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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142793649519.png - (196.17KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 1.png )
632423 No. 632423 ID: ccf689

Well that whole Diego Sol thing didn't turn out to be so peachy. I'm back to square one. Still have my cash, they're still after me and I'm back with no car, no business, no apartment and certainly no one to sleep with.

Oh and they bastards got my best leather jacket. At least I still have my lucky shirt with me!

Now I went somewhere I know they won't be looking...
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No. 632425 ID: ccf689
File 142793660721.png - (154.35KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 2.png )

...some small town in the middle of the nowhere. I don't even know the name! I booked the bus to the next big city so that will hopefully throw them off the trail. I go off somewhere in the middle of the journey? Or was it one third? I don't even remember.

Best to make the best of this little rural hellhole and plan my big return.
No. 632427 ID: ccf689
File 142793662072.png - (90.39KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 3.png )

No. 632432 ID: ba8629

Find something weird.
No. 632433 ID: 063543

Find a glory hole
No. 632436 ID: 5db52c

Explore town. What is there here.

>Verremar Returns
No. 632437 ID: c57d78

beware of red trees and sex cults
No. 632442 ID: b469ec

No. 632535 ID: eb959a

Be a glory hole.

Also we're in south park?
No. 632537 ID: 311774

Investigate that O Mart.
No. 632639 ID: ccf689
File 142800844464.png - (217.72KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 4.png )


Just because I'm in a small rural town doesn't mean that immediately I start seeing ghosts or other otherworldly creatures. As much as video games and TV has told us that every mountain small town holds some supernatural stuff, most of the time it's just a boring 'ol place with boring 'ol locations and boring 'ol people.


South Park? I don't think so. All these town names sound the same though. Greenvale, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks, Gravity Falls. Take a natural object nearby, add an adjective. Wham you have a town name. Works almost everywhere. If you say it in some old language you might even make it sound interesting! Like Uristurist. Unfortunately that just means Daggerdagger in Dwarven. Bunch of depth dwelling psychopaths can't even name their fortresses without referencing their murderous tendencies.


Yeah. Sure.

I got my shit beaten in, tazed a bunch. And right now all I want is find the nearest truck stop to suck a dick at. Why don't you tone it down with your perception of gay dragons, because you start to sound like some homophobe from a backwater mediaeval world.
No. 632640 ID: ccf689
File 142800863772.png - (411.61KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 5.png )


O-Mart... someone once said to me. "You know what's the weirdest thing about this world? You go anywhere and you will run into that same shop with the same goods, same things inside and same bored clerk that is always either smelly or greasy. It's a little piece of hell that follows you around." He was certainly right about that. I think I've seen the same shop somewhere else.

I should probably ask around for directions or buy something. I need a place to stay and some home cooking to help me forget about meeting Mr. Cattleprod and Ms. Tazer.
No. 632647 ID: c57d78

ask for directions to all the important places in town
No. 632648 ID: f4096e

ask the clerk if there is a place in this city you could sleep at.
No. 632654 ID: 6f4794

First things first
After a day like you had, a little pick me up would be good. Got any favorites sweets or snacks? It'd at least tide you over until you get some proper food.
No. 632664 ID: ccf689
File 142802202873.png - (237.25KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 6.png )

Well the clerk is a female... I think... Troglodyte. It certainly smells like one and it gets it's grease all over things. Then again I'm sure she's competing with the hot dog machine over there.


"Hello there... Sandy. I'm new in town was hoping to get some directions."

"Well I can certainly see that. Not often we get folks like you around. You're the guy that's gonna be the new teacher at the school? You certainly look the type.

"Err... no I'm rather horrible with children. I'm just trying to find a spot to rest."

"Well you're in luck, things here are best defined as "Nothing important ever happens". Well except y'know. Fairs and stuff. Or the occasional odd thing or two said by the locals. But you know how boredom breeds strange tales."

"Right.... so right... directions. Do you have some sort of a hotel? Maybe a diner where I can eat at?"

"Well there's a hotel at the lake, about a mile from here. A Gnoll named Snapbones runs it. Good fellow, avid fisher. Won the fishing competition three times in a row. Uhh there's a motel ran by Steve. He's a well... Hell I don't know what he is. He looks like a hellspawn and a lizard decided to have babies one day if you ask me. Oh and there's the inn on the side of a hill. Dan runs it. He's a kobold. Hell most of the folks here are demihumans and non-humans."

