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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142785870083.png - (234.61KB , 690x600 , title.png )
632067 No. 632067 ID: 03a06f

First thing's first.
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No. 632068 ID: 03a06f
File 142785872062.png - (207.93KB , 690x600 , pg1.png )

Would you say you're a bit more timid? Or powerful?
No. 632069 ID: 03a06f
File 142785874222.png - (134.37KB , 690x600 , pg2.png )

Or...Are you something else entirely?
No. 632071 ID: 5db52c

No. 632079 ID: e50338

powerful and confident
No. 632081 ID: bd8b82

we are a timid cutie.
No. 632082 ID: b09c1d


No. 632098 ID: 296917

I'll go with timid, sure.
No. 632100 ID: d3be40

And fluffy, too!
No. 632110 ID: b09c1d


Fluffy, busty, and timid?
Best harpy is go?
No. 632150 ID: 330ce5

Sounds like the best idea yet, let us be the fluffiest!
No. 632184 ID: 01745f

Fluffy yet powerful. Nobody will suspect.
No. 632211 ID: 03a06f
File 142787293761.png - (240.83KB , 690x600 , pg3.png )

Oh! There you are! Good choice, I think. Tiny thing with lots of down feathers - little startled though, they're laying pretty flat at the moment.
No. 632212 ID: 03a06f
File 142787295501.png - (168.35KB , 690x600 , pg4.png )

When you settle down of course you're fluffy! Infact, you are THE fluffiest. No one is fluffier than you. No one.

Your soft feathers and doughy complexion are why your mother named you Bread.
No. 632213 ID: 03a06f
File 142787297015.png - (219.99KB , 690x600 , pg5.png )

Busty? How would a bird even be busty, they don't produce mil--



Oh uh.


You could have went your whole life without that mental image.
No. 632218 ID: 296917

TOO BAD. So what's your name? What are you doing?
No. 632219 ID: bd8b82

examine area
No. 632221 ID: d3be40

Well platypuses are mammals that lay eggs, so why does this issue have to make sense?

So... what about the girl next to you?
No. 632230 ID: 03a06f
File 142787564077.png - (237.16KB , 690x600 , platypus.png )


Platypuses are mammals? So does that mean that they DO have--


No. 632231 ID: 03a06f
File 142787565359.png - (299.67KB , 690x600 , pg6.png )

You're always examining! It's your job, actually and the elders would be mad if you messed up. It was the only thing you COULD do, honestly. But that's beside the point - you're very good at your job!

Everything seems quiet enough in the Village to the north. You can hear the dull buzz of the humans, but none of the clanging of metal that comes with war. Gods, you hope that you never hear that horrible noise again.

All sorts of beasts clamor around below you in the Forest, but they're no worry. None of them can climb faster than you can fly.

The Ocean to north east glistens in the distance. You flew out there once with some of the other girls but the salty air made your wings heavy. It was hard to keep up.

No more of that though. Today's your hatch day and that means it's Time
No. 632232 ID: 03a06f


No other girl. Another life. Another time.
No. 632233 ID: a19cd5

Hammertime? what time?
No. 632234 ID: bd8b82

does that mean you are now an adult?
No. 632252 ID: 03a06f
File 142788629895.png - (181.02KB , 690x600 , pg7.png )


What Time is it? Well...It's just The Time, of course. It's... Well uh you have. Er I mean the girls that have seen the same amount of hatch days kind of... uh. Well they all get together and then go into the Forest and then... Mmm...

You know, that's a very good question.

The Elders and those who have already had their Time are forbiden from speaking about what they experienced. All you know is that girls having their sixteenth hatch day all set out together and come back somehow...different. If... if they come back at all.

Your heart sinks to your stomach and you swallow hard, feeling the feathers on the back of your neck prickle.

...What if you don't come back?
No. 632254 ID: 88960e

>What if you don't come back?
Well, then that would be sad.

