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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142178632586.png - (376.32KB , 1052x744 , wi000.png )
621313 No. 621313 ID: 54d22d

"Hey, wake up already...!"

Nnnh, what... I don't want to wake up, I don't want to go to school...

Oh yeah, I finished that shit already... Then why would I have to wake up? I want to sleep...

"Come on, wake up, you're OK, right?"

Ffffuuuck, I want to sleep in, it's way too early to try out the sex mod for Crimsim II anyway...

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No. 621314 ID: 72f86e

Wake up. There is a buxom woman with giant nipples. She seems concerned.
No. 621316 ID: a2f9bc

Wake up, some crazy half naked lady is trying to exacerbate your likely cranial/spinal injuries.
No. 621317 ID: 53f127

Honk her boobs like bicycle horns
No. 621319 ID: 330ce5

If you don't wake up soon the bears, dragons, and lawyers will get you.
No. 621322 ID: 1a7a7e

You have nor one but TWO pillows right in front of you to sleep on. Go for it.
No. 621326 ID: 53f127

At least you finally have something to do with your morning wood :3
No. 621329 ID: 13cd06

is she your mom or something
No. 621342 ID: f13517

Go back to sleep. Your sleep is valuable. You can see tits whenever.
No. 621353 ID: 0ee153

"Yeah Mom, five more minutes."
No. 621388 ID: 4754ce

Touch. Titties.
No. 621449 ID: e732a7

Wake up! You're gonna miss breakfast, again
No. 621453 ID: 8072f2

Tits, become sentient.
No. 621462 ID: 0ee153

This. Open your eyes, titties.
No. 621472 ID: 54d22d
File 142187351522.png - (393.94KB , 1052x744 , wi001.png )

...Yeah, five more minutes, mom...


Mom, what the fuck?!

"H-hey wha---"
"Oh god, you're alive! I don't know what I would've done if you didn't wake up!"

The FUCK is going on?!
No. 621473 ID: 2c323b

Looks like a storm's a-movin' in! Better find or make shelter right quick, buddy.
No. 621474 ID: a2f9bc

At a guess? You were drowning or something, and your mum rescued you but lost her top in the process.

Be a typical shitty teenager and insist that you're fine mum geeze.
No. 621480 ID: 330ce5

Might want to ask her what the hell she think is happening. Was there a boat crash, a plane crash, have we been living here our whole life!?!
No. 621487 ID: 0ee153

Is this the sex mod for CrimSim II?

Is that woman your mother?

What do you currently know?
No. 621511 ID: 741ec5

Have an inappropriate boner at sudden realization of soft boobs. Be very embarrassed and hyper-alert of your surroundings.
No. 621607 ID: 54d22d
File 142195561564.png - (251.89KB , 1052x744 , wi002.png )

"I'm fine, mom, geez!"

>Have an inappropriate boner at sudden realization of soft boobs.
That's what I'm trying to not have here! I mean she's my mom, but I'm not blind or stupid. I mean I'm 18, not 16, but I'm not gay either, so... uhh... THIS ISN'T HELPING. Think of something else, think of something else...

Fuck, right, the ship sank. We went on a vacation because I'd finished school. That was the excuse anyway. There was an alarm in the middle of the night. I don't even know what it was, it was really weird, I was really hyper-aware about some specific details, but otherwise it was a blur. And I mean hyper-aware like bullet-time type shit.
There was one guy who threw an old-style typewriter out a window and then was really fucking confused about why he'd done it. Then there was some screaming lunatic running down a corridor with a lit petrol bomb or something, I think, and I heard right about every possible cause for the commotions, from terrorists to icebergs. I'm pretty sure someone mentioned insurance fraud.
We pretty much just got in a lifeboat... Right, I must've hit my head or something when the lifeboat fell.

Anyway, right, there's a storm coming, so I need to figure out something. Mom's too absentminded to solve this problem.
No. 621608 ID: 13cd06

try to build a shelter from the fallen tree
No. 621609 ID: 687279

You're gonna have to weave together leaves to make a canopy of some sort. See if you can prop up the fallen tree against something so that you have a foundation to work with.
No. 621611 ID: 6e79d4

You might get lucky and find a cave in those rocks. There's even what looks like a path right there.
No. 621613 ID: f9c405

Look for any shipwreck remnants or flotsam.

Dig a pit next to and in under the rocks on the downwind side to give you a bit of shelter and gather all the branches you can. surround the pit with rocks to give it shape and stability.

Get your mom to help. Also if you can find something you can use to capture rainwater then that would be good.
No. 621654 ID: 8f01e8

You will need to make a container for fresh water out of your remaining clothes.
No. 621697 ID: 6868bc

You don't have a lot of cover. See if you can dig yourself a bunker in the shadow of that large rock central to the island.
No. 621705 ID: ee2c45

I'm gonna jump to the point and say find a nice private place (e.g the entire island) and stick your dick in your mom
No. 621707 ID: 0ee153

First, build or find a place where the storm won't interrupt you.

Then stick your dick in your mom. Or just do heavy petting if she's not ready to go that far.
No. 621739 ID: 1129c9

This, actually. You need to toss aside your notions of modesty if you want to live, and you're going to need your mother's bottoms as well.

Dig a depression in the sand and use your mother's bottoms to line it, then ball up your swimsuit and place it in the depression. It will absorb the water without getting sand in it, and you can suck the water out of it without getting sand in your mouth. You and your mom can get dressed when the water is gone.
No. 621813 ID: 54d22d
File 142204744248.png - (226.41KB , 1052x744 , wi003.png )

>make a container for fresh water out of your remaining clothes
We'll, uh, see... If there's a better way... Might find something...

>stick your dick in your mom
Sheesh, fuck. I mean, gotta admit she's kind of hot, I guess, but that's just too weird. Shit, is she really that hot? Would I be all over that if she was someone else's mom? Can I even be objective here? Fuck, I don't have time for this.

Right, the rocks. Fallen tree, leaves... Is that rope? Is there actually a cave? These rocks don't really look like there'd be a cave, but I'm not a rock-o-logist or whatever.
No. 621818 ID: d6410a

It could be some smuggler's hideyhole.
Grab the rope end with the ring and pull. Get your mom to help if you can't get it on your own.

she looks like she has a strong back
No. 621844 ID: 6e79d4

Well then you'd better investigate and find out then, shouldn't you, numbnuts? Give the rope a good tug, it's tied to something.
No. 621947 ID: 1b70ef

Dude, I know this is a pr0n quest, but the best ones are the ones with buildup of intensity. Still too early to kick down the social norms, give time first to unscrew the hinges!
No. 622012 ID: d958ad

...huh, you could dig under the rocks to make a tiny crawlspace for shelter... Just be sure you have a drainage canal leading to the ocean and no water will get in.
No. 622134 ID: b2c9e1

also check the beach and water close to the shore, Something useful may have washed up...
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