"Right and a diner? Got any of those?"

"Oh yeah "Big Breakfast", just down the street from here. Isa's home cooking. Just ask for the home menu, not the visitor one. Visitor one tastes like crap and costs twice as much. But ya know, keeps this tourist trap running"

Yep... charming town that I will fit right in.


"Gonna buy anything or can I get back to playing games?"

"Yeah I suppose so. Got some hard candy? Or lemon drops?"

[i]"Oh we got some lemon drops in a metal box. You want one of those?"

Oh goodie, they do have those vintage ones, not the crappy hipster trash they sell in the city

"Yeah that'll do!"

Without further small talk I pay and pocket the box... These small town people can get little too talkative and I'm in a hurry. I need a dinner and a soft bed. So what now?
No. 632667 ID: c57d78

stay at the kobold hotel and as for food I don't care eat whatever you can stomach
No. 632668 ID: ba8629

>He looks like a hellspawn and a lizard decided to have babies one day if you ask me

That sounds promising. Go visit the hotel Steve runs.
No. 632699 ID: 311774

Sleep is always better after a big meal.
Head to that "Big Breakfast" place and stuff your face with meat.
No. 632735 ID: f4096e

go to kobold hotel, then get food
No. 632841 ID: ccf689
File 142810707149.png - (258.85KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 7.png )


Then it's settled. Inn first, diner next.

The Inn is located on a hill and well I now regret I didn't hitch a ride cause an hour climb made me really feel my legs.

I expected something more... classic, instead I got some house from Art Deco times it seems. Doesn't really matter... Aesthetics are the least of my concern right now and the inn looks solid enough, probably 2 or 3 star establishment.
No. 632842 ID: ccf689
File 142810728909.png - (197.92KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 8.png )

Well at the reception there is a kobold... well a fuzzbold. Given the circumstances a draconic kobold would probably fawn over me and a Cutebold would've been picking his nose looking dumb.

This one is doing what fuzzbolds usually do besides yapping - looking tough. Also he's listening to... something. Can't really make out what but his attention seem to be fully absorbed by it.
No. 632845 ID: c57d78

get his attention
No. 632850 ID: 311774

Stand a little closer. See if you can hear what he's listening to before you get his attention.
No. 632907 ID: f4096e

this, then ask if there is some form of public transport to move back and forth
No. 632922 ID: ccf689
File 142818960807.png - (150.27KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 9.png )


Well coming closer I can hear something he listens to... it's something alright. Audiobook read by some renowned Hollywood actor I believe.


The kobold looks up at me and turns off his player.

"Anything I can help you with?"

"Yes I want to check in..."

"Oh is that so? Where is your luggage?"

"I tend to travel light and buy clothes on site."

He looks me up and down and narrows his eyes.

"Listen, I know your type and if you try to start shit in my brother's hotel I'll be the one kicking your ass! Understand?"

My he's a feisty one. Cute in a way with that big man talk.

"I don't intend to start any trouble. I just want a place to stay for few days, can I talk to a receptionist or something?"

"You're talking to the receptionist and the chief of security here! I make sure the right clients stay here." He narrows his eyes "Okay, mr. dragon... I don't want any trouble either... so the first sign of trouble and you're out of here. The single small room is $80 a night. The big one is $120. For $30 extra you get breakfast, dinner and supper. But you missed the dinner today so you'll have to go dine yourself.


"I forgot to ask, do you have any car or bike rentals? There's a long trek from here to town on foot."

"Guests can rent mountain bikes. $10 per rental. If you want a car, talk to the auto shop Gnoll gal. Her name is Lockjaw, just don't call her "Nuts", she hates that nickname.

Great. Once I settle in I can start checking in how deep of a shit I'm in.
No. 632923 ID: c57d78

well better go see that damn gnoll then
No. 632978 ID: 311774

Feisty. Maybe once our mood improves we can see if he'd be willing to join us for a night.

Head to that gnoll. Even a shitty rental car is at least more dignified than a bike.
No. 633064 ID: ccf689
File 142827686054.png - (582.10KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 10.png )


I've told the kobold that I'll be back to book a room when I get a car from the Gnoll. He just shrugs and utters "Good luck" before he goes back to leaning against the wall and looking tough.

