful. Although I should keep in mind those ideas of yours... Alchemy is very underrated.
No. 707710 ID: 000ef7
File 145737835583.png - (10.78KB , 640x400 , The mercenaries.png )

Araon: We're here.

Zeite: Sorry for taking long, my fault.

Maybe they can help...

Araon: Have you come with a plan yet or...?

Well, Time to explain them the situation. It will be good for the Captain and the commander to hear the ideas as well.

Sheik: So, do you think you can Help?

Araon: Zeite knows how to do some siege equipement, maybe he can help?

Zeite: Well, we are 600 soldiers in total right now and I taught some of them how to make some basic siege equipement, if we ever needed. Although it will be slightly more expensive.

Commander: Yes, I know the contract, don't worry, we'll pay you a compensation.

Araon: Good. How many ladders do you think yo can do Zeite?

Zeite: With the soldiers that I have right now, and the Height of the walls, I would say around 3 to 4 ladders in five hours, maybe.

Sheik: And if you had more manpower?

Zeite: I could do more ladders, yes, But doing them in less time is probably not a possibility. Specially if we want to make sure they don't break easily, that are of the right size and to make them hard to remove.

Sheik: I see... What about alchemy? Could we make bombs?

Zeite: I have some equipement we could use, but I don't think anyone would be willing to carry something as dangerous as a explosive component, even if make sure it won't explode on them, and we tell them it's completely safe.

Sheik: I Was already thinking on that...

Zeite: But, I think I have something else. Have you seen smoke bombs?

Sheik: Yes, I used to train with them to see how far I could throw a container with alchemical ingredients, sadly it wasn't very far.

Zeite: Well, We could try to use a smoke screen to get closer to the walls, we could hide our movements, and they could fire randomly, but it will considerably reduce our losses.

Sheik: That sounds Good.

How didn't I thought of that before...?

Zeite: Sadly, even if they are easily made, you will need many of them to make a smoke screen big enough for them to not see us. I have enough for the mercenaries and I don't think I can make enough for another group, after all, I will have to supervise the making of the ladders.

Araon: But only one of those should be enough. My mercenaries could get closer and start going upt the walls, or trought them, depending on how it is, Meanwhile, Once we have strought, you can follow up and strike while they are distracted.

Sheik: Will you be able to hold?

Araon: Don't worry I think we will be albe to hold our own.

Sheik: I still think It could be better if we all attacked simultaneously.

Araon: I guess we'll see once we arrive there.

Sheik: could we be able to make more?

Zeite: I only have one set of tools for alchemical use, And you would need a lot of time to make enough bombs for another front.

Sheik: I see.

Commander: so everything is settled then?

Well, Unless there is something else that We are missing, I guess We should start already with the preparations. I also should see which troops I should train. Spearmen are a must while Crossbowmen aren't really going to help much on the assault, at least, until we get to the walls,and The riders aren't going to be of much help unless they go on foot or they start fighting inside the fort. I Think we would do well if we send them to help Zeite with the ladders.
No. 709290 ID: 7a7e2a
File 145800389313.png - (12.21KB , 640x400 , Training.png )

Sheik: I think it will be all.

Commander: Alright. Then, I will take care Everyone is supplied and ready.

Araon: I will come with you. I will check on every weapon, make sure it's in condition. Zeite, you are in charge for now, don't tire them too much.

Zeite: right.

Sheik: I will send you the crossbowmen for working on the ladders.

Zeite: Good, I will see what I can do.

Commander: Then the planifications are over. Oh, And we took your sword and shield, We will give them back to you.

Sheik: thanks... is there a place where I can store some of my things that you can lend me, for now?

Commander: yes, I will take care of it. If you need to store something just ask me.

The commander gets up and puts out the candle, and with it, ending the discussion. It's interesting how much I learned of their culture when I was a mercenary. The Centrals like their candles, and when there is an important conversation, the one who has the last word is the one who is closer to the candle, and when he puts it out, means the end of the conversation. It's quite curious.

Zeite: Look, Shade told me to tell you that you may be able to find something that he could use for his investigation inside that fort. I may be able to help with that, But I will have to stay close to te mercenaries for now.

Ah great... How Am I supposed to know the difference between simple trash and useful stuff? I don't know, But I guess I will think about that later. Now on to training...

... Three hours pass

Well... These guys don't know very well how to run while keeping their shields up their heads, But at least they are starting to understand... I better don't push them too much or else they will be too tired for the battle. I make sure to make rounds, while the ones who rest watch the ones who practice.

