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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142084750858.png - (534.68KB , 945x490 , ds_title.png )
619122 No. 619122 ID: 1c677c

We know that dragonslaying is a specialized occupation of megabeast slaying practices that can be remotely associated with bounty hunting. Adding to the more lucrative rewards in gold, silver and all that makes a being mad, dragonslaying brings often immeasurable relief to a dragon infested realm, can cast it into chaos or draw extraplanar attention, that can open up doors to unexpected realities. Another form of attention is the reputation a dragonslayer may reach, gaining vanity titles such as Dragonslayer or Dragonbane.

To succeed in a professional dragonslayer career you need to have specialized or focused on a single deception, expertises and have at least a couple of sideskills complementing the foci or used as a last resort. Deviating drastically from the foci can cause immature death of a legend - was it you, your companion or your reputation. Although more proper would be to introduce your person before your foci, your foci serve as a logical link to who you are. Not all races, attributes and personalities will be able to pull it off what it’s to be full-time dragon slayers with any foci. Some deceptions benefit critically from example prana, intelligence or psi abilities of certain races. Because most surviving dragons are terribly intelligent and experienced, they must be slain by a single maxed out deception.

A quintessential deception harnessed by many clever warlords is “order in chaos”, in which you make your readiness appear unpreparedness. War itself is based on deception and truth is the first casualty in war. The professional dragonslayer wages a personal war against dragons.

An expertise is more than just skill in some area - it is possibly not yet a rule-ascending mastery, but pervasive knowledge of the laws and conditions of a domain and the ability to abuse this knowledge or conditioning at every turn. An expertise could be better described as an activity of a peace with the self.

Sideskills or secondary skills are the touch with the domains and the world that the dragonslayer has not yet learned to know properly, but which may help dealing with a BLACK SWAN when every solid skill fails and the inner peace is broken facing a dragon.

If nothing else, it is recommendable that you are/were a dragon yourself at some point of your life journey, in which case your expertise could be kinslaying as you would know the dragon mind well and how to abuse this in deception. Also, do not do peasant.
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No. 619226 ID: ecd0ab

I have no idea what you just said, Dragonslayer guy, but are you underwater right now? Or are those just some very odd plants?
No. 619248 ID: ea0ad9

>Also, do not do peasant.
I did my best to follow the story but this just threw me off far more than the rest of it did. Do not peasant? What does that even mean?
>If nothing else, it is recommendable that you are/were a dragon yourself at some point of your life journey, in which case your expertise could be kinslaying as you would know the dragon mind well and how to abuse this in deception.
What I'm understanding of this, is that one cannot defeat a dragon in a straight up fight, and instead must use their understanding of the laws of how things work to find loopholes that the Dragon does not know of, and trick them into believing what you're doing is withing their understanding of the laws, striking them off guard.
Also, Dragon is apparently a title of sorts, since you can "Have once been" a dragon? Possibly a form of tyranny, creating legends for those who liberate the land,
>can cast it into chaos or draw extraplanar attention
but perhaps a little different, creating legends of those who destroy the land by taking their Draconic "Hero" away from them, or even decieve them into the belief that they were saved, only to be placed under the thumb of somebody even worse?
No. 619251 ID: b804d1

Ok, I´m confused. What are we supposed to say? What are we supposed to do? Generate a character? Advise the fishmen(?) of the picture? Dance in circles?
No. 619254 ID: 1c677c
File 142089168213.png - (42.16KB , 473x245 , blackswan.png )

Ignore the finished fishman if you’re not interested in seeing him again, he's just a one possibility of random generation. The italics that were supposed to give minimal guidance to what was looked after failed:

Choose one deception, some expertise and some sideskills or die.

For now, your occupation is slaying dragons. But who and what else are you?
No. 619272 ID: 9a8629

oh oh oh

three quarters dragon, one quarter troglodyte

stinkdrake go
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