The walk to the car repair shop is another hour wasted walking... haven't done this much walking around since I've been at the university.

And here I am - "Drive shaft"... odd name for a car repair shop I must say. There's certainly someone there working on a vintage car, and from what I can tell it's certainly a Gnoll.

"Hello, I'm looking for Miss Lockjaw?"

"Hold yer horses. I need to tighten these screws...

Well she sure sound... Gnollish.
No. 633070 ID: ccf689
File 142827735632.png - (690.06KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 11.png )

"So what's your business, mister? Lemme guess yer super modern and expensive car broke down and you need me to fix it?"

"Actually I'm looking for a car to r..."

"To wreck? Got plenty of those, but hey if there's a film being shot in the town I want a part."

"No no... I want to rent a car."

"Rent a car? Hell I don't know how you city folk do it over there, but renting cars not owning them? That's stupid if you ask me. What happened to your old one"

"Someone smashed it... real bad."

"Oh sorry to hear that then, hope it wasn't something as pretty as this custom-made baby I'm working on right now."

"No it was quite dull, I certainly won't miss it. But I'm in a hurry, so can I rent a car or something?"

"I dunno. You don't really look all that trustworthy, where you'll be staying so I can make sure to find you."

"The inn up the h..."

"Oh up with the bold family? Yeah you look like a rich enough sod to go there. I normally don't rent cars but we can cut a deal, I need a hand with this car. You come here every second day, work few hours with me and you can use my old car to drive around the town. You buy your own gas though. Deal?"

...I never fixed a car before.
No. 633072 ID: 9dd1ee

Ask her if she believes Jesus was really a gnoll
No. 633074 ID: f4096e

Say you have no idea how to repair a car, but you will be happy to learn, It could be handy to learn to fix or sabotage a car sooner or later.
No. 633076 ID: 9b7a8e

Might as well be honest. She's probably already sized you up as a non-mechanic. Might want to ask what it entails though.
No. 633180 ID: b2ef55

Mechanics are pretty sexy.
Might as well beef up your physique while your here.

Plus, how hard can it be?
No. 633184 ID: ccf689
File 142836703725.png - (369.24KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 12.png )


"I guess I could work for a bit... what does that entail?"

"You'll be the wrench boy. Tossing me tools and such. Here catch!"

Nearly caught it... phew.

"HEY! That thing can hurt!"

"Just testing your reflexes, champ. I can tell already that you're smart enough to tell a 10 from a 12. If you want to seal a deal - be here 2 PM sharp, work clothes and all. You don't want your shirt dirty right?"

"Right right... where can I..."

"Tom hardware's store. Two blocks from here."

"Alright, I'll be here in overalls tomorrow. 2 PM."

"I'll be waiting then."


"Say, one thing I was wondering. You're the first Gnoll I've met that is wearing a crucifix. Are you a..."

"Oh that all thing? Yeah y'know. Since my ma left me, I was raised by nuns. Then went a catholic school. That's where I've learnt how to appreciate rock music, get into fights I can win and fix cars. I don't go to church that often because it's really far away and all the people here are either pagans or methodists."

Well... that's... something...


I prefer my mechanics male, thank you.

Okay, what now - I can either grab that late dinner or go to Tom's to get those overalls.
No. 633185 ID: 265534

>not worshiping Yeenoghu and reveling in the thrill of the hunt and glory of the kill.

Why even live?
No. 633186 ID: c57d78

No. 633210 ID: 9dd1ee

Late dinner
No. 633251 ID: ccf689
File 142842466238.png - (234.22KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 13.png )


Well at least that makes her not go into a looting, killing and raping spree right? The Gnolls that worship Yeenoghu have a nasty tendency of bashing people's heads with cudgels. Or taking them hostage. Or beheading them or... you get the idea.


Well here I am... the diner looks like something straight out of a David Lynch movie. I just hope Naomi Watts isn't going to be my waitress because things will only go more downhill from there.
No. 633252 ID: ccf689
File 142842492727.png - (322.96KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 14.png )

Okay okay okay... since I'm sitting down on my ass let's see how fucked I am.

One - that elf faggot and his friends is still on my ass because he feels cheated. Sucks for him not to pull out when the stocks were still high. I did. He thinks I knew something beforehand.