... two hours pass

Good, At least they know the basic maneuvers for an assault now. They are By far not experts on assaults, and I don't think they are ready, but they are as ready as I could possibly make them with the little time I had. When they advance, they go slow, or they disorganize. I don't care about organization right now, as long as they can get to the walls fast enough to avoid enemy fire, it's enough for me.

Zeite, with the help of the crossbowmen that I gave him, managed to make 6 ladders. Then we take half an hour to eat and rest, and we begin our march...
No. 709298 ID: 7a7e2a
File 145800578226.png - (3.67KB , 640x400 , to tha Fort!.png )

In our march, we caught some bandits... it's hard to tell if they were fleeing or they were scouting and foraging. For when we arrive to the fort, they have already blocked the main entrance, But the walls and other areas are still vulnerable. The northern and North-western areas of the wall seem extremely vulnerable, but I would say that's where most of them will be.

There is movement in the fortress, they are probably preparing themselves, the sooner we strike the better...

Guard: Should we ask them for surrender?

Captain: it would spare us the time...

...! Negotiating with Bandits?! Well that's something new!

Sheik: And who will go? I must remind you that they are bandits, they will probably Don't know a lot about Diplomacy...

They look at each other... I guess if someone goes it has to be me... Should I even give them the chance to surrender?
No. 710085 ID: 3c3e1f

nop, just kill everything alive and if they surrender is over but until then don't let anyone alive
No. 710612 ID: f26339
File 145848336772.png - (4.97KB , 640x400 , Battle plan.png )

Very well, I'm pretty sure they will have a lot of chances to surrender while we attack.

Sheik: If we can't trust they won't shoot on sight, We won't sent anyone. We will strike, and if they surrender, We will accept it, If they don't, we take them out.

Captain: ... Alright... Everyone get ready to attack. We are going to end This threat here an now! ... Do you have a plan?

Sheik: What do you think it should be our course of action?

Captain: ... Well... I think that the two towers of the wall are the biggest problems. And the way they are, it will be hard to avoid fire coming from them. We should do our best on trying to disable them in order to avoid losing many troops.

Sheik: Good... Perhaps we can even get our own crossbowmen on top of those towers, It will give us a lot of control over the fort. The mains structure will remain on enemy control, but with those towers most of the courtyard will be under ours.

Good, That will be our first objective. The northern tower is more accessible for us and I think that we could take it fast, the problem could be the southern tower as it is considerably harder to get to, the choke point could easily be reinforced from both sides... We should also think carefully on where to put the ladders, as they will give us another way up the walls, but it will take some time to prepare them

If we are to use our strenght to the most of our capabilities, we are going to have to strike from different directions. The mercenaries (Light blue) could strike the southern wall, Throwing the smoke screen and then taking the tower and defending it while The Captain's forces (darker blue) strike from the north and take the northern tower. My force (sky blue) are small, and could only do the job of supporting or attack an less important area. Whatever we do, positioning will be key for us, if we need help, or have to support any of the other fronts... From Here I can't see well the preparations of our foe, but however we advance, they will probably position themselves depending on the sheer numbers of our troops in that area.

It will also be for the best if I'm with my troops, I could even make sure to organize them even better...

All of this can be changed though, There is no thing such as a perfect plan, sadly.

I already changed back to the sword I used to have before being captured, Now... The wooden shield is bigger than the metal shield that I have, but also more uncomfortable to use. I could protect myself better from arrows with it, But the metal shield will be considerably more useful in melee combat.

Author: Made some changes to the map because I accidentally made the last update with a unfinished drawing, sorry for that.
No. 721727 ID: 1cebc8

Ladders to the north and west, have your artillery fire on the south wall! Use anything that explodes to detonate specific key points in the south wall structure!

Have the main force enter from the north wall and capture the tower to use as a vantage point as quickly as possible! Meanwhile your archers will blindfire from the west while a contingent of mercenaries approaches the west wall!
No. 721927 ID: b4c685

Author: I Thought this one was gone, well, time get some work for this one too, perhaps I will make an update for the next weekend, if everything goes alright. Thanks.
No. 723745 ID: 0d85f6
File 146341922071.png - (14.70KB , 640x400 , Am I back.png )

That actually sounds better than my original plan! Although we don't have real artillery, I have an idea that might just work.

Sheik: Captain, I want to speak with the mages, I think is time for them to have some field practice.

Captain: ... I don't think they will like the idea, but let's try...

We make call for the mages, the local Guild master comes with one of her underlings, I thought all guild masters were males... As for the mage... I got the feeling I saw him before... We give them my proposition, they don't seem to like it...