What about any of the other girls you're doing this adulthood ritual with? Any friends, anyone you can rely on? Maybe that'll reassure you that you'll make it back okay.
No. 632255 ID: bd8b82

uhh... ask your mom? reassure you aren't asking what happened just if it's scary.
No. 632265 ID: 330ce5

We have to stay positive, maybe those that don't come back aren't killed but exiled for failing. Surly the test is for proving one's wit and ability not some drawn out blood ritual of sorts. So the key here is to stay positive and rise to the challenge, much like bread would.
No. 632274 ID: d3be40

Try to figure out what the trial is all about before you take it. Do some scouting and see if you can find out if it's worth the risk.
No. 632290 ID: f75cf9

Or maybe they elect to stay away. Maybe there's a whole other bird society that they joined.
No. 632328 ID: 5db52c

>Platypuses are mammals? So does that mean that they DO have--
Stingers? Of course!

>...What if you don't come back?
I'd also point out you don't know that not coming back is bad. Maybe the girls who left just found something else, or wanted to explore the world? Not every journey leads back home so soon.
No. 632330 ID: 03a06f

Ah responses~ I'm working on an update but I'm heading out to work now. I'm having fun already, I hope you guys enjoy the ride, see you in a few hours!
No. 632484 ID: 03a06f
File 142794830365.png - (310.48KB , 690x600 , pg9.png )


The other girls? You have to think for a minute but you're pretty certain there's five others.

You're um, not sure you could consider them friends.
No. 632485 ID: 03a06f
File 142794832847.png - (204.99KB , 690x600 , pg10.png )


Scouting or asking your mother wouldn't work - your Time is kept a secret for a reason, even if you're not entirely sure what that reason is. No one would dare speak of it, and you have no idea where to even start searching if you had time, which you don't. You only have a few more hours before sunset and you would only be able to cover a tiny sliver of the Forest in that time. It's not worth tiring yourself out over.
No. 632486 ID: 03a06f
File 142794834416.png - (370.11KB , 690x600 , pg8.png )


Another society? You guess that could happen, your mother did always said the whole continent used to belong to our kind once upon a time.

Maybe far far to the north there could be another tribe, but you would never make it that far. Beyond the hills behind the nearby Village the humans have devloped the land, though took over is more accurate.

They've been pushing your sisters out of their land for centuries. Going north simply isn't an option, the humans would fill you full of holes before you could reach the other side.

You and your sisters live high in the Moutains near the edge of the Forest. Your nests extend and interconnect over most of the mountain range. There are some girls that keep to themselves on the western most side of the Mountain but not being able to come back from the Forest would be certain death. If none of the beasts in the underbrush killed you the human hunters surely would. Together groups of girls manage to consistantly bring home fresh kills - but... alone? You can't even imagine that first night in the dark.

You suppose they might try their luck flying across the ocean, but your tribe's scouts could never make it far enough out to find land before having to come back. You can't even imagine how much salt would collect in your wings after a few hours of flight.

Um... You decide to just focus on making it out. Rising to the occasion! LIKE BREAD!
No. 632490 ID: d3be40

Why do the Northerners attack your people on sight? Maybe there's a reason for that.

Try flying around the North city, across the western plains, and keep going north. See if you can get away and go on your own adventure.
No. 632496 ID: 946a53

bread is adorable ohhhhhh my god
why don't you consider the other girls friends?
No. 632507 ID: bd8b82

yeah, have your people ever tried to parley? or did the humans kill for no reason?
No. 632569 ID: 03a06f
File 142796824934.png - (186.86KB , 690x600 , pg11.png )


Maybe...Maybe if you were stronger you could do that. But, well, there's a reason you're only part of the Watch, isn't there?

Hold on there's um. Something in your eye.


The other girls are just different than you are. They're. More valuable.


It's a harsh reality, but who are you kidding? It doesn't hurt. Not really..
No. 632570 ID: 03a06f
File 142796826306.png - (116.21KB , 690x600 , echo.png )

You're positive one of the girls has been working closely with her mother helping out the Guard, she's much bigger and stronger than you and no doubt will protect the tribe from anything that would dare attack. But you? You would barely even know which end of a spear to hold.
No. 632571 ID: 03a06f
File 142796827658.png - (86.52KB , 690x600 , Ink.png )

Another girls is a garunteed Erudite. You've never been real sure what that word means but your mother always described it as an old word for 'very smart'.