Two - I'm stuck here. No car, bus is the only way out. And trying to call my friends using my phone would probably give them ability to track me down. Except Whiz, that guy is near-untraceable. Jess might help me but I need to make her call me... I think I have her fax number somewhere. Who uses fax nowadays, right?

So as long as I keep my head down I'm safe. But I need to at least try and contact someone.
No. 633253 ID: ccf689
File 142842530860.png - (386.13KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 15.png )

"Hello, I'm Gwen. Nice to meet you! Can I take your order? I recommend the pork sliders they're delicious!"

"Oh, uhhh... right. What's on the "home" menu?"

"Oh, hee hee, not a fan of the tourist grub? Say you're not the new teacher by any chance?"

"Nah I'm afraid not. Don't work well with kids."

[i]"Oh that's a darn shame. Well Snapbones brought in few trouts, so we have fried trouts. Isa has made some fresh casserole, we also have some barbecued tenderlions oh and we have some barbecued sweet ribs too. If you want soup, Isa has some nice fresh chicken soup. For dessert, there's some apple pie or sponge cake."

So... what to choose...
No. 633260 ID: d3be40

Ribs, chicken soup, sponge cake.
No. 633261 ID: f4096e

first, this is not the first time they ask about the teacher thing, ask what happened to the old one, then some trout, I guess?
No. 633275 ID: c57d78

fried trout
No. 633290 ID: 5d7dd8

> I prefer my mechanics male, thank you.
Not your partner, for you.
Self reliant guys are hot. Learning how to wrench cars will be a good skill for the future, both in keeping yourself out of danger and picking up dudes.

Fax is good, but why not call via payphone? Leave a message on their home phone so only the call is logged.

Also, load up. Soup, apple pie with ice cream, and whatever main course tickles your fancy.

Ask about the people she mentioned. Maybe we might run in to them.
No. 633298 ID: ccf689
File 142845370439.png - (162.04KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 16.png )


I do agree about self-reliant and maybe... I don't know much about repairing cars. I know which cars are impressive though.


I'm soon presented with my two course meal with dessert - trout, chicken soup and sponge cake. And of course a cup of coffee - clear as a crisp morning.

"Say, what's this teacher deal, Gwen. Care to give me some info on that?"

"Our old elementary teacher had a really nasty car accident and he is recovering at a hospital. We're waiting for a replacement and well... you look like well taught so excuse folks for assuming a bit too much."

"Oh it's fine really, I'm an educated man..."

Oh damn... this trout is real good. I've dined in 5 star restaurants but nothing beats a freshly caught trout fried in breadcrumbs.

"Oh? Are you a scientist?"

"Yeah you could say so... I do research on the markets an..."
No. 633300 ID: ccf689
File 142845397066.png - (376.49KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 17.png )

"My my, Gwen. My usual table is taken. I thought I've told Isa to leave the "Reserved for law enforcement sign."

"Oh Mr. Greene... it's just old Mr and Mrs. Dawn had nowhere comfrotable to sit, so I sat them there.

"Aren't you a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy morning, Gwen."

"Well that's what I do the best here! Oh did you meet our newest newcomer to the town? His name is... uhhh..."


"Pleasure to meet you. You wouldn't mind having the law on your side while you eat. Don't worry, we're not like one of your city police. I can actually shoot straight and won't beat you because I have a bad day."

"Well that's certainly reassuring. No I don't mind. Have a seat."
No. 633302 ID: ccf689
File 142845438291.png - (346.34KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 18.png )

"Gwen, darling, the usual for me."

"Right away, Mr. Greene!"

"Well Mr. Verremar, how are you enjoying our town?"

"Just got here, I'm afraid. Haven't seen much except the inn on the hill and the bus stop."

"It's a quiet town and I prefer to keep it this way, Verremar. I may be an orc, but I like law and order around these parts... I'm sure you understand."

"Oh I understand, Sheriff Greene."

"That's good. I don't want any criminals on the run messing up my town, y'know."

Well I do stand out. By the time I got my dinner the news about a dragon coming on a bus with no luggage might've travelled to his ears. Well best to keep my poker face up and carry on.

"Oh I wouldn't want that either. Trust me. I don't want anything to do with any criminal elements in such a quiet town like here."

"Well that's good. If you want, I could give you a little tour of the town after dinner,get familiar with the folks you'll be staying with. That is if you're gonna stay for us for longer period of time."