Mage: You are mad! We wouldn’t stand a chance against those brutes!

Sheik: I'm not asking you to fight; all I need for you to do is to throw fire balls or any other kind of long range offensive spell over that wall, just to spread chaos.

Mage: Right, meanwhile they charge at us wielding Axes and who knows what else!

Captain: That's not going to happen; if they leave the Fort they are as good as dead!

Guild master: for all that we know, captain, if they stay inside the Fort, they are as good as dead as well...

Sheik: So, you are just going to stay out of the fight?!

Guild Master: ... The priority of the Guild is the safety of its members; we are here to help, as long as it doesn't compromise us to dangerous situations.

Sheik: ... and what about field experience?

Mage: You have to be kidding me!

Sheik: alright, but tell me, miss. How many other rules of your guild are being broken because of the bandits?

Guild master: What do you mean?

Sheik: These bandits have been attacking caravans, inside the castle; I found some books about magic... I Doubt they are still there, they probably would use them for burning them. Tell me, were you expecting any new books?

Guild master: We still have...

Sheik: And when the City starts getting poorer and poorer, who will finance you? And how will that money get here, eluding all the bandits?

Guild master: ... We could...

Sheik: And when you start running out of gold, why would any mage feel interested in entering your guild, instead of just practicing by themselves?

Guild Master: ...

Sheik: Tell me, how many other rules does that break? With all of that in mind, you won't be able to keep every member safe. Many of them will leave, others may feel the need to make things right and risking their lives to try to stop an already numerous bandit raid, and what will be your plan then? ... If your priority is the safety of your members, then your priority is helping us.

Guild Master: ... Fine, the guild will help the Town's guard to deal with these bandits.

Mage: ... What?!

Guild Master: As far as I see... This man is right in everything he said. These brutes attacked caravan carrying merchandise for the guild, it's almost like they attacked us... The guild shall respond to this. I only have one petition.

Captain: What is it?

Guild Master: I ask some guards to protect us during the fight.

Sheik: My group will take care of that if there aren't any objections.

Guild Master: I think that will be fine.

Captain: Alright, let’s go then.

[New army joined the fight: Mages (Purple)!]
No. 723746 ID: 0d85f6
File 146341924385.png - (8.67KB , 700x500 , Whenever everyone is Ready.png )

Alright, everyone seems ready to go; there isn’t any time to make any major change to the plan. The mercenaries are at the east, and are ready to use the smoke bombs to cover their advance; meanwhile the Captain has his troops ready on the north side of the fort, and will strike simultaneously with the mercenaries. My forces are facing the southern wall, guarding the mages, as we are going to be mostly on reserve until further notice; I decided to go with the Shield that the blacksmith gave me.

[Indications of the map: every mark is a group of around 50 soldiers, maybe more maybe less. The dots in the center of a unit is for showing that they have something "special", in this case, a brown dot shows it has an siege ladder, and a golden dot shows that the leader of that army is in the unit.

In this case, an X will be spearmen, Sheik's unit are the 25 spearmen, the riders that he had that are dismounted, that's why he has only half "X". An "O" shows a Multi-purpose troop; in this case, the mercenaries can be both skirmishers and shock troops.

The "+" are for showing the long range troops, in this case, the crossbowmen, and the Circles with a cross in it are for the Mages. If there is anything else you need to know, just ask using "{}" to distinguish it from a normal suggestion.]

The bandits haven't mobilized their defense, although I hear them running around. I can see a few sentinels, but I'm unsure about how many of them are inside right now.

Suddenly, the mercenaries start beating their shields in unison... Even my soldiers can hear it from here, and it's very intimidating... Nice.
No. 723756 ID: 094652

Start your assault with a barrage of arrows to pick off any stragglers inside the fort, and have your spearmen charge QUIETLY while the mercenaries gain attention. If the mages can charge their attacks, focus on the southwest tower, if they can't then have their sharpshooters hit the tower windows while the majority find a weak spot in the wall and spam it until it breaks.

Let the mercenaries do what they think is best, but if they need orders then have them march.
No. 725843 ID: f0d96e
File 146419702507.png - (28.14KB , 700x500 , 1st Move.png )

Everyone gets ready. I ask for the more accurate mages to be on our left side. We strike them first. The mages of my left flank strike the tower, alarming everyone that the attack is starting. I can’t really see an especially weak spot on the wall, but I focus the rest of the mages in our right flank on one point of the wall. It may crumble, but I don’t think we will be able to clear it in order to open another entrance to the fort.

