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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142375646628.png - (435.50KB , 555x555 , LilacSession02.png )
624838 No. 624838 ID: 55c4cf

[ Session 02: The Festival ]

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chigui
Quest Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/84526.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chiguigushi
Mirror: http://chigui.net/
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Lilac
IRC: #lilac on irc.rizon.net
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No. 624839 ID: 55c4cf
File 142375650292.png - (392.13KB , 555x555 , Lilac081.png )

It is now the next morning, the soft light of the sunrise glows across the bodies of Meyeri and Hashidoi. Hashidoi had been awake for a few minutes, but was in no rush to separate from them. The dragon was happy, and was looking forward to spending the entire Festival with the Orca.

What should Hashidoi do for the early morning? She has time before Meyeri opens their eyes.
No. 624840 ID: dcd676

What rush is there? Spend a bit more time with them, I'm sure they'll be happy to see you right there when they wake up.
No. 624843 ID: 88960e

Make breakfast?
No. 624846 ID: 15db3a

Get your somnophilia on
No. 624849 ID: 330ce5

Make some Delicious breakfast.
No. 624857 ID: b6981d

Breakfast with a grope
No. 624927 ID: 5e8892

Serve them breakfast while naked.
No. 624960 ID: 052639

Start breakfast, take a shower, finish breakfast.
No. 625260 ID: 9b9ee7

Breakfast in bed!
No. 625283 ID: b99797

Hashidoi: Bite them.
No. 625288 ID: fb17e6

Breakfast with head!
No. 625304 ID: 82362a

Kiss Meyeri on the neck, then go make breakfast.

Put on an apron, and nothing else.
No. 626271 ID: 55c4cf
File 142468951379.png - (371.02KB , 555x555 , Lilac082.png )

Hashidoi gets up and starts to make some breakfast for the two of them. While it would be easy enough to go down to her own restaurant and make a real exquisite meal, it was less conspicuous to make a simpler meal without having to put on any panties.

The Kibai dragon cannot help but gaze back into the bedroom to admire Meyeri. They’re so beautiful, and she’d never gotten to watch them sleep before. If the festival didn’t start in a couple of hours, Hashidoi would let them sleep as long as they wanted.

What kind of breakfast will Hashidoi cook? (It does include at least one egg.)
No. 626272 ID: 15db3a

Make another egg + two toasts, bam, done.
No. 626274 ID: f31369

Eggy toast!
No. 626278 ID: 7fc2e3

Eggs, toast, bacon.
No. 626283 ID: b6981d

Well she is an Orca, maybe you should make her a traditional seal egg breakfast skillet! ... Seals lay eggs right?
No. 626284 ID: 89941a

Toasty egg!
No. 626412 ID: b99797

Eggs, chicken, and rice.
No. 626414 ID: dcd676

Eggs and toast! Butter her up in more ways than one.
No. 626432 ID: 9b9ee7

Waffles include at least one egg!
No. 626728 ID: 55c4cf
File 142499280493.png - (399.42KB , 555x555 , Lilac083.png )

Hashidoi cooks up a slice of Eggy Toast for Meyeri, and leans in to offer the culinary concoction to the waking orca.
“Good morning, lovely. I brought you breakfast,” she holds it up toward them proudly.

There is a very long pause, in that break of conversation the red dragon wags her tail with a deep joy until finally, Meyeri speaks.
“Thank you, now get your sweet ass back in bed,” they croon sharply.
No. 626732 ID: d958ad

Looks like you're gonna be pleasing that orca, but keep an eye on the time. Don't be late!
No. 626733 ID: 15db3a

Obey the lady, they know what's up.
No. 626739 ID: b6981d

give them an eggy kiss.
No. 626740 ID: d3be40

Please them them while she eats that toast in big bites.

Be sure you BOTH know how to deal with choking.
No. 626753 ID: 5db52c

Well, right. Climb on in there, just remember not to stay all day.

...feed them the breakfast maybe. It might be the only way to get it down, and stalling tactics will get them riled up.
No. 627520 ID: 5e8892

Tell the voices in your head to stop getting Meyeri's pronouns wrong.

Strip nekkid and get in bed.
No. 627891 ID: 55c4cf
File 142561439664.png - (429.36KB , 555x555 , Wz3yvho.png )

The morning came and it tore Further out of her sleep. She did not rest. Noticing Krasavits had eventually made it was comforting, but it didn’t make her feel better physically.

What shall grumpy Further do this morning?
No. 627893 ID: 330ce5

Put some closes on then go find a bagel for a good breakfast.
No. 627894 ID: 5db52c

Dispel some small measure of grumpiness by stopping to pet the fluffy snake tail.
No. 627895 ID: d3be40

No. 627897 ID: d958ad

Get ready for the day with your usual routine, and take a look outside.
No. 628040 ID: b99797

Wake her up and see what happened last night.
No. 628041 ID: ae6130

Cuddle with the snake.

But for the love of god, don't startle her again.
No. 628349 ID: 55c4cf
File 142587932313.png - (380.40KB , 555x555 , Lilac085.png )

Further decides to wake Krasavits gently. The fey gently lifts the lamia’s chin and whispers, “Wake up, lovely. I didn’t get to see you last night. Please let me see you now.”

While the request is fulfilled, Krasavits is groggy and a spot of drool has dribbled down her in an unflattering manner, “I’m sorry for getting home so late, would you like me to make it up to you right now?” The snake croons and brushes her coils against the wraith affectionately.