The others you're not sure about, but you do know that they are trusted to do more than you...
No. 632572 ID: 03a06f
File 142796831976.png - (183.93KB , 690x600 , pg12.png )


You weren't hatched yet, but your mother told you that when our ancestors met humans for the first time they tried to speak to them, suggested that they equally divide the land between both factions.

The humans... didn't agree. You don't think anyone has wanted to try since.
No. 632575 ID: bd8b82

ouch, i see. still, while watcher may not be the most amazing job, it's still something.
No. 632602 ID: 9b7a8e

Perhaps this is a test, to see who is capable of working together without the support of the tribe.

Surely you have your own talents, even if you feel they are not praiseworthy, or refined.

On that note, what do you feel are your shortcomings? How do you normally compensate for them?
No. 632607 ID: 89941a

Rest assured that you're sufficiently adorable to speak with humans.
No. 632611 ID: 946a53

Also please don't cry bread you're too adorable to cry :(
Bread bb, you're a Watcher! You keep an eye out for Danger! That's a very important job - you're your tribes alarm! I'm sure the Elders wouldn't give that job to someone they couldn't trust!
Ok, can you pack for your Time? Like, bring supplies??
No. 632659 ID: 5db52c

You know, there's more to life than being a warrior or scholar.

Just because you haven't found your role yet doesn't meant there isn't something you'd be good at.
No. 632736 ID: b28751

You are being the eyes and ears for the tribe. That is very important; don't let it vet you down.
Do you have any other skills? Do you tend to the wounds of others? Bring comfort to others?
No. 632741 ID: bd8b82

what about your dad? what does he do?
No. 632775 ID: 03a06f
File 142808908549.png - (179.96KB , 690x600 , pg13.png )

Well yes you... you suppose you are a pretty good watcher! You haven't let anything at all get past you! Er, then again, it is pretty easy to monitor the perimeter with the help of the other girls. The only other thing to worry are a few human camps scattered through the Forest who's constantly burning fires send up plumes of smoke that make them easy to spot.

You're still very important!

But ah..


...y-you're not sure everything is so true...

No. 632776 ID: 03a06f
File 142808910062.png - (171.62KB , 690x600 , pg14.png )


The idea of shortcomings sends a pang of embarrassment through your body. YOU are a shortcoming. Normally you're a good two or so feet shorter than most of the Elders in your tribe, even girls your own age are a whole foot taller if not more! Your small frame coupled with not being a strong flier is what landed you in the Watch in the first place. You also have a bad case of Claustrophobia, but thankfully that tends to be a moot point with the wide open skies you live under.

As far as talents, you...you like baking? Unfortunately for you it's a skill that's ignored in your mostly meat-eating tribe.
No. 632777 ID: 03a06f
File 142808912568.png - (157.04KB , 690x600 , pg15.png )


The only instructions you were given was to be there by the second horn after sunset. You didn't really consider bringing supplies, but honestly you've been trying your best to keep the whole thing out of your mind. Pushing it off over and over again isn't seeming to lift the weight off of your che--OH!

You got lost in your thoughts! You have to hurry home, it's almost Time!
No. 632800 ID: 5db52c

>Unfortunately for you it's a skill that's ignored in your mostly meat-eating tribe.
Well, baked goods can usually go longer without spoiling than untreated meat. There's something useful about you.

>You got lost in your thoughts! You have to hurry home, it's almost Time!
Quick, look around first and make sure you're not missing anything. Don't want to end maybe your last watch with a silly mistake like rushing off without looking!
No. 632803 ID: bd8b82

careful. don't want to mess up from excitement.
No. 632816 ID: 296917

What are those yellow things to your right?
No. 632856 ID: 330ce5

Bread will surely find what she wants to do with her life in her own time, for now it is time for the test. So even though we don't know the girls first hand befriending one or two could pay off later, even after this.
No. 633031 ID: 03a06f
File 142824656290.png - (162.70KB , 690x600 , pg16.png )


There's nothing to worry about, you're only one of many watchers... But you look over your shoulder and scan the treeline again, just in case.


The glow of torches throughout your tribe's village shine brighter and brighter as you grow closer. After a few minutes you touch down by your Home.