Then, mercenaries throw the smoke bombs in front of them most of the bandits are paying attention there now. They clearly don’t know what’s happening, and the smoke makes it impossible to see. The mercenaries keep bashing their shields at the same time they advance, which in reaction produces panic in the archers defending the wall, which start shooting prematurely to the smoke screen. I don’t know if they are hitting anything, but it’s clear that they are about to break. Meanwhile, the captain’s forces advanced during the distraction, and his crossbowmen are starting to shoot volleys above walls, while their ladders where getting closer, and his spearmen are protecting them with their shields the best they can.

As for advancing with my spearmen, I’m afraid the mages will feel abandoned, and their morale would crumble. For now I think it will be better to remain here.

I can see some large groups of bandits going up the walls. Most of them are just wielding whatever they have available. Many of them don’t even have a shield, and are using axes, spears and swords, all of those mixed on the same group, not to mention their lack of armor. Others are using both hunting bows and crossbows, mixed on the same group. I can’t see the bandit leader; neither most of the deserters. He is probably using these bandits as a meat shield.
No. 725844 ID: f0d96e
File 146419705633.png - (21.63KB , 640x400 , Is it worth it.png )

The south-west tower is pretty much suppressed; the mages seem to have blocked most of the openings for them to shoot at us. Although the bandits there seem to be more focused on the wide smokes screen that the mercenaries made and the sounds of their shields. Meanwhile, some of my crossbowmen are shooting at some bandits that came out of the tower, and my spearmen are holding up their shields in case of enemy fire.

I take my time to see the wall on which we aimed the spells… It got scratched, but I don’t think it’s worth it to waste our spells, unless we want to make it that enemies can’t get through it by making the floor crumble, which would take a lot of magical energy from our mages, and would make it so our troops can’t get through it too. Making it fall completely in a way to make another entrance simply seems impossible to me.
No. 725854 ID: 094652

PV = nrt! Boyle's law states that for any specific number of atomic particles, the volume of their dispersion times the pressure of the system is equivalent to the number of particles in the system times the temperature (chaotic velocity of the particles) times a constant for each universe!

Fireballs use up most of their energy dispersing heat across a wide area, but this does little in terms of bludgeoning force! If you need a stronger explosion, have the mages work in teams; one mage casts a fireball while the more experienced mage focuses on SUPPRESSING the fireball into a small space while it flies. Bonus points if they can get the small space to open on ONE side before it hits the wall.

If the mages can't do that, then have them throw a few fireballs into the center of the keep to keep the bandits from rallying at the next key point, and have them THINK about what they need to do to breach the wall. Meanwhile, your northern army advances thanks to all the distraction that the other two flanks are causing. If the mercenaries have any more smoke grenades, have them advance with their shields up.
No. 731509 ID: 973da8
File 146664044950.png - (28.05KB , 700x500 , 2nd Move.png )

Huh... like a bomb, but made with spells? I like the Idea, although I don't really know if that could work...

Sheik: Is there a way you could make some short of a magical bomb? Making a fireball, and then someone else casting a barrier around it to concentrate its force?

Apprentice: emm... We have never tried that...

Mage: That... That could work! But if you want us to do something like that, we must get closer to the wall as it is quite hard to maintain a magical barrier at the distance for a long time, Yet I think we could be in a safe distance from the explosion.

Sheik: Good, wait for my orders then.

Well, that seems to be a viable option. Very good, I shall keep this in mind shall I need to use it again. And well thought!

[Sheik's Trust in "the Voice of the many" increased: 47% (+2%)].... [You feel... you feel? That you are just grasping the surface of this world... There is something there, but it’s still weak.]

Meanwhile, the mercenaries have reached the walls. As soon as they came out of the smoke, the mercenaries fire at the walls, while the ladder are being put and secured on the walls. And it seems that the bandits are starting to back off and retreat, mostly scared. On the northern front, it looks like the guardsmen are making progress. They arrived to the walls and put on the ladders, but it looks like the captain is moving most of his forces to his left flank, perhaps it looks like he is ready to assault the tower.

Seeing that everyone is advancing, I can't let this opportunity pass by. I decide to get closer to the wall, sending some spearmen to surround the southern tower while the rest of my force get's closer. While we distract the defenders, some mages will get closer and try to use that technique and see if we can make another entrance. If we can, I would suggest to wait until we capture the southern tower, which doesn’t look like it will take long, I would dislike to send troops in there unsupported

Author: Sorry for taking so long with these updates.
No. 731518 ID: b2d501

This is the final push!

Mages, spread out into teams and set magic traps around the area, cover any escape routes and use detection spells when almost out of mana!

