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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142786750431.png - (111.98KB , 600x600 , Silk'n vail01.png )
632140 No. 632140 ID: 9dd1ee

There's been a murder!

Officer's Meow and Peeps are on the seen
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No. 632142 ID: 6cb462

No. 632143 ID: 296917

The butler did it!
No. 632144 ID: a19cd5

The murder victim: the middle class
Suspects: Goldman Sachs, the Koch brothers, and BIG BUSINESS.
No. 632149 ID: 1f8505

Go through a car wash.
No. 632153 ID: d3be40

Once you stop moving, remember to lick your windows.
No. 632154 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142786805995.png - (141.34KB , 600x600 , Silk'n vail02.png )

Donuts acquired!

we are good cops, Meow thinks
No. 632157 ID: 296917

Go to the murder and share your donuts with everyone.
No. 632159 ID: 1f8505

Drive to the crime scene. Park in a tree for maximum safety.
No. 632160 ID: bd8b82

say you are going on a stakeout but really sit in the car listening to the radio and chillan.
No. 632164 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142786860211.png - (114.11KB , 600x600 , Silk'n vail03.png )

Meow&Peeps drive to the crime scene and park in a tree

this is a good place for a stakeout Meow says
No. 632166 ID: d3be40

Uh... how did you do that?

Also, if that guy isn't with forensics you should arrest him now (for tampering with a crime scene).
No. 632167 ID: 1f8505


Look for the thing that says "I DID IT" so we can go arrest the dude who did it.
No. 632168 ID: bd8b82

looks like another cop is here, ask for the skinny
No. 632183 ID: ec1947

Not so funny meow, is it?
No. 632264 ID: 46df9e

Remember the culprit always returns to the scene of the crime so simply arrest the first person you meet here and call it case closed.
No. 632288 ID: 8abb8e

Loot the corpse.
No. 632293 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142791673714.png - (120.21KB , 600x600 , Silk'n vail04.png )

Meow arrests constable Fatty, tampering with the crime scene is against the law
No. 632295 ID: 1f8505


Throw him in jail! Literally!
No. 632299 ID: d3be40

Call forensics, make sure there's an analysis team on the way, and then make sure that it's the correct analysis team.
No. 632404 ID: 8abb8e

Stuff him into your trunk and investigate the crime scene.
No. 632406 ID: 6cb462

Ask Navi for advice.
No. 632487 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142794855878.png - (112.07KB , 600x600 , Silk'n vail05.png )

Meow tosses Fatty into prison literally!(fatty's a lady by the way!)

Slam dunk! justice is served.

Flutter is fluttering about making indistinguishable squeeks, unfortunately for Meow and Peeps she's too tiny to understand
No. 632489 ID: 6cb462

Time to check in with the chief and earn that bonus!
No. 632494 ID: bd8b82

give MEGAPHONE to flutter.
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