The lights are on inside, it looks like your mother is waiting. You hesitate though, wondering if it might make you look better to go on your own. Will the other girls have their mothers there as well? Or will they make fun of her for still acting like a hatchling? You sure are hungry though and maybe on the walk over you could try to wriggle some information out of her.

What should you do?
No. 633032 ID: b43273

go inside to eat!
No. 633036 ID: d3be40

Get this over with. Focus on talking to your mother, try not to listen to the peer pressure of the others.
No. 633043 ID: 5db52c

Go see your mother. It might be the last time, after all.

...you can ask her if she's supposed to come with you, you know. She'll remember if that's how it worked when she was a girl.
No. 633127 ID: 03a06f
File 142830562770.png - (182.65KB , 690x600 , pg17.png )


That...That is very true...

You see your mother washing dishes, there's no food on the table. She hears you enter but doesn't turn around right away. A long time ago, your mother was a high member of the Guard and lead many attacks against the humans when they dared to push too close to our boarders. She had many promising years of leadership ahead of her and would have no doubt climbed the ranks even further - Unfortunately...
No. 633128 ID: 03a06f
File 142830564181.png - (206.70KB , 690x600 , pg18.png )

Accidents happen.

"Welcome home, my dumpling."

You've always thought your mother's voice was the most pleasant sound in the world, quiet and measured, every word carefully chosen.

Your stomach moans and you ask her why there's nothing to eat.
No. 633129 ID: 03a06f
File 142830565761.png - (264.58KB , 690x600 , pg19.png )

"We're running late already, there's no time for that. You'll be glad you didn't eat anyway."

Her voice seems to stiffen as she nudges you outside. You figure you're not allowed to bring anything along - she probably would have mentioned that. Instead the two of you start walking through toward the Elder's hut to finally have your Time.

You have a little bit of a walk, what do you do?
No. 633130 ID: bd8b82

don't ask anything specific, just generalizations like. "is it scary?".

also, has she told you about your father? ask about him.
No. 633131 ID: 296917

It sounds like you're going to be eating something during your Time. Ask if you're gonna have to eat a human.
No. 633133 ID: f75cf9

Or there's something that'll make her want to retch...
No. 633192 ID: e3ad98

One question. How in the bloody blazing saddles did you manage to tie off your hair like that?
No. 633219 ID: 330ce5

We should just thank her for everything and ask her to wish us luck.
No. 633224 ID: d3be40

Wait, do harpies have hands? How is your mother washing the dishes?

Get going, you've got a trial to survive.
No. 633975 ID: 03a06f
File 142884073346.png - (160.54KB , 690x600 , pg20.png )


Huh? It's simple! You just hold the dish like this and wash it. Silly, haven't you ever done dishes before?
No. 633976 ID: 03a06f
File 142884076575.png - (189.70KB , 690x600 , pg21.png )


Harpys are very dexterous of course.
No. 633977 ID: 03a06f
File 142884079788.png - (152.10KB , 690x600 , pg22.png )


Father? What father? There's no males in your tribe.

You bite your lip for a moment then softly ask her if it's going to be scary. If you'll have to eat a human or something horrible. You feel your stomach churning at the very idea of your talons sinking into sentient flesh like that. Sure, you're not a fan of humans but...but to eat them? You can't even imagine. She doesn't respond for a long time then simply murmurs, "It will be scary for you."

You feel a lump stiffen in your throat and you're already glad you didn't have any dinner after all.

The Elder's hut looms in the distance, illuminated by enough torches to make it seem like daylight and your mother turns to face you - a silhouette in the dark. She's quiet for so long you almost ask what's wrong, but just as your lips part she speaks so quietly you have to strain to hear her. "Bread. Do you know what humans call us?"

A horn erupts from somewhere unseen and you feel the feathers on the back of your neck fluff up. You can't hear what she's saying, but her lips very deliberately pronounce each syllable.
No. 633978 ID: 03a06f
File 142884084735.png - (89.32KB , 690x600 , pg23.png )

"Butcher Birds."

Before you know it she's walking past you, back toward your home and away from the lights beckoning you forward. You find it a very peculiar thing to say but don't have time to ask her what she meant. You're not even sure if she heard you say you'd make her proud as you dart over to the hut where the other girls had already begun to file in.