Mercenaries, advance and FLANK around the ramparts to support and reinforce the mages and spearmen! South mercenaries should secure the tower and open fire on the bandits while North mercenaries keep the spearmen alive long enough to get into the skirmish zone! Some of them mercenaries may fire from the west wall if they feel that is where they can survive the best.

Spearmen, advance!

Let's finish this! Shade, take the northern tower and snipe anyone close to Sheik (or grab some sniper mercs and defend them on the way up)! Sheik, take a company of mercenaries and take down the boss!
No. 733491 ID: ca0cfb
File 146759676096.png - (22.53KB , 700x500 , 3rd move.png )

Alright, It looks like the bandits still don’t know what are we doing and they are not paying mind to the mages, probably are more worried with the better armed troops. I order the mages to stay outside the fort and prepare some spells shall we need them. I will leave some soldiers just to be sure to protect them just to be sure… I hadn’t seen the Bandit’s raiders anywhere...

Mages: It’s ready! Prepare yourselves!

… Ok…. That was far more powerful that I expected, but there is a breach on the wall, that’s all we need, it even seems to have gotten some of the bandits that were on top of the wall, and they are starting to retreat.

Sadly, my troops are also shocked by the explosion, and are having some thought time to reorganize…

Sheik: Everyone Follow me! Into the Breach! Onwards!

I start running towards the breach, The spearmen that were with me are the first to follow, and soon after the rest of the soldiers follow me

I don’t think they are going to be ready for an attack like this, and the walls are almost ours, so friendly troops could help us any time soon.
No. 733492 ID: ca0cfb
File 146759677560.png - (20.55KB , 700x500 , To Victory.png )

Finally we find the deserters, and the bandit leader. My troop is fighting against some of them that were probably sent to stop us. The mercenaries don’t waste time and they prepare to advance towards what’s left of the bandits and start shooting volleys at them. Soon after, what little organization the bandits had is lost, they are just charging mindlessly. The bandit leader is shouting orders, but it’s useless, the bandits don’t comply and even I can’t see a way out of their situation.

It looks like we managed to capture both of the towers, and the Captain of the guard is advancing.
No. 733493 ID: ca0cfb
File 146759679553.png - (10.74KB , 700x500 , What now.png )

We are starting to pierce through the deserters. In the end, many just throw down their arms and surrender. I leave some soldiers to keep an eye on them, but the rest keeps pushing. Their leader and the remaining bandits are trapped, and one by one they fall, until only the bandit leader remains...
No. 733494 ID: ca0cfb
File 146759687623.png - (18.18KB , 640x400 , Descicions____.png )

We have him surrounded; we could take him down both by sheer number or just by shooting at him from a safe distance.

Bandit leader: … What?! Are you just going to wait till I die of old age?! … Come on! Bring it already!

Captain of the Guard: Surrender, you have been beaten.

Bandit leader: Fuck you! I will not surrender! You Think I’m as stupid as the others to decide to wait till my execution?! I'll rather have myself killed by your soldiers!

It seems that the captain is waiting for what the commander says, because he sent a messenger towards our camp… Perhaps Shade could have some use for him alive, although he probably doesn’t count on it, but unless you find a way to calm him down, or a way to somehow disarm him, I think we are better just end him. If we do something, I will have to tell it to the captain.
No. 733527 ID: b2d501

AR-CHERS! I WANT ARTILLERY FIRE AND I WANT IT YESTERDAY!!! Oh and everyone else shields up

Also, threaten to hang his corpse on public display; the more he resists, the wackier you will decorate his corpse.

... Will someone other than me please start talking already?
No. 734428 ID: 7b174a
File 146794703879.png - (21.53KB , 640x400 , Ded.png )

Author: I wish there were more suggestions too, I don’t even know if there are more people reading this.

I don’t think he cares about how his body will be displayed, so I will avoid saying anything. I make a signal for the mercenaries to prepare their bows; it looks like we are going to need them.

I have nothing to say, and even so, perhaps he wouldn’t have listened, and apparently, he is running out of patience even before the messenger comes back.

Bandit leader: GAH! Fuck it! Prepare yourselves!

He raises his sword, but before he can do anything else, the mercenaries shoot a volley of arrows at him, many of them hit. He can’t even shout as one pierces his throat. (… Was he brave for facing his death, or was he just a coward for fleeing from his punishment…?)

Once that’s done, everyone scatters, helping those who can be helped, ending the suffering of those who can’t be aided, and looting what they find useful. The mages are already healing the wounded... I can even see some green faces from here, and some almost pass out.
No. 734429 ID: 7b174a
File 146794706228.png - (9.01KB , 640x400 , investigation.png )

Zeite joins me at the entrance of the hall; he makes sure that no one is listening.