Yes or Yes?
No. 628350 ID: d958ad

Just don't be late!
No. 628351 ID: b6981d

Stir that snake
No. 628352 ID: 5db52c

Well, I don't think we're going to be grumpy for long. (And everyone is gonna be late this morning).

>Yes or yes
Rosy eyes.
No. 628353 ID: f31369


Dont get bit
No. 628359 ID: ae6130

This is a tough one.

I'm gonna say...

No. 628386 ID: b99797

Go Further into her snake hole.
Answer yes, and then also yes.
No. 628694 ID: 55c4cf
File 142605934451.png - (179.50KB , 555x555 , Lilac086.png )

Further grins mischievously and slides back into bed.
“Yes, appease me,” she demands.

“Thank you for the opportunity to make you feel better,” Krasavits slithers on top of the wraith, staring down into her partner’s eye.

Our second couple choose to enjoy themselves before the Festival begins. Both of them were foreign to this land, so they knew what to expect even less than the rest of them did. It would be an adventure through and through.
No. 628695 ID: ae6130

1. Fun
2. Take a shower (together)
3. Eat Breakfast
4. Go to Festival
No. 628700 ID: dcd676

Make darn sure the two of you shower before the festival! You want to make sure you smell all the food and attractions, you'll have time to smell each other some more later. :v
No. 628886 ID: 55c4cf
File 142622158752.png - (358.59KB , 555x555 , Lilac087.png )

Dooryard wakes up and gives a small yawn. He did not have a lot to do. Due to the robot knowing too much, he could not take much joy in the Festival being today.
No. 628887 ID: d958ad

Shower, get dressed, breakfast, clean gun. Prepare for what comes next. (what comes next, anyway?)
No. 628888 ID: b6981d

welp, best not be facing the day undressed, get cleaned up and lookin snazzy.
No. 628889 ID: 100d4e

You'll probably need more than your (admittedly awesome) gun. What other tools do you have in your job as a kick-ass bodyguard?

After you get ready for your day, you need to get some equipment together.
You'll want a first aid kit. A quick disguise. Maybe some melee weapons. And of course, the gun.
No. 628899 ID: e607cd

Hair that fantastic takes work. get to it.
No. 628905 ID: ae6130

Yeah, time to take a shower, breakfast and get ready for the festival.
No. 628959 ID: 5db52c

Well, if you're going to continue the pattern we started with everyone else, it's time to get auto-robosexual.
No. 630663 ID: 55c4cf
File 142718518734.png - (379.51KB , 555x555 , Lilac088.png )

Dooryard cleans himself up and gets dressed for work. His food for the day was already prepared and packed up last night. He can grab his gun on the way to his designated lookout.
No. 630667 ID: f31369

wink at yourself in the mirror
No. 630668 ID: ae6130

Flex in front of the mirror and admire your amazing hairstyle, then grab your things and get going!
No. 630802 ID: 5db52c

You've already got clothes, food, and weapon covered. And you don't have a bed babe to fawn over. You're really not leaving us a lot of options, here!

...find your favorite radio station for the commute to your weapon / posting, I suppose. You're not on duty just yet, you might as well enjoy a tune before you have to be focused on everything, or get a little news. Whatever you're into.
No. 631720 ID: 55c4cf
File 142770805933.png - (361.57KB , 555x555 , Lilac089.png )

Dooryard sets his compacted rifle to his back, picks up his lunch and goes to the door. He lets out a soft sigh. He wanted to just have a quiet uneventful day. He wanted to spend the day with his gardens, but he could not. Dooryard had to leave his home and be distant, silent, and most importantly dangerous.
No. 631723 ID: f31369

Lament harder
No. 631727 ID: 39a039

That's a useful rifle. Tend to gardens later, after duty, time to go to work.
No. 631890 ID: 100d4e

Do you do anything to get you "in the zone" for your missions? Gotta be at the top of your game, man.
No. 631903 ID: 296917

Duty calls. Go over the plan again. Who are you going to be shooting?
No. 632576 ID: 55c4cf
File 142797097516.png - (367.90KB , 555x555 , Lilac090.png )

Meyeri was dressed up in their nice outfit they brought for the day. Hashidoi had cooked them a nice breakfast. The two were in a very good mood. The orca stops themself in place and looks back to the dragon who was gazing up toward their eyes.

“What did you want to do first at the festival, Meyeri?” Hashidoi asks them.
No. 632593 ID: e61e89

Meyeri: Contain urges to answer "You." Instead, maybe just take a romantic tour, see what's up. Just walk around, holding hands, being cute.
No. 632596 ID: 88960e

Start out by seeing the sights. The town must be all done up for the party, right?

Plus, that gives you an excuse to show off a certain someone on your arm.
No. 632613 ID: b6981d

Check around for the features, we don't know much about this festival yet.
No. 632621 ID: 48db1c

"You." and maybe find an itinerary of performances.
No. 633399 ID: 55c4cf
File 142850432213.png - (371.95KB , 555x555 , Lilac091.png )

Meyeri could not come up with anything particular they wanted to do or see outside of the dragon that was already accompanying them.
“We’ll walk around and look around at everything prepared for the festival. If we see something that catches our eye, we can do that.”

Hashidoi just smiled and the two walked down the stairs to leave the building and lock up behind them.
No. 633401 ID: 1a2b45

Cool. Treat your gal to some candy at the festival. Also you should go to the concert, see that you're in time for that.
No. 633503 ID: d3be40

Watch the stairs you do not want to trip
No. 633671 ID: 100d4e

Did you make sure you've got cash for the festival?

Also seconding >>633401. CONCERT TIME. Just be careful if there's pickpockets at the festival...there always is.
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