It seems like you miscounted earlier, it looks like there's twelve other girls in line before you.
No. 633985 ID: 0207a0

birds who butcher, or birds that will be butchered? I guess thats up to us.
No. 633986 ID: bd8b82

well that's ominous. tuck head into neck fluff and see what the hell is going on.
No. 633988 ID: a9753c

Be ready to fly away if they force you to murder sentient beings.
No. 633989 ID: cd9ba8

also, well, that's a choice you're gonna have to make.
i mean, fly away and then what, be banished from your tribe forever??? alone??? sometimes you have to do nasty shit to survive. i just hope this wont be one of those times.
No. 633995 ID: 296917

If there are no males, where do babies come from?
No. 634008 ID: 57d76a

The Time.
No. 634025 ID: cd9ba8

i sincerely doubt it and i rly hope not
especially if theres girls who dont make it back
anyway yo where's a disthread? (ps i did a fanart cause CUTE)
No. 634052 ID: 03a06f


I didn't think anyone would want one! I'll go put one up now because I need to see this fan art. I'm so glad you're liking it :D
No. 634058 ID: 5db52c

>humans call us Butcher Birds.
That's weird, you don't call the humans butcher monkeys. You call them humans. They should call you what you are, too!

>It seems like you miscounted earlier
Or one didn't show up.

>Father? What father? There's no males in your tribe.
But are there males in your species?

...maybe that's what the Time is for. Maybe they send you out to find a scary male.
No. 634746 ID: b09c1d

Butcher birds? Like ...whatsit, shrikes?

Kill something and hand it impale it on a tree for me, then. Good luck with the Time.
No. 637087 ID: 03a06f
File 143040186619.png - (309.55KB , 690x600 , p24.png )

As the first horn dwindles out you enter the hut, the other twelve girls casting their eyes in your direction. Some look away but you feel eyes still burning into your feathers long after you look away and scurry to an empty spot against the wall.

There seems to be a small lull before your Time starts. The other girls are chatting with each other, maybe you should try to start conversations? Maybe they know something you don't - and allies ARE always helpful, right?

The real question is.. who do you try to talk to first? You're not sure how much time you'll have, you better make a good choice.
No. 637088 ID: 03a06f

Finally done being sick! Excited to get back into posting~
No. 637092 ID: f63e0b


Top right.
No. 637093 ID: 330ce5

Bottom, far most left.
No. 637095 ID: 87c311

The twins~
No. 637099 ID: f61b8d

Yeah, prolly top right. She looks most cheerful, which bodes well for being willing to talk to you.
No. 637105 ID: 57d76a

Or middle right, she looks in about the same state of mind as you.
No. 637107 ID: 89941a

Top right looks friendly.
No. 638185 ID: 1646c8

the green one, top row third to the right!

we need to make friends with skills that compliment ours. we're more of a watcher, and she looks like a fighter. it would be good to have someone like that on our side!
No. 638227 ID: 09b7fb

Dark green one. She looks tough, and you're not very tough. Making a friend out of her would be a good thing.
No. 638802 ID: 03a06f
File 143098873534.png - (222.27KB , 690x600 , p25.png )

You take a deep breath and steel yourself, finally deciding that one of the girls is obviously the same...erm...temperament as you. Besides, none of the other girls so much as paused their conversations when you looked at them - but this girl smiles as you approach.

The air in your lungs burns but you can't seem to breathe out. You can't seem to do anything at all but stand stupidly beside the other girl. She cocks an eyebrow and smiles wider. The corners of your mouth tug up in what could almost pass as a smile and you dip your head in a little nod of acknowledgment.

A little flutter of a giggle comes from the girl as she leans a little closer to you and whispers, "Are you nervous? My momma said there's nothing to worry about - everyone else in the tribe did it, why can't we?" her persistent smile remains and she cocks her head to one side. "I'm Meringue, what's your name?"

You finally feel the weight in your chest lift as you finally breathe and manage an actual smile as you answer. Perfect, someone you can talk to! Uh... what do you say?
No. 638855 ID: bd8b82

name first "i'm bread. what do you think the time is?"
No. 638859 ID: d3be40

Carefully explain that you're worried that the Time may be too much for you to handle (if the Time involves hunting humans for reproductive services, you're out). You would like a partner in case you need to run away.