Zeite: Soon The guards are going to get in and search for any other bandit and the goods they stole… So... uhhh… Are you ready to start searching for anything that could help Shade?

Sheik: I think so… So what exactly are we looking for?

Zeite: Well… I’m not sure; I have never done many searchs like this before, Anything that's suspicious I guess...

Sheik: But aren’t you like a spy?

Zeite: Yes… Well no… Kind of… I mostly deal with information; it’s been a long time since I have searched for information on my own… Do you have any experience with this?

Sheik: I’m a strategist… I can get information by seeing my opponent, but I have never searched for anything like evidence or such.

Zeite: I see… Well, let’s make sure to at least not fuck it up, right…?

Sheik: Alright… Where could we start our search?

Zeite: Well, we could start in the leader’s room, or in the main storage, I think that’s where we could find some clues… Aside from there, I don’t know, do you have any other ideas? And Remember, we don’t have much time, soon the Guards will take most of the stuff, leave some soldiers behind to guard what’s left and head back to the city, and we will have to go with them.
No. 734709 ID: 6fb672

I pressume that there might be some clues on the leader room but none that can be see at first glance. Look under the floor or the walls. I really don't think that he did hide something where everyone could see it but also i think that he wasn't smart enough to hide it so it must be easy to tell if there is something odd in the room.

Must say that this is all just teorical, could be wrong
No. 737354 ID: 068d17
File 146906711028.png - (13.76KB , 640x400 , It's a trap!.png )

Sheik: Let’s go to the leader’s room, There has to be something there.

Zeite: Alright, Looks like the guards are about to open the door. Follow me, Shade told me which room is.

We enter the main hall with the Captain of the Guard and some of the guardsmen, which spread around looking for what the bandits stole. Not everyone is here though; they will probably take what they can now and bring it back to the city, and leave some behind to guard the rest, and the mercenaries are still ourside with the mages.

Captain: Alright, I will let you move around the fort and see all you want, but you will have two guards following you, we can’t be sure that there aren’t any other bandits hiding around here somewhere.

Two guardsmen join us and, for some reason, I think Zeite doesn’t like that much, but he seems to accept it. He starts leading the way.

Sheik: Well, what info do you have on the leader of these bandits?

Zeite: Apparently, he was born on the Republic of Soria, and he and his brother made a name as sell swords during a war around five years ago, after that, he became a member of the city’s guard, in which he climbed very quickly until he had pretty much an entire district under him. He then accepted bribes and other kind of payments in order to either look aside, or to make evidence disappear and other illegal acts. It’s also possible than he blackmailed and threatened people in order to get money and other valuables, yet in the end he was found out and throw into jail and all his goods were either given back or auctioned between the rich families of the republic. It must have been around 6 months since he, somehow, escaped, and it has been at least 3 months since he was leading raiding parties towards some caravans of the republic, although he did have many other bandits following him, according to my sources.

Sheik: What about his brother?

Zeite: His brother didn’t seemed to do much, he wasn’t in the guard, but they obviously keep contact with each other, it’s possible than he was the one doing the blackmailing in the first place, but nothing was found. After his brother was thrown in prison, he just laid low for some time. He disappeared when his brother escaped, so it’s possible that he had something to do with that, although there is a saying that they were helped from above.

We continue walking; there aren’t any guards around aside from the two who are following us.

Zeite: I also heard that the leader of the bandits wasn’t very trustworthy nor a great leader. He would sometimes be greedy, Inpatient, Cruel and… paranoid. It’s possible he didn’t even trusted his own men here, so be careful.

We arrive to the leader’s room, the door is ajar, but by the looks of it, nobody went in before we did, it’s probably like that because the leader left in a Hurry.
No. 737355 ID: 068d17
File 146906713730.png - (13.36KB , 640x400 , the Room.png )

A lot of things here seem important to me, what could be the things we are searching for?
No. 737367 ID: b2d501

If he was both impatient and cruel, my first guess is that he made a small mess and left all his weird but cheap trinkets behind to keep the captains from looking any further than instant loot.

Check behind the cabinet, there seems to be something there. Consider every place that seems the least agitated or secure, and get Shade in here to check for traps.
No. 738943 ID: b9b2af
File 146965468305.png - (3.18KB , 640x400 , Behind the Cabinet.png )

Sheik: Do you know how to search for traps? If what you say is true, then he may have left some.