Well a tour would be nice. He might actually have some good info on the town as well. And since we're sharing dinner... some small talk won't hurt. Should I ask him something specific?
No. 633393 ID: f4096e

first say that you have to buy something before doing a tour, then say you will like a tour,ask a bit abot the town history and if there are intersting places, be nice in general.
No. 633408 ID: 311774

Obviously take him up on the offer.
Wouldn't hurt to get a little buddy buddy with the local law enforcement. He might even get offended if you decline.
No. 633643 ID: c57d78

take the tour
No. 634256 ID: ccf689
File 142897331553.png - (292.63KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 19.png )

"Why yes, I'd love the tour but I need to pick up something from the hardware store first..."

"Is it gonna be a murder weapon?"

"Ummm... no. Why would yo..."

"It's a damn joke! That's what it is. Alright Mr. Verremar, when I'm done eating I'll give you the tour. You best behave though because if you don't instead of a front seat you'll be in the back of the car with cuffs on your hands, understood?"

"Yes, sir. Oh I was gonna ask - what's the story of this place?"

"Oh quite simple. After the rifts opened a lot of demihumans, non-humans etc. came through. Some of those were big-time players, some were just simple folk. Most of us found this town half-abandoned so moved in here and well here it is - our own little town far away from human dominated areas.

"I see... well cities ain't that bad."

"Cities are part of the problem. Y'know - demihuman ghettos, Gnoll ghettos, Dragon districts. And there are the simple folk that will pull out their shotgun and count to ten before packing you full of lead if you don't get off their property. Times have changed Mr. Verremar, but not much - you will get the same amount of xenophobia as you did on the day we've arrived.

No. 634261 ID: ccf689
File 142897376899.png - (324.36KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 20.png )

"Oh there you are, boss. I was searching all over town for you.

"What is it now, Scaredy, that it's oh-so-important to interrupt my meal. If Bill is being a problem again you know the drill - lock him up till he sobers up."

"Oh no, Sir. You wanted me to inform you when we got a word on the 4x4 getting fixed."


"The garage said it's gonna take at least a month, that tree wrecked it bad. They're gonna give us a temporary replacement though."

"That's good. Oh I forgot my manners. This is Mr. Verremar that will be staying with us for few days. Mr. Verremar this is Scaridisicit. I call him Scaredy for short and he's a bit... jumpy."

"Pleased to meet you mr. Verremar."

"Pleased to meet you as well"

"If you want that tour I suppose Scardey can give you it instead of me. I'll be here for some time."
No. 634263 ID: c57d78

go with Scardey
No. 634283 ID: 311774

Why not both?
Two different opinions on the town are twice as good as one, after all. Plus, it lets us get familiar with twice as many locals.
No. 634292 ID: 69994e

Go with the Boss Hog
No. 634801 ID: 677442

We've spoken plenty with Greene for now... Scardey could be interesting to know better. Funny name for an officer of the law.

(Somehow I'm expecting demihuman Barny Fife but I can't say why.)
No. 639989 ID: ccf689
File 143147896075.png - (241.80KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 21.png )


As good as it sounds it seems that Greene prefers working alone.


I am getting that weird feeling Greene is not exactly pleased with me.

"I think I'll go with Officer Scaridisicit..."

"You hear that, Scaredy? Make sure he doesn't cause any trouble."

"Will do! Alright Mr. Verremar. Please come with me."

Usually when a cop told me that I was wearing handcuffs... we're making progress here.
No. 639999 ID: ccf689
File 143148006165.png - (379.76KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 22.png )

"It's gonna be a bit of a walk to the Jeep... Don't mind the sheriff, Mr. Verre..."

"Just call me Verremar"

"Right, Verremar... well don't mind him. He doesn't like city folk. I had to go through the same hell, since I was from the city."

"I take "Scaredy" was something that you carried here as luggage from the city?"

"Ehh... it's my old "street name". Y'know, ratlings aren't really that liked by humans, so no one wants to hire you, that breeds ghettos which breeds violence and since you can't trust a human cop to be nice to ratlings... so ghetto makes up its own rules its gangs. And when half of your family is busy trafficking or shooting the other side of the street, you start evaluating your life..."

Woah... didn't expect heavy things like that right out of the bat.