Also explain that you do not care if she is a horrible person, deep down. You are sweet but also a loser; maybe you can help balance each other out?
No. 638863 ID: bd8b82

no, do NOT ay the second bit, holy hell.
No. 638912 ID: 79940c

>Perfect, someone you can talk to! Uh... what do you say?
Well you should probably introduce yourself, like she did.
No. 639071 ID: 09b7fb

Be shy and adorable as you introduce yourself, she seems to like your cute shy adorableness. She seems more cheerful and chirpy (pun maybe), you guys should totally be best friends.
No. 641791 ID: 03a06f
File 143218517994.png - (143.96KB , 690x600 , p26.png )

...You're not a complete idiot... Of course you know to introduce yourself! But after that you only really have one thing on your mind. Tentatively you ask her what she thinks is coming and if her mother had let anything slip.

Meringue seemed to have known you all her life as she chattered on, watching the other girls mingle while she rocked up and down on her talons. "Momma said it's to prove that we won't be a burden to the tribe. She said every year it gets harder and harder to find fresh meat that hasn't been tainted by the forest. I'm not sure what we're really doing, maybe just hunting? I've gone hunting loads before, it should be pretty easy, right?" she smiles easily but you find yourself having a harder time curling the corners of your mouth up. You haven't ever gone hunting, actually..

"You're still scared?" Meringue continues to smile, hopping a bit closer to you as the feathers on her neck ruffled, "It'll be fine! We can stick together!" Your heart swells and you wonder if she could be any more perfect. You're completely....a flutter
No. 641794 ID: f4d940


Um...give some indication of agreement. "I'd like that," or "Yes, please," or something.
No. 641795 ID: bd8b82

sure that would be great. but, aren't animals supposed to be in the forest, how could they be tainted?

guess we will find out.
No. 641800 ID: 330ce5

Ask her if she has talked to any of the other girls. If so what was her opinion of them and if she hasn't talked to anyone else ask her why.
No. 641805 ID: d3be40

If this is some kind of tribal deathmatch, you are going to screw this ritual and fly north. No sense murdering your sisters when you can fight for a home in the Northlands... right?

Ask Meringue if she wants to come. Journeying north would be more dangerous but would also prove yourself like the Time.
No. 641815 ID: bd8b82

way way too premature for that. it could be anything. asking to run away before looking is bad.
No. 659933 ID: 03a06f
File 143857106346.png - (279.48KB , 690x600 , p27.png )

You nod your head with a little smile you can't seem to wipe off your lips. You assure her that yes, you would love to stick together with her - but you omit your lack of hunting skill. What if she changes her mind when she finds you you'll just hold her back? You regret never talking to the girl earlier, but you suspect after tonight the two of you will be the best of friends.

Assuming, of course, that you both make it.


You decide that maybe her bubbly personality means she knows the other girls more than you and cock your head, using your chin to indicate the other chattering harpies. "Oh, them?" Meringue taps her lip with one wing, her brows furrowed. "I know some of the girls because my momma knows their mommas. Uhmm.. Ten is the one with the pretty green feathers. She's really nice, sort of quiet though. I've only talked to the twins once - their names are Chime and Pearl. I erm...I don't remember which is which! It doesn't matter, they're both equally snotty." The small girl scrunched her nose up and tapped her foot hard on the ground. "They don't talk to anyone but each other anyway. And the big blue bird is Rain. She...doesn't talk much. Mostly shrugs. Erm. I'm not sure if she'll be much help to us either." She fluffed her neck feathers, tucking her chin down into the soft plumage. For a minute she looks just as nervous as you do.

Behind the only door in the Elder's hut you hear the murmur of voices. They're coming. It's about to start.

This is it
No. 659937 ID: 3663d3

look the part the best. do what is expected for this. do you stand at attention?
No. 659961 ID: 1cebc8

Fluff your wings. Listen carefully to the instructions. When you decide what you want to do, do it with SPEED. Tell Meringue to follow you as safely as possible.
No. 660067 ID: 91014f

look sharp!!
No. 660274 ID: 330ce5

Try to not look like a nervous mess and pay attention.
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