Zeite: Yes, in fact… Do not take one more step ahead, there in one trap right in front of you, let me just see if I can dismantle it.

Zeite enters first, by peeking I can see that there was a crossbow meant to be fired if I stepped in.

Zeite: Alright, it’s done. You two stay outside, there could be more laying around.

Guard: yes.

The guards stay outside,

Zeite: I will keep looking for traps, but It doesn't look like there are many more...

We start looking for whatever that could be useful, I first look at the bulge that is behind the cabinet. They seem to be notes, handwritten, although it’s somewhat hard to read.

“This is it, it’s been a long time since they put me in here and I started writing only to make sure that time is still going forward. I will probably be doing this daily if possible.

I was living well until that fucking guard stepped in, because of him and his ass kissing men I’m here. I will do well to remember this, as if I ever get out of this jail, I will have their hide.”

“Today there was another attempt of an escape by some of the prisoners, I was not involved, but perhaps it was for the best, they weren’t even remotely close to the exit when they were cut down by some of the guards, everyone else surrendered soon after. Most of dead where people who had death sentence anyway.”

“Today, another strange thing happened, normally, nobody comes down here to see the prisoners, let alone talk to anyone, yet two persons appeared, both of them young, at different times, to talk to me. By their voice I could tell they probably had some luxuries at home waiting for them, perhaps more that I could even achieve when I was a guard. They both were looking for support, they tried to hide it, but that’s what they always are looking for. I have no idea what this is about, but I will play cautiously.”

“I can’t believe it. I knew that the highborn and everyone who was born in wealth were idiots, but these two must be the stupidest persons on existence! They both want me to help them gain power on the republic, perhaps even throw down the merchant governor? And they are both competing against each other for that! My luck must be coming back, as I was completely capable of fooling them both into believing that I’m on their side. They both helped me escape the prison without noticing each other, and they are both funding for whatever I need in order to “fulfill their will”. Now I only have to lie low, and search for scum willing to kill for a single coin, then I will strike caravans and other prime targets for raids, and get all the stuff I want and need. Those two already told me about some weakly guarded caravans, so it shouldn’t be much of a trouble…

This is probably the last writing I do, after all I’m free now, and I can see that the time still passes, and now, I get back to work.”

Huh… I guess this could be useful. These notes don’t seem to have any date on them.

Zeite: The chest seems to be locked, but it looks like he was trying to keep track on everything he got from the caravans. In this notebook, he has written a list of goods with the dates of the raid, and sometimes even the plans he used. The details behind of this clearly shown that he was being helped from the inside, there are many routes in and out of the republic, but all of this shows that he knew which route each caravan was taking... *whispering: I could use this even after we are done here…

Well, we found some things that Shade probably doesn't have, is there something else that calls your attention, or shall we move back to the republic now?
No. 738972 ID: b2d501

There was a note under the chair. Grab as much loot as you can, it won't qualify for strong evidence.
No. 740489 ID: 6ec11d
File 147036506460.png - (16.22KB , 640x400 , finnish.png )

Hmmm, in fact, they are two envelopes on top of each other, and they are not sealed, let’s see what we have here.

“The kid is fine for now, yet he is so stubborn and annoying that almost everyone in here wants to kill him already. I haven’t explained why we need him alive, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want it the other way, so as soon as you can, arrange someplace where we could meet so I can bring it to you, away of the city if possible. And you better give me some gold for this! Babysitting your brother was not our deal.”

“Look, I understand your concerns, but I can’t just let her go! You are lucky that we captured her unharmed in the first place, and keeping everyone from harming them is even harder. As I said, give me some kind of payment or anything that I can use to calm the boys, a good shipment of mead or wine could work, but I don’t think they will let go of the girl that easily. I’m still working things out, and it’s already hard to make sure she doesn’t get raped, so for the best of everyone involved, hurry “

Zeite: well… I think that finding anything else right now would be overkill, I’m sure they can’t get away as soon as we show this. Well, since we are already here, we could take some stuff for ourselves right?

Sheik: I could use some money, and I guess they won’t need what’s on the table at least.

We grab and divide all the things of value in here; it’s possibly quite a small amount compared to what we could find out on the battlefield, but it’s still something. I got around 50 gold coins, not much but it’s something. We also share the sausage, it was cut recently and Zeite made sure it wasn't poisoned.
No. 740490 ID: 6ec11d
File 147036508890.png - (9.69KB , 640x400 , Guards caravan.png )

We are back on the caravan and already leaving, around 150 guards are left to guard the fort until the others come back, although more than guarding, they will probably be moving and stacking corpses, as well as some mages that are healing the wounded that we can’t move. The other wounded are on the wagons on the center of the caravan, the commander and the captain are at the first wagon, with many of the guards, we also have some horsemen, that are somewhat weighed down because they are also carrying some of the recovered goods, and the most of the mercenaries are at the back.