"...I was scared to run drugs, I was scared to engage in gunfights. "Oh look at that "Scaredy", always afraid to run with the 'big boys.". When I was 17 I ran away, joined the police academy and ever since then I tried to make a difference. It wasn't easy you know, and my family disowned me... but you know. Sometimes you're the only one that want to get out of the bottom of the barrel of the shit, while everyone seem to be content living there."

"Well... I can't say I had that problem."

"I'm sure Dragons have their own little hells. We all do."

I'm starting to think that this town is a retreat for misfits. And I seem to fit right in.

"And here. This is the replacement one we have for now."

"It looks splendid! What is the real deal then?"

"More durable, 4 passanger version, this one can only take two. So hop in and I can take you for a tour... not sure if you want to look around the town, go through the forest trail or visit the lake first... Or maybe you have something you wanted to look at?"

Decisions... decisions...
No. 640001 ID: c57d78

No. 640008 ID: 311774

Town's the most useful thing right now. Let's go there.
No. 640118 ID: f4096e

town and let's buy the overalls for your new job.
No. 657005 ID: e60ab4
File 143735274723.png - (418.14KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 23.png )

"I need to pick up stuff at... Tom's?"

"Oh right, Tom. Well we can drive there when I'm done with the tour, deal?"


"So that building across the diner? That's Samson's Bar. There's a fair bit of mean characters going through it from time to time - truckers, bikers, a couple of wannabe badass city boys. I doubt it's your kind of a joint"

"I've been in enough of these places and even once I managed to wrestle a minotaur into submission during a fight. Too bad no one captured the event on a photo, he looked pretty pissed."

"Well just don't try it with Samson. He's an OK dude. Over there near the main road is a gas station that's run by a Rattkin gal that likes to call herself Sparky. She sometimes hangs around at Lockjaw's garage that's on our right..."

"Oh I've met Ms. Lockjaw and I'll be her... wrenchboy." The term made Scardey giggle a bit but he quickly regained composure... I'm slowly regretting my decision.

"Behind the gas station is the water tower. I mean it's not that significant, but please don't climb it. I have enough problems with the local kids trying to scale it. And over there is the fire department, run by an old Lizardman S'holal. We usually have forest fires every once in a while, so don't be surprised to see the fire engine running.


"Well yeah. Can't live with them, can't live without them... along that street is the Fish shack - fishing and hunting supplies, ran by Danga's wife, Ss'laa. And here's the Sheriff's house... and here I live... There's the Town Hall, where all the government stuff happens and there's our Police headquarters. If you misbehave well you'll probably wind up in our comfortable cell.

"Oh please... I'm a nice dragon. I've already had my share of trigger happy cops trying to cuff me." Then again Scardey could probably cuff me anytime.

"Varg sells appliances and that sort of stuff. Also repairs things, he's Tom's old buddy from the time from before he came here. And there's the Library if you ever want to read into local history or rent a book, the O-Mart and Tom's."
No. 657006 ID: e60ab4
File 143735279888.png - (312.64KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 24.png )

We step out of the car and go inside the shop. The inside of Tom's store is littered with tools - gardening, home repair, car repair. You name it, but it seems that it would be easier just to ask than browse on your own given how clumsy everything is organized. Who I assume is Tom, looks like an old battered Hobgoblin and seems to be reading up a guide on Quebec?! Surely there's a reason for this madness...

"'ey there Tom, what are you gonna do in Quebec?"

"Oh I heard there are gonna go for independence again. I'm just trying to get ready in case of a war happening, so I can join a mercenary company again and d..."

"We've been over this, Tom. First of all they've been trying to secede from Canda for over a century now and they're not gonna do that. Second of all, if they're gonna secede, it's gonna be by a public vote, not war."

"BAH! But that's the SISSY way to do seceding! What the hell is wrong with this world where there's no conflict next door!"

"I much like my world with less conflict, thank you. Anyway I have a dragon here that wanted something from you..."

Oh right... what should I get/ask for? Well other than overalls.
No. 657007 ID: c57d78

ask for Canadian repellent
No. 657012 ID: 559a10

Maybe a set of our own tools?
Might win us brownie points with the boss lady if we showed up with our own set of tools.

Also ask the guy why doesn't he go to Africa or something where he could easily find work in a mercenary group.
No. 657329 ID: fab78f

africa is a good place for endless war, yes.

get your overall and a toolbelt and some basice tools like a pincer, for your job you will need a LOT of tools anyway.
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