Unless that I'm mistaken, I think we will arrive to the City in time.

Damn… I never noticed how boring it is to go in a caravan when you have nothing to do…
No. 740494 ID: b2d501


Add more characters. Not-so-evil monsters, for example.
No. 741239 ID: ff5377
File 147078802098.png - (7.08KB , 640x400 , the baker.png )

Oh, Right, I forgot! (Huh… Is this how mother felt back when all the kids asked her for more histories?)

Ok, ok, let me just remember where we left it… Oh, Right

“… She meets up with one of the girls that work on the bakery making bread, Martha.

Martha: Hey! It’s you! I would never thought I will see you here of all places!

She: Oh, Hi… It’s been... a long time…

Martha: Yes, But I must thank you!

She: Huh?

Martha: That idea of yours of putting a particular fungus you told us about was in fact a success! The bread is now very light and still feeds! I would have personally gone there to thank you, but after how much they improved; I was barely having any time to rest! And I should say I’m sorry too, for laughing the first time you mentioned it…

She: Ah… I-I’m glad that it worked for you!

Martha: Yeah, here, taste it, You have probably been feeding out of grain and some cooked meat. Guess it would be something like “Taste the fruit of your knowledge” instead of labor, huh? I have to go now, a lot of mouths to feed, and I’m already with hand full with the all the work, enjoy the feast!

…That… was weird… Surprising even… She had almost forgotten telling her about that, and since she was putting more work on her investigations, and starting new projects every now and then, she didn’t have much time for paying a visit to the bakery. It’s also the first time someone thanked her for one of her ideas… She starts eating the bread, and it’s very good!
No. 741241 ID: ff5377
File 147078835014.png - (8.22KB , 640x400 , Choice.png )

Well, aside from that, looks like there isn’t much going on right now. The shamans with their helpers joined the others on the meal, very closely to the chief, and everyone is talking. There doesn’t seem to be anyone looking at her, the chief seems to be enjoying his meal with many of his trusted warriors, Alan was among them, but it seems that he just got up to met with a young and pretty lady, If She had to guess, that girl is probably Alan’s future wife.

The idea of going there to congratulate them crosses her mind, but she’s afraid that she may interrupt something if she goes. On the other hand, she could just go speak with the chieftain, he was always like a second father to her, after all, he was the one who took care of her when her parents died, Even though it’s been a long time since the last time they spoke…

Although… If she remembers correctly, soon will be the time that the sentinels will change guard… If she wanted to sneak out of the fest and the tribe, unnoticed, this could be her chance… Although it feels a bit bad taking in count that she is already here, yet, she is not used to being surrounded by a lot of people.

Or perhaps there is another thing you would like her to do?
No. 741243 ID: b2d501

Sneak your way out. Buy some bread for the road.
No. 742454 ID: a829d5
File 147128354765.png - (7.12KB , 640x400 , Tomb.png )

She Reaches for Martha in order to get some bread, she just got the last one before Martha had to go back and fetch for more. She stores it for later.

Then, she decides that she will leave the fest without anyone noticing her, it’s not like the fest is going to be over just because she left. She makes sure that no one is looking at her, and sneaks her way out.

Just when the sentinels were shifting, she managed to pass through unnoticed, but just in case anyone saw her, she heads towards her parents' tomb, just on the outskirts of the tribe's territory… She also wanted to pay them a visit again, She always did it, is pretty much a habit right now, and also, if anyone were following her, they would think she is going to just stay there, and just leave.

More blue “Moon crosses” have grown on the tomb. They loved those flowers, and it’s a custom on the south to bury the beloved ones, and then put seeds of a special flower on where they were buried for it to grow.

She takes some time just looking at the tomb. Then, she decides where she should go, she could go and continue to investigate on the strange machinery she found on the other tribe, or perhaps she could scout for other interesting devises on the other neighbor tribes? No… She already has many unfinished projects, at least for now, and she is starting to run out of hide, leather and leaves for her annotations… Tomorrow she probably has to look for more. She could also climb up the mountain to see the sights, there is always something interesting to see from there, especially when there is a full moon, she could get some inspiration from that, in fact.

Yet… She can’t shake the feeling she is being followed… She doesn't see anyone around, and it’s probably nothing, a curious owl perhaps, but she can’t avoid feeling a bit unsettled…
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